Callahan House Advisory Board – July 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – July 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
Oh, everybody get a chance to do all this. Anything on the agenda you would like to change your head? Well, as

Speaker 2 0:08
discussed at the last meeting, I had discussed and asked the board if they would want me to bring my daughter in to do a presentation about possibly filling a house that wasn’t put on there. Yes. Never

Unknown Speaker 0:25
be six feet

Unknown Speaker 0:31
updated video discussion. Okay. I apologize.

Speaker 3 0:34
Propose moving that to after public invited to be heard. So?

Speaker 2 0:40
Yes. I apologize. I didn’t realize that was was what it was. And I’ve been a little discombobulated. So I invited them to come to public.

Speaker 4 0:58
Okay, we’ll get you in just a second. All good. Okay, so

Speaker 1 1:02
is there anything else on the agenda? Okay,

Speaker 4 1:05
can we really add upstairs Closet Organization to the future agenda items? of the future agenda items?

Unknown Speaker 1:13
I think we decided last time that was for the house manager.

Speaker 4 1:15
Now I said, it’d be a good idea to have the house manager in place before we tackle that project. So

Speaker 2 1:23
we want her input what she wants, but it’s something about having volunteers,

Speaker 4 1:28
she would think, Oh, yeah, but but let’s let’s put that back on future agenda items upstairs, classes. already.

Speaker 1 1:47
Okay, now that your three public invited to be buried.

Speaker 5 1:52
So my name is Juan coy. This is Jamal page, the owner of Blackstar Media, I’m just going to pass around these cards to participate will each have our website and our social media and all of our information on that so you can check us out more. We’re a video production company out of Fort Collins, Colorado. But we do work all throughout Colorado, my mom was kind of explaining to me that you guys were looking at redoing that documentary that was released. So we were kind of looking at that and seeing ways that we can make improvements. So Jamal has made a pitch for you guys on this little heater right here in terms of trying to save some paper, the environment a little bit. So I hope everyone can see. But I will also email this out to you guys. Just let me know. And I’ll just kind of turn it over to Jamal because he has the real brass tacks of what we can kind of do for you and the finances of everything. You need to get the grant.

Speaker 6 2:47
Right. Well, yeah. So first of all, thanks for having us. Actually, here. I am, as Molly said, working with less room here, as the creative director, and we do a lot of things. In northern Colorado, I guess I should just say, just Colorado in general, we kind of go all over the place. And especially when it comes to cities and municipalities and kind of like things that they are involved with. And support tends to be a lot of what our strong suits are just for industry. So with that being said, as it relates to Callahan house, I’m gonna see if I can do this No.

Speaker 5 3:34
Okay, cool. Yes. I love to email this to everyone to occasionally to repeat this.

Speaker 6 3:40
Yeah, we’ll email it. So the Callahan house, I don’t know why I’m telling you guys all this. No, wanting to read it because I did some research on the Callahan house, and as a few years ago. But you know, Mr. Callahan and his family, obviously very influential to not just online but northern Colorado as a whole because as they continue here, and developed and established and became the booming industry that they were, it led to not just warm up but the rest of the region kind of going around that. Obviously, one of the big selling points is the first automobile the first automobile in long run, not like the first one but the first automobile in Longmont moving through the Callahans themselves just goes to show you how essential they were in bringing the future to so long

Speaker 6 4:41
so so our approach with the documentary with the to first structure it in terms of what the story elements are, right, so we want to be able to highlight not just the county family, but the house itself because the house itself has its so much history behind it just independently. So our approach would be kind of taking us like, if you’re the viewer, taking the viewer through different areas of the house, we can, you know, at some point, figure out if they wants to, if we want to have like a narrator, or hosts, or what that can look like. But that were the case, like, whoever that person is, could be taking us through and showing us different rooms. And as we enter different rooms, we’re trying to get history lessons. And this is where the fun the new element comes into play. So kind of taking us to the rooms, that’s when we start showing some of the old documents and pictures and maybe news paper headlines of things that were happening in relation to what they’re speaking about. And then from the visual element of things, just really approaching it, I want to say almost an abstract way of really highlighting the intricate features like, you know, we would have some really nice shots, like just like light fixtures or what the, you know,

Speaker 5 6:00
average the wood around those different shops and the statue up front, etc. Departments.

Speaker 6 6:09
Yes, you know, something. So it’s not just like a broad pan of the room. And that’s all you get, because we really want to see like what the room has value features are about and just what the house is about. So that’s kind of what the approach would be for my story element and a visual element as well. And then we can dive into that more so as we get further on in the documentary. Now a little bit about who we are Plex for media. We are located in four continents. And we’ve been Blackbird media has been in operation for about five years now going on five, six years now. And what we love to do is just tell stories, and tell stories in a way that engages the audience, and brings about change in whoever the story is either about or whoever gets the chance to watch the video, we just really love to bring about social change, and, you know, help change what

Speaker 5 7:12
our society is very applicable with your calling and house and the fact that this is meant as a place for women in Longmont to really congregate. And so just showing that and spotlighting that especially.

Speaker 6 7:22
Exactly, yeah. So yeah, I mean, and we do it all. So we do we do documentary videos, short films, music videos, whatever it takes to show the story, get the story out, no matter who the client is, right. So that’s kind of what we do really well. It’s just the story elements. A couple of our past projects have gone on to be pretty well received. A couple of our past projects have gone to be pretty well received just within the filmmaking world, right. So sometimes you’ll do a short film or music video, and you send those off to festivals, just like around the country. And if you’re successful, you win awards, whatever. So we’ve been fortunate enough to just have success in that realm of things, obviously, that size, a bit different than like the more commercial business that we do. But that just goes to show you with all this stuff, how well rounded we are as a company, and that if we had the chance to do a documentary about the cat and mouse, it would be taken care of the same amount of like reverence and respect that we would have any other creative projects or short films. Recent work, these are links. So they’ve been work right now. But we’ll email all of see. Photo talks. Yeah, so one of our recent projects at the tops of scopo toxins, we’ve been working with FC Public Media, Fort Collins for a new video series, where that was kind of based around mostly Fort Collins as a community, and just a bunch of different marginalized communities in there, and what living for concepts like to them. And through that video series, we kind of worked through, of course, as the media, but the town of Fort Collins itself. This is a public broadcasting channel, it’s on all the local TV stations. And so really fun project for us to not just work with the city, but work with the city on a project that is talking about the city. And it have that project also be something that’s on public access TV,

Speaker 5 9:37
it also has that historic element that we will be capturing with the halligan house as well. So if you look at that like to send that out, it has the similar features of what we would kind of look at like shooting this with featuring the documentation photographs.

Speaker 6 9:52
Yeah, absolutely. And the other ones are just it’s better to click links. It’s hard least one, their commercial works, they just go off to show the level. So last graph is a local nonprofit. And that link is just in there to kind of display the visual elements of what we can do, because that that particularly cataloged, just like moving graphics and kind of fun pocketing images. So that link isn’t there just to highlight what post production can look like. The bottom line is our safe and secure elections video that one was pulling, because that’s a national campaign that we did as well. And that link is in there, just to highlight the quality of production that we can provide. Because that was a pretty large project for us, as it was a national nationally funded campaign that went on to be everywhere. So we were you know, really dialed in on making that look really great. So that’s what that one does, for sure. Quality. Plastic wrap. This is a show what our post production elements can do. And then photo docks just to highlight the fact that we are familiar with working with city governments, these valleys working within communities that we live in, as well as historical topics. Yes, no, budget, the cost. So line items are no, we’d have to look at it. So we’ve got our director grip, sound posts, and rentals, rentals has an asterix because that’s very project specific. Sometimes we’ll approach a project and we don’t need to rent out equipment from anywhere else, because we have what we need in order to get it done. So that was always kind of a premise. But these are, these items are listed as if we’re filming for two days for this documentary. So this is what two days of filming looks like budget wise, because everything kind of breaks down into day rates. The way things really operate is there’s either like day rates, or there’s kind of hourly rates. And again, it’s very project specific because one is more beneficial than the other, I know what you’re doing. Sometimes an hourly rate is better suited for what you’re doing. If you’re going out to just shoot a corporate event, you’re there for like an hour and a half, two hours. Free, pretty easy setup. But however, if you do an hourly rate for something where you’re like Tony, for eight hours a day that you think might that might be less cost effective than just having a flat day rate. So that’s why those are kind of itemized in that order. And these are listed as what the date rates would be rather than the hourly rates. So we would have insurance crew director slash DP, we have a grip, and that just means the person who essentially helps with providing the help just put up, I think, in this case, it would be less lighting more like making sure that there’s not a glare coming out, or something like that. But they’re the person that like is we’re gonna have all the seasons, that we’ve got our sound mixer, that’s, you know, the person who’s actually got the boom, like running around making sure that whoever the narrator has confirmed really well in post production. And that’s just

Speaker 5 13:18
that’s just and for the narrator, we can do a lot of different options in terms of the Callaghan helps with that about, we want to have it be a board member, a director, a city official, which I think could be a really cool thing to incorporate them within this project or an actor who is outside of this as well, which we have connections with Morgan.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Close Captioning

Speaker 6 13:55
Yes. Yeah, I’m with. I can also, once we email this to you, I can send over the links of other projects that have closed captioning examples. So you guys can get an idea? Yes, absolutely do. So for our options here, total estimate. The top one is what pricing would look like just without rental fees, because again, sometimes we we’ve collected a lot of gear and equipment over our years working and so sometimes the rental fee is not existent, because

Unknown Speaker 14:28
we know someone that we

Speaker 6 14:31
do. It’s really a very special use cases where someone wants like a sweeping crane shot of a thing. And we’re like, yeah, we can do that. We just have to like rent the equipment from like a rental house. And those tend to be a bit pricey. So that’s why I’ve shut it after it’s on there. But in this situation, I don’t. I’m not telling you your rentals would even be needed. So I would almost just go with the top budget item for this project. Sam la

Unknown Speaker 15:11
He knows

Speaker 5 15:13
all the cards. So reach out, feel free to and then I’m going to have my mom connect us with all of you guys. So you can send out this presentation I would feel more comfortable with or whoever

Unknown Speaker 15:29
had to give you this

Speaker 7 15:36
question about pitching in placements? It sounds like you already have in mind PBS, do you have like a good connection with them or to someone on the

Speaker 5 15:50
zoo. I’ve worked with PBS prior for a program at Metropolitan State. So I have connections with one of their producers there. That doesn’t necessarily mean much in terms of us, you know, giving something to them, they still have to go through their normal review process. But I do have that initial connection,

Speaker 6 16:09
as well. I know a couple other people who read or regularly have their projects circulated through PDS.

Speaker 2 16:18
One of the I think, one of the big pushes that I know personally, and the board knows this as well. But because we’ve received money from the Colorado State Historic fund, we would really like to be able to get it on the Colorado Experience. As from speaking with PBS, in the past, the video that’s in existence currently is not a standard.

