Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – February 2023

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Senior Citizens Advisory Board Meeting – February 2023

Note: The following is the output of transcribing from a video recording. Although the transcription, which was done with software, is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or [software] transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the meeting, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I don’t know if everybody knows everybody but I’m not sure I know.

Unknown Speaker 0:04
One person. So just go around the room. Introduce yourself starting with Marsha when you do that, right? Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
I’m Marcia Martin. I am the City Council liaison to this board and I have been for the last five years because I won’t give it up to another council member I’m

Unknown Speaker 0:25
so new members Pleased to meet you.

Unknown Speaker 0:29
Estimate. I’m

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Natalie taking notes. So I do have only one request for your second emotion st lug nuts. I know who you are doing it.

Unknown Speaker 0:45

Unknown Speaker 0:51
I was somewhere else. I’m sorry, Beth. Both

Unknown Speaker 0:54
brandy queen. I’m the supportive services supervisor on the staff. Jeff reasoner. I’m with recreation library and use.

Unknown Speaker 1:06
Robin, the admin assistant Robin here I’m not usually here, just to guess.

Unknown Speaker 1:12
Okay, so you’re the famous Robin.

Unknown Speaker 1:16

Unknown Speaker 1:18
on the board this my fourth year?

Unknown Speaker 1:21
She’ll Conway, I’m on the board. And I think this is my

Unknown Speaker 1:25

Unknown Speaker 1:30
On board, and

Unknown Speaker 1:32
we’re not Chavez. Did you attend what you do? I’m the families are the same as the school district for the east side. I’m sorry for the east side of

Unknown Speaker 1:46
St. Reagan Valley. Yes. And I didn’t going to come

Unknown Speaker 1:52
in hopefully because sign up. You

Unknown Speaker 1:58
know, I’m big grown up recently elected.

Unknown Speaker 2:02
This is my second meeting actually been on the board for about a year and a half.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
I will say that since the last meeting, I thought I knew something about the Senior Center. I don’t know anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:19
I’ve studied a lot and talking to people in order to watch this last month.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
It’ll help. Okay. publican minded to be heard. Is anybody here.

Unknown Speaker 2:33
Public and want to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 2:38
Not let’s move to the minutes of the January board meeting. Any corrections or additions to the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:55
minutes. Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 3:02
Last meeting was a follow

Unknown Speaker 3:05
up follow up and he did a good job. I will say that I believe Ark was up the meeting last time

Unknown Speaker 3:13

Unknown Speaker 3:14
a minute.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
As a member of having attended

Unknown Speaker 3:22

Unknown Speaker 3:24
as correctly notes. Just make a note.

Unknown Speaker 3:31

Unknown Speaker 3:34
that’s all

Unknown Speaker 3:36
I know you’re older.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
I did a good job on it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
And on those second we were talking about when we elected art. There was a second I went back and I looked at the video. I know there was a second I just couldn’t hear who it was for sure. Does anybody want to take credit for that? Responsibility? Maybe I should take credit for it.

Unknown Speaker 4:04
Sorry, what happened? That was my fault. Okay. Julie, she’s done the

Unknown Speaker 4:12
Approve with no corrections are duly seconded. Why? And again, we didn’t I didn’t hear it

Unknown Speaker 4:26
so you can you make the motion to approve. Second. You made the motion that we want a second.

Unknown Speaker 4:37
That’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 4:39
All right. All right. Let’s just see if that’s acceptable to everybody. We’ll just say the motion was seconded

Unknown Speaker 4:46
because I can remember it was a motion

Unknown Speaker 4:56
seconded, but I’m not sure if it was but that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Unknown Speaker 5:01
we put your name in there, yeah, yeah, I’m volunteering

Unknown Speaker 5:07
gotta watch me. You might put me in

Unknown Speaker 5:15
corrections or additional positions

Unknown Speaker 5:21
not all entertain a motion for

Unknown Speaker 5:25
patient entertain a motion.

Unknown Speaker 5:30
Moved. Yes. corrected. Oh is corrected. Okay. Okay. Let’s make a move

Unknown Speaker 5:39
the minutes as corrected

Unknown Speaker 5:54
any discussion? All in favor say aye aye. And I

Unknown Speaker 6:00
correct me if I’m wrong, but I think under Robert’s Rules I look for I couldn’t find technically a motion to approve the minutes. I don’t think requires us.

Unknown Speaker 6:11

Unknown Speaker 6:13
motion to motion second is usually just to make sure somebody agrees that they want to forward a business, I think or does he have to have a second more comfortable?

Unknown Speaker 6:24
All right. What I remember of it, I think it adds seconds. All right. doesn’t stick in my head with Robert’s Rules. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 6:35

Unknown Speaker 6:37
old business.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
So we got vote.

Unknown Speaker 6:45
Every vote on there? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:49
Oh, yeah. Julian Sheila.

Unknown Speaker 6:56
All right.

Unknown Speaker 7:04
Got several items of old business. And first items, discussion of the library recreation, proposal, the Johnsons study and so on. And, Dave, Jeff, would you mind if we talked about the class registration software so she can go? Yeah, I was gonna suggest that.

Unknown Speaker 7:26
Okay, thank you. Let’s move that. Let’s move to Item b, the class registration system. Ronnie showed me a preview of that looks pretty good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
Are you

Unknown Speaker 7:45
Are we showing?

Unknown Speaker 7:47
My Okay, you want to show it?

Unknown Speaker 7:50

Unknown Speaker 7:53
Box. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 7:56

Unknown Speaker 7:58
I guess it’d be

Unknown Speaker 8:01
table but everyone could see. But you know, just stop trying to get the caster it just takes a minute.

Unknown Speaker 8:09

Unknown Speaker 8:11
your mind is fine on the setup, raise my issues, and then they might be addressed in what you have to say. That Okay, sense.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
Sure. related. That’s related, right? Yeah. Okay. So I understand you have this cam system, right? It’s difficult to really manipulate within that way.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
So I asked a few people how it is to register how they find that experience. And I have three scenarios. One woman was 70 plus years old, not very computer savvy. And so she looks at the web magazine, chooses her class, and then comes to the front desk and asked them to register for her. I talked to another woman 47 years old. She’s a tech writer professionally and therefore extremely computer savvy. And she went through the system pretending she was me. And a couple things popped up of concern to her that I’ll mention in one was she

Unknown Speaker 9:18
registered for a class

Unknown Speaker 9:22
but it didn’t really come up as the name in in the catalog because it was under a picture or something like that. And then she had to go in and find the one she wanted to, to click on.

Unknown Speaker 9:40
She also was a little

Unknown Speaker 9:44
nerve that you had to get into the cart three times in order to secure your, your class you wanted to register for.

Unknown Speaker 9:54
Okay, so she was using her tablet and she had it in landscape.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
mode, and everything came up as

Unknown Speaker 10:03
cute, including the little message at the bottom that need you to click on those things to put in your cart.

Unknown Speaker 10:10
However, if your tablet is in portrait mode, that little message does not show up at the bottom. And so you are totally frustrated. And how do I proceed to register for these things that Joseph,

Unknown Speaker 10:26
turn your

Unknown Speaker 10:28
tablet around.

Unknown Speaker 10:31
She also wanted to go back and add some more classes. And that took her to

Unknown Speaker 10:36
not back to the, to the goal, but to a page of all the different types of classes, you can register within the city. And it’s called under that category, she decided to use the adult 55 Plus, and that did take her them to the goat.

Unknown Speaker 10:58
So I also asked at the front desk, what it’s like when the new go, catalog comes out.

Unknown Speaker 11:06
And I was told there is a line starting at 730 or wanting to register. And they don’t answer the phone until 10. Because there are so many people who want to register by using the staff at the front desk, rather than doing it themselves. So then when they answer the phone at 10, then they’re doing all the people who are calling in to register.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
So if there’s some way to make this easier for

Unknown Speaker 11:32
people to use, I think he would reduce the amount of time that the front desk has to spend registering.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
Okay, that’s it, man clarify about that phone call piece. I think she was exaggerating. We answered the phone when we can. But if there are a lot of people in front of us, then we can always get to their phones right away. But we do check messages a lot during calls. Okay. So let me let me just

Unknown Speaker 12:04
kind of set this up a little bit. So Ruth, we have had heard those

Unknown Speaker 12:10

Unknown Speaker 12:12
A number of the staff met

Unknown Speaker 12:15
late November, early December and looked at the system trying to identify ways to make things better specifically for senior services. And I think what Robin will show us is some of those things that that we’ve worked on to try to make that better, as well as the Ronnie wants to show the video that Robin created on kind of a tutorial on how to use the system as well.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
So Robin has it synced right now. And so what she did is she went through and provided a video tutorial

Unknown Speaker 13:01
explaining the steps to register for a class, yet showing the mouse icon throughout the process. So she’s showing you where to go, what to click on what comes up, what comes up in each redirection. And then she put again provides the short tutorial explaining the process explaining what you’re seeing, explaining where it’s going to take you. And just, you know she did she did a very good job.

Unknown Speaker 13:34
Taking a look at it for the first time. Did you did you feel that was an easy process? Something that you could watch? Yeah, watch the register. But I have never registered for a class. I’ve always come to us. So yeah, it seems pretty straightforward to me.

