Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – March 2023

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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board – March 2023

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So I’d now like to call the march your kings 2023. Parks Recreation Advisory Board meeting where we start with

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the roll call here,

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Scott Conlon here on this David, Paige Lewis samlede. Here, Nicholas Danielson, your

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council liaison and water.

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uniform. So let’s move on to the approval of the agenda from the packet. Does anyone have any questions or requests or changes to the to the agenda? If not, can I get a motion?

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I move to approve the agenda.

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That’s great. Moving on to the approval of the previous month’s minutes. So does anyone have any questions or requested changes to the previous month’s minutes? Now?

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Towards the end?

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Gosh, I’m not gonna be able to find it. I’m sorry. I had some. It was at the end of the I’m sorry. Never mind. Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t want to keep take time

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was like a grammatical error or no,

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it was a short phrase that didn’t really explain anything. And I was confused. And I can’t find it. So

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obviously, he didn’t also you mentioned

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was in the shoveling. And it’s been written. Thank you. Well, yeah. And then toward the end, there was some plastic shovels and snowblowers with plastic plates, period. Is that okay? Is that not okay? I

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don’t remember what we discussed the city it came from. We have been working close to the pickleball community. And they have asked if they could kind of help regulate their their members to use plastic shovels and snowboarders appropriately to actually Okay, so you typically get temporary hit group is a jazz that’s all right. There’s have a history that we have called Table Tennis otherwise, but we think we’re gonna be consistent that as long as we have people trying to provide information to their community that we want people to enjoy beautiful colors and days and to use plastic shovels or rubbers.

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So it’s okay. If I tell the LTA folks that yes, okay.

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You got as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:51
You’d ask the question. I did. And then I the answer. Didn’t say one way or the other. And it confused me. And, you know, thank you.

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So do we need to amend the minutes to update that? We’re,

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if you would, that would be nice. Because this May, I’m guessing the fellow at LTA wills, you sure. And I want to be able to say, Well, we had this discussion, and David Bell says plastic was okay. So just, if you could at the end there, just say is okay, or it wasn’t, you know, shouldn’t be okay. Thanks. Or whatever. Yeah.

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So then can I get a motion to approve the minutes as amended?

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Yeah, I’ll move to approve the minutes as amended.

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I’ll second. All right.

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There we get. Alright, moving right along. So we do have the public event that hurt the hurt section. And I believe we do have someone for

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great. So

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I am. So in the book, you have three minutes to address the board. And please state your name and address for the

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main danger. Andrew Reed. I live at 1366 here with Dr. Linda Longmont for I guess going on 10 years now. I’m a high school teacher in the in the district as well. I reached out to some community members prior for the past couple of years. And I know there was a lot of interest among kids and other people in the community about creating some kind of bike park in the city. And I kind of got some push. Alright, kind of got some feedback, I guess from other people that have attended meetings like this, where they said kind of the the issue is the amount of FTE that it would take maybe to maintain something like that. And I know people kind of look at places like Belmont Bike Park is a place to me Velma bike park is is a regional attraction. It’s not really something that Longmont really has to strive for because there’s not a whole lot places in the country to have a bike park there. Great. Um, and so like people in the community kind of said, well, you know, that’s kind of the pushback to CS Givens like, well, they would take man, you know, take some F, a lot of FTE to kind of maintain it. So I’d like to maybe propose an idea to explore a solution here. Because I know there’s some funding that’s coming up, or the city’s trying to get some funding or something for developments in the parks and stuff coming up. So I would like to propose that the city explore the idea of what’s called a pump track. For the city, it’s so I don’t know if you may be aware or not, but most of the surrounding our surrounding communities are in have developed them or have started to develop and the latest one is Firestone, they’re actually developing a bike park that has a pump track in it, birth, it has recently created their plans as well, I’m just gonna print these off for you. You can kind of pass those around, I kind of showed you what this community what they look like and what they’ve been designed. Belmont obviously has won every creative one within the last year or two. So places, even places like small little places like birth, have started to develop. An asphalt or concrete pump track, like you see here, to me seems to be a good solution. Because the benefit of it is that they’re low maintenance. So they’re not like dirt jumps, where you have to have people come in and constantly maintain the dirt and keep them built up and keep them clean and everything like that they last longer, these, these kind of pump tracks lasts longer. And they’re and they’re more inclusive. So it’s not just it’s not so it’s not dirt, Chris, just bikes, it’s for skateboards, it’s for scooters, basically anything on wheels, they say they’re even designed for people in wheelchairs that can benefit from them as well. So I think something like exploring an idea like this, I think would for those people. And I know there were some kids in the past that kind of created their own little dirt jumps in a place that was maybe not allow, and there was kind of some people wanting to to see the city do something about that. To me, this would be a good solution. To kind of create, explore an idea like this. And like I said, there’s lots of other communities around that have already developed him or it’s already are in the plans of developing so you could look to any of the surrounding communities to kind of

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Great, thank you. Thank you so much for bringing this up. This is news to me, I have never heard of this myself. But it’s certainly worth talking more about this project part of the agenda, I think, unless there’s any initial reaction to

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this real quick I developed or natural resources, let’s get it quick little times that you showed up and took the time. Right now that we talked about the ability to maintain right now we’re also in a phase and having staff to build and develop products. So Council and city managers made that a priority. So we actually now in the process of getting some new help to help us push projects through. So we’ll see in our presentation, the sea will give that we are pretty much wind over the next five years and kind of projects we have going. The positive is that some of those projects and steam can

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kick me into table here.

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Those projects have potential to have some community involvement on what some of those elements may be. So the big picture is five to seven years. Our CIP is probably pretty well laid out as far as projects we can take on. But little when I’m hoping there is that we definitely have some opportunities in these these parts. And we could probably reach out we will be regional community for some and we have potential for some others. Steve.

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Yeah, I would just add that. I’ve heard over the decades of bike skills like cyclocross, everyone has their own favorite way to ride a bicycle. And we didn’t build a bike skills area. I think it’s our nature area that some people hate. I’ve got a lot of feedback. Some people like it too, with their kids throughout their with their Striders and things and so it does have a function couldn’t be different, maybe sometime in the future. Right now. We’ve invested in that. There’s also Council accepting the master plan for Clover Meadows neighborhood park in South West Longmont that will include a small version of a pumptrack known to us a company out of Missouri that does the prefab. So the asphalt because it’s gonna be smaller, much more cost effective. I am interested in doing an asphalt pumptrack. At some point in the future, I think there’s a lot of potential for that type of thing. In the next five years, you’ll see many processes, reaching out to the public for ideas for parks, for Fox Meadows neighborhood park, which is about ninth and county line in the eastern side of town. And there’s a possibility that something we have a doctor adopted master plan for dry creek community park. And depending on how things shake out with some of the things that council has asked staff to pursue as far as recreation centers and library answers and things like that, we might be completing that park in the next five years. And if that’s the case, it’s a 15 year old national plan, I would want to ask the counselor at least leadership, we want to go back out to the public to see if some of the trends have changed in the past 15 years, and we might need to amend that. So those are a couple of opportunities coming in the next five years that we might be able to include something like that. Okay, I was in the one in southwest Loma is fully funded, and is a 40% design, and we’ll start construction, God will end by the end of this year,

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with a small contract.

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I was looking at previous our previous meetings, and they said something about different doing different things of I don’t know the word ala carte was used. And I saw a list of possible things that they could use it for and skatepark was one of them. You know that, but I don’t know the details behind I just kind of read like some of these minutes from previous but there were people who had a conversation about all these different things that maybe the city could do. So that’s kind of that’s great. Thank you, and see if we can explore that idea.

Unknown Speaker 11:51
You have students?

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Yes, I mean, over the years, there’s been lots of students that have talked about the desire for a bike or park, you know, and I’m, I tried to tell him, I was like, Well, you know, nobody’s really going to build something like Belmont, because like I said, that’s a regional thing. But there’s people that talked about it, and Longmont just has a long history of have a lot of bike. You know, we we have a company here in one month. And we have lots of pro bike riders that you may not know about, come out with. So, yeah, there’s a lot of interest in it. And something like this would be a good solution that would also include other types of wheels, you know, just decision instead of Yeah, then wheelchairs to the feet, the feedback I get is kind of what you acknowledged was that the stuff that we have now is very beginner level. And that’s kind of all that it is. And I don’t know what kind of the new development is going to be over there. But we have a lot of, we have a huge range of people that ride. And

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the problem is, is it’s not like a tennis court where beginners and experts use the same namespace. And that’s the challenge was trying to figure it out. And ringtone, I would

Unknown Speaker 13:24
encourage you to kind of look up that website because they the way they designed it is you see kids on Strider bikes, on these kind of features would have kind of proposed explore the idea. So all different levels. So yeah, I would just I guess my question is, what, what would we need to do to, to, instead of it just being made? What do we need to do to make it to make the community to give the committee more of a voice, that maybe they’re interested in this too. I’m not quite sure if there’s a process for that.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
I would just continue engaging in the public processes coming to advisory board meetings come in and talk with the council. Those are methods that residents can use to try to influence how our work plan we have a I’ll get to here, but we have 30 or 40 projects that we’re trying to juggle with a very small number of people. And so trying to prioritize is something that we often are doing an annual basis. Right now the direction is to work on these eight projects in the next five years. And we’ve identified there are possible opportunities for some a bike park in order to have those but we’ll have to see beyond that. We can’t just sort of drop what we’re doing and see what comes after this.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
I also have one more question. It’s unrelated but since I live out kind of They’re by Union. I tried to go back and look at compensation but I haven’t seen it. Is there any kind of progress for that path linking union to sandstone? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:10
we’re at design about 90% We hope to start construction By late summer, like some other year long project.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
I looked it up and said like, construction 2020 to

Unknown Speaker 15:24
throw their juice up the table. So hard to have to say this over and over, but 2013 flood that Metro is going to go under 190 The state has changed all the floodplains so stuff that was out there that was the most logical strange way to go with now has to be all we designed with new so it really turned into a new project.

Unknown Speaker 15:48
Thank you so much for for sharing.

Unknown Speaker 15:51
If you do stick around, we were going to be going to those CIP projects and as thieves I would

Unknown Speaker 15:55
like to stick around is my wife’s birthday. I didn’t take a PCS. I got her cake that I have to eat. I appreciate that. Thank you. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
We’re just finished telemedicine or do you want to do it.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
My name is Brett Sloane.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
I live at 2307 taveuni drive here in Longmont.

