Longmont Housing Authority – October 2022

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Longmont Housing Authority – October 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:01
I cannot see anyone.

Unknown Speaker 0:05
Let’s go on to number four organizational updates for a bylaws update.

Unknown Speaker 0:12
Okay, so I’ll go ahead and take this one. So these bylaws oh she’s She blocked out Eric is here

Unknown Speaker 0:40

Unknown Speaker 0:45

Unknown Speaker 0:49
that means you traffic I know well we took it seemed backwards but I went around knowing that that was there. Oh

Unknown Speaker 0:58
yeah he texted

Unknown Speaker 1:05
alright so Erica just so you know we started I started taking notes we’re just starting at four A so I’ll just say a couple of things so far. We’re gonna get

Unknown Speaker 1:16
straight away

Unknown Speaker 1:32
you’re good. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
So for the bylaws. So you may recall, we’ve been talking about the bylaws and the election basically every evening for quite a while getting everything squared away, but we really are there at this point. So the bylaws updates that you see you do two things, the section for removal of Commissioner and the new section,

Unknown Speaker 1:57
two vacancies.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
And the removal section above really this was prompted by councilmember Martin, who when we brought the last bylaws update that were really just changing your vital work from five to seven members. She said, What about this? So that’s this is the city attorney’s office wrote this up to make sure that everything with the commissioners terms was in lockstep with the council terms.

Unknown Speaker 2:25
And then I don’t have a question on the officer. So are they actually voting for the chairperson, Vice Chairperson, secretary or does it? You know, this, the mayor take over the chairperson, and the mayor takes over the chairperson the pro tem takes over the vice, and then the Secretary is Harold. So um,

Unknown Speaker 2:49
you know, I think they Yeah, let me know what it is. In the event the executive director slash Secretary role is vacant, then they can assign it.

Unknown Speaker 3:00
Oh, yeah, that’s the first sense says the executive director shall serve as so basically. Really? How that ends up showing up this is the mayor’s the board chairs signature on Oh, actually. The name of the city shall be the chair first. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 3:19

Unknown Speaker 3:21
That would make sense to have it there.

Unknown Speaker 3:26
Recommend that

Unknown Speaker 3:30
is one of the in there. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:34
So then there’s one other statement about the removal of the executive director in that section.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
I’m sorry about that. But I’m here.

Unknown Speaker 3:46

Unknown Speaker 3:48
so the meeting is we did

Unknown Speaker 3:52
we did get started that were applied. Jonah can find this meeting

Unknown Speaker 4:00
the other day

Unknown Speaker 4:11

Unknown Speaker 4:14
Okay, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 4:18
So I’m a little confused. Is this the board meeting or commissioners meeting? This is the event.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
Oh, well.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
We were set the agenda. And I don’t know why.

Unknown Speaker 4:35
Well, we have a board meeting tonight. Yeah. This is known as

Unknown Speaker 4:40

Unknown Speaker 4:42
we will double check that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 4:47

Unknown Speaker 4:49
Packet packet said that or the calendar invite

Unknown Speaker 4:54
the packet from

Unknown Speaker 4:58
it was from Erica

Unknown Speaker 5:00

Unknown Speaker 5:02
you know what? It’s all good. Okay, I’m gonna go get a coffee. Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 5:12
guess we do

Unknown Speaker 5:17
this after

Unknown Speaker 5:19

Unknown Speaker 5:26
we’ll work that out. Okay, so I’m continuing with the bylaws update, under Article Seven Advisory Board, this is where we did make some changes here in advance of the election at the clerk’s office recommendation just to make sure that so that we can carry it all the way through from bylaws to the application to evaluation, really what we’re looking for. So it just really we already made those changes, I just made sure that the election piece reflected that what were what kind of the,

Unknown Speaker 6:00
the expertise that’s being looked for. So that’s that this will go to the board tonight, actually, because we happen to be on an upward schedule this month.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
Those boards for your recommendation

Unknown Speaker 6:18
we pass a motion

Unknown Speaker 6:20
to our blessing

Unknown Speaker 6:26
for pensioners.

