Golf Course Advisory Board Meeting – June 2023

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Golf Board Meeting – June 2023

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So let me begin with the cabinets here because right here

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Marsha Marsha RJ

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you here

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short similar to psychotherapy

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yeah to us should have four board members as Dr days on the waters

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we’ve made a roll call. So this first thing that we add to that is the today’s agenda. Is everyone making changes without mass motion to set the agenda as written except all in favor say Aye Aye. Aye oppose the motion and the next thing is approval of the previous minutes of the last meeting. Does anybody want to make any changes to that? is nice. I have a motion to accept as

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a favor to accept the minutes as written from last time say aye. Aye. All opposed? The motion carries the key here so Ryan key key. Okay. Mutations here we talked about a month of maze revenue.

Speaker 2 2:27
The single biggest revenue producing month was golf courses have ever had. I said that one other time and Sam Well, that makes it I don’t think it was gonna say

Unknown Speaker 2:45
I said the single biggest revenue month ever right?

Unknown Speaker 2:48
Oh, yeah. Well, and I’m

Speaker 2 2:50
sure you want to make sure my backs so seriously, 226 Unbelievable. I mean, I just, the weather wasn’t even great. And obviously June wasn’t much better. And we’re on our way to going over 200 in June as well. So it’s incredible. And it’s been great. Actual round 40 801 rounds, the gentleman in it 4200. So and above the Browns forever the actual for Tony 22. So it’s just been when we are open, it is busy. We raised our rainfall prices this year, and we probably should have gone even higher. Because I’ve never seen the driver and it’s just so random. The Testaments are talking about their nature. There’s practically no grass out there. It’s just too busy all the time. It’s really, really fun because our golf course is in great shape. I gotta give it to Ryan and his staff because it’s it’s been challenging. We had to we had we had a full length in number 18 Basically from 100 yard marker back to about 175 You couldn’t walk there two weeks ago right after the concert Saturday after the concert so and and honestly, you know we probably shouldn’t have cards that were booked solid from six to six and that the morning crew that day made the decision to go ahead and let them out and it was the right decision in terms of revenue goes take cards off on weekend lose 80% of our revenue so easily. And and it was a tough decision but of course is recovered well and it’s firmed up real nice actually. And greens are the greens are in the best shape. They’ve been an all year right now. Any questions? We’re going to be all right. Sure,

Speaker 3 4:58
I’ll go down the line just There’s Yeah, just kind of keep following suit with the NSA is definitely some of the biggest numbers I’ve ever seen period or something. actual numbers came in 94,000. Revenue wise for us when we were projected to 60,000. So, big numbers, their rounds. 4247 rounds as of right now, for that month at 900 rounds full time this year. It’s, I can’t agree more. You’re open. We’re busy. It’s unbelievable. See numbers, hard numbers, revenue flipchart fees. I don’t know about you guys for Father’s Day when that report was. I’ve never seen card numbers at least for something. Just the cards alone was crazy. So I just looked at the tissue a little bit ago, it was kind of open in the middle of the day today but the last post solid morning solid most of them resemble more or less the same way. So of course, it’s an excellent shape and the two was a struggle bus for us for a while but Brian Danny done a lot of work on their courses Cauchy. And they are all supergreen right now. So any questions for sunset?

Speaker 4 6:40
Okay, great numbers that go with these values. That said it’s been a great $301,123 first, first lunch that increase over 300. And looking at month to date or 260,000. Even might be real fully supported. Of course in great shape. Good product to come. Good to be back again. Rachel good to then also start getting a little bit nice

Unknown Speaker 7:31
to lunch,

Speaker 4 7:31
I mean, the native areas are gonna talk about school play later, play issues. That’s because they wanted to create an expression this year that is so called authentic. Go to the blog. An industry of trying to cut down numbers great. We’re hoping it’s like, Why is the door open? It’s filled up pretty good. So it’s a great time to be involved as far

Speaker 1 8:04
as important. Thank you very much. Sounds wonderful. So all this there is none new business, new policies or procedures. For that

