Airport Advisory Board Meeting – January 2023

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Airport Advisory Board Meeting – January 2023

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So, let’s call to order our Thursday January 12 2023. are pretty Advisory Board meeting. Happy, happy new year to all. Kayla, do you mind starting with the roll, please? Chairperson Harrison Earl Here. BOARD MEMBER welcome Dean. Board Member Russell Robeson.

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We barely have a quorum. Thank you. So first meeting of the year we kick off with our annual business meeting first, Steve, want to welcome you to the board. Really excited to have you with us. Would you like to introduce yourself? May.

Unknown Speaker 0:54
Hello, Steve shirk. I’ve been at Longmont for about four years and hang our owner and pilot. And it’s going to be a pleasure to help the board. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:13
Thank you. We were glad you’re with us. Thank you. First item of business is election of officers. We do this at the start of every year. We’ve got chair and vice chairs the officers. Any nominations for chair don’t really care to self nominate here. So if anyone else wants to nominate Mr. Doe for Chair. Thank you. Moved and seconded. Any other motions. Any discussion? All those in favor? Aye. Opposed? You’re stuck with me. Vice Chair. Any nominations? Mr. Dean,

Unknown Speaker 1:57
nominate row Russell.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
I will absolutely second that. So we have motion and seconded for Mr. Robeson as vice chair. Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 2:10
All any discussion? All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? You can vote for yourself too. You didn’t You didn’t do either one. You abstain. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 2:24
Officers elected. Thank you. You’re welcome to move if you want to, but your call got approved minute notice posting location. City staff, I believe please correct me the official posting location that has been in place for the last year as the website? Yes. Which would be the recommendation that could go forward? Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:43
That is your primary location is the website, prime. Gov. And then their secondary is the bulletin board that’s just outside the city manager’s office at 350 Kimbark. Just up the stairs. And we need a formal approval of that. Evidently.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
Would anyone like to make a motion for that? Otherwise, I’ll do all the mics on here. So I’ll motion that we have the official meeting, posting location as prime gov the city’s website, secondary location as a bulletin board at 350 Kimbark with a request to airport management to post at the airport. Although the official location is still the website. Moved and seconded. Any discussion? All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Approved. And that is believe it we did that in past years too. It is a request. The official location is the website. But it we just like having it there for the FOIA making sure it’s easy for everyone,

Unknown Speaker 3:40
we can certainly do that. And what I’ve been doing this slight little since I’ve been here is to increase that. I’ve been building that email list and I emailed everyone else.

Unknown Speaker 3:48
That’s that’s exactly what we’re going for. But we also recognize the official legal location is website. Public invited to be heard, I’ve got nobody who’s on the signup sheet. So whoever wants to come on down first.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
Since it’s the first meeting the year I’ll do the quick reminder. Five minutes, please direct comments to the board. Start with your name and address.

Unknown Speaker 4:16
It’s on there. Yeah. Ron krenzel 12191 North 61st Street, Longmont. I wanted to talk about a couple things. I went to the city council meeting or the lease was approved and I was horrified. I was so angry. You know, the process of that lease approvement was the it was the FAA was blamed for the time of the lease the the advisory board board was a prey blame for approving the FAA was approved. That regional airports the airports around were blamed for the conditions of the lease, after you had had so many discussions about what really should be done and the ramifications of what they hit what they did. And then I listened to the conversation between the city council and the people and the administration. And they kept reiterating it came out to well, it’s just a starting point, the lease really doesn’t mean much. And I am going, this is not a good deal. You know, you really need to watch as the advisory board what you agree to, and I, I understand why you approved that because I came here about three times and every time they came back with a different story, it’s done. It’s over. And I’m I. That’s my angst. The other thing I’d like to respond to is, I mentioned that electric airplanes were probably not very functional and there wasn’t any available. And city councilman Martin questioned that I went and did a little research. There’s only one certified electric airplane in the world, and that’s by pipistrel. It’s a fizzle. And it’s probably as useless of an airplane as you would ever want to heat see, it has about the same characteristics as a Cessna 150. It has a 50 minute range, which at Cruise is bout 100 miles, that’s fair within one or two. But if you took off from it, if you took off from Longmont airport, you could not get the Karelian back. You can’t get a pilot’s license in this airplane. About 40% You can’t do a cross country. At at 90 degrees. The density altitude of Longmont airports about 8400 feet, this airplane has a service ceiling of 12,000. The president of pipistrel said this is only for the aerodrome. Now, we don’t really use the aerodrome conference designation in the United States, but in Europe, they’re tiny little parts and they fly around in circles. So it’s somewhat pertinent. the useful load is also 378 pounds, that means I don’t know any two guys that could fly in it.

Unknown Speaker 7:39
Assessing 152 has a 150 has a better use load and it’ll fly for three and a half hours. The problem with this airplane is you can’t get a pilot’s license in it, if it ever becomes certified. So I think if when you guys hear about this electrification of the airport, you gotta take that into consideration, because there are no usable aircraft on the visible radar that you will see certified for forever, or for a long ways unless they decided to COVID and they’ll run over right through. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 8:21
Thank you. Anyone else would like to speak right now?

