Callahan House Advisory Board – March 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board – March 2023

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Also that makes it equally accessible by all staff that work with Kellyanne house. So they don’t necessarily have to be at one particular computer to get specific files, we can do it, it’s in the cloud based system. So Ben would have access to files, I have access to files, the new county manager would have access to files, you know, so it’s not just stuck in one location.

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And we also the other exciting part that that I appreciate more for our staff is that we can have a Callahan house calendar. So now something that when Ben was looking at

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doing some things here, which we’ll talk about later, he’s able to look at the calendar and see, it’s okay to do it on this day. Because there’s things not happening or are happening. So we’re just really appreciating the internal workflow. And it is a transition for Betsy and Jacqueline, you know, because the rest of the city did his transition a few years ago with a lot of kicking and screaming. So

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I can be very sympathetic to to where they’re at right now. Because it’s a different it is different. But it’s it’s working very well and I’m just really pleased with with how they’re doing with that.

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I’m just excited to have one email. Can I ask you what’s email Callahan?

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At Longmont, Colorado,

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in Longmont, Colorado, it’s all spelled out sand together like Ben’s email at the top of the board meeting.

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that’s the email we’ll use from now on, then if we want to get a hold of you or at the house. Yeah. So we’ll be transitioning, because that was the board’s and purposes, you have the board’s the group’s inquiries. If someone calls and leaves a message on the phone and email is sent with that voice message to Callahan, Colorado that does so it just makes us be more able to be more responsive without.

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So who has access to this email within to you and Ben and Jacqueline and bank Betsy? Betsy? Yes. If you aren’t going to hold us just we know that if you send an email with blue for people will see it okay.

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Calendar going to be shared with us? Because we can put it up directly on our calendars. Is that something that?

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I don’t know that?

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I’ll have to check. Not that we could, you know, change it or anything. But if we’re included on the calendar, then we can update our own calendars quickly on our phones and know when the dates are set for like Artwalk, or other events or anything like that, or?

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Okay, we can look at that now. I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if this is a calendar yet that we would have out beyond beyond an internal one. I don’t know that. I think it’s a really good question.

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I mean, obviously, your reason we couldn’t have, you know, construction stuff on there and things like that where you guys can see it. Yeah. Well, I think it sounds like a good idea. But I think let her and I bet that out. At the very least we can have access to see it just Yeah, yeah.

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I think it’s a good idea. Let’s think about a little bit.

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All this stuff. So I don’t pass to our meetings. I’ve always been like RSVP for all the meetings and whatever else and they just come in and we can then get it and it goes on our calendar on our phones. For the meetings, meetings, anything for any the extra

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meeting our presence or attention? Yeah, I’m such as

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working on projects or

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debt decorating for Christmas or any of that stuff. We can, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying like if ice in the guise of Callahan, at Longmont, Colorado, that does invite the board to meetings, such as our regular board meetings related to the scheduled activities that you guys have decided upon, then we could send those invites out to you and then upload to your calendar. Is that what you’re okay? No, that’s okay. That’s that. Absolutely. Is this all could be incorporated within that count? We can do that.

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So I know when

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to know when the closer meeting somebody’s Georgia memorial service, right? No, no, no, that and that’s where I’m wondering how deeper this calendar will go. I think it’s invite from the calendar. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 4:50
That makes more sense. That’s exactly what it

Unknown Speaker 4:53
seems like. Even if it’s something that doesn’t involve us that we don’t have to do we want

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Want to know what things are happening when if we’re planning? That’s true. It’s

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visibility to stuff. I want that all popping up in my church. Yeah, you could go look at it. Yeah.

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I didn’t do that. I don’t know about that. As far as that though, can we access it to look at it?

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because like, construction,

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okay, this is starting, I’m sorry to muddy the waters, I tend to I don’t mean, muddy waters and

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stuff out. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 5:42
I agree.

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So moving forward, we are reviewing job description right now we have several things going on in recreation. Right now. While lots of things, including feasibility study and Master Plan, which are going to be an extremely tight timeline for the feasibility study, that I am, literally after this meeting,

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that could be consultant to set our first meeting, meeting to hit the ground, very fast running to have this done by June, so that we can hand it to city council to be prepared for this month that’s planned for next November.

