Art in Public Spaces Commission – May 2023

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Art in Public Spaces Commission – May 2023

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Alright, hello,

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we heard a great scene.

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And the correction city of 20 minutes is we’re just going to table assault as long as he says,

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Don’t fight. Thank you very much. edition scratch

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corrections to the main agenda.

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I have none.

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Counsel, update

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your comeback.

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And so that versus

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so I’m just gonna talk to you all for expander.

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Because it’s the end of your internship, that’s

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how to make it official.

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So very crucial for Jess.

Speaker 1 0:53
Oh, good practice. So I’ve been working with Angela and our public places to give you guys just a little bit of a starting place for support tours around Beaumont. Awesome. So our goals, when we started this were to have two tours with seven stops, each of these will be invoked downtown, or have been invoked downtown and around the campus here in Hong Kong Museum. Both of them we wanted to do in the interpretive writing style. This gives a little bit more context about the piece rather than like factual, what was the artists like what was the, like, creation piece history like, rather than factual things, it’s more like you’re walking through the museum. So it makes kind of a museum access to a little bit accessible, but we also wanted them to be interactive. So I’ll show in a minute, we’ll go over to our code, that will be something that will be on each piece that will be in each port. So basically, when you walk up to the piece, there will be a plaque. And there’s gonna be a little QR code on that. And you can scan that and it’ll take you directly to this dock, so that you can get more information as you’re standing there for another piece. And then you can start from that point and go through the rest of the tour and do so. And so that’s kind of leading into this next point, we want to just a template, and a launch pad for anybody who’s going to be working on these tours in the future. But we also wanted them to be very moldable, both to the user experience and to the people that were creating the tours. So you guys want to change how we’re looking at pieces in the future. We wanted that to be really easy. But we also wanted it to be really easy for people to go up to a piece and take the tour, even if they didn’t realize the tour was option initial when they saw that he’s. So that was one of our main goals. This is going to be where we’re currently standing. I’m going to have Angela click on the link in a minute. But the software that we were using was meant to be seen on the mobile phone. So if you guys want to and are able to I’d love if you could scan this QR code, you’ll be able to see it on your mobile phone, as it’s meant to be seen and will be seen by most users.

Speaker 2 3:08
And I’ll send this to you as well. So we can play with in the future.

Speaker 2 3:17
Hey, Pamela, a train terrain. I know. It’s training and raining.

Speaker 1 3:25
And if you didn’t get it, that’s okay. I can also put goals before we get that one here. So make sure you guys go. Oh, yes. And the password. So to go over to

Speaker 2 3:36
coming through. Do you want to go through that? So write that down

Speaker 1 3:41
that test 2023 all lowercase, to zero to three.

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She doesn’t do passwords like that?

Unknown Speaker 3:50
Yes, sorry. No, no, thank

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you. I had those. I made too complicated. Okay, right, everybody ready?

Speaker 1 3:58
Fantastic. Okay, so as you can see, this is taken us to the page with all of the current tours. And then down here in this coming soon tab, which will do will, you’ll also be able to see I think it might be over on the right hand side, like a three dot menu. But it’ll say coming soon. If you could click on that. And then this is where you’ll enter that password then t e s t 2023. Like that. And then it’ll unlock this tour. So this tour will be unlocked for users, but because it’s under construction right now and not fully finished. We got it under

Speaker 2 4:36
the coming soon. So you’re in the sandbox, right? You’re looking at it from something that is not publicly facing right now. So we’re going to do this iterative process, right. So we’ve done the evaluation that we’ve looked at the content, we’ve put it into this this application, you yourself will be able to go out into the world see how it works with a piece of artwork And then reflect and evaluate feedback. And then in the meantime, we are doing Spanish translation, we will also do audio in both Spanish and English because that is preferable to Braille in the same age. And so because, of course, fantastic applications aren’t. And the other thing is, this isn’t an app. It’s a mobile website. So you don’t have to download anything, you do not have to make a username and a password. It’s not complicated, as long as you’re able to get onto the website to the web. That’s what makes me successful. So does everybody understand that you’re on the not before we’re facing one? Okay.

Speaker 1 5:43
So you can see here we’ve got a tab. This is just another thing of the interactive of in changeability for people who are going to add to it, we wanted to specifically specifically to highlight the art public places towards, so you’re going to click on that. And then this will bring you up to not only in our public places introduction, if you don’t mind scrolling down a little bit. Perfect. So this is just an introduction to our public places, and then there’ll be introductions to each little tours. And then at the very bottom here, we’ve got our buttons for each tour. Just go into the conversation one, and then it will take you through a couple of stops to actually start the tour. But once you have started it, you’ll be able to see that you’ve got a nice big picture and then you’ve got the description, all the information here so that people get like the full experience with looking at the piece and are able to understand a little bit more about why this piece is relevant to Walmart, what they can learn why it’s been chosen by the board and by our public places. And then of course direction through next Scott were included in everything, as well as all of these pieces will be included on a little map. So if you remember a printer in bottom of the tabs, it was like a map tab. All these pieces will be included there as well including Los Arcos, which has six different stops but

Unknown Speaker 7:03
they will all be considered in the mapping process.

Speaker 1 7:08
But yes, as Angela said, we will be having Spanish and audio for this. This has been a really awesome project. I really enjoyed working with some of my board members or board members to do this. Yeah, and I can say it’s super interactive process. So if you guys have any thoughts about it, if you hear any feedback about it, you’re more than welcome to talk to whoever will be

Unknown Speaker 7:35
I leave it for now.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
But that’s that’s great. Awesome

Unknown Speaker 7:46
was anybody able to navigate on their phones? Oh yes.

Speaker 3 7:52
I know it wasn’t low. Yeah, so I tried to turn my phone back on and try

Speaker 2 8:00
Oh, are you on? Either feed having a mad droid What are you

Unknown Speaker 8:05
and I lost my phone or

Unknown Speaker 8:09
put it back up one more time to keep water oh

Speaker 2 8:16
if if your QR code reader doesn’t work the tour long mn dot stories s t u r y that app is the direct URL is this the new office this QR code signing city generated

Unknown Speaker 8:36
no but

Speaker 2 8:42
this year from your mind the mega city generated one was some of those free QR ones they absolutely viruses etc for this perfectly loaded page. Okay. So then

Unknown Speaker 9:10

Unknown Speaker 9:13
is your pain paying a lot of

Unknown Speaker 9:21
money to

Speaker 4 9:31
figure out how to technology. Does anybody have any questions or comments about the

Unknown Speaker 9:39
trip? So you may have ideas about what we should do if we can avoid meeting with Paul home that

Speaker 5 9:53
I really want to get all the signs up whether they had shorter code siblings

Speaker 2 9:59
or cosplay Good signs of So believe it or not on this total sidebar, so I’m not going to go down the rabbit hole. But for our Range Community College and the city is working on paid internships for the summer time, and they have very short two months, which is about the time that it takes for us just to get acclimated and get going on something that said, I think that there might be an opportunity to reopen to someone through that process for the new programs in

Unknown Speaker 10:37
the password for the Wi Fi, hub,

Speaker 2 10:40
Oh, shoot. It’s something you should be one. So So the whole point of this, this is like this, this opportunity is showing exactly. This is where we’re problem solving. See you we’re going to play with it, we’re gonna mess with it, we’re gonna get our signs up, we’re gonna get our Spanish done, we’re gonna get our audio done. We’re gonna get him up. And then we’re gonna evaluate it. We’re going to, we’re going to do the feedback first. And then you need to start really thinking about what is what do we let it sit for some amount of time, get feedback through evaluation, and then start a new one. So we’re really just shofar is it, you know, what is? So think about those kinds of things, I will send this to you and we will compensate. And nobody have any questions Hermione, and what she’s doing next, or what she’s

Speaker 1 11:42
raising her thesis on or designing my thesis is actually going to be archaeology, it’s going to be about a specific bone bone tool, the way

Unknown Speaker 11:56
that archaeologists categorize

Speaker 1 11:58
our longtime relegates them to what the archaeologists thinks they should be. And so that makes it really hard to go back into the literature and figure out what it might have actually been and how the differences in how tools books may have actually been designed. So I’m going to do basically we’re taking out that

Unknown Speaker 12:22
bachelor’s, master’s position.

