Museum Advisory Board Meeting – April 2023

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Museum Advisory Board Meeting – April 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
First up is Eukanuba. This is a Japanese traditional kind of informal garments. It’s not the same as a kimono, which you’ve probably heard of. These are more worn during the summer a little bit more informal and they’re often copies are not the luscious silver. So we have a large Japanese American heritage here on the front range in London, and hope that this piece would help represent that community. And it’s very good to start with questions after each. Each one was like, we want to ask questions. Either way, so I Okay, I’ll keep chugging along. This guy was from another donor. This is a very large chili pepper veiled, it’s made of cardboard, and it’s about the size of an office desk or office chair. It was used to ship chilli powder to the cooter of sin cannery. Probably in the 60s when I was young. I thought it was just a neat, perfect from Carrie.

Speaker 1 1:41
Next up from another donor to set up two ladies to the middle of the skirt suits. One is a federal lovely purple color and other reasons meaning that navy blue, they’re both from the 1940s. And have the purple one has a label in it from the Denver dry department store that was in Denver, it was pretty important in the area. And we do not have women’s suits from the 1940s. And the 1940s. Clothing is hard to come by for historic collections. Because of World War Two, there was a lot of rationing by students. And if you did have to worry so much needed to survive. So I thought these were examples of especially the number of dry logo and what more in the 1940s patients go to work during the day or to church. Last but not least, is an addition to a previous donation, that collection of documents that you’ve recruited in December of last year. So the donor had a few more things. The most interesting one is probably the small card in the bottom right corner of the photograph. It is a membership card to the south rampart street Paraders from 1996. And he said it is ridiculous for her like to talk with him for years. He got it signed by yours so that seems worth adding to the

Unknown Speaker 4:02
people donating or the people living online

Unknown Speaker 4:06
was the similar.

Speaker 1 4:08
So so each each collection, each page here is from a different donor. See, yes, generally, and most of the objects so the gentleman who donated the utility barrel was cleaning out his uncle’s garage. And this piece is filled with the rakes in the garage. Turns out it delivered produce from the family farm to the cannery and probably just saw this to the shipping deliveries out was like Oh, that would have been a good useful thing. So it’s those kinds of stories that are yes, so generally Folks are either cleaning out for cleaning up family members

Speaker 2 5:08
facility in Japanese. With that some some of the you caught it back from somebody here.

Speaker 1 5:18
So the cada was not worn by I don’t know about one of the Japanese American families in the in the area. But because I thought it was a good addition because the collection does not have much to represent the Japanese American experience. So I agree that this one has less of a long, very specific long run time than the chili girl. But I would include it in the sessions because I think it will be it will be useful in exhibition. So if you want to grow our decades of participation in then everything sequestered lose in the deeds

Unknown Speaker 6:33
any other questions?

Speaker 3 6:35
Do we have a motion to accept or some or all? Motion to accept? Some or all of that? Thank you. Okay, we’ll take Tom,

Unknown Speaker 6:49
all in favor. That is

Speaker 3 6:53
unanimous. Looks at all those possessions very much. We’ll move on to the report. So I will turn it over to Eric as the interim director to give the credit report. Okay, so

Speaker 4 7:08
you have the written report. So when I’m going to go through that, I’ll just mention a few highlights. The big things that have happened in the last month obviously, the biggest one was the departure of Kim, her last day was March 1. And so staff is working with the director of recreation and culture, Jennifer eastnor, developing a list of attributes that we’d like to see in a new museum director and the is aware that we definitely want them positions to fill as quickly as possible. So he’s working to get that process going. One of the things that has definitely come up in that process is Kim have with eight people reporting directly to her. And that’s just really not sustainable going forward. So trying to figure out a way to make the museum org chart a little less flat.

Unknown Speaker 8:11
In this process.

Speaker 4 8:15
exhibits, they are really heavily working on our next exhibit agriculture, which opens up in June,

Unknown Speaker 8:21
see some of the things

Unknown Speaker 8:22
that they’re planning on

Speaker 4 8:23
doing the pieces that will be exhibited under auditorium program, been a busy couple of months with our current programming, started the border International Film Festival, Friday, concerts, night and museum, lots of things going on. So I’ve been really busy and some really great things are a lot of the Native American programming has been really well at least 50 people attending poetry reading what you’ve ever had. To see people coming out personally more specialized. Education, again, really seeing I’ll return to the levels of attendance we saw before COVID discovery days are only traveling and program is record turnout or new steps. Every class that passes. So really, really good to see the museum back filled again. Spring.