Unknown Speaker 13:54
And so what and Robin, thank you for putting this together, it just it just simplifies the process. When you have somebody explaining it to you, you don’t have to make that phone call. You don’t have to wait for a return phone call if there’s one, right. And you don’t have to come down and wait in that line that we were just discussing, those are all available options. But again, this is you know, good solution to help identify the issue with registering online now. So Robin, if you go ahead and when you click on it should maximize your Yeah, so just so you all know, this is our homepage. So people go directly to our website, from analog where it says the website, it goes to city website, have a look at the services.

Unknown Speaker 14:38
This is our homepage. So it’s front and center if you’re looking at the senior center on the websites, and we do have information here about how to view the catalog and then we also have a link to our senior computer tech center or senior center Tech Connect lead site so they can help people to their other older adults who volunteer for our senior theater programs. So we have that time

Unknown Speaker 15:00
have a link to them because they can also help with any online struggles that people have. And then right here is the video on how to register online. So it’s my understanding that you want me to play the video,

Unknown Speaker 15:11
it should automatically maximize, and we check volume on your

Unknown Speaker 15:18
here’s how to register online for senior center programs and activities. Now, please find the link on our homepage at Longmont Now, if you’ve ever registered before, in person or on the phone, you already have an online account. So if you have an email on file of the senior center, you can click on links on the login screen for forgot username, or forgot password and reset your information. Or if you’re not getting those emails, or you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at three observe it’s freezing spiders, you can hear her but a slide when we can’t see the slides and she basically activities. So she’s going to exit out and try and log back in. That’s just an internet issue. It’s not a it’s not a video issue that should create one thing I would like to say we’ve all been frustrated about registering online, never occurred to me before the effect that that has on the seniors and into stone.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
So you always registered by coming in right now on registering. You do it online now?

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Not very today.

Unknown Speaker 16:29
I registered for two classes online and it. I didn’t have any real struggles. That I mean, to be honest, I was able to get into the class about just you. But you know, I probably pretty used to computers, maybe more so than some people?

Unknown Speaker 16:50
I will I will say that I’ve registered for many classes.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
And I’ve never had it or what classes?

Unknown Speaker 16:59
Yeah, plenty, plenty of classes. Oh, plenty. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think you know, when we talked, we identified that there are kind of three groups of people and registration. There are folks who are already comfortable registering online, folks who are not comfortable. And if they got some assistance or some explanation, they might be able to get there and register online. So I think we’re always going to have a group of people who are not comfortable registering online, no matter what we offer them. So we’re always going to have that option at the front desk, no matter what. But what Robins trying to address here is how to help that middle group of people who if they got some training, and they got some support.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
So destruction registering online might be easier.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Is there is there also written directions to so that maybe they can have their full browser open so they can do it step by step?

Unknown Speaker 17:50
I don’t know, I honestly, we had that meeting. And we had a few different solutions that we came up with. But the only one I had time to work on between now and then was this video. So I think there might have been discussion about more prompts on the site itself, the registration site, kind of helping you know what to do. But I’m not sure if that was able to get done yet. Okay, we’re short staffed. And, yes, video is great. So if I were to use this, I would be on my computer trying to register and using this to figure out how to register. So I don’t have two things open.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
Just watch this first. And then my hope is that you watch this first and then you can do it.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Remember all those steps? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 18:39
we can certainly try to type up some how tos as well. And I have walked people through it over the phone too. So that’s always an option for you. Someone just called me yesterday. And I was able to help her and she was once I got her to what she needed. She was like, Oh, I can do this. Yeah, she once you get it. So sometimes to what I do is I print the infrastructure of my printer and put them right next to me because like you I can remember things beyond that for you. So you’ll see in the video that the reason we don’t have very elaborate written, sanitary visual, and it kind of depends on Well, if you’re looking at it like this, it might look like that. So it’s kind of hard to like have complete instructions that are written that work for everybody. But we can certainly put something out there that can help with that. And also just to touch base on. I appreciate the concern for the burden on the front desk, but it’s not really a burden to us that people are registering in person. That’s just kind of how we work.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
The one thing that would concern me is if we push and a lot of people register online, and then at eight o’clock when those people get here to register in person, things are getting full because everyone’s registering online. So there’s a delicate balance there to keep in mind.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
Once again, please what’s the problem with everybody registering online if some people like that

Unknown Speaker 20:00
If more and more people register online, but some people will still always want to come in no matter what, even if they understand how to do it online, they will always want to come in. So I would hate for 815, I had someone who was here at eight o’clock, finally got to meet a register. And now the class is full, because unless people got on at eight o’clock and registered for the class online, that would be a real incentive for them to learn how to do it. Yeah, I’m just letting you know that. Yeah, can also happen, no matter what, again, like I think that

Unknown Speaker 20:28
that will always be a contingent that wants to register in person, no matter what you do. I want to respect that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Like I said, I’ve never done this before. You have to go to two websites, go to senior center and or city, Arizona all just go to the city website. And then you just click Yeah. So you’ll see I’ll show you in this video how to get there from the city website. So it’s a separate website, from the city website, but you, you get there from

Unknown Speaker 21:00
when we send out our email newsletters, so we send out a newsletter, we try to get it out every other week. But sometimes we’re behind. If we’re promoting a class, we link to that specific class in the email. So if you see the classes now want to sign up for that, you just click the link and it’ll take you right to the registration for that class. So we’re trying to make it easier for people.

Unknown Speaker 21:21
So does anyone have any other comments before I like this?

Unknown Speaker 21:28
In your center programs and activities, now, please find the link on our homepage at Longmont Now, if you’ve ever registered before in person or on the phone, why hasn’t on

Unknown Speaker 21:44
the internet?

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Nope, no.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
Play might adjust though not the next trend, run it up by computer. So if you have an email on file with the senior center,

Unknown Speaker 21:59
be a bit of a smaller screen.

Unknown Speaker 22:02
But you’re casting, we can attach an HDMI cord to your computers.

Unknown Speaker 22:12
But yeah, try what you’re doing as long

Unknown Speaker 22:15
as it’s not blurring the people that have watched it right? Because no.

Unknown Speaker 22:21

Unknown Speaker 22:29
Let me find where I’m plugging it. I think it’s in the computer box. I’m just gonna exit out of this. But if you want to see. So this is our homepage. And if you click on register for a class, it takes you to that registration website, which is right here.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
And the link that you click on from our homepage takes you to a search. It’s like a filtered search. So it shows you all of our programs already.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
And then we’re going to plug in right

Unknown Speaker 22:56

Unknown Speaker 23:04

Unknown Speaker 23:07
this question I have is this is in Spanish as well. No, no. So you don’t have a large population of our Spanish community that actually registered at all. So that’s another issue we’re trying to tackle. So they start registering and they want to register online and of course you would

Unknown Speaker 23:29
it’s one of the things our Spanish programmer will work on once we get them hired just how to get folks to register for programs at all, in Spanish.

Unknown Speaker 23:37

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Register online for senior center programs and activities. Now please find the link on our homepage.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
Now registered before

Unknown Speaker 23:56
so if you have an email on file with the senior center, you can click the links on the login screen for forgot username or forgot password and reset your information. If you’re not getting those emails or Guinea Shriner assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at 36518411 you may see activities unavailable online. That’s usually due to the fact that they’ve already started or it’s too close to the start class. So just call us if you have any issues with finding a class online. Now on our homepage, you can click the register for a class button. And it will take you to a page that looks like this with all of our activities. You may also get a page that looks like this with more categories, you can click on. So either way you can click on the category and it will take you to the search screen. So you can search by activity code so that number and find the activity in the catalog. Just make sure you always search the first six digits before the decimal and also remind you

Unknown Speaker 25:00
search by category or locations, or.

Unknown Speaker 25:04
So when you get the results of your search, we will see the titles of all the activities. But you will need to click on it to get more information. So it’s important to note that if the class is part of a series, you might just see the title for the series and not the individual class title, until you click on it and see what information. So it’ll tell you the date, the time the price or the activity. And if it’s school, or if it’s a waitlist, and you can add a label.

Unknown Speaker 25:35
So once you find the activities you want, you can just keep going and find everything that you want, just check the box under the add to cart list.

Unknown Speaker 25:46
And once you check that box, this bar down here is gonna pop up. And as I’ve added more activities, they’ve added to this part as well. So I’m not finished yet, I have to then click Add to Cart again. So it’s a two step process to check the box and then click Add to Cart. That’s what

Unknown Speaker 26:04
I’ll show you as far as you might have to scroll or just your screen. Yeah, once you’re ready to add to cart.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
And this is where you will be prompted to login if you’re not logged in already. And then it’s going to list all the family members in your household that are eligible for this activity. So if you have more than one person in your account, it will list everyone’s name here. So you just need to select who’s doing the activity. And it’s only going to show people who are 55 of age and better because we have age restrictions on activities. So if you don’t have your age in the system, then it won’t let you sign up. So select what you want. And click Continue. And this is where it will take you to your shopping cart, you can see first it’ll tell you if it’s full. So we’re on the waitlist for a couple of activities.

Unknown Speaker 26:54
And they’ll tell you if it conflicts with another program. And then you can see everything that you are signing up for you can remove it or keep it in your cart. And then you can proceed to checkout. Or you can continue shopping and add more items to the cart. So once you proceed to checkout, you will just need to enter your payment information and make sure your contact info is up to date, select that you’re not a robot and confirm the transaction. And that’s all you need to do. Um, you will be emailed a receipt when you need to check on your system, your status, you can go to here and your accounts name and view your receipts again, your household calendar like that. And that’s all you need to register. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
Well done.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Thank you for doing

Unknown Speaker 27:43
that. Yeah. And so I this, I just want to clarify, we already had a video, I just updated it because our website changed. So we’ve had this video for a long time.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
But yes, I understand that it’s complicated. But there’s really nothing we can do about the way it works, we can just help people understand it.