Speaker 2 12:26
The museum has had a relationship with Bob Nauman, class et Cie boulder for years. So I think that museum has three to five interns every semester.

Speaker 1 12:49
And potentially, I’ll be working with another intern on this or a different project.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Alright, thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
For before you get too far, this is like, monumental is somebody who’s working with you has

Unknown Speaker 13:09
been working with you. She’s done a great job. And it’s been really good and just go getter, but she does want to work hard.

Speaker 2 13:23
Great. Thank you, Eileen. And I recognize that your time is limited because it is a very busy time of year for everyone. So works really well. So thank you. Thanks. Yes. Next on the agenda is the Public Service Recognition Week event recap. You’re there?

Speaker 6 13:58
I did. I attended. Well, there were people there. I was the only one from AARP. And I felt lonely. But I did see she left. And I contacted and I found out I think she was she killed herself. And then I talked to other people and it was really nice, actually. I mean, it was a nice little event and I met some people that you know, there were on other committees was that so that was nice. And I got you know what? A really cool cold only blast with a straw. So they had really good cookies, which is one of my favorite things. Always very important good cookies, and no sandwiches and just you know, so it’s a nice little event. And so we’re issue. Did I get a while I did have my nametag on. That said ARP people asked me what that meant. And I told him

Unknown Speaker 15:10
honestly, that’s right. So

Unknown Speaker 15:16
I dressed up to YOU DID I DO Andrew? Artists

Unknown Speaker 15:26
are your Christmas holiday

Unknown Speaker 15:28
health tech or did you put them?

Speaker 6 15:31
No, I put the put my real name on it. I had a cool interesting children’s know so I’m shocked was there and and and so that was it was oh, it was nice. It was worth going.

Speaker 2 15:53
Thank you. Yeah. I saved shared mice, my sickness, the no new virus. So you

Unknown Speaker 16:00
know people did after you

Unknown Speaker 16:02
were like, she’s

Unknown Speaker 16:05
she’s really good. Shampoo.

Speaker 2 16:07
I’m sorry. But thank you very much. And the images were great. And the feedback was fantastic. So

Unknown Speaker 16:12
yeah. I have not tried my my cup yet. Have you tried to

Unknown Speaker 16:23
limit on the number that we bring into the house is like, as deep teachers

Unknown Speaker 16:39
one in one out of every one and is here. Right now. So

Unknown Speaker 16:52
I hope you have it again. Next year. I like to go to these things.

Speaker 2 16:57
Yeah, I agree. The city or cities was very rather, City Clerk’s office is doing a really great job of working on that engagement. They did a lot of social media and outreach for the application process, especially. People are still dragging their feet. I think they’re being really selective of what they’re joining with. You You took the three of you who worked for about seven years? Well,

Speaker 7 17:34
I think almost the entire Callahan board was there and Callahan was there was a few other folks that it wasn’t like, like, we can escape. It was like we had made these mini CCDF. Here it grows. And we still had studies. What the, you know, this connection was or people

Speaker 2 18:10
probably wasn’t there. I mean, maybe it was lovely weather. It was that was really nice to everybody at the same event. Well, yeah, it’s really something that well, and typically, of course, museum advisory board in our public places, we’ve wrapped our volunteer association in the fall with the museum volunteers, so we asked, we’d like to ensure you have all the seasons.

Speaker 6 18:43
Yeah. But I didn’t mean to people who volunteered for really hard things. Public Housing

Unknown Speaker 18:58

Unknown Speaker 19:05
All sorts.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
Like to know mine.

Speaker 2 19:14
All right. I don’t know what you’ve been doing for the past two weeks, but we are full speed ahead. So let’s see. You have your QR codes. You have the flyers social media campaign is underway. Limited. We have a login with some the first right of refusal email. So anyone who has participated with us in the past regarding here also expressed interest expressed concern from the neighborhood, people that came to the November event, people who came to the January event, and anybody who was content, contacted us from ancillary sources got the first opportunity to sign up as Brad said, there is going to be plenty of room for anybody who wants to participate. And that is the message going forward over the next week, anybody wants to come? no language barrier problems, no problems with if they can’t hold a paintbrush because of XYZ, I have accessible tools that you can use, there is no age barrier. I would love it if there was an adult to every kid 10 And under just because because, but no one is going to be turned away. So currently, there are 400 spots, as of yesterday, yesterday for say Thursday. Anyway, when I when we launched a social media campaign, everything was a go had a double triple check that was like whether it looks good, you look good, we’re good, we’re good. So that washed at 530 at night, by 8am. The next day of our 400 slots 56 were signed up this morning 10% will be good. Press Release is about to go up shortly. The next leg has been helping me immensely from a facilitation point of view, getting me the van that we’re going to use. So we will need to tear down every night we loaded into a van and don’t have to unload and rebuild. So we can say that their partner is very fair, excuse me. Next leg, as you know, has massive infrastructure over the last X number of years. And which has contributed to the arm a couple of places. I think it’s very appropriate. If we were all agreeable, no vote needed, just thumbs up. Great. So that would then be a part of the press release. As soon as the press release goes out, we can expect those members to jump start 25 people, painters per shift for two hours, have wanted to do four hour shifts. And I think that that’s just too long. I fear that people wouldn’t sign up. Because the lighting for it was just too much that they control the sign up back to that you’re straight. So it is and this was close to where there

Speaker 4 22:24
wasn’t go ahead is tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Speaker 6 22:30
I did talk to my physical therapist, people and give them the hard sell. So tomorrow I’ll go by and a lot of people physical

Unknown Speaker 22:40
therapy were interested, awesome.

