City Council Pre-Session – April 2023

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City Council Pre-Session – April 2023

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Speaker 1 0:00
Let’s get this pre session started to do a sort of roll call

Speaker 2 0:08
to see all the parents Yeah, just just because we have to.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
It’s been recorded. Okay, so there’s no reason

Unknown Speaker 0:27
Okay, so do we want to do attendance or no, just say your name? Susie.

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Aaron Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 0:36
Marsha, what? Internet Herald news?

Speaker 1 0:40
Okay, great. Let’s go ahead and get an update on my updates.

Speaker 3 0:48
And mentioned the the tourism boards and commissions and the new report made just the crowd is keen to see something happened with a valid question. And mindful that there’s, there’s not a better organization already has the effort on behalf of whatever we decide that it has no chance. And I didn’t suggest that if they’re going to come and speak to us at some point in time, we’re going to be in the process of kind of reassessing priorities so things are going to be more important than others even within the recreation package and they ought to be really clear on what their priorities are first and last if they don’t somebody will be up for the fact that somebody who informed me

Unknown Speaker 1:45
well, my

Speaker 4 1:47
efforts with my boards have focused mainly on applicants next rail interviews for their NPCs as promised

Unknown Speaker 2:11
they are all trying to recruit

Unknown Speaker 2:15
new core areas that’s that’s how that’s how I need to check with Dawn because we got two more days I don’t know maybe maybe one of the staff persons people in this room are from the courts office could tell us whether the application period could be extended

Speaker 4 3:03
Hello You know, we let Mary Lynn the lake with her last application. And we all got sad for her and let her play leave she’s on the board. She may have a daughter give me the I will tell dawn to let you all know Betsy and I get it right away yesterday when I took the job today it was a weird day I was soft software in the aftermath application

Speaker 1 3:44
so we have to decide maybe offline at the

Speaker 5 3:49
virtual walkthrough or today with spin. Genius. You can see

Unknown Speaker 3:58
whatever procedure

Speaker 6 4:01
I said a question it’s not because the board is known for speeding up shortcut

Speaker 4 4:07
is I know that airport advisory board to have enough applicants to completely sleep every night to fill all the seats last time that we’re down a seat and then someone got employed because of growing pains I think and resigned. So they’re down there was only ever a five or 616 years small and being down to people means it’s really easy to get politics that is one person to be sick.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
It’s everybody in here one to one.

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Like to see it extended and then just make a big push.

Speaker 7 4:55
Yes. Yeah

Speaker 6 5:03
Sometimes, Starkers patient has some important issues that he’s fully seen it so

Speaker 5 5:13
interesting. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah. And that’s not uncommon, especially from right about now until September. It’s not uncommon to see vacations and

Speaker 4 5:29
some support like Historic Preservation melodies, it’s not very threatening at major processes if they don’t have a quorum, especially over the summer, on the other hand, water airport advisory, I think Planning and Zoning is half the battle. For but I think cam is right at the edge. Go there, because it’s more

Speaker 6 6:10
I would say slightly different as advisory boards versus commissions. I mean, historic preservation and pnz specific motions, decision making functions. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
Speaking of which has been

Speaker 6 6:26
in the last one, but they need to historic, had a retreat. And then in the follow up, which was just the week after the retreat, had a meeting, where they finished up with some thoughts, they didn’t get to their retreat, which will, at some point, I’m sure you can talk to us as far as what they consider clean up in the landfill, or moving also Historic Preservation to the landfill because it’s a different section of news. And so they’re they’re looking at us as things as well as the party suggestions that they will make to city council concerning demolitions. That’s been looking at some other things too, that I think they could have gotten some cold water splash on some ideas they’ve had, as far as folks who are not already designated in either inserting them to designate or forcing this designate one or the other in some cold water splashed on them as far as that’s concerned. Normal blood media needs a lot this week and next week Ken says this exciting things going on but nothing that’s you know, I don’t think as far as I know that they said one new exec director yet number might be on the sea, meaning Solutions has a meaning 26 for promoting that, and that’s specifically the Colorado wine team, subcommittee meeting solutions. So my monster generally that

Speaker 1 8:35
seems to discuss discussed we discussed, we discussed

Speaker 6 8:40
pretty much seems continually come down to finishing the funding and finishing with exactly and you know, we’re starting at more public input and as you can imagine, it’s both sides of sores and being very excited for the bikeway that could go potentially down the middle. It was a it’s either way that I don’t agree with but and then, you know, we all have our opinions on the plus. side.

