Callahan House Advisory Board – Aug 2022

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Callahan House Advisory Board – Aug 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
I’m gonna go ahead and call the meeting to order. Okay, because everybody had a chance to read the minutes from the last meeting is Jen

Unknown Speaker 0:21
Hey there, you’re safe as well.

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Okay, so worried call the meeting order. Has everybody had a chance to read the minutes from the previous statement? Okay, can we have any corrections are up for just a couple quick actions?

Unknown Speaker 0:48
You might want to change the business a second, since you might want to change the exact query but it was great for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
And in scrapbooks update, I think it’s accurate to break the first sentence of actually, Connie recording to read the email and said she continues to investigate digitizing scrapbooks. And I recorded that the Table of Contents portion of both projects finish.

Unknown Speaker 1:37

Unknown Speaker 1:44
and reported to me via email. She said she continues to investigate digitizing scrapbooks. And then you can say

Unknown Speaker 2:00
okay, so I’m looking at the minutes and with the with corrections. Can I have a I get a second. Second. Okay. Moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 2:19
Onto the house manager’s report. Does everybody get a chance to read this report?

Unknown Speaker 2:28
Questions. You sound a little busy. Other than

Unknown Speaker 2:40
how you sleep in Russia seldom work?

Unknown Speaker 2:44
Well, to answer that question, I was here at two in the morning on Sunday. I went home Saturday night. All the way I did I got almost all the way home and they started calling me like every two minutes. So I turned around and came back. There was nothing but all I could figure was that maybe the motion sensor picked up the curtains moving in the air conditioning. But if that was the case, I would have known it would happen all the time. So I don’t know if somebody was outside the front window. And like doing something strange. I have. It took we I came back with my husband and we went through the whole house. So I just left my new law firm was pretty darn sure. Right? You never know. So yeah. In the morning, when I got home, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 3:36
Flush her husband everywhere wash her husband with this so you didn’t have to do it.

Unknown Speaker 3:46
Okay, here we go. Yep. So I wanted to know, when was Phil Barlow, and he was

Unknown Speaker 4:01
here a week ago Monday, then told me that that report would be done to the to the markets.

Unknown Speaker 4:10
Here. Yeah. That was just a question mark.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
He was here the first

Unknown Speaker 4:21
two to four weeks, we anticipate because then that goes off. How was the deep roots? It

Unknown Speaker 4:31
weren’t celebrities. They could they reached out to us because of the article in the newspaper and said that they were interested in receiving therapy. So that was

Unknown Speaker 4:44
Do you know much about them? Are they like I left the

Unknown Speaker 4:46
company there for Collins company. And they felt they had Historic Preservation experience. So all we have to do is make sure that they get notified when the RFP goes out right

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I noticed I don’t know I didn’t check. History. You have to. Yep. So good

Unknown Speaker 5:11
news going out to the public so notifying somebody in addition to the notification that’s gonna go out from the system. And it’s neither here nor there. But I but I did reach out to to each other. I talked to Watkins, I talked to spectrum. I talked to white. I talked to the receptionist at water one dog, so they all they all know it’s coming soon. Okay, so and what? Okay, yeah, I saw Jane. She can. Yeah, I was there was very interesting. Talks about the windows, of course press. Both the restoration and the, the meaning of the colors and the symbolism in the selections of what’s in the glass windows. And they’re beautiful, beautiful windows. They’re absolutely gorgeous. And they have had that temper class applied to them, like what we’re talking about today to ours. So it was a very nice presentation. And both Jane and the minister presented about the windows and then Carol athletic hebbal reception from this was a nice nice event. Parking was there though. Boulder and they change the name of the church to Grace Commons or something like that. So as I’m driving around holder, right here, I don’t see why they keep them saying

Unknown Speaker 6:49
they really you deal with circumstances? Yeah. So but it was very interesting. They talked about Christian endeavor, which was the youth organization that was formed in the late 1800s to get youth involved in the church and they have a very strong youth ministry. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 7:15
So I have just a couple more quick questions and they expensive so when we have ice I’m guessing as pastor to do this, because they’re like

Unknown Speaker 7:28
well, we only have 40 Count device so that does not go very far when it’s 97 Isn’t it well and we buy we buy ice when we’re doing the non alcoholic beverages when they’re doing alcohol they when they’re on us

Unknown Speaker 7:46
so with purchasing, like from a decades I’m wondering why are we spending $300 outside mama for polishing fertilizer?

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Well it was mostly fertilizer and it’s because there isn’t any available organic fertilizer available in Walmart I went to flower bed they don’t have any furloughed went out of business and Lowe’s and Home Depot didn’t have organic and they wanted organic fertilizer so we’ve been buying fertilizer for decades for years

Unknown Speaker 8:18
and then for fellowship or we can set some

Unknown Speaker 8:22
I just bought there because it was handy and I

Unknown Speaker 8:28
we are we replacing pictures because I noticed

Unknown Speaker 8:32
we bought 10 new ones our pictures were miserably ugly all the time for adults so we got rid of the old to draw the plastic Yeah, well and I put straining sturdier ones but honestly they’re like 70 bucks apiece. And the first time you drop them they’re there for ya. And these are like $9 apiece and when they get bad we throw away and we just replaced them all the way that’s another issue Yeah, they’re really heavy and your money can’t tell what’s inside the metal ones. So they’re not because you so you pick it up in your core and figure out you guys to eliminate or whatever. So yes, we replaced the pitchers. paler those were those were the Callahan house pictures

Unknown Speaker 9:27
we picked. We just we were just got out

Unknown Speaker 9:33
and because of the fact that he now lives in a bar and transport so personally, it’s just easier to buy a bunch the price keeps going up because it pricing keeps going up. So we are now stocks for a while. Are there any more questions

Unknown Speaker 9:53
on the balance sheet? The balance sheet, basically to look at this at So some expenses a little revenue.

Unknown Speaker 10:02
So we’re definitely files

Unknown Speaker 10:08
and expenses. Revenues for the month.

Unknown Speaker 10:13
But not for the year.

Unknown Speaker 10:14
Yeah, yeah, just the one. So just just looking wondered, don’t we have time telco charges consistent? Do they change regularly or

Unknown Speaker 10:26
telephone expenses get charged per paycheck. So in July, there were three paychecks. So we got charged three times. Most months, we only get charged twice.

Unknown Speaker 10:37
Okay. Cream, most of the nuances, the

Unknown Speaker 10:42
salaries and wages, temporary wages and employee benefits costs only this

Unknown Speaker 10:49
free page and

Unknown Speaker 10:50
because of that, all right.

Unknown Speaker 10:55
Thank you. So going through the house manager’s report, can I get a motion that we accept it and put it into?

Unknown Speaker 11:06
Motion? Okay. All right, moving on to old business. And starting with the grant function. So we kind of talked about that briefly. I did want to ask you, Ben, while you’re here. Is it possible that we could have a presentation? Maybe in September from hearing?

Unknown Speaker 11:31
It is it Carrie? Carrie, Carrie, she

Unknown Speaker 11:35
has that she’s been she’s been working on this as well. And she she is she’s part of the historic aspect of it. And I was wondering if, if we could speak with her. Maybe September, October

Unknown Speaker 11:53
power coming in and talk about what?

Unknown Speaker 11:56
What would be the purpose? I mean, why would you what would you want her to present?

Unknown Speaker 11:59
I just like to I just like to first of all, put a face to her and meet her and see what exactly, you know, because she’s helping cover the historic aspect of it. And I thought it’d be interesting for the board to me,

Unknown Speaker 12:14
because she’s part of the facility.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
I can talk I will talk to her and see about getting your in if that’s possible, or if it works with her schedule. And I would ask that we put that word at the beginning. So she can

Unknown Speaker 12:27
week. And that’s exactly kind of what I was thinking. But because we’ve been having this at the start at the office is right at the start of the meeting, I thought it’d be interesting for the board to kind of put a face to her. And because she’s working with Kathy, I’d be interested fine. Just to touch base, whether we do this in September, October, I don’t really care. And it’s carried with the case in Haiti. But why? Or why?

Unknown Speaker 12:59
Or why she had sh e h a n. So the purpose could just be the meter. Yeah, basically. Okay, that’s fine. We can we can work that out.

Unknown Speaker 13:10
I thought that would be.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
And again, it’s asking first, and then if we can meet her in September, October, or even November, that would be great. However, it works into the schedule of things, because this is going to be a great project that

Unknown Speaker 13:24
we would like to see. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:29
That was just my only comment on that. So do

Unknown Speaker 13:31
you like oxygen as well? That yeah, if that’s possible,

Unknown Speaker 13:35
if that’s possible, okay. It just be kind of, because again,

Unknown Speaker 13:39
I can’t bite them both, then then I kind of can have a face to

Unknown Speaker 13:45
face to go with the name and the we know who’s working on it, it helps us see OSFI is one of those things. That would be great. So on to to the project itself. You kind of touch base. So

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Philip Barlow was here on the first and took all the paint samples, and he, he did not use a lift to use the ladder. He said that he couldn’t figure out how to get a ladder or lift in here safely, without breaking trees. And he was concerned about the driveway. So he just he just used a letter. And he got all of his samples. He was here for about four or five hours, a little a little after lunch, and said that it would take him two to four weeks to do the report depending on what else was going on in his life. So he would report back to us and he’s also going to get the samples back so that we can we can actually see them and keep them for a record. He he said that the colors at the very base seem to be very dark and he thought at one point or another they might have even paid for Christmas. That was what he To set up Wow, he said that he thought to her lighter reds and greens. So yeah, so he was, he was he was intrigued. So the RFP is pretty much is pretty much ready to go. But we’re not gonna release it until we get the paint analysis back because they want to include the pain analysis and the information that they give the contractors at the pre project meeting so that they can adequately bid the peaks the paint job. So that’s that’s kind of where we’re at with everything. We’re just mostly in a holding pattern

Unknown Speaker 15:38
for you. Okay, cool. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 15:42
Some different day, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:43
Progress though.