Speaker 2 8:27
think that you know, all three golf courses we all have Marshalls eye exam has First Tee readers as well as Marshalls, we all kind of do things somewhat the same at the same time slightly different. Our marshals are encouraged to go out there and make the day better for both but at the same time, these twin peaks, I don’t want to pass it on to customers. Back I got a complaint from a customer yesterday, who had felt like he was hassled by the marshal. Now good. The good news was they got round in three hours and 57 minutes. But the bad news is it’s not fun to play golf and have the guy following you or being geared toward leave and then come back to you all day long. So I try to make sure that the guys here out there helping them they’re visible with the BBC. They do a lot of stuff, you know, in and around the building as well. taking out the trash and things crew on the driving range, you know, cars, parking, the cars, restaging the car, stuff like that. It’s tough, because in all the margins that we have with volunteers, and they are all not not real young. And you have a we have a crowd of folks out here that I’ll just tell you a little story. I had a picture sent to me on Saturday night of some guys on number 15 And we’re driving the cars literally right up on the green. Okay. And the neighbor who kind of watches over the golf course there, he’s hollering at him from his backyard. All right, and what do you suppose are hollering back? So you can, you can fill in the blank. And if the marshal goes out there, you know, he’s gonna say the marshal. Same thing. By the way out there, you know, he’s gonna say to me, that’s the intelligence level that we have that we’re going to drive on the green intelligence level is not going to really listen to authorities. So that is always a problem, I think for all of us, maybe more so for me and Ryan and Sam. But we have that. And that’s tough, because it isn’t as if it isn’t as if we can go out there with the authority vested in us to just pull people off the golf course. They’re not coming. And they’re gonna give us a hard time. So it’s a it’s a challenging situation, because, you know, slow plays on the weekends. It’s always fun. I had a guy call him one day and says, this is kind of martial arts today. He was just out there. Well, it’s slow. Is there any holes? Or group hold everybody up? You can go speak to him? No, no. I said, Well, it is Saturday, and it is rush hour traffic on Saturday. I said, That’s just how it is you do the best you can to keep up with the group in front of you. And if everyone’s doing that, and we’re as congested as we are, it’s gonna be slow. And that’s just part of us. What can I get a rain check? And I says, no,

Speaker 5 11:29
no, you can finish it. And you did. But the reality

Speaker 2 11:32
of it is, we get a lot of golfers on the golf course. And now you played out there on Saturdays, and you’d never deal with all your guys. You guys ran around. But the reality of it is on the weekends, it’s not a fast paced solid.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
And you have to expect firearms.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Yeah, if you expect

Speaker 2 11:48
five hours and you finish in less than that, then that’s great. And there are certain times certain days and certain times and you can play less now, when I play on Fridays, tee off around 950 We usually make it right at four hours almost every time. But it off at 1230. Well, 30, after we’ve been booked solid all morning, it’s gonna be a five hour pace. It’s just how it is. And, you know, we support marshals in that, if someone gives them a hard time, and yes, we’ll go over there and kind of talk about it, it’s, it is a challenging thing for the marshals, the best they can do is go out there and make themselves visible. You know, I haven’t made like, the nice thing about my golf course is a big rectangle. So a guy can make a full run. And about, you know, 10 minutes, he drives around, you make sure there’s no holes, especially on the busy days, it’s a busy day, there’s no holes. And that’s nice, because your customers will always feel different per sample customer calls in and you create these on number 14. And the group in front of them is on 16 Green. It’s a long drive to get out there 14 But a twin views I can be at 14 and about 43 seconds. So if customers are pretty good about calling up someone this slow, so we will go out there and and, you know, I have the guy saying what they can say to them and encourage them to play a little faster. And it works more often than not.

Unknown Speaker 13:19

Speaker 2 13:23
the policy I’m sure is much deeper than that. But the reality of it is that’s not how we run it every day. Salmon I think salmon trying to do something a little different than that. You got controlling guys on both sides, right exam?

Unknown Speaker 13:34
We do on our busy days. Yeah.

Speaker 2 13:37
And then you gotta you gotta first team green and we just don’t have enough volunteers to do all that. And

Speaker 4 13:43
when we don’t, we don’t have enough marshals to do both buildings. We find it to be better to have procedures because that kind of sets the tone for the day. So firstly, readers will suggest hey, here’s a TGT I should play from here’s a patient play policy. Here’s the patient play card was tips on a beginner’s typing stuff, but I think the first tier definitely sets the tone. A lot better than just a nervousness. Yeah martial arts. It’s kind of you all understand that

Unknown Speaker 14:22
right and see martial commercial nerds

Unknown Speaker 14:28
get divorced,

Speaker 4 14:30
martial as much as possible working in reverse. Say it both times your day going. Yeah, hopefully it’s all good. So you just have a lot of challenges. You agree we got five legs. I mean Greeks out of malice in almost all native areas. There’s just a lot of trouble you can create and it can really slow things down and you know you slaver golf balls, it could be one Is 16 bucks a swing? Guys fan over five bucks for a ball. He is now the head of Verizon looking for a walk. But so those are the things really those are kind of challenges we have.