Speaker 1 9:14
So the 19th issue that depends on the race, the race.

Speaker 6 9:23
Right, and we did get the separate compartment when it was wet spend with our communities in DC, the earmark for our microphones, it was grated the earmark for our water system was not because apparently that was to look at water. Yes, I know. I don’t like our water improvements report to work. And he thinks that there’s another The process that you might be able to use to help us with our, our water system. So what’s a whoop? Book is Yeah, yeah, I don’t want to say he had a hard time explaining Himself. He’s like, why they didn’t want to put any earmarks and that were explicitly blocked. Which is that applies to

Unknown Speaker 10:24
anything that’s environmentally. That

Unknown Speaker 10:26
was just he thinks that there’s another mechanism. Possibly at that time, but

Unknown Speaker 10:36
it’s probably it’s probably related to the Colorado River. raucous you probably

Speaker 6 10:47
when you know, so I’m sure I don’t know what the Arizona

Unknown Speaker 10:52
Arizona signed on is.

Unknown Speaker 10:58
Various people. Interesting.

Speaker 7 11:05
Well, interesting thing that the consortium is cities, has moved their meeting from the sixth of April to the 26th of April. And so I’ll be going into that. That’s also same night as our cab. And so I’ll just get back with Charlie, and Metis. In regards to what happens there. I think he’s actually voting person on that on the ark. Yeah. So just get a report from him. The interesting thing with the consortium of cities is, on March 31, there was a minimum wage meeting. And Sandy couldn’t make it. So Becky Doyle attended with me. And it was just kind of one of those things where they like to keep talking about, you know, having a minimum wage. here in Boulder County, where long line and Boulder and the surrounding others communities all came up with a decisive minimum wage, whether that’s $80 An hour making dollars, I think it’s a little bit just kind of out of step with looking at the the economic environment right now. And it’s hard to tell some of the folks in Boulder, you know, you get all the things that run medicine to bring the cost of living death for for your folks as well as Longmont has, with, you know, having Wi Fi and next slide and picking up their own trash and collection and all the other things that maybe they should come back and talk to us then. But not really listening to us as

Speaker 4 12:51
it sounds. I want to ask the question, have they gotten away from the state statute in terms of intent? Because the state statute was basically you can have declared yourself a region that’s going to have a minimum wage, which is a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 13:14
Anybody’s against that? Right, right. Yeah.

Speaker 4 13:16
And the other thing about the statute is good. It only limits how much the minimum wage can go up. In particular period, I think it’s a year.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
We did talk about that.

Speaker 4 13:33
Yeah. And so I’ve been sensitive minimum wage for here is about $80. An hour in

Speaker 7 13:40
the sense that, wherever that’s why they use that figure.

Speaker 4 13:44
Yeah, but that figure is way above what the statute, which is going to be, you know, 13 years or something, which means there’s no point in not to

Speaker 7 13:56
guess the end is just getting counsel direction on that. And I don’t want to give them you know, solid Yes, or feeling like that, that I can give them a solid Yes, without having to come as a director from counsel. And I’d happily do whatever anybody wants to have the paths forward. But then on the 24th. Is that is the is a group that would like to talk about this is a union group and other things like that. But I’ve been a coalition. I’ve been a little hesitant to attend that meeting without any just being there as a warm body. I guess I can do that.

Speaker 2 14:40
I signed up to attend, because I was initially in the steering committee. And so I kind of left off and it didn’t seem like we were really meeting regularly, then it would kind of go off on tangents. But we did come up with a timeline of certain The benchmarks. And one of the things, you know, is like, Okay, well, I would feel better moving forward, if we got this communication out to this to stakeholders. So, you know, making community groups and have getting eliciting input from businesses to determine, you know, is this right for our community is that you’d have that buy in factor. Yeah. And yeah, and then, and then it was like, Okay, we’re gonna set up another meeting and nothing happened.

Speaker 1 15:31
So didn’t we said, we’re gonna have Jeff come to council to support the coalition?

Speaker 7 15:37
Yeah. That was the email I sent on to you. Yeah. And it’s Jeff. So I’m at that point that he never

Speaker 1 15:53
well, he left me a message today about a different subject. So I’ll get back and see if

Speaker 5 16:00
it uses the AFL CIO. Yes. He was

Unknown Speaker 16:03
with the older

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Labor Council.