Speaker 5 16:43
Yeah, if I review that video, and it’s a little bit of a step, there’s some sizing problems when it comes to images and stuff like that, and that’s something that we would absolutely have fixed and corrected. So all that sizing would

Speaker 6 16:58
be Yeah, and I was gonna say another thing was kind of going back to that Okotoks project that we do with a support media. That’s, again, since it’s a publicly broadcasted project. Once we are creating that there are guidelines that we have to work within just for broadcast guidelines, sizing guidelines, so things you know, are fitting on every TV screen, wherever you’re watching it. So when it comes to things like that interest, that process of like, making sure things are sized and appropriate and where they need to be in terms of just broadcast rules. That’s a thing.

Speaker 2 17:36
That was another question I had no, because we didn’t have a local station, channel three, which we do something very similar. And we’d like to at least I would like to see that. It would be shown there as well. And, and for the community as much community involvement as possible. Of course, that’s just my own personal

Speaker 1 17:58
question on the length. But you keep I think the current ones between 10 and 15 minutes, not sure exactly.

Speaker 5 18:03
So it was 36 minutes, I believe. To on the long end, and it was rather robust, documented, would you guys want to keep it around? That seems

Speaker 1 18:15
like that’s I was. One thing I like about the old one, even though that definitely needs upgrading is that it’s very historical, not only not only the Hallahan house, but it covers the history of Longmont. Yeah, and I think that’s important too. Because really, I don’t know where else can hit it. As I see it on something. I don’t know if it’s time to school. Yes, we do have a really vibrant history here too. So when you’re with us also include

Speaker 6 18:39
Yeah, and one thing that I was going to explore with that and I didn’t include it on this pitch because I’ll just kind of put that in a more comprehensive format for you guys. One thing I was going to try to explore is same thing when here when it’s a lender voice video as well whether that be like to sit down and do a quick testimonial on like maybe you can speak about either your personal history along the way or just you know, interesting facts that you know if there’s just anyone to do with

Unknown Speaker 19:13
it much history

Unknown Speaker 19:17
candies a good

Speaker 7 19:20
relative of yours who heard firsthand from what was the wife’s name?

Unknown Speaker 19:27
How was very shy.

Speaker 7 19:29
But we’ve heard that she knows to

Speaker 8 19:33
make this available to my husband’s great grandparents, like bridgeless account. Yeah. And then the great uncle handled the deed. I have a copy of a quick claim. That was her. My husband’s great grandfather,

Unknown Speaker 19:51
great grandfather didn’t have any JC Penney

Speaker 8 20:00
And you’re right here. So the businessman on the Yeah.

Speaker 1 20:04
Didn’t listen that the picture in the paper did their house or their shine.

Speaker 8 20:09
Yeah. But you know what’s funny about that picture was in the types call yesterday about Yeah, that’s something that happened to stretch COVID star and that was 1964 and it popped up on my daughter’s whatever she had the article was right there and it said the fire at the AC H E wise cloning acgh does our clothing store. Right Wait, so text me changed it just like that. So it was corrected before it actually print has not seen now. Yeah. He scolded

Unknown Speaker 20:52

Speaker 6 20:53
we’d love to get you on camera and tell us about everything like that, because that kind of goes into the documentary as well.

Speaker 5 21:02
I grew up Carolina, as you all know, and coming to the Callahan house multiple times going on tours here and visiting the other store moles very long list. So I really want you to know that like, if we are able to work on this project, it will like I’m very passionate about capturing this story. And capturing the historic presence that long on in the Callaghan house has because of the importance to not only myself but to the entire community. So

Speaker 6 21:29
yeah, I live in Fort Collins now. But my first place I had ever been to Colorado was spent about six months here. And then went back home to Oklahoma where I’m from, and it was only there for a year and then had the opportunity to Fort Collins.

Unknown Speaker 21:53
Okay, then I have some other probably stupid questions.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Any questions,

Speaker 2 21:59
but it’s one of the other things that we we it’s on my pet project. So we work with where we’ve got our QR codes. And we I had hoped that at some point we could put QR codes up to two later on and then possibly have a little presentation assessing Can you can help us

Speaker 5 22:18
like a QR code that would be on say the statue up front or item. And then when you’re going through we go through that exact section in the video. Yes, yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:29
Thank you for understanding my gibberish.

Speaker 7 22:37
We understand that. So if somebody is walking through, they put the scan the QR code, and what the video is where so

Speaker 5 22:48
it would go. So they’re scanning with their phone. Correct. And so then it would go to the exact point in the video that we link to it. And it would be like, Oh, we’re going to talk about the Snapchat or we’re going to talk about the guardians or you were like, so that Cyrus called

Unknown Speaker 23:03
you would play

Unknown Speaker 23:07
short snippets? Yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 23:11
you’d have visual vignettes like

Speaker 6 23:14
yeah, this thing. Because we will have like, of course, the long, like all encompassing video. From that we can take snippets and just have those be independent videos. So for example, using QR codes, if they’re not getting whatever the full thing is, they’re just getting like, just, you know, a 32nd clip.

Speaker 2 23:35
So so like, I was thinking, like, I apologize, I know. Like the film, if somebody clicks on the phone, if you’ve got the QR code, they can just have just

Unknown Speaker 23:47
talks about the film.

Speaker 7 23:48
And if you have an open house, and let’s say there is a bunch of people, not enough to gather around and hear the whole spiel in any given room, you can resent her, they could put that they get just go to them on the phone, there might be a QR code for the individual room

Unknown Speaker 24:10
down to the cost of production.

Speaker 6 24:14
It would depend I mean, I think it all depends on scheduling, right? So if we had like a two day shoot, we could have the one day be just kind of a walkthrough day where we are filming. And it’s just a very broad kind of scope of things. And then we’ll come back on day two, and be more focused on like all day to just be like videos of this room, or your bedroom that would be more focused on our approach to things. So I still think it’d be doable in two days, because nothing that would add to concert price would really just be the amount of days needed to

Speaker 5 24:53
film in terms of materials for those QR codes because I’d assume especially for outside we want to do a plastic or something like That, that’s a very minimal cost as well.

Speaker 7 25:02
So when you’re putting together some kind of framework for us to review before you ever get to the point of filming in production, how detailed would that be, you’d have your script, that we would be my cheat or whatever, the different things while the script is going.

Speaker 6 25:27
And the script would be like a very collaborative process. So, you know, we maybe even threaten an outline of just like, what would be cool to see, and maybe everyone else can contribute like, the the fine details of that, just so that we’re all on the same page of like, what’s being communicated to the viewer, through what room through what story through whatever,

Speaker 1 25:54
there’ll be a charge for that, you know, I mean, you’re putting time into that introduction piece with there

Unknown Speaker 25:59
are that no,

Speaker 7 26:01
there would be about a day where you’re just coming out here and scoping things out long before you even start that first, or the first run through the chute so that you charged for that kind of thing,

Speaker 6 26:19
possibly wouldn’t be a full day or half day rate. And I wouldn’t be for the sake of the film crew, because it helps it helps for them to come out and get eyes on the property before the day of showing up. And just like learning everything, right going in there trying to figure out what to do.

Speaker 7 26:39
What about before you write your script, that walkthrough where people knowledgeable of all these rooms in the house, and how we might want to bring the long walk history into it, whatever, are here to take you through you the decision makers who are writing the script, so that you know what needs to be, you know, generally, what kinds of things need to be built into it. And that won’t walk through, it seems like that would be important.

Speaker 6 27:13
Yeah, that’d be helpful. And some of the nice things of kind of what our role is on terms of the creative side is we we take all the information, right and compile everything that the client or the business or whoever is wanting to communicate, right. And maybe they’re not so much a creatively minded individual, but they but they know exactly what they want to communicate. So that’s where people are just gonna come in and say, Okay, we hear what you’re saying, we hear what you’re wanting to get out there to the world, here’s what we think is the most effective way of doing that.

Speaker 7 27:49
And even when you’re coming to do a walkthrough and learning, you’ll probably spot things that we wouldn’t even think of that you could do with in a video that would make it

Speaker 5 27:59
and seeing with like, the different stories throughout last month, like there’s so much history here. So we really want to make sure that we’re spotlighting. You guys want to talk about it not, you know, because there’s so much going to all these different various things. You know, we can talk with the dickens family forever as well, you know, that’s a whole other story in itself. But yeah, we’ll provide full shot list script and audio visual script as

Speaker 9 28:21
well. So if I’m commissioned to do this work, when would you anticipate filming could realistically happen? And then what timeframe after filming, would it you have a fun?

Speaker 5 28:34
So I think somewhere in terms of like, a wood filming would really depend on your guys’s availability, we obviously do have some preset, we’ll shoot on our schedule. But it would be up to when you guys are not hosting an event or a wedding or you know, the various different things that happen at the Hallahan house. So we even need to kind of confer with your guys’s schedule and our schedule to find two days that worked. So as I said late October,

Speaker 9 29:04
late October, so we filmed in like October, when would you have a final product?

Unknown Speaker 29:10
Don’t be late October. We could have some continue by mid November.

Speaker 7 29:15
So would it be possible to do some of the outdoor stuff earlier? Yes. You know, you’re all nice. And then it wouldn’t even be an issue if certain indoor projects aren’t done yet. That green one later in October hopefully would be very beautiful stuff outside.

Speaker 2 29:37
Flowers and fountains are open and

Speaker 5 29:41
looking at our schedule. We have September pretty open in terms of especially that second week there and what’s the

Speaker 1 29:52
peak for the garden? You know, August, September, August September. The end of September we get we can get frost

Speaker 5 30:00
Yeah. And so we also have availability in August, very flexible schedules. And we’re looking at the calendar right now. But we could do that third week in September, and then earlier, I know, kind of looking at this, we didn’t do any of those last three weeks in August or for the garden, so I wouldn’t

Speaker 2 30:17
go for that. Absolutely. And because an was a gardener here, yeah, I’m I asked her.

Speaker 1 30:27
Well, September is iffy, you know, I mean, we can be dutiful. But early frost,

Unknown Speaker 30:32
this is Colorado. It’s crazy.

Speaker 2 30:37
Right, obviously, with the weather this year, you know,

Speaker 4 30:43
it’s great that you all are so flexible and can do the work. Yeah.

Speaker 5 30:49
I mean, it’s the nature of our business in terms of moving around troops and having to kind of be flexible. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
I’m just gonna email this pitch to sue. The perfect current email right there. Okay.

Speaker 1 31:06
And, you know, for if we knew when you were going to come to do video out in the gardens, we probably want to make sure the landscaping crew is not there that David maybe the day before? A lot of moving parts. Yeah. consideration. So they bid for concept concept. Right? That’s right now,

Unknown Speaker 31:23
something else? Exactly.

Speaker 5 31:25
So looking at August would be really great. Just for our scheduling purposes. If you wanted to send over a couple of dates, two dates, that would really work for you guys in August, in terms of like I said, that aren’t, you’re not posting it a

Speaker 3 31:39
little bit. But nothing against it. Right, absolutely afford it. We can look at a quick timeline.

