Art In Public Places – October 2022

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Art In Public Places – October 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
There’s a word for what the word is

Unknown Speaker 0:08
right it’s right on the stage fascist rally as well

Unknown Speaker 0:19
all crown at the same time and suddenly feel there’s togetherness students experience cinavia A whole lot of work for that community for x again no not

Unknown Speaker 1:06
at all okay was that needed water

Unknown Speaker 1:36
got time 1234 We have some passing attacks we want to take only find out if you’re a Swiper or sticker yes yes

Unknown Speaker 1:58

Unknown Speaker 2:00
okay no you’re not it’s my first whatever you found a quicker way to sit down Okay Laura is to

Unknown Speaker 2:23
water you welcome to your first day on the job and being employed during

Unknown Speaker 2:37
assassinating you all employed sorry know the name tags but you’re gonna be

Unknown Speaker 2:58

Unknown Speaker 3:08
all right. Yes, your wiper in right okay. All right. Again, it’s not typically my little to distract you are with me, but this is a necessity students. Okay, okay. You don’t have a job yet.

Unknown Speaker 3:38

Unknown Speaker 3:40
You can’t take anymore

Unknown Speaker 3:44

Unknown Speaker 3:47
digger Okay, so swipers your tear workers on the front you’re working on an app site like Swiper scraping your video then your job as swipers is the final Add Anchor on it in the 123 third paragraph please join us your swipe Yeah, Thursday through Sunday October 7 through nine here you got it. And then you’re gonna set it to the size you kind of give it a little bit of you might want to share with you staffroom like kind of cold laser a little words that were just staggering very much because it just means a second is a kind of historical This is now inside. Resist Shawn just said that you should be able to smoke Whoa, whoa, whoa. Chances are it’s gonna be an upper third graders backpack. You Now we’re just going to look at because we wanted to see this Snickers on the backside on the backside wonder join it artists have military there is a way around okay? You’re rooting sincere and seeing it over the top these happen to be perfect professionals

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Perfection is overrated so we’re just gonna stick around and then when you’re done, we’re just going to keep in touch. And at a certain point we’re going to find a friend, singer photographer, I’m singer switch and keep doing it. If you want to switch your job he doesn’t like distinctions dogs don’t tell us what to say. He’s wife was like what does that mean Michael? Okay, okay. To people who have just arrived and have not utilized your red and green dot situation. I think there’s one and two you have read and agree that yes, you read in the green dot before you start your job job. Your first job is to go over and look at the quotes that were sent along. And I want you to think of

Unknown Speaker 6:32
places have a vision statement or

Unknown Speaker 6:34
slogan are not approved. No no.

Unknown Speaker 6:39
But a rally statement tagline on your store your billboard what? Which one would you read your hearts and one that you love the most? So your brain is the direction okay okay

Unknown Speaker 7:06

Unknown Speaker 7:09
and thank you for working with us today. You’re working with kindergarten

Unknown Speaker 7:21
All right, Madam Chairwoman. That is think it breaks

Unknown Speaker 7:33
are the stickers by the way?

Unknown Speaker 7:36
Are the stickers

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Oh then the last piece of this

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you Yeah, I’m officially

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automated. Sorry. Okay, I’m gonna call the meeting to order at 609 I think that pretty much got everybody on the roll call for

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we should probably read them out for the sake of our video.

Unknown Speaker 8:43
Randy. Teresa, Danielle.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
Yeah, Stephanie.

Unknown Speaker 8:54
Jennifer guessing to go with one

Unknown Speaker 9:00
yes. Just to go on.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
And or at least in the knowledge no. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 9:13
so we’re visiting especially Laurel labs. Overall iris and Susan

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Okay, so her name

Unknown Speaker 9:31
is you want to Yeah. Oh. Oh, in your day through Genesis, R LA, Morris and Omar.

Unknown Speaker 9:55
Welcome Marla.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
I’m sorry. I want to tell everybody FML A lot of trouble hearing in this February. I’m sorry, your name again? Was

Unknown Speaker 10:06
Marla in a bar

Unknown Speaker 10:11
are you just a guest? Or do you have something to say? Written agenda everybody gets a chance to look at the last possible meeting minutes. Changes. Corrections questions. Approve.

Unknown Speaker 10:40
I move that we approve last month’s meeting minutes.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
I second. All in favor? Aye.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
additions to the October 28 agenda?

Unknown Speaker 10:55
Yes, I need to please add an item 13 called a merge remediation. And then subsequently I do business and commissioners comments will move down appropriately. And that’s the only agenda item I have to add.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
It’s not here right now. Sister Cities project.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
So God bless was very, very excited to receive news and welcome of the project, she has reviewed the contracts and 10 for city attorney’s office. And she says that it’s in the mail, which is very, very interesting process and that she is already order materials. So that means that the color palette for the piece, we will need to revisit because one of the things that the selection panel had said I should have brought up into visual, but the seats are kind of a rainbow color. So we’ll need to revisit those columns, you can expect that the building’s

Unknown Speaker 12:21
exterior saying the same would fall on them.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
And we don’t have to make that decision right at this

Unknown Speaker 12:28
moment. I think that coding is less than enough. So

Unknown Speaker 12:36
I need to make sure that we are under contract with sure before we go with

Unknown Speaker 12:43
this scope project update.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
Alright guys are probably folks are going to probably to take a break from your labor. No, see, isn’t this fun? Just cut right to the chase. So if anyone has been over to and I don’t have a little Hawaii doesn’t go to the fish or sending pictures I’m not working on your computer, there are countless misses on this computer is not working. Anywho um, if you’ve been over, you’ve seen the mural that is now complete, that is now sealed. And the changes that were made. More hummingbirds were added. But also this yellow swoop came down and has extended down in this other area. Orange

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Yeah, right on the other

Unknown Speaker 13:53
sides. So it looks fantastic. And then a number of you came up to me AJ wanted to give you the thumbs up approval before he co so thank you for making your way out there. That was wonderful. The second phase of the project, as you’ll recall, is this optical, he called it K our actual reality, which is the spine ocular system. The binocular system was put into a delineated line item in the budget in his existing budget. So those dollars are already allocated. After further review and spending time in long one and looking at it from afar. He has come to us today to say that he does not think that this is a wise use of funds. It’s anywhere between between 10 and 20% of the budget which is six to $12,000 And so I appreciate, I appreciate him being cognizant of the fact that this isn’t maybe the wisest use of funds. So he’s coming to you with an alternative proposal, which would mean an amendment to the contract. And a reallocation of funds within the existing budget. So he’s not asking for more. So if you go inside from the alleyway into the scope building, and you step down, you, this is where you stepped down. And there’s this brick bit on the left. And then there’s and then you kind of keep walking in. And then there’s the bike racks and everything. And then there’s the school. And so he says, Wow, that’s a nice wall. So he drafted that, and sent it along. And I said, Well, number one, we’re breaking precedent. But at the same, like, this is very much not the norm, right? Like once you enter into an agreement and a contract with somebody on their proposal, that is what you would contract. But I appreciate the fact that he’s being cognizant of the use of funds. So I asked him, what all of this would entail. And he will not only be doing so the form just outlined, right, so it’s, it’s that kind of cattywampus diagonal, and and then the flowers will be part of an AR, augmented reality, with your phone, and the flowers will bloom. And so did part of the new contract would be, or the amendments to the contract would be one year’s worth of him paying for the subscription for 1000 views a month. That’s a lot. And then we have to figure this out. But what the ongoing situation will look like if he leaves the contract for like 100 views a month for some number of years, or with our public places locked into a service agreement with the animation software.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
So basically, what you’re saying is that you do it through your phone, and the flowers bloom. But if you don’t want through your phone go out there. No, they’re there. They’re

Unknown Speaker 17:49
okay. They’re the enemies. If you okay, you you have to download the app. Obviously, we would have somewhere that you buzz, a QR code, the QR code, which is asking them to download the app, and then you can use this kind of conversation. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
I wanted to ask you about the pictures. I don’t know if I wrote this you or not, but my daughter friend. And his her pilot really have to create your data, right? To see it. And there’s another level below that. That was the canvas. So all of this entry is like right at the entry where where this is where I was thinking,

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Oh, you mean that? No,

Unknown Speaker 18:37
like physical? round the corner? Yeah. Okay. So if you’re standing, let’s just say you’re sitting and you’ve got the whole thing up here, right. And then you’ve got the whole thing here. There’s like a strip over the floor entryway into there. So you’d be standing out here. Just hanging out triviality is right above where you’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 18:59
see that from the street.

