Longmont Airport Advisory Board Meeting – July 2022

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Longmont Airport Advisory Board Meeting – July 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:03
All right. Good evening, everyone. Hopefully the mics working. Yes, I will welcome to July 14 2022. Airport Advisory Board meeting. Very nice to be back in person after a false started a couple of months ago. Michelle, can you please call the roll?

Unknown Speaker 0:19
I can. Chairman Earl Here. BOARD MEMBER bliss Here. BOARD MEMBER Dean, your board member Jordan, your board member Roberson. Board Member Salomon Hadrian. Okay, you have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 0:37
Thank you very much. First item on the agenda as every month is our public invited to be heard. Would anyone like to speak to start with? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 0:56
sorry. My name is Phil Greenwald, transportation planning manager with the city of Longmont. Chair, Earl, I wanted to just mention that we need to make sure that we allow Marsha into the meeting virtually. And you need to do that by a voice vote of the of the board. Voice. So if you could move, move in second and then vote on that item that would let her into the meeting, officially.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Okay. I’ll entertain a motion from anyone. Hold on Wanda.

Unknown Speaker 1:26
Go ahead. I move we have Marsha. Join us electronically.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
Is there a second?

Unknown Speaker 1:31
I’ll second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:32
I’ll second that. Two seconds. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
Any discussion? Two seconds. All those in favor? say aye. Aye. Anyone opposed? Motion carries unanimously. Okay. Now public invited to be heard. Would anyone like to start start us off? There is another opportunity at the end. We we can do that as well. Seeing no one interested in speaking we’ll move on to approval of the march 2022 minutes. Anyone have any revisions from the board? Or I’ll entertain a motion to approve them? Palace

Unknown Speaker 2:16
motion to approve the minutes. second that motion.

Unknown Speaker 2:20
All right. Moved and seconded. Sorry, guys. I’m slow on the microphone thing. Any further discussion? All those in favor of approving the march 2022 minutes say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Motion carries. It’s not listed on the agenda. But we did have may 2022 minutes in our packet as well. Would anyone like to make a motion to approve or modify the very short may 2022 minutes.

Unknown Speaker 2:50
Mr. Blaine, may I make a motion to approve those minutes?

Unknown Speaker 2:54
Thank you a second.

Unknown Speaker 2:59
Mr. Dean, I will second those as well.

Unknown Speaker 3:01
Thank you. Any discussion? All those in favor of approving the May 2022 minutes say aye. Aye. Any opposed? Motion carries. Moving on then informational items. Leave I introduction update from the airport manager.

Unknown Speaker 3:18
We’re just moving right along here. I’m Levi brown airport manager Vance brand airport in Longmont. I think I’ve met most people here already. So that’s great. And I got to meet Malcolm. So that’s excellent. Update for a poor manager a little bit. I guess I give myself just a little bit quick introduction. Since this is my first official meeting. Here. Levi Brown. I started as a pilot. I flew commercially for several years, I’m an experienced instructor and previous experienced airport manager from Leadville, Colorado. Came here to Longmont in April. And very glad to be here. All right. Airport updates a few little quick items to cover here on this number one before we get into some other items here on informational items. started quite a few projects when I got here. Couple of the biggest ones we got going on are easements and lease updates. I’m sure most of you are probably familiar with the concept of navigation easements. And what that means to the airport community in general. Working with the city’s attorney’s office currently to make sure that our easements are up to snuff if you will, and making sure that they’re providing the best coverage for our community that they can

Unknown Speaker 4:49
to address I think after we have a few more meetings once we know exactly kind of what our options may be looking forward triple check it with the FAA to make sure that we’re all good again, having come here kind of decide on exactly what we want those look like. Right? If there’s any other questions on leases or anything like that, I can move on to item two, a CIP update and got a quick little presentation for you here on airport CIP. See here? All right, some projects we got going out there, you’ll see this first project, I should mention that I wrote this presentation for that May meeting that didn’t happen. So a couple of these items are a little dated, pavement maintenance crack seal 15,000. From CDOT, they reimbursed 90% That cost up to $10,000. That project is actually already completed. They finished a couple of weeks ago. So that’s done. Just heard from CDOT. Today, he’s literally reimbursing us that money right now. We crack sealed all the asphalt surfaces, there’s our responsibility on the airfield and still had three pallets of crack seal leftover. So that’s excellent. So we have some extra going on there. Next one is pavement maintenance markings. Phase one, this is a project this has not gone even to pre design meeting yet. It’s currently listed on our CIP for 2022. We had just this last week, a little bit of a hang up on this project. CDOT and the FAA are less than excited about moving forward with a pre design meeting. If they don’t know 100% Sure who our consultants and engineer is going to be moving forward. Our current contract is with Dibble engineering, we signed that contract in 2017, which means they’ve hit their five year limit. So we do have to put that out essentially, for forbids again, one of the six that contract is up in December. One thing that we kind of tossed around that they got some traction with CDOT. And the FAA is we could potentially put that out a little sooner, we can start working on that now and get some some interested engineers in here to bid on that force, make a determination perhaps a little earlier. And then they indicated that they may be a little more willing to start doing those pre design meetings so we can actually get that payment maintenance done. If it’s going to happen this year. I’m not 100%. Sure, it all depends on how quickly we can kind of get things together. But that is certainly a step we can take to at least make things move a little quicker. So that is something we’re potentially moving forward here. Just get that out a little bit earlier. So we can make decisions make the FAC not happy. All right, next page. Build project. I assume probably most of you folks are familiar with the the bipod the bipartisan infrastructure law that came out and Bill monies we will be receiving here at this airport $295,000 per year for the next five years. Not 100% free money. Of course, I still grant money. So the FAA still has some power over that and, and helping us make decisions on what we want to do with that. There. That law specifically mentions infrastructure, and terminal. So I know those topics had been brought up here before. So things that we can think about that money, of course isn’t going to get us close to building a whole terminal ourself if we wanted to, but there’s certainly options there. And I think I covered a little bit later in this presentation to where we could potentially put some money towards terminal design, and stuff like that to help us in the future.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
CIP projects submitted to see dot some other stuff that’s been submitted that pavement maintenance, stage two, coming out of that. The first one being more minor stuff, markings a second and a little more substantial. And I guess I should mention, I’m not going into incredibly too, but there’s also a breakdown here of exactly where that money’s coming from. So 72,000 from that bill’s money 4000 from CDOT and 4000 would be city. Wildlife fencing is a another project that I think you guys are all probably familiar with. It’s kind of been hanging out on this airport for a while it hasn’t been completed. So that was that’s last figure to be about 60,054 from Bill 3000 from CDOT 3000 from city. So it’s another project is on the mismanagement. CDOT and then again, I’m sorry, right there, general aviation terminal initial planning and design. So they got 187,000 Approximately, excuse me, allocated for that.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
Anyway, hold on one second. Um, Welcome to do you have a question I did

Unknown Speaker 10:01
for Levi, you said There’s a new bids for the pavement maintenance, is there a cutoff date for that when you have to have it decided who’s going to do that,

Unknown Speaker 10:08
or who’s going to do that. So the so the key hang up right now on the pavement maintenance isn’t isn’t getting the bids, it’s getting cdai CDOT. And the FAA to move forward with pre design meetings, to actually get that project moving forward, last actually checked with CDOT, probably about a week and a half ago, they still haven’t even received final FAA approval for that. That’s kind of what sparked all of this conversation with them, as I was asking them, when we were gonna get that they said, Hey, who’s your engineer? And I said, stable, the contracts up in December, and they kind of pulled back. So does that I’m sorry, what does that answer your question?