Unknown Speaker 6:41
To get us a clean copy, right. Yes. So the unless there’s changes,

Unknown Speaker 6:47
right, so the I don’t know if it’s attached in here, but I have a clean Yes, the clean copy this one up, get signature. That’s what I have

Unknown Speaker 6:59
to write and be LH a Advisory Board election update. So we are ready to open up the application period tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 7:10
The everything is the same as in terms of the schedule as the last time we spoke. So if we want to recap that we can if you have, it’s all in the meeting minutes, minutes as well. So the only change, however, is that

Unknown Speaker 7:24
the council appointment date is not gonna be December 13. It’ll be December 20. And that’s when they’re doing all the rest of them as well. Okay, so my only question for you all I know, Arlene, you provided some feedback to my question from a couple of weeks ago about is there anybody we should target, because we’re gonna make it public, but then we have certain people we want to see it, we can definitely share it. So if there’s anybody else that you’d recommend giving the clerk’s office a list today, we should maybe even reach out to camera and say, Hey, anybody is offered

Unknown Speaker 8:01
to participate in this. Or even, you know, some of the other law firms might be familiar with so we could get the legal representative,

Unknown Speaker 8:10
which I think is

Unknown Speaker 8:16
I just would like to see sort of a kind of a nice variety.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
How do we reach the

Unknown Speaker 8:29
minorities, the Hispanic, and that how do we reach them. So we have really good in our community and neighborhood Resources Division, we have really good contacts with cultural brokers that have really just great contacts in the community for ways to share that so we can utilize them. It’s Carmen Ramirez, this group, we could share this with her and ask her to send it around as well.

Unknown Speaker 8:56
And then we’re going to share it with oh, I should put this on Oh, I do have Emery on there. Every Jensen runs the Eco group. If you recall, the east county housing opportunity group, there are really affordable housing advocates. And she has made sure that her representation is is diverse as well, so we can share with her and encourage her to pass along to her connections as well. Okay, a couple things as long as it gets out, you know, then then the onus is on them as to whether or not they are going to do so. So yeah, I just that way we can’t somebody can’t say well, you forgot us or you didn’t read it again. And I think if we at least hold out. We’re okay. I’ll reach out to

Unknown Speaker 9:42
if you want I’m going to do I’m making an email list. So if you want to share that I can do that. So I wonder if the isn’t at the Front Range Community College, something like that would be interested as far as what kinds of things they could bring to the table that might

Unknown Speaker 9:58
benefit can there be too

Unknown Speaker 10:00
It used to be you know what kind of desk they bring as far as classes or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 10:06
I don’t know that we’ve opened it up to seven right seven people

Unknown Speaker 10:11

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Yeah, okay at all

Unknown Speaker 10:21
are you directly marketing you know sending direct information to these groups? Yes, I’m making an email list to go for a targeted distribution and then all of the public ones as well.

Unknown Speaker 10:42
Trying to think of

Unknown Speaker 10:47
a couple of specific

Unknown Speaker 10:50
but I don’t know we have a

Unknown Speaker 10:54

Unknown Speaker 10:57
This is

Unknown Speaker 11:00
some good contacts.

Unknown Speaker 11:03
Okay. I will also let you know I put on here, just this is just a distribution to either go for yourself or share. So I’ve included LHD see board members just so they can share with their contacts.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Cameron and Amory from echo, Jeff King is from First Bank. He has done some of the lending on the on the like Aspen meadows, for example, some of the development projects. And then we have a couple other lenders that we’ve on the city housing side and talking to about inclusionary housing lobby Jenkins and John Creighton. I need to get Gary Kinsey, he is a former city employee that has done he did that Kinsey apartments behind McDonald’s on 19th. Who did that kind of on on his own.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
Send it there. And then a couple other Scott McFadden’s and affordable developer here. And we have a real estate agent contact is given the city a lot of good data that we’ve used in some of our city housing, talking about targeted distribution for Advisory Board election. nomination.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
I’m sorry, for nomination. Correct? You said election?

Unknown Speaker 12:21
Yeah, okay, fine. Great.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
Actually, I have it on his election on the agenda as well.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
That doesn’t make any sense. Does it?

Unknown Speaker 12:38
long skinny table.

Unknown Speaker 12:41

Unknown Speaker 12:44
I was excited on the president.

Unknown Speaker 12:46

Unknown Speaker 12:51
Okay, so, Tom, if you don’t mind, if you have anybody’s email that you’d like me to include? I’ll just put this on the list. I’m gonna send this off. They want to do this all first thing tomorrow morning. So get this over to the office this afternoon. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 13:10

Unknown Speaker 13:12
Yeah, we the CWD basically is attached to those place. All right, yeah. Okay, it’s right there. So we’ve got contacts there as well, we can at least just reach out to him. But I thought I read something that’s not right. It’s not part of

Unknown Speaker 13:28
it’s adjacent. They’re aware of Allegiant.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
And so the last thing is,

Unknown Speaker 13:36
you all need to decide when you want to hold your

Unknown Speaker 13:40

Unknown Speaker 13:43
which needs to be the week of December 1,

Unknown Speaker 13:49
potentially, so you don’t have to flip through finding it.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
Senator for the first through the night.

