Longmont City Council Regular Session 07-12-22

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Longmont City Council Regular Session 07-12-22

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2022 Long Island City Council regular session to order. Can we have a roll call please done. Mayor Peck. Here.

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Councilmember Duggal fairing Here. Councilmember Martin.

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Oh, she isn’t here.

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There she is. I didn’t hear her. I didn’t either. Can you make her co host?

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She just tested I thought. Marcia, Councilmember Martin, do you have an issues? unmuting? You should. Yeah, you do have code permissions. You should be able to. I’m asking her to unmute. On test, she worked. It worked. Okay. There she is. Yeah,

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I thought I was unmuting but apparently not. I am here.

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Thank you. That was a good test. Councilmember waters, Councilmember Yarborough? Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, your mayor, you have a quorum.

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Thank you. Let’s stand for the pledge.

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pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, to the Republic for which it stands one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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So just as a reminder to the public, this meeting can be viewed at the live stream at www Longmont colorado.gov And also on our YouTube channel. Anyone wishing to speak at first column public invited to be heard, will need to add his or her name to the list that in the council chambers. Only those on the list will be invited to speak at the first public invited to be heard. speakers who do not place their names on the list will have the opportunity to speak during public hearing items this evening. Or at the final call public invited to be heard on any item at the end of the meeting. Can I have a motion to approve the June 28 minutes.

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So moved.

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So it’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded by Councillor Yarborough Let’s vote. Great, so that carries unanimously, thank you. Are there any agenda revisions done?

Unknown Speaker 2:45
there or not? Mayor?

Unknown Speaker 2:46
Thank you. Are there any motions from the city councillors to direct city manager to add agenda items to future agendas? Councillor Hidalgo ferry

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Thank you, Mayor. You know, this is more just maybe this could be something that’s added to our city manager update. I’m just curious to know, you know, after the fourth of July, you know, I’m still getting emails from people who were saying that there were a lot of illegal fireworks. I know we do have some everything that’s housed in the, in those tents, those are all legal. They don’t sell fireworks that are illegal in our, in our state or in our vicinity. So you know, I don’t know if these were ones that were just noisy coming from the tent, or ones that they picked up from Wyoming or out of state and brought them in, but I would just you know, in the future. Where if you have the information now just to get an update on what? You know, how did the call center work? How did you know? Was it? It ran well? Are there any changes that we need to be looking at concerning

Unknown Speaker 4:02
Ken? Can you all hear me? Yes, Sandy can talk through some of the numbers and I know Zach’s in the back as well. And I would also say that as part of what they do. So what sold in the tents are supposed to be legal fireworks. They did run into a situation this year, the state was doing inspections. And they did deal with a tent that did not have legal fireworks and those fireworks were confiscated. And so public safety chief artists informed me of that and sent me a picture of one of our assistant chiefs with the back of his truck full of those and then the state will be dealing with those issues. And I’ve asked Zack to make sure in terms of permitting for next year. So I wanted to say that because there are multiple things that people are looking at in that process. But Sandy, you can talk about the numbers and I don’t know where Zach is. Oh In case you need it.

Unknown Speaker 5:02
Thanks, Mayor Peck council member had dug a fairing. I sent a little bit of this information out this last week. But essentially, in comparison to last year, we had a few more calls than we did last year during that same period of time. So last year, we had 470 calls to 911. This year, however, with the hotline and the online reporting, although we had more contact from folks, we only had 193 calls to 911. So certainly the hotline, and the online reporting did exactly what we were hoping it would do, which is to take those off of 911 priority calls. So that’s really good news. As far as changes that might be made, you know, my understanding from the volunteers, and thank you for Mayor Peck. And those of you who volunteered at the hotline that was really helpful and kind of, you know, certainly appreciated by all the volunteers that were there. But I think the suggestion is that Friday night, there was only five calls. So maybe shortening the period of the hotline that really the big night was Fourth of July, and maybe the night before. So the suggestion that I heard from from Robin, who helped to run the call center was maybe shorten the hotline time. But certainly the online reporting tool helped public safety staff a bunch is what I understood. There were 259 reports on the online report on the on the fireworks line. And then 271 calls to the hotline most of those on July 4. So there were a few priority one calls, there’s a lot of priority one calls actually. So this dead did help for folks to be able to get to those and there were a few fires in addition, and then plus the 400 pounds of fireworks that Harold was just talking about. When anything chief artists

Unknown Speaker 6:40
just cut it off, there we go. Mayor pet Council exec artist, public safety CI for log mod, I will tell you I did come out this year, this is my first year being here for Fourth of July, I did come out and had the opportunity to work both Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday did answer a lot of the calls that came through in our call center picking up those calls, getting through the neighborhoods trying to identify folks that were discharging fireworks and then determining whether or not those fireworks were legal or illegal. So there were several warnings that were issued to quite a few of those, I don’t have those numbers in front of me. I think the call center went very well. One of the goals was to get to get the calls off of our dispatch center, which we were able to do but then also get the information out pretty much real time on the heat map. So what we’re doing right now is we’re going through that information. ETS is helping us with the back of the house stuff with addresses, beginning to look to see if we can identify what we call hotspots. Meaning did we get a majority of calls in certain areas of the city? And if we did, what can we do moving forward leading up to next year before July 4, as far as trying to educate or at least getting some more educational material or information out to those communities or those HOAs to try to help with that. educating folks? And again, looking at what alternatives are of what we can do to try to address just ordinance wise or whether or not enforcement wise what we can do a little bit better this year, as far as how we address the illegal fireworks. To your comment. Councilmember Hidalgo, technically, yes, the tents are not supposed to sell illegal fireworks. But again, we did have one up on Main and almost highway 66 near the Walmart in the state came in, they regulate those they come in, they did a spot check. And again determined is Keller city manager Dominguez said about 400 pounds, we had to take those out and dispose of those properly at an area that we deal with our bomb disposal. And so we were able to deal with that. But again, we’re looking at right now we’re just in the gathering stage of all the intel that we got in and seeing what worked well what we need to change. We do know that there were heat map was used after we closed the call center. And so again, trying to figure out how we can extend those hours or look at those things. This was a unique year where Fourth of July fell on a Monday. So you really had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and on Monday, we weren’t sure what to expect next year, it should shift to a Tuesday. So we’re only hoping that Mondays and Tuesday we would have potential a bigger issue for fireworks. But again, just a little bit of time. I think we’ll have something for you probably within the next 30 days or so, as we work through this data and information and bring back our ideas and suggestions the Council on how we can address this better. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
Thank you. So um, okay, counsel Yarborough.

Unknown Speaker 9:36
Thank you for that information. I just have a question because we have been receiving emails about it. I guess the question I have is, how early are they setting up for those legal fireworks because I know a week prior to the fourth. I was live I was hearing it myself in my neighborhood. So I know some of the complaints that I was getting You know, it’s a whole week of hairnet and the forth in so is there any way we can restrict how long? How early or how soon they can start selling those legal fireworks? I mean, like, you know, a few days prior or, you know, I mean, that’s the number one complaint that I’ve been receiving. And I know I’ve heard them myself like, a whole week before the fourth.

