Art in Public Places – September 2022

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Art in Public Places – September 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Alright hello everyone

Unknown Speaker 0:01
so to Randy is calling the art licensing meeting to order

Unknown Speaker 0:07
I think this might be your secretary

Unknown Speaker 0:09
don’t even need a paper agenda assume we need a voting so people have to say

Unknown Speaker 0:23
alright we will get

Unknown Speaker 0:25
go round robin because we do have a guest

Unknown Speaker 0:31
let’s do it first so president is the recovery sin Jennifer Teresa and you know

Unknown Speaker 0:54

Unknown Speaker 0:57
and guest co golden so missing is Stephanie Lara and Melanie

Unknown Speaker 1:16
and hammer shell now

Unknown Speaker 1:23
check out 13.4 for us

Unknown Speaker 1:33
and loneliness that makes some people our company mela jelly

Unknown Speaker 1:49
out at public invited through su

Unknown Speaker 1:56
would you like to introduce yourself and tell us what brings you to our health places today?

Unknown Speaker 2:02
Um, so tell us introduce yourself and let us know why you’re here. I’m Sue Walton. I’ve been involved with one sister cities ever since it started and halfway through the process of selecting the department and the storage for installation. I got onto that committee in South Bend meeting with citizen and Tangela mice’s to determine which art piece we’re going with and I think that that process is still ongoing right now. Yes, some marvelous things submitted and we got it down to two as you probably already know, there’s some difficulties because everything has to fit into this management at the park system and so nothing is my lifestyle perfect

Unknown Speaker 3:16
Well, we’re actually at three minutes to speak in minutes I don’t want

Unknown Speaker 3:25
to take up all your time it was like you have a large agenda.

Unknown Speaker 3:28
So you’re just here to

Unknown Speaker 3:30
listen and

Unknown Speaker 3:33
I’d like to see where the process goes from here because it really was not finalized racism

Unknown Speaker 3:42
luckily it’s on the agenda

Unknown Speaker 3:49
Yeah, like come on.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
How are you Melanie? Come on

Unknown Speaker 4:10
Okay, number four approving July 21 2022 minutes. So

Unknown Speaker 4:18
you want to be correction. Okay. This event is not

Unknown Speaker 4:22
over so are you serious? Got it. Yep. Everything else look pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 4:29
Oh, actually, it

Unknown Speaker 4:29
just looked down and saw something okay. Under spoke lessons. It’s Susan second. Not so sure we got

Unknown Speaker 4:42
Okay, all right. Any more

Unknown Speaker 4:43
proof or any more edits to

Unknown Speaker 4:47
write those are not accept a motion? Yes, we did.

Unknown Speaker 4:53
And so when I make a motion to accept whoever it is, we simply approve the minutes Skype or

Unknown Speaker 5:01
both? For both?

Unknown Speaker 5:03
We’ve only done July 22. Iris seconds. All in favor

Unknown Speaker 5:13
of this correction. Anyone post? Okay, motion passes. Thank you. Let’s talk about now approval of August meeting minutes. But first, are there any corrections

Unknown Speaker 5:28
for such projects? Thank you. I believe that these fields are named any TTIP.

Unknown Speaker 5:36
Any tsetse fly?

Unknown Speaker 5:39
Like dirt shock art? Yes. It was. It was a little unclear in these minutes what we determined that moving forward winners will be excluded from entering next year the motion was clear, but the if an artist wins in one year, on your off,

Unknown Speaker 6:00
okay, I need to clean up to clean up

Unknown Speaker 6:03
the verbiage and also the very last sentence on the first page legible is spelled L E, G, IV, E. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 6:16
you’re gonna lose your

Unknown Speaker 6:18
sorry, you’re fine. All right. Spell eligible correctly. Ironic.

Unknown Speaker 6:33
legible is the very bottom of the first day. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
Yes, great. All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker 6:43
anymore. Is it patients to 80 minutes. All right. Motion to accept. Change.

Unknown Speaker 6:58
Cool. Or do I move? The August 80 minutes when corrections

Unknown Speaker 7:03
you give me a second? Any seconds? All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 7:10
Aye. Anyone opposed? Motion passes. Thank you. Let’s talk about any petitions to the current agenda.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
I do have one please. We are going to add a new business item will be concrete on this has to be what 15 new business add item be concrete on fourth? Probably four.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
On four.

Unknown Speaker 7:42
That’s what firehouses right. Okay. Any more additions that’s the only additional

Unknown Speaker 7:53
number seven Council update.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Hey, thank you nice deal. That’s That was impressive. All right. You are

Unknown Speaker 8:21
just really great.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
We’re moving around. Oh, seven. I moved you all the way up. We had talked about this previously in your absence, too. Because you’re so busy all the time to move you to the beginning of the meetings so that you Oh, hopefully with your scheduled and you need to be more cognizant of your time.