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So that, that’s going to be a lot of meat and recreation. In the next couple of months. And same time, we are left behind what we’re doing with my previous position. So we’re having discussions about that.

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We are in interviews for a therapeutic recreation person, which is a combination between us and Senior Services. Very exciting, very, very fascinating for the city to have a therapeutic recreation person.

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I’m proud of that, because I’ve been fighting for that since the day I went over to the memorial.

Unknown Speaker 7:03
We’re super excited and got some good candidates for that.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
And disposition. So we are reviewing that description. And we would love to post it as soon as we can.

Unknown Speaker 7:17
And have it out for a few weeks, and then start the process of hiring. And we’ll do that as quickly as we can. I mean, I think our goal would be to have somebody here

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before before summer, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
Sometimes the speed of the city is speeding. But it we’ve got the pieces in place to be able to get this and

Unknown Speaker 7:46
get things going.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
If we ever as another ticket item. Yeah, we do. I guess we’re talking about the project.

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Well, I guess linked with this, we are

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pulling back right now.

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We obviously we don’t have the house manager’s report, and then your grace on that for a bit here.

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We have the information. So we’ll we’ll be able to read up. I can’t tell you it’s going to be in the exact form we’ve had. We’re going to be looking at some adjustments. We’ll be talking with you guys about that. Kathy tech, great data. And she she took great data so so all of our all of that stuff is in place.

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And everything looks good. We don’t have any. There’s no issues here right now to worry about. But we want to be able to continue to provide you guys with good information. And look to do that as quickly as possible. I cannot guarantee we’ll have that by April. But

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you know, by by May, I certainly would like to see us being able to update and update you guys better than we Amuro right this minute.

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What am I missing? Oh, and so some of the things we’ve kind of taken a break on the reservations right now or we’re reviewing any new reservations. For here we’re looking at very cautiously, both from the status staffing aspect. And we’ll talk a little bit about

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the grant router grant and a building aspect. So this is just going to be one of these years where we’ve got to be super cautious with this stuff. And once we get somebody it’s not like

Unknown Speaker 9:27

Unknown Speaker 9:29
that’s gonna take some time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
We’re trying to be respectful that weddings are a big deal. Oh, yeah. And that.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
And as we’re

Unknown Speaker 9:42
we’re just trying to keep it to small things like a business meeting, like okay, we can work with a business meeting or like a request for two weeks from now. We were feeling pretty good about that. But the things that are huge and months in advance and we want this day at this time, we’re like, pulled off two of our advertising deals.

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All right now, which we can certainly be up whenever we choose to if

Unknown Speaker 10:06
we pull off those for the moment.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
It’s just not we don’t need to fill our docket right now, which was always the plan. It’s kind of always I don’t I don’t know that necessarily pulling off those was the plan right then. But it’s make sense right now. As we as we get this newsperson going.

Unknown Speaker 10:27
We’re always looking at opportunity. And we’re, we’re whenever somebody leaves, we look at opportunity, how can we make adjustments? Is the job fair? Exactly, right.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
All of those things, it’s an opportunity, and we’re excited. We’re excited. I mean, the stuffs who else is doing behind the scenes, the nuts and bolts really

Unknown Speaker 10:50
gets this place up to speed with other things we’re doing in the city? It makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 10:57
Yeah, that’s what I’ve got. Because they may have any questions that I can

Unknown Speaker 11:01
that I can’t answer about weddings already scheduled. Can you kind of just run down

Unknown Speaker 11:09
gratefully lumped

Unknown Speaker 11:12
in the sense that we do have wedding this month. I mean, a few weeks. And

Unknown Speaker 11:19
we have some in June and July. But we’ve had a nice kind of long gap from late July to early September, with nothing currently scheduled. And we’re kind of trying to like keep that reserved for the moment for some different things. Right.

Unknown Speaker 11:35
We’re right now thinking that we’re going to have that cap anyway, with the with the grant that we’re going to be working against. Yeah. Yeah, we were. We were always we’ve always been discussing that. We need to be really cautious about the reservations.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
ones we currently have. We’re certainly prioritizing making sure. Like you said you can

Unknown Speaker 11:57
we can adjust a business meeting. That way. We know what that means.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
They need to happen. They need to come off.