Speaker 1 16:06
Yeah. So okay. The job he’s on? Well, I’m not sure if it’s AFL CIO, Tim, or if it is the boulder coalition unicorn. That’s because

Speaker 3 16:27
I’m on a zoom call with him. And somebody else has more than one occasion.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
I’ll ask him asking.

Unknown Speaker 16:35
Because I can’t whatever the Yeah, I couldn’t do that. I’ve got something else.

Speaker 7 16:44
Yeah. So they aren’t in public places. They’re just putting in different installations. Starting looks like tomorrow, and and you’ve probably already seen if you’ve been down to the museum, you’ve seen the wings. While there, that’s kind of cool. Yes.

Speaker 4 17:13
I did have a question about Sean’s previous subject. Because it seems to me like they’re having trouble figuring out how they’re the consortium of cities is, is true, they’re having trouble figuring out how they’re supposed to interact with the cities. Seems to me that they should be, they should agree on a proposal or a resolution and then send it out to the cities.

Speaker 7 17:43
So you sent me an email about what you’re thinking. So today, I will do that.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Yes, it will be the interesting.

Speaker 2 17:54
And never I liked with it, when we met, there was the Erie representative XL light to say, I think in regard to be more pragmatic. Whereas

Speaker 7 18:09
if he was, you know, the same thing, we’re talking the same lineage and you know, like that, yeah, I feel like he was really kind of like, you guys don’t quite you keep getting the horse out of the barn, but you don’t have anything to it and you don’t know what to do. And everything. But Marcia fields, send me what you’re thinking that way. They know.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
There was a community meeting

Unknown Speaker 18:34
Academy program in December

Speaker 2 18:37
I remember I joined it via zoom, but I did not, but it wasn’t it wasn’t very well attended. Considering all of those.

Speaker 1 18:44
Well, I think it was just trying to get things off holiday season. So

Speaker 7 18:49
my hesitancy to go jump on something on the 24th just to be there and go and have a job spot and say,

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Well, no, if they ask me anything, I’ll be on it. I’ll also share MicroStation as being part of the

Unknown Speaker 19:03
theory. So it’s really

Unknown Speaker 19:11
silly things. Three things. Okay,

Speaker 2 19:19
so library board museum hasn’t met yet. I realized when they ship ship to their with an earlier date, I have

Unknown Speaker 19:29
Yeah, so soft. So

Speaker 2 19:32
same thing with us Council. But the library I don’t know if you all saw the I saw that it did come out the library board recommendation for supporting library

Speaker 2 19:50
Yeah, so and there was a lot of discussion around that that PCR ability study. There was also discussion around You’re there roles. So they’re really trying to figure out as a board, what were their roles and expectations be and how they could do it that would best serve the library. So that has the library at the heart, in their commitment to their setup that was really nice that that’s the other. So, and this was the advisory board or a couple of people that I spoke with, were really excited about this idea. So remember, when the students was silvercreek, pain, and Marsh Rooney? Yes. He was talking about the mural that he wanted to put paint in silver crates. No, it was not. Because they didn’t paint? Yes. So it was not, it was not allowed to, to stay. So in looking at it, I’ve been in contact with Kerry Adams, and looking at possibly doing that work, maybe in the parking lot of the library, or in some space, because I actually saw the Euro wasn’t good. So that’s what we were just talking about. So, you know, maybe that could be an option that should be acted on with our

Speaker 1 21:29
department. So So would he go and present? This? Is that the way it works?

Speaker 7 21:38
Yeah, no, yeah, I believe that is the way it works. He just has to put in a to get on the agenda and explain what he’s interested in doing and how help them you know, the agenda

Unknown Speaker 21:51
once you reach out here.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Well, it’s not that

Speaker 2 21:57
hard to carry. So another issue and that

Speaker 7 22:01
is just sitting down to have it be great. Just enjoy enjoying a zero an explanation?

Speaker 2 22:13
No, but I want to drop assumptions. A lot for personal. So um, yeah, but no, I think it was explained to carry a marshmallow. But yeah, he was. He was devastated.