Unknown Speaker 19:02
So we can see when we walk in the reasoning,

Unknown Speaker 19:04
well, yeah, you can see from the alley but yeah, we want to see the main street so

Unknown Speaker 19:09
the breezeway, actually it would be nice.

Unknown Speaker 19:14
So you’re so that Oh, I do know what you mean. Yeah. So look at the pictures that I sent you. So the important the most important aspects of this whole conversation lies on the fact that we don’t own this building. So we have to get an easement agreement and an easement agreement has to go through City Council, and the building owner has agreed to what we’ve already done, and is agreeable to this. We do

Unknown Speaker 19:47
remember, if you remember when

Unknown Speaker 19:49
we did the membrane is not working forgive me. When we did the presentations for

Unknown Speaker 20:09

Unknown Speaker 20:11
this building, we had a gentleman and he came to us. It’s right there. It’s that spot right there. When you’re walking down the alley, and then there’s a breezeway. This, this breezeway faces south. Right. So anyway, he asked the building owner that time, that side, right? This this side here. Yeah, yep. So we asked them if they would include that in the easement. And the answer was no. But Lauren has gone back to them. And now why? I could not tell you because that is by far, the most the most visible, the most attractive, I could not agree more. But

Unknown Speaker 21:08
yes, in fact, my daughter and I were like,

Unknown Speaker 21:11
a shame. It’s kind of a lost opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Even we went into the top of the roofs, you’re like, No, it’s kind of hard to see,

Unknown Speaker 21:19
ya know, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s almost it’s not easy to see. So that being said, so never again, is the that they don’t agree. Again, don’t ask me why not this. But this, and that. They will agree a tiny bit to get the easement through city council is not a quick process. If you are agreeable, and this is the direction that you would like to go, then I will get it on the city attorney’s agenda. And we’ll try and get it the easement agreement done by the end of the year, and then he’s ready to gain pretty much right. Now. Very good question. So the city attorney said that we can do one of two, we can amend the existing agreement, which is probably faster from a legal standpoint, than getting a queue. But from the collections management, and for the Angela and Eileen or for the future in managing legal businesses, the easements cleaner, it’s easier. So he gave us the option that I looked at. I totally agree, because they’re still removed this

Unknown Speaker 22:54
in 10 years, we’re not gonna make maintenance at different times.

Unknown Speaker 22:59
Yeah. So but I mean, the terms are going to get the same, which is good, right? So when it comes to that legality piece of it, I don’t think it’s going to be as hard. The other thing is we probably will amend our existing because some liberties or take on

Unknown Speaker 23:27

Unknown Speaker 23:31
And this is the easement. And this was painted. So more we now these days doesn’t probably make that big of a deal. Now, what is

Unknown Speaker 23:49
the right way to the right, it is the right thing is the right thing. So anyway, so probably have to go back to legal one way or the other. So the question at hand, of course, is, is twofold. Number one, as a commission, if you would like to accept or deny the artists proposal for amending his existing contract to apply the designated dollars with a binocular system to a new mural with one year of 1000 views per month. That’s the agreement at this time, knowing that are a couple of places is going to be responsible for some amount of ongoing maintenance for the use the views organized or not. Or

Unknown Speaker 24:47
care. Retirement. Yeah, okay. So. So,

Unknown Speaker 24:52
what are the general selection recruiting process on selection? Okay, so let’s hear from YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
I’m really disappointed personally. Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yeah, I’m not. I love this. I think it was really beautiful for me. But that’s not the concept

Unknown Speaker 25:08
that was agreed on.

Unknown Speaker 25:11
I understand TV oculars are like, was an opportunity, that’s fine. And maybe, maybe you’re aware of that. Yeah, that was one of the reasons why I really love that piece to begin with was able to add a piece of it. To me, this is completely hid. I don’t think you’re gonna have a lot of recognition from that unless, besides people that are actually living in those apartments, which is totally fine. But also I worry about the cost and where we’re at for that. And most, I think if he needed his painted in London, as is without that extra piece, maybe. But I also feel that it’s even a possibility to just be able to just get that money back potentially, because we can utilize it something just like his investment of more space in my eyes where, I don’t know, I feel, I feel like this is a very, really unfortunate part of it. Because personally, I would have chose different artists, just knowing the design and aware of what the concept or I was doing. But that’s just me, in my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
So knowing that it’s good one, this is definitely a very valid point. It’s like when you start breaking precedent.

Unknown Speaker 26:24
What doesn’t contract I mean,

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Neville said the kid is flying on a breezeway if people park on in their

Unknown Speaker 26:35

Unknown Speaker 26:40
area, so all this building is public parking, and there’s there’s public parking within the building, not just garage for public. Also, I

Unknown Speaker 26:56
was the binocular things that I thought was a decent idea. I’m not sexy, though, because I know that damage. Just a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Yeah, I’m not satisfactory, no, necessarily. Probably cause problems now. I like the idea of murals inside of Mirage on that.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
AI was hard to believe. But anyway.

Unknown Speaker 27:36
Yeah, just want to do some housekeeping. That’s also,

Unknown Speaker 27:41
I think that because we are contractually bound to this artist of this project, that the dollars are validated in our encumbered period. So I think we’re out of time to refer back to play, again, policy and procedures the way we need to go. So it’s this or that

Unknown Speaker 28:04
novel, stuff, almost.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
The building wasn’t construction for you during February’s

Unknown Speaker 28:12
building was under construction money agree to the contract on the easement agreement happened while construction was happening, but to be fair about the agreement, there’s a lot of cooks in that kitchen. So what this is my very time in our history person, not familiar explanation of how this works. But you have Boulder County Housing Authority, who I believe in time will eventually like, oh, this Boulder County, which the Housing Authority offices in and it is also affordable housing, etc, etc. And public parties, etc, etc. The county owns the building, the county doesn’t pay for the building up right? Or there’s the money. Right? So the money is the one who also has a vested interest at this point. So within their own construction, have agreed to what things are going to look like and before the designs are blessed and all of that it goes up and it comes back down to all these power people look at it, and then the county tells us Yep, we agree. And then the city and county have an agreement ourselves to Okay, so there’s a lot of moving parts. So the fact again, that we executed the first easement agreement took a long time. And the fact that we have against button handshake that they will execute this, this easement agreement for this is pretty far down I wrote this a long time ago. Yeah. So as to get to where you are now. So if and again, the dollars on this project are encumbered, right, so these dollars have been allocated and are contracted with 100. So one way or the other, extracting the dollars, like getting my money back. Yeah, it’s not, that’s not possible.

Unknown Speaker 30:24
It’s not possible to have to do some work, just stay in the middle somewhere else. To Daniel’s Point, I think she does make a good point. This is where I love it, and I would approve it myself personally. But I do hear what she’s saying. Yeah. And we used it. I mean, that’s the disappointment about this whole project. Urals, not very, it’s kind of it’s like Easter egg. A nice rehab, it would be really difficult.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
So I see

Unknown Speaker 31:11
if the commission here agrees that there’s not emotions to be made on this new table it and you can be direction on which way to go, probably multiple goals, to continue to investigate what the easement agreement will look like. So I don’t lose traction here. But also to figure out the square footage. And this is so that we understand how far those dollars could go for a mural. And then

Unknown Speaker 31:49
also thinking out loud.