Unknown Speaker 28:02
So this is a modification to the existing system versus a brand new. So we just the system has been the same. It’s just like a year or two ago, the website changed the way it look. So some of the pages look different, or the colors look different. So I had an old video that was showing an old looking site. So I just updated it, and tried to add in some of the other issues I was hearing. So nothing has really been updated functionally. It was just the design of the website, cosmetically. What does everybody think?

Unknown Speaker 28:39
I think it’s great.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I think it’s good. I have to use it.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
Yeah, Marshall? Yes. I

Unknown Speaker 28:52
am wondering, this assumes that you already have an account

Unknown Speaker 28:58
from other parts of the city website, like permitting stuff. I always get roadblocks, because my account seems to expire all the time.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
So did you talk is there a way to talk about what you actually have to do you get an account? Yeah, I did actually say that in the very beginning on when I was showing the Word document on the screen. So yeah, if you’ve already it’s not your utility billing account it’s if you have an account with a represent I like you’ve done our

Unknown Speaker 29:26
museum, like class or something, then you’re in the system. So I did try to explain that and I said you you already have an account, you might not know how to login, so click forgot password or just call us so. Okay, so but that isn’t what creating an account means. So you sort of said if you’ve already shared your email with us, how do you create an account? You go to city of Longmont, you your website, and that’s where I created my account and I can get into the museum I can get into. Yes, anything it’s all one account but if you’ve never create

Unknown Speaker 30:00
account, you have not really said how you do that. So, I mean, I can say that say it right now. And then it maybe it needs to be its own separate thing because I didn’t want to.

Unknown Speaker 30:10
I didn’t want to put too much in that video. I know you’re right. It should be a separate thing creating an account.

Unknown Speaker 30:17
That yes, it’s records museum never seen. It’s not.

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Yeah, it’s only for record like

Unknown Speaker 30:25
art, this software does not communicate with any other software within the city. So if you’re in permitting, it’s not going to talk to recreation. But if you’re, if you’ve only had like Union reservoir passes before, you can still use that same account for this. Two years. Yeah. And the museum.

Unknown Speaker 30:48
I don’t have an account. I’ve never gotten an account, or an account because you’ve registered in person with us. Okay, so that’s the issue. But when you’re on this screen, if you’re adding things to your cart, and you’re not signed in, it’s going to prompt you to create an account anyway, which is I did say briefly in the video that I didn’t go into how you’re correct. So

Unknown Speaker 31:08
I’m not logged in right now. So it’s going to ask me to sign in. And then there’s that box, it says, you may have already already have an account, if you have registered for programs or activities with recreation, Senior Services, firing range or museum, use forgot username link below to check your email address. And then down here, it says it’s that forgot your name, forgot password, don’t have an account sign up now. So the system prompts you. Yeah, that’s great. And then you just put in your information.

Unknown Speaker 31:38

Unknown Speaker 31:44
happened with the cam system we have is that if people go online, you click on the class you want, and it goes into your cart. Right? And you pay for it. I mean, in an ideal, but that go online is sort of like a PDF. So there’s not linking to anything to get it to click on.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
And I don’t know if it can happen that way. That ideally, I think it should, but that’s just me.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
I’m thinking that

Unknown Speaker 32:14
everybody thinks this is pretty good. I, like oh, this is episode. So I’m thinking,

Unknown Speaker 32:21
Wait, let’s give it a shot. When can you implement this? It’s already been implemented. It’s already it’s live on. But how about giving it a three, four or five month trial? And then come back and give us a report?

Unknown Speaker 32:36
From cool. We have

Unknown Speaker 32:39
people that administer Yeah, oh, there’s always new

Unknown Speaker 32:44
video is new system is not noticed this

Unknown Speaker 32:50
sort of information, right. So we will take comment as people are communicating with us. And

Unknown Speaker 32:59
it’s summer will report back on what the feedback is. I think the general thing that I’ve heard overall with the system is that once you get it figured out, it’s pretty easy. But it is difficult to get that initial thing done. And that’s why we’re looking at continuing to do more videos. And what I will call the cheat sheet so that I’m like some of you where I like to have it sitting in writing next to me so I can keep referring back. So those are things that we’ll continue to do to try to make the experience better than it is right now. We have most people using the computer or walking in.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
For the Senior Center. We are primarily in personnel by the for the senior center, we are primarily in person registrations. That’s why do we have a statistic, but for the Rec Center, I believe it’s more of 6040. Now I think about here, I don’t know the exact percentage, but it’s more here. It’s about 25% registering online, we took a look at some of the stats last year, which is increasing, because that number was much lower before.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
And so right now, this video is just on our web page. It’s just like there and it’s been there for a long, long time boy, so maybe what we can do is try to promote it more like we could put it in our email newsletter, like you’re just video. You’re struggling to register online, and just kind of make people aware that the video exists. Well, that’s one thing we can do. Well, we can put it somewhere go. Yeah, well, if we are going to survey our client

Unknown Speaker 34:41
concerns is this one that should be on our

Unknown Speaker 34:45

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Does that raise people’s expectations or

Unknown Speaker 34:54
registration? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 34:59

Unknown Speaker 35:00
See? Is there something about select language? I was just asking it system language. Oh, that’s just from Google Chrome.

Unknown Speaker 35:09
So Google will automatically translate any page. Can you click on Spanish?

Unknown Speaker 35:18

Unknown Speaker 35:22
Google just translate everything on the screen. That’s not something we do. That’s a Google options. Cool. Okay, but that’s a good

Unknown Speaker 35:32
I kind of misunderstood, I hope it was

Unknown Speaker 35:36
1010 plus years, there are monthly updates that are sent to us that are automatically put put in there. And then we also have the option and we have a list of things that we’ve requested to be done, but by the system. And the way the company works is, once enough communities have made the same type of request that moves that request up in the level of priority. And what’s the name of the software? It’s called rec track. And it’s owned by Vermont systems.

Unknown Speaker 36:18
I understand we have very few Hispanics that are doing these, but I’m sorry, but I’m naive and computers. But when they go to go, Google and it says,

Unknown Speaker 36:29
in Spanish, it will all be done in Spanish and it can register like that or not? I believe so it would probably be something we’d want to have someone test because I don’t think we’ve had experience with monolingual Spanish teachers registering online. So it would be something we would want to

Unknown Speaker 36:45
I guess look into, try them out. Or I can try it. Why don’t you try to register. And to reiterate sort of problem A before that problem is just getting people to register for classes at all, because right now, people share information about our classes in Spanish by word of mouth and a calling tree. And when we hire our bilingual three quarter time coordinator this year, it’s one of their first goals is to talk to customers about what do you need to register in advance for a class at all?

Unknown Speaker 37:19
Good, okay, because I create registration numbers for every Spanish class and zero people register for every Spanish class. But for instance, yesterday, we had 14 people within the Spanish class, they just don’t register. So we’ve got to address that like, yeah, kind of

Unknown Speaker 37:37
issue first. Yeah. And then note on that we have a Spanish page on our Senior Center website, I pulled it up right here. But the city in general tries not to have Spanish specific pages, because Google has that translate option. So we don’t need to create the extra work or a page that I have to be updated regularly, right? If Google will just translate it for us. But because the Senior Center has such a large Latino population that comes here, we at least tried to have a page that kind of touches on a few things that we do here.

Unknown Speaker 38:13
Yeah, so this is already in Spanish. We

Unknown Speaker 38:18
went smooth like a regular case.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
And the internet is really slow on this TV right now. But

Unknown Speaker 38:26
that translate button right away, but I think there’s a way to find it.

Unknown Speaker 38:30
Page in Spanish just shown, just say anywhere to get

Unknown Speaker 38:35
to translate. A dish additional pages that were mentioned in Spanish use Google. I don’t think it says that. So we can look into adding that Bailey It says call Monica.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Yeah. Is this new to most of the folks in here? Yes, it is.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Well, does, everybody thinks that this is

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Good work.

Unknown Speaker 39:05
Good system. What that is now let me ask

Unknown Speaker 39:10
what are you going to do different?

Unknown Speaker 39:13
forward as far as registration.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
So what it sounds like, what we’re going to do is look at creating, as mentioned, a handout option. So creating a link in here that provides the handout options to have a printable version while you’re registering as well, because that’s kind of what I’m here. Right. So printable version,

Unknown Speaker 39:38
create an possibly doing another video on how to create a new account. So there’s just It’s its own video, how to create an account, and then how to register for the classes right after that, right.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
You’re saying you want to put it on? Maybe a three four month trial, just to see if to collect input

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Some real time feedback from from our customers on on the registration process did it? Was it easier? Is it more accessible to them now, because of these directions and because of the handouts is additional options. And so from there, we can bring that back in three or four months to kind of see what’s on screen reasonable to me.