Unknown Speaker 14:01
So you don’t have to decide today. But if you want to coordinate amongst yourselves with more than maybe as well, to set that up, we’ll just want to make sure we have that set by the time the

Unknown Speaker 14:14
application period ends, which is November

Unknown Speaker 14:19
on our minutes, which is on our schedule. So the fourth is a Sunday.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Oh, it’s November. No, yeah, December. The first is on Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 14:34
You hear the word

Unknown Speaker 14:36
working partner here time so you can call it

Unknown Speaker 14:42
some days. Okay, just Yeah, more email

Unknown Speaker 14:53

Unknown Speaker 14:56

Unknown Speaker 14:58
First of all, like

Unknown Speaker 15:00
The first tournament? Yeah, because November 30, is the application deadline?

Unknown Speaker 15:08
The information that you’re going to send out to

Unknown Speaker 15:13
that, you know, like we were talking to target, chamber and specifics. Could you can you block that up?

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Women can quickly contact people that I’ve heard are interested in. So, sir, and I can just give him this is what to do. Okay, I can do that. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Alright, so let’s go on to Item C 23. Board meeting schedule. So I just wanted to the the board is looking at setting their schedule. And I wanted to just give you a heads up that we’re going to be moving it from the first Tuesday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month. And that was partly because it ended up getting pretty challenging. We never had the reports ready on time that early in the month for the prior look back. And then that worked out well with with the board’s schedule. So that then means that that this meeting is held on the same day as the board meeting for all 2023 Except for the January meeting.

Unknown Speaker 16:25
Why don’t we do it like the week again? Yeah, that’s the second Tuesday, second Tuesday. So I was going to propose that you either think about that maybe now or if you want to wait till the first January meeting is set for the third Tuesday right now, which is not the same as the board. But you could decide with the new members if you wanted, or you could just have that set out so they understand what they’re getting into. Yeah, I would I would like to communicate that to her now. So what if they

Unknown Speaker 16:52
do get elected? Well, we are going to meet next year in the second year I grew up, okay to start with.

Unknown Speaker 17:00

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Maybe it would be good to have it on the second Tuesday because it’s right before Christmas. And we don’t have a board meeting in December. So that’s if you guys want to propose that that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
I’m going to do that.

Unknown Speaker 17:21

Unknown Speaker 17:25
So keep the November 15. One as is. Yeah. Move December or move to the second Tuesday starting December?

Unknown Speaker 17:34
I don’t know about that.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
Oh, well. For the November meeting. We’ll lay out a dates the calendar

Unknown Speaker 17:43

Unknown Speaker 17:47

Unknown Speaker 17:53
Let’s go on to number five development project updates.

Unknown Speaker 17:58
So just highlighting a couple things. For village place we syndication the residents are quite eager to see some see some things happen. We are still on the same schedule that we gave earlier in the year where we were going to be really doing design heavily in the first of 2024. So what we’re doing right now is we are speaking with an existing investor about how that exit will look. We’re meeting actually with attorneys, and accountants and consultant all this afternoon to talk about what option looks best. And then that’s really the first step because that will then plan out what we need to do going forward in terms of like, do we do the exit first and then work closing? What should that look like. But in the meantime, I am getting started on doing an RFP for architecture and design. So putting that together, and then getting that out so that we can hit the ground running with that the first of the year. So we’re going to start also right now,

Unknown Speaker 19:01
the residents survey process talking about what kind of things they’d like to see, as we put together that architecture contract. You didn’t? Yes. We wrote down everything that we should remember for villas place. So that we know more see, yeah. So the rest of the end of this year, we’ll be doing that architecture contracting process and working with the investors to figure out what our plan will be

Unknown Speaker 19:29
that exit. So then the actual project is going to start in 2024. Yes. So that. So that’s I’m sorry, I meant January 1 is when we start the design of 2023. We will close on the financing by the end of 2023 and then start construction. 2021 Yeah. All right. All right. I think it makes up those nerves before.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
We are working also with the city team during the conference street best way

Unknown Speaker 20:00
And we’re trying to make sure that our construction coordinates to make it as least the least amount of headache as possible. But also, we’re having some really good

Unknown Speaker 20:13
affinities because they’re going to be doing some of the storm drain work for us, it’s really needed for that parking lot. So it all ties together. And that is appropriately within their scope. And so that’s really great that we don’t have to