Speaker 1 22:35
Thanks for following up on that. Yeah. That really shows coming to council and working. Yeah, it shows how it can work. And I Richie. Great PR. So do you ever Score

Speaker 2 22:51
Library Council and become a board member? So no, I’m the I’m the alternate for the consortium of cities. And oh, and I can go to our gap. There’s still virtual right. I do that if you need to go to

Speaker 1 23:21
second. Yes. So now elmen I can’t go to all that because you can listen on Mondays at noon, in limits are not

Speaker 4 23:49
interested? I don’t have anything like that. I’ll email. Email. We’ll we’ll figure it out the second

Unknown Speaker 23:54
Monday of the month. I think it is yeah.

Speaker 2 24:00
Oh, NLC was my other one that they made on Thursday. Okay

Speaker 1 24:13
so, tomorrow, the youth summit press release is going to come out and that is the Senate District stadium dollars and staff is doing a medical job, especially. Anyway. So I can’t wait to see what she’s achieved. Did the whole video and the presentation you’re only the kids. So they should know. We are accepting virtual input or accepting in person input via snail mail. So that should be attended. You are going to be on Saturday. So Also, Gail Rademacher and I testified Friday for the workforce to me and we went down because we were supposed to just buy over. And we had time to go to lunch because there was a lot of God dammit. So it wasn’t on time, at about 330 We decided to help somebody signed up remotely. And we testified. So that was when I also tested

Speaker 1 25:47
after 50 years to President there’s a lot of discussion around it. To be honest, there was a lot of discussion that was muted, because we need to resolve very complicated issues. So we did that. Also, I’ve been working with staff, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that I do. Here so after I got elected, I talked to Harold about what I you know, my vision would be a campus of homelessness and stuff. So knowing how how overloaded staff has on it, I’d be willing to bet a small group of people to do all the research and bring it back to stab so we’ve been working together basically for a year and a half on this, which brought about the tour that we were all invited to that Susie and I want to call did the Lord’s a project in Denver, which will come back to council at some point but the research that we’ve been doing hopefully we will come back in May I think we’re pretty much going to tell what we’ve been doing and has for input etc. At this point. The other thing is that Earth Day Saturday, I will be looking at Carson park now that but the other thing and is that I cannot pronounce his name. Harold Erie, Napoli’s. I can’t remember the name of your voice. No, I listen to a pre processed okay. Any rate they have this incredible celebration that I’ve gone to for years, but I can’t because I’m working the first day. There is going to be about 70 people there who would like to have some holidays he would like somebody from counseling to go it’s called a theory. Jonathan this is going to be there there could be a lot of layers there is huge celebration. And it’s not just that reasons basically people from many different sects. So if anybody would like to go let me know. Representation okay, it is Saturday so he wants to invite this week we’re also having like the night Saturday

Speaker 7 28:40
she’s also doing anything on Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Or I’m sorry, it’s not Saturday, it’s Thursday. It’s called like the night

Unknown Speaker 28:52
this Thursday? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Well, there are two of

Unknown Speaker 28:58
them. That’s my OB that’s

Speaker 1 29:00
what did I disappoint that? That was at the party in

Speaker 5 29:08
the national night out

Speaker 1 29:20
okay, at any rate, you can raise their stats. So, that’s about it. I am going to talk to a lot of senators about changing the way we look at transportation because taxes care about this. Right David Johnson are the guys you’re faced with errors. So you walk us through all of them here and I would like to present today which is so very much for is a venue tax, not a big fee. Instead of asking for another tax on transportation, academically we’d be in about I would love to start with $1 and a quarter on everything Rockies, Denver Broncos avalanche stop show. Give your performing arts

Unknown Speaker 30:37
hotel or

Speaker 1 30:37
hotel room rental cars, yes. Because whatever. And we cannot get a transportation. There’s an interim transportation route that noticed in the summer before of sessions, that means to discuss what could be emailed the group. None of them it was quite an email back because the session during that time. So just I personally would love your input on that on some level, because we cannot continue to not match and say. So that’s what I’m going to try to work with transportation diversity, instead of working against them. Just say, Let us help you figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 31:39
Seems like a good idea. To whatever happened with meetings between cities.

