LHA Advisory Board Meeting – July 2023

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LHA Advisory Board Meeting – July 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I’d now like to call the July 10. Mercury Parks Recreation Advisory Board Meeting to order. Insert a vote call. Erin Angel here. Scott Conway. Yeah. Thomas Davis? Page. Luke Lewis is absent saddlery. Nicholas Novello Dan Olsen your

Unknown Speaker 0:26
tomatoes? Not here.

Speaker 1 0:32
Okay, let’s move on to the approval of the agenda. Does anyone have any questions or request changes to this month’s agenda? No.

Speaker 2 0:42
I will go ahead. And I’m Danielle, who’s gonna get the update as the new open space manager, but she was on vacation this month and dropped the crap. So I could give a high level but I prefer to study her talking about the new program and what she’s doing. So if I can move that to next month, we appreciate that.

Speaker 1 0:57
Okay, so that is new business. Open face update. Got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:05
So it’s going to be a shorter

Speaker 1 1:05
meeting. Yes. quite short. Okay. You ever make sense? Anyone have any? Well, yes, yes. Anyone want a motion to approve the agenda as amended?

Speaker 1 1:31
And shortly I second on there, everybody. Okay. Cool. Moving on to last month’s minutes. Does anyone have any questions or requested changes to the minutes from last?

Speaker 3 1:52
Stop? Yes. Page for number seven. I think Sam asked about $5 million $500. It was about the Greenway project. 6.5 to 500 is.

Speaker 1 2:12
Good, good call out. I actually didn’t find it. That’s good attention to detail that. Anyone else have? Edits? Is anyone what do you have a motion to approve the last one minutes is that

Speaker 3 2:41
I’ll make a motion to approve the minutes as amended.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
Second, Second. All in favor?

Speaker 1 2:48
All right, there we go. Right along. Okay, then we have public invited to be heard we have probably about a year. Awesome. Okay. So we have three months, three minutes to allocate for this course. Three minutes max pressure. Before we get to your PC, your name and your address because of where you’re from. And I’ll just caveat that. Certainly we’re typically up to your share. But we’re not required as a word to cover and responded at this meetings. It’s fun working on

Speaker 4 3:23
sounds to all work on this, by the way. This works. Through through to Lincoln and Walmart, just up the street. And I have lived a long way since 1980. That resort a number of times in the past. And I’ve been an avid recreation, leisure all those 40 plus years. So really, I’m kind of preaching to the choir here. But one thing I wanted to say was I finally got to go to one of the public meetings about the new rec center didn’t even know about the first one. But I did go I was very disappointed to see that two proposals, one having four lapwings and one and six. After reading it, I learned and did all the research and read all the public comments and all the survey staff and I saw there was a huge number of people really pushing for more backgrounds. All I see is switching the six from Centennial to six. That leaves us at 12 Maplins in one month, plus the six at sunset. So I know there’s nothing you can do about it at this moment. But I just wanted to say that. I also have always felt that the location effect is that council mistakes is not the right one. One thing I want to bring up and I don’t know because I couldn’t find previous minutes was this whole proposal that I read in The Times call about the YMCA wanting to partner with the city in a proposed new facility. Has that been discussed at all here? Okay, so I’m basically I’m very concerned about the city partnering with young men’s Christian Association. I think it’s possibly appropriate for them to partner with housing and childcare. But I would, I think it’s very wrong for them to join us and collaborate on a recreation program together. I am very upset. The city would even consider giving them the property that they’re talking about the park Centennial property to me via languishes. That’s where the new rec center would be. We get more than rec center, we have a southern rec center. People would be mildly happy, it’s more fair. I think it’s prime land. And I just have a real hard time after dealing with a why and different issues. I don’t trust them to work with us the way they say I don’t trust them to share. And in the paper, the comments from Mr. Coker, who’s their CEO or whatever, you know, not wanting to inconvenience their members. But not considering how many people will be inconvenienced while we waited for them to build their new center and will use their very rundown facility, especially their swimming pool. So I just hope that this board is actually thinking about that, and hopefully discussing and caring about that. I don’t understand why they would give up more acres or small acres other than I don’t know, I don’t know what the real reason for that is. And it concerns me greatly. Okay. So

Speaker 1 6:32
thank you so much for sharing that. I mean, that. Certainly a lot of similar. I’ve heard similar things in many places as well. So I hear you on that. Is there any immediate responses from staff that you want to come back with? I think thank you so much for coming.

Unknown Speaker 6:51
Can I listen to the next?

Unknown Speaker 6:57
New rules?

Unknown Speaker 7:01
Soon, I talked a long time.

Speaker 1 7:08
Okay, thank you. Is there any other other public? Okay, I made that mistake last time. I’m trying to do. Okay. Let’s move on to old business as Jeff, you’re gonna give us an update. On the new recreation center, feasibility study, update,

Speaker 5 7:26
we’ve got a few things to go over tonight. What we what we have happening is we’re going to be doing a presentation of the feasibility study to council, we approach tomorrow on the Chris Costello will be there, myself. Show counsel that we’ve come up with a pretty well informed is as well informed as it even can be up until now. So I’ve got a few slides from that. Obviously, we couldn’t come and show you everything we have at this point. That would be inappropriate to do, perform performing Council, but we will do to you guys, as soon as it is publicly available.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
I’m sorry, it’s inappropriate

Speaker 6 8:09
to show you guys the art, which is reward

Speaker 7 8:13
them to go through to us first. And then we say oh, yeah, that’s a good idea for council.

Speaker 5 8:17
This is, in my opinion, right now, this is something we can’t show the public. Because this is a public, we cannot show the public until we show city council, they need to be

Speaker 7 8:30
able to see this first. So if they act as the advisory board, I think we’ll sit we can only say going on.

Unknown Speaker 8:38
Yeah, it’s interesting.

Speaker 7 8:41
Okay. I’m not complaining personally, I’m just I thought that was what how we worked was we were supposed to see things and then make a recommendation.

Speaker 6 8:51
And part of it is the information isn’t ready to give you

Unknown Speaker 8:56
Yeah, that that will be a piece of it.

Speaker 6 8:59
That there we met with them today. Some of the information that’s in there. We’re not in agreement with and so if we share that with you this evening, becomes public information and it’s not ready for primetime. Okay. Okay. So,

Speaker 5 9:20
that’s what we have going on. So next Tuesday night, a week from tomorrow. John, and council will be making a decision release decision whether this goes on the ballot or not.

