Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – May 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – May 2023

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Speaker 1 0:06
She gets picked take a pic. Oh, well, yeah. Okay. So welcome, everybody. Glad everybody survived that Yes. It’s gonna get started to everybody had a chance to look at the agenda and look complete

Speaker 2 0:31
the only thing that I wanted to do under new business the historic request photo request is actually should be an old business because it was discussed at the last meeting that’s it was brought up by similar the last thing

Unknown Speaker 0:46
to talk about

Speaker 2 0:49
this she brought it up and that’s why I mean it was discussed that at the last meeting,

Unknown Speaker 0:55
okay, I just said

Speaker 1 1:01
okay, anything all right. But didn’t really have time to read the minutes. Good to meet that. Did anybody have any additions or corrections?

Speaker 3 1:13
But corrections, I think we should strike number three, seven and eight, because they don’t apply to that meeting, they will apply to this meeting. And that is with respect to the format, because we were not using this new agenda in our last meeting. Because strike one

Unknown Speaker 1:31
was strike number three. Public because we didn’t. It was on that agenda.

Speaker 3 1:43
It was on the agenda. That was that was not part of the calisson. agenda. So remember what what we had was the agenda that we previously been going off of that format, and what this new format agenda was introduced?

Unknown Speaker 2:01
Because we were going off of

Speaker 3 2:02
that agenda, we should be consistent with it. So the next strikeouts notice that? Because again, those two were not part of

Unknown Speaker 2:11
Windows seven and eight.

Speaker 2 2:13
Yeah, but we will be doing that from now on. Yeah.

Speaker 3 2:16
So this format will be great for minutes going forward, but it’s not consistent with that. There any other mission statement?

Speaker 4 2:32
I thought it was going to be put on by by seven cities.

Speaker 3 2:38
On the agenda? No, no. It’s always good to be in minutes as well, it’s on and I know that the signature block is supposed to be electronic. But do you see that? Or do we see that? We don’t see a signature block.

Speaker 4 2:54
That was going to be something done generated for the city.

Speaker 3 2:58
Right, right. Yeah, I agree with you. And then a last bit is that, that the note about the video and audio recording of this meeting can be found on the city of Longmont YouTube channel. That language is supposed to be an exclusion of our minutes each minutes. Right along with the mission statement. So these signature block mission statement. Yeah.

Speaker 2 3:29
I hear what you’re saying. We thought the city staff was going to have that on

Unknown Speaker 3:32
Oh, right. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
So is that what’s going? Well, we

Unknown Speaker 3:45
should stay missing, you should walk and

Speaker 3 3:47
stick note regarding the video and audio recording. This meeting can be found on my YouTube channel.

Unknown Speaker 3:59
It’s time to hear. Yeah.

Speaker 2 4:07
I know a lot of stuff was thrown at you at the last meeting. So,

Speaker 3 4:11
so few quick things. I know that. Yeah. Okay. Cool.

Speaker 4 4:14
I just wanted to clarify. We had talked, I think at the last meeting that mission statement, signature block audio recording which is not here yet, but it’s been

Speaker 5 4:31
so many things happen really well. Yeah. Okay. Yep. So the significant mission statement, all those things are on the signature page. So that that’s consistently there and not having to remember, this

Unknown Speaker 4:45
won’t be at the bottom of each page and people almost

Speaker 5 4:48
dead would make sense if that was included within the packet so that you guys could see it in its entirety,

Speaker 3 4:56
but it will and it will lose the language regarding In the video and audio recordings from that, did you find the right? Link or?

Unknown Speaker 5:18
Just go to YouTube, it’s right there. Then I just want to write

Speaker 5 5:21
the you got to record slash XYZ to

Unknown Speaker 5:27
the URL. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:30
So for anybody that wants to see that? Do you have a click,

Speaker 3 5:36
I guess, maybe clarification regarding in paragraph five. The second check mark down with old business, old business. The last part of it same with first one in May, then July and October, I believe that is actual release the specific to the blackout dates due to the grant construction. And that that is what’s listed in the second bullet point of paragraph number four. So, because it was misleading or

Unknown Speaker 6:15
looking at passing

Speaker 3 6:19
information about the windows, or the weapon boots, yes, yes, they’re backed up this so so shouldn’t they be with the blackout dates in paragraph four, like updates due to grant construction are available now. First one in May, June and July and October.

Speaker 5 6:36
That’s, that’s when we discussed them. We discussed them down around, I would

Speaker 6 6:41
see the status of the glass company status of the grant project. That’s the glass company status. So

Speaker 3 6:49
so the class is going to be done in three phases, or blackout dates.

Speaker 6 6:53
It doesn’t I don’t see anything about blackout dates, I see that the class company is doing their work in May and July.

Speaker 2 7:00
But it wasn’t funny. It was discussed earlier that we did the blackout dates and the dates that were listed. And that’s,

Unknown Speaker 7:07
that’s not what this is talking about. It’s talking about one window company

Speaker 3 7:10
we’ll be working on, actually is the blackout dates, because if

Speaker 6 7:14
they can’t say that they are the same, that’s fine. But it’s just talking about specifically that company and when they’re doing work because some other companies are only to be working me.

Speaker 3 7:25
So that is always somebody specific to that class. So

Speaker 6 7:28
that’s why it says yes, I’m reading Abraxis company in Fort Collins just start the restoration place. Window class

Unknown Speaker 7:43
is there any other

Unknown Speaker 7:45
questions on that? Yeah, I

Speaker 3 7:48
do think we need to insert the word in paragraph nine. Second bullet point. We still

Speaker 3 8:01
have some questions President board member wall project so that we’re consistent with the agenda as it read. So if we can insert the word wall between different projects, that’s the system of what we’re not confusing and I do want to also clarify that project so putting pictures the past requires a reward number because we did one project is not pictures it was an approval list. So I don’t want there to be any confusion. If anyone’s it is not a future project. So it’s changing this I mean, so many any

Unknown Speaker 8:58

Unknown Speaker 8:59
regarding putting the picture it’s not

Speaker 4 9:06
we discussed it was I brought up personally about putting out

Speaker 7 9:17
we don’t have a bunch of pictures of board people that pictures are

Unknown Speaker 9:24
all the shots

Speaker 3 9:31
would be harder for you to Okay, so I just wanted to select changing with that particular one. Just taking districts out and putting names. That just means life steps. What number is that went on? It’s number nine. It’s on third page. Third page, it says putting the pictures online. Okay, so it’s not pictures. It’s a list. Silesia. Okay. So how are you all I’m going to ask a question because it’s something that caught me. I don’t feel about the acronym, ch, AB and being referenced rather than

Speaker 4 10:27
just saw it used somewhere online or in emails to us. And at that point, I just got

Unknown Speaker 10:38
easier as long as you know what it is? I don’t know.

Speaker 2 10:44
Yeah, as long as we’re starting the minutes with the with the Callahan house board minutes, and it’s listed us that I don’t have

Unknown Speaker 10:52
pretty clear. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:56
Okay. Anybody else? Can we have a motion to

Speaker 2 11:06
approve that we make a motion to approve the minutes as corrected? As corrected?