Unknown Speaker 16:28
I represent the pickleball community and been working for quite some time with David and Jeff trying to support our club here in town, and they’ve done some heroic things to help us get started to increase the number of available courts. As you guys may know, there are six permanent courts over acres Park, that Park was converted from tennis to pickleball, I don’t know maybe six or seven years ago. And the pickleball community helped by granting almost $10,000 to the city to help them pay for that. We have an opportunity maybe to do a similar thing. At Clark Centennial Park, there are two tennis courts there that could be converted to six pickleball courts in the same way that over was converted some time ago. The opportunity is really one to save a little money as part of an ongoing routine maintenance thing. Collier, which is just tennis is is due to be renovated or renewed or, and this is just, I guess it’s on a 10 year cycle or something in it’s up. So the vendor at some point this summer. And David, you might be able to I don’t know what the schedule is. But they’re they’re going to come here and redo the surface. And what I would propose is that with a little help from us, that we convert Park centennial, the two tennis courts there, at the same time, give this vendor, a twofer. You know a little volume discount that they would convert in the same way they did hoever acres many years ago. We do that at Clark centennial. And we’re trying to do our part to help the the problem right now is David does not have a budget of large enough right now to do this. So we are community here in town. We’re fundraising and we’ve, we’ve told David that will will contribute 20,002 to this effort to get it to get this done. But I’m a little concerned just looking ahead. What is he going to have to do to really make this happen? I’m not sure 20 is going to be enough ultimately to do this. So I come here to you guys who are have the the ability to influence the budget that you fully fund. David given him a little extra money, we’re gonna need it to to really pull this off. We’re not going to stop at 20 We’re going to go and get as much as we can we have a whole bunch of things lined up we have some of the pros are coming to Longmont. We’re going to do some clinics. Dave The Badger Weinbach 10 Time US Open national champion and Pickleball is coming May 8 To do a clinic or April 8, excuse me. We’ve got Scott more coming. May 22. We’re going to do another clinic to try to just cobbled together money so that we can get these courts converted. I had somebody suggested to me that the way to think about this is this is a relatively low cost with a very high benefit to the pickleball community that we could we could really step up that would make that park Clark Centennial six permanent courts and we’ve we’ve got some temporary courts lined out there on the pieces of concrete that are out there, there was a skate park that had wasn’t used at all. And we’ve now converted it. We we put down gorilla tape lines and, and put down now we got temporary nets put out there. There’s a roller hockey rink, that’s right there close to it. We put down again with Gorilla Tape, we put down four more courts and six permanent with those eight temporary we could do a lot of really neat things in in tandem with that. I just asked you to be as supportive as you can. And we were doing our part to really push this along with you John this guess that’s my pitch. I do not say David and his guys have been super, they’ve I guess they’re scraping but what was the term budget dust as terms never gone away

Unknown Speaker 21:21
now. It just so you do my face. The board has a little bit better Sandy, you know, we have been working with this, this group and they have shown a commitment to try to help us leverage funds. So we really are pulling projects and contract dollars and fertilizer dollars and we’re working to make this happen. So with them bringing dollars in it’s going to help us really reset that a little bit too because to make this happen, we really are having to push her up somewhere on those little bit of fungible dollars that we have to try to make this happen. Steve is also including an extra cord overages to extra cords over you know Gallo and then in the kind of projects we’re pushing through with it with councils direction Harold’s direction, really is to add some additional pickleball courts have to cap on the tennis courts at Quail. So longer term.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
One thing I would remember is be careful using the term permanent card Park is up for a park full Park renewal sometime in 2027 or 28th. And like the roller hockey core will likely be scraped with that project sort of thing because it doesn’t use that trend has gone away from the 90s All we do is look at the entire park is

Unknown Speaker 22:34
now we’re gonna bring it in. We got busy right now

Unknown Speaker 22:38
not that we would displace Pickleball we might look a little differently so just kind of thinking permanency we do with update our parks.

Unknown Speaker 22:46
You know we we just got gorilla tape on the Ella roller hockey rink, right and had to bring that so

Unknown Speaker 22:54
we’ll put that out where it is surfacing paths for six courts. I’m going from memory I think timbers it was like 10,000 tennis court players

Unknown Speaker 23:05
more than that he’s got numbers back and kind of lower budgets. Yes, one company, we actually come to now and just pry update for a football community. And this is it. We got one group has really come into a hole resurface of the tennis courts areas to the skate park and the roller hockey because we are not going to turn those into strictly pickleball because we do know there are people who still use skate parks, and that’s getting cards for roller hockey. So those are the painted lines with temporary nets. So the one company wouldn’t do that the partial and the other one said that they’re just just to hide from the full version. So we will have a Sport Coach of the Rockies and writer coming in to do those versions.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
All right. Okay. Again, no other public here.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
There is a fantastic

Unknown Speaker 24:04
Ethan that user button rock. Y’all remember the climate action recommendations report that was approved in 2020. Your board critiqued that report for lacking consideration of major based solutions such as few planting. And last year, llama only planted 2026 trees which is low the average urban tree replacement rate. So I wanted to ask you all to evaluate the feasibility of planting more trees among my if there isn’t either climate emergency then it’s hard to understand why this is not planting more trees and not prior to prioritizing that. So I published a letter in Lamont leader last week. And it sort of outlines a very broad overview of vision for planting more trees. So bigger if you I would say evaluate the feasibility of that whether it’s possible to plant more trees more letter if you want to be helpful, and the link there is correct the way it’s spelled there with only one t, which is a typo. That’s the way that it is.

Unknown Speaker 25:21
So I think we’ll have time to discuss this during the items from from the board, for sure. There’s a section later on in the agenda where we can definitely dig into this more. If you can, what

Unknown Speaker 25:40
if I think if we’re going to talk about it should be now that way. He doesn’t have to stay for the whole that you have any?

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Yeah, I can give a little bit. Again, this helps you to surpass paths. I’ve worked with our forestry, our city forester on these issues to see your logline is a Tree City. And we definitely had been since our foundation as a community and our parks planting trees, that public space really is getting tight for us to manage more plantings. And it really comes into how do we work more with the community, we’re working with these non blocking that group to look at where some potential areas are, that are potential heat islands really don’t have the same canopy. And a lot of those are areas where we don’t have the influence of the public land in those in those areas. So we are looking at other ways that we may be able to try to work with those communities. But right now, the tree camp we have with in our park system really is on a maintenance program, more than a planting program within the parks and open spaces that that we have. So it really is trying to figure out how we would have more influence over those private spaces.

Unknown Speaker 26:55
And I would add that we are not going from town to planting trees on public property. Every developer that comes in has to plant trees along the roads, the public roads, they, in addition to the trees that were in the private property in Madison, run the homes and things like that. So there is additions to the city’s overall tree canopy canopy on a regular basis outside of what we plan. I don’t have a number for you, though. That’d be possible.

Unknown Speaker 27:21
Do you feel about planting next to ash trees is that does that mean our campus is going to be reduced.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
So we actually have a replacement. So that is one of the pieces that we have right now is we have a emerald ash borer budget that we have to cover so that as we’re removing trees or replacing trees, and we’re doing that replacement in cycle so that we didn’t go through and just cut down all those susceptible ash so we could plant appropriate trees, it’s just getting harder abilities to the real challenge is planting trees that are appropriate today and trees that are appropriate for a climate future that we’re trying to predict. Quickly. Former city forests already said it was hard being a tree in Colorado. It’s harder every year as we try this but we have a forestry through this absolutely committed to maintaining our forest canopy as it is replacing those trees that go away and work at those sustainability groups to see there’s opportunities. You see you mentioned those areas of the developers plant once they planned they really aren’t ours we don’t maintain those areas and stuff. So again, it’s how does the city get more engaged and trying to work that North Longmont areas when areas is I think those heat maps it definitely has opportunities

Unknown Speaker 28:38
you know he is are in Longmont and what the replacement raises

Unknown Speaker 28:42
so I know how many city trees are that we manage and maintain I don’t have the number here Brett definitely has those we have an informaticists that really helps with that I don’t get how many trees we’re moving because of the ash and also how many were replacing we also programmed as a developer comes in then we have a tree mitigation fund so if they develop a property remove trees or their quality then we have them put those dollars in there so we can then plant trees as well. But I actually when when I saw I think it may have been your letter by week you I did ask Brett to draft responsiveness so hopefully I have some here so I have information so I can get back to you as well. Sitting website

Unknown Speaker 29:23
says the city of LA my mama forestry services care for over 21,000 public entries to go to the website it talks about their maintenance standards and things like that somebody but it’s more information there

Unknown Speaker 29:36
was off the show to actually equity which I covered in the letter which is you should have some evidence don’t have many to write on it. So we wanted to consider placement sheets to put them in a rigid don’t have any views. Again, I

Unknown Speaker 29:50
appreciate you. That’s what I said that’s what that shows up. And so that mapping at least is doing those things are the problem is it just becomes how do we work with those committees. We don’t have those public spaces They’re one of the things we do have is the arbitrary tree sale where we have trees that just kind of cost our community hoping that people can put them in their community. We’re doing work with individuals and they don’t have the resources to pick up so we’re delivering trees and even help with planting in some of those areas.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
Today, a lottery was random.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
Tree Plenish that’s free trees. That’s free trees of 3.2. Not $200 trees, it’s free trees. I mean, Centaurus High School planted 500 Trees last year. My high school everybody, they bought them there. They were like 10 they were sliding scale but they’re like five to $15 for nice trees and then kids like from Fairview Centaurus that they just went out and planned. Like it really there’s. So there’s more equity than a $200 tree.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
Right there’s also a piece in there that is our forestry group looks at that there’s some others beyond there’s some feelgood pieces with that. But those trees the irrigation that he maintained in these for us that’s going to be drip irrigation. trees don’t grow in Colorado, Messer got the feet wet in a ditch or creek. So it takes that so the survival rate of those trees is often very, very low. So it really is trying to get the right tree in the right place with the right irrigation system. I have seen it so I know you understand this. So it’s a little more complicated is growing planted trees. So that’s the thing that we’re working on long term those how we try to try to hit some of this equity piece. I think for sure we’re we’re looking at

Unknown Speaker 31:51
neither comments.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
Thank you so much for coming in. Again, last anywhere, probably about a year and I’m looking around to full 360. Okay. Yeah, pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
So I think it’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
It is awesome, for sure. Okay, let’s move on to the old business. Let’s look at the future recreation facility update. Jeff, you’re gonna give us

Unknown Speaker 32:37
this will be quick one the so we sent out the survey that when we talked last time that there was going to be a scientific survey, which was done, but there was also a general public survey as well. And those all ended on a which was last week. The report is scheduled to be presented to city council next Tuesday on the 21st. At that meeting, we believe Council will give helping us more direction on moving forward with all the projects, some of the projects or none of the projects. And based on that direction. We have requested that assistant city managers Joanie marsh and Sandy cedar, and as well as Becky Doyle come and speak with you about what the world can the four crab as we move forward. But they all felt that was premature to do that until after we’ve had the results of the survey. And again direction from palace. And that’s fine, important. Not have to come after that though. It’s well know where we stand. And then in our next topic, we’ll kind of bring you up to speed with where we’re at with the feasibility study, which leads right into that coming north.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
So we meet again in April, and how much more will have happened Are we still in the loop or will we be out of the loop? I’m Council decides things.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
Oh, no, it’s okay. It’s next Tuesday when Council will get the survey results write results go directly to them. They hopefully will give us direction that evening. And then that will help staff to start working on what the next steps are.