Speaker 9 31:55
And I think the details can be hashed out of the meetings to the business for today. And then, yeah,

Speaker 5 32:05
I should I put it out there that we really are like, willing to come whenever. So whatever works for you guys. And when are you kind of looked at things and said maybe this is something you seriously want to do feel free to send dates or my work? We’re not in a rush.

Speaker 3 32:18
Just the bottom line this. Everybody is in agreement that this is a good idea. Yeah, we’d like to do that get that updated. I think the idea is to get on to the covers

Speaker 2 32:32
the Colorado Experience. Yeah. And because it’s really supported. And we would really like edit in my opinion, I think it’s important that we highlight that we receive funds from the Colorado Historic Preservation Yes. Bond. And because they are very active in supporting that specific program on PBS, I think it would be a win win for everybody, right, we are fulfilling our grant obligations, because we received a large one for Windows and drive the direct drive in in regards to that, and that would be fulfilling our promise to them that we would acknowledge all the funds that we’ve received this see

Speaker 7 33:22
what about I know this is a detail last little detail I’m gonna throw out as when you’re acknowledging that not necessarily that part of the video or anything but at the end would you have some kind of thing similar to the list that we’re trying to create of you know, yeah, cast donors donors rolling Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 33:58
questions at all feel free to reach out via email. Okay, it’s available so great to meet you. Would you like me to put these chairs back in there? Yes. We can function

Speaker 1 34:30
okay, that’s really interesting. Do you want any more discussion on that? Or do you want to let it soak in for a little bit?

Unknown Speaker 34:39
That was a lot of information, right? More than I was even. So.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
We’re on here is on board.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
I think it’s very appropriate.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
This is not a ridiculous

Unknown Speaker 34:54
that was like be my next t shirt. We have enough money.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
So I’m ready to begin. To the money. Okay,

Speaker 9 35:01
before we get too far, we’ll have to make sure we get. So as we get to manager report with the we stop the online advertising for Callahan, I believe in February because of the restoration, that cost is not insignificant. And I think the nine month savings of that would cover almost all of this. If you guys are in agreement, not to do any additional advertising until next year, so that the funds that were allocated for advertising that were not used for social media outreach would instead be

Unknown Speaker 35:36
light to that.

Speaker 1 35:39
Question, Arizona, how are we set for weddings for next year? Because if we stop advertising, we’re also going to stop getting inquiries. Well, we we do need those funds to

Speaker 4 35:52
the patient pretty next year occurs for this year. So saved us a moose. So and that is for 2023. And so for 2020 for advertising.

Speaker 2 36:15
Guys, the big thing for me is, that was the big unknown. I didn’t know numbers. I had this dream. I’ve had this push that we do this. But number of wise was always that scary unknown, that I have no idea what that figure was. Right. And that’s part of the reason why

Speaker 4 36:39
they’re reasonable. That seems reasonable to me, and especially

Speaker 1 36:46
well located, I guess, when they send that email out there some links, and we can see, I think, yeah, once we

Speaker 3 36:52
sign the bottom line, you guys take a look at the stuff we will too. We’ll run the numbers behind the scenes. We’ll send out information on this because this is something we’re not going to wait till the next meeting to go on. Because we’re all in favor of ASCII.

Speaker 8 37:10
I think we might need it. But first, yeah,

Speaker 1 37:13
yeah. We really can’t vote. I mean, we want them to start but until we see their outline of what they’re going to do recommendation to Yeah, yeah, recommendation and move forward, but not yet approved. Hello, gracias. I’m looking for calls. Yeah, the proposal that they come up with,

Speaker 2 37:29
okay. In my big thing is, like, even I was scared to death of that number. I had no idea what that number was gonna be. And that’s why I’m like, Okay, well, we’ll listen. We’ll see. And then we’ll go from there. So to me, that number came in way lower than I was expecting. So I ended happily. So. I was just,

Speaker 1 37:52
I just asked him the most of us have is anybody on board here not seeing the current video? Everybody seen it? I need to go back and review it some more. Look at the old one. First, I got some, I think you can get it online.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Kathy Jesus a little bit online.

Speaker 8 38:20
I have reservations about tossing yield. Because up until about halfway through the presentation. I want to start with the QR codes and putting it on Colorado Springs experience and all the other possibilities that that one does not have built in, write them down that conference. I mean, it was history is not going to change. The history of Callahan and what we’ve got is documented in that first one, right? Yeah. But taking us into the future with all these other things. whistles and bells.

Speaker 2 38:58
The old video I think has its place and I don’t think it should be going anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Very, that’s very good. Historically,

Speaker 2 39:05
it’s not very good syrup information. It’s my big push was okay. I took that I had I went and I approached PBS with it. And they said it was not a subpar quality. I would not use it. And I’m like, Okay, so just like you that’s kind of where I’m at. I just think once the film is made, it’s just like any film. If you remake a film, you have the older film to go back and I don’t think we have anywhere yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
So I didn’t know that you had

Speaker 2 39:41
mentioned it to the people to PBS. So I put a few on yourself. That was Emery I just went out there and I spoke with the production people that was it. I got some just very maybe tending typing And they said, No, we’re very specific on how we did this work, we’re so many years out and how we put something on in it has to be of a certain quality. And they went on to the thing, and it was kind of, yeah, the plating moment. But that was,

Speaker 7 40:18
yeah, you know what’s so interesting about putting something on PBS, or any place where you get a broader scope of yours than you have before. Even just, you know, in northern Colorado, we might find people who have history, that’s part of this sorting it out that we didn’t just like the ones and whoever is out to children. So

Speaker 4 40:51
I’m gonna make them. So given that the cost of this project is going to be reasonable, and within means, given the reduction of marketing, miniatures, and move that we accept the process and moving forward with this kind of project.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
So you’re saying that city

Speaker 4 41:16
wide, as long as I’m city level, that’s acceptable, financially, that we move forward, this to consider

Unknown Speaker 41:25
consider to not write

Unknown Speaker 41:30
down any contract or anything, we’re just moving forward to

Speaker 1 41:32
see what they can get proposed to us. So based on your vote, you’re giving a motion to approve them to give us a proposal and

Unknown Speaker 41:41
go forward with the project to look at the possibility.

Speaker 1 41:43
Well, I don’t want them to put a lot of money into it yet. Now want us to commit a lot? Yeah, right. Just want to see their little proposal. And I’m sure we’ll go through with the optional, but I think we should do this step by step. So

Unknown Speaker 41:53
yeah, so that’s moved.

Speaker 8 41:56
So we move forward, my purchase proposal forward just to say, you move that we will forward in our consideration of this project. Yeah, that’s

Speaker 1 42:04
next week, we give them authorization to create a proposal for us. We had a little proposal there, but that was more just an intro. They were gonna give us an outline. I think he said,

Speaker 4 42:17
No, I think so. He’s providing to swell as long as names provide to us. That is their example of what they can do. Okay. And then I think we, at that point, have to probably have to decide, yes,

Unknown Speaker 42:31
this this makes good. Committee?

Speaker 4 42:33
No, we’re not. So Right. Okay. But will that how will and slow and move forward with any

Unknown Speaker 42:41
specific with this question?

Speaker 4 42:43
Not not not? Because if they’re talking about some August, maybe getting out to do some filming, is that are we going to talk about this again next month, which is I know, but I just didn’t know the August August dates and I didn’t want that to happen or we could be giving

Unknown Speaker 43:02
them the permission to come and take a look at it.

Speaker 3 43:06
That’s I’m trying to think how to phrase this motion so that right now because I also don’t want

Speaker 9 43:17
to plead it says has a wider stance so bizarre this year. It’s

Speaker 3 43:24
no control that these are announced right now. Let’s start for phrases

Unknown Speaker 43:32
centering the proposed

Unknown Speaker 43:34
phrase again, so this

Speaker 8 43:37
Harun moves that we move forward in our celebration of this consideration, okay.

Speaker 1 43:57
Okay, okay, all A’s. Okay. All right. Well, then let’s move on. That was the night that’s the first time we’ve ever hit. Yes. That’s nice. Okay, package update. Can we remember to go back to here we got approval of previous month’s minutes. We read them and everybody.

Speaker 10 44:19
I just have one quick correction, and you’re number five or business. In the third paragraph, Brittany’s name is Mr.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
Old business.

Speaker 10 44:33
Number five, yeah. The third paragraph down should be greeting us. Okay. That’s just a typo. Having been there a million times.

Speaker 4 44:46
Take suggestions. One can we add in to the zoo’s lettering under the paragraph numbering like it is in the agenda because then that’s easier to reference waffled back and forth with the

Speaker 8 45:03
templates that I’ve got the template, I will attempt to,

Speaker 9 45:07
yeah. A lot of time messing with that. We’re working towards a complete add revision of our website. And so a different way of we are moving in that direction, formatting the formatting.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
It is. Okay. You had happened previously?

Speaker 8 45:28
Well, I think format was established for this before we established that.

Unknown Speaker 45:37
That was, so that’s in the future.

Speaker 4 45:40
Then when we get a correction under paragraph two,

Unknown Speaker 45:46
paragraph two, number two,

Speaker 4 45:47
number two, number two, the second bullet, it was it was me, and apparently that asked for me, for the public to access account. So that’s Karen Cruz. And if you can include that link, and for the public, specifically

Unknown Speaker 46:08
for the public to access

Unknown Speaker 46:11
and then send the link out.

Speaker 9 46:15
For clarification, not for the minutes. Where do you want this link to be? Well,

Speaker 4 46:21
that’s a good question. How else will it’s on

Speaker 9 46:25
now so someone went to the city of Longmont went to the advisory boards, look at the county house, they’re all they’re going to rebuild lakes or they’re the impacts are attached, they have been historically overpriced.

Speaker 4 46:40
So can we can we include that that? In the minutes, just that link, links to prior Callahan house minutes are located on the city’s website and under your state board? advisory boards? And then just so that there’s a base for it? So there’s, it’s written,

Unknown Speaker 47:05
you’ve had to hunt for

Unknown Speaker 47:09
love hunting?

Speaker 3 47:13
So so we’re going to Okay, so I think if we can get a link to these other to the home pages that take us to directly to prime gov or directly? I’m not sure how, how directly could go. But let’s look at that. This is on Prime though. Yeah, it nobody will know that. I didn’t know such a thing. But it because it doesn’t

Speaker 2 47:48
separate you within the city. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:51
it’s a system.

Speaker 9 47:54
I can research that. And that’s probably not helpful to put in the minutes because you didn’t know that information is good. Yeah, it can be something you can have for

Unknown Speaker 48:04
these minutes. Corrections

Unknown Speaker 48:08
are similar, just for a simple thing

Speaker 9 48:10
we can add up to it’s pick it up.

