Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – July 12, 2022

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Callahan House Advisory Board Meeting – July 12, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Last time, yes. But when you’re asking them if you’re saying they’re saying, if they’re saying they’re not, or they’re saying what they’re saying. What I’m asking, Are we to cover your

Unknown Speaker 0:18
all we have to do to chair weddings to cover our costs of

Unknown Speaker 0:22
all our advertising? Because we’ve spent 8000?

Unknown Speaker 0:32
Yes, I mean our revenue last year. Yes, I’m talking about. Honestly, we’re getting lots of events, and they aren’t all weddings, and they are all coming from. But when people’s Google event venues, the not in the Wedding Wire come up on top brigade memorials or at parties, that’s where they’re finding us even more to come as well. As anybody that gets onto the web. And Google’s event venues in Longmont, the first few things that pop up are Wedding Wire and the knot and they’re absolutely being used. We’re also getting reviews for all of those things in Wedding Wire around and not because every time somebody comes in and does an event, I send them a review request. So I have if you go look at the reviews, there are several reviews for for Memorial Center. And they and that helps us build our credibility, that also helps us build it’s just it’s a vehicle. And it isn’t just getting us buddies. It’s giving us all kinds of events.

Unknown Speaker 1:33
I guess the big thing is that so there is a way to track that by by looking at the reviews alone.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
And I try for a couple of years, but quite honestly, is it’s relatively difficult to actually track an actual lead back to the original source of the lead, and it became a waste of time.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
So are you suggesting to not use? No, I just want to make sure. I’ve said my whole point is that I just want to make sure. And I didn’t realize that that way growing up. I appreciate the clarification.

Unknown Speaker 2:15
Well, every year, with a couple of exceptions, we’ve made money. We’re covering us. This week, we’re gonna be sending the money if we couldn’t cover the money,

Unknown Speaker 2:27
because it’s just I understand

Unknown Speaker 2:31
it’s it’s a marketing, it’s a good marketing practice. But it’s a marketing practice that I spend a lot of time trying to do. And it was fruitless. So honestly, the reality is, we need to drive leads, the more leads we get more experience you get, the more business we get, and our increase our way up over the road when I came here and we didn’t do any advertising. When I came, we didn’t have an advertising budget. We did spend $1 on advertising. The first year I was here that I did the budget or that I worked with Karen Roni, on the budget, we put $1,000 in marketing. I’m just I’m going to explain and correct the metrology. We spent $1,000 We all like to do is that was print advertising. We got nothing, absolutely nothing. Nobody saw it. Nobody called. So we quit doing print advertising individually Wedding Wire that our leads picked up astronomically. I don’t think that we’re closing as many leads off the knot as we are off Wedding Wire. But that’s because the demographics for the knot is different than their rackets for Wedding Wire.

Unknown Speaker 3:40
I guess my my, my confusion of this is I was looking at sense of you’re not getting as much that will stop. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Yeah, but it makes sense. So it was just a question in, in the sense of just does it make sense to be holding on to something I have no idea that way.

Unknown Speaker 4:07
But and we try we drive demand. So the more times we pop up on somebody Google’s way event venues in Loma but more science, we pop up the four types, people can see reviews, the more and honestly we’re on the first page on every review that I can see, not just with Wedding Wire in the knot but also as a student. So we we could probably go back and do something about the keywords a little bit, but every time we mess with them, it kind of resets the the, the algorithm that pops us to the top, so it’s better not to do that again.

Unknown Speaker 4:46
Okay. You don’t want to mess up. Yeah. From the Johnson. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 4:49
the general question. Well, I understand and I

Unknown Speaker 4:55
personally lucked into subscriptions that absolutely and just just pieces of focus of sales and income where your customer

Unknown Speaker 5:04
support. Yeah, I look at it every year, every year, it goes up a little bit. And we also been nonprofit price. So and we get discounted because we’re long term customers. So, I mean, the really good news is we’ve had some we’ve got some continuity, we got I was on yesterday 42 reviews in a wire, because we’ve been on Wedding Wire a lot longer than you’ve been on the knot. And we’ve been on knots, we’ve only been on for two or three years, because when they were separate, it was like double, you know, and I think we’re up to almost 20 reviews on they’re not, they’re a little harder to get, because they’re their process to get into review processes for different roles. So a lot of times people will all they’ll get partway through it and all and saying this is too hard. And I didn’t do it. On WeddingWire, it just pops on the screen, and they put in their ratings. And obviously racist.

Unknown Speaker 6:05
People won’t bother to do that. It’s only when I’m having

Unknown Speaker 6:07
I’m having very good results this year. I’ve taken a different approach with reviews. When the event is over, I said thank you. And and saw because I enjoyed the events and what I found to be interesting or cool, or you know, and and then I asked for review, and I’m getting epic results. Even Orientals. People have been doing reviews for me. So we have to get, I think, sure, it’s 10 reviews on each site to get our ratings, which gives us a full badges that we can put on the email and on the website on that thing. So cool. Well, I think people

Unknown Speaker 6:51
can see that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
Yeah. And well, no, I’m sending them the links to both sides and asking if they’ll do a review on each one. And I’m convinced people are doing it. It’s amazing. I actually had the father of the bride to two. That’s great. Yeah, isn’t that interesting? He actually did also planning to Wow. We just had we just had a wedding where they burned it on the solid line. And it was interesting. It was actually they were both Nigerian people in native dress. Yeah. That’s cool. That’s cool. Very cool. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 7:42
So I have a question. I’m hoping to see more of on the report. So for example, the ceiling with the toilet, the clean water leak that happened last April 21.

Unknown Speaker 7:56

Unknown Speaker 7:58
So what’s the status on your team? Because we talked about a couple of different times your culture meetings. What’s happening I’m not seeing a big report.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
Because I haven’t done anything. We’ve been pretty down and dirty with the RFP and attend taking all my extra time plus, we’ve been working every weekend since the beginning of May. So it’s on my list it will get done. The grant has been no not really. The grants has been taking precedence. So

Unknown Speaker 8:34
since we’re canceling events people is bothering you but again people think that we used to want that is I’m wondering what can you do to help you to move along on this

Unknown Speaker 9:01
to taking care of the culture rather than are going to take care of

Unknown Speaker 9:06
you? For sure.

Unknown Speaker 9:15
Addition, it’s not going away. The back manage

Unknown Speaker 9:21
report just because the questions have some things that I want to ask. So we are we have about seven clubs using the course right now. And I know that you weren’t really and that was one that was one of the bridge clubs.