Unknown Speaker 34:44
Okay, and you’ll be done by the time we meet again or that was going No

Unknown Speaker 34:51
I’m thinking this is an April

Unknown Speaker 34:52
through June June. We the main timeline we have is that council has to place items on the ballot in August. And so I’m assuming we’ll do that work through June have presentations in July. So that council can make their final determination on what goes on the ballot.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
For this board is April and May meetings are when we have a chance to influence something maybe

Unknown Speaker 35:26
June ish. Yeah, it’s gonna be getting kind of late June got it. But you know, and it probably won’t be just at this meeting will. No, no,

Unknown Speaker 35:36
but yeah, as a board that’s, that will be yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:43

Unknown Speaker 35:46
I would just say I heard from a couple of neighbors organically about survey, so I knew about it and then taking that seems like it got out really well to residents. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
Great. Alright, let’s move on to the master plan is building same process.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
Next we go. So in the meantime, well, while that’s occurring, we’re also as you all know, working feverishly as we get started here on the feasibility study, towards Recreation Center, we did meet with Perkins will, specifically Christmas delivered on Friday, to kind of map out what the timeline, they know that it’s tight that we need to have this enter to 15 is our is our target time to have it done. We’ll be putting in place the dates that we need to hit a lot of this work is going to start in the next couple of weeks. And we’ll be through the April 1 Couple of weeks of may have all that mapped out yet. But we will, this group will have a chance, certainly to have feedback on that. And I submitted a packet item here that included the scope that you’ve already seen our RFP also included action items for staff that we’ve gone through. So just to give you some examples of things we’ll be working on. With this the priority will be the feasibility study. have that done in June, and masterplan, what it has is less of a priority that that it takes a lot longer. So

Unknown Speaker 37:40
any questions? You will they be looking at some kind of indoor ice facility as part of the feasibility study? To answer

Unknown Speaker 37:56
if that is something that the community wants to have included? Absolutely. Staff will not be pushing ice.

Unknown Speaker 38:10
So even if the board explicitly expressed interest when we had a discussion of having ice included in the visibility study,

Unknown Speaker 38:20
we would we would ask those questions we’ve evaluated not gonna say no, but there are other things that I can’t really talk about with an ice rink in Longmont that if that group moved forward with the ice rink, I would say that the city of Longmont would not need to build an ice rink.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Right that when it’s done, assessing the feasibility, I mean, just as a piece of a potential.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
No. No, just simply because if if, again, that group would choose to do it, there would be no reason for us to evaluate

Unknown Speaker 39:08
that that’s an F if they choose to do it, right. We don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
Correct? It will be all considered until that group makes a decision which could be soon. Two weeks Do you want to recommend you stop right there with ice are about anything else. But I need to be careful on what I say.

Unknown Speaker 39:43
I just speaking for myself and I, you know, other board members can weigh in. I feel like we were pretty clearly interested in considering that as part of what was so there may be other circumstances but it seems odd to not analyze it. If we’re not if something’s not guarantee.

Unknown Speaker 40:01
If you want to speak to how the previous feasibility study played ice out, maybe some of that data might still be relevant? Well, actually, it was gonna do

Unknown Speaker 40:10
better than the 50 meter pool. Right? And so that financially was the least of the ongoing operational issues. It again, we’ll look into it page.

Unknown Speaker 40:25
But But again,

Unknown Speaker 40:26
if someone else is going to build ice, it makes no sense that we build ice as well and both be unsuccessful.

Unknown Speaker 40:43
Okay, so yes.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
So, in two weeks, we’ll know. But then it would be too late to be in a feasibility study question more? Or would that if they decided that I get why you don’t want to say, if we said other cities thinking about building ice, then that group might do that? It might go, oh, well, we don’t need to do it because the city is going to do so I get that. But if they decided, No, we just can’t do it, then could we put it in the feasibility study off the bat? Yes. Okay. Sounds better. Awesome. Scott.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
Yeah, I was just gonna say he just brings to bring this up in April, is some feasibility studies. On April, let’s make sure we follow up on objects.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
And I’m not trying to be negative about it. And I’m trying to be hopeful that this other group does eyes, which means our resources for the city can be put into other things.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
And we’ve made it clear that as far as we know, you guys want input into feasibility study? Yes, we know that. That’s important to us. And you made that clear as that consultant to that’s, that’s a big part of what we want to have happen. Public input and

Unknown Speaker 42:11
any other any other additional comments or questions on the masterplan? Feasibility Study process? Okay, checking right along, moving on to new business. And now we’re talking about the 2023 capital projects slash process. And

Unknown Speaker 42:38
I am going to kind of set some parameters. I think what things that we’ve been talking about here, you’ve really stuck with it, the eight and five project we’ve kind of been watching council or Harold talking. There’s a desire to focus on some of these projects that haven’t been done in a while. And because number waters myself are practically the same community over and over and saying, yes, it’s funded. Yes, we’ll get to it. Yes, it’s in line. And we just haven’t gotten there because there always are other things going on. And it can be things like it started off with, you know, the project manager working with the flood to COVID issues that came up, that I’m going to help set those sidebars that we’re staying pretty close to true to what is on that VISTA capital project at least next five years. So Steve, is it

Unknown Speaker 43:28
fine, so long. If I’m talking about anything, you don’t know what I’m talking about, just raise your hand up so I can show you so workplan

Unknown Speaker 43:48
this is something that that Harold’s would have went in and updated for us. The blue projects or the eight projects that have been identified to be in the eight and five. So Clover Meadows neighborhood park, which is the board recommended approval of the master plan a couple of years ago, three years ago for that park. And that’s at 40% design, Fox Meadows neighborhood park, which is the one that we’ve been waiting for for a long time and the nice part of town and sorry, dry creek community park synthetic turf fields. Those that’s the transition of the existing nine acre fields at record community park. That’s where the turf is under to install synthetic turf and lights up there. We put in I think I told you last month we put an RFP out for the first two projects to not be any acceptable bids. And so I rewrote the project increasing the budget for those two projects as well as adding the dry creek fields to increase the overall budget trying to attract larger more regional or national firms rather than just the local ones. So we have a meeting Thursday morning to find out about the status of when that RFP will go out. But I would expect that RFP to be put out. Hopefully by the end of next week, I can’t speak for our purchasing manager, but but she knows it’s hot on our agenda. And so I think that she’ll be able to meet. So that’s for the first three projects. And that’s something that, again, that for design build, I would anticipate seeing Coronavirus doesn’t need any public process so we can go right to design on that and hopefully start construction later this fall. Fox Manos will have to have a public process, the consulting team we hired to do a public process for us and gain public input. I’m also working with Fox Hills Country Club because we have an agreement to take raw water out of a pond on their property. And so I was out in the country club last week talking with their operational folks and how you might do construction out there. We don’t need any existing or any new easements, we do need coordinate the club did your hand up cutwork. So I would expect the public process to be this summer, get the design going and hopefully construction starting by Christmas. And then the synthetic turf fields is going to take a little bit more time because we have to do some some extensive floodplain analyses and the impacts of synthetic turf in a regional detention facility. So that’s going to take some specialty work with with the consultant that we hire to figure out what we can can’t do as far as how we can mitigate potential pollutants into dry creek long term, that’ll be a challenge for that project. I don’t have a timeframe yet as far as when that will start construction. But design will be the ideas, we’re going to hire a firm that’s gonna be able to handle designing all three of these concurrently. And some might get ahead of the others and make sense to start construction. But that’s the idea that we’re starting. Once they sign the contract, we’re kicking off all three budgets, not staggering. Okay. The other five projects are sandstone Ranch, MIDI Park, phase four, which is another three ball fields south of the ball fields that are existing. There’s also some playground replacements Ganey improvements that need to be done in the existing infrastructure, I’m enrolling that project will give its master plan improvements. David alluded to that before, as far as pickleball. There, we currently have a master plan that was adopted by city council and 2009, eight or nine, that shows an ice facility on the north side of that part of that campus community park, we’re going to be going back to the public, at some point this mid year to gauge the interest of we can’t afford a nice facility this point in time, that’s not what we’re, we won’t be pursuing that at that location, especially at this point in time. So when talking about changing the use of the proposed use of that master plan, from ice to pickleball, to try to address some of the pickleball concerns that the community has has offered over the past several years. And we’ve seen different communities, different venues around the country are combining their court sports on a single location. And so we since we have the quail tennis complex, the 10 courts, they’re having a comparable pickleball facility of some sort. Makes sense. So that would be something that would come to the board as we’re engaging the public about that, but then going moving forward and building those improvements completing the equivalent of the master plan. Museum is currently working on an expansion that we’re coordinating as well. So there’s several moving parts on that park right now. But we that will be a future RFP, once we get through the the Master Plan update, a future RFP for design build, and I don’t have a timeframe on that basically depends on how we onboard people that that can only do so much so that I can just bring people on and get people here. We can start signings more these RFPs and so you know, five years is our end goal. We don’t have to wait five years. So we’re trying to get

Unknown Speaker 49:09
through as quickly as possible.

Unknown Speaker 49:11
Dry Creek community park phase two, you would have seen that in the survey, the survey for the potential recreation culture tax. That is also a project that we’re trying to get in Project eight five outside of the master plan shows a recreation center and an outdoor pool that would not be included in phase two, but the balance of the project would be included in a couple ball fields. Right now. The master plan says a couple of ball fields, outdoor handball racquetball, a maintenance facility, a sledding hill, re aligning Dry Creek to very braided to make it a more healthy Creek and bringing people down into the water seasonally to interact with water. That was something that made me really want it back when did the master plan. As I mentioned it’s a 15 year old master plan with the question and the leadership and council will need to we need to re engage the public See if some of those things we thought back in 2008. We’re still with them at once. And so I would support that with a quick public meeting might not be a bad thing, but we’ll talk about that. But again, that’s not out right now. That’s future Seyfried Greenway phase 12, which is the extension from Golden bonds West underneath Airport Road, connecting towards Pella ponds in Boulder County properties, just had a meeting a couple hours ago with a landowner representative, and we’re still trying to get the land, but we think we’re on a good path to hopefully have that land on our possession next 60 days. Usually, personally, that’s when it gets a little. It’s a lot of that land, again, don’t have a timeframe. As far as when that will be put out for RFP, we do also have 40% designed for that project as well. So we know generally where the trail is going to go. And then the last project is the new reservoir loop trail that

Unknown Speaker 50:50

Unknown Speaker 50:53
already does a master plan, essentially, we know where the trail is going to go. We’re waiting for our transportation folks to find a project for county road 66, I’m sorry, 26, to move that road out of the way. So the trail can go outside the fifth area of the southwest corner. So here, the loops that go around, you know, like this, obviously, we were trying to fit a trail between the road and the feet area through here. So this road needs to be moved out to the southeast through here in the work plan for our engineering folks. It hadn’t been a private funded priority. But because this project has been included in the eight, five, we’ve asked them to show that funded in this current CIP, I don’t know where they’re gonna show that it’s funded. So that project all sort of impacts the timing of the loop trail. But we are working with our engineering folks to try to move that project forward, so we can complete the whole loop trail. That’s the next that’s the nexus of our five year CIP. That’s where we are from right now to 2027 20. That being said, we have other projects that we are working on Appleton Park upgrades are done. Louisville Park renewal is ongoing. If you tried out there you’ll notice that my contractors started back up again they’ve been delayed by weather and things. playground equipment going in later this week. Lights are up although not working because we don’t have a switchboard yet because we’re waiting for that letter switch here. So anyway, that we’re targeting end of May for completion of this project. And I believe that Harman whomever is planning a grand opening for August. So we’ll let we’ll let you know when if and when that gets Sandler park our new project manager Stephanie Cooper, who might come in next month’s meeting, but she hired we hired her to replace replace Kathy, and she just started last week. She’s going to take that on and start getting that construction going here because the plans are already done by Katherine 40. Left Master Plan update is on hold. These bridges are TBD. They need to be done. We’re not sure who’s going to do them. It depends. Dry Creek to relocation or I’m sorry, dog park to relocation is on hold at this point in time. There’s some strategy discussions being held to leadership level that make that project might not be what it is now might be changing their project. So we had money in this year CIP for land acquisition money next year for designing construction. We’ll relook at that those dollars as we make some decisions in the next couple of months as far as how we’re going to report with dog parks in the city. Restroom. I’ll have quotes by the end of the month, from contractors to get that done, you’ll see construction starting out there in the summer, the restaurant can park you know Gallo, again, as I mentioned, understand drawing here effectively by April 10. I would like to see construction starting around Memorial Day out there. I’ve had a lot of really good luck in the past week or so with some gas lines. The gas company has been very helpful in relocating gas lines that we’re going to be adversely impacted by structure department