Unknown Speaker 8:35
They’ve got booty 625, West 99th. Place Westminster. And I wanted to start by thanking Levi for not sending out the agenda and the minutes again. So we had to go dig him up ourselves. I don’t think that’s by accident. The want to read I too, like Ron was very disappointed in the the way the council was handled on the master lease the and I know that you had a lot of concerns, a few of them are passed along very few of them. And, you know, you you talked about all the problems that we pointed out to you and then you just ignored him and approved it here. I want to read the first paragraph out of one of the FAA documents on leases. The FAA does not require not does not review all leases and there is no requirement for a sponsor, meaning the city in this case of Longmont to obtain FAA approval before entering into a lease. So beyond what follows that as a moot point, the bottom line is they don’t need to review leases and they don’t typically do it. And so there is no grant assurance violation by offering a 30 and 30 year lease. There’s no grant assurance violation by 30 and 20. The city could do what they want, and they have done what they wanted. But unfortunately, the result of that is going to be they’re not going to attract any developers, and I’m one of them. And it’s just not going to happen that without modifying that lease. Now they’ve left it open, they can do what they want, after the 30. But typically, they’re obviously pointed out what their intent is they plan to take the hangars, or at least take them and sell them and rent them at three times what the ground lease is. So that’s the agenda. And once Levi is promoted and gone somewhere else, somebody else will replace him. And the bottom line is probably most of this review board won’t be around either. But that mass is still here. And that mass is going to going to severely strangle the airport growth because of it for that certainly next five to 10 years. And I know you think that’s just spitting in the wind here. But the bottom line is I’ve been here 20 years, I’ve donated far more time, to the airport airport community than everybody on this board. I’ve been officers of a number of hangar Owners Association. I’ve also even been out there for hundreds of hours trying to trying to smoke out the prairie dogs all trying to help out the airport manager. So the bottom line is I know it’s it’s a thankless job. There’s a lot of people out there, they’re not happy with your performance. I’m not happy with your performance. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
Thank you. Anyone else like to speak at the first public invited to be heard?

Unknown Speaker 11:23
Okay, seeing no one next agenda item is our approval of December 2022 minutes. Board members, anyone have any revisions to the minutes? If there’s no revisions, I’ll entertain a motion to approve the minutes.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Second, thank you. Moved and seconded. Any discussion? All in favor of approving December 2022 minutes say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Okay. Motion carries. updates from the airport manager. Mr. Brown.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
All right. Not too much stuff on my plate this week. Just some quick updates mostly for you guys here. Southwest sewer project is Item A here. Good news on that project pretty much completed. I just did a change order earlier today to extend it by one day. So by tomorrow, it should be pretty much completed. They’re doing some cleanup. They were repacking. Or they dug through the perimeter road today. In making it passable again. Apart from that the projects pretty much completed, we got now sewer way out beyond where the when t is on the airport. So it’s all there for future access. It is pretty much done. And that’s issue a there any questions on issue a. Alright, be prey dog mitigation. Now moving along pretty good. With mitigation. Just as a quick recap, prairie dog kind of exploded again on the airport this year talking with local wildlife guys, I guess they just kind of saw that all over the city. They essentially estimate that our population doubled. Of course, something we got to take care of not only for FA reasons, but just because it’s you know, as an airport, we need to get them out of there for safety reasons also had a meeting earlier today with the city wildlife department, we’ve been tracking down various different avenues of trying to get them out of here. With looks like we’re most likely going to go with a proposal from I think it’s D HQ ranch services. And they’re going to come out and we’re actually going to hopefully, this is all still in the works. Have their three machines at the airport, same time, go through and just do a massive push on the airport. To do this mitigation, it’s going to cost a little bit airport a little bit of money. But we think we really want to get kind of a heads up on it and kind of tackle this is heavy as lean as we can. The idea being have them come out and do one big push, wait a couple of weeks, come back to another big push. And then the idea is after that hopefully the city’s wildlife people will be able to stay on top of the numbers that we’ll have out of the airport. So that’s kind of the update plan where the direction that we’re headed right now, no agreements or contracts have been signed at the moment. But this is kind of the point of the funnel, where everything’s kind of come to and it looks like what our action plan is going to be for getting this taken care of.

Unknown Speaker 14:28
Mr. Dean. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Levi, do you have any information on roughly what the cost will be for the mitigation mitigation?

Unknown Speaker 14:35
Yeah, we’re still we’re still kind of trying to figure out the exact numbers on that preliminary estimates put the total somewhere around $30,000. But kind of the way he’s we’ve been negotiating and he’s been it’s based on hourly so that’s kind of his best guess I had a drove him all over the airport. I showed him where all the holes were. We did estimates. He kind of calculated out what he thought his team and stuff like that are needed. He He based it on hourly. And but then he gave us a total. Yeah. So I could not going through all the numbers, but for the first round, he’s okay. So it was $28,000. And then for the second round, that’s right for a second round, he quoted $14,000. So closer to 40 plus $1,000. There for tonight. So it’s gonna be a little bit of a spendy process. These numbers we did, I did double triple check with all the wildlife folks in the city to and they all kind of nodded their head and said, that looks pretty fair to them. As far as what the service is cost, we did also actively reach out to several different people. We talked with this company, Smith, Wildlife Control Services, and Rocky Mountain Wildlife Control Services. And these, by far seem to be the most professional kind of outfit definitely interested in being here at the airport. So that’s kind of the direction that we’re going.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
Yeah. Can you leave? What was the timeline on that?

