Art in Public Places – June 2023

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Art in Public Places – June 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Call first

Speaker 1 0:07
Iris. Cindy, Jennifer many, many Stephanie Teresa, Danielle Angela, Administrator, Laura the assistant Sean McCoy council person evident Oh, we have some Yes. Very good So

Unknown Speaker 0:40
Eric so let’s get to three I was invited to be heard

Unknown Speaker 0:50
see none okay

Speaker 1 0:54
that’s your next we are welcoming you to our commonplaces

Unknown Speaker 0:59
glad to be here

Speaker 2 1:02
fourth time around as interim director attended meetings off and on for a number of years but delighted to be here tonight to

Speaker 1 1:14
my official capacity and just basically here to listen and learn a little bit more about our bonus questions for her as well what’s your favorite piece of cobble Gardner I think it might be spirit as long as you see it every day but that’s the one that to me media I don’t have to that’s the Why are so many person who tears like what is

Unknown Speaker 1:59
with a baseball

Speaker 3 2:04
Luna children number five, are there any correction so that it will come in? Maybe

Unknown Speaker 2:13
I didn’t bring the second question. So

Speaker 4 2:16
I did the corrections right. So so these first round of corrections have been done

Speaker 1 2:30
there were hardly incursions she saves the rest of us from having to Alright, so then maybe somebody won’t be here because no one will know. Yeah, motion to approve the minutes

Speaker 4 2:46
I move that we approve the minutes from the last week. We have to do two rounds because this is from

Speaker 1 2:56
April 22 Okay. So 70 approve or use motion all favor in or oppose all right. minutes for April 20.

Speaker 4 3:16
I move that we approve the meeting minutes from the May 15.

Unknown Speaker 3:21
Well, are there any corrections? Corrections are

Speaker 1 3:32
70 motions or seconds all in favor Japan because of a correction or whatever corrections are worth the minutes Okay, moving on to Oh, yeah. No man minutes. Are there any additions or corrections?

Unknown Speaker 4:04

Speaker 1 4:06
Jennifer says it wasn’t may 5. It was

Speaker 4 4:13
it was May 11. Really work? Yes. So that’s changed to that as a change to the agenda. Not the minutes change. Very much. Nice.

Speaker 1 4:33
Anything So yes, we wanted to add a discussion point before like a kind of a uniform kind of thing for the fact that we’re talking about a cake that we can take out representing jazz musician public.

Speaker 4 4:56
Toilet Flushing will act I’ve mentioned new business 14.1 will be art in public places. Let’s say gar, because that’s garbage is a good word.

Unknown Speaker 5:13
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Speaker 4 5:17
Layers of flash flash.

Speaker 1 5:23
All right. Any other additions or corrections to this?

Speaker 4 5:28
I do want to mention duty. So the comments section or comments.

Unknown Speaker 5:39
Know to me, Shawn.

Speaker 5 5:42
Yes. But yeah, just speaking earlier this afternoon, and I said, log on to our lists, and she said, you know, what would be great. And, of course, would have to work with the school district. But we have a couple of 100 passes around here. That was sort of Ed’s her thing. And I think getting your, your graduate there, it seems to be one of those things where if we should get one of the elementary or middle schools who don’t want to get involved with it, and that might reduce the amount of graffiti that we get inside some of those, just because people feel like, oh, it just was kind of done by your sibling or somebody. And people to lesson that. I did hear from yours appellee, that the new art installation of the pieces like that the robot didn’t hear that others, they were really complementary of dads, and just generally, that sort of thing. And the kids, I heard from my wife, the Tucson, cow headboard, she loved your, your, your card so that they can go ahead and do their apps and stuff go for a search. Engine. So as basically as you can see a variety of things on the council right now, just because it’s getting closer to a timeframe when we start to put things on the ballot and other things like that. So of course, we generally try to keep about it down to three things that the city actually suggested putting on the ballot. And one of them is it’s dealing with one of the three I think it’s stating is to use the recreation. Of course, we live in America.

Speaker 4 8:21
Library and recreation Lumberyard it’s so easy, it is exclusive.

Speaker 5 8:25
Yeah. So, so that sometimes lobbies last. So anyhow, that’s pretty much where where we are. So we’re getting to that stage where we’re gonna start adding some steps to getting prepared to discussions.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
What’s been the tenor of feedback

Speaker 5 8:57
there are people that say, Hey, you know, the location where they like to put it is questionable, because they’ve had some years of not having some of their people are like it went on and really like the, the open space aspect of it, all right, and then all of a sudden, you know, they’re gonna have something like this whole facility and area, and all the parking is associated with it. So you’re hearing that handful of people, and then I hear the same people that are coming to council with the same people that are you on this. So it’s like having here, you know, 20 or 30 people coming to cancel or going in and out that are making phone calls or anything like that. So it’s really only like

Speaker 1 9:46
one or two people. Randy knows location.

Speaker 4 9:51
If you all are interested, there was a feasibility study and there was also a feasibility studies but there is a A survey that the city conducted all volunteer, but also a statistically and scientifically accurate, relevant. And those were presented to council. I’m happy to forward on that link, if you’re interested in seeing what that data actually looks like. The library I think, was far

Unknown Speaker 10:21
above. Yes.

Speaker 5 10:22
Great. Okay. So when they did this statistical analysis, nobody, normally, they tried to get a, a percentage of about 60%. In most everything separate library was good for 156. But nothing at that 60% level, which is a little concerning, because they’re thinking, well, that is in that region of air. Yeah, she’s presented with one and never really got that they got close, but they didn’t get really exactly there. So that’s the concern. Last time, my understanding, when we checked with the rec center on the belts, they just kept going, and it’s gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger, and everybody just want to. And, and so that’s, that’s the, that’s a big concern. And then there’s other groups out there that want to do things like the Early Childhood Education Department, which in lighting looks really, really, really good. With everything, and there’s definitely a need for that. But the problem is, is that myself being a public school teacher, and you know, talking to other public school teachers, not only in school, rather than in same brain, they’re like, wait, what happens if we ever want to have another bond, because that’s pretty the amount of money that they’re talking about is per household. I heard that was just, it was around $800 more on our taxes, and people like, I like that idea. But I also like our high schools and middle schools, and elementary schools to be high quality, and we don’t want them to get burned down or the staff for some reason or another. So that’s a big concern. And so we’ll see how that plays out. Because, you know, they keep talking like, oh, yeah, same brings with it all the values on everything. The question is, is it we might not be, because it was just mentioned

Unknown Speaker 12:51
that the citizens have to,

Unknown Speaker 12:54
they would have to allocate some consider, you

Speaker 5 12:58
know, it would be a whole new school district. It will be a whole new school district, is what it sounds like, all directed towards early childhood education. And Tim waters is trying to recruit rebels that add strength to the industry ministry.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
For like, once more,

Speaker 5 13:27
so the thing that it’s troublesome about that is that extends not only Boulder, county, and St. Louis, and Boulder Valley, but also into well, and when we started looking, this is gonna be another moment where, oh, by the way, 2014 sort of situation, because they’re gonna go and attack most degrees area of need. And the racer needs probably several families that need this assistance, the bulk of it, I predict, it’s gonna go that direction in law monitored over here area. And so it’s got both edge here.

