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The Shakedown: What Happened to Rainy’s Commitment Pt 2 – The Wrath of Rainforest

What happened to Rain's commitment? Part 2 - A continuation of the story

Video Description:
We finally finish explaining what happened to Rainy’s yearly commitment and how it changed. And by the end of the episode, Malone gets Rainforest on a tirade so bad that he worries it will threaten the rest of the show!
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0:00 Intro and recap
6:00 What Rainforest should say instead of accepting responsibility
7:50 What happened to Rainy’s commitment?
10:15 What happens if you violate parole or probation?
15:00 Thank you Colorado
17:30 What happened to Rainy’s commitment…really?
19:30 The attitude of the judge vs the DA
23:30 Why Rainforest feels the judge was not listening
26:45 Why MADD is evil
29:45 Closing thoughts