Unknown Speaker 9:53
Stitching Kelly and healthy society. Okay. So you mentioned you were wondering if you noticed, we don’t have any clubs waiting one club that was waiting client and all day events and all day club meeting and I told him that wasn’t possible. So we don’t we don’t have anybody waiting. We’re not actively recruiting we are responding to all embrace for close to me

Unknown Speaker 10:25
here. Like that’s something to add to the agenda for for future businesses. And that will be quite fair. Because I think it would be wonderful to bring club affair back. The first one was in 2011. The second one was 2012. And thereafter, this is a great opportunity to bring in clubs through the entire community to the house, you may want us to house. But it’s community outreach, that we’re recovering to bases, reaching out to community, providing a place to come in and show up whatever timetable you were hearing 12 would have, you would have been in that boat in whatever, February Saturday. So it seemed like it seemed like a good time, it wasn’t good to bother with the revenue generating events. But it worked really well. And photos from the scrapbooks and list of clubs that came. Excellent. So I think you need to bring that back in. So you put that on us your business can consider that for multiple reasons, one of which would be potentially finding another plumber to come into the house. What I’m looking for for future is future ramifications. I want to provide as many different carrying clubs that are doing different services, either it’s really important that we incorporate

Unknown Speaker 12:21
this so you want to put that on future agenda items when we do like to are you just should be in August or

Unknown Speaker 12:29
September August because if we’re going to ever wish

Unknown Speaker 12:43
you we’ll discuss it,

Unknown Speaker 12:45
discuss it on this August, August. So you can mention the recording that he was doing the website just to be clear, you take the first step of that website accessibility audit.

Unknown Speaker 13:12
What happened is the website, director of the website manager retired and it’s come to a screeching halt. That position hasn’t been replaced. So at the moment, there are activities related to that. So nothing gets updated. With us that has to do with ADA accessibility, Ada, ADA accessibility. So we went through all the pages and audited certain things like readability. Remember the conversation we had about the most common read, you know, reading level for people, it’s around fifth or sixth grade? Yeah. We love to dress we were looking for things like flashing lights, we were looking for spelling mistakes, broken links, we’ve we’ve done the entire first step of the audit and at the moment, that audit is suspended until until they replace the person that

Unknown Speaker 14:09
so it’s something they

Unknown Speaker 14:10
can recommend back to you or is that such an it’s a driven by ATS. Okay, so I have done everything that I’ve been asked to do. And at the moment nothing is happening. Right.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
Okay, cool. I was just curious if that was something that it was about usability. It didn’t have to do with any other average

Unknown Speaker 14:36
I mean, that’s part of it. That I mean, that’s part of it. But the the reality the reality is that many corporations in governances are being sued. For people with reading problems are worked at epilepsy or so there’s been a lot of renewal and nuisance lawsuits against cities and corporations because of the lack of accessibility of their information on web sites. So as a caution, and as a trend get ahead of that the city’s doing an audit of our websites and I think actually didn’t power like get sued. It’s called PC got sued. I think, November, that’s what I was told LPC got sued. And I don’t know what the resolution is or anything. But it was to try and get ahead of that and make sure that we’re making the site successful. And forward. Unfortunately, in many cases, not necessarily with the city of Longmont. But in many cases, people are actually pulling content off their websites, as opposed to making it accessible because the, the task is gargantuan, especially when you have a website that is as big as the city landmarks website. So the response to that, especially in small corporations and small businesses, has been to take information away, as opposed to making it accessible. So it’s a very interesting dilemma, which is ending up in the courts. And we’re just trying to be productive.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
Oh, yeah. It was just a question I was curious about. What does that have to do with user friendliness? Is that something that maybe we can help with. And I’ll get to that point when we talk about QR codes, but but when, when the general public is looking through and the user friendly. So we’ll get to that way if we look at your oldest Ada, accessibility, but if we get to the point where we want to take a look, well, this is a website, on our website pages. To be can be more be included in that because it helps to have several sets of eyes on Well, let’s see, when you click here, maybe somebody will have some great ideas

Unknown Speaker 17:07
a lot. Just so you know, a lot of the format and design of the website is predetermined. We don’t have a lot of flexibility.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
It’s how the city works. Its templates on

Unknown Speaker 17:21
every page as a template, that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
Understand, okay, so okay, that’s MPI International. I assume that in reducing subscriptions,

Unknown Speaker 17:33
meetings professionally. It’s a professional group that I want to what is made professional international just meets and talks about strategies and policies of doing meetings, effective meetings. Especially awesome. These other

Unknown Speaker 18:06
just got a thing. So the wood, that wood floor in you know, we did this up by anybody who’s ahead towards us, and wood flooring, and it was born out of houses established. What’s happened with that? Is that another one of the

Unknown Speaker 18:24
events in there the entire time, if you

Unknown Speaker 18:27
want to be part of that.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Nature restoration reservation, usually there’s a plant on the big saucer, the plants inside I haven’t used it much. So when you see on a house lunch, so plants do better if there were Catholic and see them, right. Yes. I have no idea what happened. It’s been there for 11 years, more than one wonders.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
And then I was wondering why are we receiving substitutions in our orders? Shouldn’t we decline substitutions or mistake no substitutions,

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Parks orders, the plants participating in plants. I try to head off the substitutions. It’s not plays into this. Absolutely. I can’t get on guys we are on that. I don’t know that. We want to be for it and that we’re in the sheriff’s office three grant.

Unknown Speaker 19:34
This was with respect to the sign.

Unknown Speaker 19:37
We are going through the or with the rest of the annuals to try and get parts to pay for

Unknown Speaker 19:44
reasons you could average pay for the plantation sign and that’s what I was going to do and that’s why I asked you to bring it back to the meeting, which you didn’t do. So I can actually purchase the right thing. I would have preferred to have done that. I like dance. A lot. I like the movie monsters, I think that they keep alive. Even though somebody tell me, give me a list, like, really realistic quantities of size,

Unknown Speaker 20:17
I will get, you know, I can have a border around because it’s not gonna be that distinguished and then annuals who just go see, you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:28
I talked to Andrew about the hospice, and she thinks it should be on the inside on the outside. And I’m gonna argue, because we want a vision board. I agree,

Unknown Speaker 20:34
I think I think my board and

Unknown Speaker 20:36
she wants to be a permanent green thing that we want color on these,

Unknown Speaker 20:41
but it’s also a consideration of a maintenance issue. And getting that so so that they don’t end up in the mowers way on

Unknown Speaker 20:51
the highway, because that was well enough. All right.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
Please give it we move that into the meetings to

Unknown Speaker 21:05
be made me you’re not watching this in the spring, so it

Unknown Speaker 21:10
might be too late. We’re gonna show up might even be

Unknown Speaker 21:15
well, and we still have a water problem out there too. So I don’t think we’re going to fix that without spending money on irrigation. So

Unknown Speaker 21:23
they do have this wonderful water equals 32 But I mean, in subtle ways, they will be taken like a lot like Alexa divers are taken. So these are things that can be offered just some solar lights for an assignment to be placed around the forum. Step course covered pretty exposed having nothing there to cover. So I guess there is something Yeah. And I want to I do want to

Unknown Speaker 22:03
I’m sorry, I’m never right.