Speaker 3 9:33
So Eric Champa, the artist, is there any remaining virtual assets that are is that all?

Speaker 4 9:42
Again, they went back all in person commercials. It was really hard to find any way to make those papers themselves and because our education department is entirely self funded our For your salary, it really programs to generate some revenue. So

Speaker 2 10:10
if I tried to get in hot water, a couple and they were completely gone, and the person was hired to do them doesn’t she has some private classes, it will get expensive because I haven’t done mine.

Speaker 4 10:26
So yeah, we good deal. Good deal to try to make our programs affordable to the vast majority of people part of our equitable access program. Under collections, Eileen has been great, he’s really stepped up and filled in a lot as I stepped into the direct rules, a lot of

Unknown Speaker 10:55
things for me and including

Speaker 4 10:57
training volunteers, a part of her her work the past few weeks. On her wrist or services, we have our first full time staff member for our front desk, offices system, from desk to desk. And so that’s really going to be a great addition to have a lot more consistency at the front desk to also do a lot of management other front

Unknown Speaker 11:32
desk staff.

Speaker 4 11:33
So we’re excited to have her on board and Brian and staff will start in the next few weeks. So the big thing I want to talk about is under development, you have two big announcements here. One is the capital campaign. So we’ve been talking about that for a while. But Megan, our development manager, working with prismatic consulting, and Megan will be here may be talking about this in more detail. But one of the things that I decided to do is increase our goals to $30 million, versus going to $20 million goal. But realizing that was not going to get us the full expansion, increasing. And then even bigger thing to know. So we are going to city council on April 25, for approval this capital campaign start off with and one of the things that this board certainly has the opportunity to do is advise city council. So if any of you wish to go to that council meeting and hear the public invited to be heard, in support of that capital of pain, as well as another item that’s on that agenda, which is the library recreation and culture tax. Coming back before City Council for further direction. And it’s an opportunity to you know, express your support for museum expansion for the campaign, and for hopefully, some funding of museum operating. So, those those meetings are at 7pm on Tuesday nights. And you sign up in advance. There’s a long list of folks that want to talk about it later. But really great to have them speak to the forums.

Speaker 5 13:57
I would recommend that you hear from the library often. And yeah, I think it makes an impact. As far as people doing city council meetings, it really highlights and gets the department offense on the back.

Speaker 6 14:15
So in addition to attending the city council meeting, or is there an expectation that board members will make presentation viewers up to you. We’re just there to support

Speaker 4 14:33
so there is a portion of the beginning of the meeting. That’s called the public invited to be heard and you sign up and you have three minutes and you can speak on any topic. And that’s all so that’s that’s when really the opportunity is for for you all to speak. I don’t yet know what During the capital campaign, we’ll be on what they call the consent agenda, in which case, there wouldn’t be necessarily a need for a presentation, or whether it’s our general business case, I think I’m sure. But public invited to be heard is really that that point in the meeting went public. And board members could come up and speak for

Speaker 6 15:25
three minutes. So that’s what we said descendants of the citizens can ask for Winchell, stones to be opened again.

Speaker 4 15:43
So but I’m happy to talk more offline about about that as well. Any questions or words. But it really is on things that the council members have expressed is they want to see that role in supporting these projects, I can see that.

Speaker 3 16:10
So Eric, I’m wondering if they’re going to be beneficial to send a follow up email to the board. Tomorrow, I personally will be out of town. But I’m wondering, beneficial so that even those that aren’t here tonight, and get a heads up, maybe go ahead and sign up.

Speaker 4 16:28
But I can’t, I can’t really tell you what to say. But I can certainly make you aware to the museum is on page. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:36
I think that is possible is to sign up. And it doesn’t have to be three minutes 30 seconds to just say, I support the Museum, Museum extension, do it. But feel free to say whatever is on your mind.

