Art In Public Places – July 2022

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Art In Public Places – July 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:05
All right, well, I really should get this party started. So I’m sorry all but you get the joy of me Geryon tonight because Sydney’s out of town, Randy’s unavailable and Stephanie just rolled in, and we haven’t had time to go over the agenda. So I’m gonna call this meeting to order today at 603.

Unknown Speaker 0:28
Ru go through a roll call panelists here. Teresa’s here. Versus

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Stephanie’s here, Iris. Let’s just move on down to excuse whatever should come in Susan’s here Danielle’s here, Jennifer here, Melanie’s here. And he’s here. And Laura’s here, Angela and Eileen, excuse me of Laurel, Randy and Cindy. And we will just go around real quick and introduce ourselves for Eileen because I forgot the name tags. And then they’ll jump to the public invite and be heard. So sort of

Unknown Speaker 1:16
to two barwick’s, parallel virtual, and even

Unknown Speaker 1:20
semi worlds. And I’m Laurie man, Daniel and I were challenged by to do this.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Fantastic. Um, yes. So do we have additions or corrections to the meeting minutes other than what Cindy sent me today. And the changes of Jennifer’s are, which are all grammatical.

Unknown Speaker 1:50
Right, and now

Unknown Speaker 1:53
I have a motion to approve minutes as augmented and

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I voted to accept the minutes as amended

Unknown Speaker 2:05
and change. All favor? Aye.

Unknown Speaker 2:13
Aye. Aye. Any additions to the agenda as presented this evening?

Unknown Speaker 2:27
Was you had asked to talk about this? Event?

Unknown Speaker 2:31
Rosel. Park?

Unknown Speaker 2:33
Okay. We’ll put that into new business. Okay, so I am new business number 12. See, I’ll be at first. And then we can actually while we’re making, we will just strike 13. Chucky is any other changes to the

Unknown Speaker 3:12
moving ride alone to this year? Well, both places have a formal front. We’ll start with Melanie, maybe you can just tell us just a tip that this is probably first week.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
Slow. Can you just tell us a little bit about you and what brings you to a couple places. And I don’t know if you have that everybody but so this is the first official meeting as well many. So take it away. I’m really excited to be here. I have a background

Unknown Speaker 3:46
just how I got into this whole business. I just finished a term on folder. So I’ve been looking for a new board to take on and about two years ago. So once I saw there was a word called art with places I knew I found like so very excited to be here. It seems to be the marriage between earthing and art, which I love. I’m an artist as well. I work a lot on yarn shops. And Jennifer and I’ve done a couple of events with our faces that you guys have done throughout the years and admirer of sculptures. So I really looking forward to seeing what I can do as placemaking and public art and how I can learn about that actual installation

Unknown Speaker 4:39
if you will so important to

Unknown Speaker 4:42
be here and ready. This is like your third meeting which is fantastic which reverts official so anything to add

Unknown Speaker 4:57
All right, moving right Don’t worry, we’ll go into the system Cities project update, which I think since the last time that we have been here, Susan, we’ve narrowed it down so and then of course the event is on Wednesday. Do you feel comfortable talking about that a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 5:18
We have three finalists. And I briefly looked at when there’s they’re all interesting and different and I’m really excited for the windscreen to see what

Unknown Speaker 5:38
do you just want to see the finals? I don’t know if anybody can come to the meeting Wednesday so let’s use an

Unknown Speaker 5:49
invitation to visit you know, some people like to know everything I know.

Unknown Speaker 6:01
I think the only confusion at this juncture is the public feels like they can vote in these ones right. So we may have a little bit of a clarifying we may be familiar Okay, give me a second

Unknown Speaker 6:23
oops wake up before you go

Unknown Speaker 6:46
oh, it helps if you’re actually it’s been a long couple of holes. Everything’s wireless. Exactly. So this is like so 90 All right smile turn it off turn on started when I was

Unknown Speaker 8:01
12 Remind me to come back to. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 8:34
All right. I’ll try and figure that out a little bit. So the three sorry, the three different artists are Mario and jabariya. He’s a long artist. He did. Thompson Tempietto in Thompson part. So that makes sense because it’s a structure and it’s gathering space as mosaic. He said painting before the gazebo and then Joanie bliss who has done figurative work and has been on display in art on the move with us for more. And then Lee Lisa Russell, who is a Fort Collins artists, and her work also is a bit figurative, but certainly like plasma cut aluminum and steel. So I think that idea of kind of a gathering space with some dappled light probably where she’s very colorful. I will try for you all. So go in moving on. The final selection is when citizens are mentioned. Here straight means that we’re going to have more people than we usually have, which means that I definitely can use volunteers. If you haven’t seen the volunteer sign up. I also send To begin, if there are no shifts, that doesn’t mean you’re not needed, just because you always use help stacking chairs at the end of the night cleaning up and doing the dishes is recent history so that last night, there’s lots of opportunity. And Egypt in the volunteer signup page shows the jobs and kind of what’s happening at what times. So I’ll resend that to you. But it was in the last email that I sent. So any questions about Sister cities? So better sales came here about 15.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
I was getting five in the selection committee. So

Unknown Speaker 10:50
we’re having volunteers and selection panels or pizza, and then I’ll say that again, here, hopefully, so it’s no, it’s not. Is this love musical theater? Oh, okay. So they use this, like, practice space where they’re blocking everything off. And so I think for the most part, they’ll have their things like to the side, and we’ll just meet kind of in the middle with this, if I can figure out how it works. They just feels a little more intimate. And I think that the discussion will probably be more helpful. We have the event last night in the auditorium, because we didn’t know how many people were gonna get. And I was not interested. And I don’t know, it was very formal

Unknown Speaker 11:55
filmer grant.

Unknown Speaker 11:57
There were like, 30 people and and it was, I don’t know, it was kind of way. It’s huge. I have been in

Unknown Speaker 12:23
that huge screen was good. Because the selection panel was supposed to halfway up, I was on the third row on cards, but I still, my nose is on the level.

Unknown Speaker 12:39
Yeah, so yeah, we should image jump right in. Unless there’s any other questions about Sister Cities on Wednesday? I think we’ll be in here last week, collectively decide that we just do it again. Just I will warn the artist though. Maybe even

Unknown Speaker 12:58
or should we just plan to do it in there and make it secret?

Unknown Speaker 13:04
But it is feels important. And I mean, if we have it in this space, it’s gonna feel not this corner. But it’s gonna be kinda like this. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
All right. I agree. I mean

Unknown Speaker 13:23
it’s present. And here’s the other piece of it. So we’ve got Sister Cities Association, folks who might show up. Let’s say that that does, right. And then if it’s in the city line, and then a bunch of people show up, I’m not really interested in be like, let’s grab chairs. If we do it in the auditorium that all stand Yep, you can also then section off, where you’re gonna have a selection panel. Yeah. And you just coordinate that. Yeah. And these people. Yeah. So maybe we’ll go and have a little field trip at the end of this meeting. And anybody who’s interested in that setup, go walk with me, so we can just have it figured out. So we’re not doing the Hollywood shuffle, right? Presentations. Yesterday, it was a little weird. But okay, so let’s talk about last night, who wants to start to server selection panels, number one, three of these on here. So yeah, tell us and I say start start at the beginning. While you’re talking sloppily try

Unknown Speaker 14:25
how many? How many was 2735? So have 35 write down three. And we ended up with three incredibly different artists. One of them was more of an abstract artist working with a lot of geometric shapes. The other was more of a realist would you say? Yeah, figures, the figures and then the other. That was the chosen one. I don’t know how to explain it.

Unknown Speaker 14:59
works. Skin realism but in animals but then adds color and geometry.

Unknown Speaker 15:10
So all very, very different. They all pay artists, credible

Unknown Speaker 15:15
pieces Hold on a minute all open them out and

Unknown Speaker 15:23
I’d rather not record this part

Unknown Speaker 15:29
Oh near the door.

Unknown Speaker 15:33
Okay, so we’ll start with the first one. So finalist number one

Unknown Speaker 15:59
all right. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 16:00
that’s number one.

