Longmont Housing Authority – Aug 2022

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Longmont Housing Authority – Aug 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:19
You guys are on mute. I can’t hear you. Oh, there you go. Okay. Yeah.

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All right. So I call to order the llj. Budget on August 16.

Unknown Speaker 0:43
Tommy, Lauren, Sally hasn’t

Unknown Speaker 0:47
Jean Christopher here are the assortment there. And then staffing up McDonnell. Here. They sit down there and here.

Unknown Speaker 0:58
Alright, first on the agenda is approval of the July 2022 minutes. Motion.

Unknown Speaker 1:07
I will move to approve one. That is a word. And Suzanne canals. Comments. We have her. The facility has good girl. I think she’s just an either. Okay. Otherwise, I moved to for

Unknown Speaker 1:34
you got a motion. Any discussion? All right. Let’s see if Yes. Motion passes. The agenda public invited to be heard. Nobody’s President Director signed up

Unknown Speaker 1:58
to number four organizational updates a budget board member election schedule.

Unknown Speaker 2:04
Right. So this is my first of all, I want to introduce Rachel’s everyone’s Community Manager here at all the roots. So she comes from Loveland, and has a ton of experience and

Unknown Speaker 2:19
things are going right on board.

Unknown Speaker 2:23
So talking about our advisory board member election schedule. So just to recap where we left things, we have gone through OB board to get approval to extend Tom and Lauren’s terms through as long as December comfortable and it takes to get our new members on. We do have authority of up to seven, which is about seven members. And so the plan is we’ll take that BIOS update, we don’t have a September board meeting, because they’re doing City Council budget where so our first our next meeting with the board will be October 4. So we will take the bylaws updated October 4 To change the advisory board elections scheduled not not needed. So as soon as we have that approval on your next meeting, September 20. We’ll show you that. So as soon as we have that approval on the fourth, we can turn around and open up the process. We’ve already talked about ways to the attributes we’re looking for. We’ve talked about like show patients up on the website, in trying to do outreach during that time. So what I’m thinking is turnaround, let’s say right away the next day, you could open up the application periods. Then I wanted to ask how much time do you think would be appropriate to do some of that recruitment because we do need for we have Lauren’s space to Lauren has to reapply. We’ve got Tom space as well. So we’re looking for at least three new people assuming react so I was thinking an appropriate amount of time to make sure we get back out reach out and give people enough time. I was thinking if we did October 5 to October 28. That’s three and a half weeks we could extend that longer. But we definitely want to make sure we finish the application review interview process in November and then appoint by December you know we’ll try to do that I think in the holidays. And actually our specials we don’t currently have a board meeting December but it could be something special

Unknown Speaker 5:04
just for that purpose if we need to.

Unknown Speaker 5:08
So what do you all think about the timeline for the application period? That sounds okay are you gonna adjust it longer or shorter

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Okay, I just found out we’re all isn’t mentioned the website or

Unknown Speaker 5:26
in the past it was on the city council’s or to Commission’s website or going to church website and then other than that any other countries should do it’s probably not in line with what’s been in the past that we know of at least so it’s kind of up to US federal courts decide what

Unknown Speaker 5:48
works better. So generally what I have seen indicator is when we’re chasing all boards is there’s a little blurb in there about the board can we do that or is that a cost and we could

Unknown Speaker 6:05
do that I think it’s usually we do postings in the newspaper for other things $100 feel like that’s worth doing

Unknown Speaker 6:15
yeah yeah, it’s all

Unknown Speaker 6:25
the lenders in Thursday membership business group order banks are going after the City Chamber of Commerce to XYZ Good morning then as well now because certainly it’s not the exact sequences

Unknown Speaker 7:25
that’s how we got check out the application I believe that there should be some sort of love interest for connection for professionals first of all the air picked on or is it more difficult

Unknown Speaker 8:13
it’s kind of hard it’s very echoey and choppy if I wonder if you could move me closer

Unknown Speaker 8:25
closer just need less people to see that’s better to hear.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
Yeah, we’re gonna look at the third

Unknown Speaker 8:39
that’s better thank you

Unknown Speaker 8:49
definitely check that out. I feel like we already exceeded in some of our attributes maybe just

Unknown Speaker 8:59
when we breed if we need to bring anything forward to

Unknown Speaker 9:04
about give it a three and a half weeks right,

Unknown Speaker 9:25
that would be the plan.

Unknown Speaker 9:30
Option number five. Christian too.

Unknown Speaker 9:33
I just wanted to do a couple of updates on notable not milestones here so consumption began to criticize doing some major excavation right now. So they’re retargeted to start July 1, I think they ended up starting a little further into the towards the end of July but they under that July 1 scheduled and retargeted to finish December when you say Pretty. So let’s call it by the 2020 creation section that should be done, that should be turned over to the owner. And so Lisa will probably start trying to get people pre leased. But it will start in full force. This is to schedule update and also

Unknown Speaker 10:23
keep track of what’s going on with Dr.

Unknown Speaker 10:27
Hoover vacant land, our RFQ for development partner is out on the streets. And we have a debate for qualifications middle by September 14. So we’ll be turning around and look at those in depth. We do have several groups so far already.

Unknown Speaker 10:47
So we’ll see how that goes. But it’s good. We haven’t found out anything totally yet, we got to pick up that process again.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
I think at this point, we need to gear up once we got through this channel, they have a relationship so that is definitely the

Unknown Speaker 11:16
baby properly. We’re

Unknown Speaker 11:18
going support

Unknown Speaker 11:25
Summer, summer schedules, those plates, precipitation, we are in performance development

Unknown Speaker 11:32
in full swing on that now.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
We have legal representation under contract ready to go. And we are preparing to go to the investor to talk about the investment exit right now. And so between sarafan for financial, our financial consultant and our legal team, we’re strategizing right now the best way to do that, we expect it to be a challenge. So we’re just trying to prepare as much as we can see right strategies. But we’re that’s one thing. So we really think that by the end of this year, we should be getting architecture and juicy we should have the out on the streets to try and get somebody on board for that to start really talking about for 2020 For you what design should look like.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
And that’s really

Unknown Speaker 12:28
it, I just want to talk about a couple of things or milestones we’ve hit since we last spoke. But if there’s any questions on any of the developments, there’s there’s obviously more going on, it’s just all in the

Unknown Speaker 12:36
works. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:49
So any items over six commissioners.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
So I want to just give you a heads up on what is coming in at least one. So I think that this, this is just a standing agenda item. But I do think that two way communication, anything you would like to bring up that we had. So this is just a heads up, October 4, because we don’t have a September meeting will be pretty big. So we’re talking about the we’re getting the bylaws taking care of her OB Advisory Board, we’re gonna bring the HCV admin plan to the board October 4. And so we’re targeting giving you a summary of kind of the major things that that are going to change your September 20 meeting. Those are the that was going to be a big one. That’ll be it’s the first time that this board has gone through the budget plan and making substantive changes if needed. So we’re really using this year as an opportunity to get that solidified. And so this it’ll be a type of a working session possibly to make sure they understand everything that’s contained in an admin plan for a voucher program.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
That it could set

Unknown Speaker 14:09
policies and you know, just Miko in a lot of conversational directions there. And then November 1, we’re going to be presenting the budgets to the board as well. So if there’s items that we want to preview on, we can do that on your

Unknown Speaker 14:27
October meeting.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
When you submit your bid,

Unknown Speaker 14:32
it just has to be approved by the end of the year. So we’re doing November 1 and stuff plenty of time. If the board is not ready to approve the budget right off the bat, you can set a special meeting if needed for December right now. We don’t have the need unless they want that. You need to come back to work. Appointment

Unknown Speaker 14:52
sir. Okay, those are the

Unknown Speaker 14:57
big things on the horizon.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
So we’re gonna if we didn’t have any items that we wanted to say, much of carve out for something in particular,

Unknown Speaker 15:08
maybe? And then let us know you’re ahead of time or go for it September 20.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
Anything else we get? Number six, seven, resident quality of life Museum, Eugene

Unknown Speaker 15:29
ion? Well, I could talk a little bit about via, which I’ve brought up last time, or we brought up last time, I should say, I will say that I have since met with Mayor pack, and discuss the budget concerns and asked him if there was a way that we could have a slush fund, I forget what it’s called, but the city has money to go towards this to at least get it started and maybe get a movement in the right direction. And I believe that she she actually said that she would go to the council and ask for $20,000 Yes, sir. 22. They are 23. And I think she’s going to do that tonight. So I’m planning to attend the council meeting tonight, just to see if she does. If they do approve that, then we move forward. The next thing, getting people letting people know, you know, and then we’ll work with police on that. And whoever else, like people know that this is starting out, this is what it’s going to be. And for residents three it is it is pre service. So it’s just a matter of kind of getting that started again. So that is

Unknown Speaker 16:49
it was it was via for the transportation, to shopping, and shopping. And

Unknown Speaker 16:55
so what, for senior you were here. Yeah, I read a little bit. So it was our senior communities, right. So this happened in the past. And Gene really knows about this, because I wasn’t living here at the time. But we did go actually go over to be I’ve been talking to people over there. And they’re definitely interested, they’ve done it before they know this. So we’re looking at twice a month, one day each time. So if you’ve got if we do it that way, via consent aside that if you do come and have a driver specifically for that day, or otherwise, what happens is people call in and take what they have available that this way they have said that they were set aside. So what we would do, or what they would do actually is they were going to have some metals taken to the Walmart or wherever you want to go come back, maybe pick up these two areas, and then pick the first ones up and take it around like that. So we figured six hours basing our numbers on six hours each time at $90 An hour came up to $540 a day. So pretty close to 5000. This year, closer to 15. Next year, that’s adding a little bit if against so popular, because we’re looking at an hour and a half right now, by the time the pickup delivery pickup delivery goes, if it becomes so popular that we need to add some routes we could possibly cut back from the hour and a half to an hour see if that works. And that way we can still reach more places that still have our six hours. And what the mayor was thinking was that maybe after we she can get it approved through 2023. Maybe looking at some grant monies or something like that to continue it. Because one thing we don’t want is to start it and then have it. Yeah, because that but I will say this based on my interviews that I did with people last year, and 2021. And the interviews I did again this year 2022. I’ve seen a number of those people become much more frail, giving up their vehicles. So I think that we need to kind of see if we can help them out a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
When was this discontinued? It was discontinued with COVID.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Oh, no, it was 2013. When we were in, we were in quote unquote, a budget mess. And the executive director at the time made the comment that well we do housing, transportation. So and so for 20 years, you know, 50 years since it started has always provided transportation. But at that time, it wasn’t financially feasible and

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Obviously the

Unknown Speaker 20:03
executive director can like it. And I guess some of the board members didn’t. So it got X. And it’s been a problem. Are you there, Lauren? Yeah. So anyway, it has been an issue

Unknown Speaker 20:21
canceled before Tom and I joined, because I don’t remember that discussion

Unknown Speaker 20:25
that we weren’t we weren’t here in this room.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
We’re talking because I didn’t start to like January or February of

Unknown Speaker 20:34

Unknown Speaker 20:37
Okay. I just want to make sure because I was like, I don’t remember voting on that, because I would have been opposed to canceling it.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
When did when did you join? Because that’s very 2020. Oh, no, this was in 2019. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:52
Yeah, because I agree it’s an essential service that we provide to our

Unknown Speaker 20:56
environment. Yeah, it is, it’s always been for the senior community. And throughout Boulder County, other apartment, or housing authorities providing it’s sort of it’s kind of a given, when I will be honest with you, when I moved, and I didn’t expect it, I was delighted to find it. Because I had given up my car, because of my eyes, and I went, Okay, this is helping a lot. And we had a larger service, it was twice a week. And I think we can do it with twice a month and keep the costs down. But it isn’t. It’s one of those residents services that is worth that. It really is. And the other thing is that the NS determine they made it a policy, that anybody that moves into an LH a property is automatically eligible for being a service. And you can be you know, mobile, you have a car, whatever, but you’re eligible, all you have to do is register. And then you become active. So between this policy it was ago, and now it’s just a matter of getting the getting the funding for it. And it’s, it’s out there, we can scrounge

Unknown Speaker 22:24
by working with brandy and Michelle, this past year, there’s quite a few brands that we can reach out for how long they could get next 50, the rose foundations solicited before Yes, that would probably more than likely don’t give us

Unknown Speaker 22:40
exactly the kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 22:45
Individuals, you know, percentage wise or DC or small communities don’t either have an ability of students to have a car.

Unknown Speaker 22:52
I mean, it varies by property. So large Aspen scene there, I’d say less than half the residents strike, village places about 5050 I’d say Spring Creek Fall River about half drive.

Unknown Speaker 23:08
So we’re still looking at 2%. So the vehicles will hold 10 to 12, depending on how many get in there. And they also, excuse me, they also will provide a wheelchair, they can pick up a wheelchair as well, the vehicles will be here in long lines, so they won’t have to come from Boulder or anywhere else. It just aired online. So it sounds like it’s gonna, it’s really going to work that needs to get started. And I don’t think we hope to start in August or in September, but I think now we’re looking at October to get it to get going. And we got through

Unknown Speaker 23:52
it there was quite a delay to place and even two checks. There were so many

Unknown Speaker 23:58
other things. They can work that

Unknown Speaker 24:02
I mean, there’s nothing in the immediate area around mark for any sort of groceries

Unknown Speaker 24:12
feeling groceries, brochures, love to walk from the office to watch anything else that I do have, I want to follow up on some of these residents quality of life things we’ve been speaking about for a couple of meetings, but it’s another specific

Unknown Speaker 24:35
record. So in

Unknown Speaker 24:41
light of the fact that we’ve got our resident engagement in our data from that, which my plan is to have that summary to present to you all on September 28. Summarize it to the priorities well outline, group the priorities for reference, you know, to prioritize so bear, but with that in mind, and then with the commissioners comments about wanting to receive advice and feedback from this board. And bringing that up last week, Jen, you had mentioned doing quarterly resident engagements as Thai or to tie back and follow up on the survey, or the interviews, I should say that we did. So I think today, I wanted to get kind of something that we could work on to bring to the board in terms of advice or feedback. And I think the via conversation is perfect for that. And then in terms of doing a quarterly one, I was thinking, for September 20, using the summarized data and priorities to try and put that on, as a quarterly thing is as a follow up. And so I don’t know how you want, do you want to follow up with residents on a quarterly basis or report to this group on a quarterly basis? Did you have any ideas on that gene, and basically, I’m trying to see what we could see to the board and,

Unknown Speaker 26:11
but I would like to see is the data that you have, and you said, you’re gonna put it together for the September 20 meeting. And I would like to see what that looks like. And I think that would give us an outline of what to do, and then started the jumping point. And we can develop it from there. Because if we’re looking at a September being a end of quarter kind of thing, and then we’ll look at what time we have in December, and what that looks like, but I’m gonna see what you’ve got. And then what we could follow on with residents. And what we need to follow up is to impact residents in a better way, kind of

Unknown Speaker 26:56
looking, I’m just going to put in, you know, from what I’ve heard from the residents surveys, like the security was a big thing. We’ve already addressed that. And we’re in the works on that. There’s a lot of things that are already in the works, the president issues that have been in the works, that we that we can report back into the fourth quarter.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Yeah, one of the things and I don’t know if it came up, because I’m stood back from the indicators, because I was biased. But one of the things that keeps coming up, is nobody around. And I know you’re working on it, I do what I can to assuage it, it’s gonna get better, it’s gonna, you know, and they’re yelling at me. So I’m like, Okay, it’s safe to yell at me. Don’t yell it in Korean. Okay. But that’s one of one of the areas I don’t know if it came up in here. But that’s one of the areas that while there are cameras and those kinds of securities, there is a sense of security when someone is responsible is there. And, and we will talk about that more, but that that’s one of the issues

Unknown Speaker 28:10
that keeps coming up.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
And that did come up and it was cut in on the other hand, and it was if the person is not going to be there, is there a way to put a note on the door or something like that, that says, you know, nobody’s here today.

Unknown Speaker 28:24
We’ve kind of got that the last few times I know there’s training on kind of make sure the managers put a notice up on your door that the offices are closed. They are supposed to be on that site holidays and like make sure there’s a notice up make sure the members right there

Unknown Speaker 28:40
to want to give a quick update on how the property manager and hiring process your transition.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
Where’s that already coming? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I want to see that. Okay, let’s do that. Okay, that

Unknown Speaker 29:03
was that was good. I just want to make sure we were trying to get to your desires with boards feedback was and

Unknown Speaker 29:10
I’m gonna request something.

Unknown Speaker 29:13
I don’t know if you can

Unknown Speaker 29:14
do it. But we get the packet the Friday before. I would like to see the results of the interview the data from the interviews, like a week before certainly. Again that just so I have time to absorb it

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Do you want to get that to you by Tuesday The 13th The latest Thank you

Unknown Speaker 30:08
get to eat le to afford a good operation operations

Unknown Speaker 30:22
I have attached we did have a drop in occupancy or July just we have a lot of units. And you’ll see on the bottom, I did update this kind of show on the left and it’s down units and all that we just

Unknown Speaker 30:40
it’s hard to get these units

Unknown Speaker 30:41
back on line, we do have one coming back online by the end of this week. And that will be the switch and it’s similar with zero that’s been down for over a year that will be ready this week. The one at Aspen Meadows neighborhood that’s been down for almost a year will be up in October. And that will be for inspirited. She’s going to move from the sweets over there. So that’s what I’m sorry, yeah, she’ll be moving in that one. We’ve had a couple of just bad units all around. As you can see, we had a lodge we had a really heavy urine. So we had to completely rip out all the flooring, kills the the walls, floors, everything CLh and put all brand new in there. We have one of the suites that was a reporter with a bad infestation, so the appliances had to be disposed of and don’t fly through that and maggots and the free tentacles of the dumpster. My team was amazing and handling that move out the screen. So I put out the shirts that have already taken off the wedding. It’s been quite interesting. The sprinkler physical Backup Unit civil war that was the highest that we’ve had, it’s now completely clean. We’ve got a bit from the industrial, we’re just waiting for the insurance to okay to rebuild. And on that 17330 That goes back to us two weeks ago, we had to reset it for that one of Friday. As we see here like it’s been cleaned, it failed the first place and we have now go back in and again

Unknown Speaker 32:33
well, they clean it, but it just depends on the court surfaces are harder. So they’ll try cleaning. And again, if they can’t get it certain areas that sometimes it’s the kitchen counters or it’s the tubs around and that they can’t get it cleaned. And we have to rip that our hospitals are hoping that they can just clean it again and get their chemicals. And so you guys know when they do a typical cleaning and into the walls, the walls, they’re taking off all the surface of the wall all the way down to the drywall. And then we have to go back to a texture painted and they’re done. It’s like instead of ready to eat something going to nature

Unknown Speaker 33:13
work ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
So every episode is almost done. They will say in a September, but parties report because the HX is on delay to be delivered and the cabinets were delayed. So now they’re saying October be to add the neighborhood that was a couple weeks ago. We just got the test results this morning in that

Unknown Speaker 33:37
family contaminated. Most likely

Unknown Speaker 33:42
this will be a small garage. So that’s a lot less than three has a garage attached. So that way, even more

Unknown Speaker 33:56
spring break 106.

Unknown Speaker 33:57
And that was released and already there

Unknown Speaker 34:04
any questions on the aquifer key? So So based on the fact that for two years, in places, I’m thinking that this is going to be less in the future, because we’re going to be able to get in here more frequently. And check this out.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
And have it tested? Tested?

Unknown Speaker 34:29
Yes, that’s what we’re

Unknown Speaker 34:30
that’s what we’re, we’re sorting through at the same time that we are proposing that policy and voting for annual insurance renewal. So we’re chatting with them about how

Unknown Speaker 34:44
weighing the risk, you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:46
in the long run it will be a lower risk in the short run. It might be expensive, expensive and we want them to be on board with us. So we’re still talking to patrons

Unknown Speaker 35:00
So stay tuned nothing in between I came to me and called me because he was having so much and he’s actually applied for whatever and he hasn’t been awarded it yet and he would have 400,000 to help cover for you it’s because he doesn’t have the insurance so he’s having to pay for all our pockets and so they can’t even they have been upside down for years because they have to pay for what you get paid for it. So he applied for a grant to get it I have all the information he’s already sent it to me so it does get awarded the grant could possibly go after the EPA environment

Unknown Speaker 35:40

Unknown Speaker 35:43
it’s your candidates and stuff like that

Unknown Speaker 35:47
it seems like EPA was supporting the insurance company

Unknown Speaker 35:53
in the infamous

Unknown Speaker 35:55
to do the testing in order to do that, because if I’m understanding like that’s when yeah when somebody walks out the test in a test I’m still creating accident

Unknown Speaker 36:17
you know, the insurance company they were sending it all it’s about the underwriting Yeah. We spoke about that was there something that were like letting them digesting information I think they just have to look at how the policy crisis

Unknown Speaker 36:47
I mean, you could argue early enough, it would just be a cleaning

Unknown Speaker 36:54
and if we find let’s say I mean the chances are we we will if we just did this across the board right off the bat we would definitely find the chances that we buy find many really big ones. And so it’s really looking at that initial like how many are we going to find right off the bat requirements question and then after that way then what’s the benefit so we’re just trying to make sure they understand how this looks

Unknown Speaker 37:22
and I don’t think they individually consent

Unknown Speaker 37:26
for the residents

Unknown Speaker 37:31
something towards it

Unknown Speaker 37:33
typically there’s other damages or other costs or the attorneys fees way outweigh that big time

Unknown Speaker 37:42
residents get the publicity Yeah, we got to change that we’re working on

Unknown Speaker 37:58
some of these all these on these lists with these MAC units in Baton Rouge our property of my time I felt four to 10 hours of just dealing with

Unknown Speaker 38:09
and I will add that the in between is in a much tighter spot they have fewer total units higher percentage of units they have in the situation and they don’t have insurance so we’re really there’s the insurance policy is cool too. So

Unknown Speaker 38:26
don’t they depend on donations?

Unknown Speaker 38:30
A lot of a lot

Unknown Speaker 38:31
donations brand so so we’re trying to be a support you know, work together how can we we both have the same problem in varying degrees.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
So yeah, I have another question on on on this report. And I’m not familiar with the rd never wanted to be okay. But you are is there a possibility that when you’re listing and I will take as from another senior they’ve got four they get and you know one of those math okay. But those four apartments could you give us you know, apartment the Apartment A is in vacant 30 days and apartment the the mental part apartments been vacant 62 days.

Unknown Speaker 39:34
I’m hoping I can have a board next to my desk with all these established vacancies because I know this might be confusing to son when you see four vacancies month after month after medicines different but like the watch, she’s had multiple vacancies in the hearts and heads of multiple vacancies but it’s not the same vacancy because somebody will move in somebody will. So those that are doctor I can do those vacant over 90 days or something like three of these have been vacant over 90 days. but that’s a separate report, I would run to get those numbers. Okay, but then you can see how long our vacancy is.

Unknown Speaker 40:05
Yeah. Okay, because it is different if it’s

Unknown Speaker 40:08

Unknown Speaker 40:11
out here, but ours, you know, they’ve been there for a while. And, you know, that’s that’s a stamp issue, you know, all the other stuff that’s been going on, not just stamp, cleaning stamp. But it’s just a little more background and looking at the same for apartment. So

Unknown Speaker 40:32
I was thinking about that this week when I was doing this. I was like, Yeah, because I know she’s had quite a few movements here at Spring Creek and Fall River and they’re not and she can move as I’m doing the move out reports that you guys are seeing, you know, that it’s not the state units and all the properties.

Unknown Speaker 40:47
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think you’re, you know, the, whatever generates this is lagging because you know, we have five Yeah, yeah. Because it’s like that last one didn’t get in there in time. Correct. Okay. Yeah. But thank you for making it five. You know what I’m saying?

Unknown Speaker 41:09
So, Lisa, I have a question. When you go through here you know, we do this several days in at Spring Creek doesn’t quite add up and I just was wondering, are we is there one more rental unit that should be listed there

Unknown Speaker 41:27
for that? Weekend? So Oh, because one was the down unit and

Unknown Speaker 41:33
then you’ve got two rentals. I wonder if it’s really three

Unknown Speaker 41:37
or we had a waiver kind of July. One moved in Friday? Yes, so it’s hard to do this a month behind but talking about trying to get right to it so I can give you guys a better snapshot of what’s truly available. That’s that’s my thought on this one. I was trying to get it done and talk to them and figure out where we choose that with our vacancy. So but there is now how we make it score and one just moved out because you want to build a choice. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
And then there’s lots of waitlist

Unknown Speaker 42:12
the waitlist So any other questions on the occupancy? on the waitlist? I mean, are we getting responses pretty quickly and people are

Unknown Speaker 42:26
called by each property and gotten about one or two responses so that

Unknown Speaker 42:35
you call five responses

Unknown Speaker 42:38
makes you wonder if they really need a place to put their will put their name

Unknown Speaker 42:43
on multiple lists as well.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
Yeah, and you call my wife

Unknown Speaker 42:50
so even though they put their name on for whatever they have to do an application per property they still Oh no, I want to wait for this or I can’t do it for another six months. So are we disagree we have 5060 people on but by the time you start calling they’re like, Oh, I can’t move to next year. Oh, I was looking for two years our Oh, I’m not 62 yet so we’re I

Unknown Speaker 43:12
don’t have the income or you can’t get through this and found that we’re just weren’t getting to hear.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
So we probably will be opening a lot of our waitlist here shortly. I know Eric and I started discussing it because even currently calling out Aspen’s and just

Unknown Speaker 43:33
dead ends.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Yeah, so but we have to work through that waitlist. So we can open it up and start fresh. So at least when we open fresh, we know those people are very eager and want to move. So our goal is to get to these waitlist and try to get them open pretty quickly. And that will help

Unknown Speaker 43:52
with weakness for the properties is that that’s not randomize, right. Is

Unknown Speaker 43:56
that correct?

Unknown Speaker 44:02
Typically, when we open those,

Unknown Speaker 44:04
there’s no cap, we just take every application that comes in and the only ones that we ask because I was hoping for an on the last week I was going through I was like wait 38 years old, she does not qualify over Skype 40 Now I knew that qualifies and you have to go pick him up

Unknown Speaker 44:22
your application whatever it is saying you have to be 55 or 60.

Unknown Speaker 44:29
So you can be any edge of your head camp. So the reef indication it Yeah, that was the reason vacation. Oh, really? Oh, you have to be 62 now. Oh, see, I didn’t I missed that paragraph. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 44:47
because it’s all new funding Docs. So well, village places 60 turnover. They don’t have 20% under

Unknown Speaker 44:58
yeah Okay, so what that was,

Unknown Speaker 45:00
that was part

Unknown Speaker 45:02
of a tax credit funding many, many years ago that you put, if you went through all avenues to fill your units, then you could step into a 20% for those who are disabled under the age. But you have to show that you have reached out to so many people to try to fill it with

Unknown Speaker 45:17
age appropriate people. Which is why they witness never closed. We just intimidated. Yeah, well, I’m glad for that clarification, because I would have been, I would have been misinforming people.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
Moving on to the property updates. And this is some of these we may have already gone over, I tried to update these as these come in. So

Unknown Speaker 45:47
part of my goals for 2022

Unknown Speaker 45:48
was reportedly walked with all the properties. There was one done earlier this year. And I wrote, I walk with cameras from city facilities. And we kind of walked all the properties and got a general plan, kind of going what needed to be done. What were high priority items. This this coming quarter, when I get back in September, I’m walking all the properties with Dave, the site facility, maintenance person and the Setup Manager, we already have these all scheduled, it’s a four hour block, where we will start at the top of the building kind of walk all the hallways, every storage room, every closet and start coming up with small projects, capital needs improvements, things that we need to make sure we’re budgeting for before we approve these budgets, just so we know what we’re looking at, along with we’ve already done the ADA and it’s disabilities one so that we can find some of these and see what these properties need. And then it’s all my quarterly calendar so that I can follow up on projects. Like if I see a hole in the wall, like you need to get this done, and then my next their next time and I know I have an issue that that hole was not patched because that’s a one hour project total. So quality control with those walks. So those are already scheduled for the rest of the year, the first two quarters of next year.

Unknown Speaker 46:57
But are you looking at like long term needs to three years out two years,

Unknown Speaker 47:04
out with a lot of pulling part of our walk that we just had done has a lot of these things already on it. But it’s just being more proactive on it too, because there’s things we can do now to lengthen the life of some of our items as well.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
And then I didn’t put this under the general

Unknown Speaker 47:21
property updates. But I think the fair housing training was amazing. A great turnout, you had over 50 people between your vote and in person. So money was spent.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
So are you guys required to have your housing certification, how often

Unknown Speaker 47:42
usually, you just have to have like a fair counseling one on one. But this looks much more.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
So our hope is to bring something like this every year to get that more in depth to backup our general and that we have to do for CHAFA. And we have yardie aspire, which is our trading modules that have it in there that we require the staff to do, but it’s like an hour long. So this will be a great second and more in depth where we can use our own stories. Situations, what we’re encountering, because it’s so different than what the nation nationwide trainings, or statewide trainings. Yeah, I think what was so unique to the situations we see here,

Unknown Speaker 48:27
online, or is it a person, like if the last few years have been in person, so

Unknown Speaker 48:32
that we all do it? And we kind of do we set a timeframe, you have to have it done this month and the staff to login and do it and pass the test. But I think opening it up to the boards. We opened it up to community neighborhood HCI all these different departments that interact with Ellijay, I think really helps them see what we’re doing with Senior Services. I know talking to brandy afterwards, she was like, wow, she’s like stuff that you guys have to encounter. Just like we think it’s an easy yes or no question for you guys. It’s easy. Right? So she’s like she thought it kind of made her department a lot more aware of how they need to help residents and not help residents on stuff when it comes to their housing. That each case is not exactly the same.

Unknown Speaker 49:17
And isn’t one size fits all

Unknown Speaker 49:19
correct. For the suite, the LHC team spent two Wednesdays working together to spruce up the community. So after we did walkouts officially move out, the team got together and we haven’t really projects for the suites we the halls culminated common areas were all repainted and rearrange furniture, power wash, scrub, you name it that happened at the suites so all three floors, all community rooms, the residents are extremely ecstatic they we kind of set up a little reading book in the back of a friend. They have a huge large walk in so we made a little reading in the corner and right after we moved the furniture our restaurant was open. I love this She says, I want to be involved. But I don’t feel that I can’t be like I feel down that I can be part of the community, but still have that

Unknown Speaker 50:08
little, exactly some of the trauma informed design that we’re putting into the building and store. There’s opportunities to have privacy and

Unknown Speaker 50:18
so much better than the event.

Unknown Speaker 50:20
Yeah, it’s so inviting just painting the walls. To contrast Yeah, for at least for half a second students like last office that we use for security. So current has now moved into that. So when she’s there, on site, they can see her she’s present, she’ll see who’s coming in and out, and it helps her kind of control and do what she needs to do catch residents as they’re coming and going as well. Instead of being down the hall, we’re going to notice residents at the suites feel like they’re walking to the principal’s office. They’re right because they have to go in and they go down the hall to get to an office there. She’s right there. She’s a peasant, she could open the window, they don’t have to come in, they don’t have that awake. So I really want to do that today. We do know they have a lot of that anxiety and stuff like

Unknown Speaker 51:00
that comedy, looking over their shoulder.

Unknown Speaker 51:03
And so we did that right before the investor mhpg came out and they they were excited with the property conditions. The residents were actually out there talking to investors are now saying how much they liked it there, how much it’s changing. So the investor left on a happy foot. So we were excited for that. A little bit more are talking about the better units there. And then we had two evictions granted in July, one for abandonment and then one for suspension. These violations of both are pending move as in August. If they don’t do that on their own, then it will be the sheriff’s

Unknown Speaker 51:39
come up to do it.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Really? Yes, well, because we haven’t tested yet but they don’t they go into their beginning and then Lightroom has to go in and evolve.