Speaker 4 16:59
Alright, so I will let you read the rest of the report. But one other thing I just want to note is that more recruitments is underway right now we have three board members whose terms are up or down rate on purpose. And then we also have one vacancy. And I believe groups all are eligible for renewal and fees you choose to do that. But you do have to reapply. It’s not on

Unknown Speaker 17:32
how to do the

Unknown Speaker 17:35
likelihood score deadline is this Friday.

Speaker 5 17:39
So we need to highlight recession that we’ve discussed with the city manager, city attorney, and we gave direction that time to extend logistics

Unknown Speaker 17:54
in small compensation for

Unknown Speaker 18:01

Speaker 5 18:09
There’s no specific about when or to recruit longer it was the idea was before we close everything off was that we would allow for more time for recruiting people to apply. So we didn’t set a date. I think it was really requested back on staff to see what’s feasible.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
So sorry, that is not helpful.

Unknown Speaker 18:37
By all means get your applications in.

Speaker 4 18:45
And if you think of folks, you have that vacancy, that would be great for the advisory board. We just love to have a form that is my record.

Speaker 3 19:03
All right. Next on the agenda is the record the chair. So we’ll move on to the library arrangement. Last year and.

Speaker 4 19:31
See up on the screen here. This is the results of a survey that the city conducted to gauge public support for a series of tax initiatives. And the first question that relates to the museum is kind of ranking and cultural facilities based on their value. And you see here the museum is terms of being ranked numbers one through 320 9% in the survey ranked Museum in the top three. So we’re pleased with that you consider we’ve got the library Recreation Center, Senior Center that had a boss.

Speaker 4 20:31
Next question relates to new recreation and cultural projects. So this is really why Council directed that these surveys be done looking at is their community appetite for a tax initiative in November. App counts council meeting a few weeks ago, the folks that did this survey gave a presentation, one of the things that they said is, you want to see at least 60% voting yes, in a survey like this, because it hasn’t been campaigns and hasn’t been really anybody having a chance to think about it. It’s just, you know, easy answer before, you really want to go forward with a tax initiative. And so one of the things we see here is that the new branch library is really the only one that gets to that level. Museum and Cultural Center expansion is 54%. So above 2%, but based in part on this and part on the word from our capital campaign, so it was staff has made the decision to really hold on capital outside of the museum off consideration for the tax. So we will be raising that money through the capital campaign around the exhibition. But there is still a need for operating expenses, which are much harder to raise through capital campaign. So that’s, that’s where we would still looking for for some attacks. So basically, there’s a lot of information here about different ways that you can slice and dice, these survey results. And there’s also overlooks on Park projects. And another element is people asking, would, would they be more interested in bundling projects together? So for example, when the museum was originally built, there was a ballot issue that funded the museum, the Rec Center and improvements to Roosevelt Park, and that pass with over 80% success, then a couple of things have changed one that they were able to do without a tax increase. Actually, I believe the law has changed, you can no longer fund other projects that are quite that diverse, they have to have a more tight connection to them. And for this survey, they really say, No, we actually don’t want to pick and choose are individuals. projects as well. So this is one of the things that city council will be considering again on the 25th is which of these are in what configuration any issues to go forward with for November competition. That’s pretty much the nature of the survey. One thing to note, the way these this survey was weighted, is based on how likely you are to vote in the 2023 elections off year election. So it was not getting near the turnout with that the national origins. So the company actually looked at who does turnout for these off year elections and way that the responses. So that’s one of the reasons why we see some of these get a little lower than they might in a national election where you will have a broader perspective from you This is something that we had direction to bring back to the advisory board. See if you all have any thoughts about going forward, we can take back as a vote of the board or council on this. One, one thing I should clarify, when you’re speaking at a public invited to beat her up speaking as an individual, you couldn’t say the museum Advisory Board has said this because you are speaking as an individual.

Speaker 5 25:36
Now we can write this as a body, we can write a resolution that is signed and approved by the board. The Library Museum has done nothing that is also part of the bylaws and procedures. So

Speaker 6 25:50
is there a format that was expected orders, just put anything together you choose? Or

Speaker 5 26:00
you can put so the museum advisory board put together a letter you could do a formal resolution would be, which would be? Whereas

Unknown Speaker 26:12
the advisory board, and that’s what

Unknown Speaker 26:15
format that we would have, that we

Speaker 5 26:17
did with John and see if she has like a 10? If she has a template, that’s an avenue you want to go? It definitely have been forward forwarded to you, or send it to your so yeah, there’s that option as well.