Unknown Speaker 54:09
is the date against apt the construction by

Unknown Speaker 54:12
Firmino. Gala. Yeah, starting construction, hopefully by Memorial Day. That’s the plan. Again, we put things out for bid if we don’t get good bidders that delays things for months. I can’t control that. But I’ll have the project outs and ready to go by then spring bolts to phase three. As as mentioned, they’re going to be bidding that here this spring summer for construction. And that’s going to be about a 12 month construction period, the biggest part of the railroad underpass, but our engineering staff has had great conversations and coordination with

Unknown Speaker 54:45
the numbers is that Yep. Oh

Unknown Speaker 54:50
yes, it’s between sandstone and noon. Just because we had someone talk about the other end it is this really

Unknown Speaker 54:55
ends on a concrete path right

Unknown Speaker 54:56
now. Go from sandstone and go north with the building. The conflict is building North underneath railroad tracks and up to a year before crossing County Road 26. And then RSVP is ongoing at this point. All and same thing, birthdays. 13 is you know, outside of project eight, five, I’m working on the ones that I talked about Gallo Miller from the others. Danielle is working on St. crankbaits 13. And she’s almost at, I think by the end of this month, she has a specific preset design. So she’s making good progress on that. And it’s been a challenge for her. There’s a lot a lot of challenges, and trolls Wesley’s out there so it’s easy. It’s 13. From sandstone ranch to St. Francis bay park, we were originally planning to go underneath the highway at the same brain. Because the data mentioned floodplains change that would not allow us to do that. Now we’re building a separate pedestrian underpass just for the trail users to connect in. And there’ll be they’ll connect in sort of the the south west corner of St. Brain State Park.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Five and a half right there. Where that wait, is that that again? Now we have another HOA and private property owner. So when negotiations Yeah, we’ll be doing on the past

Unknown Speaker 56:05
in here and then bringing the trail along this north side of the state park connecting to the trail right here. So they’re a little bit different than what we expected. But so they’re great trail extension. And then what you know, as David has mentioned in past meetings with Adams Eric, you know, friend of mine just bought this house right here. saw the neighbor this weekend. He’s an engineer, local engineer. He’s lucky guy. It’s great this property now. But yeah, trail connecting St. Branch State Park from the northwest corner back into UT would be a future project that lets the future Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:39
we just threw chip in Steve, maybe it’ll tell us that there’s a transportation tax that comes out regionally. We have built Greenwald, who works on putting us together, he just got us almost $2 million to help with a project going from noon reservoir out to the state park there. So this, this is where we see talking about we’re coming out here with our property. This all is State Park. And then Phil has $2 million. He actually had a design done. It’s like 7.5 to do this. So right now we have a 10% match on on that. So some pretty good leveraging of our funds to make that happen.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
I just mentioned that. That’s where we were on our

Unknown Speaker 57:20
future. Yeah, right. Yeah. Good. Good point last year for those Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
And again, just these big memo to council anything. Yeah, because the family was really getting tight aligned. This project wrapped up. It’s been a long project the family they they definitely have been working on this for a long time and needed to close for personal reasons. Vodacom was partners on this, they couldn’t make that closing deadline. So we covered the whole thing. Last week, we just closed for the county, they paid us $2 million for a conservation easement on the property. So the whole deal is done. We have another $2 million back in our bank account that we helped put towards trail projects and more acquisitions now.

Unknown Speaker 58:02
On the base 13 alignment, figured out the landfill’s side of it when we did that field trip, there’s no question about that, we’ll say

Unknown Speaker 58:09
it looks like it’s going to be up here on top of the landfill. Beyond these businesses, okay, that’s, that’s the most effective. And sort of bridge over so there’s a bridge here and come underneath the highway somewhere around here. And um, there’s,

Unknown Speaker 58:27
like, there’s a new self storage facility right there. But

Unknown Speaker 58:30
that’s, again, self storage folks working very well with this and maybe some easements that people have that they communications, Howard will not talk with us. So we’re having to do some creative bridges, because there’s just no problem, we’re gonna have to make a break serious because they will not return home.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
So will our trip be pushed down or they lose this space?

Unknown Speaker 58:56
Marchers? That’s their least annual, we’ll build our trails, we’ll figure out what to do.

Unknown Speaker 59:02
You probably say Just

Unknown Speaker 59:05
kidding. We’re not even confirming the time that the next release will. We don’t we don’t know yet. We’ll have to figure that. out back to the work plan. And then so that’s what we’re working on. That’s what we’re currently working on. But as we onboard new staff members divvying up the last month about new term positions that we’re trying to build, we have Stephanie that filled Kathy, Danielle is becoming more of a hopefully becoming more of a senior project manager. And we hope to hire a manager of the project managers. That’s something Dave is trying to build. So we don’t drive him crazy. We drive somebody else crazy. They can talk to him. So hopefully we get those applications for the long term positions as well as that manager in the next

Unknown Speaker 59:56
couple of weeks to get that out. So yeah, that’s all just to get an update for this group. We’re Harold has signed off on all three of those positions now. So now is working through HR who was out there. So religious group did a lot of times he’s just been Steve, especially after Kathy leaving, we’ll have a full complement plus three digital positions to her term to kind of line up with these, and then a manager for that group. So I think it’d be great for the community to be able to get the most hours of visiting there, out and turn it into actual

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
physical. And that’s the only way to find work. So I can’t do believe. But there is also obviously the future projects, these are projects that we’ve identified that proud as the in your purview, if you want us to prioritize, try the priority. Some of these, put it this way with four, five project managers, we’re going to be able to likely to handle handle project eight, five as well as some ancillary project every year, we still need to do part renewals, our infrastructure doesn’t go away. That program will continue to be we met last week and are working with finance, I think, tomorrow next day, we met last week. And it’s looking like the next part renewals are going to be based on need is Thompson Park, shelters and playground, Roosevelt playground, and hoever. Park in general. Those are the next three, four. And then we have three trail segments also, we want to try to address so that’s where we’re, we’ll be doing that work as well. But there might be some opportunities for some other projects, we have to look at that, you know, and if we show it as unfunded in 2027, maybe we can figure out who to begin with and then show it funded next year, we’ll have to strategize how we approach counsel about that. But they have been very clear, they want us to focus on these eight budgets.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
And I think if you see right now is Dean doing his eight and five those three project he has he’s still doing, you know, Gala, which is outside of that he’s doing so we do think if we get people in this process, moving the way that our procurement specialist feels that can move that they’ll be able pick up one other project was played, as well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
yeah, some of these Montgomery farms everyone knows what that is. That’s the 66 and county line. Sisters. masterplans Sisters is right next to the you know, Gallo, they don’t have a master plan for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
He’s shown the map Stuart I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
think, okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
See, Montgomery is this, this whole big thing here, that’s a future community park down roughly to the power line from this this future, natural nature area, open space style, land, Sisters is some help here. Here is you know, Gallo, this is scissors, it’s a seven acre parcel that we own, that will be future community park, this one’s going to be a challenge, because in order for this park to work, transportation is going to need to fund Martin Street coming down through here and pike road coming over to here to make that certain that transportation pattern. That’s not a priority for them. In our transportation system, that is not it’s not serving much of anybody. We’re going to have to relook at that internally, before we really jump on that project, because I don’t know when a road that just a bunch of park and open space is going to become a priority or transportation system. So we’ll have to have those conversations. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
Do you know currently which areas have the least access to a park

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
in Longmont without access to a neighborhood park is countryside village right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
So that would maybe argue for that to get more attention.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
Yeah, sure. But there’s a comedian mark right here. And then there’s this this guy over there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
So So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
Martin is going to split the park.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
Now Martin will be the outer boundary of the park.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
Just the access with a cycling trip.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
Martin No. On the other side of it like well, there’s already a bus stop at countryside village.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
So we would not build a park just by Kansas. Because this is a community park. This will be sandstone ranches we ball fields, lights, soccer fields, that sort of stuff. That is what it’s programmed to be. And so it’s going to need the infrastructure to handle that traffic on a regular basis just as sandstone and cardmakers. No theme parks. So that will be a challenge. The

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
patient will campus I mentioned that one of our neighbors master plan, that one’s Oh, there’s still another phase and garden acres on the south west corner, splash pad and another playground. I don’t see that one coming up anytime real soon, because we just renewed it five years ago, and people are pretty happy with it as is. Landon Park is a master plan that we haven’t put any improvements towards. Same was spent while Spangler has some improvements that the master plan, we haven’t done anything with

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
it. Those last two are Kevin piecemeal. So there’s never been like a deal of completion for those neighborhoods.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
Right, you know, those parks were built 30 years ago, 4050 years ago, actually, because of that, definitely more than 35, close to 4050. And so in the past decade or so, our development staff, not me, went to his neighborhoods and engage them. And so what would you like to see this park build out look like? We did that. But we don’t have any funding or a we haven’t signed any dollars for that. But we do know what the tween division is, was at that time for people 30 years. Now, this was done more recently. Paul was doing this stuff later in a career open. So I’m not as up to speed as far as what they look like, but I generally know. But these is this is where we need to balance our renewal new projects and updating existing budget. So it’s just this is why we have this conversation. We want to hear from Brad we want to hear what your priorities are so they can help us influence our planning. And this does not have to happen tonight. You can still hit me next month when it’s time to rearrange them but we really would like to get your feedback on this as always, the ahi trail connection is the one in West Longmont. Right here, this is dry creek Cooney park right here is a greenway trail. We would like to get an underpass underneath your 75th and connecting to the AGI. We that’s if you remember back in January, was it when Danielle presented the board the request from Boulder County this was one of the requests for the long term requests and that being up to recreational deliverables from reservoir and Novolog ermine so that’s that’s on our list but in no not prioritized as of yet. Stay with ahi the board County Open Space

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
32 Yes, I guess

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
I don’t even know what he stands for. It’s always been the agenda, property.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
codebase and reservoir. I talked about that thing with AGI connecting up to COVID was one of the North Trail packs in Metairie Lake has really long term but we were just talking about it last week

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
I think they call with a is it a blue sky trail there Yeah, yeah. Trail basically is a full section on most of that goes around to activate and stuff out there

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
Yeah, I didn’t get around Walker into it yet. So

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
they opened up their dutiful