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Differentiate. Alright, so moving right on to the, to the, the tour brochure and updates. And simply put is because we had talked about going through and going through the self guided tour and whatnot, and then putting it into play and seeing how it went. So Karen, you’re really pretty much the one that’s been handling a lot of the Berkshire stuff. Do you want to go ahead and put any update?

Unknown Speaker 16:21
Well, really short and sweet. I think it went really well.

Unknown Speaker 16:25
We knew that

Unknown Speaker 16:28
we had to our guests, I didn’t have anyone who wanted to keep them. So that’s something that shows that we did not overload them with information. And actually, it was valuable to me, they saw residency. So, which I think is wonderful, because we’ve accomplished what we set out to do. And on each of the two documents, of course, we do have a QR code, which helps with providing them access to information of the house, and an opportunity to donate. Some really published what we set out for both the self guided tour for them to have and Callahan house why the historic restoration preservation is important. People actually dinner afterwards, and ask me some more questions about each of them. So that was a positive result. Did anyone else getting feedback?

Unknown Speaker 17:36
I didn’t get a copy of your

Unknown Speaker 17:38
story. I got lots of feedback. And fifth, I’m gonna go back to a separate about that announcement. Like, I just heard, that was great. They were excited to have it. They actually once that didn’t get it went back and got a copy. So to me, that’s it. That’s a good thing. So just about those two. And then do we have any more comments in regards to the historic presser restoration reservations? document itself? Or any changes that we wanted to make in regards to that? Did anybody see anything that we needed to do? Can we go ahead and finalize the self guided tour brochure and then get that in place? So

Unknown Speaker 18:31
it’s done.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
File Share with Kathleen, in that’s exactly what the whole point is to finalize it.

Unknown Speaker 18:42
I think it worked out really well. And I didn’t see any changes. Does anybody else see any changes that we need to make? Ask the question.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
The question I have on this was the $180,000 awarded on December 1 in the matching funds. So people might look at that and thought oh, Lord gave 180,000 Now it specify where

Unknown Speaker 19:10
it’s so nice to see a 25% matching patents or do you want us to put 60,000 What do you prefer just your data set? And more specific 25% matching funds, and that’s what that

Unknown Speaker 19:28
is, which is

Unknown Speaker 19:29
why historic preservation.

Unknown Speaker 19:33
Okay, thank you for catching up and

Unknown Speaker 19:35
then we’ll stay with 25% or 60 class and I think either or maybe let’s say consistent or dollar

Unknown Speaker 19:42
purposes or something.

Unknown Speaker 19:44
Yeah. Okay. Because we’ve got dollars here to show people. It reads easier 60,000 in direct CS 20.

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Thanks Standard okay, sir, anything else? Okay, so we need to go ahead and have a motion to prove what changes civility can move forward and we can get this put in place

Unknown Speaker 20:14
from the Hypno environment you know, I was just reading the purchase that Tom made of that 30 foot strip, we were interested in, we did more research in

Unknown Speaker 20:43
the transfer.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Obviously, Tom got it from

Unknown Speaker 20:48
eg Jones,

Unknown Speaker 20:49
that was from blenders and flenders shop was this really quick turn out, and he chose bought it from Flinders for 1000 resorted to Tom for 1300 It’s really an interesting exchange that happened. So rather than saying short of this, rather than, say, from the neighbor to the side, because he just really wasn’t a neighbor at the time. The property north from the northern property, or the propagation of

Unknown Speaker 21:24
neighbor, neighbor, so I think that’s better.

Unknown Speaker 21:27
I think I need to clarify, I think I need that clarified. So if it’s okay with you all, some but a 30 foot strip of land from

Unknown Speaker 21:37
the stage each

Unknown Speaker 21:40
three foot strip of lands to the north.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
Okay, because then that way, it’s really accurate. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 22:01
so we have a motion on the table that we approved these as, as the changes that are submitted now this meeting. Can I get a second? I’ll second. Okay, so then these documents with with changes that will be submitted into Kathy? And then we’ll go from that.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
And if I can request both? Do you do a PDF or a document or do both? If you could do both, that would be great. We’re making some changes for our website. So the duck the information contained, they’d like to see in the web page, instead of as a PDF, so that people on mobile phones, they finally passed 50% of people doing everything on mobile phones, PDF is probably all experienced a PDF, it’s really hard to get out. So we’re trying to transition and if you could provide both, then as we get them we can, or just forward. Both that

Unknown Speaker 22:55
would be great. So if you could provide it to California and to Fabulous, fabulous, thank thanks so much.

Unknown Speaker 23:04
Emotions, please.

Unknown Speaker 23:10
All right. Okay, I’m moving on to the Callahan house, room by room. Doesn’t some guy I thought it worked went really well. But my only request is that we keep a copy in the drawer with her name picks for anybody that forgets. So we have to be helpful. So we have the information. So if we could just keep a copy in the drawer, and then we’re not asking happy to give?

Unknown Speaker 23:50
Because I don’t think that’s fair.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
I just think Can you explain the difference between the self guided tour and the Dawson’s tour today? Is I’m not sure I understand

Unknown Speaker 23:59
the self guided tour, and the historic preservation restoration each given to our guests. Each guest is one that’s docents tour, is meant for just us, the board members to have NPM so that we can answer questions as they come up. With a quick reference. It’s meant for us to be able to properly describe the rooms, explain a few things and articulate some parts particular interest. Yes, if there’s a question that somebody comes up with, it’s likely going to be in the detail of that room. But then anytime a question does come up, and it’s not in there, that would be a good chance for us to update our justice. This is for just us. We will continue to update it as as needed. So as a question comes up, and then we clarify it, we’ll add it to the appropriate room or appropriate section. Okay, that’s just for isn’t it for us. However, Eric’s I do like Eric suggestion. And when we would talk to sort of met with us, he said, Well, some people might really want to have this information. What if we had it set and found, it could just be something similar to kind of think of what publication would be not that similar? Just hard paper, you know, like cardstock, paper found and folded over something better? Yeah, worthless. But anyway, have that available for purchase if someone wanted to purchase it. And then like I said, I think I said it in the last meeting that he said, That’s a great idea. And because there are going to be people who will want all these details, they said, the challenge is just making sure you’re able to take payments, either if it’s electronic, or something that said a lot, people may not carry cash with them. So just be mindful of that payment. So ideally, this, this can be traded into nothing. That’s what I’d like us to do some type of clothes that can be purchased by guests, I think

Unknown Speaker 26:19
that’s a good idea. And to be honest, I was just going through my bookshelf this weekend, and going through various different things and came across in the 75th. For sure, for certain for for a long line and other brochures that are that were really fun and exciting to look at. And I think that’s one of those things that I think it’d be nice to have. But at this point, are we good with what we have out?

Unknown Speaker 26:53
Well, we do have some nice feedback from questions that came out.

Unknown Speaker 27:01
So basically, okay, do we want to discuss it now? Or do we want it? That’s a good question.

Unknown Speaker 27:10
I think we move forward. And we continue to recognize that the docents tour is a work in progress where I don’t think we’re quite ready to to get to the point where we publish it. But I really do appreciate all your work McCarron. But I think that we need to put it in play a little bit longer and see if or how many more questions need to come up. And up to it. So So that being said, I would like to move forward and go on to recap the July 27. Meeting, I open house an event and talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 27:49
I’ll just keep up on payments of questions that are coming in that I want to get some questions from an agenda. And I’ll just a bit open and then the next for after September we’ll do the same thing, just gathering the questions.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
If that would be basically I think we’re gonna go it’s kind of a combined effort now trying to keep this stuff public’s being aware of anybody that’s watching this, if we can just kind of recap any feedback or whatnot that we got under the open houses, if we can just discuss it at that point. So I would like to move forward on the agenda to the open houses and look at go straight into July 22, three cap and feedback from the event and this basically going to cover that. So we had 165

Unknown Speaker 28:47
advisory board members, one student volunteer one house manager running the event. So I think it was quite successful with 160 forecasts. I’d say it was definitely a really great start.

Unknown Speaker 29:02
I think we have

Unknown Speaker 29:05
these we should probably talk through to see how each feel about the flow of things and how that worked with sending a lot of small groups at a time and shuffling from one room to the other versus you know, having an interesting tour a whole group around the room. We’ve decided that we actually put into play whether something has happened before

Unknown Speaker 29:32
swear they will separate their losses opinion.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
Upstairs was hard because it came through both doors. I mean up the steps into the back door. So I didn’t know their little bit this way or if they went to the meeting room or whatever. So

Unknown Speaker 29:51
yeah, we got to go down the stairs

Unknown Speaker 29:54
so we got to mark that.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
So that that was one of the things that I did. Want to bring up? You know, I’m so sorry that you were ill and could not call strikes. One of the things that I would like to do that is if one of us can’t be here and be sick, if you could contact me and let me know, because that way, or the chair, it doesn’t matter who’s in this this position. So we can contact other passport members or people that would be willing to volunteer and step into place. So we can stop that from happening. It should not be Cathy’s responsibility to fill in with somebody. I could certainly have made some calls to candy or, or Leona or Mary or somebody else that has sat on the board in the past that could have filled in the position and help teach the crowd a little callback stop from happening, because I was aware that one of the guests came through and said, Oh, my God, stairs, but I said, Oh, you weren’t supposed to be doing that. So that would be helpful. And I just I think that it, that would be a good thing. And I know, you know, Cathy’s got enough stuff on her plate. I don’t think that that’s really the situation, we need to add on to that we have other people that we could have called insulin for that. The other issue that I do want to bring up is, and this is hard for me, we had a person come in at the last minute. And it’s it’s it wasn’t allowed to finish the tour. And that was particularly because she was handicap was really hard for me to see that. I believe. And I’m just putting it out there. I believe that if somebody comes in at a certain time, and we shut the doors that say 730 We shut the door and we don’t allow any other guests. But if somebody comes in at 728, we allow them to come in and finish the tour. I think that’s appropriate.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
That’s how it usually is for me.

