How to Rent for the First Time* | The Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance

Video Description:
In our new rhyming episode, we discuss one of life’s unavoidable burdens–Rent (not the musical.) Our episode focuses on Bolshevik Bunny as he tries to rent an apartment for the first time.

Following our unfortunate bunny’s misadventures we learn why it’s important to prioritize location over quality when looking for a new apartment. And why it’s important to inspect the apartment before moving in. We also learn what is a lease and why it’s important to read the lease agreement before signing. Also we examine tenant rights and why you should know the landlord tenant laws for your state.

Finally we dive into Security Deposits, security deposit laws, and what you can do to get your full security deposit return. All of these topics and more are covered in this exciting new episode of the Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance.

0:00 Disclaimer
2:09 How to Find the Right Apartment
6:48 The Cost of Housing
9:58 What is a Lease?
16:44 Security Deposits


Books: “Renters’ Rights” by Ann O’Connell and Janet Portman
“The Affordable Housing Reader” edited by Elizabeth J. Mueller and J. Rosie Tighe

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*Disclaimer: This episode in no way shape or form should be taken as legal advice. It is made for entertainment purposes only. If you have legal questions regarding your tenant rights, consult a lawyer.