Speaker 6 15:16
So the one thing to watch for create as much as the marshal will come and inform us, right? Let’s say, look, look for some enforcement for them here. Well, that helps. Now you know why, you know, there’s going to be a fight or you can play golf, you know, it goes a way to not be afraid of Arsenal not being nervous. Just

Speaker 4 15:40
to give you a heads up of what’s going on. Great to hear that. We have so many volunteers, and it’s only Saturday crickets. I feel sometimes that communication gets broken down. We’re always having to remind staff.

Speaker 6 15:57
The other comment I had was when they fix the Walmarts.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
If it’s sold out?

Speaker 4 16:05
To me, that’s not their job. I mean, if it sold out they use Walmart for their jobs to be out there. Well, I think basically, yeah, I mean, I do, like so easy. Yeah, I get that. So

Speaker 6 16:18
like, for example, you know, we talked about the condition of course right now, which is actually the pleasure to play with three minutes ago. And the the eight green is good. Well, if I fix three, there’s still 10 more on my list that

Speaker 2 16:42
our guys out here we carry around in the back of the car, they got a fake huge, you know, plastic bin full of sand and sea mix. So they’re out the back nine, especially in the morning, when it’s not super busy with carts coming in and thought a lot of golfers and the good the golfers in the morning, Monday through Thursday, Monday and Friday. They move along real good. They do their jobs. So our guys will be out back nine picks and ball marks, filling divots walking trash, stuff like that openness to junior golf on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
This increase of rounds and revenue. No, yeah. You know, one thing we

Speaker 4 17:18
did was when the COVID When COVID first happened, we went to Doughboy maybe one to 15 minute intervals for the same thing. And then we sell old enough to know we can predict it. And that’s really improve the customer experience, I think. But what we also do is we’ll squeeze times in every hour, every hour and a half, two hours, we’ll throw in an extra group, just to make sure why don’t you treat one group is over $200. Of course, that adds up. It’ll be an extra five years today, you know, we’re making an extra 1000 bucks and so but the general intervals, you know, they help. But as you mentioned already, you know that the marshal is trying to tell you that you got disappointed this and it’s like golf is like a one lane road where you’re going up to this guy to Winnebago that’s cash flow group and slamming beers and it’s usually goes faster they are and it was our job is what’s hot. And what’s really exciting for the marshaling is, some of the guys don’t want to pay, they pay their money, they’re gonna they’re gonna play find out and that’s what they want. They don’t want to be put gotten on the watch by four and a half, two, it’s, it’s really difficult, pleasing everybody,

Speaker 2 18:44
I can send an email, okay. And he does, or he does a nice kind review. But that’s that that is the tough part. And there is a reality with is, if you’re playing golf and everyone is positioned properly in a public golf course, you should be waiting a little bit on every shower. So when I’m teaching people on teaching beginners out there, I’ll point to them you see the groove on the tee box, we got to move to the fairway group on the green. Soon as a group on the green Claire’s fairways getting hit number one, the teams that are going to fall into. And I’m always teaching people that if you’re waiting a little bit, you’re right where you should be. If you’re waiting around too much not paying attention to what’s in front of you. And Sam private, we have those guys that like quite frankly, you know, that’s the downside of code they have we have a lot of people playing golf that have zero everything they’re doing, they don’t care and they change their mind and they’re gonna do whatever they want, and you’re not going to tell them otherwise.

Speaker 4 19:43
You know, whether it’s great, you know, we were just talking about this with our staff the other day was grabbing so many more Dilbert guys. We didn’t have that. We didn’t have a lot of your didn’t do it every now and then. So these guy I mean, they’re coming over here so we have a new set of yogurt guys fill the void of the baby boomers. So he will I mean, it’s nice to see and hates Dabigatran music cranked up now it’s fun. Yeah, like I mean, I do. Yeah, I got a few little drink beer though with never

Speaker 2 20:21
with a with a stack closing that definitely brought a lot of that out here and we have a lot of the see you guys that all three horses. See you see your students are coming in all the time, even during the summer, tons of them fell on our golf courses. And they I think they all never made it this far before because they all played it. They all play pay staff. And now that I think they’re getting used to our three facilities, and they feel welcome here, they will continue to come back over and over and over again.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
As I mentioned before, we’re just

Speaker 2 20:53
last year, last year, I think there was career nights in a row where we had fights out here. So this year, no fights on Friday nights. But it’s not one on one, it happens. But there’s just not a lot. I mean, and I don’t want one one marshals to go walk out in the middle of that, I really don’t know, I don’t want myself to be that. And it gets a little bit. I know people get mad and get frustrated. So

Speaker 7 21:23
that’s why I put this on the agenda is just to share with you all the difficulties because you got so many different interests out there where we’re so busy trying to find that, that balance of pushing people without taking them off. And it is a very hard thing to do. So I compliment the marshals and the work that they’re trying to do. But wanted to give some information to you all so that if you’re out there and somebody talks you you understand that the difficult job that those people have, trying to keep things moving

Speaker 8 22:05
is adjacent to yours, you know, naturally you Yeah, just sitting outside is it sunset years,

Speaker 7 22:13
you’re a white person happy and you take the the course was completely full.