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
So Terry lake up here.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
No, no, that was it right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:17
And as a church Yeah, so we till the end, David. I’m gonna trend into water territory. Now. We own Georgia territory lakes. And do we own county, Polk County and wildlife on the Georgia and then do we don’t own the recreational rights yet, but we thought we could get them from Windsor. Okay, so we do our long term Greenway plan does show connection of material lake as a future neighborhood park that’s gonna be going up here when this neighborhood develops. And so that is on our list. We do have an easement secured. I got a lot a lot a lot of years ago, right here to connect from the trail over to 87. Thinking that as this develops, we’ll have side that long 27 We can be started looping. This is a challenge through here with this assistant neighborhood and the church trying to thread a trail through there. So that’s a backup. But County, this is County Open Space, I believe right here and the county is on board with this, this vision of trying to get a trail up to tear Lake and whether we go around or not. Who knows. We haven’t done any study at that yet. But that is a long term goal for us. At a very trail David alluded to, and then we have you have a call a path management plan. We have several water bodies. Dan, Wolfert and Daniel have alluded to this before. We have several water bodies where we allow recreation, but we don’t really have managed plan as far as what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s really Daniels working our way down the slope, just starting to button rock and from the worker with hopefully, McCall and figure out how these things go. But that’s something that’s been a gap that I think that the way David is envisioning the new open space and land management program and that could be something that would rise to the forefront over the coming years. Macintosh Lakeside plantation there’s a plan to put sign Around McIntosh, which doesn’t have a driver right now, West range neighborhood park is the tenant park just west of, of dry creek parks are right where that a giant underpasses and 75th. That’s where it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
This parcel right here is a future neighborhood park. Just so you know, this parcel and the dry creek parcel, Jim Couric is working with members of the public, we’re going to be trying to trap and relocate all prey dogs in that property that summer. There is an interest by a property owner in Pueblo to receive the prairie dogs. And so it’s a good opportunity to relocate whether the euthanize and so we are making an effort to Jim’s working with several people in the public to try to make that happen this summer. So you’ll hear about that probably later this year. And then OB is a property out west that probably hasn’t been developed, we’ve been nine acre parcel of developing nature area out there, it’s just north of the river

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Long Island Road. So again, though, that neighborhood, they don’t have much of their nobility doesn’t have mesh connectivity to it. I mean, there’s stuff around but they complement each

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
other. So the only parcel we own is roughly here is the square. And there’s no access to it at this point in time, there’s no right away. There’s some sanitary sewer access easements through here that we could probably finagle to get people down to there. But it’s tough to develop a park when you don’t know what all of your Jason development look like great wise, things like that. So it would be a challenge. But again, it’s a future project that we can certainly address if we wanted to, or directed tuition say otter Creek Estates is another open face property that doesn’t have a master plan, just like McCauley and Terry Lake neighborhood park master plan. That’s the one I mentioned up north and 66. So those are projects we’ve identified. It’s not even all of them, I have another 10 in my head right now that are sort of renewable and repairing things. But that’s so that’s where the presentation, we have not yet sat down to prioritize projects for the 2024 2028 CIP, because it’s gonna pretty much look like five or eight and five, except for select projects we think we can fit in on the side. If you have thoughts about what their select projects may be, please let us know, either now or next month, and I can figure out a way to share this with the board. So you can look over it that

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
doesn’t have the other projects. But can you scan these and get them to work, that’d be good. And that just know those are living documents, they change on a monthly basis to get updated. So if you see something in there double tickets, certain things do change.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
Some of the the extra room that you’ve got, is that stuff like the pickleball court side of things, is that what you’re talking about extra room wide? So

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
possibly, you know, the pickleball courts in question to Clark are being held by David and timber tosti, who’s our operations manager. But projects could include pickleball such as you know, gallows, including for pickleball. So we can help relieve whole campus is another one that could help relieve some of the pressures on the football community. So yeah, we’re looking actively to try to address the concerns that are presented to us. And the gentleman who was here before it’s the same thing with cycling Pickleball is a little easier to the pickleball court. Like I said, it’s just one thing. If you’re good or you’re bad, you’re playing on the same court. bike skills is very tricky thing because you mentioned pro riders, I’m not gonna build a course for a pro rider. That’s what the X Games are for, you know, we have to figure out where we fit within the region as far as what this community needs and try to go forward with that without building or building something that is too hard to maintain and to possible to sign so that’s why we have to find that balance. But that’s not currently part of what we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
Is there a way to go to the community that countryside relations what they’re looking for new sisters

Unknown Speaker 1:14:32
sister’s gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34
when when we go forward and do that we will gauge all the presidents on their country’s ability as well as everyone else

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
right ESD about this because you just kind of lumped in pretty quickly there but Steve and Kathy balls you’re really good at there are schools in the area. There’s local communities that are a little bit diverse. They have reached out to reaching out to those who specific

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
I just know that for the Nino Gaia park that they want to Burlington Elementary and this kids don’t go Burlington Elementary. They all go to peak. So that’s a tough one. You know so that’s why I was hoping that in the sisters community park that that that would be you know and I know countryside village in Casa de la scones are easy places to have community meetings.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
The everyone that lives within 1000 feet 1500 feet or whatever of this parcel was notified bilingually with a letter before we started design. So I don’t know if that included all countryside village, but it certainly included a lot of it. So they knew where the meetings were, they knew when the meetings were. So it wasn’t just school fires, that was just an answer. We got some members, not many, but some members of that committee that didn’t kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
put on the feedback side, I think I feel like I love to give some feedback. But I don’t know enough from just the titles. Yeah. So think for us to get through, they’re gonna think about a couple of things we could add to that list that just probably easy for you to just throw down there from your head. But kind of there’s a couple different types of projects, like building a master plan is very different from every little project from a community park build out. Building a trail is very different from an infill neighboring Park, that has different indication so so I do have like type, some idea of like roughly the size, is it 1 million thing or a 10 million? And I don’t know that till design goes through, actually, you’ll

Unknown Speaker 1:16:23
see a cost as well heads for most of those projects on the sheet.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
Views. If you look here, that helps a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:30
Not for the duck these future projects, we won’t have costs for those years because they’re not really part of our work plan. On the dashboard, you’ll see where we have some money budgeted for these probability. They’re not completely up to date their last year dollars, but they

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42
they’re the ballpark I think if it’s if it’s a 10 million thing, or 1 million, slightly more than their ballpark.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
These dollars are just going to tell you these tellers come back with questions. They can be confusing, because there’s different funding sources. There’s inflators and now we’re seeing Steve talked about factoring back coated on these, we try bringing out a project to make it more enticing. But how much have you bumped that budget up from 3 million to

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
So I think it’s hard to tell if there’s a million dollar thing, that seems like a big impact. It might be spider 1000 or 2 million, but you have a rough idea. It would always give better

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
feedback. I can do that. So hold off on that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:25
And the last one was just You mentioned a couple examples of timeline like the one that Terry Lake took 20 years away whatever. He’s working on proposed turtle lake as a priority that if we know it’s further out, that’s you have a lot of institutional knowledge of what’s possible. Yeah, future and that will help us get better. But

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
a lot of it depends on when we get development of that area. Yeah, I’ve started and stopped and started stopped two or three times in the past 15 years. And so to take the economy that drive that.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:53
Can you go back to extra labor like longer term projects? Yeah. So I just like to put a plug in for the RFP, for lack of a better name Trail and the clover base and reservoir just because I think that that making that sort of neutral area accessible would be kind of like a smooth committee Pella crossing and closer to long run. And there’s not a lot of places that are like that we go to Pella a lot to get that more natural experience. So I think that’d be really nice addition.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
Of course, is a clipper basin trim extension. Already going to work? Saw it goes from what’s called Sam’s Club to sunset. Dry Creek. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
that is. That helps. Yeah, so that is raija. Sorry. Washington, fairgrounds supersector Sands is ready to so it’s right here. Trail from Sam’s Club. We built this trail on the north side of Sam’s Club and Sam’s was built, it will be extending that over to sunset Street. And they’re at third design working towards 6%. It’s going to be supposed to be built in 2001. For what it’s been this year designing and building

Unknown Speaker 1:19:20
interest in that one. Are there challenges when it comes to the sunset they’re trying to get?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:26
Yeah, you guys have probably seen as BSC that my guess we should we should shut up but we’re thinking of flashing lights to cross pedestrians here. This road is turning into a two lane road from a four lane road right now. It’s going to be the road diet that’s consistent with what’s been done south again pride on Sunset Street. And so moving people across. Now we need to decide, okay, we take them up frontage road, and we get into this cul de sac then what? Well then do we try to build an intersection right here to get them up jersey. A price rode up to the Greenway trail right? That’s long term. That’s not what this project is doing. And so I defer to our transportation folks to decide where we cut it off. I’m funding only up to sunset street that’s my budget but any yeah because that’s a PR effort trail projects it’s period for the project Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
it’s just yeah, there is there is interest to get further in residency just somehow get fried green Western Southwestern long month towards everywhere there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
a lot of competition for a street dog street fund dollars right now there’s a lot of projects around the city there’s they’re seeking grants you know, there’s there’s infrastructure grants that are out there dollars out there and so I know they have people looking for those to see if they can stretch those dollars even further. I know that there was a big project that was under designed was the redesign headbutt Boulevard from South pride Parkway. Yeah, down to here. And that’s just been shuffling. So

Unknown Speaker 1:20:56
you riding around town. Do you see easier way to get some some thoughts on the

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
spot? Yeah, but nobody wants to be on Kim crap. Like that’s. So that’s a nice backdoor down onto okay. Do

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
you see that? That’d be a potential. Yeah, worked out. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11
it can be done now. Like if you

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
are comfortable. You can

Unknown Speaker 1:21:17
you can get on the sidewalk here. And there’s a crosswalk right here and a crosswalk right here so you can get over. We need to work to get an action to the frontage road and strike down or sharrows or whatever on that front row. Because it does a lot of traffic by the mental health of Phil fill our Translation plan. Yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 1:21:35
what’s crazy scary. Is that were you talking about this, this pedestrian things that’s that’s crazy. I I’d rather go through the fairgrounds. See this on your grounds to get to that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:54
What’s cool is that eventually we’ll have both this this is a route that we’ve identified the one that could connection to, but there’s also a route from you know, we’re looking for sorry. This area is slated for redevelopment, Hobby Lobby, this whole parking lot that everyone raises through myself included. I can get 60s. But by now this is slated for redevelopment through here, without redevelopment we’re going to we’re going to be looking closely at pedestrian connections, not unheard for connecting up here connecting into the fairgrounds property with it with their redevelopment, calendar process they’re going through, we’ve been in communication with them talking about pedestrian connections through the fairgrounds, not on pushing out to over and then connections up to the RSVP project and trail that appear. So that is they’re both goals, try to get people off of over and off of can prep because there’s only a certain segment of cyclists or pedestrians that are comfortable walking on those major roads.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
Awesome. Thank you. Can I ask you about another trail? parcher? There is a trail extension. It’s kind of funny. No, it’s called. It’s what we just kind of called the bald eagle trail blog section. It doesn’t quite get to Mill Valley. It’s Oh, my that big pipe by the pawn shop is what’s the status with that? I mean, everybody sees the beautiful like started material. Let me tell him a little story. But we were told that you know, at some point that that could be started because, again, all of these condos have no in people no Valley have really right poor connection with the rest of the city. So you just kind of jump across to get to Third Avenue, but not all that extension, but these are really bad intersections for people crossing.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
Eagle S has been gone for a while you have opportunities.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
So yeah, so board members have already because God has been around for a long time. We had originally built the same pre agreement. Here’s the Greenway, here’s 119 Street trailhead, pin prep Boulevard hydroponic and street. We had originally built the trail or designed the drill to come over here and cross any kind of eyebrow here and come down across the river to the drill. That was the original design. Well, we got through construction up to here. When we were alerted to an eagle’s nest in this location. We’ve had to stop the project redesign. So a year and a half working with the state and the feds to redesign and that’s why the trail comes now. Underneath it down on 19th Street to Quicksilver along Quicksilver. Already, Highline road so that’s what we built back in 2009. Say the there is the desire to make this connection up the middle Village. Right now are saying brain Greenway efforts and dollars around 13 East and West. This is sort of 14 My mind. But the challenges of that is we have this quarter we only, we bought the old railroad right of way along here, we don’t have access up to Mill Village and getting EDA access up there is going to take a much wider swath because the grades. So that will be one of the challenges. That’s why this may end up tying in with the development of the Oni leach area. What we’re, in the interim, we’re working to try it, you know, this property, here’s developers, we want to get side paths across here. And I’m working hard to try to get some sort of connectivity between the end of this side path and 119th Street, that we’ve worked with the county to try to get a drill down. I’m not sure how that’s going to come together. You know, there’s a big effort on redeveloping the sugar mill whole areas and this is one of 700 topics of conversation around redeveloping that area connections. So it’s on the radar as well as on the radar is connecting a street down through this down to this intersection with a with a multi use corridor. It’s gonna be a psychopath could be who knows. But but something that’s gonna come down to there to get people to this lights, they can get down to