Speaker 3 26:40
Is that something that it would be best to get to city council by the next meeting? Or that we would want to do and then sign up on a meeting?

Speaker 5 26:51
You know, I think I think, you know, ideally want to have it as soon as possible. And I think the turnaround time from 2015 to two shorts. Yeah, you’re able to do that. But yeah, you know, definitely super bad. If this is where I want to go. I mean, otherwise, just hearing from from you all, he’s very happy. But he wouldn’t be able to say what you’re able to say, the board and says, you can answer this as an individual with you could say in front of the Advisory Board, though.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
There have been two questions. Do you know how many people filled this out?

Speaker 4 27:38
So there were there were two ways that this survey was sent out. One was a scientific sample, send it out via text message. And trying to remember the numbers I don’t know, on top of my head, but it was it was designed as a scientifically, statistically valid survey of alumni community. And then there was one, the same survey could also be sent out via Facebook, email, to whoever wanted, so that would be a larger response. But actually, we it’s, it’s this one does not have it. Some of them have the breakdown of the text, only one versus the wider one. And they really were pretty simple. The two twos was the scientifically valid or just the general public ones tend to become a lot the same. So total several 1000 people.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Second question, can

Speaker 3 28:47
you clarify so for polling the capital campaign office? What exactly

Unknown Speaker 28:54
the loan? The lender and what are the funding fees?

Speaker 4 29:00
So some of that it’s really up to councils direction, in terms of what how they would want to fund the museum operations committee. Thought we decided over the capital needs the larger piece now.

Speaker 5 29:25
I’d like to hear from you all too. I mean, I think that that was it that allows me to be able to advocate for you with your ideas and to be able to do for the council discussion.

Speaker 6 29:47
So it’s fun for a while. I kind of lost track even though I did go to the newspaper as long as the council ever decide about the island. So we’re on the hills

Speaker 5 30:03
gave it to. So we have actually voted to move it to the children’s youth and families. One of the things that we were looking at, and I think a lot of it was misunderstanding about how the money was supposed to be allocated, one of the very first messages we received was it was supposed to go to sports. And apparently it wasn’t. And I think one of the staff members said, set it in jest. And she’s like, I’m joking again. But it was yeah, it was not, it was not good. So then later, we received some clarification, but it sounded like it had to go for programming and couldn’t cover capital. And so it was a lot of mixed. And then then we were also hearing for Boulder County. Well, it’s cool all the money from all the participants over counting participating cities, and then we can redistribute? Well, we’re the only one that got an amount that a sizable sum. So we’re No. No. So and then we at the same time, that that, you know, the discussion was happening with that. We’re also noticing with public safety, you know, and actually, I’ve worked at as I just had one school, you know, we work very close with children’s youth and families, as far as with our atmosphere. And what we’re noticing, especially after COVID, is that there’s been this steady, steady increase of getting gang like activity among our youth, predominantly, not necessarily our Latino or black, white. It’s, it’s a mix, but it’s for low income, so our kids in poverty. So what are we doing to address that particular. And so it was really just kind of, okay, we need to find a way to use this money, as an as an as a boost to support children and families and ensuring that we get the kids that are really, you know, my son, who started a lot stronger than Donald Trump, who struggled with growth long haul and doing that Saturday. So I are finding that is happening more often. And we need to find ways to, to address and redirect prevention and intervention before it gets up. So we shifted it to so the youth council is made up of a body of high school students, juniors and seniors who predominantly they have a whole mechanism for receiving applications of people who apply are there, they’re actually going to determine how long you know, how many will be distributed. So we’re looking at different nonprofits. I believe that they’re there. And then on the 2020, sometime next, oh, no, nevermind, it’s in May, the second week of May, there, there’s going to be a site that we’ll be able to gauge use to determine the best to use, but it’s coming through the avenue of children’s uses to

Speaker 2 33:34
the high schools and middle schools in Houston.