Speaker 4 14:20
So all of the things that came back, just to be clear on a statistic, Libertyville relevant survey, what the company who runs that said, was to see something, a condition where you would put it on about strategically to think that it might pass based upon the responses that you received. 60% is where you’re looking before you would really consider as a safe, safe bet, right? Yeah. And pretty much everything. Not everything did not reach that meet that 60% threshold, with the exception of the library and even then, and again, I’ll pass this to you this is just was relatively low in comparison. So, yeah, it’s fascinating.

Speaker 5 15:03
When you look at all the things you put on the ballot, this is a election year. So the real elections that are going to be going on in our city council elections, you know, things like watercolor for lucky water or something like that. It’s not really some school board runs as well. So people just don’t get out and vote as much. And so because of that, of course, you’re concerned that we saturated the ballot with so many things, people get what they refer to as Bau T. And that becomes a bit of a problem for you know, getting anything passed. And so, you know, that’s a big concern about having another rec center that doesn’t had 60%, who really closely didn’t have a group like the only group that was really organized was this is the performing arts center group. They were in Manhattan, they have investors they have people like that they have money, which works the advertisement Oh at all, and the grandparents just working on getting there have not gotten there. In either the state as you know, there’s a small group that’s getting organized, but there Yeah, that’s the conservatives. Once Once we put on bail, we cannot put it by putting on there that’s got it as much as we do to show support for it. And so that’s the that’s intimacy you have to have a external group getting there. So yeah.

Speaker 4 16:58
So as a staff in the city council, like lobbying, right, like staff is not allowed to lobby on behalf of the Rec Center and things along this line. So when you start thinking about these groups, they are very much that those external bodies well, thank you for your service. And speaking of reelection,

Speaker 5 17:20
oh yeah, I’m ready for words to cancel I haven’t done that official announcement

Unknown Speaker 17:28
I saw run it in the paper

Speaker 5 17:37
it was just to replace your pack. So I have to run again so this year in a row

Unknown Speaker 17:54
it you know, it’s I don’t mind

Speaker 5 17:57
you know, like when we do these things like similar to mine and stuff like that. Working with the the tenants there and talking to people and talking about lawn washing and everything else like that. That’s kind of fun. It’s when you get to where you have to tell somebody there’s always somebody trying to do a gotcha

Speaker 1 18:35
seven part in turn, who is going to use the presentation of the top five euro project so

Unknown Speaker 18:44
I’m going to load it over there. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
Whoever’s picking us

Unknown Speaker 18:55
up behind them to

Unknown Speaker 19:05

Speaker 4 19:20
in the meantime, evidence before we close the presentation, do you feel comfortable talking a little bit about slides or do you want to wait, although the image or Eva is wrong

Unknown Speaker 19:37
okay, we’re getting

Unknown Speaker 19:40
what bounder a couple of times. On COVID

Speaker 4 19:48
Did you guys feel like housing is so if you want if you want to dive real quick before we know Just wanted to. So I have learned far too much about the materiality of the ceilings on the past one, it is far more than I am very interested to know. But it’s going to be extremely valuable for our projects moving forward. Some of these things that Shawn is pointing to, as well as our, our shop art, our shot. Boxes, the framing limits, the way that materials have changed over the last 10 years is really interesting. And when you have certain primers, certain paints, and then you seal and you make that I’m gonna say, sandwich of materials, you really have to be thoughtful about that sandwich is made out of right. So like P BLTs, delicious el jellies off brand, like we no need no jelly on our BLT. And so what I’ve learned is, and one of the things that we did with this mural, specifically specifically, is we have a we have had for buses coming through from the ditch, which that side of the ditch, as needed coding probably for longer than most of us have been. And so until the city we’re deciding to decide to make infrastructure changes, there’s very little that we can do about moisture coming through, then you have concrete and then you have plaster, and all of that is breathing. And then you stick some pain on it. And then you seal it in. And you are creating ultimately a problem that has a certain amount of lifespan. And we understand that. So while and as we look at underpasses, we’re going to be very thoughtful about what we’re starting with, before we make these big financial decisions. And the reason I say that is because we’re we what we just accomplished was fixing and updating a decision from 2018. If we get 10 years out of this project, we’re going to be really lucky. And I know that because I put Bondo on that often I had to admit that to my parks friends and say there was a hole in the wall, we needed to paint this leaking through, I didn’t know what to do. So we went to the auto supply service is like having to work it was like we just took some pain, like there might be a portion of you all’s mural that just kind of gets a little ugly. So it was but so so it is interesting, because that is a very glossy covering that we put over the top. And if it weren’t an underpass, we wouldn’t have made that decision. What a glossy sealant does without getting too in the woods, of material is that a gloss has very little bumps in the road, right. And so as our friends with Rustoleum are making a smiley basis as they go at it, that that that new material that gets into the bumps in the grooves, and so then it’s harder to wipe away. So what we’re trying to do on this is make the least amount of abrasive material on top of really grinded up plaster, make a smooth situation as possible. And then as we remove it, or remove it very, very carefully, not just going to hose it down with like hotsy and we’re not going to grind on it. We’re going to try and be really gentle in removing it. You know hopefully the beautification is enough that you know, it’s called elephants not I wish I was joking. And you know, it’s pink and it’s it’s gross and we haven’t now I’m in the office and who Laura has played with it a little bit to see what it is didn’t make it’s the name of the graffiti cleaning cleaner like who really feel what the Navy Seal is named something else but the cleaner and so we’re just we’re working with here is understanding our materials so when we’re using the one kind of graffiti sealant against our graffiti coded that is a star candidate decision. And as we go forward if we can always be different depending upon what we’re talking surface that we’re talking about the service crap that we’re talking about. And so they could as far as your because documenting in the collection file, what that is for the future Angela and Laura, the Commission of the future, then that’s how it will get longevity a number of these projects. So, again, if you want to come into our projects, with chemical sheets, we will we can talk for days. Alright and with that it

