Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – April 2023

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – April 2023

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Well can view your content. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, please. Erin Angel here.

Speaker 2 0:09
Scott Colin Thomas Davis, Paige Lewis. Sam Libby here, Nicholas novella year. Dan Olson and council liaison Tim waters.

Speaker 1 0:26
Okay, before we go to approval of the agenda, why don’t you dance

Speaker 3 0:33
across my new face, as I want to keep you in suspense. It’s been. This is Stephanie Cooper. She is our new Senior Project Manager. So as we start looking at some of these five projects and talking about not only we were looking for additional staff, we were down to step number two. So Stephanie is coming here with a great background and what she’s doing with children’s hospitals archetype but doing projects and getting things knocked out quickly. And she’s looking forward to taking that and helping us build some parts. She’s doing all the projects

Unknown Speaker 1:14
the physician says.

Speaker 1 1:18
Okay, I’m going to prove all of this. We have any proposed changes. You have a motion to approve? The Motion to approve? Second. All right. All those in favor? All right. Motion carries.

Unknown Speaker 1:39
I’m sorry to say.

Speaker 1 1:45
No, we will move on to the previous months and minutes. Does anyone have?

Speaker 4 1:56
I have a question. Did we discuss feeding back info about those? I didn’t see it in the minutes. But I felt like I needed to be doing something and I couldn’t do it. No, I couldn’t find a link. I know. I was thinking there was something it should have been in the minutes about Yes.

Speaker 5 2:20
There were attempts. I think our CIP discussions are evolving. And we’re not going to get much in the way of direction from the board for this year’s 2024 2028. CIP, based on the fact that councils and direct investors just focus on the 85.

Speaker 4 2:36
I don’t need the details. I’m just talking about the minutes here. But But David, my last one, okay. Can you hear

Unknown Speaker 2:42
me? All right, great. It was added as a practice question. I saw that

Speaker 4 2:45
you make a visual version. I saw that. But that was in this week’s packet. Not in last week’s minute, I kept looking for a mention you ended up with one right, I was going to

Speaker 3 2:55
provide some way of giving the most current update on the budget around Harper has been a while and Steve was going to provide candidate a task

Speaker 4 3:04
where Yeah, we were gonna vote on two or three or favorites. Yeah. Okay. All right. Well, I don’t know if that needs to be put in

Speaker 1 3:13
a note. Under new business, where we said that 2023 capital improvement projects we had had Paula, where you were gonna send sort of a link, and we were gonna go through and talk about the projects that were not the ones that were in the approved, but the ones that she might provide feedback. So and

Speaker 5 3:35
that will still happen. It just won’t impact between points towards when you tip, okay.

Speaker 1 3:41
Need to capture minutes. And it might be, you know, I sent you guys a follow up note. So it might just be that language. And then, in the first sentence under that, there’s a mention of focus on current projects that have not been done in a while. And I think what it was is that projects that have been funded but not completed. And then

Unknown Speaker 4:11
the question is 123

Speaker 1 4:13
court there in the bullets right below that it says recreation will begin engaging the public mid year on the interest of pursuing an ice facility? I didn’t remember that. It’s in the pickleball. thing

Speaker 3 4:27
that was pending, just like discussion of

Speaker 1 4:32
a separate thanks. So I’m just not sure if that’s what

Speaker 5 4:35
might be pages with the quote Qantas project and as part of the date and goals, there is need, at least a staff desire need to engage the public would not put a nice facility in putting pickleball in its place. And Jeff was assigned to that by Joanie as part of a task that he would carry forward. I think he’s just sort of

Speaker 1 4:58
sorry, then it probably is. As to gauge public support for putting instead of the previous

Unknown Speaker 5:07
interest of not pursuing. That’s the best, that’s probably a

Speaker 1 5:19
couple down below in items seven, we’re gonna ask for clarification about the recreation budget. And I think Ben had said, you know, there was a note in the previous packet about the recreation budget, being under audit, and we had talked about that I didn’t think this quite captured that, which is that, like recreation is raising a lot of money, but it is still being budgeted a smaller amount that was based on what was budgeted pre COVID. And that that needed to be. So I feel like that needs to be captured a little bit more clearly. Because I do think that’s an important point,

Speaker 4 6:00
right. Ben spoke extensively, or at least a while ago,

Speaker 6 6:06
because it clause at the end of the second sentence is the bulk of our resumes.

Speaker 1 6:13
But I think he’s to about where they’re actually like raising more money, and you saw it in this packet to everything. Lots of money.

Speaker 4 6:24
So is there a phrase we should be seeking for Veronica? I mean,

Speaker 5 6:30
is there a way to conditionally approve minutes based on the absences?

Speaker 1 6:36
Yeah, I mean, I don’t know. Yeah, yeah. I think we approve it, and hope that you will follow up.

Unknown Speaker 6:46
Okay. That’s not for me.

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Anybody else?

Speaker 7 6:58
Pushing for approval. That’s what the amendments that we just discussed. Second of all, then conversation.

Unknown Speaker 7:19
Okay, see any public authorities be heard?

Speaker 8 7:28
Question about that. Is that Is this an Okay, time to ask about? So I wanted to follow up with them. But I wasn’t sure if that was okay. I mean, they gave their contact with you gave enough information as to contact them. I wasn’t sure if that was okay. For them to say thank you for coming. Appreciate it hearing your voice. Because we do just present. Sometimes even just a vast

Unknown Speaker 7:56
individual citizen or a member of the board. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 7:59
I would agree.

Speaker 7 8:01
I was expensive. It’s not like ours together. It’s okay. Yes.

Speaker 5 8:13
And yeah, then give me their name and address no records. thing. It’s part of the minutes. That’s what you need in order to get in touch with them.

Speaker 2 8:21
I mean, they gave us everything. The letters, it’s like, oh, I think that’s

Unknown Speaker 8:34
okay, go to old business. Is there an update on? So I’m gonna try to have

Speaker 3 8:48
a lot of unknown facts out there. So we’ve been meeting with with Harold in the leadership team in the city, you’re trying to prepare to go back to council. And one of the things that Harold is really welcome to do is go back to council with some input from these boards on what they really want to see carry forward. When they had the last Council meeting about this topic, presented for the consultants. We had members of the community that showed up and talked about the Performing Arts Center. And that facility. And I think Council really took that to heart that people were organized, willing to do something I think what Harold is like to see is are a group of people out in the community waiting for each other projects forward and how they may want to do that right now. We’re not in a sort of ballot language or voting piece of this group has really talked about ideas that have Scott has talked to Jeff a little bit less of his suggestions, ideas and how we can keep the community engaged and organized. One things is when this was presented to council, there weren’t a whole lot of things that were much above the 50% mark, and as you start talking to yourself and said goodbye I’m pretty nervous, but can that really make it for without having some really strong grassroots support to help carry that forward? So I really think that’s what Harold’s looking for right now before we go back to counseling 24 Is it the board’s tried to present a message and they have an interest in certain aspects of the tax initiative, and then what they may be willing to do as a board. And then once the board’s can’t really be involved, because of some of our legal requirements as a quasi government entity, what they can do, it’s a grassroots group. So that said, said that you want to talk about the things you can think about? Yeah, so um, for those who don’t know, although they have reached out to everybody individually. But is, you know, after the city council meeting a few weeks ago, when those survey data was presented on was really just interested in like, you can’t miss another opportunity going after the Rec Center was the first thing in my head. But I was really like, you know, kind of won over by how well you didn’t rested as well. So that consultant presented data, there’s, there’s two sides of the data, I thought, tonight, presenting the data. But so on the scientific side, the only thing that passed with a conservative threshold of 60% was, was using reservoir capacity as as a as a ballot measure by the Rec Center upgrades was at 57%. And that new rec center was at 55%. So not terribly far off, but there’s some jumble it’s there in terms of the language that was that was in there. I think, just from being on board and being interested in recreation, open space, I was like, oh, let’s, let’s see if we can build an Issues Committee, I knew two people who are on the Issues Committee in 2019, and kind of reach out to them. And then from there was like, well, let’s just reach out to a member of share, like stakeholders and see if anybody is interested. And so that group has grown to about 50 people. So far, there hasn’t been an official meeting of any sort. Because there are only seven things on here. And I think the response I get the most often is that these get pared down, because everybody kind of wants to do something. And quite frankly, since I represent a lot of the cycling community, they’re like, there’s nothing on there for cyclists and like, we’re very even five, there’s a lot of cycling pains on it, we need to have a different story about that. And so I think, I think folks are looking for a bit of focus on this in there. But really, the new rec center in Union res are the two biggest things that people are interested in. So it’s one rack project, one sort of project that people are most interested in, whether it gets bundled

Unknown Speaker 12:51
with rack

Speaker 3 12:55
renovation, what you do with Centennial as a question, because Centennial ism, if you guys saw that was a mess of a question, people thought we were just gonna tear down the building or the appearance only is I think it’s all invalid data. So, so but there is an interesting group that wants some focus, to then put some pressure and show that there’s interest. And to get people out and going. I know that one of the subgroups is a PTO of one of the schools is near the Rec Center, which is a great starting point, getting people who are excited the neighborhood to help push for a rec center if it’s going to be down in southwest firewall. So there’s a lot of things to overcome. But if you have parents who are in PTO down there, they’re clearly not the group that usually votes. Right. So we saw a lot of demographics. There’s some issues. That puppies I think Harold observed in this is with the performing arts piece that that group was able to bring up people who don’t simply show up at the podium. I mean, there’s a lot of pieces in typically show for certain pieces. I think one things that Harold and other council members were impressed them was the depth of the batch that they were bringing out, you know, more than just a typical people they get, probably need to take a Tuesday and show up. So I think that’s a piece of as you’re kind of looking at those atypical moves. That’s pretty important. Right? Yeah, I think I think people want to know what, what, what can I do, but what what is going to go about what am I? What are we doing right now? And I’m like, it really I think there’s a role that parts that our board needs to play to help direct what their next step is because there’s seven things and if everyone’s coming up yelling at something different, that doesn’t really helped. I don’t think that has counsel, say apparently so this can or this is what the people in the community really want. So I would like to help them with Maybe those two As, as the two that we kind of push forward and think about moving forward, but

Unknown Speaker 15:07
I think there’s there’s more discussion,

Speaker 3 15:11
but I think it’s an interesting group. I mean, there’s I mean, there’s, we had a great conversation with two people about how to build a whole budget and with a price per vote would be and how many books we need to get I find the time.

