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The Shakedown, Ep 26: How to talk about prison abolition – Part I

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Video Description:
Discussing prison abolition often feels like an uphill battle, especially with people unfamiliar with the concept or unsure why criminals deserve empathy at all. In this episode, Malone plays devil’s advocate as Rainforest defends prison abolition. Rainforest gets the stats wrong, but he explains a different perspective on prison abolition so that YOU can start discussing prison abolition.

Since Rainforest got the stats wrong, this will be part 1 of a series talking about prison abolition. The next in the series will specifically discuss the correct numbers so that you can have an accurate idea of what Rainforest was trying to describe with the incarceration and reoffending numbers.

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0:00 Shakedown Intro
2:00 How to talk about prison abolition
3:20 Why do we let criminals out of prison
7:20 Should we protest the death penalty?
12:20 Are we just letting inmates go?
13:45 Security is NOT Convenient
18:50 Treatment vs. prison
21:30 Will more people get hurt in a world without prisons?
30:25 Do criminals DESERVE to be treated better?
35:55 Bridges to Life and learning from victims
40:00 Good Christians listen to The Shakedown
41:30 How wanting criminals suffer makes everyone suffer
43:00 What babies have been getting away with for way too long…
44:08 What’s coming up at The Shakedown!