Airport Advisory Board – November 2022

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Airport Advisory Board – November 2022

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City Council will ultimately make the decision on the final reading or the final language that we use for the for the lease master lease term. And so that’s the plan moving forward. And we’re certainly want to take any questions that you have about that, or comments.

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Councilmember mark, please go ahead.

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Thank you, Mr. Chair, just because the council will have to be considering this. I think that when all of us at the council, you know, referred the 30 year lease provision to the charter as a charter amendment, we expected that airport leases would have an initial term of 30 years. And since all of the airport leases that we had ever had come before us were exactly the same cookie cutter thing. Honestly, we didn’t think it through very much farther than that, we just thought the initial term would go to 30 years on that it’d be that. But now that, you know, it’s going to be possible, maybe to dis to negotiate different renewal terms. And I have a couple of questions about what would have happened before with that standard. Airport lease. So suppose someone wanted a shorter term lease? Would they have been able to negotiate one? And would it have, for example, lower their lot rent, if they did ask for shorter term? So you know, if there’s if there’s going to be variations, then, you know, what, what would be negotiable? And what would not be negotiable in a new standard lease? And then my second question, because I’m not going to, you know, keep taking the floor. My second question is, is, since there’s so much discussion about the right of refusal, which is not actually an unusual thing, in developed development, on leased property in general, what has it ever happened, that someone has come to the end of their lease and walked away? And what hap, what what happens to the hangar that’s left there has does has ownership reverted to the city before, because you know, when a developer is going to develop a public building on land leased from the city, at the end of the lease term, they either have to negotiate an operating agreement with the city to extend the lease, or if they don’t, the building actually reverts to the city. And so I just want to know, what would have happened before?

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Fort Harrison, or Turner’s and Councilmember Martin, if we could answer those questions at the December 8, meeting and take those forward. So I can get you more exact answers to those things. I think that I mean, we can get into kind of the discussion level, but I can see that it’s gonna, it’s going to, it’s going to be the same discussion that we’re going to need to have on December 8, some are afraid that I can answer some of that, and I think Levi can do, but it’s a lot of one of this and one of that. And so I want to be I want to be really clear with my answers and have. I like having your questions available to be able to share with our attorneys to get an answer for your question, too. Yeah.

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So we had a meeting with the city attorneys as well. And I left that meeting feeling like, you know, the issues had been covered, but maybe they hadn’t, because I still have questions now. And yeah, it’s fine. If they’re addressed. I also do want to say, was it not said at the last meeting, that the intention was that a 30 year lease would be available?

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Yeah, that’s actually in the minutes. Okay. We’ve i believe i Brown said, we will do 30 or 30 year lease. So that’s actually in the minutes that he Yeah, he’s, we’re saying that. Yeah, I propose the change of the airport lease based rate term to 30 years.

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So yeah, I just don’t want anybody to, you know, go forward and be all upset for another month.

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And then we you know, as the city staff, we have a bunch of reasons for doing first right of refusal, and it’s really on the sale of the press. Pretty. And so it comes down to a lot of issues with when people are selling the property, if it’s a property that the city is interested in, in developing in some way, shape or form, you know, we’re just want we just want that at first, you know, ability to be able to say, hey, we have we have a plan, or there’s, you know, part of the master plan shows that as doing something else, and so it’s not preclude anything or get in the way, or it never really comes up as well. I understand except, there may be one or two, or three, whatever corn details that are happening. And, and we can get into that again on this. Yeah. Because it’s going to be it’s going to be a convoluted conversation, but we want to make sure we get all those answers. You know, in a more public, I mean, this is a very public forum, but we wanted to have it as an agenda item so that people can come and talk about it, too.

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Okay. Sure. And we is also a land use thing that we that had not really been addressed prior to this in terms of airport development. So, yeah, I just wanted to get that all out on the table. But it’s it’s, you know, it’s not a sheet metal grab, you know.