Speaker 3 15:28
Yeah, I mean, so I’m really looking at you need to get 3000 more votes, basically, to beat the margin of error for the for the year, and you’re raising not $20,000. So let them figure out. But if you’re, if you’re in that ballpark, and you’re doing that there’s there’s certain subsets within the market that you can go for, if it’s, you know, going after a particular neighborhood versus union rise, which is more community wide are two different words that are being played off the job. So it’s, I’m really excited about it. I’m really hopeful for this group. And, you know, we’d encourage anybody who would like to volunteer and jump into that group to do as well. It is a kind of a weird sort of space between the Board Member system. I do think right now, it’s why I gave you too late to kind of toggle this evening. I think, again, as advisory board council at this point, we don’t have anything really out there on the ballot, we are prohibited from talking about the interests of this group is I think that’s one of the benefits is this across representation of a community that uses a park open space in our rec centers, and trying to figure out the message that we carry back to council is important pieces time to the point where we can’t talk about it as a board or staff. But it’s probably the right time to do that, and have a plan set up when that stop line starts in a new way for the groups to stay engaged without violating any procedures.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
And we can still provide information. Right that

Speaker 3 16:55
points that doesn’t really at that point. It’s a we’re, we’re information source at that point. Now, what things are going forward? Dr. Waters, you have any other thoughts as far as a council member being up there? And you haven’t seen set through one piece? And what what may help? So first of all, it

Speaker 9 17:13
says person is the threshold, not 50%? I mean, did you say 50? To 60%. And in Scotts writing here, we only have one of the one proposal that applies maybe your met that threshold. In 2018. We decided to put the rec center on the ballot, we had 50% Positive approval rate. And we were cautious and then that’s before you go organized opposition. We obviously organized opposition and we got killed. So tangential to all this. Well, not not tangential. Part of what was that Harold was impressed with is the fact that there is in town, there was one group, or there is a group organized around one initiative. Clearly they’re well organized, and they’re ready to campaign. Right. They’re raising money, they formed the Issues Committee that they’ve created the right accounts they need, right in terms of both an education initiative, they’ve got capital campaign going. And if any group wants to see any of those proposals passed, they better be as well organized. Right? So it’s to talk about that you got to move not have to move real quickly. Because you don’t have a we don’t have a package yet. Right. Right. So there’s a lot of questions you can’t answer. But if you’re not going to be if you don’t have it, if you don’t have a group that’s well organized. There’s not any I don’t think there’s any point in putting on the ballot and now how would you want to see it? Here’s what with the tangential part of this. I sat in this room. However, many years ago, two to four years ago, surrounded by the hockey community, you know that we have to have a nice facility. Every was I had was not accounts for very long before we saw the feasibility study. Tuesday night after Tuesday night was my I thought What have I gotten myself into? I wasn’t used to being in a room of people yelling at me and pounding on the table to put this facility on knees were swimmers who mostly to put it on the ballot. And just give us a chance to get it you get to make the case to the voters. I heard more than one time stories about kids who died in traffic accidents. You know, coming home from Loveland after a swimming or hockey practice. I mean, there were all these appeals. When it got to the ballot. There was organized opposition and even last Tuesday night or the last Council meeting, I heard repeated again that the city council then did not listen to the public. We put a ballot, we put a question on the ballot that we want, not what anybody else wants, which I believe is simply not true. What we put on the ballot as a result of a feasibility study that had tons of input Have a recreation too. We didn’t do the feasibility study. I don’t recall a single voice, everybody that charge that this was an elitist, too expensive to absorb an unresponsive proposal. Right. So it’s interesting, you know, we responded to it did that, I would say demand, certainly the expectation that we put a question on the ballot, for which there was no organized campaign, nor was there even a willingness to respond to a criticism that we simply didn’t listen to the public, when indeed, what ended up on the ballot is a result of having listened to the public, those who organized what it is to listen to them, not to you. So in moving forward, this you got to think about a couple of aspects, one, where you’re going to advocate for, if you’re not willing to engage with other members of the public, if you kind of hold people accountable, us and others, then you’re gonna, it’ll be a failed effort again, I fear, right? Because we heard it already. I don’t do don’t make the same mistake, don’t listen, was listen to the public. I think more specific, listen to me, or listen to, to a group other than the people in this room, when we get into this, so you got to be gonna have to be well organized, I’m not certain how we’re going to pair the variety of projects down to what’s actionable items. You know, we’ll have to see where the majority strategies, we’ll see what the new questions are, we’re authorizing together another package of questions or set of questions. Specifically, driven by by Centennial Park, right in the confusion around the questions and the responses. And, you know, again, the whole event has contributed to the confusion as opposed to clarity was proposed. And I’m not certain when we’re going to see the result of the responses, nothing tomorrow night. And there’s nothing in the queue. I look kind of cute today, for the council meetings, which is unusual. I’m curious why there’s nothing in the queue to anticipate what’s coming up over the next six weeks in terms of penalties. So if there wasn’t, I can tell you, that’s gonna come back to us on the next day. But I don’t I can’t find that. So at this point, we’re all kind of waiting to see what what the staff comes back with and what the what Magellan strategies comes back with in terms of polling questions. But regardless, what that is, you want to see something succeed? Get organized, number one, number two, you got to be willing to engage, not just advocating for but rebutting, what is misinformation.

Speaker 2 22:52
So I’m curious as to how that was bottled would look like, you know, how a US citizen could robot robot. Because in my experience, your public invited to be heard you get heard, even if there’s a question from council that goes to the public person, they can’t say anything, you get one shot. So you have to basically you have to go again to another you have, how does the model work a couple of

Speaker 9 23:25
ways. Depending on where you are, you know, as you sign up, if somebody comes up after you, you’re not going to have a chance to rebut something that might might not ring true or might not be at least your experience. There’s in a regular meeting, there’s always a second Council invite or public invited to be heard. So that means you have to be willing to sit to the meeting. It’s always interesting to me to sit at the Dyess and listen to the variety of people with all the concerns they have from transgender issues to, you know, state legislative policy or whatever. Nothing that’s on our agenda, but it becomes an open forum. And then people get up and walk out. Nobody’s really not issued, it’s very few people interested in staying there. And actually learning something about the business of the city. That’s just my you can do it at the end of the meeting. You can write a letter to the editor, you can come to the next meeting. But there is no reason to not when you hear something that doesn’t that you know, to not be true. There’s nothing wrong with coming to the podium. Even if it’s the next weekend, say, you know, I heard this, you can call anybody out by name. That’s just not my recollection of what happened or what we’re how we’re moving forward with this proposal. May 30, there’s going to be an open for I would make certain you put that on your calendar. That’s an opportunity to have a conversation. Right? We don’t get to respond, even when there’s misinformation, as frustrating as is to say, whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, at the end of the day, at the end of the meeting, we get a chance to comment. And I did that would, you know, I’m not calling anybody out by name because I remember quite differently what happened in 2018. On May 30, it would be a chance to say, before anybody sits down, let’s, let’s go back and review. Because what I heard you said, doesn’t strike me as anywhere close to what the facts are. So let’s, let’s talk about, you know, what your experience was versus mine or somebody else’s. But there are opportunities to respond.

Speaker 3 25:30
The best way to rebut something is to control the narrative to is to get out in front of things, and to, you know, have having issues but base website, get out in the public can push a message can help. The single single person has a lot of voice right now. Versus like a large, I would say, probably the majority of the city that has constantly said they wanted like a new black center, who are not coming up to the Dyess to talk, right, so you just need to get the volume, and then you can knock down some of those things, in terms of

Speaker 1 26:11
just like pairing that that number of things, because I do think that complexity of the questions and the number of things presented and the way they were presented was very confusing. I mean, I’ve done lots of surveys, and I even I found it confusing issues. But I feel like this board, I mean, in this configuration and previous configurations, we consistently advocated for new rec center as a board. And I don’t know, I think considering other things, I mean, you know, like the addition of union reservoir might be something that could be considered, but I think we, at least in the past have consistently said we think it’s, you know, a very high priority for Longmont to add a rec center. And I feel like, you know, we have had resolutions in the past that we’ve shared, that could probably be dug up somewhere. And I don’t know, you know, if we are still at that same mind. I think we could consider, you know, passing a resolution and going and just, you know, sharing

Unknown Speaker 27:22
the goods necessary, just not sufficient, right.

Speaker 1 27:25
No, I agree. I agree. I’m just trying to think that what we could do as board to try to start narrowing the field, recognizing that there’s other pieces.

Speaker 5 27:36
We the last rec center was being considered by council, I remember there being a lot now, obviously, the digital world has changed the last 20 years. But letters of the editor were very frequent, very robust. getting the message across to the public, and there still is pretty good cross section of the population that does read the times holiday, and gets a lot of the news from that publication. So that might be something that just weren’t considers. Doc. Well, I was just wondering, is there what I heard you sort of respond to page, you’re saying what is needed is a board support, as well as

Speaker 9 28:17
the this board passed a resolution supporting that proposal? I would be really disappointed. If that didn’t just say, I would be I would be equally disappointed if if nobody from this board was willing to show up on a Tuesday night can say when you’re speaking for the board or speaking for yourself, that I think this is the right thing to do. For these reasons, I encourage you to move forward and have somebody whether it’s you or somebody else, come behind that and say and we are organized, here’s what you can count on from us, and invite the community to join. You can get that point once we once we have a package ready to go. You can’t campaign as as, as a board or board members, but there’s no constraint on you’re campaigning on behalf of a proposal. Because as a resident you and

Speaker 4 29:12
I, I presented it, weren’t you there with me to 2019? So we did. But I felt like that was all we did. There was that whole group, low code swimming or whatever it was that we were pretty ineffectual in retrospect, I mean, there was not a lot of we all got together and thought, hey, this is great. We should do this. But then there was very and then door several letters to the editor on the other side to your room. I remember the same thing that were really effective just before the election. And I think that really swung the balance that’s that scenario.

