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King Penny’s Podcast Ep#3 “Real Estate Hippie, Noah” #hip #podcast #realestate #motivation #support

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In Ep. 3 of King Penny’s Podcast, we talk with the Real Estate Hippie, Noah. In the wild wild west of real estate, he emerges as a ray of positivity and hope for families, individuals, and businesses who are searching for a space to call theirs. His honesty and commitment to the people serves, in his field, is commendable. He offers a full-service experience with access to honest information, lenders, property searches, and home sales, streamlining the process for his clients. He doesn’t shy away from the tough questions, and he puts us up on game showing us how to buy a home with little-to-no-money down. This is a very informative episode, especially for those looking to take that leap into home ownership, or looking to sell their home.
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