Library Advisory Board Meeting – January 2022

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Library Advisory Board Meeting – January 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
You know, that’s

Unknown Speaker 0:16
just the search box. I mean, I can be signing any.

Unknown Speaker 0:20
Yeah, but it just gets attached to the minutes. All right, do something different. That’s I do that with every other board.

Unknown Speaker 0:30
Okay. In my business life and all that I was told. I was told by the letter. Okay, I got 702 and I’m going to call the meeting of the library board to order first Yeah, it’s

Unknown Speaker 0:54
no one nobody else’s. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 0:57
cover texted, she said she’s running a few minutes late. online

Unknown Speaker 1:01
as soon as he come in.

Unknown Speaker 1:05
So she can actually have this to launch into the lawsuit itself.

Unknown Speaker 1:09
Okay, the first official act is to welcome our newest member. Congratulations to us. Part of the committee look forward to working. That’s great. And I guess we should all reintroduce ourselves. Mark Springfield join. You want to tell her who you are, again.

Unknown Speaker 1:37
Nice to invest to see you again. I know we met What a week or so ago. Anyway, John Solomon, the director is still new. I’m gonna play the new car for a long time.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Thanks. s&p Keller. I’m not here.

Unknown Speaker 1:55
Jeffrey’s Rihanna was also appointed, but I believe she’s on vacation until next week.

Unknown Speaker 2:02
That’s what Tracy told me.

Unknown Speaker 2:06
Can you hear us? Okay, Susie? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
Are you muted? You’re muted. Can you hear me? Okay. Right now? We can’t. Yeah. And you just had the opportunity to meet Jamie, the new member the library report.

Unknown Speaker 2:29
Online? Yes. Yeah. It’s during the interviews. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:34
Okay, we’ve got one more coming in when Catherine is able to come. In seeing no one from the public, you’re assuming the public approval of minutes from 1114 1121 and 12.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
So I think we approve one of the number ones last month. But I’m certainly right now, which this week is a special meeting that we needed to approve. And unfortunately, I’ll love to fish that one more

Unknown Speaker 3:11
month. Well. If I were light and sun, nice.

Unknown Speaker 3:17
We’ll do what we get. I’ll catch up with you. And we’ll type it on her. Get that on there somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
But, but for purposes of discussion, but my memory had the 1114 meetings being amended the 1121 we held off because we didn’t have a hard copy or something to sign

Unknown Speaker 3:42
yet. What Yes, so we My understanding is we had voted to approve the normal 1121 meeting but we decided to have a hard copy to sign those correct.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
And then is see what we have a quorum. Is there a motion to accept the 1219? Meeting Minutes? I’ll make a motion in a second. All in favor. Okay. So that’s passed, so we can sign that too as well. So then let’s move on and do our portion information. Drawn and we’ll we’ll have you come up there were a couple of items that we specifically asked you to talk about. So with being a cover off during your presentation,

Unknown Speaker 4:41
your preference. Yeah, just through the regular wherever I would come in.

Unknown Speaker 4:47
Okay now or Yeah. Do you have anything for us of a routine nature you get in front of the group?

Unknown Speaker 4:57
A as far as the sore goes a, this shouldn’t be any change the last time that’s actually happening on Monday. So we’re getting it automated sorter materials handling, you know what I’m talking about.

Unknown Speaker 5:14
Last month, John, it was stuck in customs. So I

Unknown Speaker 5:17
don’t right. So maybe, okay, it did get held up. So that’s, it’s on track now. So they will be coming in on Monday, which is handy because we are closed. So a lot of the initial noise and construction will happen that day. They have to, of course, putting Hall holes in two different walls, one that’s in the lobby here to a concrete wall or one exterior so that materials can be returned from the outside. And then of course, the assembly of installations or and that we anticipate or they, I should say they estimated taking what to say to two and a half weeks. To play it safe. We are or we have extended all due dates from material for turn up from February 6, we’re trying to discourage returns just to make it easier for everybody. But while we’re open, we can certainly accept it. Just not in the outside drops on the east side will be closed when the library is closed, which is not normally what we do. So you can only return during open hours. We’re trying to we put out some a press release and some information about that to encourage the public just hang on to their stuff.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
Because it’s not my wife, my wife prefecture, yeah. Good.