Unknown Speaker 25:04
okay, I can hear

Unknown Speaker 25:06

Speaker 4 25:12
yeah. And who are you and I would like for you or however you want a mounted c&d cedars right there

Speaker 2 25:30
so you probably already heard so I’m just gonna go over some of the highlights, we had 20 volunteer shifts 170 People these days and around 40 of those were people who were 18 about 32 hours of commission or volunteer hours are also very ones from the beginning to when I got this project I

Unknown Speaker 26:00
realized after I did that maybe wasn’t the

Speaker 2 26:03
best format, but we’re getting okay. So in November talking to Sandy resistance. And she set me up with Angela here. Originally we were going to do in our installation in the civic center, that kind of stuff. And we’re going to be honest, it was really this part, like November, December, it was really about learning about our local places, because it was a branch of the city that I wasn’t super familiar with. And frankly haven’t heard before. She said, learning the ropes and just how this commission were kind of fun. So I got that down a little bit better. are part of the project was really just about the community and that will reach targeted people decided how we’re going to get through these challenges. Who’s the lens, the lens layers, and scheduling? Hey, if the paintings here, gotta get this guy. This fight this day is halfway here. Either because this is yes, we made a schedule, but that schedule is really up to change. And these edits, like we need to have a lot of flexibility and just be able to adapt. A lot of the stuff got pushed back a little bit because what are all the things but yeah, like you have a lot of people working on this project. So obviously not everything’s gonna find that 1% of the time Okay, so that

Speaker 2 28:14
was the first part of the project, basically the doula and I sat and I basically was like, this area of the map, we’re gonna hand out door hangers to this there’s a door hanger that I get people to zoom in January and talked about talking about wanting to be in the Maryland House. So since like, the city person that counts the houses was taking a lot of power. Which also took us about 2400 in total. And leading up to it my understanding like yeah, that’s, that’s two volunteers. And we’re gonna get this done in three days. So I had one volunteer. We walked a lot. Got to have 120 400 diamond. That’s a great compromise at the end of the day. 1000 steps with us walking up 12 miles which is mild, less than half marathon

Unknown Speaker 29:36
an avid swimmer

Speaker 2 29:44
I definitely hit off to other people. Oh, it was in January. So it was with two extremes. Yeah. Yeah, well, that was awesome. Yeah, I’m way more than I can chew, chew. And for the rest of my project, I learned to ask, Can I do this and said definitely helpful definitely could not have reasonably made it to all the payments of the entire day. Also

Speaker 2 30:28
working on a PhD or is actually related to digital and social media posts, outreach and outreach on the social media side. And not everything goes to plan. I made a bunch of social media posts and I don’t think they were approved by the city tenocytes I thought And so basically, I thought they would have worked you know. So the city for the southern parts of my pose, is that something that they posted, again, we ran behind schedule, as I just got scouted off the phone. Something’s like everywhere worked out. That’s okay. On the youth side, we talk to people in the new center about getting a ton of engagement. So basically, I went over to the Youth Center and the goal was to get the people or the kids there excited and ready to come pay to see what they wanted to see. And I will be honest, I don’t know what I was expecting. It was like high schoolers I don’t really have an issue with public speaking of middle school is like they scared me

Unknown Speaker 31:57

Speaker 2 32:06
so that was it was an experience I don’t think I got from super excited but

Speaker 6 32:14
yeah, there’s this whole physical experience

Speaker 2 32:19
I think other than the paint days my favorite part of this probably wasn’t attending any other places meetings. Apart from the meetings I just like talking to Angela

Unknown Speaker 32:35
and then come to the Commission

Unknown Speaker 32:37
during the meetings it was like whoa this is this is really

Speaker 6 32:43
cool didn’t really participate that much I still really enjoyed getting to see the commission work and how you guys talked about it was really cool especially

Unknown Speaker 32:55
because that that was really that was that was also really enjoyed getting to go on

Unknown Speaker 33:10
your passport

Speaker 2 33:15
I hope that was helpful okay, there’s this the first two which was due to school on Thursday, I went into I’m so excited

Speaker 2 33:39
anything after a lot of planning will be actually okay, so other than that my main two jobs the other isn’t participating in the reader. And it was just as nice being like the first friendly face that people saw when they came to signing. And I feel like I got

Unknown Speaker 34:07
your shield here

Speaker 2 34:16
after that, I talked to commission members a lot I thought I was getting to see have an agenda for and what are your experiences and just hearing their careers, their life experiences and some advice I guess. And then I also was passed. This is kind of a little hesitant, a little reserved at first, but as I was probably progressed I feel like I’ve really stepped up and stepped into my leadership roles. And some of the job

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I got Have you

Unknown Speaker 35:01
stepped up and dealt with such complicated stuff.

Speaker 2 35:11
It was also really cool getting to work with had some disagreements, I guess. Being an artist

Speaker 2 35:24
is really rewarding. I really liked it. And I learned that I really like doing some community stuff. And I guess that was part of

Unknown Speaker 35:37
that. Like,

Speaker 2 35:40
it was just fulfilling getting to see my kind of

Speaker 6 35:43
outreach, and then a ton of people showing up. Not a lot of people show up. And I’d love

Speaker 2 35:50
to do that. And then similarly to this in the future, maybe living off of

Unknown Speaker 36:03
awesome. We have to show the show because you didn’t even include the best picture from the home. First management would be like water

Speaker 1 36:31
you have like a wider view of the city, and how do you feel about your community has changed. And also it’s not

Speaker 2 36:41
100% And I think especially in this area, long run a lot to share it.

Speaker 4 36:54
With you there’s just how. So that’s me and Evan in digital content, we would slowly start anything our legs in like a week

Unknown Speaker 37:09
in the box school and going

Speaker 4 37:18
yeah, that was maybe in a key mark.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
It was a big deal. It

Unknown Speaker 37:26
wasn’t the second.

Unknown Speaker 37:29
Yeah, it was P sizes.

Speaker 4 37:33
And it was lost. Because I just went up there. And I was looking up at the skies. And I went like this. I was like, it feels like it’s moving this way. It wasn’t good. It doesn’t look green. I’ve lived here my whole life. I think you’re five minutes later, though, anyways, well, you did a wonderful job. You took it like a champ, especially in to own up to the hard things. Do you know, there’s always something unexpected in any project you ever do? But you took it in stride and you took it well, so? Well? No.