Speaker 7 9:34
You think they’ll decide that next Tuesday? Maybe so it’s taken or leave it? There is no that second weekend or

Speaker 5 9:42
they can ask for it can be tweaked and we can make changes to

Speaker 7 9:46
it. I’m thinking about six lap lanes in particular that just came up this evening. And you know, I don’t sure what the proposal or what this is going to look like or how detailed things are and I guess go on I’ll save my questions for later.

Speaker 5 10:01
Sorry. Okay. So why we brought for you guys tonight again, this is not real expensive. But this goes over the online survey we’ve had. So this was available for a period of time to residential chances. And summary of results. And

Speaker 5 10:30
as you can see, it’s the usual suspects of what you’d expect. So, fitness group exercise, a real high recreational swimming, and walking, running track, and then fitness, competitive swimming falls in there. Pretty much what you would expect to see often in these sorts of drills are the general things that we’ve talked about here. No real surprises jumped out at that. I thought childcare was wishing there was that high concern you used to generally have had, we were just getting going in last four months of childcare at the Rec Center. It’s never been as gangbusters as. And this goes back to very important or not important. So the amount of respondents almost 80%, I think were important or very important. And I think most importantly for you guys to show you guys, the side concept. So this is adjusted from what you’ve seen before. adjusted and again, this isn’t, this is so conceptual. So please understand that but try to take into account some of the feedback that we have the original one, which was pretty basic, turned it tried take advantage of western view of the mountains and put the parking to the to that east side there. So any thoughts on what you’re seeing here? You know, again, the conceptual but this is just

Speaker 3 12:23
to do we have more clarity about delivery. Because before we’re calling communities, potential.

Speaker 5 12:30
So so that’s our next we’re going to talk about that as far as

Unknown Speaker 12:36
if they’re both past,

Speaker 5 12:37
it’s they will go together. That’s our understanding of how they work if both items are pass library reparations.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
And they’re separate, valid issues.

Speaker 5 12:49
That’s actually my next topic discussion. So we can jump into that. So there from our discussions internally, there are pluses and minuses to doing that either way. And we’d like to know your guys’s opinion whether to have those as separate questions or not. So Recreation Center being one library being the other, or the combined at one site into one project. You may have thoughts on thoughts on that.

Speaker 8 13:21
Are there any proposed alternate sites for sale? An off site wide separate library to this? No, no, no. Okay. I didn’t know if there was any sort of land out there that was set aside for anything like that.

Speaker 6 13:35
So no, city on the property is just like this. Yeah.

Speaker 7 13:42
My opinion based on the 20 year ago version of this discussion was that combining them is a good thing. We’ll get more buy in from different city groups. If Oh, yeah, I want a library and I can put up with the rec center or vice versa. You know, every when we pass the Library Museum, Senior Center, wherever that was, what year was that? 2001. To say that, again, the library, the Rec Center Museum and senior center all passed that one year. Oh, it was one of the nine. Yeah. And because everybody, it was a big thing, you know, and so I feel like that could be a good thing to have a library, you know, if you call this a community center, or whatever, so you can I mean, lawyers have something to say about this, right? Yeah. Because we were understood, you could only have one issue per ballot and right question

Speaker 6 14:37
there. Chausson have back and forth, because the library would be at the same location and connected with the Rec Center. They believe that it

Speaker 7 14:48
followed a community center and we’re good or whatever it is. Yeah, okay. I would buy into that too. So that’d be my thought was if you want to put this in one thing, then it should be one valid issue. I mean, otherwise, it seems kind of weird. Are you you’re offering folks a way to shoot it down by saying no to either one

Speaker 3 15:12
is we had discussed last month you know, it’s got the term Community Center or some library was involved. Looks like library wouldn’t be looking at multiple annexes. Right their

Speaker 5 15:26
storefront project that’s separate completely separate from this where that’s at

Unknown Speaker 15:35
least right now

Unknown Speaker 15:38
where physically is that you know?

Speaker 3 15:46
Yeah. So with the city open to being rebranded as a community center type project, because it is difficult to then mark it because one thing like I mean, you have, you should have a clear story of what this is not two things together and vote for it. Right. So

Speaker 5 16:08
so you’re not you’re not having them. But you want it to be to be a concise project, or to look like a concise project, because the show is different number shows a library at this cost. Center as a combined project.

Speaker 7 16:27
That sounds like two valid issues, if you’re going to have two different numbers.

Speaker 6 16:33
way we’ve always looked at it, we wanted your feedback, because all these things will need to be considered if it if it does get put together.

Speaker 3 16:43
That’s feedback. Yeah, I think adding language to speed say it’s $100 million in X percentage inclusive sales tax revenues. Not this part is this part, and this part is this part, but you’re voting for the whole thing, because then people will decide that they don’t like one of the two. Right? And so you’re either voting for the whole thing, or you’re not the language.

Speaker 5 17:07
Then let me play devil’s advocate, I ask you a question. If, if you have that combined, that becomes now a much larger number. Right? So does that become a negative towards somebody who now I’m not given the choice? I’m having this big thing. Big large number rammed down my throat?

Unknown Speaker 17:31
And I don’t I don’t have

Speaker 3 17:33
my reaction would be it’s a large number or even bigger number. So people who hate numbers just vote against it anyways. Right? Yeah, they’ll always be against because there’s a tax just sales tax increase, period and mill levy. So like, there’s just gonna be against anything. So that’s gonna be your center thing I think you’re gonna get I think you’d get more buy in for library and quell issues of traffic and whatever, because you’re tying in the schools, school kids to be able to go to a library in their neighborhood, which would be a completely different thing than just a rec center. Okay, yeah.

Speaker 8 18:14
Yeah, and to add to that, just from a valid perspective, it does seem to make it a smaller target if there is good is a combined issue on the ballot as well. Yeah, people will find just enough stuff that they like and they you know, they give it the yes and then move on from it but because it’s if it is two items, does that mean that if one fails like it can drag the other one down as well?

Unknown Speaker 18:39
Good Yeah, that’s

Speaker 6 18:40
a library now to get it I have to vote for rec center vote Yeah. Yeah, so

Speaker 5 18:48
in our meetings we looked at both sides there are some pluses and minuses

Speaker 3 18:55
consumer alone individually each cost more to write Yeah. The development space

Unknown Speaker 19:03
there’s no doubt some some costume or at

Speaker 7 19:06
the end I think you can use that as a hey, we’re building your community center because we get these advantage and we’re saving money you know, running the fuel or water or whatever I mean, all that stuff down the road is better the synergy of that it seems to me that if we’re going to put them together we should advertise it as a single package that that feels like more likely like we are we listened to the voters there are these things require you know desire in the city here we can do it you know, kind of thing. I mean, that idea that we are listening to the folks who have a request when you can stop so theater into if you really really I mean, that’s the other thing right?

