City Council Pre-Session Meeting – May 2023

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City Council Pre-Session Meeting – May 2023

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The remember that we made a motion to put on a future agenda, or Jeff cat who to talk about?

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So there was some I found out a few things. Yes, I wanted to just chat with you all about. So

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as you may know, in 2019, state legislature

Unknown Speaker 0:17
was able to pass a bill that basically says municipalities can determine their own minimum wage, if they choose to,

Unknown Speaker 0:24
really does anything with that, because of the pandemic hit very quickly after that.

Unknown Speaker 0:29
But there are other communities for talent, for sure, and a few others that are interested in raising the minimum wage and their community. Obviously, genuine minimum wage, a lot of community will affect other communities.

Unknown Speaker 0:44
We have seen that kind of effect already contracts.

Unknown Speaker 0:50
So the consortium of cities has decided that they should talk about this immersion is a shoe sitting on a consortium of cities. About the time the Marcia came off the consortium of cities in Charlotte, hundreds of cities, they started to create a working group. So they invited one not to join the working group. And I told him, I don’t have the council direction to do this. So I’ll sit in meetings. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. So I listen in and see what’s going on. They’d like to move through and do some community involvement in different businesses and things like that, determine if they should do minimum wages. If so what was that and then wage fee, and then each community could decide for themselves if they wanted to do that or not. So I’ve been sitting in a few of those meetings and to observe, Shawn, that is not just compliment, and that’s not his group.

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consortium of these is a separate group. They have been working this consortium. At same time, Jeff, California, who is in charge,

Unknown Speaker 1:48
no with no one else.

Unknown Speaker 1:56
At the same time, who represents organized labor has also been pushing for a minimum wage increase at the $25 level, they’re kind of sad about they’d like to see, they’re the ones who sponsored what they called the Boulder County collaboration meeting last night. That sounds an awful lot like the consortium. They are not the same, though I believe that Jeff reached out to you and to you to be put on the agenda. I believe the mayor thought that was the consortium of cities asked me to speak in motion and for Jeff, for him to speak. And so I just wanted to get all that straight, because

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I’m happy to follow that motion to bring him to speak with you all. But I think you also should hear from the conversion of cities, I do chair Outlander, or maybe change that motion to be just conversion of cities, but I think for

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Unknown Speaker 2:49
they were. So I went to the meeting, and we,

Unknown Speaker 2:56
with the consortium, the cities, and and they this was wasn’t ending coverage stations of the night. And and

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it was at the I said, I really didn’t quite understand what was what was going on, because and then they laid out. Oh, yeah, we plan to with this agenda. You have put an ordinance I said. So basically, I wrote back to them at a certain point here, too. And I don’t quite know, Taylor, here is the analyst in Boulder, who’s the representative from the City of Boulder, this one? Okay. So, you know, I said that, I didn’t think that a minimum wage ordinance is going to happen. Just and there’s reason why I thought that, that I hadn’t gotten it feel the strong feeling from Council, although many of us attended the virtual meeting

Unknown Speaker 3:49
by the consortium.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
Right. So yeah, so then I included the mayor on this so that we wouldn’t have a rolling meeting situation. And, and that and then I then I said, you know, I didn’t leave that we would be putting it on the ballot, because what Aaron had kind of pointed out when we talked about the three, identifying things that we would be putting on the ballot, you know, I didn’t want to step on anybody’s toes in regards to that. They said, if the minimum wage group, we’d like to add something to that about, you know, I suggested that they weren’t with the Chamber of Commerce. And so then, in that part, my email to them, I just included Skype.

Unknown Speaker 4:35
Well, let’s and then, if they really want the ball rolling, they gotta get the ball rolling with right folks. They are asking for a ballot issue. They’re asking for you all right to do an ordinance that changes the minimum wage. Now, you could choose to ask presidents instead you could choose that, to put it on evaluations that are what they’re asking you to do. And you don’t have to and there’s no dollars figured out and I think there’s a lot of sense

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That’s what they’re asking you to pass an ordinance that you all control completely. So then I straighten them out. I said, I think this really is a because of the fact that we set this in Boulder in London and said, we’d have people from Larimer weld and Jeff Cohen Broomfield coming in and going, Wow, this is great. We’ve reached it this, I mean, it would be worth the drive into the, into our communities. And the mayor,

Unknown Speaker 5:31
yesterday, when we were talking, briefly pointed out something I hadn’t even thought of, you know, we have the housing right now to handle that. So if they chose to move here, because of this, we don’t have

Unknown Speaker 5:45
that in place, are completely worked out. Probably better than some, but you know, still working on it, because everybody is, so they said, it really seemed like a state legislature. issue, because they really should set it there. You don’t have that conflict.

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Unknown Speaker 6:05
So we were discussing this consortium of cities, which was months ago, it was discussed.

Unknown Speaker 6:16
First of all, there is a state law that says that

Unknown Speaker 6:22
I had read it recently, sorry. It says that you can form an area that agrees, like the boulder consortium wants to do that agrees to have a common minimum wage.