Unknown Speaker 31:53
to you about, I also heard Daniels saying about, like spending $1,000 a year on

Unknown Speaker 32:00
an app. We don’t know how much it would cost. That’s not good. But also investigating what that would, that would be motions to have to contain that right. So it sounds like you need to use

Unknown Speaker 32:16
a little more information, in my opinion in that like, also to kind of level but personally, I feel that like I can I can see like if this was where we ended up going with ESPYS. totally great. And even with I guess it’s me, I think even allowing him to pay for a year would be great. But it like us letting that happen. Go so naturally, but I don’t think that should be necessarily on us to guarantee that we’re going to come to that. Yeah, so I feel like looking into that map to would be a little bit, give us a little bit of an understanding of like, if we don’t, you don’t use it for five years, we’re able to bring that like images back, you know,

Unknown Speaker 32:54
well, and also if we ever got more murals, and we wanted to animate and do more AR in the future is this company that we want to have service agreements with, that’s really good, too. Okay, so my directives then are to figure out the square footage of this so I can at least have that I need to understand the exact dollar amount that we’re talking about. I also need to continue on the easement agreement and work continue to work with the city attorney’s office to see what amending the contract is still going to look like anyway. And I need to understand the cost for the AR application. And we need to look into the selection panel but frankly, as a commission need to be looking around to see the city doesn’t own a lot to lose.

Unknown Speaker 33:56
So one thing about the app I was gonna say is, you know, is a subscription for just for this sort of the city the city has about a seat and a certain number of people to sounds like it’s Yeah, so my view is what does that mean? is it used for

Unknown Speaker 34:12
where I think I think so because he will be able to answer a lot of that because he did all that work with Fiddler’s Green and all of those are animated bowls

Unknown Speaker 34:24
so far are they popular with the animation like is it something that

Unknown Speaker 34:28
everybody will send that to you all as well? Because I was mistaken for

Unknown Speaker 34:33
fashion but I tried to have another apparel as

Unknown Speaker 34:38
well so then he’s done it before that means you research is research that animation companies that’s what I will pick because you seem pretty girl.

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Well, needless to say this is gonna have it wasn’t going to happen quickly anyway, so we’ll just go Look at this as phase two, do we want them to dedicate the scope wall

Unknown Speaker 35:05
without the second phase?

Unknown Speaker 35:09
Without it, so we need to dedicate it to another

Unknown Speaker 35:13
approval Mark breaking that we got the approval for going down below where we know I have to

Unknown Speaker 35:22
go back to the city for number that we’d have to amend that easement anyway.

Unknown Speaker 35:31
I love them your order, and I just yeah, the saddest thing is that I wish it were more visible.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
So why don’t I also challenge everybody to go over me now and next month, please go and visit. I can also ask. I can also ask Warren, if she had she was really crowded housing authority if she has any bring that screen traffic data of how many people go through that breezeway because maybe our thought of how many people use that versus how many people actually do and also on Kaufman Street and Chiquita I’m gonna look at you real quick. That’s Apple transportation. They’re ripping the heck out of all of that and that’s going to be major bus and pedestrian and bike thoroughfare come there turn that up next year right i mean it is that’s not a that’s not if it happens that’s a point where when it happens Hoffman Street from like second all the way to Roosevelt is gonna be calm, a massive plus pedestrian and bike massive bike lanes, they’re taking out all of the diagonal parking because that’s one of the reasons that this parking garage and structure was approved in the first place. Because all of that they knew all that parking was coming out all along through Hoffman, from like seven second all the way up to like Roosevelt. It’s turning into NASA, Bob Fosse and biplanes. So all along Kaufman there, there’s going to be transportation, madness. So, anyway, but my point is, I guarantee that somebody either the traffic people here in the city for Lauren herself, will have some quantification of what was happening to how much traffic potentially this breezeway it receives currently and it will be receiving once that

Unknown Speaker 37:49
this is strictly

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Okay, so, so if you when you come when you come down the stairs like this is, so the breezeway in Los Arcos is across here, the distillery is on the left, you walk down here, that’s all the bike things. Then there’s the bike lockers, and you continue to walk here and it goes up to Kaufman. And if you’re a car who wants to park in this garage, you come in and you turn right in, you turn left, left into here, and then that takes you up to the parking garage. And then if you’re walking here, the offices for Boulder County Housing Authority are on the left. So this is basically a pedestrian thoroughfare between Kaufman and Main Street through that breezeway

Unknown Speaker 38:47
and other places are

Unknown Speaker 38:50
so that’s right. Yeah, those are Kosis right there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:55
Oh, okay. Cool. So I think I have my marching orders. If anybody thinks of anything, let me know, I’ll probably send email updates kind of as a blanket. Especially if we get a thumbs down like no, that’s not gonna happen, or Yes, but you know, I’ll send you that. So her direction changes significantly. And then yeah, if you haven’t visited,

Unknown Speaker 39:19
yeah, that was one comment. I think this

Unknown Speaker 39:23
project has been to Ciara. And the reason I say that is because we really don’t know what we’re at. And it could be a whole different story. So I think a year or years half of this stuff is going to tell different, it’s going to be quite different. I mean, I understand that the best place to secede from spoke to

Unknown Speaker 39:46
roost which is close to where, however,

Unknown Speaker 39:49
the fishbone leaves is going to be different separate. And I think we need to observe this through some procedures and

Unknown Speaker 39:58
see the best place if you have this Coming up, the best place to see it is walking. And if you go visit it, the best place to see it is for one year walking in the alley. And I don’t remember what that theater is these people. Yes, the Trojan. They’re getting a grant to redo all their old neon, and they’re trying to reactivate their like back injury. And they’re working with the distillery. So this alley is kind of like getting hit on. Right, right. So it does beg the question, then if Boulder County Housing Authority can give us a quantification of pedestrian traffic that they are expecting over the next couple of years, it could be at least a little bit of a crystal ball into you know, if this is if suddenly these lockers and these bike racks are totally full. Like that changes this a lot. Right? Is there

Unknown Speaker 41:04
a lot of traffic there though? Like, where is that wall and just like finish match there?

Unknown Speaker 41:15
You will have a well put the protective sealant on. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 41:19
I think like certain wraps are set back. And I think that nobody was just leaving their life up against the wall.

Unknown Speaker 41:31
Yeah, little girls that are not twin peaks that are whatever the Evolve is called. It is called correcting. Yeah, right. So cool. If the building will allow us to just like what on that outside of squatting like that on the outside wall. So that says like, hempseed hero or something like

Unknown Speaker 41:55
we talked about these men agreements, but again, I can’t stress how hard how. Like, again, it seems like a simple thing of the city and the county, shake the hand and everything’s cool. Like, that’s not

Unknown Speaker 42:12
to say, we go to look at this in the next month. If you’re standing in the alley, or I’m walking by I think you can see that well. And if it was full of bright colors, I think your eye will be attracted. I’m just going to look at it. Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s going to be I don’t think it’s completely invalid. I think that there’s I think usable from Yeah, we need the whole thing maybe but you’re able to see part of it and say well, what’s that?

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Would it be something that we could add to the bike? Bike map? Yes, at the pedestrian and bike way. Yes. 100%. So this this bike map needs to be re done. Right is on is definitely something we need to work on. And not make it just been. So when you’re right here, but like, where am I? So anyway, this is happening. In fact, the bike the bike, folks in our public places, it’s going to be in our public places, centric, and the bikes

Unknown Speaker 43:21
will have their own center.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
I also suspect that unless they’re stopping an apartment and they are going to be stopping, people are gonna get off. Oh, yeah, I want to go to Main Street. This is going to become very busy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
Okay, I’ll also find out where the buck stops on our I’m sorry, we spent way too much time on tickets. I mean, we’re talking about a fairly significant portion of this budget and again, I commend the artists for actually having this because what’s the easiest thing the easiest thing to do is pull the trigger bought by your product that you promised install it and be done with it. So I mean,

Unknown Speaker 44:00
I didn’t end up going to show you where he definitely had that loan online. I kind of

Unknown Speaker 44:06
forgot to tell you I’m so sorry. I will send you exactly what he said. He chose roses because the world as well

Unknown Speaker 44:14
because he’s figured that ever forever my head like 100% he

Unknown Speaker 44:18
went and he was once everyday on his lunch because I guess it’s his grandma’s years. Anyway, so that’s where he was on lunch. So that’s why

Unknown Speaker 44:28
I love that.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
Very thoughtful.