Unknown Speaker 22:42
It was really sad that

Speaker 2 22:48
he’s crying. I have an emergency room and I have flyers. I also have dinner. So it should be getting a little late. I’m going to send all of this to you in an email. But I also have between heaven who can’t be here tonight. And I we need some we have some roles in the volunteer from that I just need to know the author. So instead of Oh

Speaker 6 23:23
issues, really want to paint, but I don’t think I can, but I can supervise and organizing and all that

Speaker 2 23:32
stuff as much as you can do. And even if that is being the greeter and making sure everybody doesn’t mean tech. There is something for everyone. I promise you, no matter how much time or energy for for ability. All of that presents passing out flyers. There’s something for everyone. So

Speaker 5 23:58
unfortunate. Yes. are we sitting up there on the middle and

Speaker 2 24:03
yes, so everyone. I very intentionally looked at Evans route as a high school, his internship requirements and looked at where he needed to demonstrate those leadership roles. And he put this together he has decided the roles of nominee volunteers me what the setups gonna look like. He’s asked me for a formal

Unknown Speaker 24:32
formal Hi

Speaker 2 24:44
so he wants glow necklaces, maybe some facing blue literals for the baseband unit Robots will figure it out. It’s just it was. So this isn’t the first time I’ve asked him, but he’s had time to think about it. And then today, we came up with all the ideas, it was just just fine. So what I said was, go talk to food trucks, they require minimums. So you can’t do that kind of thing. But Pat has a vendor of some organic snacky stuff that’s going to be coming and passing out. And we’ll have those Sam’s Club regular so all those Cheetos and talkies that everybody got a good chance.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
I just looked at the bill.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
I think that is all adults shorts, and you can get

Speaker 8 25:40
numbers from kids or everybody, everyone from Oriental Trading

Speaker 7 25:45
Company that’s got stuff like that. It’s just

Unknown Speaker 25:51
yeah, she,

Unknown Speaker 25:52
yeah, they’re large quantities.

Speaker 2 25:59
So I’m gonna do my best and take his wish list and date because all the dreams come true. I have a whole machine karaoke somebody else here. So just because he’s showing me he showed me, you know, he’s like, I want it to be like a block party. I was like, okay, you know, this is the deal. So that he also brought some really extremely thoughtful things. We need some scraper. Absolutely. Hand washing station. Totally mortified. Yep, absolutely. All of these, you know, very, very thoughtful things as far as if he’s doing a good job. He’s 17. So he’s doing good. Yeah.

Speaker 7 26:45
So when we do our walk, and things like that, into, we have seen those portable grade ones, can we rip those? Or do we hold them

Speaker 2 26:56
yet? And it actually is relatively affordable. It’s not super inexpensive. That sort of thing. Yeah. And that was touched into the project. Yeah, because toileting. And while you’re getting it delivered, my login was, in case I’m asking Woody, because this is a water heavy situation. I’m going to ask them, if they’ll lend us kegs and fill them with water and KPFA, calm, and use them as weights for our ads. schlepping cakes every day, makes me very excited to dial

Unknown Speaker 27:34

Speaker 2 27:38
we have ways around it. So I’m gonna go through all just for hand

Speaker 1 27:44
washing is out here. But that’s what we’re gonna have to do brush washing.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
Just as a virtual machine really does take

Speaker 3 27:51
a lot of theories I do find on Amazon, there’s like

Unknown Speaker 27:57
a portable water station

Speaker 3 27:59
thing and not very expensive, then you decide to connect the water and adjust

Speaker 2 28:03
water to it well, so I’m renting one, okay, but what I don’t understand is like how to refill it. And of course, just based on my experience I’ve done came in before you can get a cleaning bill half up with water ends up weighed about 40 pounds, and I’m exhausted by the time we’ve done it, but they hold the tents down. Yeah, as we have massive wind as she is. And the little weights that we have for the tents sometimes are good enough or not. Anyways, these are the things that we’re talking about. So when we’re talking about volunteer shifts and setup, like it’s a heavy lift. So really think about the volunteer shifts that we’re we’re looking at and talking about every volunteer shift that you sign up for. So I’m going to say it in two different ways. There’s a painting volunteers, those are like public participants, please don’t sign up for those. And then there’s this event support. Please do sign up for these. This is the tip. This is 1718 1920 21 Next week starting Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
No we don’t need like face painting or something on that because my daughter does that.

Speaker 2 29:20
Now that’s just the weekend when kids are around. Yeah, Saturday and Sunday over that’s fine. I just like what I want to do is make sure that like for asking a service of somebody that we’re able to pay to accommodate them and be paid we’re not asking people to vote for quick so I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Yeah, I have a fair wage. And since these are this is like added value, right? So this isn’t something that we’re publicizing. We’re definitely publicizing that this is a family friendly event and painting is What we’re doing, and everyone would like to see it as a blog card. Right? I’m very excited that one

Unknown Speaker 30:09
day actually, just crazy.

Speaker 2 30:12
Weather right now is looking better than it looks outside right now. I love mid 70s, low 50s, which is great for painting division. So we’re good in that market is looking like afternoon showers.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
So to Monday or slumping

Speaker 9 30:32
to bring it up to the 21st. That’s happy steaks. Oh, yeah. I know that there’s a bank that was giving us some relatively large packets at some of them. I went to three years ago, I have someone texted to us, or send it to

Speaker 2 30:58
inquire if they still get a problem. So because we’re the city feel to a business specifically and ask them, you know, because then I would really need to ask them all the eggs and you know, and for these, so I can’t do that. But I have some, some sunscreen. Seems to have some sunscreen. That I’m going to use some a we’re going to ask for like, yeah. Okay, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
So do we have a receipt or anything like that?

Speaker 2 31:34
I do. Yes. And so you know, back up a little bit. Evan is meeting with the youth Youth Center tomorrow at 345. He’s going in, and he’s recruiting folks to come. If they would like to have their own dedicated time, we’re going to do that for them. And he’s asking all these questions, what’s gonna make you money? And I was laughing with him is he had? And he didn’t want to have to do like not what do what do? What music do they want to hear on my Spotify account? Because if you have your tools, playlists, play, those kids count really good. So what is it that they want to hear? What is this? What does this event look like and feel like for you? And then 17 year old long, you know? So yes, music definitely. I just have a, you know, a little speaker that I’m probably going to stick in a Home Depot bucket, and it’ll be a louder of Justin, who’s not in town right now has a nicer one. That I would love to ask for motion, if I can plug into. But yeah, so I think we’re covered on that front. DJ kind of situation is probably outside of the budget in the realm of reality, right. And we have DJ, and also worked kind of sitting going back to that setting precedent like setting precedents, right, like we do for one community will be can one be able to do will do for everyone. So as I say I

Speaker 8 33:07
was there to make the original one was there now like the older one. And there was nothing. I mean, it was just asked me to put it was great.

Speaker 2 33:16
It was really. So remember that the city manager’s office granted us, Evan and this is the projects. So we’re in and we’ve been talking about diversifying our reach and getting to use this benefit. Again, this is the best way to get as many people where they are,

Speaker 5 33:41
this is a good opportunity to see all these ideas has what really works and what rarely doesn’t inform our future events from what we learned.

Speaker 2 33:52
Yes. So there are a lot of things that are on this list that are firms in the Sustainability Office going on. Probably not be super jazzed.

Speaker 8 34:01
I was gonna say I just said that to ya reviewer here like plastic job. I know what a loser nightmare environment.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Things got me.

Speaker 2 34:13
Yeah. Well, they may hidden that is where you as a board, you know, I’m sorry that he can’t be here. But if you as a board say, okay, glowsticks. Hey, no balloons, or whatever. Please, please advise. Really, because he has

Unknown Speaker 34:33
glitter everywhere. Yes, the

Unknown Speaker 34:35
days are forever. Exactly. 1000 you’re

Unknown Speaker 34:37
not gonna be in the dark as private

Speaker 3 34:41
like us, and we’re not gonna be in the dark for low stakes. So I feel like that might be unnecessary, like some of the tunnel. True that’s true as long as a plan

Speaker 8 34:52
we put by somebody where we have like, for loops and a string and kids can make a necklace. sort of you don’t even think could be an alternative to plastic blow reasons and stuff like that, but never vital. Right? So that would be my suggestion. And then that’s I think that the kids can do their adults or whatever with each other, when they’re adults just be unique. And they they’re, you know, or they can make a little bracelet.