Unknown Speaker 12:06
Commitment to Yes, yes. We just just surviving that as of recently. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:13
It is a big deal. Do overs aren’t.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
In college, right. I get it.

Unknown Speaker 12:25
Yeah. Any other questions?

Unknown Speaker 12:28
No, other than thank you both for all the extra work that you’re putting in.

Unknown Speaker 12:34
And thank you, for for

Unknown Speaker 12:37
doing all the big stuff. It’s great.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
When change changes, exciting, we’re good at changing recreation. It’s something that it’s kind of our our nature. We don’t get terribly set in our ways. Always looking at whatever the next thing is, and trying to make sure we’re optimizing moment got

Unknown Speaker 12:59
very excited about this year, my new job and

Unknown Speaker 13:04
we’re hoping that voting December in

Unknown Speaker 13:09
the new rec center a couple of years. Plus, there’s plus plus plus that’s talking about my piece, but

Unknown Speaker 13:16
there’s a lot to that, as anybody who’s read articles matter know, or done the survey, who’s done the survey.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
It’s a it’s quite a survey.

Unknown Speaker 13:28
Play parking record was not terribly fond of it, but

Unknown Speaker 13:33
the input

Unknown Speaker 13:37
behind the scenes.

Unknown Speaker 13:41

Unknown Speaker 13:43
Yeah. Yeah, that was kind of a bombshell. But that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 13:49
So that will swing back up for old business.

Unknown Speaker 13:53
Which is perfectly Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
So unfortunately, right this minute, we still can’t really comment, because we do not have a contract. So that’s,

Unknown Speaker 14:09
we had hoped to we should have. And I can’t comment as to why I can just tell you guys that we’re kind of frustrated right now. But we have some movement. We’re not We’re not in. We don’t feel like we’re in a bad place.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Sometimes these things just take longer than we would like them to. And that seems to be the case right now. So

Unknown Speaker 14:34
I wish I could tell you guys more but I am optimistic. We had some news this morning.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
And we’ll get

Unknown Speaker 14:42
I hope, I hope very much that we have a contract by the time we meet again. And we will be able we will hopefully have meetings where we’re talking timelines and we can tell you guys about those and the plans.

Unknown Speaker 14:55
So I know that’s frustrating. I wish I could say more. We’re that

Unknown Speaker 15:00
is close.

Unknown Speaker 15:02
It should have been done by now. And it’s not it’s not anybody in the city’s fault, including, including Kathy, this is this is entirely external. But we’re, again, we’re managing that

Unknown Speaker 15:17
contract contract for the between the contractor in our side of the city to do the work.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
And link to that. Did I have anything on the curb on here? Because it’s okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:33
Any other questions on the kid what I can and can’t answer a

Unknown Speaker 15:40
very open person knows that I’m

Unknown Speaker 15:44
I tell her most every secret but this one I

Unknown Speaker 15:49

Unknown Speaker 15:51
tell you any of her family secrets tissue letter. Everybody knows. Yeah, that’s

Unknown Speaker 15:59

Unknown Speaker 16:01
so just because based on the other business and we know the summer is kind of open. Okay, things

Unknown Speaker 16:09
do give pretty good optimism that maybe some of these projects can be started during that next life period.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
It’s certainly Aeroplan. That’s certainly that’s been the long term. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:25

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Moving along. The Callahan house advisory board annual report to the city. I’m not sure who is your I brought copies? Because I

Unknown Speaker 16:38
just thought well, let me be prepared. Because

Unknown Speaker 16:41
so but you know.

Unknown Speaker 16:52

Unknown Speaker 16:54

Unknown Speaker 17:07

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Chair, just to clarify, this is

Unknown Speaker 17:13
John every year, correct? Yes. And it is this responsibility to file it.

Unknown Speaker 17:22
To prepare it, the board chairperson and members prepare it, along with the house managers, details, managers reports, and any other information that we would need to ask us to be included.

Unknown Speaker 17:43
And then the board reviews, the draft. And that’s what we’re doing. And then once it’s approved by the Board, the chairperson signs it and the house

Unknown Speaker 17:57
chairperson for further years. Yeah. for that. And house manager says that this stuff is signed.