Unknown Speaker 44:35
Maybe you’re familiar with Brian now on all the year olds there? Yeah. There’s, it’s, it’s become a go to place Blue River North art district in Denver, because it is full of murals. If you can get online and find a map that has the model number two a good day New Year’s Eve has become a real destination. I was able to give this animated the iPad or something like that, and it was, you know, always to come see it? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
Well, it’s also to remind you, once we get through our city council, our charter changes. And once we’re available, we have that availability to start doing that public, public private, our natural program with grants for private businesses, then we have a greater opportunity to help fund murals all over the city with building owners, right. And so I think that there’s, you know, we budgeted for that for 2023 with an anticipation that we’re going to be able to execute that. So we’re our number of neurons, but also communities telling their own voices and our own stories of what’s happening in their own neighborhood with businesses and buildings. That is intrinsic to that area. is going to be so we have

Unknown Speaker 46:20
so you have to work orders. Do you need anything?

Unknown Speaker 46:23
No, I don’t think so. But just we are sitting in and we’ve known as the strong desire to make.

Unknown Speaker 46:33
Okay, moving on to number nine shocker update. Right?

Unknown Speaker 46:38
It may, I’ll tell you what, I know. I hereby Watson in my house, like holes is fine, but not started

Unknown Speaker 46:52
to buy the same brain bacteria are both they’re both prime. The ones painted with the euro. And it looks finished. And she’s done that she came to Rome.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
No, it probably should pick the

Unknown Speaker 47:09
one we’re the we’re the the West Coast one. i Oh, yeah. Yes. What we’re gonna do next year at price. I wasn’t sure because there were

Unknown Speaker 47:19
lots of trees.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Yeah. Yeah. That wasn’t that was anyway. Yeah, that’s it. Just

Unknown Speaker 47:28
see. If you didn’t see the one on the front page. of let’s call on Monday.

Unknown Speaker 47:46
thing that I drove past last night when it was late. Yeah, Julie’s open, and it looked payment. But it it’s named Blue. And it was dark. It was a night. So but I was looking for the for the private box. And then I just thought sort of a little chicken as a

Unknown Speaker 48:05
as a shopkart. Committee, I’ll be sending you the people who have said that they’re done and ready for for sealing, which is great. I think that it’s the majority. I think there’s there’s just that one proposal. And then Julie and the communications department have started doing their videos. I can send you so the communications department decided to go the methodology of rather than kind of what I was thinking with was YouTube with chapters of like, what to do what not to do what to expect, like they’re going hipper, cooler and like, making them fast. Two minute talkies,

Unknown Speaker 48:54
sort of stress, content,

Unknown Speaker 48:57
whatever it’s called. So I gave him a list of you have to cover these things. And you have to address this stuff. And then Julie, we’re going to pay for your materials and you’re going to do your work. And you’re gonna give me videos. You see?

Unknown Speaker 49:18
Well, maybe they do. I know nothing about this. I know nothing.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
I just don’t I just can’t

Unknown Speaker 49:30
just give us one big one with all the shortlist together.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Melanie and look at you because I know you post a lot of content. And I think it will be great because then the idea from the communications department was every year as Shaka comes up and it’s going to start happening again. We’ll promote our program by throwing these little shop our you know, teasers out there. So then I also went back to the content and I said, Okay, take away what the stipend is. We just say a stipend. So as that changes over what, over time, like at least it doesn’t date itself, you know, those kinds of things. So yeah, thank you really.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
So number 10, Nathan Alpine, which we’ve been working on,

Unknown Speaker 50:19
sorry, everybody’s already on. So somebody called COVID. And called the artist and he was very sweet. But he said that he, you know, didn’t feel comfortable moving forward. So we’re on for the third, third sixth of November. Mostly people who initially had signed up, I’d say half, have really signed up and stuck with their same shifts. So if you would like to, rather than my creating yet another volunteer signage business, just sign up for a painting shift. And when you come to your painting shift you’re going to get into, and it’s going to be whatever you need, which may be checking people. And so maybe as a good rule of thumb, sign up for painting shift and come 15 minutes early, so you can get your job. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:23

Unknown Speaker 51:25
November 6. It’s Oh, yeah. Thursday, Thursday into Sunday. you reserve the right to for some reason, we get it done to cancel it. I was like, fine. If the weather was significantly south in the next week and a half, which I don’t think it will, you could have occasion issues, but because he was so bloody warm. I mean, for that ground for that to get that cold. I just don’t see it. I think we’re I think we’re fine.

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Yeah, so I’m working on the election. So I can

Unknown Speaker 52:02
just come by and see us. Thank you for your service. Sorry. I am sorry, but I can tell you I just don’t get goes. Oh, yes. Sorry. And then the artist having a longer conversation about the second side. He has spoken to a local artist who we all love and admire about conceiving of the other side. But I think we’re going to do some sort of outreach component from the people who come to participate at ninth and Alpina on specifically on the fourth doing one of those dot matrix kind of same thing. What is it that you want to see on this? Do you want to see a workout What do you want? What do you community want to see on the other side of this wall and get some of the feedback that way? So he’s gonna really help facilitate their conversation so I think that’s what

Unknown Speaker 53:05
yeah, okay, we had a pretty we had a pretty

Unknown Speaker 53:09
I don’t want to use this thing are you Oh Are there any other questions online

Unknown Speaker 53:20
now my spring extension proposals have

Unknown Speaker 53:32
been I’m just working on the contract. I’m just going under not amending it I’m making a new contract

Unknown Speaker 53:43
Alright, so moving on. Yeah. Other people do a quote from engineering center of $46,000 for the removal and rebuilding of the of the art piece we’re still moving it over put it back up. But they’re putting together a report with the structural and material recommendations. Okay, that’s sorry, forget that.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Yeah, well, Anderson, who who’s a sticker? Or a person or you have stickers? Yes. Okay. Can we back the ones that are not so ready to stand up and stretch?

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Yeah, but I just see people from earliest part of the our notes there good. Okay, okay, so I’m gonna say Now hold on just a minute because if I don’t my brain is so low Okay, so if your sticker raise your hands I can see you’re done. No I have your stickers. Sticker done oh no

Unknown Speaker 55:31

Unknown Speaker 55:33
so Stephanie yeah please bring the ones that have stickers yeah over here yeah okay yeah these are stickers hands Why do you guys even didn’t realize yes see this is what happens when she blocks when she still needs

Unknown Speaker 56:13
it de post

Unknown Speaker 56:21
these are all those are done also these are all of our shows are all on sticker as white these yeah these two needs candy for your good job good job we already got that a sec to get

Unknown Speaker 56:52
lost so much later I really don’t know

Unknown Speaker 57:12
video course

Unknown Speaker 57:28
so let me put those in the box. Okay. All right. Where are we on? So? Did you take a timeout? Did you want to throw up what do you guys keep swiping away? Or? I don’t think I don’t think we have any more I don’t think we have any more super so like people just Legion. Susan I haven’t done anything yet. I haven’t done it yet. Well, I’ve been busy. Okay, we’ll get up and do some you didn’t do your red and greens? No. Okay. Do you have