Speaker 2 35:21
What do you see the person facilitating children activities as the same person who’s doing greeting and name tags? Or is this new feature a completely different volunteer?

Unknown Speaker 35:34
I can potentially volunteer

Unknown Speaker 35:36
because you all

Speaker 8 35:38
available, because you can’t leave children unsupervised, right?

Speaker 2 35:43
Let’s talk about our needs. Right now. And then let’s talk about stress. Okay, so first and foremost, I should just do this up there. I’m sorry. So Wednesday, Wednesday is the 17th. There’s only a morning shift. So when I say shift, so this is the public shift. And then there’s going to be the event support shifts. Okay, that’s you public shift this from nine to 11. And 11, to one on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, it is nine rule 11 beloved one, and then number three, and then three to five, five to seven. And Sunday, there is only and after noon bit an afternoon bid is three to five, and five to seven. Does that make sense to everybody? And 25 Right now, public people who can sign up for themselves plus three, four, any shift at any? Any of these types? Is 400. Okay,

Speaker 8 37:15
so I’m sorry, you’re fine. I totally recognize that this is the entire mindset

Speaker 2 37:22
that I’m gonna send you in all of the email, but I do want to overwhelm you with oh my gosh, like, what am I looking at? Glitter? Is

Unknown Speaker 37:34
the event support times different?

Speaker 2 37:37
Yes, of course, because we have to set up. Well, luckily, for me, right, so let’s talk about this is talking about essential to do this project into your right, okay. Okay. In blue, your ships, I have, I have six, presently, different kinds of help that I need. The first kind of help that I need is set up people. It’s physical, okay. Set in a nose, okay, because I love that as well, how we got it all set up, it needs to be an hour, at least before the shift. So on Wednesday, it’s going to be an 8am thing. And I think two hours later, you I feel differently about that. So that’s a tech eight to 10. These are the things I’m hoping you’re thinking in your brain right now. And not on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, oh, I’m sorry, event setup. Maybe go for all along. Then I need a greeter paint facilitator that somebody who’s going to be like, here’s a clean brush, your clean stuff, you learn what to do based on what pass or action is, which I really don’t know if this is going to be very similar to what Jamie Oliver did were very different. But this isn’t to say that we are the most organized communities and we’re done. So good thing. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that they just come in and be like do this, you know what I mean? Okay, so, also paint facilitators are going to be probably cleaning rough edges. Okay. So these paint facilitators need to have the same shifts. As between staff and admin, we’re going to cover the gap of time so everybody can go home, have a break, have nap, come back. And then same, same kind of thing. We’re gonna then we’re gonna have somebody applicate station into so that’s gonna have to be somebody who is tidy and has a steady hand. And all of that oh fan has patience, patience, patience, because we did learn through the neighborhood is everybody comes up to this person all at one time. And they love cake. And he’s not open right now it’s 90 degrees, and it’s drying out, or we’re doing the cream. So you just have got to have that air about you in my love people. Okay, if I’m lucky, no, we will pay for our working on March or whatever just this job is. It’s it’s a, it can be overwhelming, because everybody wants everything from you all at one time. And it’s like, we waiting, maybe walking through this, because people two people need kind of Philips verbally saying at that station is going to be hugely important. First out number three, I know that you’ve got a question and same kind of thing. Maybe 15 minutes before your shift, or before the shift starts, I believe in an ideal world. If you could do for our homes, that would be awesome. But I think we just keep it to that we can just perfect the school. I wouldn’t say park at Centennial, and we’ll export. We got some surprise parties.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
Yeah, yeah, we’re gonna be on the festivals

Unknown Speaker 41:40
right past the old architecture. Which is things

Speaker 10 41:47
in addition to kids, so we need to be very careful that no painters, or kids

Unknown Speaker 41:53
or kids don’t pass water. Well, there is already weeping through that ball. Over Yeah, it’s leaking from the top. Yeah, we’re we’re doing our best job to make this investment in.

Speaker 2 42:19
Painting guys going out there. They’re scraping for silver coating, make it the best palette, we make it, we’re going to paint it. And we’re going to hold the last 10 years. And that’s it. Because you know, the infrastructure of the box floor is something that needs addressed in parks knows it city comes in, which is not the priority, right? But we’ve already seen it. It’s already been attacked, we’re dealing we’re doing this project. And I want to make sure

Unknown Speaker 42:50
that the entrance to the culvert on the

Unknown Speaker 42:55
park side on the other side. So

Speaker 5 42:59
whatever is happening now, right? That there’s something there to say, Hey, you, yes, it is really basic.

Speaker 2 43:07
Or whatever we use or whatever there needs to be signs or something there. We also have a lot of really awesome sidewalk chalk. Sounds awesome. Right? So then we use downtimes. Like we can go up the sidewalk, and it’ll stay there for the days. Yes, and there will be people over there. We could do other music over there.

Speaker 5 43:33
too. So that announcement there you’re walking into a fun events,

Speaker 2 43:37
we have a frame signs, which says remember Amen put out into this world, these lovely people, including myself and I believe and whoever they take out that cleanup every day for five days, right? So we just need to make sense that it’s right and have purpose. Okay, so then after painting station person, that is where end of the tunnel person, whoever, whatever you want to call that info person, because we’re only doing one side table, right? is on the other end and then greeter, greeter slash sign in person that’s going to be a seated role and like, epically important because we’ve got to keep these numbers. Right so we were tracking typically for SAP news check in and ours folks have research to try and manage that and we’ll have the clicker. These people count for participation for the museum. So this color is attached to these people. So having good records for this is really important. Okay. Your biometrics

Speaker 8 44:52
like that dollars attached like so like if you have 500 people that come out and get more dollars.

Speaker 2 44:57
We have any people Come out there’s there are because this is because our polling places falls under scft, which is the science and cultural facilities, your district is one penny on $1 That was voted by. And he’s in the 90s. So the counties that, that fall under SCFD, and are in different tiers. There’s the top tier Botanic Gardens, Denver Museum of Nature and Science and River Museum. And the zoo, they get judged judge close to millions of dollars because of their attendance because of it. But attendance doesn’t just mean somebody who buys a ticket and comes into an exhibit. It means attend to all programs. Yes, fairly easy. So we have to try placing the gold also, we’re in the middle to your and can when she was here, that was one of the biggest things that she did was moved us up from the tiny tear, which was funny, there was like five figures easier to middle tier, which is figures. And all of that is fake. And that actually funds right now they funds our fund development person. So it’s very smart thing of getting the dollars back.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
So is that as recent that was talking to Senator

Speaker 2 46:21
what is the Youth Center and the children, youth and families has a location that is very close to nine and outlined?

Speaker 5 46:31
What are some logins it’s oh, by the far other side.

Unknown Speaker 46:36
So actually, this

Speaker 2 46:38
Centennial Park is sort of a JSON structure, because it has all of our social Docker images of children because family so on Oh, yeah. So children and families offices there, but also, by the responsibilities work that they do. Children, Youth and Families out of that that center is an asset. So kids come there after school, they have programming that host directs them to, you know, alternative, not get into trouble and things and whatnot. Anyway. So I’m just going to meet with the kids who come in after school, how do you advise after school and trying to get them involved in participating with us? Yeah. Okay, so, so graders, and then the last one settings are questions. And then, right, and so tear down is going to be an hour before. So if, you know, on Sunday, if we’re in a seven, it’s going to be six, six, and then on Wednesday will be as early as. And that is going to be lots of fun. Because that’s when I bust out the dead jokes. So our target is going to be every day asked me.