Unknown Speaker 18:06
And then it’s submitted to the city clerk and goes to the processes. The current mayor.

Unknown Speaker 18:14
Last meeting, the only things that I was waiting on the numbers. I have emailed

Unknown Speaker 18:23
Kathy about asking these numbers and copy Karen moraine on that email. Because the three of us was done finalizing this, because but I don’t I don’t have those numbers. So that’s why you have question marks in the highlights in this

Unknown Speaker 18:37
usage chart gives you to us, we are missing a few cheap girls. And the bottom line is the reason why we did it this way is because it’s its chair for those years that’s been submitted, and we’re submitting for the years in which I would share and then in the end, we’d go forward and do kind words for this year fall. Well, the reason person who is currently serves is like next year at this time, I won’t be on the board anymore.

Unknown Speaker 19:05
So the current chairman of that next year will be signing it and it should I was nervous what may be the case for next year for this year. And then next year, I guess but for for the last three years. And since she’s Yeah, but still remember then that she she was the chairperson for those years and those those years of reporting on a yearly report. Except it shouldn’t.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
It shouldn’t be. Yeah, your report. Ideally. Yeah. But I mean, next year at this time, I won’t be here to sign Well, ideally in our bylaws we have that I’m saying the current people in

Unknown Speaker 19:45
so for this year, or 2023. Let’s be clear for 2023 in our bylaws we have that we’re supposed to have our annual report done in November for the November board meeting so that the board members can review it and

Unknown Speaker 20:00
November, and then present it to the clerk. And then hopefully in December is when the chairpersons would be able to, not only in November be able to sign the report, but hopefully in December, if City Council has room on their agenda to allow us to present it that time, the chairperson will be presenting

Unknown Speaker 20:23
the report that was submitted during the clerk’s office, does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 20:31
It’s exceedingly like this, this is the problem. So you would still be you would still chair when it’s time to sign up for 2023. It’s not just for December.

Unknown Speaker 20:41
It’s my

Unknown Speaker 20:44
intention is to be by the close of the year that you’re recording.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
So if anything happened with this one, we need to jump on getting the next one done. If anything, I mean, this is well, well, I think I think June will probably be a good time to have that on the agenda, just in case of a note of putting that on the agenda for June and begin to

Unknown Speaker 21:10
prepare, well, yearly reports very seldom are completed in the year. Exactly. Always. Yes, there were a couple of months. So that’s something you should plan. You don’t have the data yet. But

Unknown Speaker 21:24
it’s that’s the next year normal business procedure to have last year’s report next year. I really like this kind of got cute. So I think we should plan it. It’s always going to be the final one will be in January or February of the following year. And then we’re going to have to vote to change that. And the Bible says

Unknown Speaker 21:42

Unknown Speaker 21:44

Unknown Speaker 21:46
But I also brought with me the attachments that are referred to in here. I do have seven of them. So we pass them along and share them. This is just one, just one. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
I don’t look through this report, you’ll see the first

Unknown Speaker 22:05
document that it’s in 2022. listing, it’s historic time and house, a piece of LeMans history and marketing brochure was updated. See attached. That is what this is indicating color.

Unknown Speaker 22:21
might remember a period you may remember, it’s a pink color. This is the draft that I had. So that’s what I printed, because I thought it’s the final that I had. So I just want to print it, but I don’t have the pink one. So I just wanted to make sure everyone had the content,

Unknown Speaker 22:36
contents. And then also, the two news brochures that were created where the Callahan house self guided tour and the Callahan house, why historic restorations, preservation is important. Now,

Unknown Speaker 22:53
the prior board members have those already. But I didn’t make copies for the end.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
Because you were not here last year, so we’re gonna proceed.

Unknown Speaker 23:07
So this

Unknown Speaker 23:10
to the right, we

Unknown Speaker 23:15
saw the everybody else has a yes.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
There are three documents coming your way. So.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
The restoration and preservation

Unknown Speaker 23:40
are they something that you can easily print up?