Speaker 8 22:17
I mean, it’s a Michael Kors worse off. So you’re not going to have a tons of space. You got every tee time at that time, I think we will ever be seventh and eighth alternately. And so it was a three 315 per night, and people were upset about it. And Michael would expect there’s no place to go on this course. There’s no par fives, you got to know your distance. I can’t move anybody on any faster. They would just snap their whole story. But they were able to hold on to somebody.

Speaker 2 22:51
And it’s interesting because not that I would promote or inherit flow play that. Very important. And obviously they see really people that want to come out and play for hours. What do you mean? You’re here with your hands like a crib with your best buddies. You’re in a hurry? I feel like

Speaker 4 23:14
it doesn’t make sense immediately. It’s like it’ll come about Yeah, shove under 14. Talking about that, but

Speaker 2 23:26
yeah, I got I got the plane, the Broncos, the Broncos alumni thing this year. That was really cool at the ranch. Right. And I think we played in just over four hours. And I was really upset about as I was having Daniel Graham was on our team, right? I was having the best time playing golf with Daniel Graham. And there’s a group in front of us, they kept leaving us we had to hurry, catch him. And we played really fast. And I’m like, why don’t we get like 20 teams so we all play slower and enjoy the day more. So. So I know that there’s a balance. I’m not saying we should play slow, but I’m saying that you’ve chosen this day to go play golf, enjoy your time out that

Speaker 4 24:08
should just be a good flowing. Definitely like this. Break, we’ll go through it achieve. However, I do got to say if you create a huge challenge for us over the years, we’ve made a lot of stuff a lot of everything that we’ve ever learned. And it started with pay off big or rebuilding don’t get me play focus planning isn’t very good.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
Just that

Speaker 8 24:37
the biggest problem is that if you have and I used it one time, and it was just a good panel, so we knew it. They did fine. It was when you’re waiting five minutes in every shot. So I understand that there’s gonna be times that you lose the ball, you’re looking for something you’re going to have an effect, but when you step into teams five minutes you go to the fairway that’s fine. minutes and you’re the next shot in five minutes. So that’s where the frustration comes near slow play and not that that we need to get done in four hours What if you got to wait five minutes on every shot for everybody it’s no fun being out there that’s a different scenario.

Speaker 2 25:20
This actually went into the front of you and it’s evident that the group in front of them has left them all you understand that? Because but I’ll let you guys call them right. Well,

Speaker 8 25:31
it was even worse than it was with Jason So we already know the group had which was another motion so it had martial hotel martial to go in there

Speaker 9 25:43
so it was kind of funny in a way they finally did and then they dropped off the

Speaker 8 25:49
night also back then and moved along just fine.

Speaker 2 25:53
But you can move on super senior day Yeah, that’s fine. You got it. Why’d you plan right and I think mistake one time and

Speaker 6 26:09
three groups waiting on whoever we thought we were

Speaker 3 26:12
not allowed last couple of groups in our center. Yeah, let’s do this ritual. We know it’s going to happen. I know we try to block things out a little bit to kind of accommodate for that but again, it’s it’s a play it’s hard because a lot of the a lot of players follow with a true player who they see on TV that they play who had blood keep metaphor Ryan a 334 and five okay, we’re on the tee box ready to go right and so lollygag is way up there and we’re all standing waiting for him to see off so this instead of playing it off, I didn’t know we were home number three empty box and we were the third group waiting I had Saturday morning on Wednesday actually had 60 players and don’t know what happened at one point that there was three groups on fire I don’t know what happened but the lecture came in and four hours 15 minutes so what do you do one person in a group a miss hit something especially is full competition because

Unknown Speaker 27:36
a provisional etc

Unknown Speaker 27:38
if you’re playing the plan that’s

Unknown Speaker 27:42
always a tournament Yep, yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 27:45
yeah so situation.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
So anything else on slope like