Unknown Speaker 40:22
But what it sounds to me are a lot of band aids to try and keep this together and working well. But I think as an as an advisory board, we need to be communicating directly with the powers that be that we’d like to see this proved. So we don’t have to band a band aid. And so again, that’ll take a long time has to rise to the top of the

Unknown Speaker 40:49
track. But I

Unknown Speaker 40:53
boisterous it’s absolutely. But but as Jeff had mentioned, the system itself cannot change. They can’t unless we pressure, but it’s not just not really explained that better. Yeah. So the pressure Council Council can’t do anything about this either. Other than purchasing are finding a different system. Right. But what with the system we have, we have to work through Vermont. Right. But unless our voice gets there, right.

Unknown Speaker 41:27
What I’m hearing that’s possible, of course, you can buy a new system, right? But the political will or the,

Unknown Speaker 41:34
the economics or the money simply isn’t there right now? No, not right now. Plus, we’re not convinced there’s a better system out there that is specific to recreation, registration and reservation systems.

Unknown Speaker 41:48
You know, when we went to bid to get this system, the other big name is is class, and class wanted to connect, collect all the money on behalf of the city, and then monthly, they would send us the money. And we weren’t really comfortable with that one. Yeah. So that’s, that’s why we went with electronic in there at that time, that those were really the two options that we had.

Unknown Speaker 42:18
And so with that, because we can’t make overnight changes.

Unknown Speaker 42:24
The only thing we could do is create better options, more awareness on how to resources on how to register. So right now we have a video walking through, we can have the visual the handout. The video also provides auditory support, you know, and additionally, in person, right, so there’s, there’s a lot of resources available to register using the system we currently have. And all it is is just making these resources accessible for everybody. And I think we have the opportunity to register using these.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
I have two thoughts, one,

Unknown Speaker 43:02
would there be a way if there are times a month for classes are being registered? And they’re long lines? For the front desk? to potentially have somebody in the computer room? Ask people in the line? Hey, do you want to see how to do this on line? Because that would be one to one? Volunteers? Yeah, and haven’t been because rather than waiting in line for a long time, I might be willing to go in and learn how to do it on the computer, or to make one of more tech classes, how to register online. Because we may have people come to the class for a lot of people they need face to face interaction was born. And those would be two ways I can think of to do that. That’s a really good

Unknown Speaker 44:01
idea. The other thing I would just suggest is a

Unknown Speaker 44:06
lot of you might reach out to fan over in recreation. And maybe on those busy days, the phones could be transferred to recreation. And those that way the staff here is able to handle the lines and recreation could have helped people that are calling in. That’s a great place to help with some of that pressure.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
All right, this is taking way more discussion.

Unknown Speaker 44:37
I thought we’d be done in 20 minutes. Anyway.

Unknown Speaker 44:42
If I guess, if I were, if I heard correctly

Unknown Speaker 44:52
are five different additional things that you’re going to do?

Unknown Speaker 44:56
And let’s have a motion was just

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Several motion is totally lost proceed at a timeframe

Unknown Speaker 45:05
that briefly, I won’t be able to do anything until the end of February, before the end of February. So these things are implementing probably are going to fall to me and I just wanted to

Unknown Speaker 45:18
work on it until after our registration. Yeah, well, I’m thinking maybe three or four months or something.

Unknown Speaker 45:24
I’d like to make a motion.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
Do we need a motion?

Unknown Speaker 45:29
Motion move that we implement?

Unknown Speaker 45:34
The suggestions that were brought up today

Unknown Speaker 45:39
by the next go

Unknown Speaker 45:41
by the next goal, which would be the summer one in the summer, which would come out in May in May.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
What’s the deadline? What’s the deadline for next go to for content?

Unknown Speaker 45:56
March 20, or so? Does that work? Robin? Was that too soon? Well, content is not me content, you’re just saying is put something in the girl that says you this video. Yeah, I can do that today.

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Put it in the Summer Go template. That’s easy. But the other changes we do need more time for so.

Unknown Speaker 46:16
Okay. So have you bought anything to go into goes Mark Twain speech? The Secretary and the mark? Yes, sir. I gives you a couple of months.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
And it’s especially time to

Unknown Speaker 46:31
look at this just in the go. You just want us to point out that we have a video, right? Is that what we’re doing? I’m just gonna go. I think we’re looking at additional options. So the other stuff wouldn’t have to be done in self made. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
We have you said mate. Right. By the time we have an extra jobs that will be made. So we’ll have a follow up discussion. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 46:56
Okay, was there a second? Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
Was there a second to the motion?

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Any further discussion?

Unknown Speaker 47:09
All those in favor say aye. Aye. Opposed?

Unknown Speaker 47:14
Abstentions. Motion carries. Discussing.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
All right.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
Okay, Jeff, do you want to move to item A?

Unknown Speaker 47:29

Unknown Speaker 47:31
So first off, did everybody get the documents that I forwarded after our last meeting? We didn’t get them.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
Problem with the email list for the board?

Unknown Speaker 47:49
minutes and so on.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:55
So, did anybody sorry?

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Did anybody have any questions on those documents that were sent as references? As it relates to the potential election that we might have? In March?

Unknown Speaker 48:13
We didn’t, I’m gonna be honest. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
Because I did get them and I actually read them. And they were like, through 20. But you know it, you know, in that, and that’s just my, my feeling was that.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
I don’t know how appropriate they are to today. And I mean, the basic concepts of the needs, I think, are the basic concepts. That’s, that that’s one thing, but I found that I wouldn’t want to make decisions about, you know, what’s going to be needed translates in this community based on documents that are from 2018. That’s just my opinion. And those were sent only as reference for for past

Unknown Speaker 49:11
master plans or strategic planning. They weren’t represented to try to explain what why we need what we are proposing right now. Yeah, I read through it very closely. I didn’t read them. I have my item line by line.

Unknown Speaker 49:27

Unknown Speaker 49:29
I kind of agree with me.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
No, it was interesting. The part that I caught most of the school’s demographic information

Unknown Speaker 49:39
and I still think that that’s worthwhile. But other than that wasn’t specifically related to also it was interesting but

Unknown Speaker 49:53
we not have enough

Unknown Speaker 49:57

Unknown Speaker 50:00
When I looked at them, and a lot of

Unknown Speaker 50:05
I guess a concern, what’s the hockey? Ice again? It’s not there. That was

Unknown Speaker 50:15
this is what we got. Well, Jeff,

Unknown Speaker 50:18
the hockey thing, no wonder everybody’s confused what that was what everybody asked for. That I was not telling you that had anything to do with that election. You did say it was from 2018. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I remember that. So,

Unknown Speaker 50:36
so little data, is the ice rink. Part of what might be considered? No, no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
What jumps up, this is part of

Unknown Speaker 50:51
a different.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
What we’re looking at now is more a larger version of what is at lon not Recreation Center. I don’t know if anybody has any other comments, fine budgets I just

Unknown Speaker 51:08
got now so I apologize. But for sending that out, I thought we had to we asked for came up and we asked, and the performing arts is the most up to date as well. And Marsha, you might jump in here. It’s my understanding that another group is looking at that. But is there are there any questions specific to the performing arts? Because I think Marsha has the most information on did you send out a link to the Johnson study? Yeah, yeah. Because that really is up to date. In terms of of what the proposal is, there is because we know that that

Unknown Speaker 51:49
was not kind of isn’t consider itself a rich enough community to fund something like,

Unknown Speaker 51:56
you know, a full service Performing Arts Center, there is a consortium of private donors that is proposing to essentially raise half the money

Unknown Speaker 52:07
$35 million

Unknown Speaker 52:11

Unknown Speaker 52:13
grant that to the city, if the city will, will match it with a little more than match it with a $45 million bond issues. But that really cuts the, you know, this tax increase down a lot. And the tax wouldn’t come in until and if that goes private donor donors actually have the whole committed amount. So what the bond issue is going to be for, or what ballot measure is going to be for is, would you given the this private Association donates $35 million to the city for the purpose? Would you assume Would you support a bond issue with a tax? When that happens? Up to five years out? That’s, that’s the question. Okay, so I just want to be clear, make sure everybody else’s this is only that’s worthwhile, but that’s indirectly related to our goals.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
But, but it’s all all tied to the potential tax initiatives. There are all those right. There are things like the library, there are also things with the museum that and and with parks that can be included with the parks proposal that’s independent, right? No, there is probably on

Unknown Speaker 53:42
the council has to refer it so these are just this is a discussion of what’s being proposed. So after the election is when this group would try to

Unknown Speaker 53:55
raise the money to match up the group is going to raise money anyway because they get to they get to try three, two more times even if this try fails. So there is a group

Unknown Speaker 54:07
actually, the

Unknown Speaker 54:10
mostly seniors

Unknown Speaker 54:13
there is a group that wants this mostly for educational purposes, you know, but generally to enrich the cultural life of long run.

Unknown Speaker 54:25
That is raising the money now, are they raising money or are they making pledges?

Unknown Speaker 54:32
They are raising money with a an escape clause that is this completely fails after the trigger interval. You can you know, they will disperse the funds back to the donor actually getting funds or getting funds. Yeah. Can I ask

Unknown Speaker 54:51
are all of these this is going to be a vote on attack so we’re all these combined? It as one thing because

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Perhaps the cultural center is pushing it a little bit. But I think that the library really needs a lot of work and funding, as do some of the rep centered programs. So are we are we making comment on the potential taxation that’s going to connect all of these as one thing and then decide later? What gets what goes to a cultural center? What goes to the Rec Center? What goes Do you know, the library? Okay, both in nIESR. And so

Unknown Speaker 55:43
what is

Unknown Speaker 55:46
that the council has,

Unknown Speaker 55:49
has the power of referring all or none of these things to the ballot? That doesn’t happen until May or later. Okay. So what’s happening now is that

Unknown Speaker 56:05
the computations for how much tax increases would be associated with each project has been done, and you can look at them

Unknown Speaker 56:17
online from the

Unknown Speaker 56:20
city portal.