Speaker 1 11:14
Okay, moving on to number three. This is something that is no. Oh, okay. In favor, aye. So moving on, the public invited to be here. What do we exactly do right here,

Speaker 2 11:34
this portion of the just ask if there’s any public here? And they’re saying no,

Speaker 1 11:39
I see nobody. So moving on. Number four, discuss items compacting updates, response letter to donation. That’s very interesting. I wasn’t here last week, but there was the offer to a pension. And it was decided that wasn’t a good idea for good reasons. Very good reasons. So the people I read the letter that was written, I think it’s fine. Anybody has any comments on it? It’s kind of difficult to write a rejection letter. I thought it was done very well,

Speaker 2 12:17
I thought it was done well. And it just brings to attention that we really need to have a policy in place to handle this in the future. So so we have a set policy that we’re enforcing continuously for me.

Speaker 7 12:31
It makes it easier to refer back to a situation. This is our policy. So it doesn’t seem suggestive, right? Exactly

Speaker 1 12:38
right. Do you want to add that as a future item?

Speaker 5 12:45
So we’re okay to send that message. email this to the person I believe so what the email there will it be able to be emailed?

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Thank you. So great job.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
That’s a hard job to do. It is

Unknown Speaker 13:04
very tastefully very much easier to write acceptance.

Unknown Speaker 13:09
Okay, so back to old business.

Unknown Speaker 13:14
Talking about the status of the grant.

Speaker 6 13:23
We’re in waiting, waiting right now for work to start. Immediately. Kind of anytime here, we’re expecting workers are coming on that meeting for tourists waiting for them.

Speaker 5 13:39
On the 15th they’re gonna powerwash a section of the concrete clean, so that they can match the color to concrete and have the grime embedded

Unknown Speaker 13:47
on it. Right, exactly.

Speaker 2 13:49
And where are they gonna get from the just to find the best point where they can look at the curves from the outside before? Hopefully this won’t work, because I’m seeing signs up already. Where it says roadworks, you know or workers here and I’m thinking, oh, gosh, are they going to be replacing the outside curves? I

Speaker 6 14:09
need to do that. Yeah, and that’s, that’s coming up here. Another another spot. We can talk about that now brochure. So they’ll do their work when they do their work there, they’re promised us is that they will do the form and the curving will look the same with the same detail. We’re not going to get a specialty mix of concrete for such a thing. But that’s what they promised us.

Speaker 2 14:39
It’s at the LSVT bend and we’re here and to be fair, we discussed that possibly matching the historic curbing or whatnot, that concrete itself might be better. If they look at that, in addition to another section, when it comes to matching is one of the things that was just Just the last.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

Speaker 2 15:04
Help me articulate that better. I think you’re saying

Speaker 1 15:07
that the chemical composition of the concrete

Speaker 2 15:10
or Aaron’s parents, they weren’t going to be looking okay. At the last meeting, it wasn’t just the roadwork, they’re going to be replacing outside curbs on on Third Avenue, as well on Terry Street. Now, those

Unknown Speaker 15:24
are the I don’t think they’re going to be doing Terry struggle, but it

Speaker 2 15:27
was definitely Third Avenue and entering into the driveway right there. There are some more solid pieces that haven’t been compromised as well. So one of the things is what before that’s taken out? Could we possibly look at having that to help match the other historic concrete? That was one of the things that was discussed at the last meeting

Speaker 6 15:51
so having our nothing to do with the Korean project on their concert having to do with our own concrete,

Speaker 2 15:58
right and if they’re going to remove it anyway, maybe we could take one of those sections and have it to be used for material

Unknown Speaker 16:08
that makes sense. Yes. Because it’s in the best shape

Speaker 2 16:12
Yeah, it’s in better shape than in other sections. And if it’s going to be removed anyway then we should save that section

Unknown Speaker 16:21
like a model

Unknown Speaker 16:24
to make it a sample

Unknown Speaker 16:25
sample just to match the

Unknown Speaker 16:27
shape not just the

Unknown Speaker 16:29
state the composition

Unknown Speaker 16:30
Mako that might be hired because that’s 100 and some years

Speaker 6 16:33
old well the company the contractors have a plan to match it to do their best to match the angry they have in mind to do that

Unknown Speaker 16:42
that was that was

Unknown Speaker 16:44
that concrete would be their best

Unknown Speaker 16:47
source because they can talk to you about what’s the country in they’re going to try to match that chemical composition for our project that’s what was in the green

Speaker 6 17:09
when they did carry was rebounding it they took out the detail whatever that was, whatever number of years ago so we lost out on that detail to me when they come again. In our many years we would say can you please redo that detail like we did on server two to match better the overall aesthetic point of view

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Removing a section of it replacing

Unknown Speaker 17:43

Unknown Speaker 17:44

Speaker 6 17:44
yes so the curbing is all be replaced that’s separate but the driver right there is one of the sections I know they’re planning on working on and then tying it in so we’re saying there’s there are pieces there to

Speaker 4 18:01
complete completely replaced No. Okay, so we talked about composition as best as

Speaker 6 18:09
color wise. It’s it’s doing your best to control you’re trying to get the Yeah, they’re trying to get the composition to be very similar. Which is I think that’s the city’s not going to do that there’s but they were matched to form and then

Speaker 8 18:29
the pieces that are being removed those that have the detail

Unknown Speaker 18:35
you should certainly be interested

Speaker 8 18:37
in it’s too much but I’m interested in preserving any of that like and that’s an excellent airbase and I don’t know maybe you’ve been watched but I don’t know like when they redid the porch at Molly Brown, they’re like pieces of stone and stuff that people were interested in. All we did having or keeping or

Unknown Speaker 19:07
if you’re somebody who has an odd job

Speaker 3 19:17
apart create a model based on the shape that really create something so that it

Speaker 6 19:29
should be the same dimensions the same the same pencil detailing on top.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
And in

Unknown Speaker 19:36
the forethought behind that

Speaker 2 19:40
is because of brain hurt reasons. That’s why

Speaker 6 19:45
it’s part of the overall city system. So they have to add the pan. So they had the bottom of that bottom piece of concrete that becomes the gutter. Curb itself will have this form like we have, but there will be now a new Every night you see on every street

Speaker 2 20:05
you’re standing with the road failing, but it’s still somewhat disappointing. You know, I know if we could only have it all. But

Unknown Speaker 20:15
it’s not. It’s not the sidewalk. It’s not. It’s not the right.

Speaker 3 20:21
Just did Suellen get to talk with him about the city’s decision there to pick from that as well with history of Colorado, that we’re

Unknown Speaker 20:32
not gonna have any problems with that street,

Speaker 6 20:34
Colorado doesn’t get to choose how to city streets. I did go to storyboard and chatted with their they did not have a quorum. So I chatted with the chairman and another member about what we’re doing and they understood, supportive that we’re getting something that looks similar

Speaker 3 20:56
is that the city’s historic commission commission, okay. The only reason I’m asking is that because it’s tight, because the work for the driveway is tied to the grant, the state and city are under contract, and I want to make sure that

Unknown Speaker 21:13
the city is not working out.

Speaker 3 21:17
Right, that there’s no question in history, Colorado’s mine that we’ve compromised the project.