Speaker 5 31:56
Yeah. So in the 2020s, they’re going to have some regional meetings, in terms of call for potential partnership projects. And they will have a relatively short duration, what kinds of projects and then they will begin moving through what projects they want to park. So fields aware, it will see the information and put together for use on the micro transit request, is what we were putting into this, they are aware that it uses the actual next phase of this. So they were interested in it, and it really dig into the actual projects. Because the key thing that came out of this is they’re willing to look at a financial partnership, in terms of how it works. And they’re, you know, had some really good conversations about that. They know, they’re looking for creative projects. And they know that you may not get the information in a year or so. So they’re willing to write it out longer to see how it works. The key piece in the process and record in front of us is how these two because their federal funds that are shaking down, procurement pieces are going to be something that everyone has to focus on, which is why they’re going through this application process is a mistake. We can miss that pretty quickly. Local sources, if you don’t really make sure your procurement processes. So that’s going to be coming out in fields ready for that our micro transit application

Speaker 1 33:53
into that point I have been talking to Kimberly McKeith for LPGA, because you’ve all heard about the parking issue, so there are Hotel. So she’s concerned actually, not necessarily that there won’t be in the parking, but the attitude. So we’ve been talking for election for three years, but I think it’s important to now in order to have the transit for next year when we start construction or to have some kind of a transit system now starting to get used to just bringing people who say they can’t walk to downtown. So I talked to Sarah Ferguson. Jennifer’s a wonderful, she’s interested in being part of that conversation. Feel pure, really. I just there are a lot of issues with it. I want to help Hillary because this is huge to have that. And for each person, Front Range passenger rail district has submitted their application for the SP P service delivery and that respect. And that will be decided in August. So we need that by protocols and dollars. Because if we get it and basically fra surgery, and they will help us all the way through because they have to agree horses too. So that’s what we’re working on and hopefully get that

Unknown Speaker 35:50

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Kimberly’s issue What about working with Google and just extending our automated services that we have?

Speaker 1 36:13
But she she’s the one who said that she liked the temperature. She’s part of the downtown, your office, is there something he has a reputation for does. She wants to be hired to be blue hot trolley that they cannot get an angel to ask them for. So she said, Jennifer, she she always had. So that was the first foray. So so that’s

Speaker 5 36:51
the challenge of that is it’s not so much people that are working. So like we know, we live our staff, to St. John’s, out of that parking lot. It’s the consumers that the automated demand is the challenge. And I’ve seen a parking study and there’s a parking spots. There’s just not enough parking spots, because so many places. And so that I know that they’re working in trying to figure it out, because it really is that it’s it’s that I’m dragging the eat downtown and kitchen lift two blocks over versus calling and setting up that call, right. So it’s a slightly

Speaker 7 37:42
less important than going to be wonderful. They have a trolley system going up and down that section there to getting people back up and back and forth.

Speaker 1 37:53
Well, the other point for me also was when we get our transit station 25. Six. Yeah, you’ll be used to it. So real fast. Ethics Committee did it. But I’ve given you I pulled it out. And I sent it to you via email, or is the Fort Collins ethics being I just pulled out a portion between us? So the very so what is that? We discussed that. And I want to know if the consensus is that the only thing we can do, essentially, because we talked about, you know, as far as holding people accountable Wednesday are found to be in in violated something that the only thing we can do without being a charter change, or is to censure. Do we agree that that’s the way we should go? Should we make a recall? Changes?

Speaker 7 38:57
I think it’s fair for him to go for a recall. The people that are here think that really is should be something that community members get riled up about and do if they really want to do the thing is like, Eric Doran stuff kind of making meetings with the board kind of quality inside counsel, kind of the film sets in here. And we’ll I think that was the first step towards having you know, kind of in this direction where you’re going, but I think you finally read the write on the wall, and you say, he had to resign because they’re just he just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it anymore. And so, we’re hoping that somebody makes choices if that’s the case, okay.

Speaker 1 39:50
So I’ve read through the whole thing and replaces it and this is just my opinion, if you disagree, or you wouldn’t change it. I think it’d be easier for me to go through it first and say this is what I see the other. So the very first one is, do we have anything under Section two, ar 16. I also think we’re told, Eugene today, this really isn’t rocket science. Other cities have already done this. Then when they looked at the rules, I mean, the state statutes, so if we can adopt some of what they did maybe tweak it or, and then give it to you, GSAs. This is gonna work.