Unknown Speaker 28:01
get logged in here

Speaker 10 28:19
right, Brian arm will give a whole presentation on Sunset so far this year. I’ll start with the maintenance aspect of the course. Right to run the shop and feel free. If there’s any questions along the way that pass for FDA. We can answer some questions. So let’s get started. So far this year. So one of our big projects this year was we had a furnace in the attic a cracked heat exchanger and once that’s it was bad. Our difference is I’ve had that happen it’s pretty much replace it because it’s done for a while we found out the rest of the others. AC units and furnaces all except one are all from 2003. So they have definitely seen their usage. So this year, we changed out two furnaces. We did one furnace that was from Port 80 And all three AC units which has already been struggling every summer to get to one and this work was completed about three weeks ago. So right now we have pretty much apparently being reached that system at sunset clubhouse all except for one furnace, so I had plenty of life. Which I’m hoping as I’ve heard from some Orion staff and is already making a big difference since our school in the building. It’s nice. It’s really thank you. So then we’ll see also we know when the water paint project has still been going on. We lost about 4044 some parking spots on the upper half of The longest week due to the project. So myself along with Jeff Van Wagner and other rec staff within the Aquatics department have been working on some auxiliary parking. Notice on the right picture here, so I guess you’re left with the sadness, Archie added four new parking spots in the middle row of the parking area there, we felt there’s enough room there. So we added four new spots, along with four temporary spots up by the party pavilion where people can park and have fun the last half of the parking lot. So again, parking spots within the golf course parking lot for staff call for patrons a lot with asking staff to park on the north side of the building where that access road is to help ease the congestion. And then as a whole for hire. We also on the upper part of the practice facility added a temporary makeshift parking lot that after a slight redesign after we first got started after Memorial Day, we had now been able to accommodate 33 designated parking spots within that area on the end of the practice facility right along along the street. So between that and the eight parking slots at the park, at the pro shop, we pretty much got our spots back and did some alongs with a few parking spots that were added in the sort of full parking lot from where we were previous summers. Were asking

Speaker 7 31:45
the pool staff to park down in this area to try to leave as much space open for golfers and

Speaker 10 31:56
for going back on some afternoons to see how things are working. This parking lot has gotten very good use so far. So hopefully it’s helping to leave some of these congestions

Speaker 7 32:08
and Ryan says we have 44 spaces back that gets us to where we were that this this complex does not have enough parking the way it is. Today he was almost 90 the next couple of days that are going to be in the 90s and it will be almost impossible if you don’t get there early to find a parking spot

Speaker 10 32:37
so let’s move on to the course commercial so far we kind of covered in the rounds by the pros are vigorously this year, which you know, which is hard to imagine where we came from with spring slash early summer we’ve had so far as we came out of winter at sunset especially with a fair amount of winter damage just in the middle of all the snow and ice that was in and around my golf courses this year. I think altogether we had around 70 days we were winning cover which from a turf aspect is right around 30 to 40 days when we start worrying to see damage because the grass starts to suffocate itself. So we saw that into you know extended periods of slow areas. Once we finally saw some piece of weather were seated and roped off to help promote the growth which wood all the rain was an excellent growing season for all the season. We were able to get down earlier this year down at the end of march into April. And we’ve seen a lot of areas that were seeded pretty much came back already in the fairways, especially in new boxes. So like Brian mentioned number two green was the worst screen that came out in winter over at sunset along with 500 area seven had a little bit of damage just because the north facing trees that around them give them an awful lot of shade where they don’t fall for it well, as much as we try to scrape them off in the winter. Can’t really scrape them off when it’s still ice and frozen to the top of the tree. So here’s this a couple a few pictures that I had from earlier in the year showing where you number two started looking like with on the right year was earliest and we had a progressive war we sent over records right on the other side so you can see it was slowly making its way back. Also, a part of the greens recovery we’re out this year with the cedar which is the picture on the far left So we’re gonna be an air raid to make sure we hit that areas with the cedar since the griefer opened up, get some seed in the rain, the greens, and the topdressing to help protect that seed, which the rain really helpful off. So we have the seed practices we did. And then here in the middle shows number five, we’re going to go in and the slides are still going to be rough, we go in and pluck them out which the picture here on the right kind of shows a bronzer use, we have a little hex cutter that makes up about, say, a six by six, having picked up plug out some of the larger areas, we put a ballpark compared to Louisville to kind of give a gauge of size and scale on that. So that is our next one here. So I’ll go backwards. So here is where we’ve been recovery. So on the left over here is number two green. From this last Thursday, I took these pictures. So it’s coming back, there’s still some spots that are isolated around the greens where they’re there. But I spoke with Danny who’s the Senior head over there, the full time assistant. And since he started plugging to five and seven, he’s counted that we were at just over 200. Plus in the free rates, I think his count is about 220 this morning. So we could make fairly good than what damage was still out there still. So we have pictures of two here on the left, set it up here on the top, and five here in the middle.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Did you say where you got the plugs.