Unknown Speaker 16:03
So this was her idea of trying to bring 1000, which is too long lot. She wanted to bring in a generational piece. As you can see, on the left hand side was a very wonderful year, followed by the mother fulfilling their wishes, is a little girl, she was very open with the idea of different female or different people being the subject matter. The little girl in the middle was actually chosen because it was her niece. The other two were just people that she had shows up stoppages. And her concept was, she wanted to use a lot of stencils that were going to be made to make over 1000 wishes, which would have been the dandelions. And there’s a few things that were a little concerned with this one. One being the time, she wouldn’t be able to start this mural until this time spring, which was kind of for people living, there is a big deal. As far as I can see, I kind of underway as soon as possible. Also, we were a little concerned about the supplies, we’re going to have to talk about the people that she is because that was brought up as diversity that the audience would like to see all the more putting through a lot of work through Walmart, and other subject was brought up was that there was also the bureau kind of similar, everybody behind, you would know, there’s just a few different things that are pretty good points that we all kind of have brought together regarding this one, but it was going to be a lot more rational back to Mariah fewer times to get new mock ups may mean they’re going to be beautiful. She did an amazing job. There’s also

Unknown Speaker 17:53
this issue, and

Unknown Speaker 17:55
she’s saying back to her shoe that we were going to ask her to use our supplies that Mama recommend her vial coating and UV protect, it was a great four year we were going to need to recode that every day for a years, the other two artists for 10 to 20 years on both their words, which was isn’t really a drastic difference. So we developed we actually have to do is actually this is engaging us. So that was a really big thing about that. Next was David David on pantoum he’s a lot of imagery and shapes based on that llama he he really loved with the performing arts center. That was his main focal point, the Archie I love that and that was kind of his whole point. They also the buildings that you can see coming down the alleyway he loved the architecture of that so he tried to bring the shapes and flow into what he was going for, along with some of the insurances in the umbrella is going through and bespoke he genuinely had a great idea I personally loved his work but the only problem with kind of the things he had to collapse is to not use the actual sachets at all which was kind of a concern amongst the panel that he did not incorporate those by any means they’re very they’re very green and there’s like more of a natural approaches and not so

Unknown Speaker 19:29
yeah, like right now this great this great panel and that’s actually not

Unknown Speaker 19:41
right. So it was kind of a it was hard for us to all see it coming together on that regards. He also use very high pain he chose to color palettes that wouldn’t be able to choose between everybody was definitely a bottom. But the problem for us really in line I think for the panel was As the main part is project was laying in a side panel on he wanted to do an additional piece on the side of the building, which is beautiful, but we don’t know who would have access to that. And so basically his whole flow looking at from this angle it flows so nicely that alley, but it just if you don’t have that piece, it doesn’t like bring that whole area together. I think Scott already really decided. But yeah, that piece besides gorgeous and you can definitely see the pressure coming from from the RCP brought through on that which is cool. But again, there’s definitely some thoughts and potential movement on that side of the building. They also don’t think that the

Unknown Speaker 20:42
owner and I confirm it Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 20:46
that would have been in we unfortunately the project is what I would have liked. were finalists. What is been a gentleman

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Yeah, we talked about them today is the contract of preliminary contracts.

Unknown Speaker 21:06
So starting out with that edge he had a

Unknown Speaker 21:16
storyline along my school and he made sure you really loved the in depth of this

Unknown Speaker 21:34
have a lot of associations in Latino

Unknown Speaker 21:35
male. He’s a huge advocate for firms. You love what we’re watching them online. That’s yet okay. So just trying to bring recognition to Colorado wildlife. And

Unknown Speaker 21:59
so you have

Unknown Speaker 22:00
seven birds that are all native to Longmont area. Each one of those you’ll find throughout the blue heron specifically was kind of his pride and joy of starting this project is very close relationship to watch. Notice, I didn’t notice that there’s a lot that they all migrate to. I learned a lot from yesterday, which was really cool in this little project it was actually, like I looked at them earlier. It’s actually like,

Unknown Speaker 22:38
oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:40
yeah, right. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Yeah. So keep doing the hawk. Hawk, the

Unknown Speaker 22:52
peregrine falcons on Bloomberg in the middle

Unknown Speaker 22:55
is a hummingbird down there underneath the hops. Cause theory, there’s an offering. And then there’s one more that will

Unknown Speaker 23:09
be since there’s a raven. There’s the owl on there. There’s peregrine falcon. This osprey, there’s a hummingbird. And there’s the Heron and then there’s that guy, whatever. But I think we’re gonna have to play a little bit because the easement ends here. So we either have to extend our easement, or we’re gonna have to play with the composition. And I also confirmed with him today, like everybody’s flying that way, which is south. We’re like, Oh, this is so intentional. They’re fun. Winter obviously.

Unknown Speaker 23:55
No, in fact, I wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 24:00
with it and like he’s like when they started like sniping at each other. He was like it was kind of weird. Anyway, so you’ll probably play with composition a little bit okay, but it was like yeah, but they do all migrates out they do migrate on that one so

Unknown Speaker 24:16
don’t forget there’s flowers behind in the

Unknown Speaker 24:22
background along with your hiker that is also a long steep but that’s the lining of one

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Steven keys

Unknown Speaker 24:36
right there’s a lot going on here.

Unknown Speaker 24:39
There’s a lot yeah that whole line there that’s gonna be long steep. So with that being said, because there is so much to see in this beautiful piece Rex, he is adding some cool is to see this from different

Unknown Speaker 24:54
views around

Unknown Speaker 24:58
the two sets of and they have not been decided the way the there’s been talks that know nothing is for sure.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Yeah, but that was we have a lot of work that we have never public art on private writing. Yes, we Yes. Like preliminary discussions that happen. I’ve already he contacted me at a time and said, Can I even propose this isn’t even in the scope of reality? And I said, I’ll make some phone calls. I made some phone calls. And yes, it’s possible, at least from like what you’re seeing here. But yeah, coordinating with the pilot of public versus public private partnership is a whole nother world. So what we’re gonna investigate, you’re gonna, we’re gonna He’s gonna manage that. No matter what. It’s part of the project. I imagine. You’re desperate. Because every time we’re here, you’re like, I’ll make some phone calls or I make some.

Unknown Speaker 25:59
It’s a lot of you ever call me and you’re like your voicemail? Is? There’s a reason? A lot of phone calls. Awesome. Yeah, I really

Unknown Speaker 26:13
wasn’t, I would say is like, I kind of love that that bird, like the blue heron, because of the openings isn’t broken

Unknown Speaker 26:21
up. Like I can, you

Unknown Speaker 26:22
did an amazing job. Using that space and the negative space and dropping them in there as much. It’s this is a wacky space. Face, it’s unfortunate that all of those things are breaking up.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
It allows us to that like wandering and creativity and you’re slightly played with this. So well like to be able to equip that animal in that space. Like, I don’t remember how recently, but then he says he Yeah, is a very difficult space. And the fact that these three artists were able to come up with the articulated for this odd space and to try to maneuver around that there’s going to be really, really cool thing to see happen. And yeah, I think that with this with the binoculars, it’ll be fun. And they talked about adding I don’t know if he mentioned the hummingbirds potentially adding a few more like hummingbirds there. So to bring it up a little bit, also to kind of again, use as an

Unknown Speaker 27:22
Easter egg. Yes, yeah. So he was seeking to come up with bluebirds to come through the apple, orange resolutely bear basically, so we’re gonna have to see what happens with the easement first, and then we gotta get him under contract. Second. And once we feel like we’re, we have some legs in this project, that will certainly mess around with composition. The other piece that we have to remember is our easement agreement. Includes Sergeant OSI loud enough, because includes a review by the building owner, and developer. So there’s some aspects of signing off on this prior to you and giving your official second official thumbs up. So. Yeah, I mean, we’re so today, Danielle, as a representative of the selection panel, is going to make a motion for you as a body to accept this proposal going forward, knowing this isn’t the end all be all, but this is a ravishing composition and love you incorporate those panels, the metal panels. I think that’s a really good, like the birds are really good with those particular panels. Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
The other thing that’s really neat is He is a licensed operator, so you can actually read the lift and reading itself and his insurance. That’s awesome. That was a big yes.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
So think it’s a six week project start to finish. He is ready to please look for viewing the contract. Now. As soon as I get city attorney and blessing language on everything. Then we’ll start working on starting to work with the easement process. Then, if at any point we have to change the composition, that’s when the selection panel will be roped back in to make decisions. And once that composition is lost, and the business owner has looked at it, and I’m hoping by the time we meet again. Something for you to see this more final. If not, I’m looking at the motion that you put forward today. We’ll just go allow it to be what it is. Because chances are, he’ll be done with it by the time you meet in September. It’s crazy, and he’s

Unknown Speaker 30:15
just not as versed. She offered me a place to stay really okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
On your budget for taking your time. Anyhow. Does anybody have any questions about this work? No, I think it’s great. Well, this is just the agreed upon palette. These were the other colorways that he suggested. The first one that can committee said was a loo. Or this second one had I we couldn’t decide if that was what the suggested one as I see more green here. But it’s seems like a similar colorway. And then the bottom one, obviously is more and more is warmer. But everyone liked the idea of the sun rising and setting kind of situation that’s happening in the middle of it. So yeah, this is the palette. This is the kind of primary thing

Unknown Speaker 31:21
and the power of the green

Unknown Speaker 31:22
to get

Unknown Speaker 31:24
through on this one specifically. Because you said that the middle is also great. It’s like, oh, yeah, you want to see it? Yeah. So that thing will match or will clash?

Unknown Speaker 31:36
I don’t know that that. Yeah. That’s a nice. Thank you. I put that up there for flannel or slanders? Yeah, that’s so cool. I love that. Savelli. No, she’s making, she’s making the recommendation. There’s

Unknown Speaker 32:13
the abstract geometric one was the ultimate. That was really funny because they’re actually changing your vote on all four votes and every time.