Unknown Speaker 19:55

Speaker 9 19:58
encroaching on I like the idea of community center calling in a community center as well. I like that. And I like putting them together.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
So the idea

Speaker 9 20:11
is it will be on the ballot where it will be located. Does that have a feeling that? Yeah, I think that’s what’s gonna work.

Unknown Speaker 20:25
What do you say that

Speaker 9 20:26
I there. So Dr. Waters thing was like talking about, you know, if voters shut this down, they can’t suggest any, you know anything, they can’t complain to me about any opportunities for lack of opportunities for youth and all that stuff that in mind, not super educated opinion about that area. That area is not in one whatsoever. And anybody in that area has no problem hopping in their SUV and driving to their regular library or the rec center. But where she was talking about that, that is an indeed area, an area in need of service area with a food desert, which is kind of a bummer that why took away their farm, and also cultural and educational desert, as well. So I think it might be might be kind of hard for people. But it looks really cool. And I like the adventure circuit. And I like the new I love the new changes that you made that made that really makes me like not nervous about the impact is not to things like very excited about it myself. But I wonder

Speaker 1 21:58
would you like to further this word, you pass a motion to recommend that the library and Recreation Center are combined in one ballot initiative as the community center? Order? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 22:17
Like to say we heard from the board and

Unknown Speaker 22:21
is that consistent with YouTube? Action, we can pass that on that.

Speaker 9 22:31
I’m not passionate about it. If somebody has a really good reason why to split him up. They know more than I do.

Speaker 6 22:38
Otherwise, your group does that have an impact on them?

Speaker 3 22:43
Talk to you because it’s I just send the proposal in today for the application. And it’s supposed to be written per per issue. So the ballot measure is supposed to be related to it now, I think you could have multiple committees going for any particular ballot measure. And she had said, I think she has to hold off some until there is actual realism, which is saying so. So I just clarify that I would think that there would be a library group that’s for it and recreation. That should work, right. There are multiple paths doing things as well. So

Speaker 5 23:21
well, when they’re in this was brought up when they’re when there are too many measures, you’ve got two groups that are essentially vying for for money against each other, for lack of a better term. For the thing, if we’re, if they are together, then there’s potentially some synergy between the creation of the group and an elaborate representative

Unknown Speaker 23:45
body center.

Speaker 3 23:50
So with this, I mean, what’s the advance kind of YMCA program, but that’s in context of the things that council and when he said, here’s our list, and, you know, that’s what drove there quite their answer to recreation was really the white piece more so.

Speaker 5 24:11
So the status of YMCA is that we are in discussions with them about what the fee structure would look like and want to be we have to be able to present that to city council next week on what that structure is, and we haven’t reached a conclusion with them. At this point. We’re meeting tomorrow, tomorrow morning to try to come to that what that would look like some sort of a value added pass because people are not going to vote for it. It’s just an addition. It’s just more money. There needs to be citizens that they actually receive to doing such a thing. Otherwise, why would you go for it? So that’s what we’re working with them. right now to try to come up with something that works. And we will be presenting that satisfy the council. Okay.

Speaker 6 25:11
Do you all agree with that? I mean, do you believe the residents should pay 12 million in tax, and then have to pay full amount in addition, so if you add a city pass, or be additional charge,

Speaker 5 25:28
or be less than less than a drop in charge, but you so you get an advantage if you have a city pass, annoying to the YMCA?

Speaker 7 25:40
Personally, I disagree with the whole y thing. I don’t see giving them any money. It’s a private entity. We don’t do anybody else that way. Now, I understand that there’s more to it than just a rec center if there’s all this extra low income housing and childcare and so maybe I’m short sighted, but it feels like we would never do this with Gold’s Gym, or, you know, any other private. In fact, we had you brought up that the Rec Center, we had to scale back because of competition with the gyms. And this feels a little bit like the why horned in to say, Oh, we want to reserve this spot for us. You know, you guys are stuck over here in Culver basin. You know, keep it over there. We get this spot, man almost feels like they jumped in before it was maybe Harold had already decided on this spot. You know, I’m not sure how that decision was made? You know? Well, there has been promised, but this isn’t the first time masterplan could have been changed. You know, I still liked garden acres as a spot, you know, diagonally opposite, even though you said it’s not really a room where you could tear something out. You know, I mean, any case to suit all works point, the both rec centers are now south of Nelson.

Speaker 6 27:02
But does it make sense to build another brand new rec center? If the let’s say the Why stay status quo? Does it make sense to build another big facility? Right there?

Speaker 7 27:13
Sure. Because how many of us are why members? But I

Speaker 6 27:17
don’t think you can look at it that way. I think you it has a area that it serves as well. And those circles should overlap or at least touch but I don’t know that it makes sense to build to two primary positions or facilities right next to each other. Yeah, just just some writing to think about.

Speaker 7 27:41
Well, that assumes that is the Wigan stay if we vote no, to their,

Unknown Speaker 27:48
our proposal them, so I have I

Speaker 7 27:51
can’t resist trying to stay alive kind of thing for them. Okay. The product specific

Speaker 5 28:00
project we did was happening in various parts of the country, the

Unknown Speaker 28:04
type of project and

Unknown Speaker 28:06
why specifically they want to do it here and some other comments about

Speaker 8 28:17
the new amendment? Or is there a history of like, is there any sort of comparables that we have working with other provident entities before? That results that have

Speaker 5 28:30
not been there? There are a couple of different models. So for example, Johnstown had built the facility, the city builder facility, and the YMCA runs it. That’s a different, it’s a different thing we’ll be talking about. Not I don’t know what specifically like this, you didn’t find a couple of our searches. similar sorts of things where there’s a public and, and private cooperation is definitely more rare Colorado Springs. In other words, the largest has they fill that niche down there? So that certainly happens in various times. The primary provider, but this will be definitely a little bit different from the standard.

Speaker 7 29:23
How about you guys as staff? What do you see as the Okay, say, the Wi passes? They I don’t know what the charge is a one time fee for our members or for non members or, you know, how am I going to be the same as we would pay at the Rec Center or more?