Unknown Speaker 22:08
Right. It’s disgusting. But it’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
So do you have any questions

Unknown Speaker 22:14
or ever last meeting, we decided that this meeting will try to get through the agenda quickly. So we can go to the roles, responsibilities and finish it off. And everything you bring up is important. But we could put it off to another meeting, because we did have clients to get to this point where it’s going

Unknown Speaker 22:39
to bring up don’t can’t wait until the next meeting. And so I have to say, when I when I saw that, too, in the minutes, I realized this is alright. No organization, no company has ever seen. London to write code because we decided to batch plants from the beginning. And even when we said we need to schedule another date. If that’s the case, we’ll do it where we needed a half day instead of a full day. And now we’re trying to push it into our regular release version time for them.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
What what,

Unknown Speaker 23:21
yes. Through the business that we do need to do and then when we can get

Unknown Speaker 23:33
the idea was to keep this meeting compact and I mean, you got important things are going they’re taking a lot of time and they’re not you know, they’re gonna take all the time

Unknown Speaker 23:45
off. So I want to say thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:51
I wasn’t here for that. So yeah, you’re just want to move along.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
I’ll how was it? That I needed to address

Unknown Speaker 24:03
Okay, so the sorry, I went or types of CEUs. I’m just,

Unknown Speaker 24:17
I’m trying to do the by entity Friday,

Unknown Speaker 24:20
five on Friday, or five or six.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
This one got posted on Saturday because I was working for them. And the back it took for me to get on. I was recruited as data Friday was from 3pm to 11pm. So I just didn’t get to it. Saturday night. I try to do that by the end of the day

Unknown Speaker 24:42
on Friday. And that’s something that you can do by great they’ll be like, I need to read this. I need to read this. There. So

Unknown Speaker 24:58
I had to James I do It’s fair to say that people would actually just go to the agenda management portal and look, man. But yeah, I’m a spoiled

Unknown Speaker 25:19
brat, reasonable student by a certain time, obviously. It’s also very reasonable invitation would be understandable. What happens just when you do?

Unknown Speaker 25:38
That’s fine. I haven’t done that I’ve tried. It didn’t work. So we won’t do it again.

Unknown Speaker 25:46
One last question on your report, the transfer function often for services.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
It’s certainly in here,

Unknown Speaker 25:54
you just it’s just that it’s just everyone that is listening for us to listen. So I’m gonna move on because I needed us because they’re good questions. And

Unknown Speaker 26:13
oh, yeah. Okay. So the last thought of something else ladies would ask her to get her approval that that changes.

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Accepted. Incorporate the news report, you will see progress.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
On they’re moving on to all business status of the mind. I think we’ve heard that we cover it, but just so. So which city council last night? We think that it’s moving away that was discussed. Okay. For sure updates.

Unknown Speaker 26:59
So the minutes that coffee, and the Washington coffee, try to explain a little bit of what there’s replaces feedback, especially content. Because I watched the video. So anyway, here’s what happened there explained. In part, what you said recorded is true, that the he said was we’re Christians should homage to too much detail for the average person. But he also said, instead, for a house like this, typically, and normally, docents are engaged to speak to the NHS in the room, because people right next to or just point out specific things that are nice highlights. Or in the alternative, he said you could help schedule tours, or you should just have group tours where as they come in, and one of your board members takes a group of 10. And he is the fourth in the house with that group and finishes them out loop back to so and so. So he gave those examples of how chores sort of home are typically done. Right? Rather than providing some kind of tour just letting you go and find a replacement book. So I said, Okay, so if we shorten, basically a one page tour, this explains a little bit of the history of Allianz in house, and then helping cities. And then on the other side, shut the door planes, and people can see where they are at any point. And then strictly just know, this is original to the house. Oh, this was done. In addition, if I gave everyone something like that, and then either have it or sent to each room, or have one take us through the details. Is that better? He said absolutely missed it. What do you think about having a book available? You want to purchase it with those details. So some people because especially if you’re very interested in the details, and then some people are really excited about contests and others, but those who want to buy a little book and it will pay for itself and provide some revenue. And it’s the best great idea is my own suggestion on that then is it easy for people to purchase? So if you’ve got cash on hand, great, you said you don’t have cash on hand to pay for it for that, so that’s our phones. So anyway, that was that conversation that occurred that did not get reported last minute. So that said, I need to have for you because

Unknown Speaker 30:19

Unknown Speaker 30:28
that is the single payer to people. And so everyone can have on the table. Let’s look at. So and the second item is persistence, that’s the only thing all of

Unknown Speaker 30:49
us would have.

Unknown Speaker 30:50
So all guests would have this single page.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
One is all the distance all of us would have this deep in our hands, during Open House events, so that anytime any one of us can be asked about any real question, right into our

Unknown Speaker 31:16
let me tell you about that. What do you guys think? I totally clarity that we would love the Molson or we’re in each room. And then we talk about the house as a question in either doses. What do you think about Eric suggestion of having one person started your work around it and be the next person to take the next group? What are your thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 31:44
On work? I think I just don’t take a lot of the work as well, I guess, because you don’t we have the Instagram. So you might have five or six coming in and one person, they get people going on their own and having a docent in the room. It’s a good idea. That idea was taking groups around, I think, to random population. Now if we get scheduled to where the decimals is.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
Okay, with that, it doesn’t mean

Unknown Speaker 32:14
not as formal this this will kind of have that all along the station.

Unknown Speaker 32:19
Well, I liked

Unknown Speaker 32:21
it one asked a question.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
Yeah, that’s right.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
Because sometimes I’ve asked, I’ve been asked a question. I

Unknown Speaker 32:32
guarantee you, there’ll be a question asked us.

Unknown Speaker 32:35
Yeah. And that’s a wonderful thing. And that’s why I believe you please write it down.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
Well, thank you for this careness. This, this is a lot of work. And I appreciate it. Yeah. And I think this will come and help havoc. Pani if I can speak the point. 47.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Yes. So. So if everyone would please page into your essence coffee, are not coming at my house? I just thought about it. Everyone’s have their own copy of it and bring it and use it. We do try to copy this. I do. I mean, copy scrolls. So basically, yeah. This is the only thing happier than just this copier here at the Rec Center.

Unknown Speaker 33:29
I mean. She’s just sending the file, please. So that I can print

Unknown Speaker 33:38
what I would like is a better one to this and see if there’s anything constantly change. The only reason is because obviously everything on the front is about cabinets in the house. And how on these are those fans that and I did this in order that Kobe suggested and in the slow starting, we’re going to partner with the librarian. So people will do that. They will keep a really nice, one way flow with let’s see, let’s test it out to see how it works. But basically, if people are going from one room to the next, it will make this nice flow from the main floor upstairs. So

Unknown Speaker 34:34
so so we can help guide people through the ranks to

Unknown Speaker 34:41
switch the page numbers.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
As people come in walking through you wanted to follow up so they’re not going to be this first listening and

Unknown Speaker 34:48
read this exhibition. I want to talk about that. And I thought about that too. And here’s the reason why I didn’t I actually do want people To understand more about Canada, so I can be the person in front door. But I’m gonna open this up to an external moment to read through this information. And the reasons because another part of what Eric was specifically adamant about, people need to understand elections people. And he said, important to pay attention to the people involved here. So the comments Yes. Who they’re connected with GCP. How important is back here versus 11 or nine to others, nine to 10. And he found that Kate Ryan was a border bookkeeper, personally employed by their families, and Dallas Jones, Mr. Magic that’s emerging in 1910. Census analyze was some good customer with so you can see there’s a little collection of people there, also, the 19th, he might need services firm. So we don’t do the record behind. And I’m going to look into the 1930 census, because they were still there at that time. But those are the only four census records that would apply to accountants here. Obviously, they also have shown, but we have not come across at this point. So it’s just something to be aware. And I agree with him that connecting people to people is really, really critical. And why white house is here is because of the people.

