Senior Citizens Advisory Board – April 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I’ll call the meeting to order.

Unknown Speaker 0:05
The date on April

Unknown Speaker 0:09

Unknown Speaker 0:10
I won’t call the roll, but everybody is here, except it professionally.

Unknown Speaker 0:16
Julie had an excused absence.

Unknown Speaker 0:22
So approval of the agenda that’s new. We haven’t done that before.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
I looked at Robert’s Rules of Order on how to handle that. And I got several different interpretations. And how to do that.

Unknown Speaker 0:38
I guess we can do I can I will move to

Unknown Speaker 0:42
approve the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 0:46
Is there a second?

Unknown Speaker 0:49
Are there any amendments? Or have items added to the agenda? Or changes? Nope.

Unknown Speaker 0:57
I got one.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
I would like to, Oh, you gotta go. You gotta use it.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
You have one too. I would like to switch board goals on to new business, and have the annual report as IOC under old business, because the annual report is something we’ve been talking about quite a bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:25
So that’s okay. With everybody. Any objections to that?

Unknown Speaker 1:31
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
All in favor? Are there any other additions or changes?

Unknown Speaker 1:38
And the report from Boulder County Latino?

Unknown Speaker 1:44
Two reports. G.

Unknown Speaker 1:48
is, is what holds

Unknown Speaker 1:52
Latino coalition, Latino coalition?

Unknown Speaker 2:03
Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 2:05
Did you say you heard something? No.

Unknown Speaker 2:08
Okay. All right. If there’s no further agenda, all those are removed and seconded. Are there any other further discussion? If not, all those in favor approving the agenda, say aye. Aye. Opposed? Carries approval of last months? minutes.

Unknown Speaker 2:27
Are there any changes or revisions to the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:36
or seconds?

Unknown Speaker 2:42
for approval?

Unknown Speaker 2:45
Second, you second.

Unknown Speaker 2:49
All right. Any discussion on that? All those in favor approving the minutes and so I I oppose.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
Public invited to be here hurt. Is there anybody? Have anybody coming today?

Unknown Speaker 3:06
Having none removed the old business? The library recreation and culture tax initiative? No, I noticed you didn’t include a

Unknown Speaker 3:16
statement on the survey? And I don’t know if he would

Unknown Speaker 3:21
talk about that or what? Yeah. First, Marsha, do you have anything you want to talk about?

Unknown Speaker 3:30
Not really, I think maybe it needs to be pointed out that based on the results of the survey, there is a

Unknown Speaker 3:40
working consensus among the council that

Unknown Speaker 3:46
we will send maybe two or three of these initiatives to the ballot.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
Not all mess of them and not combining them on

Unknown Speaker 3:58
on one ballot on one issue, because all pretty much all of them.

Unknown Speaker 4:05
People won’t vote for two because the property tax increase is too high. So

Unknown Speaker 4:12
we’re going to figure out some more stuff, listen to the public, possibly do a second survey and

Unknown Speaker 4:23
and then refer between one and three items to the ballot. And those three separate. Separate two cameras. Yes. Yeah. Because if we put it on on, if you will, up or down on a group of three, it will fail. That’s clear.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
Priorities. Well, and nobody can afford all three. Yes. Very few people can afford all three.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
So that we didn’t include the survey results and the PowerPoint that was presented by

Unknown Speaker 5:00
As the group that conducted the survey,

Unknown Speaker 5:05
thank you, John. And

Unknown Speaker 5:09
the three highest gaining were the branch library, the Rec Center and performing arts. So, you know, council has not made a decision, as Marsha just indicated

Unknown Speaker 5:26
that I don’t want to spend a lot of your time on the survey as far as reading it, but I wouldn’t be able to answer any questions if you had a chance to review it. Or if if you haven’t had a chance, and you want to just give me a call or send me an email I can get back to you with with that information as well.

Unknown Speaker 5:50
It’s the staff had a meeting yesterday, and it is the goal to get this back on the council agenda on April 25.

Unknown Speaker 6:02
One of the things that was mentioned at the council meeting was that there was a concern that council was not hearing from groups other than performing arts. And so

Unknown Speaker 6:21
there is a group that is organizing to support a new rec center if council would choose that to be moving forward. And just wanted to know if anyone on the board had an interest of participating in

Unknown Speaker 6:41
working to get support out for the Rec Center. One of the things that legal has said to us is that you as a board can, can discuss it. But if you are going to really be in a place where you are supportive, you would need to do that outside of the role as as board members.

Unknown Speaker 7:06
Many, many of you will be treated during board meetings, just like the staff where it it really is more about information and answering questions but not being vote yes or vote now. So if you could think about any involvement you would be interested in if you could let me know. And I would connect you with Scott Conlon. Scott is on the Parks and Rec advisory board, and has voiced an interest of leading a group that would be supportive of a new election.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
One thing, two things, I noticed that the people who actually came and spoke up

Unknown Speaker 8:00
about to performing arts center. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
I think there was one other person without the rec center, but

Unknown Speaker 8:09
that was definitely high on public interest.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
Plus the fact that so many of the

Unknown Speaker 8:18
survey respondents,

Unknown Speaker 8:21
senior citizens, as opposed to

Unknown Speaker 8:28
work with regular people.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Sorry, I didn’t hear exactly what you said. But

Unknown Speaker 8:37
oh, the fact that that meeting discussing the council meeting discussing this,

Unknown Speaker 8:44
most of the public participants, were talking about cultural centers, as opposed to rec center, or anything else.

Unknown Speaker 8:56
Survey was only

Unknown Speaker 9:02
see people who are seniors.

Unknown Speaker 9:08
And that was going to be my question is how do they

Unknown Speaker 9:12
select the people that are gonna be interviewed or asked for their opinion, et cetera? I mean, certainly diversity out there. I mean, do they look at the different populations? Do they look at the ages of the individuals? I believe they do. I think it’s really an effort by that committee. So just a couple of things. When you review the one that said text only, that is the statistically valid survey which Magellan conducted in and and reached out to a vast representation of our community, age, race.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Were where they lived in the community so that they really tried to

Unknown Speaker 10:00
will account for those folks that would really represent those who will go to the ballot. So I believe Magellan does a very good job. They, historically for many, many years have done customer satisfaction survey as well to get feedback. So city has a long history in working with them. Okay, the one thing I would respond to you is part of the reason I believe that

Unknown Speaker 10:34
members of your board, members of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board have not gone to town. So is that part of the reason why a new rec center is being considered is by around resolution that the Parks and Rec advisory board made last year. And then this board actually made a resolution

Unknown Speaker 10:58
supporting the Parks and Rec advisory boards interested in getting a new recreation facility, I as a city staff don’t think it’s appropriate for me to go out and beat the drums to get people to come in and talk in front of counsel. But I would say that any one of you as individuals would be welcomed by counsel to be able to do that if you’re interested. And

Unknown Speaker 11:28
I think you could either do that in two ways going as an image individual. Or if you all wanted to make a motion to have somebody go and represent the advisory board, that that also what the appropriate. But that that again is is really, your option really can’t be driven by by staff. I do believe that the group that is going to support a rec center will have individuals going to demonstrate to council that there is an interest of people supporting that particular project and get a backup just a little bit. One of the main things that the consultant from Magellan said was that if you don’t get a 60% result in the survey, that you really have to have strong community organization to support that project, or really doesn’t have have an opportunity because even though 60% may have said that they would support the project, when you get your ballot, you often have second thoughts and may choose not to do that. So that effort will need to be very organized and

Unknown Speaker 12:53
strong to help get get that past

Unknown Speaker 12:58

Unknown Speaker 13:00

Unknown Speaker 13:03
if there is

Unknown Speaker 13:06
any plans to do any kind of community outreach, to explain or to educate the community about what an additional rec center would look like? And I know for a lot of people, it’s going to depend on the where and for.

Unknown Speaker 13:30
For seniors or older adults, they’re going to want to know that the rec center that would be new would also include, you know, activities for older adults. And I think that that would be reassuring to the community if there was some way to get that, that education out or those specifics out. Yes, and right now, recreation is kicked off a feasibility study that will have public involvement to actually design the recreation facility.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
It is my hope that group can come to your meeting next month to get your specific

Unknown Speaker 14:19
input as stakeholders.

Unknown Speaker 14:23
So that’s the recreation piece because we feel like we need to be able to show the community what would actually be in there. It I think the decision has been made that if a rec center is to be built it will be built at the Dry Creek Park location which is done by Silver Creek High School, grand meadows and clover basin road. If you ever found that way there’s big tall hill of dirt that was there that that is the location of where that facility with

Unknown Speaker 15:00
He built. But I believe that once Council makes the determination of whether it’s one or three projects, that what we will do as as a staff is really conduct public meetings to educate people on

Unknown Speaker 15:19
what won’t be included, talking about locations, try to take input on things that the public may want to see that we haven’t considered. And, and then my belief, and this, this is just me talking right now is, I would like to see us do this education process and not do a survey right away. And once we’ve done the educational piece, that then we would do a survey again, and June or July, with that information going back to council as their final public information that helps them decide whether it really should go on to the ballot and not in August for the November, Marsha.

Unknown Speaker 16:09
Yeah, I didn’t mean to cut.