Speaker 7 40:36
In this section that you’re talking about here, is is just a section we already have in place pretty much. And is there some spot? You know, I know that each of us whether you came in, like I did that, and get up to speed on some things, working with Harold Miller’s about things, or came in to her? So yeah, they get some training as well. What is there anything that is kind of like a written sort of document that says, This is how I will pack this is the oath we take? Saying that, you know, uphold the Constitution and things such as that? Is there anything that kind of spells out well ahead of time? And might be nice to have in front of people that say?

Speaker 1 41:31
Yeah, so I think there are two things here. First of all, I think that the epics might be an ordinance. But what you might be talking about is decorum and rules and procedures. I mean, this is how we act, to me is professionally. Morally. I call it ethical, as well. But it seems like everything I read, pertains to finances, we’re talking about ethical judgments.

Speaker 1 42:08
But if there’s something else that you think she knows, so. So the other thing I put on here of what we’ve already discussed, and that I addressed, they address actually. I want to see if that’s what it is.

Speaker 4 42:36
Because it needs a context. So the were the actors here. So it sounds like for those complaints is critical to fight against one another or as a resident or anyone. So.

Speaker 1 43:06
So basically, I put it in here, and this was just my off the cuff feeling is that frivolous complaints might be handled by counsel, and that we just mediated, you know, like whether to counsel people to that person, whether it’s personal residence, we see that they’ve come up to PR tbh. And they’re railing about somebody. We don’t have time to talk to say, you know, what, if you really think that’s completely decided,

Unknown Speaker 43:44
and people will talk to you,

Speaker 1 43:46
rather than it shouldn’t go to staff. Staff should not monitor us or regulate regulators were self worth or self regulating. So what do you think about that idea?

Speaker 1 44:09
Yes, it’s the second. So what you know, before Collins was said is the alleged violation, even if it’s true, is minor in stature, it has to justify the use of public resources to investigate or prosecute. It’s a waste of time. But it isn’t. For me, it still needs to be addressed, whether it’s one council person or another council person. The residents complained about a couple

Speaker 6 44:44
of them that opens you up to a slippery slope may not be staffs resources, and we also have finite resources. So to address every single complaint, well, we’re also All right, because they know, there’s certain time thinking possible to take advantage subject.

Speaker 1 45:12
So what if on a form that we had two different parts, one of them will be, essentially the money, etc, something that was quite serious in the forum about someone’s actions and the way they acted toward them and what they said we could have on that form, like a drop down menu does choose one of these. And if it isn’t in there, then that’s

Speaker 4 45:42
speaking is probably this session has been the target of the foods. I see lots of problems with that, because the complaint is based on 40,000 pages of junk science.

Speaker 1 46:02
Well, you know, I mean, it doesn’t matter what your opinion and I don’t want to get into

Speaker 2 46:07
exactly why. Because that they were accusing you of like, financially at what evidence on what grounds? To file a complaint, they need to have the evidence that they can’t say, No, I think

Unknown Speaker 46:23
they just said

Speaker 4 46:27
that what they did was they moved the standing there standing are. So yeah, they’re willing to admit that I don’t have a financial interest, or at least they’re willing to admit that I might be able to prove that I don’t. They so they help now, in defining a contract of interest as well.

Speaker 7 46:56
So they think that we have to like everybody in town, like smart meters, oh, like, oh, there’s going

Speaker 6 47:05
to be a floor. Before we take it seriously. To disincentivize, everybody just making any frivolous component.

Speaker 1 47:24
But that’s my point about the floor. Rather than having like somebody goes to Harold, you can fill out this form, that on the form if we decide you need 200 signatures before this can come before arises

Unknown Speaker 47:36
to hearing.

Speaker 7 47:40
And it’s a hearing to maybe two people, to your point to then have that, you know, what’s it take to get at large counseling over on that 50 sutures? If that’s what it takes? Can somebody on? And then it’s going to take a bit of effort on their part to find them the signatures of counsel

Unknown Speaker 48:04
to put up the effort? Yeah.

Speaker 7 48:07
I like the idea of having a, you know, a percentage specific for a split. Why did we come up with 15 sutures for getting counsel on somebody nominated counsel? Why not to limit why not, you know, a percentage of the community

Speaker 1 48:30
that’s going to do so that any other ideas because we talked about it, we have not a board that at least one person is reviewing? What about the frivolous and I think we’ve built shipping to separate forms to fill out. So someone says what do you think of him? And

Speaker 3 48:58
I’m still not certain what? Well, the joys of this job. So there’s only one, one experience that is irrelevant. So I would be helpful. And I appreciate you. But this is going to be a whole lot of time. I’d be curious to know how many times what columns is actually utilized, whatever whatever they’re doing with their their system.