Speaker 6 21:26
So it’s not a part of the scope of the project? Not a part of the scope of the project, right. So that’s what we’re talking about. The current and historic part of the state does not get to say how the city runs their streets. We’re making accommodations to make it look, it’s not, I’m not going to get any more than that. So check with the State on that. Right. That’s a city decision for their streets. They are being gracious enough to do the form, which they did not. Ontario, right, by the way. So

Speaker 2 22:06
we did press request at the last meeting, could we please see if we can keep the form? So I’m pleased that we got formed. I hear where it parents also saying that she’s just concerned about the tying into the driveway. And should we not at least discuss it that we will be replacing the curb and just make it as a statement, the curb is going to be replaced. And it’s going to be tying and coming in. She

Unknown Speaker 22:27
was here when we talked about okay, that’s what we’re asked if I’m not mistaken. I was I was on teams on that meeting because I was not feeling well. But

Speaker 6 22:39
that she was here when we were talking about concrete. Meaning what’s happening on the concrete, I believe that that talk of the city was brought up and we can tell her,

Speaker 2 22:53
I think I think it’s more like it’s just that we’re going to tie it together. In other things, it isn’t the thing and it’s not their decision. But if we could just disclose that ahead of time. So we can skirt any issues. In a sense, it’s just that we’ve been transparent. That we’re not We’re not hiding anything. I I’m just concerned. It’s

Unknown Speaker 23:23
I’m not concerned about at all, but we’d like to send an email.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
Thank you. Thank you again. Okay, can we move on to the next

Speaker 3 23:33
session? I have a question about we have before photos, right. Yeah, um, she’s

Unknown Speaker 23:41
dealing with something

Speaker 3 23:46
to take note that they did in Kenya that they took a lot of before photos and other

Unknown Speaker 23:55
projects. Yeah, I think I’ve seen

Speaker 3 23:57
those. And so what I’m going to ask is that those photos be provided to me so I can include them in the scrapbook. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Where did you see this photos on

Unknown Speaker 24:13
it? I was last year.

Unknown Speaker 24:15
I think Kathy gave me a picture you have shame around it took pictures of Bernie.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Do you still have those?

Speaker 3 24:28
times I guess also needs to be in the scrapbook.

Speaker 1 24:45
Okay, moving along to Kellyanne outside advisory advisory board an annual report to city council now as we know that’s going to be given to the city council but we have a group of people there years It’s sorry that Ben Smith. So that’s what is that what meeting is going to take place?

Speaker 6 25:05
I believe it was last night. Okay, so that’s it was it was we’re planning on the previous one, and something behind the scenes and the technical back and forth that happened. So I believe, okay.

Speaker 1 25:25
The next thing is April 26, open house, I wasn’t able to come because I had recently had surgery. Anybody who was there want to give a summary of how they thought about

Speaker 8 25:35
this next, people that came are going to be here and grateful that the house was open. That wasn’t very, very highly attended, unfortunately. But

Unknown Speaker 25:47
anybody getting out

Unknown Speaker 25:49

Speaker 3 25:55
likely gets into parts. Not a whole lot of notice to the public, only two weeks in constant contact, it

Unknown Speaker 26:08
was in Facebook.

Speaker 3 26:12
Anyway, for that, and then the time of day was a little bit complicated, because it’s still work hours, that we were overlapping. So it’s something for us to think about for the next open house that’s going to be midweek. So we’ll want to do more lead time to the attention later in the day rather than four o’clock. People are still potentially still working. Yeah, so it’s something for us to think about for next time. One very positive thing is that we didn’t start the guest list. So we have some people signed up to be on our way, which is to submit to all of our guests on the guest list up to four times a year. So so that’s nice meeting. You can also that gentleman and Aaron class attended. They exhale the merchant Taylor Museum, for headset collection of men’s garments produced between 18.5 and 18.

Speaker 2 27:28
I met this gentleman and recommended that you come and attend the open tunnels, and they’re here in Longmont and they do men’s attire of historic men’s attire. And I thought wow, that’s a good idea. They just recently started and got their their a 501 C three. So there are no profit and they are really excited to work with the community on any events. So that was something that I thought of possibly having for our own testers have something like that in half because I also attended to

Speaker 3 28:17
citizen to new business well it actually ties it’s based off of open

Unknown Speaker 28:23
restricting ripping, it’s Artwalk here so I was

Speaker 4 28:31
I just had a question how many art walks or you know, I’m no more overlapping overlapping with just how many artworks are there just yet we don’t do the string so it sounds a reason why we got an open house and see

Speaker 3 28:46
what is your access community access to the house at least once a quarter is a good choice, it’s a good skill to

Speaker 4 28:56
I guess in light of that my suggestion would be that we look at other things the city is doing downtown because they are doing a lot of other things. If we piggyback on something else is going on at the same time like we did with our blog and maybe

Unknown Speaker 29:10
I agree and I contacted the Longmont

Unknown Speaker 29:21
walking on

Speaker 2 29:23
the I reached out to the chamber and asked for their chamber events and everything that was taking place on downtown and printed PBX has I think that’s a great idea

Speaker 6 29:38
I would mention that last the last one we did last July, which we did on off I believe it was like a Thursday night. It was actually really successful and it didn’t have to do with any other thing so it can be related to time of year also. So I was we were really questionable about what how many people we get if I remember that one had It was a lot. It was a lot. It could have

Speaker 1 30:03
been the early time. That is like a lot of people just getting off work or picking up their kids from daycare and that type of thing. So maybe it goes from six to eight years.

Speaker 6 30:13
It’s like a good time to think about, but we did not I mean, doing it or not. That alone has not been one of what has caused this to be either successful or not. Because it was really successful.

Speaker 1 30:32
So we’ll have to keep that as a point of discussion, changing the time possibly or piggybacking on something else. Now, we already discussed for the project, so I think we covered that they were born a donation, we’ve kind of covered that. Is there any other input that I wanted to put out there? Well, let’s move on to do business requests. I had an error on here and everything and I missed it. Okay, historic FOIA request, she’ll copy Eleanor, and everybody got a chance to look at the letter that was sent. It’s really interesting. And

Unknown Speaker 31:14
tried to blow up the articles

Speaker 1 31:23
I think we have what he is asking you to get better pictures.

Speaker 3 31:26
We do. I talked with him actually, I can recall and get in touch with Eric Mason who needed to get the picture he was looking for at summer camp. So that was fantastic. Yeah, and of course, also got the names of the Golden Rule syndicate says that that’s that’s those two gentlemen are the golden Austin, Kenny, John hood guiding Johnson, Tim Callahan and drew Kersey. Those are the partners. So JC Penney is the one on the far left.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
Good say with the mustache

Speaker 3 32:10
thank you for being so wonderful. He’s working on a really interesting project and structural copy and it does tie in the calendar. So he’s going to probably plan to come out for a visit to cities house and stuff so I sent in the window so we can make the house available. So take a look. We also need another article that because I told him you know thank you for the articles and it’ll be helpful locally blue scrapbook, because they tighter. But he sent me Now that one is well. One more to include, and I can forward it on to you all electronically so you can appreciate that I think all of these will be really great and scrapbook. Interesting project is there. He is financial company, but he lives in Texas. So okay, so he’s doing this project. He’s doing a lot of travel to and from. It seems like nicely, but he was very interested in in house and and seeing where JC Penney’s meat market was set, actually, to kind of show you where that was when you’re in town. So it was obviously yes. Eric makes a great

Speaker 2 33:43
story. And it’s great. You’ve got another contact. I think it’s fabulous. Thank you. So

Speaker 1 33:54
it must have been surprised to get that letter first went to Kathy’s menu got it right. So that must have been a surprise. Interesting. Okay, now. Okay, the next item would be the past in person board member wall project. And as far as I know, it’s kind of on hold because we’re not gonna hang anything up for a little while. Right? Correct.