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Yeah, there. So if we were cut off date, you have to have a new somebody who just started by a certain date, a new company, or

Unknown Speaker 10:53
there’s, there’s no deadline date on when we gotta do that. Honestly, it’s everything’s kind of hanging out right now until we actually get the thumbs up from the FAA. And all the calendar stuff will kind of be set from that. Thank you much. This slide, honestly, is probably a little extra than I needed. This is straight out of C dots website, I just copy and paste it here. So you can see the projects that are actually in the system. As you can see there. They’re pretty much what I just covered there. All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:23
Leave a couple of questions are on the bill funding 295,000 per year over the next five years, does it have to be spent in each of those years or kind of be bunched?

Unknown Speaker 11:34
Now it’s my understanding. And I’ve had this conversation with the FAA. And I think that they’re not even 100% Sure why how to spend this money. But from what I was told last week, and it was kind of echoed was what I heard at the conference also is that you can kind of reserve that money and use it in one big chunk, and stuff like that, too. But keep in mind, they’re still kind of learning, as we’re going to

Unknown Speaker 11:59
be your comment on that I’m still learning is very accurate from every time I’ve heard the FAA talk about it right now.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Yeah, there. So I had a very interesting conversation with an engineer the other day, who’s been dealing with the FAA. And she actually said, right now, she says her, her kind of interpretation of all of this is that they don’t know exactly what the money can be used for. Because the laws, so they’re applying it all like they would a traditional AIP grant. So she said anything that you would you feel safe on bidding on like you normally would for an IP grant, try to use this money with first, because that’s kind of the safest thing to use it for. I swear, she said. Thank you very much. Wow, one more. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
I just had a comment. judging based on the procurement process for the last election, we haven’t had a city council person for a year because of the mess up that the city staff had had about not having a election set up for the next time around. I think that we should be very proactive in securing this new engineer, because I don’t want to be in the same situation where because of the way things work, were without an engineer for an extended period of time.

Unknown Speaker 13:16
And that’s the, I’ve already been having that conversation. And Phil’s gonna present on the same page two, we’ve been reaching out. We’re going through all our old requests for proposals or writing up new ones right now we’re getting them approved squared away, good to go. So as soon as we can move forward, we’re gonna move forward with it most likely, I think, anything to add to that film, I think?

Unknown Speaker 13:36
No, I think what we’re planning to do is exactly what you mentioned, but we’re just reaching out to more folks who can provide those services so that we have a full list of, of klare, of consulting consulting firms. And we really want to make sure we are making a you know, fair and open process through our purchasing, folks. And we’ll make sure that it goes out and we have the open bid.

Unknown Speaker 13:58
And I imagine we’ll probably have quite a few people interested in it in the aviation engineering community is pretty small. I’ve been out of airport management for seven years now. And I still know most of them out there. And I’ve already gotten phone calls from Hey, I hear you know, you guys are going to be new and need new engineers soon already. So I think we’re gonna have some some good choices. We’re gonna have some good things to pick from there. Sure. Anything else? Tom’s question. All right, next stage slide I gotta remember has been so long since I wrote this. potential futures CIP projects here I got just some really basic stuff laid out for 2325 27 here. There is potentially a new taxi lane that’s kind of been earmarked for the South Side. I guess I should have added a map. I didn’t think about that. But if you guys can, I’m sure airport board very familiar with the airport map right. We currently have the taxiway Hi juggling call the tech See way to nowhere down there that goes by the Quonset hut. So there’s another potential taxi lane that’s being would be constructed to the west of that. Certainly now with our sewer project, going out for bid and moving forward, there’s more potential for developing there. So something to certainly think about that is kind of on the docket right now at the engineers, engineers will be here next month as one of the main things that they wanted to chat about was kind of that project and where it’s hanging right now. Again, this, these are future projects, nothing that that we’re making calls on right now, but just wanted to give you guys kind of a snapshot of what’s in the future here. 2025, joint seal aircraft ramps and panel replacement, this would be kind of an additional, you know, obligatory airfield maintenance, if you will, I just we’re scheduling stuff out, as we know, things are gonna wear and tear when we’re probably going to need monies for making things up to standard, again, in 2025, taxiway rehabilitation, and 2027, potentially, a master plan update, when our current master plan is from 2012, which puts it currently at the 10 year mark, which is usually kind of the age down time for a master plan. After speaking with our engineers and several other people. I think we’re fairly comfortable with the master plan where it is right now, we don’t have to go for bid for it. Currently, most people agree that airport, airport layout plan update would be appropriate at this time, and probably keep us on par with getting the fundings and approvals we need from the FAA and CDOT and stuff like that. So that’s kind of how we’re approaching that at the moment. Right. And then here’s just some straight up. throwing it out there ideas for potential CIP projects to consider since we’ve got Bill money coming, this is all kind of taken just off of a general list that I put together with Jeff Coleman, the the interim airport manager, and also for notes that I found from David and input from other people that I’ve talked to and stuff like that. Of course, the development of the terminal, and potential new managers office, land acquisition, there’s, of course, always talk about runway extension. Whether that would be a wise move as far as acquiring land is land and then your future not would depend a lot upon the FAA and see dots, willingness to potentially help us fund an airport runway extension, I should say, to my understanding, after speaking with some of my engineer contacts that have been involved in that process here in the past, the FAA CDOT weren’t super excited about allowing grants to be approved for that here. So we’d have to reopen a dialogue with them, if we wanted to do something like that. The addition of taxiway B three, expansion of the run up areas, taxiway one that was actually, if I recall correctly, that was one of the big recommendations in the 2012 master plan, replacement of average self service and fuel storage. I’m sure most of you familiar, we do actually have an underground tank here. For fuel storage. That’s something that we need to kind of be aware of. Those of course, are, are frowned upon. And as that gets older and older, we will be kind of forced up against that wall of getting that taken out of and mitigated and replaced.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
And last minute here is pay repave airfield access road, from a from the south side around into runway. One One. Access Road is definitely well worn after half asphalt half something else. So just another potential project that we might want to think about moving in the future. Right. And that’s what I had for the CIP update. Were there any general comments, questions on that?

Unknown Speaker 19:21
There’s a whole bunch of questions. So I’m gonna go one by one here. Tell us your first.

Unknown Speaker 19:27
You guys had a general question about how you would prioritize the things that you just listed.