Unknown Speaker 16:02
So honestly, my timeline as quickly as possible, so I’m, this just this earlier today had a meeting with the wildlife department, I put in a phone call today, and he hasn’t got back to me. But once he gets back to me start talking about what his window is. And at that point, go back to city and make sure that we’re good to go and pull the trigger.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
Thanks. Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 16:30
All right. E, engineering consultant updates, this would be a pretty quick one. Tallis has been helping us on this one with, you know, going through the firms and stuff like that. Next week, we’ve got interviews with the three top firms. And we’ll all be kind of sitting through there talking at that point, we can make a choice and then move forward with signing an agreement. So that should hopefully be accomplished fairly quickly here.

Unknown Speaker 17:01
Anyone have any questions from Levi on any of this? Hold on a second, if good,

Unknown Speaker 17:10
what services? Or is this engineer going to be doing for the airport. So

Unknown Speaker 17:17
for? For any airport, it’s pretty standard to have a some kind of an engineer, kind of on an ongoing contract. And to the point where even when I do meetings with the FAA and CDOT. These, you know, Blick Tory grant meetings are talking about future CIP projects. And they say, Okay, well, who’s your report engineer? We actually started the and I’m certainly glad that we did the process of getting an engineer on a little bit early, because I had a conversation last year with the FAA. And I said, Why don’t we get these projects started. And they said, Well, you got to make sure you got your new engineers on for 2023, before we’ll even talk to you. So essentially, what they’re there for is, is, let’s say, I want to do you know, perimeter Road, upgrade on the airport. So if I get that if I get potentially money earmarked for it, then me and my engineer are gonna go into a meeting with the FAA, an engineer is gonna do all the drawings or figure cost estimates, they’re going to figure what needs to be done, yada, yada, yada, right? For the FAA, we’re gonna say, Okay, we’re gonna use this grant money for this. So it’s just kind of projects like that is pretty much what it’s for.

Unknown Speaker 18:27
So is is he going to be a consultant? Or is he actually going to be doing engineering work?

Unknown Speaker 18:34
So it’s a firm that we’re we’re signing an agreement with, so whoever it is, there’ll be, you know, there, there might be a planner point, man, and they have electrical engineers, and then they have, you know, structural engineers, and they kind of draw from their pool of people.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
Okay. Yep. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
And that was the last item that I had on the update.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Mr. Roberson. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Sorry, Vice Chair Robeson. I

Unknown Speaker 19:01
am new to Levi. Since this is the airport manager section, I was just responding or thinking about what the public invited to be heard said about the minutes being included with the agenda. And I went to the portal, and I can kind of see how they might get to that. Have you been on there? I mean, there’s a link for agenda. And then you got to get the three dots to get the full packet.

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Yeah, I did get Don’t laugh. I went and downloaded the agenda, of course of that from the same online portal. I did not actually check for the minutes, so I couldn’t speak with any authority on that this week.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
So can you put that up on the TV over there? Yeah, the Longmont website, just for anybody in the audience that wanted to see the minutes. They’re there, but I agree. They’re not obvious maybe. And I looked back through the previous ones, and they’re this way too, it says agenda. And if you click on that, you just get one page. But if you click the three dots next to it, it pulls out a little packet dialog box

Unknown Speaker 20:06
All right, we just had this up, we should have kept the page up.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
So this is the web page that is the city’s website. And I typically go over to city council on Agenda minutes.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
And get to the portal, you can also get to this, get to this straight from the adviser and airport advisory board. And you have the agenda that’s posted, we usually try to post that the week before the meeting. So full, it’s usually the Friday before Friday, before the Thursday, we try to get that out. Now, it was a lot less time before, if you recall. So this is much this is an improvement in our minds. And then after the agenda is posted, and we know it’s there. And like you said, there’s three dots where you do the full packet. So you get just the agenda. If you click on the agenda piece, or when you click on the three dots, you get the packet piece, so you get the full the full piece. And what Levi tries to do that following the Monday before this meeting is send out an email to everyone. So all we need to do is make sure that we have specifically Dave’s email, and we’ll check in with him after the meeting. And

Unknown Speaker 21:19
I do put actually directions to that link and all the emails with the breakdown on where to go to

Unknown Speaker 21:23
I think your email is great. I just responded to the public that said that it was they weren’t able to find the minutes. So I wanted to show how to get to it. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Anything else really buy? Anything else leave it for us. That’s update there. Sounds good. We’ve got no information items. So action items, annual report, right

Unknown Speaker 21:50
action item annual report. So this if we didn’t do an annual report, I know it was talked about before that we want to do something with maybe a little more depth to it. And that’s certainly something we can talk about and do in the future. We’ll be a little bit behind the eight ball on this one, I did kind of have the city standard format for our annual report, kind of what they wanted to see. And I do have that in front of me. And that should have been in the packet too. So annual report, I just figured I hit the highlights real quick here of that. Airport advisory board and codified 1993, etc, etc. Some of the highlights from stuff we did this year from the list that I’ve got here, of course, new airport manager is in there. The schedule of rates and charges was a big one that we finally got through this year, which is great, really, we should be addressing that every year and checking make sure it’s good. It’s good to actually have gotten that done. South Side sewer project started and completed all pretty quickly there. So that’s another big accomplishment along with airport striping. And in general painting all over the airport, we did a whole bunch of this year. Also in this line, of course, the new leasing documents and going through there to to make bring them into compliance. And while prey dog mitigation, we’ve been working on that those are some of the kind of highlights that we’ve been working on here at the airport board this year. So that’s kind of the annual report. Is there any questions on them? Or?