Unknown Speaker 32:15
Yeah, but they were lying off and well, yeah, except they weren’t allowed to finish the tour. So I mean, but they should have been able to finish it. Yeah, I would like that was really hard for me and the other issues, and I’ll take responsibility. I got the fold. And I told her the wrong date for when artwork was to come back. And I feel horrific about that. Okay, I really felt

Unknown Speaker 32:42
very, very badly.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
Because she came with her mother to see the house at the last minute because she didn’t want to be stared out for more. And then she was allowed to tour. It was she she was told that that that were done and that it doesn’t matter who said it or how it was said that she was not allowed to work. And it was really hard. For me personally. And I would like to see that we don’t do that again, then I think it reflects badly on us. So I would like to see her to be able to tap people to come in and do that. And because I don’t have the ability to contact this, this person in readdress. That was

Unknown Speaker 33:39
the right date. Can we put a constant contact earlier than just the week before to make sure I don’t know how they got the information about the open house? Can we instead of just a week before on it two weeks before, as well as the week before, just so we can try to

Unknown Speaker 34:01
get that outreach? How long do you anticipate it takes to go through a tour in a comfortable manner? Because maybe you might want to consider advertising that doors close at 715. You know, and maybe just advertised 530 to 715. But internally know that you’re all here at 730. So

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I think it’s an understanding of when I, in my opinion, when you say to 730 that means the doors closed at 730 in the whoever’s finished, and we should anticipate another 15 minutes on our part to be to about 745 to really finish and get everybody out. It’s in the misunderstanding and a miscommunication. I think it’s just a clarification on that point. That that maybe we’ve seen that closed doors closed at 730. I mean if we’re only open for 530 to 730. And let’s be clear, I’ve heard a lot from a lot of people that have never been in a house. They wanted to do the tour, they didn’t want to just do our work our looks different, because our walk is set up for artists, and we’re not doing the docent tours. But I’ve heard several times where it goes through a moral analysis.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
How long does it take to do the tour?

Unknown Speaker 35:27
I guess it’s my question. Realistically, the reason why is this? Well, only because I’d say, to come in and tour the saints on line 30. from room to room and have the docents speak about the room and you know, the detail of the room. And then to help them get through the tour. Going through the house. If you stroll through the house pitching is here. But it could take up to an hour at 730. And expected scheduled length. No, no, I’m just gonna I would say we shouldn’t cut the time any shorter than two hours. nauseous. I like to take a person to go. Okay, sure. So I’m like, how much time were they in the five minutes? So I showered in?

Unknown Speaker 36:30
Five minutes. I think most people about most people will be about 20. I agree. I’d say with swans idea that at 715. We should tell you that we should say no. Because you don’t want people coming in at 730. And you know, because some of us who have been working maybe have a dinner waiting for us or maybe

Unknown Speaker 36:51
it could easily be here chili.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Yeah. So we we have to plan. Essentially, we’re here tonight, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:58
So we’re essentially here till eight. I don’t see anything different than just saying the doors closest 730 minutes. We’re talking 15 minutes or so. So if we if we can, and we know that we probably won’t get out too late. I just would like it maybe address that doors closest. And I would be much better. And it was just really, it still bothers me. Additionally, close that door lock at 730. Yeah, we can’t lock it. We can’t fire. Two doors open. But we can

Unknown Speaker 37:45
turn the faucet off. We can we can close the door and

Unknown Speaker 37:53
we’re doing that would be great. So moving on. The only other comments that I wanted to say in there. We had some interesting comments. I know. And you heard questions about the screens. I heard questions about the screens and whether they were original to the house or not. And there’s some other little things that if we made a comment to I typed it and put it in queue, Karen to add that we need to do a little research on I don’t know if the screen screens are original to the house. I think she has

Unknown Speaker 38:33
specifically the screen

Unknown Speaker 38:34
door doors in the if the doors. The doors were original to the house. And unlike I wouldn’t semi they wouldn’t have screened this. But ya know, that’s one of those

Unknown Speaker 38:50
question mark that was asked about the sleeping porch to be screened.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
screen. So they always have screens? And then the other question that I thought was interesting is the water source for the lawn? And where was the water source? And how did they water the gardens? Another question was, who was the gardener? And who was the cup? And I will have no idea who the gardener was or who was that they can keep information that we know of? of that detail. But that’s something that we may not have the records for. Yeah. That being said, maybe it’s something we could look into. So those were the interesting aspects. Did anybody else have quirky things asked

Unknown Speaker 39:50
about why is the cloth?

Unknown Speaker 39:53
The flatline Why is it class? Why don’t have profit? Because that’s what we except for I’ll go back

Unknown Speaker 40:01
and come

Unknown Speaker 40:07
back to those situation. So they weren’t necessarily using coffee

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Yeah. Oh imagine my current they literally want storage because it could suck stuff under doors.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
Oh, everybody’s always trying to think of

Unknown Speaker 40:41
another one is the people years and years here are probably not as tall. And they’re like, while the tall doorways and that was like going into the bathroom I looked at

Unknown Speaker 40:51
where they’re like that was another question was brought they want to know behind

Unknown Speaker 40:57
and I was trying to look down

Unknown Speaker 41:00
so I said

Unknown Speaker 41:04
we could probably guesstimate on how

Unknown Speaker 41:11
tall a car was.

Unknown Speaker 41:12
Yeah, that’s exactly what you can figure out from there. But that’s one of those things we’ll add to the research that we need to do. Because you weren’t the only one that was asked that question how tall was the family? So the soul troublemaker

Unknown Speaker 41:35
I bet it was. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 41:38
So coming back good question asked about the law clock in the library. The library

Unknown Speaker 41:43
and I it still works. I don’t know whether that was an addition or

Unknown Speaker 41:49
not. It runs on the clocks in the house are are old. Okay. Last question. We could add to it too. It’s because some of the men asked me is the mechanicals and replace

Unknown Speaker 42:16
the original was a coal furnace I understand. But now of course it’s as probably I had several questions from people who knew something about heating the mechanicals great

Unknown Speaker 42:33
system. So aside from what we’ve learned about the transom windows are the interior and exterior doors and witnesses that

Unknown Speaker 42:47
were to were open to allow air circulation to cool the house and Callaghan’s hot water heater system was used for heating the roofs and hot radiators still existed and it was no longer functioning. The house now has a full a track system which was installed in two level four. Okay, if you need more focus

Unknown Speaker 43:07
that I this included. I get that question every year. They ask about the benches where they put in by the cabinets. No, it’s they reduce the record what I

Unknown Speaker 43:19
mentioned, that’s the newest hot seat you wanted to work on. That was the first thing. Some of the gentlemen saw the radiators. And I said yes, there. They knew the radiator. So first thing in the door that is so that’s interesting.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
What’s fun is the backend system, that the fact that the museum’s collections I asked Eric he sent me three and right now. They’re in the process of moving things around and moving the off site so rich. So he said, This is what I’ve got for now. And he said if I can get you a better picture after we’ve got things settled in a few words. I said we’d love that. But yeah, it is really as far as like goodness what it was. So I’ll probably like the like the photo of the final house, it became a fireplace, I’ll probably get a picture of that. So we have that for people to actually see too. Oh, well, that was

Unknown Speaker 44:30
the other thing. So I was struck out front and shown the club the number of plates and did it light up? And I’m like going I believe so. But that’s that’s one of those things. Just didn’t know you got to come in bulk up there. Oh, look at that. Kids can read this look of what in the world. But anyway, so moving on. I think it was the 27th was a huge success. A couple of hiccups, but we can move forward,

Unknown Speaker 45:05
I think, include the option to have them sign in to our guests list if they would like to be on the mailing list, because a lot of people did as well. What is the next event? How can I come? How would I know about that? Women? What are you doing another open house? So the old city people hunt stuff down like that, when they’re specifically asked me. A lot of other historic homes do have a guest list. You want to? Do you want to be on our mailing list? And it’s just we do this quickly, because how

Unknown Speaker 45:54
about this, I can work with Kathy with our Constant Contact, eat less. I believe we can create a Callahan house interest list and how to sign up here. And then I can work with Kathy to help send out blasts on a periodic nature of a thing that would be so how about we work on that? And then you can see how that feels. And we can address it maybe in January again, to see how that’s played out with these amazing facility? Yes, yeah, yes. So with that. I’ll work with Kathy on that one and help provide either cards or slips of paper so that you can hand it out if they wanted to sell pop in. So we’ll work on that for you. That’s great.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Oh, also, anytime that we’re doing when we get around to the fundraiser event, again, with the opportunities during the next few sessions, it’s that you’re the first

Unknown Speaker 47:01
person moving on to the Artwalk am. Okay, I want to Milan at four artists scheduled looks like that. So we’re going to get I haven’t gotten any more feedback from anybody. So at this time, I’ve got Jaime Hernandez who’s going to bring her beautiful paper dress that she’s made and she’s looking for a mannequin she has a dress form now she says she’s trying to find a mannequin she can put it on him but he has mannequin because we should talk about that. And we’ll make an effort to have it out

Unknown Speaker 47:45
there. My daughter’s having her bridal shower and do my all feel ready to assist. Cool. So there’s standard side, right? I’m not a medical expert. Standard. I assume it is. What me and I’ll talk to you.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
We’ll see if you can just have it here.

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Yeah. And I’ll just bring it in and we’ll just let her use

Unknown Speaker 48:19
it literally a skeleton for Halloween. Scary.