Unknown Speaker 6:37
But there’s part of that law says that you can only kind of inch up. So So you know, it’s not a big jump. And I think that was before Colorado ways did some minimum wage plus session didn’t know. Yes, yeah. And so we were talking about $11, or something, you know, some of us at the time that we discussed it,

Unknown Speaker 7:03
the amount the maximum amount of increment was going to be way less than anybody in Longmont would work for already. So I was not worried about it. And that’s why I actually didn’t volunteer to be on committees as well, this isn’t really going to affect Walmart very much. But that was before the State raise statement. So now I’m less sure.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
It has anybody calculated that what the max of because, you know, the effective minimum wage in Walmart is about 1550, which is a movie number.

Unknown Speaker 7:43
Something like that. There’s a lot of analysis. I think that needs to be Yeah, right. We need to do that. As

Unknown Speaker 7:50
far as

Unknown Speaker 7:53
the state? Yes. But what I’m asking is different in a way that they regenerate. You asked the council, because we couldn’t hire Kool

Unknown Speaker 8:05
Aid, you generally don’t hire anybody at a fast food restaurant for under 15. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
Right, exactly. And so actually, when I was

Unknown Speaker 8:17
16, now, that was the second one level 16, than the state permitted increment on top of 13.5. So it still wouldn’t hurt long bond. I think the question is, though, like, yeah, let me make a suggestion. So I would say so I think councilmember recorded his email kind of said, like months opting out of the conversation.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
And so I don’t think that’s really where you want to necessarily think so I had no guidance. Yeah, I think I think, I think, let me help get more information. Rather than that as my thought is, if you want to at your next meeting, if you want to continue the Jeff, come on motion to have that happen. Maybe just add at the next meeting to also invite somebody from the consortium of cities to explain that process, which you then give me permission to stay on the working team. I can continue to bring you guys in the loop and then give you that data that we can have this conversation, because you should really have this discussion. Yes. Yes. They can want to have to work in meetings between 911

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Sometime during the

Unknown Speaker 9:27

Unknown Speaker 9:29
I just didn’t want to

Unknown Speaker 9:33
lean mind either. Yeah. Right. And that’s true. If this council was saying today, we don’t want to be part of that, then that’s that’s, you know, I don’t think we can make that decision to be here. I feel like we’ve asked Jeff, twice. I think it would be an insult. Yeah. If we said we’re gonna have somebody from the consortium. I guess he does represent the unions, and we should know that as well. I would have listened to both. Yeah. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 10:00
If you want to, I will keep working on that. But my thought is if I can bring the two of them together at the same time, so that you can hear from both aspects about, I’ll stay on the work and you don’t have to. They haven’t heard from Scott Cook as of today. I’m sure he’s, you know, bringing up it’s an issue with his board to have that conversation. And he should, but that hadn’t happened. And I just didn’t want to do this. Without them. You know, they are a

Unknown Speaker 10:28
intricate part of this.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
And there’s a lot of stakeholders that

Unknown Speaker 10:35
we want to hear from

Unknown Speaker 10:37

Unknown Speaker 10:41
I’m going to ask, maybe 10, the library member and better because you were on the panel, it was before the pandemic, but the university women gave a really strong, I saw explanation for the impacts of having a minimum wage. And I thought that it was very well done, and subsequently the other data

Unknown Speaker 11:09

Unknown Speaker 11:10
I think supports their conclusions pretty strongly. But I also believe that the consensus opinion among the members of the chamber will not agree with the university. Well, but I would think that when you all change the living wage, so for city contracts, contract with a business, they must pay a living wage, just as you guys have stated in our ordinance, right, when we surveyed, there was only one company that thought that might be a hardship evolve 500 vendors or so most people were like, All

Unknown Speaker 11:43
right, so I feel like there needs to be some involvement. We could we could kind of play it low, and just follow along with what the consortium of cities is doing and bring that data back to you to make that decision. Right. And that that’s, you know, the back of the envelope calculation back six months ago, when the consortium talked about it was that that the most the minimum weight, the biggest minimum wage increase that the area could do was going to be less than one monster in wage. So so that stuff, just so you know, council members, that, you know, I said, I didn’t think anyone on the council who,

Unknown Speaker 12:22
that anyone on council would be against a minimum wage, especially if all stakeholders were supportive of it. Certainly not me. But minimum wage group doesn’t seem to have doesn’t seem to have included all the stakeholders. Yeah. And so it’s really critical that they do that. And it seemed like they got the one one horse walk and the other one in this situation seems a little disturbing. Yeah. So that message when they come to us and describe what they are working on and how it works in that message from counsel in public, yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
Yeah, that’s okay. So, you know, what we didn’t do is go around in check tunes. So that was okay. Because I did right into it. So this is pre session was going to be on a talk about homelessness as well as the updates. And that was requested by

Unknown Speaker 13:19
should keep to and

Unknown Speaker 13:21
remembered him because of what they were listening to. In LC. Right. Right. For sure. Okay. So we have to Mother

Unknown Speaker 13:33
Commissioner Yarborough right.

Unknown Speaker 13:38

Unknown Speaker 13:44

Unknown Speaker 13:48
Council member

Unknown Speaker 13:50
number Martin

Unknown Speaker 13:56
Oh girl.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
Manager and I will let you have the rest of

Unknown Speaker 14:03
donkey county city

Unknown Speaker 14:05
council, Susan Adolfo fairing is going to be late. She has a meeting, she might roll in at 630. So we’re just waiting to see. So let’s go around and do an update. And if if you need help, or

Unknown Speaker 14:18
direction or whatever or question about the boards or commissions that you’re on, let’s ask and see if anybody has an answer.