Unknown Speaker 23:17
Mr. Dean?

Unknown Speaker 23:19
So I see the the mowing, I think we talked about that in October, November. Do we have somebody set up for the summer for mowing?

Unknown Speaker 23:26
So we were actually just had a meeting last Thursday with the Public Works Natural Resources about that. That’s going through procurement. Now we’re preparing to get some bids for those and the hope of course being putting out for bid now maybe when mowers a little more hungry for for work in the health of winter, we’ll get maybe some better, some better offers. And we got last summer in the middle of summer when our contract ran out. So and again, the idea being moving forward, we’ll be redoing this contract in the middle of winter instead of in the middle of summer when if our individual decides he’s retiring, he doesn’t put us in quite so much of a pickle.

Unknown Speaker 24:04
Is there a cutoff date for that as well? You’d like a date you want to have this done by are we

Unknown Speaker 24:08
I want to start getting it out there essentially next week for getting proposals. It all kind of depends on how the procurement process goes and kind of what their timeline is for doing that official paperwork. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 24:27
Anyone else? Mr. Vice Chair Roberson.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Thank you, Mr. Chair. Maybe I’ve mixed two things in my mind. But wasn’t the annual report something that we put together over a long period of time with pictures and took it to city council? So are we doing a format change here? Is that what you’re suggesting? Or is this just like a guide for us to put together our annual report?

Unknown Speaker 24:51
Oh, so to my understanding in the past, and this is kind of what from what former Boardman, Melinda was saying. There used to be, like a little thicker. are a little more story oriented for the annual reports. And of course, I haven’t set through one before. So I’m not sure how that process went with you all before. But this is just something we kind of prepared to fulfill the requirement of the annual report from a yearly nature. So it’s certainly something that we can do moving forward. But this fulfills the official requirement for the annual report. Okay. What do you think about that?

Unknown Speaker 25:24
So, I appreciate what we’ve done in the past particularly what Vice Chair emeritus Jordans effort on that, I’m just gonna create a title for Eva Linda. I really liked being able to tell the story about the airport while fulfilling that requirement. I think my question is for councilmember Martin, which is what do other boards give you? And what is valuable to council? Since this is a report to you? What would you like to see from us? And can you can you do the mic, please?

Unknown Speaker 26:05
There, yeah, thank you, thank you. It varies so much that I’m I really am lost as as to what it says it may leave is correct, there is a definition of a minimum. There’s no rule that says you can’t put extra stuff in there. But in my experience with other boards is more like you have to you have to twist arms to get the minimum to be fulfilled. And the work is depth is is typically done by the staff liaison. In this case, it’s the airport manager. And some boards do a formal approval of it. And some just say, Oh, thanks. So you know, I that’s, that’s really all I have have to say. I think that the I honestly don’t know, maybe, Phil, you might I don’t know, because you’re a liaison. I don’t know whether this board could could decide to have a bylaw that said that they require approval of the annual report.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
I don’t know. That’s councilmember Martin, that was our plan for tonight was to ask for any changes. Basically, this is just pulled off your agendas over the last past or 2022, quite frankly. And this is the same thing we’ve done with other boards and commissions. So this is this mirrors exactly what we do for the transportation advisory board. So my apologies if it’s kind of not up to the standards you’ve seen before. But I, I have failed to find any great attachments from previous airport managers, that shows that level of detail. So I’d have to be we’d have to try to find that or be directed toward it, because I’m not seeing it in our in our files. So

Unknown Speaker 28:05
when I mean, we as a board failed to do this last year. So we did not meet our requirement in 2022, to submit a report for 2021. So I mean, I I would just say my personal opinion is I would like to do more than this. But also make sure we get it same next month done. So we actually meet the requirement when we redid our bylaws, I don’t remember what the timing was, I think it was last year, we said first half of the year for approving an annual report. So we’ve got a little time, but I don’t want to just let it linger because otherwise we’ll never do it.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
Chairman neural if if if I may add something, there is a there’s a chance that I might have one from 2018 or 2019 lying around that I could provide as a model. You know, I’ve been through a couple changes of computer and stuff since then. So if the habit it’s in the cloud, but if you’d like to have a copy, I’ll try. I’ll either get it to you by Monday or I will give up in despair and say well, no, I didn’t hang on to it.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
I know we have the copies. Councilmember Martin, I know that. I know. I have them. I believe Vice Chair emeritus Jordan has provided them to leave I for what’s been done in the past. So I think we can work through that. Fisher Robeson

Unknown Speaker 29:38
Thank you. So Melinda nodding at me. So I think between the two of you and maybe councilmember Barton we can get some old ones and I would say I’m willing to put some effort into it this month to make it more interesting to look at. So I do appreciate you guys putting this together. That’s a good outline. I would just like to maybe add to it, or you have some time to work with me Are we do I have

Unknown Speaker 30:00
minimal time, but I think that would be great to do that together. Because I actually think some of the past ones have done a really good job telling the airport story and probably a less good job telling what the board has done. And so a little blending of the two would probably be appropriate. So that I would make the motion that we don’t take action on this tonight, that two board members reconvene and we bring this forward next month for approval.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
Mr. Dean, seconds. Any discussion? All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? We’ll bring it back. Russell, you and I will be the two unless someone disagrees with that.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
Leave anything else on that then for us tonight.

