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King Penny’s Podcast ep#2 “Rob Stout” Founder of Sherpa 5280 #motivation #speaker #inspiration #new

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In Season 2, Episode 2 of King Penny’s Podcast, we are speaking with Rob Stout – a husband, girl-dad, and certified life coach. Rob is the president of Sherpa 5280, an organization that provides personal life development coaching for men. Learn about what inspired Rob to become a life coach, and why he chose to work with men specifically. Rob tells us about the moment in his life when he found himself alone, and how other men came into his life and helped him through tough moments. Rob decided he wanted to do the same for other men; he wants to help men climb life’s mountain, develop into their best selves, and “grow into what they were created to be.” We discuss being positive, being proactive, being vulnerable, and the value of supporting, motivating, and uplifting one another. Join us for this positive and encouraging episode.

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@Sherpa-vr6ef on YouTube
@sherpa_5280 on Instagram
@Sherpa5280 on Facebook
rob@sherpa5280.com (email)

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