Unknown Speaker 10:25
Do your answer? I don’t, that’s not my area of expertise. I don’t issue those licenses, I would suspect that we can do anything that we want to as far as limiting the number of days or how long that you can sell fireworks within the city limits of of Longmont. But just be aware that, again, as we discussed three issues, a lot of the illegal fireworks are actually coming from out of state to where they’re sold. But again, you can limit those I believe, and we’d have to look and whether or not legally we could do that, but I think we can limit when they’re sold, how far out whether it’s 30 days or, or two weeks, or whatever that may be that council chooses to look into. But again, just be aware that other jurisdictions around us may not follow that also. So those fireworks coming into our community can still come up as soon as the first tech comes in, but it may not necessarily address the issue but Longmont certainly can look at that. And and try to curb that as much as possible within the city limits of Longmont. Thank you. Yes, ma’am.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
So, if I can, you know, one of the things I did want to say is, and Zack probably won’t talk about this, but Zack and a lot of most of his leadership, actually, during those nights are actually out on patrol with the officers, and is much to see what was going on and try to think about what we can do in the future based on, you know, when they were seeing and getting these calls and what it was really like when they get there what they see. So he and I’ve already had some conversations based on his experience and looking at some things for next year as well. The only question I have is did this answer your question, or do we need to provide more information? No, I

Unknown Speaker 12:07
think just having a public

Unknown Speaker 12:09
Okay. Great. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 12:12
Mayor. Yeah, good. Eugene. May city attorney. I was just looking at ordinance for the permit to sell fireworks permissible fireworks. It’s specified in the ordinance June 19 to July 4. So if we were to change those dates, we need an ordinance change. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
Good information. Thank you. So city manager report.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
Mayor Council. Actually, I’m glad I was here, Sandy. I have Kevin Esmil with our Office of Emergency Management, and Greg Manson with the National Weather Service and Greg’s here. Kevin will come up and talk a little bit about what they’re going to discuss but Greg is also here to give the city a designation from the National Weather Service.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
Good evening, Mayor. Good evening, Mayor and members of city council presenting Greg Hanson who is the The Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service here in Boulder. Over the last couple months, we’ve been working together with the National Weather Service to get Longmont STORM READY certification. And we were able to accomplish that and today Greg is here to give us our certification and just kind of say a few words about what all that’s about.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
I’m gonna tell the guy, Mayor pack and council thanks Good evening for having me here. Again, my name is Greg Hanson with the National Weather Service in Boulder. We serve 22 counties in north central northeast Colorado, providing weather forecasts and warnings to help keep the public safe. So we’re here tonight to to award Longmont your storm ready recognition. The storm ready program is a way for the National Weather Service to recognize communities, counties, other organizations, for their good emergency management practices with respect to weather. So things like Do you have a plan? Do you have a 24 hour warning point? Do you have a way to receive warnings? Do you have a way to send warnings out I know I’m on Kevin’s email list and you guys probably are too for weather alerts. So things like that. And there’s there’s a lot of checkboxes that we had to go through and you know, check off the things we’re done. But the important thing about this program is is the relationship that it builds you know, we Kevin knows our office we know Kevin when he called during an exercise they were doing hey can you do a forecast for us and we know who he is and yeah, we can do that for you. So it really enhances that relationship between us and the emergency management community and then in turn Longmont so we can provide good information and have a good back and forth so I’m really happy to do this. This is a great part of my job. We’ve got a one road sign that will give you It says that we are storm ready. And then I’ve got a plaque here that says the National Weather Service and the northern Colorado STORM READY Advisory Board, recognize Longmont, Colorado as a storm ready community for enhancing public safety by promoting the principles and values of storm ready program and demonstrating your readiness and ability to respond to weather hazards. So congratulations Kevin and Longmont and we’re happy to be here.

Unknown Speaker 15:26
Thank you Greg.

Unknown Speaker 15:28
All right. Congratulations. This is great. Would

Unknown Speaker 15:30
it be possible is it appropriate Can we get a photograph with all of them okay