Unknown Speaker 19:33
That’s actually the kind of how it was presented there is pretty close to what I would call our prioritization. I mean, looking at the obvious things, first striping, stuff like that and kind of moving forward there. And that last list kind of being the up for discussion. Hey, let’s talk about these things kind of list. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 19:53
Sorry, this moves around. Melinda.

Unknown Speaker 19:55
My question was the same about priority and as an air Port user I, I would ask for a different priority. And I think the fuel has to be addressed sooner than later the fuel tank moved up.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
Okay. That’s certain that’s certainly a discussion to have with the engineers also on kind of what they’re seeing out of the industry. And when, yeah, I’d love to have a brand new nice tank out there sitting next to the Jet A win per lead would be nice. Also.

Unknown Speaker 20:26

Unknown Speaker 20:27
do you know the current age of the fuel tanks at the airport?

Unknown Speaker 20:30
I know the jet tank is actually relatively new, although old enough to be outside of these containment regulations they’ve changed. It’s just sitting there by itself doesn’t actually have a containment, concrete little swimming pool around it, if you will. So it was it’s probably been there. It’s 1015 years at least, I would have to double check on exact dates for you on that. The underground tank honestly, I do not know at all, what age it is.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
And you know what the ages? I know, with automotive, it’s different than aviation. But you know what the ages limits are on underground tanks for

Unknown Speaker 21:04
it. I can’t speak with authority. I’d have to look it up on the radio.

Unknown Speaker 21:10
Do you get that information? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:12
I’ll dig a little bit deeper into that, that I’ve had some, just some preliminary discussions with the engineers about it. And they’ve the kind of the gist, if you will, that I got from them as well, we’ll allow them and until they tell us that we’re not allowed to have them, essentially. Thank you, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. And welcome, Levi, you and I have had a number of discussions privately. And I was at the meeting, the hanger meeting last month. good turnout, I sat in the back row. And I hadn’t a question for you. I couldn’t really hear it because I was in the back row hangars open. And you know how that goes. So. But I had a long drawn out question and all ready to ask. And you’ve pretty much addressed a lot of this stuff. But it occurred to me, you know, when we elect a president of the United States, and I’m not trying to equate you to the President of the United States, I get political here. But we it seems like we always look at a window, a yardstick of 100 days, and that presidents got to do something in 100 days. And it’s sort of a window to how the administration is gonna, gonna look. So you’ve brought up the big five that I have runway extension FBO, you didn’t mention rate restaurant, but we could add that hangers, and the bathroom down on the south side. But I’m wondering, do you have an agenda to get one of those big items done in the near future?

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Actually, oh, my gosh, all of those things are kind of being moved on right now. Really, other restaurants kind of waiting until we get you know, the sewer and stuff like that taken care of first, of course. I’ve had multiple meetings about a couple of those items, of course, talking about FBO and stuff like that, certainly. So my kind of, I like to get things done. It’s kind of my personal thing. So my mentality when it comes to doing stuff like that, and these are the priority items that we’re talking about is in the morning, I have a priority list. These are my top priorities, what can I deal with every day to get these things moving forward? Moving forward as quickly as I can, hopefully, you know, by one or two, I’ve all the communications I’ve done the moving stuff forward, I can do the rest of my emails, go to my runway inspections the afternoon and just keep moving things forward. I’d really like to see. Gosh, there’s so much of it’s dependent, let’s say, say the FBO taking an example, upon if we have if the current owner sells it if something else occurs and you know, the lease changes hands or something like that, if it’s it’s been briefly spoke about that maybe Hey, this lady should take over the FBO of the city all sudden gets really excited and does that a lot of that depends on kind of how long mot as a as a together, we want to move forward. And so we’re kind of dependent it kind of depends on on other people a little bit, but my opinion on that is let’s move forward as quickly as possible, because in last few years, it’s not getting better. It’s just been getting worse. So does that answer your question?

Unknown Speaker 24:39
Yeah, that doesn’t thank you very much for that. And I’m here to help if you get a big project that you want help on. Give me a call.

Unknown Speaker 24:49
Thank you appreciate it, because there’s lots of stuff out there. Oh, that’s something I suppose I should have. added to my airport update. Currently in the middle of having a volunteer approved For the airport, high school student, Danny came and volunteered his services. I’m running him through HR right now he’s doing the background checks and stuff like that he wants to be an engineer. So he’s expressed interest in being out there for as much as he can. So someone else to help research and new projects and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 25:18

Unknown Speaker 25:21
Thank you. Tell us.

Unknown Speaker 25:24
You had a question about procurement of land. I know the airport is becoming more and more underneath the city’s wing. So would the procurement have to go through city council? Or how would that work? And like, I guess, more filled questions. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:40
I imagine would but all that let Phil, all start

Unknown Speaker 25:43
out, and you can finish it up. You know, the city, the airport has always been under city control. So it’s always been a city land, lease, and then the hangars are separate, right. So it would have to go through all our procurement processes. And that’s the reason for a lot of this information tonight is the request for proposals that we have to do for engineering the request for proposals that is going to be talked about for the hangars coming up. That all goes through our procurement process. So the land piece is going to have to be something more than where the land is acquired by the city through our real estate agents. And so it’ll be fair market value, there’ll be negotiation and all those good things. So it’s that those things will be key, if that’s the way we want to move forward. And, and a lot of that discussion is going to end up I think, here as well. We’ll have to give the airport Advisory Board’s recommendation to city council on that as well. So if that’s something we want to move forward with, we’ll be back to you. For your recommendation to city council on that, because City Council ultimately makes that decision to spend dollars,

Unknown Speaker 26:47
I understand that the money goes to the airport, and it’s the development grant for the airport, but it’s spent through the city. I’m just trying to understand how that all works for the land piece, or which way if we wanted to use that to 95 a year for for over five years and use some of that money to acquire land. I mean, that money was earmarked to the airport. But if the city owns the land, the city could then do whatever they want with it. Right? Not exactly.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Yeah. I mean, we still have to go through the purchasing process. And make sure that we go through all the legal means of acquiring the property. We can’t. Yes, we can. Yes. Yeah. That’s also the grant piece of it. So grant

Unknown Speaker 27:28
assurances that we would get funding from for from the bills. And part of that is yes, land acquisition. And one of the grant assurances of that is when we get that money’s like, it’s the airport’s land. Do you get it?

Unknown Speaker 27:40
Yes, I’m trying understand, because it was a city that is the airport, and then there’s the money and like, how does it all work? Because it was given to the airport, like, airport have full control over it afterwards? Or

Unknown Speaker 27:50
there’s, there’s X amount of years, I think something like 20 years or something like that, and then we have full control over that point, I would have to double check that don’t quote me on that. But it’s definitely covered by the grant shares, much like the the issue that we were just speaking about the lease, and not having anything more than 50 years. Because the FAA considers that a disposal of land and they don’t want you getting rid of that land. So they’re controlling that they’re giving you federal funding, they say, Okay, you can’t have leases more than 50 years. Yep. Thank you. Mr. Bliss again,

Unknown Speaker 28:26
one last question I forgot to ask. And that’s about the sewer. Yep. Are you going to talk a little bit about that? Yes. Yes, thank you. So let me just say my question. So we know that it’s gone out to bid. Do we know how long it will take? Or is that going to be been be in the bid itself?