Unknown Speaker 29:38
That’s what we’re negotiating

Speaker 7 29:39
and what do you think, as professionals interested, okay, so as a user, am I getting something special by going to a Wi Fi? Or is it just like a rec center to me, I think why would I pay more than I would at a rec center?

Speaker 5 29:57
I don’t know that you would write it To the

Unknown Speaker 30:01
nice, yeah.

Speaker 7 30:04
That’s the point of difference. Okay. So right in the Forgotten thing have left

Speaker 5 30:09
planes they have worked out, we have worked out the difference of

Speaker 6 30:14
the guys, the key does bring, remember, for us a staff is, yes, we’re in the recreation, but the city council has overall goals that affordable housing is one of their primary goals. And this hit to change two of those things. So that that’s very important for the city to continue to be able to provide affordable housing. Okay, and then ice where city doesn’t necessarily have to build it on its own and or operate it because the Y has a history of offering ice at that

Speaker 7 30:55
maybe I should in my own mind, I should be thinking ice first as the rec center and then differentiates it better. Okay, thanks. So

Unknown Speaker 31:06
your question

Speaker 3 31:09
was pricing lowered them are paying now? Was that the credit your question? Or was it just, you know, rec center pricing? If you had a question about prepay, the $12 million should be given that should be charged,

Speaker 6 31:24
I believe there should be some kind of advantage to Longmont residents, if they’re paying $12 million towards the project. And right now what what we’ve been negotiating is, if you are a pass holder, you would get to go to the why. But you’d have to pay some type of an additional amount, it wouldn’t be their their normal 12 or $15 amount. It might be you might have a five or seven or nine each time to go. But it will be a party of the part of the issue that that we have with this, because recreation would do, we’ll do the same thing. If we pass the election for the new rec center, there will be fees and charges that will have to go along with that. The why is really no different than then how they do their operation, except they don’t get tax dollars normally. So their belief is the 12 million is going to pay for the facility. And we have to charge X for a drop in and y for four passes to be able to keep the place open. But you know, to pay the operational costs. So that’s where this fine line is of trying to understand where they’re coming from. But also, they don’t have usually $12 million going towards helping build their their facilities. Yeah,

Speaker 7 33:08
yeah, they’re gonna have to pay a mortgage like they do now or they did. So their fees are no longer required to pay off this building is just got paid by somebody else by us. All. Right. And so no, I think you’re I agree you should be we should be paying less than a regular. Now what about a membership to the Why don’t you have to be a member to go there not just pay when you show up. But also

Speaker 9 33:40
for children, it’s 10. The memberships are quite competitive, it is much better deal if you are my kids age, to go to the why. Apparently, to go to the Rec Center.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
Our fees are way

Speaker 9 33:54
more the they have a young adult, they have a young adult category, which is pretty darn good. It’s not bad annual rate 385, which is way below that. The annual rec fee. It for that would be an adult is 455. For well, for young adults. Like yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:23
that there’s is.

Speaker 9 34:26
Yeah, and so that’s like, that was the one that I was like, Oh, wow, now we just got that young person.

Speaker 6 34:32
It also might be a way that they’re not trying to get younger people in there, right, because our younger people under 18 is a lot less money.

Speaker 9 34:47
Yeah. So I mean, I just it was just interesting because I just looked at

Speaker 1 34:52
their models, right. So say we’re trying to get some benefit out of the 12 million we’re paying them by maybe off and perhaps a discounted rate for some period of time. But wouldn’t that cannibalize and away usage of our city recreation center? Right,

Speaker 5 35:11
here’s my thought is just what Dan was talking about, if you haven’t passed our recreation centers, other than ice, we have everything right. So you’re, there’s no reason for you to pay any more any more to go there. Otherwise just get away. Yeah, or vice versa, right.

Speaker 7 35:30
If you live next door to one or the other, it’s convenient as heck to do one.

Speaker 5 35:36
Pass that play. So I’m not as worried about what you’re talking about as far as cannibalizing, because it’ll have if you want to go to the ice, and then you pay that extra fee. And, you know, we’re working on some, some days around what I’ve talked about here before, it’s the prime time from November 15 to January 1, specifically, of having some prime days during that time. That’s that’s was our prime, that is our prime time ice. And so we have that going too, but it’s it’s minor. That’s an okay, we’ll get that worked out. No problem. Compared to this. Again, the differences in fees that they charge and we charge. It’s, it’s hard to get that to coincide and have a look palatable, frankly, and does this

Speaker 9 36:27
will City Council them say we shouldn’t have like the ice pavilion? Is provider income? Is that a danger? To me? It’s a whole different thing.

Speaker 6 36:37
Absolutely. That ice alien will go away. Like,

Speaker 9 36:42
because that, to me is a whole different thing. I agree. I mean, outdoor ice, like outdoor ice is completely different beast to me than indoor hockey ice. Yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker 36:54
you think it would go away? Just budget wise? Are you

Speaker 9 36:57
wanting it to go away? Seems like Oh, that.

Speaker 6 37:02
That’s not true. Okay, sorry. I’m gonna give a little history of the ice rink. So 2003 city wanted to offer an ice outdoor I saw opportunity. We contracted with a gentleman who ran the ice cream for one season. He was a hotel administrator, or excuse me, hospital administrator. He got a job in California. And so he sold everything of his operation to the city for $20,000. Chiller, St. Children, we’re still using the 92. Yeah, we’re Where do you get that kind of thing. So $20,000. Now we’re almost 20 years later, and still using a lot of that equipment. The chiller is needing to have worked on serious work, or be replaced. Ben has done a lot of work to get get with contractors to be able to get those numbers. And we’re at a point where that so when we did the pool a nice before the standard was, your community can afford to run an indoor ice rink, and an outdoor rink like you do it, you need all those resources to go and pay the bills at the end of replace. So we believe if the Why would ever do that, that would be we would need to get out of that business. Plus, it could save us anywhere from $240,000 to nearly a million to replace ice mats, which is what the chiller glycol runs through to replace the the chiller itself, which is going to be over $700,000 Just for a four month operation. And does it make sense to spend that kind of money on on foreign operations? So it may appear like I don’t want to do wise but that is that is not true at all.

Speaker 9 39:24
Why didn’t you know so? I mean, you guys, city council has has debated it.

Speaker 6 39:31
talked about it for many years since 2008. was the last but you’re being realistic

Unknown Speaker 39:38
with the numbers. Yeah.