Speaker 5 33:39
They there is some there’s some is I’ve noticed as a staff, important employee of the district, it’s very difficult to, to kind of navigate we have, you know, just privacy laws. There’s there’s several things that we have that really hold us back from being able to to expand some of those or communicate with other kids, or spread. And then we have kids who are just not really they’re disengaged school. So we’re trying to find ways to play within the city outside of that school like that. So no, I don’t like within the size

Speaker 2 34:26
of the school system, the majors the city will be added. Things that we did to work on the gangs and the drugs.

Speaker 5 34:38
And there was an app. We have a grip. So we do have programs. What we have noticed is that work was heavily involved in our schools. This level of being with me. For years it was estimated at one time it was in the hundreds and it tapered down to To like 14, said we’re affiliated with actual games. Now it’s going back up. And that’s been since COVID. Like, I noticed that a lot of our, you know, because I’ve taught three years in the profession. And I tell you since 2020, it has been in different games. The education system that I know from 10 years ago is not what it is today. So it looks totally different. In our approach. I think I noticed, I’ve seen that kids are struggling with mental health. There’s a lot more. And you I have like, yes, this exists and

Unknown Speaker 35:44
that become that.

Speaker 5 35:48
So if you’re looking at, I talk to high school teachers, incoming freshmen and sophomores are acting more like fifth and sixth graders. I have my third graders like preschoolers. And it’s that social piece. Well, why because we were online, we were having to be close. And even for just a few months in the children’s world. That was a long toss. It was an isolator. And it really had impacts to child development and

Unknown Speaker 36:19
social interactions. So we’re just

Unknown Speaker 36:21
trying to find ways that we can address that. Yeah, so that’s where we’re at. So it was a hard decision. But unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker 36:38
that’s not the case.

Speaker 4 36:45
So there was our there, counsel, good move on some funding from oil and gas fund, to the museum project. So about $900,000, that was designated for managers definitely helps give us some great, great seed money along with sort of foundation. So that’s how we’re able to proceed for our first phases of the expansion.

Speaker 3 37:16
And in our family and everything increase there.

Speaker 4 37:20
So they have given so far, we have an end million dollars, and then a pledge of another 4 million. We hoped that would match a grant that we had applied for, unfortunately, we didn’t receive the grant. But they are still very much planning to give that $4 million. Whenever the time is right, we kick off.

Speaker 3 37:50
So what are the challenges that you see in taking the capital campaign out of consideration for the tax initiative and trying to think that it’s

Speaker 4 38:06
actually our souls, campaign consultants, really felt like that the bigger challenge would have been messaging, it was all about you that because people would say, Well, my tax dollars are already helping to pay for this campaign. This building, why would I also contribute? So the sense was, it’s probably a much cleaner, easier message from a capital campaign perspective, just say, Yeah, this is not being funded by the city, the city is providing the staff the operations, but to build the building in the province. So that was part of what was going into that that is and they are consultants are still working through the feasibility study and interviewing community to look at, you know, what, what the appetite out there is be very large campaign for long life. But there is certainly the welcome insists and long as we’re on some sort of service, is that, yes. The resources are here. It’s just a question now from that, how

Speaker 6 39:34
can I ask what that person is? What’s the approximate percentage of our budget that is on the bypass there’s always students the baristas what we do on our own food through self sustaining programs and grants.

Speaker 4 40:06
So about two thirds of our operating budget comes from the city. And the third is from earning grants also tax dollars through SCFD. But it’s not the city tax dollars. Seven County, Metro culture taxes district. It’s interesting to know that when you compare that to many of the other municipal museums around the Denver Metro area, most of them are much, much wider 90% or higher in one day, get back on track. So we generate a lot more revenue and a lot more fans than most of the municipalities.

Speaker 6 41:05
And our operating budget is

Unknown Speaker 41:10
right around $2 million.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
And how are you seeing that change for the expansion?

Speaker 4 41:20
We’ve identified that at a minimum, we would need to add another six positions just to operate the facility utility right now we have 13 full time positions. Adding another half again, as much as your staff for the bare minimum operational level, and ultimately, to really fully spaced 12 e style decisions. And that we expect to build out over a number of years on something we would anticipate all coming online immediately, we’ve actually phased this expansion because we know it will take time to raise the money and time to

Unknown Speaker 42:15
complete. So that’s part

Unknown Speaker 42:19
of why we phase in operations.

Unknown Speaker 42:23
What are some of the things that are phase one.