Unknown Speaker 28:48
So that yes, will be in the bid itself, the way they have it structured, is that they’ll receive the bids back. And I think there’s essentially three different options there. There’s three different ways they could award it, one’s I think, completed in 30 days, one way would be completed in 50. And then one is completed. In 90, if I recall correctly, I’d have to have that document sitting in front of me, but there’s, they they, the engineers kind of put in the flexibility or I should say the city put in the flexibility. So when they receive those bids, they can kind of pick look at the different schedules that the contractor kind of puts out there and kind of decide what they feel is the best for the city.

Unknown Speaker 29:27
Okay, I don’t have that screen up. But is is the bathroom part of the capital improvement.

Unknown Speaker 29:32
So the bathroom is on kind of that been tossed up on that list of hey, is this a project we want to move forward with kind of a list that’s not tied in specifically to the southwest sewer project as it sits right now? That is literally just the line that they’re putting out there right now. Why? Because that’s what we had the money for.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Well, what’s it gonna do? Just sit there idle?

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Well, we’ve already got the guys in the south hangars. They’re making preparations to connect up to it. And then also many eye to eye no of that talk to me off the top of my head that wants to know when they can get hooked up to it.

Unknown Speaker 30:12
There’s, there’s a lot of hangers over there and people would like to see a bathroom. And yeah, and that’s why we know where if we know where the sewer is going to be completed, where it’s going to be halfway down the runway, should we not also be looking for someone to build the bathroom?

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Yeah, we can. Right now the police have to discuss it. That’s what we want to kind of put money for. And something else to think about. Unfortunately, Bill, monies probably can’t be used for sewer, I actually have a contact at my old airport. Josh up there who made a case at the conference. I was up there with the the FAA said, Hey, I really need sewer laid in my airport, can I get some money for that? And they essentially told them no, you can’t use Bill money for a sewer. It’s I really doubt that they would help us cover a bathroom project either. So that was something if we would want to move forward with we’d have to move forward with as a city to fund probably, unless, like I mentioned, they’re still in the middle of deciding what they want to use all that money for. The FAA has a dramatic change of mind and decides that they will use that for I mean, it’s it’s infrastructure, right? You think a sewer would be an infrastructure bill. But as of yet, the guidance they’re giving us is that no, we won’t do that. So.

Unknown Speaker 31:32
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
Leave, I’ll ask a couple questions. I’ll start with a disclaimer. I work for an engineering consulting firm, we do work with airports. I’m not going to talk about any of that. But I will reference my experience on a couple of these projects, because I think it’s relevant for the bathroom for the bill money. FAA has made it very clear to us that the color of the money matters. So if you can use Bill money for a different project, and then free up that money for a bathroom or anything else, that should absolutely be part of the discussion, even if you can’t apply the bill money to it directly.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
Yeah, it’s an excellent point.

Unknown Speaker 32:07
Then, question comment on long runway extension, recognizing that even if we put Bill money towards land acquisition, it nowhere near funds or runway extension not even or anything else,

Unknown Speaker 32:20
that’s a good Exxon might also

Unknown Speaker 32:23
not a runway extension, but I’m working with an airport in another state where they’ve combined Bill money with an earmark from their Congress person to be able to go do that, particularly when the FAA didn’t want to fund it. The earmark noted it directly. That’s not something we’ve historically looked at. I don’t know if the city has advocated for this in the past, but especially with a new Congress person in the next Congress through redistricting, I think it would be worth the city having that discussion and thinking about that as a way to accelerate some of these projects.

Unknown Speaker 32:54
But there’s certainly something that we can talk about and see if there’s some potential there. Thank you. Anyone else want CIP update? Mr. Bliss?

Unknown Speaker 33:06
Leave I have Have you looked at the at the runway extension and how far we can go out?

Unknown Speaker 33:12
Yeah, they’re in our on our property? Oh, on our property? Yeah. Current. So with our property currently, right now, we can’t really because of the runway safety area issues. We’re kind of at our max limit. It’s been proposed before

Unknown Speaker 33:27
you said kind of intermix, I mean, what are we talking about 100 feet, 200 feet,

Unknown Speaker 33:33
I would say, not worth the expense, we would have to put into expense banding around away just a little bit with all the engineering costs and putting projects out for bid and stuff like that. I mean, we’d be spending more on that than the actual construction, it’d be, it’d be not probably super wise use of money. It’s also been proposed before like, well, if we can’t get the runway safety area land acquisition, we could build you know, the concrete to the end of our airport property and then just, you know, block it off, so people can use it, then we could use it later. That’s probably less than a super wise use of funds also.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
But if it’s a safety concern,

Unknown Speaker 34:17
well, that the reason that we have that runway safety area is because it’s clear ground, I mean, that’s the safety concern there. The downside is you know, the risks of doing something like that as we put all of that money into building all of this concrete and something happens you know, that they see that never approves, approves it or something like that. So, before we actually extend the runway at all, I highly recommend that we have the FAA and everyone on board for what we want to do before we do something like that because the the risk of doing something like that on our own and just not having it approved is just way too expensive.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
Alright, so No other questions, move on to RFP for hangar development discussion

Unknown Speaker 35:04
kind of developed sparked by the course of sewer going in. Down on the south side, I’ve had a few different people come and express interest in potentially developing some hangers on the south end of the airport and in similar manner, to the the hangars that have been developed down there. Of course, anything in the future would be very uniform, maybe perhaps unlike the north end of the the airport there currently. But enough interest to kind of put that up on the radar, no request for proposals really ready to go up right now. But I wanted to stick this in the informational items, let everybody kind of give you a heads up, we are tossing them tossing that back and forth, you know, letting the lawyers kind of look at stuff looking at other people kind of put some documents together. So we can have kind of a general document to put out here perhaps in the near future. So at the very least, we could get some people to give us some proposals, and then we’d have things that we could look at to kind of decide if we wanted to move forward with some hanger development.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
Any questions from anyone? One second, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 36:14
I will raise the South Side restroom question for my friend. Member bliss. So with that development of hangers, with that investment of the sewer, what do we do to get restrooms on that I’m on the side that has restrooms. So I don’t have an issue on my site, but these poor guys do. So what do we do? How do we get that?

