Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – January 2023

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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – January 2023

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I’ll leave the meeting to order.

Unknown Speaker 0:05
Because we have some new faces at the table, I think we should go around and introductions. So my name is Florian McCoy.

Unknown Speaker 0:15
Currently serving as chair and

Unknown Speaker 0:19

Unknown Speaker 0:21
a longtime member of Walmart. I’ve served on the historic preservation commission. I really don’t house.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
So we’ll just go clockwise.

Unknown Speaker 0:33
Clockwise was

Unknown Speaker 0:35

Unknown Speaker 0:38

Unknown Speaker 0:42
I’m Candy shy, I’m back.

Unknown Speaker 0:47
I think y’all know, I talked about my roots or things like that. So I think y’all know that we do history.

Unknown Speaker 0:57
I’m Carrie Cruz. And I’m, let’s see served on the board from 2014 for two terms consecutively took a year off to prepare our grant.

Unknown Speaker 1:15
And they came back on the board for 2021. And here I am, at the end of this term. I don’t know if you’re off because

Unknown Speaker 1:24
I was busy here.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
But it’s just a joy to serve this house.

Unknown Speaker 1:31
So I’m John Mayer been online for 42 years. And it’s a long time. And I found out that the wife of the mayor comes to these meetings. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48
so I’m going to try to come as much as I can, because I love that the county henhouse a lot. So I’ve been active in the city for ever drove my husband Hurley nuts.

Unknown Speaker 2:03
Yes, she has the cutest little grandson, and they have little lovely little christening lunch free here. Last year. It was yes, here. Yep. Right in this room. He tells jokes. He’s so funny. He’s really funny. He told Sopko to you one little thing, because I’m really proud of him.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
So they had Christmas in Florida, but their homes in Pennsylvania. So my son rented a van and they’re dragging back. And they were in Asheville, North Carolina, at a restaurant. And there was a musician, I’m assuming it was a guitar player. And Hudson went up to him and said, Excuse me, excuse me to get his attention. And he said, Can you play James to him forever on my mind?

Unknown Speaker 2:51
That’s what the guy he said.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
He said, Well, actually, I’m four. And oh, the diner started clapping and laughing it scared him to death Oh.

Unknown Speaker 3:13

Unknown Speaker 3:15
Great, great effect that they have no, no inhibition. inhibition is

Unknown Speaker 3:22

Unknown Speaker 3:24

Unknown Speaker 3:26
Hi, I’m Anne Thompson. And I’m in my second term. And I really love the Callahan house and I always just like to mention, when I introduce myself that when I moved to Longmont from Kenosha, your scope, my very first job was here at the Callahan house, I was out in the gardens.

Unknown Speaker 3:44
kind of came full circle after I retired from my regular career.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
And everybody knows me, I’m Kathy Korcula. And I’m the childhood house manager. And I have been here almost 12 years 12 years at the end of March.

Unknown Speaker 4:03

Unknown Speaker 4:05
I’m Sue Ellen Dabney. I’m a recreation program supervisor for the city of Longmont. I’m associated with elegant house and with my exciting thing for I can retire now.

Unknown Speaker 4:17
Actually, that’s not all that’s.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
The end of the speaker

Unknown Speaker 4:33
so that handsome fella that I’ve seen

Unknown Speaker 4:38
very excited that way and then two other daughters two daughters getting married this year. Oh my Oh, two. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 4:48

Unknown Speaker 4:59
I’ve written

Unknown Speaker 5:00
He seems super excited to be part of this. And I’ve worked in nonprofits and cultural facilities since 2015. I studied fine arts and history and art history in school. And I just love history and had the pleasure of working with the Molly Brown house in Denver. That was my first like, Introduction to museums and nonprofits and cultural facilities, and I just loved it. And so that was probably like my favorite job I’ve ever had. And so I’m really excited to kind of transfer that experience to Callahans. And just kind of dive in and surf online by being part of this group. So weeks.

Unknown Speaker 5:43
And I’m Cindy Martini. I been a resident of Longmont for 20 years, I came from Chicago.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
And I have been in my degrees in journalism. And I’ve been in public relations and employee communications for

Unknown Speaker 6:04
almost 30 years, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 6:07
And I have always admired old Thomas and I’ve always admired the Callahan house. And every time I go by when there’s an event, I think, I wish I could be part of

Unknown Speaker 6:20
the beautiful when they’re in the garden especially.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
So I and I just love getting more history about the town and promoting that kind of thing. So I really look forward to being on the board.

Unknown Speaker 6:37
And I’m currently serving my second term that didn’t load since 1985. And history is I have a degree in history. I just love old things in this house personifies that, it just just see people when they come through the house, and you talk to them, it is just such a

Unknown Speaker 6:58
it’s a real heart murmur is a great thing to be involved with. And I love working with you, Chris.

Unknown Speaker 7:06
Thank you for calling us all girls.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
All right. Moving right along, um, approval of minutes from Pew previous meeting.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
The minutes that were submitted to you, Kathy, were changed slightly. And

Unknown Speaker 7:36
I don’t quite understand why you did that. I should have one editorial comment on fixed a couple of typos.

Unknown Speaker 7:47

Unknown Speaker 7:49
I don’t understand why you didn’t the editorial. I don’t think it was an editorial comment because it was put in without warning port or discussion. And that was part of the reason why that was stated or put was because we wanted to make sure that we it was clear to anybody that we weren’t doing more business outside. It was also stated later in the minutes as well. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:20

Unknown Speaker 8:25
it stated quite the same, I think the phrase that’s missing at the end of the second sentence is without board input, input or discussion, which is pertinent because it is confirming that

Unknown Speaker 8:43
business has been done outside of board meetings. So I think that’s relevant in this part what we need to have that back.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
It just stays what is not stated later.

Unknown Speaker 8:58
And that was one of the things that was really stressed to us by

Unknown Speaker 9:04
in the training from city. And in addition to that, the

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Assistant City Attorney,

Unknown Speaker 9:15

Unknown Speaker 9:20

Unknown Speaker 9:21

Unknown Speaker 9:23
stating that it’s really got to be very clear that we’re not discussing or doing anything outside of the board meetings, even when we’re taking down trees or or do anything. So that’s, that’s I think it should be included. Well, that’s absolutely true about board functions, but it was an awkward position. Right.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Here I think it’s not it’s not clear that it’s not worth function until

Unknown Speaker 9:49
the open house, the holiday because I think it’s okay to add that in storage without board input for discussion at the end of the last sentence.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
It just makes it very clear that

Unknown Speaker 10:04
our discussion meeting,

Unknown Speaker 10:06
and I don’t know if you really saw it, because I’m not sure what we thought that it was originally on minutes that were submitted in adjustments to agenda item.

Unknown Speaker 10:24

Unknown Speaker 10:26
And it was the statement without board input or discussion was

Unknown Speaker 10:32
all. Thank you. Anything else? No. Tez has the rest of you ladies had a chance to read over the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Yeah, yeah. I just have one question.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
On the call to order. Do we need to mention that somebody came late?

Unknown Speaker 10:52
I think it’s important that we do, because I don’t think that’s been done before.

Unknown Speaker 10:58
It has been interesting as

Unknown Speaker 11:03
well, because it’s a it’s about who’s there and who’s present for the, for the meeting, when we’re having discussions. I think it’s important that we stay when somebody arrives and that, that they weren’t privy to some other discussion prior to that point.

Unknown Speaker 11:20
I normally we just list who’s here. That’s why I don’t think it’s needed. I don’t think it’s necessary to say who’s late who came when who left earlier, you can get a little nitpicky about this if we want to if it gets to be too much detail. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
I know. Yeah. That’s it. It’s really not the point. It’s just mailing. So you know, who is here? That’s

Unknown Speaker 11:41
this is a volunteer position. Correct. Nobody’s keeping track of attendance, attendance in late, right. So I would feel almost like punished. I felt called out. Yeah, my name was mentioned that I was that I showed up late, five minutes late. By the way.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
The only reason it’s pertinent, is because of votes and motions. And that’s the only reason that I mean, that’s the only reason that’s pertinent, but But honestly, as long as we have a quorum without that person, I’ve said, you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:18
it doesn’t really have an impact. Yeah, I actually, it’s getting a little cheap for what we are.

Unknown Speaker 12:25
Okay. So are you making a motion that we amend that? Remove it for purchase going forward?

Unknown Speaker 12:35
Well, we can leave it to what other people’s any discussion? Should we leave it? Or should we just try going forward just to have it been on a roll call type thing? So that’s how I was kind of

Unknown Speaker 12:47
I mean, I, so are we in discussion, or I need to, if we’re going to change it, I need a motion to change it. Or I need a motion that we move forward. And

Unknown Speaker 13:01
that we just keep the call to order. In the minutes at the roll call. Not as a not as a timekeeping thing. I don’t know how to work that exactly. But I think that’s pretty good. Can I get a second?

Unknown Speaker 13:16
All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 13:21
I’ll pose.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
You want me to take that out of minutes?

Unknown Speaker 13:26

Unknown Speaker 13:29

Unknown Speaker 13:30
So can we accept the minutes as as?

Unknown Speaker 13:36
As amended at this point?

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Can I get a second? Second? All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 13:52
Moving forward to the house manager’s report. Did everybody get a chance to read the house manager’s report?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
Does anybody have questions for Kathy on regards to that report?

Unknown Speaker 14:08
I have some questions. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
With respect to the word booked in total number 2020 to resonate with this book.

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Are you referring to your Okay, I just want to

Unknown Speaker 14:26
wish she

Unknown Speaker 14:30

Unknown Speaker 14:31
the first page, somebody booked or actualized. And the reason I’m asking is because you know, sometimes you have loads booked, and then some get cancelled. I’m just asking, Is that how many revenue events were actually are we talking about? 2022 20? Yes. It’s just a running tally, right. That’s actualized

Unknown Speaker 14:56
it is the point at which they happen. I’m sorry, I’m lost. But we’re

Unknown Speaker 15:00
On this page,

Unknown Speaker 15:01
right here, first page.