Speaker 6 39:40
Just basically something needs to be done. We have made proposals through the budget process that will be discussed about with the ice once Council gets the proposal

Speaker 3 39:59
so But with the wiper project, they’re revamping what is essentially the centennial pool. Right? Like that goes away.

Unknown Speaker 40:07
Good screen right

Speaker 3 40:08
and then rebuild a whole new pool. So, so part of the part of the thing is that you’re getting full on fitness gym, the ice and a brand new, not existing. So you’re saying was just ice but it’s actually

Speaker 6 40:25
ice is the advantage side for the city? Because

Speaker 7 40:31
it’s a new rec center. Right, you know, part of town is otherwise doesn’t have one, right? Well, I

Speaker 1 40:36
think you have the problem of getting rid of the old pool, like it wasn’t going to cost us a ton of money just to fail. Yeah.

Speaker 5 40:41
So I mean, that’s like what you were talking about Dan. And, and Jeff was talking about, that that new facility serves serves its purpose, it will serve its constituency, which is a community you need. It’s just doesn’t match necessarily

Speaker 7 41:02
what you call structures that don’t match. Right. So if we’re used to the city,

Unknown Speaker 41:07
it’s another eight lanes, let’s call it you know, it’s another eight lanes to get added to the

Speaker 7 41:14
city, or be the first eight lanes, right? Don’t have any other aliens.

Speaker 5 41:19
The school district ones that they built that nobody other than them is using those count, because those kids are using it as opposed to our facility Yeah, YMCA now. So so they count in that big package? They’re not ours, we would love it. All. Right. But that that’s kind of how we try to look at it. It’s, in the end, it’s a decision of the taxpayers.

Speaker 1 41:47
So if we go back to the original question, then it was for the negotiations with the YMCA for pricing, do we have a recommendation on that? I think we have

Speaker 9 42:06
I have a little more to say I’ll add, it’s not so important to me, that that average long monster that that goes into the y gets a big discount, because we did, it’s really important to me that the the children in that area, and people that need financial assistance, can use that facility because that’s the walking distance facility to a really in the area. And the why back when I worked at the Y which was a million years ago, but I worked there for a while was really good about scholarships and and it was that you walk into the white is the most diverse, the most diversity that you would see. And I was shocked when I walked in the rec center and saw the difference with that. But I would like to see director not being diverted honest, versus the why it was now I think I haven’t been in the why for a long time. And the Rec Center seems to have expanded, you know, like people are, but I would like to see the why, with that, that 12 million bonus that discount that the one lawn monitors you get that should go to our people in that neighborhood that are in need. Like that would be really good

Speaker 3 43:41
it’s, it’s, there’s, there’s some weighing that still needs to be done. Like the wide project satisfies A lot of people who will likely know, for some points. And so you know, if they can have a place that they get to, is I constantly hear that, you know, we’ve we’ve discussed North Lawn one being neglected or East one being neglected, or you know, because of new expansion areas instead is that there’s something on the ballot for them. One you can hopefully get more people to vote in the you know, if they’re getting something they’re okay with voting for somebody else getting something it’s it sounds like there’s a big negative wave if there isn’t something in their pocket to vote for in their neighborhood. The feedback I’m getting

Speaker 1 44:37
into the meeting for next Tuesday City Council on location part of the position at all right

Speaker 7 44:44
for the new rec center and outlets. So this is set that’s just gonna have to and that can top down right to the council or from Harold doesn’t matter was

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Harold Oh, the two choices, I wouldn’t say.

Speaker 1 45:24
Still a lot of shares disappointed about the location like not having more discussion or part of that. But that seemed like for next Tuesday’s meeting. There’s a good

Speaker 6 45:32
part. Part of the issue, though was we were really criticized in 19 when we did have a vocation. And so early on, the decision was made or a pick a spot. And that that’s it. And that’s what we did.

Speaker 5 45:50
That’s that was the end of my topics. Anybody else have anything to add? Next week’s excitement without Jeff, further than the in the air.

Speaker 3 46:04
So, so City Council has the 11th and 25th. Stating the study session is over. You’re saying? Because we that’s what we were planning on. We’re tomorrow. Yeah. Since lunch, to go to SU Council

Speaker 6 46:21
Council, people are going to be gone tomorrow night. So they chose to move into the at

Unknown Speaker 46:26
Susie 11.

Speaker 6 46:29
There’s still a meeting tomorrow. Yeah. But it might have.

Speaker 5 46:33
That was one thing. We’re gonna ask you, Scott. It’s kind of the last piece of this. Where where you guys were at with that user? I think tomorrow night because need for people to show up to you next Tuesday. Well,

Speaker 3 46:50
I mean, the idea was messaging to people last month was come to the lectern, because that’s the presentation,

Speaker 6 46:57
which when we left the meeting, that’s what it was. Yeah. And then thereafter, we.

Speaker 3 47:05
So, unfortunately, I’ll be safe on the 18th. But I’m trying to send people over there. Both are distinct and comment.

Speaker 6 47:13
I think it would be good for council to hear that people are interested in and you were excellent.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Yeah. There have been

Speaker 6 47:22
quite a few people that have talked about the library. Within quite a few people that talked about the performing arts, it would be good to have have the Rec Center for

Speaker 7 47:36
us, the performing arts folks and the library folks talking about combining their facilities is the library. Okay. Not up for grabs or anything?

Unknown Speaker 47:44
No. I mean, not not that I’ve never heard that.

Unknown Speaker 47:49
It’s very, very different sort of facility.

Speaker 6 47:54
But we really liked the idea of that buildings being together and having some efficiencies by a staffing, restroom.

Speaker 7 48:03
I’m just gonna, I think you can sell that as well as on a ballot issue. You call it one thing? I think that while you’re two things is silly.

Speaker 3 48:14
In all those cases that we were talking about last month to their communities, spaces that the library both right, as well as the rec center, right, it could be useful.

Speaker 5 48:23
Yeah, there’s some really interesting options there that we would get around to actually design integration with various levels.

Speaker 7 48:35
Yeah, meeting room for a very common to either flavor.

Unknown Speaker 48:40
Right. And that’s very, very commonly done.

Speaker 6 48:45
Okay. But we’re just timeline is discussed on 18th. Council will need to give some type of direction of what needs to go on the ballot or what should go on the ballot. There needs to be two readings in August for it to be placed on the ballot. Once that first reading is done, we start getting the gag order then we can talk about facts and that sort of thing, but nothing about whether somebody should vote yes or not one.