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
zero there. Is there a need for this old version of the same green?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:17
Same thing picture Facebook TV, just

Unknown Speaker 1:26:26
what we call the the trail camera.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30
You’re in close here, remember?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
Another question you mentioned on the plan, there were a couple ones that you couldn’t get. A lot of that schedule is contingent upon getting the dates that you want to dispute that being an ongoing problem, or is that just because projects are bigger and harder

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
and so we increase the budget Regency parks and we didn’t get good bids, by a reasonable amount half million for one park. And I think I did definitely 900,000 on another park. And then by adding the third the synthetic fields in, we have increased the overall budget for the three parks to a point where we’re think we can get some more experienced design build teams to come in and try to tease out and stretch your dollars. The whole concept behind design build is to try to stretch maximize your your dollars and not have to suppose to be faster and cheaper. That’s everything that I’ve been trained on. So that’s what we’re hoping happens. It’s a very volatile market. Kent city council had a presentation, two or three meetings ago about several transportation projects and other projects that the city would love to build, but Digicam about double. And so we need to rethink about how we’re budgeting for projects, which is I saw your eyes raise you went from a 3 million to 30 million for three projects is a big jump, but we’d like to get some bids. So we don’t have to spend all 13 We can we can rein these folks in say you’re building merry go round. The next American around we’ll save a million put that toward another budget. We still have the say over what happens. We want to get bid we want to have the money there for sweeping the floor. Tearing ation pipe is a 300%. Across the board. How do you want to proceed page? What would you like to diverge? Like to go from here? Like I’m taking notes. Oh, sorry. I didn’t know if you turned over the gavel.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:27
Kind of did but also know. Any other comments or questions on this topic?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
So we the bigger picture is that next month you want feedback back from us? Right? You’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
see in blue, the project eight, five, those are, those are happening. You can give feedback all you want, but those are happening per direction at IBC. Right? There’s other projects, and you might ask for seven and we might be able to fit three, I can’t tell you. But I’ll be here next month. And we can hear what you guys are recommending and maybe the board can make some sort of recommendation or something to staff who will be established and good counsel, because this will be conveyed to council through the CIP.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
So should we all each number all these people since they were three, we like how do we want her to describe a record

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
and it’s a good topic for

Unknown Speaker 1:29:16
the treatment that happens. It’s hard to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:22
So pick our two or three favorites, or how do we you know, I’m not sure how to proceed to make it a finite time, the next month,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:34
that could make sense for each regard to topic two or three right? And we see what overlaps between those seminars.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:44
Well, there’s some of these

Unknown Speaker 1:29:48
clarify those but there’s also these that are not in workplan. So 3720 So there’s 1011 there and then And another dozen or so many other days or 28 you

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
what kind of feedback would be most useful to you? I mean, if there’s, I know that you have a lot sort of already programmed. So if we were going to try to make a case for something additional or for something that moved up in the timeframe. I mean, if we were to try to use it better if we try to align around something, or do you want to just hear our each of our individual opinions, or

Unknown Speaker 1:30:32
I would rather you align around something that would be that would be more productive for me and add more weight to how we’re moving forward rather than seven different heights. But, but that being said, it can be as simple as we would rather you pursue trail projects over infill Park projects, or infill projects over trail property to make it easy, you can raise it up, be general, and give direction that way, and that we’ve gotten guide staff in the CIP or you can be granular either way it looks for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03
I mean, I would think we could do sort of a mix, if we wanted to talk about this next year, and have everyone ready to talk about a couple different categories or couple different projects and see if we have a winner.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
One other idea we could do is they’re kind of in three different sheets right now areas, just put them all in one list as the names with like, the type of thing is planned, whatever type, size and timeline, I think if What if we all took that list, and they all had 100 points, okay, we just put numbers in there, add them all up. And that’s our average symbol.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
That works for me I can put,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:40
like talking about 40 profits will be pretty hard to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:43
Yeah. We have done that before.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
I will get straight to an updated spreadsheet with them all on one sheet. It’s it don’t didn’t work, toss those, you know, and I’ll put I don’t think you guys care about fund us care about size. Correct. You don’t care whether it’s 2 million or three nowadays. You just care whether it’s a half million, 5 million or 20, t shirt sizes. And a timeline. That’s that’s easy to do. Let me give that to you. Jeff, one thing to spring up is, I don’t know what you’re thinking about next week. But you talked about Joanie and Becky and folks coming that might take that might take the meeting. So you might need to handle this digitally, which it’s up to you guys, whether you want to handle it or not, I can take feedback however you would prefer, I want to make sure the board keeps moving, get some input on the CIP, but also keeps moving on to

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
the stuff by the end of the month,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:42
digitally makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:44
So when we’re choosing is like the board comes up with these other projects, what’s your idea of like being mean? Because you’re basically already set with this, right? What’s the benefit to lean on to their projects total? And why are we asking for years out? And then we’re still in the process of hiring people?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
That’s kind of where I’m at do I think this is a good? Probably, for me understanding what’s coming up. And this year, I mean, sure how much difference is going to make because the board idea was kind of up there and we can then not be rushed for the next time because I think the next time we will have some bandwidth, we will have some passive love stamp on last Do you have a knock three projects out already? And phase 14 of the Greenway but I think just getting an idea of as we’re looking at the future what is some Western way of saying where is the public wanting

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
the board asked to be able to provide input so we definitely want to take it gave its right there’s not a whole lot this year, but does the outline years in which we change our priorities every CIP cycle that the five year cycle so it would help inform us in the future but why he why we didn’t put notes prior recommendation right. That’s an easy thing to add, remind staff remind council and they read every word of the CIP to to make sure that we know that proud in 20, APR 24 or 23 felt the diesel clarity budgets. Well then

Unknown Speaker 1:34:16
if it’s not if it’s gone, could we then take those two I’d like your idea about having a retreat because this isn’t easy communication thing is like this. So basically, we we say something and then you guys counter and then we like we don’t ever get to discuss among ourselves our own priorities. This seems to me like a treat thing. So that we can actually let go of our group that that that would actually be really helpful to me, I would think I’d like to know about your banking priorities and you know what I mean? Like, I’d like to have more give and take between us, not, us, you counter and then we do not? Well, we haven’t

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02
discussion as a retreat on that. And so we think there’s a couple of things I was going to turn out for potential topics.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:08
Yeah, yeah, this seems like it might be and then the April, but if it’s, but if they don’t really need it, because if you don’t really need it, because you’re not going to use it, why give our point value thing and spend our times making a point value thing, when it wasn’t considering everybody else’s and ideas and, and things like that it just doesn’t seem as valuable as what you can have from us, if you wait a couple months, when you’re and that might be when you have time to read it, a couple

Unknown Speaker 1:35:42
months would have no effect. And then 24 to 2870. Couple months would have some effect on 25 to 29. Tip. There may be new board members or maybe new priorities, and I have no idea. It’s really, this is a something we came up with to talk with the board. You’re welcome to talk amongst yourselves. Now. I’ll sit here and listen, I don’t need to respond to everything. I just don’t I’m here for clarification purposes. But I there’s nothing past mid April. All the input you gave is great. We will be giving the Council staff has already done with our our stuff that goes to leadership. And then next time the public will have any sort of input or management of the CIP goes to council. But yes, this will have a small impact, but it will impact how yours will impact 2020 Fortunately.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
So let’s do this. Let’s let’s go digital, because I think we need to get this before that. Because we have a packed agenda for next for next one. So let’s try to take it offline as a digital, we’re going to upgrade the spreadsheet a little bit, simplify, simplify a little bit for us. And then we’ll just make set a due date for the wall. When you need our feedback by

Unknown Speaker 1:36:53
other humans, we can have a 10 minute conversation that’s interpreted screen something

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58
before next meeting. That way you can have conversations

Unknown Speaker 1:37:01
about yourselves that up there. Yeah. restructure that. This is an individual project that we all will take on. And then we’ll group up at the public meeting to discuss the next meeting. Next meeting. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:37:14
we want to extend the nine o’clock. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
Okay, that’s my presentation lessons. More questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
Were you thinking about a retreat sooner that this could be on it? Or I don’t think we have it scheduled soon. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:36
Because that was just like, scheduling nightmares. Like spring breaks, so I might Yeah. Yeah. It’ll be great to see you.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:53

Unknown Speaker 1:37:54
And if you have any questions, once you get the spreadsheet, feel free to email me and I’ll fill you in on what your question is. I do think part of this trip. Seriously. We talked we talked about trying to get recreations opinions.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:15
This would be especially convenient to me if you have the link to the Google Earth pins on all of it. So it’ll be great. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:38:22
know that I have the time to do that between now and next month. I’ll try.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:29
So that the CIP like sheets all have the address and Google Map for every single that will work

Unknown Speaker 1:38:37
for all the ones all of these here on the CIP. The future projects are not there’s nothing there.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:43
So they all have

Unknown Speaker 1:38:48
debit notes, or ones that have been really helpful. She

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52
says a map on that. So if you see website, just put in CIP