Speaker 10 36:50
So we’re thinking the plugs from the practice screen that should be really better than my weekend shopping. I forget what year it was the factory was pretty much doubled in size to help accommodate for if we ever needed it for a nursing degree. Since it’s not a plan, it’s kept the same as all the other green. So it’s a good area to transfer plots. From we have some damage in this way. We’ll take one of these clubs out here in the middle. And then we’ll cut up pluck off the chipping green, then we’ll put the bad plug into the chipping green. And that way you’ll be able to play and that green can queue up on its own. So once you get these areas and feel like we’ve got to bust enough plugs, we’ll see and probably cover that area on the Champion room to help promote growth and kind of roped off a place to give it a rush. Then here, chords V. These are this a few areas out in the rough and fairway we’ve done. This top one here shows where you can see what a cedar went through kind of some of these signs that show that the seed has germinated, the lines coming perfectly through. If you can see it this area right here at the front of number one, all this area here was bare at the beginning of the year. So I went from there to something like this and then you can barely tell what it looks like this to kind of illustrate how good a growing season we have for the cigarettes that are open and I read kind of some stuff that it’s saying it sounds like it’s mostly dry and hot. Now all of a sudden you read something that say it’s supposed to be one of our cooler summers on we’re hoping to see you I guess whoever decides to make up its mind and we’ll still have some good weather to help get degrees west of course back in good condition going into this upcoming winter and I’m still popular Brian Ryan and see how things are going we’re trying to come up with a plan for number two thrown into this winter to help protect them a little more if we have another winter like we do again either covered in sand to help protect it or put it in a turf blanket which helps keeps the heat during the winter in the green and keep the snow and ice from melting into the crown with the sod throughout the year of the suffocated the grass so right now we’ve had a good play for some business see where they’re near takes us and put into effect when this committee started to fall. But it feels like it’s so far away but it’s already almost the Fourth of July next year for next week already. Alright, so that’s all I had on the maintenance side. And next video I will talk a little bit on the clubhouse and the event side.

Speaker 3 39:54
So for sunset event why we don’t do a ton of tournaments like Santa Fe Tonight we’ll facility it’s a little tougher to accommodate large groups. Granted, we do have some large group events that I’ll get into. But the main thing I really we really do is our weeks ago, mentally that I have a night the ladies in at the ladies room, the 18 old ladies is kind of struggling is not getting that younger generation like we are seeing at all three golf courses with the younger, like male generation coming up to play more golf, or ladies leaves aren’t seeing that as much. Also maybe because of taking holes on a Tuesday morning. I don’t know yet. We’re still working on that. The latest nine hole however, largest largest grouping they’ve had this year, there are 62 registered members in the league. You get about 50 to 55 every single week. And unless it’s cool, but other than that, it’s it’s been pretty good for the league’s their men’s league. Again, a record number for us right now. 139 registered. When I send emails out to our database for the men’s league, I set it to about 161 people. The difference there’s some of our Twin Peaks and Ucrete members, so their associates to us and or they haven’t revealed so but I’ve never had a term as well guys away, splitting off before but I’ve had to make sure and remind them after our opening event for 72. And that’s it. We I was not paying attention enough beginning of the season to the signups to close it early enough. And we had 90 signed. And at that point it’s hard to turn away and tell you know those guys you cannot play off. So the way we set it up was a handsome and our Hanson permanent is the biggest tournament we do every year it’s 90 players, five man scramble teams. So you have 10 people on each for expect a six hour round at that point. He’s greater confidence. Well, it’s it’s simple. If you’re expecting it, it’s not a big deal at all. Nobody’s going to complain about it at all whatsoever, because they’re there to enjoy the day. I will tell you, that was a huge day. And I’m looking forward to answering because that’s that’s next month or two in August. We’re not in July yet don’t get ahead of myself. The only other things we do we do mostly evening leaks minus the senior center on Friday mornings. They have record numbers this year, they actually have a cabinet. And a lot of people that played last year did not get to sign up because they didn’t sign up. So there’s still some groups that are we they booked their own tee times later to still play with the senior center. But they’ve got two and a half hours of sleep times every Friday morning and they fill in every single moment of every Friday. Lutheran league is Monday nights tonight, the tea sheet before we started meeting. They’ve got six groups that five and a half room show. For 90 degrees in my opinion, Hilltoppers ladies leave, they show up every from every every week. If it’s raining, they’re disappointed this can’t play or the planet if it’s not that bad. Iron Maidens is a kind of a branch routing of ladies from your sweet spot. Some of them show up one week, they don’t show up. But they’ve only got two to three times a week and the day before or the morning to open it and say what the obviously Thursday nights you usually hold on Thursday for that as well. A couple of people here and I miss out but next month. When it comes to tournaments, I do have them obviously but 72 is usually the max minus the Hansen and minus my opening day scramble. Most tournaments start around that 45 to 72 number that’s usually what we try to get it for. I try not to do as many small events especially on weekends because I know the weekend we’re going to maximize everything. If we have an outside event that wants to do something about they have to have something to market again. Other than that, I push them to Friday’s Thursdays whatever it can happen for them. And we can argue we have more tournaments that I’m working on. But Greg malls tournaments the next one that’s on the list that’s at the end of this month or a mall and my mall should be sending out invitations to a few people after that. Then I will send a mass email to fill out dealers and I will tell you sent me to prom this year, because I had guys disappointed they could not buy last year. So