Speaker 3 29:52
That was that the swimming group basically said they ended up having even fighting themselves.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
Hockey and swimming did Not

Unknown Speaker 30:01
at all. But even within swimming, they had issues.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
And the naming thing was awful. Yeah.

Speaker 3 30:13
Yes. Yeah. But yeah, there is a there. It’s basically they got it was pretty straightforward. Like, what not? Yes, exactly. Yeah. So yeah. And so it’s it was interesting. I mean, it was a former board member proud was, you know, part of that, that group too. And just like, she’s just like, yeah, we’ve did everything wrong. So I’ll gladly help you do it.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
I can better I don’t know. Exactly.

Speaker 3 30:39
So. Yeah, so sorry. I think a lot of things were done. But yeah, I think there’s you got to get out of your own bubble, is a big piece of it, you got to talk to everyone.

Speaker 4 30:52
I think we all thought, Wow, what a great idea. This is so obvious, it’s just gonna pass. And when you’re talking to like minded folks, that seems obvious. But yeah.

Speaker 1 31:01
So I mean, I’m hearing like, a need maybe for us to make like a near term statement. And ideally, I think backed up by, you know, community support, but that’s why I’m wondering if we want to, you know, we can show up individually decide on the future city council meeting, we could make a statement as board and just say, we still feel like it’s a very high priority for the community to have a recreation center. You know, that statement could include something about the swimming pool, because I think that issue is like, I, I, my understanding is that the new recreation center would sort of incorporate the replacement for centennial. I mean, I don’t know if that’s true. But you know, I think rec center or, you know,

Unknown Speaker 31:49
one project will definitely influence the other. Right.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
You know, so I think full service facility

Speaker 9 31:58
that we’ve seen so far, is there in salvages continue? In, we’re gonna be talking about Scotland, and I’m really talking about where the number goes, right, in terms of the timeline cost, if indeed, we were to replace, you’re gonna have to, you’re gonna have to eliminate something cool and redo it. It’s it’s that far, isn’t that? Sadly, she

Speaker 1 32:28
was saying we should eliminate Centennial and not replace it with some equivalent swimming capacity. Right. I mean, that’s at that. I think that was people’s perception.

Speaker 3 32:38
Yeah, it’s tough. Because like, I mean, there is a lot of reaction of moving it from one more to another, or moving it out in one neighborhood to another. Right. And there is there’s a bunch of that that clearly was reaction, we get that incoming. Yeah. Yeah. So means Yeah. So I think it’d be great to get an answer about Centennial poll as part of it. But I think, no matter what, I think that should change maybe the scope of the rec center, but it doesn’t change whether or not there’s a second rec center, period. Right. Yeah. And I think the fundamentals this early on, we don’t have the full rideability of the Brexit. I haven’t

Speaker 5 33:18
heard a detailed layout, what the new restaurant entailed, to my knowledge, we have a feasibility study that they’re working on.

Speaker 9 33:28
At the end of the day, I’m thinking real hard about how do you engage the challenge that will come? If we no matter where we put? We will Mistakes were made to present a team we never identified for sale. So we got, we got hammered for that. And then the issue of equity became centerpiece for the opposition. And we just nobody framed a case or made a case for how that proposal would have increased, would have been a movement toward equity not away from it would be an option to include kids who don’t ever have a chance to spend time in that kind of an amenity or on a sort of you know what, and I just think somebody needs to be really thoughtful. There was no response to that it was effective. And it was trained as an elitist proposal. Right. It was opposed as an elitist proposal. And it failed, because that’s the way that somebody got to vote.

Speaker 7 34:25
We just said that there’s no detailed information. So where did the number come from that was proposed in that survey 64 million?

Unknown Speaker 34:32
Well, there have been your cost estimates. But in terms of

Speaker 4 34:37
just for its basic estimates, kind of what we have. Like it,

Speaker 7 34:43
I think it is important to have the specificity of what people are gonna get because otherwise they read the first one in development. Right. To hang their interest on Yeah, I

Speaker 3 34:52
think it’s one of those things that you say that there is a senior center extension there and then there is a pickleball place to play There is also important you bring all of those groups together, literally under one roof, because

Speaker 1 35:05
the previous was essentially a rec center. I mean, there was gonna be recreation facility or a rec center with pool nice, like

Unknown Speaker 35:17
a whole different thing.

Speaker 3 35:18
Do things also came up with a lot of people who got back to me was the survey. Also. I’m hopeful that this is actually true, is that they are universally like the people who talked to me about the sales tax part. Universally were like, well, I didn’t know even know what was going on. So I voted lower than I would have, because I don’t even know why this sales tax part plus the middle Debbie. So I think the sales tax part is stupid, or whatever. It just I don’t think it was well explained that one part was the operational cost. And one part is the capital costs are how this is going to be done. So there there is again, communication of what you’re asking for in that piece that may have trended lower than what people usually would have, because they don’t even know what that meant. And so

Speaker 9 36:09
that’s another some of the other incoming email is just that, well, how can you build these things and not be able to pay for the operations? Well, let me explain what’s in front of the people? And in the course not saying, huh, I didn’t understand that, you know, I didn’t have the benefit of an explanation. So there was a lot of confusion about that.

Speaker 3 36:30
And I would say, O’Neill, throw in one last other thing is that people love that the fire stations are being built, right?

Speaker 9 36:40
I mean, what was that bond? 20 21,000 2000. That was part of that was 2019.

Speaker 3 36:49
I think I think putting the date things get built, or like it’s gonna like this is going to happen. And it’s not like, Hey, we’re gonna do this, and maybe in 20 years, when your kids are all grown, they don’t, then we’re gonna build this building. Right? I think they want to know that this is actually going to happen at certain time. I don’t know what the legal ramifications of the binding side of that is. But that was people were like, oh, yeah, that would be that sure that sure benefit we can get? Because that’s what the school district does, and says, you know, in seven years, we’re building to white schools, or middle schools with your money. And then sure enough, it’s it started getting built that summer. School as well.

Speaker 1 37:37
So any thoughts on actions you take now are

Speaker 7 37:43
those to me premature for like a memorandum of some kind, in that there’s enough up in the air still about the new questions and study that it’ll be answered? I’m very supportive of us making a statement or what did you call resolution resolution that’s right about that. But if it seems like it seems, a month earlier, or two months early, just be more specific in what we actually are supporting, rather than to the point like generally supporting rec something.

Speaker 5 38:16
I don’t know that we’re going to be specifying in the ballot language, what’s happening within the recreational center is gonna just be a recreation center. With recreational components. I don’t get the sense from what we

Speaker 7 38:28
have the seven options or three things that went out there certainly feels like open right now.

Speaker 3 38:32
I think maybe this is where I’m kind of wondering, gee, that idea of how consequent aside how to package this thing. I think what I’m hearing is what they’re hearing the public time, say is we’re going to help you carry this forward is probably to help them decide to

Speaker 9 38:47
two observations. One is, before we before the survey was constructed, we went through a conversation about of the 11 with your 11 Brass abilities. I remember saying that conversation, you know, there are some of these like the $5 million for the update or you know, the refurbishing of the current rec site, that’s got to be above the line. But if we’re going to do this, to overlook or to be unresponsive to the needs of existing deferred maintenance, that does not have to be deferred, deferred. If we can pay for it that’s got to be on the line. Frankly, I know I looked at Montgomery Park, I looked at you as if I’m gonna draw a line, I put union in Montgomery Park and maybe some of those below them. Just to simplify the survey. Everything went into the survey right now, what would really be helpful is if this group had a rank order of highest to lowest or your highest to lowest priorities in that list of recreation of Parks and Rec amenities. If you can do that, that’d be really helpful, because there’s going to get the alliance is going to be drawn to you. I would hope you want your perspective At least represented in that conversation when that happens, because they’re not all going to get in. It’s too late is too expensive. And it’s too kind, it’s a quarter of a billion dollars.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
What do you think is the timeframe for that?

Speaker 9 40:15
I wish I saw something in the queue in May, or for the rest of this month, the fact that there’s nothing there as it was a shock to me, it’s first time in my tenure on council, I’ve looked specifically for preparation for this meeting and eating earlier today, there’s nothing

Speaker 5 40:29
working backwards, I think you’d have to have the bottom line, which approved by

Speaker 9 40:33
August, yeah, it’s awfully backwards. early June is my understanding. And we’ve got like the next six weeks, to get the second phase of the poll, and to get down to, you know, hard the hard decisions about what’s in and what’s out. But I but I would pay it would be, if you don’t bring a highest to lowest priority, that is going to happen, it’ll happen with your input for what happened, I would think you want your input into that, I would value that.