Unknown Speaker 48:36
We have a watercolor I think it’s acrylic watercolor Kelly Kaminsky, and that was your friend. She’s gonna be here. She’s going to be in the music room. And he may says he’s a photographer. He lives up in Lyons, and he’s going to be in the library. And then here the dining room that Ellen Matty, she owns the red door and hygiene. It’s like an art shop. And she’s bringing a sampling of her stuff. She’s She has her own. We’ll put tablecloth on the table here. We’ll put I don’t know, maybe as anyone leaves or maybe to sustain. But this is plenty. You put more than this. You really can’t move in here. So yeah, so well. But she has her tea. We’ll see if she can eat so fine. And I think she wanted to for easels. So maybe in the corner. So we’ll do that. And the PowerPoint will be open at this time. But in a way I think that’s a good thing because that’s the first room they come into and it’s small. Not very big room. Yeah. And it’s an artwork in itself. Looking at the parlor is so we can put our pictures and books in there. Yeah, ourselves. Some little maybe one car table or something. But it’s a small room and in the past artistic kind of tripping over there. It’s hard to Yeah. Oh, yeah. So that’s where we’re at right now. I have a lot of people who have been here in the past I did call quite a few and a lot of people decided off it’s the weather or weather. A lot of people just wanted to Since

Unknown Speaker 50:03
he has to be anything, I don’t know. That’s why I want you to come. I don’t think you should do the setup. I talked to him at three o’clock. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
And you’ll send me the list after you listen

Unknown Speaker 50:32
I’m looking at coverage from 330 to 830. Do we want to split the time again? Or

Unknown Speaker 50:44
how are we letting people in? Is it this walkthrough?

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Good question. Like we should just last year, we just didn’t walk. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:56
I think that’s the best way. And I think we do a lot of people can observe the art, that again, this isn’t an open house, per

Unknown Speaker 51:03
se. It’s an open house, but it really is.

Unknown Speaker 51:07
And we want people to see the art. So I think we have one of us standing guard at the door. And you issuing people and as as deemed safe, where you think

Unknown Speaker 51:20
I’m gonna be in Virginia, my niece’s wedding on the 10th of September.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Good, and

Unknown Speaker 51:31
she’s actually renewing your vows because when he was right in the middle of Colton, she went ahead and got married and had a baby and now he’s having

Unknown Speaker 51:43
a good celebration. Yes. All right. So maybe I’ll reach out to passport members to see if they want to hop in until in with me or walk and see if we can have anybody. are we considering splitting the time then?

Unknown Speaker 51:59
That’s what we’ve done in the past. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:02
Okay, so how would you like to split that?

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Well, I’m going to be here at three when the artists so I’ll do my I’ll be on personnel.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Okay, and, and I still

Unknown Speaker 52:17
I’ll take early one, we just have to figure out like you said, our slipping back three, three days. Check relation. So it’s like 345 to like 615 and six o’clock to 815 and you’ll be at 32 I’ll be here so I’ll kind of I’ll be here a little time. And three or four people in the house or during our walk with artists is plenty. Yeah, we don’t I don’t think we need a ton of extra people because the artists take up a lot of space and then you get guests in here and answer questions we have in the back door open like we did last year we have to have the

Unknown Speaker 52:57
back door open. So I do

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Should we try to at least have three in the first part and three in the second part at work? So we have two down and one is so sweet of somebody girding up some milk will be our best

Unknown Speaker 53:15
but no matter what you tell people they still kind of gel that rope or something we can but then the people who come down from the top get stuck on the staircase so top to the same thing stuff. There’s really no place to tie them. That’s the problem. I can Brian well if I can put stanchions on it that’s the best we can do and people will still ignore it. I spoke to every person who came in the dining room and ask them not to use the stairs and they did and they did anyways yeah great paint for something that is you know find just put it up and up and up and that’s the best we can do but we also don’t want to create a safety situation and have you

Unknown Speaker 53:53
talk if it is if we don’t unlock door but we don’t have we don’t want to keep anything can’t get through do we want to do students or do we want to do passport numbers we can do a combination but

Unknown Speaker 54:16
it’s a boring job and see how we do

Unknown Speaker 54:23
let’s say I would like to take the early half if I could as well so there’d be three of us Janet myself in in I’ll have the mannequin brought in at that time

Unknown Speaker 54:35
in hopefully we probably need it before then I know

Unknown Speaker 54:39
or earlier

Unknown Speaker 54:41
for sure. Contact Jamie and okay but for the I mean we need to check with her but she’s probably not the brand that Dan set it up she’s probably going to come a different day because Kathy on that spot, whatever. Well our board let and I figured out what And maybe we could get it that first week of September, so that she can bring it any time that works. You’re saying the dress? Yeah, she can bring the dress. I told her that. So yeah, so I think we’ve always brought the dresses in before because they’re so fragile. And you can just, yeah, it’s not

Unknown Speaker 55:17
something you do the last minute

Unknown Speaker 55:18
and can’t jump off, people are moving

Unknown Speaker 55:20
pictures, and I have tried my best to work with you. But I still like to be on the first half possible. And then Karen and Connie, are you okay to do the second half and I will try to reach out to Kansas or somebody that would be willing to do the second half as well.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
So second half of 615 to

Unknown Speaker 55:44

  1. I want a little overlap. I don’t want everybody to take off my team that overlaps so that people can when your replacement shows up. And the second shift is until the artists are out. Yeah. So it may go a little longer than 15.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Okay. All right. So moving, I don’t think is there anything else that we need to discuss in regards to our walk? MUSIC

Unknown Speaker 56:24
We have at the moment, we don’t have anybody.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
Can we just have music that plays like we can play

Unknown Speaker 56:31
music inside the house, but nobody would be able to hear it. I could put a speaker with. With a Pandora or something playing in the garden. We’ll just put it on Capstone. Let’s make it really easy. I’ve reached out to several people, they’re all booked. They’re all booked they’re all getting paid right now offered to pay one of them. You know, they’re just nobody’s responding. Same thing we’re running into one guy that was so good that we’ve had several times last year. Well that Branson’s great and he plays for free but I think he said they weren’t available. I saw

Unknown Speaker 57:12
my neighbor actually has jazz, he used to be with the school. Like he plays the saxophone and they have a jasper like a great job to them. And to do that he was actually a professor teaching in district for years. Interest. Let me let me reach out and see if I can

Unknown Speaker 57:40
just make sure they understand there’s really not an audience per se. A few people will stop and listen. We’ll put a couple tables down. I think that’s why people together and play for No no, it’s it’s like kills

Unknown Speaker 58:00
your children midnight.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Oh, Sal, Mariano. And he just, it’s using his nice beautiful top. So let me reach out. He’s just signed yesterday, just like human beings. And I find that slaughtered and I

Unknown Speaker 58:25
know there’s another place in time if you ever go on Saturday mornings, I think so it would be to bill for breakfast. They have various guys that play for free and they don’t. They just like to practice it, but they’re pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 58:37
So let me reach out and

Unknown Speaker 58:39
you can just have him call me if he’s interested in your workout. I’ll probably see him

Unknown Speaker 58:43
this afternoon. So um, so Okay, so Music

Unknown Speaker 58:53
All right, anything else in regards to our walk?

Unknown Speaker 58:56
We will have our tours so that if available, then you’ve got it in your hands and conveyancer. Right, I have a look up the word. I heard about art galleries. Okay. She is basically a tour guide right guide tour guide. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:28
it’s okay. So we’ll we’ll have the docent guides are going to add extra here in case somebody gets it. So we’ll put on our badges. We’re all ready to go. It’s all good. Moving forward onto the Santa open house on December 2. Have we seen an advertisement for that?

Unknown Speaker 59:51
That’s what it is. I think you all know it’s in all recreation. The online offset drying out rock September 10. And here is the holiday open house. December in the wall, so, yeah, like it was last year you have that new setup. So registration is required, which is current. So it’s so it’s here, which is also online, and then it will go in constant contact. But can we do this? Just to see if we can I backtrack just a bit, then.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Okay, then I have a question. How many guests? Were we going to allow to share?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
This one? Because

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
that’s why I’ve got this big clump here. Sorry, it was. Okay. Gonna need that. So we had 213 Total guests last year.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
That’s about half.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
And so yes, we did have lockup, we had six lockup groups, totaling 90 people. And others who also walked up and did not stay because they couldn’t. No shows a slight offset.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
So we’re gonna stick around with the 213. For registration.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
The registration was for about 250 I think was I don’t remember the exact number, but it was for people or groups of four every 15 minutes with 215 minute breaks. So it was about 250. And Santa’s did not get any of his breaks. I think he got one. So two,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
and it was very short, very short,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
five minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
hours for Sam

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
338 is how it’s advertised.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
That’s what we did last year, for what we’ve cut that will cut the line off at the registration, so quit. Well, I was gonna say. So we’ll do exactly what we did last year, but we’re going to do individual registrations instead of groups of four. And because that was very confusing, and it ended up in a lot of phone time for both Suellen. And I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
did clarify. Yeah, to clarify, sir. So. So basically, I think we stick with the same from what I’m hearing, that we stick with the same program that we use last year trying to fix any quirks that we did, that we had. And I think it was a from hearing everybody. Because unfortunately my mother passed right around that time. I wasn’t here at the event itself. I think we just stick with it clean, clean everything up and then have have a go. i It sounds like the game game plan and we’ll we’ll go forward. I’m excited for it. I think it’s going to be a good event. While we’re discussing when are we planning on doing the decorations?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
Usually we scheduled out in October for November.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
Okay, so that’ll be the time. So as we get closer, but we should be in our minds, thinking okay, November, we’re going to be decorating