Speaker 3 38:17
I think you’re talking about your ideas of what you might want to do for your career.

Speaker 1 38:23
I think this is going to serve you really well because in everything that we do have to demonstrate leadership, you have to talk and also you have to solve problems test we now

Unknown Speaker 38:34
know what to do. You may not only

Unknown Speaker 38:40
two weeks of research

Unknown Speaker 38:44
I’m sure thank you so much

Unknown Speaker 38:55
for being on the show you

Unknown Speaker 38:57
the animation of the scope neural nets.

Speaker 4 39:02
I was going to try and see if we could if I could show you what it looks like on the computer by pulling it up and let me know. Let’s just try it. I’ve done it before if you didn’t

Unknown Speaker 39:20
raise your hand if you’ve seen it in person

Speaker 4 39:28
but the loss of the euro and the Beatles songs Yes. It was pretty cool. Yeah. So we have successfully started

Speaker 1 39:44
coming up with being painted on the ground where you can stand right angles view, point or foe made a difference because just any wind space in there This needs to be marked

Unknown Speaker 40:04
footprints right?

Speaker 1 40:07
Here to see the bureau, sander, but I also moved just to see how it still did pretty well. Mike walked about three steps to the right. And it was kind of glitching.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
To when I was also telling me, let me do it

Speaker 4 40:48
because it’s in a parking garage, sometimes the connectivity on your phone, that might be a reason why it’s glitching. But

Unknown Speaker 40:55
yeah. Alright, I’ll keep trying to

Unknown Speaker 40:59
do this your normal good. You can see the boxes and flowers questions very

Speaker 3 41:13
good. How’s it going? People coming?

Speaker 4 41:24
Forward. So you should be able to, I don’t know, what do we think on attendance is pretty good. We didn’t have our Oh, we didn’t have our art, a couple places had it because we brought the one with walls because they’ve already hurt to my friends without having all sorts of bad weather, I wasn’t going to do it again. So we actually look more like the info tools rather than our code places foods because people didn’t know it was us. So maybe we want to hit lolis for that 10. Maybe we want to get our own blood, the people who did come over didn’t engage, we gave them a flyer so they can walk over to the mural themselves and edit QR codes. And they can download art five, and they can try and do it themselves. The QR code is also spray painted on the wall there. So again, you can kind of relax people over the heads with instructions. For you know, a certain plane is kind of going to figure it out. We do have class which will be in a border, and that will help a bunch. So yeah, so 10 people have those wires. People also remarked on where they would like to see shopkart, which I thought was pretty good. It feels like something has been passed on a lot of stuff. There’s applications for new commissioners, which

Unknown Speaker 42:54
we have to talk to one of the gentlemen

Speaker 4 42:58
at the Merrill Warren, who he’s really interesting and amazing asset to have. So hoping that he comes back here for the meeting. I think he’s gonna sign up for the applications. So I think it was good. One of the questions that have come up was his art in public places going to be present at every single part of the creative crawl slash Art Walk, they’re using a lot of different means. So the second Saturday or creative crawl, and some people are going for a walk, but it’s mainly June, July, August, September. And then the second Saturday of all those right now we did this to dedicate this piece. In July, we will be able to marketplace for shopper that will be day one of shop arts launch. And then September is turning into a larger Arts Week. And I think that the Creative District is taking that approach. They’re trying to gauge who their stakeholders are, we’ve been invited to sit around a table. So you’ll hear more about that next month. So we do have an opportunity to August or engage more in September that would be my opinion. But we can always go and set up the tent and the HP back shop is going to be our big one to try and get participants. It also is one of our best forward facing programs. So yeah, so we will be sending you information about July. So we’re going to limit this to where

Speaker 1 44:39
we have to see the patient but some of that may even have some more pictures of the artwork collection.

Speaker 4 44:50
presentation on our shop words. So our shop so our shop art in July is actually devoted to Okay, so we have 20 minutes and Tiger picks up all the boats and makes life a lot easier. So all of the boxes that have been submitted will be on display at Volterra marketplace. And so from where the creative crawl is, we’ll have people at the Alltel marketplace telling people how to vote, and then conceivably having people at Creative District or US alerting to viruses or telling them to go and handing a flyer so late August again, that second Saturday, same day that our regular voting starts, which will be January, or January, July 2, July 22, is when it starts the same day. This is pretending of course that our friends in the comms department have everything they need from us to get this up and going. But I don’t see why not. July 8 will be our launch. And then we’ll go till the 22nd. Which then gives us a little bit of the end of July to tally. And of course, that’s a all hands on deck, kind of exciting that. But last year, Sydney Tiger went through and took all of those hand votes, and actually put them into manually put them into a spreadsheet for us. And then we just took the online votes, we took what we understood the regular votes to be, we took the ones that weren’t illegible what we thought were kid, and we made a fair assessment of those we tally together. And then the task force that task force then makes a recommendation that then comes to our own places, which will be the second Saturday of August, which is the second Thursday of August, which is the 17th Thank you will be the day that you all vote to prove the shark offices, then we go under contract with artists and arms start painting. Which is good. We’ve learnt because less moisture. Not so hot. Let’s make also each one Yeah.

Speaker 1 47:23
So others well, but she shock are gonna continue. Yeah. Sorry. I just wanted to say that. Laura said that. Two emails, Vegas sign up. For this second Saturday. We all voted through during this on this second Saturday. And only one person to sign up. We answered recently to

Unknown Speaker 47:50
you and I showed up

Speaker 1 47:51
I showed you. But maybe not. But it was it was lovely. I don’t think it was so highly attended because you guys were stretched. But you really need to do that.

Speaker 4 48:10
And hopefully the sign up makes it easy for everyone. And of course the same these days now. Right like that when we need people so you can put them on your calendars knowing that the Signups are coming. Yeah, I think when when issues that you guys will have your own email addresses that don’t aren’t your personal ones maybe up to that often, which like, you know, but yeah, I mean, we’re definitely going to be held July eighth. So sure the process of

Speaker 1 48:37
used for signing memberships will be the same thing. So well. I do have to say, oh, yeah, and Angela showed me how to shave your legs How to Make it bounce to my right million. So that I get those off. My problem is as fun my regular

Unknown Speaker 49:08
hours is just trying to remember to respond

Unknown Speaker 49:11
to it that was in disarray.