Speaker 3 41:06
But the thing that is getting me is that is that the Performing Arts Center has only one subject, and they have a very big community. And so we’re suffering from like, having too many sub topics. And it’s really hard to do that same sort of thing, because you don’t get as many people really excited about seven different things equally, or that that’s there in the meantime, that there is, you know, wait for June or July to press city council, you have months of Performing Arts Center people coming to city council every Tuesday, or every other Tuesday to talk about performance. And so that gets in the paper weeks and weeks over. And it’s a very conservative voting this and so they’re gonna, if they picked something to fund, there’s probably gonna be picking like one thing, right? You have to give them a way, I think you have given way in advance and have them.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
That’s why I was thinking, like, if we can emphasize

Speaker 3 42:17
it, because that’s my point to that, that ranking of this group here. If they got there, one and two, and the others are below their line, and it still gives you that absolutely. I mean, that would

Speaker 9 42:26
be what your highest priorities are would be really helpful, because there’s going to be a time where that decision is gonna get made. Just to other observations, I’ve said in a number of meetings with the performing arts folks, not recently, but in the end, trying to help with the kind of organization and move this stuff along. And even within their ranks, there’s a fair amount of diversity. But what this, the specs, and the features should be, you know, performing arts, and they have come to terms with stop that, if we can’t, if we’re going to take, we’re gonna let that get in the way of organizing and standing in solidarity behind a proposal, this will pass so they’ve decided there, that’s not going to become a flashpoint. Number one, number two, they had they are you’ve been seeing this in council. And you’ve also read the paper because they pretty well organized in terms of who’s writing the next piece of this come to council tonight and with the message that they are drilling over and over and over again, the theme of the relationship between children in education, performing arts. And if you’ve been reading this stuff, you see that theme over and over again, not a bad idea, right in terms of the inclusion of children in all kinds of opportunities, recreational education, because of what we could do with record Parks and Rec facilities. In long run, the kids simply don’t enjoy some experiences that they could and should. And in terms of what we do with the preservation of nature, as well as the built environment. So I mean, there’s some really powerful messages in there on their data, at least they’ve concluded and I think they’re on the right ones. In terms of what the the end of the day, however campaigns are going to play out between Labor Day, and the first Tuesday in November, right. So everything else is preliminary. in campaign mode, you want to be able to hit hard coming right off the Labor Day, anything before Labor Day, people just want to a campaign, but you build all your message building awareness, and that’s what they’re doing right now.

Speaker 2 44:42
So you want a sample list. Could you want us to rank first the list What’s up most what’s on the screen but

Speaker 7 44:56
the hard part of it too is the other recording of both the survey and the results was focus just on Rec Center library and full merits not only the other parks projects but that was the old one they weren’t covered media at all it’s hard to get information on the results but everyone is focused on the first three things thank you

Unknown Speaker 45:32
enough friends

Speaker 7 45:43
could that ranking be a topic for the retreat for

Speaker 2 45:55
me we can just do a smart we can do because all

Unknown Speaker 46:05
my notes where people

Speaker 5 46:09
were going old school here yeah potential budget loss

Unknown Speaker 46:29
are we calling a performing arts

Unknown Speaker 46:34
center offers entertainment yeah

Unknown Speaker 46:36
Performing Arts is you’re right

Unknown Speaker 46:41
I didn’t go to the service place where they’re all the websites service dog

Unknown Speaker 46:56
going to comment on two texts from them

Speaker 1 47:20
I feel like it’s simpler. It is. Simpler. Whatever the what is the better. Like it’s just too many complexities fragments. I mean,

Speaker 3 47:33
so somebody came up with an email somebody came up with let’s get this go online searching wristbands are all workout. Amazing as you would remember for sure.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
community park itself was more of a survey

Unknown Speaker 47:59

Speaker 2 48:08
I really hate acronyms. They’re very exclusionary, but I understand your writing establish fast as you could. So that kind of

Unknown Speaker 48:16
thing by the letter.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
So now

Speaker 1 48:22
what? Well, I mean, if we’re talking it as you know, think new rec center upgrades to the old rec center doing something with Centennial pool, like those are all kind of connected to each other. And then you know, union reservoir is a big outdoor recreation facility and was talking there and there’s some way to create a narrative that links those two otherwise I would focus in on the rec center pieces

Speaker 3 49:00
the way it was presented these new projects, which is the first library Rec Center Department arts museum

Speaker 2 49:10
so okay, there’s line thing is that the line that was supposed to put things up above No, it’s

Unknown Speaker 49:17
just a line

Unknown Speaker 49:21
recreation and cultural new park and then renovation

Unknown Speaker 49:34
looks I would understand right now their

Unknown Speaker 49:42
summers coming out paper trips or something like that.

Speaker 2 50:00
I mean, the first for all feel like recreation. I mean, they are for you for, you know, the common sort of part of our thing. But they all are recreation and education or either just because you’re learning doesn’t mean you’re not recreated. Yeah, so they’re all, they’re all having fun and learning

Speaker 1 50:23
the library was just the branch library that was associated with the Rec Center.

Speaker 9 50:30
Whether it’s, whether it’s assessment, the Rec Center, would be would be a branch, as opposed to a brand new library or a library district there, the white there are some members of library board that still would like to hold the library out and in English, I don’t think that will be a smart play right now. But I also for whatever it’s worth, I think at the end of the day, I think the museum expansion will come off. Just because there’s there’s a care manager who just left as the director, every painter, consultant to help with capital campaigns in there. I think she’s convinced they’re going to raise enough money that you could go to the but not unlike the performing arts group is doing now. To say it would be a public private partnership don’t sell a bond until, in fact, I think she suggested they can raise enough money to do the library expansion would look for a dedicated sales tax increase in assessed value to fund for the fund the operational costs, we’ll see. I think that’s how it’s gonna go.

Speaker 2 51:37
So one way of consensus building an idea building and getting put in is just having each person you know, walk up and rank one through whatever, set nine their own and then we just see where that falls. And that is the low tech Google Form.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
I have four different choices.

Speaker 2 52:02
Yeah. You have to like we don’t have it doesn’t have to be like

Unknown Speaker 52:12
wanting to talk to mark on the board who did

Speaker 2 52:21
why don’t we just get up and stand they can just do it. Like I don’t like there’s

Unknown Speaker 52:24
people like happy. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Okay, well.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
I mean, you just started

Speaker 2 52:33
Yeah, because like, I would rather rank I’d rather go up and not have like, I want to I want to go from new marker like I mean, I’m you know, I’m just gonna be honest though, and you guys are all gonna watch me and so that’s the reason why you don’t do this is you’re supposed to have four people up with four markers writing down their thing because this is how I build consensus three times a semester and getting a bigger group this

Speaker 7 53:07
portable mark to mark three lines with readings or like or names or we’re going to do

Speaker 2 53:12
um, we could you could rank them one through 10 or you everybody gets five votes and you can put your five five tallies you can put your five tallies on anything you want anything you want you can put all five on one does that make sense? Threes I would prefer to do top three but I don’t think it’s fine. Okay, like they want to try it but it’s the points like that everybody stands up and everybody goes in

Unknown Speaker 54:00
five bucks

Unknown Speaker 54:09
five votes

Unknown Speaker 54:16
stood foundations but this was all companies do it Oh no. Because nobody else has done Oh.

Speaker 2 54:34
You don’t like we don’t even need to have like you can just go off and semi on and on. Oh my gosh. I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
Right, yeah.

Speaker 8 54:52
I like your dance pants. Yeah. So that’s why I just want

Speaker 2 54:59
to So getting up and voting and also not just saying oh because you’re

Speaker 5 55:03
not certain that you’re not but

Unknown Speaker 55:14
it’s not just like you said supportive

Unknown Speaker 55:27
and I don’t generally respond

Speaker 9 55:36
what it was so I just said hey every

Unknown Speaker 55:48
chapter wife go figure it out. I did apply for Did he really? Yeah. So funny. I haven’t seen him

Unknown Speaker 56:06
two more pages voting. object to dissolve the kidney stones were dissolved. So we had to just get it out on top of that back surgery was definitely, because that’s all a sign. I think, Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just waiting here. Yeah. Something else needs to happen. But he was lying on the floor that looks like rec center in union. Yeah. not that surprising. But let’s be clear up the new park, public Sue. I’m sorry, let’s be clear, what

Speaker 7 56:49
is clear on your perception, there’s a lot of interest from this board and the union person an opportunity to purchase.

Speaker 1 56:58
I mean, like I said, I support those types. I just don’t think this is the right vehicle for

Speaker 7 57:03
I also think union is a thing, it’s easier to build consensus around public field experience have already been there. No one’s been directed for whatever part and it’s also a form of, like, it’s hard to imagine.

Speaker 2 57:17
It’s also got the cross section of water security, like so people that are concerned about our water quality and our water security. And it’s got that nature, and it’s got recreation. And it’s got like super inclusivity is that so that it’s

Unknown Speaker 57:38
it’s you know, it’s unique to

Speaker 4 57:41
the city. What remind me what was the union reservoir all of what was all in Texas expansion and was just making the reservoir bigger was part of it. It’s deeper and

Speaker 7 58:01
I can take it to the Texan sir. Okay. For whatever. enhancements would include an improved ADA compliant swim Beach, boathouse, boat, docks, storage, campgrounds, restrooms, lockers and showers, additional picnic areas and as trail system.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
So it does not say these

Speaker 3 58:15
things that we’ve we’ve talked about ways of moving forward as additional ballers out there, we can look at the improvements you can make. We think we can make it in a way that even expanded, we would make those improvements away they could fit in to stand with it. You know, of course you find trails, picnic areas that are already back far enough. The boathouse would be something to be potentially immovable. But yeah, we don’t have the ability to say that the Red

Speaker 4 58:40
Bull company’s going to expand the reservoir. That’s not part of the

Speaker 3 58:44
the proposal of the actual so far. Okay, because it can’t do that. Sure. It can’t be because it’s going to be a lot more third party reservoir.

Unknown Speaker 58:54
It’s different than upgrading.

Speaker 7 59:01
I guess I thought your expansion of a new new facilities,

Speaker 5 59:06
its new facility. So you look at this. This is the eastern side of the reservoir here. This is the brew master planning. So with a lot of camping, that would be a conversation when you haven’t given the 18 million. This is the national

Speaker 3 59:20
delta. So don’t be trying to clear to expansion of existing versus expansion of capacity in the reservoir.

Speaker 5 59:30
Yes, two separate projects, like one yes, that’s a fun project that should start here. It’s part of a banquet. So they also have an independently of what happens

Speaker 2 59:41
is going to be camping. Things coming back.