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Mr. Robeson,

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thank you, Mr. Chair, I was just going to agree with councilmember Barton and maybe suggest to Levi to alleviate some of this concern. I mean, we keep hearing public invited, be heard showing up. And I would say unfortunately, they’re the first thing on the agenda before we really get to say, you know, some of these things like it, we are planning 30 is the general idea if we could get that out of the way. Maybe in your next airport update, some kind of paragraph about, this is the way we’re headed. You know, I understand it’s not a final thing, but to alleviate some of the agitation out there. As especially like councilmember said, we’re going for another month before we finalize anything. I think LPA and everybody out in the audience would appreciate everybody in the group that’s on your email list, knowing what’s going on.

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That’s a good point to make, too. We did receive another letter from the LPA, about progressive senators. So we are currently working on response for that. And that should go out. I spoke with attorneys yesterday about that, and we’re hoping to get something out next week. So that’ll go out too. So that should help also, hopefully, will

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these attorneys be present on December 8?

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They may not be they will likely not be available on December 8, but they will be at the December 20. Councilman council meeting. So we will have then we will ask them to we’ll tell them about. It sounds like that’s I’m gonna go ahead and say that sounds like a request to have the attorneys here on the eighth. So I’m gonna ask I’m gonna ask again, the the attend. That’d be great.

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I mean, this came up last time as well to have the attorneys here tonight. I’d like to make a motion that we officially asked the city staff to have the attorneys present, should they be able to if anyone would like to second move moved and seconded. Discussion. All those in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Okay. Motion carries. Thank you, Mr. Dean. That was that was? Okay. Who else on leases here? So the other request I would have is, given that there is so much still I think unresolved in the leases. I feel comfortable with the at least intent on the term, but definitely not on the right of first refusal. So it’s not something we’ve talked through in detail, nor do I think, speaking for myself, but I don’t think the board is aligned with the city necessarily on that I’d love to have a board member or to work with city staff and the city attorney’s between now and December 8. So we at least have a much better kind of ability to have that discussion effectively on the eighth and be able to work through it. I would certainly be willing to be one of those one or two members. I don’t know if that’s interesting to anyone else, if that makes sense. And if anyone else wants to participate in that, Mr. Dean,

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I’d be happy to help with that as well.

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Thank you, too. That’s our two. Yeah, understood. I thought that I was really like three but that doesn’t work that way.

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Is that work for everyone? Any other comments on that from any other board members? Okay. Anyone else like to make a comment on leases or whatever we are right now. Okay. information items. Engineering Consultants selection, update schedule, sorry,

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engineering consultant update schedule. So the request for proposals is technically document we we released went out I think it was a week ago or almost two weeks ago now, almost two weeks ago now. So it went a couple of weeks ago if the deadline for those proposals if I recall correctly, should be the 21st. So, so far, so good. I’ve been trying to go through about contacts, make sure that the the engineers out there have kind of got their heads up on that it is out there. So far, everyone I’ve kind of reached out to said, Yeah, we saw it posted. So it’s looking like we’re gonna get some pretty good interest out of them. So yeah, so far, so good. Hopefully, next board meeting, we’ll have more information on that for you. Okay. That’s what I got.

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questions from anyone?

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I might just add that we won’t be able to say too much. Once the proposal once the proposals come in, we can’t say who’s on the list. And we can’t talk much about it as a staff because we’re both on the selection committee with board members sound material. And so we won’t be able to say too much until we get to a point where we can offer a contract.

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Do you have a anticipated timeline, then we are due on the 21st.

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I’m trying to see if we can get that done to you by the eighth the meeting on the eighth? I thought we were starting. If we go to I think if we go to interviews, I believe trying to find it here. If we start interviews. I think it’s going to be that week of the eighth or of the fifth. So that would be an issue too. So we have a very, we have a very short turnaround to get these reviewed. Like Levi said, we get the proposals back, all the proposals are due to us on Monday, November 21, we’re gonna take two weeks to review and then we’re in the, then we’re and that’s over, over Thanksgiving. And so that’s when we start the interview process two weeks after that. So if we needed if one corporation, one company comes up ahead of everybody else, and it’s just not even close, then we won’t do interviews, but most likely there will be interviews.