Unknown Speaker 36:37
That’s that’s a subject that we we briefly touched and kind of talked about kind of what we want to do in the future with, I think, a lot of it. And of course, we got to get the sewer in first as first step. So that’s hopefully that’s being completed this fall. Moving forward from there, it’s kind of like, what do we want to do with the city? Do we want to secede ourselves? Do we want to, as you mentioned, you know, allocate the money ourselves free up money somewhere else, allocate money for that and just get some put in. I know, they did some preliminary cost estimates for putting a bathroom in from the fingers I saw looked pretty expensive, but certainly something that we could move forward. Other constant ideas have been perhaps we have one of these developer comes in and they want to do a whole bunch of Bank of hangers, maybe we could float the idea. And well, of course we talked about this, well maybe say, Hey, you’re going to build all these hangers, we’re going to need you to build a bathroom also, or something like that, see what kind of traction we can get an idea like, again, all of this is just spitballing. At the moment, none of this is set in stone. So certainly, I’d like to represent the fact that it’s being thought of as not something that we’re just leaving hanging out there. We just haven’t really kind of decided how we want to do that and the best way yet. And I’m sure there’ll be certainly more discussions about that moving forward, particularly, as there’s more and more going down there on the south end of their of the airport, which, which, you know, we’re moving forward on that sewers going in there. So that’s the next step right after the

Unknown Speaker 38:01
it. Bears. Thank you for your answer. It bears weight, because if you’re going to put people down there, you got to have sources for them. And I don’t know, I know the city does this when I was moving into a brand new subdivision that we needed a different underpass to get through roadway. The city didn’t build underpasses they didn’t build bridges, the developers did that stuff. Where do we sit with the airport and the city is? So is it either 100%, the city 1%, the developer? Or is there room for a share of 5050?

Unknown Speaker 38:35
I think there’s some room to

Unknown Speaker 38:36
get help NCAM Twitter URL and order number Jordan, what we would we what I think you’re asking is for us to put that into the request for proposal, which is an easy thing to do. So. And I know, Councilmember Martin had some other things to put into the proposal as well, which included, you know, being able to do solar in the future and making sure that the infrastructure is basically there to do that. So those, those are some things that we’re talking about writing into the RFP. And so we’ll take that under consideration when we when we put that out there. So thank you for that suggestion.

Unknown Speaker 39:11
On the RFP topic, I recognize it’s not required to come to us, nor is it required for us to do a recommendation, the last RFP that went out did not and I believe there was one bidder on it. I would just encourage you guys to make it as public as possible, including bringing it here. So it is on an agenda, even if you’re not required to even if we don’t vote on it, just so it’s out in the public as much as possible.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
And Phil, and I’ve actually already had that discussion, and we’ve had been reading the the way things are done in the past. And one of the concepts that ideas that came up is certainly one of you will be on that panel that reviews those requests for proposals. They give us input.

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Thank you, anyone else. Once you’ve had your drink, let’s move on into action items and schedule rates and charges. All right,

Unknown Speaker 40:03
scheduled rates and charges. This is dig in an old one up here. So this is something that to my understanding from the documents that are has already come in front of the board. I want to say this was last September, that just went through or right before there was that document on your guys’s set of included documents in the you remember, Phil,

Unknown Speaker 40:27
it was not included.

Unknown Speaker 40:30
Alright, I can certainly get that out to you. But the the board had previously made a recommendation, I put this on the action item list today, I just wanted to kind of bounce that back off of you, since I’m picking up, or David left off and make sure that that was still kind of your same recommendation. I think at the same time, seeing how things have changed recently, in the world in general, and rates are a little higher across the board, we might also want to sit down, do some basic calculations and just move perhaps those base rates up just to reflect what’s kind of happened since that original recommendation was made by this board, have not sat down and done those calculations yet. Again, mostly just was kind of wanting to bounce this off of you guys, and see kind of what your thoughts were on that. If anyone dies for that, that should have been hooked on to that document.

Unknown Speaker 41:28
Does anyone have any initial thoughts here, kick us off. I’m trying to go back through some of my old notes here that we talked about this, I want to say in June or July of 21. So it was a year ago, it was a year ago, we voted to recommend to council that they adopt the new rates and charges. I wrote a letter to that effect. I don’t believe it was ever sent to council for that discussion. Because I think at the time the attorneys needed to clean up some of the rates and charges before it moved on. And it just things happened. Okay. So I don’t know. I mean, I don’t remember who remembers this discussion. I know. Tallis, you weren’t here. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, from my recollection, and we voted that the the biggest adjustment was a restructuring of the public permit fee. Yes, that simplified the fee that even potentially had a reduction in revenue to the city. But it was designed to live in alleviate some administrative burden. And there was minimal, if any adjustments to the rest of the structure or the actual rates themselves.

Unknown Speaker 42:46
Yeah, that was kind of my interpretation of that also. And again, I apologize that I don’t have that document with me, I thought that it would be on the thing. But I must have forgotten to send that we can certainly circle back around next time and cover this when to put on the next agenda. And in the interim, I can also do some basic calculations on see where we might want to adjust the rates up to saying what’s been going on recently, too.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
And so on that point and tell us I’ll call on you in just a second. The historically we’ve kept the rates for new leases very low, even as currently leases are adjusted by CPI. Yeah. So I think that I’ve made this comment to you previously. So just making up for everyone’s benefit. Look at that, in light of the record, CPI increases, and maybe still, you know, think about lower rates renew leases, as a way to incentivize people in, you know, doesn’t seem to be the problem with demand doesn’t seem to be the issue right now. But at least have that have that be front and center in our discussions.

Unknown Speaker 43:47
Absolutely. And I don’t foresee any increases beyond just what the natural increase would be. Just from last June of this June, I don’t see us popping up prices, because we want to make more money or anything like that. Just kind of have a starting point. That’s kind of setting you know, today,

Unknown Speaker 44:03

Unknown Speaker 44:06
Pardon my ignorance on this. I wasn’t here for very long this time around and nor was I here last time this was brought up. But I’ve always liked a formulaic approach to this type of thing. What do you guys think about some sort of, you know, formulaic approach that includes inflation and to the pricing,

Unknown Speaker 44:26
there is and that’s so the leases are actually adjusted yearly based on the CIP. So they just, we tagged it to it every year, and it’s supposed to kind of organically grow with, you know, the nation and kind of move that way. It’s kind of a concept. So that is the way we apply it.

Unknown Speaker 44:45
Yeah, so the question is just on new leases, yeah. And what’s that? What’s the starting point? Or oh, and some of the other miscellaneous fees that

Unknown Speaker 44:53
are the structure of the rates and charges, how we apply fees and stuff like that. I have chatted with the City Attorney’s Office, when all this came up there with the part 16 that just occurred at the airport, and mile high and their issues that they had in the city. The city attorney’s office encourages us not to change too much as far as structure goes with the rate and charges because they don’t want to stir the pot. And it’s it’s currently settling down. But we certainly do need to move forward with with an update on it, because it’s just been hanging out there for so long.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
I was just gonna say it was May 13 of last year. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 45:35
Oh my gosh. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
Alright, so I missed it by two months ago.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
Wow. Yeah. Talk about something hanging out there for Yeah, that’s really been hanging out there. Okay. Melinda,

Unknown Speaker 45:48
are the parts 16? All resolved?