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
and we’re going to decorate November and try to take down in January. Okay, probably should be picking dates because our calendars fill up fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
That’s why I’m kind of pushing.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Let’s do it at the next meeting. But I want to look at the whole house calendar and the club calendar and make sure that the time schedule starts to fill up.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
September, I probably pushed a little advanced because it got away in November.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
Well, we have two weddings here in November, which is also going to complicate things so I need to look at the whole picture. So let’s do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
So we will we’ll put it on the agenda we put it on for decorating we’ll put them on

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
because we have a wedding in 19 is another wedding the 25th and I think they both wanted the house decorated so we’re gonna have to do it before before the weddings. So take Look at your calendars and let’s talk about it next month. Okay? Getting married the day after Thanksgiving, my daughter’s getting away here. They’re they’re not getting

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
to lunch.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
They’re going to lunch here and they had a hard time finding a caterer. So with an experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Okay. So I’m going to get

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
into that little flyer utilities.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Just a little blurb about that. That’s a platinum.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
All right. Any other comments about the open houses? The Santa

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
open house, I do have one comment. And that is we need to be careful not to over advertise it. Because I think we just put it in constant contact and on the website last year, and we were sold out, like three days. So we need to not over advertise it. It’s better to under commit and over deliver than

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
done because that’s the reverse. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
So on the other hand, Kathy, I kind of disagree, because anything that gets the Callahan house out in people’s mind is a good thing. I don’t think advertisements are bad. And if we, if we’ve discussed maybe not this year from possibly we might have to schedule another date. This is so successful, this is might be something that we consider rescheduling for two days rather than just one, just so anyway,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
it gets people excited about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
I think it needs a point of live

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
in where when you’re registering, and they can’t get the time you want or, or if they don’t. We’ve already touched on this, there’s going to be disappointment in ways. So But that said, it’s still three days,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
I think she’s got like, whatever we’re doing I just think it’s neat when you get the city line and you can read all the events that are going on for the holidays is an event that we’re celebrating too. That’s good that it puts it in people’s minds. So if I can’t get in this year, I’m going to try really hard to make sure I get it next year. Okay, so moving forward onto the house managers pitchers update. I actually have perfect just a quick little story about the hanging system. When we met at the last meeting, we talked about doing a gallery hanging system. And this is this is what I probably have extra because I just did or if I don’t like

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Sorry. News to say it’s just the gallery system art display, it’s on the website is literally called the gallery system. Art is a Hane system for a&r. It holds 88 pounds each, it’s we looked at the aluminum track tracking system. We looked at the original gallery system, that’s what it’s called. And it starts at 279. With steel cables. It goes from it’s got the footage right there and 10 hangers, and then I think we just go with a basic system. I know I didn’t mention that wall, I would like to just measure that wall and we had discussed that we were just you know, that’s where we’re gonna go. It would go above the the hanging system and not impede on there, the hanger system, the the hanging rail that we have currently would go above it, and therefore it wouldn’t damage the wood. Right. Again, we could go with when we had discussed with the group of us, I think we’d go with the metal cables because they’re just much more secure. And the big thing is we want to lock it in place and have it done and again, Kathy shouldn’t have to fit with any of this this is used in major galleries that it is sturdy and long standing in the wall hours to to move the pitchers without having any damage to the ball on that point. So at this point, we have discussed it. I would like to put forth I can put forth a motion that I would hope somebody would put a motion forward about purchasing a system or asking Kathy to purchase the system.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
can take a motion. So that 10 fingers 10 hooks, is that going to be enough for the quantity of the photos that we’re going to?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
We might have to want to purchase additional at this a bit as just a start point. I would prefer to start and then we can add

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
to it. Okay. I was just wondering, do I understand that right? The way you you can paint potentially two different firms or the three different

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
ad accounts, pounds, and I doubt people coming down. Yes. Yeah. So I really dealt with managers, pitchers are going to be heavier than five on there. I don’t

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
know, we purchased this one question. Do we have the money? We haven’t had the money in.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
dollars. So do we have the funds? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:14
Can I can I get a second? Okay, can I get a vote? All in favor? Then the other thing at the meeting that was discussed in regards, I have a question. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Please install it. What does it take to install it?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
That’s an easy installation. It just goes along the wall? I guess. I was thought we’d have facilities do that. But okay. Oh, yeah. Thank you, Kathy. That’s a good question. The other thing that was discussed at the meeting, we decided on pictures on which pictures that we were going to use for the man managers in the sites. And then we decided that we’ll be looking at frames, and we would not have them all be the same, we decided we decided that we’re going to try to do with some kind of more eclectic look that would fit within the age range of women managers were formed to be their work. So we’re trying to find frames that work.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
What’s the photo, the photo and what would

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
be within the age every institutional?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
Correct, right? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
everybody is identical. So that’s, that’s what we had discussed at the meeting. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
included the detail that will be included under each photo and the name of the house manager, the pace service, and any credit photo courtesy of good time times call that we have in my museum, which is called whoever has provided the photo we have to

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
pay. And then we had decided that we’re going to do placement for without pictures of just service of name during the time but people were still in the process of trying to find people

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
but for the details about the best managers that the photo we’ve discussed and decided would be a good idea to either include either the gate or the oval window or faint silhouette for background. How does that sound to evolve? There’s something that rather than just be a flat plain paper with that information on

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
the silhouette be so big that they’re just saying

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
yes kind of look to see if it just says not claiming

Unknown Speaker 1:13:59
What is it for what

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
What’s separate anything?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:06
Sounds good to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
Okay, so do we count approval support to move forward on framing Okay, can I get a motion Okay, all in favor. Okay. Moving forward on the health managers pitches Great. Thanks so much everyone. Going on, and we are on Item e past and present board member wallet knowledge.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
Check. I will bring you next month an example so that you can see and you can decide what unpredictable examples you can decide what you think looks better or what would be disliked.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59
Okay, All right. Thank you, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
Any other comments about the house managers pitches? Seeing? No. We’ll move forward to past and present. Oh, I’m so sorry. Moving forward on scrapbooks.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
Connie. Anything new?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
Okay, that’s all great. To share. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
So because you’re talking with Eric, what I was, was, I think the last meeting, I think it was a matter of if you were going to be checking with St. Regis school district.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
So he recommends contacting can stand up. And he’s pretty vocal. And he does photography of art and stuff. So he has the equipment. So if we wanted to hire someone to do that, he says he does something.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:08
Stupid, because

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
I don’t know where to look, we’re able to get this far. But you do it. At the Congress, do you?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
Share that with the other parents? So we have it for the minutes?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
Yes, yes. Thank you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
Well, my old school district and all that stuff is gone. So seriously, doubt same frame still has

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
been added? They probably did the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:42
Pop up photo labs, everything always.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
Well, thank you, Karen. In regards to the scrap it’s moving on to follow up on outreach, public outreach, and to be honest, I’m not sure do we, how exactly we want to do this. At one point I had talked out about reaching out to PBS to possibly do something in New York State of Colorado Experience. I was told that it would be a two year process to get on the list. Do we even want to consider doing that?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
It is future it’s definitely is two years down the road. But why not?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
Just knowing that the I’ve watched that lives most of this driven from color history called Auto Color history museums and things and they’re fabulous programs. But I think their movements broader than some historic houses, ranches and things like that, that are featured

Unknown Speaker 1:18:06
I think could be a little bit difficult to have enough energy or else myself I personally did at the vet chief of a program in Colorado

Unknown Speaker 1:18:30
that is you know, they’ve done that your house emergency huge, huge with recovering from a sandy who’s like, okay, we’re live right right there. So another thing to look at and they look across the whole spectrum of civilization in history so in prehistory, basically choose anyway, that’s my opinion on that, with that particular program. I keep thinking of local programming means maybe it’s time to do an update or another thing on channel three or channel eight or whatever it

Unknown Speaker 1:19:26
is, whatever it is, or location.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
With Rocky Mountain PBS, I guess we could put our name in the pod if you’re ever doing like an overview of historic homes in Colorado, so maybe we hit a 10 minute spot, not a whole hour.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:46
The hardest

Unknown Speaker 1:19:47
part is something else. Yeah, I think they have a hard time making it interesting enough to see a

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52

Unknown Speaker 1:19:54
So the thought is will live we do put it in the pot and when I reach out to other historical Homes in Loveland in Fort Collins and see if we couldn’t do a collaboration.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
Yeah. We’re available at number one of them. But I think we have to regroup.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
Yeah, that’s a good point.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:17
Yeah, that is, okay. I will

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
put some feelers out. If that’s okay. I won’t move forward at all on anything without direction from the board. But I think it’d be interesting if we could do like a 15 minute 20 minute slots combined with somebody else is going to get the idea out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
Is that okay? I mean, who’s to say if it’ll come to pass or not, but

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
at least we can try the name of the pot and see what happens. All right. And I also like the idea of a economy that that we consider doing a program on channel three, if you want me to reach out to channel three, and since they’re willing or volunteer driven, it’s all volunteer driven. And we’re volunteers. So I’m willing to volunteer to see if we can go and have a

Unknown Speaker 1:21:17
broadcast. So that’s that was what was done initially with our video broadcast. I don’t know whether they do you know, whether they still

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
saw. I can ask, go from there. At one point, we had an issue in regards to the video and who owned it.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
It was given to us it was given to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:45
my son. Absolutely. And we don’t have any issues in regards to using that, as is the issue was making any changes to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
that, well, the original doesn’t exist anymore, because the gentleman who did it and have the original passed away, and they don’t have the original, but we have, we have a video that we have the video. It has an old city of Longmont logo in it. Like I don’t pay a huge deal based on when it was produced. And we

Unknown Speaker 1:22:16
have the rights to broadcast it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:18
And broadcast many

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
times. Okay, I’m just verifying.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
They said they’d sign anything we wanted them to.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:25
Okay. Liquor still exists. Okay. And yes, to the senior center, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:30
Yes. Okay, international posts, informational posts.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
I think that kind of goes hand in hand with being rich, if people are wanting this happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
So great. So we’ve already covered that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53
might be our innovation coverage.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:59
And we kind of discussed a little bit about the pioneer days in at the last meeting, so therefore I put it