Unknown Speaker 30:57
That’s all we had on action items.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
We will we’ll work with you and we’ll get something together and approve it next month. Rather than quick tonight, final public invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 31:17
You can tell me if you agree or disagree with your invented title. And you do need to hit the button. I have to hit this one.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Oh, wow. You know that complicated. Melinda Jordan 1110 Twin Peaks circle. Liquid I happen to have with me. Good thing, I carry a carpet bag. So there’s a hardcopy from 2018 hits pretty old. Yeah, this is the same. And then I can get you the soft copy. And then the recommendation that we had was that the requirement is the sterile report just to report on what the board’s done, but that I could solicit input. And the recommendation from Marcia was to provide it to Marika with the city and get her to put it together as a city publication that would go along with the report. So I had just asked Howard Morgan with Lopa lung when I sent my dues in to solicit input through lopec to also make a notice there, that we were looking for input. So I’ll say that on the record, and then two guys to if you know, of anything on the airport, that should be included in that would be business, charitable milestones. accomplishments, we have rescue missions. So we have medical missions, corporate traffic, you know, any kind of interesting notes. And then I solicited him from the businesses out there as well to just see how business looks and and what their sales were like. And then we’ll put a request out to the field too, because that’s where we get our volunteer pilots. And I don’t know this last year, there’s always Animal Rescue, that’s you can guarantee that, and then the Phenom does quite a bit of charitable. So I’ll work on that. And then I can send it to you guys, but also then put something together for Morocco that she could put it, hopefully put something together to accompany ours. But the requirement is that the dry one Yeah, they’re really just pretty sterile. And then finally on the air show, I had reached out to one of our sponsors, historically, I won’t name them here. And I reached out to them today proposing even sponsoring the jet show or up Freeman. And if they wanted instead of to be a general sponsor, if they wanted to hone in on a specific event. I also had a band pencil in that date for us, and they come with a price tag as well. So I started reaching out saying that, you know, we’ve got to make deposits and things are happening now if we’re going to be having it. So when let you know that that I’ve got a few feelers out for some bigger sponsors that would help us make those deposits and some of those expenses that we have now. Thank you. You guys are doing great. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 34:22
Thanks, Wanda. Would anyone else like to speak now?

Unknown Speaker 34:33
Mr. Cole?

Unknown Speaker 34:36
Dave Cobb again, we’ll start with a p&l statement. You know, the as a annual report, we used to get three four years of data showing the income and expenses, how the income increase where the expenses increased. You know, that was pretty, pretty good review and showed us what kind of income we’re getting from all the hangars. And it also includes, you know, your grants that you’ve applied for those that Got those who didn’t get over the last three or four years and then show you the current one. I applaud you for bringing it up. Mr. Robertson. Yeah, it was very cursory. So, yeah, we’d like to know what the heck’s going on with all the money we’re spending out there. Or at least trying to, and the prairie dogs, let me give it a big hand, start securing the airport. People are dropping prairie dogs off almost every night. Yeah, I know, it’s illegal is what Tim Barr said 15 years ago, but I’ve got data that confirms are doing it out there and a helicopter hovering. And after a new snowstorm, you can see where trucks back up and dump them right there in the field. That’s why you can’t get rid of them. That’s this is a dumping ground for the whole damn County. And it’s still happening. So you got to secure it, you got to make sure it doesn’t happen. And why is that happening? Because we we spent $60,000 on a pretty drug preservation field on the southwest corner the airport, and then we didn’t maintain it. And that’s where we used to be able to come to practice area over there. That’s why it was over there. And that’s what’s happening. You can see the little critters running right through the preservation area right into the airport. So you can kill them all you want. But you got to stop them from being dragged here by other city employees and city residents. Thanks. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 36:23
Anyone else tonight?

Unknown Speaker 36:32
David shank bucks for six for long Mac. With respect to the annual report, it looks to me like that would be a really nice place for the airport manager and staff, an airport board to brag about the airport to kind of pump up the airport to the city council and kind of convince somebody on city council, that it really is an asset to the city. It’s a tremendous asset. But we don’t seem to market it very well. My comment on the prairie dogs is you got to stop them from being dumped, that’s for sure. But the other thing you’ve got to do is kill them. The minute they show up, if you leave two of them out there, I can guarantee or you’re gonna have a whole bunch of them. And then you’re looking at $40,000 again. But if you kill two of them for 10 or 15 bucks, you’ve done your job. But you got to get the first two.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Thank you. Anyone else? Last call? All right. We’ll close public final public fight invited to be heard. Board counsel and staff comments. Mr. Dean, I see you in the queue. So

Unknown Speaker 37:56
So I’ve sent in the paperwork. I don’t really know how long it’s gonna take to get back in with the b2b that crashed about a month ago. I’ve heard there’s there’s delays, but I did send in paperwork to Whiteman Air Force Base for a beat to fly over, or HF layover. So we’ll see how that goes for the actual confirmation.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
Councilmember Martin,

Unknown Speaker 38:24
thank you. I want to make sure there are no other board members that want to speak first.