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Other questions, comments? And now we kind of hit sustainability resolution sustainability discussion, is there anything else you guys would like to bring up on that?

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Nothing. Apart from saying that, it is still definitely, you know, on our list staff do, they just are looking for a little more time. So they get people here and they can prepare presentations. So again, just it’s not, we’re not skipping over it, we’re, they’re just they want to one more time to prep stuff for it.

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And I would ask that next month, then as if that’s on the discussion that the sustainability resolution draft that was is in the packet, and that’s an action item to consider it beyond the presentation.

Unknown Speaker 13:23
We will do that. And she’ll capture all of the other piece of it is that you’ve asked for. At the last meeting, I believe we you asked for more, more of a cover memo or a cover page to explain some of these action items. And we have action items. So we’re gonna have a complete, we call them we call them airport advisory board columns, or, or memos, and that’ll we’ll want to put everything in there that that we’re requesting of the board and make it very clear and concise of what we’re what we’re requesting and what the what the suggested action is. And then what what kind of choices or what kind of what other choices you have as a board to make with those different selection things. So it goes to council. Right, exactly. Yeah, we call them Council cons there. So again, I think you said you just wanted those for the action items. So we’re going to do that for the for the two action items next next month, and make sure we’re very clear. So I think this has also helped in the public realm. As people are reading through the packet, they can see exactly what’s been, you know, the framework of the of the issue, and exactly what’s been requested of this board.

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Thank you. Yeah, I think it’ll be helpful and kind of build on the agenda change from earlier this year when we separate it information and action to make it really clear. Mr. Robeson Hold on. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 14:44
Thank you, Mr. Chair. This is just kind of tangentially related to sustainability but the FBO Did you find an end date for their contract or lease?

Unknown Speaker 14:55
You know, I did. I did look it up and I got the lease sitting on my desk and I heard got to bring it with me. But I do have that. Yes. though. I’m sure we can we can sum that day

Unknown Speaker 15:07
send it to me. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:13
Last information item then new ABA member selection committee.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
Okay. Alright, new AB member selection committee. So as you all know, we’re in the process currently interviewing new members for the airport advisory board, to people applied for the airport advisory board. Melinda and Steve, if I recall correctly, you got you are on going to be put on part of that selection committee. So we do have one hopefully, I sent out earlier today, if both of you can make it, we have an interview potentially set up next week with Mr. Steve shook for the airport Advisory Committee. Harrison is has also applied again, he’s a little bit of a different matter if we want to go through quite the same formal process or we could certainly cut off a little fill in I already had a meeting with him earlier today. And trying to kind of move him through the system, too. So hopefully, that satisfies the need of the initial interview prior to going to council we hope.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Yeah. Vice Chair Jordan.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
So I got the invitation and it’ll be a team’s interview, right?

Unknown Speaker 16:34
Yes, it could. It certainly can be teams interview are also more than likely to be hosting it at the airport. Also just in case someone wants to come by and either or, okay.

Unknown Speaker 16:45
I’ll probably have to join remote and then But then we’ll do that interview. And then they’ll still have the council interview. Is that right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:51
Okay, so my understanding, okay. And forgive us. If there’s little haziness here. This is a new process for everyone, apparently. So it is a little bit of a learning process as we go through this. But you are handling incumbents differently? A little? Not? Not really. So do you want to answer that?