Unknown Speaker 32:27

Unknown Speaker 32:28
one thing that will the panelists will look into the setup. He did use all the color palette that was matching the building separately. And on the window shades, the rest of his palette was supposed to imply with that building to and without the other colors around there. So we all thought that like overall, and we also got to sort of be the peace of the people. So

Unknown Speaker 32:58
I really do like the agenda. Today heard about doing a smaller.

Unknown Speaker 33:06
So it doesn’t work that way

Unknown Speaker 33:09
to have an equitable process for every project that we do. That said, I did ask both David and Mariah if they would be if they would consider staying on my list for opportunities. So as opportunities arise, for example, that public private partnership or mural opportunities for business owners, so someone’s like, I really want something figured if I wanted to be gentle and kind, really have an express XYZ, I can say, here are four artists that do that kind of work. Here are their portfolios, give them a call. A piece for submission or pieces of that composition came from a couple of people on our polling places, working with city staff to direct the artist of what they wanted to see.

Unknown Speaker 34:05
Though he also won’t tell you is mentioned and maybe it’s up at night, where they had one time you mentioned that they were interested,

Unknown Speaker 34:20
they are all so that

Unknown Speaker 34:23
would be great to be able to reference.

Unknown Speaker 34:27
So if we can get an I think we can based upon our last meeting, and the code decisions that you decided to make with the temporary and changing things from visual, we’ll be able now to start looking into extending grant opportunities. So for example, a private business owner wants to bring $5,000 for the project in our places matches that and instead of us choosing the artwork, we can either give them suggestions on what they’re looking for, or we can go through our regular price. process. So if they, as a business owner, say, this is what I’m thinking for my business, and you know, they’re responsible for maintaining it, it becomes a part of our collection, but they’re responsible for maintaining it. So there’s all kinds of finicky ways that we’re sharing the responsibility of that artwork in perpetuity. And so that will be the opportunity for someone who owns a business to say, this is what I’m looking at. This is the theme of my business, I want to bring a local artist or someone from Colorado. And then this is something that they proposed for us in the past, this is their passport, this is huge contacts to get this kind of idea and the dandelion vision. She owns that design, right? We gave her a stipend to create the proposal for that work, but the intellectual property of that is hers and hers alone. So if she wanted to revamp that for a business, and they work together and come up with something kind of similar, that’s on her, and we would absolutely, if you like it, we wouldn’t support it. But going about a direct a direct purchase. Typically, that comes from something like Ursa Major, where he was on display for are on the move, and then pagan and it went away. And we were like, whatever. And we’re like, you know what you the people say you really liked this work, we’re gonna be bring it back and directly purchase that, that is still can see, considering the community’s vision of our public places with a commission, we want to make sure that we put it out to a fee eligible and narrow down.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
That one, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:44
I drove by the San Miguel is working on. He happened to be there going off the road, and pacing down and talk to him. And his hero. Bodie, oh, my gosh, that was going to be turned out. Right. Along with this. I wish I knew outside of it. But anyway, I asked him if he’d be interested in it wouldn’t bother you so that one filling orders, has already proposed to have him do a mural, but the guy doesn’t have as one example. Anyway, I suppose we should really document this beautiful people love to find out. So anyway, I did talk to him.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
He applied for this

Unknown Speaker 37:38
public forum. We were just really worried about the space birds by the birds. And even when the first phase with Orion is to see you all.

Unknown Speaker 38:05
So with this

Unknown Speaker 38:06
selection, Han is like, I knew it was him. And I was like, Oh, I wanted it so bad. But like, it just it was one of those feelings that

Unknown Speaker 38:17
I loved. And it was, but it was it’s just really chilling and shocking.

Unknown Speaker 38:24
So Paul standing up.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Yeah. And when I first saw it, I just loved it. And then I heard you

Unknown Speaker 38:34
say he’s very powerful.

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Very powerful.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
And in the right space.

Unknown Speaker 38:43
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
It’s really this is. Like, and that’s why for me, I thought maybe he could potentially do that. So

Unknown Speaker 39:00
I would imagine this with polls and start looking at

Unknown Speaker 39:04
polls. That’s a way at least for my figurative perspective. It’s a challenging space. You look at all of these mural artists, very few of them have had to deal with the space that we’re talking about. It’s really a difficult that there couldn’t be additional traditional panels but on those openings, because it’s a parking garage. It’s a whole thing that would be like we’d have holes in them for ventilation. That’s what the windscreens are initially came just trying to have that be in our public places, but the architect in the building owner wouldn’t release the liability for us attaching something to the building us being an artist that we commissioned, etc. Anyways, it’s kind of long story Susan was there Okay, anyway, we got them. You’re all awesome. Anything else? So yeah, so there were 3535 I would say two thirds were very very good. I would love to see some sister city stuff open. We’re just gonna we’re gonna make this very informal today. That’s what happens when canceled runs meeting. But I do feel like you should make a motion while we’re Oh,

Unknown Speaker 40:28
yes, good idea. Otherwise, we’re

Unknown Speaker 40:29
gonna be here forever. Tonight somebody has to make a recommendation.

Unknown Speaker 40:34
Recommendation that to be our own places, goes further with this year, I’ll add the project.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
All favor.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
And we’ll add to that, may we augment that motion and just saying allowing us to go forward with any of the composition considerations that might be made. So that you make that you’re making a recommendation that we move forward with this artist as keeping in the same vein of the look and feel but accepting in advance any composition changes that could occur?

Unknown Speaker 41:22
So I recommend that our own places further with the workflow he is with potential changes to the composition regarding the building’s use, it’s

Unknown Speaker 41:42
all in favor, aye. Aye. Aye. Opposed? Fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
Are the shocker things still so? Yeah. 20s

Unknown Speaker 41:57
I’m gonna jump backwards real quick,

Unknown Speaker 42:00
though. Okay, seven live until four ish. The building closes itself

Unknown Speaker 42:05
on Saturdays

Unknown Speaker 42:07
on Saturdays. Yeah. I have six to seven shifts on Saturdays so a size on between 30? Always I go there every time I go to work there. It’s close. Well, we did. Right,

Unknown Speaker 42:39
I’m gonna guess Hold on. Okay, so this is portfolio images. Okay, these are the portfolio images for the request for qualifications that somewhere in the mixture of what this artist does is the proposal that’s going to happen Does that make sense? Okay, so this is Mario as far as work so obviously these fishies in steel or aluminum on the side this is clearly metal and Mosaic that’s definitely like plasma cuts fuel and that’s it was great to see artists working commercially. That’s great. Sent me on to apparently.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
So while I was in Spain, I went to Gabby’s Park. Well, now.

Unknown Speaker 43:48
I’ve been there before, but it was still so good then. I’m sorry. I’m just guessing. No.

Unknown Speaker 44:05
I should do this.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
This is Lisa Russell’s work in motion. So this again, this kind of plasma cut steel, very colorful. That one obviously has the monarch butterfly, which is you know, this is the second one of the second finalists. Yeah. I like that a lot. Want to see something that looks beautiful from the lake with the tire as well as on the shore. So, you know, something sticking up in a lot of motion? Oh, that’s great. I’m not sure. The blog is me redacting the image of a person. So that may or may not be the artist but shouldn’t in act the way that

Unknown Speaker 45:06
All right, so that’s the second artist. Ah, I don’t think so. I miss hanging out

Unknown Speaker 45:23
is kind of questionable how that would hold up over time. But I think that our artist and selection panel are more interested in this. Okay, and then the last artists. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:39
I’m so good.

Unknown Speaker 45:42
Good day. Okay, is that is Jody bliss

Unknown Speaker 45:50
No. So

Unknown Speaker 45:56
very figurative, but that image is cropped in this though I think that, you know, there’s some opportunity to bring that kind of dappled light through some of this glass or plastic. Obviously, she works in all kinds of metals. So coming up with a structure would be an issue.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
And they sister cities with really wide something that hazards and shade. Yes. So that’ll be interesting to see what

Unknown Speaker 46:34
is nice. Yeah. So that

Unknown Speaker 46:41
so, so first person to do good.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
And then that under all my messy desktop, his location, right. So that’s where it’s gonna be.

Unknown Speaker 46:56
Cool. All right. Moving right along. Anybody have any questions about

Unknown Speaker 47:05
stroke? Or sister cities?

Unknown Speaker 47:10
We’re coding guys where we are.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
felt like forever.