Unknown Speaker 6:45
So, so we’re very excited about those. It’s it’s been a long standing project that will be coming in at the end. And so we’ve obviously got that got through customs. And the last I heard it was in Denver, we come up here on Monday. Okay, good. So that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 7:05
Let me give you a lead in on this. Excellent. All right. I’m sure people have been reading in the paper that the owner has discovered on that the issue in their library. And it’s also my understanding from reading the newspaper that they’ve shut down their restaurants, or limiting future use. And I’m not sure what they’re going to do about their transient population and how to control that. When I read it, it just struck me that wait, we could have the same thing up here without without a lot of imagination to envision how that could occur. And it’s probably a city issue. Because it’s probably affects every building that there’s that’s open to the public. But since we’re only here talking about the library, I thought we should at least ask you what your thoughts were where you want to take that?

Unknown Speaker 8:09
Well, I mean, certainly I was aware of Boulder and other it’s come up in some other places, both in and outside of Colorado. So yeah, I think a genetical halos, yeah, yes. So what we’re doing just out of really abundance of caution is to have some testing on here not knowing if there’s any drug use or not. But it just seems like if it’s around in a county or elsewhere, we ought to just do it and see. So I think that’s getting arranged for maybe next week.

Unknown Speaker 8:44
We’re at least

Unknown Speaker 8:46
we’re meeting with a company that deal with somebody from

Unknown Speaker 8:50
that city widely. So just a lot just for the library. Okay, and then, you know, whether if you find something how expensive that is to remediate, to, cheap to remediate. And they were talking super large dollars in Boulder,

Unknown Speaker 9:07
I think it would be expensive. If that comes back, Well, do you have something to contribute here? I work for County Public Health. And so I know about this incident with both the public library from a different angle. And one thing that I know has come up a lot is is that if we suspect or we’re interested in finding out more about how methamphetamine use might be impacting this library might be a good idea to reach out with to somebody at public health just have an initial conversation. My understanding and I am not on the front lines by any means. But what has been discussed in my presence was that though that conversation did not happen in Boulder, they went off throttle with testing and remediation, it was perhaps unnecessarily expensive in regard to the levels that were found to be present. So just to cover all bases, if this is a path that we’re going to go down, it might be a good idea to talk to somebody at public health. And I could find out who, you know, division or who that would be, but to avoid getting locked into a certain process and expenditures that may or may not be warranted, depending on the levels that are present.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
From your experience with Boulder, county held a feel for how lessly the remediation is for this sort of thing.

Unknown Speaker 10:50
So I just know from reading what was immediate that recording on Boulder County Library that the remediation was in excess of $200,000.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
That’s kind of a number that sticks in like

Unknown Speaker 11:01
they’re locked into now, a schedule of retesting, and I don’t know, some kind of maintenance or upkeep. I don’t know what the plans are specifically for the bathrooms. But the levels might not have been high enough to to just they just went very heavy into it.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
So so what I read was that they were either they were going to shut down some restrooms, and they were going to come up with a system where they limited access or controlled access to the others that they were kind of allowed the public views but I don’t I don’t have any more information than that, that they were working on strategy to somehow control ingress and egress or wherever people went into the restaurant so they can figure out whether they get from patriots or not.

Unknown Speaker 12:15
I think security is part of that conversation to older whether or not they would hire somebody who would be a security presence and perhaps rotate through the restaurants to just see what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 12:33
Anything else?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
No. I mean, that’s good information. For Jeff, Jeff and risk management here arrange a conversation with somebody. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:43
the same company that had done their testing. But I will share tomorrow with risk. Your suggestion about overcoming public health?

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Okay, well, I’m glad you guys are on it. I just I think it’s probably potentially a bigger issue than just the library. Do you have anything more for stone?

Unknown Speaker 13:09
No, not outside of those.