Unknown Speaker 1:38:59
easier, thanks. I want to I want to I feel like that’s a pretty good request. I’d like to be sent the link to that. I’m sorry. Yeah, that seems to me like a respectful use of our time.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:36
Yeah, well, we’ll he’ll have that count.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:38
Okay, that sounds great. Like, or just with the spreadsheet? That sounds great whenever we should. Yeah, it could be together and that would be good. And it’s all in one spot so that we’re not searching for that too and have 10 Different people searching. Yep. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
During the astronauts says I think this, this feels that rush feeling trying to meet deadline by I think for this group. Long term planning is a big piece. I mean, we’ve taught those steps. I think if there’s like a get wrapped into a larger conversation about setting sort of long term goals as we move these up, I think that ideas to us, isn’t that we want to see more real time activity or is it specific projects, I think this group could incorporate into a conversation that could help us align with what we have the five year plan. So this group probably should be thinking more than that, that kind of timeframe to as opposed to how do we try to influence something next year that there’s not,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:38
I wouldn’t even say a five year plan, I would say prioritizing projects bigger, I can’t guarantees and be done by prioritization projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:48
Whatever to work, you have to go through the budgeting cycle once to understand if you don’t have your voice in the first week of April, you have no voice, right? It’s all I’m telling you. It’s underway. Whether you’re here on City Council, to I can, it would have been so helpful to me to have had the result of this process, where you just kind of framed that, especially with my categories, right? Because it’s trail, right parks, Greenway is it’s it’s always a challenge, in my mind, figure out how to be helpful, right, it’s one thing to sit here. The one place that if your grevers your liaison can be helpful is when you get into the budgeting process. And to let somebody know, we’d like you to carry, you know, our priorities into that. And know what those priorities are, you would be difficult. I mean, there’s so much there. And part of what part of what we’re doing right now as a result of having listened and, you know, it tried to take some of that input into the budgeting process. But if you were to take that time, in somebody who’s saying the budgeting process through a court, versus correspondence, these are the priorities for when it comes to CIP. These are the questions I’m going to be asking, when we get into this project, even if we don’t get it done, at least for the staff in terms of the things that you care about, and somebody will carry some of those questions or concerns in the budget discussions, that would be really helpful.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:30
And somebody mentioned that very consolidated is for staff to, we don’t have a lot of time we look at this mid February to mid April, every year. And it’s quick. I could always come with the CIP presentation in January. But that’s often when we’re voting on new members and new, all that stuff. And sort of, it’s somewhat of a non non productive, meaning

Unknown Speaker 1:42:54
less productive. But think about that for future years, if you want to handle a little bit differently.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:01
January would be better. I mean, I’m telling it like that this like, right now, this seems like a pretty fast rush. And I’m glad to hear that. Like I was like, if it’s happening to city council to just play an earlier, that just makes sense. I really feel like digital is not I don’t even know what I grant these people on. I don’t even know if it’s worth my time to, to pull this up. And I need a conversation with humans as whatever

Unknown Speaker 1:43:33
challenge with January. Sam, they’re brand new in January, they

Unknown Speaker 1:43:39
they don’t even know us, but along with what we’re gonna be talking about. I feel like I’m brand new,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:45
right? Like, I don’t remember this happening last year, like we are

Unknown Speaker 1:43:49
in some way every year. But it’s always slightly different. And I you know, I do think it would be worth having a conversation about the timing, because my impression is that, like, while we have these conversations, the input that we can give is not that timely. So I wonder if we do something earlier, like even November or October, say, here’s our priority retreat

Unknown Speaker 1:44:15
it really, yeah, this is the budget opens up. It’s really quick. There’s no reason this work can’t be done prior to that priorities. And that’s where I think it was, as we then start looking at, you know, Steve did wrap up these two projects, we have that capacity. Now, what are the next series of concern facto, again, we can get keep that looking out in the future, we can really keep a, again, like Steve said, every year, we don’t hit that target. But we know from this group, these next priorities can start shifting into that we have a lot of priorities out there and there’s recreation in this group. I think it helped us start backfilling that and that doesn’t have to be done in January or it can be done starting a conversation with some doubt voting or wherever you want to do and say these are the ones we like to start building up and then maybe January When you say we have one slot, what do you what do you think the one should be? Yeah, we have that

Unknown Speaker 1:45:05
stuff doesn’t mean that details within the ones you’re actively working on, do change somewhat, but the other things don’t change that much. So I feel like if we could have that conversation leading up to it, then you would have our feedback when you guys have staff that write to this process and then report back.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:24
Yeah, I think one things that I hear too is like your patient budget, what should we do that it’d be nice to know what the community wants us to do that? I never said that. Yeah, I think we should I mean, because this

Unknown Speaker 1:45:45
spreadsheet is definitely like, it’s been helpful. For me at least, that’s been proven. This didn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:45:50
exist last year, was made for city council and leadership to be able to track a little bit more real time

Unknown Speaker 1:45:55
worth watching. So forward progress. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:58
Yeah, I mean, I because I feel like it’s always interesting and feels important. But it never feels quite satisfied. Because there’s such a short amount of time, and it doesn’t feel like we really are positioned to give quality input. So if we could figure out a different way to a different level of conversation and primaries. And maybe that would help,

Unknown Speaker 1:46:19
right? July, or October, November, like you said that, then we get to this point. And also we have two projects that are done. And we started, we went back to school and said, we now have capacity for two more projects. Where do we think we should start focusing you have a lot of that work done? Do we still agree as well. So that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:46:41
the other thing that would help my priorities is that sometimes even for projects four or five years out, you might want to come county now now say, hey, we think we’re going to want to build this ahi connection in the next four or five years. So we’re talking thinking about planning and think about what’s going to happen on their side who’s going to fund what share costs, so they can budget to have those conversations years in advance.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:05
Stiva staying on this schedule, based on what you would think of as the Gantt chart,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:14
something like this, I had a different but Harold MIT is where

Unknown Speaker 1:47:18
we’re going with the relevance of the conversation we’re having about 2024 or 2025 to 2019 CIP budget is tied as much to how much progress you make designing construction or without a narrative without a mile marker or intended. Outcome, right by the end of the four, four. Because if you’re off schedule, it has huge implications for what you’re able to do in the next year, financially. And I’ve had this conversation, Carol Herrmann looked at this spreadsheet, they might question him was one of the mile markers for the design build? Or are you one of those tasks by the end of this year? So it’s there,

Unknown Speaker 1:48:13
I started having input, drop this into the notes, if it didn’t know that. It’ll be here. I’ll do that now. So we just started figure out where we could try to do that. So if you go, it’s having everything in one spot would be great. But you do have to click it. And that’s a project and Steve is hit a barrier because it’s a gas line on it. These aren’t yellow or sisters that should be in there. That no should be there, we should be a historic kind of warning narrative than to

Unknown Speaker 1:48:40
we haven’t come up with a better way to just put a date in. And when a project is active date in an updated month. That’s what the election has been so far.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:48
Well, I would think that would be really useful to this board.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:52
But that this this resurrection is not available to the board right now. It’s not in politics. It’s on what we can

Unknown Speaker 1:48:57
we can make this I don’t think we can make it as public facing we can we can work on it. It’s gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:49:06
that’s what the Cfu is worth really built.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:10
I think with this group that it could be a monthly update to this at this meeting. And well, let

Unknown Speaker 1:49:14
me tell you that I’ve been asking for that for a while. Whether it’s public facing.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:23
You can you can see but to have this thing available online. The website.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:27
I wasn’t talking about I was I was suggesting for this, I understand what but

Unknown Speaker 1:49:31
this is all live linked based on city SharePoint. I don’t think ETS is gonna let these folks in your city shrink and look

Unknown Speaker 1:49:39
at every month, this can be something that gets a piece of comes in your packet. You can have ca a lot version of it, maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:49:45
yeah, just in the name of accountability.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:49
I’ll let you figure it out. Whatever you want.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:51
I would just say last year at some point I read through most of the current CIP projects and what you went through tonight was 100 and more than format. So the narrative part is really important the things you’re commenting on your experience about why we might do this where it might go, the timeframe is far more useful than those one pagers, at least to me as a resident. So some things in between of those like, oh, it goes in the CIP. But it’s pretty intense as a document.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:15
Yeah, yeah, it doesn’t mean the public facing CIP doesn’t even have all the detail that you provide to city council, which has more information as far as timing.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:26
And also seeing the stuff that once a month, and then I can’t be the only person who can’t concentrate in a room with 15 people and think about stuff. You guys get to see this all the time, like deep dive into it. But it’s, it’s tough for us to do that. Because there’s, I mean, it’s just not accessible. And if I, the reason why I got on here on the board, is to make this whole process more accessible. That’s the whole point. And it’s just a lot of times that information isn’t very accessible for us and for and that’s, if I can paraphrase what I think Dr. Walters is saying is that making it accessible and understandable and digestible for us. And for us to come back and forth on our own time when we’re not in a room that nobody can think of here, right. Like, I’m not the only person. Okay, good. But you’re the outlier. I’m a teacher. So I know that nobody can think when all that stuff’s going on that you need some time just to suck it in and really ruminate over it. And I’ll be really nice if we could have that.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:37
When I go into city council chambers,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:41
I can No, I get it, like it’s just taught, but it is really hard to make our decisions. And in this time,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:52
there’s got to be again, it may not be by we’ll figure something out for next month. But one thing I’m trying to get today, Herald level as well. It’s just on these projects, just some sort of red, green, yellow, I’m tracking it would give is not a threat, there should be a note. And if it’s green, rather than see anything to do as yellow is here’s something to think about. If it’s red, it’ll be the reason we ran into a gas line. That’s I’m trying to get to that point. But I at least need to be thinking about that as I’m trying to keep it there doing the projects or doing spreadsheets during the prep updates. There’s a lot of communication that doesn’t help them get their projects done. So if I can get information, they’re already putting in some sort of news, where’s this information going? That we can pull it in? And provide a see someone might have? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:39
no, yeah, it was. It sounds like the problem for you and you manage it yourself? Yeah. So it sounds like this will be something that will be solved in the future that

Unknown Speaker 1:52:50
we’re hoping to progress when we saw last year. Yeah, we have here to lower we’re hoping to go

Unknown Speaker 1:52:55

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57
So just a quick jump in your time check. We have five minutes until we have to extend, we’re gonna have to different extents, we have a new business package for that as well. So usually it’s in 15 minutes or

Unknown Speaker 1:53:16
every Sunday meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:21
Okay, gigabyte on this

Unknown Speaker 1:53:31
Okay, all right, awesome. So next up on the agenda and uses discuss potential retreat goals. And this is kind of enhanced, I think page and this is you’re going to talk to this.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:42
Yeah, that’s something we talked about it last year, and to never settle into one. So I thought, you know, maybe revisit this year, I do see our Boulder County, you know, counterparts do this every year, I think a couple times a year, they do retreats. And the idea would not be necessarily to go somewhere far away. But just I mean, we could even go to like the Isaac Walton building or sandstone or Callahan house, there’s something I don’t know, somewhere that we could all, you know, just sort of talk together, we could have a sort of learning session and conversation. One topic that I’m interested in, is just learning more about how all the different master plans work and fit together. And since we’re thinking about, you know, master plan on the recreation side, and some point, maybe we’re gonna go back to the sort of parks open space trails. And then, you know, I didn’t realize until yesterday I missed that there’s also like, lots of individual project master plans. So I mean, that’s one topic I would be interested in learning more about is just sort of whatever. Master Plans are covering the things that we have some jurisdiction over and then you know, maybe that would be into some conversation about the upcoming summer recreation master plan. I think the CIP process, you know, might be another topic. So I just throw it out there in the interest of people who want to do it. And, you know, I would guess, maybe like a half day. And we could have, you know, a couple of questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:25
That I think I think we just kind of talking about what the CIP process was like, how do we all get information about these parks in places, like, if you’re, Steven, you have authorized, it’s much easier to keep in mind again, I think we probably all have our own patterns, and how we use the city website to find things, whether it’s googling or searching city website, we can probably provide good feedback as to how the public might also consider information better and know about what’s happening nearby to them, because it is relatively difficult to find out what’s going on with a certain Park. In my experience, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:55
the parks, open space and trails webpage. The city Communications Department is working on changing revamping the Old City webpage. As a project that is active right now I have no idea where they are, what their timeframe is. But that is something but we just we don’t have a staff person that can keep this thing up to date and put all those different projects on it. We just don’t have it. Right. And so maybe the communications team could possibly help us in the future. But right now, we have our pocket trailer element, and this thing is just not complete, right? It’s just not complete, and