Unknown Speaker 56:23
So the council, the council portal,

Unknown Speaker 56:26

Unknown Speaker 56:29
those computations are approximate, you know, the, for example, the consortium of donors looked at that and said, you know, what,

Unknown Speaker 56:38
let’s put less of this burden on the people. But let’s raise more. So I think that the city was going to has it in the in the draft has 50 million, it’s going down to 45 million, because the consortium said we can do 5 million more.

Unknown Speaker 56:55
But anyway, how it’s grouped on the ballot is to be determined.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
But so what you can look at is roughly how much tax is associated with each of many options, such as the city dollar wise, or percentage wise, both. So you can say, you know, the, there’s going to be this percent sales tax, and there’s going to be this much mill levy associated with each project. The city is preparing now, and it should go to the professionals to get structured, right? A push survey, a scientific, you know, we randomize our, our population and contact people at random to survey what people prefer.

Unknown Speaker 57:48
So that that kind of a survey is going to happen, as well.

Unknown Speaker 57:55

Unknown Speaker 57:57

Unknown Speaker 57:59
yeah, both and neither right. Does that. Is that clear? I know. It’s kind of complicated. But that’s where it is. So on the ballot, it won’t be one question. It could be multiple might have the opportunity to vote. Yes. On a rec center. Yes. On a library. Yes. On use museum expansion.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Yes, I’m performing arts. And yes, on arts, you must or no,

Unknown Speaker 58:29
you might, but it’s not likely that the council will structure it that way. Because that gives it the least likelihood of passing. Right. But so we don’t know that. Well. The reason I asked this is taxes, tax

Unknown Speaker 58:45
burden to a lot of people. And the other thing is, you know, we have a mute sound. And we have an auditorium there. That’s pretty damn good when I don’t know if you go to those events there. But I do. It’s the life I’ve ever seen. overcrowded, it’s all and and I wonder about, you know, it, can we expand things? Or do we have to? Do we have to give up a rec center or a library to build a whole new cultural center? Well, so those are things that taxpayers are gonna want to know about? I will? Well, so if it is, if it’s on the ballot, and the ballot wins, the city is committed to doing it. So there’s no you know, if, if both the Cultural Center and the library extension and the Rec Center were all on the ballot, then in fact the city would be committed to building all of them. So you’re not giving up on the other hand, if, if the city if the council refers to them as 123

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Before five separate ballot questions, then yes, you end up with with a lower tax. But unless people voted for all of them, the city wouldn’t be committed to any of them only only the ones that one. So in that case, who prioritizes what gets built first? The well.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
Sorry, Barson. Important question. That No, honestly, that is that is the man. That’s the, that’s a matter of operations in the city. Staff, the city manager staff does that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
so I can’t tell you that what the only thing I can tell you in terms of prioritization is that the donor consortium, is not asking the people to take the Performing Arts Center, specifically on faith, but they’re saying that it’s going to be a public private partnership, there’s no tax until the money is raised. And then it would be a private developer doing the work. Okay. And Janine, in general, it’s the same way with any funded major project. Okay. So there’s essentially an existing design for the Rec Center, it’s just going to be an expansion. So what will happen is that, you know, the city engineering staff is going to build this, right, the city will do a bond issue, and procure a contractor that will just go out and build it with their own resources. So it’s perfectly possible that all the different approved projects could be in going on simultaneously, because they all have a different workforce.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:50
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
I want to add,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
I think the one difference between the performing arts center is forming Art Center actually brings in callers to our community, which community to see that right. So.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
So it will be bringing in thank you for comments, different performers, from all aspects, which would then look with ideas that you call them builder, you pull from, you know, from trigger to pull from all these other different communities, bring these people in. And then also along with that, if our cultural center is successful, it could promote people moving to long run for the fact that we have such an amazing community and services provided buyer buyer.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
I don’t have a whole lot I will just I want to share the tentative timeline that has been developed with as Marsha Marsha had mentioned. Following will start happening, just as soon as the survey questions are finalized. And we’ll know polling results, hopefully sometime in March. And I guess I would just ask that the board keep this on the agenda for every month and Ronnie and I and brandy can come to you along with Marsh’s help and keep you up to speed with what’s going on? Well, okay, I’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
the city marketing set up, puts the survey up, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
They draft it, and then they the company that the city hires will put their two cents into it. Because that’s professionally, what what they do and work questions so that they’re not leaning and okay. And that’s really the expertise that they help bring in what areas are they going to have questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
I can answer that I’ve read the draft. So the there’s first set of questions about 12 existing city amenities that asked you whether you use it or not. And if you pick, yes, you get to say why you use it. And if you pick no, you get to say why you don’t use it.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Then there are descriptions of the new projects as opposed to you know, upgrade projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
And they asked people to prioritize them. And I think that those are you know, so it would be like a rank choice vote. Does anybody everybody familiar with rank choice voting at this point?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
So there’s there’s a section like that or that’s what Sandy cedar proposed. You know, the the polling company may choose to do something entirely different. I’m not sure how they

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
that part works, but they’re professionals.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
And so we’ll probably refer to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
And then there is another section about groupings, you know, so if it was all any projects together, would you vote for it? Or if it was all the parks and recreation, would you go through that? And then all the cultural things together, which would group Library Museum and performing arts, would you vote for that package?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
So that’s the that’s the general way that the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
that the draft poll is structured, that can I make no guarantees about what the pros will end up with, but, but that’s the kind of information that we’re looking for. And the link to the poll will be in the newsletter know how when people get it, the the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
people will be contacted at random by the polling company, like a major political poll. So, so you don’t get to, you know, get all your friends that are in favor of one certain thing together and get them all to vote, it’s going to be a randomized poll.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
you know, that’s the way and the other thing just

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
Council is not bound by the results of the poll.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
I’m looking at this, from the point of view of what does the senior center get out of all of this? And we have a lot of discussion, but there’s no direct answers to that. Julie, I think it was you last time that so we start looking at the Rec Center. And, Jeff, you said that there would be space available at the Rec Center? I don’t know what that implies staff, programs, whatever it may be, that’s to be determined.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
So what I’m getting at as far as the survey is concerned, there was something was done in 2016. That’s probably pretty good. It’s called Envision long, long aging. Well, and

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
specifically, are there going to be questions related to housing options, or access to information support services, transportation services, recreation, employment, both health and employment, health, caregiver support? All those kinds of things are not new. I would say no, those questions would not be asked about the proposed

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
projects that have been outlined in the presentation. And nothing beyond that.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
Those questions were part of the community conversations that a lot of the board participated in last year that the Area Agency on Aging did to update the h1 plan for the county, which will include specific information about Longmont. So So those questions have been asked in a community wide forum. So we’ll get feedback probably the summer on the results of that. So something similar to that was done in 2016. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
I would like to add some of my feedback on the poll was that there wasn’t enough specific information for people to make their decisions. So in discussions, for example, about both the Rec Center and the upgrade to Centennial pool.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
We’ve said, you know, we really miss that warm soaking pool that they used to have at the hospital.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
Could that be part of one of these projects? And the answer is yes. But it doesn’t say anything about that being about that in this polling. So to me, that is an omission in the poll, and there needs to be at least a little bit more than there is about the nature of of the the project. Can that be added? If that’s that’s why we gave feedback. Right. That’s why right now, the only feedback has been from the council members. Was that feedback from the council? Yes, this council member.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
So yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
I hope that it will be

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
a better poll because we’ve had an early chance of review.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
And I hope that the other council members that are liaisons to other boards will have the same kind of, you know, feedback like well, this is a big decision point. It should be in the poll.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
you know, we’re working on it. It’s it’s in very would you say very preliminary stages at this point? Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
the Rec Center, are we looking at something similar to what we have now?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
On the south end of town? Yes. Okay. And we’re still talking about either the east side, or we see side being considered all those. That actually art was one of my other

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
pieces of feedback.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:23
You know, right now the poll says it’s going to be at Dry Creek Park, which is on the west side.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
I said,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
to know, we know that we’re having concerns about youth engagement. On the

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
east side, the northeast, you know, is really a desert compared to the rest of the city, in terms of, of public amenities, and that’s not right. You know, that’s, in my mind. That’s a form of redlining. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
I, for example, we just also found out, you know, Suzanne chiquitos proposal about a sports dome to be sited up in north of Centennial.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
The windfall money can’t even be used for that it has to be directly spent on YouTube on activities with no capital investment whatsoever. So I said, you know, if we’re going to have a amenities, we should we should put

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
a project that puts something useful in that location on the north side. And then so I don’t know whether that will do any good. But you know, the answer right now are is No, and I think it’s wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
You know, the northeast, part of Longmont of which I live in,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
is served by the YMCA. And there’s scholarships. And, oh, you know, that might be a useful to win some money. Because if it goes great for for youth programs, the city could fund youth programs for the YMCA dance, heart, as with that windfall money. Thank you, Beth. Well, my point of bringing that up, is that I go to there, I go there, a lot of my neighbors go there

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
are a lot of people in northeast Longmont go there because it has what they need.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
I think we’re gonna have to move along.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
I told you before, I wasn’t very good about