Speaker 3 34:19
We’re not it’s not really. I mentioned in the last few years that people get an understanding of the size of this list, Tracer. Yeah, look a little bit like that spin. Again. This is just, it’s just a mock up. Something that can show you size wise. So when I’m taking out this entire wall like we are going to take up the whole wall for the house managers photos that this can go on. On a separate wallet is not large and it won’t take up a lot of space and but it does include 90 of women who have served de Bourgh for the last 85 years, it’s significant history. So this yeah acknowledges all of these women, I provides transparency of history for the community, as a visual here in the house, too, and also promotes volunteerism, particularly for this board. And there’s no cost to the house. This is a donation by me. And it’s easy updating the habitat and the file format, it said that, all you do is simply go in and at the top of the document, you start to add new paintings in the decades. It shuffles everything

Unknown Speaker 35:40
up to the bottom, and you keep reprinting everything.

Speaker 3 35:43
Well, the idea was that keep the most current up top, and then go to most historic and consistent with

Speaker 1 35:55
this. Beautiful, yeah, but I still have concerns that it’s a rather big, we don’t have a really, really tight football space. We don’t have don’t like it. We don’t have a lot of

Unknown Speaker 36:07

Speaker 7 36:09
written up. But it during the open house looking at that trying to figure out where that we didn’t have.

Speaker 1 36:17
Where do we put it? The other thing is it’s going to grow, it’s not going to get unless you keep reducing the font

Speaker 3 36:23
for it to grow. Obviously, you can see through here, and then

Speaker 2 36:29
we have discussed at one point about possibly clicking plants, and it was candy that said absolutely not, which is an I agree that it would just be too much. And this leads to very, what was agreement? Yeah,

Speaker 1 36:45
I’m having? i It’s pretty, but I don’t think I think it should be online. That’s my my thing. Because online, we can, you can still have a link and

Speaker 3 36:55
beautiful, but I’m looking at putting a visual of house managers of the year on the on the wall. And that’s, that’s yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:06
there. But

Speaker 3 37:07
it’s important because it does capture the history, it’s important for the community to be able to see that history. And it’s not much to put the list of these women volunteers through Okay, five years, where

Speaker 1 37:24
are you suggesting we had probably just outside

Unknown Speaker 37:27
the bathroom? Where outside? If you are walking into the bathroom, there’s a long there.

Speaker 1 37:37
So we’re kind of taking that whole hallway basically for pictures and for ourselves

Speaker 3 37:42
for historic information. That is for the public to see the history of the house. Who worked there. who volunteered there? over all the years?

Speaker 4 37:55
I’d suggest that for sure gets put online. But Karen, do what she’s done. And you’ll be in charge of it.

Unknown Speaker 38:05
Yeah, you keep it up.

Speaker 4 38:08
As it is that isn’t too terribly big to manage to find a place. I don’t know what’s there right now. It’s hard work.

Speaker 4 38:23
So I say we for sure. Get it put online. So yeah, in case that does become too cumbersome, or

Unknown Speaker 38:35

Unknown Speaker 38:35
which is not a problem. This is so simple. This

Speaker 2 38:38
this is something that’s discussed. That’s why I guess I’m I’m taken aback because it was already discussed, and it was agreed upon. And so I don’t know why it keeps on getting brought back.

Speaker 1 38:48
Oh, when we discussed it last year, I was thinking about 911, you know, legal size document, and then it’s wrong to acquire. It’s pretty, I mean, it’s beautiful. But I think

Speaker 3 38:58
what what’s represented here is not just the 90 ladies that were 85 years but beautiful letterhead that Tom Callahan had beside the gate that was designed by board members later. I don’t know, it was probably sometime in your time that this was early on this was developed

Speaker 3 39:21
and seven quotes from seven, you know, significant women regarding volunteers. So instead of representing the seven board members, so it’s with purpose and with history. So

Unknown Speaker 39:34
I find everybody just very hesitant, but it’s I don’t know what we want to put it but

Speaker 3 39:41
yeah, this is actually the easy part. The house manager pictures is it was more significant

Speaker 2 39:48
in the fact that we weren’t going to hang it until after work has been done. And so and I guess I again, we can take another vote on it but I thought It was already voted upon and passed minute and meaning that this was agreed upon. And I don’t understand what

Speaker 1 40:06
size the size is what’s changed my life? It was I was thinking of a one time you get 90 Ladies? Well, I am it’s kind of

Speaker 3 40:17
insignificant. Well, years and all of the labels, all of that time.

Speaker 1 40:22
I didn’t know there’s going to be pictures. It’s pretty. I mean, I gotta say, it’s pretty beautiful job by conservative, it’s

Speaker 3 40:29
largely historic. And it’s being framed under glass, probably so. And so we’re talking about making another inch on each side. This is this is totally manageable. And to take the back out and replace our minutes. So super easy to replace the pages. Easy. trust me this is this disease.

Speaker 8 40:59
Okay, to see where you’re at it for those that aren’t sure about

Unknown Speaker 41:05
it, or pseudo?

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Stop suddenly?

Speaker 2 41:12
Yes. Stuff that’s been put up on that wall probably needs to be arranged. But again, I think it’s all within context of the house. I don’t

Speaker 3 41:27
it’s it’s historic information. Is absolutely visual here in the house when people are walking through the house and they can see it. Not only is it capture a snapshot of all of that history, all of these women, but it’s also a reminder that there’s an advisory board. And maybe I will apply or

Speaker 2 41:59
that was one of the other things that we volunteers, when we’re discussing doing this. And when it was agreed upon that we’re going to do this. Part of it was also for when people are walking through and touring the home, they would see this as well as the other things up besides the managers, wall. And this was one of the things that were we using it as a settled promotion to get possibly more community members simple,

Speaker 3 42:25
multi purpose, acknowledgement and a visual for people

Speaker 2 42:31
to get. Are we beaten this thing to death? Can we

Speaker 7 42:35
can they need to move on? It’s basically the same size as a piece of artwork. Yeah, yeah. So simple.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
is posting it something that you want to do a vote on?

Unknown Speaker 42:47
I think we should vote on online. Well,

Speaker 2 42:51
online, you do. Okay. I’ll put a motion that forth that that it’d be posted and listed on online on the Callahan house. site. So we have access to to this. So is there historically that way?

Speaker 3 43:09
And can we include and that it will be a physical image on the wall? No, I disagree.

Speaker 2 43:21
Because we’ve already taken up already already decided and voted on and passed. I don’t know why it

Speaker 1 43:31
was the size I voted for in a year ago. But I didn’t know it was going to be displayed. Yeah. I mean, it was up to what we say we go with it because morning, just Yeah, we do it

Speaker 9 43:41
in the future and it doesn’t work out. We can change our

Speaker 7 43:45
mind. Yeah. Future work and change your mind.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Okay, so So I second promotion. Okay, I’ll favor motion pencil

Speaker 3 44:06
it’s kind of a fun, interesting history too, because for several years, women went by their husbands names. So they’re listed here that way too. So it shows that history Yeah. You know, this is how women are called. And the 3040s and the 50s. And you know, this is Paul’s downs. And along with it has their name so it has their husbands today and then out to the size of their first

Speaker 1 44:37
moving right along historic record. Our next item is to talk about committees of policy for donations and contributions. I think this is an important that we should we want to do it as a whole. We want to separate community or we want something for to work on.