Unknown Speaker 15:42
center one that gets the most storms everything there we go. skewed in just a little bit. There you go. Okay, 1231 more we’re storm ready. Very good thanks.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
So we have a special report tonight from JESSICA ERICKSON for the LED P quarterly presentation. welcome Jessica. Think we’re ready.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Okay, great. Good evening, Mayor Peck and councilmembers. I am JESSICA ERICKSON, President and CEO of one one Economic Development Partnership. Here to give our second quarter Impact Report. We’ll start by reminding you of the services that we provide through the contract between Longmont EDP and the city of Longmont, which includes strengthening long ones competitive position, marketing Longmont, nationally and globally supporting the creation and retention of quality jobs, advancing opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation, and advocating on behalf of all Longmont businesses. Our strategy or economic development strategy is advanced long want to point out with goals related to talent industry placemaking transportation connectivity and impact. Specific to the contract between Longmont EDP and the city of Longmont. The areas of focus are talent, industry and impact. So I’ll start by providing an update on our talent related objectives. The first of those has been the marketing to and recruitment of new talent into our community to meet the needs of our existing Primary Industry base. We do that primarily through national marketing campaigns, as well as a recently launched website that has a focus on the attraction of talent and connecting talent to career opportunities here in the city of Longmont. Through q2 of 2022, we’ve had about 874 ad campaign Impressions through a net national marketing campaign with over 3000 clicks on that ad campaign. Top Five, five user locations. So the top five places across the country that people are clicking on our ads from include Los Angeles Denver, Phoenix, Longmont and Catonsville, Maryland, which we’re looking into. As I mentioned, we did launch our new website in late April of this year. And we’ve so far had over 4400 unique users to that site with the most visited pages being the homepage, as well as our workstyle or career opportunity page site selection services. So the place where people who are looking to relocate businesses or to identify expansion opportunities for businesses are going and then our team page. Interestingly, and I think an indication of what we’re doing working is that the top three search keywords that are getting people from the intern to our website, or from their search engine to our website, our jobs in Colorado, Colorado jobs, and then more specifically, engineering jobs and maintenance jobs. Our second objectives. Our second talent objective is to conduct the annual workforce perception study, which will, will launch on July 18. So Monday of next week that will go out. Talent intelligence data is another objective of ours. So that’s gathering information and data and analyzing it to understand the talent needs of our primary industry base and of those industries that we’ve targeted for growth and expansion in our community. As part of our new website, we did launch a career pathways platform that gives individual jobseekers the opportunity to take a career pathway assessment and connect directly to local jobs. And we’ve have over 100 job seekers that have participated in that career pathways assessment just since late April when we launched the site. As part of our annual elevate Longmont survey, which is our business retention expansion survey, we included 27 talent needs assessment questions that survey has closed. And we have a little bit of data here, but we’ll have a more comprehensive reporting of that data. But from from that survey, we heard from our employers that finding talent with the right skills, attracting talent to their companies and retaining that talent are the top three employer challenges. We also have an objective to support our existing talent systems. We’re fortunate here in Longmont to have strong workforce development services through workforce, Boulder County, as well as Front Range Community College and St. Vrain Valley School Districts. So we try to support and connect users to those systems as frequently as possible. And we do that throughout the year in two ways, both through direct referrals of existing companies to those resources, as well as including information about those resources and responses and RFP proposals for potential new companies coming into Longmont. So based on all that of the objectives that we are looking at, we anticipate and are on track to meet all of those objectives in 2022.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Our industry objectives, the first being Primary Industry Growth with one of the ways that we do that through the use of both local and state incentives. As we’ve talked about before, we do have a goal to update the city’s incentive policy to better align with our values as a community and attract the type of businesses that are creating the opportunities for our residents and our workforce that we desire. That work started in 2020, and was delayed as a result of all things 2020 And things that happened since then, we continue to be challenged with bandwidth on both sides of the organization. So both the city side and the economic development side, but we do still have a goal to get that updated in 2022. We have no new state or local incentives approved so far this year. However, we do have a couple that we anticipate coming forward in the next 60 to 90 days. Part of our Primary Industry Growth objective is lead generation. So creating those opportunities or identifying and leveraging those opportunities for new business investment in our community. So far this year through q2 of this year, we’ve had 21 total primary industry prospect leads that have come through our office 13 of those came in new in the second quarter of this year. 15 of them continued to be active as of June 30 of 2022, with just over 2500 potential net new jobs in that pipeline, with an average advert average annual wage of nearly $85,000 and a potential of nearly $280 million in capital investment in our community. Half of those primary industry prospects are in our smart manufacturing industry clusters. So we continue to see a lot of activity in this industrial and manufacturing space. And 90% of all of our prospects are within those advanced on what to point out target industry clusters. Our next industry objective is business retention. So our ability to retain the primary industry base that we have here. We assess that through our annual elevate Longmont survey or business retention expansion survey. That survey was sent to 217 Longmont based primary employers between January and April of this year, closed on April 30. We did receive 61 survey responses with a response rate of 28%. Our goal this year was 25%. We hosted three executive roundtables to add a little bit more color and qualitative data to what will turn into our annual State of industry report at the end of this year. We did see a strong representation across all four of our primary industry sectors. We also have an objective and industry object octave to deploy $60,000 of city funded grants to startups initially that was intended to go to startups participating in the Innovate Longmont accelerator. We did through feedback from our startup and entrepreneurial community dissolve the Innovate Longmont accelerator as of the end of April and are refocusing our efforts on realizing the manufacturing incubator that we’ve talked to you about before. We’re in the process of convening the advisory board for that, and have four individuals already committed to that. We also have physical space for that facility, thanks to our partners at h2 manufacturing. So we do actually have people that are actively using that resource as we’re getting it built up and up and running. And so we have issued one startup grant for a ramp participant amplified space of $14,000. They are a one watt based aerospace technology company. So based on all of that we are on track to meet all of our industry objectives within the contract. Finally, our impact objectives, the first being to serve as the collective impact backbone support for advanced Longmont 2.0. We do that through coordination of our steering committee and all of the working groups around the strategic initiatives have advanced about 2.0. So for one of those, we hosted a strategy alignment retreat earlier this year, and so far this year have hosted 48 initiatives support meetings. We also have been fortunate to get funding to host Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops for each of our initiative working groups as well as our steering committee. We’ve hosted two of those so far. We, with the assistance of the esteemed council member Barton have developed a new initiative proposal portal with a community ready readiness guide that will be posted on our website very soon. And we’ve added four new advanced on what 2.0 Steering Committee partners from partner organizations across the community.

Unknown Speaker 26:58
Our current collective impact initiatives include accessible and affordable childcare prosper Longmont, which is focused on attainable housing and River District. In the pipeline, we have interested in a transportation system, which we’re very close to, we have a mission and vision for that initiative. And so we’ll be proposing that very soon. And that will move over to the other side. And we also anticipate leveraging collective impact to move the ramp project forward, as well as potentially a much more comprehensive innovation district surrounding that. And then finally, our No Wrong Door for ecosystem for entrepreneurs. We’ll be reconvening all of our entrepreneurial support organizations. In August, we had turnover in almost every single leadership role in our entrepreneurial support organizations over the last year or so. And so now that everybody’s in place and leadership in those organizations, we’ll be reconvening that conversation here very soon. Our next objective was the collective data dashboard, which we did complete and was launched in March of this year and can be viewed at Advanced lumbung advanced.longmont.org. I will mention that we’ve had a recent conversation with city staff about how we can do a better job of collaborating and being consistent across both organizations as well as all of our partner organizations, and the data that we’re using and how we serve that to us so that it can be a good tool for your use, as well as one of our partners. And then our final impact objective is our leadership council. So this is really about engaging the private sector in the work, both the work and the funding of Economic Development for the City of Longmont. We currently have 31 members as of a sorry, that should say June 30 of 2022 with new members in the second quarter of this year, including Cimarron hospitality, who is the owner of the Hilton Garden Inn, as well as Bank of Colorado Front Range Community College and AGC biologics. That group has funded two projects in 2022. So far, including the ongoing funding of prosper Longmont through June of 2022. As well as providing, as I mentioned before, the funding for the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops for our advanced lung want to point out working groups. I’ll remind you that the funding through the Aspire Leadership Council is entirely private sector funding contributed by the members of that leadership council. And so none of those are dollars, city dollars that are being used for that work. And so again, with all of that we anticipate meeting all of our objectives for 2022 you’re on track to do so so far this year. Then I’ll just give you some highlights of our overall economic position as a community. The city of Longmont in 2021 had about a $6.8 billion local economy, the region so the immediate Longmont region so the city of Longmont and immediately surrounding areas had just over just To under 56,000 jobs and had experienced a 3.8% employment growth rate over the previous five years. That includes the losses that were a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and our response to it. As of now, we’re projecting that will end 2022 With nearly 57,000 jobs which would represent 2.3% year over year job growth. So 3.8% in five years 2.3% In one year, and we are back at a 2.8% unemployment rate as of April of this year. We also are paying close attention to economic indicators related to residential real estate. And thanks to our partners at bolo, Boulder Longmont, realtors, we know that the median sales price in Longmont in May was $628,000, which, as I think I mentioned last time still makes us the most affordable city in Boulder County from a residential home price perspective, we also continue to be the most active from a sales perspective. Although the City of Boulder has a more significant inventory had a more significant inventory, as of May of this year, in terms of homes available for sale are listed. This last slide are commercial real estate indicators. You’ll see it notes that it’s q1 2022. We’re doing this report much earlier in the month, this month than we normally would. So we don’t have access to q2 2020 to commercial real estate data yet. So this remains the same. We’ll be happy to share that q2 information with you as soon as we have it later this month. And with that, I will answer any questions that you have for me.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
Counselor waters

Tim Waters 31:51
Thank you, Mayor Peck. Thanks, Jessica. Just a couple of quick questions. Remind us of what your total budget for for an operating year for LA DP.