Speaker 3 49:28
I’m willing to do whatever but I I’m not going to invest a whole lot of time. Or intellectual horsepower. I don’t

Speaker 1 49:35
have a lot of time it is easy to be quite honest.

Speaker 4 49:45
I don’t understand the distinction between things that are signatures on things that don’t I think everything should be

Speaker 2 49:52
so and we’re not talking about emails. No no, no, no,

Speaker 7 49:59
no. perception, I think it’s, I think it’s going to be there. It’s like, when I was a council the first time, we get to get to see him, or voting on something, we all sit here and the mayor makes that it’s great to vote on the thing that you’re agreeing on with bylaws for CML. And all of a sudden, all of us are there, we all agree on it. And then the mayor, that time goes like this, and puts in that and I look over your shoulder. And he’s not voting along the lines of what we agreed upon. That’s something that would fall into this right here. It was outrageous at the time, it would be outrageous for anybody. And so that’s, that’s the sort of thing that we don’t want

Speaker 3 50:52
to find. And once I understand that somebody didn’t

Speaker 7 50:57
carry out what No, that was, what’s the ethical breach, the ethical breaches that we thought we’d all agreed, it was something that, that we as representatives decided that we were going to do, and then to have that person go and do that. On the side here, where we are all supposed to be on the same page.

Speaker 3 51:22
So that Westfield breach of this case, was there, somebody voted their conscience.

Speaker 7 51:25
No, they voted, I didn’t Well, I guess you could say voted their conscious or voted the opposite way of what was good for the

Unknown Speaker 51:34
community. What are the potency of?

Speaker 2 51:36
Yeah, but it is just that rise to like an ethical and see that. And that’s what I think also needs to be defined, because there are some people who think that it falls under ethical, but it’s really in the end, you know, we as you know, we could vote, how we choose to vote and the rear? Yeah, we do.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
I always thought that was kind of a different one where we

Speaker 1 52:06
really felt that way, then it would go to some kind of an arbitrator or would not be

Speaker 2 52:12
able to tell you to write so rather than us, as writes out that right at the level of the case.

Speaker 3 52:19
I might see that as a principal, personally. Right. And we’ve agreed. And here’s the principle if you want somebody to turn around, say, Yeah, well, I bought it my conscience and you give them good to tell me what that is. I don’t know what I’d say. Other than Yeah, I guess that’s what we all do. But I think it was an unprincipled but, you know, what are you gonna do with that? process?

Unknown Speaker 52:42
It’s just where where’s that stuff? You know, another?

Unknown Speaker 52:46
I’m curious, who decides? What is it was that frivolous?

Speaker 2 52:50
I think to like, like, if there is something like let’s say, we had an executive session, and somebody shared something that we had all agreed to hold confidence, confidential. Would that be something that rises to the level of

Unknown Speaker 53:06
the ethical absolutes? So that’s

Speaker 2 53:08
a very, yeah, so that’s, you know, looking at those kinds of things. I think that might be something that would happen more often than any other kind of like a community member or complaint. I think I that’s the only thing I could think of that that might be something that would happen

Speaker 1 53:28
as a way to shut down or community members just by saying this as an artist

Speaker 3 53:39
just based on what we’ve heard in council chambers I wish I wish I

Speaker 1 53:45
could say whatever they want if they want to complain the staff about someone be able to say it worked on this one. And you know, we’re not going to discuss it with you and that’s part of what I want to do because they’ve been involved this year and they should nap so anyway,

Unknown Speaker 54:15
I want to hear

Speaker 3 54:17
Walthamstow complaints about council members that’s been resolved yet

Unknown Speaker 54:24
they’ve heard

Unknown Speaker 54:27
whether they were the top

Unknown Speaker 54:28
goes in an awful

Speaker 1 54:32
but that should be you know, we have a process and if you if you would like to follow up this reporting, period, and I think it’s not uncommon for us to say the least.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
And I think with a lot of people the very depth that they have

Speaker 7 55:02
Yeah, I do kind of like the idea of having to get residents sutures, at least a certain amount that takes to take into that and think that almost needs to be we’re gonna continue to pursue this has to have some sort of effort on the ones that are making that

Unknown Speaker 55:23
lets us can we use some real examples?