Unknown Speaker 47:16
And I don’t know if it’s gonna slow down. Okay, chakra shopper, I know that a number of you are signed up to volunteer on Saturday thinking very much. Because I think that that’s one of the biggest things is it’s hard to walk downtown. So there’s already a lot of people down there. But the more that we can encourage people to sit there, like what is this? They don’t want to design? How do I participate? They don’t. They don’t read the ballot, you know. So the more that you can be there and just encourage them, and then talk about other places is amazing. What hours of volunteer thing I have recently, the auction and what else just because

Unknown Speaker 48:14
I was there today and our I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but we a couple of months ago we had investigated getting a bigger ballot box because our ballot box was getting filled up. And so we hired a gentleman by the name of Ryan over at the Tinker mill. And he made us a balsa wood ballot box. And it’s awesome. It’s so cool. And so $125 all spent on Ryan. I know. I kind of was like Are you paying yourself? Anyway, he was very sweet. And so he was like any logo offers. Yeah, it’s like it’ll only be this week. I was like, so it looks really great. So go check it out. We have had 680 online votes so far. 600 688 voter voters.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
That’s good.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
Yeah. And then I went and pulled a handful out. So August 1, we are doing the counting. Cindy, and I think Susan was there last year and Randy and I it was a little clunky last year, but I have it all figured out now through the online once they send me the results. I can then go back and filter IP addresses. I can filter out a fake email addresses. I can I can see basically if somebody from an IP address, I tried to stop the ballot box. And then I can of course gently remove all of this one. So I think it becomes a fairly equitable process. And then it’s just really going through those ballots one at a time. and taking a peek at them and just kind of looking at making sure it’s not somebody who’s trying to pull shenanigans. Cindy, when she gets back, we’ll be putting the email addresses on, and the votes from all of those manual ons into the spreadsheet. So we can filter them, but we still go through and do an extra count. Because we, because voting matters and elections matter.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
So you’re here,

Unknown Speaker 50:25
Link, please. Because on August 1, you’re at the museum. So it’s going to be late. You’ll be late night. But that’s what happens with elections that matter. Right. Go into the mics. Okay. Any other questions about shocker closes? Though, and I’ll also send out a volunteer thing.

Unknown Speaker 50:56
With the

Unknown Speaker 50:57
question, yes. You said something around to us last year.

Unknown Speaker 51:04
We’ll get there. Or we won’t get there today. We’ll get there.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
So basically, once the y’all can paint

Unknown Speaker 51:14
one, right, you’re not working to

Unknown Speaker 51:17
a certain point. probably say, like, we’re painting or, you know, kind of cut it up. We did 10 last year, and that included nine plus one commission what you’re thinking of it, which is the commissioner. This year, we did put a call out for someone or anyone to consider doing like an homage to power in a hydroelectric plant, we received one as one of 35 that actually did our so y’all might have to make a decision and we want it want it or not. And then you know, we should still do Commissioner choice. So you just say, you know, I’m gonna do nine plus one Commissioner stores or, or whatnot. So what are we gonna ask? Ask nordeste add something like, batch on to us. Like we asked one artist, we really shouldn’t have asked to go back and say to all the artists like, do this little batch on, so that would be epic, we do temperature for whatever, they all have a little badasses 100 year celebration of LBC years.

Unknown Speaker 52:33
Yeah, and I think

Unknown Speaker 52:35
when we when we start a call process that we need to try and keep, like, if there’s a theme, to give the artists the opportunity to do, you know, stay within that theme. So if we would have required everybody, like power is the theme this year, rather than you can do power or whatever you want, then maybe that would have made sense because of a bit like, this is the year of power, and they are all evocative of power. And here’s the badge because it’s 100. But if you have like, a pride flag, one with a power thing, like, there’s a little bit of disconnect there. So it’s I think, when we do these call for artists, it’s best to give them all information all at the same time, all within their design, when they’re designing the composition, and then kind of go from there, there will be plenty of opportunities to continue to work with LVC. But we do this year, we kind of learn like, if the theme should move in power, I should just power or not. But not a lot. We didn’t get very many entries. This was before my time when there was a theme. We didn’t get as many entries as when we just say in our uterus size.

Unknown Speaker 53:54
Shopper is especially that opportunity for entry level artists. So we find

Unknown Speaker 54:04
I yeah, I know. Maybe there but you do bring up a good point like is there a way because maybe we can celebrate LVC and either plan as a program. Maybe we do have a new map that needs to come out this year. So maybe that’s where a sticker or a QR code to their story. Because when you read it in context, it’s really great. But if it’s like a top if it’s like pie box, it’s like

Unknown Speaker 54:36
a power hour but I

Unknown Speaker 54:44
really appreciate OPC I think they’re amazing, amazing deal. Your whatever your

Unknown Speaker 54:55
we need to make we need to find a way to celebrate to celebrate them. Okay, maybe even a dedication and invite them and do something. Yes Okay. I will make a motion that we do a dedication shot. Employees celebrate them and thank you for all their hard work that they do for the community and how important is football going to be successful sweet we do in the fall for sure deal okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:29
because I really like to

Unknown Speaker 55:32
shop our shop art. 150 100 100 year hydro plant shop. Dedication party. All in favor? Aye. Aye. Opposed.

Unknown Speaker 55:50
Okay. Task Force that says Be honest

Unknown Speaker 56:05
with this task force. Coast to coast. You have a move. Yes, the house.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Bought a house.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
And colleges were renters. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
All right. And you got a shot. All right. Neighborhood Improvement Project community murals. Teresa, and Pamela. You guys want to talk about how the court basketball court? Sure. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Well, we did leave. And we have two representatives from the neighborhood. One was on that neighborhood.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
The group, the association, that association, the neighborhood association,

Unknown Speaker 57:07
and she met her husband. And they were really interested in excited actually about the project, because they had previously been asked for input on the park playground that they put in the park. And we were very disappointed. Because their input was.

Unknown Speaker 57:30
And I went there

Unknown Speaker 57:32
that playground I told you, it’s the lake. It’s the latest playground ever. It’s like it doesn’t even fit me. So it was it was the dressing room? No, no, she was parts of racket. They they asked they said they said they asked me because they gave her input and stuff. And both. And a couple of obviously, they already hadn’t decided what they were going to put in there. And they didn’t honor it. And they this is the lamest playground in the universe. Totally. Because when I went to check, I went to check over on the courthouse, the art their pictures for maintenance, and I walked that park

Unknown Speaker 58:21
what is that?

Unknown Speaker 58:24
It’s like, so they were very excited. And they actually live apart. So they’re very excited about the mural. Because they were hoping that it would be a community hookup or even know and then they said not many people actually use the basketball court. And they were looking for like multiple uses for the mural. You know, like maybe you can have a raceway for kids riding their bike, or maybe you can, you know, have to go pickleball man for ease or maybe you could, you know, do lots of stuff. So we looked at the artists and what was very what I call Futurama, you know, those days of faces, and very funny and they really liked that and we really thought it would be great. Had an association essentially I thought it would be really great for the artists to hug cuz it has all these stands for animals and stuff and maybe have a QR code where you could look and find out the paper referred to you to look and find out you know, for the kids to interact with it and stuff. And so the meeting room, I thought very well you know, I really do and and I thought it’s really good choices that I really I could see the whimsy, and we were just going to ask for a little bit more negative space. So they The poor because he really had some in cats. So we were really good at trying various colors actually classified

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
as a playground. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
yes. That’s good. Yeah, there it is. There’s a row, like a turtle, you can write a turtle, but it doesn’t have a chair. But there’s one chair that says something that move.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
Anyway, so this, this had floods, all of the surrounding sidewalks are in play.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
Yeah, I checked with timber and the respondents always

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
like to have like a word and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
that’s what we suggested. So it’s called, we’re calling it basketball plus, and it’s basketball. Plus what? Like basketball plus hopscotch, basketball, plus Foursquare, basketball plus, and so it’s all up to the artist to play. So right. Okay, here we go again. One and have lots of squares. And it was always cool for us to play one slide. So this is one, and I think we’re looking at more like this kind of wimzie wimzie wimzie. I know I love the scissors. Five

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
is this. You see that? Magic. Very

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
also, same kind of thing. Like, oh, this person has done the right number of community paint before. So that’s attractive, because that’s what we’re going to do. Right. So Labor Day weekend. So that I mean, like lots of shapes and colors. And then and oh, yeah, this is the one that I was just discussing. was kind of, but like I said happy eyes like nastily.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
Well, yeah. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
But the thing that folks who are looking at an interested like this one that’s kind of like 90, and like to be so anyway, so I put this, that’s fantastic. Yeah, so these three artists are each being paid $500 for their proposals, which are coming back, and then that group, we have to find a date for sitting and doing the final selection. But this is actually going to go out to the public for public comment, feedback. And then those that feedback will be taken into consideration.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
And I did have a question about that. Because you were asking this maybe to give you some written examples for what the postcard that goes to the cochlea? And is that just to to vote? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
just need to, I just need context or copier copywriting.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
All right. Because I just I didn’t want to say the wrong thing. Like we’ll work together.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
So anyway, so that’s Kitely. So Taskforce, Pamela and Teresa again, when that final meeting is will be open to the public is going to also be a really quick turnaround. So we’ll get the artists proposals back at the end of this month, July. They will go up for public comment the first two weeks in August selection panels meet probably the week of a super team. So we can get that person nailed down, get them under contract, get the paint ordered, and then painting campus on the Labor Day. And all are invited because we’re gonna have to get portlets we’re going to be doing six out in the world. I don’t yet know how we