Unknown Speaker 36:49
Forget have 25 people that go through here have multiple number of people that are really, really deep, deep information. And they just the people that we’ve been around, they’re I mean, they ask them two questions. There might be one or two ago, what kind of woods, nobody wants all that they could take.

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Take a moment to

Unknown Speaker 37:15
talk to them before they come to the door. They’re going to fall into one of these. You know, they want to come in I see the house

Unknown Speaker 37:22
isn’t historic.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
I disagree. I think you’ve given the information they can read too much.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
Like I said, we got rejection. Yeah, as a matter of obviously, this is theirs to take. And I’ll tell you how.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
So take a moment just watch some of those. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 37:53
and others might have

Unknown Speaker 38:05
I just don’t think we should talk it down. Because people assume that people are stupid. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
This section here about all this stuff is still

Unknown Speaker 38:27
important. At least. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:33
And I’m not going to I’m not going to recite on how much work Karen’s

Unknown Speaker 38:43
focuses. We’re trying to, we’re trying to reach our community and our public and share this information is part of what is required in the goals of the state preservation system session. So this education is this that piece

Unknown Speaker 39:03
in this, this to the ground.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
This component is something that I can use as a feature to show yeah, this is what we have done to share education, about history.

Unknown Speaker 39:19
Okay, all right. Very nice.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
Bring these with you on. Because Because that’s you’re gonna see photos in the next meeting. I’d like to include that as feedback regarding tour. August’s added to the agenda for August. Feedback from the pay. Did you share commission with Brian Schumacher the information about the Because I know that in the minutes, I see that you were not expecting much traffic that you’re going to

Unknown Speaker 40:11
share with Brian,

Unknown Speaker 40:12
would you please because I think he knew he would share it with the historic preservation commission. All of those historically minded people, will will definitely. But they’ll also share it with other historically minded people, I think we’re trying to again, reach out to our community outreach that we’re trying for, so we got one halfway. Let’s, let’s, let’s get it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
So so when you say it’s just a category of

Unknown Speaker 40:42
factors that was just posted on the website, and we will advertise it in constant contact and on Facebook? Yeah, we wait, before we go, Can you

Unknown Speaker 40:54
contact me because it’s too late?

Unknown Speaker 40:58
And it’s too in our experience, it’s too early.

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Yeah, we just the week we go. So

Unknown Speaker 41:12
if you’re weak before, it is the time to do that.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
Okay, so moving on. So we’re at that house managers picture, no fast, efficient, quiet, I apologize,

Unknown Speaker 41:29
where progress was being made.

Unknown Speaker 41:33
So all right. So with that, again, part of our promiseland grant, and going forward is moving like Historic Preservation restoration is important. So this is going to provide to Yes, as well as the one that will explain to you a little bit about why it’s important that we get such close attention to restoration preservation sort. What, why is necessary, and then what has been happening over the past, you know, we might need three, five Mudiay working collaborations to talk about these restriction projects, shows the amount gives people an understanding on dollars, because it tells them is cost to to make a certain property, which is important because it speaks to dimensions of the body members and patients must enter by collaborative efforts to store records and convenient access to information on the house worth is. So

Unknown Speaker 43:08
when you see these

Unknown Speaker 43:09
numbers go, Well, you know, unless you’re just Wi Fi.

Unknown Speaker 43:16
I don’t think this will be said,

Unknown Speaker 43:18
Thank you read it. But I don’t want to be starting to ask for donations here.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
I’m totally naive to say, okay, at least I’m reading this tonight. But of course, we’re not going to be saying now, if anyone asks you to

Unknown Speaker 43:41
write online on the website.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
This is again this is another way of promoting that community finding because that is part of what the grant requires because the top as your communities supporting your restoration and preservation. So my question is,

Unknown Speaker 44:04
are we good hands to everybody cared for? We didn’t have

Unknown Speaker 44:09
to hand this to everyone. Because like the house information about the White House here is here and available people wouldn’t be here if we didn’t restore it. So secure equal importance and let’s use this as my house tour page is essential. Right.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
That’s two minutes and again, it really helps us cover

Unknown Speaker 44:43
the issue is so this month in February definitely was for patients, and it definitely outreach and the past should be applied and so it’s not as unique this edge but it is definitely why your restaurant notices.

Unknown Speaker 45:23
Okay, moving for Houseman tissues, extending the two files,

Unknown Speaker 45:29
house managers pictures, okay,

Unknown Speaker 45:31
I have done the work that the Haynesville we have a building, we have a hangar system

Unknown Speaker 45:44
where we call an anger upstairs on that wall where we can just put books into it, I had for looking at that I think it’s an engine too much damage by putting books in and moving constantly to add to house pictures. So basically what I did is I went into getting the hanging system without wallpaper, you need to measure that to make sure it’s accurate in the sense that to start off for hanging, it’s going to lead us anywhere from from $239 to $73 for aluminum paints that can be painted to blend into the wall. And that includes the jewelry, that’s the track and then includes the cable lengths of 6.5 to nine eight with with relative weight gain system and that that’s the thing that we have to consider everyone hates just so much weight each quarter is going to have in that I think we go for the better one for the long haul because this allows us more flexibility it also gives us 10 hangers and handles with the ability to purchase or lowering prices on site. Yeah, depending on the length of the wall, I believe we’re going to be in the 239 range but I can have a system to measure out wall

Unknown Speaker 47:18
versus 25

Unknown Speaker 47:20
desolately the cable, the cable lines. Okay, I didn’t get the width of the wall stack is 13 the low end is a 13 foot wall

Unknown Speaker 47:35
Could you take out the notes and the details of the crisis and the length because otherwise we’re gonna get a module within us

Unknown Speaker 47:43
you share our grid you said this is an ongoing thing the next 100 years because you may not be able to buy the same thing

Unknown Speaker 47:53
here so I’m gonna get now senators including yourself

Unknown Speaker 48:01
so I assume I assume we’re gonna stamp and put more than one

Unknown Speaker 48:06
post I’d say if you’re by it by a hit I

Unknown Speaker 48:11
understand that these are the common tracking systems these are what they use in archaeologist systems. This is what they use in the art gallery so so it’s ours is a bit odd. And that is that is I mean I was not just we could use tape or hanging capes which are clear but they’re not as they just they’re just not