Speaker 9 48:07
We just can’t even start. Okay, so what are we going to set up the target on Wednesday?

Speaker 2 48:15
Buckets, clipboards, folders and waivers, pens, first aid kits, toilet paper name tags. Okay, but that so this is the poll of participants, right? Oh, yeah. So our setup and teardown people, I think those are just two hours is, you know, so like, if no, we forget Colombo for some natural reason. wasteland coral reef, we’re going to go blue. And you know, and I just need help here because I can’t convince any of this. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 48:54
I think the question is so

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Wednesday, Wednesday,

Speaker 5 48:58
it’s just our shifts are 810 and 12 to two,

Speaker 2 49:02
if you’re doing setup. You know, all of these setup in the setup and teardown? Yeah, are those two hour shifts, okay. And then these other ones will basically mirror the public participation stuff. And in an ideal world, if you are available in agreeable setting sign up before. So I’m going to send this very consolidated to you in a sign up. I just wanted you to understand the difference. Does that make sense? So

Speaker 9 49:34
when is Pat going to outline over

Speaker 2 49:37
this Wednesday in action? He’s coming. He’s coming Tuesday. We can be social on Monday. So my power washing has done. I have talked to Detective Killian, who is my new BFF police officer. I am on standby inside I need to call anybody who is signing up. Yet we’ll talk about when was, what your role is and what you are looking out for and people that we know are going to be there and are invited. Maybe there may be someone or some people who maybe shouldn’t be there, right. The other thing is our recaps are going to be coming in and checking in on us and just saying that if you’re on the trails, I think we will be close. It also closes at 11pm. So there’s no reason that anything should be happening there.

Speaker 5 50:37
We have some kind of a taco mesh or something to put over the internet.

Unknown Speaker 50:55

Speaker 6 50:57
Patrick’s gonna come on Wednesday to explain everything. Does that mean Eric election? Come on Wednesday at a certain time. I mean, okay. It just seems

Speaker 9 51:09
wrong Wednesday, we know we have something happening from eight. Right to correct.

Speaker 2 51:15
I mean, I think that there’s gonna be outline or patching and blocking is gonna start on Wednesday. You wouldn’t have public? Yeah. It’s not

Unknown Speaker 51:23
going on Wednesday. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
Question? Yes.

Speaker 7 51:28
Good today. Yeah. Was the process of a peacock and being people that recognize individuals that probably have no business need around children? Yes. Is what you’re hitting.

Speaker 7 51:54
Okay, so do we have any shirt thing when we do have people signed up? Somehow? When we get there, right? Yes, it’s getting nailed for excatly. Kind of waiver.

Speaker 2 52:15
Yeah, yes. Yep, photography. And because we would like to take pictures of people and use them in perpetuity in all formats, including on the weapons, cetera, et cetera. anyone under the age of 18 has to have it signed by a parent and guardian, all of that in the email to them in advance, when they do the signup, we will have available to you for dropping. If you’re over the age of 18. Awesome. Drop in, give us your name, do the thing, sign the waiver, you’re under your pants that drops your kid off, go cane, and you don’t have the lever than I say, Hey, can you call me collar folks haven’t come and sign this indemnifies It’s, it’s gone through legal and all of those days. And then overnight, we had talked about doing things to to make sure that we’re mitigating any problems before we’re able to put the sealant on. And so I spoken to our friends at the cat, the police officers and how they prefer to do it. And they are not keen on our idea of having a bonfire and your martial art goes on to say that all that out there. They said Thanks, but no things. So they’re gonna take care of that. They’re gonna take care of it for us. And so there’s, there’s going to be lots of eyes on it. But

Speaker 7 53:51
you know, with our baseline guys, that will be this is the seventh conversation with them about how the current situation they put in somebody had something like that they can spy. And it’s quite the intricate filming in camera system that they have yet several parts. And they use this high speed internet that we have here. second fastest in the country. They were the first sec. But now they’re working back,

Speaker 2 54:27
I guess one or two in the morning and bringing Daisy and animals like, Yeah.

Speaker 7 54:36
Something you can do is yes. So like that.

Speaker 2 54:41
Which so I hope that that makes everybody feel better. Because I know we have had this conversation at nauseam because I just want everybody to feel really good. And all of you who are planning on under Yes. Yeah, I have a question. On the days when there’s a break in the afternoon. Yes. Who’s gonna be there to make sure that staff, we’re gonna make sure that every volunteer gets an opportunity to go home. So between Eileen, myself and Dan’s walk, start on Monday, right. And we started this project on Wednesday. And she said I want to start

Unknown Speaker 55:21
that’s perfect good

Speaker 7 55:29
secret admirer of the the multicultural Council, and in the hour and a half, I stood out and you suddenly need done without any sort of surgery without it without a hammer, which doesn’t get in the car,

Unknown Speaker 55:46
which was lovely to be in the

Unknown Speaker 55:49
nose. So,

Unknown Speaker 55:53
yeah, we’ll

Speaker 9 55:55
take care of real people so really want to spend the night in that sounds really cool. Dana. We’re dancing in

Speaker 2 56:07
a hole and I don’t think you’ve decided to Detective doing

Speaker 9 56:11
what I know you put the kibosh on it but really don’t be disappointed. It’s not fun

Speaker 2 56:23
Yeah. Does anybody have a nutshell and again I did that purposefully did not send this to you in advance because I wanted to explain so nothing I’m an agency not for not for you unless you want to Okay, I have to go and pick up our man which is a police ban that is not wrapped it was lifted this there’s that we’re gonna be taking that up. Go to parks pick up our Jenny. Get all just supplies. All right, can you just stop? I can I can. Alright, so if you want to set Yeah, if you want to talk. Today, I might be able to okay, what was it? i This is the heavy lift for private but you can understand. Monday advanced? No, it’s okay. I’m between getting Lara’s desk set up and excavating my queue. We’re getting ready for another person that’s in my headspace. And this we’re just getting together a huge list and Merson so

Speaker 6 57:45
just touch base with you like Monday morning as you were typing like

Speaker 2 57:51
yeah, it won’t be on the site though. They seem to be riding around picking up stuff going to Sam’s Club it’s getting really add snacks

Speaker 2 58:07
photographer and all of this, this is a photography so but other than that, I think everything else is pretty much not necessary for this conversation to

Unknown Speaker 58:19
do photography.

Speaker 2 58:25
But he didn’t have an SLR camera, so it’s good ones. So knowing that this is the structure, is there room for free will look that verses do we need to add this I see this is adding more capacity to do children’s programs. And that’s great. Like, you don’t think that I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
I think there’s pain is probably really

Unknown Speaker 58:56
sufficient that somebody else do

Speaker 3 59:02
that and then don’t add anything else to your play or to like the kids have a name or anything else. But if Evan has stuff that he wants to do, just let him like be the ringleader on that and let him do this thing but I don’t think that any of that is necessary especially if you’re having music like and you can you know DJ people did you know when it was easy? So first off like that and then having just a little bit of just a little bit of sidewalk chalk and taxi.