Unknown Speaker 15:04
It’s a running tally. So at this point, it’s because 2022 is over. Right, right up until then it may not be actual. Right? I’m just thinking I can do that in

Unknown Speaker 15:17
the city council, whether they should or

Unknown Speaker 15:21
is so small.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
And then have a quick question about center and a senior center retreat. Is that a registered generating event? Or is that considered a city event? It’s a city that okay, all right, and they’re upstairs right now.

Unknown Speaker 15:38
And I think it’s great. I don’t charge the city for for meetings here, unless they’re, like public facing, in which case, we might charge them depending on what it is.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
And I think it’s great, we get to motivating owners and deletions. Just

Unknown Speaker 15:58

Unknown Speaker 16:01
I wanted to ask the question about the addition of the PE, Chapter j.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
So you, you added this, like, the prior to recently added the dominoes and

Unknown Speaker 16:13

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Without word or discussion? We do know, and we’ve been talking about putting together club criteria, because there’s that fine balance between clubs in the house versus revolutionary events?

Unknown Speaker 16:29
Well, this one has historical significance, which is going to be a chapter

Unknown Speaker 16:36
I think, something that should be

Unknown Speaker 16:41
considered going forward not to add any further clubs.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
Until we get that club selection criteria, which is on our side scheduled at

Unknown Speaker 16:51
a club criteria.

Unknown Speaker 16:55
Did you not state Suellen that we didn’t want to add any more clubs at this time, because of the renovations, renovations and whatever. And that’s why you felt that it was necessary that we didn’t do a club criteria or, or putting forth and yet there was discussion and

Unknown Speaker 17:18
disagreement that we should at least get a criteria together prior to to start having clubs, but yet we’re young, we’re adding clubs, it’s like we’re saying, Yeah, we’re gonna do this. But then we changed the

Unknown Speaker 17:32
am I not making myself clear, but we were already in discussions with PEO chapter J. H. They’ve been they’ve been considering it since before the first of December. So we’ve already weighed we’re already in discussions with them, we had already, I had already given them the criteria and already talked to them about the fees. We already looked at dates. But you didn’t share that you can share it with this at all. I

Unknown Speaker 17:57
honestly, adding clubs has been the purview of the it’s a house manager. That’s my job is your job. I don’t think she needs I mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:09
you’re at the top. So it wouldn’t you know, if I talk to you about everything I did, we this meetings would be dates along with the fact that we’ve been discussing how to select clubs. I think that was absent from the November meeting. But and it’s just been a discussion to this point, right before the December meeting. So you said hey, we just did some discussions here, but it did bring you up to speed. I’m wondering if,

Unknown Speaker 18:38
if this is a discussion item further, it can be added to the agenda, essentially. So if we can continue to split the house manager piece at this point, it would be nice to keep the conversations

Unknown Speaker 18:51
organized, simply.

Unknown Speaker 18:55
Packet area.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Okay, um,

Unknown Speaker 19:01
my last my last question is how is the online new track?

Unknown Speaker 19:08
How does the online marketing impact your state events,

Unknown Speaker 19:14
the business 20% increase in increase in revenue events for 22. And that’s resulted in increased books and bookings for 2023. And then you further state this is a clear indication that our online marketing is reaching a wider audience. How, how is that being tracked? Are all of this new bookings from online marketing? First of all, I have a running tally of inquiries for years. So I looked at year to year inquiries from from 21 to 2022. And we’ve had a 20% increase in inquiries

Unknown Speaker 19:49
are our biggest vehicle for driving inquiries is the knot and Wedding Wire or wedding Pro, which is the two of them combined. And that information is on the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
inquiry reports about how many inquiries were getting from where.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
And since we aren’t really doing outreach in any other manner except for is now

Unknown Speaker 20:10
the largest percentage of our inquiries are coming in from online.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
A particular Wedding Wire in the KNOX earrings. So when they’re booking, are you confirming how they, most of the time I know where they came from?

Unknown Speaker 20:27
Every single every single booking we come in inquiry sheet, and we and we track all of them.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
Which is to give you the numbers on the earlier part of the report.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
It was confirmed? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 20:43
Did you have questions?

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Just want to confirm a couple of things. Last summer, when did any donations come in through the QR code? I was just double checking on the townhouse fund. Alright, at this time, okay.

Unknown Speaker 20:59
It’s great that we did have a total of $618 in donations for the last year. And it looks like there’s about from the difference between the revenues and the expenses. There’s about 16,000 and a little bit more to be placed in

Unknown Speaker 21:17
from that number is actually closer to 14.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Yeah, the expenses for the year don’t close out as quickly as they do for personnel toward a revenue for that matter. My sheet is is more accurate. So somewhere around 14 is going to be added to the 48.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
At some point, at some point when they close the close the book.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Anything else just tend to be somewhere just wanted to highlight that better yet.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Because it’s very confusing, especially when you’re not specific. If you have questions to type out I probably shouldn’t be passing now. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Okay. I do have a question in regards to maintenance and facility upgrades.

Unknown Speaker 22:13
I think it’s great that we got the new lights, I still have a question. And I know, Kathy, when I brought this up in the past, you say it’s on your list. What’s going on with this, at the moment, we’re kind of in a holding pattern, because we’re waiting to see what the actual outcome is going to be for the grants. I don’t want to spend a lot of money and then come up short paying for the groundwork.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
So we can’t fix the water leak because you’re afraid we’re gonna be short 20 grand. I’m waiting to see where the bids come in, where we ended up on that to make sure that we can cover the grant work.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
And Jim Berlin’s been a little bit elusive. So

Unknown Speaker 22:55
I decided to wait till after the holidays to try to find it again.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
And when did that occur in

Unknown Speaker 23:04
late in 2021.

Unknown Speaker 23:11
All right, um

Unknown Speaker 23:15
I don’t have any more questions in regards to your

Unknown Speaker 23:20
to the manager’s report to somebody else have any questions in regards to the manager’s report

Unknown Speaker 23:30
Kathy, did you have any highlights that you want to just be fully oil

Unknown Speaker 23:35
to Senator was just really busy with Christmas stuff between Christmas stuff and being sick.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
That was pretty much December. And so there’s there’s not a lot of highlights not much happened from Christmas until the end of last week. All right. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Can I have a motion to submit the Cathy’s manager’s report as

Unknown Speaker 24:04
we incorporate a report in the minutes all right, can I get a second?

Unknown Speaker 24:09
Second, okay. All in favor

Unknown Speaker 24:15

Unknown Speaker 24:17
changed recently, rather than three. I can’t I can’t tell her report down. Dad when you can just include dad’s

Unknown Speaker 24:31
car alright

Unknown Speaker 24:45

Unknown Speaker 24:47
so I I’m sorry, I’m gonna be asked All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 24:53
Moving on to old business status of the brand project.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
For still the selection process I think we’re getting very close at the moment we’re actually taking a look at references

Unknown Speaker 25:12
a little bit delayed by Kathy came out sick

Unknown Speaker 25:18
I hope I don’t get sick.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Okay, um, holiday Open House discussion for the fourth 14th

Unknown Speaker 25:31
was very well attended. People were very grateful and excited to see the holiday decorations. We did get a significant number of donations. And it really, really well it was myself, Jacqueline and Betsy. And Connie was upstairs talking about JC Penney’s, JC Penney, JC

Unknown Speaker 25:58
so it was very well attended loved it. She was so glad that the house was open, she could just come. I currently don’t take a nap.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
I slept in the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
At my Porsche.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
thing I would add here is they were very successful. And so I think we should move forward and getting bigger donation coast.

Unknown Speaker 26:23

Unknown Speaker 26:25
is a big one down. Yeah, I just kept taking money out of it. But just having a nice big one is nice. They can just toss it in. We don’t have veterans taking $5 bills.

Unknown Speaker 26:35
Right? I like I like that it’s closed. So let me let me think about that. Okay. There’s mixed things about that. If you have a real big one, then somebody might grab the jury for now. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 26:49
are they

Unknown Speaker 26:51
full when they look for people feel pressure to to do it too. Okay, I’ll go moderate, that’s a little bigger.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
They have big ones and they have little ones.

Unknown Speaker 27:09

Unknown Speaker 27:11
part of the issues they need to be attended. You can’t really just walk away from them. So at least if they’re literally you have to move you can like pick them up a ticket with you.

Unknown Speaker 27:22
I think the the having them look full

Unknown Speaker 27:28
is kind of a marketing thing. But there’s psychological there because if there’s so full you can’t step in somebody’s gonna say Oh, well, no, they got

Unknown Speaker 27:36
a half full is good. Like, for those of you who weren’t here that are sent to open house, somebody stuck a $5 bill and didn’t get it complete quiet completely in. Some old girl walked over and went.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
On her way out, it was Cathy ears look.