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
back in.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
Kathy, you want one of us as a board member to reach out to and see if they even want to work with us to do lunch out the curtains are

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
what we tried. And they said no. They said we can we can reach anyone can reach out again. But the last time we tried. We were told that that was the ribbon and they didn’t want to collaborate on it. The difficulty is because I work my interface is they have buses to each school, they come they dropped the kids off, they leave another bus comes it’s very coordinated. I mean, the logistics of it is amazing. And then to add the extra step is not taking the bus to the Callahan house up the road and drop them off and wait. It would add a level of difficulty

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
complications. The last throughout

Unknown Speaker 1:23:55
school or like St. John’s they marched their kids up here in Columbine. So they have the freedom to do that. But the kids that are busted. Yeah, but there’s certain schools that have maybe young what’s going on here at home, no central central could walk that they walked down

Unknown Speaker 1:24:12
to us. So maybe we reach

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
out to have to reach out directly to pioneer js to the layout and collaborate with them. It’s their event and they they did candy reached out to them and pretty much came back with its their event. And they wanted to keep it that way. I don’t think it hurts to ask again. But I don’t think we should reach out directly to the schools.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:40
I don’t remember how long ago was that? Can you reach out so I think COVID

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
could could we reach out again and in this is something that you feel comfortable that one of the board members do or if you want to do that, Kathy, let me reach out. I’ll talk to him.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:59
Thank you If we did not have time your days 20 this year 22 Because then we’re going to cover yet also, schools are not calling in, you just can. There is at the elementary schools just can’t get over it. So that was at least just did that ourselves. She couldn’t get enough volunteers. You know, I sent over and things that we can do, you know, the station kind of ideas that? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:33
I still think if we get the input information out there that we we have people that I’d be willing to volunteer and I agree with myself. It’s an it’s a huge thing. I would like to be able to continue it. And if we could kind of add and help that would be great. So Kathy, if you reach out for from us to say that, yeah, that would be please consider us that would if we get a no we get a note, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06
Well, I’ll reach out to her on behalf of the house be involved in pioneer days. If you guys want to volunteer that’s on us.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:14
Right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:16
It’s fine. Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:22
I’ve been at it for a year. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:35
I’d be underneath business future house restoration preservation project. This was table and we put it back on in regards to discussion on what we’d like to do. And we’re supposed to come back this, this meeting with House restoration and preparation ideas. Does anybody have any? Everybody should have brought something back?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:11
Why are we doing this again, before an argument started on our house,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:15
just so we have a list. So we were excited about having more thought in in being with a garden gets a lot of locations. So the bottom line is if we get ahead of it, then we have ideas on a lot of my computer RAM. So how much

Unknown Speaker 1:27:33
time are we going to discuss this.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:36
This was the meeting that we had put on put aside to discuss it to bring to the August meeting. That’s been tabled since wasn’t March. I can’t remember that we weren’t going to discuss it until now. And so you’re just brought things for the Do you have anything that you would like to discuss in regards to what you see I’m working for and the other aspect about this is in order to do things with the city, you have to ask for it, you’ll probably be turned down. But we’ve got a proof that we asked for those funds to do certain repairs. And then once we prove prove, we can prove that we’ve asked for this fund several times from the city the city just doesn’t have the budget for it, then we have the ability to take that and put it into a grant. Again if you don’t ask we can they kind of cycles us some of it. So that is why we’re coming forward at this time with any repairs that you see as Oh, this is something we really need to work on that type of thing. And Kathy thank you for assist detail this is

Unknown Speaker 1:28:58
what I had done in this one so

Unknown Speaker 1:29:03
it’s nice to see the notes so what’s already covered on this and the grants and future grades and things so that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
your dining room damage I noticed that quite a bit was due virtually see a person who can be repaired. Very artistic, you know, your training calls. So interested in doing the work. We just have it connected. Because I was going to recommend one drywall person. I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:30
know he’s really good, but

Unknown Speaker 1:29:31
he doesn’t return messages. You have to like catch him yeah, oh, yeah. Yes, excellent work. He’s also an artist.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:51
Anything that we’ve discussed in previous meetings, I appreciate

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
Did they still have the stencils that we use?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:02
Or do you have to paint it in premium? You did it freehand. The bathroom also upstairs. Most of the interior painting in the main areas has been done by Jim Rowan since 80s. He’s been doing TCAS. Bathroom. I mean, it’s perfect. Yeah, that may have been a central that I might have been mostly because they touch it

Unknown Speaker 1:30:33
up. I think I figured out something about that. Approach share that. Standard.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
Okay. Quickly running through this, this there anything on the list? That you’re in your mind that is not stated here? Upstairs I’m sorry, I didn’t hear what

Unknown Speaker 1:31:12
would you say here?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:14
So that Autohaus upstairs repair classroom? Is that northeast corner. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
It’s upstairs where the we had the leak? Yeah, it’s on the north? Well, it’s, it’s on the east side. Yeah. Print one priority. Yeah, that’s an area that we just use for storage.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:44
This seems very, very well written. So to be clear, then we can we can look at

Unknown Speaker 1:32:03
I think we need to choose to figure out exactly what are the big priorities

Unknown Speaker 1:32:16
for grants, at the moment,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:18
I realized that but the next aspect of on your wish list

Unknown Speaker 1:32:24
would be pointing three points.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:27
I think that’s something that I I definitely agree on the three point

Unknown Speaker 1:32:33
submitted that over the the 23. Potential.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:36
Yep. Can you tell me briefly what that is? Pointing? It’s reaching the mortar between the bricks on the outside?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:48
In you’re doing that also on the cast stones? And and it says here for the autographs. But you submitted that the budget for?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:59
For both for both? Yeah, it was it was in the capital budget in the plan? I don’t think it ever got included to include the Autohaus. But it was both the estimates for both.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:10
Okay, great. Just so we know. So the board knows. And and I think that’s great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:18
It was based on a 50% coverage. Okay. On a high estimate. So I don’t think more than 50% of the mortar is gone. Right. But so I basically per square foot based on Google first. Yeah, that’s an interesting. Okay, contractor measure using Google Earth and tell me how square how many square feet of wall we had. Kind of an interesting March.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:51
So we’re submitting that for the 20. It’s already been submitted. That’s that’s exactly why you ladies, you understand why we’re doing that it’s in we’re trying to get ahead of it for the budgeting purposes. In then we can we can look at submitting it. When if we get turned down might seem like it’s just a matter when you get turned down that with it’s not in the budget. And then we can try to go to outside sources for it. That’s the whole purpose.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:21
Well, we can go outside sources without getting churned out the budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:24
It helps. So it helps that we’ve tried to that we tried with the city

Unknown Speaker 1:34:29
doing restoration and preservation projects, but we’re not there yet. Yeah, that was helpful in this grant application. So to have that

Unknown Speaker 1:34:41
is important. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:46
Question for Kathy changes the garden fountain.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:52
When we extend her

Unknown Speaker 1:34:55
garden, I know it’s at work.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:58
It’s been it’s an inner Nine, maybe 10 years since we resurfaced, and it needs to be done again. The nation who did it last time? It’s no longer available. It’s probably a next year project.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:15
Yeah. Priorities. Yeah. So save that two years ago. So

Unknown Speaker 1:35:20
it’s, it’s I’ve worked at, I’ve been here 11 years, and I’ve worked on it twice. Since I’ve been here. And one of those, we literally took it completely apart, and resurfaced everything and rebalance three, three levels of everything and put it back together. Wow. So and that was probably maybe in 2013, or 2014. But anything that has water in it is very hard to execute.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:49
Yeah. With with

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52
plus, it sits outside,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:54
right, you go weathers Yeah. So the only you can only winterize it so much in everything and pizza.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:07
We cover the center and the lights and that’s about all we can do because we have to leave it open several drain.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:13
And that’s what I’m saying. There’s only so much you can do. Short of building a template. Large little berry. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:21
that’s why we close it by the 15th of October, because we never it has to dry and we never know when we get that first real cold snap.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:31
Which makes perfect sense. I again, thank you for getting this together. This is

Unknown Speaker 1:36:37
wonderful. And I centers on the garden irrigation. It’s spelled wrong. It’s 10 tender vendors. I must have gotten interrupted. But we’re working on that right now. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:49
On the back porch, is that the exterior?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:51
Or? No? No, that’s all interior painting. No, that’s all that’s all interior painting.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:02
On both that in the sleeping, probably just

Unknown Speaker 1:37:05
the back porch, the sleeping porch chef wallpaper. My point was, at some point, the surface areas need to be repainted. And it’s it hasn’t been done since I’ve been here. They take a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
in the lawyer in the that’s very 19

Unknown Speaker 1:37:27
we probably won’t see. Yeah, we probably won’t do anything in the sun whorish

Unknown Speaker 1:37:31
because you use it pretty much as storage. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:35
yeah, the sleeping porches will probably belong. But at some point we need to repaint the interior surface spaces. Now it’s probably attempt Templeton facilities

Unknown Speaker 1:38:00
so what can we do with those funds now like for example, I’m working on that I can do now we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:38:16
at the moment I really want to not spend a ton of money because we don’t know how we’re going to cut down on the grant funding. And we want to at least be able to do the bulk of the projects even if we have to come up with more money. So I’m working on this. I’m working on the floor and the kitchenette. And we’re working on the snakes in the garden and the rest were just in a holding pattern what’s what’s going on with the Florida kitchen? Any interior replaced it’s discoloring real badly. Okay, and what are we replacing it with? I don’t know the answer to that yet. We should so are you hearing water watching maybe I’m hearing water I’m sorry. I jumped. So