Speaker 4 48:17
For open communications, easy, easy to use. Yeah. Then the next item is under this under number five, under the curbing topic in between the first and second checkmarks or something like that, because that’s so

Unknown Speaker 48:45
whatever your number five numbers

Speaker 4 48:49
are. And I believe in between the first and second check marks probably shouldn’t. What third piece of information that was included in meeting but it’s not referenced here in minutes. And that was that I had questioned then about the origin of that historic landmark picture in the board packet, and then provided everyone with a copy of the long left city ordinance number one, two to nine, designating townhouses, titled designating Callahan houses in the landmark. And it includes the legal description of the property. That’s that was for purpose of identifying the accuracy of inscription.

Speaker 8 49:32
That’s the last set of spam when we visit the historic monarch future work at the current boundaries with exactly that’s pretty cool. But no one would know that it was

Speaker 4 49:45
referenced our fall it is going back to look at his accuracy. And if you don’t refer to him, provided the ordinance number 122.

Speaker 9 49:58
So basically shows that Okay, now, I think the the board minutes are to capture for decisions right or moving forward not necessarily providing all the intricate details of how a decision was made. I think that we can take that information and include it in a later packet. If you would like to have that

Speaker 4 50:19
historically captured? Well, it’s an action that occurred in meeting.

Speaker 9 50:27
The final decision, final decision, not all the details to be held,

Unknown Speaker 50:31
right, we have to say, I understand that detail.

Speaker 2 50:37
It’s a fine line. I understand your point. I also understand Karen’s point, I think if it would just state that, that the ordinance was presented before the board, and she made copies of the ordinance and gave them out to everybody. And so we’re where the ordinance is where we are looking at the boundaries from not from the picture that was given to us from Ben, but the ordinance itself. And in referencing the ordinance, that’s all it is, is the ordinance was re presented in a statement. That was I don’t know, I

Speaker 8 51:08
like my reaction would be to add to this last week about them revisiting this, ask her yeah, that guy’s question of I do something.

Speaker 2 51:22
I don’t I don’t hear how, honestly, I really don’t want this this submitted in there. The ordinance was presented by Karen,

Unknown Speaker 51:30
and then re

Speaker 2 51:31
referenced because we were handed a pizzeria. So send me a

Speaker 1 51:37
packet. That’s one of my pet peeves is ask her to say

Unknown Speaker 51:47
sounds like aspirin

Speaker 4 51:50
the ordinance was provided to the board so that everyone can review it. So and the legal description is there. That’s the accurate description. We’ve

Unknown Speaker 52:01
got what you wrote. forwards.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Okay, good catch there.

Unknown Speaker 52:24
Number nine, the third bullet

Speaker 4 52:34
where you have a house manager, and we’ll take this over? Oh, I think that the intent was take over maintaining the list, because we have the list. But what has ninja will take over maintaining the list because we put together a list which we incorporated. afford carrying on last night number nine under review. Okay, got it. Thank you. It’s just the cost manager will take over maintaining the list. And that’s because the list provided to council for annual report for the last three years. So spiritual people retain us. It’s still something that

Unknown Speaker 53:24
isn’t that I remember reading the job description for them when that’s not enough now, that was on there.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
How I wrote it? No, it’s

Unknown Speaker 53:35
just it’s just a clarity. That’s just

Speaker 9 53:38
I do find it clear the way it’s listed. But yeah, at some point, we have to kind of effecting value. It’s really value the secretaries. Yeah, I think that’s very important. And when I think it’s important to if that the overall accuracy is there, to let that go and move forward. Because it’s really a summation. It’s not meant to be a historical document in and of itself. The details can be found on the video recordings, and that notification of that details are available on the signature pages. They’re available a lot of other places. So I really don’t, I really want to make sure that being a secretary for the sport is not an onerous task task, because you can barely see history of that on this board. So if we could.

Speaker 4 54:39
So, so then what we probably do need to do in future agenda items because it’s on the agenda is actually on the agenda when the minutes are addressing the agenda. The future agenda items are just those that are on the future agenda. I I’m slips and some there are bullet points that have been added to it, which were not on the future agenda items. agenda.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
I guess I would like to just, that’s a tough one.

Speaker 8 55:12
I started with that. Yeah, I struggle with that trying to figure out what needs to go under that particular section. So Carrie, what you’re saying is on the current agenda, like reading, to where it has a current be listed as our future agenda items, so those are the only things that I need to address them limits

Speaker 4 55:37
in, in this portion, this new paragraph nine, number nine of the future agenda items are only the things that address so I wanted to clarify that. And so, so we’ll just read your policy. So these last four, they just need to remove because they weren’t part of future agenda items. So faulty policy Artwalk. The news release? I’ll go, yeah, however, Artwalk, that part doesn’t need to be removed. I’m sorry, moved to paragraph five under Artwalk. Because that did that did get discussed but was not included in paragraph five about to July or August agenda, you know, regarding hospital, Artois, house

Speaker 9 56:28
requests for clarification or just simplicity to move forward with that recommendation, but leave this particular one as was to limit the amount of moving parts, recursion minutes.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
It gets really crazy. Yeah.

Speaker 9 56:45
For the future, buying up with the tiger dispelling the ordinance recommendation. With those two changes, the acceptable to move for the approval of the minutes Hi, so move. On.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
That is what is wanting.

Speaker 1 57:22
So the previous minutes in our approved, we’ve done public invited. So let’s move on to the packet updates. I’d never know what to say here.

Speaker 9 57:32
It’s just the that just the packet presented. I am looking forward to Brittany starting next week. And one of the items that I’d like for her to go back through is the month, the year of 2023. Update the number of guests to estimate acclimate her to her new role. And to see what happens events have happened, how many people are attending. Because there’s just not the bandwidth at the moment to create those accurate numbers for you. So just try to give you just a quick overview of how things are moving forward. For our group, we’re still meeting very well we’ve had a number of different revenue events or perhaps a bit lower than pastures because of keeping those windows available for the restoration and work of the contractors. They the contractors have been working in May and June. They’ve been here measuring windows, they’re doing a systematic swap out of the windows of the two porches. So as you do ever happen to look, you’ll see that these two these two windows are boarded up. And then you come back another day and then also they’re they’re moving through all the different windows and getting things lined up for a lot of activity happening in July. After the

Unknown Speaker 59:06
wedding, yes.

Speaker 9 59:12
Oh, yeah. Our number of our inquiries are are down in May in June. I don’t I’m not familiar enough with it to know that’s systematic because the people in May or June are already having weddings or they’re just getting engaged and they haven’t really moved into the next phase. So just a reminder that venue hub did change their their marketing mission and they no longer provide leads to non Denver beverages.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
So that’s wrong.

Speaker 9 59:50
So that piece is not there, through no change of what we’ve done.

Speaker 1 59:57
So on these Is there anything that shows the future like what’s scheduled for next years?

Speaker 9 1:00:05
Yeah, we’ve got some new weddings that are booked on page five. Yeah, we’ve got a couple. A couple that that are down. And we are in conversations. I think with two other ones that haven’t yet been at this time, so we are seeing movement and requests. So it’s still good even without advertising. Yes, yes. Yes. I was a little concerned when you know, we were gonna leave advertising all year, but you’re still getting called.

Speaker 2 1:00:38
It’s not all your it’s the financial Correct. That we’re really being we’re already

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
our financial years that calendar. fiscal year,

Speaker 2 1:00:49
fiscal year. That’s the word I’m looking for the fiscal year.

Speaker 3 1:00:54
I think, like I said, Don’t you guys worry about those particular dollars? We’ll figure that out. We do want to start to presidency as we get done here. Right. So well, we’re

Speaker 2 1:01:09
also looking very forward to reading the scans in the US are going to be on what she feels would be the best way to move forward and do.

Speaker 9 1:01:20
Exactly, exactly. And I think having that project of trying to figure out what we’ve done this year is really getting a good handle on that will be very helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
This something we just talked about?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
Yes. Yeah. Absolutely.

Speaker 4 1:01:41
Do we do city events?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
For consider?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:50
I have no idea.

Speaker 4 1:01:51
I think it has been in the past records. So April’s city event will be at least one important. Trouble. I see.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:02:05
And then I have a question about the quake. Yes, recreation activity. It doesn’t show as a revenue generating event. And I’m wondering, why was there a registration fee for the

Speaker 9 1:02:22
floors? I think your revenue did not specifically go to the Callahan house. It was revenue generating in the recreation realm. But money was not sure for this particular items.

Speaker 4 1:02:39
So is there a standard for how the city uses the venue for other revenue generating tasks can also benefit Catalan house and not just the other department?

Speaker 9 1:02:58
Possibly. This particular one was a garden only activity. So it was in a just showcases this particular piece. So in some respects, the garden is open to the public and there I believe that particular event had 22 to 25 participants. So as far as their marketing and getting something done, there’s I think there’s a an opportunity to explore that as we move forward that the Callaghan house is an integral part of recreation services. And we don’t charge each other to play nice, right in the department

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
divisions. Pocket in one apron.

Speaker 9 1:03:45
Correct. But they didn’t charge us for the bar meeting to meet at the Aspen group at the memorial building. There were no charges are assessed to the common house. Yeah. And so this is not a

Speaker 4 1:03:58
bonus. Yeah, I know. This is not an everyday thing. And it’s wonderful. That was garden. That’s great. But just thinking for our future just because I thought

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
we use our facilities for public meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
So anything within the city is not charged now. Unless they use a consumable. Yeah. Clarification wise in the lessons.

Speaker 3 1:04:28
And I’ll do a little bit of a but if we have if we have ongoing things that can affect potential with a particular facility that we do have a roof over the senior centers, for example, where we have an involvement remember, about some revenue because they take in some, we take in some for programs that are within their facility, and how that gets shared. So when we have something involved with something so small that it’s ourselves groups often refer if something’s ongoing.

Speaker 1 1:05:05
Thank you, that was really close to the public know, people could still walk through it would have seen a lot of features.

Speaker 3 1:05:15
So so if we ended up having a tune Tuesday, Tuesday afternoon payments have been here it was through recreation, recreation on a regular basis and then that would be one that revenue or maybe it’s just runs. I don’t know, just trying to give me an example of something. One off things that are missing why it’s just not what I just was curious for.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
Also on here we have the callin house Eva woodshed.

Speaker 9 1:05:51
Yes. Because there any other questions with the fact that your report itself? Pages, whatever?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
No, I’m just so I think the format and I’m very looking forward to having your

Speaker 4 1:06:17
you better believe it. Yes, the numbers of guests that should be recaptured. Yes,

Speaker 9 1:06:25
absolutely. But the fun part about the Zeebo shed, just double check. I gave you pictures because I was asked in the email to share this with you and short of all of us running outside, I’ll actually look and see what color the gazebo is, because I had no clue on a quiz. Looking at it, I gave you a photo and actually it’s very beautiful from here. Right now. It’s a bright light colors a bright light and this project of painting the disease on The Shed are outside of the grant, okay, are not historical in nature, they are just on the ground. Doing it the sea grounds people actually the same people who are painting Oh, this will be painting that from a different pocket of money very. So it’s going to be seamlessly done and everybody thinks

Speaker 2 1:07:17
that this one of the questions that I want and I’m very excited to know that they’re being included as part of the overall aspect.