Unknown Speaker 8:45
Yes. Hello, everyone. Let’s see. Well, there’s a lot going on. Still seal.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
I will say that the downtown Colorado. I think he

Unknown Speaker 9:08
had a lot of municipalities come together today. And we did a tour of what I wrote was older but they did a tour downtown like Pearl Street boulder in Longmont. And so our public places was represented. And everyone thought that you know, our Rieslings, our walkways, and everything was really cool. And the art and everything that we have, everyone loved it. So just want to let you know that we’ve appreciated the work from other municipalities across Colorado. We have people from all over so. So that happened today. So we did that little sort of thing. And people were just saying how she Mama is in downtown and so people that are kids to Longmont downtown. I’m gonna bring my family here. Nice.

Unknown Speaker 10:12

Unknown Speaker 10:16
that’s what happened today. What else you want to know anything you want to know for me that may not have the answer? And maybe lie a little bit, but

Unknown Speaker 10:25
I don’t comment. So thank you so much for the plug on the long monster that was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Oh, that I was like, Oh, can we are practicing something wrong? No, it was

Unknown Speaker 10:38
perfect. It was awesome. It was fantastic. So if you all don’t and have not seen our own Justin beach does seasonally. So I think twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. His own version of like, teachers would be Jimmy Carson. Funny. Sometimes he’s funny and sometimes relaxer himself. But it gives it gives it a good, good. Also, Shakira was on his last show, and I will send you the link. But his first I think impromptu question, right? Was hate. So our code, this is pretty sweet. And you’re the liaison to the city council liaison. Tell me about that. So aka totally off the cuff. Chiquita throws down. Hey, if you want to participate in your community, here’s some of the ways to do it just did a new mural and there’s room on the board and just like, nailed it, and it was fantastic. So

Unknown Speaker 11:37
this is the only one I’m the only one I mentioned. He actually asked me. What did I like? I think one of the things awards that I like being on. Yeah, I hadn’t been here. But doesn’t mean I’m not watching you.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
So I will send that link to everyone. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
Any other questions for me?

Unknown Speaker 12:07
Thank you for the work we do.

Unknown Speaker 12:11
Yeah. Thank you for supporting the our public places budget. We just coming around with budget season view. Although no.

Unknown Speaker 12:21
I will say the mayor wanted for me to plug in. I don’t know if I did it already. But under the walkway the bike in the walkways, like over and over when you go under? Yeah. She wants to see art.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Yeah. So yeah, he gets hit with graffiti a lot. So. So which we will get there in this agenda. But ninth and alpine has been has been a real a real trick for us. And so once we get that finished up and put the graffiti sealant on it and feel comfortable putting art that it can continue to be maintained and not getting completely ruined. That’s the next one. But until we know that we can keep it maintained. We could invest artwork in that space, but I think you’re dancing with that a little bit. But I know she is in rhythm on the rivers. Halfway. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 13:23
Yeah, okay. Yeah. Also, we visited the today visited Sugar Mill. So I got to go in there today. Tons of graffiti, full hazmat suit.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Captain was best.

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Because I came down from the mines and everything, but I didn’t touch anything. But I’m graffiti throughout the entire show. Inside Inside, not really that much outlets definitely inside, on all three floors. They say some of the floors has a pretty cool honor. So how now but that’s something you know, for the future to really be thinking about. That you’re ready, possibly that in a year, you’re ready to start cleaning up the show around, which will be between 10 to $30 million to be able to do. And that’s the city first have to annex that property because it’s county property. But those are the best things. I see stuff like that. I’m learning voc counseling. What are you talking about? Right, but the county owns a lot of property within the city of Milan. And so a lot of times people think that like you know x y we can’t make these decisions because we don’t own that land. And so, although we use our resources, our taxpayer money without police officers when people call the police when they see people out there. So it’s our officers that go out there. And so those are resources, right. But it’s county plan. So that’s why it’s important for us to annex into the city, because we’re using our resources anyway, to take some you gotta pay to clean it up. Well, I think it’s the developer. And they’re trying to, also, Tommy to is going to apply for certain grants with the city, not with the city with the states and federal grants. I forgot the title of the grants, but it had something to do with environmental disappear, environmental pollutants. But of course, it’s not up to 10 new hours. So there, they are looking into trying to apply for one grant money and see where the money is in environmental money for that project. And of course, it will be housing, on your property as well. And we will be able to walk to Main Street downtown online from there. It really wanted that developer really wanting to sit Greenway mostly for bikes and walkway to go. Downtown. That’s what I wanted to. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 16:22
So the last time I

Unknown Speaker 16:24
was following this, there was a, there was a grant grant proposal to write the plan for the remediation so that we’re still at that point. First, we’ll be planning to remediate before we even step foot.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, we still have consultants, and we had so much stuff going on with that property. But meanwhile, they’re still looking at what type of how’s it going to be funny. Right. So, so that can be ready to go when that time comes? Yeah. But I mean, that’s more great opportunities for us. Especially if we’re going to use the Greenway and a walkway, how can we maybe even have something on the walkway, and you know who he is? bikes and make it cute and colorful? Things like that, too, all the way to the like, follow the yellow brick road. So that was, yeah, something like that.