Speaker 4 49:14
It’s as long as you understand that if you decide on your own accord, of course to send your ATP email to your personal email. If and whenever something did come up from Chora that you knew they needed to audit your information that they would go into all that so you choose wisely. Is the city clerk recommended? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 49:41

Speaker 4 49:45
just set up a Gmail account. You yourself check it you know you’re Yeah, they that has come up in the past about commissioners and board folks having to send an email and it’s just hard to imagine there’s however many more So far too many people are hurt. Right? But the point, of course, is that if you mix and mingle your personal business with your public places of business, and if ever there was a question or an open records call related to shopper, and they come to me, and they say, We need every single document, you have 72 hours, Angela, to bring up every single document, because there’s a question on ethical voting, every record, I will be coming to all of you in any email address that you gave me that we were talking about shocker, then becomes subject to that state law. There’s an A, so I’m just saying this because this is what city park tells me is, it’s very wise just to have comments or messages to

Speaker 5 50:45
your cell phone or text messages and stuff like that to what you want everybody through your usual text messages.

Speaker 4 50:56
Chances of this I mean, yeah, yeah. But it’s the law. And that’s just boring. So we digress from the other day to create a brawl. So So what is the feeling of the group? We stick with the July? We take a break in August? And then we do September with a big Artwalk. We’ve noticed, do we feel we want to have presence in August? And what will that do to your point? All that circle around

Speaker 1 51:32
we do we just for now say to dress nice. And then we can reassess excellence nationalized shirt and say, hey, you know, maybe this is going really well. Maybe we shouldn’t be there on Easter. Sunday, maybe yeah, let’s say with. Absolutely. I won’t be here. Oh, but I will constantly show up. We will finish the show heart will continue to order of the agenda. So jump back to sharp shortly. Next one you did is the Butterfly Pavilion in Flanders Park.

Speaker 4 52:13
So we are moving forward. And infrastructure changes are underway, I am getting more bids. So as we move forward with other projects, integrating projects with things that the city is doing is within our best interest. And the reason is because there’s efficiencies of material cost and time, the commission when I finally do determine what this fee is going to look like, you know, I’m going to let you know, we’ve already in other minutes approved to move this forward. But the irrigation move, and the concrete is substantial. So when I get the best bid, we’re going to move forward and we’re gonna move irrigation and we’re gonna pour concrete, it’s going to be ADA compliant. And then Jody is working directly with the concrete contractor to make sure that the case ons are deep enough for infrastructure. And then when those installation needs come about, I’ll let you know that we are absolutely on point to get it installed before our friends Guzman are here. We are teetering around that July one day, but

Unknown Speaker 53:29
there was like two weeks ago. Yeah. Okay. I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 53:34
think so.

Speaker 4 53:38
I can, I can just I can, I can decide right now just to go with the first bit. But procurement tells me that I really need to get two more minutes. But we’re in the we’re in the tune of 48 US dollars, if that’s okay with you. And again, these dollars have already been allocated. But if we can save a couple $1,000. And how it’s going to happen is also the other piece of this. So whether is everybody kind of familiar with that park, that area, there’s two sides, right? There’s a neighborhood side, which is closer, there’s a parking lot outside which is further but parking lots less impacted is going to make the neighbors or there’s the neighbor side which the neighbors are going to be grumpy with impacts. You know, it’ll be quicker. So one way or the other, I’ll probably be knocking on doors once we figure it out to let all those neighbors know what’s going on. Yeah, it’s it was significantly impact. Anyway. So, yeah, working with a construction job. So just you know, everybody knows it’s a construction zone. Right now everything’s new. So for a Macintosh guy Oh Lord He’s digging you saw it. Anyway. So there’s that. But the big thing is I will let you know when the installation is because coming and seeing that so and but actually, we did receive a note from our friend Courtney Michelle over at sister cities they did give us the date and time.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
Last time

Speaker 4 55:30
I will send it to you of their preferential dedication, date and time. It will be because that’s one of the students okay. Any more questions on public space

Unknown Speaker 55:55

Unknown Speaker 55:55
be in between an average last

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Saturday? Probably Saturday

Unknown Speaker 56:00
or Friday?

Speaker 4 56:05
I will look Paul Martin was talking about how we didn’t have stamps because they had to be delivered

Unknown Speaker 56:23

Unknown Speaker 56:24
So hard for yes.

Speaker 4 56:26
So I’m going to be taking over the project from Angela, she’s obviously gonna be helping me out. But when I made this agenda, we hadn’t pushed the dates yet. We only have two boxes right now. So we pushed the due date it was originally June 16 was the end of the due date which is tomorrow and so we push it two weeks hoping to get more people dropping off. So we’re pushing them we’re also pushing the data to voting voting will start on the eighth which is going to be that second Saturday event which everyone should put on their calendars we’re definitely gonna need help just make people think vote Yeah, so I’m just really excited we have yet two boxes two very different boxes right now. Basically we have two submissions. Yes. Yeah, only two right now what are we doing but we submitted a concert ticket well within our time that we were supposed to get some help with marketing and that didn’t happen so we’ve got vector Victor with marketing and through that Yeah, I think we’ve recently gone about it’s been exactly a month from today there was a lot of learning curve especially with a mural project being my first and beginning drinking from the fire hoses Angela would say we just didn’t get to it and I think next year we are smoother because I’m actually be doing the other thing that I needed to talk about with you all is the checkbox on 66 and over tagged and we were suspicious is it was graffiti sealed or not which according to the contractor it was I went up there with the graffiti remover and

Unknown Speaker 58:30
it’s in the background it’s go with

Unknown Speaker 58:45
me because I’m not in like, I’m not one of these days. This is your first meeting, we’ll get there.

Speaker 4 58:59
So anyways, I went to the box. And I tried out this was meeting remember, and it took everything off.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
Yeah. But the other thing that I found was the box is in horrible shape. Like even despite having therapy

Speaker 4 59:28
which was the question of what is our what are we requiring people to use to paint? Like if you’re using Liquitex or some like party? Paint versus house paint? We’re having problems. Yeah. So I mean, it was weird because I came up to this box and I was like, This must have painted at least three years ago. It’s not wrong. It was painting last year. It’s like chipping. The paint is like faded. You can see all the brushstrokes and everything and then here’s be cleaning off the tab. So you can see that everything off. But then also looking at the other parts of it. It’s just I don’t know what it was

Speaker 4 1:00:18
we don’t have any. We haven’t been we have not Wednesday except with the exception of aerosol. We have not mandated what kind of paint should be used but this does beg the question if we need to get the beard the same exterior I moved out here

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
was that your workout?