Speaker 7 49:19
The library has a board of its own. Where what are they talking about? Do we have any idea

Speaker 6 49:27
they they meet Yeah, week from tonight. They have some interests with their friends group of helping do that. I think that if it ends up being one project, it will be good for the crowd and library or to have a joint meeting and talk about you know how how we can

Speaker 7 49:52
work together sooner than a week from Tuesday or after after Tuesday. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 49:58
but before we We get the gag order first reading

Unknown Speaker 50:07

Speaker 8 50:11
Yeah, is that a meeting that would be library staff and Parks and Rec staff to also attend or just just

Unknown Speaker 50:17
Yes staff so a lot of our stuff is very cool. Super cool. Is there a meeting room cool cool

Speaker 9 50:38
they pay for air conditioning. I like super now sold on the lawn lot Mind Body center. I think

Speaker 7 50:52
public be invited to be heard next Tuesday. Sounds like your spot to be ready tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Speaker 1 51:03
All right. So covered covered on that. That was the main item for tonight actually, because the other one was close up. So I guess we’ll just move straight into items from the packet. Anybody have any items in the packet?

Speaker 3 51:24
So Boston avenues still says it’s hasn’t been awarded, but I thought it wasn’t worth it. I

Unknown Speaker 51:33
got word from Alan’s. Okay, they’re working on getting that schedule updated.

Speaker 3 51:41
Okay, so we’re looking at like, August, September is this time

Speaker 10 51:45
for that piece that Isaac Well, this probably towards the end of the year, when that starts to muddy, not so nice. So that’ll then close the consensus.

Speaker 3 51:56
Okay, so the concern is of course in the second community is that this was all going to be started up and that’s why we didn’t sign on not being able to certify each one is that we now have an entire summer where the public is looking at two projects that never got underway and a greenway that no one can use so we’re riding on cross two dangerous routes in a river bridge this disaster is there any way we can mitigate this event because it’s it’s it’s horrible on us to constantly try to unfortunately toe the city line when you know people are

Unknown Speaker 52:34
so let me

Speaker 2 52:36
call things like a real quickly just reintroduce offset, because we always are the management of project management. And she’s met this group before but cheer can kind of give me some directions too. But I knew I shortchanging some topics we also heard some of his energy out here a little bit early but Stephanie can give some updates on Project story staff and how it hurts I felt a great deal of a message challenge time you guys last night. But on this one Scott, Stephanie did come in because there’s new eyes on this and I’ve been hearing it as well. I took her out we looked at it I had a girl that we’re talking to project manager and I asked her probably almost verbatim what you just said so I will let her

Speaker 10 53:15
experienced it you know on bikes, people just right to left in brewery that’d be fantastic. But the thing is they’re getting they are getting ready to do construction and with the work that they need to do on the bridge which the project manager better excuse me, they’re going to need to go down behind left hand to move a lot of that they’re going to deepen the channel and widen the channel and they’re gonna make new other classes that are wouldn’t have to close with a high water event like happen this year. So because of that all of that materials will be moving down and over and being stored behind locked hands so that’s why that piece can’t Okay. Um, now that they have a working contract, contract does actor and I believe they’re disrupting the logistics of the beginning parts of their project they will pick

Speaker 7 54:00
so just the quote here of completion expected in q2 23 is totally resilient St. Grain Isaac Walton reach one between the BNSF crossing and Boston Avenue under construction with completion expected in q2 2023. Not even close.

Speaker 10 54:19
It’s gonna be 18 to 24 months. All right, well, you

Speaker 7 54:23
should update it’s got Steve and updated seven, three coming through. All right. All right. That’s what it says in today’s update. And that was I guess the question on my list like that ain’t happening. Yeah. Okay,

Speaker 9 54:43
I agree. It’s hard. It’s really hard to get around by bike in Longmont, actually. So, I look forward to that not just to go to love temporary but actually to do transportation, you know, quotation expectation from Southwark Park, one of the largest communities and then it to the library, can’t write kids, the library, people, you can

Unknown Speaker 55:09
either write five miles on your way, or

Speaker 9 55:12
your kid is on the highway, you know, you have got a challenge

Unknown Speaker 55:17
here with alternative transportation,

Speaker 9 55:21
I wish we could expedite that kind of thing.

Speaker 2 55:25
So that’s a bigger conversation, I think it would be glad to have this group of housing, it’s one thing to talk about CRPS and how they’re kind of set for five years. But the prayers for this group would help us to say, topic, Antonia, this guy is one of them. Back to your point, I really did push deputy to try to thread that needle, if there’s any way we can do it. And I’m confident she’s kind of looked at everything she could.

Speaker 6 55:48
And it’s two projects, there’s a party by the railroad and and left hand. And then Isaac, welcome

Speaker 10 55:58
to Part bi, is where they’re doing the levy to stream events in order to use the others city transportation,

Speaker 6 56:12
be nice if they could be going at the same time. So that that would get us open again, it just seemed like we’ve been closed for a while.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Right? So it’s like 2031

Speaker 3 56:25
reach to before we start west of sunset, right, you can do less of Sunset while doing as well and rich do is both core projects.

Speaker 2 56:42
We went out and looked at that. I mean, I had run barefoot, we tried looking at anything we could do to try to make this works, Scott, and I’m sure it will keep evaluating as it goes forward.

Speaker 10 56:51
Yeah, it’s you know, it’s, I keep in constant communication with the Transportation Group, because I have received something that involves several phone calls on the subject. And even today, I’ve talked to someone about it, who has small children’s and how difficult it is, whenever you like to go on a detour. And I completely understand, but just constantly looking for ways that maybe that type of thing. The Army Corps of Engineers that’s RFID to

Speaker 2 57:15
control in both was the Rado. Our control tool is known as a park’s natural resources, project manager, money manager or coordinated with either transportation or corps.

Speaker 9 57:27
Last time I wrote it anyway, it seemed fine to ride on. And I got skinny and I got skinny, I got skinny tires. I just almost feel like, you know, I know this, this, especially the city doesn’t do anything at your own risk. We’re just like, put like right at your own risk and let us through.