Unknown Speaker 27:58
I’m not gonna bother asking Santa. Yeah, right, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Okay, I’ve done this. Now. I’m just gonna go on like after so this box of money here for me. I’ll just take one. And I was just staring

Unknown Speaker 28:11
forward. Unfortunately, your parents saw her do it. So

Unknown Speaker 28:16
anyway, my point is, it’s a little more a little cushion room. And that would be nice. Yeah, I like that. I’ll see what I can find. When I went and got those I was we were trying it. Yeah. So and they’re not inexpensive. That was like $35. But that was the only one I could find in town. And looking on Amazon, it was I couldn’t really tell what they were. So I’ll look a little bit more. It’s kind of hard when you’re, you’re looking online sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
In regards to the open house, I just wanted to ask it. In the past. I know for the Santa open house, we have the pictures and stuff upstairs for sale and books and whatnot. And we didn’t sell anything. I also think that was kind of distracting

Unknown Speaker 28:58
within being up there right next to Santa Claus, because you got the kids and that’s what they’re really focused on. Is there any way that we could consider displaying something downstairs or on the table next to the fireplace to promote selling those it was more a function of

Unknown Speaker 29:15
there were only two worldspace was one and the other one is it was more a function of who knew how to run the credit card machine. And since Sam was doing all the stuff at the front door, and really needed to be focused on that. I put it upstairs because I was the only other person who had run the machine. And I also think at that particular open house, trying to sell stuff as you know, people weren’t here to buy stuff. That’s I agree with that statement. But for I absolutely agree with that statement. Kathy but for other open houses, I think it’s possible. Well, we’ve had it on the dining room table in the parlor. Can we move someplace else absolutely would be willing to purchase. I mean, if it’s in the corner up there, like I said,

Unknown Speaker 30:00
If families were too focused on Santa Claus, getting the pitcher done making sure they got the coats on and got back out the door, by the time that hit they know, well, the other thing is we had, you know, we anticipated that we were going to have a lot of people sitting around and waiting. And

Unknown Speaker 30:18
the only table it’s really big enough to do it down here is the dining room table. And I really didn’t want people like fingering things. And, you know, so it’s logistically that was just a better place for this particular open house.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
And at Artwalk, we have to consider, you know, whether we want an artist or a display. So we’ll just go forward, we’ll make decisions about where the best places

Unknown Speaker 30:43
I’ll check and I’ll train somebody else from other credit card machines, where I’m at isn’t always the function that drives us to put it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think that would be great. And I agree with your statements. And that says, maybe we don’t do it or walk, but we consider having a here for all the other options. Okay, any other comments need to be made, particularly about the holiday open house on December 14? Kind of a question. So on the same line with those items, were they available for? So

Unknown Speaker 31:16
we didn’t have the staff to support that? Okay. And then

Unknown Speaker 31:20
did you happen to get a guest list available, so people couldn’t sign

Unknown Speaker 31:26
up for one. And we haven’t had a lot of success with that the other open houses, so we’ll keep doing it. It’s kind of a new, you know, thing that we’ve just come up with as last year. And I think the more we get ourselves used to doing that at any open house, the better off it’ll be because we have several people from the community and beyond whose thing I would love to know if something’s coming out. And this is, like you said, a way to reach out to them through clustering contact with someone in a group, you know, say, Hey, here’s an upcoming event.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
So I think we need to make sure that we’re including that

Unknown Speaker 32:06
in this geogrid center, understand what you’re trying to, just because you’re new and trying to make sure that you’re up to speed. Yes, but

Unknown Speaker 32:17
if you have any questions for this group, please. Just

Unknown Speaker 32:23
a question about the Christmas program for the children. Is that mainly for Longmont, Boulder County type residents? Or can somebody from eerier? I wasn’t sure on that. I had a friend up near and I wasn’t sure what Santa was open to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 32:39
So so anybody can sign up online as long as they sign up online. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
Okay, moving on to the house managers pitchers project update.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Where are we on the hanging system? Sitting back porch? It’s here. It’s here. Yes, I am so excited. That is very excited.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
News. Very exciting news.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
Is that something that

Unknown Speaker 33:14
you know, when possibly we’re

Unknown Speaker 33:17
looking at getting the pieces so we can call a

Unknown Speaker 33:22
meeting to work on those and get the pictures? Frank?

Unknown Speaker 33:27
I’d I guess I understand the question. Okay. Is there a specific time that the system is going to be installed? It isn’t scheduled yet?

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Is there any way that you can kind of let us know when that happens? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 33:46
So maybe this is something that we can be talking about next month. Hopefully by that time, it will be installed.

Unknown Speaker 33:53
And I have one more question. Are the pictures ready? Are they framed? Well, that’s one of the things that do they have to be? Does this have to be up before? Or could you get them framed in advance? And then just saying, well, that’s kind of one or if we need to probably have a meeting to work on that project. Just wondering.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
So we can set that meeting now we can choose

Unknown Speaker 34:14
that time to set that meeting to go through those those order questions into February. Did you get all of the pictures almost.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
Who’s framing this system that you’ve ordered? That means the pictures need to be put into that system? It’s a hanging system and so we can use whatever frames and we can change them out.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
So I get a museum it’s a hanging system. And it’s wires.

Unknown Speaker 34:46
So Barbie motors related in any fashion to so we don’t do damage to the wall verb for one. And so you know, what we’ve been doing is we’ve been collecting the house managers pitchers since the beginning of that

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Have the house. Now some pictures we have not gotten, there’s, for example, a couple that was here that did it, we have not been able to find a picture of them. But what we’ve done instead

Unknown Speaker 35:13
is we’ve decided to, you know, Karen, you want to explain that we’ve got the sure for those we have a picture of we’ll include the picture and their dates of service and the name, of course, those we don’t have a picture of, at this point, who knows, maybe down the line, somebody will find a picture of these people, then we can include,

Unknown Speaker 35:34
it’s gonna be like a silhouette of your gait, and then just their name and as a dates of service, so that it honors all the house managers over the years. So for many, about how many do you need to be 17? Or 18? Do I have that number? Right? Sounds about right.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
Actually, except for myself in lovely Boynton, they’re listed in the book I gave you and toward the back.

Unknown Speaker 36:00
So the work session you’re checking it out, is when we physically put them into look at what friends we’re going to use and, and and,

Unknown Speaker 36:09
and put them together and decide which which pictures would be used. That’s from the research, I didn’t have them printed and bring them to that meeting, then it’s going to be a matter of

Unknown Speaker 36:20
collaboration of everybody saying no, let’s put this

Unknown Speaker 36:24
some of the pictures are more flattering than others. So we had that kind of slide. You know, one of them, one of one of the dear ladies was working in their car and she’s working in shoe. It’s kind of sweaty and have this gasp look on her face. And that was the picture that was posted in the paper. And we’re like, Oh, we got something.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
How many of these paths house managers are accessible, living and accessible? To get better pictures, we don’t know where most of them are.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
In the wind, and that’s one of the big things is like the couple I know, that was here. I traced them back into working at the in the in Astra. So we looked in Estes library and tried to find Pinterest.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
So we’ve done historic research on on this stuff. And basically, if if people want to be involved with that with what we’re working on, just kind of where it’s a volunteer, step forward, I would like to do that. That sounds interesting to me, please put forth is more people working on this more eyes. Ideas are the better

Unknown Speaker 37:38
project building implements complete, and it’s to go on the upstairs hall.

Unknown Speaker 37:45
So when people are, how many of them are missing? Ish, doesn’t have to be exact.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
I like that maybe we put all five of them on one silhouette, instead of having five different silhouettes, which I think we need to leave room for future health.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
It’s just a suggestion, since it’s just data, can’t we just put them all on in one frame? Well, it’ll depend on the sequence of how things are gonna hang. If they’re gonna hang in chronological order. It may be something very small as simple. It’s not gonna take a lot of space for anyone who don’t have photo op. But having that space saved for him is probably not a bad idea because in the event that we actually ended up finding

Unknown Speaker 38:33
and and I think that’s part of the reason why we talked about going with the English system because it

Unknown Speaker 38:39
right, I totally I totally understand the other thing I think and I think once we get the system up we’ll have a better feel for it but I think the frames need to hell but don’t wait too long in order for the wires to hang straight so I don’t think little bitty frames are going to work very well when would be one little one would be incorporated in a string

Unknown Speaker 39:04
we’re just not hanging one thing and plug a wire

Unknown Speaker 39:08
so when you when you talked earlier about putting this one is just fine on this one that does that mean that you’re going to have different frames different styles because as Erin because of the era when they served we were looking at trying to find frame to be suitable for what time period that would still blend and incorporate but it wouldn’t be

Unknown Speaker 39:30
taking WordStar there’d be more historic than

Unknown Speaker 39:34
profit they’re all the same you don’t initially run out

Unknown Speaker 39:41
that’s another reason for him frames to donate towards this. Yeah, we’ll be

Unknown Speaker 39:47
we’ll be looking at

Unknown Speaker 39:49
bringing brings me and everything you gotta bring your box. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 39:55
Because, again, cost is

Unknown Speaker 39:59

Unknown Speaker 40:00
Also known

Unknown Speaker 40:02
as well a pair of donating, is there any color you want to black? Or do you care if they’re colored or anything?

Unknown Speaker 40:10
I think that’s kind of where we’re at. We’re trying to keep the matting the same.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
And have the habit you doubt. That’s one of those things. So let’s set a date and time to work on housing.

Unknown Speaker 40:27
Anybody has any ideas? What were the work on calendars?

Unknown Speaker 40:41
Wednesdays or Thursdays?

Unknown Speaker 40:44
good or not good days here. We’re typically pretty busy.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
On Wednesdays.

Unknown Speaker 40:52
Thursdays are better.

Unknown Speaker 40:56
Next Thursday, the 18th. Actually, I can do the 19th. Does that work for anybody else? Wait for my phone? Well, I wrote

Unknown Speaker 41:07
that. Well, I turned it off for the meeting. So yeah, I understand. I could do that. We looking at January. Yes, we are starting at

Unknown Speaker 41:22
what works but many people did you want?

Unknown Speaker 41:26
I think and again, if we meet it, we really there needs to be three. I

Unknown Speaker 41:33
see. Okay, that if we’re working on a project, it is fine.

Unknown Speaker 41:40
For business discussion, it’s a launch.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
Project. So why don’t you be first I know who wants to participate? And then

Unknown Speaker 41:51
who would like to participate to work on it?

Unknown Speaker 41:55
So that’s wonderful. And so is your phone ready? Or it is ready. So is that candy? Karen Cruz can read it morning. Okay. And potentially my brother gets into town that day, but I’m not sure. Depending on timing. Okay. Well, I’m available to in the afternoon in the afternoon. So what time would work better for you? Well, I’m not sure when he gets it or what the plan is that day. But But yeah, that that works out. I can be here. So I’ll just send an invitation. And if you can be here, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:30
Send it to everybody. So you say afternoon what time in the afternoon? Anytime after? Absolutely. So yeah. Anytime after one o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 42:43
We’re effective. With one more. One more or 131 30?