Unknown Speaker 13:15
It’s certainly a big on fine getting advice. Is that in process right now? Or is that still? Or like is that enacted? Or is that still in process? Or does

Unknown Speaker 13:26
the Soviets enacted adopt became officially January 1, so we no longer charge overdue fines. They’re no longer assessed.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
And we’re working on a marketing plan to get that information out. There are some other things we had to address within the city system. Before we were ready to do that, but as after the 31st of December. But what we are going to make a push on

Unknown Speaker 14:03
Anything else for John? We’re phones up? Okay, I’ll move on. Friends. That was their friends meeting. I’m not

Unknown Speaker 14:12
getting any observation.

Unknown Speaker 14:14
I don’t think there was their next one is the 26th. It’s a retreat slash media which was something that got pushed back from the summer. I don’t think they’ve had a meeting in between. But I can’t tell you they just scheduled a book sale it’s a no no. Well, it’s going to be a weekend of February 18. I can I can update on that for

Unknown Speaker 14:51
Well, if we if we are able to get someone in 2016 You will be there Very good. Thank you. Okay, I’ll move on. Susie, do you have anything for us?

Unknown Speaker 15:11
I’m just wanted to throw it out there that next Tuesday is our open forum during counsel, five minutes per speaker, and the whole session is dedicated to public input. The other thing, we were supposed to have a legislative dinner with Representative McCormick and Senator Hawkins Lewis. But they both I think one had, was only able to stay for a short amount of time, it was gonna be joining virtually, and the other one as she doubled, booked, so we decided that since it’s the whole council meeting with the two legislators that we would postpone until we can have them both there the entire time. And, you know, again, you know, the topics that we’re going to be discussing, and we will address law enforcement reforms. So criminal justice, mental health, housing affordability, help for the unhoused the climate crisis preschool. Yeah, so So we’re covering a myriad of topics. And, yeah, and then the other one was, we were looking at the draft, and we’ve provided Sandy cedar with our input for our retreat, which will occur, it will be two days, march 10, and the 11th, Friday and Saturday, and we will be looking at our work plan our goals and outcomes, and just setting future future goals. And does anyone have any questions for me? And if I forgot anything?

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Well, I don’t know that you forgot anything. But I had a question. And I’m not sure whether to bring it up in hours or the old business. But it relates to the discussion that the council had with the feasibility consultant, and with city staff about the need to canvass the public. And I think the city was going to work on proposed questions to go forward and try and solicit the community’s thoughts on a library. If you heard in more on that.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
I have not, I am not, but I can definitely ask. I think it was through Sandy,

Unknown Speaker 17:47
I think Chandi ended up with the ball on that, but I’m, whether

Unknown Speaker 17:51
I can write this down. So I don’t forget. I will follow up with Sandy and see where we’re at with that.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
I was told earlier this week that they are working on those and they didn’t have a date, but I’m assuming it’ll be soon that they’ll be

Unknown Speaker 18:12
okay, well, I would imagine if she hears from these citizens that’ll help move forward on the calendar because cuz the the other shoe to drop on that is that we had talked as a group about hopefully being able to participate in either reviewing the questions or commenting on on the, you know, trying to provide additional input to the city with respect to the library.

Unknown Speaker 18:48
So are you talking about actually helping devise the questions or once the

Unknown Speaker 18:54
I’m partially would be happy just for taking what was already there? I was already Okay, that’s that’s the parsley else. Cynthia is shaking her head. Yes. as well.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
Okay, yeah, I will. I’ll send out an email to Sandy and kind of find out for putting a call.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
That’d be great.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
I don’t have anything more 40 Suze, does anybody else have anything they want to get your input on? So I think you’re off the hook. Okay, I’m gonna kind of skip around the agenda because I want to do the old business before we do these items designated as new business and the primary discussion It’s really a carryover from our last meeting. Is the city’s cultural rec initiative? Can one of you guys help us out? Where are we at on this thing?

Unknown Speaker 20:13
We’re in the same exact spot. We were at last month’s meeting. And trust me, I was very excited to get to come tonight and share that.

Unknown Speaker 20:29
Well, trying to speak in a very nice way it is, is hard to see that the city is serious about this. I mean, this is a big initiative for next this year. And nobody seems to be taking it serious.