Unknown Speaker 58:22
here today and what did you hear

Unknown Speaker 58:30
all right. Imagine Chiquita that are in public places were to have a tagline or a put your red one the one you love with your green one on on your life. Never possibility to be as strong on quotes. Okay. While you do that, so we are going to talk about next week. Okay. So gather enough people. The vendor who is a citywide contractor has come back and given us a scope of work for moving gathering of people. And it was very comprehensive. And upon the city engineer should review and parks review in their vast knowledge of these kinds of projects because just to say, I’ve installed a lot of artwork. I’ve done all that. I have never had to move something like this. Okay, I’ve never had to excavate Yeah. Do you want to cover with you? Yeah. pieces. Oh, Isaac Walton. The both of you said gather enough people. It’s a long Isaac Walton. The green the green line. Right at the Palm And if you’re headed west, and you’re riding your bike, right now, it’s just like raffles. Because when the flood happened, it took all of that out. And so the city remediated it like just putting gravel around, it also is going to likely that structure is going to be on your balance, just so you know, that would be the RSVP business that you’re going to be looking at in some stretch, or whoever is fortunate of that project was interesting. But needless to say, we’re Isaac Walton is that firm, that will lead me that dam, where the river flows were I’s involvement is, has to be fixed. And the Army Corps of Engineers is involved. And so years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers and parks department came and said, that piece of artwork is in a way of what it is we’re going to be doing. So you have two choices, you can leave it, and we will demo it and take it, take it out. For you can move it. So we’re investigating the cost for taking the piece, reclaiming and keeping as much of its guts and all of its bits and pieces as possible. We have selected over these years, a location that is sufficient on the other side of the pond. So on the north ish side, because along the causeway we have checked with electrical people. And that easement. So they have a certain amount of space that they won’t let us to city invade other people electrical wires. So space has been chosen. So now the next the next piece of all of this is figuring out what it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost. That’s that. So it’s in the present moment we got a bit back is $46,000, which was way less than I thought. But there are some printing, after sending it to the engineers in the city. And the Parks Department was very knowledgeable. There are some very serious and large scopes of work for this project have not been allocated Monsey money out. So their suggestion is we need to keep working in refining it. So it’s going to be at least 46,000 hours.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
What else needs to be done?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
I just need them to give me the answer. But oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
so there’s they’re just saying like, Oh, well, specifically

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
that this is the design, the cost to fix the landscaping around the concrete pouring wasn’t included, like all these the things that the parks department is like, oh, yeah, you know, you need this looseness like, anyway, so they gave me a list of things. But the good news is, again, that because this is a city wide award, we don’t have to fit this out like normal things, right? Where at a certain threshold of an expense, you have to bid it out and get a number of bids. You don’t have to do that here because these people have applied for doing these kinds of construction jobs. And they’ve been awarded this. So we just need to, they have to tell us exactly what they’re going to do exactly how much it’s going to cost. And then that’s where we look for what’s missing. Anyway, so we’re moving forward, though. That’s good, because the Army Corps of Engineers is finishing up their design, and they’re going to bid the beginning of next year. So basically, we have to have this done or at least ticket out but we want before they go in and start to dabble Does that make sense? It’s pretty scary. But it’s we’re moving forward. This is the silver lining. You don’t have to juggle No, no, no. I so the other thing about other thing that’s interesting about gather enough people is I think that in the middle of it you kind of need it stopped working before it stopped working before the Florida at some point, some point that control yes, that’s electrical. So there you go. So that’s Isaac Walton.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
The theory is when you get enough people on the platform, it’s like a trucks can you get enough people to set a platform now? The mobile opens up into the motor club.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
It’s a worm is connected Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
I saw once they say that can be a 10. week yeah. Oh, that’s okay. Moving on to Union silos. Silos. Think about it. So the structural engineers have gone out there to look at these to see what, what we need to work on structure. Angela asked Him about everything we’ve discussed about what they need to cover them with, can we use stucco? Can we do this? Can we do that? You know, and so they are putting together a report with recommendations.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
It’s not vital. So I struggle. They also looked at the ground around them to make sure that we can take equipment. So the person left basically, I asked about all of the alternative materials, I also asked about sealing for the rebar, if that makes most sense. They agreed that cladding is probably a good idea. But I’m like, okay, clotting with blood now.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
Anyway, so cladding might be like startup coding

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
songs, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
have a canvas something.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
So when the recommendations come in, I appreciate that Angela would start working on the cost for all those things. Yeah. So that we can get a list and see, because the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
last time I looked at 1900 75 square foot mural, like we were looking at the 75 80,000 each. And that was, let’s face it, look at how little inflation since then. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
I drove by, it was like, seven the silos are like, to kind of see exactly,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:28
you know, they’re they’re far enough apart that I think that you don’t notice when

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
you’re driving down. Yeah, that’s I thought they were going to be like all in the room. And I was surprised to see a request, or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
And if we can get pricing reading, they actually give Angela reporting, we can get pricing like next month, maybe we can get a call to artists out by January,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
that would be amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
But still, it’s a goal. Isn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
that I think it’s I think it’s totally realistic. But you need to know what you’re in for precise prep for. And then the other piece of it is if you decide to say take the first and we’ll Photoshop as you can take a look at what it looks like but like, say 10 feet, and just make that opinion of singular color. So when it gets tagged, we just don’t paint it that singular color and the mural impact is higher, higher. And then the price from us. All

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
I could imagine and I may be wrong. Yeah, we have three different artists.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
Well, you may

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
well, you’ll need to decide.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
They obviously need to correspond for being thematically consistent or somehow be similar. And nope, your hands. I was like, I got one of the departments here because I know you’re kind of over

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
13 emerge remediation.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
Take it away. You ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
Yeah. So merge is the post on top of the pillars. The bridge that goes over 287 points in this clip

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
but others you said your OCDs it makes us crazy a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
six not even I know

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
that is a GI hole. And that is not good. How did that work? I don’t know. But a citizen said this to me two days ago. So I don’t know. Rock,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
rock, rock or something. love

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
dogs. So this is what I asked you please chocolate because I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But this is bad. I don’t know. So the contract from the artist is at the city attorney’s office right now, he is reviewing the section that talks about alteration, which basically goes back to at what point are we obligated to, we basically have to tell them, we have to change this because we have to fix it. Because if moisture gets in there and starts that freeze thaw cycle, we’re in real bad shape. So we need to do something about this right away. That’s to be honest, for no, no, no. No, I don’t know. So I’m gonna call him a conservator. But I, I’m pretty sure the way I read the contract doesn’t the student is that the contract reads that we have to let the artist know that we’re making an alteration. The good news is this isn’t a public hazard. I mean, that’s, that’s a good thing. But it’s a serious art hazard. So then the artists could come back and say, Well, I want to fix it. And then he can bid out and tell us what his costs would be. But that’s a state highway, which means that that means see documents. This isn’t very expensive. So luckily, you budget every year and a maintenance fund. And you know, we are prepared to take care of this, because that’s what happens with our collections. So I think what would be in our best interest is if we can approve at least some amount of funds tonight to at least get the conservator going and taking a look at it for the stock app, that would be ideal to have a $20,000 budget for maintenance, we easily have five, no problem to take care of us. We also couldn’t cover funds from next year, get a conservator under contract and then cover next year. But it’s a pretty serious deal.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
So how much is the conservator how much she wants to put their servers? Because she wants

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
to improve? Absolutely. I think that if you could approve of at five. What do you mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:22
Yeah, I mean, mostly so.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23
So we have calls for news already that we would have spent? Yes. So I mean, if this project rolls into next year, we have to phase it and some of it comes out this year, and some of it comes out next year. That’s one procurement rules state that up to $4,999. I can just hire someone. So if somebody comes to me and says, I can put a tarp over this, and get it to the point where it will stop it from the freeze, thaw and at least stabilize it for less than $5,000. And I can just smell that and get it taken care of in a short amount of time. And then that at least gets us moving forward before we go into the winter.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
The City Maintenance Department, I don’t have some agency that returned it. I have to hire someone. Yes, this

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
isn’t this is not. So because it’s an art piece. Someone who has expertise in the fields, so we don’t make it worse.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
I would be very

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
conservative. More.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:30
You can create a microclimate.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
Yes. Not a good idea. So yeah, so I hope that we can $1,000 right now okay to stabilize it and apply as well to prepare it and come back with more information, check it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
If the 8000 is for one job, right, so stabilization, is one of my go to the conservator who we use who we have coming to see majors way this month. That’s what I’m going to call first. Okay, let’s say we have a seriously an ag when you’re here looking at Nature’s Way to come look at this. And just tell tell me, I mean, they’re gonna have to get a ladder and they’re gonna have to climb up. They’re kind of I mean, anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
So you’re gonna have

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
to fly. Now it’s up to 5000. If they say that they could do a stabilization for the wintertime to get stable so it doesn’t crack or worse for the winter, and then we figure out a permanent solution. You know, that’s a wrap up. But at $8,000 I’ll have to get multiple bids. But that’s you don’t have to worry about things. But I think we need to stabilize this as soon as possible. What’s