Unknown Speaker 32:03
Mayor Pat, Councilmember water our budget this year is just shy of 800,000. It’s 780,000.

Tim Waters 32:11
You know that? How much there’s a you have a contract with the city. We do. What’s the what’s the amount in that contract? 362,000 of the 780? So 40% 40 ish percent. So you’ve leveraged that 383 into almost $1,000 362, sir. Yes. Which And where were you prior to the pandemic is if you recovered fully from the pandemic, because I know there was a big impact.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
Yes, we were we are projecting to recover more than recover. We’ve already in 2022. Through June 30. From the private from private sector funding, we’ve already raised more than we had raised in all of 2019 pre pandemic. So yes, we’ve definitely more than recovered.

Tim Waters 32:57
And just as we are in the process of building on budget to your process, building yours, obviously everything. It’s a very, it’s a very positive report. And you’ve identified at least one of the headwinds, right that you’re looking at and that’s housing. What are the what are the others that we ought to be aware of that you’re facing and that likely others in other city and other businesses may face number one, and are their tailwinds that we ought to be taken advantage of?

Unknown Speaker 33:27
So to answer the first question, Councilmember waters, in addition to housing, certainly, the talent piece as a whole housing isn’t the only component of talent, or Yeah, childcare, our inability to manufacture people at this point in time, all effect, that was a joke, by the way, all affect our primary industry bases ability to continue to operate here, grow here, invest here, expand here. So it’s all interconnected transportation included, because as we don’t have the talent that’s needed here in Longmont, the ability to get them from other parts of the region into our community also becomes an issue. So all of the things that go into our ability to maintain a talent pipeline, that that meets the needs of not just our existing Primary Industry base, but as they grow and as new entrants come into the market. We are fortunate to have with St. Green Valley School District and Front Range Community College, a couple of institutions that are absolutely contributing to future talent pipeline development, but it’s just not enough based on where we’re at today from an industry perspective. Also, the our lack of available land, I shouldn’t say lack but our dwindling availability of land for commercial real estate development. I think that there is going to come a time in the very near future where redevelopment of The existing the existing built environment for industrial and manufacturing type businesses is going to have to be consideration and hopefully we’ll be able to attract some investment to that you’ve probably seen at the MAC store facility, the former Mac store facility, the Mac’s that there’s some speculative investment going into improvements to that facility, we need to see a lot more of that, in order for those facilities in kind of that old portfolio to be viable options for the companies that we’re talking today, as we don’t have a lot of land to develop new facilities for for new companies and for growing companies. It is incredibly challenging to have to tell a company that was founded here has grown here and has invested in our community has created jobs in our communities since the day that they were founded, that we have no longer any place for them to grow into. So those are the challenges I think that we face. We you know, we actually just talk to a developer today, every investor developer, site selection consultancy suite, individual that we talk to is gung ho on Longmont. So there’s two sides of that coin, right. We’re very, very popular right now, in terms of people’s interest in being part of an investing in our community, and being part of the future growth of our community. And so I think, as long as we can continue to work together to address some of the challenges that we face, that we have a long, many years of being able to continue to support our community through growth of our primary industry base.

Unknown Speaker 36:38
Thanks. Council, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Thank you, Mopac. So just kind of spurred a question when I saw your breakdown on the commercially available Property Office versus Indus industry. Right. And so as we know, in a lot of major metropolitan areas, we’re seeing a lot of office buildings stay somewhat vacant due to remote work, and how popular that is nowadays. And I remember when I was first came on the council, there was a lot of conversation about how we didn’t have enough Class A office space, are we starting to see that desire for Class A office space, as potential development decrease considering remote work and, and kind of the changing environment around how folks are doing their jobs these days?

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Sure. Thank you, Mayor Peck, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez. So I was probably one of those people that was many years ago saying that we needed some class A office space and time, but it’s actually been of benefit to us under current circumstances. Because we didn’t have a lot to lose, we didn’t have a lot to lose. So and we certainly have not seen that. As I mentioned, over half of the activity in our pipeline is in that smart manufacturing space. Another 20 25% of that is in our knowledge creation and deployment space, which lends itself to that’s really kind of r&d, which lends itself to more flex what I would consider flex office or industrial space, so not multistory class, a type of office environment. And so we’re really not seeing that demand for traditional or what I think most people outside of Longmont would consider Class A office space. And in fact, we’re seeing our neighboring communities that have that product, struggling to backfill those spaces, and also having concerns about as those leases run up, what’s going to happen to them as companies start to shrink their footprint as a result of work from home policies.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
So I guess, you know, that’s kind of what I was expecting to hear, says there have been conversations about the adaptive reuse of our current office space, you know, that’s available within the city, as far as you know, looking forward to the possible shrinking of footprints, as you just mentioned, because it provides us opportunities to do some different things with those, those buildings or those sites that, you know, would not have been the topic of conversation just a few years ago.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
So when we’re talking about Thank you, Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez, when we’re talking about office space, so the data source that we use, in most real estate data sources are looking at kind of the more traditional office space and flex office space generally falls into that industrial category. And I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me, I will provide them too, if you’re interested. But a significant portion of what is classified as office space in the city of Wanwan is medical office space. So that space is full, that space is being used as you know, UC Health built a whole additional medical office space building. So our not just Class A office space, but our inventory of what would be considered pure office space as it relates to this numbers. These numbers is almost negligible. or where we would like to see that kind of adaptive reuse, redevelopment is in, again, that kind of old prep portfolio stuff, which would actually be counted in the industrial numbers because it’s considered as flex industrial space and so would not be considered in this off in, in these office numbers. But yes, we would absolutely like to see redevelopment, adaptive reuse of many of those spaces that sit vacant and will continue to sit vacant because regardless of pandemic or work from home or anything else, they just don’t meet the needs of industry today.

Unknown Speaker 40:35
All right, thank you very much. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
Thank you, Jessica was really good report.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Thank you have a good evening. You too.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
So now we’re at public invited to be heard. So the first person on the list is Polly Christensen. You have three minutes, please state your name and address.

Unknown Speaker 41:01
Hello, Mayor Peck council members and beloved former colleagues. I came to talk about item 12. B, which

Unknown Speaker 41:12
what started the time?

