Airport Advisory Board Meeting – September 2022

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Airport Advisory Board Meeting – September 2022

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Welcome to our Thursday, September 8 2022. Airport Advisory Board meeting. Thank you for joining us. I’ll call the meeting to order and Stephanie, can you please call the roll?
board member bliss, board member game board been with Jordan?
For Reverend Robinson is coming, right. Okay. Board Member Salem opinion.
We have a quorum. Thank you very much.
First item on our agenda, as always, is a public invited to be heard. Does anyone want to speak at our first public invited to be heard tonight.
Come on down.
While you’re on the way, a reminder for anyone who’s going to speak, please start with your name and address. You’ve got five minutes to speak.
Address your comments to the board and be respectful please.
My name is Keith Griffith. My address is 7066 Jensen circle in Norwalk. And I’m here to talk about the future the airport, we’re all here because of that.
And the future, the airport I think will depend on many factors. But the key ones will be how the public views the value of the airport, if the public considers the airport to be a nuisance, and we’re in trouble and if they consider to be an asset, and we’re in good shape. So we’ve all seen a number of the numerous people in their kids who parked by the
on Airport Road or the parking lot on Airport Road near the end of runway tonight. And this is
an interesting and unique feature that there are very few airports where you can park within a few 100 feet at the end of the runway and watch parachutists home build airplanes, parachute turbine airplanes, jets coming and going, and the ubiquitous 170 2000s of touching goes. So that’s really quite an asset for long, that it’s a place where people can go and appreciate the airport. And on top of all that it’s got the tremendous backdrop of Long’s peak. So
you also have a good Skype pair and making a nice little pocket park, there’s two Eagle Scout projects and then down the runway in a tower. There’s a stone picnic table where there’s people use for
staying with the kids on top of it so they can seal with the fence.
So we have attractions there that can be expanded enhance. And what I’d like to do is to have the airport board, consider
a resolution to foster such a thing and then go to the parks and recreation people with revised blessing of course, and then say let’s work something up, make it a pocket park there that’s got grass, it’s got a fence to protect kids from the road. It’s got something other than gravel for teenagers to spin their wheels in and could be a very nice facility.
So I hope the local board can help to educate this and bring it about. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
But anyone else like to speak at this time?
Okay, seeing none, then
we’ll move on. There is another chance at the end.
First, next item and then is our approval of February 2022. And July 2022 minutes from our meetings.
Board members anyone have any comments or revisions to either of those minutes?
I will move the microphone closer to me. Is that better at least? Thank you. It’s it’s hard to tell up here. So apologize for that.
Any board members with comments on the February July 2022 minutes Good evening, Mr. Rosen.
None Would anybody like to make a motion? Maybe separately, starting with February.
Vice Chair drawers
that we pass the February minutes as they are written.
Is there a second
Mr. Dean, thank you.
Any further discussion? All those in favor say aye? Aye. Any opposed? Motion carries on to July 2022 minutes.
I didn’t hear any comments if no one has any I would want to make a motion
to live minutes as they are written. Thank you, Mr. Jordan. And do I have a second?
Thank you moved and seconded. Further discussion.
All those in favor? say aye. Aye. Aye. Any opposed?
Motion carries. Thank you.
updates from the airport manager.
Here we go. Along here. Alright. Got a few things to go over with you guys tonight for update wise as I guess we’ll start off with airport updates rates and charges as open actually have this on as a action item for this evening’s meeting. But unfortunately, we weren’t able to get it through legal quick enough to get that on to. Oh, can you hear me now?
Closer to it. We weren’t able to get the rates and charges on to this meeting because we’re not quite sure legal yet.
There probably won’t be a great yield changes from those from the ones you guys previously approved last summer.
Rather in depth review, that is essentially we’re moving forward most likely with the way that they are. So expect to see document very similar to what you had before. Other airport of the Southwest your project is continuing to move forward. The contract has been signed by the
contractor to my understanding the window now for construction is going to be late October to December, I started actually working on that.
around the airport, we have a great deal of dirt work getting a lot of drainage issues have been
kind of stacking up over the years fix kind of quick information item there striping, will be starting hopefully airport striping, pretty soon the stage one of that project. Right now we’re just waiting to hear back from the strikers on their schedule, so we can get him out on the airport to actually start that work as well.
we do finally get the airport mowed, we had a little bit of a headache involving after summer or lower quit.
June, this actually turns out to be when the contract his contract was up. He did chose not to extend the contract.
So we did get him our lnM enterprises came out and do that for us. Last week, the airport’s looking really nice now, which is good, because another information item I have is the FAA will be new inspections next week. They haven’t been out the airport two or three years. So that’s the first time they’ve been there in a while. So it’s good to have making sure all our runway safety areas are up to spec.
See updates and other updates. Just actually, between when the agenda for this meeting went out. And now
the FAA announced that they’re going to be having their CIP planning kickoff, starting, honestly, this month, into October. So we’ll start thinking about what we want to do as far as CIP projects in the near future, I have reached out to our engineers so we can get them to come and do some meetings, we’ll probably go ahead and do some meetings with field engineers, I and the FAA to kind of get a general idea of what’s going on. And of course, we can bring stuff back to the board for that, but that is coming up soon.
All right. That’s what I have for update information items, I suppose. Are we ready to move on to that? Let me pause and see if there’s any questions from the board. First up on your update. I
think that’s Mr. Dean first. Go ahead, sir.
So we’ve got a temporary loan company on him. So our intent is moving forward. And certainly having that contract expire mid mowing season, we’re going to move that have expired in the middle of the winter. So if someone did decide not to renew the contract, that would be a little simple matter of getting someone going again. We had difficulties initially buying a mower because we got some weather, outrageous quotes. And then we had an issue with a very decent quote, but it was the city employees, so we couldn’t award a contract to a city employee. So it was a little bit. Yes, indeed. So we had to avoid that. But yes, in the future, we’ll hopefully not have this issue.
That’s a good point. If you can, please use your mics because this is being recorded with on YouTube. So we need everybody to use their mics if they can’t. Thank you.
Any other questions for anybody
All right leave I have to move on to information items lease term updates, right information lease term update number one so we’re kind of in the middle and this is so again another item this kind of with the Warriors updating lease terms there’s gonna be some most likely some minor changes made which will again come back to this board as things are kind of written out and given the rubber stamp from Make sure everything’s kosher as far as legal goes one of the things that kind of sparked all that was the FAA was taking a little bit of notice with we had 30 years leases with three year old country now which came back said look, we consider that to be six year lease violation of brand assurances. So we’re kind of taking that out of it and moving it to an acceptable form for the for the FAA
is their
culture the mic?
Veteran and Mica?
I pretty loud my own I could hear like echoing in my ears.
I wonder the speakers must not be honest.
Like this here, I’m just gonna like hold it on my mouth. And well, you see that? I feel like a news reporter from the 1970s Heroes is a big microphone. Alright.
But least updates to come in to kind of guidance with eBay and what they’re looking for.
And that’s what I have.
Do you think that that’s something we’re gonna see next month?
That’s my greatest hope. experiences taught me that it takes the amount of time it takes to kind of get through legal but things the assured earlier today that expense should be written?
And are there other changes besides the term that are significant changes? Right now? That’s the only significant change. It’s really kind of been brought out. There’s some changes coming Friday diesel. But apart from that, nothing else. And he’s only applied to new GSA leases, that might affect any
other questions from the board?
Vice Chair, Jordan. So on renewal existing lease that was saying 20 years can they will be? Do you think they’re still going to be able to renew for 30? Is that wasn’t something we voted on? So that was
so as long as whatever, so
they wouldn’t be able to renew for 30 years and another 30 options. They would not be able to do that
planning protocol, but I’ll talk to users and make sure.
50 year total. So you had a 20 you could potentially get a 30 to have a 50 year potentially that would be the maximum of the FA allow, and then what happens after that. At that point, we have to negotiate.
Yeah, listen, I want to make sure I understand that right. There’s nothing that says you can’t have kind of one person with a with a lease, separate leases separate. Exactly. So it was all comes down from the grant assurances, especially for the use of the airport land. So the FAA say that anything over 50 years is considered a disposal of land. And Ergo since you are disposing of the land that is not in your control. That is a violation of grant assurances.
Thank you.
Let’s move on.
Over the agency include for airport advisory board discussion, and this is something that Harrison and I were talking generally about before and just kind of throw open discussion as far as what topics they
We may want to talk about the future. And there were some suggestions that Garrison I think might be able to bring up on his phone.
But yes, we just kind of wanted to start a general kind of dialogue about that.
So maybe I’ll kick that off with suggestions that were sent in and then open it up.
I’m going to summarize, apologize if I miss some of these suggestions that were sent. We had discussions on airport finance, public funding sources.
I hope you’re getting a better I’m hearing feedback from myself, but I hope that’s okay. So
public funding sources, use agreements and use relationships, public private partnerships, private funding, financial structures and flows, balance sheets, income statements, etc.
FAA targets for funding particularly around electrification, urban Air Mobility, multimodal integration, transport, transportation electrification, with emphasis on EVs and infrastructure.
FAA, next gen.
Changes in Air Mobility, next generation airport infrastructure, multimodal transportation systems, unmanned air vehicles, near term growth opportunities for advanced brand and benchmarking into other airports
for what really good topics or remembers anything that
stuck out from there and absolutely you can add to this this was this is a set of suggestions
Mr. Dean first
discussed in the past
I’ve got you activated here
wanted to be right.
I’m colorblind. So I can’t tell what the colors are. There’s no icon change here
based on show on right now, as far as I can tell,
I got your offer.
Okay, okay. Okay. For Levi.
possibly getting that going? I don’t want to talk about that. And what your thoughts were for Labor Day weekend. Think about your plan and a way to get the ball rolling on that tonight.
Yeah, that’s certainly a topic that we can talk about. Can you just repeat that since I know his heart wasn’t working? Gotcha. The the discussion topic came out for talking about a new air show and setting some dates for that.
Okay, so that will definitely be on the West Coast. If you want to do again, I will swap to you. Sorry about that.
Oh, definitely. Okay.
I love that you have more infrastructure, I would like to single out the idea of energy storage at the airport. That’s a good location for potential energy storage, especially if we’re going to be bringing in high volume capacity of energy transmission.
He makes a lot of sense.
Thank you. Any topics you’d like to see added?
In or what you want to prioritize? There’s a lot there. That’s, you know, two years of meetings. I think we’ve got set up. So where do we want to start?
Don’t everyone speak up at once?
I’m going to try to turn it on. I don’t think it’s working
properly pace for reliable
data for next year.
I think yeah. We didn’t have that on the list.
Yeah, I think that needs to be. Yeah. Quickly.
Melinda, I just recommend that we choose some short term goal
See some long term that in kind of I think our long term can be lumped together with the future of aviation. And our short term can be some of the more pressing daily issues, kind of isolate those two and use time as our priority I think.
I think that infrastructure, obviously, my opinion should go first, we can make decisions on what to add on after the infrastructure is already in there, especially the high capacity energy transmission lines.
Mr. Robeson,
thank you. I might have missed it in there. Or this might be part of infrastructure. I don’t know about the runway extension.
Was that on the list? If not, I would put it on there. It was not specifically on the list.
Collecting the FBO, new FBO a restaurant more hangers?
Can we get all that stuff? I don’t see why we’re gonna go go ahead and jump ahead into the next next generation.
So I think the intent of this list is certainly not to neglect a runway extension, or an FBO improvement is outside restrooms, anything it is, how are we? How can we as a board, be prepared for what’s coming next and be able to kind of be educated to advise counsel, since that is our responsibility to make sure we’re kind of keeping up with things. It is in no way shape, or form trying to set you know, a particular agenda or prioritization for projects but more keeping us educated and informed.
For better or for worse, that was the idea.
Because I had paths to leave, I think broadly was to try to tie topics.
In that vein of making sure we’re well informed the month of or the month before, we thought there was going to be a topic that was going to go to council, that we would need to recommend a course of action to council so that we have the chance to hear that discuss it received feedback on it in advance of a specific proposal coming out. And I know that, you know, at this point, not entirely sure what order those things are going to come to us. And so that I think that’s that was the downside of my suggestion. But at least trying to put it in that perspective of, you know, how does it tie back to our responsibility to educate counsel? Yeah, again, it’s so we can’t do that just getting a head start on it. Absolutely.
I struggle. With that in consideration, I would recommend that we consider first the FBO and the infrastructure, what the future that looks like. And then next do electrification because we’d have to have new facilities to accommodate the electrification. We’ve got
LPC and people that are smart enough to know what we’re going to need and to plan for it as we do that. But the we saw that some infrastructure needs at the airport if we’re going to handle that kind of traffic, and then move toward electrification because that’s going to happen quickly. And we want to be ahead of the curve on that, which includes next gen. Multimodal, and in the process of that I think we ended up finance use agreements, leases,
more housekeeping items are gonna get resolved
as we move forward, but the situation with the FBO is
I feel like that’s something that needs to be addressed sooner than later, just where do we stand? What are their obligations?
Are they meeting them? You know, it’s just gone on way too long.
With the FBO and depleted
student fleet and the conditions and if we can put them all together where we can plan for infrastructure and the forward looking enough to include the
power charging stations and some of the electrical electrical reuse that we would need to be airport of the future. I think the discussion about the MPO can be kind of leads into some those topics like you know, investing in infrastructure and airport and can kind of come into that category also planning.
Mr. Roper. Thank you. Just if we’re going to be talking about planning for the future, I think one thing that would help me and maybe everybody we have any big maps in the airport that we can either bring or print and a new and put up here so we can all be looking at the same area. Yeah, we certainly couldn’t we can also do them on the monitors I’m sure so
I think that’d be a good idea for every meeting, just have it up somewhere. So if we’re talking about some planning that we would be looking at the same area that we’re certainly getting when we come to planning, then making me that’s a very logical thing. Yes.
Councilmember Martin?
Thank you, I don’t technically have the privilege of addressing this board except at the end. So with the permission of the members, anybody object to me speaking at this point,
I just wanted to say, because it pertains to two of the really high priority topics here, that there’s a count a revolution
that has been prepared for
that long Mark commits to a sustainable airport. But the authors of the resolution are not their pilots, but they’re not Walmart residents. And it would be good if along that resident introduced that resolution as a mayoral proclamation.
So anyone who wants to talk to me about that, that is interested in doing that they may, the
what I have learned from my contacts in the battery industry, and such,
is, is that
there’s a lot of grant money to be had around electrification. And since several people have mentioned that, I would just wanted to get that piece of information out there that it could get a lot of potentially money coming in, other than via the usual channels. And the other thing is that the sustainability resolution would care a lot on
getting a better FBO. Because it puts requirements first,
around additional clean, clean fuels, as well as
the electric infrastructure. So again, these are not recommendations by me, these are just pieces of information that I had the laptop that you might want to have.
Thank you.
Mr. Jordan.
Go ahead. Thank you, Councilmember Marsha. Where can we learn more about the resolution? Like who’s making it? What’s the timeframe?
What if somebody volunteers, what are they getting themselves into?
There is a resolution already drafted, that is available.
So there are several ways to approach it, I have a copy. And,
again, the author’s want it to be introduced, but they’d rather it be introduced by a Walmart resident.
It could also be
a recommendation with this board. So I would be willing to provide it to anyone who, for example, wanted to put it on next month’s agenda, or
sit any give it to anyone who wants to just submit it through the city website. It I just was saying it exists. And it’s time to run with it, probably. But I shouldn’t and neither should somebody from outside the city.
Thank you for that.
We are do you think we have, I think some guidance or at least have received for the next couple of I’ve got a good list here. And we can kind of go over that and get us some good topics for future events.
I would also just note,
this is not a closed list. This is not just us, pushing out ideas. That initial list came from members of the community, I would encourage anyone to keep sending suggestions. And also if you have a particular interest in this board members and public alike, and want to be the experts speaking on one of these topics, please let us know the goal so that we’re all learning that only happens if we have experts with people who have taken an interest in something willing to talk about it. Otherwise, it’s a little bit of blind leading the blind here.
Any further discussion?
Okay. We’ll move on then to our action items.
For the avoidance of any conflict of interest since I do work for an engineering firm, I’m going to ask Vice Chair Jordan to introduce
our next agenda item and manage that discussion