Unknown Speaker 14:31
Let’s just start. It sounds like you’re already online. So I’ll just finish up the last parts of it. We talked about homelessness at the consortium of cities. They did reschedule their meeting to be on the same night as the

Unknown Speaker 14:49
Ark apps. So Susie Chow and so I checked in with

Unknown Speaker 14:57
traveling to see you

Unknown Speaker 15:02
What really happened? And and Jensen?

Unknown Speaker 15:06
and I are probably the places because

Unknown Speaker 15:11
I’m very impressed. Yeah, right. And so people are interested in doing that if you want to take a picture of both sides, put it out on social media put it out there. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interesting

Unknown Speaker 15:23

Unknown Speaker 15:29
Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of sort of so forget

Unknown Speaker 15:34
that this is just something to be to know about.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
I was at the Water Board meeting yesterday, and can use the bar balancing to have this completely under control. But the windy gap of the chimney hollow project is going to ask for more money into GM.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
And so that’s

Unknown Speaker 16:01
something that we need to be aware of.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
Why completely flip flopped on the importance of building reservoirs? Because

Unknown Speaker 16:12
our weather is so weird.

Unknown Speaker 16:15

Unknown Speaker 16:17
you know, that’s, that’s just something that’s on the horizon. As I said, Kim, does not seem to be too upset with at all a number of other municipalities at the meeting were pretty

Unknown Speaker 16:29

Unknown Speaker 16:32
There is a brouhaha at the airport and Harold a

Unknown Speaker 16:38
letter from

Unknown Speaker 16:41
from the board. But I think that that letter from the board kind of understated the problem. And I think he may already be aware of this. I’m not exactly sure.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
The hangar owners

Unknown Speaker 17:00
got huge tax assessment increases.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
And I’m not talking about the, you know, the 25 to 50% that the rest of us got on our homes, I’m talking about 10 times increases. And that appears to be correct me if I’m wrong here live, you know, when I dunno, but what

Unknown Speaker 17:27
the person on the board who was most knowledgeable, had a rule whose name I’ve forgotten.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
Shame on me

Unknown Speaker 17:37
that had apparently not been applied. And it is they are now treating all hangar owners as if they are commercial property. And so they have this huge increase in in the rule applied to get their assessment.

Unknown Speaker 17:56

Unknown Speaker 17:58
despite the fact that I like the airport,

Unknown Speaker 18:02
I don’t necessarily like all the pilots, so I’m not broken up about this. However, I do like the airport, and I think it is important to LeMans economy or at least should be important to our lines economy incident.

Unknown Speaker 18:20
And so we did as a counselor, Does the city need to,

Unknown Speaker 18:27
I think spend some time talking about how we’re going to react to this. Because those hangars are not commercial operations. And there I mean, we probably can’t get this changed, right? Because it’s not just us. It’s all the airports in Colorado, the same thing is happening. But

Unknown Speaker 18:53
but the economic health of the enterprise could be affected if all the hanger owners go broke or something I make pretty broke. If my property taxes went from 2500 to $25,000, which is what they’re facing so much. I go to the town hall with Sonia and Kyle and Kenny McCormick.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
It’s it’s is it a bill shot? It’s just h h is what they were calling it. Joking one preparation each, but that they need to watch that bill and vote on it November. It is addressing?

Unknown Speaker 19:33

Unknown Speaker 19:34
And what’s it going to do? Well, you have to read it to me. It would be a long talk here too. I say read that Bill and take it back to them. They need to vote and read it very carefully. Because it will it doesn’t dress properly.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
It’s filthy. So this is the thing they’re talking about lower like on anybody who is not 65 or older, who’s going to be in

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Like $50,000 off this rough, rough conversation about, oh, this is not specific. No airport? No, it’s no, it’s just

Unknown Speaker 20:12
commercial stuff. No. Now, there’s something else that about the the airport that is kind of coming up. It should be on the horizon. First off, there’s tons of apparently ng money for putting in businesses that are associated with the maybe should keep you remember you’re seeing this with Tom Vilsack was at NOC was talking about putting these pads that are kind of launch pads for those

Unknown Speaker 20:43
commercial style vehicles. Yeah. Was it an Osprey that have the, like the Marines use that have the blade scale up, taken up to, let’s say, 5000 feet, and then directly forward, and then they take off the President, when he did his survey of the martial fire, when he flew over, was in something like that? military style. And so but then there’s one other thing, Jeff, go there. Now. And this is just the tip of the iceberg I’m a little concerned about as the lead and the fuel that is being dumped as people fly over communities

Unknown Speaker 21:23
and on the airport and into the ground, especially on the airport grounds that the concentration of

Unknown Speaker 21:31
the LED? Yeah, that’s a big, that’s a big issue. And it’s been, it’s been

Unknown Speaker 21:39

Unknown Speaker 21:40
far afield. But I do want to know, our people don’t think there’s no

Unknown Speaker 21:49
fish there mentions might not be efficient enough. Maybe they’re so so that’s a that’s an old thing and loosen up on