Unknown Speaker 17:27
It’ll be starting with those projects early on, even in the developer stage, and even in the planning stage is when we can utilize our dollars, of course, the max, because they’re integrated, as we’ve been speaking about for a long time. So and some of those projects, Michael, you’re coming up that one, but a poor practice in this integrating

Unknown Speaker 17:52
type of question. That I’m not sure what the right question is. This project? It’s done by a developer. But is that considered capital improvements? Would we get money from that,

Unknown Speaker 18:10
Phil? I mean, I can’t speak to exactly what that would be, but very likely, and it can vary very likely there would be a CIP construction project in this step. Versus Yeah. I don’t think that’s the answer to that. But

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Angeles, right. I think very likely there will

Unknown Speaker 18:33
be so you always end up doing that. That’s the case. I

Unknown Speaker 18:42
mean, imagine a bridge like that’s all it takes is something of the sanctuary Greenway along right. Yeah, think infrastructure. Yeah, roads, sidewalks. You know, all of those can create pretty large CIP projects. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
Alright, moving on to Agenda Item number eight, the Sister Cities project update, Sydney

Unknown Speaker 19:14
and horses. Do you want me to give just a quick little state of the state before we go forward? Okay, so stay the state. In August. The selection panel for the Sister Cities project met and saw the three finalists do in person proposals. Those Imbros person proposals happened and artworks came back and the selection panel voted on two projects, one as a primary and one as an alternate. Then those two different projects went through what’s in our policy and procedures called the internal review committee, which means city attorney’s office, which means parks department, which means, of course, if I looked at it, and also risk management, and they came back with their changes, the primary Park proposal that was selected had significant changes because of its size, because of the way that it deviated from the scope of the original cover entry. And also, in most importantly, because it frankly, is attractive to find. And so the city attorney gave me the list of requirements, risk management gave me the list of requirements, and the Parks Department said, that’s fine. But this artwork in the state that it will become, cannot be in this location, it’s going to have to move 10 feet over and into another bed. So then the selection panel came back together and said, we understand that the city attorney in the city, basically, I’m just guessing the city from now on, right, encompassing all of those folks, the city has different requirements, we would like the artists to do a redesign, and we are giving them a deadline. So that redesign can get through the internal review committee again, and be here for you this evening. So we have that, in addition to that, so that’s the primary artist, in addition to that is the secondary alternate partners. There were two very minor changes to be made there, one for safety and climbing, and one because the selection panel had an opinion of and you’ll see it in a minute that there’s an entryway into it. But they also kind of want an exit to make it a little more conducive to the space itself. So let’s start by looking at the space really D and then I will answer questions before we look into these redesigns. So one of these days I’m going to give this is Flanders markets in the northern part of the city northwestern part of the city, that’s Macintosh believe that is the North Eastern, I guess, if you will, for a Macintosh. And this the site that was originally selected for this artwork as like it was recommended scope of work, this little triangular bed here, which right now is full of Russian sage and we will have to do some remediation, I guess to the plant life there. But it will have to be removed, but will then be replanted. This is the alternate site for the first artist. Okay. So everybody know about what I’m talking about. This is a look from the site to the kind of south and west. These are the Twin Peaks right here. And it’s this lawn turf space that was the original location. And then this bed here is the alternate location. Okay. Just to get a little more clarity into what that bed looks like that’s to the Macintosh league is to your left, this is a walkway that goes back into that neighborhood. This is the bed we’re speaking of.

Unknown Speaker 23:19
So here

Unknown Speaker 23:21
there is kind of coming from a frontal view. So that would be looking like north. And that is the look and if you came kind of around because this walkway goes around this piece of turf, if you will, that’s the view that you will see of the Twin Peaks. So again, not far from the original, but enough that it’s not. Okay. We won’t go deep into what the original artwork looks like do we need to I mean, it doesn’t it really is the point right. So, this is the redesign for the primary work. So and these are the kinds of technical drawings and you know, we always learn lessons right and this is mine is that I need to specify that these kinds of technical drawings are required to submit this is what we should have seen in the first place but needless to say, so this is the work now it is a both start from the bottom up. So the way that it is mounted is a concrete case on that goes to 36 inches into the ground. It’s fairly significant amount of concrete work and sticks up about six inches and then it’s hardware holed into what is a stainless steel steel tube that then has some sort of connection to the aluminum sheeting which is clad with the mosaic on top of that I’m on it’s on it. It’s two feet three inches, the largest section of the column is two feet, three inches, and at its shortest width doesn’t specify here’s, I know that somewhere. But anyway, it’s probably about half of that. Right? Okay. So do you know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about that kind of a cute rectangular looking look, column. And then on top of the column is the sculpture. And the sculpture is to flat silhouettes, I suppose is the way to say it. And then they are flush mounted together, sort of sandwiched together. And then there’s a structure on the inside. So no, so it’s not in the round. That’s a very question of that’s very well. So here’s the best image that I can tell you. You know, from front to back. It’s this wide, right? It’s not going to have negative space, you won’t be able to see through it. So there’ll be some sort of overlapping piece there. I imagine also glad that that mosaic fell over the top, but it really is kind of a

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