Speaker 4 42:27
So phase one, which actually is fully funded, is redoing, we have a storage room in our third floor, we converted a part of it into offices, we are bursting at the seams of the offices. And that is actually already out to bid. That work should be done by the end of October. phase two or phase one B then which hopefully will start this fall is reconfiguring the museum’s core. So it is not terribly efficient for the variety of uses. There’s some concerts on amps that it’s used for and how and so it would be the courtyard would become a lot more of a level of space that block dips and things in so could be used for rentals can be used for actually relocate the what’s now kind of a pavilion and turn into a little bit more of a band shell on the other side of the courtyard, so a lot better venue for concerts. Last we would have an outdoor play area that would connect to our our discovery days. So that should start this fall hopefully be open by next summer. Then Phase two is gallery expansion. So 6000 square feet of gallery space and another 7000 feet to support all of our existences. Construction, store storage. That’s a little bit fundraising to hopefully start construction next year. And then the last phase phase three would add new classrooms and new entry, new gift shop amenity Cafe, and what allow us to do the final build out of our hands on children’s gallery about children’s gallery within existing space as well as a new court district. 17 years Verizon is really designed

Unknown Speaker 44:54
to only last.

Speaker 4 44:57
So those are the three big phases of Partly our gallery and education

Speaker 6 45:04
it’s to say the shop in the yes the

Unknown Speaker 45:19
state San Antonio Austin were this was the value or

Speaker 4 45:31
the spools is both an artery into

Unknown Speaker 45:36
the back to the shop and then look at everything yes

Speaker 4 45:44
yeah so that’s that’s a big part of our expansion is to add more workspace more storage space a new loading dock so our loading dock is north facing south facing so not as I used to be in the mirror

Speaker 4 46:05
questions about the expansion or the taxation here so

Speaker 6 46:17
just to clarify, so kind of related So Suzy is going to send you a

Unknown Speaker 46:26
text message Yeah, I said he asked for it. And then Joanne, I sent you an email about the court rulings that just have more information essentially, will we extended if we’re not getting enough applications by the reorder No. Just

Speaker 3 47:03
yeah, I think it would make sense for us to put forth some sort of resolution or statement support or something like that as the board in order to to let the council know that that the board does support the expansion in favor of the expansion and wants to see it go forward in whatever capacity is

Speaker 6 47:22
so with that topic a beating and then store the will that be too late to get to the council by the time that he was 30 he decided that at least a lot of

Speaker 5 47:40
it could be emailed to us at any time. It doesn’t have to be Tuesday so just as soon as well I’m going to be able to do love

Speaker 6 47:49
the layout 30 days is that the useless tool of recycling because you’ve already

Unknown Speaker 48:00
made your

Unknown Speaker 48:03
or your curl close

Speaker 5 48:06
because we have the volume in the parking lot to the side of the 20

Unknown Speaker 48:11
it’s on the agenda for April 25

Unknown Speaker 48:24
I’m pretty sure it was I usually

Unknown Speaker 48:25
don’t know. But that’s

Unknown Speaker 48:30
my understanding

Speaker 5 48:36
I think it would be meaningful especially then we can have something public as voters because now then it would be really time to add in time to engage the voters and make sure that you know people understand that it’s not just the council so oftentimes what city council proposal well there are many people who contributed ideas and desires to make sure that this got where we’re at today it’s not just seven of us it was a community effort. So

Speaker 6 49:10
so if you get a council visit a the deal

Speaker 5 49:21
at least 30 Explore adding into our when we get our

Unknown Speaker 49:25

Unknown Speaker 49:31
are up communities

Speaker 3 49:50
Yeah, I mean if if there’s a template I want to tell next week, but I can certainly find this thing together, man emailed out to the board from the back great terawatts, electronic signatures and send it off to us.

Speaker 1 50:18
Okay, we’ll try to try to hurry up and get that done.

Speaker 3 50:24
And I did send this email out. Is that something that I that will be best to send directly to do Susie? Or I think

Speaker 5 50:34
maybe Joanne Joanne sent out for and then that way it’s not violating any kind of Sunshine laws or just countries open. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:52

Unknown Speaker 50:55
Anything else on this topic? Okay. Any unfinished business?