Unknown Speaker 20:27
design it’s an it’s an alley, that comes off of Wall Street. That is an alley that we own, that moves into the parking lot. So drainage is intermixed in that area. And so that’s why they’re trying to deal with that as well. So that will be cost savings on our side, back into their design, and they’re going to cover most of the underground pieces for that.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
For the overland right over here, take a little tour after the meeting. It’s just, you know, it’s just

Unknown Speaker 21:07
we are we had our first interview for development partners yesterday, we have one more this afternoon into tomorrow. So we’re

Unknown Speaker 21:17
in deep

Unknown Speaker 21:19
waiting through developer opportunities to see what makes sense. And then coming up with once we select them, then we’ll really start to say what does a good schedule look like? What are the funding sources? How should we arrange all of that to get the ARPA money sent that we want to spend, but also bringing in whatever else is needed?

Unknown Speaker 21:38
So that is that it’s multi family? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Yeah, it won’t be an H ER, so we’re not looking to make it age restricted. So it’ll be family oriented housing.

Unknown Speaker 21:51
I think the thing that’s coming into play now, most of the projects we’re going to look at because of interest rates, and just where the market is,

Unknown Speaker 22:01
and they talked about it yesterday is maximizing density and the number of units.

Unknown Speaker 22:06
Because you’re gonna need that to support

Unknown Speaker 22:09
the construction loan and perm loans and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
And honestly, I think in the recent education, the interest rates are probably going to control some tightening too,

Unknown Speaker 22:23
as we watch it, because, you know, just how much will we be able to get in this market? But that looks like we’re gonna have to pay pretty close attention to all of these things.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Schedule, like what makes sense to hurry up? And yeah, I mean, let it sit for a second. I’m not I’m not real disappointed that we didn’t, that we pushed it off, because we had been taught higher interest rates, if we would have done it on the original schedule, maybe pushing the closing later,

Unknown Speaker 22:55
you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:57
into recession yet the ARPA money spent lands, control and have a development partner, so we know what the plan should be going forward.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
And then,

Unknown Speaker 23:11
what’s your goal to have a decision made on that? sometime this month or next month? So yeah, Holly, yeah. Sweet. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Yeah. Because playing it by ear and see how closely it all comes, you know? Yeah. Spread look like. Yeah, I mean, if it’s close, we may pull the top two back in, and get more in depth with them on certain issues. So I think it just depends on obviously.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
Where are we on the naming?

Unknown Speaker 23:44
We still need to speak with Stuart.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
And I know, to be honest, but we have a plan, but we just haven’t been able to.

Unknown Speaker 23:56
But that is the plan is to go to them.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
So I wanted to touch base on that fmoS flooring.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
So the latest is the whenever this type of thing happens, the manufacturer will do whatever they can to not

Unknown Speaker 24:23
claim responsibility. And so we are meeting actively with palace and with the architect to figure out what the best plan is.

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Our preference is to go through an insurance claim. Because then we could get the whole thing redone. This is what insurance is there for. This is what it should be. What we’re talking to them is

Unknown Speaker 24:45
the architecture firm. You know, they’re they’re pretty concerned that this that it’s not that simple, and that it turns into a two year legal thing and

Unknown Speaker 24:59
she’s afraid that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
put her out of business because so we’re letting her come up with a proposal to fix it. Otherwise, where else we have to go with the insurance, we don’t have a source to just do that on our own horses are worse than they are. So we took Palisson and did a tour and showed that now even the areas that they did that test run on to see if they could reuse the flooring, but fix the issue. It’s not working. So this is it’s all in progress. And we’re meeting with them next week to talk about that, okay, what’s your proposal then, or else we have to go to insurance, and we will just pull the trigger and go ADSL.

Unknown Speaker 25:43
It’s in progress. It was

Unknown Speaker 25:45
unfortunate. So.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
And then the last thing I wanted to mention is where he started to get some very creative proposals for partnerships with big private developers are or existing affordable housing, are looking for the Lhh to partner with them for things like property management, or I just think they see a lot of opportunity. And also they might be struggling with I don’t know how to really struggling in some way with the rent changes or economics or something. But one specific interesting one is the

Unknown Speaker 26:27
there’s a mobile home park that is owner of that, sorry, resident owned, they did that a couple years ago. This that is like the the

Unknown Speaker 26:40
latest thing for mobile home parks is if you can get them to be resident on they can have control of their red structure and costs and it remains affordable. And so we did the city assistant, one part to become resident on a couple years ago.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
And that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 26:58
Now, since that was one of the first wave now we’re seeing the second step, what comes next? Well, now we don’t actually really have great capacity for maintenance and capital improvements and property management and all those things. So

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