Speaker 7 55:27
I don’t know if there’s any things specifically that are five. You know, you take Marcia situation here.

Speaker 3 55:40
There is an example that that might fit this that is about Marsha. Marsha was involved with suicide. So those the parking on around West itab Oh, yeah. Right. I mean, there was this whole narrative about all council members having some agenda to put somebody out of business and do good. Now I can see that business fact that business owner was trying to generate a petition or so that is, so what is that a situ? Is that an example of how this might be?

Unknown Speaker 56:18

Unknown Speaker 56:20
You have to take the effort to do it and everything.

Speaker 1 56:25
Yeah, there was also a name, but there was a reference that was trying to get us in trouble as well. So to have him, you know, just cuz you can relate to me personally as

Unknown Speaker 56:40
well, we wouldn’t get involved.

Unknown Speaker 56:41
No, not at all. You need to live

Speaker 3 56:46
in your that was a question about business about Wes.

Speaker 1 56:51
Yeah. So it went back and forth, back and forth. But I think we have a process, we can stop some of that and say, you know, we can have a mediated, you need to Office form with your leisure.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
There should be a signature threshold. The person doesn’t get to decide whether it’s frivolous and just obviously,

Speaker 7 57:17
timeframe and your timeframe for collection and that

Speaker 4 57:23
type of slide up time for a union or statute of limitations? Well,

Speaker 7 57:28
yeah. No, I’m saying like, you know, from the point of view of pushing sin, and you getting the documents printed, you have to get signatures within two weeks.

Speaker 1 57:44
Yeah, that was that was addressed in here at some point is 30 days,

Unknown Speaker 57:49
or 30 days, whatever.

Speaker 3 57:51
I started curious if you could provide some examples of how what’s happened and how this applies, that would be really useful to see it as just as a practical, so it’s not hypothetical erotic or for conjure up.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Tim, I just think it’s

Speaker 2 58:14
becoming a bigger city, which we don’t want to have wishy washy, and kind of very laid back. There was a procedure. So I understand where you learn from, I guess I just tried to kind of visualize, envision what that would look like in the end. And it also with

Speaker 1 58:32
bottom farm, you know, accusing the developer,

Unknown Speaker 58:37
it would be really nice deal.

Speaker 1 58:39
Yes, it’d be really nice to be able to sit down with a mediation and say, this is playing the zoning. We, you know, they follow the code, they follow the zoning.

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Why isn’t that happening?

Speaker 7 58:57
It’s more of the somebody who’s six, there was an expectation of somebody to recuse themselves. Well,

Speaker 1 59:05
we’re all hearing different things. And that’s where I think they could sit down and we had a specific idea of,

Speaker 3 59:13
we have a mediation department in the housing division Community Services. I mean, we have that capacity. We have the expertise right now. But that wouldn’t be on for us. That would be I would think, staff or p&g folks saying, if you have you wanted to get up to speed, we have a service to resolve that. Or you can get an attorney to file a lawsuit

Unknown Speaker 59:42
with that cavern and drive down one side or the other never

Speaker 3 59:46
wanted to say that got resolved. But then I could have gotten that could have escalated in some pretty interesting what if we get an eagle into the escalating All right.

Speaker 6 1:00:01
So I think in this document as Marius pointed out, almost everything relates to literally financial issues or something along that which is specifically. So just life. In DMZ when they’re appealing the decision of p z, they have to meet these three criteria. Right? There should be same thing. Does this complaint meet? Yes, a financial complaint? Doesn’t mean it No. What does it throw away?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Yeah, exactly. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
my go to file it. But that’s about it.

Speaker 3 1:00:36
So if this was defined as conflicts of interest, that’s one thing. And that’s, I think that’s pretty straightforward.

Speaker 6 1:00:43
I think that’s, as you said, is in a, you know, issue of principle, whereas an issue of ethics, and I think that’s where we’re going to have to delineate and that will completely cut out frivolous complaints as well. I just don’t Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Well, that’s fine.

Speaker 6 1:01:03
It’ll make more sense to drive as far as the procedure like, Who determines if this is true as well. It doesn’t meet these Exactly. Exact

Speaker 1 1:01:13
formats has to say it has to be one of these three, these four,

Speaker 6 1:01:18
whatever and that should be regardless of whether it’s public or Federal Council College.

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