Unknown Speaker 20:50
I hear you

Unknown Speaker 20:55
Susie, Suze. I think we need your help on this.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Yeah. I mean, I’m gonna set up a meeting with Harold, on other topics. And I will add this on, as well.

Unknown Speaker 21:12
I mean, we’re not the only one screaming to have this done. I would hope, considering the wide swath of the community this this is affected by but certainly the library is very anxious to understand what its future might look like kind of this proposal. When did this market this thing moved at all? And, you know, I’m not, I’m not going to tell you anything. You don’t already know, Jeff, that there are timelines that the county imparts on this process. If you wait too long, it will miss those days.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
For the district, that county doesn’t set that the city council has till August to set the election for the city,

Unknown Speaker 22:03
I thought that this county had to improve the language.

Unknown Speaker 22:08
They might have to I’m not where I don’t,

Unknown Speaker 22:11
I thought that’s what folder had to do border hit to get their approval on the language for the

Unknown Speaker 22:16
for the special district, because it was a that really became that

Unknown Speaker 22:23
it’s the same. It’s April, the first first round. That’s when the city first looks at it. And that’s the same for your new tax or for district that it was to me, I had never heard that. And then August is when it actually has to be done. Right. So all I

Unknown Speaker 22:39
know is that in August, that’s what I that was the that was the one that stuck out in my head. And I tried to think of other initiatives that we had, you know, the tax increase for the slaughter store grain. And I was not aware or it was not conveyed to us that we had to have anything submitted to the county as far as for this kind of tax. And I’m assuming that this initiative, it’s a tax increase, just like the storm drain. So but then I will also ask Harold, right. I’m

Unknown Speaker 23:20
not sure you’re wrong, but I would think on something this big. The city would want to have legal weigh in and, you know, help with this map, this milestone mapping to say what needs to be done when i Otherwise it’s just another indication that the city’s really not serious. If they’re not engaging with city sources to make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
The city is meeting with legal counsel on language, how what questions can be combined, and how the wording would be done. I know that’s happening. But the city has a an attorney that they use and get guidance for for all their elections. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:06
So my understanding is right in the folder for special district that that language did have to be turned into a County.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
County hit will approve the language on the ballot. So that was my right.

Unknown Speaker 24:21
So if there was a citizen movement for a district then that would not like those timelines would not that timeline would be different than the city timeline but my getting

Unknown Speaker 24:31
well, no, I think I think the timeline to get the information on the ballots is the same for the party.

Unknown Speaker 24:39
When we have the election for the pool a nice three years ago, I don’t remember having any conversation with the county of them approving our ballot question. Their involvement is the city working together to have the joint ballot so that the city is not sending out something in the car I mean, it’s one

Unknown Speaker 25:01
effort. Well, I’m willing to admit that I don’t have all the information on this. But again, I go back to the comments. And if it’s that important to the city, you would expect it to be all hands on deck for this to be successful. Can you? No, I’m just telling you, because you’re the only one I’m here to tell. That represents the death part of the city. The other thing that I wanted to resurrect, is this. We had talked about this last meeting, which was, how do we protect the library going forward. And I think you were making the case, Jeff, that it had to be dollars on the ballot, going to the voters like, excellent number of dollars for the library, in perpetuity, or however, and the concern there was the circumstances change. And that might either be overly generous or not generous enough with respect to the library and funding that the library needs to go forward. So I was, I was just trying to think through other potential strategies where you didn’t have to name the dollar amounts. But you could still indicate a magnitude and for valid purposes, and estimate, given current circumstances. So instead of a $10 million, we would say we need x millage at this given present circumstances, but at least with like a millage number, or percentage number, you know, that would vary some with circumstances and as

Unknown Speaker 26:57
values go up of houses,

Unknown Speaker 26:59
right. And if if the city is tied into the strategy of trying to use sales tax dollars, they can also pay sales, sales tax increases in just decimal terms, and you could accomplish the same thing. Because if things go bad for the city, and sales revenues are down, then consequently funding would be down. But