Unknown Speaker 16:15

Unknown Speaker 16:16
August is the absolute last time that the council can vote to refer. So if we wait that long, if you know that I know that the senior staff wants to get it done in July so that they can start the process of I think, which is the answer to Jenny’s original question.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
When things are on the ballot, the staff goes and explains to various points what’s on the ballot in as neutral way as they came up.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
And that’s been a requirement. All this other stuff is research, essentially.

Unknown Speaker 16:59
So, yeah. So you’re saying the 25th you’re hoping to have

Unknown Speaker 17:06
it on the council agenda to

Unknown Speaker 17:09
discuss Yes, on

Unknown Speaker 17:13
April 25.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
I filled out a survey about these issues recently. I think maybe from the newsletter. Well, if there’s no utility bill, there’s only one serving there were lots of ways to find it. Yeah. Okay, recently, right. What are the results? Do we have the results of that? Yes, the results are were what was included in your packet? I’m sorry, I missed that. Yeah. Is that it? Yeah. Ronnie made one copy of

Unknown Speaker 17:47
that in our

Unknown Speaker 17:52
sorry, mentioned it.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
So the the three top

Unknown Speaker 18:02
selected were branch library. A new rec center? Yep. 60% was in I’m I might not have the percentage. Exactly. 60% branch library. I think it was 56% for a new rec center and 55 for performing arts. So it was real close. Yeah. And it was interesting, because it later on, there was a question that said, if you could only do one item, the Rec Center was the top one and that one 30%. So it, we need to figure out what exactly that means. But I think as far as the library, I think the library in Longmont is very well loved. When we do customer satisfaction surveys, the council does those the library always ranks up there, right behind, you know, fire and police. And so there is a lot of support, I believe, and it’s utilized by the bulk of the population. Yeah. Yeah. And so base and the other thing that did well was union reservoir in the parks project, some of the other ones didn’t do as well. But based on that information, I believe staff will make some options available for council to review and hopefully we will get some of that direction on the 25th so we can start identifying what the next steps are.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
Those responses are all covered right around or below 60% of Yeah, a little bit below what your consultant recommended. Yes. I was gonna ask on the make sure I understand this if I was going to get involved in some of these

Unknown Speaker 20:00
groups are talking about

Unknown Speaker 20:02
that would be as, as a leader of a group or as a participant of a lecture as a participant? Well, I think that the group is, is formalizing Scott Colin again, as is on the park and rec advisory board. And as indicated that he’s willing to lead that group. And as started to organize. One of the things that we discussed as staff is really trying to see what kind of support we got from the advisory board, because I think that sends a message to council on how willing you all are, and to try to help get initiatives passed by being interested in

Unknown Speaker 20:52
public recreation.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
there anybody else that would be interested in like being the representative from this board? Well, if you’re actually not going to be a representative

Unknown Speaker 21:08
in the city is not leading or organizing these groups that are independent groups. So you have to find the group. So you can find Scott Conlon or you can find Mariah Sullivan, who is the chair of Okay, so what you’re gonna, what are you gonna do is my name, then I will share it with Scott. And then Scott will take it from there you go, you will not hear back from me. Okay. Anybody else?

Unknown Speaker 21:34
I’m not sure. I

Unknown Speaker 21:37
wanted to ask you, you were talking about the Rec Center proposal.

Unknown Speaker 21:42
What about the other ones? I mean, it seems that you are?

Unknown Speaker 21:48
Why sure.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
I am. And that’s why I can advocate.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Yeah, the library, we are having the same conversation with them on the 17th to see if they have any interests is probably a conversation that we should have with SR friends.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
Marsha, I think indicated the name of the person for performing arts, is that what you just said? Yes. And it’s relatively easy to find the Longmont arts of

Unknown Speaker 22:24
arts and entertainment alliances. They are a corporation. I mean, a graph they are grassroots organizations that incorporated so that they can raise money.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
And they are also running the capital campaign. Because there is a

Unknown Speaker 22:45
there’s a difference between that proposal and the others says there is a

Unknown Speaker 22:51
it won’t go it will go on the ballot that the city would agree to enter into this discussion, or it won’t if the council doesn’t choose to put it that way. But while the others are entirely tax supported.

Unknown Speaker 23:04

Unknown Speaker 23:06
Center for Arts and Entertainment is almost 50% funded by private donations. So compared to the Rec Center, the city gets a facility of comparable size for about half price.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
If it gets it at all, so there is a possibility Council could decide not to move forward on any of them. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:29
And if whatever the council moves forward, there’s a strong chance that none of them will pass.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Again, 60% Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Because nobody’s feeling very rich right now. Right because of because of recent high inflation and investment losses and property.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Property taxes are unpredictable right now. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
We haven’t got a property tax bill.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
Yes. Yeah. Are 2022 One we have better look because sort of look. Yeah, I’ll do pretty well, well, if you?

Unknown Speaker 24:16
Yeah, if you do a half. If you’ve paid your first half it’s past due.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
If you make the full payment, I think it’s sometime this month. I will remember when because I patient was already

Unknown Speaker 24:30
the one thing I would just say is

Unknown Speaker 24:33
part of the reason why I’m speaking so much about recreation is that I have been contacted by her. I have not heard that from the library yet. We have staff will be talking to their board and also Friends of the Library as well.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Oh, I guess I really should

Unknown Speaker 24:59
be sorry.

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Okay, nothing further on library recreation and culture tax. All right.

Unknown Speaker 25:07

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Proposal. Remember last time we talked about what we’re going to do about the question, those questions are three questions that we ran

Unknown Speaker 25:18
out of what was it 10, something like that. And the way we love to become spinner wheels to tell the truth. And so staff decided that they offered,

Unknown Speaker 25:30
they offered to put together kind of a plan or a proposal as to how we might roll this thing out. So I’m looking at Google.

Unknown Speaker 25:40
So, as David mentioned, from our last meeting, you know, Jeff, and I had a chance to kind of take a look at some options to initiate and implement this this survey that we identified the questions. So proposal we have is focusing on this month, specifically here in April.

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Taking those top three, top few questions that we collectively identify, but adding a fourth one, that is just asking, is there anything additional they’d like to share? So just keeping an open ended? Outside of those two questions, is there anything outside of that they would like to share about the customer service experiences here with us?

Unknown Speaker 26:18
From there,

Unknown Speaker 26:22
if we agreed, this month, a two week span, probably mid month. So just see where we go from here from this conversation. But being able to implement the survey for two weeks here in our front lobby, I would be able to start looking at developing some sort of almost sign up schedule, identifying our busiest times in the lobby,

Unknown Speaker 26:45
working with our board, and collectively seen what’s what’s volunteers we have available that would be willing to spend time to,

Unknown Speaker 26:55
to to catch people as they’re walking into our facility or even leaving to fill out that survey. We said we wanted to keep it out of the assigned classes.

Unknown Speaker 27:07
Because they have their own surveys at the end of the end of the end of the classes, so we don’t want them to

Unknown Speaker 27:14
run differentiate the two. Right? So it’s not specific to their experience customer service within that class. It’s senior senior center specific. Okay. So depending on where we go with this, I’d be able to look at generating schedules

Unknown Speaker 27:29
for our board and our

Unknown Speaker 27:31
volunteers to

Unknown Speaker 27:34
take whether we could do 30 minute time blocks or 60 minute time blocks during those busy times.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
So you bring the schedule,

Unknown Speaker 27:46

Unknown Speaker 27:48
If this is the direction we had, yes.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Well, no, because we want to we want to shoot for mid April. So we’re hoping we can identify it now. And I can I can get working on it. So I guess

Unknown Speaker 28:05
based on your direction today, we would be prepared to get a schedule going and have that going in the next week or so with it lasting two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
was dealing with the board?

Unknown Speaker 28:24
Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
I’ll spend whatever time I have

Unknown Speaker 28:32
to do that.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
So do we make a motion to approve the candidate

Unknown Speaker 28:43
can make a motion to approve the staff going forward with the proposal.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Is that sufficient?

Unknown Speaker 28:53
All right, well, I’ll entertain a motion to move forward with a proposal.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
I make a motion to move forward with the proposal.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Okay, is there a second? Sheila?

Unknown Speaker 29:10
Second, any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 29:15
What do I

Unknown Speaker 29:18
need to hear for football? Again, the top three the top three questions. So that should be in the approved minutes.

Unknown Speaker 29:25
I know.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
And if not, I can do them well.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
was the one

Unknown Speaker 29:43
I can think about hearing what’s going on and I can come back to that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
So with that, what I’ll do is again, start working on some sort of sign up schedule. Well, first of all identify our busy times within those two week timeframe. It could be a Mondays or Monday and Thursday, Wednesday and Friday.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
A whatever it be that identify those busy times

Unknown Speaker 30:05
communicate through email, okay with everybody so we can identify who, who could sign up where or connect with shard, Amanda kind of seeing what volunteers would be available. So they can connect with me see if there’s any availability for those time blocks, or let me come in and help support this. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
All right, everybody. So the email going for volunteers and tabs. So the email we communicated just to our group right here, so it’s a

Unknown Speaker 30:36
charter member, whatever time blocks they’re able to build will be visible on that, on that communication, and that email that will go out to everybody. So I don’t know if it’ll be a live document, or if I’ll just copy and paste where we’re at. And just have people email me with

Unknown Speaker 30:52
just kind of update as

Unknown Speaker 30:54
it makes sense. We haven’t voted on that yet. All right. All those in favor of the motion say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 31:01

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Motion passes.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
Anything further on that?