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
start really early right With that, it literally

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
is okay cool, because the artist is going to help me figure out when they want to do like chips. But there’s going to be a lot of opportunities how the good thing is that currently neighborhood of course, the reason that this, this is our first you will recall Neighborhood Improvement projects that is working with our public places. So this is kind of our pilot. So we’re going to learn lessons together.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
Yeah, after this event, that’s when we’re going to upgrade.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
So usually they make a comment. So sometimes you get lost volunteers, depending on what’s going on in life. Also, like the backseat era, this will be tough for a lot of families. Everyone’s like, crazy, crazy. So it sounds like it’s at that time frame. And so we might put a call out to all the neighborhoods to sign up with the relatives and feel good enough. Or something like that. So we get people from all around the world. But when it comes to contribute to the community, paint is really community, but the kind of the neighborhood is responsible for a lot of the volunteer stuff because that’s their, their contribution to the grants. Okay, so that’s delineated in pillar grants. So we don’t have to worry about what if we don’t do? Well then we might really consider how we do this. But I think that’s going to tell me if I’m wrong, but coming out of the meeting, it was very much, we’re going to give you the shifts of volunteers that we need leadership positions and everything else. And we’re going to market the community paints, you know, our public places and everyone’s going to market the community paint, but you hide the neighborhood are responsible for filling these volunteer shifts, these these leadership positions, because that’s the grant it’s a matching grant. They have to bring something I think it was like a 7073 So they asked for 70% in $1 amount and monetized your volunteer hours sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
Yeah, no, it was very very

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
poor. Yes. It’s a love Kimbark and every every

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
kind of citizen. Oh, yeah, that’s high school. So it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
here. It’s on the east side of town, Park, Centennial Park and Roosevelt Park are the big ones. They’re there. And so this is Main Street. And it’s just off of Main Street. It’s right by the courthouse. It’s right across the courtyard

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
any of the questions are really regarding community murals. Lady Park, I think we just you know, we’re gonna figure this one out. It’s gonna be over and I don’t I already know. The payment schedule for me is gonna be something that’s really high challenge so excited. So is shipping and I’m going to test it on concrete. I’m going to test it on asphalt but really it’s just like what happens when you need to clean your brushes like Did that go down the drain doubtful and then how do I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
dispose of it? So I have to work with my friends it’s okay it’s just it’s a learning curve for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:40
Like forever like ever

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
this project you know, once we know what we’re doing Yeah, we’re really I’m telling you right now there are a lot of different polls are programs that are doing ground murals very unsuccessful. Oh, yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
sir, can you acquire the names of the products that do not work? to spin the wheel

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
and I know I’ve been researching. I’m feeling really confident, and I’m not going to let him see away. And then we’re going to set it up and then I will share away once we do that successfully. But I’ve even talked to the Ltda about painting where they throw the salt down during ice season holds up against that. I want to see how it comes up against snowplows. I want to see how it holds up when it bakes. And then I got the manufacturer, and they do a custom color you want. And that’s been a problem with all the grammar Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
no, I got it right now. Are you going to Oh, yeah. Yeah, we’re not gonna, we will do ground murals on anything that is asphalt or road or anything like that until it does the test the test time. But like landing Park, where we can just do sidewalks versus like people or basketball courts, like, we’re just gonna start with the jewelry like that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
became a lot of traffic.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
But once we pay for the paint, then I can go and start painting places around town and walk and start documenting. Just saw my problems, like I would just see like a random wave up on the wall, doing just little tiny, tiny little girls row row artists. So it’s really cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
There’s a guy guidance to scary words.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
Such as to support that but also allowed to be broken free. Because a lot of the things they do effects lives just like love it, because they embrace this term. Alright, moving right along maintenance updates. Everyone should have received the new spreadsheet sign up online. I didn’t realize as late actually, thank you very much for saying what did I sign up for? And I was like, why don’t you know these? Because it doesn’t send you list after you set up. So sign up. So you might want to just keep a little list. And when you’re like I clicked on this and this and this and this, do you have a list, it also doesn’t send me a list. So I actually have to go in and check on you. And I don’t know how to fix that to be automatic quite yet. The point is sign up for like a half a dozen.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
And these are new ones, as opposed to the ones that we did

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
or stick with the ones that you’ve got going on. That’s fine, too. Yeah. Right, just send it back out because we’re just gonna shuffle the deck and sign back up. But again, if three people are signed up for the same piece of artwork that’s actually off because if you go and you do the same report, and Eileen and I are reviewing reports, and they’re all kind of the same, that’s great. You all are observing the same thing. If one of them says one thing and one of them says something else that’s gonna fly guess like, something’s weird. And also there’s like the danger words like

Unknown Speaker 1:13:35
Sure, sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
Standing waters wobbly. So we’re keeping an eye out and when you go through, and look, it’s good, it’s fair, you’re done, we’re gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:13:58
know what hasn’t been like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
I mean, are you just I do so once y’all kind of go through it. I’m gonna keep an eye on the next month. I’m sad. There’s little half of you who haven’t even signed up yet, and if you go like just once a month, once a quarter really, that’s helpful, like once a season at least is really great. I’m just trying to easily figure it out as always, to not so that’s the best way. The other thing is we always have interns for the new intern coming on board. So we utilize all these kinds of things for training opportunities, too. So we have to do like conditional report of this pen. And then we have a lot of exposure. Schools.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
Okay, so that’s, that’s nice. Now mine was powerwall About two days ago, I

Unknown Speaker 1:15:02
observed a tablet casing painting and I had been fighting about paint chips for two days. And finally I just went and chunked off and shut it off. Yes, I did a piece on the wall. And I took it in there, because they make people buy the game, right when you hand them the chin. And as I know, my contractors doing it, so dropped off feature today. We’ll be talking about, they’ll start painting on Monday. This is the overlay. Yes, this is the base coat. So what’s happening is if you go down there right now, it literally looks like a bunch of band aids, bandaid color over meaning and like it’s clean band aids. So we’re gonna put the blue down, then we’re gonna put a notice now. And once I have that very hammered out of when those community paint days are going to be the next project is going to get rockin and rollin too. But it also will probably happen in the fall, late summer fall, certainly before the weather goes. So but we’re moving along, so at least it starts getting graffiti now. It’ll just be blue band aids.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:23
Any questions about nine now? Are they gonna leave?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
Oh, yes. Because they’re covered, believe it or not, the graffiti vandals don’t know what to graffiti on. I own this. And there’s a mural sealant on the top. Oh, so every time if it does happen, then we can power Washington. But as soon as the named Euro goes on, then we’ll be sealing it up as well. And those will be more volunteer shifts of putting a cost expression. Offset ceiling in a box holder, masks. So yeah, that’ll be a fun time. But it’s, it’s going to hurt. Okay, anything else about maintenance? Our nature’s way contractor comes in October. Oh, cool. So at least we’ll have an idea of by the end of this year, we’ll have an idea of either what it costs to repair it for if the cost outweighs making hard decisions. So we’ll know more than civico conservation of Denver

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47
we told them

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
no, they’re in storage.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
They’re no they’re DSS.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
But whether or not

Unknown Speaker 1:18:08
whether or not the artist wants

Unknown Speaker 1:18:10
to pay to shoot okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Okay, new business units. I’ve been working with Dan Wolfer, who is the open space director about the US IRAs if you have an opportunity to drive down county line County. Anyone know one county road one off and just go can Pratt county road and you can’t miss them. They’re giant. I measure them. And I’m pretty sure they’re 1900 75 square feet. We have the laser is yeah, there’s one of them on every property. They’re all on our property. There are one of them the city of the city. Every year we have the open space people when they purchased them did not get any documentation of how or if they were sealed. So we don’t know the status of the masonary. Right now we also don’t know the status of the cage. It’s like a rebar cage that like silos together. Well rebar once it starts rusting. It doesn’t stop Which begs the question, What can we do? It is resting. And then if we try to prevent it from our sake, basically how long is it until the rest of us through? And as we’ve seen a mural on top and there’s a cage have a grid, underneath it in some amount of time, you’re gonna have a mural that has a bunch of spots is all right? This is better than the,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
like on the exterior.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
It’s like both of these narratives. So I’m basically in a rabbit hole of awesome scientific progress masonary everything, and I have someone going in getting a lift and taking a look at, if it’s if it’s resting and addressing, we’re going to have to make a decision. If it’s not resting, I have someone looking for my Paint Contractor is looking into the products that basically spills it and what farmers use these to seal this kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:56
And then maybe we can paint