Unknown Speaker 48:39
just any buy in because they will you’ll have what you need

Unknown Speaker 48:44
for starting system oh my god this is

Unknown Speaker 48:46
they will be available for two years now. Yes you know

Unknown Speaker 48:56
but I pin on that wall because I think we’re gonna have plenty of that might be one that behind

Unknown Speaker 49:13
me I can go on offices. And I also did I went and I checked with the framing store and talk to Dave down here he’s have cash Greenwich Mean Association but but I showed him what I was looking at because they don’t use them in in the great frame of simply physical walls whatever else but I did check in with each other. Again, this museum style Hey Paul system, we’re gonna do a good job is not it’s not going to hurt the house in any way. And the biggest thing is, I don’t want to do any damage to you that would hate Brexit. I just got too many pictures that we might be manipulating and I liked the ability to so that was the thought on that and that’s what I’ve got so far we have been able to find more future slides still in hopes to try to find that couple of customers who aren’t stood out and say okay and then just decide though would it be cool to try to show

Unknown Speaker 50:41
that as a black and white picture school across the street it shows Tom’s ever gave us the shoulder

Unknown Speaker 50:52
of the horses we got pictures originally right yeah see you get so used to house the number of

Unknown Speaker 51:16
pictures. So cost photos like the actual photos that we have this Tony, you have to answer your question Okay, we have photos for everyone except the very first one she knows actuary so So Mark Udall Gail Phillips, so yeah, okay. And then in third and Nolan three I think that’s that’s the one you got to get for us

Unknown Speaker 51:49
how many more things to put in this right. So as you can

Unknown Speaker 51:54
see, we are we have their concerns these issues and if we can do a solution about how we can name and data service and even essentially, you know in the scrapbooks anyway to show ya no issues

Unknown Speaker 52:28
that’s a possibility. Yeah. And this also enables us to put up the what we had talked about the board members that were service and just doing

Unknown Speaker 52:41
one yeah

Unknown Speaker 52:47
but since I’m what I saw in the video is impeachment one is coming separate mean, for this particular board visits are happening outside of the board meetings. So So talking more about

Unknown Speaker 53:08
visionary on where the scrapbook is, ya know?

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Project Yeah. So we’re not going to be doing projects in Word meetings, other than updates, updates. So we need to rearrange committee meetings.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
Before we can arrange the board meetings Yeah, you’re just not going to do the actual work so

Unknown Speaker 53:41
we’re at work because that’s the message that was opposite on the video. I’m like,

Unknown Speaker 53:47
I think we were talking about the rest of the retreat right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
That was to me it was great to me

Unknown Speaker 53:56
that’s what we thought we were talking yeah all right.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
So okay to still do committee meetings Yes. What I’ve done maybe what we should do is schedule a time that we’re going to me on the next project I think

Unknown Speaker 54:20
okay, what time would you like to me Yeah, you know, yeah, magic scrapbook calm Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Diane’s you shouldn’t come

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So you’re never was born Oh, maybe. So, your crews Janet and Marie.

Unknown Speaker 55:14
Do we want to meet on Thursday? Because that way it doesn’t even on anybody’s weekends.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
I can this morning, okay. Yeah, like 10 o’clock.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Yeah. Just for where’s this media? Well, we can come to my house because it’s open anytime you

Unknown Speaker 55:43
go to the library. It’s

Unknown Speaker 55:46
from nine it starts at nine out there.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
If you have to say, Karen says messages pauses? Yeah. Possible.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
hours so 1011 at the library,

Unknown Speaker 56:06
the pretenders?

Unknown Speaker 56:11
on what’s the best date? You got a? Picture? This is what you get with a new camera. Yes, a new camera. Oh, I’m sorry, for the 14th. We’re looking at 14. So tomorrow I can actually

Unknown Speaker 56:39
do tomorrow

Unknown Speaker 56:41
only simply because my questors meetings is taking place. But normally, I can’t do that on that day. But I

Unknown Speaker 56:49
can you do that? I think so. I mean, my hand off, check my husband’s make sure that I can have it.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
But just for the hour, what are we actually going to do?

Unknown Speaker 57:00
We’re gonna talk about framing and figuring out what we want to do. We’ll talk about in. Kathy, do you have a tape measure for chance? Oh, yeah. Well, I just want to quickly get a quick measure

Unknown Speaker 57:25
what we need to and we need to measure the coat rack, because the coat rack is there and clear. So that whole wall is not available

Unknown Speaker 57:41
now, the closet is our only source space. It’s our only stairs in a home. We couldn’t get the door open if it was in closets. So I’ll nature but I don’t think we can get the end. That’s where we just we storage. I I don’t take classes,

Unknown Speaker 58:05
I would perhaps

Unknown Speaker 58:09
I think for the time being that we measured the whole wall as a primitive. And then we’ll make a decision on that, let’s see, if you’re gonna put the system in, it makes sense to some coli, we can always remove the wires depending on where you need to go. So let’s just measure the whole wall as if we’re going to be watched. And then that’s the great thing about naming systems. As you can adjust, that’s nice. So we could just get the measurement. If I don’t take my picture there’ll be a somewhat

Unknown Speaker 58:54
accidental, accidental fishes.

Unknown Speaker 58:56
They have this. So all right, so we’re we’re sent to me on that. Kathy, you can send one out or to or you just

Unknown Speaker 59:04
put them in. I think you should put in your individual calendars.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
All right. Moving forward, we are in the scrapbooks. And that’s Connie and I

Unknown Speaker 59:22
spoke with flying

Unknown Speaker 59:26
by text here or holidays. Grab a report from basic one. It’s not. Okay, so there’s a couple things in that I had a couple of questions for Connie. In regards to such

Unknown Speaker 59:56
it’s essential next All right. So in regards to the scrapbooks, and she, we’ve talked about the scrapbooks. We’ve also talked about doing a camera stand into doing and picturing the graphics and putting it up into the cloud. So she’s been looking into that. And what she said is that she has nothing to do right now in regards to report news for the scrapbooks that if anybody’s has any newspaper clippings or correspondence, please let her know. Same goes with pitching pictures or anything like that. And she’s, she’s said that she contracted out as well. And they no longer have the one that she used. So she’s been trained, and she’s going to contact Sacred Valley and see if they have a copy statement. And we’ll go from there. If not, I think we’re back to the same point of having to go down to Denver to use the bookscan. Unfortunately, which then?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
So what do they cost? I have not updated. Okay, we would purchase and the reason why is that even Eric Mason doesn’t know how that they arranged to use it. So maybe we need to connect to Connie up with just thinking, Well, I’m gonna see here, Mason zoom again. So go back to our facility. Maybe I could just ask him to give us the illusion. That actually these are pictures that he shot to, to Parkway, somebody’s asking them if they aren’t going to share, so share this with us what equipment they used what they borrowed? What?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
volunteer to help us with that? That

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
would be crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Kathy, you’ve got a new camera. Remember the House last year? classes on that? Is that usable?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
We’re gonna make available Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
So maybe if we can just find a stand, then we can use your camera