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
it, Jeff, I think you’re right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
And everybody’s okay. With that. We’ll put her on next month’s agenda. Also, just continuing the conversation. Maybe we’ll have more info

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
on specifics. I do have questions on

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
let me

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
let me focus

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
on the survey itself.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
On second thought I can let that go.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
And we can talk offline for Okay, perfect. I’ll give you a close. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
footcare RFP?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
Okay, I’d like to make a motion. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28
We need to drop this from the agenda, because it’s not going and hasn’t into yours. going to happen at the senior center for a whole big bunch of reasons. Mostly being liability, and, and duplication of services that are offered at the hospitals. So we never go anywhere. With that. I’d like to see it removed from the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
You know, I’m not seconding.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
But before anybody’s second step, or if you want a second, and now we have conversation, Ronnie has some pretty interesting information about this topic.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
I believe. So I have a meeting in place to see

Unknown Speaker 1:14:26
if these are services that could be provided here and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:30
looking at all those details. So that’s a conversation has yet to happen. It’s scheduled in the next week or so I can tell you when I have to look at my schedule. But it’s with Colorado Visiting Nurses Association. So like I said, it’s a lead. It’s conversation I want to follow up on and see where that goes and see if it’s up that we could be back and then if not, then is liability an issue? Marsha, I think you brought that up last time I remember correctly.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
The liability involved, you know, you have a diagnostic, for example, if something goes wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
And you said something about this maybe looking at a fight you didn’t say that I may very well have. It’s something I might have thought of. But yeah, it was it was does the city’s I’m thinking, self insured, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
So I’m wondering if that somehow could be part of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
So, so I think one of the real advantages of the association that Ronnie’s contacted or is that a number of the other senior centers in our area are using them as a as a service. I don’t think that the goal is to really provide full care, it’s to identify potential issues. And then individuals would be referred to doctors, but I think it’s a

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
great first step, am I miss speaking there? So that would that require an RFP,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
or just

Unknown Speaker 1:16:10
inter governmental agreement?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
Waiting, we feel like,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
because we’ve had live. So Ronnie and I met with our purchasing department and talked about whether it needed to be an RFP, based on where we landed, we feel like this can be addressed through personnel services agreement with with them and and wouldn’t need to go to

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
RFP. But if this doesn’t work out, we have some guidance from purchasing that could take us to that RFP, if we needed to go, I kind of agree with Janine that we need to either do something with this or just get it off the agenda. Forget about it. So however, if we get it off the agenda, and when we have good news will report back on

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
me because I know what used to be here. If you’re dealing with visiting nurses, it is educational and evaluation, not treatment.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Because nurses don’t do diabetic foot care. So just to kind of put that in to be very clear about what are they doing? What are they proposing to do?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
Because they can do education, they can evaluate and make recommendations to treatment itself would not have to.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
Alright, river Rebekah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
I don’t.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
What purchasing explained to us was that when Michelle was here, she had tried a number of different times to get someone to provide a proposal to the point where we were having direct conversations with providers and still didn’t get any proposals. So it doesn’t appear like that service is going to be available. So the next best thing is is what Ronnie has found with great nursing associations. So as long as people are clear that it’s education and recommendation and not the actual treat.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
Well go somewhere else ground you want to have those resources available, I would assume no hospital

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
motion, you want to revise your motion or withdraw your motion or

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
just take it out we just I second it and just go for a report. Well, here is not what’s gonna really happen. Evaluations are gonna happen. Well, I believe there’s the simple footcare of helping people who cannot take care of their own feet, get their nails trimmed and there is there is if you’re not diabetic hearing

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
is you can be all the can’t reach your feet and still might be in danger. If

Unknown Speaker 1:19:22
I were

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
to go to doctor for that. I will withdraw

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
the motion in that case you withdraw your second.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
Okay. Is that Is it all right? If we

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
you bring that back next month

Unknown Speaker 1:19:45
we continue on the agenda but with the objective reason we get something settled or withdrawn from

Unknown Speaker 1:19:53
the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
All right. Any more comment on that? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Our senior center

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
customer service questions

Unknown Speaker 1:20:09
that will be.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
All right, this was a continuation of means of my guests and when I was first brought up, and Shane offered to develop some questions that possibly could be used by the advisory board, to interview people, or as a basis of interviews, to get additional feedback as far as the sector’s operation genuine elaborate on this are well, I mean, Ronnie, actually and I met. So Ronnie, just und best presentation, Sheriff doesn’t matter. Yes, absolutely. So, you know, the whole purpose of the last composition was to identify or provide a survey

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
focusing on our customer service specifically. So Jr, Janine and I met and generated 10 questions, I know the goal was to come up with three of them. The board agree on three, to focus on this. Collectively, we, it was noted that anything beyond three was too much, and loses, lose lose the attention of anybody filling out the survey. So we were focusing on collectively, we all decided to focus on qualitative, not quantitative. So again, we we came up with 10 questions for the Board to take a look at and see which three would like to move forward with, again, focusing on customer service, specifically here in our facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
And then identifying what next steps, how do we want to roll it out?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
And begin those conversations? So I’m going to stick a moment and then go from there.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
Oh, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
I don’t have a boat. So I

Unknown Speaker 1:22:32

Unknown Speaker 1:22:37
in putting these together, this, the three would be

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
the first three, and that we discussed that we wanted these surveys to be ongoing. So it’s more like prioritizing what three, you might start with knowing that down the road, we might use other ones. Other questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
So you said the first three are the ones that you would choose whatever three, you would prioritize.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
We talked about rotating or having some number of board members doing this each month. That was one idea talked about if you give any more thought to that?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:37
And he goes,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:39
No, and I think our conversation last time was to identify the questions and bring it back. And then determining how we want to roll it out. Is it is it in the person serving? Is it a questionnaire we’re providing at the end of each class session? Things like that. So there was no clear direction on on next steps. My understanding is

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
at this meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:05
Also we decided we’re not excited. We discussed that, you know if this is successful, we are getting plenty of feedback and that responses then from from this one, moving on to different components. Right. So this one’s customer service. Next one could be I can’t remember what we’ve discussed. Programming focus, you know, what we’re offering

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
at our facility.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:34
I don’t know I can’t remember but it was just focusing on different aspects. Not not stayed in that customer service realm.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
My question is, why is there a reason why we have not

Unknown Speaker 1:24:59
I don’t know how to put

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
But the information that I can ethnicity, is that something that would be beneficial or not, or not necessary here? And I’ll be honest with you, I just, you know, I don’t come here often. But I don’t see a whole lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:25:19
Hispanic population here. I think probably the ones I do see many times are the ones that here see, to see Veronica, are some of those folks. And I’m just wondering if that’s something that’s needed or doesn’t matter, demographic thing, I think that

Unknown Speaker 1:25:39
provides important information. But, but it doesn’t fall into the guidelines that you all talked about last month. Because if you do demographics, you’re gonna have three questions just in that video, they wanted three total,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:56
I will share that our database that tracks case management information is probably going to start requiring ethnicity and some information that we put in with the option of we don’t know, people have not disclosed that.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:11
But I don’t think that rec track requires that for people to register for classes or anything. Okay, I just saw a question we should do. I can tell you anecdotally, our Spanish speaking customers come to see Veronica and Melissa quite a bit

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
to programs and drop in groups that are in Spanish and playing pool.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
Those are the thing captures. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:40
So, I’m gonna throw this out there. And I don’t I don’t know how politically correct this is, or anything, but I just think that what I find interesting is that it is predominantly white people that come to Senior Centers, I’m wondering if culturally, were the Hispanic community, the Japanese community, all these other communities? Is it culturally something that they,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:06
they utilize or take part in? mean, like, I know that the Hispanic community, they’re very family oriented? Right. They have their own community that they connect with, where honestly, white people, you know, are your Caucasians, there are a lot of people who do not even connect with their family. And so that’s where I feel like the senior center comes into play, is that it gives them a community that they may not have, because we have people who have moved here from, you know, all other areas of the country. And maybe their family isn’t here. So I’m wondering how much that plays into the fact that we don’t have a lot of diversity here at the Senior Center? Probably.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
I don’t know. I mean, but I think it’s could be something that we should look at and consider.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
And then.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:01
Yeah, so do you think about

Unknown Speaker 1:28:06
I mean, I just would like to see a lot more, you know, started Candide similar things. And you know, maybe one of the things that we look at is to see whether mio and for the Diaz was Michaels is maybe we have a book there or something, so that we can try to encourage, because that’s where you’re going to see just a lot more of the Hispanic community, and that we can give them paperwork or resources or whatever, on the Senior Center. I just, you know, the reason I say that is because

Unknown Speaker 1:28:43
we have a great representative, I mean, senior center here, there’s so much to offer. And for some reason,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:53
I don’t know that they’re being leased or why they’re not coming in, you know, my mother. She works a school district, and she’s a parent context. So I’m hoping that she gets on my board, and she might be able to encourage, you know, more people to get involved here, right? I don’t want to see these people sitting at home, and under a pouch and more than absolutely nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:19
And I just had a friend of mine from Brighton 68 years old, and we just get together for breakfast, a few of us from Brighton. And he was the last breakfast and actually he has architekten days, but I don’t know if he was involved in anything. And obviously we’re all consumed by X rays help,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
et cetera. You had mentioned Cinco Demayo. We do always have a booth staff and volunteers man at Cinco de Mayo, and part of our three quarter time bilingual recreation program or position that we’re going to hire is doing outreach. That is part of what we have worked into that job description has been growing