Unknown Speaker 17:14
Well, I think our initial thought was, you know, the incumbent. And so we’ll ask you, at the end of the next interview. Questions about forwarding his name to the city council for further for further interview, but we didn’t think we’d want to spend your time since you’ve spent so much time with our chair, that you we will just ask you at the at the interview, whether you feel like it’s, it’s it’s appropriate to move him forward to the city council. interview process.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Perfect. Leave anything else on that? And that’s no from the word. No. Okay. No action items this month. We’re saving them all for next month. Final public invited to be heard. Yeah. Come on down. There’s there’s no list for this one. So whoever wants to get down there first, you’re up. As before, if you can start with your name and address, you’ve got five minutes, I’ve got the timer going. Once you introduce yourself,

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Howard Morgan 1932, Amethyst, Dr. Longmont been on this board, as a chairman, one point, president of the LPA organization and on airport for 25 years, plus or minus a few months. And I think the people on the airport would like to change the attitude of the city and be treated more as on the order of a partner of an adversary. And as least, fiasco was just another example of many examples over the years. There’s lots of talent of various kinds on the airport, they can work on things like this. I will spend considerable amount of time on the lease project with outside sources and I offered my sources last time nobody wants to know what I know. This airport is substandard. I don’t know how many of you been to other airports around the country, but there’s airports with populations of 10,000 or less it make this look terrible. And cities with 100,000 population have considerably nicer facility so I would like to see us spend more time on coming up with development. The 30 year lease would help as right of first refusal I think is a bad idea. If the city wants to buy a bill LNG, they can buy it, they can be bid on it just like anybody else and buy it if they want. Lots of reasons that we don’t want to first right of refusal. And it should be stricken, was mentioned that, what do we do if somebody walks away from the hangar, I don’t think that’s even a remote possibility when the hangars are worth as much as they are today. And I can’t imagine anybody walking away from a hangar. So that makes no sense to me. So it’s the bottom line here is I’d like to see the people on airport treated more on the order of harder as we collectively put in some around a half million dollars a year for the operation of the airport. So if it wasn’t for us, airport to go away. So that’s my comment. And thanks, Melinda for your service.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
Thank you. We’d like to be next.

Unknown Speaker 21:25
Thank you, Dave, cop 229, Airport Road, unit 33. I’m an officer with the LPA. And I just like to reiterate some of the things he has said. Certainly the 30 year lease just exactly the way. Levi wrote it in the last minutes. And September’s is acceptable as 30 years with a 20 year renewal. That takes all the pain away. The what how he said, You know, I’ve been here 20 years, spring chicken compared to how he but nobody’s walked away from a hanger and that 20 years and otherwise, the city would already own it and be renting it. The only thing the city owns is the the old Twin Peaks building where the airport manager’s office is the one of the two marches point, you know, on everything’s negotiable, well, not everything, you know, you know, leases have to be fair and equitable. And so what you can change it, you control the lease, but the bottom line is you need to be fair and equitable going forward. Right now you’ve done five or six leases that represent 75 hangars out there with a 30 year lease with a third year renewal. So now, we’ve already talked about the the FAA recommendation, which is not a hard fast rule. And it’s certainly not a grant assurance violation, really sitting up there doing 30 years leases with 30 year renewals. They’ve never lost a nickel and grant assurances, and it could teach us all a lot about how to get some grant assurance or some grants. Because the bottom line is we are still pretty much the worst airport of this size in the entire state and applying for and getting grants. To your point. Mr. Robinson, that’s exactly right. The you got to apply. You’re not gonna get much without it. I mean, I’ve some of the scenarios they’ve done here. We gave I think it was Grand Lake back in the early 2000s are 150,000 a year for four years 600,000 Because they want to pay the nickel on the dollar to get the the lease and you know, the bottom line is we we had a lot of deferred maintenance, then we got locked now a lot less because of Levi’s contribution and help but the bottom line, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. The I wanted to talk about a document that I just read today that was quite distressing. And it was it was published in 1918. But it’s still online. And it’s terrible. And the author did a lot of footnotes on who they talked to. But the bottom line, the biggest puzzle in here to me was that they compared us to at that time was Jeffco. Boy Insulza, the airport manager down there now and said that while they had, you know $480 million worth of economic contribution to the to the two counties and we had 400,000 Well, those apples and oranges, we clearly have $60 million. It’s listed by the ALP as our economic contribution. And that I think is is not overstating it, and that makes us if that was published, that’s not what they publish, they probably start 400,000 which is just our p&l, just our lease contributions and the expenses for the airport. So they compared 480 million for 400,000 and it looks pretty much like Crap. And the bottom line is that that’s pretty unfair. Because that’s just a p&l, I guarantee you. And I had a hangar at Jeffco, now called Metro Rocky Mountain metropolitan, then they don’t get 400 $400 million, the income off at airport, they do bring in an awful lot of people to do a lot of business. And that’s where that economic contribution, one of my tenants probably has contributed more to the city than anybody else. And that’s in the hundreds of millions. And so the bottom line is, he’s still renting from me, he’s still doing business here. You keep pushing on this, and he’s going to move his operation down to the Metro because that was his initial plan until I spent half of me to build a hangar. And, and I’m not happy about the fact that I spent twice as much on the permit fees, in Longmont, as I would have spent building the same hangar in in Jeffco. So how is exactly right? I don’t expect you to treat us as partners, but we’re more than just tenants. We certainly like to contribute. We’ve done an awful lot of good for this airport. I’ve done a lot less than many others. But I’ve done 200 young eagle flights for people that most of those kids are in house community that have gotten free helicopter rides. That’s just the beginning. I’ve also helped with a prairie dog issues. We spent weeks out here trying to smoke these things out of here. All that time was was donated and many, many more people have done a lot more than I have. So all that doesn’t get advertised even the Innovation Center. You know, I’ve taken many of those kids for helicopter rides.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
Five minutes is expired. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Would anyone else like to come down?