Unknown Speaker 23:44
Should they have Yes, please? The house to have some printed for the open house students here. So these should not be in the new file system? Is it? Yes, it is. Oh, yeah. If they can be added to the new teams drive, that would be great. Because that’s for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
The next thing is the Yeah. The room by room doesn’t store details. Of course, I just added that document. So the three documents that were created last year.

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Okay, so that’s under that. It’s on page two in the bottom under 2022. The activities 2020. So you have an overview of recent years and that goes through the basic years 2020 2021 20. These were the documents that are referred to that. Yeah, in 2022 and then also

Unknown Speaker 24:44
in 2020.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Is a QR code that was enhanced to include opportunities for visitors to donate stuff

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Another server everyone has, this is what is

Unknown Speaker 25:04
outside the doors, this terminal doors. And so that people can

Unknown Speaker 25:11
can scan the QR code to get to information about the house

Unknown Speaker 25:17
information and also have the opportunity to donate which is an added

Unknown Speaker 25:22
one, they only

Unknown Speaker 25:24
received a donation or that way

Unknown Speaker 25:29
it’s already up somewhere

Unknown Speaker 25:32
outside the front door, the fortunate side

Unknown Speaker 25:49
then the rental rates for events that were increased to be consistent with market rates, if you see an attached two page document, I made copies of that, too. So everyone has that. But previous board members, last year received the

Unknown Speaker 26:08
meeting minutes and incorporated a meeting minutes time when that was done. So this would be included in Svalbard, or that would be turned in base would be additional, these are attachments to this document. And some of us who are returning have them already. You have them. But I just wanted to make sure that correct copy. So to begin with. Michelle, God want to be slowly. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:34
I’ve got one at home. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 26:36

Unknown Speaker 26:40
then the lowest documents that are referred to are the regular maintenance with the house manager. And that’s on page. I’m sorry, yes, on page four under 2020.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
So regular maintenance,

Unknown Speaker 27:03
put together the spreadsheet that included everything all lumped together into one. I broke it apart and based one for general maintenance go I’m sorry, take one customer.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
And then one for restoration and preservation. Because they are separate lists separately. And you’ll see that yes, we’ll have future projects. And then you’ll have currently in progress. So take a look at fees and how are they going to be quick forward? Are they general maintenance first, and then yeah, because it’s just how it’s listed in bullet points under the 2023 calls.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
It just shows a list of and shows to the council, the list of

Unknown Speaker 27:51
maintenance, things of general maintenance, things that are being looked at or addressed or coming up to be looked at as addressing the problems and list our future restoration and preservation projects that are being

Unknown Speaker 28:09
noted and aware of and work in our own. How are these lists created? I created these two separate spreadsheets from the one spreadsheet that had everything included in it. That happy had my whole together from what she had created, and from the information that we have also contributed. So it was a Ouija board and a whole list of everything that we thought and some of it was redundant. And then others we added to it and then

Unknown Speaker 28:44
Kathy took all the information.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
So this is the same a bridge is broken out. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
So that general maintenance, which is just regular maintenance issues are separate from historic restoration and preservation projects.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
And you’ll see on the maintenance, you can see I just left everything in future maintenance. I don’t know what if anything is being in progress right now. So that might be a question for Jacqueline and

Unknown Speaker 29:22
Betsy because they would know what maintenance is is occurring here at the house. Maybe right

Unknown Speaker 29:32
I don’t

Unknown Speaker 29:34

Unknown Speaker 29:36
Well, at least now we kind of get a replacement house

Unknown Speaker 29:43
got delivered yesterday.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Can’t fit through the door and we’ll find what happened to the new stove that was installed in 2022. It was not installed we have a new stove that was not installed. Oh

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Assuming you change them, then I’ll need to change that because it can be recorded. But let me change that

Unknown Speaker 30:16
well, we could just say new stove. Yeah. So pay for it is there.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
I’m gonna say instead of new stove iron for the kitchen was purchased.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
We’ll just reword it.

Unknown Speaker 30:31

Unknown Speaker 30:33
was purchased. And that was tomato.

Unknown Speaker 30:41

Unknown Speaker 30:43
that is all of the attachments.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
This is a lot of information. I’m not so sure that

Unknown Speaker 30:54
we are hoping to move forward at the last meeting. But the numbers are where we’re being held up. I thought, overall, right? Looking at this, it was pretty complete.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
We’re just wanting to verify numbers.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
Is there any way that we can get those firms around?