Unknown Speaker 27:24
I, and again, I’m not an expert in this, I think that becomes a different question as compared to you ask X to build in a branch library, and why to operate it. So what what I would like to offer is inviting Becky Doyle, who is one of the financial people involved with this with the city, have her come to your meeting in February to hear your comments. And she’s bet in a better place to be able to explain how property tax or sales tax those kinds of things work. And maybe I invite Jim golden as well, the Chief Financial Officer,

Unknown Speaker 28:13
we would certainly appreciate the education. The it might be also good to hear from LEGO as to what the restrictions are in terms of play colors. Whether there’s somebody literal there are,

Unknown Speaker 28:35
my guess is probably not somebody from Lego, because for the question, the city is paying an outside attorney to deal with x and then that’s an expert in giving guidance for elections.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
Do you know who that is? Not for sure. It is, et cetera?

Unknown Speaker 28:56
They haven’t hired anybody from the outside on this. They’ve been working with an individual. The one from Denver. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:05
that’s what they use for everything, though. Legislators.

Unknown Speaker 29:08
But he he has specific, we work with him every time that we have an election

Unknown Speaker 29:15
that I don’t know about.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Well, I mean, it’s great for us. I you know, I would think without without usurping your authority, Susie, that it’s something constantly want to hear from too. I mean, if if the city and council are serious about this initiative, there ought to be things happening and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
Communicating that out to the public as well. Um, you know, so that’s, you know, how can we kind of give updates to the community as far as where the process is on Um, you know, I’m sure that that could be done. Sure. I’ll have to talk to Harold. Just do I don’t want to, like committed staff without knowing what your workload is at this point. Exactly. But I think just even putting something on the website or just having that little basic community that people could come in, and, and Jack.

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Well, I was thinking of something that Aaron, I think mentioned when you all discussed the feasibility study, which was trying to build community support, not just from the library, but for all the the interested parties in the overall tax initiative. And if you wait until the last minute, that’s not very indicative of building a successful strategy to get this thing passed. Nobody will nobody and everybody will vote against

Unknown Speaker 31:04
me and Susie? Yes. Parker rent board, and the senior services board feel the same way.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Okay. So we’re not crazy. It’s just best. Either way. Okay, so anybody else have any other thoughts on this?

Unknown Speaker 31:33
No, I mean, it’s once again, I

Unknown Speaker 31:35
don’t think we can

Unknown Speaker 31:36
express any type of support or any response until we we have more information. Okay, we all wait a turn.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
I apologize. That is not what I wanted to come here and say tonight, but it’s Thomas truth.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Well, it puts pressure on you and your department. And all your colleagues is just needless, needless delay, in my opinion. I’ll move on. Long want though library district once again, where they’re going to wait. Or they have been waiting. I’m not sure whether that’ll change. Given the light and circumstances with what the city still today they

Unknown Speaker 32:43
trying to sit and trying to observe what’s been going on. Item D is election of officers in February. We talked a little bit about this last meeting that by the bylaws, there should be at an election next month now that we have new members seated. That’s that’s a heads up the Chair, Vice Chair, secretary and depending on how we decide to do the Friends of the Library could be there as well. So this is the spoiler alert, I’m not going to be here for so.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
So the meeting, meeting, I believe what fall on holiday again, in my thinking That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
It’s the what Monday is

Unknown Speaker 33:47
supposed to be the morning and that is Presidents Day. So if we did this same thing again in February where we met on the Thursday, before that, would you be back for that? Or could we set it at a different time during the month where you would be here? I think we got to move it in. Well, that’s

Unknown Speaker 34:10
great. It’s great that you’re willing to accommodate that and that was really I think, part of your issue and your new business.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Know What My it’s a whole different so it is the 20th is Presidents Day.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
versus building clothes. That doesn’t affect me personally.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
So, okay, so for me to be in attendance. We would have to do it before the 17th.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
So Thursday the 16th like we did this month.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I can do Thursday the 16th

Unknown Speaker 35:02
Cynthia, does that work for you? I knew that. Katherine does that work for you? I couldn’t hear it. Exactly. Can you say it again? So Thursday? What February 16? says February 16. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
Double checking. I losing eyes are not as good for me as I thought they were hence my tardiness tonight. So sorry about that. But I can probably do something similar where I’m as long as it can be hybrid I can get on as soon as I can.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I can do 15 to

Unknown Speaker 35:37
50 Can’t really hear you. Sorry. I think this

Unknown Speaker 35:40
50s Better doesn’t work for you, James. 1530. Better Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:51
Double checking.