Unknown Speaker 1:39:19
Jacqueline, I’m good lungs. It’s just no weekend Jimmy. What’s going on? So we already know Jim Berlin will be doing that work. So do that for a lot more

Unknown Speaker 1:39:49
good. I mean, all that that’s there. I don’t know that there’s anything we can do about that. Well, he

Unknown Speaker 1:39:57
definitely doesn’t do that anymore. work. I think I’ve got someone that does. Specifically, they’re doing the Stanley Cups. Because they’ve got a lot on the walls, and I’ll talk to them. Because

Unknown Speaker 1:40:14
that’s been that way since I came here. It’s just tricky. All night in the direction. Yeah. Typical

Unknown Speaker 1:40:42
says that was the one one we’ve been working on. kitchenette,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
foreign kitchen floor.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:49
So what are you saying? It’s it’s functions. But

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
it’s impossible to keep it clean and just covered

Unknown Speaker 1:41:00
very badly.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:03
And so you’re suggesting is to be replaced with?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:07
I don’t know the answer yet. I will talk to you when I get an answer. Original floor? No, it was linoleum and it’s pretty much now it’s just that really thick. Yeah, it was just literally, I’d like to replace it with ceramic tile, but I have to figure out whether that’s practical or not. Because we slide table stuff across it. So trying to figure it out. And I will be sure and come back and talk to you about it. Before we do

Unknown Speaker 1:41:44
anything. If we go with ceramic tile, can we go with something that would be cup would look kind of like this? You know? Yeah, as close to this as we could get. We’ll see what we can get.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:59
You might be in town?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:01
Well, we might just need to put my own back in there, or something like that. So looking at looking for solutions. This way you washed your hands with someone in the kitchen. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:17
Okay. Well, thank you. I appreciate it. And then this helps us and we can add the story stuff and we can refer back to it. This is really helpful. Okay. Moving on the QR. QR follow up five minutes, basically swelling that we were discussing last week, is there any way that we can move it that we’re currently sits a new bit up to the top? So when you pull it on my phone, it’s right there. So that was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:48
She did that? She did that? What’s complicated is process. Because if you want to female employee fun, just give it a go scan the QR code, and you’ll find that you’re the processes. Yeah, Jeff, I’m struggling yet your account as a guest, but it’s not as it just doesn’t flow as user friendly as I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:15
So this was my question, couldn’t we just have just a donate button where you just donate and you don’t have to feel like you’re signing in. So you’re gonna get emails or something along those

Unknown Speaker 1:43:27
lines? I mean, they scan the code. And then there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:43:31
just a straight button that you can say here, here’s money, or do you because when you go into your sign, you have to say how many people I felt like it was like I was buying tickets for or something for how many people and if I just want to make a flat donation is there any way that

Unknown Speaker 1:43:47
we can do them? The it’s kind of is is what it is?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:53
We can change where we send people when they click the donate button, like we can send them directly to the purchase of that piece. And then if they want to find the Kelly at house, they then link in that direction some Callahan house right now we haven’t gotten to the Callahan house and then going to donate, you can change what you want to route that I’m going to process of the purchasing does require some people will go 1/3 of people will have no problems. 1/3 of people will follow with a little effort and wonder if people were frustrated. If we switch it, you’re just adjusting which third of the people have no problem with the people or the emotional issues. experience we have is that people who are interested, really want to give they do call and

Unknown Speaker 1:44:48
distance and get it. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:44:52
golf folks are being very successful with it. We are using it in parks to do parks bench Memorial purchases, and there We’re having success there too. So some people will make it work some people are amazed by it. It’s people are so frustrated. And I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a website or websites, I can’t figure out yours.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:17
If the person really

Unknown Speaker 1:45:18
wants to they’ll call we that’s my experience. Okay, is that they do call it and you’re able to help them out with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:24
Have any calls or any donations since?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:29
I haven’t I haven’t checked. Because do you get an email when it gets all you do?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:35
Let me ask you a question. I need to check the setup in the back. We have not we have not the money that was collected has been put through the accounts

Unknown Speaker 1:45:49
appropriately from the

Unknown Speaker 1:45:51
open house, which is where we saw both the books,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:54
books and DVD. Okay, good. So right now. And they can give a donation with the credit cards with a credit card machine. So if we haven’t here for open houses, and they want to give a credit card donation, they can get a donation

Unknown Speaker 1:46:17
or something that says would you like to help donate for historic preservation?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:23
We can make one

Unknown Speaker 1:46:24
can we do that? Because honestly, I hate to say it but people aren’t really. And I wanted the simple minded people. If you don’t see it, you don’t think about it, they’ll do it. So if you just say would you like to donate? Why don’t we consider doing that

Unknown Speaker 1:46:40
my suggestion some of them

Unknown Speaker 1:46:44
I don’t want to put it out there that that’s all I want those donations

Unknown Speaker 1:46:49
now. A historic property

Unknown Speaker 1:46:51
but we’re not sitting there panhandling and hitting the doors and knocking with the cup but you know on their fences until they get it’s just simply would you like to donate Could you also then

Unknown Speaker 1:47:02
have like a box of this lead in it that’s inside outside? But so some people might just want drop $1 bill because maybe they want to put their credit card in that they might

Unknown Speaker 1:47:19
be used to have something didn’t we used to have something else I just so needed good people broke into it or some insight for the open house is not Yeah, all the time it would be a cash cow. Yeah, they can if they want it bad enough, they’ll figure out how to do it. Okay, I think those are great suggestions. I’ll go part and then if we get some health debate that we’re not

Unknown Speaker 1:47:46

Unknown Speaker 1:47:47
just to just step through, and then see if there’s something more we can do to kind of iron out that process that’s really important. That scanning and donating online because it is normally a way to bring in cash sometimes or even a cheque or something which is nice, but I want to make sure that there’s a service can be talking about that don’t wait for it Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:25
Okay, moving on. Appreciate that. So the club we had so we kind of talked about doing the club fair and did a little informational check on on you know we’re down to I believe it is seven clubs or

Unknown Speaker 1:48:48
seven or eight and

Unknown Speaker 1:48:54
I like to be able to promote that we can we do clubs here and in

Unknown Speaker 1:49:00
not know if people are aware of that and I also think that it’s important that maybe we do or outreach a little bit maybe we could

Unknown Speaker 1:49:13
do would you like to talk about how it’s been handled in the past because I wasn’t here for for any of the corporate personnel here

Unknown Speaker 1:49:30

Unknown Speaker 1:49:35

Unknown Speaker 1:49:37
yeah, we just we had reached out to initially our clubs that we put it all call out to all the times call us to have a little things to do not things to do but meetings to join and you know, interested things like that. Yeah, or delayed or something like that. And we just started going down the list with all those clubs. Would you like to get get your word out? Basically, we charge per table, you know, for this setup, and then they had we had the open house. Yeah. So got 20

Unknown Speaker 1:50:27
There were 1720 12. Yeah. And we only had eight sign up in 2014. And we ended up refunding all their money. Okay, we’ll do it. No, because we didn’t have proper naming people show

Unknown Speaker 1:50:41
up. Club fair is this information time where it’s like a, it’s like a fair, basically, we can go and visit and just get information from the different question about what they do talk for you. So it helps the clubs get the hours to now. What’s Yeah, it was a facility and the clubs that meet here, too. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 1:51:06
it’s not an attempt for us to get more clubs here. It’s attempt, it’s just an offering possibility to possibility that they may decide they want, right, but it’s clubs in general, can conjure up new members. Yeah. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:20
And I think it’s an opportunity for us to reach out to certain clubs that we would like to

Unknown Speaker 1:51:27
essentially invite more asking if they would be interested in

Unknown Speaker 1:51:30
dating help me to give us some more clout to be honest, and

Unknown Speaker 1:51:36

Unknown Speaker 1:51:37
diversify for grants and whatnot would help, I think it’d be a good thing. And so, you know, if we’re down to 6667 clubs, that’s kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:51:54
well, it’s a wonderful outreach to the public to provide a service to the public to connect with, for community members to connect with clubs and clubs to get get out to the moon. It also in that service, supports them in their club focus, which may be for the benefit of the community, it may take some effort. That is one of the things that was also part of the grant application, what are the clubs that are eating at your house, just for the community? So what are we doing here we are offering a club affair that allows the clubs to connect with vice versa. And some of the clubs some of those clubs are philanthropic nature and so that it’s it’s a service that reaches beyond the walls, perhaps.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:45
So it was done twice. 2011 2012 That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:50
That’s all that was scrapped. Indeed, after that, it was nothing beyond

Unknown Speaker 1:52:56
I think, firstly, did it before that first because that’s how I tried to do it 14, we just didn’t get any participation

Unknown Speaker 1:53:13
in I wouldn’t say do it every year by any means. But you know. It was it was helpful back then. Who knows? Because clubs are defunct now. Are people spend their time differently?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:34
That way. Now, there are recreational time, and there are new clubs actually, that have been born. I