Unknown Speaker 51:09
All right. Any new business?

Unknown Speaker 51:18
Any more comments

Unknown Speaker 51:21
of a woman for a while? Maybe this is just something to throw out there before. And Eric, also for sure. I was thinking this is for all Jordan programming. Is that I don’t know if you’re really interested. In certainly a better sense. So over the years, I, there’s there was an old group of brothers called the Marx Brothers. Dratch are watching an old set of

Speaker 6 52:07
things did a number of movies that were involved in a lot of before the. And anyway, and I have an association with harmos son, Billy Lars. And he’s, he’s an interesting fellow I like recycle is local sort of on their back buildings. But he and I were talking started a few weeks ago, in California. And the way it came up was he was talking with some younger kids. always moving to Thursday, and I had no idea with the work. And so I have talked to the kids too, that they really should look at a TCM or somebody has large brothers, because they do pretty funny sometimes. But anyway, a bill that marks the Well, first of all, he’s an accomplished musician. He was at the Juilliard School of Music. And he’s still entertaining possible stuff on here. But he and I were talking, he has a wonderful date, millimeter films, filming tapes of his family. And we talked about maybe putting some things together like clips, or maybe some new movies, and plus his own movies or something. And they gave a presentation on the board of the film festival area, then I thought spirit will be a great venue.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
If he came here, he’s interested. But he said hurry up. But he’s still interviews. And I was talking about putting some type of program together with some old film clips of the movies, and then there’s only these and then doing question and

Speaker 6 54:41
answers to the audience, with the audience, about his family, you know, things that he remembered about old Hollywood things. Just something I just want to throw out there. For the police So originally I thought about just for the fullness of the work, that I’m gonna do this disturbing theory and maybe in conjunction with us for chose to partner

Speaker 2 55:22
with the Jewish brothers. Last but

Unknown Speaker 55:27
they were certainly Jewish.

Speaker 2 55:29
Okay. The other thing that you may want to contact is the Jewish Community Center

Unknown Speaker 55:38
as well, that’s a good point,

Speaker 2 55:39
because we could, you know, they could get involved in sponsoring. That would be good too. So it would be, you know, that would be phenomenal. Is there anybody think juice putting together? Does he have somebody who? Yes, yeah. Yeah, putting putting the documentary together, this would be a documentary, it would

Unknown Speaker 56:10
be like a documentary thought process that he says it’s such an accomplished musician somehow. So why is it to it?

Speaker 2 56:27
Again, it just is knowing that a little bit of background I finish connecting with to show festival 10 with the JCC as well. I mean, ya

Unknown Speaker 56:42
know, that’s a very good point. I think. That’s good.

Speaker 2 56:46
Because it really has, you know, where they come from. I remember seeing some stuff of that. So,

Speaker 6 56:53
yeah, the history of that border. But you know, they weren’t allowed, it was one country talking about springs back in the 30s. They were not allowed to join. Or go into it. So Frank Sinatra in the 40s helped create their own country.

Speaker 2 57:16
That’s an event that’s in the background that happened there was all kinds of country. Oh, yeah. We’re seeing Yeah, no blacks? No, no. But in our programs, a background.

Speaker 6 57:32
Detection mostly is valuable in Jewish but he was very proactive.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
Sounds like a very, like, well, they said

Speaker 2 57:52
you could separate some of the really music to Stuart, or as far as some sort of meaning in other words, to enjoy some sense something in joining with the JCC. You have the occasional Python stew with, with music literally all together as two separate a couple of separate pieces. But definitely, because there’s that background, I think, lots of things you might that might be an interesting thing to do. Because it is.

Speaker 3 58:36
Okay. The only other comment that I wanted to make was we had been choosing at the end of each meeting to decide whether we were going to go online or in person, I would like to propose that we move forward in person permanently.

Unknown Speaker 59:01
The next public health

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Oh, yeah. Any objections?

Unknown Speaker 59:12
Continue to leave on purpose versus in person. seconds.

Speaker 3 59:18
Thank you for that. All in favor. Okay. That’s yeah. So we’ll be we’ll be putting to in person meetings from here on out. Okay. Any other comments? Anything, sir? A motion to adjourn to adjourn. Thank you. Thank the seconds. All in favor. That’s unanimous.

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