Speaker 3 59:45
Yes, that was that was one things in the master plan. I think we can at this altitude the background that one of the things that we were running a campground and we were not staffed or unsafe for the users of our results we staffed appropriately and that’s ethical All funding fees are how do you you build it, maintain it, there’s ways you can do that internally, recreation is great, you also have a great history of using vendors to that kind of stuff, you look at other party systems and use outside vendors and manage your camera. So it’s awesome to do it in a way that professional and safe, I think it’s a great

Speaker 5 1:00:17
opportunity. So it really makes the day use areas pretty much on the eastern side of the of the site. The other this is the current union Reservoir area right now, where everyone comes and recreates. This will be mostly from boat storage, the boat house, things like that. So it would be more for clubs and user organized users I should say, rather than typical day users,

Speaker 7 1:00:47
is there a way to make to this in the survey questions? It’s really a good question to ask, I find that the survey question is

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
all in line very, very, this

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
is very exciting.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
It’s all there a lot

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
of questions anymore other than going through the entire survey. So I think it’s all

Speaker 1 1:01:08
signs that there were never any pictures, what might have been new, cool, nice.

Speaker 2 1:01:13
content like to be very accessible for people, when in doubt, they’re just vote. Yeah, you know, some people are when in doubt, I vote yes, for the doubt, I don’t know. But if you give him really easy access to information, they can make a

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
good suggestion.

Speaker 1 1:01:34
So we do have other agenda items. And this one’s important. But I do want to wrap it up if we can, I do personally feel it would be valuable for us to have some kind of preliminary resolution that just says, you know, we as board continue to be very supportive, you know, a new recreation facility, we’re also very supportive of, you know, the proposals for union reservoir. We know that there’s some, you know, community organizing, it’s a part of these, but we just wanted to let Council now that this is very important to represent

Speaker 3 1:02:13
this alliance. Ubu, and we have discussed your your narrative at all. No, no, I don’t have to change Montgomery farms. story.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
I mean, I can

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
make a motion

Speaker 4 1:02:30
to interact here to wordsmith we’re voting on

Speaker 2 1:02:33
all right. I mean, it looks like we’re more I mean, if we’re doing an order of importance, the board is most the supporting most unique reservoir. As in addition, a New York like the new rec center, I can’t

Speaker 4 1:02:52
disagree. Votes are too close to differentiate that that margin is two elevens 24 in each month, we should have ranked choice voting, we only have those two if we want to vote one way or the other is best. So I It’s fine with me to say both these two items are

Speaker 1 1:03:18
for you staff resolution expressing our continued support for a new recreation facility environment. In addition, our strong support for the proposed meeting and that those be advanced by city council are beginning to favorable consideration that counsel.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
That was perfect. You

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
get all that broken? Out here. Oh, sure. I’m looking at you. Did not get it. Great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
I apologize about the picture. So it’s on the camera. We have a recording.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
Well, I’m assuming your man is just simple words.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
Those words were perfect. Thank you.

Speaker 1 1:04:11
Perfect. All right. So then we need to deliver to city council at some upcoming meeting tomorrow.

Speaker 9 1:04:27
Here’s what here’s what would be my only concern with what you just would you just look. First of all, what you did is great. But but there are going to be some things like $5 million to refurbish the existing rec center that’s going to be part of I can’t imagine going to the public. Without that, honestly as part of this new one. Because we have deferred and deferred and deferred. We’re a decade behind on even with the eight and five and two have to now do what we can now to make sense to make certainly maintain an existing asset. I think it’d be irresponsible. I’m not sure if I would vote, frankly, for a bond question that builds a facility and ignores one that needs attention.

Speaker 2 1:05:14
Yeah. That makes sense. That makes sense to our conservative base as well. Yeah.

Speaker 9 1:05:22
And I don’t think that has to be an either or my only point would be, you might, you might add something in addition to whatever else the council might consider, these would be our top priorities. Right. So it’s not like, Well, are you saying we shouldn’t include five names?

Speaker 3 1:05:38
With open? I don’t think our language was exclusionary. It’s like we’ve put in for these two things. We may vote for other things. Alright.

Speaker 9 1:05:47
Just want to make certain that we were not in this with this.

Speaker 1 1:05:54
Yeah, I mean, because, you know, one of the things I voted for was the Rec Center upgrades. I do think it kind of goes with the new rec center.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
And stuff.

Speaker 2 1:06:10
Yeah, I mean, but that’s not in the public eye. You know, when they’re voting it’s not. They’re like, Well, why would we build a new rec center? If we haven’t had Kanemoto? Open for the last three? Why are we building a new pool? We can have camo guns, right? So that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
City Council’s.

Speaker 9 1:06:32
Is it every week or every, every Tuesday? Every third, one Tuesday, but players want to see them advise Housing Authority Board Meeting. So I can’t I don’t have the right machine. We want to get through the portal.

Speaker 1 1:06:50
Is there anyone else that would be interested in going? Live during our presentation? Sure. Yeah, I mean, so we just need to pick one.

Speaker 7 1:07:09
Does the resolution you have written or gearing up for is no staff to that point? Well,

Speaker 1 1:07:16
past we’ve written it and then staff has done all right. But I think that we should put

Speaker 8 1:07:21
it to look like a giant check. Here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
So a week from tomorrow night is a Housing Authority Board Meeting. The next would be the 25th.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
Saying it’s hard to navigate for

Speaker 1 1:07:49
a long time, even though maybe we could plan tentatively delivering another 20. That would give us a chance to get the language centered around in nature. Just use what you said. We do. But we have to make sure it’s like, because we didn’t write it down on the board.

Speaker 4 1:08:15
Well, you did. You can read that. But you can to couch based on previous experience. What I did is you get to say I am Daniel’s I’m here representing, you know, personally, I think this and the board says this. Right, whatever. There is some freedom here, you’re speaking in front of the board. You know, as a citizen. It’s not like you just kept a drone on.

Speaker 1 1:08:41
That’s why I think because I have multiple members right last time. Anybody else?

Speaker 4 1:08:49
And you can vote speak as a sign off as public invited to be heard, you know, somebody else can. So

Speaker 2 1:08:56
then what about like, coming in another time and saying, I would like to remind city council that yes, yeah. Because yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
The other folks are making, right they’re already doing.

Speaker 1 1:09:15
Okay, so our next actually what we might want to think about this next agenda item to in conjunction with that, because it’s my understanding that the first public meeting or the Master Plan feasibility is April 26, which is our next day. So this is the next agenda items that are not here. So so I’ve

Speaker 3 1:09:41
been sending questions today. I’ll get them

Speaker 1 1:09:51
so when I mean in the packet, it says that the first public meeting which will be hybrid for the Master Plan, feasibility study for the new recreation facility. So this is where they’ll be talking about some of those details that get incorporated into a feasibility study. The first public meeting for input is April 26. And I definitely feel like we should be part of that are interested.

Speaker 1 1:10:21
So were you I mean, there was a little bit in the packet. But were you sent out in more info?

Speaker 1 1:10:36
I mean, that’s a tricky piece. Right. So that’s why the details, I think we’re what will would be in the center, if it’s put on the ballot will come from a feasibility study,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
then we should wait a week after them? Or do both competitions in

Speaker 1 1:10:54
the next meeting would be the second city council.

Speaker 2 1:11:04
Vote, what would be the advantage of waiting? Like, you can just re say it better.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
You can say my additional comments.

Speaker 2 1:11:12
Yeah, that’s I mean, it’s like why not do it as soon as possible? And then say it again, better and better and better? Yeah. But I can’t go I’m sorry. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:11:30
City council on the 25th. Everyone should just know that April 26, is the first public meeting for the Rec Center, recreation fees. And David will work with Jeff, to get some more info.

Speaker 9 1:11:48
Anything else? Yeah, just make the note in your calendar is May 30. Right now at least is is a public forum. And that is an opportunity to engage in a conversation and the possibility of correcting misinformation or answering questions. I wouldn’t miss that. Then even

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14

Speaker 3 1:12:17
1 million transportation meetings, bicycle online, would come to like open houses. And we have a lot of times collect the names and people game is separate of people, staff people taking games, and it was considered it was okay. Because there was you were just invited to be there to talk about vitamin C or whatever. In the same sort of space. I don’t know what the line is of like an Issues Committee collecting the names of people who come to visit, to say, I’d like to be part of this. So let me set some table with a separate list unit. You’re not right. We’re not saying we’re the city where if you had another table saying, Would you like to join advocacy group there and you have the ability to have it I find that I think if there’s a distinction for you to to get your your audience there, they want to walk your table and say here’s information providing harvest, and especially if there’s a although check writing sounds, okay, yeah.

Speaker 1 1:13:17
Okay, so I’m assuming we don’t have any more information on the master. So the next item from old business is discussing the potential retreat. It looks like the best day for that is that 13th May 13, which is complex, but I don’t anymore. So if that still works for others, we can go with that Saturday, May 13. I think we’re looking at like eight to noon or 830 to 1230. Something Sunday.

Speaker 4 1:13:58
Monday, before that, were that’d be the eighth. That’s our scheduled meeting day. Well, we still do that. Okay, just making sure we thought that through. You don’t have ideas for

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
Yeah, so we

Speaker 1 1:14:17
we talked to a few ideas that were submitted. The in a conversation, Nick, David, Jeff and I went through and what we were proposing is to do kind of the first half thinking about master planning processes. So understanding how to say uses master planning, the master plans that apply to both recreation parks, recreation parks and open space, thinking about this current master planning process that’s happening, just so we can all you know, have more discussion and understand how those things fit together and how the board can influence those things. And then what we talked about was actually joining as a board And then using the second half for those who’d like to say and talk about the sort of issue, committee concept and supportive

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
potential recreation. And we also carrying suggested that we have a conversation or considered a conversation about diversity, equity inclusion, so we actually thought that would be a good topic for a meeting.