Unknown Speaker 41:15
Oh, okay. Okay. By the way for 10 Jetson street, I came to talk about item 12 B, which is under general business, and it’s the campaign the amendments to the Longmont fair campaign Practice Act. So what I looked for in the printout to the description of the amendment was the word transparency. And I didn’t really see it. But the entire point of the long run Campaign Act was to make long months elections more fair and less corrupt through transparency. All of these three suggestions, do that. And I would urge you to pass them. They’re simple, and they are. They’re very well thought out. Suggestions. The first one is simply a clarification of the fact that address is I can I can an email address tells people nothing I can register as Minnie Mouse, Minnie Minnie Minnie mouse@gmail.com, and it would tell people nothing about who I am. So these are problems that are addressed in these issues. And they they’ve been going on for a number of years, it’s not really a recent problem. Those who want their political donors to be secret and preserve privacy are really in the wrong business. These three suggestions also bring the City of Long money into alignment with the state campaign practices rules. And in the case of Fort Collins LLC rules, they’ve also been tested in court so I urge you to pass these Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Thank you Polly Strider been stung.

Unknown Speaker 43:28
Do striker bent stun 951 17th Avenue. I didn’t realize Polly was going to bring up the election long month, I was on the election commission in oh nine. And it’s very interesting what we were finding the people who took office under illegal out of state money. Then first time they had a session they abolished the election committee and disappeared so we’d never made a final report. So all of that is still going on are currently illegal. A constituted Supreme Court is now making its own laws, irrespective of precedent authority or constitutionality, abolishing women’s rights trying to abolish the right to vote and empowering guns over people. And the former guy who calls himself Mr. President called up to threaten a witness for the investigation next week. We’ll see what comes out with that Supreme Court already passed a judgement empowering rapists and insists people over women or or A girl children. And what I’ve mentioned before. One time, you have a massacre, you create fair you sell guns two times you have a massacre, you get more failure, you sell more guns, three times, you sell more guns. And then you have the Supreme Court that abolishes any right to restrict guns. And you create basically a civil war. That is what almost happened. When the when the mob attacked the Capitol in Washington. They must most of them didn’t have the rifles with them. Why? Because Washington DC had a policy, you cannot carry machine guns in the city. And they were going to confiscate them. So lobby didn’t bring their guns, they had them scheduled right across the river to bring them in once they took over the Capitol, that would have created a civil war, a race war with possibly by now, millions dead. That is the policy of the people who are pushing that line. Let us not fall asleep. And one new law that the Supreme Court is passing let’s cripple the Environmental Protection Association, which was started by Richard Nixon. And now they would call him a communist because we want to save the planet. And they’re saying no, you cannot have any consideration. Give it all to the corporations. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 46:42
Thank you straighter. Now Brian Johnston.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Hi, I’m Brian Johnston, a nine to six Kaufman Street and, you know, issues are often brought before the council to which the council has no authority to do anything about at least as a legislative body. You know, it’s kind of due to doctrine of preemption as part of the Supremacy Clause clause where state preempts local and federal preempt state. Sometimes you will issue statements or send a letter in support of something to someone, and this is one such request. I’m asking you to city council stand with the women of our community whose privacy and health rights were just taken. And I’m asked that you send an official letter to the Colorado Bar Association, asking them to address that their current member, Justice Neil Gorsuch, who is a resident of Boulder, Colorado and licensed under by licensed by the Colorado bar, and asked them to address the fact that he lied under oath during his confirmation hearing. Now I’m asking that you ask them that you request that they stand up for the ethics that they purport to in their code of conduct. It won’t change the decision it but it might get other municipalities on board. It won’t it then ultimately, it might at least at some level, hold him accountable for his perjury any council member doesn’t want to sign on to it fine. But, um, I just think it would be supportive of the women in our community and and I think it’d be the right thing to do to stand up for the ethics and values that that we should be standing up for and that it’s not okay. Even if you’re a Supreme Court Judge fly under oath. And so I hope you guys will consider this and I appreciate your time.

Unknown Speaker 48:50
Thank you. Thank you, Brian. So before we have the consent agenda, we the counselors have been here since 530. I would like to take a five minute break if you wouldn’t mind. microphone But I’ll find it Senator because I can’t see your same amendment download the presentation?

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Morning gets concerned

Unknown Speaker 54:40
I think we’re ready for the consent agenda. So John, would you mind reading of the consent agenda into the record?

Unknown Speaker 54:50
Absolutely, Mayor, Item nine is resolution 2020 to 110. A resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the Boulder County Hazard Mitigation Plan. For 2022 through 2027 Nine B is resolution 2022 Dash 111. A resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the intergovernmental agreement between the city and the Colorado Department of Transportation for grant funding for high visibility impaired driving enforcement. Nine C is resolution 2022 Dash 112 a resolution of the Longmont City Council approving the amendment of the amended and restated Special Counsel contract between the city and Kaplan Kirschen Rockwell LLP to expand the scope of work to include environmental and regulatory compliance, Special Counsel services. And item 90 is approved to capital improvement program amendments.

Unknown Speaker 55:39
Thank you. Do we any counselors want to pull items off of the agenda? I don’t see counselor Martin on that. See, no. No one that wants to pull anything off the agenda. Can I have a motion to move this agenda? Thank you. And I’ll second that. So the consent agenda has been Moved by Councillor waters and seconded by myself. Let’s vote. All those in favor. Vote yay. Councillor Martin, are you there? There she is. So we just