Unknown Speaker 42:50
Okay, we’ll go 130. All right. So great. Thank you. All right. And Kathy, thank you for sending out an invite on that. And we want to shoot for bringing any donated France.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Yeah, this is what every time what will we have to represent photos? We have the actual photos? The photos? And are they different sizes? They are? How can you print up a note on what sizes you have? So yes, it doesn’t come with a lot of my 14

Unknown Speaker 43:19
Yes, maybe the date of the person to sit? Can you just specify your options? Yeah. So it helped

Unknown Speaker 43:28
us anyway, yes. Nothing, nothing larger than an eight by 10. Of course, just know that much. Anything in between? Nothing smaller than I was really trying to get rid of that. Yeah, that’s three by two.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
Three by five, maybe for the ones that we don’t have a photo of. So I’d say anything up to eight by 10. I’ll cover it all.

Unknown Speaker 43:54
And remember, we’re trying to keep them more storage. So let’s not do any, like really out way out there. Conference. You know, average space living with a rocket ship or an aisle right. Okay, um, that’s you’re at the house. Yes. Awesome. Oh, so that limitation. Okay, moving on to the past and present board member wallet village.

Unknown Speaker 44:19

Unknown Speaker 44:21
know we’re talking about the house manager pictures. So Massimo mentioned that she got that scanned in and the bowser to caffeine caffeine to you please. And then that way I can put the names into the legal size and and the size it’s going to be and then I can print that out and bring it to next month’s meeting for everyone to take a look at. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:49
So these are pictures of past and present.

Unknown Speaker 44:54
Managers okay.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Yeah, we were finished house me

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Is your project we’ll be meeting on next Thursday. Yeah. Okay, so we’re now on past and present board members. Okay. My

Unknown Speaker 45:06
question is, how are you doing with getting all of those

Unknown Speaker 45:14
pictures, no pictures. Beautiful, nice long list that little more than 70

Unknown Speaker 45:20
over the course of the history of the house, so it’s beautiful. And we have it all together.

Unknown Speaker 45:26
In the artwork is beautiful, too. It did a really lovely job. So

Unknown Speaker 45:33
yeah. So the history, can you explain what what the artwork is? Is there? Yes, the artwork being used is the letterhead that Tom used. And specifically, the last letter that he had typed to the board in 1948, included this letterhead as the image of the house, the picture of the house is beautiful. And it’s wonderful tie into

Unknown Speaker 45:59
the beginning of the board and the board members over the years. So having that

Unknown Speaker 46:07
as the letterhead, so to speak, on this list of all the ladies who served the house over the years,

Unknown Speaker 46:14
that projects about and it will be in basically in one frame, and then potentially put in the meeting room is that where I’m thinking, actually at the top of the stairs to the pieces of the hanging system, I think will extend all the way across that wall occlusion on the other side of the wall, and on the other side of the wall might be a great place to put it. It’s just a beautiful way to capture all of the years of all of the ladies service and many, many many shines through.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
There isn’t there isn’t a time of shine, isn’t

Unknown Speaker 46:50
it? As you remember, we had discussed it originally that we talked about maybe doing individual plaques and all that kind of stuff. And you were the one that brought up that. Can you imagine what that’s going to be and then all the plaques and then trying to find any plaque and

Unknown Speaker 47:05
how discomforting discombobulated that can be at a certain point. And so we came up with this way that we can then update it. And they can imprint new members on there in a very

Unknown Speaker 47:19

Unknown Speaker 47:21
letterhead with the names. Yes. Yeah. Seems of things she acknowledged. So I was he provided me with that together and bring it to the next board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
And then you said a legal size. So there’ll be a custom frame that for that. It will likely be

Unknown Speaker 47:40
or just a larger frame by 14, maybe maybe find it standard? Yes. There’s quite a lot of middle five standard frames. Yeah, take a look and see what so in other words, if anybody has a liberal Screen

Unknown Speaker 47:58
button, yeah, if you got a look, you know, it’ll be fine. We’ll find something that will look nice and not be.

Unknown Speaker 48:05

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Moving on from the past and present board members while acknowledgement we’re going on to the scrapbooks. Connie, who has stepped off the board was involved in doing the scrapbooks. I know.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
I didn’t do a lot of the scrapbook stuff. Did anybody else. Karen? Karen did?

Unknown Speaker 48:30
Okay. Yeah, I plan to pick up where she left off and continue that process and also move toward the process of digitizing. That was one of the other things. So you know, we’ve had the scrapbooks that sit in the house. Okay, that go clear back, and all the leaves on the scrapbooks. One of the things that we’ve discussed is if, God forbid, there was a fire or incident or anything that happened, and we lost those documentations. We’d like to have those scanned in the cloud, and digitize. So it also allows anybody to see this that wants to learn more about the house. That’s that’s a project that is discussed.

Unknown Speaker 49:15
The single user, so the intended audience is external as well as internal. Absolutely, because its history. And history should be open and open to the public. This is public.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Okay, I do have a short addition to that. I ran into Susan Wallach, I don’t know if everybody knows who Susan is, but she was the

Unknown Speaker 49:39
internet or web supervisor for the city. She just retired last year. And she her new project is digitizing things. So I have I have two parts. So just I just thought in my other comment would be I think this is a wonderful project. I

Unknown Speaker 50:00
I’d like to maybe digitize one and then seeing how many people are really interested. Because I also think that a cost to do it unless we take it on ourselves could be very cost prohibitive.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
So I that’s my thought process is we pick one, maybe the oldest one, because I think that has a lot more interest in terms of history, and digitize it, and then see how many hits we get.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
And how many people are looking at it, I understand that you’re concerned that not everybody’s gonna get it. But I still think it’s appropriate to preserve history and have it preserved so it doesn’t disappear. And maybe that’s something we consider doing a fundraiser for you or, or something along those lines. So uncover that. And we’re not eating in anybody’s budgets or anything. But maybe we work on a fundraiser to get donations to have that as a specific code. Sometimes it’s easier to to get a project funded by working specifically on a goal. And maybe there’s a small brand out there, that through a community based service to target date, or some of the cells that we could have not specifically covered. Let’s take a look at doing one and see what the process looks like and what it costs and figure out where we want to go from there.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
So I mentioned, if it were digitized, then it would be an item that you would navigate to on the website for countless helps.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
And the other. The other thing I would add to that is

Unknown Speaker 51:36
since content management is is a thing,

Unknown Speaker 51:40
and those pages are kind of a weird shape,

Unknown Speaker 51:44
we would have to figure out the right way to do that so that it was meaningful when people got into it. I don’t think it’s just as easy as scanning the pages. And I think there’s more of a process to it. I agree, Kathy, but that’s part of the reason why we’ve been in contact with Eric Mason from the museum and discussing exactly what’s the best format

Unknown Speaker 52:10
to publish on pages and problems. So I think it’s

Unknown Speaker 52:15
I think it’s totally doable. I’m just saying it’s a process. And I’d like to work our way all the way through the process from beginning to end with a specific book or set of pages, and figure out how involved it is, before we sign up for the whole thing. And it’s good. You know, one way of generating funds might be that those books are out whenever we have in the house so that they can look at them. And then we have the donation jar, whatever it is, which you contribute towards the digitizing of these objects.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
Reach out social media to

Unknown Speaker 52:50
some of them are getting a little fragile. Yeah, we don’t want people really showing up. Yeah, so maybe have an outlet but not touchable. Right? Open to a certain page jobs, right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
Sir, they’re currently

Unknown Speaker 53:10
roughly 10 or 12. Okay. And how often do they get created?

Unknown Speaker 53:17

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Know, they’re a big, really good.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
couple inches

Unknown Speaker 53:31
is back in the day, they have little tidbits and cards and napkins and all the little things that

Unknown Speaker 53:39
you know, at some point, those probably shouldn’t be given to the archives. And we did.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
Years ago, when I first was on board, there were a lot of things that we gave to the archives already. That’s the best way to preserve that kind of stuff, then people can make appointments with Eric and actually delve into them. So if this digitizing works, then that should go to the archives.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
Perhaps Absolutely. I agree. Because they’re held by the museum.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
Eric Eric was right, a little more, and they determined that they were going to submit them to the archive or not. And I would hope that they would, because they are done that process. And so they do have a calendar file. Another large one. I know because I’ve been through it but in there but the scrapbooks are not in there. And you’re right. I agree with the information. So can we chase that a little further down the road and see if by making them part of the archives? Maybe the museum might digitize

Unknown Speaker 54:45
just an idea. Digitizing lots of things is fun for me some idea stadia and that’s awesome because any peak could put them on the website. Right. Well, you see us archive.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
On the other hand, I like the idea of

Unknown Speaker 55:00
With your access to

Unknown Speaker 55:03
a link, you can tie things together

Unknown Speaker 55:07
at expense.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
I hear you that?

Unknown Speaker 55:13

Unknown Speaker 55:17
I think so we’ve got a lot of information here.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
And the scrapbook project is going to be ongoing issue.

Unknown Speaker 55:28
I think we should put it on next month’s agenda for sure to cover it. And then

Unknown Speaker 55:37
what should you do? Would you like to set up a time to help somebody work with on the scrapbooks with you or set up a meeting at this point? So they work? Well? Is anyone interested in working on this project? With me? That’s not a good scrap.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
That’s okay. Everybody has their, their fashions or their things, and that’s okay. If this isn’t one.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
I’m good with it. I can take care of that. Would anybody be interested in actually seeing the scrapbooks? Like one a month? Like next meeting, maybe grandma?

Unknown Speaker 56:20
Or white gloves on? And we look at it

Unknown Speaker 56:23
to do that outside of the meeting? Yeah. Yeah. Because we’re

Unknown Speaker 56:29
okay. We could take some time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
Yeah. Okay. All right. So let’s kind of plan on doing that outside of the meeting. Because we’re going to be looking at meeting times and stuff coming up here. So moving forward, then if there’s no further discussion on scrapbooks, the Callahan house advisory board annual report to the city.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
That’s one of the things that I’ve been working on to finalize soon as we get all the numbers, and then I need to set up to submit it into the city

Unknown Speaker 57:06
and have it so we can present it to city council, we need to be able to get that.