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
When should we just do podcast Okay, so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
it’s gonna pop in, it’s gonna cost, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
So you’re gonna come back anyway, next month until this is gonna be $20,000

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11
or whatever. But if you if you make a motion to approve up to 8000 tonight, and I go out and find a conservator tomorrow, who will stabilize it for less than $5,000, I would like your approval to just do it. Then

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
make the motion. So

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
I’ll second the motion to advocate dollars to hire conservatives, conservatorship

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
and state laws and stakeholders. All in favor? Aye. Opposed?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
You know, I will I will try and get as easy as possible. I can tell you. So I already did like move traffic. Just out of curiosity, what is that materials? I thought this was a holiday poll for years. I thought it looks like it was stuck. Yes. Yeah, I think I can see that. Otherwise, waste so much. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:31
Don’t know, but I can I can find out. No worries. Well, here’s the other thing, which is really, I think that I think this is fascinating. But it’s because I’m a total nerd is. So because of the visual Rights Act, we and our contracts, we have to let the artists know that we are going to what’s called voltar this piece, the artist might come back. And depending upon what the contract language is, he might want to bid out even if it’s less than $5,000, to do the work himself, because the fix might alter the look and feel his in intention. So the city attorney is in fact, even if I get a conservator to stabilize it, I have to let the artist know that we’re going to stabilize it that it won’t change the intention of the piece, but it’s only going to keep it sound for now. And then we have to go through the whole fixing it because it’s missing a bunch of pieces now. So it’s it’s fascinating, lazy. It’s crazy. Yeah. Wait, it’s terrible. It’s gonna cost a lot of money.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
Yeah, I said yes. Can we have the conservator look at the other pieces? Because if that’s happening to that,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
yeah, yeah. It’s a good one. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:55
Yeah. Yeah. Similar to that, I was gonna say what is the the artist may look at it and say, Wow, I learned something from Yeah, you know, like, from when I did this, and now it should be a process. Yeah, but we should make explore that for the entire so we’ll we’ll have to do it. Next year is going on?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:19
Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Yeah, the artists may have say, I have improved my process since I did this one. And now I’m using this product and it’s amazing and edited and all of that is going to be taken into consideration. We’re not just going to jump the gun and like just do something just because what the conservator is the one who’s going to know that situation to get into it doesn’t mean worse. And at this point in time, like we are we are in our triage. Like why anyway? Yes, for sure. Multi term standout. Okay, but that was my only so all of our items. Okay. How are we doing on time? Oh, we’re doing good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
New business. Okay, the artwork label project. Iris was supposed to give us more than she didn’t show me here for me. We have surveyed 134 components in our collection. Some things are like Roseville Park, Matilda geographics one thing but there are like seven things around so that it is seven. But yeah, 42 of them have no labels at all, for whatever reason being removed or never have been done or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:45
So I’m gonna I’m gonna jump in real quick and say, this is a really big deal. She’s being modest. She and Iris have been a team working on this. All year long. They have audited you Her entire collection, they have gone and seen every single piece, they have grabbed GPS locations, for every single one, they’ve taken pictures. This is She’s being very modest, this is a really big deal. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
So one of the things that has come up is that we have two pieces of artwork that have been dig session and the science are still there. We would like to we can I make a motion. I’d like to make a motion, that we remove the deaccessioned fly flats from the two artworks and have facilities remediate the Civic Center, one of them is the colorful pages, and the clap is given a boardwalk. So it needs to be taken out in the court needs to be replaced. And have facilities remediate the city center and rough and ready if necessary, at our expense to be no more than $2,000. Rough and Ready had a fountain removed from upon, because it was a hazard. But if the sign is on a big rock, and the only way that would be damaged is if they had to take a big Caterpillar there or something or do something. But mostly it’s just to replace the brick in the city center. So we want to do that in our expense no more than $2,000

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
Would it be possible for your every face in the brain to actually do like a, like a stucco on that period with that roof? Isn’t that good?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
I think that would be up to the facilities manager that this the civic center, they like want it all to look the same as the rest of it, they might just want to have the grip, just you know, you get a little half price.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:54
It’s inside this inside. And I think it might be applied to the bribe. And they might have to like crowbar it off, or I don’t I don’t know what it’s going to take to get this

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
but it really it shouldn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:22:16
fly something on top of that. That would be an interest like

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
it’s, it’s run. So it’s pretty black. It’s like this. Yeah, I mean, it’s not the white first and cultural data is about this big roof and right in the park. It’s probably like our bodies

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
and our postman guy, for example. You could say that clack tiles on it or something might actually be less expensive.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:44
Really expensive. So we want to allocate 2000, Justin,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
I have no so the plaque, the plaque that’s in the park is on a roll. I don’t know park system, I say we can tear it off of the program. I don’t know if they’re gonna say, Oh, we won’t have that out of here. We’re gonna have to bring in a little caterpillar thing and pick up the rock and take it away. I don’t know if they’re gonna say in the civic center. You know, that’s easy to do. Or that’s fun to like, I don’t know, but there’s no artwork there. So it’s referencing nothing. And it needs to go away. So I can come i can i But I absolutely can go to facilities and parks have the price of that. Tell me how much it’s gonna cost great back to you. You can approve it. And then we can get it done. Or we can approve a certain amount of dollars. I’ll go to them and tell me how much because they do the work. And I’ll come back and tell you how much either we’re excited

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
to your motion. All in favor, aye. Aye. Opposed? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
And rough and dirty Park has a lake that if you want to do in a piece more work than most

Unknown Speaker 1:24:02
definitely you do have a will be look out what artists are doing now after we’ve surveyed everything is we’re going to teach you change the car class a little bit. And we’re going to make a little like bike tour walking toward moving downtown, maybe to start maybe the Greenway we’re not pictured yet. And do a few do like 1012 signs for artwork as samples for the love so we can get some feedback to see how people are going so that people will notice is there going to be an English and in Spanish QR codes that go to an audio file in English and Spanish

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
and all of us will come to you before

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
the veterans are still working. Oh my god. Okay. So, Nathan sign up.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
All right. This, okay, up on the right hand corner near the table is a number. That’s your number. Here is your math. All right, pick six, or five, or 10, whichever works, you want to look at and be used to do this online sign up. And guess what happened? Everybody wouldn’t emailing. They didn’t know what they signed up for. And they couldn’t remember. Do you have a Mac? You have a list? You’re gonna write to me? You’re gonna tell me there’s holes in them? You’re gonna tell me that blue? Here is a bird who flew all over? And then we need to powerwash it? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
I did. I said, they have to alternate that.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:57
Taking, taking pictures of everything. We just use those pictures.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
They’re not. They’re not pictures of damaged and things that were obviously damaged. I said to Angela, but they’re not pictures of like leaning stuff their pictures far away.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:17
Okay, so suddenly, this is your Go ahead. Sorry, boy, the merrier. More or merrier. The more eyes the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
better. The more photos the better.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
The more

Unknown Speaker 1:26:29
information you put the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:30
objects files,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:33
have a snapshot of the condition

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
of the artwork.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:36
Now, the best so and then in six months, and then three months from the end is over and over, you are ready to do this. As long as you are on this revision.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:47
I went to Samsung

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
park and I couldn’t figure out

Unknown Speaker 1:26:51
where I listen to this man. And I went up on the top of the hill and I really walked out. I was looking, there’s a whole bunch of artwork in sandstone Park. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
and I don’t even it’s in the visitor center.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:09
I see this, I edited this. So those two dimensional paintings are not included here. A couple of things that we know, are in bad shape are not things that are already getting looked at are not here. These are the things that we need eyes on. And I think six months is probably you get tired of looking at something. So like choose a quadrant of town? Don’t they don’t do that this time? No, these are alphabetical. And I don’t know why I didn’t put them in my packet over because that would have made your life a lot easier. But so we’re going to go around.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58

Unknown Speaker 1:28:00
I would like to take this home and bring it back. Okay, we don’t want to do it now. All right, but the online signs and novel. So we have to let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11