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
to go from there. I’m just trying to find out what resources I love getting into this sad sdvoe. And you shall find some success there.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
So she’s working on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
I mean, I don’t know if you need that there’s a camera stands on Amazon for 100 bucks.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
It’s a specific one. It’s kind of like four quarter. It’s not one, it’s like a tripod. And it’s different. You said a new camera lighting that

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
was already sold separately. So people will do that all the time. Doesn’t mean you can buy like a white thing and shoot the camera by the camera. And there’s so many people take pictures of their products all the time. So I suspect for not very much money we could get the pieces we need, instead of trying to borrow them

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
I’d rather not. But maybe if question, can we hire somebody?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
That would be very expensive. Well, I think we got a call. It’s called nice camera and ask them how much they would charge per page to take pictures. And I think you’re gonna find out it’s fairly expensive, but they’re probably the place to, to have that done. And they would at least have a they would, they would have a price that would give you an idea of what that would cost.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
And I also think they would contact our practice group, this is what we really need. And maybe we could have a volunteer that comes in, not against considering that we are going to have to upkeep this because we have to submit each page moving forward as well. So we cannot go straight in the cloud for safety reasons. Again, I’m terrified if we have fire or anything like that. And I just really think it’s important that we have someplace safe and it gives everybody public access to doesn’t work so so all I Last time on board, you have if you’re going to be talking to Eric can get their their numbers and contact information for that or

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
for that, I was also going to say is to ask Connie, she wouldn’t mind reaching out Susan give her a price on is a company ability to do that. And they do what they what they would charge per page. And then also this question can just be done by Google is coming to Google, you know, I want to know, yeah, check those two, that will be helpful. So check SEC check. For digital company, whatever. Okay, those are three leads.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
Okay, thank you. All right. So that’s what we’ve got on scrapbooks. Now moving on to open house

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
on top that is on the table of contents and status. Oh, great. Thank you. I know that Janet was done one. And thank you for your work on those books. You’re the best. So

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
that’s huge. That’s a lot of work

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
hours for our society.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
So Okay, on to open houses. And, and this was one of the things that I was following through and are doing. Crusader crying also emailed me in regards to separate. Um, about pioneers Day plans for the fall at home park. They’re going to have a couple cabins open this summer, but I don’t know about any specific dates. So that’s something that you’re hoping that, you know, piggyback on some stuff

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
or collaborate with

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
me just try to collaborate with them. And we pretty much got told that it was their deal, because we talked about doing tours here the day that they were doing school tours there. And the official word that we got from them that was that it was it was their deal. And I think we can reach out again, but like the last time we tried to do that COVID signer me a couple years ago, COVID intervenes, and they didn’t tap it. But the the word we received from the same brain Valley, or the same brain fertile society that said that was their deal, and that they did not want to dilute it with our contents. You know, I volunteered with binaries, too. So yeah, it’s a lot of fun. And I can tell

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
you though, it is a logistical. All the kids except for the ones who really close tools they walk in, but the rest are busted. And the timing has to be just right. And that’s awesome. Up here, again, is a lot of logistics. The kids

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
probably could walk no one’s here, when we talked about the small but some percentage and I’m doing lunch here and I’m kind of walking through your house. And I don’t know who the leafs are board. They didn’t like that idea. Probably try to circle back and see if that’s a possibility. But at that point in time, they were interested.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
I think it’s not every

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
Saturday morning or Sunday we get a busload of vehicles through Indian Navy, and another question on consignments so not all just the last month would have launched some of our you get 100 kids walk through at time 20 going through

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
we could possibly do it. But it would be funny. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
I think we should reach out again, but I we didn’t know

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
the person can was hurt. I remember during this Oh, and it was a real? Yeah, it’s a big deal. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
The kids love it. Yeah, but one thing is will fail. They’re outside, running around having fun. I mean, they go into the little cabins and you’re addressing you’re talking to them, right? And here we have a lot more delegates. We could have outside gardens as I mentioned, but they’re brighter. Yeah, third graders. A little different.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
A lot little remark they always still jump in there because I remember what surely my cousin and why did Lauren and I, because Lauren was here visiting English in

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
private since they’re slightly you

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
know, they were having some kind of function that it wasn’t smooth

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
thought they had.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
This is one big

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
outreach. You got to not amazing see it? Because I think it would be great. But

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
that’s another thing. It’s not one day it’s a whole week. It’s a week, it’s a lot of

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
kids and this is system. Okay community outreach specifically to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
But we do already have other commitments like clubs, which may or may not prevent us from doing that public speaking

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
just for you, I guess. Yeah, I move the scale because office work in offices for state of Colorado. And she would work with us on various apps if we ever to assign to lunch. Just say

Unknown Speaker 1:11:20
so they would, what would that be? If we wanted

Unknown Speaker 1:11:23
to do something for your iPhone or for anything that you wanted to choose to do?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
I agree. Really cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:38
Like maybe you actually use it

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
is actually said as a possibility or should you’ve also been so used to that? Or about what more work with a she’s really a nice lady and the high copper content. Here slide. Just a side note. We could dress up so anyway. Yes. Yes, I know who’s not happy about it. Maybe if we could get your hat in the painful part.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:24
Okay, moving on to the July open house. For the 27th I came in the guides, and everybody’s gonna be here. Do you want

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
to choose what room he wants to be in? I think that might be helpful. So that that way, you don’t have to go through and read the entire length of the book that I gave you all of it. But you want to focus on just one room and actually, the whole thing was she’s okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
she’s around random one again. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:04
Compared to any complex, it’s gonna be resolved by our Grizzlies.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:10
Practicing diplomacy.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
All right. Okay, so we’re going to be arriving? Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
I just put your purchase up and just started working on everything else be ready to lighten up on water out.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
Okay. Moving right around, is going fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:39
Still on now, actually. So we last, this has to do with our walk, but it’s just in the open process for that last Artwalk. Because in 2021, somebody asked about some pictures of the house. And if we had any available for sale, and you were made to check into you said we have some you’re going to check into what they were in what quantities. So can we do that before? If not, it’d be great if we could do it from seven if not indefinitely before they

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
put out a set and decided price.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
Okay, and can we do the same with the books as we did do a count on the books

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
that we have vertical and small sat down and ate them. And the cost is 15 to 20%. And so we all agreed in our federal aid meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
I guess the issue, so we’re not taking money.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
I know I wish very little buzzer can we I’m sure we can get that set up with the QR

Unknown Speaker 1:14:48
code. Okay. QR codes already set up so all they’d have to do is get on their phone. Go to the web scan website or scan the QR code go to So I have a donation.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:02
The donation would be yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
Or picture price or whatever. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
It’s still on open house.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
That’s an issue. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:15
Yeah. And I didn’t I didn’t know if we were going to set it up different word is going to guess. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
Now, number one, enjoy donation for extra. Right? Okay. So that’s much easier than if we change the price in the same way. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:32
So still on, open and positive this has to do. I want to ask you real quick, because I can go print the photos and have them available, or just like, because this was a great idea of yours to have the photo of the Swedes. Oh, no. Actually, yeah, that’s cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
I thought it was just a paper.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
You know? Why? Actually, I was Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
I was. I was having