Speaker 2 44:55
I think it should be across committee work for community work and Anyone can

Unknown Speaker 45:03
think it should include anyone who’s interested, someone

Unknown Speaker 45:05
is interested in. Like the whole board.

Speaker 2 45:11
I think it’s important because this is one of those things that, that if we have this policy in place, we would have had this, about donations about memorials, I knew that it needs to be covered. And if we have that policy in place for the future, it’s important.

Speaker 3 45:31
And having a committee will be great, because then that work can be done outside of the board meeting, and brought back to the board meeting to edited.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
Would anybody like to leave that up?

Unknown Speaker 45:45
I was wondering if

Unknown Speaker 45:49
you want to hit that up at me. Oh.

Speaker 4 45:52
Thank you, sir. So I got Brittany and Cindy. Karen Cruz, who else?

Unknown Speaker 46:01
I don’t. Yeah.

Speaker 2 46:04
And then you just need to set up a time that works for you.

Speaker 6 46:11
Okay, and when you guys come up with this will, will take it to legal in the city. I’m sure. We’re not going to do the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
We want to follow city policy and

Speaker 2 46:31
reference city during issues and how they handle things.

Unknown Speaker 46:37

Unknown Speaker 46:39
through your department,

Unknown Speaker 46:40
we have some documents about so we could we could have

Unknown Speaker 46:47
high bail we’re not asking you to do.

Speaker 3 47:07
So instead, it’s sort of a format or something that you could share with you just saying. Thank you. Yeah.

Speaker 1 47:15
All right, that’s great. Next on the list is Artois, net, September 19. And I have a request here for the board. wouldn’t date September 9, nine.

Speaker 9 47:29
That’s because I have the th by the 909.

Speaker 1 47:36
I would like to the last well, since 2017. I’ve kind of been the lead for Artwalk. And in August, but everybody contributes everybody in the board. But I’d like to ask if anybody would like to work with me this year because I’m tired. I’m turned out at the end of the year. So if anybody likes working with artists Yeah, and then if we could work in then you can take it over in future years. What it does is you’re the point person

Speaker 2 48:00
Sorry, I have spoken with you privately that I had to like to work on that. And and that’s one of those things that you’ve been pretty obstinate that you want to do it yourself. Well, it’s

Speaker 1 48:13
not me this is how it’s been. I mean, I check it over from Shirley Noreen. And she took it over from somebody that’s that’s not meeting it’s how we the board has done it for years. I mean

Speaker 1 48:33
this is how it’s been done for how many years? I don’t know how as long as we’ve been in Iraq, so

Unknown Speaker 48:38
I just took it over.

Speaker 1 48:41
And I’ve always asked the board and every you know, when we get close, does anybody have any artists, they want to recommend that I was asked for that, but you really need a point person because somebody has to make sure,

Speaker 3 48:50
right. So I have one request for our walk and that is that we include a feature on the grant work. So we need to somehow incorporate that as a featured you know, I picture something something that provides you the ability to see oh, this is what’s been going on this is what that grant was for and this is the work that’s been going on. I think that that’s important it serves many purposes so which one room dedicated it’d be a good one for the quarter. Last time it might be better is a library window is being restored. So I might suggest the library only because the window that curved window and it’s really important but your eyes on it on the other side are standard that

Speaker 1 49:49
is upstairs. We aren’t we don’t continue doing this but we’ve always had that set up with chairs with a video playing of the history. And it’s about a 1015 minute video and that would be rude. Don’t put too that used to, since we’re already taking up that room with, you know,

Speaker 3 50:05
historical kind of suggest that it’s staying at me in the library and significant Windows significant, historic, curved, leveled reading glass window. They have to do they need to have the opportunity to actually look at that what you say in that it’s

Speaker 8 50:23
like going to be like a poster board of information or what is it?

Speaker 3 50:27
Well, that’s to be determined by all of us, I think, based on pictures, and based on pictures that are being taken the before and during, and after, those would probably be incorporated in the display, we can certainly include the copy of the grant application that was written that says, Okay, here’s, here’s what here’s this that was submitted that when, and this is the date that it was awarded. And here’s the scope of work. And these were projects that this grant covered. So having all of that is I think yet to be all that should include the exact display yet to be determined by us. I think, more likely in could we all fire August board meetings as will be closer to completion? Maybe being

Speaker 2 51:33
started? Yeah. So we tentatively planned for it and then possibly consider putting the books and other pictures in that area as well. So

Speaker 9 51:46
yes, yeah, we have to consider other ways we can use two groups, that

Speaker 2 51:51
is actually a good idea to combine into if we can bind the two and we get that space. And if we can, maybe not put so many chairs out for the video upstairs, we could also use part of that room. I mean, that’s a large space upstairs, that we could also put an additional, something of our

Speaker 3 52:11
we don’t have to have the DVD running on

Unknown Speaker 52:17
that stop coming up. So it’s

Speaker 3 52:18
something that has been done. It’s not something that has to be done. So we can certainly

Speaker 1 52:23
it seems talking though, I mean, there’s people who sit in there and watch it. Did you do it this time, because you only have 70 people.

Speaker 3 52:34
But the upside to I’m sorry, I’ll say one last thing, the upside to having no bathroom free and without a video is that the docents can actually speak about the room? So Well, yeah.

Speaker 2 52:53
So so maybe this is the one time we don’t run it, maybe we consider putting that on our having that run during the open houses and stuff. Just

Speaker 4 53:03
I was just gonna say we also put an easel in the room to point out the windows and show the before pictures, and after. And that’s really all you need to do so. And anywhere else in the house that maybe something has been written just some sort of an essentials sitting beside it. So

Speaker 9 53:22
be waking it out with one of those variables or tables, what one of the big floor results are just a table itself? Well, people talking

Speaker 4 53:29
to be determined, but I mean, as you go through the house, it doesn’t have to be a big huge display or anything but just point out what the dosage in the room points out this was part of it, then we could

Speaker 2 53:43
then have the all the historical stuff more upstairs and then have the bills and everything for sale and whatnot. And we run the video, and it’s all in one size yourself a video yourself. Well, that’s right, you get smarter. I

Speaker 8 53:59
mean, you know, people learn and are interested in different ways. So that audio visual aspects on just different aspects.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
So someone who can handle a credit card.

Speaker 5 54:15
So I’m wondering if the August meeting would be even go through almost two work periods for the grant and the August meeting with like, you know, if you have the data, or what daily you’d like to have to create for the September Artwalk. So maybe that would be the deal or you want to spend more time deciding what if there’s a subcommittee who decide who create this stuff and what they what they could

Unknown Speaker 54:48
put in there. By the way, those will either be done

Speaker 5 54:51
right in process or postpone all those things

Speaker 3 54:57
that time, but we can also include the In the history of Colorado, you know why you have a sign in the front window? Yeah, we need to respectfully acknowledge their grant. That’s part of a really important part of what was in the grant application that we go back through and read the things that we’re promising we’re doing. So that’s part one.