Unknown Speaker 26:55
As I recall, again, I haven’t moved. In the hour or two hours we’ve been here. There were a couple of things that I neglected to say, being as it was my first first real public meeting, or public speaking engagement in about 65 years. And I can’t read my own writing. I’d like to thank Mr. Brown for the work that he’s done in the about six months that he’s been here. I can’t tell you what a change that has happened since Mr. Slater left. Us and I’ve been here since Tim Barth was airport manager.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
I’m not the spring chicken like or No, I am the spring chicken. Like Mr. copsey stated. There were a couple of things that came to me that I forgot to say, as I mentioned

Unknown Speaker 27:52
the right of first refusal troubles me immensely. And I’m sure that you’re going to work on that as the news new lease takes shape. Airport as I understand it is an enterprise not an enterprise zone, it’s an enterprise. It cannot draw funding from the city. It has to be as self sufficient as it possibly can. And as my F something to do with your airport Improvement Program funds i don’t know i haven’t dug that deep into the law yet. The right of first refusal is like I say It troubles me the airport would have to buy a property. If I would have to buy my property if I decided to sell my property was worth over $500,000 That’s 2% of the city budget where you’re going to come up with that kind of money you can’t even afford to pay to have the lawn mowed I don’t look at this as rocket science. The second item concerns prairie dogs as ordinance zero dash two Oh Dash 2019 Dash o one I have a copy here if you want to you want to take it the Council of city of Longmont ordains section one blah blah blah. disclaimers restrictions and whatever it’s a bill for an ordinance amending Title Seven of the Longmont municipal code I’m pretty dark control. On page three, after they’ve done all the things that you’re not supposed to do, they have the exemptions. A x by a person who owns or operates an airport facility or by a person acting at the direction of the owner of the airport facility necessary to promote human safety or to comply with Federal Aviation Administration standards or regulations, and, and it goes on to Item B. You don’t need anybody’s permission. Thank you. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 30:26
John Dorsey 335 Brett street Longmont. Just to come in to back to Levi, he said they were going to be doing some further evaluations of some of the work that’s been done on the runway and in that environment. As follow up, I would just comment that there was a night flight we did last night and the striping on the runway is really not very uniform. So you definitely can see it, but you can tell that it’s very faint on the paint in some of the long white stripes. My other comment that is about prairie dog trapping, which was one of the possibilities that was mentioned, I was involved back when that occurred some years back with Jim Barth. And the downside was there were so many traps placed along the taxiway, that aircraft actually had to dodge right and left to keep from hitting a low wing on the traps that were stacked up. And in the end, I don’t think they trap more than just a few prairie dogs before that was all done. And then they went to another method, a phosphine type compound that they put in the holes, and that worked very well. Lastly, I would say if you can put something on your list relative to the beacon light, the green light is almost ineffective. The white light can be seen for quite a few miles with the green light is just almost not observable at all. So it may just need an adjustment. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Thank you. Was there anyone else? I didn’t see more hands, but anyone else? Okay. Then we’ve got board, city council and our staff comments, starting with board members. What do they want to have? His Church ordered.