Unknown Speaker 1:16:00
good stuff. But no, I scared you. Love it? Okay. All right. So what size? Are you thinking when you have this? In like, 10 or larger? I wouldn’t know too much. Timber. Yeah, I was gonna say this is not funny. But an oil quality will be better. But it’s, you know. That’s great. Yeah, the little ones you definitely want to detail. Yes. And you don’t want our guests. For them? I think we will. But yes, that photo quality will be a better friend and easier to see. Such as we just want to watch enough so that we don’t want to get it getting like yes, no, this could be because of the key.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Oh, we could we could do trials in with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
And that’s my idea I want to this protects them aren’t spending time, money or money. But the point is, if we can include this photo with one of the two tiles that are in the bookcase, you’re shadowbox professionally put together. Nice. Or just, I know put it out there and stuff. But other times we’ll put it away. So

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
that’s I think that’s a great idea. I think it’s really well done. Yes. Might be able to

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
just like the else’s picture there.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
That’s it. I don’t want to hang it. So especially not down here. No, it won’t be

Unknown Speaker 1:18:08
something coming. It actually will be something set on an easel on that. And that just in the next one the purpose.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:17
Yeah, except for our walk when they have are all over it.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Like, yeah, yes, we need to shift a little bit and as an artist somewhere other than on that desk.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:28
I this was your suggestion. And and I think it’s brilliant. It’s the medieval. Yeah, I like the

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
old pictures of the place is a good idea

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
because it incorporates the workforce with some physical example of the titles, and so people can actually see okay, so then this is why because people have no idea when it looks like and having this is just a very special thing. So, so who’s coached me I guess, unless anyone else wants to volunteer to peddle crickets chakra

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
Okay, can we get the pile before you see you’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:19:29
to take that with us.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:33
Okay so that had

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
open houses and houses. Yeah. Why do you artwork that’s in

Unknown Speaker 1:19:47
our box moving along? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:50
in talking to several artists, there’s a favorite dress lady will be upstairs. I’ve got two artists committed so far. Once again, Kelly She says like a watercolor. She’ll be here at the photographer and erase this. He’s

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
in her 40s beautiful art. I’ve got one who still, she’s not sure. So that question mark by her. So I want to open completely open slot which I’m not worried about filling names, I call them still, you know, I’ll listen if you have a friend Mara. You know, somebody you know, but you know that she talked to him. What’s

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
the what’s the name of the paper dress like?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
Her name is Jamie. Jim Hernandez the one who was wavering on his animal paintings, she was an animal hoarder, she’s very good. But she she’s in college and she knew she had a some kind of a spin that medium for classes. She’s gonna see if she can alter your schedule. I’m gonna give her like through next week,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:01
also. So we had an open slot. Actually, that wasn’t handled by our counter, folks. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
not sure if she’s gonna come out. Just just so I want to be at this time. Yeah. It’s early yet. I’ll definitely make more calls.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:22
I start out with that Brunson for music. So I’ve got a note out to somebody else. So if we don’t have live music, we have 7pm says he did not say He just said he couldn’t talk. So I found psycho for my calls, or they’d love to come to the library to do something else. So I don’t know if that’s just a popular day. But he just said he couldn’t make it. So I have a feeler out to another guy that sent here before and Crickets. Crickets crickets. So we’ll see. We’ll see. We’ve got some time.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
I do think the live music.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
It makes it nice for us right

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
now Well, you know, he made it really clear to me that he didn’t want to do this. But you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
what? Are you talking about the one that yeah, he was like, he moved

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
but not far. Going to talk to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:28
I still had this business very, he was pretty. He was very one that he was just like this. What we’ve asked him several times, and he’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
the one who said well, it just needs to be kind of worth my while. And okay. So if you have something to do, and generate a lot of revenue that you’re going to want to do. Yeah. Okay, but if you don’t have something going on in your schedule, already, you’re available you consider it so that’s my conversation. So

Unknown Speaker 1:23:04
Worst comes to worse he says no. worries, he says I prefer his books because they’re all books.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:17
They’re beautiful. They’re very nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
But it’s a whole different Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:24
I think that’d be a nice so the paper dresses got watercolors. It’s definitely project in Pasadena and my persistent anyone just opportunity. Let me know I’m persistent. Okay. All right. So our walk we actually

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
were for open houses. One of the things under open houses we needed to talk about though, said open animals. And the reason why we’re talking about set open houses from what we were given by Mary Ellen about our advertising, and that’s why we need to discuss that. I am

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24
actually disappointed in Santa the fall brochure the deadlines for getting that print to your Oh is like one of those lines to get that done? is pretty much done. Yes. Yes. Listen,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:51
that’s what that’s what the question was. So somebody if we’re only doing reservations that’s it. What’s

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
it also says reservation through fire on the Santo Okay, I can see that we have not changed it to single person or relationship, but that will be processed in the fall. And I do

Unknown Speaker 1:25:10
apologize about this quote.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:13
That’s okay, I just add it’s like we went it’s like a lightning

Unknown Speaker 1:25:19
round Sue I’ll get

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
to that. And they’ll be in Mississippi. So I remember that fall recreation for sure how else is going to be advertised but our contact contact isn’t in constant contact

Unknown Speaker 1:25:39
now it’ll open the reservations in November right and it will fill up with two days just like it did last year and then we won’t have access anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:49
So we would need to have it on constantly contact starting

Unknown Speaker 1:25:55
the LP be on constant contact and then we open the reservations and we haven’t set a date that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:07
can also be included in the city you know that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
opens up for you

Unknown Speaker 1:26:19
My question is why 4% Why

Unknown Speaker 1:26:23
because it’s built it up last year

Unknown Speaker 1:26:29
so it’s the

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
over advertising it’s yeah, it’s important because at first because if nothing more, it just trickles into people’s mind to

Unknown Speaker 1:26:39
be looking for it

Unknown Speaker 1:26:40
and even if it’s still bad at times when it comes to kind of put down

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
i Under delivers and

Unknown Speaker 1:26:54
we were having trouble filling out that marketing thing it’s just out there and seeing what might

Unknown Speaker 1:27:04
advertise things that are already

Unknown Speaker 1:27:11
trying to be logical means that we need to get more people to start so we put or try to put our resources things that are going to be full we put less resources or more space maximize your marketing dollars towards always for as long as

Unknown Speaker 1:27:42
we compete with the entire city

Unknown Speaker 1:27:48
it’s it’s fine

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
it’s one more community outreach whether or not we already potentially filled it

Unknown Speaker 1:27:59
well here’s the other thing city line is not our advertisement and we don’t get to you don’t get we don’t get the final say of what goes in there but we compete with everybody else in the city or that space so stay