Unknown Speaker 38:31
I know I do. But no one else is in the queue. Okay. Well, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Go ahead. So a couple of things. One is there’s a misapprehension that the city council does not think of the airport as an asset to the community. In fact, the city council does, and the economic development partners do think of the airport as an asset to the community and want the you know, want to find ways to fund the airport more and make it more modern and accelerate the development of the land. I hope that everyone will understand that and, you know, get into a best hopes kind of mode rather than a worst fears, kind of mode, nobody’s out to get you know, the lease isn’t intended that way, this is strictly of, you know, protection of, of the landlord has, you know, and and has a fiduciary responsibility to, you know, to do there is there is no reason why an extension to a lease would not be granted unless the hanger was in bad repair or you Know the lease payments were not being made, or there was some safety violation going on, you know, we’ve had we’ve had that happen in the history of the airport. And the things in the lease are for that reason. So I just, I’m surprised by the reaction that has, has really come out of just the lease got locked out, because we needed to change the numbers. But that’s all it is. And there is there is every desire to improve the airport, there are rules about how much about how the airport has to operate, it’s an enterprise, the city doesn’t get to take taxpayer money and push it into the airport, that’s against the law. It’s against the Tabor amendment. So it’s actually unconstitutional. To do it. The airport has to pay its way by fees, by grants. And by, you know, other business operations that have to be done, and it has to pay its own expenses. And that’s just the way it is because we live in Colorado, and we have the Tabor Amendment to the Constitution. And, and that doesn’t translate into the city being out to get the airport. Um, the last thing I want to say is, is that I failed to understand the opposition to what is a city wide electrification initiative, the energy transition is real. And I get the feeling that there’s, there’s, you know, some idea that electrification of the airport means to the exclusion of other styles of aircraft. And, and that’s not true at all, you know, is just the idea that, that the potential of this land in the city’s energy economy should be increased, and that the airport should be friendly to an emerging style of, of aircraft. So, there are potential benefits and no potential harms. For doing this, I would invite the board to invite a speaker, people I worked with, we have Dr. Grunsfeld, who would, I think, probably be happy to give a presentation on the technology state of airport electric aviation electrification, I also have, he might be harder to get. But Dr. Troutman who is a public policy specialist with regard to batteries, and, and the state of battery technology. And he works with the government and military, and is made me very aware of the amount of federal investment there is in this technology in all these technologies. So you know, I would be happy just because it’s a very interesting topic and and of importance to pilots. And yeah, you know, there, it’s, it’s going to be just like, the previous generations of aircraft, they didn’t have huge ranges in the beginning. And they they developed and came along. So that is an option. I you know, I think if if the board is interested, if the public is interested, public stakeholders, those are options, but it’s not going to take anything away from anybody. So thanks all and Happy New Year.

Unknown Speaker 44:19
Thank you, Councilmember Martin. Miss Vice Chair Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Thank you. This seemed like a good time to jump in. If you guys remember last meeting, we were presented with a document that had been come up with by city staff regarding the sustainability and a resolution that we could recommend. And we didn’t find it to be up to snuff. So I rewrote it conferred with Melinda she liked it. If we want to look at it now I emailed it to Levi so that it can be put up there, or I can read it to you or we could just do it at another time.

Unknown Speaker 44:52
I think my preference would be next month when we can review it. I got but it was on my list of I really want that to come back in February.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
It’s ready. I wrote it Okay, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 45:02
So on the first item, there are future agenda items that would be that’s my request, not an idea. On the discussion about the annual report, I absolutely agree it’s a great chance for us to brag about the airport. And and brag to council a little bit about everything that’s going on out there. The economic development, the investment. I appreciate your comments, Councilmember Martin, that the council is pro airport, that’s certainly not always been the case. And so I invite the I like having the PR opportunity for us to be out in front of counsel and talking about the good that’s happening. And what’s coming next. Because I really do I’ve had this conversation with Levi and a number of you, I think this has been a transition year. And that, you know, we’re moving forward, and we’re moving in the right direction for the first time in years. And so to be able to have that discussion, and, you know, I recognize every time a lease or a rates and charges goes before Council, there’s always the questions of how does this fit into a broader strategic plan, kind of what’s the big picture, and we’re, we’re moving that way rather than that direction. So want to be able to tell that story, as well. We have on here air show as well. Linda brought this up. I’d love to kick off that discussion. And ideally figure out who is going to be leading that from a board perspective, and pushing that forward. Since if we’re all doing it, it is once a month in a public forum, and that’s not going to work to actually make this happen. Vice Chair Robeson,

Unknown Speaker 46:42
thank you, it seems by default, it’s been me kind of leading it since I’ve been checking out the Airbus side of it. And Melinda and Dale Van Zandt said he’s certainly willing to come back and contribute what he knows about wrangling the finances and setting up the whole thing. Since he did it before. I feel like the first step is a question for you. Council member is Is there money already earmarked for this for this year? In the city budget?