Unknown Speaker 57:14
projection. So I have a question here, June, this is something new. Now this is the annual report. And in fact, you’ve done one where it was

Unknown Speaker 57:24
your name.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
Okay, it was years ago, ago in which we submit information of what we’ve been doing. And unfortunately, when I came on chair, I wasn’t aware that this was something that needed to be done until I delved into the past records. And it’s important that we’re relaying what we’re doing at the house that we’re continuing to, to, to inform. So so the City Council is aware. So the public is aware that we’re here, this is what we did. We were still working and doing things during COVID. And then just catching up on those reports. Is there a format that the city provides,

Unknown Speaker 58:07
where you are using a format that has been used in the past, by the board itself? Same format,

Unknown Speaker 58:16
with information that would be different than what Kathy presents?

Unknown Speaker 58:22
No, not really.

Unknown Speaker 58:24
It’s just a summation of what we’ve done, about what clubs are here who were accessing, just so people are aware of it, and relaying the information to city council. So it’s not a detailed thing. Like two pages.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
For the year, it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 58:42
and we’re covering three years, because it wasn’t done. And we’re very lucky to have a mayor with us. But we haven’t had a city council person here to relate back to city council and tell them what we’re doing. So it’s important that we’re keeping that touch in as an advisory board, we have to be able to tell them what we’re advising if the information is not going anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
So again, this is it’s was actually under what the chair was specifically working on every year. So we’d like to, to catch up and do that and finalize the report.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
I would like to do that this month.

Unknown Speaker 59:31
Working with Karen, who, who’s who’s the Acting Secretary and Kerry has passed, Secretary that we set the time to do that.

Unknown Speaker 59:41
How does that get submitted?

Unknown Speaker 59:44
Again, I believe we submit it to the city clerk, which is I mean, it’s pretty simple. Are you thinking of the finger information items that is included within the city council’s packet? Yes, I can submit those on behalf of the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Thanks. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
let me jump in explain.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
Right, you submit it to city clerk. And then she gives it to Harold and Harold and I make up the agenda for each meeting. So it depends upon how full the agenda is for a certain date, when it will be on the agenda, because there’s a lot of stuff that they’re doing so. And there’s an online portion of process by which items are introduced for consideration. So I’m able to do those. So when you had your final document, I can get those in.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
So then the city clerk will advise you as to when it’s going to be on the agenda, so you can be there to present. Thank you. And you would have noticed? Well, that’s the question. You have to be there to present it. Yes. At the podium. I don’t remember that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
I thought it was handled.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
I don’t think it was. Because yeah, because Mary also did one and she said, you get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Most recently, I use as a template. And that’s what we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Alright, so what

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
I can do to see the 17.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
Monday the 23rd.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
I’m good on the 23rd. The 23rd.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
If we can’t meet here out the house, could we meet at the library?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
You’re welcome to come to my house.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
Please send me goodies. Sure. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Morning, or afternoon?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
Once then you can we go 10 o’clock. Yes. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
Okay, guys, January’s always tends to be a long meeting, unfortunately. Moving on to it. First of all, is there any more old business that’s not stated on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
Okay, moving on to new business posting location for agendas and cancellations. The standard posting position or posting location now is the web with a backup location at the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
350 Kimbark. So we just need a motion to do that. So a second. All in favor? Aye. Okay, motion passes. Okay, that’s an easy. Okay, um, election of new officers.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
Just so you know, there are three positions for officers. There’s the chairperson, there’s the secretary.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
And there’s a historian. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
Continue, please. Sorry. I just have a question for Simone.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
So I thought it would be easy if we

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
had an easier to do a slight

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
and and then we can go easier rather than doing individual offices.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
So is there anybody that’s interested in serving as an office?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Serving as an officer? Yeah. Yeah. And what position? I’d like to be a story than check in chairperson for a couple of years. I served as secretary for a couple of years and then just a few months as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
And the story is certainly something you’d like to continue with it. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Anybody else? I’d like to share.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
I like forfeitures all as well. Is there anybody that would like to serve as the Secretary or his chair? And we put it out there and just

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
I’ll just Secretary

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
going into sector

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
I guess so. There’s there. Is there anybody else vying for any other positions besides the chair

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
is actually candidates

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
I guess we’ll put forth a vote on that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
so I’m not sure how we want to do that. Do we want to just go ahead and just doing a show of hands? Do Party want a piece of paper where you can write down

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
the papers okay

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
I’m a good refer

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
would it be possible since not everybody knows everybody very well what would you be able to say a few words about what you would like to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
what contribution or what you could add to the Callahan Health Board meeting as a chair as this paper

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
straw poll

Unknown Speaker 1:05:58
Yeah, I would like to this is my last year on the board my sixth year and I was chairman once before I’d like to keep it

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
working forward preserving the house preserving the historical value of the house we have to work on and we all want to stay friends doing it and

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
I would like to

Unknown Speaker 1:06:17
keep it so we’re all involved you know, we want to help everybody and have a participation in it it’s impossible. And

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
that’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
think it’s important that we continue traditions

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
are what the board is.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
Chairperson helps set that agenda. And by

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
doing so, it kind of helps drive the

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
stuff out of it. I hope everybody is willing to

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
work and volunteer and I know ampacet This isn’t a job

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
but it’s important that we are

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
working to help preserve the home and it’s its purpose so

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
that’s it

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
is so easy

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
just nice to have more chat

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
open and

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
say what the result is

Unknown Speaker 1:07:57
more oh

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
I’m sorry

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
this isn’t copyright

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
so I ever had a club meeting with

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
somebody become very quiet and it’s fun to listen to hear what’s going on.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
I can’t

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
worked with your relatives

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
your chart

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
lots of grim

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
audits on stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
I really enjoy

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
mine and yours. Like Jennifer and your

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
I know they’re always our kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
The older I get the the younger.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
Yeah. So our 2023 CHAIRPERSON is

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
Okay, so I will finish

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
on the read Robert’s Rules.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
I think you need to do a motion to accept the time doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
So, as the board’s as a slate, accepting the officers as an as

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
President as candidates, as Secretary and Karen crews As historian, can I get a motion, please? I mean, I so move.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
Second. All in favor? Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
So moving forward, down to the meeting, date and time.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
This is one of those things that we’ve discussed in the past, do we, we can always change the meeting, date and time.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
And it’s been discussed that we should possibly consider moving the date and time that to make it easier for getting new members onto the board. And

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
and making it easier to print to the to the anticipation. What’s the thoughts? I’d like to propose we move back to our nine o’clock time start time, we used to be nine tonight. It was, yeah. And then we moved at 830. Minus. For me anyway, everybody has their own. So I’d like to hear other people’s ideas on it. But

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
in the winter, especially, because you know, if it snows, the plows don’t get out early enough. Now this summer, it’s different, you know, I’m gonna get up there right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
I’d like nine o’clock for myself. The reason why we we suggested moving and it was accepted by the board is because we had member that heavily for commitment. So so that’s why it was shifted to 830.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
I’m of the opinion that we should consider moving the meeting to an

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39
early afternoon so we can get other. We are an open meeting. And I think we should be able to have other people that work and do other things to be part of the house. And by meeting the day, it’s it doesn’t always make that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
easy for other people to be involved with. What What do you mean by other people? community, the community members, community members that work that can’t be here that would like to be part of our

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
board. Other boards in the city meet in the early evenings, o’clock 430.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
Opening it up for for other members

Unknown Speaker 1:12:24
other than just retirees. For individuals that can make this work? It’s a thought that you’re talking about people who are not on the board currently? Well, but we in the past, we’ve had a hard time getting people we have to serve on the board. Well, we’ve already got that. We got it. So let’s just go with what we’ve got. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
Here, what’s convenient for all of us and not worry about

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
later on.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
Meetings? Yeah, we can always reset them. Do we have any concern that we’re being exclusive in choosing a daytime? Time? I think that’s something to consider. I don’t know how other boards function or if they tried to focus on after business hours. Do you have any anything to share about that? Yes. It’s complicated.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
If you are looking for younger people to be involved, it has to be outside of the workday.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
Unless they’re self employed. If you you know, as in I think what Maureen was talking about as we as you term out, attracting new people, what do you want? Do you want younger people who will serve longer? Do you want

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
people who understand history, which might be older people in because we lived in some of the history? So that I think are the discussions you need to have?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:01
Do you want outside? This is an open meeting? Do you want other people who are just interested in historical things to be able to come and just listen? That would have to be outside the workday? I think, or maybe during lunchtime?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
You could have an hour and 45 minutes of a lunchtime, heavy once a month. Can we have a lot of requests for people to come?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:30
I am the last person public person who attended a meeting and that was

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
talking about like 8:39am and then or after five o’clock or and it’s open for

Unknown Speaker 1:14:48
someone who does work full time, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:51
I work in Boulder so personally for me to watch our thing. It’s not great to drive back to LA. Right magnifique practical there. That’s just me

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
I put the 9am Sounds great. I can also do after the work day. But I like the idea of starting my day coming in. But if I could see how it could be more attractive to other audiences who work full time, at night, but if there’s not a lot of interest there, it makes sense to make it as accessible for this group has never been done. So this meaning has always been a date time commitment. And it’s been by normally by

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
retirees that have been on the board. I think that’s one of the things that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:38
in the past, we’ve had a hard time getting people to serve on the board. And that was a discussion about possibly time. And that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
personally, I like it during the day. But I think, again, it’s if we can open it up to get more people involved, I’m always encouraging to do so the next time that it would be open up. There’s not there’s not an opening before next year, is that correct? Correct. Correct. So maybe at that time, when we open it up, we could say, meetings subject to

Unknown Speaker 1:16:15
or TV D. So they both submit their interest without,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
you know, being put off by the meeting time seven, and then maybe at that time, depending on who you want on the board, you find it works for everybody and anything like that, you know, it keeps that open for people that are in just so in no time. This is something that