Unknown Speaker 1:28:13
everyone has to sign on for a while, because this is what we’re going to do. Once everybody has picked six to 10, I’m gonna go through and you’re number one, you’re up. And for people who are new, you’re at the top of the list, because you’ve never noticed that before we use it first. So to get started and silver, what can be yours. And all the rest of you do choose it. Because everybody picks out one, we’d have to split this up. And we have to make it so we have eyes on everything. So we know where there’s portfolios. And so everybody sees it, because yes, if you have questions about whether that’s a good one, but then maybe next meeting, we’ll go through, we’ll do the signup, we’ll get make sure that everything is covered. And then we’ll also go through the online form again, because the online form makes it so easy for you. You don’t even have to think about it. Like is there an electrical wire sparking next to it in the pool of water? That is bad news. And then it rises to the top one, Eileen and I look at them as they come in. We can just flip a little switch in which ones are in bad shape and they will rise to the top right. So you might say and it’s completely subjective. This is art, but like pools of water next to the plants and things like that, like those are things we need to address something that’s chipping, you know, it’s older kind of looks that might not be at the top of our list depending upon what we’re looking

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
for. Yeah. Can you send that form tomorrow? Because I think it’s over the next visit my pieces and I’ll be back

Unknown Speaker 1:30:01
Okay, however you want to do it. But the reason that I gave you numbers at the top is because, again, like everybody signs up for the same thing. And then there’s a certain number of pieces that don’t really cover. So I’m gonna let two maybe three per piece. And then I’m cutting me off so you might choose something in you might not get right. So kick six to 10 Ideally, you’re responsible for six through the season. Okay. Right don’t forget this job you wanted somebody has said before, like, should I go to a different parts out? You know, if you’ve got a funeral? Makaton late all the time. Choose those ones.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:55
That’s, that’s what I’m looking to see the parents. Yeah, because but finding the golf course was really hard. For us way and I grew up around the suburbs. Trying to I could see it. I just couldn’t get into it. Yeah. And at the same

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
time, you want to find a replacement. Look at all these people that are around this area. Bring that back right

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
left hand Park was great. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
First of all, I was the sign of life trees in the middle of Berkeley. You

Unknown Speaker 1:31:35
a lot of really nice. So this will be fun. Don’t forget to bring this back.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:51
Good. How are we doing? 730 we’re calling we’re gonna see okay. So we have a friend from the community neighborhood resources equity team, who is very common in business us a training in November. The question for you is well to fool do we want to have augmented agenda that is only decisions, no updates, and then have the training or vice versa. Training. And then quick, fast meeting when we could you are kind of like friends giving holiday food thing at the same time since training is a good time to this is where all quiet or we can play the training. On another day when we all come back for we can push it to next year?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:48
How long is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:53
Really good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:55
Probably an hour. I mean, we have none of that stuff or is an equity. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
so we have an app if we do in one hour, and we have to revisit our Rose Spock’s meal, right? That’s already something on the agenda next month. Yeah. This is also on the agenda next month, right? Yes. I don’t know what else might be on here. But at least those two things are on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:26
Yep. And we’d have to cut to the chase or the union silos.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:30
Maybe those engineers get us to report. Yep. Yeah, I think we can do an hour together and then do an hour

Unknown Speaker 1:33:40
which may or may not

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
really tell the trainer’s you’re gonna know.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
I think that’s I think that that’s a very, I think that’s very clear.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:50
I mean, maybe they’ve seen a half hour now. I

Unknown Speaker 1:33:54
mean, you know, you made up a little

Unknown Speaker 1:34:00
bit of training as in like, making sure that you’re providing our cross community across all spots in the community, no matter how much money the neighborhood has, or this type of sort of aggravation.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:13
I think what I don’t want to miss be providing equitable access and understanding and making sure that we’re using an equity lens and everything we do, as people is a pillar of, frankly, sustainability as well. And I think that those are the person who’s going to talk to us, we’ll talk about both of them. But it’s something that we need to adopt into our process and learn how to be held to have a check and balance of making sure that we are using that equitable lens, everything. And so by giving us a training into how do we make sure that we are using that lens using it appropriately? And also adhering to what the city expects us to do as a governing body of the city? Okay, I see that right. You think it works? Yeah. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:23
Thank you for answering. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27
So back to our presentation. Yep. And you just don’t know. I mean, we can. Yeah. Alright. So you can stay some time maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:40
Equity Team, or whatever it is, you know, Daniel, and I met with them, bison, the knife and ally, you’re all in? I mean, these are very corporate people very devoted to making the fair and wonderful place that it is, and make sure that we all know what that means. I mean, it’s fabulous. I really do. Because I think we can all be more mindful. Yes. Also be more mindful. Some of these old non equity beliefs and habits have been very deeply agree that it’s very important to be mindful. Right, all of us. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:18
And I think at some point, they will, the intention was to have this training become a portion of the boards and commissions training, raise your hand if you have been to a boarding mission train,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:33
less than half.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:35
So to be fair, I think that even words of permission to because of COVID, like all of these are the expectations of what it means to be a boarding Commissioner. And your role as an ambassador, and frankly, as a civil servant, I think is loss of law. And so we just need to get back into

Unknown Speaker 1:36:55
those mindsets, right. Getting back to that idea, it would be really wonderful. If they weren’t willing to do that train, the boarding commission training, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
if we could record

Unknown Speaker 1:37:09
it, it is reported, oh, it’s been sent to you, but I can resent it can’t leave buckets. Peter, make sure that you have a copy. And you are who it is, it’s like to our phone. It’s much better in person. Did you Jean is so lovely. But some of that legal stuff. I would say that, but I will. I will re send the governance boarding admission training. And also on that note, there is one seat of course available on this commission and the application closes Monday and so I anticipate that there will be the new boarding commission training that would should accompany

Unknown Speaker 1:38:09
okay, we’re all agreed that we’re going to the meeting and the trainings next month that are awesome, they can remember D project assistant oh

Unknown Speaker 1:38:24
we are wanting are very few, very, very few programs that the position for three quarters on that fitted program assistant for our public places, has made it through first reading of the budget cycle. The second reading is on October 25. And is anticipated that the council and everyone is going to approve the budget as it’s written. So if that is the case, then I have my marching orders for setting up the job description, etc, etc, etc. January

Unknown Speaker 1:39:05
1 And second, your full semester.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:09
And it will probably be up for a month. So they can expect three quarters I met three quarters. And it has been benchmarked. So it’s made its way through HR, all of those kinds of things. primary roles is going to be all of the Morpho city, my favorite things everywhere for the city attorney’s office, marketing, coordination, stuff, all of the communication stuff, all those calendars we need to be on.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:43
Lots of

Unknown Speaker 1:39:44
especially distributed to use solar,

Unknown Speaker 1:39:47
a lot of this stuff so that I can focus on my role of outreach, development and expanding this program the way that we continue to talk about to work on Drive that, and then Eileen is going to continue to do the collections management portion over this person will be totally responsible for all of the products, and all that agenda, business, all of that. So anyway, yes, that would be really great.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:25
So to get right into the testicles, oh, we need to find people from

Unknown Speaker 1:40:29
iron we need we need

Unknown Speaker 1:40:30
we need to person hiring Task Force for spring, spring, let it do we need to set up a task force now. So the job duties and interview questions and etc. Can be prepared volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:45
I have to I have to hire people all the time. I’ve been interviewing for the last few months for bartenders. So I’m like so interviewed out right now. But I have to cover. So I Danielle.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:06
Thank you. So I’m really excited. And I think that it’s yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:11
Okay, and I’m going to, can I change the order of the agenda at this point? I just want to add that in, because you weren’t here to talk about the first council updates or any.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31
I have questions about RSVP. And I don’t know how many of you know, we can’t give a political opinion. But it’s been a little contentious about the ballot item and the back and forth of extending the hoever. What did they call it the over stretch or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:52
So it has parks or anybody giving you presentation on? On that stuff? You guys know, I’m talking about the sunset to sunset to what we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:42:04
talking about between