Unknown Speaker 31:09
Okay, we’ll move down to the annual report. And the cover letter that went along with it. Hopefully, you’ve all had a chance I sent a revised version of it.

Unknown Speaker 31:20

Unknown Speaker 31:23
And a couple of you gave me some very useful comments, which I think I incorporated into the letter. Have you had a chance to look at the revised letter? I don’t want to revise it too much anymore.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
I have those three questions, if that’s okay. The

Unknown Speaker 31:42
first one that everybody voted on was, were you provided information on where to access our classes of resources? Are your needs being met here at the Senior Center? And does our staff help answer your questions and provide you the information you receive?

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Remote dashboard again? Does our staff help answer your questions and provide the provide you the information we’re seeking? Okay, thank you, sir. That’s the best. I know you’re right. And

Unknown Speaker 32:08
those are the three we’re approved. Right? Yeah. Last meeting. Yes. Say that. Yep. Sorry, I didn’t know you’re writing. I apologize. I was going pretty quick. So we go back. So the first one was where you provided information on where to access our classes and resources.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
Okay, the second one was are your needs being met here at the Senior Center?

Unknown Speaker 32:38
And the third one, does our staff help answer your questions and provide you the information you’re seeking? Okay. It’s on my list of channels.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
And the fourth one that we’re writing notes forth on that we’re we will be adding is as Is there anything else you would like to share?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 33:04
All right. So going through the the annual report.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Discussion, I guess what I want is some reaction to the

Unknown Speaker 33:13
report as written and the cover letter. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Actually, you know, that letter obviously, outlines my point of view. And, as I think hopefully it reflects most of you, I think. So anyway, I’d like some feedback.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
I would say this. Everybody is okay with it today. Maybe with some revision. We could just borrow that

Unknown Speaker 33:41

Unknown Speaker 33:45
You mean as a cover letter? Yeah. The whole thing works as a package.

Unknown Speaker 33:50
I think you covered

Unknown Speaker 33:53
yesterday’s lesson.

Unknown Speaker 33:57

Unknown Speaker 33:59
date on here, three for title

Unknown Speaker 34:04
31st on there on the revision, just keep it separate from all the others. So the last one is dated 31st.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
And I just made that date up by the way.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
Put something down.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
put today’s date.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
Well, if you if you’re okay with it going forward, I will just put lay that goes out to the day goes out this week sometime I think.

Unknown Speaker 34:34
Motion to

Unknown Speaker 34:38
second Marcia, procedural clarification. When this award is is finished tweaking the report and the letter, would you then go through the standard process of getting it on the council agenda through the city clerk’s application right and it’s it’s my understanding to be just

Unknown Speaker 35:00
an information item or are you all wanting to have a place on the ice? It is just an informational item.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
It’s it’s more effective, because it’s informational item to let people know what we’re thinking

Unknown Speaker 35:16
till the

Unknown Speaker 35:19
counts increase inclusivity.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Presentation is more effective, right? Could it be presented? Well, okay, let’s talk about that. You were thinking was going to be a constant presentation now? Well, now, when it gets comes around on the agenda, what happened? The procedure is a board submit, or a board approves the staffs annual report, which is what’s going on right now? Then the next step in the procedure? Is that the staff liaison, who

Unknown Speaker 35:56
this is Ronnie now, from Ghost Ghost, there’s an application that goes through and puts it in the queue for the city clerk to put it on council agenda. You can request the date, I think, but But otherwise, you just, you know, take potluck in terms of when it comes around.

Unknown Speaker 36:14
And then you you say how much of how much time you want to present. It shouldn’t be a short presentations are more effective than long presentations. So 10 minutes, 15 minutes, those are good.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
You know, shorter than that. It goes by so fast. It doesn’t make an impression. But longer than that. Everybody’s saying. I do they have so much to say. So and it still doesn’t make. Yeah, so there’s an optimum between 10 and 15 minutes. Do we need a motion for presenting it to the board? I mean, to the council? Yeah, for sure. I have one question before we get to that. Now.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
When that presentation read to the council, someone from the board, usually, which is usually the President also attends and has input on that. Yeah, usually, in the in the past, it’s been weird, because Michelle hated to present before Council. But

Unknown Speaker 37:12
sorry, but she would invite staff, and I think the entire board I think she invited the entire board to attend. But and a handful of people would. But yeah, it always was pretty brief. And yeah, they still know if I recall, right. The President usually made some remarks. Some comments, you know, when I read it, we talked about this at our meeting the other day with Jonathan, Ronnie, the maybe I could make the introductory statement somewhere,

Unknown Speaker 37:45
introduce the subject, whatever. And then the meat of it would be done probably by Ronnie. And then I wrap it up with a summary and make for funds.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
And each council member would have a copy of the cover letter and the annual report goes into the council packet. Okay. Well, it’s something like this. That’s what I was thinking. This is different than what I was thinking, what I was thinking this will go forward now. And we would follow that up

Unknown Speaker 38:17
the end of May, because that’s when he said everything had to be done with a presentation.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
That was maybe a little more comprehensive, still short, but maybe still hitting the, you know, some key points, maybe a little bit more than that was in there in the report, maybe proposing some things for the future, rather than describing what’s going on right now.

Unknown Speaker 38:40
However, you’re saying that maybe it would be better just to have this president have the report done. And or propose

Unknown Speaker 38:49
a resolution or whatever, at that time with a PowerPoint that may or may not match up the letter? Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Yeah, the letter would go into the packet.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
I have not read the report, because that would sort of be like voting twice. So I’m trying to stay at arm’s length with this. So if there’s not anything there, a nice way to end is with a couple of modest funding requests so that there’s something to vote on in the budget process for the senior center. So if that’s not there

Unknown Speaker 39:33
okay, probably Yeah, you know, it probably based on on on what the board does, you know, Ronnie and Jeff could come up with that knowing better what’s appropriate.

Unknown Speaker 39:44
The board may does not have to vote on it, but can so I’m speaking, you know, with no knowledge right now. So, of what’s really there, but that’s that’s the way it goes. You know, you give you a report, you make an ask if you’ve got

Unknown Speaker 40:00
One who doesn’t have one? Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
He’s going Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:07
Yeah. Okay, we could we could set this forward them, we’ll get on the council agenda. I’m sorry, I would do it all at once, I wouldn’t do two separate things.

Unknown Speaker 40:20
I’ve had it stuck in my mind are going to have to, okay, I’ve been converted.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
Nobody else does previews of coming attractions.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
Alright, personally, I would prefer a little

Unknown Speaker 40:35
closer to the middle of May or the end of May, in a little more time to prepare us time to prepare. And I guess all we really need to do then is take the main points in the letter, that which are pretty simple. The God population growing like crazy, and we need more resources, because all the people that we’ve got around here, that’s one point. The other point is that Hispanics are underrepresented, and probably other minority or special groups are underrepresented. And that’s and we need additional resources, whether it’s staff facility,

Unknown Speaker 41:10
or programs. I mean, those are the things that we need, and we need them. Oh, and that’s that’s the ask.

Unknown Speaker 41:18
Well, there’s no now it’s 2024. Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:24
Yes, but we understand what

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Ronnie and I and brandy could put numbers to those items. So that council is aware, not just some thing that’s out there, but we need x for for new staff and why for they but I’d like some real flashy, you know, I’m a big believer in graphics groundspeed. So, I’d love to see a big graphic. Okay, here’s the population of long line. And we got X number of seniors by our best estimate 23,000. Okay, make a graphic there. And we serve 422. And how many of those are what nationality? That too. And some of these some of these groups these demographics are talking about? We’ll have to make an estimate. Because we don’t have real precise figures. But we can we can say something generally has to be fairly accurate. We know that there’s a under representation of Hispanics. The only question is how much those kinds of statements would convey.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
So if we have on the main points of the letter, and maybe a couple of others that we might think of, we will, that would be the president of PowerPoint presentation that we would make to the council and introduction by me of somebody who might be in the delivery by yourself. That’s kind of what I say,

Unknown Speaker 42:57
for that data. And he said, bring it, bring it back to you to kind of clicked I was thinking maybe we can bring that back out. I’m actually,

Unknown Speaker 43:06
Jeff, when does the budget cycle start?

Unknown Speaker 43:10
It should kick off anytime. And it will end generally, and I don’t know the exact date. But usually it’s by the end of May IT systems shuts down. No. Well,

Unknown Speaker 43:23
I missed the window. Maybe sooner than that. Okay, well, maybe not next meeting. If everybody’s comfortable with what we’re talking about. We just go ahead with it. You can trust the running and I have to do

Unknown Speaker 43:35
to stay true to what we’ve been talking about. We’ll just go ahead and do it.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
I just need clarification on timing.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
The board makes the decision about the next year’s budget.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
To Council. I mean, that’s what I meant. Thank you. Thank you. What when did they do that? Well, so

Unknown Speaker 43:59
it’s a process. So the council doesn’t really make the decision. The council approves. And yes, the council can tear up the pea patch and say we don’t want you to spend any money on this and you got to do this instead. But that hardly ever happens. I just need to know when that occurs. Yeah. So what happens is that thus, DAF

Unknown Speaker 44:23
does does the makes the sausage in May and some of June. What does that mean? Make some some agents, we put in those little bagels.