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
we had a retreat, and we discussed and we decided that this should be discussed in January, every January should be open and discussed. And we discussed when we should we do.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
So depending on who’s on board,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:50
I think we’ve done sense that we have always done we have found the agenda every January, in one form or another. So I move that we keep our meeting day on Wednesdays and move our meeting time to 9am I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
second Wednesday of the month.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:11
Second month.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:15
We kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
like okay, dun, dun dun deal.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
We also stated that we’ve looked at calendar and look at open houses.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
So moving on to the open houses of 23.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
We should decide when open in schedule open houses. Let’s start with how many do we want?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
For scheduled? How many open houses do you mind?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47
I’d like to start with one a quarter.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
And see see how we do? What has it been so far? We’re coming up with a pandemic. So life has before pandemic with pandemic we think it’s late. So we’re able to at this time.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
And we currently already have two on the schedule for 2023 Artwalk is on September 9, and the center open house is December 1. So that would be the fourth quarter. Although I I would like to add a second December like we did this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
It’s worked really, really

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
would it be possible to propose that seventh and December date maybe it could correspond with on my lights? I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
torque I did that weekend because everybody wants to be down there? I’m wondering sequentially. Like if it’s the week day that you have it as part of that week celebration is a possibility. But do you know what the dates are for the show? It’s usually the ninth or 10th of December, so maybe Thursday or the way so that would put us to make two open houses back to that Oh, because of the open house. What is SAMSA? Sanchez?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
First, well, Tim, we can’t do

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
the six because we we have clubs.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
Actually we don’t have clubs that evening. So we could do the six if you wanted to do one on the first and then another one on the sixth. December 6, but just there so it’s a win. Win.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
Okay, throw a monkey wrench. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
Now the the home tours are held the first weekend of December. The

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
habitat. Yes is now in charge of those. And I’ve heard them mention that Callahan house would be wonderful if they could put Callahan on the tour. And they did over home at some point. I mean, we did overcome

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
So I’m just throwing that out there to see if there’s any interest. That’s wonderful because that ties well into what Connie Newman just was saying at the end of the year saying it would be really great if we could bring the house back into the the tour of home because it was wasn’t achieved suggested, hey, we weren’t necessarily

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
open at the same time. So she explained, that was the case.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
We actually our original dates from the Santa open house, were driven by the tour of homes dates. Now, my comment about participating in the home tours, and we actually did look at it pretty hard one year is

Unknown Speaker 1:20:44
because they have requirements about you know, who’s going to decorate and, and the fact that things are for sale in the house, it really was not a good fit for us, because they weren’t going to decorate on our schedule. And then as soon as the tour of homes was done, all of the stuff was going to go away because it was going to get sold. Right. So it didn’t really turn out to be a very good fit for us. It’s a lot of work well. And it’s well. It looks like it’s like three days, isn’t it? Three days, and it didn’t. And and our fan Open House is already tentatively scheduled for the first day of the home tours. Yeah. That is

Unknown Speaker 1:21:23
our house decorated as we would normally. No, that was not the way it worked. It doesn’t work that way. But could we piggyback like what we’ve done in the past where we have an open house at the same time. Well, that is doing chin back tech. We have done that. Yeah, that’s how we started. So that’s how we started this an open house in conjunction with actually that was before Santo became a thing. We actually had the house open one day during one of those days that we and we piggyback so that’s how we started the the original December open house. When you first talked about a second one in December after Santa sometime. What was the thought about what that would be?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:10
We this year we did a weeknight. And that works quite well. And that’s kind of what my thought was this

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
isn’t a Christmas related. Yeah, it’s just for people to see as decorations. See the differences that Samsonite is mainly by reservation and only people kids decorations, so we decided we needed another one. So that just the general public and there was no reservations, no reservations.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
Yeah, we had 228 attendees. I think that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:44
I can see

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
like a little corral.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
I don’t know what you guys do, to corral.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:52
That meeting. Corral crowd. See? Yeah, yeah. Because I know at Christmas time.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
Several of my friends get excited about anything going on in town. It’s Christmas Eve just to get you in the mood. Right. And I know lots of people would love to come in here and see kind of old fashioned Christmas celebration. I think it would be lovely with last nail it whatever you do. I’m just throwing stuff out there, I’m sure experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:24
Once the lighting. That second is huge. Well, isn’t that usually the last weekend in

Unknown Speaker 1:23:31
November in November? It’s slip pasture is the intent of December? Well, it’s lights. She’s talking about the Christmas tree lighting right?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
Over the city event that brings

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
the Halloween

Unknown Speaker 1:23:50
parade and this is the downtown don’t they do two different things

Unknown Speaker 1:23:56

Unknown Speaker 1:23:58

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
And then they have a parade, right? So what if we corresponded with going with the lights down at Roosevelt Park, the lights on their turn on the day? They are on generally before that they strike in the day after Thanksgiving.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
So So is that what you’re suggesting? Are you suggesting we do it in conjunction with warm up lights? I’m thinking to end congestion in conjunction with

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
in conjunction because I went to to that and then people walked around that and then people are still wanting to go and do things and if they’re right in this area driving around, you know, it might be a good thing to have an open house. I don’t want to do at the same time. Well

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
Well, that’s a Friday into Saturday. So so we have my Fridays as the Santa Fe but are you saying that the Saturday the second that’s the parade? I guess what I was kind of thinking

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00

Unknown Speaker 1:25:03
was that it could be a week of thing. A different things that could be done on the Longmont lights that particular Friday and Saturday is heavily staff involved and also parking prohibitive. So those may not be the best

Unknown Speaker 1:25:19
to do dates, but either sometime preceding or something immediately following, which is why I suggested this fix. When could be, could be nice because it could be advertised as a package. Start Here, Go here, or go here, go here and then go here. You know, like, yeah, either way. It can be one two weeks. Explore the Senate is getting people. I mean, we have full house. So if you advertise what you’ve done, excellent.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:46
Yeah, we don’t have to take you back.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:48
What if we do what could we do this? We could. And what days, Thursday? So Santa? Sanchez.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
Okay, so for the seven for the open house, instead of the Friday.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:05
Rather than

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
I think it’s tomato tomahto. Yeah, yeah, I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:12
And as we get closer, we can adjust the Legion. Absolutely. Yeah. And if anybody mentions Callahan, on the home tours to me, I’ll say

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
we’ve already discussed it. No. The first

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
the first weekend in December

Unknown Speaker 1:26:32

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
Like I was saying, if we lose all the decorations, and everything that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:26:43
not nice. And we would have to decorate and then regenerate. Because the decorations are for the clubs to write. So I just don’t think it’s a good fit. Unless, unless they would make an exception. And last us do our own decoration. But that’s still a lot. That’s a lot of foot traffic. And it’s a lot of hours to staff the house. It is yeah, a lot to talk about. That’s crazy work. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:08
Before we move on tonight for something about decorations for the house. And this is my opinion, so I’m just gonna throw it out there. But we have beautiful trees in every room. But I’m thinking for you for your home your

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
tree needs a facelift. I think we should find that throw for some new decorations. It’s not a happy tree.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:30
That’s beautiful. It’s beautiful, but it’s very smooth, but it’s also very fitting for the house at night time period. I like a tree that says I’m chewy

Unknown Speaker 1:27:44
for now, it’s really not part of this discussion. Yeah. Let’s get on with the analysis and then we can we can discuss that with the Christmas decor backup. I just wanted to bring it up really because I think we got to put some money into new generation. I like what’s there but it’s just so subdued and I just want something more likely

Unknown Speaker 1:28:08
it goes nicely with that. Okay. Alright, guys

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
let’s move on with first

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
really have three really heavy on the latter end of the year. I believe her so we used to do to our locks. We only do one and now are we only doing there’s only one there’s only one scheduled. Okay, so should we schedule a separate time open house? I think I think we can set a date and Sam and and just make in charge at it and then just maybe tweak it if something like that. So like I think all of this is all this like it’s just penciled in getting on the calendar if it doesn’t fit on the calendar happened at all. So are we liking June that have been July? Or July? Geez, very busy.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:05
Very nice. Better. Better for the house? Yes. July is the month we’re looking at I’d like to stay off the weekends. Right and we’re already working lots of weekends. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:17
Yeah, right. Can we consider I know every there’s everybody wants to do their own thing for the holiday for for the for but that being said, that’s when we’re gonna get some traffic to because people are wanting to do things. So

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
what’s the suggestion? I guess I don’t do

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
the first hike. Now July 4. You know, a lot of us may be on vacation. That’s what I just said. I think we have middle, the middle or the end. Yeah. Okay. What would you suggest? And I, you know, I’m open. I’m not going anywhere in July. I’m so crazy, but I’m middle

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
of life.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Well, like a Wednesday, let’s just cancel that in because it’s canceled anyway. Yeah. Well, that’s not a great day. Okay. I have an afternoon commitment and we have club in the house that day. So getting it cleaned up and reset.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:15
Is I’d rather do a day that we’re not crazy busy.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:20
Because you have to get to your calendar. Cathy’s, what would what?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:27
We could we could in here. Here’s the other issue. That’s actually a bad week to do an open house and let’s we do it before Thursday. Because we have a wedding that weekend. And I don’t want to have to clean completely clean the house again, before we can do the wedding custodian scheduled for Thursday’s so if Wednesday and we can’t Wednesday’s bad I could do Tuesday,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:52
Tuesday at 1140 Go forward to the next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:56
Or the 20th 19 to 20. I can’t do the 19th. Because we have a club in the house. What about the 20th?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03

Unknown Speaker 1:31:05
right. Yeah, that’s that’s well, actually that that at the moment, that week’s not hanging, I got a look. So it sounds like the 11th is really going to be a little better for right now. Or two. We could do the Tuesday the 11th to the 18th for Tuesday, the 18th.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:24

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
so in your book, Kathy is the 11th or the 11th. And the 18th. Kind of equal in, you know, flexibility, you know, do ability or the client with the 20th

Unknown Speaker 1:31:39
I don’t I we have

Unknown Speaker 1:31:45
a clean, and then we’re ready to go in the because it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:31:50
evening. I don’t want to do the 20th. Can we have a wedding on the weekends? Same probably. So I could do the 11th or the 18th is what we’re kind of toggling between right. Now Wednesday, the 25th.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:06
We do the 25th Sure. Sure. which is three times so that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:12