Unknown Speaker 21:58
emissions. It’s yeah, but it’s, that’s a red problem you’re aware of. Okay, so, so, so, but the economics of the enterprise, which is Dan’s round airport, I think need to be examined closely, because we don’t know what goes, What’s going to happen to those pilots. And, you know, yeah, I can find out what h h, whatever it is, does for them, but, but for them to go from

Unknown Speaker 22:28
being taxed like personal property at 7% to be taxed, like commercial property at 30% is some of those hangers commercial operation. Bar, but the ones that are,

Unknown Speaker 22:41
most of them, a lot of them are because a lot of them were built by somebody. And this may be what they realized. So there are hangers that person had to build. And then they leased those hangers out to other pilots, which actually makes it a commercial operation. Right? But these are the people who got an assessment like that, or the chocolate. Okay, so this is not the people who are that the second level of leasing and that’s why they got it. Because

Unknown Speaker 23:15
it’s like, it’s like an apartment if you have an apartment or anything and you’re renting it out. It’s taxes commercial.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
And so rained out. Airport hangers, unless it’s condo

Unknown Speaker 23:29
is and so I think there’s only two condo associations on. So there are also people who own their own.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Yeah, in what they think it’s a little bit different.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
In the email,

Unknown Speaker 23:45
they used to call this method of appraisal appraisal.

Unknown Speaker 23:53
Yeah, but it did not have the keywords

Unknown Speaker 23:57
are using the cost method of appraisal is a terrible method embrace. The whole thing is really screwed up right now. And so,

Unknown Speaker 24:06
Harold, they didn’t use the keyword that is causing.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
That was discussed there. I can’t imagine why they didn’t but they didn’t. So I’m happy to run it down and find out what’s what’s about it. But

Unknown Speaker 24:23
I am much less worried about the pilots or even the pilots and condos and the fact that what we could be seen

Unknown Speaker 24:32
as a disruption in the viability of the enterprise. So two issues on this one, they were using the cost method of appraisal martial arts with value Yes, that’s it. That’s what they were using. The assessor is actually using the market sells value to assess it, which means that as they are selling their fingers, that’s actually what we’re using to assess the value

Unknown Speaker 25:00
out, which,

Unknown Speaker 25:02
technically is not any different than any other commercial business.

Unknown Speaker 25:09
The challenge with it, Jim and I are trying to get together is, you know, they put it in a letter asking questions. And so we can, we can ask the appraisal appraiser. And so why they did this, but,

Unknown Speaker 25:24
you know, part of this where we have to be careful, I thought they wanted to be they didn’t seem to ask for me. But, you know, we can ask them why this happened? Yeah. And part of that we’re, you know, we can send these questions to the assessor that really has to be during the challenge

Unknown Speaker 25:45
when they’re going through the process that is built into the system. Right? Again, I’m not worried about answering there. But I’m worried about what happens if that if x hangers get

Unknown Speaker 25:59
a default, because they’re

Unknown Speaker 26:02
their payment taxes, partly to be

Unknown Speaker 26:07
too long, right?

Unknown Speaker 26:09
Well, no, property tax gets paid to the county, or the county distributes it. So he goes to the county and the school in the city.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
So we all get a portion of the property taxes are paid. But But what if the people that are paying the brands?

Unknown Speaker 26:33
Stock? I think that has to be determined

Unknown Speaker 26:38
by raising the issue, because I don’t think we’re thinking about it, right? Kids, perhaps the state, the county treasurer could answer your question.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
Both. Please stop paying our rent. That’s a different question which goes into

Unknown Speaker 26:56
which goes into our lease terms, and then there’s different cure models that come in or lease terms, and that becomes a much more the issue that I’m raising, because this doesn’t get remedied. For those people that have had a 10x increase, then they’re going to do something that is going to affect our income as as the airport enterprise. That’s my fear. So I need to have that looked into, you know, they can fight their assessments for themselves. That is not really our problem. But I do think it puts the viability of the enterprise at risk with a lot of those guys change their have to change their business model, or are forced out of business.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
You said was the only one that

Unknown Speaker 27:54
I talked about one before that.

Unknown Speaker 27:57
When he got water? No, I went to the I went to the My first elmen meeting. And that was very nice. But it’s not a big thing. Yeah, there was nothing news.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
I think the other council members, I think you all probably got the emails about Cal and ELLs. And so being on historic preservation, I will say it does sound like there might have been a disconnect in reports, given my staff.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
As far as the importance and what the options are concerning the Caribbean.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
I know, I don’t know what Countians needs on the historic preservation got the report that

Unknown Speaker 28:45
there was not the ability to recreate the curving in historic fashion. And so that’s kind of what they have heard and so therefore, have limited options about what they could or cannot require or think about.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
And like I said, I don’t know what happened on Kelly Callahan side of the equation that we saw in the email that was presented to us. Yeah, there’s been apparently some distress. So did you escalate that the staff I sent they sent something to me.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
So there’s two different issues going on. So in terms of where the curving hits the driveway, they can still make that consistent with historical driveway. The challenges that we’re trying to deal with is in order to get a drain pan in the curb, and building the curving that way is a little bit different. Now in historic preservation, the designation actually doesn’t go to the curb and the Caribbean on Third Street because they sent me some images is actually the same style of curving it was but now they have

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Dude, many, many years ago, that curving on the other side,

Unknown Speaker 30:06
on Third Street.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
So Callaghan is only half compliant as it stands one street but not the other. Well, there’s no compliance because that’s not cut. The street section is not a service word designation. I understand that they feel that it’s one site is the way it ought to be another status, I think, I think the big thing is, is not to lose the

Unknown Speaker 30:33
money. I think that’s really what’s driving. Really anything else.