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57
over it. But chances are one way or the other, you know, scrubbed, cleans, and then sealed. And then and then hated. And that’s. And so my estimation of the artwork alone is anywhere between eight is probably in between 75 and 80. Each less frog plus the prep. So I have a lot of numbers for you. But I just want you to know, like this is a very large project. Albeit it could be potentially the coolest. But I mean, it’s it’s not it’s not a small part. But that being said, 2020 threes 2020 threes assets line item, which budgets have not been approved yet, but they will be they go August,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
August, September. Anyways, we budgeted over a quarter million. So it’s in our budget. And we thought about putting a sheath around the page and distancing the page, but either way,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:21
we have to work with what we have, because we like to try to scrub and deal with all

Unknown Speaker 1:22:29
this I

Unknown Speaker 1:22:33
rebar beliefs which then we are talking about structural engineers. I mean, he hates Well, I think that that is actually legitimate. Because like we’re talking about the, the abstract geometric guy, and we just look at artists that that is their wheelhouse, more like, here’s your grid, and you need to work within it. Because that’s because it’s on point like that is real. So I don’t know, yeah, sorry, I

Unknown Speaker 1:23:16
have to be a mural. Because I mean, it could be metal sculpture switches, they come down from the top to a certain point or something like that. And so that I kind of offset prize in doing all that prep work to get a mural. I also just heard it out and did not want to see it. So I did an overpass and underpass over five revived Aslan and they just scratched you ceramic tiles cool dad are going through there and either have a text.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:12
I mean, at least I can always get a structural engineer out and say, All right, if we weren’t going to adhere to this, you know, cheese or otherwise, like, what would that be? I’d like to bring the mural dollars back to you to either scare you enough out of it. We need to take another route. Or Or we investigate, hey, we want something that appears we know that it can hold X, Y and Z and we want solar panels that are illuminate and we want you to have whatever like we can take this project wherever we want it to go

Unknown Speaker 1:24:55
that’s where the city was coming from. Isn’t it As a series, right, three of them in there, while they’re spacing between them, like it’s clearly that they’re assessed.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:07
Right? Sorry, Jennifer,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
you were saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:17
That’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:20
So are gonna say one of the coolest things, our song is constantly happening to old farmer site to silo, my property going like what you guys are describing here how they have all the green windows, right? So they put like a colored glass and it was great. And they made a circular staircase on the inside. And it’s like an attraction. So you can go and go up this thing. And then they put a floor and say, this is the top floor and below, and they have holes, so you can see out, you can go up there and you can see that you can sit down that would be the parks

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06

Unknown Speaker 1:26:12
museum people are like

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
on the inside of the sign of the artwork all the way

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
inside, attraction people will go to see, and really cool to get to go up there and look out on Civale. Because you’re really proud of everything with the sugar sugar factory. I think that, you know, one of they call it adaptive use. And I think that that’s very much the intention of planning

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
bucerias level. And I’m sure that our public places will come into play

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
pretty, pretty seriously, but that’s easily.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:59
Okay, so yeah, do you remember I remember. So I know, when they when that consulting team was making the presentation about all the different developers, including the sugar mill, and the steam area. And I showed many slides and repurposed and made our face including silence. Yeah. So that would be a thing to look at and see. Is there any? Is there any other city that’s done things in their silos that we can look?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:28
Yeah, yeah. And again, I entered into this with the initial views I’ll have conversation was we’re all. So that’s the path that I’m on. I’d like to at least get to a point where yes, it’s possible or yes, it’s possible. This is the dollar or no, really, this is possible, and then start going into different paths. But it doesn’t mean necessarily, even if it is, as we think about it, even if it isn’t neural is possible. And y’all decide that’s not the path that you want to go. This is your decision. This is my decision. That’s just no hate to not get answers to the question, since I’ve already talked about, so please save me to their side. And I know I love that. I wonder how

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20
I can answer all. And TJ, the news has been using vinyl as what he uses, as I believe I’m actually working on a mural right now with the front of the tap room on Sunset. And we also want to use so that’s typically what the designer for, for options uses. And he did that that silo

Unknown Speaker 1:28:53
assassin theories that you’re talking about a

Unknown Speaker 1:28:56
brewery, and he got all that vinyl wrap that would definitely guarantee that. So that’s one of

Unknown Speaker 1:29:07
the reasons why a vinyl wrap is used fairly significantly in commercial purposes. And it’s because of course you can you can get an artist and pay them to do design in a digital realm, a digital design, and the labor is less, and then your vinyl wrap versus campaigning, obviously it costs less. And then if you’re thinking about brands and colors and changing into the future, it’s really easy to change versus to do apart from public places. Probably.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
I can I think we could but I

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
was more nervous.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:47
Yeah, so they don’t last very long. You know, in the grand scheme of things, ways that vinyl wraps have been used in our public places and other communities is Traube The traffic boxes like when you come to a stop, and you look over and there’s the big metal ugly box that runs the traffic thing. A number of communities have gone into like their photo archives and picked out a bunch of really great old photos, you can have those transferred into vinyl and wrap those suckers. And then when they go back, you strip the vinyl off and replace it. Yeah. They’re mass manufactured in our guidelines. That’s not typically the kind of material to mass manufacture things is really the tendency for both art but I just think it’s unfortunate. Yes, I can look at what 1900 75 Square I just don’t think that on masonary. But I guess you know, again, like if we figured out a structural engineer and then covered the historic silo and something, then rapid look at what that is done before. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t try this.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
Yeah. Okay. Final.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:23
I do think that there though, maybe other like the traffic boxes or other things is super appropriate. I haven’t seen the setup. So I’m just saying like, I never made a call to their masonary bricks. And just because yeah, it’s a storage structure, right, but it’s not historically preserved. So that’s why they can paint it or

Unknown Speaker 1:31:48
with our silo. Again, 66. The same grade, in there almost dirt roads out there in between those two roads. And it’s got and the newspapers down things are some flowers all over private, in the guy who owns the property for his children, and they call the artist back and we had more flowers from the same artist because it grandchildren. And sometimes I do a bike ride all the way out there. And it’s really quite lovely. And it’s been there for over 13 years. laughs I love I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:48
I mean, the server has a certain surface.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:52
You know, I It’s kind of hard to walk up to yeah, see it real well.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:57
So like the ones the ones that are

Unknown Speaker 1:33:03
saying to go back surgeon are

Unknown Speaker 1:33:06
diverse, like the three that are overweight, bootstrap are like silos from the 70s or 80s. And so they’re not like masonry, right? Like there’s some sort of flat. They’re flat like so these silos are like farmed or agricultural or agricultural silo silos, right. So they’re made out of, they’re made of masonary blocks, right, there’s stacks, logs, and then there’s the cage that’s holding on, so they don’t fall over. Just rebar, and that grid has to be stabilized, just to preserve the structure. So it’s structurally is now that’s why the city offered it to us. Continue to us, and it would stay structurally sound. I mean, you know, this, the only reason the city gave it to us and suggested it as as a vehicle for public art is because we own them and there’s their their sound, and they spent a lot of money right there where the bypass goes through. And so it was one of those opportunities for the one person to kind of go back into the area from which the project funded our public places and just I guess, since they haven’t seen it, I’m trying to imagine Yeah, open spaces how much rust would affect

Unknown Speaker 1:34:39
the open spaces are about like, eight and a half, eight and a half by 10 days. So my abilities so so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:56
Yeah, right. And, and silence swallows go and nest hair. So it was told that there’s only certain times that we’re allowed to be painting, because this follows next, because it’s open space. So it’s I mean, it’s a big, bad, complicated project. And, again, like the initial idea was painting. So that’s why we’re down this road. But it’s not again, it’s not to say that we’re gonna get further down this road. And we’re gonna look at it and say, that is the wrong direction, we need to really look at us on the map and a lot of their huge therapies. Definitely.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
One thing to say

Unknown Speaker 1:35:47
is that by Bootstrap? Yeah, I don’t know who owns those though. I don’t know. But that’s not to say just because we don’t own them doesn’t mean that they’re but but those are complaints. So imagine those there, these silos are the absolute opposite. Like there’s nothing smooth about this at all. Sugar

Unknown Speaker 1:36:21
so I was also gonna say, just just throwing this out there as an idea that you when you stolen you know, mesh at yourself

Unknown Speaker 1:36:36
bracing going and cracking.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:39
Also, maybe take a part of the mix and bands are associated the story structure, right? But you within covered that rusted part, right, we put the new stucco finish line, three layer finish, that has mesh and normally up about anything. Right, right. So we’re going to use the rebar to make structural, stucco, and then set that stuff up to smooth so we can investigate like to ash or something else, you know, all the parts that we would need to sort of see both.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:23
I have serious

Unknown Speaker 1:37:29
issues. Alright. Lots to continue on with Union settled, but I’m going to

