The Shakedown: Episode 23 – What are our Achievements?

Video Description:
On this very special episode of The Shakedown, Rainforest, Malone, and Dave all hang out to discuss their achievements since getting out of prison. Of course, Malone thinks he doesn’t have any so most of the episode is spent trying to convince Malone that, yes, he has actually accomplished something. Also, Dave apparently has really bad gas.
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0:00 Opening
0:14 Introductions to Rainforest, Malone, and Dave
1:30 What have we accomplished
2:18 What has Malone accomplished
3:25 What has Rainforest accomplished
4:10 The Shakedown welcomes all sponsors
5:30 Who is Moe?…maybe
6:35 What is Wayword Press and Warp Ranger?
10:00 The Shakedown at Fan EXPO
13:20 Who is Moe?…finally
15:30 Is it all about who you know?
19:00 Why couldn’t Moe get a job?
23:00 Is job success based on merit or who you know?
24:00 The formula for job success
27:30 Dave explains why you join a fraternity
28:45 Let’s see Rainforest’s prison fist bump
30:00 Closing