Unknown Speaker 32:35
I have a response on the pocket park proposal that we formed a nonprofit a handful of years ago, the friends advanced brand. And the Obinze aunt is the president of that. And I’m the secretary treasurer. And we have not met or discussed that for a long time because it was funded through the air show beer garden, we used it for the ADA access in front of the FBO to get onto the ramp for injured pilot in the community. And then there we’ve sponsored, we did a spot we did a scholarship, probably pre COVID. So we really haven’t met or discussed what’s in the bank and what we’ve got. But that would be a source of funds for the I think that would be a reasonable, we were trying to raise money for the extension and to have something to help put with the city in kind. So I’ll talk to Dale, and see what we’ve got in the bank and tell let him know that this is that I just volunteered the money. Second, the the thing on the first right of refusal also troubled me immediately when I saw it, I think the thing we do have to keep in mind is that the use would have to be aviation. And I think we I think we’ve all gotten a little distracted by the language and the nature of that. But it would have to be aviation, so that the city can’t take it and put up a retail store or a coffee shop or something like that. I don’t believe so. While I’m also I don’t like that clause, I don’t like the time that it involves and the liability that it puts the seller at, but to remember that it would have to be evasion purposes to be on the field. And on the air show, I was going to ask Russ to give us an update about his Airbus status. And then we did pick a date for next year for the airshow. And now we actually have to do something. And Mel Malcolm did volunteer himself to work on our Civil Air Patrol Cadet sheriff’s explorers. So I would voluntold him to be the volunteer coordinator if he’s up for that job and you coordinate the staff that we will need for that. Again, it’s a huge undertaking. So we do have to have commitments either yes or no clearly from the starting at the board. And then I’ve asked I saw Dale Van Zandt a couple of weeks ago and asked him, and I’m still not getting from commitments from the prior leadership. But I’ll continue to ask. And we do have all of our documents. We archived everything from the last one, but it’s a Herculean effort. And so the with every day that passes, we’ll get further behind the ball on that. But volunteers is of a huge portion of that, and, and then the logistics for safety and fire and not competing with other events and things like that. So it is still on my list and then seeking a leadership team that we can continue to have the discussion. And if we don’t feel like we can make it next year, we’ll push it to the next and just keep that conversation alive.

Unknown Speaker 36:04
Real quick, as far as the volunteers, I mean, we have a full city staff talking about partnership that could work and be part of that we give these wolves points away for being volunteers, all these kinds of things. So we can open that up to the whole city. And pretty much get the volunteers I think you need.

Unknown Speaker 36:21
We’d love traffic, we’d love you. Where do you want me to start? It’d be fantastic. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Mr. Dean. My only comment was trying to get a date set for that. And I did talk to Melinda, I was a sheriff Cadet back in the day and and something I would be happy to get a hold of them. Because the cadets also need hours to meet their minimum requirements. So they’re always looking for something that to do something to help so but you have you could try to get that going or let us know. That would be fantastic. I got Pacific date,

Unknown Speaker 36:54
September 23 23. Mr. Robeson,

Unknown Speaker 37:03
thank you, Mr. Chair. I guess well, I’ll start with the air show. I think I got a proposal or a bid, I guess from Tom Larkin and his mini jet. I think I sent it to Levi and Harrison. All right. No, I don’t think so. Anyway, go back and check it. I’ll send it again. So we got a proposal from one of the performers with $1 amount so we can start, you know, budgeting a bit from that. Should I just send it to you guys doesn’t need to go to the whole board, or what’s the process for?