Unknown Speaker 1:37:39
start No, no, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:37:40
you for that. But I don’t know how far I’ll get into some of the new materials. But I’ll put it into the file just investigating to come up. Alright, new business. code changes. We’re gonna say well, because I don’t have anything back from the city attorney’s office, unless anybody has anything to the glaring console that okay, Juneteenth at Roosevelt new business seat. Stephanie and Laurel horse. Yeah, so both of us were there and that was great work. Yeah, I’m Sarah. Oh, see, tiertime have asked me for a long, long, long answer. So just it was so nice because of course I had to look away don’t give someone but you helped me jotted down. But people were amazing. They I talked to everyone I went around and handed out stickers we brought total about sharp Art Building told about the cities all these things and universal people that like we go up on the stage and announce that we have stickers of our painting and that we have shop are coming online. So I got to get on the speaker and tell everybody so that was about jello. How many people were there anything

Unknown Speaker 1:39:23
a lot of high school was awesome. Results. I have videos and pictures for you guys. I’ll send you some pictures. I just took them in Greece and

Unknown Speaker 1:39:41
a lot of people actually were interested in learning about particle physics. We will so yeah. somewhere else in the country before they actually

Unknown Speaker 1:39:55
formed by people who had moved

Unknown Speaker 1:39:59
out Like, Oh my gosh, there’s so much art here. It’s so cool. And they were so excited to to have to go and check things out. So. So it was wonderful people were just loving the art. We’re so grateful for it. So it made me feel really good for you guys to get that feedback. That what we do for the city, do you think of for next year, so June teeth came off, I was like a bullet train. And by the time it was like, we want to do a youth art competition and X y&z T shirts. And I think that that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:40:35
March and June it is

Unknown Speaker 1:40:38
June. So if we start at the end of this year, or beginning of next year, who have to if it’s used, we definitely need to figure out collectively, if we do an IGA and work with the school district. Or if we work with Shiki to like, directly do an IgA, like why, which is why do a couple of things. So like it could have. So art made by the kids to a competition, the brown boards do something or each high school, elementary school, whatever doesn’t really project right that they present at UT. And you can put it under the big metal. Because we have some space that wasn’t used. So we have something that’s meaningful to the kids. We just have to remember, of course, that when we commissioned our work well, now we’re going into the temporary world. You know, we can start thinking about making more temporary opportunities for people to participate and create works. That said, we also want to start setting precedents right, we’re starting in year one, if we’re acquiring a piece of art, for Juneteenth from a person of color within the community or whatever, in perpetuity, where does it go? Where do we put year two, and year 20? And you’re 25 that are all are the same size? What does that look like? Right? And so we’re starting to like think about setting the precedent of how is it that our public places effectively and successfully supports giunti Park creation? You know, because we can always like partner with somebody and say, Hey, let’s make stuff and put it out. Right? That’s not really our mission. Right? So how is it that, that we empower them and engage them and make it meaningful, and then put it in make it a part of our collection? Our sidewalk painting work small, right? So you could say everything is titled basically, on the sidewalk, you could do a year three or four squares, two squares or whatever, you know, get painted, designs condition and the painting going on. So I think that that’s definitely like if Juneteenth is and I think Chiquita is absolutely dead on with like a group of them. Yeah, around that sidewalk. Right. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:20
If she decided she wants

Unknown Speaker 1:43:23
Rosa Parks. That’s the other piece of it. The same place? Yeah. Which we’ve learned from dividends for DOS opened over 20 years. It’s never

Unknown Speaker 1:43:34
it will never be. No. But but as long as it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:43:40
as long as it’s, it’s needed, as long as it’s intentional, right. So if it goes and Roosevelt Park, even if the event isn’t there every year, but our public places painting event happens in Roseville Park. And Park says yes. of, you know, that’s something that we stick with and we can move to so. But anyways, the

Unknown Speaker 1:44:02
point is that we definitely should start at the end of the year.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:07
formulating the what, so we can get the IGA in place. But we can’t work with kids and we can’t photograph that. And we can’t you know, until we get lots of promotion. Right? So we can potentially do is we talked about this with the gentleman that came and talked to us about this event experience, right? And so maybe we do some sort of experience where we can set up almost like a map that you could walk through the streets and you can have, you know, digital art that would be on the experience. Walk through the park at placemaking opportunity experience people love it and it’s up there. So that would be something that can be different.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:52
Doesn’t it just like gone to the same category and like are on the bus? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:00
We’re gonna try I’m not joking I mean how long have they told us and your but your truck is coming

Unknown Speaker 1:45:11
you can use it for other things we can share I have

Unknown Speaker 1:45:15
a we have a shutdown so we can just move things into our set and then you can move our work and we’ll clean and we’ll move No it’s totally glitter duty alright so we I mean we can idea all day long right but I do think that the point is that we need to get started on duty the earlier so we can get this done and done well and then you know Task Force oh I know I sent you so

Unknown Speaker 1:46:01
that was number

Unknown Speaker 1:46:03
one did that goes in

Unknown Speaker 1:46:05
it just it opened it started to open website within it never opened below was a snow so I was supposed to open the shopper and several other pages are supposed to have the page for article places in the shopper. So I know it just failed. So as soon as city now as it’s our code generator. Okay, so we’re not allowed to use and manage ourselves which is probably why it was but it’s just something for you to know. Okay, any other new business?

Unknown Speaker 1:46:52
I don’t know if it’s anywhere online and I have not looked like there could have been an information

Unknown Speaker 1:47:00
theory. Yeah. So just the city website was really awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:16
She definitely wasn’t there either. Like that’s what I’m looking for. City council.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:24
Oh, not? I don’t work out. So I’m gonna back at you. Yeah. Hey, Facebook friends. Yeah. Do you want to write copy for me for every single Third Thursday until the end of time? Like through 2023? And oh, pre populate our Facebook page? With like, two when meetings are happening? Yeah, it’d be like, hey, this upcoming, I don’t know, like, the Monday before. And the day of Yeah, the morning of, and if you just like fun topic, because I read the same column. As always, Hey, folks, it always starts with

Unknown Speaker 1:48:05
because I don’t want to say the boys and girls because yeah, our lovers.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:13
And then if you write even in a spreadsheet, like Monday, of August, Wednesday, or Thursday of August, Monday of September, Thursday, this September, and then I’ll populate it with images and correct links. And then I can preload them. And then they’ll go out least on Facebook, because it

Unknown Speaker 1:48:35
is my fault, because I just under timestamp patients to so that I was like to make this easier for anybody looking like she knew about it, you know, versus Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:54
So the museums lucky enough to have their own microsite. And the city is allowed to have an Instagram account. But we, as our own places are allowed to manage our own Facebook account and our own web pages, but not where you can find the web pages.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:20
So anyway, sorry about that. But that’s a really good one. Any other

Unknown Speaker 1:49:27
thoughts? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:30
lovely for us to have a calendar that the commissioners can log into.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:38
It’ll be doing as a public thing. Where we’re like, Okay, this is where the shop are going. This is I can send

Unknown Speaker 1:49:45
you a calendar.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:48
You can’t have a SharePoint site. I can’t have anything that you can log in to my work that we do that. Do Facebook events or cities calendar, and I’m not trying to be an overseer, I really am not. Just like at a point I laid it back, like, the museum is lucky enough to have its own event calendar because it has its space, I can ask to be added to the museum calendar. But like,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:27
I really want to go because when I was out and due to

Unknown Speaker 1:50:34
you know, all his events, and we have a Facebook page. And these are what meetings, okay. I know that I just don’t think that a lot of people use. But people do go. They do go to the Bayesian calendar. I can ask. And I also feels like the communications team is.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:05
Better, I say, just in the five years I’ve been online that I would say that I definitely do see more than I’ve ever seen.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:13
You Munich, they’re the Creative District, we could send all of our stuff to the Creative District and have them populated on their calendar, and publicize the Creative District as an outlet for marketing for us. That’s a really cool idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:31
events with the Creative District

Unknown Speaker 1:51:35
that we can that we can absolutely do, we just can’t We can’t make any of that

Unknown Speaker 1:51:42
ourselves. We are. I don’t like share from my face. Because then he goes out more and more. Ours, my friends group share. And so, you know, that’s not the most efficient way, but it helps helps.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:11
Yeah, I mean, from a marketing standpoint, I think we have our we have our email blasts, which we do quarterly. And then, you know, we have our Facebook page, which I’m not very good at, but I try and count calendar wise, there’s also the Boulder County, Boulder County Arts Alliance, they have a calendar that you can populate events on through

Unknown Speaker 1:52:39
visual artists. How they work,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:45
you would like to investigate

Unknown Speaker 1:52:48
ways that I can populate. You know, I can send content all day long, or your or we can co create content. And then if you want to sit down and load these things up, out, amazing, but it’s just us creating our own

Unknown Speaker 1:53:07
blueprint when I say show me live music, programming cheerio, or whatever our events, we’ve ever interviewed that so it’d be great for us to figure out