Unknown Speaker 47:11
No, not that I know of. I will tell you the council doesn’t get deep down in the in the finances, the the budget we get is pretty, pretty limited. So in detail. It’s not a limited budget, particularly. But again, taxpayer money cannot be allocated to this

Unknown Speaker 47:36
not even their show. So this is coming directly out of the airport budget.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
So I’ve had we’ve had preliminary discussions with the city already in the money that was put up for in the past, and I haven’t gotten real deep down into it. But it was indicated to me that we certainly could allocate some funds to help with that burden, wherever that comes from from our end. So those discussions have been had we just need to continue to move forward with them.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
Okay. Maybe I should have be on? Do you know, as I hear the question, I don’t know if it’s ever been asked before, not in my presence, how it was funded. And I thought, you know, kind of honestly thought that it was a a volunteer kind of operation that was, you know, done by the grassroots. But there may be promotional money that the city could spend on an a publicity event, which is not, you know, it doesn’t benefit the enterprise. So, in in, in that case, the the thing to do is, Oh, get Marika involved, you know, the Head of Communications for the city is a pilot and a former member of this board. So, yeah, that’s that’s a, I think, a more promising answer to that question. And the first one I gave, yeah, that does something. Yeah, it’s not it’s not airport spending, its event spending.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
And I know there have not been on this board when the airshow has taken place. But there have been lines and budgets that we saw for prior years. That was out of the enterprise fund. I don’t remember how much it was. I know it’s been done in the past. That’s about all I’ve got to add there. So

Unknown Speaker 49:31
that’s kind of where I’ve been digging and looking. And I found probably this exact same budget items as last week that you’re looking at as we’re getting into that. And that’s kind of what I brought up and said, hey, you know, here’s what we gave in the past. And you could potentially do something like this with, you know, overtime increase, you know, percentage increase. And so far, I’ve gotten, you know, nods and light, but let’s start talking about it and see what we can do. So nothing’s set in stone. No promises have been made, but there seems to be very open positive communication about it.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
So we started this, Russell, you said You’ve been doing it by default. Yeah. And Melinda, and Melinda from a board perspective. Yeah, please excuse me. Do you want to continue doing that? Or are you doing it by default?

Unknown Speaker 50:11
I mean, I will continue doing it. Okay. Mr. Dean,

Unknown Speaker 50:16
we talked about the day, we talked about the hours what time we were expecting it from what time to what time to go to. I don’t remember discussing that kind of how long it’s going to be.

Unknown Speaker 50:27
It can be weather dependent, but typically, it started in the late morning and go through the lunch hour would be depending on how big the air show is three or four hours,

Unknown Speaker 50:34
like eight to noon ate to

Unknown Speaker 50:37
last couple I’ve been to Melinda can probably say what the Longmont one was. But just the last year I went to Kansas and Nebraska started around 10. And they were a little smaller. So they might finish up at one o’clock or something like that. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:51
7am to two,

Unknown Speaker 50:53
I get a hit. So when I’m saying 10 That’s when planes are moving. I guess the whole event has to start early for parking and things like that. Yeah. So if you’re talking about when the first person shows up at the airport, it’s going to be early, but be late morning, by the time that airplane start flying around.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Yeah, I definitely remember getting up at the crack of dawn to get out to that report to

Unknown Speaker 51:15
government representative. And talking about kind of these, you know, detail items that Mr. Dean brought up stuff like that, when’s the time stuff like that, I would, I would probably highly recommend that, you know, Russell, you and I get together and we start building a core, if we were taking it seriously, I’m going to start building a core of people, they can kind of tackle the individual items and meet on more than a monthly basis, probably, because it’s going to take a whole lot of work to get this done and on time. So I think you know, just, you know, making my staff comments here, I think it’d be positive to get together, start building a team and really reach out there. I’ve done some preliminary I’ve directed a tenant already who reached out to me to Melinda, so hopefully he’s serious about helping with the air show. I did reach out to Mariah haven’t gotten the promises from her necessarily as far as what she’ll be involved. But yeah, building a good solid team and really start working on it hard.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
Well, the good thing is I got a bunch of stuff from Dale already. And he put together lessons learned. So I’ve got three pages here of basically hints from what they learned from the last year.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
That’s really helpful. Since we’re, we’re so many years apart. There’s a little bit of knowledge lost there. So I’m glad Dale did that. That’s really, that’s wonderful. And Russell, thank you for sure agreeing to to be a leader there. Given Colorado Open Meeting rules, we can’t have another board member who’s doing that alongside you. Would anyone like to Mr. Dean, I’d be happy to help kind of make it. And that’s to be clear, not to the exclusion of any other board members, but means you guys can actually meet and work through this. And then we can continue to have discussions and board meetings with the whole group. Anything else on the air show right now? 2023 workplan is the other thing that’s listed here under staff comments. Levi, you and I had a brief discussion earlier this week around this? Do you want to maybe kick off kind of what we’re what we were thinking?

Unknown Speaker 53:18
Yeah. So just having a brief conversation about, you know, looking at the year ahead, and kind of what we as a board might want to tackle. So it’s honestly, it’s kind of related to the that first item ideas for future agenda items, I guess you could say, but what is our work plan going to be for 2023? Just kind of trying to get the discussion started on that.