Unknown Speaker 44:35
Yeah, so our timing would be good if we did it in early, early, early early.

Unknown Speaker 44:42
But then we’re the next right for you.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
To add a minimum, we’re two weeks out. That that’s how the general system works. So we will work right away.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
This afternoon

Unknown Speaker 45:06
on the agenda, right, yeah, the other thing I would like to say is, is don’t anybody be confused about the fact that the Council makes the decision for September October?

Unknown Speaker 45:19
Because most of the work is done by them?

Unknown Speaker 45:23
Yeah, so the asks get made in May, and then the,

Unknown Speaker 45:28

Unknown Speaker 45:30
financial people will work it out and prioritize. And that is also a process. That is pretty much mechanical.

Unknown Speaker 45:41
At least we hope it is.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
So, generally, by the end of August, the city manager has to present a budget to council based on charter. Yes. And then in September, there are usually budget hearings in budget meetings where staff is asked to come and explain certain things. But May, is when we have really the most say, we have one other opportunity, his staff that we go to budget meetings with the city manager and finance staff. And that’s our opportunity to advocate. Once that meetings over it goes, wherever it goes. And they work their magic to be able to meet that last Tuesday in August date. And really, there might be minor changes, but I think like Marsha said, once it hits them, it’s it’s pretty sad, unless there’s some big initiative or big item that needs to be addressed that council has an interest in or has occurred since the budget closed down to staff.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
Yeah, sometimes there are emergency things that happen that influence budgeting, and in you know, like, right now, we are having some, some issues with crime. And and that’s going to skew the priorities that are assigned over the summer.

Unknown Speaker 47:17

Unknown Speaker 47:19
that’s, I think, also

Unknown Speaker 47:23
a role of of resolutions, is

Unknown Speaker 47:27
policy resolutions that come forward during the priority prioritization process, and could have an influence on that.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Can I say one thing, I’m listening through all of this over the last 510 minutes, and I’m not saying my eyes glazed over. But for those of us who are not steeped in the activities of local government, whether it’s Senior Center, counsel, it’s all very confusing. And your explanations helped.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
I would love to see sells something either on city website or

Unknown Speaker 48:15
on on, talk from somebody to explain all those processes and procedures to the public to

Unknown Speaker 48:24
good idea, at some point. That’s a very good. I mean, we were involved, but it’s sort of a surprise to us. Does that happen in May? Is it the end of May or the beginning of May? And watch this? Was it last year? In August?

Unknown Speaker 48:43
I’m not trying to belittle it. Oh, you said you’re glazed over, Ronnie, and I’m worried about him coming back to work tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 48:55
I have to say, it took me two years of counsel before I understood the process completely. So.

Unknown Speaker 49:03
Yes, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
I got confused, too. I work for Salt Lake County, IRS, and we had a Board of County Commissioners. But it was a different process. I mean, in general, it’s the same. But those commissioners would fight about the budget right up to the last day of the of the adoption, so very differently, all kinds of political kinds of moves in between during that process. So I can understand.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
You know, we never fight. We could we can see if there’s someone who works for the city who could come do a class here about how city budgets work. If you put a girl yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:46
Well, that would really educate our senior population, right? We’d probably we’re starting to plan our fall go. So by the time fall happens, it’s kind of a done deal. So maybe next spring, we could sort of have on our way

Unknown Speaker 50:00
are to have a class like that. So that as the budget cycle is starting people have some education. I don’t think we’re gonna have,

Unknown Speaker 50:07
you know, the supervisors training that they do for city employees, Jim and Theresa do, that might be one that could at least be converted to be able to do for

Unknown Speaker 50:19
a great idea. And that would be that could be done before.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
So if we, for next year’s budget process starts, maybe like next March, yeah, yeah, I can talk to them and unsure about having that just be a general education plus,

Unknown Speaker 50:37
then what I will do

Unknown Speaker 50:40
is I’ll do just kind of an outline of the budget process, and send that to all of you. And then at the Mimi Mae meeting, if you have any questions, I can respond as best I can to those.

Unknown Speaker 50:55

Unknown Speaker 51:01
All right. I have a couple of questions or I should say Comments, questions on the letter itself.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
How many STDs Do you have?

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Is it 414?

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Off? We have more part time staff altogether, what do you have?

Unknown Speaker 51:21
So total staff total staff currently has yet to Melissa Amanda Shar me brandy? Amy. Kaley? Robyn David.

Unknown Speaker 51:34
are we including?

Unknown Speaker 51:41
Included she’s in a different budget. Okay. So at 10 del Mar team.

Unknown Speaker 51:48
We have we just hired

Unknown Speaker 51:51
general we’re hiring another front desk, we are hiring or we just hired therapeutic recreation.

Unknown Speaker 52:02

Unknown Speaker 52:03
can I ask what?

Unknown Speaker 52:13

Unknown Speaker 52:16
how many are part time in tea tea as

Unknown Speaker 52:20
well. So here are the different total people, right?

Unknown Speaker 52:26
You got to halftime positions would be one FTE. Right.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
So well, we could we could even settle that later. I’m catching you off guard. And that gets confusing. But I do want I do think we should have the exact FTE that you’re authorized.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
Authorized because I figured this kept track of all your finance office to 18.2 518 point. That’s what it says in well, you are understaffed? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
And even

Unknown Speaker 53:08
10.25 templates

Unknown Speaker 53:13
is that is that ever benefited employees that does not include include any temps that are part time non benefit. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
So do you have any of those

Unknown Speaker 53:29
benefits? Yes. Those are your

Unknown Speaker 53:32
s? T and recreation.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Becky, who covers at the decimal times?

Unknown Speaker 53:41
So they are included?

Unknown Speaker 53:44
So what was the 18 2.25? The number and that is listed in the approved budget. If you ever interested how many people work in at the police department or senior services? It’s listed at the start of their budget. Okay. Yeah, I can.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Okay, so.

Unknown Speaker 54:17
So it’s 10.5. Does that include the positions that are going to be filled?

Unknown Speaker 54:23

Unknown Speaker 54:25
whatever it is, we’ll nail that down. And that’s where you’re going?

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Because I can just like a council member, which exactly

Unknown Speaker 54:37
does that include

Unknown Speaker 54:41
we will add that to Ronnie’s report next month. So you have all of that information, both regular employees and part time.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
We can we’ll get it to. It’s too hard in this setting. To help I understand, to get that out.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Did you end up with the package? Right? Yes. All right. And then one other question. Randy, you said that

Unknown Speaker 55:09
I have the the online housing authority as contributing staff. And you said that they don’t do that. But it’s in the report. So one of those things is going to change, but we sort of contribute staff to them.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
We supervise a position for them. There’s hope. Again, it’s complicated. There is an FTE who works for the housing authority is paid for by the housing authority, but we supervise and manage that position. Okay, you’re not paying. She’s a resource specialist. So she’s technically a Housing Authority employee. She works for you. She works for the housing authority.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
Yes. Okay. We support. The other thing that may be you know, Paul, mentioned in the in the historical portion of the report is that during the, during the rescue of the Housing Authority, the Senior Services lent a lot of expertise, kind of just catches catch cam, because there were people who had expertise here in human services, and in senior services. So we were doing everything to keep things together.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
And don’t be confused by that things have normalized. And so now, it’s it’s all set out clearly webseries more or less

Unknown Speaker 56:36

Unknown Speaker 56:38
During COVID, the city manager had the ability to repurpose all of us or any of us, based on how our facilities were opened or our impact impacted by COVID. Senior Services made a big impact on Longmont housing authority that the timing for them couldn’t have been any better with with COVID. Because Michelle and Brandi and many staff basically helped with the city’s takeover, or working together with La che.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
The timing just worked well. Because I don’t know how we would have done it if on the show and Karen Maroney and some of those folks couldn’t have given up some of what they were doing. They they all did a great job. Right? Let this building happy and closed during the worst of COVID means that they have time on their Yes. Not time on.

Unknown Speaker 57:41
The fact that stuff had some time on their hands. Oh, okay. The rest of the staff were working. The building was closed, the services were not closed.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
I would just say you didn’t ask my opinion on this. With COVID. The city a long model was one of very few city organizations that did not lay anybody off early and the city treated all employees not not just benefited, but also also temporaries. That doesn’t mean people didn’t leave.

Unknown Speaker 58:18
Because they didn’t may not have liked what they’re doing. But the city did everything in their power to keep all of us

Unknown Speaker 58:27
very grateful for that.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Yeah, it really was truly an effort that was done by the city. And

Unknown Speaker 58:41
we knew that the pandemic was coming

Unknown Speaker 58:45
before it was made jump made known to the general public to because there were all these emergency meetings going on starting what about October?

Unknown Speaker 58:55
And yeah, it was amazing to watch, you know, council really only watched, but it was everything Jeff said anymore. It was amazing.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
All right.

Unknown Speaker 59:15

Unknown Speaker 59:18
sending this letter forward. Can I just send it like on plain paper like this, or should I use your letterhead, maybe you don’t want to use your letterhead.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
To do that. That’s okay. We can make adjustments so it says the Senior Citizens Advisory Board. Okay. I can go on one page.