Speaker 7 1:00:53
Shop Are you somebody like one ability seems like wanting to like put their art out there a little bit like,

Speaker 4 1:01:06
but so I talked to a few specialists to invulnerable for Lara did. And he said that this new black Rustoleum is showing up everywhere. And it’s just is voracious and just get to that. It’s really hard to miss really, man. I mean, I mean, I was able to get a fair amount of off. But again, it took everything off. So like graffiti remover, just the graffiti remover.

Speaker 5 1:01:36
Yeah. Like, like, like, like from Nickelodeon. The

Speaker 4 1:01:47
second one that like propane stuff really comes in a bottle that says like Earth safe. And it was like Do not just you may die. Which is one of the rules, of course, in Boulder County is to see when when we do things like power washing, or when we do things where we’re leaving behind something. If it’s not something that’s first safe, of course, we have to catch it. So we just have to be cognizant of these pieces. And so are we gonna just find this

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
one? Well, so

Speaker 4 1:02:22
here’s, that’s why we bring this Yeah. So today, I have a

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
question, not a question. And then

Speaker 1 1:02:33
I shot the one that we have promised things this year. Last year, we painted the one that was the 100 year anniversary of LVC. Right. And it’s one next set and there’s little trees on both sides. It’s shady is and at the time, when we looked this one up here, I said, Oh, that kind of box that doesn’t have a front and a back and a picture that is kind of an all over image, longer design, that would look great in that spot that is partially protected, or not protected or partially secured. It’s right by the things. I’m not sure about that. So I want to propose that we have the artist repaint this one on the Bad Boy Yeah,

Speaker 4 1:03:33
well, if we we have a motion on the table so we approve that and then that becomes a policy procedure moving forward than that. Okay. All right. Motion okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
So wait so what is the motion

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
I move that we require

Speaker 1 1:03:52
that we require a certain type of thing for me anybody standard right? For for strong? You have to be more specific the

Speaker 4 1:04:03
standard includes extra exterior exterior. Yeah, because if Yeah, I think if we require to steer have a

Speaker 1 1:04:15
example you have lost I mean, you really shouldn’t be specifically

Speaker 4 1:04:18
it must be destroyed paint. So say exterior paint standard, and then we’ll investigate materials and development that should be that sounds fair to develop.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
Yeah. All together.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
Once we put the graffitis

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
last name, it’s usually much more memorable. Yeah. There’s that there’s a call sheet shoot. There’s a certain age to paint your house was surely not last year.

Speaker 4 1:05:00
reason that a lot of these artists don’t use this kinds of material is because there’s no. Right. So we’re talking about that we’re adding a food to their senses to granted, two years ago, you removed the requirement for them to be financially responsible for the graffiti sealant. And we take care of that now, which was $100. Again. So you we may want to think about

Speaker 1 1:05:26
publishing is a year old, that’s,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
it’s not even a year old.

Speaker 5 1:05:33
Yet, so there, it means that you can go and clean your brushes every day is using Word or something like that use oil or some other type of material site. I could easily do that, you know, I suppose you can use some paint thinner to clean out some brushes. It’s really hard and precious,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
required to be latex coolant rather than oil.

Speaker 1 1:05:58
And you have a new artists kind of orientation for this project. Correct? Wondering, we have a training video. Awesome. We do corporate debt, but maybe that was not faces on his boredom. It’s like a mosaic kind of thing. He’s an artist. In some ways. I wonder if he could call a guide some of these artists who are fairly ubiquitous or have never done before? Yeah, he is. He is really the key has a whole set of candies yet. You know, he washed his brushes whenever he needed to do there’s a lot of color on that one.

Speaker 5 1:06:39
So what am I what am I saying it’s just that if you forget, you know, you’re moving to the next color and you have your brushes that are similar to dry out, that’s really hard. You have to finish the brush. And some of the brushes are expensive. So we had to take that into account and the cost of that, but it means that it’s a it’s there is resistance to scrubbing it through. The Maze says hey, look for for oil. Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:07:16
Yeah. So one thing about this change is that we have already publicized the cost for artists will receive their stipend for this year. So that shifts but material guidelines, on the other hand, is something that we can put into effect because they are required to go through the LDC and chakra training. So we certainly can develop what this paint standard looks like, Why buy some shock artists, and especially the ones who painted last year that are exempt this year, and just get their feedback on what it is. And I won’t be surprised when they say, you know, this is an elevated cost of materials $2,000 which is very, very generous in comparison to all the other exact same projects in other towns, you’re by learn.

Speaker 1 1:08:17
It’s not fair, this upsets me it’s not fair to the city, you’re either going to have this

Speaker 4 1:08:26
Well, an artist is upset. This person is very upset right now. And she actually contacted and was like one of the way to do I need to go clean it what do I need to do? And so of course, I go back to the contract which the shocker contracts are very definitive a time and materials contract right there is not a maintenance contract past that. Nor should there be so but so you have one motion sorry.

Speaker 1 1:08:56
Motion to pass hall or whether or not we vote for that. So your motion. More time. Yeah. So I move that we specify that standard as required for the short. circuit panel of seconds. All in favor, aye. Aye. Aye. Anyone opposed? Okay, motion passes.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:20
Bring it back to you.

Speaker 1 1:09:21
Is this something that the sharks as well as these to put the button Sorry, I’m on the Shaka Caspersen so is Randy so no shocker person, anybody missed the last sale on

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
the show? Thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
I can do it most of the time

Speaker 4 1:09:47
and we will be making claim the insects.

Speaker 1 1:09:54
I have a comment to if I remember this correctly. The BA At our last speaker about pumphouse, it has occurred to me, but it’s not on the face of the art. Donald Thompson house and I think that’s the point. I know there’s a feeling. Yes. Yes, yeah.

Speaker 3 1:10:19
I thought today, I didn’t notice any repeating what it was. Okay. I

Speaker 4 1:10:25
saw it this week. So I’ll review this for a while. Hopefully, the graffiti illegal the city graffiti people are pretty hot. Yeah. Because I can tell you right now we’re getting hit pretty hard. Yeah. And they know it. And that’s

Speaker 1 1:10:39
very probably, yeah. Yeah. It’s not on the face of the RV. Maybe there’s a smaller office or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
Very, so check on them. Right. So we talked about the GPU. So, so, so what I was saying, Are we Yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1 1:11:11
So how do you feel about that, as you heard, just just move it? Just

Speaker 4 1:11:19
gorgeous. Really, really, really good design?

