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The Shakedown 133 – Should We Discuss Race and Prisons?

A woman holding a sign next to a judge's hammer in a courtroom

Video Description:
It’s difficult to discuss prisons and criminal without discussing intersectional issues like race and gender. In this episode, Rainforest argues that race and other issues distract from finding solutions to the problems with the criminal justice system. Can we put these issues to bed in less than 30 minutes? Listen and you can decide!
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00:00 – Introduction to The Shakedown on Intersectional Issues
00:37 – What are Intersectional Issues?
01:38 – Why Rainforest does not focus on race when talking about prisons
03:24 – Rainforest on How Race and Gender Distract from Key Courtroom Issues
04:47 – How Race Makes Things Easier
08:17 – Malone voices his doubts and reasons why Intersectional Issues are important to discuss
09:15 – How Adding the History of Racism to a Criminal Justice Makes Criminal Justice More Difficult to Discuss
11:47 – The Venn Diagram of Race and Criminal Justice Issues
12:38 – Rainforest’s Memories of Racism in Prison
14:21 – Housing by Race in Prison
16:01 – Immigrant Officers and African American Inmates
17:33 – Malone explains how not liking how someone represents you is not racism (hard to hear, sorry)
18:42 – Everyone gets distracted by Nina
19:18 – Is Malone Playing with the dog? COMMENT BELOW!!!
22:10 – Rainforest’s Face Tattoo Story
24:30 – Rainforest brings it back home, did race discussions help resolve anything with criminal justice?
24:53 – And Malone comes back with some humility
26:13 – See you next time, Space Cow-Person!