Unknown Speaker 59:44
And I’ll have to get your guys’s. What about the signatures down? I consider putting the whole board on there.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
The whole board on there just won’t even work but you representing as president representing the board. Okay, what about the other two officers

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
You’re You’re

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
alright, any changes to the report itself?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Good, good job.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
I did explain and I’m sorry that I started an email exchange by doing so

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
that the goals and commitments that were ongoing are new for 2022. We do list 2020 twos in the report, because this is a record about 2022. Somebody had asked, Should that be? 23? No. It’s capturing what was happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
I feel like I’ve made a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
major contribution here. Did we pass a motion? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
There’s no no more talk about it. No more discussion. And several motions for this for the City Council, the letter and the report, as amended.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
Sorry. So I thought what we were talking about was

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
trying to get on the agenda and do a presentation. Based on the information you have here. I think that’s, that’s what I’m telling you. Okay. I didn’t say it very well, but that’s what I meant. Okay. Okay, let me somebody make a proper motion. And

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
I made the last rule guys

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
So I moved the floor, I make a motion. And we

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
a presentation to the city council, including this letter

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
in support of the senior center.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
No report report. Okay. And

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
now you’re good motion maker.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
A second.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Second, any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
All right. All those in favor say aye. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
Any opposed?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
Motion carries.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
Okay, we’ll move on board goals for 2023 founder new business sitting down on our left.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
Plus our reports shouldn’t be

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
okay, this might be kind of tricky writing down all the goals. Everybody was supposed to bring back the goals for this meeting. You’re gonna have to email to me this. Okay. That’s okay. Let’s just we’ll just talk about Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
Jean, was your motion you mind starting?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
Well, well, yes, I Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Because my goals might be a little bit different. Okay, if you want somebody else to start, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
It occurred to me that I needed, I felt a little bit bogged down and I needed to actually focus on

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
the definition of an advisory board. Because an advisory board is not a governing board. It’s not a board of directors, and advisory board by definition,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
lens there their skills, guidance and knowledge to an organization.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
It offers advice that helps the organization to grow and achieve its goals

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
to provide critical thinking and analysis to increase confidence of the decision makers who may represent in our case, the city of Longmont and the senior center.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
So my goal for the next year is to focus precisely on that, which is to support increased confidence to the people in these organizations, the city of Longmont and the senior center and that to do that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
At while representing the older adults slash seniors in our community, and it was important for me to do that focus to really define after four years why I’m here, because I don’t know that I really read what the definition of advisory board was when I first came. And

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
so that’s my goal.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
I have one as well. Yeah. Okay. And it’s overlap somewhat

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
with that conversation, and I’ll just read it to you. And some of this I got off the city website. For functional city boards supposed to operate in an advisory capacity to the council. Recommendations are forwarded to the city council, or the staff liaison, or committee chair, I presume committee chair means as

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
whispers specific again from the website, this specific purse purpose of the Senior Citizens Advisory Board is to communicate with and advise the City Council in matters of particular concern and impact affecting the older adult community of Longmont. And this may include one recommending guidelines and policies regarding the best use of the senior center,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
review annual budget requests concerning senior citizens programs, serving as a liaison between Council and older adults in matters of public interest, and reporting annually to council concerning the operation of the city center.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
And then went on to say I believe that as a board, we have lost sight of some of these responsibilities, and rely too much on the staff and council liaison to represent us and our views. My slash Our goal should be to ensure the City Council consciously views us as a sounding board for their policies that concern primary primarily older Longmont residents, as well as being receptive to recommendations from the board as they are made.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
Sounds like we’ve been sleeping together

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
instead of sounds very similar.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
You know, and I think that part of that comes from sometimes I feel like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
I get a little bit overwhelmed by how detailed we can get in, in in things and lose track.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
You know, I want to be here, it’s as a support,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
really, as a support system, and as a good representative

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
of the seniors in my community.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
And I really respect

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
what goes on at the Senior Center, and I really respect those people that are in charge of the senior center. But I don’t want to get too bogged down in, in, you know, giving advice is one thing telling them what they need to do is another and sometimes I feel like I myself will get pulled in to

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
perhaps business or decisions that are trying to make. And so that’s what I want to focus on.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
I have felt those very same things. And so what I did was I went to staff and volunteers since I’m new on the board. And I don’t have experience of this goal setting and all that. I went to staff and volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
And I asked a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
I am asked to bring board goals to the meeting. And I wondered if you have anything so.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
So who’s whose stuff you’re going to use? Do you mean people?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
People, right, so you want you to scaffold volunteers here here. You when I’m wondering whether it’s a web site, no, no, no, I’m sorry. Yeah, I just asked people that I thought might have an idea. I went to my career down

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
volunteer counselors

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
because they get all kinds of information.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
Ruth is a past

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
Granby, she Ruth Walker

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
was brandy at one time I went to brandy, I went to Kaylee, I went to all of my peers on the peer counseling.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
this is what they came up with.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
And I think some of them fall in line with, with what you feel is our responsibility, which is just advising on what seniors see as needed. So the first one is

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
uh, hang on for just a second, I’m at the wrong one. Okay, expand hours, increased staffing for the seniors. And I know that this is always a topic of conversation, probably. But I’m going to read, expanding senior senator evening and weekend hours to meet the needs of working seniors, which would require additional funding for staffing. I think that’s a real deficit. We do not have this. We have this wonderful building, but we’re not utilizing it. And that’s true with many city facilities.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
In my opinion,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:20
and, yeah, I mean, I think they could, we could go have a list. But I think that’s really critical is to meet the needs of the working seniors.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
So that’s the first one. The second one, is it okay to share more than one day to

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
There’s a real problem in long mountain. I don’t know if this falls to Yeah, it’s a concern for seniors, increased geriatric physicians in this community. There’s an extremely high need.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
There are not enough for serving the population. And who else but the city, working with the medical society, whoever recruits physicians, tries to get

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
geriatric physicians into this community, I think there could be a more concerted effort in that realm.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
How can the city be part of that recruitment?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
The third one is info research, info outreach to seniors, we all know this is a problem, right? We’ve talked about before.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
triple A has worked for years to make resources more accessible.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
One of the issues is that older adults are not tech savvy.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
I put that maybe a short blurb and in the newsletter, that goes out with utilities

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
might be helpful to reach just just something I mean, they you know, they have trouble with technology, but maybe they can call the senior senator.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:13
You know, they can pick up a phone, they may not be able to use this, but they can pick up a phone and make a phone call to the senior center

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
to ask about resources that may attend to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28
And another issue that I hear all the time, and I don’t know if there’s a sort of there’s a solution to every problem, right? Is transportation.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
transportation for seniors, we have the which, as most of you are all of you probably know, is a great service, but they

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
there’s a lot of time involved in commuting with them sometimes. And it’s really hard on senior citizens.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:58
I don’t know what the answer is, but maybe there needs to be some discussion about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
continue funding transportation as it is now and make simpler, make it simpler and more available to seniors.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
And this one’s I don’t want to diminish anyone’s suggestions, but somebody thinks it would be helpful to have a senior swap meet.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:26
And their reason for putting this in is because, you know, people die and there’s all this stuff, you know, and to have some way to have it distributed to those in need, especially with seniors being priority.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
There’s a whole paragraph that this person wrote about it, but I’m just going to put it out there like this and if you want any more detail,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
so that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:14:54
why I said nine in two days. One of the big things I talked to us also was transit

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
addition. But along with that transportation, I was hoping that we get somebody that can do more outreach also,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:09
you know, I don’t know how,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
how much we reach the people here in the

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
senior homes,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
I don’t know how information is getting out to them. And, uh, you know, I think if you’re just putting out paperwork, I don’t know that that’s going to do it would be nice to meet with him as a group and get them in. And of course, the big thing is getting the site long, long down there older Hispanic population is telling people what we offer, even though again, we have it in writing, for whatever reasons, we’re not taking advantage of it. I think one of the things that happens.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
And I might be wrong on this, but YouTube didn’t help me that as far as those coming in to reach to meet with the outreach specialist, I think I see when I’m here, I’ve seen

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
a fair number of Hispanics that come in for that. But that’s all they come for, they come in for that. And then you don’t see them again, for anything,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
participate in a lot of activities here at the center. Not that I come that much, but from other people.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
It’s just not there. And so, again, the outreach and transportation

Unknown Speaker 1:16:24
has to be done

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
the northeast, part of this.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
I was thinking of any of the trips that are going on with the senior center. And some of the classes. I don’t think I can remember seeing in Spanish speakers.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
They will not be able to afford.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
Oh, I think that’s judgment. Well, no, no, I, but there are a lot of people that would like to go on those trips that can’t afford it.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
Yeah, to

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
Spanish about the the resources that are available to you know, for scholarships, and even for the other things, the glasses, dentist, whatever the case may be, I’m not sure they come in, what’s the best kind of outreach, face to face definitely has to be face to face. I don’t even think your telephone call is going to do it. We need to get out there and find out for you know, if there’s some groups groups that are on your crimes, whatever, right, wherever you can have a face to face? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, what was it last year for Annika when