Unknown Speaker 1:28:19
tuned Yeah, that’s it. I just want to communicate with the public about counting.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:29
We just don’t we also don’t want to disappoint.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:33
Disappointed regardless because people will be disappointed once you open you know, like an hour goes by and they’re awful. So yeah, we’d have disappointed anyway. I just

Unknown Speaker 1:28:47
thought well, since you’ve been putting into school and fill up the nurse today’s possibility consider for just one day but today is worse. Okay, that’s that’s one of the things that we should consider. If we’re filling up so quickly, you shouldn’t consider that we might have to look at more than one because it’s a great event for the house

Unknown Speaker 1:29:17
and certain things

Unknown Speaker 1:29:22
so I look at it that way. Yay. It’s great to be confident that they were popular and we deserve more extreme. Just think we might end up today’s lunch. We’ll see how the

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
Senate will be fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
It might not this year. That is a possibility. Okay, I think Moving right on to the past and because of work I have a lot of knowledge.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:03
Yeah, so their dates of service, I wanted to ask you all how I missed them by early years for two years and just find out or I would put curriculums on the top I don’t know how to do that order means we’re going to start with earliest and come to the most

Unknown Speaker 1:30:53
I think the most important ones at this moment are the ones that are starting today. So I think it should be delivered first. I think you should start with the current ones. That’s what’s that’s what people are going to recognize. And we’re constantly trying to recruit for new board members. I want them to see who’s serving today so that they can find you and speak to you as opposed to putting you at the bottom because not everybody’s gonna read the whole list right right

Unknown Speaker 1:31:29
well, that’s that’s the point I may have earliest members

Unknown Speaker 1:31:39
Yeah, I agree

Unknown Speaker 1:31:42
with that rational offices

Unknown Speaker 1:31:49
as I say, We drum up more interest for our board if they see people they understand they recognize and they also see that they need to talk to chronological order then some are over your first day of service

Unknown Speaker 1:32:19
some people with several terms

Unknown Speaker 1:32:24
just put that or or something like that. So the triangle that you’re going to be listing so not only that the arrows are over

Unknown Speaker 1:32:48
right today

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
fits nicely. Yeah. If you tried to do like all kings surface

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
your first year of service center last year service and how many trips or something like that? Instead of trying to do it? Yeah. So there was a time in the city in between,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:14
yeah. For years for years and years of service

Unknown Speaker 1:33:18
number then people want to wait a minute this is actually why universal service why?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:37
Find a way that you’re probably gonna be here because

Unknown Speaker 1:33:42
the thing is, does anybody else care? I question it, but you get the detail direct. So I’m just gonna I just I really think that you’re gonna get the detail on spot on

Unknown Speaker 1:33:57
site how to do it really?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:01
Yeah. Okay, we will wrap it up as best we can, guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18
Okay, excellent. So moving on to new business. Future illustration, preservation projects, lists. Okay. That was one of the big things that I started

Unknown Speaker 1:34:36
to ask. Well, what you’re seeing, so I can just add to the list and we will have a compiled list

Unknown Speaker 1:34:42
to me that was before and in the in the Autohaus. And the point, obviously, was one of the things that I am concerned about this wall, the gate the Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:01
I talked to I talked originally from circulation commission, my basket, smaller here during that process for us suggest checking with Well, first off

Unknown Speaker 1:35:19
news for over works, I’m willing to

Unknown Speaker 1:35:21
do whatever we need to do to remove the tree that but we were going to discuss it next month. I just tried to move us. So, so, so nice. So yeah. Okay, so I pointing at that meeting room wallpaper. And I don’t pass Yes. And then I also have brothers. So three minus 10. Anyone can think of any others, you know, bring them know the rhythm to everyone’s charged, how today’s meeting compared with any other items for restoration and preservation that we need to pay attention to?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:14
Finish, honestly, could you share that was with me, and then I’ll forward it to everybody else on the show. And so we’re not there yet. Moving on to Item B QR code donation. We answer so many questions already in regards to how we’re going to do the books and whatnot. I was looking at the QR code. And we had discussed with Suellen. About the placement on the QR code. Going back to looking at the QR code, it’s still at the bottom. And I think it’s important if we’re going to do a donation button it should be here’s my time the bottom used to dig through everything to get to it in

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
navigation bars. What

Unknown Speaker 1:37:09
I found here, you guys,

Unknown Speaker 1:37:10
actually, it depends on which app whether you’re on mobile, or on a scanner.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:15
This is this is what kind of here I’m just scanning the QR code.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:22
Alright, so make a donation online. So top, that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25
But here’s what I had a problem with. Here’s one scan. So here’s yours mine is really tough. Please don’t do the process, try to do it. There is not

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
the only vehicle at the moment that we have.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:46
I mean, you have to get Okay, which pull up if you do. Okay, so if you pull it up, and

Unknown Speaker 1:37:57
I don’t know that we need to go through all the details, you’re saying it’s a challenge. That’s something we can look at,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:02
okay? What what it’s going to be really clear and easy. Once you click on that, and you click on Make a donation, you should just be able to go ahead and type in the amount in your credit card.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:18
You shouldn’t be able to our system is not as should, our system is what it is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make adjustments to what it can. So

Unknown Speaker 1:38:30
I would be helpful because the easier we

Unknown Speaker 1:38:32
can make this absolutely. I agree. That’s that’s a case in all our assets. Right? It is what it is. But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep looking at the making fees and try to make investments.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:49
It just needs to be separated so people shouldn’t have to put their email, Simon.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:05

Unknown Speaker 1:39:06
see, and hear reports to the city council. Okay. We have to do it into the year report to the city council. We have one done and it counts but we haven’t done one. And 2020 21 or 22 is simply this. I wasn’t aware that maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:39:26
we haven’t done since I’ve been here.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:29
That’s the last person

Unknown Speaker 1:39:32
recycle. And you can do that with the windows 2019 Was it? I got the report. I don’t have it in front of me to say there’s

Unknown Speaker 1:39:48
a chance Chairman as chairperson. And

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
but it’s now my point is it’s been a long time.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:02
I think it’s really not just about anyone’s knows more often than even he was, except for the chairperson, who will then go through and recap the year. And that’s fine. I for what the board has done in provide that information, that communication is just awesome, because it’s not it’s not a question, though.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:23
It’s a report

Unknown Speaker 1:40:25
that shows the council and the city community that these are community, but the board isn’t actively doing to support and so yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:36
so the bottom line is, I thought, I think we need to have the three of us working on it. And that should be Connie, the historian carrying us secretary. Okay, so that, that unfortunately or fortunately the way way it looks, I would like to set a date. To work on this quickly after the summer, it can start in September, that is basically for now that we started recording.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:11
So you have it ready. And then we can get on just City Council’s agenda items.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:19
So at this point, because we’re so behind, I think we’re going to have tables. The other business

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31
has to still have in mind that

Unknown Speaker 1:41:32
the agenda for

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
the retreat should just be done separately. But it is now the basics and limitation. I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:47
All in favor. I don’t see any minute. All right

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