Speaker 2 57:47
Right. So I think we missed a window or could have had something open, I think was definitely seen, right. That’s the reason I took Robert because I was out there, I looked at it. I’m like, why can’t we just and really is how quickly the Tommy has entered project coming up. But I think we can look at it again, once that happens. But right now that engineers was in that space, and we’re going to be in a construction, an active construction zone during this British piece. I don’t know, I’m gonna take his word for it. But I’m sure it’s gonna be out there. And

Speaker 10 58:16
when I saw him, I thought, why can’t you just right up from left handed around the corner to Boston pop over and go back down to Isaac Walton, you know if that’s what it was, but I asked him, you know, I’m not sure just give it a containment and there are activities that will be occurring with the Boston bridge project. It’s just not

Speaker 3 58:35
just, you know, been we’ve been you’re talking about like notifying people sledding because we’re gonna take away the dirt hill riding sledding season that’s just gives you just in this year’s timeframe of trying to communicate that that products are happening so we’re on the rug.

Speaker 2 58:56
So I guess the two hanging in this is wanting to have this report that works for us definitely will not, you know, get this wrong either. So I would assure you that we come these meetings if there’s a change in this we will scrutinize

Unknown Speaker 59:13
these agreement

Speaker 7 59:17
I have a small one that I just curious about on page 10 timbers update II new sand for the volleyball courts and Kanemoto colon working with the tennis group. And I’m just confused.

Speaker 2 59:33
What is the volleyball group? They actually are they’ve made some. Again, it’s one of those projects where we just couldn’t meet this their standard they actually made some donations to All right.

Speaker 7 59:41
That makes perfect sense volleyball group. I’m done thinking about it. Thank you. I was just curious if tennis was involved. Dig out and read the tennis some of those renewal

Speaker 2 59:53
projects is definitely talked about which is or updates but she does have a new person working in that role for those kinds of reasons. pieces is really kind of nice to have temporary having some resources we can go into those smaller project scope quicker.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
Okay, thanks.

Speaker 9 1:00:08
Anybody else is the Kensington Park bathroom that’s being repaired to stop the explodey bathroom.

Speaker 10 1:00:13
That’s a great question. I don’t know it’s bloody Baphomet but that’s the one that was exploded. There was a there’s one vehicle oh no I did okay, so that I just thought

Speaker 2 1:00:24
sandstone body and Pratt was exported that was bird Bird. Bird specific ways. The baseball bats with explosions. We have the cars

Speaker 9 1:00:42
you can tell us when this happened before you came. Now this is not a recent one. Oh, there’s another. Oh, what you should always let me know because I can talk to those kids who take

Speaker 2 1:00:58
the last few porcelains around. So I think they were supposed to be changing to the stainless and stuff. Besties pieces like we just can’t build anything.

Speaker 10 1:01:12
We have engaged in construction documents from the design team. And so there were in working with procurement now to get to this university what I want you sees which will probably go through the bidding process through at least mid August and then we’ll get under construction to establishments so

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
shopping stick in your mind exploded

Speaker 1 1:01:43
in your parking and yeah, other items from the packet. Add one on Lumina Parker and you’ll see up to me awesome. You’re getting all the classes. So the what I know is that neighbors in my community are organizing an opening day thing next Saturday, they save votes, but they were tardy, so like we’re gonna have the playground ready by the end.

Speaker 10 1:02:11
So we’re doing a punch list down with the designers and the contractor on Thursday morning, doing a punch list on the restroom on tomorrow. Okay, and so that way they can start making any corrections. And then next week, they’ll be going through the larger scale Park corrections which we don’t anticipate many now. They have that facade and the irrigation is up and running as of this weekend. I saw the sprinklers running today. It will make it it’s not going to be any it’s not going to be an early done, but it’ll be okay. Okay. It’s just been a weather challenge. It keeps ringing at RFPs notice great for Assad. Well, you got to get things established. They also have a lot of irrigation work to do. So everything that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
driving good equipment and driving

Speaker 1 1:02:57
story when you’re fixing all of that. So there’s a pretty good group of neighbors like community, you Denver’s to kind of planning to join this and celebrate I think opening project came there and like resolved off. So

Speaker 10 1:03:11
yeah, there’s the neighborhood group within the city. They’re planning an event that day and we’ve also been in touch with the discount people. I think those baskets are getting installed. Okay, so we just want you to get the SAT somewhat established before those baskets go up because then there’s no stopping. Yeah, absolutely. You’re gonna actually hold off on this event. When is it good? 22nd is the grand opening grand opening? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
So there’s a lot of first off

Speaker 7 1:03:44
there was no it was just they were playing down in Kensington. That might be the original place in town. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
the playground though.

Speaker 1 1:04:00
Okay, so then more of these in the packet to the move to items from staff to

Speaker 10 1:04:06
project to talk about pedestrian bridge will be replaced. That is under sewer rewarded the contract, they’ve actually moved a piece of equipment out there worked in a deal with a town home developer next door to access the site through their back drive. And so that’s why before they pour their concrete, brick work equipment last Friday, then the developer is going to pour the concrete and then we’re going to transport the bridge across their new concrete after it’s cured, which should all align because that is the best and really least disruptive at the bridge to the front. It’s not a big bridge is over 20 so that’s going to be completed probably September. But better use bridge on that ditch

Speaker 10 1:05:05
Are you ready by project? Oh yeah. That’s it so we were keeping the pickups, the first project so that includes COPPA meadows, Fox meadows and dry creek synthetic turf fields. So we’ve started design. We’re actually meeting with the design committee tomorrow to go look at all the sites and have more discussions. These will be completed construction fall, mid fall in late fall. 2014. So, we’re rockin and rollin. We’ve got a project manager. Let’s see Elisa is a Senate Kumamoto Steen is on Fox Meadows which is more of a master plan he’s really community sessions and things like that on Fox Meadows.

Speaker 7 1:05:51
Meadows is future park. Yes, it is. And so it’s literally future park that signs

Speaker 10 1:06:06
of construction so that’s a pretty decent process there obviously will be we’re seeing and then the drag picks and we’re currently interviewing for senior project managers the back foot position I just had and so that will be the position that will receive that is moving. So there’s a lots of a lot of intimate

Speaker 2 1:06:27
agreement. There really are and again, I hope this group appreciates cameos we can talk to our bosses for the support counselor we’ve gotten for this project management pieces because again if you imagine six months ago to be a wildlife biologist go talk to Steve about the trail wildlife biologists go talk to Steve about the volleyball was wireless and go talk to Steve about and now we have Stephanie who’s writing projects supporting two project managers in the process of hiring two more so I’m feeling like

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
a year ago we were all whining about this

Speaker 2 1:07:02
is that input we get in grad schools here that and leadership theories out so I’m super excited to have Stephanie on board and I think it’s a great thing for the city at large so and again so you notice reminder to the positions our five year terms to align with that so hoping to knock those out. But then getting past that piece that want to make sure you still had that support and city the other abilities was it Kimber was very concerned that with all these shiny new parks coming up, we would forget about all the renewals and Elisa who wanted to lease actually came from timbers workgroup so she was his own staff and she knows those parks, she knows those areas. So she’s got a special place in her heart for the little renewals to so we’ve got just a great group of people working on this right now.