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
gave a presentation to the Latino Coalition, which went across very well. And you know, I wouldn’t mind another another presentation sometime this year and possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
And I couldn’t set that up as far as having someone from the center. I mean, I believe I talk about the things, some of the things that are going on in the center, but I don’t even know all the things that are going on, you know. And so I’d like to, you know, that’s one of the ways to get these people involved, because you have people from the schools, you have people from the health department, a lot of other places that couldn’t go off and share some of this also, Jeff left for a minute. But what came to mind when you said reaching out to the Hispanic population was how under over utilized is the Lashley. Senate.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
You know, as far as the use goal, in the Lashley. Center, you’re talking about the youth center Center, which is a build firehouse on Lashley right next to the center. I don’t know, I know, I used we used it for a meeting in December, they wouldn’t that lovely place as an as a annex. Just just back.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03
I had a question about the Lashley center how over or underutilized it is, based on what art was sharing about seeing your outreach for Latinos. And wouldn’t it be lovely if we could use that building as a hub for the senior center for people in that

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
population. And that could serve many different purposes. It could be staffed, maybe occasionally by a staff member sharing resources, it could be used for many different things to to

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40
have that happen. It could be an outreach center, Ronnie.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:47
I was just gonna say so that was the question I had and something that I’m actually preparing for the difference board as well. Who helped fund

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
ratio or delegation. So the question is,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
how is it being used? So it is underused right now, we do not do a lot of programming out of there are a couple of reasons. Number one, you don’t have the staff to because someone has to be on site. They don’t have the staff to be at that location and manage the programs there. That as they’re taking place, and we don’t have a custodian at that location as well. So there’s just cofactors there, and but we just, we have not had a we keep talking about how we’re understaffed, right, we just don’t have that opportunity to put people over there to, to progress. So is it designated for the senior center? No, no, it’s to two days. Okay. It was the original commandment, I think it was Tuesday and Thursday for seniors, children, youth and family have it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So the friends put in money, the primary finance financing of that remodel was done through a state grant that came from marijuana money that requires that a certain percentage of that use is used by the youth of our community. And so I believe Senior Services still has two days that they could can use that, but it really couldn’t be converted to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:28
a hub. If you are even if one day, one day one of your staff members. Once a month. It was you know, I don’t know how to get the word out. But it could be in the go once a month, they could be there to be available for questions for resource, one of your maybe one of your resource people staffing it for an hour or two. So the position we’re pushing for right now. So to the quarter, recreation quarter recreation coordinator position, which would be more required position.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
That would be the focus of how can we use that space for for spent special programming as well. But outreach and outreach is that that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:22:18
I’m not sure we get the job?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:21
I’m not sure what that building.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:24
School their outlet

Unknown Speaker 1:22:29

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
And it’s on the east side of the street.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
Like orange and black, used to be fire station in our neighborhood. Is this. I don’t want to be stereotypical. But is that a Hispanic area? That the Rhonda? Pretty much?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:54
If you want we could try to host next month’s meeting there. Steve can see it. Yeah. That’s a great idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:04
Is there any way to find out from the Hispanic community? What their perception of obstacles are? Because, you know, I find myself trying to guess what, what they need? Or what keeps them from coming? Is it? Is it information? It or is it something else? And is there any way for us to get input

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39
from them about, you know, can we help? Would it? Would it be better to have something closer to their own particular neighborhoods? Would they where would they get their information from? What about church, you know, to do would would have church, your source of information? I’m trying to think of the community in general, and what they perceive their obstacles are to getting resources or getting to classes or getting to programs that are offered through the Senior Center.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:22
I think, you know, I definitely think that transportation is probably one of the bigger ones. But the other thing is

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
think as you mentioned, how do we educate them? On what’s, what’s here at the center? Is?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
Yeah, do you think it’d be a good idea to invite Carmen or one of her staff to a meeting and they could maybe help us work through what might work best? I think that’s an excellent suggestion. Sorry, Carmen. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
On Earth, she is the director of community and neighborhood resources PRI in Longmont the best connected to our most connected to that community. And pride could give us some good information to help us look at what our next steps might be better, like cleaning up the building, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:29
I loved your suggestion of commitment, connecting to the churches, because older adults are more likely to go to church number one, and there are specific Hispanic churches in my neighborhood, I’m in that neighborhood, in that neighborhood, that

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
what a great resource any other people involved in it, it doesn’t all have to be, you know, get the pastors involved. That was brings me to what I was gonna say about the goal. Because I’ve seen a real shift in what we are doing as a board, I felt last year to last two years, it’s sort of been input for us to share with the community,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:11
which I really enjoyed. Now I see it more as a real function of an advisory board is you to really explain. And I think that’s probably the real purpose is to be that liaison between.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:27
But as a goal, I think, sometimes we need to get out of our own space here. And I’m totally thinking of churches and pastors and priests, rabbis. I mean, congregations are getting older and older.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:44
And people who tend to go to church, go to their pastor for help.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
Where does the pastor go? While

Unknown Speaker 1:26:56
I was in college, we researched pastors to find out where they went for personal and professional health. This would be the sort of resource they needed

Unknown Speaker 1:27:08
to know where do I take my people? And so I think

Unknown Speaker 1:27:13
there’s churches are often empty at night, afternoons, maybe they have daycare, schools in them, but their space that’s available for us. And I don’t know how long we can wait until we have space in the rec center.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:30
I mean, it’s now it’s not

Unknown Speaker 1:27:33
tomorrow. AmeriClean. All of the pastors probably have some type of faith. Yeah, interfaith Thank you. They get together with other pastors. So that’s where it could happen. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:48
And I’ve not heard anything about our religious community since I’ve been here. So I think that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:57
For the Catholic Church network, if you will, out important is that, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
that church, what’s the Catholic Church on St. Mary’s? No, it’s not St. Mary’s.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
What is it on?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15
I saw ne, or Myrna

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
in the

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
East area, but put that Catholic church right there a third or fourth and I thought

Unknown Speaker 1:28:28
I was one of those saints.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:32
I’m not Catholic, but I’ve been there for funerals and stuff like that. And that thing is packed with Hispanic people there.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:40
I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
So last, a couple of weeks ago, fish fry that they have on Friday nights and

Unknown Speaker 1:28:48
I honestly didn’t get a chance to talk to him much. But you know, that may be a theme. I’ve tried to set up a meeting with him and get some ideas from how we did reach out.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00
I wonder if the Latino

Unknown Speaker 1:29:04
there are others besides Catholics, there are many Hispanic churches in northeast Longmont besides Catholic and if they networked with each other, that would be the place to reach them. Right? So for those

Unknown Speaker 1:29:19
who don’t know, Christian, if you go down Lashley you’ll see several and they say what the name of the church is I don’t know if it always says what denomination but they aren’t Catholic.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:31
Jeff, Marcia are learning issues as far as religion and public agency and

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43

Unknown Speaker 1:29:48
I am not sure in the city grants.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:53
Money to hope and our Center for example, both of whom you

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Use church resources. And so the it may be important that it’s done at one remove. But

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
I don’t think that there would be any obstacles to making an agreement with a pastor to hold an event at a church, no new new creation across the street here works all the time with senior services and recreation of Longmont whites is probably one of the bigger things that we partner with. And I think what we need to do is as we develop relationships, need to really make sure that, you know, what our goal is, what their goal is, and how we manage that. Because

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
if if, if things get too religious, you certainly turn off other people. And generally what new creations has done is they have not tried to do any real religious, you know, if if we partner we got to be able to have their their priests do whatever their minister, but it’s really to them about getting their name out, and having their people interact with local citizens to see, you know, the quality of people that they

Unknown Speaker 1:31:24
know, and I mean, it would be difficult if they were, you know, trying to do that in the middle of long online. So that would be really strong. But I think I agree, I think

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38

Unknown Speaker 1:31:40
faith based community is a partner that, especially in a senior world that we could work closer with. And I know that there was a minister Alliance, I think it’s called for all pastors from the community get together. And I don’t know who all participates. But I understand there’s, there’s quite a few pastors together for that. That’d be a nice place to be able to get on the agenda and make a little presentation of the senior center and the goals etc. You know, just what’s available,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:16
just letting them know that these services are there, available. And I certainly have seen clients that are referred to for resources here.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:32
And, and at their pastor to set up because their pastor knew. But I’m wondering if we could expand that a bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
Especially in terms of what’s available to sue to serve their community.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:51
We’re not doing religion, we’re doing service. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:57
You know, it’s all about community, public and private partnership.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:05
And we don’t do we do a lot of ethnicity

Unknown Speaker 1:33:08
on the private sector, in the private meaning churches to it. Yeah. On the business side, we do a fair amount. But there’s so many churches in this town. In in it private public, I when you say that I go to more of the sponsorship of events and that sort of thing, which churches haven’t normally done that it’s been more banks and carpoolers, and I think more of utilization of space.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
What else would there be?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
Other resources? Is there most?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:52
Isn’t there one?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:54
Yeah. So yes, they are not sure it’s a loss? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:04
There may be meetings of

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
I guess it’s appropriate that we’ve been focusing on Hispanics and those other minorities in the community, which are all maybe that’s something we need to address at some point.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
Actually, I don’t really know the dimensions of

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
the problem. Right. So what’s the problem as far as Outreach? Well, I was trying to look up

Unknown Speaker 1:34:42
churches that serve African Americans in our community, and there was not one that served primarily African Americans, because the population is very small. And so there was a