Speaker 1 1:15:44
Right, all right. There’s also been some hotspots, city

Speaker 3 1:15:51
equity group within city now to try and get gotten more of a leadership role in that area too. So be happy to bring them into conversations.

Speaker 1 1:15:59
And so further retreat, it would be kind of, you know, master planning workshop. And the idea is to be able to just have less formal conversations and really learn about these processes and the elements that result from them and how they work. And then seven second, if people are sorry, the gentleman supporting me talking about the issue. And we talked about potentially being a library, yes. would allow us to make that

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
such. Because it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
open to everyone that my guess is.

Speaker 7 1:16:39
We’ll talk a bit about talking about CIP topics as well. But I guess that’s less relevant now for next year. But talking about is useful, right.

Speaker 5 1:16:49
Whatever you want, I can prepare for that. I just didn’t get to that list of your future, middle and far. What you would ask for last meeting and I just wanted to

Speaker 7 1:17:07
say second topic beyond this plug in, we were done in an hour, and we want to make use of the time. If you get it up a jerk right away. I felt like something else would be good. But yeah,

Speaker 1 1:17:17
I was thinking masterplanning might take longer than that pickups. Yeah, feel free to send out ideas. I mean, I think we’ll have

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
about four hours, right.

Speaker 7 1:17:34
I would be interested in talking about how the public gets information about the things we talked about, that we’ve all talked at length about how hard it is to find things sometimes. And we’re all searching through our pockets for keywords and having Steve show us things in the map. And I’d be nice to have a brainstorm about how we could be more consistent in information sharing to the public outside of just the recording the meeting. I think it’s pretty opaque to people, the names and the terms, being new to this board. Things like 60%, design plans and CIP. And what’s happened we talked about in our conversion about is pretty

Unknown Speaker 1:18:13
is jargon to this board we experienced

Speaker 7 1:18:15
we have here that I think that taking a walk together after lunch. So people consume information passively. And how they get to know what what’s happening with Parks and Rec of the City actually has a huge impact on visibility a ballot measures interest in these things, if the information is hard to get to and not interested and interested in talking about how we can improve that knowing there are limitations on the IT side City’s website, etc. At least being clear about what the priorities are for the different permits and what we’re working on here.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
I think that’s awesome. From a justice equity, diversity and inclusion. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:18:49
Do you guys like be able to talk with us about that?

Speaker 3 1:18:57
Yeah, our comms team do the best days I can get

Speaker 7 1:19:01
for that hour. They’re all back on topic, Scott. Right.

Speaker 1 1:19:08
You can see some of that night, if that makes any sense for that kind of discussion. And I think it’d be helpful to have like a specific example.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:24
Yeah, of course. I’ll definitely prepare some comments Motorhead.

Speaker 3 1:19:31
I haven’t always a question. The question is always in my head from anytime we’ve got a city master plans 2000 Feels like 1000 CRTs. Is there is there like an old somewhere in between with the city right like when we started talking about like a lake that’s north of 66 and that can be there for years now is like where is the here in the places that we have and how to because every yours CIP feels like it’s Groundhog Day. Every time it happens in versus like, in 10 years you want this looked at this as well, thanks. Let’s we can do is that as things drop off? Where does that next idea come from?

Speaker 5 1:20:17
Yeah, there’s two things. One, we do have the parks and trails and recreation master plan that did set out a 10 year plan for where we were supposed to be. And then the plan was to update the master plan that happened that was right before the flood. And so that changed, skewed everything that happened over that 10 year period, we are trying to figure out when the best time to go back to the public and update our park trail and recreation master plan. Recreation is going now our recreation stuff, and I think it’ll happen the next three, four or five years. It’s not a priority as far as leadership is on time.

Speaker 1 1:20:58
It’s important as far as we’re talking about, right? Because that’s hanging out there. Right, you know, like recreation. So in on its own what’s happening with the arts, you know, arts jobs and open space,

Speaker 5 1:21:07
that doesn’t mean that we can’t educate the board, it would be logical that the board be a little bit more hidden than the general public on this. So wherever you can get to you, within.

Speaker 3 1:21:21
Everyone, go ahead and that idea of how would you work and understand what it feels as we sit down with this group, insert, download extra tip, disingenuous that you have a whole lot of, but when you start looking at that past that five year piece, how can we really start making a difference? That long term? Yeah, it’s I mean, at any given year, you haven’t generally right, the budget is going to be right. So in be like, Okay, well, given whatever primers we have outside of like a flood or, you know, pandemic that. Okay, so we have both of those in 10 year period. That screws, screws up budgets, but having some sort of thing that’s balanced of saying, Well, this whole department is heading in this direction. We know that this is what is kind of guiding all of these businesses, I think what you’re saying is that they’re they’re like 12, master plants, and that’s great, but they don’t talk to each other literally well, and they all then fight against each other. And then just like, Well, yeah, yeah, and I am saying sit by city council every year, but at least if there was some idea of where’s the city going, like, are we headed towards high density, urban environment? Are we going to be a suburban town in Boulder, right, like, it’d be some idea of like, vision, not just for recreation, and parks and open space, and trails, but for the city. And then that dictates like, we’re all trying to work towards this. We’re about our plans in a longer term fashion, right, envision Longmont as part of it. But it’s, it’s, there’s a lot to because, quite frankly, it’s a little bit on the cutesy side. And you can kind of say, like, check the box, but it’s not really. So now I really want to budget to you know, that this piece, I think maybe because that truly is the overarching, you know, guiding document, and then there’s others, you have to kind of figure out where they fit in under that.

Speaker 1 1:23:12
Do you feel like we could, I mean, because this kind of gets back to what you were saying, Wait, could we talk about, you know, the master planning, but then do you think we would have time to tear down and say, Okay, how does what’s in the master plan, you know, inform sort of what gets prioritized annually, as well as kind of what gets prioritized in five and 10 year increments like how does it actually touchdown? And that kind of,

Speaker 3 1:23:40
yeah, cuz sometimes like, I mean, especially for new people, you must see, like, see the CIP be like, Oh, this has been introduced in 2012. And it’s been unfunded for all these years. Never get started, right. Like that’s, that’s kind of like that one jargon, that happens that people don’t even understand. Something’s been here for 10 years. It’s been identified as an interest but that’s as far as

Unknown Speaker 1:24:08
I can think one project has been done for 28 years. Yeah, I won’t do it right. Transportation Well, why don’t we, David, do you feel like we could start putting together kind of a draft agenda?

Speaker 1 1:24:29
Talk with your clubs because I don’t have a good sense of how much time we need for each of these things. I’d like to leave kind of like an hour at the end for that kind of separate

Speaker 3 1:24:41
issue committee as well. Make sure on your timeline that eight to noon an hour that for the separate committee is up you’re saying? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
So we have three hours that

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
breaks anytime

Unknown Speaker 1:24:59
soon. Hmm. I hear a tree I hear good snacks. No

Unknown Speaker 1:25:14
snacks with the one she provided

Speaker 6 1:25:19
to? Yes. If you want to do yes, let’s do one. Yeah. Listening that,

Speaker 5 1:25:33
I think would be really helpful for me to get with Braden or are trying to put together a map JS map of all future projects to help them understand where they are and maybe social dollar amounts. Yeah. Yeah,

Speaker 2 1:25:54
I honestly think and then we’re gonna be like, Oh, this is the touchy feely recreation practitioner, but that’s I’m on board. Um, we kind of need to get to know each other as well. I don’t know really anything about all of you, except for one person plays tennis and one person bikes. And that’s what I know about you. One person, and one person works. So I feel like if we’re going to communicate better, we may need to spend some time relationship building as well. That’s great.

Speaker 7 1:26:32
After public meeting 50 That doesn’t, I guess, part of the main agenda or?

Speaker 2 1:26:36
Well, I would think that all communication would be better if we started with that. Because I can do some stuff. Yeah. No, I do. Be like, yeah, never. Or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
Okay, does it make me 13 still work?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
Yes, your hands me Do you.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:03
Okay. I play with adults.

Speaker 1 1:27:10
Okay, so you business, we have a capital improvement projects, or priorities, but we didn’t ever really receive anything. So I don’t think we can really have that conversation.

Speaker 5 1:27:26
But just to to reinforce our CIP for the 23 to I’m sorry, the 24 to 28 period is gonna look very much like the 23 to 27 period, focusing on those 85 projects, funding those with some parallel 186 which is the part rehab program coming back into to fill in some of the gaps areas that were deferred maintenance for a while. So that’s really what it’s gonna look like. They’ll be one new project, which is the trail that David mentioned that we did get a grant for from the state for connection of union reservoir to Adam Berry, the property we just bought last year at St. Francis bay park, that money is in 2627 So it’s going to be a part of its future funded project you’ll see

Speaker 3 1:28:19
now know I’m just trying to go back to I think what the assignment the reason for that Alyssa which way kind of allows prioritization from this group as a group down below that lines you know, that you’re working on right now. So really is that was kind of goal was setting up

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
for my elevate to your attention?

Speaker 5 1:28:38
Yes, and for for future CIP. Good discussion that we can have outside of the boundaries of the time limits of our CIP being them in the month

Speaker 1 1:28:48
so I think we should make an effort to figure out when to bring that conversation maybe it’s after the retreat, you know, June and July or something

Unknown Speaker 1:29:06
so the only other new business item we had was to discuss a field trip we talked about and despite all of our enthusiasm, logistically to so we thought maybe a bikes are

Unknown Speaker 1:29:31
dangerous parts of

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
going through all the like missing connections.

Speaker 5 1:29:38
Between them, I actually just I’m trying to get our folks to maintain the detour right now. I’m still in my garage, because servicing people, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
A good way to see me

Speaker 1 1:29:51
talking about going specifically we had a conversation about like, going around like golden ponds, right? It’s so funny.

Speaker 3 1:29:59
Have we had the conversation and Stephanie had a conversation with she just did on a bike tour and being mixed up as they started to Golden Pantages and we talked about some golden parts of sandstone?