Unknown Speaker 53:43
So I certainly we talked through, absolutely bringing the sustainability resolution back. We talked a little bit about grants, that the city is I guess there’s a new resource in the city. And so being able to have a better discussion around that and what what opportunities there might be how that ties into a CIP airshow obviously

Unknown Speaker 54:07
knew that would be big one.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
I know there was something else that I’m blanking on that we talked about.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
And I’d have to check my notes back in the office to

Unknown Speaker 54:16
my notes aren’t here, which is not helpful. Does anyone else have anything they’d like to make sure that we include Oh, RFPs for hangar developments?

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Oh, yes. Absolutely. Oh, yes. We talked that wasn’t one because I think if I recall correctly last year, we’d actually picked an individual to help with that. And then we had to put those off because of some of the lease concern issues and stuff like that. And we had to have a solid one prior approved prior to moving forward with that. So we’ll need to probably go through that election and point some point again and pick someone else up review RFPs.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
Vice Chair rows,

Unknown Speaker 54:50
thank you. I found the my list I think at purchase price similar to what you guys were talking about. Since Steve is not with us anymore, and I have forgotten what whatever happened with Southside bathrooms that we get some or what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
So last kind of where that hung out was cost estimates were prohibitively expensive for putting in a solid bathroom. So, you know, kind of did give you some insight into what we’re thinking at the moment, as we are hopefully moving forward with development on the south side, sometime soon. And we would start having that conversation when the next development starts having, you know, could we work that into potential projects there that could save us money as moving forward, as plumbing is going in as waters going in? Perhaps we could even work that into a deal with someone who’s construction and the lease agreement, you know, hey, we can do this for you is part of your construction at the end of your hanger, you put in male female bathrooms, and then we’ll provide this this and that,

Unknown Speaker 55:44
do we have something we can offer them that would be fair in return for them building a bathroom?

Unknown Speaker 55:48
I mean, all you know, all leases are negotiated. And again, that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about in this whole thing. So just you know, action and rate is what you’re thinking it could be, you know, hey, look, I’m I’m spending, if I’m putting this bathroom in, I’m spending an extra $100,000. And I say, Okay, we’re going to, you know, this was your lease and your option to renew, okay, we’re gonna give it another five years or whatever on your option to renew. There’s all kinds of things we can do or promise to provide, again, it’s always a negotiation.

Unknown Speaker 56:15
Is that kind of what we’re looking for as, as far as the work plan? Is these kind of bigger ideas that we went through a list last year? I think

Unknown Speaker 56:21
it is some of that? Absolutely. It’s, we’ve had a discussion a few times of, you know, what are the topics we need to make sure we’re covering for the year? And so yeah, it is that and that does jog my memory that I think Steve was the one who volunteered to be on that RFP review? Yes, currently to make that happen. So we’ll absolutely need to bring that back and pay and get somebody else involved in that.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
I also see the annual report was supposed to be Melinda and tell us.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Oh, so So since we’re talking about work plan, if you guys could talk about kind of have your ideas and thoughts. If you get that to me, then next month, I can bring a work plan back to you. And hopefully we can kind of get that approved for moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 57:01
I think we hit the main points here.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Thank you. Either job one memory, they’re leaving about giving you notes. If anyone has anything to contribute to the annual report, as people are going out and seeking input, please send it to leave if we don’t have city email addresses, the easiest way is to get it to him. And then he can disseminate it. If you have hours. That fine. But I would just say by default, Levi’s a great point to get it to the rest of us. Councilmember Martin?

Unknown Speaker 57:37
Oh, yeah, just in terms of of the work plan. It’s a, this is something that I’ve been lobbying for through strategic integration. But I think it’s really important to have early transparency in terms of grants. You know, what are we going for? What’s in the queue? You want to, you know, there are not just individual grant opportunities, but sub but a prioritization of subjects that we want to pursue. And because, you know, it’s strategic, there’s only so much capacity to manage a grant once it’s been accepted. Because there’s work right, you got to do report in in in, you don’t just get to just spend the money, you have to, you know, provide assurance that the money’s being handled properly, and that the work is being done and all that. And it’s not just the FAA, there are many other available sources. So, you know, the council and the EDP would both be very interested in in having a window into that. So just a suggestion. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
I would echo that interest. I know you, you’re just starting to work with grants folks in the city. But yeah, that when I bring it up, that’s absolutely the objective is hearing about some of these opportunities. And to the extent, we should be informing Council advocating the council, that the city has pursued them.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
And we have been looking at some options and stuff like that. We haven’t necessarily started pursuing a course there’s ones that we have to make sure that cities you know, willing, ready to do before we pursue and stuff like that. So that’s a big thing. But I’m very excited to meet and very excited that indeed, that the city now has a day to day designated grant individual. She’s bringing a lot to the table and she’s bringing a lot of stuff that is kind of outside the airport world that we can potentially utilize only airport that she has really good knowledge of, which hopefully will benefit us in the future.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
Leave I fill other staff comments tonight?

Unknown Speaker 59:55
No, I think that covers us. Do you have anything? All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
With no other comments we’ll adjourn for tonight thank you everybody see you next month

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