Unknown Speaker 30:42
So staff is handling that. We’re taking it we’re coming into it now in terms of, I believe, get word that in terms of the driveway in the store, restorable component of driveway, hoping they went all the way to like comes out. So they can still do that.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
When they when they come to

Unknown Speaker 31:05
the curb in and it doesn’t there’s a point where it joins the driveway

Unknown Speaker 31:11
can still be allowed in the driver to

Unknown Speaker 31:15
understand the

Unknown Speaker 31:17
letters because the one that said that? Nothing that happened

Unknown Speaker 31:27

Unknown Speaker 31:31
see that anything that happened? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
So it happened.

Unknown Speaker 31:37
It happened between the time she sent the letter and the time that anybody read our escalations?

Unknown Speaker 31:48

Unknown Speaker 31:51

Unknown Speaker 31:53
old historic president’s

Unknown Speaker 31:57
staffers I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
I know that one’s been sitting in all those ways is

Unknown Speaker 32:10
the right way work is not impacted a portion of the driveway or driveway apron within the right way. So

Unknown Speaker 32:19
that’s a piece on the grant.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
While he’s finding this, is there any chance we can look and see how many boards and commissions meet?

Unknown Speaker 32:39
During the during the day I assume things like the

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Senior Center, senior board with me during the day,

Unknown Speaker 32:49
things like that. But that is very

Unknown Speaker 32:52
advantage or disadvantage of having Callahan during the day, you might get they are they do they do meet during the day. But is there an advantage of having to

Unknown Speaker 33:06
try to find people to

Unknown Speaker 33:09
serve on the horse grass, when you find more people to problem with that is that they have events

Unknown Speaker 33:16
a couple of times. So are they claiming the plant or

Unknown Speaker 33:22
do they want to get this this is

Unknown Speaker 33:25
the existing perming that was on the side before it was really bad. So typical curve.

Unknown Speaker 33:37

Unknown Speaker 33:39

Unknown Speaker 33:41

Unknown Speaker 33:44
patient, her house and so this is what is put in.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
So the curve itself is actually the same have been changed as the drain pan out the file for the

Unknown Speaker 33:56
stormwater on the river. That’s all in the streets. And so the actual physical structure of the herb hasn’t changed in terms of this. But you can see that they put this out from stormwater to move water on that perspective. And

Unknown Speaker 34:15
it’s still the new curb is tying in to the driveway and then when the driveways we’ve done that’ll tie in as it did before. So, so it shouldn’t cost them the Grand i don’t think so. Again, I still have staff working on it. The difference is to give you a sense of what the difference is.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
So apparently, on Terry Street and this was all done a long time.

Unknown Speaker 34:46
They have more of a flat top curve, which I’ve been talking about. But that was the third sentence

Unknown Speaker 35:00
about being different sides.

Unknown Speaker 35:04
Okay, so the only other thing I wanted to report is that while planning and zoning was tomorrow night, so anything I’m talking about some months ago, in that time, the city attorney’s office contacted me, as you know, as council members, we get a lot of communication about both non farm and champion greens. And they’ve been very aggressive also with planning and zoning, to the point where they have rolling presentations during public invited later. And

Unknown Speaker 35:38
the city attorney’s offices worry, and that is now getting to the point where it’s not so much first amendment rights issues, but actually a violation of ex parte communication.

Unknown Speaker 35:50
And so,

Unknown Speaker 35:52
I’m sure Imagine I have not gotten an update lately, but that the city attorney’s office is looking at

Unknown Speaker 35:59
ways to possibly amend the bylaws to prevent the ex parte communication violation from occurring without population of First Amendment rights Republican entity. And something that also is being considered to bring to us and city council members for our meetings as well. Should this kind of occur for us and our public invited to do.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
So that was one thing I will also bring up because that can very directly impact us in our bylaws as well.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
So in other words, I was not aware that the ex parte communication problem that we have also applies to the Planning and Zoning Commission, it’s almost more aggressive in the money.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Well, you may have to have longer public invited to be heard. So there’s five minutes versus our three minutes.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
So it’s like, and they’ve been queuing up presentations on the computer and

Unknown Speaker 37:04
up to the chair to say, Wait, that’s part of it is they’ve been doing the education with the chair, kind of, to solidify what you can and can’t do.

Unknown Speaker 37:19
In those kinds of circumstances, but it’s, it’s, you know, it’s bothered enough commissioners to the point where I made

Unknown Speaker 37:26
a complaint to the city attorney’s office is actually

Unknown Speaker 37:31

Unknown Speaker 37:33

Unknown Speaker 37:35
So I just want to make sure that the council was aware of that

Unknown Speaker 37:44
fireman, champion greens are both in my ward and include residents that I have for corporate relationships with and I have informed them all that

Unknown Speaker 38:01
because of what’s going on in the neighborhoods, I cannot discuss those

Unknown Speaker 38:05
because I thought the essence of ex parte communications was that one council member or board member can be influenced or have special information that the rest of the board doesn’t have. So I don’t understand.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
I can explain in the in the sense that the city attorney’s office is concerned because they they continue to come to their Republican voting paper, whereas the developer does not get the same opportunity

Unknown Speaker 38:39
to rebut anything that said during those comments and those presentations

Unknown Speaker 38:47
interesting informations Nice.