Unknown Speaker 45:50
Yes. To my understanding that is completely done now. And then they found in favor of the city.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
Okay. And that’s all wrapped and done. Moving forward. It’s all done.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
Any other questions on rates and charges? Look forward to coming back next month, then? Why class action item, advisory board frequency and location discussion.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
And that was just something that a few people have just kind of tossed up there. And we thought we’d just stick on the action item just to get, of course, the board’s input to how do we want to do airport advisory boards moving forward? Are we still liking the monthly? Is it easier to do a quarterly? I think because let’s see. It was May was last one, we tried to have one. Just get some general discussion from you guys. And kind of what you think if there’s any preference you have with me an easier time? Every other month? What do you guys want to do?

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Alright, Mr. Dean, you’re up first,

Unknown Speaker 46:55
I’d like the monthly, I feel like he keeps consistency and it keeps kind of kind of one after the other. And it allows us to sort of not forget stuff. And sort of, I feel like we make it to in between with the spaces every three months or whatever. People forget stuff, or we kind of forget what we talked about, or maybe stuff comes up, I feel like every month gives us a chance to make sure we cover all of our bases. Okay. Melinda,

Unknown Speaker 47:21
second, that we only get to meet 12 times a year. And then we have a few follow ups with lack of quorum or cancellations. And I just think we lose momentum.

Unknown Speaker 47:32
I say it’s kind of like self regulating. Because yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:35
and, and we do have a lot we want to accomplish. And I just think we lose, we lose some valuable time. And we don’t want the city waiting on us to do anything. Where the tables usually the other way, and so I don’t want them to be waiting for us. Okay. Anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 47:58
I agree. I think that it’s important to be agile, and the only way to be agile is if we have frequent meetings.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Well, Mr. Bliss,

Unknown Speaker 48:08
well, I just say same thing. I agree. It keeps everybody on their toes. You especially. All right,

Unknown Speaker 48:16
this is the second part of that question that came up was location. Do we want to continue to do them in the council chamber? Or do we want to do like the, the, the little room next to the council chamber and more of a, a smaller format, if you will, or something like that? Is there any preference? Oh, yes. The idea came up with actually doing it at the airport. Is there any kind of input on that? All right,

Unknown Speaker 48:41
I got people in the queue. I’m gonna make my comment on the frequency as well. I agree with monthly subject to us being willing to cancel if there’s not something on the agenda. Okay. I’ve got Mr. Bliss up first, though, for location. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
No, I think I think this is where we need to do it. It’s televised, people can watch it, or can’t do it at the airports loud.

Unknown Speaker 49:05
At six o’clock at night, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Unknown Speaker 49:08
Certain times, it could be loud, even at 6 million Melinda

Unknown Speaker 49:15
barring a suitable conference room at the airport, which you sort of have up there. But we do need the recorder and all the logistics. So this does make the most sense. I know. We had been discussing and rests was an advocate for meeting on the field to have greater attendance. But everybody knows how to find 350 Kimbark and it’s a wonderful idea but we do have Lopa we do have other ways to get input from more people in the airport. If we offer some ice cream or something. Can the board I think could do something like that. We could opt perhaps for a month to miss this meeting and do that instead or something like that and as long as it I’m met with the rules. So I think we have other ways to get input from the public if they can’t come to this or don’t want to. And we have all the structure that we need here to accommodate a larger crowd. If we have a larger crowd, we’ve had this place filled before on certain issues. So we’re gonna have that flexibility. And then just the noise in the, you know, just the formalities of it. This is easier. I

Unknown Speaker 50:23
think, Mr. Dean,

Unknown Speaker 50:26
I do like you agree, I do like it here. Although, me being at the airport, I do think it would be it would maybe slightly one month to make like an airport meeting wouldn’t be a bad idea. Because I know a lot of people out there are already there. And if you’re already there, you know, having it there wouldn’t be a bad better way to go. Just to get more tenants. I mean, if you’d like we have three to five people every month, which isn’t bad, but it would be good to see more people in more input on the on the airport, in general.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Okay, let’s go ahead. Thanks. Yeah, I enjoy this location. I think that the infrastructure is very nice. And I’m sure it’s easier on the city employees who are going to be having to drive to the airport or otherwise. So I in respect of you guys’s commitment. I think this is a good idea. I do have a question about infrastructure in terms of getting this meeting out to more eyeballs. So this teams that’s being used to connect with Marsha, I don’t see why not why we can open it up and allow more people to join virtually. And I also think that that would allow us, if we promote that link more and social put QR codes at the airport, where you can scan, it automatically adds it to your calendar, there’s a lot of things we can do to increase engagement

Unknown Speaker 51:41
to understand that they weren’t the broadcasting them all. All and they had online public engagement also, during COVID. And over the interim, correct.

Unknown Speaker 51:51
They were doing some of them were live. Okay. All of them were recorded. Okay. And then available after the fact. All right. Hold on. I have got one to go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 52:03
I think the issue is that then if we’re it could be it could be in listen only. So we could do it as a webinar where it’s listen only. And maybe somebody Well, I don’t even think he could moderate chat. Because that’s when we were just doing virtual. You had to have a moderator you had if somebody’s phone call lining them up. And it’s a lot of admin. So this alleviates all that. But I think it’d be a legal question. But could we do it in as a webinar and listen, only that people could at least listening?

Unknown Speaker 52:36
Okay. Michelle, I see you.

Unknown Speaker 52:40
So we talked about doing a hybrid meeting, since you know, Marsha is out. And it’s just not possible in this in this room, there is no way it’s too hard to be able to get everybody to be able to hear on on the opposite end. And we can’t have them see. So just be audio, and they can’t hear us. And it’s just too, it’s too much. They can’t get it to work. Great. So really, there’s this one option, and it’s the teams that like we have set up here. And technically lpm should be here at every meeting to record them. We don’t use any of the systems in here. It’s just them saying a little digital camera. And they record so they can record from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s here Public Works, wherever. So.

Unknown Speaker 53:33
All right, Mr. Dean.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
Yeah, I would say Levi, that would be a good idea for like the team just because I’m gonna use a chapter president. And until somebody told me, I didn’t know there actually was an airport advisory board. So I feel like a lot of people, they knew that maybe they would actually show up, but they don’t know or have a way to know. I had no idea I believe long months and thankfully, only one and I had no idea that there was an airport advisory board. And that’s why

Unknown Speaker 53:58
I’ve been trying to loop it into more of the communications that I put out at the airport to just kind of let people know what’s going

Unknown Speaker 54:03
on. That would be I think it would be that would make a big difference.