Unknown Speaker 1:32:15
Yeah. How’s that work for everybody? In longer? Yeah, at this point in time so far. I could do the 26 two, which days better Tuesday or Wednesday?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:24
I like midweek myself but that’s because Wednesday’s around just a question. Then when these are weekday Did you say they’re evening? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:35
And they’re usually what? Two and a half hours? I two hours.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
What we do Why are Tuesday your

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
kid doesn’t matter to me. And what’s what’s typical? Or is that up for up in the air? Typical time? Um, you know, like, what do we do last time? 430 to 630. Yeah. And we were out here by seven. Now the other thing is like our walk is different like for our walk is 48. With a little bit commitment before and after. This, these are shorter. So walk is usually when September 9.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:10
And I’ll put all these on the calendar once we’ve decided. I just want to get a feel for the whole. Yes. Now. We had mentioned quarterly doing these was finished. Late. Can we go for the 25th? It’s a week I think people have Well, that’s the Tuesday that fine the 25th and

Unknown Speaker 1:33:34
26th being Wednesday. 3630. Yeah. All right. I’m okay with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
Make a mess in the cleaners coming Thursday. Perfect. Perfect. That’s a good I wish I don’t have to think about that. It’s Lea though. Good point there is maybe we have scheduled all

Unknown Speaker 1:33:55
we can try it if we can do it just for that reason they have.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:01
Okay, so my question is doing one for first quarter. It would be nice if we could somehow

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
go with first system whether I was just gonna say yeah, snow and slush coming in? That’s a good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:19
So maybe not first quarter. I mean, we just had to so I’m not I don’t think there’s any big push.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:25
Well, we did not work twice a year. It was what it was in May. May.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
was in May, and we have weather issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:35
You never know. Yeah, you just it was cold and rainy, as offensive as nice. So maybe we don’t do one first quarter. This year, it may not fit. I would not recommend first quarter oil we’re also dealing with when we’re going to. The other thing that we’re having to consider is we’re going to work off the ground and people will be working on the house right so

Unknown Speaker 1:35:00
Have a play with it all?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:02

Unknown Speaker 1:35:04

Unknown Speaker 1:35:05
right now, July is not very busy. So just a caveat that that may end up being when some of the works being done, and we may want to reconsider, but Well, let’s put them on the calendar. And we’ll go from there. So we’ve decided first quarters off. And is that true? Does everybody kind of agree because of weather that we’re not going to do something for supporters because of weather issues? Okay, so let’s look at second quarter.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:29

Unknown Speaker 1:35:31
You have your calendar in front of you, you know, what states work? I don’t want to teach you. You don’t want to keep general note. And

Unknown Speaker 1:35:40
I mean, we just talked about the weather in April, May the weather’s

Unknown Speaker 1:35:44
kinda iffy. It’s got forts on here. I mean, we could, we could go down, you know, sometime in May. But I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s the horrible ones, may everybody’s doing everything.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:59
It’s just, the option would be a racing. And we’re back to the weather problem, maybe you want to do one in April, we can

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
put it on the calendar and not advertise it and just man just to have

Unknown Speaker 1:36:12
a little.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:16
And see, and since since you, you can get Constant Contact Information fairly quickly. And that’s working very well.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:27
If we’re able to go forward with it, especially if you guys are willing for the if you did April 8, and the July date to allow this E outside of the brochure, but in the email blasts, because to allow us the greatest flexibility with the construction, restaurants, schedules, we’ve got something tentative for your schedules and calendars, and then we can look at that is when the selected contractor is to see that. So let’s try for April, on April 26. That’s Wednesday, April 26 26th. Okay, so. Okay, so and we agreed we’re not going to do a brochure for either the spring or the summer, open house just to give us flexibility. Yes, very there’s there for them. All right. It’s actually five September.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
Okay, moving on.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25
Okay, club a fair to clean minutes. The club fair was one of the things that we’ve discussed about doing it, we wanted to put it on the calendar. And club affair in the past has been an event that was posted and had different clubs come up and do a roll bility.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:47
I’m inclined to say that we table this again, simply,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:53
I think we shouldn’t be back on the agenda. And it continues that we should be addressing it. But it’s one of those things that I don’t think we really can plan for and do because of the construction,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
at least for this year. Now, that being said, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think we just don’t discuss it. And we don’t kind of throw out ideas on what it could look like.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:21
To to put out there too to do that. It’s it’s one of those things that to me club affair in the club, selection criteria kind of are intertwined to a certain degree in this discussion, because

Unknown Speaker 1:38:37
you we don’t want to promote, we want to have clubs, we definitely want to,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:43
but we don’t want to promote clubs to the excess that we can’t meet or sustain what they would like to do. And then people are put off by that and said, Well, I tried that, and I’m not going to do it again. That would be not a good PR point for us. I think,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:00
again, what’s personal opinion? But

Unknown Speaker 1:39:04
so where does everybody else stand in the club? Or what do you think?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:11
I would suggest that one of the club’s selection criteria be tabled to an extreme press. Ok. We are running over on time.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:24
I still think we should set up.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:27
I’m going to just disagree in the sense that I think we should set up a group of us volunteers to look at what the selection of the criteria sheet. So we could bring it back to the board meeting to have something actual

Unknown Speaker 1:39:43
working on it’s kind of outside to bring it back to the next board meeting wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because then that way, at least there’s something to just discuss. I think there’s really two conversations, could we finish the club a fair conversation and then move to the next month? Because I don’t think there was related

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
It’s as as marine does either. Club affairs is an event that clubs criteria is completely different. So it can we finish one conversation before we move on to the next. So as far as club affairs concerned, I suggest that we table that because it is an event, it was a fundraiser, that’s what it was set up for. And whether we need that or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:26
I think we, it deserves discussion. But I think we should take that ticket. Okay. So I know that we came to that discussion until until the second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:39
Okay, all in favor? Aye. Great, we’re gonna move it to February. Yes. Okay. Changes to the criteria. So sorry, that

Unknown Speaker 1:40:52
was a disagreement on that. So the selection of the criteria, I still think that even even, it’s something that that we should continue to look at. So so we’re looking at what clubs we would like to promote to have come in here. And one of the reasons why I think it’s important that we measure criteria is progress grant purposes, we really want to be able to have

Unknown Speaker 1:41:20
to state that we are supporting the community’s needs. And

Unknown Speaker 1:41:26
it’s a cohesive type of action.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:32
I’m not articulating as well as like, but

Unknown Speaker 1:41:37
when you apply for grants, they want to know exactly how we are supporting the community. And this is one of those things that this is a way that we can do that. One minute.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:49
On the last grant, we covered that. And obviously, we got the grant of your thing we Yeah, so apparently, we’re already doing it right. Well, it was a pick and choose among

Unknown Speaker 1:42:01
the clubs, letters was hit submit, with the grid application. And specifically, there are are areas that we probably need to ensure we are including in club consideration going forward that we haven’t yet. And so I think it is important to go ahead and meet to discuss. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
We can look at, for example, last grant application, and I can show you all specifically what was asked. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:42:36
for anyone who doesn’t know, then that makes it

Unknown Speaker 1:42:42
understandable why we’re why we’re doing this. But then we can also be looking at other potential grades that are available. And specifically, what are they looking for?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:53
A lot of them are looking for not just who, what, what is the

Unknown Speaker 1:42:59
what is the purpose?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:02
What you’re doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:03
But also how does it serve the community? How does it serve a specific underrepresented group? How is it all inclusive?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:15
You know, what kind of diversity Do you have within those groups? So there’s some really specific things that we need to be paying attention to, so that we know what we’re looking for, when it’s time to be in clubs. So just a question about clubs that are existing.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:33
Are you

Unknown Speaker 1:43:35
planning would you plan to keep the clubs you have? Because I’m thinking, Boy, if the criteria change, that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:43:45
that’s a good thing. If you had drop anybody is not meant to do anything to change the clothes that are currently in the house. It is just so that we have a focus on what it is we’re looking for going forward so that new clubs that we’re bringing in, are going to meet that criteria that we need to fulfill this full portfolio that makes us very club asked to be to meet her regularly. It would need to be in writing somehow, in a diplomatic way. Yeah, these are our standards.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:21
And then I was brought up the I was playing devil’s advocate here, but you know, we are tax supported by the city of Longmont and so we can’t really, you know, I’m hesitant on turning somebody away unless what they’re doing is illegal. You know, I mean, I think our criteria should be Boulder County should be phased out of Boulder County number one, maybe even based on a long paper because this is one of the things that it’s going to be up for discussion night. And and you and I don’t agree on this point because there’s other organizations that are tax supported like Bell committee and other things that do have groups specifically for them and they’re still tax

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
supported and whatnot, this house was given to the women along want to support the Women’s Club dots. It’s in our it’s in the ordinance, the ordinance of it’s in the deed, the deed, it’s in the date. And it’s also stated in the ordinance ordinance. It’s, it’s in the deed and the honor the deed, it’s in the deed, but it’s also in the ordinance. Yeah. And the bottom line is, that’s so I don’t, I think it doesn’t hurt us to have it be for women’s groups. I know, you seem to think that we shouldn’t exclude and not be all inclusive for men’s group or whoever like to be here. But part of the are the reason we got the grant is because we need a underserved community. And we, the women are underserved in Longmont, they aren’t still. I mean, there’s lots of clubs that are only many inclusive, and

Unknown Speaker 1:46:01
masons, the good fellows, all sorts of groups.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:07
They’re self supporting. Yeah, they are self supporting, but there’s also clubs within the city. Like I said, ultimately another that in other groups that are more narrowed down. So that’s a disagreement. And that comes down to the criteria. And that’s part of the reason why this discussion really has to happen. And the thing that I used to do well, our I worked for Seagate for 21 years, and

Unknown Speaker 1:46:39
my local giving guidelines were, of course, based on what the corporate world but as a international group of really outreach professionals, we would tweak it, you know, every so often and have them you always have so many challenges, because you really want to serve so many people, but you only have in this case, you only have so much space and so much time. And in our case, it was you only have so much money, and the company has a profile and an image to keep up that may not always go with what the community needs. So it was never a perfect system. But it helped to have a criteria that would say, in our case, it was like