Speaker 9 1:07:29
It’ll all be refreshed, refreshed. It did want to get clarification on the colors they want whatever they want that today.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39

Speaker 4 1:07:41
can I ask them sure something. While I appreciate the idea of keeping the gazebo white and questioning about the colors of the storage shed, I might suggest that that go ahead and go all white and the reason is because it is not historic in nature. It is you will either know the Zeebo represents what was once there is it is not the original house so I would suggest that we stay white with both because he will

Speaker 7 1:08:15
shed you will from the window here gets inside of it no fun I ran up this because it’s probably something you don’t want to stand out to.

Speaker 1 1:08:30
blends in Yeah, whatever that might be whatever it’s up against is that I would want to match your earliest compliment so whenever it’s up against and it looks like it’s up against a brick wall. Quick exercise sure

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
got it

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
to talk to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36
Morning everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
The color is going to be You

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
right? Here

Unknown Speaker 1:14:11
we in our seventh inning stretch

Speaker 2 1:14:13
seems that we haven’t seen the sun and how long it’s been right

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
to see it for free sunbaking

Speaker 2 1:14:19
we haven’t seen the sun for how long I have no tips here and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
I sorry yes yes we will have to

Speaker 4 1:14:31
see so I guess what I say is that those Ziva we start this bright white suggestion and that the storage should be the light green

Speaker 1 1:14:44
the terrain terrain terrain has painted a solid in one solid all Second. All in favor, say aye aye remember something I don’t care. Alright, so we’ve got callers. And we haven’t volunteered Carrie for pings. So Right. Thank you. Okay, moving along here, I believe we can move on to old business. So starting with that, I believe I’ll turn it over to here for the status or is that you know, yeah. status of this? Hmm.

Speaker 3 1:15:28
Well, we are, we’re waiting to restart. My understanding it has been the plan all along is next week. They have been continuing to do this. So everything should be ready to go. I will add on to since I’m talking about this, I talked to you guys about the small projects around the house. And I met with Kevin on those contracts, including this. And so I’m gonna get back with him. He’s up for it as a kind of separate a separate thing. So my plan was well to get through the last three weeks from Council next week concerning migration stuff, but then get right back with him. There was a list that so I wanted to get Britain involved that next week. So yeah, we’re gonna look at trying to get these. It’s a it’s a number that we talked about. But then there’s no there’s a little piece broken off here. And we have a whole little list of things, which is not that all out. Wouldn’t be great. So that’s what I’m working on with that. And you should be on target to finish by September. And that’s we haven’t heard any different.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
So we talked about what will they actually start on the patch of cement out here?

Speaker 3 1:17:01
Starting I mean, I’m not gonna say it’s going to happen next month, but starting next week.

Speaker 1 1:17:10
Okay, that is great. Okay, moving on to Artwalk. We’re looking good there. We got all the artists got six, we got four indoor to outdoor music. And so everything’s going good. We do need to make sure we know how the yard is going to be, you know, usually tables are out there. And since again, Britney’s new and I think Kathy has kind of take care of that. But we’ll have to make sure there’s some tables and tablecloths on the yard. For people who want to just sit out there and

Speaker 2 1:17:39
enjoy music or bottled water. Now I am, I apologize. I’ve had a tremendous amount of things happening this month in my family. So I am going to be working on getting all the historic aspect of possibly getting somebody upstairs in the rival room and doing that. That we spoke about it or meeting up having somebody with

Unknown Speaker 1:18:06
the display. Oh, yeah. Okay, dress and stuff, the historic

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
building the historic stuff.

Speaker 1 1:18:12
We have one issue that might come up one, since you know, we had the forehand, or hopefully, let’s all count on who the weather is because we have to outdoors. And I don’t know if we can pack everything up. But I think we can if it rains, get them all up on the porch. Because we’ve got the music and we’ve got the live art demo that’s we knew of and then there’s one with a stained glass who was going to do out in the year. Yeah, I think that’s pretty big brains. Yeah. I think we exclusively report.

Speaker 2 1:18:42
So I have a question. If it rains, can we not use the house?

Speaker 1 1:18:47
I don’t know. I was like to use that. We also have the portico here if it rains, somebody could be other cortical inhibition isn’t there to see the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
adult house and

Speaker 1 1:19:01
we need to we should before our weapon, we should make your walk through there. I think it hasn’t been cleaned up. It’s been used regularly.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:19
Plan. Plan B is okay. I just want to make sure it’s

Speaker 2 1:19:25
well, absolutely. That I think we’ve got it but let’s if people want to see it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
No, it is very cool. I’ve never heard anybody.

Speaker 1 1:19:35
Okay, that’s a be planning already. news releases for grant project. That’s YouCaring.

Speaker 4 1:19:45
Well, it’s me but it’s I’ll share with you and then handed over to Suellen. I was preparing what would be a proposed draft for everyone to review and approve and then we’ll go on through the city and But Suellen checked with Jeff. And there is a protocol that the city follows. news releases are created and submitted only by the public public if your information staff. And so and I would like for some collaboration there, because while the Public Information commission staff I’m sure it’s is fabulous at what they do, the specific nature of what we’re doing and the history of how we got to where we’re at as far as why the projects are, are happening. I think they would be without that information. So if it’s possible for some sort of collaboration among the staff and the board, just to say, if they’re going to draft something up, can they get it back to the board, so the board can say, Okay, you forgot this? Can we mention this? And then we’ll take it back to the Sakhalin step and go, Oh, okay, I’ll put it that way. However, that is to be I think it would be best that there’s collaboration.

Speaker 2 1:21:19
Are we on an advisory board? Can we not at least advise not solicited moving? Can we submit it to them and see how it goes? And then ask for it? How about this miniature board before it’s released to the public?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
That’s what I think would be okay.

Speaker 9 1:21:35
My, the direction that I receive, we can see from Jeff is we can definitely provide you with information. And there were some great questions that you asked for that I think are very appropriate to provide the answers to to the people who are cracking the news releases. The timing of the news releases are looking at as far as a much bigger picture. For example, you wouldn’t want the news release for the Kellyanne house to cut the same day that City Council put decides to put on the ballot, these specific items, because we have a very, you get buried. So the the idea with having this one central group is to make sure that things are put out in a way that, that you don’t have everything on a Tuesday, and then nothing for two weeks, and everybody’s lost what was going on? Right? So given that nature, we could provide information or for the crafting the news release, the actual approval of the news release will not be able in the timing wise to come back for approval, of timeframes. And it’s not what they do. It’s generally approved by staff to move forward because the timeframes aren’t such that it lends itself to

Speaker 2 1:22:45
read, okay, so as an advisor, or community supervisor, or rising, these suggest that these are the items? Yes. So Karen could put her her her list together, or actually write it out and say, This is what I suggest. And I think that’s kind of what we as a board are asking her to do. Anyway. We talked about at that last meeting, when we spoke with Ben, you weren’t hearing it, but that that was what we were going to do anyway. And we were going to look at it and see if that’s what we wanted to do so. So really moving forward. It’s not like it’s changed that much in the sense that it’s just going not to you, Ben but to the, to the

Speaker 3 1:23:33
well, yeah, it went public go from me through that. People

Speaker 9 1:23:41
submit some questions that are very appropriate to request information to be included in that who was not able to provide or that information that she needed in the timeframe that she needed. So that’s, that’s so that I can have something for you on Seeker. So just was not able to give her the information she needed.

Speaker 2 1:24:03
But we can get the information before she submits it to the hospital.

Speaker 9 1:24:10
i There’s a lot of moving parts happening right now. I can work with a

Unknown Speaker 1:24:18
specific timeline right now.

Speaker 9 1:24:20
I can work with Brittany to get the answers to those questions that Karen asked. They’re very detail oriented. And so required some I don’t want to misspeak or provide inaccurate information. And I can work with Brittany to help bring her up to speed on the project to help get those answers. And she starts on Monday and she’s got a lot of stuff to do to orientate just as a full time employee of the city of Longmont park recreation services.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
Sure, so you don’t want to overwhelm me Oh, yeah. All right.

Speaker 4 1:25:00
So the only concern, I guess, timing wise is it sounds like it’s not going to be something that can be done anytime soon. How will you notify the public when the grounds will be limited, for example, when they’re going to be doing work on your company, imagine for safety, you will block off access to the garden

Speaker 9 1:25:24
to the concrete. They’re not logging. They’re not stopping access to the garden.

Speaker 4 1:25:31
Right? But people when they walk in walk in

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35
driveways, they will

Unknown Speaker 1:25:38
and so they’re not going to be able to walk in on the driveways,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
driveways, sidewalks, so

Speaker 4 1:25:44
the only in and out is the West sidewalk. Okay. It just I think as long as the public is aware that it’s important to be transparent.

Speaker 4 1:26:00
I think it’s always nice to tell people, okay, this is what’s happening. And this is why this is going to be a temporary

Unknown Speaker 1:26:10
hours. So it’s all right. Let’s say my house. Right, very quickly.

Speaker 3 1:26:23
Additional things like cold water, moisture.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
Please, we’re not going to be looking at Oregon Health. We don’t like

Unknown Speaker 1:26:42
the main entrance?

Speaker 1 1:26:44
That’s close. Maybe we’ll sign it. Okay, moving along the faulty October 1 one to 3pm. Is there any updates? mentioned there?

Speaker 4 1:26:59
Yes, just briefly, we did meet and put together a quick revision to what we’ve used in the past few years as far as an indication. And second paragraph specifically with regard to what the update is. That one short paragraph that you like, and then we talk, a short change. And it will be that the current board members are pleased to have created a framed acknowledgement, the new offer ladies names, who have served on the calendar and passport from the very beginning 1938 to the present, as well as a photo display on the house managers two years leads along with the most recent restoration preservation projects completed with the Grand Street Colorado will be showcased during the team. So that’s one change that

Speaker 4 1:28:00
you don’t have to hear that. It’s just like we should. Yeah, we should.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:08
Over what, what’s happened in the house? In their viewpoint? Yeah, that’s all you got it.

Speaker 4 1:28:17
Yeah, we took out the old paragraph. You know, we recently received the grant application and we did a patient receive the $180,000. This is what it’s all backed up to. We just changed out a paragraph

Speaker 9 1:28:31
with that final, the final version that would be included in that packet at a later board meeting room. It shouldn’t be because of October.

Speaker 4 1:28:41
Yeah, it can be for next two months. Yeah. Yeah. So

Speaker 10 1:28:46
because we’re gonna give it invitations out earlier rather than later. are one of the comments Carol received was that last year was that they didn’t they wish they could have come but they had other plans make they already made the plan. So it was they asked us

Speaker 4 1:29:02
let us know more events and more in advance. And that was several of the ladies actually planned to meet again before the end of this month to write the the envelopes and include the invitation printed as it is and the same little stationery card very similar to the ladies stamp.

Speaker 2 1:29:27
So it’s one of the things we need to go upstairs and get the cards and the other aspect of it who said we were going to follow up with email reminders about the upcoming G or following bathroom.