Unknown Speaker 54:07
Mr. Salama teen. Go

Unknown Speaker 54:08
ahead. Michelle. I confused i. The city council has people calling in. They don’t. Everybody has to be here in public. That will be here in person. But during COVID They had people calling

Unknown Speaker 54:22
they because they were virtual. They were all virtual meetings. And we did have we did have one month of meetings where they could call in and it just didn’t work. Great. So

Unknown Speaker 54:33
thank you. Yeah. Okay, do you. So that is the last action item that I have to take action on this? Yeah, yes,

Unknown Speaker 54:48
that one certainly can.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
I believe the consensus I heard was no change. We vote in our first meeting of the year to adopt the frequency If anyone would like to make a motion to either reaffirm or change, and I’ll entertain it, but I don’t know that we need to necessarily. Malcolm,

Unknown Speaker 55:08
I’ll make a motion for once a month to confirm.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Is there a second? We’ve already done? We have done that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
And I guess our discussion would be potentially having one meeting a year you’re at the airport in a different format.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Now, I would be motion for one meeting a year at the airport to get people in to get people in.

Unknown Speaker 55:33
Is there a second to the motion? I’m not hearing a second. Kind of second. No second, unless? No. No second for the motion. Sorry. I was like, you can’t second. Sorry. Palace.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
I’d motion that we prioritize marketing and engagement. Of these types of meetings.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Is there a second for the motion to prioritize marketing engagement meetings? I’ll second that motion. Any discussion on that? All those in favor say aye. Aye. All those opposed? I’ve got four and and zero. Stay in there. I would just comment, my personal preference for the airport meeting is that we absolutely do and once a year, but I don’t want to bind us to that at this time, and kind of make it part of our bylaws. I think we absolutely should. I think there’s some years, it probably makes sense to two or three or whatever it is, but have that based on the discussions that are going to be on the agenda and make it at that time rather than committing, you know, a specific number at this point. That’s just my opinion. Any other discussion from anyone? malenda go ahead

Unknown Speaker 57:11
to the marketing and promotion. We do suffer also some empty chairs. And that would help us get more people involved, see the process become decided if they were to become interested in it. And because we have several seats coming empty in December, and we don’t have a quorum, we can’t get anything done. So we do need either the city line I think we were in the city line last year, we’ve shied away from being having a public presence because of all the parts 16. And a lot of community, flack about it and avoidance we were avoiding. So we were keeping a low profile. Given that that’s all resolved. I think we can emerge in and bring the profile up for the purpose of input from airport investors and then for the purpose of recruiting additional board members as the seats become available.

Unknown Speaker 58:08
Thank you. Anyone else? there anything else from you on that?

Unknown Speaker 58:14
That’s what I have. Alright,

Unknown Speaker 58:16
that close it out our action items. And so we’re on to a final public invited to be heard. Is there any member of the public would like to please come on up. Protocols. Can you guide me through that? Yep. So protocol is you have three minutes. Oh, my God, because we change it to five minutes. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, start with your name and address address your discuss your comments to the board and keep it civil. I’ll start the timer once you once you introduce yourself. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:48
I’m Paul Hollingshead live on pike road, in town 3800, Pike Road, have a question about will the adoption of unleaded AV gas, change the plans for the tankage? And will the state or the county forces into that? And my second comment is, will there be an airport Expo in one of the next few upcoming years?

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Thank you very much. I regret that the format of public comment means I’m not going to respond to you directly. But I would encourage all of us to in the board comments and the next agenda item. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Would anyone else like to please come on up and introduce yourself?