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
The Spanish programming that we have speaking to the Spanish speaking communities specifically,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:05
are showing those programs.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
I just wanted to ask, is it possible that the location is is a part of the

Unknown Speaker 1:30:20
problem? This is a white neighborhood? How many of the people were from close around here?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:27
If there were, you know, our shadow from someplace Central on the,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:35
on the northeast side, or from down around countryside itself, more wood for specific events with wood that get people involved. But how much of a problem is it that, you know, one partner is working still and the other partner sitting at home because it’s a one car family? I’m just wondering. I think it’s a pretty sizable from northeast, is it? Oh, yeah. I don’t know. I’m from Northeast, and I think this location is very accessible. Like you’re driving. Yeah, yeah. I’m riding my bike. Yeah. So my question, I guess it would be a

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
lot Bo, Ronnie and Jeff, is, how many in in the activities that we have here? How many of those activities are conducted by an instructor that is Hispanic? Do we all have a Spanish program? Yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay. I just didn’t know if that was a barrier as well. And that’s why we have programs that are just in Spanish, which is yes, we have bilingual folks who can attend programs and English sample offerings in English. But the Spanish options are limited.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:47
This is all important. But I would like to defer discussion further discussion on this particular survey. We’ve got a couple of other things. I wanted to say some things about the annual report that’s relevant to all of us that we’re talking about. But first, I’d like to talk about the board members,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:05
the board members, and we have a potential one that you brought in today. I’m not quite sure what the process is. We’re just

Unknown Speaker 1:32:16
it’s a process of numbers on

Unknown Speaker 1:32:20
how you you’ll need to wait until the mid year. Okay, application process. Okay. I believe the applications are taken April, May with appointments to take place in June.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:35
But Council does not appoint new members outside June and that’s what happened to me I was appointed.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
So they, the applications will be available April in May. I will verify that you know, email everybody was that day.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:54
Did you say you had an another person that might be interested? Yes. Yolanda subindustry.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01
She’s actually

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
we’re checking your phones checking to see if it’s going to is that is considered a city employer. Yeah, well, she’s definitely not a city employee. But I don’t know whether that’s, you know, city funded independent agencies may or may not being able to serve on this board. But but we can find out today, you know, art, and I discussed it kind of over the weekend.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
I don’t know, we should Well, we’re having this discussion, art. And I did meet with Carmen Ramirez about how to do

Unknown Speaker 1:33:36
outreach into the Hispanic community specifically. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
and we did talk and also we talked about low, you know, lower income communities, because I mean, face it, guys are not exactly represented there either. And

Unknown Speaker 1:33:55
so we have some ideas to work about making the application more, more simple. We just learned something today about Spanish, maybe we don’t need a whole Spanish, we just need to be sure that it’s available on the website in a way that the translator works on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:12
So you know, there’s there’s a whole bunch of things

Unknown Speaker 1:34:17
that we’ve kind of got going we have that April deadline to implement some of them but but we have started the process of recruiting a more diverse board for the new seats than we have now. In addition to arts direct recruiting efforts. And I think that Carmen brought up the idea of inviting them to read and then maybe doing a one on one with them. And I will get back with

Unknown Speaker 1:34:45
me with my read on that she sounds like she’s interested. And I hope that Rhonda is able to share all so once you bring that back at our next meeting. We’ll bring it back next meeting. Yes. I’ll try to fix this

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
That would mean for how many board members 12?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04
I mean, that’s how many

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
24%? What?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:09
Three, three? Yeah. That was proportional, you know, we’re not on a quota system or anything. Well, if it were proportional, there would be three. Okay. All right. Anybody has any ideas for members?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:23
I’m working on one. But she’s not Hispanic. She’s bilingual. She was born in Chile, Chile,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:30
about old white guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:34
Honestly, men.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:38
It’s an underrepresented group. Well, I look around and I see.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:48
I’d like to drop down to,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52
to the annual report. And I’ve got points of view that I want to throw out on the table. And if I’m all wet, that’s fine. And told me that I’m all left. I’ll be hurt deeply. But

Unknown Speaker 1:36:09
I see, I mentioned before my campaign speech, that really need to make more specific proposals recommendations to the county council, if we’re going to have any impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:24
We have impact. I think we could have more impact that would be the recommendations based on some good data, good logic, that sort of thing. And so then the question is,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:37
how do you do it? And I thought about that quite a bit. I know it’s very easy to avoid to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:44
avoid but ignored by freeholders.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:49
And so a couple of things. On the one hand,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:54
demographics we’ve been talking about, it’s pretty much an all white board and pretty much of an all white clientele. It really isn’t that. That’s nobody’s fault. That’s just basically how it’s evolved is the way I say.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:10
I want to be clear that I think the staff is a wonderful staff, and they do just a wonderful job. And I think Brandon, just a great job this last year, and you’re going to do a great job.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:24
But I

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
when you wonder about the services, and we have

Unknown Speaker 1:37:34
100,000 people,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:37
and those that are 55 and older, it’s almost 30% of our population.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
Take 30% of a population in ticket times 8% poverty rate.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:50
That’s 24 2500 people right off.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:54
And you can make the same kind of argument with Hispanics, but disabled, veterans, you name it. I don’t I think a lot of groups are really underrepresented. And so is that something that we really want to work on, increase diversity, to have all groups of our community represented?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:17
Because I do think we have something of a problem right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:21
And so that’s, that’s, that’s one issue.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:25
And I, that’s kind of a policy decision.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:29
Unless legally, there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:38:32
Yeah, so I’m looking at how the decision process works on city.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:40
I know how big government works, because I’ve worked for 25 years.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:47
But they have your budgetary process running, you’ll be submitting your budget about

Unknown Speaker 1:38:53

Unknown Speaker 1:38:55
Christina, something like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:59
And then Christina will look that over, and then you’ll have some sort of internal headline that will have to go to the city manager and the assistant city manager, I presume.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:09
And from there, it goes to finance and finance, it goes to the budget division within the finance. So all that stuff that’s going to be going on in summer.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:19
And then along with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:23
I looked up a little bit on this priority budgeting system, the city users. I don’t understand it very well. I didn’t spend a lot of time on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:33
But I do know you have a fairly new system that uses priorities to try to allocate budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:42
And I looked at some of the organizations that didn’t say and guess who has the top scores?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:51
I assume it’s probably about a five point scale on them. Sure. But safety,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:57
public safety

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
If the police and fire,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:02
police and fire I think did well, I think they had a rating of three on this priority system.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09

Unknown Speaker 1:40:11
I looked around for senior senior services, you know what Senior Services got, or the priority zero. And so I don’t think zero really means zero on personal resources. But in terms of the hierarchy of things, get a whole lot of attention.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:31
So I’m looking, you know, how can we have impact? Going back to the idea that we have grown, you told me this, the total number of people that you have, and you serve in a year is one of a couple 1000 6000? On the unjust the supportive services side? Yeah. I don’t have the numbers yet for 21 reports aren’t working, but

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
I believe it was, like 1100 new clients and 700 continuing lions? Yeah. No, no, I know, you do a good job. And

Unknown Speaker 1:41:09
the surfaces are good. It’s just that it’s not anywhere near meeting this

Unknown Speaker 1:41:14
need, as far as I can see, and you’re shaking your head as if you agree. So I’m sure there’s all kinds of things more than we can do, or the city could do is always a question of money. So I came back to

Unknown Speaker 1:41:29
the money.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
you know how you have impact. Going back to the budget process, you guys will be submitting your your, your budget, to Christina, and the budget vote to start working on it. And then I suppose there’s going to be a lot of interim discussions between the finance people, department heads and the city council.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:56
And they’ll eventually come to a decision, they’ll use this priority based system, I suppose, to some extent. And that’s how the budgets

Unknown Speaker 1:42:07
I plan to something to that. First of all, you’re a little late in terms of the times to communicate budgetary needs.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:17
For this year, well, or for any year, it’s not the middle of the summer, that they say they’re in the budget process. But for a department or a division to get its budgetary requests in. It’s more like April, because everybody starts adding up and doing it and applying the process really early. And by the time these discussions come before the city and the council over the summer, it’s all really baked, you know, the staff who really who has most of the power has done their work. Now, I will say that

Unknown Speaker 1:42:59
pandemic time, I don’t remember how many which year this was. But the last time that priority based budgeting was was explained to the council. We said wait a minute.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:14
Equity is not one of the steps in your prioritization ladder and we want it in there.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23
So the

Unknown Speaker 1:43:27
the prioritization algorithm that is priority based budgeting has supposed to have changed to include a bigger wait for social equity and well bigger than zero depends on whether you’re adding or multiplying. But

Unknown Speaker 1:43:47
that anyway, that change is supposed to have been there, which would mean that if we do a better job at equity, as a, as a department, and as a board, it should help us in the priorities.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:03
And I think, you know, this that, for example, is a resolution that this board could make is that we, you know, we want to say that the Senior Center

Unknown Speaker 1:44:17
is committed to enhancing social equity for our

Unknown Speaker 1:44:24
marginalized service population. And we ask that the council

Unknown Speaker 1:44:33
can enable us budgetarily to prioritize that. That would be a resolution that could come forward to council just saying, you know, that would have to have an awful lot of effect in that. I would, if anything is going to have an effect on the budget process that would do it resolution. A resolution by this board will bring forward to the council