Unknown Speaker 51:52
So we are the fastest movers in long lines. We’ve got everything outside of us and less than an hour

Unknown Speaker 52:08
is swift.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
So I use that. Here when we’ve done a couple of the lockouts recently, the residents are either sitting outside sharing hydrated, this was those days that were like negative 687 o’clock in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
So let me just say something. When I was interviewing at Aspen Meadows last year, there were there were several people who had a concern about one particular resident. And my understanding is that based on their concerns, and the fact that you’ve got to sell video of this, this person has been evicted. Is that correct? Correct. Great. I applaud you for that. So we’ve

Unknown Speaker 52:49
had so we’ve had three big we had three cases in the last few months there and all one moved down on their own through the eviction process and to others were with the sheriff’s assistance. But I will say my calls that I was probably getting from Aspen Meadows senior day, five to 10 calls. I get none. So it was probably an hour of my day prior to these evictions was the President’s calling. Did you see this? Did you see that? And I had to go in pull the video footage, save that document and talk to residents did

Unknown Speaker 53:28
witness statements it was it was a process so it is completely calm

Unknown Speaker 53:31
down at Aspen. I bet it’s quiet.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Yeah, my concern now is it’s getting too quiet.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
So Aspen Meadows neighborhood. The Metro and like I said, which will be the current unit will be done in October. They’ve already confirmed that and then we had one infection that was graded for the nonpayment from September to July and not paid right. So we got that one evicted, moved them out. And then that’s all I got the positive results on this morning. For Brian with the veterans community project, completed their outdoor beautification project that we wouldn’t have a paid half and they got all volunteers to work. They refurbish the gazebo made a ton of barbecue area, redid the landscaping planted flowers and stuff and the residents started helping going out there and finding the flowers and helping out there we had one eviction granted for non payment of rent for multiple months and I believe we’re already pending a move in through the locally funded voucher program into that unit. So that one will be taking a short amount of time

Unknown Speaker 54:46
so not knowing a whole lot about our the majority of the people in they’re disabled or not. They’re not disabled. Some of them were

Unknown Speaker 55:00
They’re through the probation program that used to be part. riderwood originally had. They were probationary units through the Sheriff’s Department. And some of them have paid vouchers after that there for so long. Some are locally funded vouchers for the city of online that have come off of local case processing for the homeless. We have four blocks or get it there. And then the other ones are just hard to house and some have just anxiety issues. We have two families living there as well, with a single dad and the child and then a couple of years into Child’s project, we do have some veterans will be there. And so they work with those veterans, but they kind of embraced the whole community because it’s 10 units. So they’ve worked with those residents help them and they got to see Batman who saw this, you know, this is going on? Excellent.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Well, this used to be referred to.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
So I’m wondering

Unknown Speaker 56:05
if we also had one pending infection that the guy did is infection that we expected to stay there because his girlfriend and so did he have a like her combat property and spend the night. So we worked with a disputed project, his caseworker because he’s on a veteran voucher, and kind of explained to him what was all at jeopardy, and he said, I’m staying here, I’m not gonna jeopardize my housing. And would it be a compliance for police called the police and that was the case next for that project. That

Unknown Speaker 56:41
was one of the things that was nice.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
The village place as we refer to residents feedback after the last meeting, where they’re like, nothing has been done, you know, the community areas are looking back. So we updated the office, what do I say after eviction, and then we would have actually Sampled Colors posted on all the columns so that they could start voting, because we figured that’s a easy update we could do expensively is because they walk in, so we got blues, greens, great. And we got, we narrowed it down throughout the community for each color app that we would each color, and they could voting marker and tally and get out which colors they want. So our hopes at the end of September, early October to at least columns and the entryway works ground into kind of a blue, you’re agreeing something that’s kind of more we go to the carpet kind of takes the whole community. So we took that away from the last one.

Unknown Speaker 57:41
Free Free.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
The residents hosted on Fourth of July barbecue there that their community funds, they had a great turnout. And then on Tuesdays they’re doing a taekwondo class in their community center. And when I can watch them attendance is about 40% of the residents are now participating in the morning. So and one of the benefits they deserve it’s exciting stuff. He teaches it in his Altair, all the chair and

Unknown Speaker 58:17
Fall River here, they’ve really been working on their bodies to the poxy off and then all these wildfires that are growing and beautiful garden at the end of the year that was contributing our newsletter that is just overflowing. So that’s been what they can say never had activities or they never really they opened very COVID so they’re starting to get into that and they have three

Unknown Speaker 58:39
distributions and

Unknown Speaker 58:43
anything for stupid probably want to add. They did their last sprinkling did a birthday celebration on Saturday. But I know they’re getting ready to update arts class a proposal about $300 they want to do half the residents signed up to do it and they want me to go to class and everything so they need to reduce over and over brushes and all that so that’s my project also for Fall River, one unit was granted multiple months after the eviction was granted. The resident I guess finally let her family know what’s going on because we can’t just call the family and say hey, this is what’s going on. We can try. She did not but she probably did reach out to her family for Saturday check us out we were able to sit down management and your services. The mediation department seems to be involved with their site and we sat down and kind of went through and she had to take a couple weeks to get paid all the trustees all the battles friends Is everything that they teach the judgments we can perhaps hear? So and that person has taken over the financial responsibility to make sure the present paid, but it is the beginning at the onset of other stuff, and some have not seen it, it’s inside of that. And what am I going to get back to same question multiple times. And she gave me a different answer that Poseidon was finally aware of how significant because we see that we try to get adult protective services involved. But they said that they taught her she was talking to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
And then she still lives here. Everything’s going good, excited. Lets us know. Hey, good. Yeah. For her peace of mind to become a copyright check. And so she has a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
good, yes. Much better. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
So that’s one of our happy cases. Then we have one pending eviction right now. Well, we’ve already been granted eviction through the courts had a secondary inspection for a court order for with code enforcement sale. So we’re just waiting now for

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
the jump piece right

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
now, because we’ve worked with him to clean that up. But now it’s the apartments another issue. That’s not okay, Hearthstone, no updates at the moment. The lodge me because the HUD budgets are due a little bit sooner than anything, we have to get those proposals out. We are proposing for the lodge got an 8% increase. This isn’t passed on to the residents. It’s passed on through the headsets that we get. So we did can remember no posted notices last week to let the notice the residents know that we would be asking for rental increase there. And it’s we’re seeing cost increase already is the snow removal. Obviously, we budgeted 11 pools and we had 15 so far this year, and we’re not even done. So we know we’re going to be over budget there, I think that lodge have a 15 to 20% Insurance increase. So and then we have the increased salaries, benefits, stuff like that. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
I know we’ve talked about this before, but there was a thing about the LHC. Turning on properties over to value chain is that still in process