Unknown Speaker 59:43
My name is Rick Brennan. I have an airplane on the south side of the hangar so I’m pretty sensitive to the bathroom issue. February is a tough time. Oh, I don’t hold it against me. I live in Boulder. But I but I like your airport a lot better than the boulder airport. So I fly out of it, I’ve got a suggestion for you. I think that an airport advisory team committee that you’ve got is going to be a lot more powerful if you’re well informed. And I work in the aviation industry. Right now I’m getting long in the tooth. And so I’m doing mostly Consulting at this point. But I’ve been working on next gen, which is the next generation, air traffic control system, unmanned aircraft, military and commercial. And also airport structures for next generation, urban air mobility and those types of things. My strong belief, and it’s held by an awful lot of people is that we’re going to see the biggest change in transportation in the history of the world in the next 10 years. And it’s inevitable that we change our focus to air. Next Gen, the the air traffic control system is a movement from centralized air traffic control, targeted toward large tubes flying in the sky, to three orders of magnitude increase in 3000, AGL. And below traffic that is partially unmanned and partially short range, air, air mobility, radical changes are going to happen. And we’re already seeing tremendous amounts of investment in these areas. And we’ll start seeing the first market entry for air vehicles that are going to start to change the way we think about travel in five to eight years. So smart cities are looking at their airports as an integrated part of the transportation grid, and are starting now to invest in the infrastructure. I’ve also worked very closely with the FAA. I know how the FAA thinks in terms of how it allocates money. They look for business arguments. So being educated on the markets and where they’re going, and what the return on investment for an FAA investment in the in cities airport, is a big, big deal. And if you have trouble getting money through the FAA, it’s because you’re not making a good business argument. I think we can make great business arguments here. Finally, I think you should involve guys like me who are at the airport, there’s a lot of incredibly smart professionals, and invite us to come in and speak about subjects we know about. So if you would put out hey, we really want to know about next gen or urban air mobility and what its impact would be for Longmont or I can list your 20 subjects. And if if one of those presentations was happening at each one of your meetings, two things would happen. You’d get a lot smarter, and a lot more people would show up the meetings and provide input. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
Thank you very much. Anyone else? We can start with the introduction. I’ve got the timer.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
Don goalsI. We haven’t hangry at the at the airport live in Loma.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
The question actually do your address Mr. Dorsey?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
335 Pratt Street. Thank you. The details on paving and maintenance at the airport. Did that include painting the runway putting striping down? Maybe I missed that. Great. Yeah. Because we landed today on the one one and there was really no paint all the way up to the first 1000 feet. Pretty much all runway. Great. Okay. And you had mentioned the steward project? I think it was that the name?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
This is out. So I’m going to we’re projects that I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
I misunderstood that. I thought there was a possible plan to do some kind of development on the south side already. The one I recall that I don’t think ever came back to the board was probably about 18 months ago, maybe less, maybe back in October, or September was a project by Bill Dunn. Danda and he proposed the a pretty comprehensive development of the south side of the airport, and then that just went into the wastebasket. I think and I’ve never heard whether his project was approved or needed to be modified or if he pulled out so I think it would be good to find out what happened because he had a very comprehensive program for developing the south side and it looked pretty good as a joint partnership with the city in the in the airport. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Thank you. Anyone else? Seeing no one I’m going to close the public invited to be heard and move on to board Council reps and our staff comments starting with board members. Mr. Bliss you’re up first. Anyone else get in line?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
I’m I’m gonna second that. I remember Dan Dan, making him Very good presentation on hangers. And I don’t know whether manager Brown has talked to Dan, you have. Okay. So, I mean, he’s the guy that’s doing the hanger development. And, you know, that’s all I have to say.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
Mr. sondland. Team.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
I really am glad to be here. Last two months, we haven’t been. So thank you, everyone for being here. I do like the idea of board engagement. So I believe Rick mentioned something about having an educational segment that would be okay to think about that, first of all, contemplate that because it does improve our knowledge and potentially increases engagement. So anything we can do to increase engagement? I think we should do so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
Thank you. I would second that as well. In our recent bylaw adoption, we we added the input of the board through the chairman to influence the agenda. So I would encourage anyone who has suggestions for agenda topics, to send those to me through the city staff, which is really by, and we will absolutely consider that. Melinda,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
also green, we’d love to have that kind of thing on the agenda. And also like the dense proposal, I think it was a timing issue. After he presented that other things took priority and and it fell through the cracks. So he did give us an elaborate depiction of what he had in mind for the airport, and a lot of options that were very interesting in that we’d love to revisit. And again, see what the if they’re being considered if they’re possible, that sort of thing. And then to the question about the air show, that’s on our agenda, we our restaurants, and our other member is getting his Airbus certification right now. And he has one more air show. And then I think some testing probably to go through, but we will have our own Airbus at Longmont. And that is one of our biggest expenses and logistical competing with other air shows because of the dates. So he just did the research on the 200 mile ring around us for airshow competition. And we’re looking we we typically been in June, I’ve always voted for father to Father’s Day weekend, it’s a little, it’s gonna come up too quick to pull off for 2023. There’s not a lot of traffic in this area in the middle of July for your shows. But there’s a reason for that because it’s hot. And I won’t use any other words. So that’s not my first choice. But if it really wants it, I’ll do it. And then September, October is we typically if we get a snow storm, it melts fast. I did do one air show couple years ago, through a capstone project, and we had snow the day before, and it was fine. And that was in the spring even. So September 2023 is going to be the first goal that I’m going to put out there. And we’re going to bring it up on the agenda for next month. And we still have to put together that leadership team. So anybody that anybody that is, first of all willing to volunteer, it’s not a board function, it just, we tend to be the people who are closest to it. And volunteers to take to take the major components, we I’ve got all worked on that board for a couple of years shows. So we have different large components that need to be taken on. And so we’ll be looking for volunteers for that as well. And so the goal, my my, the what I will propose is September 2023, to see if we think we can make that and get some of the incumbents that have worked on airshows in the past to reengage and work with us on it. Otherwise, we’d have to push to 2024. But we’re doing it with an eye toward not competing, we used to have an alternating agreement with boulder. So we were every other year with them. And that’s all they’re not having theirs and it all got off off the rails with COVID. So we’re what’s on the top of my list.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
Any Councillor Martin, I know you you’ve raised a hand. Is it about the expo or about something else?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
I’m ready for council comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22
I will make sure you have that before that. Does anyone have any Expo comments based on what Melinda briefed us on? Or we’re gonna save it for next month for an agenda topic. Any other board comments and before we move on to council councilmember Martin floors yours.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Yeah, I would like to remark with first with regard to the airport, or a hangar RFP. It’s my experience and Phil can probably correct me if I’m wrong. Oftentimes And when the city issues RFPs, those, the details are kept internal to the staff and then to a review committee to avoid potential improprieties with somebody having insight information, too early. So I never get to see the RFPs even though I really often very much want to, just to make sure that I like the requirements, and not because I want to give somebody an edge. But I think that that the answer that Phil and Levi gave, that having a board member or two on the proposal, review board, is probably the best that we can do. On the other hand, bringing forward suggestions for what goes into the RFP definitely is under is something that this board can do. So if there’s another month left to go, then that can be a topic for discussion next month, or otherwise, I think they can be communicated to the staff. The other thing about Mr. Dunn’s proposal that I would like to say is that the the thinking that came to me and I’m just speaking for myself at this point, was that it was a really attractive proposal for a general aviation Park. But that, but that the city has more commercial visions for the development of the airport. And I hope that those those things will be reflected in the airport RFP. So one of the purposes of having an RFP out here like this is to is to codify the city’s vision for the way the airport should be developed. And, you know, I hope to see bids that will that will reflect that. And once the RFP is out there, of course, we would certainly invite Mr. Dunn to be a better that’s all I have.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
Thank you very much. I will ask you a question, Councilmember Martin, it’s been a while since we’ve made an official recommendation to council. It’s been a while since we’ve given an report and an update to Council, which probably should be on our agenda for next month. Is there anything at this moment that would be really helpful for us to be communicating to counsel about beyond the topics that we know are coming up over the next couple of months? Since that is our that’s our job?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Yes, I am very interested, as are many of the pilots that I am in regular communication with, in sustainable aviation. And, you know, we’re we’re looking at where the FBO needs to go. Where, you know, a flight school needs to go. And so, I think that the board the board’s ideas about that are important to hear about, you know, you know, I’ve said that to you particular, Mr. Chair before, and I think that especially with Cessnas. recent acquisition of pipistrel Have I got the name right to just throw that we’re gonna see electric aviation moving faster than it was predicted a year ago. So I’d love to hear ideas about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
Thank you. That’s really helpful to hear that. I will note Levi through his official job and me through my day job. We’re at the Colorado airport operators Association Conference last month, and electric aviation and Evie charging and infrastructure was the topic of a good third of the panels. And from CDOT from the FAA, it is absolutely top of mind for for a number of us right now. I just personally, I don’t know what the direction is yet to make a recommendation or or do it but it is absolutely top of mind as we think about these developments. The thing that stuck with me that this was I think this was the end rail guy the National Renewable Energy Laboratory presentation they were talking about nine seat aircraft at an airport like Denver. Obviously a different use case but it just is the it stuck with me, charging two or three of them at the same time was equivalent to like 10 to 20% of the entire Denver airports electric usage over the entire day. From that, from a demand perspective, it’s not from the kilowatt hours, but what you actually need the infrastructure to support. And so it’s just kind of that that infrastructure, I think, is a really important discussion, particularly since we actually own the utility and can do things that a lot of other municipalities can’t I think that’s absolutely, it’s a huge advantage for us as some of those standards get to find to be able to move faster than others.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
Yes, that’s a huge advantage for us in terms of attracting electric aviation traffic here at the airport. It also advantages the city in terms of because the batteries needed to backup that fast charging, also provide a distributed energy resource for the city of you know, for example, at times when wind and solar are falling short, we’ve got this big bank of allerease at the airport that can be used, you know, to keep things going. And our power provider, Platte River Power Authority, is very interested in siting batteries at strategic locations like that. So they might help us with the always never enough funding of a project like that. So yeah, those are those are just some things to think about. And I hope that we all will.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
Thank you. staff comments, leave a or Phil.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:40
We don’t have any further comments, I was glad that you brought up the idea that if there are agenda items that people would like to discuss that they please go through Levi, and we will get those to you. And as board chair, you will be the person who decides when and how those go up. So appreciate that comment. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
I don’t like that role of deciding without input from everybody. So please, as you have ideas, if you had an input, make it very clear, and we’ll we’ll make sure that we’re reflecting that input. Let’s call for board comments. All right, well, seeing none, we’re on to a journeying. So thank you all very much, and that’ll conclude our meeting tonight. Good evening.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:25
It was very considered

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