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The Shakedown 132 – Attitudes of Gratitude

Video Description:
The prodigal podcast returns with discussions about what we were up to whil we were away and ideas for the future of The Shakedown. We also get into how far we have come since our time on the streets and how grateful we are for the people we have become.
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00:00 – Welcome back to The Shakedown!
00:56 – What is the dress code in prison?
02:00 – What has been happening since The Shakedown’s been away?
02:47 – @nina_is_a_pitbull
04:23 – The Shakedown’s work with criminal justice moving forward
05:18 – More podcasts from Wayword Press?
06:34 – Dave on how far he’s come
08:42 – Who we used to be
12:01 – What is the Recovery Café Longmont?
13:39 – Certifications in prison
18:27 – The importance of shared experience
20:14 – Why do people go BACK to prison?
22:46 – Barnaby’s in Texas (We’re looking for sponsors!)
24:02 – What is the difference between and ex-con and a future recidivist?
26:14 – How to get rid of a wild dog