Unknown Speaker 1:56:34
the name has changed, and so on all the time, it’s not feasible. But there are also other ways we could bring some other ways into retrieval.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:46
So I guess, I mean, I think right now, it’ll be helpful just to know that people want to perceive that and then, you know, we could do some additional. I could maybe work on some potential topics and share with all of you or you could submit them and we could, you know, kind of decided the next time. You know, I think we could maybe think about me, if we do, how does it work? If we do a retreat? I think it still needs to be open. Yes. So it has to be noticed. And do we can we? Would we do it in addition to meeting or we would do it in place of a meeting?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:23
That’s up to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:25
Can we use commuter city facility like you meant yes, for that? weekend with that?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:33
I was thinking maybe set like a Saturday, just because it’s I personally am really tired at night. I’d be fresher. So any thoughts feedback?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:48
Yeah, I’m all for it. I think it would be like in addition to the, like the field trip meeting? Oh, yeah. I think that’s valuable to bring out to see things where it’s a retreat will be in a particular location. And then we have to see is real meals.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:07
I know I go quickly, and I know that apologize. Something else on your retreat would be to talk about what your field trip you want to look like where you want to go. It’s always something that the board struggles with trying to figure out is that feasible? I mean, we Yeah, in deficits or somewhere else? That’s a public spot between what the snowpack now you’re likely to end up close at some point this year with the depending on the weather, but between mid May and late June early July.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:45
I think we’re interested

Unknown Speaker 1:58:48
to talk about logistics jet will waivers be assigned for that

Unknown Speaker 1:58:59
I think that there’s a canoe outfitters that does that

Unknown Speaker 1:59:04
12 canoes

Unknown Speaker 1:59:09
This is why we have to have like a retreat or something. People’s first games like so. And I like the idea of these things being kind of close together because then we build momentum a little bit. Does that make sense? Like not necessarily but kind of close together so that we are building momentum and

Unknown Speaker 1:59:30
sure are you thinking may

Unknown Speaker 1:59:35
have to Saturday night?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:48
Thinking of day and like doing a Doodle for the day is the easiest and hardest at some time?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:52
Well, we could do a Doodle for each of the Saturdays

Unknown Speaker 1:59:56
which was Sunday. To

Unknown Speaker 2:00:06
policy against city open, open public meetings on

Unknown Speaker 2:00:17

Unknown Speaker 2:00:18
on Sundays Sunday? We did in the afternoon Sunday, rather than I’m assuming you’re going to want to go before for lunchtime on a Saturday. Yeah. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 2:00:37
okay. Well, let’s see if there’s general support, we can look at those Saturday’s in May and am I allowed to collect ideas from people?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:50
For topics? No, they should send them to David and I,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:55
and then we can talk about okay. So send your ideas to David and Jeff. And then we’ll talk about in during our next planning topics. Great.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:12
Can you do the Doodle poll or

Unknown Speaker 2:01:20
Steve can do that. Sure. Maybe I’m fine with those Yeah. Go to Alexa. Just kept talking about meetings a cruise before but staff has drink several times.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:41
That’s why I was okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:46
All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:48
Let’s let’s move on to discuss items from the packet you sent any questions about items in the packet?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:59
Isaac Walton Beach one slash nightmare on update. So

Unknown Speaker 2:02:11
as you might be refereeing the paper in Boston Avenue Bridge Project came in almost double. And here’s estimate, staff is working to try to secure funding through different WHAT WAS IT budget lint

Unknown Speaker 2:02:23
term. Find some budget magic budget, Dustin has a lot of five or $6 million.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:32
I know that our leadership is talking about strategies to get that funded. I do know that isn’t a very important part, important project for the city. So we’ll get funded because that is part of our match for the $10 million for the court to build their project. So we can’t really walk away from it if we want that next project to be done. So I’m confident we’ll figure out a way to fund it. If we start construction by late May, I’d be happy for the bridge for the bridge the Army Corps of which we have no control over that time. Last I heard is there but they want to start construction in July August. And try to get that I think I put that in the the update I think they’re looking into right now. We don’t have a control of that they’re they’re struggling with supply chain issues and construction pricing and things like that just like everyone else. And I think that they feel as though they would be better to build that levy levy dam in the

Unknown Speaker 2:03:33
fall after runoff and try

Unknown Speaker 2:03:35
to work it through the winter and be prepared for spring planning for a logical investor.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:40
Okay, so it doesn’t have to go back to

Unknown Speaker 2:03:46
the bridge project. You know, last I’ve heard that’s always an option but right I know that the city is very intent on doing that. Does this possible trucking prices really going up right now? They’re not dropping we’re not looking for the sale price. So I think we’re looking book

Unknown Speaker 2:04:01
to reward to award to the low

Unknown Speaker 2:04:02
bid Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:06
I haven’t seen it so I

Unknown Speaker 2:04:07
don’t like alternative paths or anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:12
Josh about reach one which is been perennially like not closed, so right to not finish so that if Boston Avenue Bridge get pushed six months, we can use it to get onto Boston Avenue. But if they’re gonna work on the brace in May, that’s a different story. It doesn’t matter. So

Unknown Speaker 2:04:34
if we had had this conversation, knowing what we do now, back in October, we worked on that. We just thought that the bridge fall bridge that delayed in the bid. We got received the bids have enough money now trying to find the money. I would admit the city made a mistake. We calculated projects moving sequentially, and there was a gap and all over all around the city. We should have put a temporary trail up to Boston last all allowed to leave it to the miners. And now, it’s too late. Now, it’s not. But by the time we got the funding and the grading and figured that all out because that project is actually not complete yet, it’s still not even construction acceptance. I’ve got meetings a couple weeks to talk about it. So even though it’s not after construction, it’s still not open to the public because it’s close instructions. So we wouldn’t be we wouldn’t have a trail that right now we would have to work the contractor for them to allow the public on their infrastructure, because their insurance company is still on the hook for that.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:31
Right. So as irrigation,

Unknown Speaker 2:05:34
irrigation, there’ll be testing, as we’ve started up here in the next couple weeks. They’ve done a lot of variation work involving

Unknown Speaker 2:05:46
other items from the packet.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:51
This is a long question. You can follow up later. I didn’t understand like when you are about to wreck projects, being like under under allocated underfunded Yep. Like I said, if it’s too long.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:14
To do that, yeah, will we do it in a in a more of a chart form?

Unknown Speaker 2:06:18
Okay, easier.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:21
What that means the simple part, the simple basis is a 25%. On recreations budget was called COVID, it still has not been replaced. Last fall, we ran out of budget, we didn’t have enough money to complete the year. But due to position savings, we’re able to transfer from staffing into operations to this year, we are now running at 100%. And our revenues are higher than they’ve ever been. And yet our budget is still cut by 25%. There have been some things that have been added back in. But overall, we’re just a run out of money earlier. And so we’re looking to reappropriate at some point, which has been a part of this process that that recreation can go back and ask for but it will the time is here. And the time is here, in my opinion based on what we’re bringing in or we’re doing our participation numbers. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 2:07:21
so the national budgeting process be able to ask for an increased budget to return to

Unknown Speaker 2:07:27
Yes, the revenues continue on.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:32
How can we support it?

Unknown Speaker 2:07:35
Just be aware of what we think is that this will, we’ll be told I’m going to try and get information to finance after this month. So of course information. What we think the general will likely tell us is to come back in the middle of the summer halfway through the year, because we’ll be we’ll have money report at that time, based on estimates on what will be missed. Southwest full time full time staff utilities. And what I’m talking about. Super short. Next month, I’ll have a quarter.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:20
Any other items

Unknown Speaker 2:08:22
in the packet? I see that irrigation is starting out. And I always have I’m really concerned about our water use and things like that. And I’m wondering, can I find out like how like, I want to know more about irrigation. And if I see a lot of our xeriscape plants that were put in like right after the flood and things like that they’re still being irrigated, irrigated many days a week and things like that. And I feel like that could be a budget savings also with us sucking from the Colorado River. Something that we could stop doing. You know, we have xeriscape plants they’re getting in now they’re getting watered tongs, and I know that they survive without it. How can we let them out that how can I get us to stop irrigating over irrigating

Unknown Speaker 2:09:14
what I see and so I think that’s a piece that we have multiple staff members working on that finale working on it internally like concert with our conservation group, their sustainability group, but also we have another Colorado Water Conservation District coming in and working with our irrigation systems. Our irrigate patient systems are large and complex. So we have sound like your your home where you can just turn off one little piece a lot disrupted in terms of plants, we haven’t really redesigned irrigation systems that doesn’t turn it off to the trees so we won’t keep our trees going. We’ve run into the past where we know our turf is fine. So we’re working on how we can we He designed some of our irrigation systems that are older systems is still have very broad coverage zones. So we’re getting grants from northern Colorado to look at some of those we do those part by Park as we do redesigns, we’ll work on it as well. The other piece is people drive their cars and see irrigation on a timetable. Why are you on right now is another day, there’s absolutely no way we can monitor all our parts with our pumps. At night, you just there’s just too many acres to do that. So we have a lot of pieces come in as far as the size and scale system and the age and ability that’s built into the systems that we’re working on. So it’s something that again, we’re working with water, our water, our water group, my horticulture group, and outside consultants.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:47
I would also say especially for David talked about your needing turf, especially our sports fields, which is what’s starting out now the rest of your nation will become an integral equals is just a community park sports deals that are coming out now because they’ll start playing here in a couple of weeks. That’s why they’re planning out first. They do see drift that’s on a broken report, use our call center reported to location with our pan or whatever, because as complex as our systems are, we don’t have staff to go out and check every emitter on an annual basis that that happens every 10 years I’d be surprised so if you see something that you’re getting the drift is on seven times a week or something let us know.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:26
Yeah, I’d love to like downright floods sometimes and

Unknown Speaker 2:11:30
oh yeah cold call center

Unknown Speaker 2:11:35
photo is a resource

Unknown Speaker 2:11:36
where you can write answers works as well. Yeah, those things that we just hear our eyes and ears and we just don’t have people that we were to do that so

Unknown Speaker 2:11:48
great. Okay, let’s move on to items from staff.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:55
Got two minutes we don’t have anything

Unknown Speaker 2:11:59
we can extend

Unknown Speaker 2:12:02
for staff so

Unknown Speaker 2:12:05
items from the board and we can extend

Unknown Speaker 2:12:14
I guess I have one quick one. David. Did you know The bathroom that I brought up at Pat Pratt park a month or so ago? I put it on Porta Potty was great. Do you know that it got blown up? Oh yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:27
There we actually Oh, there is thank you for passing this nose nebulous America system we’re working with camera systems we’ve been working with our our public safety officers Rangers but our porta Potti system right now maybe done our contractor bases as they’re just done all over town all the time, but it’s got melted right to the ground

Unknown Speaker 2:12:57
using a terrible Bible Amana states elementary school. There’s nothing there. Now it’s at the first spot on the ground in a rectangle All right. Sorry. I couldn’t resist

Unknown Speaker 2:13:16
anything else? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:17
there’s nothing else and I have motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:23
I move we adjourn. Second. Second.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:26
All in favor. All right.

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