Speaker 2 55:25
So that being said, though, for planning purposes, though, for planning purposes, if we planned for the historic stuff up in that space that allows the community then to decide where to put other, we can’t wait till August to contact artists will be played too far. In the camp, it’s pushing it. I mean, if you want artists in your house to get I think it

Speaker 8 55:51
is we’ll have some kind of visual of the grant work, whether it be in progress completed, well, once they can plan a space for it, and then plan around that, and it’ll just be wherever.

Speaker 1 56:04
We don’t put artists upstairs anymore. We’ve tried that in the past. It doesn’t work very well, it’s running, it’s really hard for them to haul everything, or so last couple of years. And I know we had time off for COVID. But it just we decided, you know, we got four rooms down here, that works out really well. So that’s one reason I’m thinking we could put a lot of this stuff upstairs. And that won’t affect them. We won’t have to worry about oh, we don’t have room for an

Speaker 3 56:31
actual carriage house. Yeah. I’d like us to use the auto house. I’d like us to open that up.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
I don’t know. Everything is just there. Yeah. Could you

Speaker 1 56:46
it could be we could go down it. Right like and then maybe you have put artists I remember the first year I did it, we had an artist up there and there. He liked it. But he didn’t feel a lot of traffic. We’re kind of pushing people, we encouraged people to go out there. But a lot of them kind of loved it. But still he got a little traffic. We didn’t

Speaker 2 57:02
have the paper dress upstairs. And that was really good in the bride and the bride. But if we have these, these people like the historic people that could come in and show clothing and I also have contact with state for for women’s clothing. That might be something that we could sit consider putting that or bridal,

Unknown Speaker 57:24
I think it’s good idea. Yeah, the hardest thing is to find the dark

Speaker 9 57:28
mannequins, and you have to know that. But

Unknown Speaker 57:32
I don’t either.

Speaker 1 57:35
Yeah, I think historic dresses goes well with the house. So more so than the paper dresses, which are kind of awesome. All right.

Speaker 2 57:46
Well, but that’s about it, then we can we can that we can work on that together. And that’ll be good. So is there anything else, then we’ll just wait for the rest of it until the August meeting

Unknown Speaker 57:57
for the grant

Speaker 5 57:58
for the people who are doing the grant display. That’s all that I was requesting.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
All right. So I need to talk about on that. And

Unknown Speaker 58:08
so is there any other

Unknown Speaker 58:10
are weapons?

Unknown Speaker 58:13
Should we you know, Karen, you’ve been interested in doing the grant stuff. Do you want to work on the grid display?

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Oh, yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 58:20
it. That would be one less thing, then.

Speaker 3 58:24
Yeah. I’ll be, but I’ll have that out. But it will start in August. But anyone else who’s interested? I would love I would love anyone else who’s interested to join.

Unknown Speaker 58:39
Okay, sounds good. All right. Moving on to number seven items from the staff. I have Karen, you came in? Is that what I can hire. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m digressing. From staffing,

Speaker 5 59:01
a few things. So just on page four of the package, that’s just a visual of the activities that are happening or have happened this year. And the asterik things are the whole building or the whole grounds, like the house and the garden. That’s what the asterik is. After like that March 24 wedding, and reception and an Astra if that was the house and the grounds, so they went okay. So those are the things that we have listed. You know, we talked about native 18 being some concrete word. We don’t necessarily anticipate that that concrete word will prohibit some of these things already scheduled from happening. If they’re not weddings, they’re their meetings. They’re things that are worried about a big photo element and it has a rather small number of people. So we have some things happening in May. We’ve got that block ops timeframe. And then we jump into walking tours and weddings and things and arrows and things like that. And then we have that July block off. roll right into more weddings with Artwalk is September 9. And then we will block out for October November and then jump into

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
October November.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
Great to have this visual. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

Speaker 3 1:00:43
asterik represents that they are using House and Garden crash. All of these revenue generating

Speaker 5 1:00:52
I think most many of them are the tours are not the here’s, I guess if it’s a wedding, that’s just generating kindred spirits on HIV versus revenue, the Disability Support Services revenue. Many of them are revenue.

Speaker 3 1:01:14
And the reason I’m asking is because when you’re doing a year end report for the board or city council, we need to like we have done for the screen capture, we need to go ahead and identify which are revenue generated goods which are clubs, which

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
is captured already.

Speaker 5 1:01:35
Being fluid and trying different things to report to you try for every three months giving you that hardcore one that we did last time. I just don’t have the bandwidth at the moments I’m trying to give you guys stuff along the way. So you know that things are happening and why things are where they’re at. So we are keeping track. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
every every every three months,

Speaker 5 1:01:57
we should get the big inquiries by one side. And thank you so much out of curiosity was in your experience. Just no event that we get regularly or is it is a paranormal?

Speaker 8 1:02:15
Wonder Yeah. And then the walking tours, and we’ve discussed this before they come into the house. So they have not in the past. Maybe

Speaker 5 1:02:21
you’ve done both. And we have either Jacqueline or Betsy scheduled to work each of those so that they can indeed enter the house.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
If everything’s up, able,

Speaker 5 1:02:33
like it didn’t get very good concrete work or things. Okay, if they can’t come in, they’ve done it that way as well. So they’re flexible and able to roll with it as it goes.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
And I understand it’s not a long period of time, it’s a cup of tea minutes.

Speaker 3 1:02:47
plenty more to take them on their tour. But yeah, they stop in here for about 15.

Speaker 5 1:02:54
Okay, and then altogether, we find on page 11. That’s the job announcement that the manager is posted on May 5, it will close at 5pm on May 22. We currently well as of yesterday, we had two applicants one also apply for intro front desk. So probably not our most qualified applicants just kind of take all the scraps and then the other individual will have has some nice experience in the store and a sports focused historical focus.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Hard work

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
the June meeting so I’m gonna get married and I’m not coming.

Speaker 5 1:04:13
stuff going on. I think that will probably rope me into doing the packet stuff.

Speaker 3 1:04:25
I have a quick question. Is it possible to include some more language in here I know that this is a job posting that the city has posted. The only reason I’m asking to add just a little bit more language is because it may fill up keywords that when people are doing employment search for a job, search those keywords might connect with people who are

Speaker 5 1:04:47
political. Posted and the way the city puts it on the job site. You’re welcome to look at it their individual PDFs so the content area isn’t searchable at Part of the job posting process for the city also posted we did indeed and to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
me that’s been the most indeed been the most successful operation that’s right story

Speaker 3 1:05:23
if it could be updated on the movie that would be good because a lot of people are

Speaker 6 1:05:27
searching cannot update it it’s posted that was that would not be appropriate for us to do that. And if we go out again for posting I’ll be glad to take

Speaker 3 1:05:37
you like your suggestions now in case every now and whenever the closing is that 20 seconds so I guess

Speaker 6 1:05:43
we would reopen we have to contact you with that if

Speaker 3 1:05:51
it’s just about historic restoration and preservation and those keywords might be helpful for finding the right qualified person

Speaker 6 1:06:04
I do have one thing oven saga it’s in the Yeah, it’s an auto house I did was able to get after a month company to come out and look at getting it in getting the old one out. They he felt like they could like they could create the angles with it take certain parts off both and make it happen. And now it’s been three weeks and separate from them so I’ll call them back and get them out here they’re a company that’s done many times for the city but getting folks to do work is I think a real challenge but they definitely knew what the community was talking about as far as these be professionals about getting this stuff in and out and damaging and all that so So I felt like it was the right guy just gotta get right