Speaker 10 1:07:49
What does GEICO scheduled to actually open Grand Opening I’m gonna have to depart an excellent answer or I can respond via email I don’t know what the construction schedule is I know that season I’m working through some challenges with regard to just the overall how much to save up for it so that hasn’t been completely ironed out yet where all of the money’s needed for the construction piece.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Usually do yes so

Speaker 2 1:08:23
it was one is gonna get shot just for this group Max uses the realities of it yeah, there’s there definitely as a city has money for that but they’re always in different buckets and how we put those dollars in without impacting other pieces and logistics and the dollar pieces so you’ve also rented out one that had a gas line and so we had to go through that whole process and actually the get the oil and gas on the actually paid to have it removed was negotiations which was great and are perfectly just those realities of what happens with projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
Again. Any other items from staff? Okay, I assume the board has not looked in Go. I have one quick one. We were on Macintosh lake. We could go Saturday. And it was like

Speaker 7 1:09:16
150 voters and swimmers and whatever happened in the motorboat Oh Ranger.

Speaker 2 1:09:21
That should be you should be seeing others not a motorboat it is a big wave runner. People seen it out there it’s actually not received very well by people out there sending people on the rescue. Yeah Yep. So they’ve been really good for rescues has been very good fires gonna get went out tubes they’ve been doing trainings with us on they see how easy it is new rescues on those people are sometimes surprised us quickly arranged in contact and we’re not having to get these out there. That’s one of the bigger things so

Speaker 7 1:09:50
so what signage for PFDs is everywhere that they know swimming anywhere.

Speaker 2 1:09:56
I’ll double check that but it should I know when I was writing spending more time on there,

Speaker 7 1:10:00
because there’s a lot. So I mean, it was a hot day, and everybody falls off their boat as it turns. And everybody’s out in twos, which is theoretically not allowed. But there are a lots of

Speaker 9 1:10:15
fishing poles, and that’s a belly boat. And that’s Wow,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
it’s a fun, different kind of bow, there’s

Speaker 2 1:10:21
gonna be this through the way we define it as a single chamber device. Because that’s out there in a pocket, that single chamber pops out like, Whoa, she’s got three or four compartments on it, a lot of something happens, you still have the ability to be, you know, get back buoyant. So that’s what kind of differentiates between the little plastic tube you get at Walmart or the true old generic tube at the gas station. Was that a single chamber device?

Speaker 7 1:10:47
Okay. Yeah, I don’t even know what the rules really are supposed to be. So it’s hard to complain. I’m just giving you my observations that, wow, there’s a lot of folks and they’re all abilities and ages and wet or dry. I mean, runs the full gamut.

Speaker 2 1:11:03
I think Bryce was saying that must be a lot of men and Father’s Day weekend. He said, there’s probably more people at McIntosh in that union.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Yeah, the price is better. Well, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
There’s one more day of summer.

Speaker 7 1:11:19
Yeah. Right, that first, personally hot day and apart. I mean, that I feel sorry for the neighbors, because the street is packed both ways. You know, from, you know, Harvard all the way to 73 Lakeshore

Speaker 2 1:11:34
group, here’s a thing, because those are things we worked on, especially during COVID. The neighbors, that was a huge change for them. Right. I will remind people that is a city park, they are neighbors, but we want to be good neighbors. So we worked with our transportation, we work with PD, we work with Rangers on make sure people park in appropriate places that all those things trying to happen to the appropriate driveways and stuff. And I haven’t really heard anything

Speaker 9 1:11:59
that they live in. Really, they get the advantage of. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
I mean, you know what I mean, but it

Speaker 2 1:12:05
was there. For so right. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah, it is really responded to I think so the efforts we have made to try to, you know, make us safer because of big price it you know, there are people swimming, there’s people that are PFDs. And

Speaker 7 1:12:21
your guys did a good job with the trash cans and recycling. I mean, they’re emptied. And I don’t see you overflowing like before. I mean, so yes, I agree changes, improvements have been made. I was just curious about the boat. I haven’t seen it yet ought to keep my eyes open, we will probably provide four or five times a week. Just to look at it draw

Speaker 2 1:12:39
it really is in pieces here. But you know, we’re trying to get some more established because really to, to give Rangers out at those areas, I say over and over. But we’re staffed for basically, union and button rock. Right, those other 42 parts and 100 other miles of trail and pulling people out of those locations.

Speaker 7 1:12:58
One of the Macintosh Lake, you have free access to half of that lake. I mean, that’s two miles of shoreline. Yeah, one person’s not doing that I get it. It’s tricky

Speaker 9 1:13:09
to know well being Ranger like they do. And Boulder County has lots of

Speaker 2 1:13:16
rain ships that just so we have to dedicate to that right now. So the soberg underprice I used to there primarily, they’re kind of a road really, Sunday’s are out there. But their primary role is really looking at some of those on House issues along the creeks in the park that we’re working with hope and our center and stuff, sure that that component of how national parks is addressing the compassionate way but also made sure easy for people as well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
thank you, good, are done.

Speaker 3 1:13:48
It’s my update on that. I just want to give you an update on the Rec Center ramps is what I call it or bicycle I’m gonna cause it but both ramps are put in so we’re just looking for signage so we’re super excited.

Speaker 7 1:14:00
You’re gonna crosswalk or bike lane through the parking lot or you

Speaker 3 1:14:04
know, that just be signs for the vehicles. And so it was determined to, to watch for much for the brink of death sign. Of course, so one day I went to go take a picture, someone had driven their car into the cone halfway off the ramp, and parked it there. So they were straddling the white line. And on the ramp on the new concrete. I’m like, what, what’s going on in your head? Like, did you not did you think? Or scratch area? They were trying to get into the penstock like kunafa whatever. So I’m like, No, I can’t take a picture but but there are two grams now and so that’s great. So yeah. So thank you, so and thank you. Yes, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
nice, right. Any other I Imagine the board. Wow, this really isn’t really needed. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:15:11
Okay, well, if that’s the case, is there a motion to adjourn? Second, I second. All right. All in favor? Everybody. Great. Thank you.

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