Unknown Speaker 1:53:41
think it was the other thing that we were talking about. So you’re talking about, and I remember this during lunch that they would organize and and then put it up in an industry where people can can read about it, and figure out which clubs they wanted to go to. There’s almost like a lapse in trying to figure out where to go to figure out what clubs you’re going to want to be involved with, because you don’t know about them. I think this would be a great community service. And, again, it would help us in long fall for grants to say that we did this. It’s worth a shot to see if it will work. If it doesn’t work, and you make a decision at that point. I think we should attempt to.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:30
To tag on with that. I think in some ways, we’ll probably because we’re talking 2022 They are correct. We may need to talk to I’m not a member of several of the clubs that I used to be in it just because of time and then this way things are right now and things that might be the way to do before we say we’re good. Do it that we could explore The idea with the clubs that are in existence right now to see if that would be a helpful thing that they were interested in. Because those people that those clubs that were involved with it, were very enthusiastic. We’d love to do this, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:14
are we talking about the clubs that meet in the house? Now starting with the house,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:17
I also have sent your members of, you know, don’t be able to read it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:29
yeah, you can say whatever you want. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:32
I have two questions, yes. Can we have snippet in there?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:42
We can. With some forethought, the one comment I had is that I’m under the impression the RFP is a major renovation in the house, that we’re going to start to Windows and things like that. And it seems like adding more people to juggle when space might not be available during construction, we could complicate things in ways that make a project more complicated, because we’re trying to work around the kind of my understanding is that we’re, that there’s a desire to keep the house as a functional venue as much as possible, to to not displace the herbs that are already anywhere, but still allow stretches of time for the workmen to do their work for the for their piece. And I’m wondering if that might be something that you guys would like to do? Do it at the tail end of the renovations and both highlights? The house isn’t that fresh face? And then you’re able to actually bring them in without saying, well, in three months, we’re going to have to take a two week hiatus because there’s an unexpected timeframe for construction. Yeah, I just want to

Unknown Speaker 1:56:54
this great point. So about that, too. So So here’s the thought, what if we, we more do the start this this initiative in endgame putting feelers out, figure out when it when we put it at some projected point after the renovations are done, where we’ve set this up to be, I think, a great point that we have this as a target as one of the things we do after the grant. Yeah, thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:29
I’m typically done in February in the month of February, because it was a slow month. So we can start to put the feelers out.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:45
So at this point, I’m wondering if we don’t table this till January, to discuss in January, that that we then do this out as a projected item to occur after renovations.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:04
delightful way to keep in the tickler

Unknown Speaker 1:58:07
right there, but still people if you’re involved in a club, or maybe just ask if that would be a possibility or an interest in other things, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:22
So so so could I get a motion to to table it until January and that these unmute we

Unknown Speaker 1:58:29
put the love affair item?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:35
Or can I get a second? Second? All in favor?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:42
Okay. Sophia. All right, moving on to the Callahan house advisory board annual report to the city basically, I was just going to say that we need to pick a date in September September’s just isn’t it on which we could possibly meet and

Unknown Speaker 1:59:08
discuss the report.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:13
Ladies, it’s basically the three of us calling in intern

Unknown Speaker 1:59:25
Yeah, that’s the other Karen. Carrie. I like to carry the soccer Eisah. So so so looking at your calendars, ladies, what would be a good time to possibly be in September?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:41
I am going to be

Unknown Speaker 1:59:53
gone from the ninth to the 14th that trip for two

Unknown Speaker 1:59:59
hours. And so here’s my next point. Do you want to do it

Unknown Speaker 2:00:03
in October and stuff? Would that be

Unknown Speaker 2:00:05
a better mom? For you?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:09
It would probably be better for me I got things I know a lot of Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:25
Could we try for something on the first week of the I’m sorry, October, the second week, it would be the second second through the eighth sometimes that week that we could possibly work in Thailand.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:37
That first week.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:43
Could we do something on the third week? The third week? Okay. I’m pretty much open on that week. It’s the 17th through the 21st. But would be a good day to do it on 17. Okay, is that a possibility that we could possibly do it here at the house cafe or do we need to have a different location?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:12
I’m gonna be out of town.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:14
Okay. Until we meet at my home race with

Unknown Speaker 2:01:20
me. If you met on Tuesday, there’s a club in house from 10 to two

Unknown Speaker 2:01:37
went to Sudan.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:38
Wednesday, there’s a club in the house all afternoon.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:43
I can leave Tuesday, Tuesday

Unknown Speaker 2:01:46
or Wednesday and actually would be better because I’ll be just getting back on.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:52
Let’s go for Tuesday. Yeah, and what time is the

Unknown Speaker 2:01:56
club tend to tend to tend to end their meeting more. Upstairs upstairs.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:03
So can we meet her? At 1010 Turn on Tuesday. He got it? Oh yeah. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:51
Okay. So we’ll come to that at that time.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:58
Moving on to other business, the standing House Museum, sideboard, it

Unknown Speaker 2:03:03
recently it’s not me it was about me to the floor. It’s pretty amazing. The restoration projects that they are undergoing. They have a million dollar grant from historic society they’re working with. But it looks amazing. So I asked the executive director because he was going to a guy, I was the only one on the tour. I was like, This is great. So it was a wonderful tour. It is a two hour tour, just tearing it up. It really is. So you get picked up right at the Visitor Center. They take you from from the van. It’s a five minute drive to the house. It’s just a quarter mile west of the Stanley Hotel. But no guests can just drive up to it. Same thing with the city of Estes Park and the arrangement they make. I asked him if he would be possible to arrange a kind of a group tour for our board members, if you all would like to do that. He said absolutely. So we’re going to see if that was an interest. And if so, then I will certainly make an arrangement. But I would love to know your preference on the knees and hands they do Tuesday through Saturday. And Sunday, so just know Monday.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:23
This is something that we could do. This is a field trip in the spring. This is something that we could do this this fall useful

Unknown Speaker 2:04:39
Yeah, but it’s it’s really cool and that it’s interesting. Yes. And a lot of the restoration work that they’re doing is very parallel with what we’re working on, including the dance. Okay. So requesters that was helping to contribute to

Unknown Speaker 2:04:57
the contract. So

Unknown Speaker 2:05:03
thank you so much, Karen. Is there? Is it a possibility that we could put it on our calendar to do with spring and do a board? Retro?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:12
Can we just discuss it in January?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:14
Yes, that would be great. So so we can add that to the paper?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:22
You’re using your car for both patients? I think. So. So, can I ask real quick would be, would it be okay to reciprocate? Can we offer an opportunity to come to our house or shorten and more is his volunteer? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:49
I think that’s a great opportunity, anything that we could collaborate on?

Unknown Speaker 2:05:58
A gentleman His name is Tripp, who works at this family and also different than he may be interested

Unknown Speaker 2:06:06
in joining us,

Unknown Speaker 2:06:07
and having

Unknown Speaker 2:06:08
a tour coming to hear for Oh, wonderful, he works. Okay, but at the hotel, not the museum. But that’s okay. Yeah, that’s the special thing of the museum is very much like us works primarily on volunteer work. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:31
Moving forward, the continuation of the board retreat agenda? No, we voted on that. But we’re gonna be working on the agenda. And I think that’s what we need to be doing. But because the agenda is big, I think we need to take a vote on exactly what we’re going to be working on each meeting. That way, it’s not overwhelming, that way we can get to it, we can get it to it, and we can do it in an orderly fashion. I like to be able to break it down. Now. That’s just my suggestion the board members, you as board members can decide how you would like to do it. But it seems to me that we take it in the snippets and try to work on it in sections so we can actually get what was accomplished.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:18
So we can get it accomplished period. From going and looking at the minutes the discussion was concluded or the article of officers and bylaws, it was agreed that we should finish this discussion on the bylaws at the next meeting. So looking at it, we should be looking at starting with the bylaws. Article for officers. So there’s a correction and something in it by doing it level, please

Unknown Speaker 2:08:00
let me know

Unknown Speaker 2:08:04
that we have this. This is basically what all the documentation from the of what we were trying to get done. And going through so I think we take it and snippets. What is it? People think? I think you put

Unknown Speaker 2:08:27
Yeah, I was gonna say if we’re going to be doing this during regular meetings, which is unusual, then that sentences investor can do.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:35
I think it’s makes sense. So we

Unknown Speaker 2:08:37
kind of we said we would get a little bit continuance each time where we kind of enough.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:43
I wanted to clarify, that’s where we’re at, because I wasn’t sure that and said, Let’s, let’s do a clarification. So the next meeting, we know worldling Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:55
Ticket higher up in their agenda. So

Unknown Speaker 2:08:59
that’s kind of where I’m not, I would like to take it a step at a time and work on it. So at this meeting, I’d like to

Unknown Speaker 2:09:07
cite exactly what we’re working on at the next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:11
We just do an article for officers and A, B and C.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:21
Okay, I would hope that smaller

Unknown Speaker 2:09:24

Unknown Speaker 2:09:26
I think we’re kind of long in the tooth at the moment, I’d like to bring the meeting. So so for the next meeting. What I need it I would like to see a motion that these are the items that we will cover at the next meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:49
So I move that we add new business at the next meeting we address article for our customers.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:59
Hey, And can I get a

Unknown Speaker 2:10:02

Unknown Speaker 2:10:03
All in favor? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:07
Therefore, that’s exactly what we’ll do guys, we’re

Unknown Speaker 2:10:11
gonna move that up and then we’ll get working on it. potential new business, yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:21
Is it new business? Or is it old business? Because

Unknown Speaker 2:10:27
it’s not well, it’s just not regular meeting business. So it doesn’t matter. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:40
I just don’t know, if we’re gonna ever get it accomplished. I think we need to get it moved up so we can get it, get it done. If it keeps on falling under oldest business business events, I mean, we’re never going to get this business, I would suggest that we get it under old business, because this is all business that we’re trying to get accomplished. Okay, thank you. Okay, so, we’ve had a vote on that moving forward on to future agenda items. 2023 open houses. We’re gonna set those in January.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:24
I kept this little fire because it’s helpful. It reminds us of the concert set forth you can mark and then I also wrote down, we have, there’s concerts, Wednesdays Museum and then also at the mall. And then on Thursdays, there’s concerts, and we’ll just keep it for when we’re talking about in January, when we should plan our open houses that trying to keep away from competing with us.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:53
I think that’s a great idea. And I again, one of the things that I heard very much from the public was why do we not have more open houses not not with other events going on just house is there any discussion more discussion on that item?

Unknown Speaker 2:12:16
Okay, moving on to a German

Unknown Speaker 2:12:22
43 M and we adjourn. A second. All in favor.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:27
Okay. We are officially adjourned. Thank you ladies. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:30
Thank you

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