Speaker 9 1:29:44
And just a note clarification just for for the secretary. She can just know that change was made. And then in the later when we had the invitation and people will be able to see the changes. She doesn’t need to know take change. No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
Thank you for that clarification,

Speaker 1 1:30:01
I just wanted to bring up one thing I know it’s minor, but I’ll bring it up as I check the schedule. And there is Bronco game, Mandy starts at 11. Anybody want

Unknown Speaker 1:30:12
to move it to 130? I

Speaker 4 1:30:19
haven’t checked entire years we’ve had it two to four. Would you like to go to the floor?

Speaker 2 1:30:27
Well, okay, because the man’s request, I suggest that we move it from two to four for any of those people out there that are because

Speaker 4 1:30:37
you Yeah, I just like throwing a pin I let’s just get so good.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
That was such a great meeting and we want to vote on.

Speaker 2 1:30:50
I’ll make a motion. I make a motion that we move to the tea hours from two to four.

Speaker 1 1:30:56
I second. All in favor, aye. Thank you. Well, I was looking at your schedule that might prevent some people from coming. You know, they might come later. So

Speaker 4 1:31:08
one other quick thing that we talked about in our past meeting is how you would like to support the refreshments in the past year. It’s been done by how Steph? And I tried to find what the cost was on that because I was curious to find out even last year, I was like, Well, what’s this going to cost because we need to be mindful about. But that that wasn’t clear. But what I found from the financials from April last year, is that there were charges of like $172, pastries, charge $10. Grapes, some charge that I can’t tell what portion of it but it’s trays. It’s referencing a name of a memorial that was healthier. And Callahan Oct has a total together. I don’t know what portion of that was. So I don’t know what the cost was to do food by staff here to the counter. So an option that was talked about is something for everyone to consider it. Would we as a board as current board members, instead of having to have step parent cost purchase purchase, or expenses. Would we like to individually plan to bring you know something particular? crackers for our

Speaker 9 1:32:41
kitchen we have to us, we can’t bring in they can’t bring it we can’t bring outside food. Okay, because of the status that we have in this category kitchen. If you move the whole tea upstairs, you could do that. But it’s down here. It has to be catered, catered or purchased? Okay. All right. Bye. No problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
Then watch us go back through the hole. That’s

Speaker 9 1:33:05
my understanding. Okay. Is that the clip that reflect your understanding?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:12
Was Right. Could we just set a limit? Like let’s

Speaker 4 1:33:18
say Are you saying that people aren’t allowed to come into the house and usually use that house for an event of theirs and bring their own? Correct unless it’s absurd

Unknown Speaker 1:33:34
that is what if I volunteer my catering services?

Speaker 9 1:33:39
I don’t know that he’s I think I would have to go through that with

Speaker 2 1:33:45
because I have all the certifications and more than willing to volunteer right? catering services as a certified chef with all the food safe serving certifications that I think the Jays I don’t want to put anything more on staff. I’m concerned with starting red with green starting this year off. It’s a simple enough thing that I

Speaker 9 1:34:09
can let me let me Reese research that in a formal way. Thank you for that option. That is I don’t want to put anything in jeopardy and my knowledge is I do not want it portrayed as everything. I don’t know anything about I know enough to be cautious. I don’t want to step up. I don’t want to do things incorrectly. Let me let me find out.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
Volunteer my services and all donations.

Speaker 7 1:34:42
Just one quick question. I totally think it’s down here versus upstairs is great. Is that beautiful in here? And how many people normally come? How many would you be inviting? Do they all fit around the tape? No, we

Speaker 2 1:34:58
sit TV out. Okay, we usually like to this is where we fill up our plates. Okay. That being said, I do think that we probably have to pay the additional cost of what the house costs for for tea and coffee. But then we could I can cover food costs otherwise I can do it in the catering manner and keep temps and do whatever else we’ll need to do for records

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
try not to

Speaker 2 1:35:39
tell you Do you know how we all make our donations in the way so that we can rate yourself as possible?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52

Speaker 4 1:35:53
generally Are you okay with the same sort of like finger foods have Karen read? Described as you know? Yeah, there’s

Speaker 2 1:36:02
not too many not too many sweets. I just nice balance that everybody has a free little sweet

Unknown Speaker 1:36:14
cucumber sandwiches for?

Speaker 1 1:36:23
Lunch again? I was kidding. Okay, well, thank you. Already. July open house, it’s coming up soon here, July 26, five to seven. Since it’s only two hours or three, I don’t know 567. To go out, I guess whoever can make it. We won’t do chips like we do. For our thing, we kind of do chips or chips. I think whoever can make it to help get it right.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:59
Yeah, you have a sign. US excuse? Yeah. So in, like I said, with all of us, that should be plenty of people.

Speaker 4 1:37:10
And some, you know, just kind of ties in dovetails and with the information I was requesting to be able to write the news release, it was all set to be included in this board. So that was prepared to bring to you today late, so that you could look at them before you set Open House events. They don’t have that done because they don’t have that information.

Speaker 2 1:37:40
Okay, I would like to just suggest that I know. And I have complete competence in carrying in your details and efficiency and attention to details that you just want to have and move forward and get those boards national investment for your ability, because this is an opportunity for people to be aware of it. I personally think if the if the board approves, we move forward and just just allow you to get those boards ready to the best of your ability. I hate to think that you miss this opportunity, simply because you don’t have the time to visually see it here at this meeting. I personally trust that you will have accurate information because you wrote on those words.

Speaker 4 1:38:37
Hi, I can do it with that information. I won’t have updated information unless Ben as well. And unless I can have the information that I asked him to

Speaker 9 1:38:47
learn we’re not going to be able to get that level of space.

Speaker 3 1:38:54
Update there, if you want to pare that down to something much, much shorter. Just you don’t have the time,

Speaker 9 1:39:04
right. This is this is as far as showcasing the callin house. It’s still counting in house. Yeah, still the nuts and bolts of the townhouse, whether it’s Empire construction to the renovations, and they know that versus not

Unknown Speaker 1:39:24
relevant subcontractors.

Speaker 4 1:39:30
Including just saying you are including that in the news release that is important. It is how a lot of our historic information has been gathered from newspaper articles that didn’t include details such as, you know, the companies out of Chicago that came in did the recommendations. So having that information in the news releases is important for that purpose. And also to be able to have it on a display where people can see it That’s the purpose behind the meeting those kinds of details. So we can always update the board. So yeah, I think that you know, that.

Speaker 2 1:40:13
So I would like to put a motion out there that Aaron, that Karen it’s been a lot of work that can’t move forward and do the boards and have them available and ready on the set prior projects that we use for the open house, to the best of our ability. With as much information as

Speaker 1 1:40:38
we draw, I just asked how are these actual boards? Or the 10? Board? Or how are they going to be

Speaker 4 1:40:44
presentation boards similar to the size that I showed you?

Speaker 1 1:40:48
So I mean, it’s something we need a tripod for, or is it something

Speaker 4 1:40:52
even just a table check, okay, more or less. Or if you’re looking for tripod? Well, let your

Speaker 7 1:41:00
biggest tabletop so it’s just kind of like a big poster board. Fight board or sorry,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:10
somebody that still so that it

Unknown Speaker 1:41:14
collapse. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:41:19
good if they fit on a

Speaker 4 1:41:19
table, here. So they are basically they’re 22 inch by 28 inch project boards. They’re, they’re nice, pleasant, gray, just actually kind of greenish, right. But I have four of those so that we can properly display with pictures, each of the areas of tasks within the grant project that are being used, I’m sorry,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:50
what would the dimensions of the

Unknown Speaker 1:41:57
image project? Think of lightweight, yes, they’re very lightweight. We don’t need the walkway. I mean, he actually won the lottery. So I’m gonna be the Florida may may not need a four or cortizo. Or they may be just as long as the table but

Speaker 2 1:42:20
what we will do is this allows us to be flexible and to see which one works best. And that will work under because it’s going to be an open house. And we don’t have other venue vendors in here with that. This gives us the ability to be flexible and see what works a

Speaker 4 1:42:37
lot of second demotion. Okay, she’s made it yet. Our favor? Aye. Okay, then we can honestly say no to once you’ve actually had the chance to look at them. If we want to do or change things up. Is let’s do. I don’t want to be the end all be all this is what is going to be I want to work in progress right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:04
This will be their Michelle run secret, right?

Speaker 2 1:43:07
Yeah, I think this is great. It gives us a chance to move forward.

Speaker 1 1:43:13
Now, moving along to Item F donations and contributions. I think maybe we can finish up on this. But let you know you’ve presented a letter, I just want to finish it today, I guess are talking about it. I have

Speaker 4 1:43:27
a quick update. Because obviously Britain’s transition to house manager, she invited us to continue on as a committee and wrap it up. And I said no, it’s really important that we all continue including you. Because I like inclusion more in eyes on things that she has removed. So I think our objective is this, we do have the donation Policy and Guidelines prepared. And it’s just a simple front and back page. For this, the purpose of this document will be for us to use as guidelines for donations. And then the other document that we’re questioning about is the donation agreement, which we use the same setup the same format that Eric Mason uses for the museum. But we have to meet one more time to talk through a little bit more about the process. And then also there’s the question of with really want to keep the donation agreement, authentic post donation proposal and agreement to just items like tea service set and then any monetary donation just goes directly through the red cap or however it is that donations are being paid. And then we discussed about is there some sort of A threshold or a, wherein a significant amount is where we stop and take a pause to really acknowledge that it’s one thing if somebody goes on and scans QR codes and says, Oh, let me put in 20 bucks,

Speaker 9 1:45:15
and it doesn’t exist in policy. I don’t know what the threshold is. But financial contribution, we use that policy is 10,000. Okay, that has to get

Speaker 4 1:45:29
incorporated with that, too. So

Unknown Speaker 1:45:33
we’re talking about we talked about something?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:36
Well, people Oh, yeah.

Speaker 7 1:45:40
Anywhere from 500, to

Speaker 2 1:45:44
1000, in the sense of people then get knowledge with personalized,

Speaker 4 1:45:55
acknowledged, donation list, you know, how we’re going to keep a donor list. So

Speaker 2 1:46:01
this is still something that works in progress. So we have quite clarified, and we recognize that that all of us is going to have to go through the city. But we’ve been very, very diligent in, in going through what the existence city policies are incorporating those and incorporating with other for other white like white, white group in the state within the city has done in reference to them. But you know, there’s a difference between donating $500 and donate $20. And you know, exactly how to go about doing that. Right. And then how does it show up on the website? And then it also was the came into question is How then does that show up within our financials? Do we need to have a specific line item? Is it specifically you know, is that one that’s in existence already? Or is it a pot, that it all goes into,

Speaker 1 1:47:03
like a lump sum of 10,000, last month, or the individually listed,

Speaker 4 1:47:08
you don’t have that we used to have that one page? Count that the line item donations was recently added? Because since we asked to have done, and so my guess is that all donations go into the health financial decisions are identified in that in the question column for that given month.