Unknown Speaker 1:44:59

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
Ladies and gentlemen, just ask the council to adopt that I pretty much guarantee you that the council we have now adopted.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:08
But you’re not saying it’s too late to make that resolution for this budgetary? No, it’s only it’s the first of February. Right. Right. And the work is being done. Now, right, you know, the really what’s happened, the requests are going in now for the next two or three months or, and, and then, you know, it gets sifted and prioritized over the summer. But, but yeah, getting it.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:36
Getting something like that in

Unknown Speaker 1:45:39
the next couple of months could have an effect. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:44
That’s good to hear. So here’s my plan.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:49
I do have a plan. Got it all mapped out.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:55
I’ve thought about pro an approach, along with what you’re thinking.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:59
And that is we have our annual report. Randy, I think he told me, there’s no specific deadline on that. Okay. So we could kind of coordinate that with the whole budgetary process on thinking that we build on the draft that you put up, as far as the accomplishments and activities of the board. And I missed a couple of those meetings. I don’t even know what they talked about, basically. But we could enhance enlarge, put a little more meat on the activities that we did. And on the basis of that, we could make some recommendations, suggesting a resolution that goes first to Christina, she’s going to be correct me if I’m wrong. She’s going to be making allocations of resources within the department right. Now, that is not right. Okay. She will make recommendations Council makes all the decisions on what is approved or not approved. What, but they give great deference to the department. Well, and if, in addition.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:15
The budget, the real budget has 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of line items, what what the council sees is

Unknown Speaker 1:47:28
a really rolled up version of that. And, you know, so maybe one council member who has an agenda for one particular department will will make a plus and dig down into that. But most of us never see the detail because it would be physically impossible for a human being to do and the amount of time that we have. So yeah, you can say Council approves it, the council is going to be approving a top line number with maybe two to two salaries, positions funded or something for the senior senator, that’s all the details we’re going to see. Unless there’s a capital extension or something like that. So yeah, in terms of program level, funding, wails, you

Unknown Speaker 1:48:15
know, it’s exactly what I figured was going on. So Christina really notice, even though she’s not the final decision maker, the set counselors, but she’s instrumental, you, you focus on our division manager, dissection managers.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:31
You make the culinary decisions, and it goes up the line. And then it’s modified through the whole process that we’re talking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:41
Jill, general Levy, okay, explain what I how it’s worked for me over the years. So, generally, in by the end of May, we have to have all of our requests in into the system. By the end of May.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:00
We then that finance people blend all that together and do their all their magic. And then sometime it by the end of June, there is a budget meeting with staff, and city manager and the finance folks. And that’s our time to advocate for what we’re requesting. We had about two hours. And they Harold and everybody are in these meetings for solid days, as they hear the advantages and disadvantages of trying to do something. Once that happens. Generally, the work goes and finance and Harold and an assistant city managers do their thing. But once it gets past that budget meeting, the department directors, which was

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
Christina for senior services, I really have no more say after that, unless somebody has a question that they would ask. And then and then go back, they would go back. And city manager by the end of August at the latest, has to present the budget to city council, generally, all of September are then used as presentations to city council to talk about the things that are being proposed to be changed or being requested. And then some time, October that

Unknown Speaker 1:50:42
council has on two readings to adopt the budget. And and Marsha is right. I mean, it’s hard enough for us in our own area to have a full understanding of what we do, let alone some seven members of council and I don’t mean this disrespectful at all. But there’s there’s no way they can learn the detail on it. It’s a it’s a job to know that. And I think the city with Jim golden and staff have excellent people that do really good work. And I think they have earned the trust of counsel and counsel knows when to ask questions and to, you know, push where where it’s important for them. I hope I didn’t just meet them.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:37
Some council members are savvier about it than others. And I’m not counting myself in the savvy group, particularly, but

Unknown Speaker 1:51:48

Unknown Speaker 1:51:50
You know, in terms of budget process, I totally compartmentalize. And so, you know, it’s a matter of faith. And like, I’m not thinking, oh, wait a minute, I could insist on some detail for the senior center. You know, I will confess, I have not done that in the past. Slow learning curve takes five years. For Correct. Yeah. And I was apparently wrong on that one part of it there. Yeah. So long story short, the more you’re communicating either directly with counsel or asking Marcia to communicate for you, the more your message will be heard. Okay. You agree with that? I do. And, and, and again, the strongest thing is to propose resolutions,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:38
make, make proclamations, and they usually come from residents. There’s a process for getting, you know, if there’s like for, you know, an HTML day or something that we will put out, especially in March and April.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:54
So that the mayor says something about senior services to the public. That’s another good way of communicating and this word can initiate that and ask, have somebody liked the resolution and submit it as a as a resident? No problems with doing that. Alright. So here’s what I propose.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:17
We beef up that annual report.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:21
We’ll make some starting next, next meeting, we do some homework.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:27
And on the basis of the next two or three meetings, we will complete our annual report along with recommendations and a resolution to be considered by the city council.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:43
And with hopefully with 100% consensus of the board,

Unknown Speaker 1:53:48
seems to me we want to have impact. Got to do something like that. That’s got to be it’s got to get logical. It’s got to be database. It’s got to be rationale based. I’m gonna do a good job.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:02
First of all, is everybody kind of agree with my approach? Yeah, nature. Sounds great.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:09

Unknown Speaker 1:54:12
So that will be one thing I want to ask. I want to ask you why

Unknown Speaker 1:54:18
we talked about this briefly. I think a good starting point would be a demographic profile

Unknown Speaker 1:54:26
of who are the people that are in the community that say are 55 and older

Unknown Speaker 1:54:33
now not just a description of what the kinds of the server but the demographic of the community

Unknown Speaker 1:54:41
now that’s that’s in part a policy decision how far realistically can you go you know, that everything verb I grew up, can’t make Columbus registration process and everybody over look

Unknown Speaker 1:54:56
I can give you the step from Baldwin County and got it

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
Which probably last month’s gonna be close. And that’s 20.5%. From the sower is over 65 Although more seniors are moving in the long run, I have, I have the solo report. So if anybody would like to have a copy of it, let me know. And we are working on having that reported out to the general public hearing probably in June.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:29
So I just

Unknown Speaker 1:55:32
thought to

Unknown Speaker 1:55:34
do that and,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:37
and they’re going to start just doing a little checkmark when they receive a phone call on over the counter contacts with

Unknown Speaker 1:55:49
Spanish speaking person. So just give us an idea for a week or so. So understand,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:58
a little understanding of what we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:03
Have you done this before? Have you made resolutions to this council?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:13
I was part of the Older Americans Month. So that’s me, I believe. And I think we always have a resolution with council that will have the city of Longmont proclaim that. We are supporting older adults and celebrating older adults month. So I think that might be an ideal time to look at like working something in there stick a little call to action in that resolution. Right, right. Because the mayor would never dare to not observe older Americans. That is not happening, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:46
So we’re linking this to the budget process.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:51

Unknown Speaker 1:56:53
so you’re okay with that next time?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:57
So then you’re going to bring up information on, you’re going to have more information on the folks that might be participating as board members next time. Yes, somebody

Unknown Speaker 1:57:07
else couldn’t make it. She said if somebody was going to be out, and she’s a genius one, so she didn’t make

Unknown Speaker 1:57:15
the customer survey.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:18
I think we can discuss I think that will fold right into some of the things that we’re talking about. But people have their preferences could pay, maybe email them money with

Unknown Speaker 1:57:32
an email with their preferences.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:37
Just as a reminder, just turn them in today. We haven’t

Unknown Speaker 1:57:43
done this yet far as activities that we’re talking about the list of activities, you have a draft, though. If anybody has additional information, I’d really appreciate a little bit more meat on some of those activities. My memories like I’ve served. So he’s referring to the list that I had emailed out a few weeks ago and Rodney printed copies of

Unknown Speaker 1:58:06
what the Board did in 2022. That’s part of what we include in the annual report.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:12
Yeah, I would, I would ask each person to review this. And

Unknown Speaker 1:58:25
give me more information or to brandy. I guess that’s okay. Yeah, they can email it to me directly. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:34

Unknown Speaker 1:58:37

Unknown Speaker 1:58:40
I’ll say at some point, I’ll be transitioning away from the board since Ronnie’s liaison or staff now and I’m going to work to wrap up this report since I started it helped Romney with whatever he needs to add to it. As you guys decide. Yeah, Ronnie, I’d like to meet with you sometime this next month of this issue also. Sounds good. I would just remind as we start emailing that the emails should be one way to Ronnie that it should not start conversations amongst board members because then we start getting oh

Unknown Speaker 1:59:19
I hadn’t thought about Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:21
And I’m sorry, I might not. So I’m collecting everybody’s responses now. And then emailing out top three or

Unknown Speaker 1:59:31
something. That’s okay. I just Ronnie Do you want

Unknown Speaker 1:59:36
Oh, that set the next board meeting somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:40

Unknown Speaker 1:59:42
somebody had mentioned that they’re not receiving email communication. That’s an I have a note to make sure we can address that.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:50
I’d like to.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:52
I’m gonna ask you for a couple months.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:58
All right. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
omitted anything.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:03
forgotten anything. screwed something up

Unknown Speaker 2:00:08
all right. Let’s have a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:12
Anybody? Julie for a second.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:17
She left for

Unknown Speaker 2:00:19
spoke. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:22
All those in favor say aye. Hi

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