Unknown Speaker 37:36
Yeah, I would encourage send it to leave it and leave it maybe forwarded to the board for now. But until we have a real leadership team in place

Unknown Speaker 37:43
for it, yeah, that’s how I was just thinking. We need that leadership team, like you were talking about. So we can figure this out. Now.

Unknown Speaker 37:49
It’s Melinda and me as far as I know.

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Yeah. Just hold on a second. Nope. You’re good. Vice Chair Jordan. I think I can

Unknown Speaker 37:57
say, just to clarify. Yeah, we the board does not. It’s not an duty of the board to do the or show. It’s been where they say the leadership arises from there. But not all the board members participated, or have participated whatever level they were able to, but it was it’s not a function of the board. And it’s just comes out of here. Conveniently hangs out here. So make sense. Yeah. But other people in the field that are would be assets to that leadership board is what we need. Some ask if

Unknown Speaker 38:34
you’re looking at them out there. Yeah. So we have to Bob and Tom have both said, you know, there’ll be there September 23. They’re, they’re arranging their air show schedule around us. So they’ve given us priority, they’re going to be there. So I would say pushing it to 2024 would not be a good look, we’re going to do it. Well, I’ll be there. There’ll be two performers there for sure. That’s all we got so far. And let’s improve from there. I did have another couple of things. Since I think there’s a section for future agenda items. Mr. Griffith said he wants our approval to go ahead with pocket park as a private fundraising thing. So I would say let’s put that on the agenda for next month. And I can make a motion unless we’re gonna do it right now. And I was the other one. Oh, my God. Yeah. I was listening to find his name. Mr. Becker’s talk about what can the airport or what can the city do to help the airport do better things for itself? And I think I’ve mentioned an idea before where the city would take care of all pavement on the airport. You know, currently, the lease holder is responsible for 15 feet or or some number of feet, maybe it’s different for each lease. And I think a lot of the complaints about pavement end up being on the private or at least pavement. I see a lot of the potholes and you know, loose pavement tends to be within 15 feet of the hanger. So I don’t know if everyone knows exactly what those are I haven’t read their lease in a while. But I feel like we could make an a future agenda item to look at the feasibility of having the airport, just take over all pavement, increase the lease rates to cover the cost. And, you know, that might be something that would make the airport look better help the airport do better for itself. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:25
I’m good with having those as future agenda items. My comment on the park, I love this idea. I had a discussion about a very different airport very different park at work, where there was some concerns about putting it on an ALP and then never being able to develop it in the future. So I would encourage airport leadership to have the conversation with your engineers or planners or whoever, just to make sure we’re not doing anything that messes with future development, potentially. But it would be really nice to do something.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
And I’ll start perhaps a little more formal conversation. I have already told the FAA a little bit about it. And I was talking with Mike moths and said, hey, you know, we’re thinking about making this into more beautiful area. And he didn’t seem to have any objections at that time. But I’ll look for a more formal ICANN response from then

Unknown Speaker 41:14
on. It may even be if it’s not formally on an ALP then. But I just want to raise the concern because I don’t want something we do to handicap us, but it’s a great idea. Councilmember Martin, is there anything else for me this evening? Thank you. Any other Oh, thanks, Jordan. Sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 41:35
Sounds come in way out of left field. But thinking about the Eagle Scout project. So this is this is infield. How did he get permission to put that there and out of left field then comes the question of the annual report. Levi in the past, I’ve interviewed rescue pilots to do animal rescue. We featured the Boy Scout project and included some of the other volunteer efforts and things that go on at the airport to make the annual report more robust. And we it used to be do used to start in January be presented in June, I think but with everything that’s been going on, we’ve missed that opportunity. As soon as