Unknown Speaker 35:57
Think so I don’t want to say yes, mess up. is better. But you don’t have to change it for me if if this extreme is

Unknown Speaker 36:09
we’re changing it for everybody. Yeah, yeah. So can I make a motion that we move February’s meeting from the 20th? To the 15th? of a second? Second? All in favor? Aye. Okay, so it’s in asleep, Carrie. So you know, we were talking a second ago about you bringing people to groups meeting, hopefully this is.

Unknown Speaker 36:36
Yeah, cuz I haven’t talked to anybody. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
Great. And I’ll, I’ll have to work with you on the agenda as to how you do that.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
Great. Elections quickly? Sure. I have received an email letting me know that. Stacy, she’s here. Stacy. Stacy will be here in February, taking notes. For the for the word. I wasn’t sure if we went in more detail about that, or if that’s a permanent change. And therefore if we need a secretary, maybe for it, and this word,

Unknown Speaker 37:10
yeah, I so I, I talked to Tracy about that. And I think it makes sense. And it’s in her role and her purview to be the secretary for the same word. And I didn’t want to implicate her this week, because I just talked to her on Monday. But going forward, she will be attending and be in accord minutes and all that. And I think that’s gonna make more sense. That way. You’re not trying to record him participate? or whoever else might be tweeted. Right. So that’s true.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
How does everybody feel about that? Personally,

Unknown Speaker 37:49
I think that’s me, Stacy.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
It’s Tracy Tracy Steele, and she’s the library’s administrative assistant. And generally, this that type of thing would be in her in a role of Tracy. So I heard she was agreeable to that. So

Unknown Speaker 38:07
from my perspective, I would be in favor

Unknown Speaker 38:10
of that. That was the last that was the model used in the last board that I was participating

Unknown Speaker 38:16
in every board I’ve ever been on to, there’s usually a staff member, that’s the recording secretary

Unknown Speaker 38:21
for that reason. So members.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
Okay, well, if I don’t know if I need to pass a motion on that, because it’s adverse to the bylaws as the exists for this committee, which doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that bylaws need to be changed, but

Unknown Speaker 38:42
which may need to be updated. It’s been

Unknown Speaker 38:44
quite a while. And Apple

Unknown Speaker 38:47
phones quite well. 10 years? No, no, no, no, we

Unknown Speaker 38:51
updated them a couple of years ago.

Unknown Speaker 38:54
I didn’t get the newest version. Well. What what I do for is try to have them at least every three years.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
Okay. I think it’s been years. But were you on the board when we did?

Unknown Speaker 39:16
So let’s be right at three years or sitting on spring. Cash COVID threw me in terms of time and even on square three years or four years it was so we do that while

Unknown Speaker 39:27
you were here? No. Okay. Well, I’m sure it hadn’t been. Okay, but it sounds like that there’ll be a healthy effort as well considering changing the secretary position.

Unknown Speaker 39:46
The bigger question is how do we haze new members if we can’t make them take minutes?

Unknown Speaker 39:54
Oh, I’ll let you bring up next You know, and on a serious side that I don’t know whether you will feel the same way about it. But I felt that I learned a lot. Being forced to take the minutes as a member, because I needed to force myself to understand what the issues were, we kind of helped me remember some of the given taken the discussions, but it’s just in the loose Bill Tracy will have that knowledge,

Unknown Speaker 40:32
well, you can still take notes for yourself, if that helps you retain,

Unknown Speaker 40:37
it’s not exactly the same. Reading for the public and writing for myself.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
Got to be able to read it.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
While you’re trying to make make it make sense for everybody, not just yourself, right? It’s a different thing,

Unknown Speaker 40:53
which is not easy. Okay, so I’ll move on. And I think we’ve covered off the elections of the officers in February. And we’re now under your items for new business to join, you guys want to talk about that?