Unknown Speaker 1:42:06
it’s the next update is the next leg of funding are the resiliency resiliency, and everything. Pretty good thing, whatever

Unknown Speaker 1:42:19
it is, oh, like where’s the art journey? Oh, it’s over, further widening the river and all of that, all of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:25
So the reason I asked you, or that’s why I asked is just so you all know that if that ballot initiative does pass, then that means that the details of nature could potentially need to move. And finally, listening stone, we would move it in when the river is rerouted, then we’ll reinstall it back to the next to the river where it needs to be.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:57
I love those things for listening stuff over so

Unknown Speaker 1:43:00
cool. So I don’t know if they’ve talked about it at all. Counsel. No. It’s one of those things. Oh, is that? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:15
Okay, Commissioner comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:19
We listening and listening Hench Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23
yeah. Well, thank you for your service on council. I’m sure it’s exhausting right now. Are you exhausted? Are you ready? Again? No, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:34
no, no, no, no, there’s so much to learn so much. So much to do, there’s just so much to do. This year. I mean, I didn’t know this. But we had, I didn’t know that this wasn’t a thing. We had five executive sessions in a row. And, and so, you know, because of the budget and other issues like the non VA, you know, other things is going on, like you don’t know about. And so that’s for those of you who do not understand what an executive executive session is, is when Council get to come together. That’s why all of us get to sit together and actually go over an issue of policies because the last date or our ordinance or we can have three, only two councils can really come together at a time and talk about any policy issues is not really right, because it needs to be made public. Okay. So that’s why we have executive session so that we can discuss this and of course, always our city attorney is there with us when we have questions in the city manager. And so that was very tiring, you know, starting at five o’clock in the run into city council. median and seventh and last hour will be like 713. When you eat, yeah, that’s when they will order a smoothie and everything in there will be there. But um, so this time of year I’m learning because this is my first time is cost budget time is raging. And so you know, this is something that so when I first got on council, I put, I made a motion to decrease our our times on our meeting times to at least three times a month because the council was meeting every week in our our charter states that we only have to meet twice. So when you think that people don’t understand it, and I say that when I was quoted as this progresses and equity thing, because three of us work full time. And maybe don’t even think about the senior employees. No one can take a two week vacation. Think about that. Because we are a council and three weeks. And, you know, that’s not only really retired people. Yeah. You know, and so people are leaving out the emails and the calls. Are you signed up? But no one is making me on them. Yeah. Because hopefully everybody’s like, Oh, we want more numbers cancel. Well, if you want young people guess what they may have to use again. Every week, so. So yeah, it is tiring. You know, it’s a lot. And then you have to, you know, do your research before you vote against the decision. If you don’t understand it. You get a 13 page packet on Friday. You got to know all this stuff. On Tuesday. You don’t have to leave. Yeah. Well, if you didn’t did it, there’s an event on the weekend. It just happened yet. Yeah, but I’m saying so I was so so

Unknown Speaker 1:47:09
thankful. I can’t thank you enough because I do I watched the the council, often

Unknown Speaker 1:47:15
from home, but overall

Unknown Speaker 1:47:20
it’s so much work.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:21
Thank you for being here presenting grateful we are so much

Unknown Speaker 1:47:25
I’m so glad that you’re bringing this forward. And Israel growing pains of it’s a growing city like ours, you know, we have changes that we’ve made, we have, you know, more improvements, we have stress on the infrastructure, we have everything, and that it doesn’t require proxy contention. So I mean, it’s just yeah, but I’m with you. It’s like, how are we ever gonna have younger, more diverse leadership?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:50
Well, maybe there’s a way to get people in tall but not have them be city council members, where they’re like on a particular task force or something agnostic permission, but a lot of Task Force for a topic. So it just kind of just

Unknown Speaker 1:48:10
was awesome. Four years, three years. So I came in late, and I was doing everything so quick. They were okay, but what did we do? Wrong? Yeah. We it is budgeted, and you’re happy to prove that we are going to have an internship program. And so this internship can be either high schools seniors or college students that will in his paid internship. If those is $1,000 in the No, we get up to five so so if any of those interns come from and I’ve been partnering with one range and medium income from current range on racial action, good on Great to meet you. So these interests will come in and first populate internship, they will go into the particular departments of the city. First was customer service because no kidding now, I’ve told them customer services of sucks because if you expect these people to serve our community, they have to be compassionate. They have to be understanding and patience. And so that’s number one. But then say for instance, that oh, I want to be an engineer. Guess what department they have a good time. So that’s halfway through and maybe a couple other departments, they haven’t teachers, and then they come into city then they come to city council, give us a report of that portion of the internship and then the other half of that internship they can sign with us

Unknown Speaker 1:49:52
was it now everything is in the budget? I’ve been working on it. I’ve been working on this because us, because of that very reason, how can we integrate young people into government? Yeah. Then again, people who are passionate about their community, and first they have to learn how the cities operate.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:13
Yeah, you know, mystery to a lot of people.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:30
Also, on that note, the elections is trying to get high school kids to be ambassadors for the election. And if you know if any high school kids now want to do that, they can just call the County Clerk reporter, and though they’ll get fired right away, because you’re looking for kids, and they’re looking for a lot of high school kids, as soon as they can get I mean to people, oh, yeah, they grew faster, they welcome people come in, find out how the election process works, see, see what we are doing and how we sign up people with what processes, they have to go through a training, that sort of short training, like a six hour training. And, and so yeah, it’s a great way for young kids to see how the election process actually works.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:23
So who’s managing the the internship, do we know who’s overseeing?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:31
Right, sent a note,

Unknown Speaker 1:51:32
I think, Sandy, our assistant and one of our assistant city managers, so she’s the one I went, went to about her program. I also was a want them to partner with the Community Foundation, and also with the chamber, so that those interns can also if they want to learn more about a nonprofit, and there’s an online community foundation that actually assists them with that as well. And then to talk more about business, they want to be an entrepreneur, they have the, the chamber as well, also, I’ve kind of gotten away. But Sandy is the one who was really born to voice she made sure I’m an intern to help the interns. Everyone is following us. And that is we have to start giving space to our young people to share their voices. And this is going to be their community. We need to support them, whether we agree with what they don’t want, it doesn’t matter. Let’s support them and guide them and teach them. I don’t understand what you’re talking from. But what will happen if this you know, what would you do if this happened? There may help them that they can be creative, like what do you have on the wall being creative,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57

Unknown Speaker 1:52:59
creative thinker, and to sell that’s, that’s what we want? That’s what that’s not on.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:08
Social anywhere from the start

Unknown Speaker 1:53:10
of next year? I’m not sure it’s gonna start in January, but I think the internship maybe over the summer. So you can’t really do that with great schools. Right? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:53:22
if it’s hooked to the budget cycle, we can’t, I mean, they can start doing prep work

Unknown Speaker 1:53:27
or whatever, but

Unknown Speaker 1:53:30
funded position, just like our position, like, they can’t start until

Unknown Speaker 1:53:34
she can do it and Innovation Center. Right. Yeah. You know, as they do all kinds of internships through that organization. So infrastructure they already have in place to go through innovations and be really helpful. Because all the high schools, right feed into the Innovation Center, and like my daughter’s doing an internship through them right now. And they can also train for, and she’s an officially an employee. So she had to go through getting her her doing for an audit and stuff. But, you know, getting getting the word out would be great to do it to the innovation center if you want high school students. Right. And then you have the school district to help I see some of that process because you do have the issue of under 18. I’m sure. They’ll,

Unknown Speaker 1:54:27
I’m sure they’ll do all the way five minutes left. If you think we find somebody who’s interested in structural engineering and wants to shut down the highway, send the time away. Well, you bet. One of these. So those are your love posts up there. Now your blue one is your heart and your yellow ones. Mr. Blue is one blue is number one, yellows. Number two, I’m going to add them up to points. And then you might get good That would be review.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:08
Before we go to this, if there are there any other Commissioner comments? No. Can I get a motion to adjourn?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:15
I have a motion to adjourn this meeting. Second, right. You so good

Unknown Speaker 1:55:24

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