Unknown Speaker 38:50

Unknown Speaker 38:54
So the so mine also will be a month behind for LDA.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Not I mean, there’s always a lot going on but

Unknown Speaker 39:08
so we have a parking leasing agreement with elk Lodge. So that’s more parking.

Unknown Speaker 39:17
Right now we’re still trying to determine who’s going to where those parking spaces will be in

Unknown Speaker 39:24

Unknown Speaker 39:27
we will be having

Unknown Speaker 39:32
long mind creates a we have Walmart creates another

Unknown Speaker 39:39

Unknown Speaker 39:42
for ltva.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
I think you all know that Kimberly just got this amazing or Yeah, so So My meeting is next week with LPA. But just mainly what we did last last month was gentle

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Got some grants and everything that people were applying for

Unknown Speaker 40:04

Unknown Speaker 40:08
let’s see

Unknown Speaker 40:10
transportation in regards to my notes we’re using

Unknown Speaker 40:18

Unknown Speaker 40:22
While I’m looking for my notes, it was a great meeting, I did get an email today saying that

Unknown Speaker 40:31
they cannot hear us. So I told them that I will talk to staff and see what we need to do about they said they can see us that they can hear us clearly during transportation meetings, and they can hear us those at the airport meetings, but they can’t hear us.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
Um, so they’re talking about the, you know, vision, color or zero, where we were, we had in public invited to be heard and we were just talking about creating a task force and then task force will consist of 30 or 40 people and you’re putting out an RFP RFP for consulting service for the action plan and creating a budget for 2024

Unknown Speaker 41:21
and then just the striping was done over there about central elementary

Unknown Speaker 41:27
stop signs was shifted

Unknown Speaker 41:31
that they

Unknown Speaker 41:33
that they found over in that area because that’s where we got a lot of public invited to be heard about that area.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
Interesting enough, there’s been five accidents at that crosswalk a fourth and grace around that area in the last five years.

Unknown Speaker 41:51

Unknown Speaker 41:55
I think that pretty much everything else we’re just some statistics and we did have

Unknown Speaker 42:04
we talked about the Northwest Rail update, Patrick Stanley,

Unknown Speaker 42:09
the peak service I don’t know I don’t mean I’m just reading them

Unknown Speaker 42:19
I’m just talking about 35 miles extension BNSF tracks um, I’m talking about breathing you know ominous about in the tracks about three week workdays, trips morning and evening. Right.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
And they are talking about having 119 e bikes will be there up

Unknown Speaker 42:45
yeah, we’ll be wearing I think that those station really? Yeah, that’s what they were talking about. How would they get there then we pedestrian scooters.

Unknown Speaker 42:59
Now you’re talking about

Unknown Speaker 43:04
the pain of divergent systems? Yeah, we talked anything about stories? They haven’t so we did. We passed a new scooters ordinance last year.

Unknown Speaker 43:16
Here to

Unknown Speaker 43:19
go Oh, the fair study is out too. So I do advise you I want to know about the fair study. We will be having lessons going into Walmart on 119 eventually

Unknown Speaker 43:32
and zero fair for youth ages 19 and under so the RTD thorough study was at the transportation meeting still talking about the fares and across across the region so

Unknown Speaker 43:49
good info

Unknown Speaker 43:51

Unknown Speaker 43:53

Unknown Speaker 43:55
had to read joins him to go first one Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Crap is trying to figure out what their priorities are and understanding that whatever the package is recreation, amenities with facilities,

Unknown Speaker 44:23
there’s gonna be a line drawn somewhere in there trying to sort through what they would like to see

Unknown Speaker 44:31
will add that you probably have had some correspondence that grew out of the community meeting and where we should go.

Unknown Speaker 44:40
The senior center that was focused on recreation, a number of people came out of that with a point of view. Certainly, what was said I wasn’t there for that this Dry Creek Park project what what we’ve identified is ready to be framed as open space, right understanding of how it was purchased. Master Plan that is

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Part of

Unknown Speaker 45:01
it still continues.

Unknown Speaker 45:04
So there was some interesting. There was some misunderstanding about that even

Unknown Speaker 45:11
the fact that there’s apparently there was a same information disconnect problem about the YMCA, Centennial land swap opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
And it’s kind of the same thing people in the state of hydrogen says we’re giving away land, or because we might do things that they don’t approve of. When I went through with a residence, a series of emails I was trying to explain.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
I don’t think you really are interested in

Unknown Speaker 45:49
the information. You’ve arrived to the conclusion now, I’m not going to change your mind. I’m not sure why we’re gonna continue to do this. I don’t mean to be offensive, but it’s like there was no, I was hours.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
It’s like no point, because it’s supposed to be explained. Yeah. The issue is that people are from our once again, citing objections that we didn’t anticipate.

Unknown Speaker 46:14
So those are the only two. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Real quick, yep.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
Longer cities, I won’t have to answer Thursday. But reminder for those of us who are going on the weekend of the third.

Unknown Speaker 46:31
prepared and be ready for great adventure.