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
it is. So I think it was quick update on that we’ve just provided an update on that before the last time we met with them, which was August 2. So for village place, we’re looking at whether we can get the transfer to happen ahead of the recertification or if it has to go with it. That’s part of that investor strategy for the lightened to bail hdc owns at persoane next door so much where it’s just gonna be a purchase, where we’re thinking about using the cities aren’t the concept have dedicated to that land purchase it because other agency does it Oh, the affordable housing fund out of the city once they transferred ownership. So just doing that purchase exercise, it would make no money and a big circle. That would take care of that one. Spring Creek and Fall River are supposed to be pretty straightforward. We just need investor approval to switch over the entity. And so the attorneys think that that would be pretty straightforward. Getting going on. That’s gonna be the first ones to do since it’s probably pretty straightforward. And with who else we’re missing on those places, the lands, Spring Creek Fall River that was partially on watch. Oh, persona, much. Harder Hearthstone launch is? Well, we’re looking at doing the exit from the 202 program. Yeah, so we’re trying to see do we do it? Do we just transfer the land before? After we have to kind of strategize that one. It’s according to the attorney if they think it’s going to be rather straightforward, but we just have to figure out which thing comes first.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
It’s best what’s the impact on the residents exiting to they will

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
all go to project based vouchers. So then after one year of being on a project based voucher, they can request a section or the Housing Choice Voucher which is a section eight voucher and be able to take their voucher outside right now with the tool to they pay 30% of their rent, but it’s not transferable. They only get that centralized right at that property.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
Right, that would live and then

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
LBJ would have more control over the budget. Everything we do would not have to be approved by HUD right.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
Stay at 30%

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
They aren’t gonna stay at 30% Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Additional services to just continue on

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
Yeah, because those are already built into our budget. So it actually gives us a little bit more budget flexibility. Like, yes, I need to replace an AC right now, I can’t say yes, just go do it out of budget, we have to get the approval from HUD to go buy that AC. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
that way they would fall into it have that crunch of having to submit vouchers for the property all the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
It’ll be it will be taken over by the HCP. system that the CMS every time from the tax reporting and everything to get that funding from HUD, and where we didn’t delay funding from one set time set, at the end of the year, when we’re still waiting for approval and funding where we can go, I think it was the logic of what four or five months with no funding for that property this year. So that will not be paid through ACB. correctly, likely, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
So it’s more flexibility for both Lhh and for the residents. Yeah, without changing your

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
to get out of the program

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
if they wanted to. So so that if they didn’t want to live in Hearthstone or live anymore, once they’re in the housing choice voucher, we could just go anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
which I understand is a little hard to find

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
if that’s the challenge, but they could stay with my sponsor for

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
somebody who wanted to so there’s the LSAC board still meet. They do. So has Have you mentioned to them that we have openings on the electric board would anything be interested

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
what that is? Yeah, that’s a great idea. We

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
meet with them in September because he has a different background information to the situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
We meet with them September 21 right after your next meeting. So I will I will put that on that that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
a great point. There is one that we’re good okay, and then just so the stacking of the open positions so the Spring Creek calm river village place, Catholic village place starting next week, she’ll be full time there will be full time Spring Creek Fall River. Sorry. Corinne is splitting her time 5050 between the Aspen’s and the sweets. Because we are down to assistant managers we’ve been trying to hire, we had one we made an offer for but would not cannot pass all the background checks. We had another one we were reaching out to, but she took another position in the city. So I made an offer on Friday. He’s accepted. And he’s actually already go to the city’s hiring process. So fingers crossed, we can get him started by next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
The custodian,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
I think we’re just going live on that on that for the city. We’ve had it in our hands, but we haven’t got much any traffic. So hopefully now we’ll be let’s go on the city website and all the city resources that we can start hiring and getting good candidates for that position. And then we have the three positions for the building attended at suites that will replace security. We get one interview on Friday, and we have another interview tomorrow. So we’re moving ahead on that one. Hopefully, we’ll get those stats here pretty shortly.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
Clarification, what is what is the difference between the building attended.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
So double attended is kind of adorable. So instead of just sitting there watching the front door, they’ll be more proactive on the property, they could be helping out maintenance Jodean thing so that they’re not just sitting there. We’ve already we’re interviewing, it’s in our job description that you know, it didn’t tell anything from help finding office work to paving the corridors, if they’re on the graveyard shift. It could be chained to vacant or touching the hallways just to help maintain the property as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
So it’s 24/7 Somebody’s going to be there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
Not 24/7 It is 23. So somebody will be there seven days a week. The night shift, I believe is like 8pm to 5am five days a week and that’s the full time position. And then there’ll be two weekend people that will be the 24 hours on the weekend. And those are 220 hour shifts with flexibility to cover holidays, vacations and

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
stuff. So I know I’ve asked this question before. Are we bringing our salaries have to meet like the rest of the area? I know that last time we had a meeting one of the concerns with Harold was that we need to look at raising salaries for next year. Are we bringing is that a problem with some of these why we’re not filling in the salaries.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
Now we are competitive in the market. We do the city. When we came over to the city they did the market analysis for all of them and the hiring range the pay ranges and we expected that we follow the city’s plan

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
We do expect increases for everyone but that’s what Ken does working on the budget right now but for 2023 Most city and budget positions to keep the market

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
yeah so we are right there at the market we we check in day out every so often just to make sure that we’re staying competitive

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
and they get benefits right? That’s That’s great.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
Are there celebrate Yes. So that it’s just at the very end of the pirated market

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
so I will just notice are mentioned you don’t see finance updates on here, but you usually do. The Lhh board did give direction to Kendra to reserve that for quarterly instead of monthly wasn’t much to update on. So that’s that’s gonna start happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
Had one last.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
So copying conversations, we did not do it in August, we had a few in July with some different vendors come out face to face came out at a couple of properties, and ultimately came out to a couple properties. August we didn’t schedule anything because application school starting it’s been very hectic, it’d be lower stack. But we do hope to resume in September and October. And our plan is to have Kendra and Hale to attend those because we know we have Elijah hasn’t done rent increases in several years. So we know it’s going to be a big topic if we do need to implement some rent increases coming into 2023. And so with lease rules in 2023. So we are preparing that looking at different strategies for some properties, some properties Fall River is operating very close to what chakra allows us to annually I think we’re operating at like 30,000 under for the year from Max reds, but we have delish place that’s operating at 327,000. Under

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
these rent increases are going to go to the residents. What’s the percentage?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
We haven’t turned about that yet? We’re looking at the different graphics we have like 357 10. Looking at that properties, a copy some of the demographics of the residents. And so we have a big, it’s been some big meetings. So I’ve been covered by the voucher with two. Well, friends, oh, residence was paid their portion. But this is for those who are in like a 30% unit where there could be cheap charging probably 705. But there was still