Unknown Speaker 41:15
I’ll do that. So every January, each one of the advisory boards are asked to, by motion, designate their day and time of the month that they’re going to meet. And, and the location before the meeting will be held. So you can you can do this a couple of ways. So it also talks about where we post notice of the meeting, gentleman that’s here at the library and on the city website. So if you all are in favor of that you somebody could just make a motion to continue into in 2023, to keep all of the postings the day and month, day and time of the meetings, all the same. And that will cover us for that.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
Okay, so it just to clarify that when you’re talking about postings we’ve talked about here on for you were the agenda and you have to manage the posting. And what goes to the city just to match

Unknown Speaker 42:22
know, the city now uses a system that’s called agenda, agenda management. And all meetings of the city are posted on there, both with the current agenda, and then the any information that might be sent out in a packet, and and the minutes are added the next month, month after you’ve approved them. So all the minutes that you approve this evening, once we get those signed, those will get posted to that agenda management so that any member of the public can go in and look at what’s been going on with any of the advisory boards. It’s the same location is where all the city council meetings are posted as well.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Okay, so that is what we’ve been doing with respect to agendas that have been satisfactory to the city. Yes. Okay. So they’re okay with that aspect of it as well. So the present program is generally okay. It’s just December. Each year? Yes, each

Unknown Speaker 43:31
year, it’s January, we’re asked to do that.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
Do we also put a posting on paper anywhere in the city?

Unknown Speaker 43:45
Because it goes on the entryway on the west side as well.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
And do we list the event itself on the library’s online calendar?

Unknown Speaker 43:59
It’s on the city calendar. The National Library’s well it’s I mean, Oh, well. That’s a good question. Are they different? Not really, okay. It’s it’s more like on a filter view. So if you were as a citizen to go look just on the city’s calendar, you’ll see everything so that would include library events and library I’m sorry, and meetings. If I’m going through the library website. Yeah, your event so that may be in that’s what I’m not sure that may be filtered to just programs and events right

Unknown Speaker 44:33
on our end.

Unknown Speaker 44:35
So I can look and see

Unknown Speaker 44:36
so we’re really seeing a layer. Yeah. of the city. Yes. Bringing in the city’s calendar.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Do you have experience in that regard when you figure out how you slept every one Library’s calendar and I’m satisfied.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
I didn’t Go through the library’s website to find out information about this board, I went to the city website, and this is just new and getting used to a city where the library is under that umbrella. So it makes sense to me the way it is now. And it depends on our strategy. If we wanted there to be a greater awareness or more general awareness of this group and its work, would there be a benefit to having it more visible in the library’s calendar?

Unknown Speaker 45:38
I am on the library’s calendar right now. And it does not appear that

Unknown Speaker 45:46
they can do it. But we don’t have a choice of not using the city system to post that as it were directed that that’s how we have to do that. But anywhere else, we can certainly if nothing else, say seven o’clock tonight is the library advisory board.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
You may get more attended Republic, you know, especially when some of this stuff gets crooked, right.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
So I think the question does seven o’clock on the third Monday, that still works for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
Well, let me let me throw in some additional information. Maybe a year ago, two years ago, when Scott first came on the board. He had a problem with the fourth Monday of the month. Because it represented a conflict board and then the board moved to the third Monday, if we’re going to do this. Do we have a position as a board? Do we want to go back to the fourth one day? Do we want to keep it where it’s at doesn’t matter.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
People want to weigh in, I can’t be there on the fourth mountain, you cannot have golf board meeting. So we should move it. John, John is so happy to be here.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
I feel like we do get hit by the federal holidays fairly often on that third Monday.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
I also have a fourth Monday conflict for about half the year.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Conflict is a struggle and a clash of interests. Even principles, conflict will always be very personal racial class, caste, political and international.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
Just Should I keep going?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
No, I apologize. This, this is a question because I just knew enough to know does it have to be on the one day? I know you wouldn’t do it on a Tuesday, obviously, it would not have to be now it doesn’t have to be at 7pm is that regulated by the

Unknown Speaker 47:57
no that whatever works for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 48:05
Just wondering if a time change would be convenient to anyone I couldn’t do much earlier. But 630 actually works as a start time for me. A little bit better than seven