Speaker 1 1:11:25
Yeah, it’s a it’s a very good one for that position, because it is all over design. There’s no you know, like, paranoid guy. So what people want.

Speaker 7 1:11:39
I don’t I feel this has to appear to the artist, they already are chosen for this location means close to their,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
like very, very grim. You say, Oh, these are the license renewal. Oh, cool. That’s what this was.

Speaker 7 1:11:53
I totally understand I get that we pick and choose them to saying that, like, at this rate, like this artists are in there. She’s already painted out on location. Like, I mean, and obviously she keeps an eye on it. As to that was the case. I don’t personally feel that like he moved. But that’s just my opinion. So but I mean, I don’t know, I think that would be kind of unfair to her because it’s not like she did anything wrong. Like,

Speaker 4 1:12:19
I agree we could ask her. So point of clarification, for legally, legally safe, chances are the easiest way to go about this. But it needs to be the easiest way is to amend your contract, rather than doing a new contract. If I’m amending the contract, it sure makes it a whole lot easier. If it’s in the same location. We need to do a whole new contract because we do need to pay this person. I need to do it the right way. Personally. Oh, yeah. There’s a time and materials contract.

Speaker 1 1:12:52
Okay, no, I’m fine with that. We can we can look at the box in this year and see if we can find one for that spot. I just, I just was throwing it out there because this one is your candidate for that time.

Speaker 4 1:13:05
And we also have the one person and I can’t remember which design it is that was unable to finish it. No, we’ve seen this as well. Sage needs to redo the mushrooms. And then we also have another box that’s still outstanding that that person wasn’t able to accomplish last year. So that person still needs to paint for us.

Speaker 4 1:13:32
Absolutely, absolutely. Because we just put it into motion, right. Anything moving forward when you’re talking about women? Contract? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
Absolutely. Probably also, she’s gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
she’s gonna realize perfect and smart women are responsible

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
portfolio. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Deployment. Sassari. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
All right. So we are,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
is it maintenance? How does it don’t know?

Speaker 4 1:14:10
Somebody needs to make a movement to retire the artist and a man. Yeah. And what does the contract amendment entail? I moved that we require

Speaker 1 1:14:19
the artist. She repeats this box at the same location. And she uses the new pay standard, some of the dollars for $2,000 Yeah. Okay, questions for this discussion before we could offer her this location

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
or we could offer the other locations that way.

Speaker 4 1:14:47
It’s not too hard. It just is it is a similar amendment to her contract if it is in the same location if it’s a new location, all together. I mean, I have to ask people, if that means is in fact, to me contract because a site specific

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
work. Okay, that’s just let’s just be clear

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
she did she said.

Speaker 1 1:15:21
Favor? say aye. Aye. Anyone opposed? Okay, motion passes. Thank you very much. motions. Motion

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
you so much. It is a shocker, we have any more discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
All right. Yep.

Speaker 4 1:15:54
So you’re gonna be so happy that gathering of people is on the way? Yes, really, the not so awesome. I know, Be still my heart. Not so awesome part of it is that to understand the full cost of extracting the artwork, and then reconstructing the artwork is simply not possible. And so the bids that came back, if they even decided to give us a bit of what it would look to look like to reconstruct the project is, it’s not realistic. So you just don’t know until we get a structural engineer, and they’re just gonna walk. What I did learn, though, and look at you, because I know that your weight is not a pneumatic scale truck scale. In fact, works like semi truck with airbags. So it’s Yeah, so so you don’t why it’s not working? Well, there’s probably a motor, but there’s also the airbag is puncture. And so when you gather enough people, you know, the hydraulic aspects is not all but you know what I’m saying like the airbag component of it. Yeah, that’s why it doesn’t work. And it was great when the contractor got in there is like, Oh, my see, and it was like a whole new it was born right. So we are facing it, we are we are getting the cost to remove it, I have storage location done, they’re going to salvage as much as they can. And then they are going to document what it should look like, for a new scope of work for phase two, which would be to brand stall, and the original prices that I had got, is probably going to look like this. Multiple people said that that’s ridiculous. So that’s a

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
good thing for us.

Speaker 4 1:17:54
So that’s a good thing, because that means that what we will be able to do is you as a commission will decide if you want to pay the sum number to be determined to just remove it and store it. Knowing that the next number of reinstalling it and figuring out what the structural is, that is the y number you do and and if it’s worth if it’s worth your investment

Speaker 1 1:18:23
to try. And this would be reinstalled after the Army Corps of Engineers rebuilds that you just have to work with them.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
This army force coming in being

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
limited here’s Army Corps starting

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
do this again. Okay, so kind of day, this

Speaker 4 1:18:45
they’ve they’re like the railroad. You know, nobody tells them what they’re doing. They’ll tell you when they’re out.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:55
Last job jar, they’re awful.

Speaker 4 1:19:03
But it’s good news. And I feel really positive about it. The parks department felt really good about it. The officer and city felt really good about it. The scope of work made sense for everyone. And I only got a couple of contractors who I invited to bid that declined it probably saying that it was too small. So we’re still we are going to store that the ice shed. Thank you very much my minor in Roseville and the mobile parts Yeah, a really good. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:19:47
Is that Pedigo question as we lay down the search against damaging is standing up. That’s

Speaker 4 1:19:56
the contractors liability. away when you go on a contract with somebody you’re wrong but I’m so famous but I do think that they

Speaker 4 1:20:15
know they got a really good plan for how to move in now they’re going to palletize itself packet and then they’ll move it with the reach work till still waiting for it from two sides and then they’ll lay it down so they’re good thank you anyway so that on the maintenance front I mean there’s lots of maintenance that we can talk about with us oh but maintenance

Speaker 1 1:20:48
I have two photos, nighttime shots for the waterfowl days or whatever nine we just call it I need to get them to what is the

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
best way email probably were all of the lightbulbs working it looks

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
like it makes sense

Speaker 4 1:21:12
so here’s gather enough people so things that may or may not be salvage certainly all the whirly gig as much of the guts that are down in the scale as possible. Probably the railings but decking and flagstone Probably not because what we cannot do is in between our getting the work out and for coming in who can be an unsafe location. So that means probably in the bunker is not salvageable that said I don’t I personally don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
no shame in shadow.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Thank you. I’ve been looking at these slides

Speaker 4 1:22:06
all right, you’re gonna figure it out. There’s a coder and I think there was no documentation whatsoever I read it

Speaker 4 1:22:18
and of course the waterline is so bloody high getting down there so