Speaker 8 1:30:20
Yeah. Yeah, possibly. Lager menta.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:31

Speaker 5 1:30:34
there’s no trail connection to reason.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
Well, we can maybe consider. Hey, Scott. Yeah.

Speaker 3 1:30:52
Yeah, I mean, trying to do like a loop or you just try to one way

Unknown Speaker 1:30:58
somebody can take our bikes.

Speaker 2 1:31:01
We helped that. Set it that little city bus, the thing that we rally back on,

Speaker 5 1:31:06
that’s not going to take my lights. So I think

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
that’s probably my favorite.

Speaker 3 1:31:17
Yeah, so I think it was probably a good idea. And again, I think, to your point, and disclaimer, we don’t have a plan. I don’t know how that helps a whole lot. But I think going to the places where we do have some challenges right now we have things in the future, we talked about how we make those priorities, even to your point. You know that that is in our, our goals, we work in Boulder County and is really trying to get over to the HR property, which comes down to Watermans that’s on there. But it’s a lot of I wouldn’t know how to get there from here. Damn, that’s true. For a reason.

Speaker 5 1:31:59
Yeah, dry creek comes down through all the way up through here and connects all the way to the mobile village, the big sorry, for the underpass over here. What we need is a stronger connection between Hobby Lobby and Sam’s Club and that sort of stuff up to about his growth. It Well, it’s gonna be working on that trail. Build next year, trail connection from Sam’s level or sunset at sunset is not the best one he is right. I’m hoping that as the county develops or redevelops the fairgrounds, we can have conversations with them about North South pedestrian pedestrian connectivity in there. That’s pretty segmented. Right. And right now it’s not a good ride

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
we’d have there’s no way we’re

Speaker 7 1:32:46
likely that we can do that with one crossing of Nelson as the only real victory crossing, I think.

Speaker 5 1:32:52
Right? Yep. Into this a brand Greenway here, which you go to Golden Pond and feature to Pella and lions already know, right? You know, the same brand, say Parker, Frederick Firestone. Are those trails we used to

Speaker 3 1:33:06
see him do you see that great crossing down there going over it.

Speaker 2 1:33:10
I mean, like, When did my way through I do pike. And then when do that pike underpass. And then it just went my way throughout, like neighborhoods and in shopping centers to get over. And usually, it’s actually like, it’s,

Speaker 1 1:33:30
I don’t go on very much traffic. It’s usually pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:33
I don’t deal with main roads, I just

Unknown Speaker 1:33:35
kind of when we did in the past of sandstone and coming back

Speaker 1 1:33:39
great Creek, to kind of motto and then going up in a connected disintegrate love to love to check out directly. So I think that people are generally okay with the idea of a finite field trip, you know, we can make a request to propose some different dates that we can consider somewhere else.

Speaker 3 1:34:01
Yeah. And I think one things that I heard you say students were I think that that idea of are listed are quite complete or comes off like I would hope to this finish this board was like, Yeah, it’d be that would be nice, hoping maybe something we push for that really doesn’t make that kind of Debian is not out there on a plan but we know we need that more. So connection. How do we do something that is future oriented is prepared behind? It’s a missing piece of prize in inviting places.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:28
No, it’s not it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
conversations I’ve had

Speaker 7 1:34:31
over the years. Even just knowing the companies think about redeveloping the fairgrounds is used for most people.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:36
It’s no it’s been in the paper. It’s

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
out there. It’s in

Speaker 7 1:34:42
areas that are known. We’re aware of this is equally valuable things that are five years out, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:50
Like honestly. Okay, everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:58
Is there a timeframe and filter Report.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Did we just do their next meeting? Or

Speaker 2 1:35:07
is that? Like is that like last time was included

Speaker 3 1:35:11
city council and so we can invite that I will have to open it up to the public as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:17
In terms of inclusivity,

Speaker 2 1:35:20
we may do we wouldn’t be nice, just like maybe lucky to ride would be glad to provide bikes for people. And so let’s, because not everyone has a bike.

Speaker 6 1:35:37
So we just have literally blonder bikes and trailers right now.

Speaker 2 1:35:42
Because I mean, I was going to say there are some nonprofits that do that to

Speaker 3 1:35:46
bicycle, I was the nonprofit. We’re gearing up to give away two bikes. But there’s a lot of adults. And basically, they’re mostly geared for high school students, but they’re the size bikes.

Speaker 6 1:36:02
So because then there’s like a whole summer program, like so his new summer school.

Speaker 1 1:36:08
Oh, awesome. Also designate like stopping points. So if people want to meet up with us, they don’t want to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:13
pay for that. Yeah. Yeah, that’s good. That is also accessible. Great. Okay.

Speaker 1 1:36:28
Our next agenda item is items, clarification items from

Speaker 1 1:36:39
Taiwan are starting to be noticed on the press and natural resources that there was the Montgomery farm lease was potentially going to be renewed and I just wondered about, like, is there any chance that a government farm it’s going to be reconsidered as the rec center location, it doesn’t really make sense to renew that lease or five

Speaker 3 1:37:04
years or so actually. Know this pivot right here, and Moses fire was found by data as the largest organic farmer in that area, he continues to farm Montgomery farm here. He knows that that is a potential future part, he feels it has still potential for him to do his farming until we make that decision. And then this lower portion, probably this is a trade because there’s a ties property, there’s gonna be a community park across 66, which would lessen connectivity issues. The county and the city just locked, basically. So the city now has Montgomery farm the county has, so Dave can continue farming of that area. And part of that was as far as acreage, this lower portion, about 80 acres will stay in agriculture. And Davis will be working on doing some sort of pivot down there, the conservation district to do hard money on that. So concentration district, so he knows it’s gonna be a park, he’s willing to prop it up until we tell him to get off and he wants a

Unknown Speaker 1:38:14
contingency. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:15
Yep. Yes.

Speaker 4 1:38:24
Another questions. I want to point out that the packets have gotten bigger and more complete. And it’s an amazing amount of info. Do you guys use this for any other thing else?

Speaker 3 1:38:38
Yes, one of the one of the things is we had talked about we get councils and Herald and directors is a place we were hoping to be able to pull from a whole lot more. And if you ask information, I really, there’s so much stuff for staff, you’re ready to give them additional work. This is what as possible, we’re really trying to say, Is this the place we just send people to or even push information out. So yes,

Speaker 4 1:38:59
Ben and Jeff as well. I mean, the rec part, is it just a tremendous amount of info, it took me quite a while to get to this one. It’s like a

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
lot. And it was valuable information. Yeah,

Speaker 4 1:39:08
it’s a lot. And what I was hoping that this wasn’t all just for this meeting, like there was some other usage.

Speaker 3 1:39:16
It really started that way. I don’t know there’s an update piece, but I use it quite a bit now too. And it’s really a go to and hopefully we can do a better job of getting that really to what counts councils or

Speaker 4 1:39:28
leadership makes sense as your as the manager, you can, hey, where are my people doing? That’s pretty obvious. That’s pretty good. Yeah. Okay. That’s all just generally is

Speaker 1 1:39:36
suspended. So he emailed me that he wasn’t going to be able to be here and said that he would be happy to talk about the union reservoir cases.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:45
Oh, it’s probably great. Because there’s, yeah, that’s a lot of

Speaker 3 1:39:48
info. Yeah, I mean, I think it probably really, I think so too. And, you know, again, that varies based on feedback from this group. So again, those pieces were

Speaker 4 1:39:57
nice comparison with Polaroid and all that put together who’s very accessible?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:12
Oh, it’s a great comparison.

Speaker 2 1:40:14
Yeah, no, that’s a great comparison. Yeah, I’m just saying is either brings

Unknown Speaker 1:40:23
people to our city, actually,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:25
does anybody knows.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:28
Surface area wise was one better

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
than the other? All right.

Speaker 3 1:40:33
I think unions bigger by unions exclusionary zone makes it small. So it’s my monthly question of resilience in green project. So looking at July for reach to any update on the bridge,

Speaker 5 1:40:54
yeah, councils still making some decisions that are moving money around, we should be with some directions and given we should be awarding contracts in the next month. So those construction starting out, they’re probably around. Okay, so that’s

Speaker 3 1:41:11
okay. And so which one will be closed? We’ll finish just before that kicks off for because I supposed to, because which one has been certified? Right? It hasn’t been closed up? Yeah, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:41:22
not an open trailer. No, no, no, no, no,

Speaker 3 1:41:25
I’m just wanting a project to be done before we start the next project. So in my head

Speaker 5 1:41:31
99% done. There’s some spring stuff. We’ve been waiting for new weather. Site, maybe Allah will be the project manager for free as well. Okay. And so there’s no, that phase one of the Isaac Walton region not only a bridge project, nor is a core, it’s funding for both of those projects. Right. So the core is saying now there was July also. Okay, so still 24 months for h2. That’s why the ranges of the bridges in 18.1 project. When we know there’s an opportunity, there’s possible opportunities to be able to get trail traffic through there before we’ve done some stuff on the road surface area. But I don’t have a schedule on that here. We get with the contractor to deal with their processes. year I’m sure right. Okay. I just want to make sure it was only three years believe me if I had known that the Sprint’s things that said I could open that trip last year when on the map, right.

Speaker 10 1:42:44
I have one on the far street update. There says there’s tree planting and perks turned on neither agree. And there’s a couple parks listed there thinking about last month, one of the pelicans came and was asking about our tree planting efforts. And my question is really just so this is helpful to know which parks were buying trees, but we know we’re like getting our, our, you know, our guidance or even behind URI ahead. Where are we like in numbers wise on this, I

Speaker 3 1:43:15
probably could use more for that. But we’re really are a maintenance piece right now to that’s really what we’re trying to do is trying to figure out where we are losing trees and making sure those trees put back in. Again, the thing we talked about before that was challenging is you know, we put new trees in and having the appropriate irrigation and stuff and trying to get a tree canopy at a certain level, we’re right at about that level, we do have that that issue of still equity within the city, those almost lines, the heat islands in the equity piece almost overlap. But that’s a piece where we don’t have the ability as a city to line up. So the separate really planning right now is typically going to be trying to replace and maintain those trees that we have lost through the through disease vandalism, or this old, old age.