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
I was looking for resources that I could go to to promote, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:07
board membership for people in the community. And I wasn’t able to find a specific place where I could go and do a presentation. And we have a Native American community and religious per se, but

Unknown Speaker 1:35:26
it is just not recognized.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:29

Unknown Speaker 1:35:31

Unknown Speaker 1:35:33
Talking about martial arts seniors. Yeah. I just have a suggestion for Jeanine, which is look up the Martin Luther King Day celebrations. And that church even though it’s not predominantly black, it has a concentration of people who are who are focused on that celebration that will lead you back to the right church

Unknown Speaker 1:36:00
are changing and they’re changing quickly.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:04

Unknown Speaker 1:36:06
changes in people over

Unknown Speaker 1:36:10
people over at

Unknown Speaker 1:36:12

Unknown Speaker 1:36:24
But you may owe me your comments, please, because I did not take

Unknown Speaker 1:36:30
a pretty extensive connections.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34
Just just to prove to everybody, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:42
generalize, and probably

Unknown Speaker 1:36:48
the closest months, all these dumb

Unknown Speaker 1:36:54
people were so philosopher philosophical.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58
I was quite specific on one goal, I guess it’s okay to develop a model that can be used by senior centers of fortune.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
To help older adults take advantage of inflation Reduction Act, as a community news moves towards sustainability in areas such as induction stoves, safe palms, open insulation, hot water heaters, electric cars, electric panels, solar, all kinds of stuff like glare, I’m thinking of this as kind of a little

Unknown Speaker 1:37:34
an outline, so to speak, the resource specialists can use when this stuff is nailed down a little bit that they can use when appropriate, to make a referral to some resource in the community. And I think this is probably absent right now. As far as services are concerned, so that problems one, we have some programs on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:56
The staff, the sustainability staff and the LP staff are, are working on doing the Workforce Development and getting the outlines, which would the Allies which would give you something to get your teeth in. So you’re sort of ahead of the skis a little bit in there not ready to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:16
I’ve got plenty of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:19
And then this is the one that I’ve revised like five times, I’ll try again,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:25
it’s very similar to what some of you have been saying. But

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
I’ll just

Unknown Speaker 1:38:34
develop a statement describing the board’s vision regarding the expansion of programs and services of the senior center within the community, the populations to be provided services and priorities to be used as recommendations to the city council.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52
I guess it’s very similar to what you folks are saying, I guess I can’t articulate very well.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:00
What are the major thrusts of the services? What are the results we’re trying to get to?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:07
Specifically, what are the populations and how many, how much of the population are we trying to reach? Those kinds of questions that would kind of guide some decision making, it seems to me, and so that is my goal, but it’s it’s really just kind of saying the same kind of things that I think you folks are saying,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:30
but I guess it is just an old fashioned vision statement.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36

Unknown Speaker 1:39:37
but going back to what you said in the first place, man, it’s we need something as a framework

Unknown Speaker 1:39:47
that we can hang our hat on as far as this is what we’re trying to do. This is what we communicate the city council. These are the goals this is how we measure those guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:59
You know

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
Do you think your opinion is different than the senior center vision in general, which I don’t even really know, I think that probably the objectives are much the same. But I’m saying this is for the purpose of the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:17
Because I look at all the stuff that the

Unknown Speaker 1:40:21
senior senator is doing, and I’m, frankly, I’m overwhelmed. I can’t keep track all that stuff that you’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:28

Unknown Speaker 1:40:30
Just an observation

Unknown Speaker 1:40:33
that I was very excited about.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:38
What you said, David, when you accepted the chair, a few meetings ago about doing more communication outside, because when I talk about this court, I always talk about how effective you are in terms of gathering information about Senior Services. And too much they stay here for their disseminated, you know, from a bulletin board on the senior, you know, at the desk, or, or in the lobby. But so, it seems to me that all of you are saying, communicate with the council more and communicate to communities more. And so maybe a goal setting would, could be something like, let’s have not just the annual presentation to council, but let’s have a goal of of two or three resolutions throughout the year

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
that have, you know, observe special events or,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:38
you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:41
draw attention to community events that are put on by the senior center. And just generally,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:49
you do Charettes, you get all this information about, about what comes in from the different agencies. Let’s have a little information, Senator, it seems like now, right now, we’ve got one each, you know, you have the open house, and you have the annual report to council.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:08
There could be two, there could be three that are smaller.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:13
But maybe that’s maybe that’s what you’re getting happened. I’m not sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:22
But I’m thirsty.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
No, can certainly say I would have that as a goal.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:34
The senior vision is long enough to me a community in which we all age well.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:45
What does that mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:47
Stay alive.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:51
Stay hungry, stay alive.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:54
I agree with the statement. But yeah, staying alive.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:59
I’d like to really good for source Pacific kinds of objectives like,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:05
oh, I don’t know, I’m straight along and I stayed alive for 10 more years.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:10
Have the resources needed for an aging population? Yeah, we increased services of XYZ to the Hispanic population by 13%. This last year, and we now serve?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:25
Well, the vision is, is what it says, then you go ahead with a mission, which you just stated, and your mission is to increase services. And then you have objectives like

Unknown Speaker 1:43:38
conduct at least one event that is focused on the Hispanic community, or, or, you know, change our activity mix to make it more multicultural, or you can do those things. And I’m almost going to

Unknown Speaker 1:43:58

Unknown Speaker 1:44:00
I don’t know if it was said, but I was just thinking,

Unknown Speaker 1:44:04
Do we have a booth at the seat at the Cinco Demayo? Yeah, we do. How do we utilize it?

Unknown Speaker 1:44:11
You see, there’s a staff member and a volunteer.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:17
What are the goals? Plan the message? Just exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:23

Unknown Speaker 1:44:25
answer questions, you don’t want answer questions and identify them. That’s a good place to do a survey

Unknown Speaker 1:44:33
using Christmas, Chris, Christian.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:37
That’s the word I’m looking for. But planting that seed, letting them know what’s there and healthy they find out and spread the word.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:50
Would it be okay, we’ve got 12 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
works. I know

Unknown Speaker 1:45:03
I got no digest everything that people have said maybe we should continue the conversation next time, you’ll be summarizing

Unknown Speaker 1:45:12
all of the goals that people will report to you. I will pass them as century. Okay. All right, that’d be good. Let’s do justice stuff, a lot of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:23
A lot of it’s similar. But I think we need to think about that. And then should we plan on a meeting? The lady called

Unknown Speaker 1:45:34
Lashley center.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:37
Is that okay with everybody do that for the next meeting? Okay. And I’ll work on setting up the reservation. Okay. And then I guess you’ll know primarily, maybe Jackie won’t be involved with yours. Start working on our presentation. And so we’ll talk about violence and war, and we’ll continue the conversation on polls.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:59
So is that alright with everybody? And we got about? Yeah, that’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:07
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:09
Report, small life business school.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:13
Man manager’s report.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:17
My Report, I will be mindful of time so we can get through everybody. I just provided some quick updates on where we are, as mentioned, a higher resource specialists are not just hired her. She finally started last week. Valerie orphans are Garcia. That’s our Longmont Housing Authority. Resource Specialist. So she’s been she just brand new, which has already been a great help over there for sure. And, you know, just a great, great, wonderful resource for our community. So excited to have her. And she’s very happy. Yes, yes. We have our hierarchy of therapeutic recreation coordinator who’s going to spend half time here with us and then have time with recreation. And her name is Ariana, and she’ll start the feeding

Unknown Speaker 1:47:09
through. Her name is Ariana, and she’s coming from Rhode Island. So she’ll know. So she’s, she’s our therapeutic recreation. So she’ll start the beginning of bass, she’s going to be moving here from Rhode Island, so she’s got to do

Unknown Speaker 1:47:24
recreation. We’re working on that. Identify what that is.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:29
But you know, what we do a vision for the recreation piece, and piggyback off that overall, we’ll be focusing on helping run our our school camps for the city. So we’re parents scope. So it’s, it’s camps and specifically to support

Unknown Speaker 1:47:47
disabilities. And so I’m sorry, Jeff. Nope, you’re good. And what does that look like for us? We don’t know yet. So Amanda’s gonna be working with her to identify what that means for our programs, specifically, assessing what our needs are for our senior population. And then being able to from there identify what what programs we can we can offer. But this individual comes with a great sense of

Unknown Speaker 1:48:14
just great experiences. So that’s a shared position. Yes. And it’s focusing on people with disabilities of some sort. Yes, yes. Yes. So, but again, a brand new position. So we get to kind of shape it how we want and it’s going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:48:33
is that inputs going to come from recreation to come from our site here, and Ariana has input as well from our experiences?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:47
Currently, we’re, we’re down to our last two candidate violencia candidates for our office assistant position. So hopefully, we have a decision made by data this week, both of our very, very solid candidates but a tough decision to make. But we’re hoping to have that solidified by the end of this week, except for Monica’s position. Yes. And I’m assuming I mean, I’m just going to assume that both of them are vibing. Reviving, yes, that’s correct. Okay. Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:16
paraprofessional clerical.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:20
would mean

Unknown Speaker 1:49:23
they have some professional duties. Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:30
Yeah, so it’s that frontline of customer service, but uh, again, kind of a lot of details for the behind the scenes things for us for our operations, building operation.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:44
And our third quarter position, we’re still trying to three quarter recreation coordinator position we’re still working on