Unknown Speaker 46:37
Don’t forget, put it on your calendars. All right.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
I’m trying to remember back within GLA. So

Unknown Speaker 46:49
maybe it was we had Lhh staff come in and present. And they answered a lot of questions and a really good job or a defining upcoming projects as well as

Unknown Speaker 47:02
the ins and outs of what what they’re doing. So yeah, I’m seeing the consensus was that people were were on board they’re approving. So you know, it wasn’t any kind of unanticipated backlash for any projects or apartments or development that

Unknown Speaker 47:22
was a positive.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
The Youth Council they were just wrapping up their,

Unknown Speaker 47:30
their business and planning for the summer, I believe over the summer, you’re going to have well, they’re going to have their trip to the ledges.

Unknown Speaker 47:41

Unknown Speaker 47:44
they’re, they’re going to continue working over the summer as well. I think in the past, they haven’t cut off for the summer. But a lot of kiddos are eager and wanting to work through the summer. So that’s something that we can kind of tap into if you know volunteer opportunities. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 48:03
Seems like something they were they were interested in participating in being a part of

Unknown Speaker 48:10
and volunteering

Unknown Speaker 48:13
in the museum. And we have another meeting coming up on Wednesday. So this was Well, that’s what I was trying to pull up through the last one.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Yeah, just going over to directors report. Looking at exhibits. One of the things that they did talk to him

Unknown Speaker 48:30

Unknown Speaker 48:32
the expansion,

Unknown Speaker 48:34
and how it was in different phases. So for me that I found that very interesting. So they have phase one, which is fully funded and was renovating the former textile storage area, and converting it into offices that should be done by the end of October. Phase one be configuring the courtyard, leveling out the areas of reusable rentals,

Unknown Speaker 48:58
removing the pavilion and constructing a band shell stage on the far side of the courtyard, which will improve concerts in phase two, adding approximately 6000 square feet of gallery space and another 7000 federal health support space construction begins this year as funding allows. And then phase three, adding classrooms in Gift Shop cafe, hands on children’s gallery and

Unknown Speaker 49:24
new core history exhibits replacing the front range rises. So they it sounded like they’re trying to create a more interactive space and of moving out some of the older

Unknown Speaker 49:38

Unknown Speaker 49:40
And the board had decided to put together a resolution I don’t think we received

Unknown Speaker 49:49
is coming down. And it was really just to support asking city council to support museum expansion in their capital improvements and

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Whether capital campaign, basically, you’re brought up to, oh, I think just a little different night, I can serve as a shares in this.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
One they’re successful, whatever that is, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot raised

Unknown Speaker 50:16
that I think we ought to be on record who quit for whoever sits on accounts like that tonight

Unknown Speaker 50:22
that that counsel a lot of do whatever is necessary lead to valid question or something else, but a dedicated sales tax or an approach like that to fund whatever their operating costs, they’re going to pony up and cover those capital costs, whoever sits on council at that time

Unknown Speaker 50:41
to put a measure on the future value and alumni operations.

Unknown Speaker 50:46

Unknown Speaker 50:49
and then the library,

Unknown Speaker 50:52
the library.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
That one they did talk about, you know, how the Friends of Walmart library contributes to a lot of programming and things that should be essential, right. So really, we’re depending on a group, that really shouldn’t be the extra, it’s like providing the extra gear like a showcase or bringing out an author or something outside of their normal scope. And what the Lord had been discussing is really what they’re finding is that they’re dependently, dependent on Franklin library to fund things that should just be part of their normal budget. So we so look at that three, yeah, yes. And John did a really good job at laying out.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Or they’re giving us any kind of financial analysis as to what they need the I what I saw a brief snippet of what John was putting together, and it looks more itemized and thorough than what we had seen in the past to prior to his stepping into this role. So I think, you know, there’s going to be a sense of clarity of what, what they’re really wanting and needing to be

Unknown Speaker 52:13
sure they are those numbers tied to the preferred level of funding. I think that’s geared towards that there are some things that you know, were like the must haves. And then there’s more of like, the nice, nice to have,

Unknown Speaker 52:28
like different gradients of of what, what the priorities are, but it is looking through that lens.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
There’s one follow up to this, because I know we’re gonna have time to hold on.

Unknown Speaker 52:44
Marsha mentioned earlier in the waterboard conversation about you in the office. I heard I heard Paulson conversation, what now that the anticipated costs are low.

Unknown Speaker 52:57
And we’re at we’ve had zero conversation, I

Unknown Speaker 53:01
think counseling. At least I have everybody else, the way they presented and gave us an update. Yeah, that was a business since then. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 53:13
what they have

Unknown Speaker 53:16
divided out to the stakeholders, here’s the here’s what I want you to do just be reminded to my recollection of the bond election, the bond proposal was for 46 billion, we were going to augment that with fees 60.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
That 60 million could have gone up or down based on how many acre field fell back to somebody 6500 square feet.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
At 60 million.