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Yeah, I think that

Unknown Speaker 59:32
that is happening you know?

Speaker 2 59:34
I don’t know, right? There’s no much rambling on cyclotron, we can well and that is just another added layer of responsibility. Yes. And also have been tasked with with this week’s we talked extensively about the people that you can interest in sending these free volunteer help me out, asks to is the are some that you will let babysit your puppy? Like, do you send this to everybody into your program? No, because you don’t have these people, your locks. Right, and you’re hung up. And I think that the January of it, I think he will not the hard way. Sorry, Evan. But, you know, he took on 1200 door hangers, and we talked about three per hour is about what you can do. And I think he tried to get some peers and people to help him. And that didn’t work out enough. He spent like seven hours on his own. You know, and so the hard lessons, so, but this lesson, right? This falls on other people big time. So I think he understands how critical this is our success.

Speaker 7 1:00:52
When we do these PSAT tests testing, we’ve gotten kind of smart, we have a Google Doc and one person kind of mandated to see and that they give every teacher that access to it to put in comments or cattle trouble over in this section here. So texting back and forth is on an SSD, but you get on a Google Doc, and say, we just have a huge bill paid just over here. That would be you know what clean up now file or whatever it is that you’re dealing with. And, and that person goes. Okay, now, you sitting somewhere with the right stuff, getting the wrong information? Yeah, it might be something that’s good Clearinghouse that that thing is simple. is used to using Google, I’m sure because as the kids are using school,

Speaker 2 1:01:47
and I think that was actually a really valid feedback was like, like ship report at the end? What did we learn for the setup people who was like tomorrow, don’t live with your back, or even you know what I mean? Just the work, we didn’t need, all of the ways. You just needed this many of you ready to get the other ones or some, you know, all of those kinds of Stillings. Yeah. Be responsive to meeting brochures,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
or whatever,

Speaker 2 1:02:18
too much pain for 25 people, we only need this much.

Speaker 7 1:02:23
Just just, you know, then, of course, you know, if you’re training some candidate, and kind of it’s a record of what we had to do the activity. Yeah, for sure.

Speaker 2 1:02:34
That’s good. I like that. And I mean, we could do it on a Google Doc, we also could include it, like, on a clipboard that you as volunteers put it on, and then he imports it. And it’s in two places per copy for whomever shows up digital copy, if someone wants to check in that before and see what’s up. But other brilliant ideas.

Speaker 9 1:02:59
Okay, so is all of these extra things he proposed and so forth? Are we saying that we’re going to prefer to have just face painting in the kids?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
I think that’s what I’m here. And we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
gonna we’re gonna opt out the sidewalk chalk for you. It doesn’t require supervision. And

Speaker 2 1:03:26
this is what basically we’re gonna put like a few colors, music on the bag and tablet smart the last time. Yeah. And we can use it for signage. So chances are on the Tuesday stuff, the Tuesday stuff that if there’s opportunities for extra, we’ll go in and put that necessary signage. That’s on the sidewalks. We’ll do it. Yeah, that’s hard to walk back through. So that’ll be one of those things. We’ll pick up and we’re going to make this as easy peasy as possible. We want to lock perpetually. You will see this. Okay. Any other question? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
You’re gonna feel so good. It was

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
like two years.

Speaker 2 1:04:18
Well. So the original was 2018. And then the first contract was 2019. The second contract, this was the third contract. This was last year, at the end of the year, we had 10 amendment, and that doesn’t include the 22. So I want those couple of things to know. Okay,

Speaker 7 1:04:43
so what did he do? We have, that’s my school, so called no high bands, and they probably have that at nyuad or so. And that’s something that you know, they can just say, hey, this To the front and back of students that might want to attend the state itself. And they kept that up there. Then as soon as it’s something like that, he just check with them. It’s usually something associated with the school. Yeah. And if the district we didn’t pass it through them, they might get more than enough volunteers and helpers. High School,

Speaker 2 1:05:24
he, he got us digital today, and he had plans. That might have been what it was. But that might have been one of the social media that went like

Speaker 7 1:05:32
in thinking like this, this is Social Media through Instagram. And the kids just really follow. No, there’s not a good high school that doesn’t have another phone, I think.

Speaker 2 1:05:45
But if you don’t see it, it should, all of us should be coming out, like right now. And we just want to make sure that the neighbors and the people who are have serious vested interest, like you can hear that they got that first chance. And they also felt as they should, they were prioritized. We really did prioritize. Okay, thank you for getting down off the soapbox. Yeah, I know you all have You’ve done so much work leading up to this, and I just want you to know, just Gosh, it’s looking really good and, and over 10% Sign up in less than 12 hours is tough. So once you know, once these things get, it’s going to be significant. All right, ma’am. I think we’re done. She’s

Speaker 5 1:06:39
not ready to sign up. Yep. Next administrative update this full dedication. So I would

Speaker 2 1:06:50
I wish I could pull it up for you. But I’m not going to just because of time. AJ has done his first animation. And it looks good. It doesn’t? Correct. Yeah, there’s some problem solving that has to happen. So two things. One, it was supposed to be something, you put the QR code, you hold your phone up, you see the animation. That is not the case, you have to download that app.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
It’s a free app. And you

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
don’t have to fake it. You don’t have to make a user

Speaker 5 1:07:25
you don’t have to sign in at a password everything. It’s a free app, just say yes. To the app, it took me literally 30 seconds to get it wasn’t.

Speaker 2 1:07:33
It’s kind of annoying, isn’t it? That’s what we got. But we can take the animation, put it up on something like story and have the animation running. So someone could in fact, just go to a web page and have the animation running, rather than having to do the, the fancy back and forth thing. Right now, if you can imagine a digital two dimensional, if you will, like screen. And if something were glitching, it would feel like the screen was like falling forward. Or that the perimeter maybe wasn’t holding the image that doesn’t make sense that it’s glitchy it like doesn’t, the animation isn’t holding on to the mural with the parameters of the mural. So it’s just not elegant. That said, when he fixes it, the fox wiggles its nose. It has some movement in the fur and roses bloom. And it’s and their circles, especially Oh inner circles in there, something’s happening. So it is cool. And we are going to get there and we’ll hold his feet to the fire because ideally, I think it’s time to dedicate this business and knock it off the list. Second Saturday, great call which happens along Fourth Avenue. They close down the street, the booth is at the firehouse they will give it to us of course we could dedicate it to 10 that is what I’m proposing because we can hold AGC to the hierarchy is at the screen right now. Is going to start getting a lot more writing that way and then we can say yep, ours is dedicated is up. We’re going to have to continue to problem solve and I think that’s okay. But I need you all to say yep, we should do that or we should say is Saturday,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
not on a different day in

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
town. So I think it’s great though. Okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
Okay, so we need to have a vote Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46
we need to vote so

Speaker 8 1:09:49
that we do the dedication for the fox and the mural on to 10 we are going to be a fireman’s

Speaker 6 1:09:59
second Hi, I’m David post I just as I read at the recognition that I got a lot of consequence of divorce treat you I really do that I have a lot of people that love sculptures and they saying real nice. So feeling down there

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
is really more that

Speaker 8 1:10:28
I said a lot of patients on social media like Longmont, Colorado

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
sculpture alley,

Speaker 5 1:10:36
it’s really been it’s really accessible. You can walk right around each one. It’s like, cancer is really interesting, it’s