Speaker 2 1:47:32
So the question was, is there any way that we could have it from people who coming in with a QR code and just donate $20 Additional code, for say, larger font items? And I think there’s a way to do it? I know. But is it something that that is user friendly, doesn’t make too much work for somebody. And yet, is just, I personally think it’s just a quick fix within the accounting system that you can now align, I think that differentiate between the $20 donation, and the more higher finish,

Speaker 9 1:48:15
our system needs to make a difference, there is a way to do an email notification to a staff member if something is done. And I think the human being could easily assess that. So

Speaker 2 1:48:30
we’re looking at, it’s simply on our reporting line. So we as a board can acknowledge and see it. And then that way, we know who needs to have a personal thank you notes, all of that kind of stuff. That’s it’s really essential that we keep we acknowledge the gifts that we have written. Thank you for backing into that. Now. We’re not going to write 15 $15. Thank you. Thank you for your $15 that’s just to

Speaker 3 1:49:08
come up with the threshold to go ahead and figure that out. I’m sure we can figure out

Speaker 1 1:49:14
way on the QR code is they put their email address and they could get an automated. Thank you, you know, there should be an automated Thank you.

Speaker 9 1:49:24
Thank you. We don’t know if that’s happened. So hey, I don’t know if you’ve received any donations to the site. So that would be a be their information. Unless they do it anonymously, which they have the option to do would be available to staff when they make that decision. So that staff to be able to either do a generically approved email how to folks could do whatever you want to at the moment it’s it’s not a burning fire. Lots of people doing right If it was automated, it wouldn’t even involve somebody actually doing it, it would just kick out. I think for the volume that you’re currently experiencing, just a staff member could Yeah, okay.

Speaker 2 1:50:12
Well, it could be even as simple as a thank you.

Speaker 9 1:50:18
And then when we can do, that piece can happen. So if there’s a service that you would like to have can that comes on racy for a specific purchase of that

Unknown Speaker 1:50:30
anticipating future volumes to increase. We’re thinking

Speaker 2 1:50:39
I guess, to clarify, part of the reason why we’re bringing it back to the board is, we would like the board’s input, is there a specific threshold that the board overall sees that we should, that we should be starting at 500,000? Is? What is it the board thinks it sounds significant? I’m

Speaker 1 1:50:59
just gonna throw out there since we know the volume of contributions isn’t real high right now, I say everything should be acknowledged, once we reach the point where we’re getting 20 a month, then we can talk about well, okay, we’re getting to, you know, we’re getting to them, it’s never too late. You meant it’s never too late. But now we’re getting a volume and we have a headcount problem. We don’t have somebody to do well,

Speaker 2 1:51:20
I understand what you’re where you’re at. But we’re trying to get a policy in place. So it’s very important to me that we just get the policy in place. And then the policy is in existence. We don’t have to rehash this right. I think there’s

Speaker 3 1:51:35
two levels of acknowledgment. Like everybody to be ignored. So if somebody and this is this is a rarity, right? There’s something that gives 500 plus dollars, and that is a physical, a very big, physical, no.

Speaker 1 1:51:55
I went to 100, I think. Yeah, there’s not very many of them. So let’s, but if I donated

Speaker 2 1:52:06
that’s, that’s, that’s exactly why we were bringing it back. And the other thing is, we did find out through dealing this with this process when we went in and punched in and look through the website. And so we got directed specifically, to doing the bench, yes, to do a bad job. There’s one little hiccup there. Pick up on the line. We know exactly where they got it that they should be able to donate to the web.

Speaker 4 1:52:41
The QR code, you scan the QR code right now on your phone, let me pull up any option or shows it as fused right to that?

Speaker 2 1:52:56
Why I felt horrible. I wonder that’s exactly what they thought they were doing. The right one, it says right there that we can reach

Speaker 4 1:53:07
on your phone, if you would like if you want to scan on your phone, use that QR code, give it a go. Because it’s really quite interesting. It doesn’t take you to the opportunity to put in funds, like, here’s 20 bucks. Here donate a memorial bench. It was like, Oh, no. We don’t

Speaker 2 1:53:26
want that. That’s. So I felt horrible that we turn them down. That’s what’s in libraries. I didn’t even read

Speaker 4 1:53:33
they saw that when I’m out there doing some people, though, something changed in pickup somewhere along the line, because last year, we would see beautiful job creating the QR code and then getting the donate button on the website. And and then we talked about a pay donate button when on computer has to be at the top. But when on when you’re scanning the QR code who’s on your device, it needs to be you know, right, you know, pop up first. And so and then when we did that we went through the process. It was a little cumbersome when you had to kind of jump through hoops to get to Alright, here’s Yes, I want to make this pay this. Brittany, no, I don’t want to use my city account or Yes, I do. And so there was a little process there. But it was always pointed to how much

Speaker 9 1:54:29
so I use the QR code and the like and I got the

Unknown Speaker 1:54:32
character now. So if you don’t need to

Speaker 9 1:54:40
make a donation. Donation online like click that. I wouldn’t care. So there’s a lot of different ways people can come in. If you find the area that you see, because I’m looking at a phone and I let me add a link. And I’m using my personality. Right so 1/3 of people think like me or you wonder if people get halfway there. And whether people are like really creative to do something totally different than you do. So if you’re looking at a different location or

Unknown Speaker 1:55:09
clicked, let me know if you overcome.

Speaker 4 1:55:12
Brandon had it on her computer, MacBook or laptop, whatever. So when to get together she has she’s the one who went through it. She was like, Whoa, this is problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:24
She said right away. She’s all. So I was I see

Speaker 9 1:55:30
it with this with my phone, and then we’re moving on. So let’s find out.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:36
My biggest thing is, I don’t want to, and he’s

Unknown Speaker 1:55:40
out there. They’re all in an online store. But there’s a totally

Unknown Speaker 1:55:50
airy. Let’s let’s get let’s get

Unknown Speaker 1:55:54
there. If you don’t know about it, we can’t fix it. Absolutely. So but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:59
so that was that was an aha moment for us that were like when

Speaker 1 1:56:08
more discussion on the contributions? Were kind of know.

Speaker 4 1:56:14
We will need it on the next agenda next month. Because we will end up with Brittany after she’s here. So

Unknown Speaker 1:56:23
I’m gonna ask your partner at noon and stuff with Thank you. Thank you.

Speaker 3 1:56:35
I did want to mention one other thing. Before I go about. We also are right on the edge of hiring program supervisor that will receive ready, ciao, challenge across a number of other exciting about that. That’s what the interviews are for. Yeah, that was yesterday, yesterday.

Speaker 3 1:57:03
So that’s very exciting. To get two internal candidates. Excellent. Very excited between Brittany and getting this done. We’re going to be able to commit the time

Speaker 2 1:57:21
at the next board meeting, but maybe we could share with the board how the structure within the city

Speaker 3 1:57:31
literally have restrictions. Yeah, I mean, everything, everything is relative terms. You’ve definitely gone through a minor restructure your major restructure last year, and just internally got to these minor restructures. Kind of it’s hard to do the adjustments. So anyway, it’s

Speaker 2 1:57:51
helpful to see it. And I appreciate it. You’ve got to put that in the next year. Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:03
Yeah, I want me to leave.

Speaker 1 1:58:09
New business. Talk about the scrapbook. I think we can not talk about future agenda items. So let’s just finish. Oh, Karen, do you have anything?

Speaker 4 1:58:25
Yes. Kim sandal, did I met him show him an example of scrapbooking. And he said okay, yes, this is something I’ve done before and you said normally I charge 10 to $20 per file, per file, final, final $20 per file. He said, and and to explain what file is, that’s the photo. So he said one image and so is $20 that he said with your project and quantity that you do? Charge $10 for I can tell you what that means and what we get for that. It is a it is absolutely professional quality photo. That is a very large file, meaning it’s really good quality that you could take and blow up into a poster if you wanted, but it’s it’s rectangle. It’s ICS aware the scrapbooks are 12 by 12. He said yes. But I would take the picture. He said I could provide it to you in its raw format. It would be rectangular in size. It’s full size file, and then you can modify it to the size that you want your image to be in your electronic project. And so that would take some work on it. Here’s someone, either on the board or within the city, if there’s resources within the city that can help us to do that kind of thing. And so you would be the person who would know, or be able to find out who in the city could help us with, once we had those files, sizing them properly to, to electronically put them in electronic scrapbook

Unknown Speaker 2:00:26
style the full page.

Speaker 2 2:00:29
Okay, okay, that’s that was there because I was thinking individual

Speaker 4 2:00:38
is one teacher of the entire 12 page? So yeah, so as to give you a little understanding of like sizes, the the early years, it only has 30 pages and one of the smaller

Unknown Speaker 2:00:55

Speaker 4 2:00:57
And so that it just gives you an idea for quantity. So it costs and he said it would take him and I told him, it would be about nine or 10 books. And he said it would take him about two weeks. So that’s the turnaround time. How do you know I didn’t feel you know, I, I will count the pages of this crap, because so that I can give you when I’m ready to go forward, I’m just reporting Updated News and we get more updated investments. And I

Speaker 9 2:01:34
believe that the information can be presented the cost of the scope of the project submitted. And the the actual the core with this funds, that is not an advisory board is not able to cover those funds for the city. Report. So Right.

Speaker 1 2:01:59
Kind of just clarify something maybe I misunderstood last month, but I thought we were gonna you were gonna do it. I mean, I, I had, that’s what I understood. I’m sorry, maybe if

Speaker 4 2:02:09
I’d said that I had heard about kin Sambhal. From

Speaker 1 2:02:13
Eric. Okay, so you’re gonna talk to him. And I wanted to

Speaker 4 2:02:17
see what he would charge and how he would approach this project. And we’ll work because he’s professional, and get we’re going to compare your national image. Now, the alternative to having a professional do professional images would be me. Okay. I understood from last week as well by twelves. Now, I don’t have a machine that scans 12 by 12 pages, but does the city

Speaker 9 2:02:49
and you know, the museum right now they’re trying to find a new director? And they I don’t know, they would be asking, and I can Yeah,

Speaker 4 2:02:56
I know, the kind of scanner that there is that they have it’s an 11 by 17 airs from your phone, like last year or something when I’m doing something that’s like, How can I see on the pages? I’ve been

Unknown Speaker 2:03:09
so understood. And they

Speaker 4 2:03:11
they only have like an 11 by 17 scanning capability, their museum. And that’s what he said to Denver. The Denver Art Museum of Denver library, excuse me, has a scanner that could is a book scanner. You said you could go down to the Denver library and use the book.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:30
And that was what on the discussion that we would do at field

Unknown Speaker 2:03:33
trip and then it was a matter of well, we can’t go do it.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:36
Do this was like last week that you were but I didn’t anymore, do you remember?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:52
But so but I wanted

Speaker 4 2:03:53
everyone to have better options. Yeah, that’s right. And while I’m willing to put in any movement any amount of time necessary to get this done. I don’t have it

Speaker 7 2:04:08
would be nice to see what it would call cost wise setups.