Speaker 1 1:07:09
because there’ll be another possible I mean not right now but maybe making a service door here to the sport

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
because we already have a door just

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
make it a little bigger no no

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
the historic

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
integrity of the proper structure well

Speaker 6 1:07:29
there’s probably a way to do that if you if you’ve maintained what it looks like doing that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
it’s not something

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
easier in the future

Speaker 6 1:07:45
but we’ll we’ll get into there see I had I had to get it from Golden Van Lines first story for like 10 months here you’re gonna get out so it’s Hey, you’re making progress we could turn the oven in this house right exactly

Speaker 2 1:08:11
so let’s look at anything else as soon as the curtain curtain oven still working. I believe it is

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27

Speaker 6 1:08:29
that I know what the current one was. We have to change it out then we purchased

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
up so Oh,

Speaker 2 1:08:42
okay. When you use it, you can smell a lot of gas

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
that’s as good as Cypher

Speaker 2 1:08:53
for events and people have said I smell gas I am concerned. Yes, this

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
is in my recollection. It seems like that was replaced before

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
I’m sure that was a place for me it looks like it looks like something from the EDC values just ballpark guessing Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
I guess that is right. For the venting

Speaker 6 1:09:25
the vent looks really nice. It looks looks good. When when these guys hook it up I’m gonna test it out. Yeah, and that’s a part of this process is getting professionals to check the whole system make sure everything’s working right.

Speaker 2 1:09:39
But it’s awkward when you have a huge gathering here for my in laws. 60th anniversary everybody was panicking because they smell gas. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
you’re making great progress.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
yeah yes we have a few things

Speaker 1 1:10:06
okay there anything else is there Okay, let’s move on now items from the board anything to bring up

Speaker 3 1:10:15
Did anyone see the ad in the paper about the sunshine tea and bake sale is the sunshine club historic club used to meet here catalog house and so you know they’re doing a meet fundraiser today 10am to 3pm 353 Grand Street so their donations, support dental screenings and care for St. Louis Valley students senior smiles with the solution career dental scholarships, emergency Family Assistance associations, outlets, shelter and community service projects so just a very special club doing very it’s happening just ash though

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
according to their reference to the oldest Club in 1906

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
that’s a good question. What was going to have to look back while

Speaker 4 1:11:15
this I’ll tell you my PO group used to be here and Delta Kappa Gamma waves teachers group called me up the stairs as you grow older in the group couldn’t get everybody upstairs

Speaker 2 1:11:33
still have other meeting spaces and that’s one of the things is

Speaker 4 1:11:38
they went to a meeting in people’s homes the groups got smaller in some cases like my Delta Kappa Gamma is much much smaller. So they found the church to be less costly or they mean homes so that was

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
just change demographics

Speaker 4 1:11:56
if you’re if you get into a habit so like to grow up on them they meet in everybody’s house has younger people in it we can all get up the stairs now I think still, but that was how for several years

Speaker 2 1:12:19
I still think it’s important that people need to know that we have the downstairs space do they don’t have to meet upstairs tuning in

Speaker 3 1:12:30
here this morning. Yeah, so yeah. Anyway, I just thought that was special on the sunshine around since well when Alice was here and he’s missed the date so you have to read it early

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
so close this so we can

Speaker 3 1:12:57
have to ask him to be on there next Strawberry Festival was coming up on May 21. Kenny would know more about are you still part of that. So I’m not really involved

Speaker 4 1:13:13
very much in our but but that if you’ve never been to Australia, Strawberry Shortcake the first of the seasons.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
So that’s gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
that’s hard to miss combination.

Speaker 3 1:13:27
Yeah, it is. My specialties and then those go back in the day back. So good days and strawberries. So and then, um, one of the things just an item, you know, when we went up and we were looking through and turn to the house, I’m showing the Symbian coordinate with around the house. We’ve talked about why closet is really full, we probably should schedule a time to go in the closet and organize it so that he can walk in there so that guests can even throw the guests in there when they’re here for the next up in house. So can we schedule it cleanup day? We should do or the new house manager should take care of that. It’s part of what we do because a lot of what’s in there is word stuff. Okay?

Speaker 6 1:14:28
So I’m gonna ask that you wait until we have a house manager okay, because that’s I don’t want to start getting tossed out representative and things like that. So it’s it’s something sad so we can communicate so fast passage. Actually, not that What could you

Speaker 3 1:14:56
call it that was just materials that we sell out This is

Speaker 6 1:15:02
just like, we get to get a kick, every person can have a whole house refresh. So I like to look at that opportunity.

Speaker 2 1:15:10
Okay, let’s, let’s put that on future agenda item deleting? Yeah, I think that’s awesome. I fully unsupported.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
When in doubt, throw it out? No, no, we don’t want to throw off historic stuff, we just need

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
to get over it on this organization.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:30
That’s, that’s what I’m talking.

Speaker 1 1:15:35
Okay, anything else? All righty. That brings us to future agenda items. So the first item on there is house manager picture project. And I mentioned Carrie, we can do some update on that.

Speaker 3 1:15:49
Well, I think our update is, as we talked about last month, so Ellen mentioned that as the workers or contractors are coming in and doing the work in house, the things that are in the hallways are going to need to move to preserve them and keep them safe. And so all of that will happen. And so the hanging revenue hanging around is going to be installed will need to be installed about that time and the wall restore in the places where there are some holes at that times, because then that way that that all gets done while construction is happening. And then nothing gets hung until construction is complete.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
Which is the job that we got plans

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
for. Okay, but

Unknown Speaker 1:16:44
my question is, do we have plans for it? Is it is that on? The To Do lists are hanging hanging?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
Wait till we get these guys.

Speaker 6 1:17:11
So we’ll need to do some partition, we’ll be working for work with the new person to person here and getting that done in conjunction with.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:25
So that’s not going to be with do you wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
do you need? I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re asking.

Speaker 3 1:17:33
Do you need help finding the person who can do the restoration of the walls just with the repair work?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
Why not when we talk to

Speaker 3 1:17:42
our person that restore as soon as the contractor is doing the rest of the work to get there.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47
Okay, that’s it.

Speaker 2 1:17:49
We talked about having city staff committed and just paying the bar, you’re going to contract?

Speaker 6 1:17:58
Why don’t I haven’t gone anywhere with that because the person going on and the construction so I have not followed up with that. But that would be my intent as far as doing try to get

Speaker 2 1:18:14
to something that would be wonderful. And we should have a system so yeah, systems.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
painting the wall repainting the wall. I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
think so. Again, we want to look, right.

Speaker 1 1:18:35
Yeah. Okay. So that sounds like it’s gonna be put off a little. I mean, we won’t see that until this fall anyway. Maybe sooner? Maybe your optimism. No, I know. But I want to talk to those guys. They’re here working.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
But if I didn’t mention it, get it on your list.

Speaker 6 1:19:03
That like doing that thing, thinking about the other side of the holes? For sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
Okay, anything else on the house manager pictures? Okay, let’s move on to club affair. That’s been postponed for a couple of meetings. So I guess

Speaker 2 1:19:23
I think we’ll just keep it on future future. Because it’s something that we want to do. We just can’t do it right now. Under under construction and everything else that will probably follow up until

Unknown Speaker 1:19:36
next year.

