Emergency Funds | The Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance


Video Description:
Witness our program, where we explain why you need an emergency fund that is shiny and chrome.

In this lovely video where we explain the necessity of an emergency fund for when the world runs out of guzzoline. We tell you how much you should put into your emergency fund, what constitutes an emergency, and why that double barreled shotgun will be useless in the apocalypse. Also there’s an infomercial for Communism.

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The Communist Manifesto for Personal Finance is the only program that teaches you how to seize your means of production. We synthesize personal finance advice with Communist Doctrine to help you survive the burning hellscape that is late stage capitalism.

Want to know how to create a budget? What a a credit score is? How to get out of debt? We’ll answer all these answers and give you the means to fight back against the capitalist pigs.

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