Unknown Speaker 56:33
having a few technical difficulties. Hang on. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
We can just we voted for on the Consent Agenda. If you just want to tell us your verbal vote. She did. Well, that passes unanimously, thank you. So we’re down to the ordinances on second reading and public hearings on any matter. The first one is 2020 to 25. A bill for an ordinance making additional appropriations for expenses and liabilities of the city of Longmont for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2022. We have a staff report. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 57:13
great. Good evening. Mayor City Council. I’m Teresa Malloy, budget manager. And since this appropriation is quite large, we thought we’d take just a few minutes and give you some details on it. So the city’s chart, the city’s charter requires that that annual unspent appropriations lapse at the end of the year for all funds except our public Improvement Fund. In addition, the city’s purchasing code requires that projects are fully appropriated prior to awarding a contract or a bid. So what that means to us operationally, is that any appropriation that was included in a prior year’s budget that was budgeted for a very specific purpose or project, but not yet completed in that year, will need to be carried over. So the 2021 capital improvement program included $84.7 million in budgeted funding for a variety of projects. That combined combined with 212 point 6 million in carryover from 2020 resulted in a rather large unspent balance remaining from 2021. That needs to be carried over for the specific purposes for which it was budgeted. So this appropriation is has really two components $184.9 million of carryover funding. Most of this is for CIP projects that are continuing into 2022 and possibly beyond. There are some two very significant projects that I wanted to bring to your attention. So w tr 189, which is the Nelson Flanders water treatment plant expansion. In this carryover appropriation, there is $43.4 million in the water fund. And 12 point 1 million in the water construction fund. And then the second pretty significant project is W tr 183, which is the price Park water tank, price Park tank replacement. And that one is $24.3 million in the water fund and 6.3 million in the water construction fund. So those are the two most significant projects that make up the bulk of the carryover. How However, we do have other funds that have pretty significant carryover projects and they include the electric utility for advanced metering, the sewer fund for wastewater treatment, plant Master Plan improvements, the storm drainage fund for resilient St. Vereen project, the street fund for Boston Avenue bridge over the st brain River, the open space fund for open space acquisitions, the fleet fund for vehicles that were budgeted in 21. But due to supply issues were not received and there could therefore it could not have been booked as an expense in 21. And then finally, the utility billing CIS fund for the replacement of the ongoing utility billing software system. So the second type of appropriation included in this ordinance this evening, is what what we typically bring to you outside of this big carryover. So it’s the typical things that you see from us pretty much every month, and that is 34 point $3.4 million. So things like grants, additional revenues that were received, but not budgeted. And so with that, I do have a few staff members behind me this evening, in case you have any projects on anything specific.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
I don’t see anyone with questions on this. I do I do. I have one, Theresa, and it’s probably this is this is. This is a good report. I’m thankful that you did it. But I’m curious, is there a place on the website that we can look at all of the projects and the dollars amount that were asked for in the budgeting process? And where they are on that project? who and where they are on that project? I guess I’m curious as to if if the budget and I ran this past Becky Doyle, just this thought process, if we if they asked for, let’s say $2 million dollars to for a specific project, and the timeline would be two years, three years that we provided, but it’s gone into four and five years? How do we know where they are in that process? I’m curious is where are they in that project? Whether it’s Street, whether it’s a maintenance building?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
I can jump in on that. Okay, so that was actually part of our conversations during budget reviews. And one of the things that we’re looking at is, so we don’t have a unified project management approach. So people are managing their projects in different ways. You know, some use Microsoft Project, some are using Smartsheet, depending on the scope of it. And so what we’re actually talking about right now, and you may see this in the budget is how do we we really take a more unified approach and project management, specifically project management software that can create dashboards. And in terms of what we’re doing, some places do have dashboards, but we need to bring it together as a city. And part of the reason why I want to see the dashboard is so I can look at where are we on this project? Here’s what the you know, you budget it, you’re supposed to start it at this point in time, right? Are we on pace with what we’re supposed to be? And Becky and I are actually we have those conversations today about what is that going to look like. But you will definitely see that in the budget process. Because we need to be able to move from a dashboard for the you know, the project manager to the director to the ACM to myself, and then how we can share that with you to say here is the status of the projects. And here’s what we’re doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Oh, that would be great. Harold, I understand that this is operations. And we really don’t have any the thing authority over that. But it would be nice to know when asked, well, even just for my own sake, we see this project going on and it’s been in process for five years. When are we going to see? What’s the holdup? Is it going to be finished is in part of it is the same brain bikeway? I’ve had a lot of questions about that. And I don’t really know where we are in that process is that I do know that a lot of it had to do with RSVP. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
And that’s part of what I mean you all budget. You approve the budget and expenditure of these funds. And that’s kind of why I want to look at this concept and where we’re moving because I think it is important for you all to see and see where we are on these projects. Just to answer you know, where we are on the same brain is we’re moving into the Boston Avenue Street project and kind of looking back at Becky. So that’s going to start in this year, or next year. So we hope to start this year. Jim’s there. The other piece of that project is the work that’s going to be done by the Army Corps of Engineers on the Isaac Walton piece that that’s coming into this. And so, you know, those are the pieces that are now coming forward in that, did I miss anything, Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
And the other thing that’s going to be important in completing RSVP is, is the bond election that we’re looking at this year, okay. And being able to complete that, once the recovery pieces, the RSVP pieces of the same brain Greenway are completed, we have future phases of the phase 12 and phase 13. One going east and one going west, and I keep losing track of which one goes which direction. And those are the sort of the next up pieces related to the Greenway. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
Thank you for that. That was a question I had. Good. I’ll give you an update. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. So are there any other there any other questions by council? No. Is there any

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
Thank you, Teresa. Is there anybody from the public that would like to speak on this ordinance? Seeing none, can I have a motion to move ordinance?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
ordinance 2020 to 25.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:50
Second, okay, move by move adoption. I can’t hear.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
So we were wondering if do you have any I asked if there was any comments from council or from the public on ordinance 2020 to 25 and then ask for a motion to move this ordinance. So the ordinance resolution we did it was moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing and now we’re going to vote on it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
So that Motion carried unanimously. The second ordinance on second reading is 2020 to 26. A bill for an ordinance amending section 3.0 4.885 of the Longmont Municipal Code, adopting an amended and restated city of Longmont general employees retirement plan. Do we have a staff report on this?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
Or no mayor but on Jim is here to answer questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
Okay. Do we have any? Do we have any comments from public with the public like to speak on this ordinance? Seeing none, are there any questions or comments from Council? Seeing none, we need to admit Would someone like to move this ordinance

Tim Waters 1:08:26

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
Right It’s been moved by Councillor water seconded by council. Councillor Yarborough Let’s vote now passes unanimously so we didn’t have any items moved from a consent agenda. Consent agenda so we’ll move on to general business. We need to recess as the long route city council and convene as the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one, we have a motion all right. All right. It’s been moved by Councillor waters to convene as the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one and seconded by Councillor Yarborough. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
And that passes unanimously. So, we have a resolution of 20 R L G ID 20 2202. It’s a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one, enacting a supplemental budget and making an additional appropriations for the expenses and liabilities of the district for the fiscal year beginning January 1 2022. Do we have any presentation on this Are anyone want to speak to this? Resolution? Seeing none, do we have any questions or comments from the council? So I’ll we’ll move our LGD 20 2202 of this resolution. It’s been seconded by Councillor waters Let’s vote and that passes unanimously. Can I have a motion to adjourn? So moved. Second. So it’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem Rodriguez to adjourn is the Board of Directors of the Longmont general improvement district number one and reconvene as the the Longmont City Council. It’s been seconded by Councillor doggo fairing Let’s vote. That carries unanimously. The second thing under general business is an amendment to the Longmont fair campaign Practices Act. Do we have a presentation on this? There’s done.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
Good evening, mayor and council I did not prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Before you tonight is some possible amendments to Longmont fair campaign Practices Act. You all directed us to add the word Street in and section 204207. A, we have provided a red line showing where that wording would be added that would clarify that in contribution and expenditure reports, street address would absolutely be required. Without a doubt. So that is one suggested amendment. The other two were the direction you all gave us was for my office to bring back any suggestions we had we had to one was to add ballot measures in under electioneering and independent expenditure reporting requirements. And you can see those changes in the red line as we proposed. And the other was to just amend slightly how the violations work. Instead of first requiring our office to issue a notice of violation to allow us to have the conversation give someone the chance to cure it if they don’t, or can’t then proceed with a notice of violation. So just reversing that it actually makes the flow better. And the vast, vast majority of complaints that we’ve seen, are fixed within seven days. So by and large, the largest issue is someone forgot to file a report and they get them in with seven days within seven days. And then lastly, we were approached by some residents suggesting changes around LLC reporting requirements. We did not draft those in the redline for you because that was we don’t have that direction from Council necessarily. But while we have the hood open, so to speak on this part of our municipal code engine, we wanted to toss that question to you and ask if you while we are making changes in this section of code, is that something council would like to see moving forward. So Tim Hall assistant city attorney was kind enough to do a little bit of research around the LLC is how the statute regulates LLCs and found that the we kind of concurred that the wording that Fort Collins has, it accomplishes the same thing as the statute, but it’s just a lot easier to read than statute. So that’s why we provided that wording in the council communication so you can see what that might look like. So we’re really looking for direction about which of these items you would like us to bring back for changes in the code. So we’d bring back an ordinance for first and second reading.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
Okay, do we have any communication on this? questions, concerns from councillors? Do we have Councillor waters?