Speaker 6 1:10:44
answered when you notice like the arms and the legs, which is like, and she’s

Speaker 2 1:10:51
the one that the heels of her dress groom, to be fair, is mixed media and it was held together with a zip tie. So I think we’re gonna be all right. But I drove into town, of course, and like solid reasons. walked in, I mean, you know, everything was fine. No big dents or anything like that. But yeah, dansili of it. She was having

Speaker 2 1:11:31
plaques are translated, if you’re doing drugs on them, they’re being longer than I was hoping. But you know what? Awesome. Okay. What do you think like? So, because we’ll be on Fourth Avenue for second Saturday, I was thinking that folks who can’t participate, and I will do this again, send you times, would actually take groups of people go over to the mural and show them the art and say, this is this vote. This is evil, because that’s what it’s called, but one of the top and this wasa by April J. Denver, and I’ll give you the talking points and whatever. And then you take folks and show them how they download the app. And how, okay, sure. Okay, I’ll send you two times on that. And then if any helpful works great. And if it doesn’t, we’ll just want to be like go that way. But we will also be this of course, will be on Fourth Avenue to be able to tout the sculpture awesome. At

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
what time are you thinking on June 10.

Speaker 2 1:12:36
It’s whatever it is. And I would like for Saturday, specific times to Saturday. It is it’s not so hard, I guess. It’s hard Walk is a relic and was moved up by the firehouse and the big bad are blocked with all like where they really shut down Maine and have all the vendors happens now once a year in September. And then also they do an Art Walk, which is the Creative District and Ltda in the firehouse who all worked together and they just closed fourth Ave. Between Kaufman and gain. And they have loops and stuff along there every second Saturday starting in May. And they with our walk in September. So it’s May, June, July, August and September. So those five months and of course, our sculpture will now be going forward. I will send you typed I don’t remember what it is on that Saturday.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
Okay. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
new business.

Speaker 2 1:13:56
The Sea of five for that turf reclamation project at Unity in Kensington and was awarded $25,000 from the state. I have bid that to our meetings supposedly on Thursday that needs to be where I learned about it. So let’s see if I could go over what I mean that that’s really exciting. That means that all of our dreams are gonna come true about protecting that thing from the mowers and getting Mario or their disabilities because let’s face it, that is that piece is so important. Yeah, but huge right then that’s that’s only me. Laura starts on on Monday, she received her formal letter of hire. And so all she has to do is show up at HR and then that’s the thing. Yeah, and that’s next and then. So museum director, I think that they’re going to be hiring. Soon. There’s been a lot of conversations about restructuring the museum and also within the city mindfully and I think that it is being heard by Coldplay. They thought so just Jeffrey snarky is the director of calls and culture

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
and culture.

Speaker 2 1:15:19
All right, rapid library culture, which means us and golf. Library. Anyway, things that. Anyway, I have asked him that our public places stay under the director of the museum just because any sort of buffer between us, and then the museum director, and then the city is just one more layer of complication. And I think we’ve heard if I need your support,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
yeah. Not directly me, Jeff.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:54
Jeff, museum director.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
Yeah, not.

Speaker 2 1:16:02
Exactly, no, no new buffers. So if I need your support, I’ll let you know. But I think that that has been heard. And then last, but not least, um, is the day has come where we need to reselect and choose some folks to step into our executive team. Because Randy, who is not here, because of course, it’s the school, school business is terminated. And she’s leaving the chair position. So I sent all of you I know, and I think I’ve heard back from from some formally, we’re supposed to have a nominating committee is always better than password. Cheryl, giving in an ideal world, having the vice chair set a new chair role works best in every war that I’ve ever had, and sitting next to you on your behalf, as expressed interest in keeping that. Sweet. Thanks, ma’am. Yes, exactly. Exactly. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
Good. Yeah, yeah. nomination, I accept the nomination to be able to vote. Yeah. Go to the whole slate for whatever. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
so that’s

Speaker 2 1:17:25
a pretty sweet birth month sentence, Harry Baganz acid. Okay, so that means Cindy’s Vice Chair, roll open up to all of the vice chair that that usually is setting in when the chair can either according to our guidelines that I shared the chair or chose to switch off roles. I think it’s mostly to hold the date that

Unknown Speaker 1:17:53
was that I know that

Speaker 2 1:17:55
it’s okay. If it’s an area of interest interested in question, oh, no, that potentially would be moving as chair position. Comfortable. Fine. I’ll tell

Speaker 8 1:18:19
you like sitting here like this?

Speaker 9 1:18:27
Yeah, well, I think so. Yes. Yeah. Okay. I will see, I mean, I’ve been trapped snow but it has managed to work out working on

Speaker 2 1:18:35
the hybrid thing. I mean, it’s getting there like already there. Yeah.

Speaker 8 1:18:42
I would say the winter suits I could go with Zoom rope ropes we often so yeah. Jennifer, if you are out of town and cities I was going home or somebody said like I’d be able to make

Speaker 2 1:18:56
running. So that’s the whole point of the executive team and then being on a leadership role mentoring new that come on, continuing for us to diversify topics people need to advocate that all of us are doing that anyway. And then of course, there’s the emergency corridor quarterly, three times a year for executive TVs, looks at all the big bad stuff that he projects to the center. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
Vice Chair, Tabor and host thank you for your

Speaker 2 1:19:39
Alright, so then the other two roles treasurer, which sent me or holding on to the present moment secretary, which has recently begun one thing about Secretary in the new position because Eileen, of course is moving to becoming the secretary of the museum advisory and we’re only going to torture in one condition or two. The crew over at sunset is going to take over this taking basically, meeting notes will say, to then lend itself into the minutes and then the new program assistant, Laura, her job is going to be formatting, then sending it to the secretary, having the secretary to the grammar check. So we have spent a lot of time in our meetings to the minute business so the Secretary is going to be receiving those looking over those meetings and minutes an accurate record saying essence and so it shouldn’t be daunting anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:35
But that’s all I have.

Speaker 3 1:20:43
Extra time all right, doctor put me in for

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
the Secretary.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:02
All right.

Speaker 2 1:21:09
I’m gonna say, man, and I’m gonna say, you’re awesome. Melanie. Thank you. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16
come on. Okay. We’re

Speaker 2 1:21:18
on paper, versus not accepting certain term 70. You’re sticking with it. The hope is six new programs, systems coming on board will be better reporting quarterly. And certainly looking at the budget, this budget cycle comes through. Albeit we don’t have a museum director. But we’re not taking on anything. We’re not taking on any of the waste.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:50
No, no, this is bigger budgets.

Speaker 8 1:21:54
I was in Spain last summer, and they have more than like four places and Madrid with their fault like they are in a race. But yeah, we need for them to see

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
more things. Right. So cool.

Speaker 8 1:22:09
Looking at a Trump Tower, kind of thing. But

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
so there’s two in

Speaker 8 1:22:15
there either huge and garden around them. They’re huge.

Speaker 2 1:22:20
So we have some we have Florida law. No, of course, was just getting in America on the bushes. And the logical since we have Spirit coming into town. And then of course, the big question mark is, and is this a going back and forth, but I think that they’re still sitting in the annexation that has to happen, and we’re not doing what other people do, which is put up the art and then take it down because they’re redoing the building. So I don’t see 2020 for the athlete, so we’re not going to so that’s the big treasure a hobby. So other than that, pretty dry, satisfying. So let’s jump right in. You may also

Unknown Speaker 1:23:05
know Stephanie. A second. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
you. So when did these terms start? July?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
Also, so then yes.