Speaker 3 45:15
So again, the list of them, the ones that kind of just talked about, IPA day was a fun kind of creative last year. modelo del brewery, he came to me the rap and said, Hey, on tournament, IPA do a strangle. And I have all this stuff I’m gonna throw into it as well. It’s coming back again this year, was the first was in the first Thursday, in August is what the date is. It’s about $70 a person, but you get food, you get beer, and what’s included with that. And I’ve already got four to six months. I haven’t even put out the flyer that he hasn’t given to me. I’ve kind of gone away from global. But Brian O’Hanlon. You got me started with my business for insurance through True North here. And he passed away recently and his family and then have asked and requested to offer more event we haven’t talked yet. But I would love to sit down and talk with you your ideas. But that is a discussion in progress. We haven’t really had much time to sit down to really go through

Unknown Speaker 46:36
like a six week thing.

Speaker 3 46:38
No, no plastic. No, no, no. The only problem with doing lowball is the setup and breakdown is extremely time consuming. It takes about an hour and a half to set up and takes about an hour and a half to two hours of work down. Plus at that point, staff is there that you know can lowball it’s, it’s dark at nine o’clock. So you’re basically starting at 845 as the sun’s gone on in the mountains, and then you’re playing for two and a half hours for the night. And now you’re at 1030 Say a loving, clean up and midnight one o’clock. And then at that point who wants to work none of my staff is ever a lovable, but I don’t blame. No one wants to set up to do that when I saw I was working I was put the cards away, that kind of thing. So a lot of work. But I’m all about doing it for special occasions, as before kind of a picture of just kind of a basic setup that we do for outside now for food and beverage when we do our tournaments, you finish the round and or during the round depending on the event. The answer I do in the middle of the tee off about 10 o’clock isn’t normally so 10 by 1130 I got food ready so they can make the turn because there’s usually a group or to waiting it number one so they can sit and go back to the tee and it’s does not have more time to their turn. But we just kind of do buffet style for the most part. That’s just about everything it all comes down to the price and if you need good holidays. I don’t know about you guys but rots. That’s been a fun. A good? Yes. The ones that I use normally carried according to our gravity, the Rockies balls. So we’ve gone through three different routes and I think we finally found one that’s pretty good. But I was really excited about that one. Odell IPA day, so just kind of a picture last year they did. Everyone got a orange bright fluorescent orange IPA shirt. You got 19 outs ngModel IPA can beer. Last we did food and Odell gave away prizes like crazy. They also did a beer for a year. For someone that that flavor. There was a raffle had nothing to do with how late and wrapping it up with a person somewhere and give them a case of beer. So I think Steve Saunders Yes, he’s hungry. He wants to drink but I don’t think that anyone will because I don’t think they’ll do free beer for a year because of how much he’s like yeah, it’s such a pain to bring case down. I mean, you know, medical gas stations are horrible a day just because we’re close to January, February, March so couldn’t meet him at a golf course or something like that. So but all the all that beer goes through The golf course that is not brought out is given to them that way it goes through my liquor license to