Unknown Speaker 1:53:25
I had the Instagram fight one time. Last word

Unknown Speaker 1:53:38
going and I’m stuck in the

Unknown Speaker 1:53:44
kind of a because

Unknown Speaker 1:53:48
you know, it’s frustrating, like it’s frustrating as a employee was me and drink doing amazing things. And hearing that people are hearing about them, like, hurts me too. But I think the outreach events is a great way that we get out there getting people to sign up and get our newsletter is a great way bringing a friend is a great way. But yeah, like the whole like you know, even working like a nonprofit works or even working like comedy works like you don’t just we’re still not still rewards on these various levels or to stimuli your place between these City Commission, which is also ruled by state rules on meetings and activities. That’s that’s where we’re stuck with old fashioned tools and parameters that reflect how people receive information. Right. Right. So I mean, I guess we could somebody could try talking to the public information officer I’m sure the to be fair, they didn’t mean at the museum, this last week, they met at the museum and they saw the activity that was happening here. And they have a new portal now for us to if we want communication to go out in different ways to different people that we’re trying to reach and how we want to reach them. So I think that there’s, again, slowly more resources for us to feed to send information out. But us creating our own. differently to that to express your good point. Very good. We absolutely can do that. No, I’d be happy to talk. Right, a lot of you want to write a letter from the from the arm public places commission and say we’re frustrated that we can Instagram account for et cetera, et cetera. And Anna, write that letter, and I can be the deliverer. I will be happy to go cancel.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:03
No, I don’t think it’s counsel, I like

Unknown Speaker 1:56:10
to see the information. Yeah. I don’t know. I know, when I came home, Danielle, and I got a warm, we went to that city orientation meeting. And we there was, of course, and the public information officer was there, the city attorney, and they basically told us what we can and cannot do. So that’s why I feel like I know this a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:35
But that I think that’d be a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:37
If you give us you know, 30 minutes, they should be having orientation again, here has attended for the city orientation presenting on a board.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:49
Here. Yeah, I don’t think that they I think they send it to resume. And I think that that

Unknown Speaker 1:56:55
work is totally that when it’s a person. We didn’t totally different one, it’s a person. So when that comes up again, that’s a great places very open forum. Yeah, it’s very what is my role? How do I fit into this? And of course, you’re sitting with people with a lot of water or the development board, and they’re working our work for different points, we do something that’s completely different than them. And maybe it’s not always visible, right. That way, there need to be this weird goodness.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:31
There. We’re all project

Unknown Speaker 1:57:34
based, I would say, but ours is far far more inclusive or petting aging, positive comments, like people to know about not the things you participate in yet so I think that those are the healthy ways. Again, the access to city council certainly distribution here like we asked the board and Commissioner for fruited by the methods which we are bound and allowed to communicate with the public. What and then what is the best way to the customers that we as a board or commission as an arm our view, right? How do you want us to, and they’re gonna say, the PHP team, reach out to them comms and ask them to season for the here for me. So I think here, it seems like what I should do is get from here to here. We see we Yeah. So yeah, so it was possible that I could come back and say, Okay, everybody, here’s

Unknown Speaker 1:58:42
what’s possible.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:42
No, I think we need to we need to start as a commission, like one person from one commission going is just not the way it should be handled. So

Unknown Speaker 1:58:51
bring your draft idea letter here will

Unknown Speaker 1:58:55
we need to speak as a body because we are born on commission? And so if if we want to vote or and when I say we, I mean, you, you, you vote that that’s the message that you want to send to council that you you know, that is what they’re saying. Or to already know. Yeah. That’s why it’s, that’s why she’s telling you that we are one. So if you have a message for counsel about what this is, you comment on it. And so I think it’s very fair to say that we have we have Facebook and we have our own email list, which is large. We have access to the city line when they decided to publish what we give them which happened this week. That’s great and We have the PID team, which if we have things that we want to send, we can send it to them and tell them, we want to send this into the community. And they figure out how to do it. And we have our webpage for what it is the pages that we have. So I would say that those, those are the ways that we communicate with the world. So we don’t definitely do not have a calendar, but I could investigate the museum, we would absolutely have the creative district calendar and Boulder kind of housing, or housing, fuller County Arts Alliance calendar, that we could actively as a board of commission choose to gather our own things. And so we have those things. That would be the package that I would say that is available to you, as a board this year, get less the turtles out due to that, and then they do their jobs. So are they sending through email through our email? Or like Isiliye emails? So when you give something to them, what is the next step?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:15
So when you go on to get let’s look at it. Okay, so when you send them up?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:27
So they don’t control the city, right? Yep. controls the communications department for the city. They manage communication, all communication, all messaging, how something is said, if it’s in, if it’s in APA style versus whatever style, they add it up. You know, it’s see the times. So sometimes how I get into the time to call and those are my press releases, which I’ve sent myself that I can also send them to them, and they can send it beyond loops. Not trying to frustrate

Unknown Speaker 2:02:27
No, no, no, no, no, no. And I’m not trying to get frustrated beyond how it’s already frustrating. It’s just a frustrating thing. Let’s see. Here it is.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:45
I think there’s there’s some that

Unknown Speaker 2:02:47
have all the city in the water is less. Republic wish I had

Unknown Speaker 2:03:11
like 15, more not the most important overall. I would say that to anybody who ever asked, just essential service or essential? Well, anyway, there’s all kinds of questions that they asked, you have a legal star form, but the new comps

Unknown Speaker 2:03:41

Unknown Speaker 2:03:44
Maybe I wasn’t clear with you, is your response to different from what I expected. So what I’m saying is, I’m happy to talk to you, if you’ve already used to know the answers, that’s fine, but I thought I could talk to them. Were all the ways that can help us history messages. And, and I’m just gonna say that, again. If the board and the Commission has a question for the city, I’m the liaison for the city and it needs to go through me. I can ask the questions. If you want to give me the questions you have. Okay, I can give them if you go to city council, or you go to a communications department and skip me somebody’s gonna say, Angelo, are you doing your job? Or you know, so? So as liaison for the commission? If there’s a there’s a question or whatever concern, I think, oh, here this needs to come from the body. And that I’m happy to communicate that over because what it is, so here it is, here’s their new SharePoint site. And here’s your explore your comms resources. So here’s your guys and you how you get better. Your editorial guide. Here’s your documents and your license photos. And then you can go into tell us what you need crafting your message developing, you know, how do you want to talk with the community. So aside for me taking what programs we have, what content we have, and putting it through the ways we previously discussed, if there’s any other way that I want to talk with the community, this is how I have to do it, right. And so then I can even go in and check on my requests and see, like, here’s the most recent tasks that I did for this month of, I want an email notification, I need a list of press contacts, so I can send my press release. So I have these ones, I need the list for my other ones. I need help creating Oh, here, I need to sign for the bear that’s going to be engaged soon. And I need it in Spanish and English. And I needed quick. And I need to know what you the city wanted to say. Because if I say, Hey, if you have questions come and ask me, it’s just about the bear. But people are going to come and ask me about the development and what’s going up there. And why are they taking down and mural and whatever. And I don’t want to be the central point of contact for that. So then that messaging needs to go through the city. Does that make sense? So any of the messaging that I’m sending out through our email or Facebook or other is very publicly specific always write anything that is bigger and beyond that? needs to make sense? I’m sorry, I don’t need to be frustrating. It is frustrating. I’m not being critical of you guys saying like, how come we don’t have to believe in events or we don’t have to know that we’re going to be doing a call for artists to vote

Unknown Speaker 2:07:07
yes, a New Zealand dollars.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:09
So people know that. You out personally sample all day talking to you know. Our business? I’m not joking. Really? No. No, it is.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:40
One person’s gonna call.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:44
Sometimes they told me was

Unknown Speaker 2:07:45
my inbox and we’ve been going.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:50
And that’s totally fine. People didn’t tell

Unknown Speaker 2:07:56
me this box.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:01
Ears heard that,

Unknown Speaker 2:08:02
as I can be long call around and love God.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:05
Have you gotten your inquiries? How can I design the shop off? Yes. Well, I did have a bite, especially the teenager scores in the bar, wanting to know very curious. And I thought that’s great.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:17
So I think one of the things we might use to help and talk to a lot of Vietnamese as well is coming up with how to become a shopkart video. Like our training video, this is how you make a scale box. And here’s the activation. And this is how you fill it out. Because I answer a lot of those questions too. Like, Well, where do I get my box? scale model and, you know, foam core is glue years ago. So like why don’t we make our own so we can idea again, we can idea for days. Like there’s always plenty to do. But yeah, where, where, where and how are we utilizing and exercising our best ideas? I do tell

Unknown Speaker 2:09:04
no, this is your shot. Here’s what you want to think about. This is viewed from a distance. One I have bright colors, some of them paler colors. And you want to think about building your box because look how well off these boxes show up. That’s where I’m coming

Unknown Speaker 2:09:26
from what they want to think about as

Unknown Speaker 2:09:30
a volunteer and that’s how we engage the most people is just that one person. So 10 minutes over to be cognizant of your time. All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:42
Thank you for your forgiveness increase. Leo

Unknown Speaker 2:09:52
right okay, With that all right take food

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