Tim Waters 1:14:03
Thanks, Mayor pack? Should I assume I’m going to assume based on the earlier conversation, that the reason for adding the address and I assume somebody could provide sufficient guidance to candidates to make certain a Pay Pal account is opened in a way or or created a way that they could get to an address? Because I’ve had the experience of having very difficult time doing that. But the interest the purpose of that is really accountability and transparency. Is that fair?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34
I think I agree.

Tim Waters 1:14:36
So and I’m done with that. That’s fine. But it does raise a question for me. When we get to a paragraph that talks about a small group of residents, I asked on for the names of residents. She had one. I don’t know how many there are. It strikes me as ironic that one provision in the interest of accountability that we add and And then another section where a small group of residents and named and we’re going to spend time on on a potential legislation that we didn’t ask for. But a then unnamed a group of residents came to somebody and got on a council agenda. In my four and a half or so years on the council, I recall that ever happening before.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
Can I just interrupt for a minute Dawn did call and ask if, if I thought it would be a good idea if I wanted to throw this in on

Tim Waters 1:15:33
my comments to you. I don’t recall this ever happening before. And if a group of so here’s a question for you, if a group of developers rewrote our code, or wanted to see the code rewritten on land use or building codes, or a group of gun enthusiast wanted to rewrite our legislation on or proposed legislation on gun regulations or deregulation, or prosper Longmont? We do have names, would that just show up on the council agenda without any conversation ahead of time without direction from the council?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
it possibly could if it’s a subject that we’re going to be discussing anyway, this is just a discussion whether whether we wanted to on to be part of the codes we wanted to rewrite the codes or not. It’s it is kind of up to us. Or we can just throw it out and say let’s bring this back on another agenda.

Tim Waters 1:16:29
So this is an invitation to groups to without request groups to rewrite or proposal language or bringing the ordinances of other communities to Longmont for our consideration without any discussion at this level.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
It’s a good point.

Tim Waters 1:16:46
And let me just ask the question, since that’s inconsistent with our charter, I wonder how we get here. Because the charter stipulates under ordinances section 4.8. We’re not following in any way that the council shall establish a committee on ordinance revision consisting of the city attorney, the municipal judge and other another member appointed by the council. It goes on from there. I mean, we that this sound seems to be consistent with the charter. What we’re doing right now. Okay, good point. So, are we going to, are we going to take this seriously? And the way this came to us?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
So um, it’s a good point. Can I hear from the other counselors as well as what? What do you think about? Should we take this out? Would you? What is it you would you would like to do continue with this discussion or take this out of our discussion tonight? The

Unknown Speaker 1:17:44
mayor, I have a question. Are you referring to the LLC or the street? No, I address or the whole?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
It’s not the whole thing? No, what what we’re referring to is the amendment proposed by residents to regulate contributions by LLCs.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:01
So I mean, I’m not ready to to adopt any language, I approve of the three items that were listed on there, and redlined.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:13
So my question is a councillor Hidalgo. fairing is do you want us to just take this out of this discussion? Tonight? The amendments proposed by the LLC? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
wanted to hear a discussion first, kind of on your knee and you had spoke to it a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:31
But the question is, according to councilor waters, it is not in the charter, and I did not follow the charter. So with that in mind, do you want us to leave it in or take it out of tonight’s discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
So well, let’s go ahead and take I mean, I would move to take it out of today’s discussion. And then let’s look per our charter to to have this further later to discuss that later. But then does that mean that we remove all three? I

Tim Waters 1:19:04
have been speaking to a substance at this point? No might, because I don’t understand some of it. But my concern was just there’s a process.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:12
It’s okay. I took it. I took your remark seriously. Counselor Yarborough.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
Thank you, Mr. Peck. i If this is not what we’re used to, if this is not consistent with, you know, adding in a subject matter to discuss, I think that we probably should bring it back to discuss it. Thank you. That’s my opinion. But of course, you know, if this is the first time that this is unusual for counsel, then I think we should,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:47
okay. And I do, you know, staff brought it to me. So I think both of us kind of jumped in and decided we needed to discuss this. So it wasn’t just it wasn’t just me. My, it was brought to me by staff. Do you have any thoughts on this? Mayor Pro Tem?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:09
Thank you. I think, you know, things that are on top of mind for a lot of folks in the way our governance works right now is not up ending precedent. And so setting a new precedent tonight that could be open up a slippery slope, as councilmember waters name some examples of how this could come back and bite us. I think we should follow our standard rules and procedures and how we introduce items to the agenda

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
into Tim, I guess you have no no reason for for it to be here because of that LLC. I just dropped the parts. I love the way you drafted it, by the way. So okay, thank you. We will remove that third part. And then we will be taking discussion on the first three items that we brought up.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
Thank you, Mayor.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
So do we have any counts? Mayor Pro Tem.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:09
Thank you, Mayor Peck. I have no problem with the addition of street address to it. Is it a consideration that candidates will have to take into account in the coming elections? Yes. But I think it does help provide that transparency that we heard and spoken about by a member of the public, as well, as you know, not so much and maybe the the most recent elections. But there has been occasions in the fairly recent past where there was a lot of out of state money that was coming into city elections, specifically doing the oil and gas kind of issues that came up during the fracking ban. So I don’t have a problem with that redline change, nor do I think that the suggestions from the city clerk’s office, I think they stand up to scrutiny. So I would move that we approve all of those changes, as written in the redline version.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
Thank you. Do we have any other comments? Okay, is do I have a motion to accept those you moved to second? I’ll second. It’s been moved by Mayor Pro Tem, to accept the three options that were laid out to his by council to amend the fair campaign Practice Act. And it has been seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing. Let’s vote.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:33
If you don’t mind voting, oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:35
I’m sorry. Counselor waters.