Speaker 3 1:23:38
Well, that’s my only question is what if I don’t become or what if I don’t get into a back kit?

Speaker 2 1:23:45
You know, yeah, were you interviewing for somebody? Yeah. The three of you lie, each of you filled in on the term that was not completed yet. So technically, you haven’t even started your first term, you have applied for your first term, which means that your year one of your three year term will serve July one of 2023 and then you have the opportunity for six more years. So that so that, we have to do an interview process, it will be on Zoom. There are specific questions. I do need somebody who is not replied to sit on anonymous one or two of you zoom into this into the email, isn’t it to you attend an event previously you had sat on it? Because you have to Yeah, yeah, Jennifer, you but you are applying for you can’t be on do pay. Are you interested in sitting on a zoom? Sure. Sure. Great. So I’ll send you to who my third reason. I will set I will send you times for potential zoom meetings. Pamela, Cindy? Well, you don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 1:25:19
be sure.

Speaker 6 1:25:20
It’s because of Legos you’re really good at it

Speaker 2 1:25:23
has to be by the end of this. Sure. Right. Probably will be like Monday or Tuesday of not next Monday for Moneyball.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:32
Traditional, perfect. Yeah.

Speaker 2 1:25:36
You guys don’t like us? Like Shazam, all of us do this stuff. And I didn’t even watch the interviews. It’s very interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
To note these new people and look at all their

Speaker 2 1:25:48
applicants with zero new applicants. One person who applied for a job and told me that she presented her application, we tried to get her on the board. And I reached out to no one has a need as long. So right now, I’m trying to get him back to Yeah, that would be good. Okay, so that is all I have, ladies.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:11
So you’re like you’re trying to

Speaker 2 1:26:13
get out? Oh, I’m sorry. Nominate a non formal nominating committee for the three applications. Jennifer, Danielle, and Teresa. And then we make a recommendation to council to council oil of do their interviews, and then they’re reappointed?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:38
Okay, so is that in between businesses? And everything else? No.

Speaker 8 1:26:45
Question for you. Yeah. So, you know, we had that discussion about turning the board down and all of that. And the attrition. Yeah. Like, this is why, like these events of the day come about, I felt like it would be bad to have fewer people. Because somebody who said or whatever. Yeah. So I don’t know, I just wanted to hear your perspective on that. Because like, we’re sending up all these shifts four days in a row. Like, that’s a ton of work, right. But it’s also true that you’re happy with.

Speaker 2 1:27:19
Right? Yeah, it’s true. And one more not. I mean, I can play devil’s advocate on this guy. So I’m gonna play. And we’re still sitting in 1212 people for X number of years.

Speaker 7 1:27:38
So some commission sports, you know, don’t need a news article, I think for the fact that you guys really kick into high gear when it comes to spring, summer and fall during the really the kind of little bit of burnout people. So having more on a quarter like this probably logical

Speaker 2 1:28:04
repeatability and maintenance, right, like, but as the as the collection continues to grow. And on the devil’s advocate, so city clerk, there’s no board that’s this large. So the question is, is 15 the right number is 13, the right number, because we’re getting 12. All the time is 11. But we don’t advertise for positions that are there that were they were wanting to make up to do that. So yeah, this is asked for that. So yes, we’re absolutely trying to avoid the situation where we get closed down for only the one year and then they have to apply again. Because let’s face it, the application is kind of, you know, yes, this problem

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
is here. So,

Speaker 2 1:28:53
so we did not advertise heavily for that. But we had five up to six, and our guidance individually had five growth rolling in and out. And, you know, three envelopes at a given time. And also, we are now down from a June and December application process to once a year. Oh, that makes it a little harder. We do not have to choose to minimize the board at all, attrition is only been suggested. And

Speaker 8 1:29:29
I just wanted to hear your perspective. You know, in context of the day, like I’m looking at that going on Camp working, but I’d like to be there as much as possible, maybe a condition every other day for our whatever that I like all of us have to pitch in in order to make this thing happen. Yeah, pretty much.

Speaker 2 1:29:49
My interest personally, would be to find ways to have you sit on my news library, and I just don’t understand why or why not? We can do that it does that mean that maybe there’s just instead of 15, we take it to 13 minutes, and, and a member of the Council sits on it, but how can we start being creative. And then also, with the hybrid, as we get better and better with that, I think that that’s how we’re going to start filling seats is being able to be versatile with someone who has kids who can’t leave for science, and online is how they can participate, and being available to to a different population that we’re just not really sure right now,

Speaker 7 1:30:34
what my conditions like the Callahan needs during the day, they react when meeting more people if they met at night, really is the time to start doing you guys can start doing it after you know, the work hours. And this is the time when people are generally available to do it once.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:59
Yeah, well, thanks for answering.

Speaker 2 1:31:02
Yeah, I mean, I think that I’ve would have would have felt a little worse than the situation if all of the other boards got massive amount of applications in the field. And the city clerk’s office sent a note to council and to us letting us know what applications look like granted, people always live until the last minute, but it wasn’t just us. People aren’t applying for boards and commissions. I think it’s getting better, because we’re still straight coming out a little bit. Yeah. So PM, Randy, who is term limited has to sit for a year. And I will continue to tell her, Please come Please don’t mistake and age. And then when I ears up, join us again and you know, traces back like you’ve served previously. So

Unknown Speaker 1:31:52
yeah, well,

Speaker 8 1:31:52
I think I think it’s also intimidating for people to make a three year commitment. Right? And like, maybe it was due for a year. Make sure I got into it, like because it is it’s a long commitment.

Speaker 2 1:32:05
And maybe that’s a to where like we do a better job of inviting people to come because our meetings are open meetings and say sit before you apply for a three year term. And see, is this something you want to do every month? Because if it is then apply, but if it’s not, it proves

Unknown Speaker 1:32:23
that it works because because she was kind of happy that you were because she came to

Speaker 2 1:32:28
us, right? So we can we can say this now because she got our formal letter. Laura attended our postgame she was one of Daniels employees. And so Danielle, of course was on the hiring committee and I call Danielle and I was like, you can’t be on the hiring committee anymore. And I can’t tell you why. So after I applied how many applications did I go through? So 30 went through the 30 interviews size to withdrew. And yeah, tomorrow just you know, I think it’s gonna be a bit interesting is you know that she’s there’s no such thing as a uniform house open but more than show up. So yeah, but I think she’s really engaging her that one job 30 hours a week. And I think that for what it is she’s she’s there she likes the free offer later.

Speaker 3 1:33:35
Question was with this stuff, or we live as a community bulletin boards around town,

Speaker 2 1:33:41
I guess as long as you take down your time. Okay. Yes, but please take it down. Just because it’s got the cities you know, we’re city servants and you know, only our herbage are supposed

Speaker 3 1:33:55
to be look like sheep and drones and they’re always like, so like.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:03
So evident has 30.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:07
So we’re putting us at reception

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
for people that were interested

Speaker 8 1:34:11
in for over an hour. It was pretty well attended

Speaker 2 1:34:16
very well as in it can put the kibosh on why we got

Speaker 2 1:34:31
this right, any of the producer signs on the wall agenda or minute tomorrow

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