Unknown Speaker 48:20
I wouldn’t say intricate series of childcare situations that are currently set up around the blended third buffet. Seven o’clock thing. But you know, again, I can try and figure those out if it’s much better for others.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
Not much better. Just trying to get better. I’m fine. Sticking with the third Monday at 7pm. That’s

Unknown Speaker 48:42
I mean, I don’t really feel like should have a voice in this because many more of these. But if y’all want to keep it the third Monday this year and see how it is next year. We’ll give you a whole year to think about.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Yeah, so could we have a motion that says we’ll keep the meeting? Third, third Monday at seven o’clock at the library.

Unknown Speaker 49:15
I motion that we’ll keep this meeting the third Monday of the month at the library at seven o’clock. Second, all

Unknown Speaker 49:30
askew shoes. Yeah, hope that’s okay with you. Catherine. were

Unknown Speaker 49:33
you speaking or just voting because you’re muted. Works for me. It’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
All right. Thank you. Sorry. Sorry to always.

Unknown Speaker 49:43
I was just trying to ask if we had decided about offering a hybrid option. I know we said we were gonna do it for the next couple of months. But do we have to make a decision about that in terms of this also?

Unknown Speaker 49:53
No, we can keep it this way. As long as you all want to do that. Okay, give you what you need. That’s good. Please make sure that gets your last official.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Oh, one question when they if they were to put the link, like to the hybrid meeting on the library calendar, do you think it’s safe? You know, because I’ve been in meetings where things have gone horribly wrong.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
No, we, if we’re, if we’re going to open it up, but it’s a whole different process, right now, only you only us in the room are invited to join on Zoom. If we wanted to make it a public meeting where people could call in, we will have to get other folks to help us monitor that, to get them in.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
What’s the thought on that from

Unknown Speaker 50:58
the group?

Unknown Speaker 51:01
My first thought is, it seems to work this way to have to keep zoom only between this board. And then of course, members of the public are welcome to join us here in person.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
I’m typically a fan of meeting in person, because I just think you have a better meeting in that regard. So I understand that given you know, the way the world now the hybrid option is more flexible, relative to see as needed.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
Yeah, I think for me, the question is just, you know, if we’re saying it’s open to the public, and it’s a hybrid meaning, are we is it not honest of us to not make it truly open to the public and provide that link? Or is it okay to not?

Unknown Speaker 51:53
So my preference would be if if you want the public to be here, we couldn’t do hybrid anymore. I just, it just is too, too much, too many staff hours to make that work. And then it’s not live either. It’s generally still recorded. There is a way to do it live. But it there’s generally the just the City Council, and the planning and zoning done that way, at this point in time, a COVID. It was done prior, but most, most boards are going back to hybrid like we’re doing or in person.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
I’m fine doing it this way. I agree with Cynthia, but I just want to make sure that it’s all, you know,

Unknown Speaker 52:45
if the public wanted to come, they could come here and still interact with you and Susie.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
So do you think it’s fair then to say that the board will continue to add a zoom option for board members as needed on a monthly basis? Right.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
Yes, is a situation

Unknown Speaker 53:10
that we continue to monitor whether that’s necessary or not.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
Okay, I think we’ve gone through the agenda, as I understand it, does anybody in the board have any additional comments they want to make? Susie, do you have anything you want? I

Unknown Speaker 53:35
forgot to mention the word redistricting. So we do have a meeting. And I wrote it down over here. Later this month on the 28th at 10am. At the civic center there from 10 to 1130. There will be a world redistricting open house. So we’re looking to redistrict, our 412 and three boundaries. So if anyone is interested in attending or offering feedback, please come.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Where did you say that was Susie? I’m sorry. Where did you say that was going to be conducted?

Unknown Speaker 54:20
The meeting is on the 28th. Where? This month at 10am. At the city hall City Hall. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Okay, very good. Anybody else have any comments? Thoughts? Welcome, again. Appreciate you joining the board. With that. I’m going to call the meeting in a German at 756.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
So what It’s

Unknown Speaker 55:09

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