Unknown Speaker 42:23
we recall the last time that they did 120

Unknown Speaker 42:26
on each one. Okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
So that like 20, maybe

Unknown Speaker 42:32
2021. So this came up in our bylaws discussion. And we adjusted the timeframe, but we still missed it this year. Okay, so it probably we have enough in December, I think January of bringing this up and actually get this moving. So we have an early 2023 report would be my preference unless anyone wants to accelerate it. In which case, Melinda, we can ask for favors from anyone in the audience, including potentially, yeah, to help with that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:06
just to so that the community you can see what on next door, people think it’s just a bunch of people with money to burn out, you know, making noise making noise. And I’ve always been fascinated with the noise complaints that the helicopters we don’t we’ve rarely ever seen helicopter noise complaints. And they are the thing that shakes the foundation of your house. But people see the helicopters has been purpose that they have a purpose that they’re rescuing bringing to life, they’re going back and forth to the you know, wildfires at the hospital. And they don’t see anybody else out there is doing anything that’s of any value. And there is we all know, there’s a lot of stuff that happens at the airport, a lot of flights coming in and out that do matter. And that the I was trying to get the public perception change that the day may come that you actually want to get on a commercial flight and you need a pilot, and he might have trained at aerosphere, he might have started there. And that you may need a quick flight for some medical need. We have those things happening out of there. You could end up with a lucrative business that needs to come in and out. So to change that public perception, it’s always very favorable when we have the air show they love that. But the rest of the time, it’s whinging about just people out burning up fuel and, and there, we do that too. But more that’s always my goal with that annual report is to really show the things that have meaning that have been happening out there as well. What people are contributing to the pilots are always contributing into the comments that were made. A lot of the work at the airport is done on a volunteer basis on a city asset, and even tooting our own horn on that as to what the pilots have contributed to keep the airport looking nice. So just to help it I’ll gladly help round this room with stories. and interviews and and just pieces that can show because Delk attaches, his planes are still used for the medical, medical flights. And there’s still just a lot of stuff that’s happening in our airport that’s the public deserves to know about. Mr. Robeson,

Unknown Speaker 45:21
thank you just one quick question, who is doing the content on the City Airport webpage.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
So that’s actually been a point of discussion currently. So they’re the city’s kind of going through to my understanding kind of a reboot on what they want to do with the website in general. So I’ve already had a few preliminary meetings about what it potentially can look like moving forward, and stuff like that, at the current time, until we get the time to kind of kick that project off. I’ve kind of been trying to make little corrections to it. So for example, I got in there after the last meeting, and we posted the proposed rates and charges. There was some information on there from the 2018 air shows had come out to the 2018 Air Show. So we got that stuff removed. So currently, it’s me. But moving forward, we’re hoping to get a more updated website coming up for the airport. That’d be great. Yep. Mr. Dean,

Unknown Speaker 46:23
I just wanted to a second, let Melissa said as well, Jordan, because a lot of people in Long Island seem to think that there’s not a lot of benefit for the airport. And if there was more information that came out about all the uses and the people that were using it and all the good that it’s for, I think you’d get a lot better public reaction. So that definitely one of the second kind of what she was saying as well.

Unknown Speaker 46:43
Yeah. And I was just thinking, if you have a copy of the old one, did you shoot it to me? That would be great. I could probably dig and find it. But if you just have it, that would be great to just have it at my fingertips.

Unknown Speaker 46:56
I know I have it somewhere. So one of us will make sure we get it to staff comments. Leave me Phil, anything that you’d like to bring up that we haven’t talked about yet?

Unknown Speaker 47:10
I think we’ve covered it all.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
Then I’m not seeing any other comments from anyone. So let’s go ahead and adjourn tonight’s meeting. We’ll look forward to seeing everyone in December for a no doubt busy and productive meeting. Thank you. Well, I got a long

Unknown Speaker 47:28
list out of that one.

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