Unknown Speaker 1:49:51
getting closer and closer.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:55
One fun thing to point out is I’ll be working with you

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
Are the Native American, Native American Tribal, Wyoming to do an elder exchange, something that we’re looking to do have in place by the summer of 2024. So we’ve been working to

Unknown Speaker 1:50:11
identify, working on all those details there, and all those details what it could look like. But the whole goal is to have something up and running by the summer 2024, where we have five to eight of our, of our,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:25
of our elders going to Wyoming and five, eight, and I’m coming here spending some time because it’d be a three, four day kind of events. Who’s been in conjunction with firms? Yes, yes. Come from print.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:40
Well read rumors as if he’s the main point of contact, and he’s working to,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:45
for both sides to connect the dots and bring us together. So it’s in early stages, it’s just discussion right now. They’re very interested, we’re very interested. So we will be able to start looking at some of those details. Right? Oh, I’m sorry. Things that came up my community member, that’s when we have these sorts of exchanges, that we also have some art in our

Unknown Speaker 1:51:09
lobby, there is a lock lockable case apparently that this could be in

Unknown Speaker 1:51:15
network to reach people that were curious about what’s going on, I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:22
My only question I’m, I don’t mean to put down this idea. But there’s so many cute, there’s so few people involved. And and how many resources are we putting into this? And? And how can it be expanded to serve more people instead of just the people that are in exchange?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:47
I mean, didn’t want to get mad at anybody? I think I do this, are you working with the sister cities leadership to find the contacts? So? So we already have our contact? But yes, that is part of the plan to have the sister cities just kind of see almost as a template. Okay, what did that look like? What does it mean for you? And what pieces can we take as we’re looking to explore this as well. So it won’t be a system Sister Cities program with me

Unknown Speaker 1:52:16
directly. So what the sister cities typically do is that at the end, or the beginning of an exchange, there is a public event where, you know, people can come and see or listen to, you know, sometimes there’s a musical performance or a dance performance,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:37
sometimes a film,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:41
you know, so, and in a panel discussion, so all of those things can be in three or four days, it’s harder to hard to do a big thing. But, but something could be, I mean, certainly a panel discussion could be an option, right. As mentioned, this is very much of the infant stages, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:53:03
we’ve gained the interest from both both sides. And, you know, so arrays can be working on connecting with the tribe to kind of identify some, some availability to where we can connect, and start having those discussions of

Unknown Speaker 1:53:19

Unknown Speaker 1:53:21
for both sides.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:25
I think friends said that the interest from the triangle

Unknown Speaker 1:53:30
was very strong, so very enthusiastic. I think some people were a little surprised, right, but

Unknown Speaker 1:53:43
what this does, allows us to share and learn different cultures, different histories. And you know, it was really cool from the sister cities group that wins.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:54
The tribe invited the youth, the youth group that wants to, to view and see sacred rituals, performances that nobody else has access to. And so that was just quite an experience for them to be able to experience something that they’ve never seen before that it’s not open to everybody and just be able to enjoy that experience and learn something they’ve learned something but also gain something that they’ll never forget. And so we that’s what we want is it’ll be writing those experiences and we have a process. Absolutely. So

Unknown Speaker 1:54:32
what are your opinion updates on anything planned? I’ll actually share those.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:37
I wonder if it may also track some of our local Native American citizens to the senior center to be a part of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:52
And then I just have some, you know, some quick highlights from recreation and supportive services. So

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00

Unknown Speaker 1:55:01
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:07
I have no comment. There was a time that I believe he made a motion that was approved that we submit in writing our reports, because we never seem to have time to get through them. And I don’t know if that’s something you want to do. Like I thought I didn’t like the idea first, to be honest with you, but not I like the idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:32
Because we target

Unknown Speaker 1:55:35
you take the time to think the barber down and I wrote it.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:39
For everybody. Did you distribute

Unknown Speaker 1:55:42
your practice? I don’t have any No, I don’t have anyone else’s.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:50
So what that could do is, if we do get short on time, like this, everyone want to have access to in advance. And for option at this, we’re short on time allows them to say you report. Do you have any questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:04
See, I sent you all three of the reports for last month. Could you distribute those to the board members? Apparently, it wasn’t it was not sent out to the board members, or what’s

Unknown Speaker 1:56:17

Unknown Speaker 1:56:18
three board?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:20
Committee reports?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:22
Okay, one prompt an easy one for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:26
You said those are recall seeing.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:31
I sent you I sent you all three. Okay, because the only one that I remember seeing this draft, okay. There was a little confusion there. Okay, they just sent

Unknown Speaker 1:56:43
that was the next thing. I started to send them to me last time was a bad idea. So

Unknown Speaker 1:56:52
karate, one week before the meeting. So we decided the other day, well, you have time to call it.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:00
Mind zone is going to be kind of oh my time because the AAC needs the Friday after we meet. So this is from our meeting the beginning of last month.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:17
But if we have time to discuss it, I was going to ask for questions on any of the reports only apparently. Anyway, next up all the time that I will ask her questions, and we can talk about a Pixar any questions. Otherwise, you just read it.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:30
Just so we get them in? So it comes with the Friday before? Yes, packet.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:38
Okay, and then one last one last thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:41
Can I talk about it? No. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:46
I hate to say resigning.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:50
I don’t know how many of you know that.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:53
Because it makes it painful to your last times you want to be with us and we’re rooting for you to be here the next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:03
Thank you for your service.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:06
I’m really, really sorry to do that. I respect your opinion or what you want to do. And

Unknown Speaker 1:58:14
so we’ll be needing yet another board member? Is there anything new on the

Unknown Speaker 1:58:20
the only thing new is that all three of them

Unknown Speaker 1:58:24

Unknown Speaker 1:58:27
something I did?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:30
gentleman who was interested in one. Okay, we’re all interested in. Okay, I guess a little bit different.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:41
We also have applications at EA for all paper applications, and have the front desk

Unknown Speaker 1:58:49
and I have not even the

Unknown Speaker 1:58:54
you for all guy. Jonathan. Jonathan. Thank you. Jonathan dilling, though, right. I couldn’t I was searching for us. First Name and he doesn’t have one.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:06
He he said he he’s given out a few applications. But that’s all he knows. Because of course, they can go back around to Don.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:16
So I, I can check with Don and see if there are any applications that have been received from anybody at this point. Are there a lot of board positions that are vacant? Not just ours? And

Unknown Speaker 1:59:33
I’ll send I’ll send that information to somebody who can send it out so we will step up our recruiting. Was there a blurb in the newsletter about all those vacancies

Unknown Speaker 1:59:44
which is the one that goes into our our Go utilities? Yes. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:59:56
yeah, how could we send on

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
Letter or, you know,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:04
to our senior housing facilities that they could post or,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:12
you know, maybe then have our, our representative for Longmont housing authority to, to kind of outreach that, you know, that’s the only place I can think of where seniors live and they live together and it’s a large group is there is, should we explore that or look into doing that or not? I’d even go do a presentation about the board

Unknown Speaker 2:00:44
to see if we could recruit from there.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:50
That’s gonna get us down to three, three.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:55
If nobody applies,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:58
I would say I don’t believe that the authorization of the board is needed for each and for any individual to attempt to recruit.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:12
Members in the zip code 43. What’s the deadline? April

Unknown Speaker 2:01:18

Unknown Speaker 2:01:20
is the last time you can come around very quickly. Yes. And by the way, I thought your video was great. Oh, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:28
Yeah, they are running on

Unknown Speaker 2:01:31
more one on public media. They’re running on channel eight, in the cracks between shows the City Council utilize the newspaper or the Longmont later

Unknown Speaker 2:01:44
to get that word out. The city councilman, whoever would do that this for y’all this, this, the city does a limited amount of promotion.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:55
So, you know, another thing that anybody can do is write a letter to either new stores and say, hey, you know, I have this. I have had these wonderful experiences participating on city advisory boards. We’ve got a lot of openings, you’ve got two more weeks and just send it they’ll publish it.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:20
Who would you put as a contract?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:23
In that article, oh, you can you can give the you can give the City Clerk’s name Dunkin Tana, or you can you can say, go to the city website, Longmont and search for boards and commissions

Unknown Speaker 2:02:42

Unknown Speaker 2:02:45
Obviously, what happens because

Unknown Speaker 2:02:49
you might be reduced, stand at the door waiting.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:56
Resources step only do pay positions are that good. They do something like that. They’re usually just paid. Could they be more?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:06
I would guess not, I think Don city clerk heads.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:12
Right? Because that the challenge is you can’t it’s it’s difficult to be a city employee. And so like if, if I had an interest in senior services, was an employee, it really wouldn’t be appropriate for me to be on senior board. So there there has to be real a separation from what you do in your day to day life unless you’re one of the staff liaisons morning. You might be reduced to some of my golfing buddies do it.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:46
They’re old farts like me.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:49
So are we put a tape and the men are all men.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:54
This is a pretty womanly board.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:00
So another man was not hurt.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:05
Everybody should. Everybody tried. Everybody trying?

Unknown Speaker 2:04:10
All right. Is there a motion for adjournment? One more item?

Unknown Speaker 2:04:16
All second.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:18
All favor say aye. Aye.

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