Unknown Speaker 31:15
And then the sooner we can get to this?

Unknown Speaker 31:18
And the better off? We’re going to be? Because so wait already?

Unknown Speaker 31:24
Anyway, but carrying myself in? Yep. That your parents and your parents been working diligently on this. And Karen has helped frame everything. And the other parent has done a tremendous amount of research. This is really impressive. And so much territory. Yeah, it’s three years.

Unknown Speaker 31:45
Because I had no idea that that’s what I was supposed to be doing until like, I don’t even density to

Unknown Speaker 31:55
work to leave it land or those files. When you say your original email.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
I didn’t know. Now I do know, my dog knew. Yes, you have it. I do now.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
So I can get those to think by the end of the week. Now the process of getting it before Council is one that I need to submit for to be on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 32:18
Do you? Do you want me to look for any April’s probably the earliest I can get?

Unknown Speaker 32:25
You just want me to find the next available space. That’s that’s there. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 32:33
As Mayor Peck explained, I’ve seen all that happens is as soon as

Unknown Speaker 32:38
you submit it to city clerk, right then

Unknown Speaker 32:44
two parallel city management

Unknown Speaker 32:47
finalize their work, but instead they choose when to fit in itself. Okay, so I can start that ball rolling in the data to you get a ball rolling, and then I can amend my submission because they’re not looking at things a month ahead of time. Yeah, they’re doing it a little bit sooner. And I’ll get the amended one in before they are

Unknown Speaker 33:11
for that week.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
With with the correction of the new stove, which I don’t know if we’re discerning other things and introducing.

Unknown Speaker 33:24
I know this is a real

Unknown Speaker 33:27
opportunity to this. I don’t think it’s fair experiment on people to vote on it today. And I might ask if it’s okay, that we come back to April’s meeting and vote on it then. Does that seem like that would be time to

Unknown Speaker 33:39
maybe correspond with the City Council? I

Unknown Speaker 33:43
think I can get it in before your meeting. No. So I think it makes sense to not try and push this. To have everyone prove this. We

Unknown Speaker 33:54
chose to read and I thought so I had said she was going to get it on the city council usually six weeks out. Okay, whatever, April. Well, so the sooner you get yourself moving, and I think we’ve got time to to do the approval before. Submit the final Yes.

Unknown Speaker 34:18
We can make adjustments or

Unknown Speaker 34:24
the adjustments needed can be put in.

Unknown Speaker 34:28
That’s okay. But does it? Did I get that right then it’s going to be on April City Council. The city council meet once a month once a week, three, three times, three times. So sometime in April. It will be one of the later

Unknown Speaker 34:42
late early. We want to make sure we

Unknown Speaker 34:47
do we can read through this before the next.

Unknown Speaker 34:51

Unknown Speaker 34:53
if you see anything, give us a shout out please.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
work so that we can make the jump horse.

Unknown Speaker 35:02
So yeah, that’s a beautiful record. Yeah. What things you Laureen and Karen?

Unknown Speaker 35:10
Yeah. You started and I just

Unknown Speaker 35:15
for Bill table board meeting, yeah. Sorry after this.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
You can say beforehand. And the email

Unknown Speaker 35:28
we met How does that work? How do we how do we want to communicate it?

Unknown Speaker 35:35
To to Sue Ellen. Kelly Callahan, or do you want to the Callahan legality now, we can sell through and if we approve him, send them email? Well, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
Any questions or corrections? If you see any corrections or anything like that, we’re not voting.

Unknown Speaker 35:56
That would be easier for

Unknown Speaker 35:59
what, two days before?

Unknown Speaker 36:04
A week before the

Unknown Speaker 36:06
ideal week.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
If it’s by week.

Unknown Speaker 36:13
There I’ll give you my

Unknown Speaker 36:16
high profile is April 12. A second?

Unknown Speaker 36:22
Yeah. Can we get a copy than before the meeting? Oh, what any correction? Yeah, that’s the whole point. I think. If any reps come to me, by the way

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