How to Create a Budget | The Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance

Video Description:
On the premiere episode of the Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance, we discuss budgets. A topic so simple 5-year-olds can understand it. So naturally Congress doesn’t.

In this first episode of the CMPF, We discuss the most basic tool for money management, a budget. We discuss how budgets can help spend wisely, save for retirement, and resist the capitalist pigs all at the same time.

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The Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance is the only program that teaches you how to seize your means of production. We synthesize personal finance advice with Communist Doctrine to help you survive the burning hellscape that is late stage capitalism.

Want to know how to create a budget? What a a credit score is? How to get out of debt? We’ll answer all these answers and give you the means to fight back against the capitalist pigs

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0:00 Introduction
0:55 Part 1 Theory
2:00 Bolshevik Bunny
2:18 What is a budget
6:28 Know Where Your Moneys Going
8:39 Form a plan
9:12 Take Control
10:57 Discipline
11:49 The Revolution
12:27 Critique
13:19 Consumption vs Fulfillment
14:33 Conclusion