Speaker 1 1:44:02
Just areas that need more trees.

Speaker 3 1:44:07
It would it would take working with private landowners to do peace because that’s that’s where those areas are MC doesn’t have the ownership as far as the harvest the piece, we really worked with his client to do our thing. It’s challenging because we do our Arbor Day sales, it gives our residents low cost trees and tried to plant a lot of time they you know, it’s still hard to get people that don’t own your own property to have a landlord do that for them. Looks like you have some ideas.

Speaker 2 1:44:37
No, no, I was just, you know, thinking ahead, because we seem to be growing exponentially every minute of the day. There’s my new neighborhood. And for that future, the future heat islands that are there being created. Do we need to talk to zoning, I’d like to the planning, like, I mean, just because like when I look at something I presented to the planning commission about, you know, can we just have native plants? You’re taking out native plants? And then you’re going to replace it with and could you just not take them out and just have what they’d like that kind of thing? And they’re like, Oh, we that’s do we talk to zoning about, like, how do we get that kind of information? You know, that?

Speaker 3 1:45:29
You know, I think it’s another group that really doesn’t have a good answer for that. I mean, we we work with them our group Stevens in our DRC group works together with planning when they do it to develop that making sure that we’re checking trees that were there that had value that those get put back. So we do have a tree inventory. And we have a tree mitigation fund so for taking trees out they had to put trees back in that tree lists are trees that we think are against the hard part we say native native trees are theirs are few and far between. We’re truly looking at the trees and resilient is required.

Speaker 2 1:46:04
I was thinking more native plants, not like herbaceous plants, not necessarily just the tree canopy, I was talking about the whole canopy because trade

Speaker 3 1:46:14
stories. And against you look at that a lot of stuff as we go into these development, a lot of that it’s just going to be smooth to grow from or other species that were brought in here by agriculture. So a lot of it truly isn’t native Weetabix. It’s hard within an urban footprint area has been farmed and ag channelized for so many years I have sponsored, we have natives, that’s what we’ve tried doing is going back from these further resilience we’ve grown was very resilient. But it’s just not a native species. And it’s pretty monoculture, so doesn’t provide a lot of habitat or diversity for other bird insect species. So that’s when things are kind of looked at them as how we do a better job and more diverse habitat around those areas. They’re pretty locked into those of the standards we have is x number of trees and shrubs per acre that go in. And again, we have a fairly good say and trying to make sure that that plant variety is suitable for the area, again, not native, but also provide some diversity and how you can structure it and see if you can do longer. I have,

Speaker 5 1:47:15
yeah, the land development code as criteria that developers need to meet. And I think a lot of the heat islands around the city are, if you looked at the development of those properties that would have happened pre make it up in 1989, or whatever that is. And so as those properties redeveloped, they’ll have to meet the current requirements of the land development code for that obviously takes decades to see that turnover. We don’t look, we natural resources, do not look at any landscaping on private property. That’s all done by our planning staff and weather consultants. Okay, so

Speaker 2 1:47:56
that is planning is that, like if we wanted to affect that, if we wanted to use, you know, because I’m not sure on planning that they that they have like the resource or the expertise the page would have on biodiversity and things like that.

Speaker 5 1:48:13
Planning and Zoning Commission is ones who reveal review amendments to the land development code. They are passed on the city council for their adoption. section or chapter 15.05 and 13.02 are the two sections of the code that deal with landscaping for rental properties.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:40
Any other items from the packet?

Speaker 7 1:48:42
question which was mentioned we sit in our cocoa response with like, past until next year? Is there any feedback on that?

Speaker 3 1:48:51
Was it below? Yeah, it was. It was pretty volcko. So we looked at that, and we talked about economy about you know, taking for the 1.2 so we’re still in conversation seven. I think we’re good to go. For future paths.

Speaker 4 1:49:13
Yeah, I it’s maybe not fair because it was for Ben. But I noticed that they did a WSI class and sold out at 12. Are we going to have enough guards this year? We’re gonna get to open pools this summer and I wonder I mean it look compared to last year when we couldn’t find a single body to

Speaker 5 1:49:33
in talking with Ben. I think he’s pretty confident in the camo, camo open in addition to the sunset and and the Rec Center.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:41
Okay. And Roosevelt, Teddy

Speaker 5 1:49:44
Roosevelt, maybe but there hasn’t been started up for a lot of years and that project is 25 years old. So he’s just not sure about what hiccups you might run into. When he starts turning them off.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:52
A lot of Roosevelt is 25 and this

Speaker 5 1:49:54
was my first project. One of my first projects here, really, I couldn’t remember the old pools. I know was one of the baseball fields where there

Speaker 4 1:50:04
was more recent events. Or at the same rate, yeah. Okay, and the other one is for you. And here’s Steve, you and Scott reminded me. In the last month in the minutes from last month, we you mentioned 60 days to close on the property hopefully, for reach 12, Western golden pawns to airport road ownership. You said hopefully in the next 60 days, three days later,

Speaker 5 1:50:33
we’re halfway there. No, actually, that’s a reminder, to send an email to bar we have given the developer all the information they need, we’re waiting for legal description. So we’re dotting eyes and crossing T’s as they have with us.

Speaker 3 1:50:50
It sounds like multiple members of that family that he’s signed documents. So Steve was able to get them the perfect condition that they need to rub into all of the members of

Speaker 5 1:50:58
the family and some are around some are getting older and age and are harder to contact. Okay, we live in Hawaii,

Speaker 4 1:51:05
but still progressing. Interestingly, Google Maps thinks there’s a trail there now to stay on the south side of the same brain. And

Speaker 5 1:51:14
there’s a road there now and access route for me. Yeah, well,

Speaker 4 1:51:18
there’s also a real trust property sign

Speaker 5 1:51:22
that okay, the south side of river will remain public free, it will just be mainly used to maintain the creek but we won’t allow public out there

Speaker 4 1:51:30
also this our trail will be on the north side, right? I don’t think I realized that tracks, knowing all along the river,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:39
along the golden ponds,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:41
right through this whack.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:45
Whack is on the other side.

Speaker 5 1:51:53
So if you can imagine where the pedestrian bridge that crosses the river right here, where the divergent structure is, on the north side of the creek, this area of funds now will become concrete. And then the concrete trail would come dis up, these two ponds are in either poor road, and then up the west side of your poor road up to the south end of the West View Middle School. There is currently a maintenance road on the south side of the river that the landowners have been using to make

Unknown Speaker 1:52:23
it shown.

Speaker 5 1:52:26
Yeah, that’s all gravel mining. That’s all private property. And we’ll use it to maintain the creek and monitor the lakes down there. But you won’t be able to be

Speaker 4 1:52:35
interesting because when you walk in that last lake of gold and ponds, it says federal something or other like you can’t touch this are looking at across money sign federal something. Yeah. When you walk north south along that there’s a couple of signs federal something. Dang,

Speaker 5 1:52:52
I know. Well, there’s there’s all the government in Manhattan in that property, there is augmentation and monitoring. Okay. Could be the monitoring that they’re doing forever. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:01
It’s just sounds scary to me. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:08
Thanks for reminder all along.

Speaker 1 1:53:11
Okay, we have about five minutes. And so do we want to extend? Are there any items from staff or from the board that are left

Speaker 3 1:53:23
to discuss? I have two quick questions. Okay. So I guess I say, if we can get comps to update the RSVP section, especially coming in to yet another summer, there’s a map from 2020 that says the entire projects will be hidden between 22 doesn’t help you guys at all. I get sent to me every week shirt. So

Speaker 5 1:53:53
do you mind sending a link to which ones we did just update our detour map to say 24 hours or 23? Okay, but I’m not sure which one is the number ones out there. But I’ll go with Yeah. And then

Speaker 3 1:54:03
adding the Boston average. One week, two updates. For that, and then I had to just kind of question that Jeff coming teased a month ago, that there were some projects that were kind of in the works that may affect recreation that has become public yet but he’s been talking about Nike now. I don’t have a whole lot more of that I did that on yourself

Speaker 3 1:54:39
if I could just do it very quickly. Title is definitely coming on. We also right now have two term project managers for the same five that have been advertised and we have a good pool of applicants for both of those ones, a project manager to once a Senior Project Manager helped get through this list of projects and then with these two plus those two And then trying to manage all this we do have a FTE full time employee is being advertised right there position being advertised for the manager for that group. So that’s all the way up to so pretty close on both of those within the next two, three weeks for the the to term positions within the next month for the manager for that group. So should we help a certain movies in these projects for term position term, a term position is a fixed term, so they’re benefited, they get everything to do with theirs, their time is limited to basically the amount of time the projects are there. So there’s not a long term commitment. So this is a three, three year term guaranteed, and then up to five years of the product so that long,

Speaker 5 1:55:44
we’re we’re excited is that oftentimes, positive performing term positions become full time, right? Sure. Right. And that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:55:53
hopefully that’s a great benefit

Speaker 5 1:55:55
to having an enhanced workforce rather than

Speaker 3 1:55:59
just three ways that works well on so let’s try and go quickly that you have people that are starting their career it’s a good way to build a resume and your foot in the door and up do a great job here. But let’s get done and there’s a fire stations and stuff to build in as well as golf courses. So you can get in that way people ending their career, they’re like you I got, I’d love to. I’ve been doing stuff. It’s been breaking coffee and love to be able to do something next three years really is outside doing doing that work and then get used to that person that it has turned into. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:34
Okay. I think unless there’s anything else, we’re ready to adjourn, if there’s a motion, I move that we adjourn. Second, all those in favor. Thank you

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