Unknown Speaker 1:12:35
a five hundreds. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
because rent increases, like I said,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
are you looking at the impact of that insisting on your resident?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
Yeah. Their current call, we have to follow fair housing. So we can’t make a specific decision based on somebody’s

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
household AMI, we can see that the percentage of unit there is concern of what they’re paying and increasing not to like, you know, whatever, who you match by checking this are very close to it is less than the percentage we’re going. But it’d be very, it’d be fair across the board. And it’s much. There’s a lot more that the x.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:15
So we’re 575

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
Now, now that we’re looking at a percentage increase based on what they’re already paying, and only increasing it a percentage, and everybody

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28
that it would it would mean, I’m assuming less than 10% Even though you might want to entertain 10%. But that’s kind of a wallet for a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:13:38
people, we are definitely looking at making sure that it’s not a wallet for people there are so we have across the board, we have some people that are at 60% income, then they’re paying 30 paying rent based on what a 30% income would.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
So there they have to disparity?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
Yes. And there’s some of the other other situations as well. So we have to weigh all of that. Make sure this is, you know, it’s swallowable not I don’t know what the exact percentage threshold is on it yet. We’re looking at all of it.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
So just security plans on increasing as well. So there’s a lot of factors we’re putting into this social security.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
So it’s a wash.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
But for example, they’ll just place the rent related we’re collecting is so low, that it will impact our ability, all the rest of the kitchen to get an investor that will work to do this. So we have to wait there’s so many things to weigh. Yeah. So just trying to come up with something equitable, doable. Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:49
let’s say

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
people, homeless like that, right. That’s what we’re looking at the households.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59
On the at our front door looking for that for the man, you know, it was manager was there so that if she was leaving, she said, Well, I’ve got to find a place to live, where I’m living, just increase my rent 200 a month. And it you know, yeah, that that’s happening out there. And and hopefully we’re in a position to be a fallback when

Unknown Speaker 1:15:27
that happens. It’s hard because all our costs are increasing.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:32
And like I said, Yeah, but I’m just saying, increase it that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
way, all of it, we’ve got to be able to do property has to operate, we also need to be, you know, we are housing last resort.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
So to start passing the rumor and get people braced. And actually, I’ve been doing that for the last three years just expected. We can’t wait can’t go on forever, without

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
some of our costs have almost doubled or tripled this past year. And then the delays and people are like, Well, I’ve been waiting for your kitchen sink for six weeks. And like we’ve been waiting nine weeks for the new boxes and our supplies, we just see our supplier costs going up.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
There was a movement. And I could be talking a couple of decades ago, since I’ve been retired at least a decade now that we didn’t keep inventory. It was just in time inventory. Are you familiar with that? And I’m looking at the consequences of not having in the children, you know, we might have to, but not having it and having to wait and wait and wait. Because the last three years has been horrible. And with COVID. And then and now with the iffy international situation of who’s going to be able to manufacture what I’m, I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
actually working on that. So okay, we’ve been strictly made, it’s like, if you start seeing like, like the watch, for example, we’ve started noticing that there are still content, you’re talking the 10 year mark, I was like every time you order, you know, you need one order to because we know you’re going to have another one. As soon as you use that one order to more, you know, get that back stock. So that you know, because we know it’s coming. So you’ve seen with Foss, it’s like keep one on hand. So emergencies, we’re not making that last minute wind up on people raise hardware, paying twice as much that we could pay to HD Let’s have an online

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
Yeah, sorry, bigger clients as well. We don’t have one in the store.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
After meadows, we were very lucky with the recent occasion that we were able to pull 10 fridges and store them throughout the week, we have one last I think that’s pretty clear. So but we pulled them in separate them out for the portfolio so that we had backup fridges because we knew they were delayed, they were on backorder. So we use most of our 10 fridges along with ordering them. But

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
one more just comment on the balance is we’re in this position where we’re trying to catch, you know, we’re getting feedback about the maintenance and the projects the properties. And we’re trying to catch up on backlog from the years good, pretty COVID years when lightning was in the budget situation and the COVID years and everything that did. So the fact that we are still working on catching up properties in this cost situation. And I mean budget was tight this year, but we made it we’re going to make it and then also having the revenue is just like a double hit to provide the things that the residents are asking for without it has to be intact. So it’s just a balance. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43
So it doesn’t work the other way also just came up in one of the interviews, somebody who had lost their spouse, then when they come up for renewal observe Luis, let’s not adjust their cost.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
I do have a question when when impossible about the rent increases? I know we’re looking at increasing the rents of the people who are currently living here. But are we able for new residents who are coming in to charge a higher rent more?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
That’s all except privileged place at the moment because it’s hard to get feedback with the type of product we’re offering. They haven’t gone from reciprocation. But we know once Russification happens like asking those everyday human does go to the max size. So we do get that so these are just people who have been there longer than a year plus

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
an increased spread Every year slowly it will be a gradual ramp going forward, yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
we will, it will be minimal. To the properties with me, as we started, we’ll have a letter that will go up by a coffee conversation, as well as our proposal is and this is why, and then have Pender and Carol there to help go through this process. You know, I know we had a meeting with some spray three months ago, where we tend to get down to the budget with residents who enter the box to the mortgage. They taught me how to study just wear out. Well, what happens to the money from last year? Keep that in our pocket to pay down debt, though. So having those conversations and having a clear picture, I think will help as well. Yes. There was a lot of projects we want to do but I

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
got a budget and hope that helps

Unknown Speaker 1:21:10
because then when residents can see it black and white

Unknown Speaker 1:21:16
is it’s that bridges that

Unknown Speaker 1:21:19
gap. Oh, why should I trust you? Because much more palatable. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
like I said, Watch we proposed to the rankings. we budgeted for 11 score pools we had 15 and we’re not even here so we know we’re going to be over budget on that insurance possibly not everyone’s following

Unknown Speaker 1:21:44
that money right,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:58
so 23 Return

Unknown Speaker 1:22:12
Hey, guys, I have one more thing. Sorry. I have the screaming child who won’t let me speak. I just wanted to know are we doing anything about the death of Anton Anton Dworak, who was a LH DC member did we? Do we want to you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
I didn’t know it was an HTC member but I am

Unknown Speaker 1:22:33
aware. Okay. Yeah, he I think he’s been like a long, long serving member in the community and he worked with Cameron. Yeah. It would be nice if we could honor him in some way. Okay. No, like maybe a memory like a tree or a bench or something? I think they did.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
Let’s put that on the

Unknown Speaker 1:23:11
list here for me to look at. Thank you. Arlene just said we should look at the organization that was listed on his obituary.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
Yeah, so Longmont United Hospital Foundation. Which one?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
Yeah, okay. Great, thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:32
No problem. Thanks, guys.

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