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
thanks. Yeah. Yeah, travel like Truck.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:33
Truck inflatable

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39

Speaker 1 1:22:41
okay. You’re for maintenance. Yeah. No, to business to new business. Yeah, so it’s just a topic for this. We are by three scenarios talking about where we are out in the public locations it’d be great to have something that you rather than describing like our name and the IGP you know, honesty or having something that helps the community identify us as being representing our public places and so obviously that T shirt is survived Yeah, but you know, sometimes it’s getting cold and T shirt doesn’t work. So we were talking about the free template a little cake that is one size fits all doesn’t matter what shape or size you are male or female, whatever or something like that and the reason I was telling her about this jacket about super colorful nice to have something that was colorful that we could have no a label on the back because our our expression which is creative creativity takes courage no city Obama aipp or whatever so that we can you know and then that would be something that you would have to be dropped off permission to return back in so it would go to the next person who takes the Commission’s so one for everybody Yeah. Safety that’s what we end up with a full and then we know we take about what we want to go

Speaker 3 1:24:12
into Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s nice. It would work with whatever your right click our logo on targetable

Unknown Speaker 1:24:23
technologies because

Speaker 1 1:24:26
see is Yeah, because it has to be probably a solid color grading contrasting font or logo is sitting on vertical places.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39

Speaker 4 1:24:42
That sounds good because I can tell like right now, this is this question is going to actually go to

Unknown Speaker 1:24:48
somebody else.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
understandable for love to go got

Unknown Speaker 1:25:06
something to show Rachel who would not know Task Force many people raise their hand everyone yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:25:33
I know don’t feel that way it’s fine there Fred are le so we should say okay keep your hands up 123456 Okay I’m sick

Speaker 5 1:26:02
of questions First off you guys do all this service to the community I can’t be certain

Speaker 5 1:26:16
that that is the minimum amount of returning something like this is like you know if you remember to half the time we offered didn’t carry our bags to the grocery store so the conservatives

Speaker 4 1:26:44
like to paint shirts for anybody but I think that absolutely and it wants to speak on behalf of the council people but I’m sure that we could do something where everybody gets their service and this need to allocate budget right

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
for this last time you got his T shirts Yeah.

Speaker 4 1:27:12
So I think we’re speaking on behalf of the current commission and staff but not something that we’re handing out to the public right. How about yes Task Force and then the task force can bring the whatever they say I’ve seen the park shirts are bad. But if you think that you’re getting away from this color palette, you are highly missing so you if you don’t like this color blue or Salmon River

Speaker 5 1:27:52
City Manager where you used to say that the color of the cars you could have any color you want as long as this way

Unknown Speaker 1:28:04
about the branding for the city they have no

Unknown Speaker 1:28:08
more secondary colors in their homes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
Oops definitely end up sorry.

Speaker 1 1:28:25
Virus. So that is the comments which I had posted. Are we done with your business? Okay, okay. So, Saturday this Tuesday, in Roseville Park, right from one to five. And so you know, like last year,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:50
I went vegan for a while right. And I’ll be out there all

Speaker 1 1:28:54
day. Task Force. So please come out. There’s a new bed and passion show. Congressman speaking. Really great to see your faces and tagging Support button with everyone. I think there should be some food trucks and all that. You new like maybe a discussion on Robins interesting face. So come on out. And then Saturday night at the Walmart theater is another event for Trinity. So we have a comedians and Adams making use of you watching online as soon as a sportscaster and he has written for the Rocky Mountain News, The Denver Post and input into being a comic and he does clean properties there’s going to go and be part of this unit has 45 minutes set with us and then there’s going to be a bunch of leaders from CU Boulder and from a radical other county to talk about social justice and diversity and how do you keep yourself sane you know during during the year other work that’s right, to promote that in the community and be involved in the community. So she’s putting that event on as well. But sort of $5 Compared to your ticket to come and join us. So please, comedians, well, yeah, included with everything else. You just go over to Roosevelt park, you have to pay. So it was the first three minutes and yeah, that’s pretty good. Okay. And then the one my theory then starts at seven is perfect.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31
So thank you for letting me just reminding. I’ll be inviting t shirt because you can’t miss it. Your commissioners? I have one.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
Well, oh.

Speaker 1 1:30:54
It’s been a wonderful seventh. Chair, that’s awesome. I’m really proud. I have my little things in my office at work on my board. So we’re gonna concede, volunteer for the city of Loma met a lot of people. And I’m very grateful. And I hope to continue to keep in touch. I will try to make as many meetings as I can’t

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
get through them just because

Speaker 1 1:31:25
I enjoy running the meetings. I do this at work a lot. I want to very high level, everyone in the company. I’m used to it. Although I have learned and I do you may have noticed I interject some humor into the meetings. I do that at work to just today. So I work with Asia. And a lot of patients create Americans names for themselves. So in shonai, so one person created their own clinical. So I instructed this group of people that I hadn’t seen before, which is not quite unprecedented. Anyone else to next meeting, they must come to the meeting with their new name for the operations team. Let’s see how thank you all. Thank you. Yeah, it’s been awesome. It’s been so fun. Maybe I will

Unknown Speaker 1:32:22
be back in a year

Unknown Speaker 1:32:29
thanks for

Speaker 1 1:32:31
that note. I need a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:34
I move that we adjourn

Unknown Speaker 1:32:37
seconds all in favor raise your

Unknown Speaker 1:32:41
bows All right don’t get up get

Speaker 4 1:32:46
you past the seat. This is where the city clerk’s offices Thank you. I didn’t launch or Tumblr. You get to choose whose birthday is in June fantastic going bad or Tumblr

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
or stuff right? July baby’s

Speaker 4 1:33:27
early July August September October well we got your November’s Wow

Unknown Speaker 1:33:41
Really that’s your Tumblr insecurities.

Speaker 4 1:33:50
All right, November, December babies. Really your whole race? January

Unknown Speaker 1:34:03
February, March.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:08
baggers Tumblr

Speaker 4 1:34:12
or the rest of you are travelers but if you really are like I’m looking for better. I will supply her back for you. You will be a fight for

Unknown Speaker 1:34:23

Speaker 4 1:34:32
Thank you very much for these and I trained you toddlers for totes. You wanted to touch over someone you got right? Yes.

Speaker 4 1:34:50
Well, so yes, the City Clerk’s Office vacancy very much for your organization. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
I don’t like habit. I don’t see

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
you know

Unknown Speaker 1:35:11
All right friends. Thank you

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