Speaker 3 50:10
kind of just a basic inside of the shop for food and beverage we’ve, we’ve kind of, we’re kind of evolving, I guess you could say with the food side with the fryer that we have internal fryer about that a few years back after Sam bought it, I saw how well it worked, I had to do something. So we do, we do just about everything. And it takes anywhere from six minutes or less for weightings in six minutes, chicken tenders four minutes and 30 seconds, fries, four minutes. Everything is timed. It’s very, it’s very convenient. And it’s fairly quick, even for you know, when you come up and say hey, do you have anything you have to hop off right now takes three minutes though. Throw into the fryer, they’re pretty darn good ones through the fryer. Even if you’d leave them out on the roller. I think they’re still better on fryer than they would be on a roll or lightning input. Things right is not wrong. But you know, honey bourbon bras have been one of the biggest ones that we’ve had lately that I think are pretty good merchandise clothing, I kind of went a little overboard with hearing them say, you know, you mentioned it is these celebration of life, not having someone there to tell you not to buy this not to buy that. Yeah, that comes in handy sometimes. But we had a great year last year. And so I felt it was necessary to have more than was a slow start. But we’re right about where we were last year. Realistically. And you know, it’s good to have products. However, you know, same with food and beverage, it comes down to what’s available. And appropriate ones were are having a little bit of problem getting at the moment. But they should be getting caught up. I think there was a Euro thing. Issue. supply chain issues what they were telling us a while back, but other than that everything’s coming in pretty good. Yeah, I’ve got no, I’m excited for the weird way the years gone so far. I’m sure everyone else hoping everyone is feeling the same way so far. But yeah. Question is for from my side of things,

Unknown Speaker 52:29
right? What What percent of the people of the opposite come to sentencing?

Speaker 3 52:41
That’s a really good question. Because it’s probably more, it’s not as much as you would think it would be all I could think of and what you’re trying to manage that as well. So the only way to do a team is you have to book it with us on the phone. Or otherwise, you can do it online, technically, but you’d be paying for two t times. That’s the only way to block it out. So I’m gonna say somewhere in the market of around 15 to 20%. And that’s does sound high, but it’s not that high, in my opinion, you know, but it is a tough boat to manage. Because a lot of people expect sunset the two hours. USGA rated us at two hours and 15 minutes, a couple years back. And realistically, it’s about two hours and 20 to 230, depending on the given day. So for my staff to you call in, and you say, Hey, John, hey, I want to play 18 holes in it this time, well, I can get you out of this time. But your turn time, if I go two hours and 15 minutes later, there’s no openings, so I can’t get you out, or I gotta move you down like two or three hours after your original tee time. And you have to wait around. So it’s a it’s a tough part to manage that. But it I mean, I get it a lot. We do have a lot of people that play tables, or we have people that float through the answer scene or they look online and assuming that they without reading it, which we pay for 18 months. Only $6 for seniors is not 18 holes with a cart for non seniors for one that’s not at full price. But we try to build it in and like Sam and Keith have done as well. You know, we see we see times. So if we have to if you played nine and you want to go around again and we have a gap or we have enough to where we we can read the situation. We can read each player that we have most of the people we know at this point but a lot of them are new players. And if we know that there’s three groups in a row of you know, there’s couple mental guys there’s a ladies couple meet here so we know they’re not going to take 10 minutes to do So we can adjust it at a squeeze time and say hey, I’ll give you I’ll squeeze you in here in the next 510 minutes we kind of bounce it around as best we can it’s a juggling act let’s say you know what it’s it’s it’s a unique situation at sunset

Unknown Speaker 55:21
never say anything to deserve that find way to do like first funding for the white and

Speaker 3 55:26
blue so that’s the way the mentally plays that’s why it’s on the front it lives on the back. Honestly, it’s not that big of a difference for eons you know, it’s gonna add you know, 20 yards total what it is like a second is different nine sometimes, and I’ll speak for myself on that, you know, I’ll go out and play his run and I’m not know what the heck I did. And then I get to the back nine, the same nine holes I just played, and now all of a sudden on fourth floor and I’m like, What did I just do? Like, why couldn’t I do that? And first of all, it’s also probably because I just walked on the team. No real warmup session now. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 56:13
Thanks, you Ryan. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you let’s see I am from the staff I am was from the board Well, I’ve got a funny question. I’m wondering Chile and our our two highest cost current insurance for our home to reassure the outside holes in water.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
We have not turned on the water yet this year. Later for this last last part of this week we’re doing so painful water for UK concert we’ll

Unknown Speaker 56:59
go to all city facilities. Don’t bet we don’t pay for God to pay for any provision in Canada budgeting the

Speaker 7 57:14
gentleman with golf how it worked, at least with Twin Peaks and you Creek is that when the property was purchased. The water rights went to the water department in exchange for them providing the staff

Unknown Speaker 57:31
any other guidance from the board?

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Do I have a motion to adjourn this meeting

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