Speaker 4 2:04:13
So if I go to you think they’ve got a scanner at FedEx that I can

Unknown Speaker 2:04:17
check have printing done?

Unknown Speaker 2:04:19
Yeah, printing, but

Unknown Speaker 2:04:23
how about because we’re on a time crunch here and I assume

Speaker 8 2:04:26
illustrate. So how about we move forward in the sense of

Unknown Speaker 2:04:31
we check we do a search next month.

Speaker 2 2:04:36
And let’s move forward in a sense of let’s check out FedEx or wherever else that we can get an image done. We should contact the library in Denver and see how much the cost of the pages would be if we came down there and scanned it. And then then we can also look at this because of the cost prohibitive pneus of it. Maybe we consider and this is just a suggestion to maybe break this project down into sections. So we do two books, you know, one through three or or one, you know, as we can afford it, and then we move forward with the project, but within a smaller scope,

Speaker 9 2:05:22
because this is this is over $3,000 as is right now.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:25
Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 2:05:29
if you do it three times 10, that’s 300.

Speaker 2 2:05:36
Right, with only two books or three books at a time, and we break into a more affordable aspect. The other aspect is, we can consider doing a specific fundraiser specifically for this project.

Speaker 1 2:05:47
Why don’t we all think about it, bring it up, we’ll put it out and

Speaker 2 2:05:52
put it on to open this is great, you know, look

Unknown Speaker 2:05:55
for ideas, look online.

Speaker 7 2:05:56
I mean, if next time you bring it up before going to say, Well, okay, so here’s how much this costs or that cost. Somebody needs to check certain things out. I mean, so FedEx, I’m talking, you scan it yourself, they might have that option, and how you know, how much is that machine, you put in a credit card and you start scanning things? I believe it would work that way? Like what do you call those blueprints? You know? You’ve got those kinds of Okay,

Speaker 2 2:06:27
so there’s aspects that we need to do. And I don’t want

Speaker 4 2:06:32
to know like you share those costs included?

Speaker 2 2:06:35
I don’t want to put everything. Yeah. Would you be willing to go and check out

Speaker 5 2:06:41
settings? Without any, you know, of any firm?

Speaker 1 2:06:47
I’m just, you know, wanting to get everybody just thinking to look at things. Well, I don’t know if we have to start assigning jobs or any No, no, just try to Yeah, just the machine. More building,

Speaker 4 2:06:59
go standing. stationary. It at least the cowboy legals size, can it take,

Speaker 9 2:07:10
because Hellboy is it can also shrink stuff. It just, there’s a lot going on right now. Especially if you’re looking to move forward with the project.

Speaker 2 2:07:24
I think we have we said we don’t want to discuss her assigned jobs here. So let’s go ahead and get a committee together. Can I suggest that we I would like to put forth a motion that we put a committee together?

Speaker 4 2:07:38
Yes. Our second our second that. Obviously. I’ll leave that because story in

Speaker 1 2:07:47
favor of a committee to work on the scrapbook. Any days. Okay. Who else? I’ll be willing to work on the committee. committee

Unknown Speaker 2:08:08
thank you for the things on my personal agenda

Speaker 1 2:08:31
Okay, all right. Got a committee. You guys can work together. Figure out what you want to meet. So I got marine Cindy. Karen. already. So let’s go for gold. If you guys want to go with a future

Speaker 8 2:08:47
agenda items. Quick question. Okay. Which one stay on here? House Manager picture project. Love Affair. Roof review. Future house restoration Kellyanne Hale Speedglas. Astrid, present board member? Organization. Yeah.

Speaker 9 2:09:06
And I guess I saw GE, digital scrapbooking. Well, that was that that’ll be that’ll be an old. Thank you. Sorry.

Speaker 1 2:09:16
And we didn’t talk about anything from staff and from the board. But since we’re running pretty late to either record that unless somebody has. I guess I

Unknown Speaker 2:09:24
have a question regarding what’s at the bottom of the minutes.

Speaker 9 2:09:30
Did we decide we didn’t need that on the minutes page? Correct. As long as submission page which which I have right here. We should sort of sit for for approval. So Thomas

Unknown Speaker 2:09:41

Speaker 9 2:09:42
You don’t need to have these. You don’t need any more minutes. Do you want us to sign them? When

Speaker 4 2:09:47
you’re done forward? Can you include that single page in the packet long at the end of the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:09:55
It’s submitted with the same minute. So again, I know I

Speaker 4 2:09:59
know what you In the packet in the packet that would you mind including it in the packet, at the end of the minutes,

Unknown Speaker 2:10:06
we sign up to why would we need one.

Speaker 4 2:10:09
And you anyone who went online to look at the packet online, would not know that that page exists. We know that the references at the bottom of the page exists.

Speaker 9 2:10:21
I sit my head this time I’m injured after and they will all have this on it. So Oh, only one month, only our current month won’t have this site piece of paper record. Does that make sense? You

Speaker 4 2:10:36
don’t have to be signed, it just can be blank, showing that it exists.

Speaker 2 2:10:40
So February wanted to go in and print the packet, like, just not necessarily else. Okay. But remember off the street? Can we just include it? I sure can. I would

Speaker 8 2:10:53
just print it for your packet just included. Just posted for us? Right? It’s not?

Speaker 9 2:11:02
It’s not over the current meeting is

Unknown Speaker 2:11:05
the minutes when that finalized, posted. And that’s fine.

Speaker 9 2:11:08
So do you know that detailed things are also right here on the agenda? So it’s on the agenda? You want a blank page with it? Again? It’s part of the document, it’s way too much. It’s just part of that. Can you guys take a vote? And

Unknown Speaker 2:11:26
how can we have a word?

Speaker 9 2:11:30
Are you here care? Right, right. Right, heard a request to include a blank signature page for the purpose of

Speaker 4 2:11:40
this consent. It’s it’s not. It’s the first page of the agenda is here’s all along, but before our meeting synthese agenda. No one would ever know the signature page exists if they’re pulling up a packet before our board meeting, okay, so So before today’s board meeting, if anyone went online, and looked at, you can look at all boards, agendas and pamphlets online, all the way up to city council. And all of the documents of the packet are visible for the public. The signature page is part of the minutes. And while it isn’t on the sign, it shows that it is unsigned. In other words, it is not the final

Speaker 9 2:12:32
conclusion of the minute interview. So you do not have to add it. Put it onto your minutes the conclusion? I’ll put it into the packet it will not be printed for for the board members. We don’t need a motion on anything. Correct.

Speaker 1 2:12:45
All right. Any any other, you know, things we need to talk about.

Speaker 4 2:12:51
I think there are things that need to be on next month’s agenda, but how would you like to send your email? No, you have to go.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:04
Yeah, send it just as well because

Speaker 8 2:13:08
I do I will not be at the next meeting. So I do need to

Speaker 7 2:13:18
already have that conversation. You want to do this? I’m going to do it I hope I can do it in a way that meets the standard format.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:33
It’s actually a simple thing.

Speaker 9 2:13:35
It’s a summary and it says very important to me a summary of this

Speaker 8 2:13:43
call so here’s a template so I don’t know if I can send it to her to use your camera. I can work with her. Okay. Okay, yeah. I will get the sense ASAP.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:02
Hopefully you’re gonna do something fun

Unknown Speaker 2:14:12

Unknown Speaker 2:14:13
I just have redundant

Speaker 4 2:14:16
pictures. So I think yeah, just so you all know that you start fixtures on the upstairs bathroom sink were removed. And I think that’s facilities thing and I think that’s just that but I do think interesting meeting. I could get the moment

Speaker 9 2:14:35
for information. The it was leaking. The initial solution was to remove the pictures entirely rendering the city inoperable. They provided something right now. And it’s not in stone.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:50
It’s temporary. Yes. Yeah. As

Speaker 9 2:14:54
far as I know. Fixtures are not affixed with superglue or any sort of medication. We are operating Once that number down, we’re trying really hard, folks. And we’re really trying hard. And I guess if we’re missing the boat in conveying to you are committed to your board and commitment to the Carolina House. I’m at a loss. So please be patient know that things are not permanent. No, no walls are broken down. Nothing was done in the sense that it was just made functional.

Speaker 2 2:15:28
Well, we we know, we understand temporary for assessment, that’s not an issue. We don’t want anything like being or anything problems like that. And they needed a

Speaker 9 2:15:37
place to wash their hands. Yeah, went upstairs. Absolutely. And the big thing is,

Unknown Speaker 2:15:42
do we need to restore the closets?

Unknown Speaker 2:15:46
So that’s fine. Are they

Speaker 2 2:15:47
are they able to be repaired? Because restoration is key here.

Speaker 9 2:15:52
So I need some help with prioritization of what you guys want. Because if we’re doing please think about that. It’s it’s it’s not going to degrade or damage destroy? Do you want to focus on marketing? Do you want to focus on on? Where would you suggest that focus of energy be spent? There’s not the bandwidth with the new employee training, with new supervisors training with the grant fulfilling with all these different things, there really isn’t enough time to be mindful on that piece. I’m not saying that. It’s not worthy. It’s just has to be

Speaker 2 2:16:41
a big thing is if we just make sure that’s on the list, I understand that if there’s a leakage look, you got to put a bandaid on something. Yeah, I completely get that. We just need to be aware of if something is needed to fix. We need to be aware of what Okay, that’s something that was on

Speaker 9 2:17:00
the permanent historic Yeah, piece. And I think that that’s, that’s key.

Speaker 2 2:17:05
And then if things are going to be fixed or repaired. Just for example, off the top of my head, the flooring upstairs in the kitchen, if it’s going to be fixed or repaired. Look, overall long term for historic purposes. I think that’s that’s the Zoom report needs to be wherever that’s, that’s it. We don’t want to put in a temporary band aid that is permanent, permanent. That doesn’t. Yeah, that’s not permanent, that that actually hinders anything that we would do. Over that’s it. I think that’s it in a communications key. So nobody’s panicking that, that like this, the fixture got thrown away or anything like that, and we’re very specific things not. So. That’s, that’s just, I think we just discuss it.

Speaker 9 2:18:03
It seems like an appropriate piece to put on the list for restoration renovation.

Speaker 8 2:18:06
And if it’s not a priority,

Speaker 2 2:18:09
I get it. Okay, cool. Yeah. So, so as far as putting stuff on the agenda, is that something that that goes out to any email to everybody? Or is it just

Speaker 9 2:18:23
go to you could just send it case to me, and then pilot and then

Speaker 2 2:18:27
like, normal, we look at the overall agenda and see if we want to add something to it, and then we made them.

Speaker 9 2:18:34
Yes, yes. And we try to create that honestly, in the next few weeks. Just why it’s fresh in our minds. Maybe two hours. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 2:18:48
but, but yeah, and you’d be working on an agenda right

Unknown Speaker 2:18:55
now, cool gene and asked me I keep on looking you know, I get a motion to adjourn. I just said there’s a lot of money on delusion.

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