Unknown Speaker 53:42
We’re now estimated at 70 million, or 465 7000. This is just so they haven’t even come to me messages percolating.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
Words seven, eight. But I think I think the number one, we ended up what we can actually how much we actually prefer more participation. I think that got scaled back to 65. On but that’s why I’m asking, it would be really helpful to me to get that update. That’s that’s huge. That if just to participate in the 6530 comfort level, now talking about an additional $10 million. I know. That’s why I keep talking about this all day.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Yeah, I’m trying to I can’t remember the numbers off the top of my head, but we’re bringing it back. Look,

Unknown Speaker 54:29
here’s where we were, here’s what we did. Here’s what the cost is. And I think

Unknown Speaker 54:35
so the interesting piece for me on this, which we’re still talking all numbers are not talking

Unknown Speaker 54:40
participant numbers. And so understanding is, you know, as we’re going through, I think there’s still more work. I think it’s more this may be coming in exactly. ways to manage costs. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 54:52
that’s my feedback is where you where you manage your costs.

Unknown Speaker 55:00

Unknown Speaker 55:03
So I just have, I’m just going to do two things because we’re going to do on homelessness. But first of all,

Unknown Speaker 55:09
there, we need to have a urban renewable renewable authority for sure. No and steam. And the mayor appoints one, one of those board members. So Harold and I were to make the recommendation the entire council just voted, okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
So, Harold and I talked about who we thought would be appearing and be decided Crispo Bilbray would be a good person and or origin. So I had coffee with Chris on Saturday, he’s very interested. But he, as you know, has been appointed Dean. So his plate is a little fuller. He wants some answers that we’ll talk about tomorrow. And then if he turns out, he kind of really wants to do it. They will ask John Craig to somebody just as you would have somebody in office, they’re like, Bill smelling or something

Unknown Speaker 56:13
like that.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
Chris rose to the top really because he is on the LPGA board. And

Unknown Speaker 56:22
you know, they weren’t they’re going to work together more than

Unknown Speaker 56:25
taking that knowledge rich.

Unknown Speaker 56:29
The other thing I want to get your real fast update, because we’re going to talk about homelessness. The housing meeting that we had last Thursday, it was really a good turnout. A Suzy was there and Marsha came in

Unknown Speaker 56:43
as well. Thank you for understanding that. At the beginning. Alberto Mendoza gave a really good update on what we are doing what is the overall plan through the county through all of the services that are available. And I had Don send us an

Unknown Speaker 57:00
email late last quarter

Unknown Speaker 57:03
as to what we’re offering here, just so you have an up arrow gave a great presentation like he always does on

Unknown Speaker 57:14
Xenia for the lower

Unknown Speaker 57:19

Unknown Speaker 57:20
through the Longmont house and authority came back from the churches. That was it, they had no idea as to what we were doing in the city of their incredibly,

Unknown Speaker 57:32
because they just assumed doing nothing they see.

Unknown Speaker 57:36

Unknown Speaker 57:40
there’s interest in donations,

Unknown Speaker 57:44
interested in giving donations, emergency shelters, safe lots. And a couple of churches even said they would be interested in having temporary permanent housing for some homeless people.

Unknown Speaker 58:00
We need to talk about donations, how are they going to donate?

Unknown Speaker 58:06
And hope is a huge part of

Unknown Speaker 58:09
operating and my point of bringing this all forward is now is that we have

Unknown Speaker 58:18
we have to answer to our commercial and residents that they have been.

Unknown Speaker 58:25
They have been asking for a long time, what are we doing about it we’re or we are doing if we get the beds, then we give Zach the ability to enforce our camping, ban you and move people along or

Unknown Speaker 58:41
find someplace to work.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
So you can already do that in the summer because the beds we have are never full. Well, you can do it up until they’re full. So

Unknown Speaker 58:54
that’s what we don’t know is start with enforcement does it fill up maybe get to the point where you can’t. And I think that’s one of the emergency shelters.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
Except that

Unknown Speaker 59:09
I don’t know how you how you deal with the process. You can move them along, if there’s a bed, they don’t have to go to bed. They just have to walk. But we can say based upon where our ambulances you can’t stay here if they choose not to go in their space and that’s a different issue if it fills up and we can no longer do it. That’s where the conditional

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Zach is working with hope now in terms of

Unknown Speaker 59:42
getting that information as most of the officers were on the screen so they have that meeting last week.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
So that that was it.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
Were like, I was gonna update you on some of you can do that later. And

Unknown Speaker 59:59

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
are there everything? It was really good, the kids were amazing. The ideas were, were really, really good. Some of them were quite sad because they they had pretend money that they could. That was the LM champion. Because, yeah, write it to add comments with what they want in some of these. We can read my family and always, can you advise them some issues of healing? I mean, just basic. One kid said, there are a lot of a lot of homeless teenagers, can we have another shelter for you?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
You really find the number one, they’re very caring. None of them ask for football or baseball equipment. I was shocked. I thought down to be huge.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
But they loved basketball court. Yeah, they wanted a place as well to,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
to hang out.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
the process for that is going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
you’re combining all of the lights, they’re compiling all of the ideas. And then the ideas are going to go to the youth council to go over and they will prioritize them.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
And I asked them, once they’re prioritized, can we bring these kids back and tell them their priority list and ask them because they were saying to us, we always get involved and get excited, but we never know what happens. So, you know, our kids do and then at the end, they’ll bring it to city council to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
give direction.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
And it’s gonna be based on funding as well. Who wants what, how many dollars do we have what was in my, one of my suggestions is going to be that we take a portion of it and invest it for operational losses, if we have anything like

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
So that’s it really fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12

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