Golf Course Advisory Board – February 2023

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Golf Course Advisory Board – February 2023

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orderable all hands on deck all out

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are in so yeah, we just printed out our vacation schedule for everybody. It’s basically what we’re all taught for you Greek. Basically the same as it has been the years past we’re going to start the last week of March and do our aerification there we’re, we’re just gonna solid, tiny greens, it hasn’t been played barley, since, you know, October was a little busy November, December and February, all that hasn’t had any place, we’re just gonna solid time to start a kit download. So break up that stuff down deep, it’s really helped in the last couple of years with a localized dry spot was a little dry marks and you see around the greens, we’ve been able to really cut back on those last few years. So I think that’s a big part of it is getting down deep and loosening that stuff up before down there hasn’t been hadn’t been done, you know, the, so many years before the last two or three. So things happen and we’ll just go you know, monthly with our solid times, little do fans portfolio halls and they’re pretty much good to go the next next day, next afternoon or something and then we’ll do teas in the spring teas in the fall, we’ll probably get out new approaches in the spring with pulling cores out of those. Get around and clean up clean up those and then Raphson route bunkers are just here around with the early machines try to slice it jagged fairways as much as you can as a hardened machine slow and you get a lot of acreage and Pharaohs out there. So, so but yeah, we’ll click away and then we’ll go and get into fall. They’re still kind of debating, it’s either going to be the last week of September, the first week of October is trying to figure out from tournaments. work around those two things. Same thing in the fall, just drop us off kind of maybe put a little thing of course again, but we’ll be about the same as the spring a lot of sand. The geese have really done 12 this year. So we have fill in some some holes there. So we’ll get the last thing on the greens in the

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spring right here to talk about so I’m

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gonna tackle your patient for

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you know, people do these twin peaks and sunset aerification schedule. So I’ll start with sunset and these were the packets everyone printed out the entire sheet. So it makes a sunset are we doing a very similar areas of schedule this year. Starting towards the end of March, middle of March depending on what the weather looks like. We’ll start out with our fairways and lofts. Getting out there and trying to make some holes or do some compaction. Last year we’re at both courses were successfully able to aerate all the gradients, all the T’s, office arounds and all fairways, which has been a couple of years since we’ve been able to get it all done. So this year, we’re going to go after it again and try to get them all done again in the spring and the fall. But as far as the Greens go, we’ll start out on April 5 in Sunset weather permitting, through the full course aeration and we’re gonna go with Palatines just a small half inch just under half inches, ID. So there’s about the size of my opinion, fell off with sand and some fertilizer down. Same thing at Twin Peaks in the spring we’ll be going the week after on April 11. Due to notice over the past year, there hasn’t been as good of population filter filtration of the greens at the beach and sunset. So this year, the goal is to open them up and get as much fresh sand in them as we can to reduce some of the black layer that’s been growing over the year through last year with all the play we had. I believe I discussed some about it last year when I did my horse presentations. So this year we’re going to be attacking that. And then once a month. Throughout the cycle, we use the needle times like Euclid does. Open up the green is gonna get some air flowing through just the ones that will be healed up on the next day. In this fall, we’ll deal with that The full course aeration on September 13 for sunset which is a week later than usual this because it falls they follow us on the same weekend as Labor Day. And it’s already a short week so we don’t want to make it any shorter than we do, you know give the course of their time to heal up. That also the day before on September 12 We’ll be going at Twin Peaks and that day will be going will be opened up two times at 230 in the afternoon. Which reminds me so at sunset we’ll be closed all day because we have the cross country meet so we’re just doing solid lines in the fall which will be closed all day forward and cross country meet but Twin Peaks we’ll be using the same times but we’ll be opening later that afternoon because we won’t be doing as big an impact to the greens. So let’s be a few holes a little bit of standards of fertilizer. So then we can see the follow up trying to get the tees fairways and roughs area and also to get ready for the winter Yeah, that’s the aeration plan for all three courses here. That we just need the weather to cooperate with

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let’s do frost okay

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Chairman so we start at the bottom of the agenda, not knowing if other board members come so did you reorg just I apologize for this recently

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cool meetings All right. Thanks again. So we’re gonna do a little presentation on frost and kind of what causes frost and the reason we do what we do to keep golfers off of the course during frost. I’m not a scientist. I don’t know the exact science behind it.

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