Speaker 1 1:19:38
We won’t let it fall aside. We’ll just keep moving. Eventually we’ll be alright. Then let’s move on to number see a review future house restoration and preservation projects. I don’t know.

Speaker 3 1:19:53
That’s just the list that we need to be cognizant. And it’s in the city list in that packet. It was provided the report to the city council. This is this, that list that is included in the packet is what we need to be mindful about. And it’s for two reasons. One, we need to be aware of something that is kind of a bigger ticket item, or maybe smaller ticket items in the CIP, and the timing of that is kind of, well, that’s your ballpark. So, yeah,

Speaker 6 1:20:25
I will tell you that we, as a city, we have essentially been told for this year, not put in MEC LPs.

Speaker 3 1:20:35
Not even just to put it on the radar, not expecting anything, but just kind of put it out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:40
So we can’t even ask,

Speaker 6 1:20:44
can but when Harold says, Don’t put in a CA PS, even though I know they won’t be funded. I’m just not gonna be to put in I’m talking about all recreation and all sorts of things. But that’ll be something for next year, and we will. What’s the reasoning? The general reasoning? Is there a lot of projects in the city that are funded but not getting done? From various people’s perspective and timing there? This doesn’t have anything to do with us and recreation or anything you’re doing. But there’s a general side, there’s Alright, we got to get done. Done. We’ve got $650 million of CIPS, many, many, many of which are not funded. Well. If you add something to that, the end of that list, what do you do? So

Speaker 3 1:21:41
definitely simplicity perspective. from a board perspective, if we don’t respectful, we, we if we’re not asking them, we’re not having to the window, the proof to whatever organization providing the grant saying, Hey, we’ve requested this for this funding, great topic. Versus production. But even if we’re just saying, we realize that the city has a lot on its plate relates to your focus, we’re submitting them just as a, I don’t know, a marker of my own time to say, we’re putting this and we know, we’re not getting anything we know you’re busy with other things. But for our purposes of being able to write grant applications, we need to provide proof that it’s just not. And so that’s the reason for the need.

Speaker 6 1:22:39
So so not right now. No, no, no, no, I’m not going to put next year because right now is right now. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
right now. Okay, then,

Speaker 6 1:22:49
like this week, next this week for CFP. And we do have one for pointing on the house. That’s okay. $56,000.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
Wonderful. That’s what

Speaker 6 1:23:04
they’re especially that’s why, why is this why is this one here? And what is that? Well, it’s so the house doesn’t fall apart. Okay.

Speaker 6 1:23:18
So that’s the one that sits there right now. And I will I will be adding to that. I’ll probably add 20% to it. So thank you. It’s just thank you. So that’s the one we got. Next year. Absolutely. I want to get on with whatever our next Can you

Speaker 1 1:23:34
describe it that once you said? Yeah. It’s an order on the grid.

Speaker 2 1:23:44
And we’ve discussed it before, but now that we know that it’s in the midst of getting it funded, that’s that gives us an option. I didn’t have questions, though. We were told things like that was gonna get fixed. And that was only a to do list. Is that really on the to do list? Or is that just been there

Unknown Speaker 1:24:05
for a long time seems to be drying a

Unknown Speaker 1:24:08
little bit you can track?

Speaker 3 1:24:14
Would you be okay if I reached out to Jim Bertolini. He’s the one who does this work and not contract with him or anything? Just ask.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:22
We will have a new staff member

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24
waiting to talk about a new step that Eric

Speaker 6 1:24:27
posted. Know that this is a pet peeve is renting out the house. So that we will that is something that we’ll go through the list with a new person and what we can do for them. To me, this is the top of that list that’s out here. If I need to get done,

Speaker 2 1:25:03
okay, so basically, let’s, I guess keep the root tissue restoration preservation projects on the list. We’ll discuss it in the winter. So we should maybe put on the list winter, so So do you want October? November? What do you think I think would be a good time to put it? Well, we just put October. Wonderful, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:37
Okay, Kellyanne house eat less content, I think that she’s,

Speaker 3 1:25:43
well, she she accepts Oh, you guys content? Yes.

Speaker 5 1:25:47
And then I, we put out a sign in sheet for the emails.

Speaker 3 1:25:51
May I put together a Thank, you know, just a little thank you email that I can provide to you. And you can submit to the group of people who signed in as guests, and it would just be a thank you for attending the stream open house. You know, the following are the next open house events. Please feel free to join us we’d like that kind of a just a thank you for coming. Here’s what’s Here’s what’s coming up this year. Can I do that and give that to you?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
I have to copy and

Speaker 3 1:26:27
paste. This promised, would it be okay, if I were to do that? Does everybody need to see and approve it? Because I’m happy to send it to everybody. And then you all just get back to smile and say thumbs up or no or one thing?

Speaker 1 1:26:44
This probably comes from the board? I think I usually see it. Probably I’ll say okay, even just going to email it to you.

Speaker 7 1:26:51
Okay, I just find that everybody will see it that when

Speaker 3 1:27:00
I was listening to that. Okay, thank you. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:06
That sounds good. Anything else on E blasts? Already? The faulty you have to set a date. Okay. Okay, that’s next month. Okay, and news release for grant project? That sounds like you’re smiling.

Speaker 3 1:27:28
This week talking about it again, because we’ve started to talk about it last month. And of course, we’re still really early on. But when many things can we maybe shoot for next month to put together a news release and saying, here’s what’s happening in the calendar house. And just some photos to include acknowledgement to history, Colorado, and thanks for their support and municipal project as well. You know, that’s kind of the things we promise to History Colorado, we would do well. So it’s important to be transparent with the community to say, what’s happening. You heard the news, you heard the buzz about the grant work that’s going to be done. Here’s what’s happening and when and so there may be times when the garden is not accessible due to work on the concrete and this is the reason why so that kind of

Speaker 6 1:28:24
stuff. But yeah, let’s let’s put the let’s put that on with you on the new new item your business.

Speaker 2 1:28:35
So we can listen to this for June and then we can put a news release out in the labor at

Speaker 6 1:28:42
some point. Let’s see we’re at that point and we will make the decision to make the decision as far as I’m concerned. I think we’re at late June early July Yeah. Because that’s that’s we have that work well by mid June we kind of stopped work so so know where we’re at and that’s probably an appropriate time to do that.

Speaker 1 1:29:08
Okay, perfect. Is there anything else somebody wants to talk about? During

Speaker 5 1:29:19
one small thing that venue hub was one of our ways that we would get an increase venue of has changed their market business model and now they only reference tightly in the Denver area. They no longer offer expanded. My is boulder area so so you’re getting inquiries from venue have in the future.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
Okay, that’s still getting wet. Am I right?

Speaker 2 1:29:53
Oh, yeah. That’s not something we paid for. No,

Speaker 5 1:29:56
no, it’s kind of like a Fill in your events, fill in your things, click the areas that you think you might be interested in, click in your budget and we will automatically send you off center emails out to these people who will reach back to you and what they have meets your criteria. And they just got decided to only blast people in the Denver,

Speaker 2 1:30:18
your arrow or scope.

Speaker 1 1:30:24
Thank you. So with that, then we’ve reached the end of it. So can I have a motion to adjourn?

Speaker 7 1:30:34
I move that we adjourn and

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