The Backstory on Housing in Longmont – Live at Longmont Public Media.

Video Description:
What to build, where to build and how much to build in regards to housing are issues in Longmont as well as in every community in the country. So if you have questions or concerns about residential home development in Longmont, join Tim Waters – the host of The Backstory and volunteer for a Longmont Public Media – in the Longmont Public Media Studio. On Monday evening, August 29 at 6pm Tim will be joined by a panel of experts and advocates, including Eric Wallace and Edwina Salazar from Prosper Longmont, Annmarie Jensen from the East County Housing Opportunity Coalition, and Harold Dominguez – Longmont’s City Manager. If you’re in our studio audience, you’ll have a chance to ask your questions, share your concerns, and share your ideas about what to build, how much to build and where to build it.