Unknown Speaker 1:47:33
a certain percentage serve the company’s mission and image, which was stem and technology. And then a certain percentage, right after that, right after that was helping human services, because it’s so important. And then I had the biggest challenge with all the requests that came beyond that. But I

Unknown Speaker 1:47:59
if if it’s because there’s so many clubs, and there’s so many things in the community, and they in my case, they would look at see gang, so you’re the biggest company in town, and you don’t have enough dollars to spread around. And

Unknown Speaker 1:48:13
it was a tricky situation. I wanted to include them too. I wanted to have our hands out there everywhere, making everyone feel like we are a part of the community. But anyway, it it helped to have a mission that was diplomatically stated, you know that there was this there was a in the deed, you know, this is what the mission of the house was, Here are additional things we can’t feel or, you know, absolutely essential. And we want to support these others, but we have to keep certain percentages. And you know, that way, there’s a finite amount, and they don’t have to see exactly how many you have. You know, I never said I never put out there to anybody that was asking, well, we have this much money left, you know, I mean, you they don’t really know what the full list is.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:09
It maybe that’s not fair entirely. But I feel like you got to have some discretion when you’re doing this because there’s only so many people to complete. That’s exactly right. See, the point is Kathy has stated, and there’s only so much resources. So there’s only so many clubs that we can accommodate. Yeah. So that’s part of the reason why setting up a criteria moving forward is so important, because it keeps the balance in place. And that’s the goal. Yeah. And I just hate to see the kattiline mission

Unknown Speaker 1:49:44
adjusted because of what some random grant person put in a grant. Right. I just thought it’d be hard for you guys to shift based on whoever formed a grant application. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:49:57
I really think everybody’s saying

Unknown Speaker 1:50:00
exact same. Yeah. If we could just come in and get get the wording, get the wording correct. And the move. That’s why I think we should set up a separate meeting time because it’s really easing into our meeting here to discuss criteria. Why? Well, I’m I honestly, I have two things I want to say one of them is I think this should be a discussion of the full board. Yes. And and I think it should be handled in the board meeting as board business. And I think we need to make room for it in the board meeting. The second thing I’d like to say, and I’d really like you to think about this very carefully, is that the primary mission, and the reason the house was given to the city was for the ladies of Longmont. There wasn’t any criteria put on that caveats around that deed restriction. And most of the club’s many, many of the clubs that met here historically have been social in nature, they haven’t necessarily given back as a club to the community, although as individuals, they certainly do.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:09
And I would really hate to see that focus, go away. And the other, the other thing I’d like to say is, I really don’t want to be the person who starts to enforce a criteria that I don’t think necessarily fits the mission. So I really want you to go home and think about that a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:31
And there’s not, there’s a demand out there. But but there’s not a lot of demand generation. So we’re not turning a lot of people away, but we’re also not getting a lot of requests.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:44
So I would really like to leave it open to

Unknown Speaker 1:51:49
to the decision of the moment, as opposed to trying to set a lot of criteria that restricts the clubs that come here. I mean, we already have a lot most of our groups are social. I don’t disagree that that it’s a balance. I think it’s all a balance. And I think the bottom line is if we do have a criteria, and I understand Cathy, nobody wants to be the one that has to enforce it. But if we have a criteria,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:17
it doesn’t hurt to have the balance app, and it helps put a balance in there. And it also, if we state that we have a criteria, then it doesn’t look like there’s favoritism going on. And therefore we can address issues in that manner. As well as

Unknown Speaker 1:52:38
it’s justified, the criteria is justified because

Unknown Speaker 1:52:43
when fundraising, specifically by fundraising, such as grant applications that are standards by which they’re looking, and it’s a competitive process, and they are trying to decide who gets the money? Well, in that process, if we are at least acknowledging what they’re looking for, then we are headed in the right direction, having that criteria. Now, it’s not an all end all be all, you know, stop. But it is more of a, this is where we’re going. This is where we need to be focusing. And and if we have two clubs, where when really doesn’t meet that, and the other doesn’t. And it’s a hard decision to make, because we only have four spots to fill. So we know okay, we probably do need to leave for the one that fits the criteria more because the next grant application that we’re going to complete, it sounds like if you have the support, we could pick a 45 minute chunk of time in a month of your selection to have an in depth discussion on that. So is there a month that works better? Or would you like to pick a month next time to assign that conversation? I’d like to wait till next time. A lot of the challenge

Unknown Speaker 1:53:59
is how busy is February’s calendar? February is pretty open. But we meet again early in February, so Right. So just for my clarity, the question is not whether or not there’s going to be a criteria, there is going to be a criteria that we’re gonna we’re gonna discuss whether there’s going to be a criteria that should set in stone, okay, there’s going to be one and if so, what is what is going on? With seems like it would help to if you had the list, and let’s say sort of put it in some kind of categories now, even if they get changed, you know, just to understand what’s out there now, I guess I want to know who what, where is the demand because that is a very important lesson. I think you hit the nail on the head there and that’s what’s the demand behind it social right now. I

Unknown Speaker 1:54:50
disagree with that statement. And I don’t care at the house. Yeah, but I disagree. And part of it is people don’t know about the house. I met I’m sorry. I I

Unknown Speaker 1:55:00
I’m referring to the meeting in the clubs that are currently here or social.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:06
event to clarify that musters may me social, worrying, they speak to that a little bit more, but their historic preservation and restoration.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:17
And they have provided a lot of funding to this house over the years. And they’ve been here for four. So there’s beside what we have. And then we have cultures who do specific stitching and

Unknown Speaker 1:55:31
all these things that all I’m asking is if we could have less next time.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:37
Your book clubs, I put it in there. So under the club tab, and we can also have a more of a

Unknown Speaker 1:55:46
more in depth of what those clubs do next year.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:51
There is some sort of a criteria that if a club came to you and said, I want to meet here, you would ask questions. Well, what is your club do and how many are there and

Unknown Speaker 1:56:05
here’s a club contract. But again, I really liked the agenda, put this off to this, instead of trying to have the discussion and not have the discussion. Can we just move it to next month? Yes. Okay. So can I get a motion that we table the students month? Table this to expense agenda? I second? Okay. Are we going to specifically state for specific slighted amount of time to have this discussion? It doesn’t need to be an extended period of time. Okay. Can I get a motion, that you redo it during the meeting or we set up a date?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:40
coming in?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:42

Unknown Speaker 1:56:44
moving it to the board meeting for a 45 minute discussion during the board meeting for estimate into motion? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:51
Okay, I move that we move the club selection criteria to table it to next month, right. 45 minute discussion, and I will say that amendment. Thank you. Let’s move on. Hey, take a vote all of their five.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:07
Okay, Christmas decor pack up.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:11
Work fun. I’m just gonna do that with staff. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:15
Yeah, absolutely. You know, I’m just honestly, we’re gonna just start taking down a tree to tie as we go. And if push comes to shove, then I’ll just schedule Jacqueline and Betsy, and we’ll just get it done. That’s what we’ve done the last two years, it works pretty well. And we’ve got an awful lot on our agenda and scheduled and that way we can just do it. Yeah. Well, and you can do it in your events and not have it discombobulated.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:42
Okay, their business. Do we have any other business to discuss?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:48
Okay, moving on to future agenda items, future house restoration and preservation projects to be put on the agenda in February. Is there any additional

Unknown Speaker 1:58:01
prior projects or restoration issues that you think should be put under this?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:10
Item? I think the list that Katherine has a spreadsheet is probably what needs to just be brought. So that I want to move it to march though, given that we’re going to take five minutes on the clock right here. Yeah, I’d like to that March. So if I can get a motion that this this item be tabled to the March meeting, please. I so move. Second. All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:37
Aye. Is there any other future agenda items that people feel need to be placed on the agenda? I have a an item per request at some time, Harrison some talking to email marketing. For people who sign up for the Covenant House.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:54
I would love for

Unknown Speaker 1:58:57
more input on the verbiage that actual language that is sent out to people in those emails.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:08
So whenever it’s me content content, so what you would like

Unknown Speaker 1:59:12
content, not contact.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:17
Contact calm regarding the email blasts,

Unknown Speaker 1:59:21
specifically for the Callahan house. looks wonderful. Okay. There’s no deadline on that. Just know that for me to create something out of air is hard. Because I don’t know what you guys would like to do. You’ve got a lot of stuff on your plate too. So I’m just putting it out there something for you also give us a list of I know, I know a few of all the places we can go online to find this stuff. I know there’s more than one more what that means. Well, like, just say I’m new in town. And I want to know what’s going on at the Callahan house. I know you’d go to the city website, but could you kind of know the county was

Unknown Speaker 2:00:00
Coming up with links. Oh, she’s she’s great. Yeah. And I was the

Unknown Speaker 2:00:05
librarian backer Yeah, we could get just a list of all the possible means of, you know, I’m the only one that I have access to

Unknown Speaker 2:00:18
but Museum has,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:20
uh, you know, I don’t I would read the

Unknown Speaker 2:00:24
museum Austin has their own website right. Okay, I just had to come up with some pictures. Yeah, I don’t know where that is.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:34

Unknown Speaker 2:00:36

Unknown Speaker 2:00:38
is that an item that we want to have a committee work on to work on verbiage or maybe just to vote for them at this meeting?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:49
Agenda Item Yes. Just you know as content for email messages.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:54
So um, do we because next month is going to be very full Is it okay if we table that for schoolwork?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:02
It’s telling you how to list even or if we’re even collecting listed open houses, open houses themselves, what April?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:10
So March or April

Unknown Speaker 2:01:13
1 Verse, which is great.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:16
So can I get a motion that that’s me cable please. Like I move we add to the content content or email messages provided. So to future agenda items that are identified as an

Unknown Speaker 2:01:33

Unknown Speaker 2:01:35
Second, all in favor? Hi. Okay. Okay, we are on to the German Thank you, Louise says tymphany 600 Legion

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