Tim Waters 1:22:38
Just to be aware we’re considering this than a first reading tonight. No, we’re gonna bring it back for first reading. Okay, so this is the two direction to bring it back.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
Are you good with that? Okay, great. He

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
could vote by hand since I’m here and not there, please. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
Okay, you imagine all those in favor, please raise your hand. Opposed. So that passes unanimously with Councillor Martin.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:04
And councilmember Martin was in favor, correct? Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
Councillor Martin? I’m sorry. I should have spoke closer to the microphone. Did you hear all of that discussion?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
I heard very little of the discussion. As the meeting has gone on. Everybody’s been getting farther away from their mic.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:27
Oh, I’m so sorry. That’s okay. Maybe I can call you tomorrow.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:34
Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
Very good. Mayor and council. So we will put those into ordinance format and get them on the next agenda for first reading. Okay, thank you. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:44
So now we have final call public being invited to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:05
Paul Tiger, where am I 350 Kimbark. Anywhere that isn’t my house. I actually wanted to thank you for adding Street to address. I’d like to say that the this is really kind of to Tim. The there are 10 people on this committee. There are two former council members, city manager. You’ve received emails from people you’ve talked to them. This piece of the wording here for LLC limitation comes from state law. It isn’t something that was invented by a developer or someone in their basement It is follow state law. The wording for Fort Collins was easier to understand. And no, you didn’t bring it forward. But I was thankful that it was proposed. I hope that at some point in the future, people here on the council will take a look at this code. It’s very simple to understand. We’ve had many problems in the 10 years that I’ve been involved with it with LLCs and 501. C fours, which is, you know, state PACs. Funding, you know, opposition. I think that in a few years, we’ll probably look to that larger code, because we are a large city now. And we have a lot of interesting problems like that. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:58
Thank you, Paul. Marin Council comments, we have any comments from councillors. Councillor waters,

Tim Waters 1:26:11
once upon a time, in the last year, we gave direction to staff that any residential any residential project that it had we were a developer and applied or within the entitlement process. There was a NICU for up to a year that would come to the Council for reviewed. We haven’t reviewed any in that in that timeframe that had been in the queue for year. I’m just curious, have we have there been if are there none, that have been in the queue for a year or more that would have been subject to that direction.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:53
Mayor Peck councilmember waters, currently, Glen is pulling the data. And I believe it’s going to send an info item to council with that update. And there may be one that has been back and forth in the queue a few times. So we’re hoping to get that to in the, by the end of this.

Tim Waters 1:27:09
I’d be helpful. I just it’s where you know, we had that conversation, and we’ve never come back to it. And I just interest of accountability. You know, just to make certain we were closing that loop. Kind of a related question. I read a paragraph from the charter. Tonight. I don’t even know if it’s we’re not doing it. All right. We’re not we haven’t appointed a and I’m not being critical of that. We just haven’t done it. I’m sorry. What? Well, that’s the creation, the appointment of a ordinance revision committee. Oh, okay. That includes the city attorney, the municipal judge, which would be a curiosity, and then the person. It’s like, we’ve just as we haven’t had things like, Kim, we haven’t followed that one. In the whole four years. I’ve been on the council either. And it just begs the question, Have we ever the council was or the charter was adopted in 1961? It’s been amended a dozen times since then. Has there ever been a citizen review of the charter? Any of those amendments are result of a citizen review, or they’re the kind of one off things that one of us or, or, or you know, when things become a problem. And

Unknown Speaker 1:28:20
so, I’m gonna interrupt just for a minute, because this is a conversation that we had early on, is that we need to look at this charter. So I’m, I’m on board with it.

Tim Waters 1:28:31
I just think I think it’d be good if we had a citizen renew that. So that that’s the comment,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
or at least, I’m sorry, at least a citizen on the review committee citizens not totally.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:43
Yeah, I think when we when we looked at some of the charter amendments, we were more focused on.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:54
When we looked at the charter, on the adjustments regarding the election, obviously, we have a lot of things that even we see in there that, you know, we kind of scratch your head. And similar to your point, I’ve been here for 10. When I got here, 10 years ago, I don’t think there was a ordinance revision committee. I don’t know if we’ve ever had one. And so it probably would be good to look at some of these issues, especially as you know, we see issues that are in our charter that aren’t necessary necessarily in conformance with with state law and other things into we’ve tossed that around. I know we were really pushing aggressively in terms of the election components simply because

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
we saw what that did. And we didn’t want that to occur. But yeah, so I don’t think any of us are aware of one.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:47
Councillor Martin? I see your hand up. Councillor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:56
Yeah. I am the person who introduced The motion that I think was the subject of Dr. Waters first question, which is at since that motion was adopted, have there been any development projects that included housing that have been have have elapsed longer than one year from application to approval that are that are still awaiting approval? Dr. Waters, I can’t hear a word you say. So would you please odd if that was if that was your, the gist of your question.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:38
So Councillor Martin, can I jump in here?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:42
I understand you either. At this point, Mayor Peck.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
Well go ahead, Councillor Martin, get in that microphone and tell her what she wants to know. Councillor waters?

Tim Waters 1:30:59
Can you hear me now?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
And sorta,

Tim Waters 1:31:03
I did raise. Yes. I raised that question. I I’m swallowing this microphone now. And and Marsha. No one here wants to hear what I had to say. I don’t think so. Just get in line for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
I still

Unknown Speaker 1:31:18
I don’t know the answer. Yes or No. Was that the subject of Yes, yes. And are there any? Because you’re gonna get a report? What?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:30
You’re gonna get a report

Unknown Speaker 1:31:34
when it’s in

Unknown Speaker 1:31:35
the process now, Glen van Nijmegen is putting it together now. assistant city manager Jodie Marsh said that she thinks there is one that we will be brought to us.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:49
Okay, thank you. That’s all I needed to know. Because I couldn’t hear it.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:54
I think they could have heard me at the dickens.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:05
She’s talking to her microphone will keep testing this. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:13
Mayor and Council, Eugene Bay City Attorney. I’ve been here since 2009. There has been no ordinance. Committee. We have done recodification. Which, you know, it’s a charter adopted in 61. I’m not sure what the difference is between the recodification and the ordinance review committee. And we actually have recodification going on right now. And so I do think a lot of those provisions age. I think in terms of recodification. We were I’ve been in conversation with the City Clerk’s Office, you know, we hire a service Muni code to update our code, and it’s online and is almost current on newly passed ordinances. And so, you know, is that charter provision antiquated or outdated, perhaps. And the ordinance review committee doesn’t have that 10 year, you know, kind of hard timing, it’s periodically. And so we are in between periods, apparently.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27
Thank you. I don’t know what we do with that, except for maybe get a committee together and review. But we can, we can discuss that. And perhaps make a think about it. Make a motion at the next meeting to direct staff the way we want to go.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
I have actually seen this done in the community that I worked in prior to this. And there’s different ways to approach it. So if you all want to do that, then we can staff look into it and give you some options.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:56
That would be great. Thank you, Harold. So back to you, city manager. Do you have any remarks?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:07
No comments, Mayor, council,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:09
city attorney Eugene.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:12
No comments, Mayor.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
Great. Can I have a motion to adjourn? So that’s been Moved by Councillor waters seconded by Councillor Hidalgo fairing to adjourn all those in favor say aye. All right. We are adjourned.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai