Longmont City Council Pre Session – June 14, 2022

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Longmont City Council Pre Session – June 14, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Hello, everyone.

Unknown Speaker 0:02
We are here for a session to talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 0:07
We are going to go around this table and just introduce ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 0:13
I’m councilmember Susilo Marin

Unknown Speaker 0:16

Unknown Speaker 0:26

Unknown Speaker 0:27
the city manager, that card is the city of Las.

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Vegas, before we get started her own emails and phone messages

Unknown Speaker 0:42
because that this session is not discussed how to take away reception and lights. It is about gun safety protecting our residents and children.

Unknown Speaker 0:56
And how we can do that with the passage of SB 256.

Unknown Speaker 1:02
It was versus kind of repeal of Colorado’s restrict restricted firearm, pre action law, localities are free to take actions that will help prevent gun violence and make your communities safe.

Unknown Speaker 1:16
So that’s what this is all about. In some of the topics that we’re going to discuss our

Unknown Speaker 1:24
open carry assault, assault rifles, fighting, cooling off period background checks, minimum age to possess firearms, serial numbers require

Unknown Speaker 1:38
an issue of postcards.

Unknown Speaker 1:42
So can we as council maybe take these off one on one or make a decision about what you’re here to do and what you would like to say go forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:57

Unknown Speaker 2:01
I’d like to make a statement, which is the icing state legislature has done the municipalities a tremendous disservice.

Unknown Speaker 2:10
I usually am for local control. But it’s totally appropriate when it comes to firearms, because there are very few things that

Unknown Speaker 2:22
we can do that will be effective or enforceable with regard to firearm safety or control.

Unknown Speaker 2:32
For example, starting to receive centers, there are there are six gun stores within 10 mile radius

Unknown Speaker 2:40
of here and three of them or the law, not here, the statute asked me to affect them. And the other three are Well, Your statutes have passed by passed by the counties will ever be

Unknown Speaker 2:57
in our lifetimes. So

Unknown Speaker 3:00
anything that we can do to restrict, for example, the sale of a class of weapons.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
We have no impact. Other than giving consumers the requirement to to drive two miles or 10 miles to squat 72 miles to grandpa’s,

Unknown Speaker 3:21
is that extra eight cents is your cooling off period. That’s what we can do about a cooling off period. So I don’t think that class of weapon bands make any sense on the lesson, the age makes any sense because it’s going to be lower across the county line.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
Most of these things don’t make any sense. The only the only one that I think could be potentially enforceable, and I wish to have a conversation with our law enforcement organization about it.

Unknown Speaker 3:55
I think that open carry in at least certain public places is something that we could deal with, we already have

Unknown Speaker 4:06
open airing propositions on some of the city buildings that will be the Spanish and I would like to have a discussion with our law enforcement people about what it would take to do that. It’s also the only one that I can see which makes me safe. Okay. And we’ll just make a list of things that are in our policy regime that artists to address again, so

Unknown Speaker 4:36

Unknown Speaker 4:39
to say less and listen more.

Unknown Speaker 4:42
So maybe we’ll we’ll start with this. The two documents

Unknown Speaker 4:49
right represent earlier conversations about

Unknown Speaker 4:56
the First World

Unknown Speaker 4:59
first in terms of

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Knology is this report that was presented on January 28 2018, is to report

Unknown Speaker 5:09
following event to be hosted in the fall.

Unknown Speaker 5:13
And some of the people in this room

Unknown Speaker 5:16
were involved in the World Cafe conversation.

Unknown Speaker 5:20
It was the first time in my experience that I’ve seen along the continuum of second advocates or rarely for whites, to Moms Demand Action, seeing a table listening to, which was encouraging.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
The follow on to that was an actual coding session where we’ll actually use some urine some I know who are the next year, who actually leaned in, to do action planning to turn

Unknown Speaker 5:48
a set of conclusions into action.

Unknown Speaker 5:54
On the run,

Unknown Speaker 5:58
on me, the whole purpose of what we did with this was to try to make a difference, it was at the same time to Boulder went through their initial approval of their ordinance on the salt. And at the time, that was part of its acts, can I ask my brother for his reaction? And Mike’s comment was, what they’re doing is taking as soon as

Unknown Speaker 6:21
we’re done.

Unknown Speaker 6:26
And I’ve talked to Mike about this.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
Online, people who are at greatest risk of gun violence are people with

Unknown Speaker 6:36
nested situations. I’m not I’m not understanding the horror that we’ve seen the country because what, what followed on to this was this resolution,

Unknown Speaker 6:47
I want to make the distinction, this was an attempt in my mind,

Unknown Speaker 6:51
to try and move us in the direction of making a difference in the result in health and safety, along with regard to vehicles, which I did not think then I’m not certain today, I share a lot of marshes perspective,

Unknown Speaker 7:08
that no matter what we do is regulated with regulations. And I’m willing to consider what everyone want to put on the table. And I’ll vote my conscience on, you know, on those. But at the end of the day, no matter what we do, I think we’re going to be the same pattern as the other municipalities. And is to be making statements, not differences. Unless we also pride ourselves, the work that has to be done to change the culture in this country, at least you can’t change it in any other municipality, we might have a minimum impact.

Unknown Speaker 7:37
But if we only adopt ordinances, we don’t commit to engaging with our gun dealers, our advocates,

Unknown Speaker 7:46
Moms Demand Action, everybody in this town cares about this issue. And I think we will have failed to meet our obligation to the community in terms of health and safety.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
I didn’t think we’re on the fiber.

Unknown Speaker 8:02
Because this didn’t get the legs that I hoped it would. There were some groups that came together around this provided a template for action, who’s actually met several times. But it was seen, I’m not surprised at that we, those of us who were involved in helping to plan this said, we’re not going to take, we’re not going to carry the burden of facilitating action by the community as a whole.

Unknown Speaker 8:24
So it’s not surprising, I suppose.

Unknown Speaker 8:28
Fast forward to August of 2019 1000, oaks, Dayton, Ohio, I’ll pass it right that combat, that’s the sequence of those three for me.

Unknown Speaker 8:40
Left me a position to say, you know, if we can’t make a difference, at least, I’m willing to leave with my chin to make a mistake. So the resolution, right, but we adopt was not it wasn’t it didn’t take any place.

Unknown Speaker 8:55
What we did was recommended, as a council, at least four of us recommended as a council that the state legislature do its job. And we highlighted in the resolution things that were already part of the Colorado statutes, right. In fact, if you look at most of the things that the Colorado legislature already address, right, red flag laws and universal background checks, etc. But it also went to members of Congress

Unknown Speaker 9:23
in hopes that they would do their job. Right. I knew at the time it was just state making.

Unknown Speaker 9:29
I thought it was worth putting in a state that somebody’s got to do with with whatever they think is the right one.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
So I’m not opposed to doing things that we think are going to make a difference and compensating babe. It’s just this. It’s just what the other one of the other municipalities. My fear is that we fall short as I said, we’re not doing our job. So

Unknown Speaker 9:58
I think we I think

Unknown Speaker 10:00
But before we, before we pass any more laws, I’d love to read this, whether it’s this set of findings, or so many offer a new process, but with the people in this room care about this, and the people in the other room hear about this, when we come together, listen to one another and answer the question together what we have to do

Unknown Speaker 10:20
to decrease the risk of gun violence or any kind of violence, one of the findings in that initial report was that we ought to work together to reduce risks of violence across the board that can arise, comment that nice, that could be addressed that together, and we can deal with guns as part of a much immigration society. And I’m not here, and I’m not anybody off the hook here in terms of responsibilities, or whatever it is, whatever weapons to use, I just think we ought to take a really thoughtful approach to this. Because of what other municipalities did, I don’t feel at all they’re

Unknown Speaker 10:57
not going to leave.

Unknown Speaker 10:59
That said, I think we got to embrace whatever is necessary. That helps us feel like we need the standard, that our residents expect us to be addressing their health.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
I voted for the resolution.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
But the whole atmosphere.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
Looking at this and looking at things.

Unknown Speaker 11:34
If we did other information, and it would be

Unknown Speaker 11:40
good, you add or subtract.

Unknown Speaker 11:43
And that’s based on what we’ve seen, happening to make stronger.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
Honestly, what I would do best question directly. I would defer, I would say look, I love what you do both of these. I’d like to listen to somebody else.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
With me any more questions.

Unknown Speaker 12:08
First of all, I know that Colorado has a bevy of regulations already based on state legislation. And I think some of those

Unknown Speaker 12:18
red flag laws.

Unknown Speaker 12:20

Unknown Speaker 12:22
ammunition, magazine, regulations were already in place. There’s some of these things are already in place is the legislature’s was appointed.

Unknown Speaker 12:34
That’s just a question I have.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
A secondary question

Unknown Speaker 12:39
is relation to enforcement? What is the reality? I don’t like I don’t like enacting ordinances that are not really enforceable.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
We have a few that there’s an argument here. We talked about fireworks as an issue.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
The high schools that go up and down Main Street is hard to enforce. Smoking on Main Street is hard to enforce these things are common occurrences to this day. And so going into something like this. First of all, I do think that low hanging fruit probably be open because that is solid, not every city in Colorado can carry I think that’s a completely different conversation.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
As far as the appearance of safety and people’s comfort levels, you’ve seen the folks on the street

Unknown Speaker 13:37
does not infringe on people’s rights to stop over here

Unknown Speaker 13:43
some of these

Unknown Speaker 13:47
background checks would say

Unknown Speaker 13:49
probably that they may not be attending we wasn’t

Unknown Speaker 13:54

Unknown Speaker 13:57
is there’s there’s there’s only a period

Unknown Speaker 14:05
so I would like to make sure that I don’t believe

Unknown Speaker 14:10
and there is a legal definition of salt, salt. I think you need to be more specific is saying semi automatic

Unknown Speaker 14:18
or that that is a very large group as well.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
Being very specific

Unknown Speaker 14:29
weapons of war the salt

Unknown Speaker 14:31

Unknown Speaker 14:34
out there really isn’t

Unknown Speaker 14:37
ever a desktop on that as far as

Unknown Speaker 14:43
so those are kind of my questions going into this. As far as emulating what other cities in Alien. I think we’re also uniquely placed

Unknown Speaker 14:55
with our location, scanning program and now

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Like the reality that it’s very unlikely record fires

Unknown Speaker 15:04
or ordinances much less well county is so is very likely

Unknown Speaker 15:12
declared themselves sanctuary

Unknown Speaker 15:16
recent taxes so those are all challenges that faces someone

Unknown Speaker 15:21
when we’re having this conversation

Unknown Speaker 15:25

Unknown Speaker 15:27

Unknown Speaker 15:32

Unknown Speaker 15:39
unduly verges on somebody’s right to over a firearm

Unknown Speaker 15:51
and again, I have more questions as far as what we can do. And really what is the value

Unknown Speaker 16:02

Unknown Speaker 16:07

Unknown Speaker 16:11

Unknown Speaker 16:16
what would

Unknown Speaker 16:17
you all

Unknown Speaker 16:20
this is something

Unknown Speaker 16:27
what are the

Unknown Speaker 16:39
so somebody

Unknown Speaker 16:43
that I have access

Unknown Speaker 16:45
to mental health

Unknown Speaker 16:47
was several years, my daughters

Unknown Speaker 16:51
need to get access to

Unknown Speaker 16:53
a new model.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
And I think she had access to that she was

Unknown Speaker 17:03
so, you know, that idea that we carry a cooling off period for different verticals crisis, some of the top that occurred around mental illness, you know, some of the metals, records to crazies and

Unknown Speaker 17:24
so, you know, just automatically throwing up people who do this, you know, they’re crazy for me, they have mental illness, no, you know, fighting or

Unknown Speaker 17:36
about 25% have a diagnosis. But there’s also another

Unknown Speaker 17:42
underlying fact that most people with mental abuse, not

Unknown Speaker 17:47
they’re not comfortable. There’s, there’s something else go on.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
So, you know, I think that some of the findings are already here. And I want to throw this word out. We do either I want to see what happened next steps, what the next step said,

Unknown Speaker 18:04
was their follow through on that, how’s this work? You know, what can we do to get this work continuing? I don’t want to go out and start something new. I want to build off of what our community has, has, you know, what people community has hidden?

Unknown Speaker 18:21
legislation or ordinances?

Unknown Speaker 18:26
But yeah, I mean, I’d like to hear what were some things that are

Unknown Speaker 18:36
some other way and for a minute, I think I think you’re comparing these two.

Unknown Speaker 18:43
Because the perception in our community is that

Unknown Speaker 18:48
the only case

Unknown Speaker 18:51
very opening varies

Unknown Speaker 18:56
my opinion,

Unknown Speaker 18:58
under attack, or they felt that they needed to intimidate somebody or prove

Unknown Speaker 19:05
our point against

Unknown Speaker 19:09
someone else.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
So that, again, can’t rain here period of two days.

Unknown Speaker 19:16
As I listened to

Unknown Speaker 19:21
other teachers in our district, we have a real mental health, almost crisis in our middle schools in high school. A pandemic is really hard on kids. There’s a lot of talk about suicide there.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
It doesn’t take much for someone who thinks they’re battling and love to be told that it’s Christmas.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
writable incredible depression. I’m here thinking along the lines, all I’m thinking it’s also probably cooling off that before

Unknown Speaker 20:00
You can actually give

Unknown Speaker 20:04
yourself some time, perhaps someone’s working with

Unknown Speaker 20:09
Republicans out of that time period, it seems so dark.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
So I have very much waiting period.

Unknown Speaker 20:24
I also think very strongly, very strongly that

Unknown Speaker 20:30
I understand that the Second Amendment says that you have the right to bear arms, but it did not define the arms that was being consenting Congress, this

Unknown Speaker 20:39
charts were considered a

Unknown Speaker 20:42
Sunday bar himself.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Because it hasn’t been defined as to what it was, it’s been interpreted very differently. And quality 22 is very different from

Unknown Speaker 20:58
with all of our technology and the way we can purchase a firearm, and the type of purchase that, for me, watching, from the time that this open has been talking to everyone out, we are sponsored and action on gun rights. And here’s a very good community effort, we have escalated a hole in the number of killings of children and adults, the dance, my job, the way I see it is for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of our residents. And I feel like that right to bear arms has crossed over into my ability to our ability to protect people because it’s too wide. It’s too hard.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
So that’s why I want some stricter regulations, if nothing else, to tell the state and Congress that are now looking at different relations. We agree we need to move forward and dresses as people who have issues.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
They’re murdering people. And we need to address them. In our we are now a company that is at war with itself Excuse me.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
It has nothing

Unknown Speaker 22:30
to protect itself.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
And that’s what I fear going forward. We don’t make the statement to our residents that we hear you we understand.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
And we just want to bet we’re ready to support. We’re ready to move on. The books are Congress’s going to have on board says

Unknown Speaker 22:55
that this is a huge problem that will not

Unknown Speaker 23:01

Unknown Speaker 23:05

Unknown Speaker 23:08
that’s where

Unknown Speaker 23:10
she is do you want to address the

Unknown Speaker 23:15

Unknown Speaker 23:19
Thank you, Mayor councilmembers. I’m going to list your items that you will discuss. I think I want to hear from the state where we talked about that. We really need staff, myself, Jean, direction from Council. As far as what you’re talking about as far as the past. For us to be able to look at that we’ll do some research to determine whether or not that’s

Unknown Speaker 23:42
what our capacity is. So, until we understand what it is

Unknown Speaker 23:49
only then can we make an educated

Unknown Speaker 23:52
educated answer.

Unknown Speaker 23:56
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
So, what a suggestion

Unknown Speaker 24:06
I would have

Unknown Speaker 24:08
liked best mister may to verifies

Unknown Speaker 24:12
on leave that this

Unknown Speaker 24:15
if I understood this correctly, General Assembly gave us very limited enforcement powers in terms of local regulation in particular, when we start talking about open carry,

Unknown Speaker 24:28
you can give a $50 citation and ask him to please way

Unknown Speaker 24:33
which is

Unknown Speaker 24:35
not very strong.

Unknown Speaker 24:38
Determined to my opinion

Unknown Speaker 24:43
and to get back out there again.

Unknown Speaker 24:46

Unknown Speaker 24:48
that is

Unknown Speaker 24:50
I think what we’ve heard about here,

Unknown Speaker 24:53
there are only two things that we’re likely to be considering it all away from period which

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Is that something that you believe first of all, I think that will be the

Unknown Speaker 25:07

Unknown Speaker 25:11
automated systems if I understand it right, the same as automated background check.

Unknown Speaker 25:18
So I think what you’re referring to is concealed carry, concealed

Unknown Speaker 25:27
carry if you will take that firearm seriously

Unknown Speaker 25:37

Unknown Speaker 25:43
I am

Unknown Speaker 25:47
using AC 30 here. It is the new legislation that SC 21 256. And they are talking about the first offense for ordinance restricting concealed carry out impose applying that exceeds $50 and may not include it

Unknown Speaker 26:05
doesn’t give us the ability to restrict open carry at all.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
This was we’re not I don’t think anybody is really worried about people

Unknown Speaker 26:17
carry permits, because they are registered and you’re trying to make permits.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
And they don’t scare. So

Unknown Speaker 26:26
I was everybody weighs in on that to say, I don’t think anybody has

Unknown Speaker 26:32
just reduced Euro. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
That is actually not the point. My point was that he was talking about skincare, but those of us who have weighed in have weighed in on open carry. And so

Unknown Speaker 26:47
our question is what penalties may be levied for to discourage Open hair?

Unknown Speaker 26:57
As my reading of it was it was the same was it away and here’s a citation

Unknown Speaker 27:06
that apparently we do have local ordinances that regulate open carry, yes,

Unknown Speaker 27:13
they will be subject to the penalty under our local code.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
Why is

Unknown Speaker 27:33
restricted and open carry

Unknown Speaker 27:36
city buildings? What else do we

Unknown Speaker 27:41
have? Just what right now? The constraints are acute, open carry here, right? You can do this justice center, the library recreation centers

Unknown Speaker 27:53
in city buildings as well. So you can extend that to a peasant is there now a public places or

Unknown Speaker 28:04

Unknown Speaker 28:09
outside to

Unknown Speaker 28:15
hear how we can gather as a service

Unknown Speaker 28:20

Unknown Speaker 28:22
escape statute gives us much broader

Unknown Speaker 28:28
wealth to public places to gatherings.

Unknown Speaker 28:32

Unknown Speaker 28:33
eat to events

Unknown Speaker 28:36
that’s where you’re

Unknown Speaker 28:41
in terms of what the

Unknown Speaker 28:43
so we carry has no specific penalties. So we default to the general penalty, which is a fine of up to $500.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
Can you can you restate that question? Well,

Unknown Speaker 29:11
no, it can be confiscated. It could be up to 10 minutes to get it out of sight.

Unknown Speaker 29:18
What does it say about if you are opening open you are hearing in a place where open carry is prohibited and you are stopped what happens to God

Unknown Speaker 29:34
ordinance doesn’t address that.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
So to do

Unknown Speaker 29:44
what is

Unknown Speaker 29:47

Unknown Speaker 29:53

Unknown Speaker 29:59

Unknown Speaker 30:02

Unknown Speaker 30:05
to this many types and I think basically my

Unknown Speaker 30:14
role in helping

Unknown Speaker 30:27
require equal amounts and hold equal amount of bullets in the magazine as soon

Unknown Speaker 30:34
as Canada has gone the other way and they enacted regulations concerning handguns and rifles

Unknown Speaker 30:43
I believe that

Unknown Speaker 30:45
shooting King Soopers was technically the second group

Unknown Speaker 30:50
that was modified and so that’s why I think it’s nice to be specific as to types

Unknown Speaker 30:58

Unknown Speaker 31:00

Unknown Speaker 31:02

Unknown Speaker 31:06
whatever it’s worth in terms of the resolution, which was highly criticized

Unknown Speaker 31:13
was military

Unknown Speaker 31:17
case was

Unknown Speaker 31:18
well who defines voters? That was

Unknown Speaker 31:22
my response was the military

Unknown Speaker 31:27
technology Well, that’s keeping you out of this debate about the weapon use because it

Unknown Speaker 31:35
was not an assault rifle. It was a it was a

Unknown Speaker 31:41
semi automatic handgun of some

Unknown Speaker 31:49

Unknown Speaker 31:51
as counselors would be changing making the agent purchase firearms same across the board it’s 18 right sorry for anyone have

Unknown Speaker 32:04
any more

Unknown Speaker 32:07

Unknown Speaker 32:10
I would like to claim what across the board so that was just not in dispute

Unknown Speaker 32:20
with the two day waiting period

Unknown Speaker 32:23
cooling off period and signage every time

Unknown Speaker 32:30
if if we can have an open hearing in our

Unknown Speaker 32:39
concealed carry in deaths that we publish, for example, and I don’t know about this contest, it has to

Unknown Speaker 32:48

Unknown Speaker 32:54

Unknown Speaker 32:56
do you mean concealed? I want that to be researched. I don’t feel

Unknown Speaker 33:05

Unknown Speaker 33:06
research tools are there for

Unknown Speaker 33:10
somebody else to use

Unknown Speaker 33:12
if you were going to enforce a concealed a prohibition concealed carry anyway, but let’s see how would you do that with our metal detector? And that can i for me I just started research at this time can we even do that? What was the

Unknown Speaker 33:30
enforcement period is just so honest

Unknown Speaker 33:38
has anybody else

Unknown Speaker 33:48

Unknown Speaker 33:52
the Westerville like ask those council members is why we would consider trying to leave it concealed carry except in specific places where there’s an obvious reason for whatever work

Unknown Speaker 34:10
we already doing in the courthouse

Unknown Speaker 34:17
mostly people who are doing concealed carry

Unknown Speaker 34:24
have reasons for doing so that I don’t necessarily agree with but they’re not very scary.

Unknown Speaker 34:31

Unknown Speaker 34:33
so you know, I know that nobody has mentioned concealed carry people with concealed carry permits have already been through the process.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Open carry is different and dangerous because first of all, you know the weapon is in your hands second, scares people. Third invites confrontation. Mother may worry

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Use us for an open carry,

Unknown Speaker 35:04
concealed carry.

Unknown Speaker 35:08

Unknown Speaker 35:11
I feel it makes no sense to ask that

Unknown Speaker 35:19
COVID safety for worse than there. There are two questions. One is we regularly have people carrying assault style wealth weapons

Unknown Speaker 35:31
on Main Street and whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 35:35
If we were to cease that behavior, what impacts on public safety for us? We don’t have the answer now.

Unknown Speaker 35:47

Unknown Speaker 35:48
and are

Unknown Speaker 35:51
the allowable penalties, a sufficient deterrent?

Unknown Speaker 35:56
Because if

Unknown Speaker 35:58
both of those things are not true,

Unknown Speaker 36:02
what I hate unfortunately was

Unknown Speaker 36:08
so, we will back

Unknown Speaker 36:13
up and

Unknown Speaker 36:16
as far as

Unknown Speaker 36:18
what more do we want? And

Unknown Speaker 36:25
how you recession? So, later on, we’ll actually discuss where we go, what I heard is that

Unknown Speaker 36:35
open carry some like some

Unknown Speaker 36:40
resolution or whatever you decide on open carry waiting periods, or we want to be HIV free across the board.

Unknown Speaker 36:52

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Well, it just means that wherever it is restricted to

Unknown Speaker 37:04
the library or any other place,

Unknown Speaker 37:08
recreation ever being decided should be overhauled should

Unknown Speaker 37:15
literally be updated on new signs. After making sushi, as I learned about reducing the size

Unknown Speaker 37:25
of visible, a lot of universal faded, you can turn off words and we fix them. And

Unknown Speaker 37:36
but I believe getting bolder statute, it means chip designs, I’m talking about the dangers of gun ownership, any anyplace and firearms are sold.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Which I just I’ve imagined the creative response to that

Unknown Speaker 37:53
would be good enough.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
Does it see?

Unknown Speaker 38:01

Unknown Speaker 38:04

Unknown Speaker 38:07
I just want to change the

Unknown Speaker 38:10

Unknown Speaker 38:12
to some surface level especially

Unknown Speaker 38:18
the city council meeting news cycle.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
That’s easy to enforce, because you’ve seen holiday shots,

Unknown Speaker 38:27
speeding stops

Unknown Speaker 38:32
or information.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Short follow up question is, if you’ve got so busy on the street on Google, the rest is we were to begin enforcing what we’re hearing.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
I think we want to hear about things like

Unknown Speaker 39:00
how the officers are being diverted from emergency response because they’re engaged in hearing interaction or something like that with your recommendation.

Unknown Speaker 39:14
officers on duty in particular,

Unknown Speaker 39:18
things like that, because we want policemen to work, right.

Unknown Speaker 39:24
And so if you’re going to give us a job and they can happen for

Unknown Speaker 39:31
you make sure that they are set up for success.

Unknown Speaker 39:37
So I that’s that’s what I like to see.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
Come back to us in addition to just because

Unknown Speaker 39:48
I think several of us can

Unknown Speaker 39:52
carry condition because it is inherently

Unknown Speaker 39:56
something that we could

Unknown Speaker 39:59

Unknown Speaker 40:00
new threats.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
So the question then becomes,

Unknown Speaker 40:06
how much is it going to be process to investment? And

Unknown Speaker 40:12
you know, are there unintended consequences that we have those we have said, cyber that self learners that said, Please do this, please ban all this adopt all these measures so that my children will be safe. And

Unknown Speaker 40:31
I don’t think that most of these things will make your children any safer at all.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
The lack of ordinary COVID

Unknown Speaker 40:40
phasing out open carry is unfortunate things about.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
So you’re saying Open carry.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
That’s well, that’s, that’s the only one I think will be affected. If all the council wants to use us to consider other ideas. I am not necessarily against other ideas. But my losses in this use the open carry prohibitions are the only ones that will make any difference and

Unknown Speaker 41:08
that maybe,

Unknown Speaker 41:11
because there were six those scores within

Unknown Speaker 41:15
one live demo, three of them are in Rockland County is

Unknown Speaker 41:22
going to

Unknown Speaker 41:24
increase the age limit, they’re not going to impose waiting period, we’re not going to do any of that stuff. I will be real surprised to hearing from you about doing background checks.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
So I want to just make a statement. You’re not You’re not discussing anything.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
It’s just monologues. But if right across the street is not enforced, in our enforcement, here are your independent news, emergency disadvantages without changing the availability of the public.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
To review that says

Unknown Speaker 42:06
I would like to know what are the

Unknown Speaker 42:09

Unknown Speaker 42:11
for anyone who violates things that are already walked

Unknown Speaker 42:17

Unknown Speaker 42:21
But so it’s really normal. What can we do

Unknown Speaker 42:26
to create harsher punishments for people who are don’t have enough locked up? You know, I think about three

Unknown Speaker 42:35
hours a month as teachers, we were all freaking out, we have kids to build they’re

Unknown Speaker 42:42
out there. You know, it was looking at our

Unknown Speaker 42:48
child card, or who does have

Unknown Speaker 42:53
locked up my understanding

Unknown Speaker 42:56
that it was locked, so he was able to access it. So this is what works can we do?

Unknown Speaker 43:05
Or what kind of laws we had, that would have prevented something like that.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
So per se so that they did not happen? covertly. They are blocking your homes.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
I think this is spiritual. As long as one of the Good News is

Unknown Speaker 43:38

Unknown Speaker 43:40
The good news is that out that the state our state legislatures, that said,

Unknown Speaker 43:46
no matter what state doesn’t matter what we do, there are times where the law does not change for him.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
daughter was suicidal, we had the gun out of the house, it was on the other side of the continent, and I didn’t even want to hear well. She could have access to something

Unknown Speaker 44:08
law requires now.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
You now there’s one of the cultural things that that we could do. In fact, I’m not sure which institution is doing it.

Unknown Speaker 44:23
Somebody is giving away

Unknown Speaker 44:30
as we

Unknown Speaker 44:32
reinforced that by by promoting other charitable activities to make proper storage for firearms, or you make leaders in homes have people go home from the hospital with a gun case just like they do.

Unknown Speaker 44:49
Arson course.

Unknown Speaker 44:51
There are many things the long run as a municipality could do other than regulating firearms.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
At that point,

Unknown Speaker 45:00
In fact,

Unknown Speaker 45:01
understanding District Attorney’s offices

Unknown Speaker 45:06
is supposed to

Unknown Speaker 45:12
augment with a number of blocks.

Unknown Speaker 45:18
Arizona law level of interest in

Unknown Speaker 45:28
other things encouraging or not rewarding? Happy things. You know, if you see something, say something happened to us or see something

Unknown Speaker 45:45
because that’s

Unknown Speaker 45:47
a little harder to do for other folks, for students, we have the safe to tell those avenues were happening before you can do that way.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
What can we do as Tality token mechanism? That for? Or how can we bring out the water? You haven’t been great article to me that we see some people

Unknown Speaker 46:11

Unknown Speaker 46:12
working with reports. And just to streamline

Unknown Speaker 46:17
this complicated chain of phone numbers.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
And absecon, we have something that is worth

Unknown Speaker 46:27

Unknown Speaker 46:29
I don’t know what the answer is from but I think that’s a question we can use to be used. Yes, I think we ought to challenge ourselves to say to the people in this room with faith leaders in this country, with service public issues with our business solutions, to say this is important. Just you could just do that.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
But we need to elevate the level of discussion.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
And then let’s see where it goes in terms of what are the the artifacts that come out of that protocols, that still got clear messages to the community that when you do see something, here’s how it’s easily and seamlessly share with people

Unknown Speaker 47:14
and prevented faster. I just think

Unknown Speaker 47:18
whatever we do here is no doubt important.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
So things we’ve talked about,

Unknown Speaker 47:25
what what you’re talking about Susie are the things that are going to ultimately

Unknown Speaker 47:31
what we get back in fall 2018 is a place to start board on, I’m guessing if you

Unknown Speaker 47:38
gave the community a chance to have the same kind of conversation, my guess is probably the same for

Unknown Speaker 47:45
you and I do want to continue this work by doing if you want to have to communicate something that isn’t helpful is water. No, I’m going to take you out or whatever emails that we got. And I’m like, well, that doesn’t really elicit on any kind of open communication. For me, you know, I’m coming in with this open mind looking at all possibilities. Because maybe what we thought was the answer is the end of this session, we might have come up with something that we didn’t really think about coming into. So that’s what what my goal was, in having this conversation, being able to come out of something coming out with something that will address the problem without, you know, without, okay, these are what I wanted to do, this is what I want. This is my plan, but really having an open mind to come up with realistic solutions. This second year, I don’t know this.

Unknown Speaker 48:43
But it’s second

Unknown Speaker 48:45
district attorney has reached out to several gun holding our gun store gun deals.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
And asked if they’d be willing to work with the distributor on on what can be and how could they be part of the solution. So whether it’s waiting periods, or whatever it might be.

Unknown Speaker 49:06
If we if this whole initiative inspires that, then I think we’re getting a step in the right direction. But regardless of what we do, or an additional, I’m not saying we’re not going to do it. But I think we ought to encourage we ought to we ought to invite that part of our community to the table and listen and figure out where is the common ground we can find again,

Unknown Speaker 49:29
the kinds of things those folks who are up every day dealing with the sale of ammunition or firearms, can you be part of the solution and how far they’re willing to host it to meet the interest of other systems or others.

Unknown Speaker 49:44

Unknown Speaker 49:51
I’m not sure that she’s on training

Unknown Speaker 50:06
So I consider this basically what you’re saying

Unknown Speaker 50:15
or somebody come up with a better idea. I’m just saying ordinances. Maybe there may be new ordinances like are necessary to certainly not sufficient or necessary, sufficient cultural issue issues with

Unknown Speaker 50:32
other communities, we ought to be at least Tangyuan.

Unknown Speaker 50:36
I agree. I don’t think we ignored Edward, long on up the next

Unknown Speaker 50:45
minute scared to death. And we’re the best example and what

Unknown Speaker 50:49
he means when they said he did this talk. And, you know, come

Unknown Speaker 50:55
on, no action people

Unknown Speaker 51:00
that have these schools,

Unknown Speaker 51:03
at our events or audition.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
For years, I mean, so what do we want to do going forward? We want to

Unknown Speaker 51:21
work in worship.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
And we want to

Unknown Speaker 51:29
put in some of the things that we talked about the direction to research, that was the resolution? Or

Unknown Speaker 51:38

Unknown Speaker 51:40
the nation’s

Unknown Speaker 51:43
forum to set up?

Unknown Speaker 51:49

Unknown Speaker 51:51

Unknown Speaker 51:53
my frustrations are?

Unknown Speaker 51:57
Well, there are a lot of people there, I would say,

Unknown Speaker 52:01
eight people that were there.

Unknown Speaker 52:05
And that, that bothers me because they have perceptions out there for what their city could do.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
Now, that’s great. Well, I think you start to start with a different question. If I were to replicate what we did, I think the methodologies are different. But let’s come up with a different idea.

Unknown Speaker 52:24
is to is to, is to not in this with

Unknown Speaker 52:31
a there’s a waiting period, open carry whatever medicine is, I agree with you on that.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
He should ever be an issue that we don’t discuss ever.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
So going forward, when we go into the council chambers,

Unknown Speaker 52:54
do we want to have a discussion about where we want to go with direction to staff, so they know what they have to research? They know what they’re

Unknown Speaker 53:04
what we want them to do?

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Because sometimes we have all these discussions. I see Earl sitting there.

Unknown Speaker 53:12
And the direction is

Unknown Speaker 53:15
we have to wait. This is a public meeting and we’re not passing ordinances. Can we just say, directions our Council meeting on the agenda

Unknown Speaker 53:33
for future agenda items,

Unknown Speaker 53:37
was that we’re out?

Unknown Speaker 53:39
So we can discuss this?

Unknown Speaker 53:43
No, I mean, we are out of your way.

Unknown Speaker 53:54
So I am curious.

Unknown Speaker 53:57
Okay, so all of these are lists of regulations that are implemented by other seasonal accounting Correct? I would like to know and depending on your bandwidth

Unknown Speaker 54:09
research, why would you buy that? But I would like to know of you what are the implications of all of these things that were passed? And I would like to know more, it’s hard to you know, get your coffee. But, you know, I would like to know, you know, what are what are what is realistic for a municipality to pass? Is it enforceable? Is it legal

Unknown Speaker 54:33
in a larger scene, federal and state law

Unknown Speaker 54:38

Unknown Speaker 54:40
rights to do that.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
Contract with our federal law

Unknown Speaker 54:48
holders, so convenient.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
needed direction to staff could that be part of the direction it Yeah, but I would like to know like if this is going to where they come off all around their chair up. Oh, I’ll let her clap.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Most of it’s actually going to be Eugene,

Unknown Speaker 55:03
most of it’s actually going to be

Unknown Speaker 55:07

Unknown Speaker 55:11
mayor Council, so it’s the second

Unknown Speaker 55:16
project to

Unknown Speaker 55:19
research on those issues. And,

Unknown Speaker 55:24
you know, we have limited resources. If that’s what Council directs, we will certainly do that. But then we won’t be able to devote resources to other priorities and city,

Unknown Speaker 55:34
housing or other things that are going on in my office. So

Unknown Speaker 55:41
my recommendation would be to research those things that is most interested in

Unknown Speaker 55:48
rather than doing a comprehensive review of setting them at all.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Have something to add to that? Not when we think about, we’ve been working in a world for layperson about constitutional law, especially the Second Amendment. But

Unknown Speaker 56:10
I did talk to some officeholders and other municipalities. And they said, Well, we will didn’t consider the implications of this.

Unknown Speaker 56:21
They just passed the states.

Unknown Speaker 56:26
So we may be the only municipality that is seriously concerned about

Unknown Speaker 56:34
doing things that will have a positive impact on the community and not doing

Unknown Speaker 56:39
a negative impact.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
And that will be my reason for focusing on things that we might actually

Unknown Speaker 56:54

Unknown Speaker 56:57
for me to decide

Unknown Speaker 56:59
who’s going to cause

Unknown Speaker 57:02
these things once we decide that

Unknown Speaker 57:05

Unknown Speaker 57:07
we know

Unknown Speaker 57:17
you’ll be on your direction to

Unknown Speaker 57:25

Unknown Speaker 57:28
Stranger with breast cancer.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
Impact public safety will

Unknown Speaker 57:38
meet Well, depending on what we are asking you to research. I don’t know how he will know.

Unknown Speaker 57:47
Because he doesn’t know what we want him to look at.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
Yeah, I think that’s what I was gonna say. I think the hard part.

Unknown Speaker 57:55

Unknown Speaker 57:57
I think it’s more we understand where you want us to start what was gonna happen, I think it’s easier for them to say, here’s what the impact is going to be. Because if you did everything, there’s obviously going to be some impact and you have to quantify this totality of what or indirectly

Unknown Speaker 58:16
to what clarity we have

Unknown Speaker 58:20
time to get

Unknown Speaker 58:24
back in the council,

Unknown Speaker 58:27
I just been making some notes talking to coworkers this evening is

Unknown Speaker 58:36
one of the local qualities that his horses pass, but what I heard was

Unknown Speaker 58:43
more or less in

Unknown Speaker 58:49
a in a certain area

Unknown Speaker 58:52
open carry

Unknown Speaker 58:55
also about how that impact

Unknown Speaker 59:00
how we will enforce that

Unknown Speaker 59:03
cost because

Unknown Speaker 59:06
based on whatever else decided that we like

Unknown Speaker 59:11
and then ways for people to basically see something say something

Unknown Speaker 59:23
that will call to the next

Unknown Speaker 59:26
dimension provide information more efficiently.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
They also heard about communicasia.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Talking about that, I agree with those compensation

Unknown Speaker 59:40
Council decision

Unknown Speaker 59:45
so I think that was those are kind of the two boxes.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
Here carry

Unknown Speaker 59:51
and I think is marriage you mentioned. Well we’re looking for directions as a starting point. Because I believe it will work out

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
research is based on

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
community wants to see that they will have to be more specific How would you

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
buy a firearm that all that begins with the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
topic of concealed carry

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
get that as a as a

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
as a community what that looks like bring that back and then have versus discussion to have

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
impact on the city as a whole for the community and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
if I can accept I think it’s a process of going through the legalization of marijuana,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
we’ve got work there and

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
then we were able to go here’s what it’s going to take from the staff perspective. Here’s how we’re gonna go through the process because there will

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
be less of an impact on public safety or impact environment and so it was a hell of a sudden when we take into account that we do liquor licensing, marijuana licensing, this type of licensing deal you’re probably have to look at a license and staffing and this is

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
referring to the number one save all of these if we looked at all those are the kinds of things you would start hearing to say well

Unknown Speaker 1:01:28
if you have to deal with an age like yourself in those states that’s going to be support we’re going to have to treat licensing requirements which would be a little bit different and so

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
the more you get clarity

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
I have a question on waiting for the license during that time

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
are you serious

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
she saw this debit

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
or the background check it

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
basically you will pass everything

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
pass it

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
just because of all you

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
conceivable already

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
it’s already illegal accounting for some

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
so the challenge was discovered

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
it’s already

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42

Unknown Speaker 1:03:44
here’s what I’m hearing for promotion

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
we open carry on

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
this is really what we want to do

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
is requirements across the board

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
just to make the same

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
and silence

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
the direction to have an open forum discussion

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
sometime in July we’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
more than four but our community discussion

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
engagement process of selling

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
in July

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
as quickly as possible

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
your choice

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
to meet as a Council voted to make this decision about these issues that we’re

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
asking them

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
to research we like

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
the residents to weigh in on the ballot issue

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
we asked for a statute develop

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
so that is something that you bring back because

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
at first reading

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
is just what they

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
told you to research during nap current political issues

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
me explain your question

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
counselor to put two options

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
one you can make the decision as adopting horses are you good ever referred to

Unknown Speaker 1:07:14
so I will make that motion in illiquid

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
your spring so are the things

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
developers process

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
pretty straightforward

Unknown Speaker 1:07:57
zap is the

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
devil was just pastorate process that most of those items

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
the United States

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
interesting which

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
I just thought that was really

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
weird the supplier

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
prohibition on

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
it says

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
soon as

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
President Trump executive order

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
which feels very positive for his constituency

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
it’s hard to comprehend a person vital

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
The thing about home sucks isn’t there are a number of technologies

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
accelerated firing rate of semi automatic well, and so banning bump bump stops is kind of performative because you just use one of the other technologies to get the same results which is

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
The reason that I’m not that excited about banning classes, because it’s so easy to work around, and I’m sorry about all of this stuff, but my angels were collectors to Federal Firearms licenses. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
some other foods.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
those kinds of

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
legal manufacture and sell those individual currently under

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
are open.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
It’s not as common,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
but they had some

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
students catching bass in the fall stretch.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
Gonna get your somebody’s purchase kit to build a gun.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
They haven’t told themselves

Unknown Speaker 1:11:05
without a federal license

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
they can make a purchase.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
Purchase the parts.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:19
Obviously owning a gun without

Unknown Speaker 1:11:22

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
is legal. As long as

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
it comes and goes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
We’ve done several cases are

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
very expensive.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
That was the selling assault.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
So the Feds allow that we can we

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
So we just have to call the sheriff’s office right of

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
course, we do

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
So even the sheriff’s office?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
Well, we can we can work with the federal investigators

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23
it’s a little more

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
this is a very simple

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
to agenda

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
you’re going to leave the question of orders versus referred for us in the ocean versus referring words

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
down the road, once you see

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
that once it comes back on first reading, pull it off and discussing the language that says that white

Unknown Speaker 1:13:10
person and brother have conducted your business and then decide whether or not to put it off for first reading, it would be helpful to get some input from the community.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
There’s a part of me that thinks

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
if we do that, and it’s just, this is gonna just be a lot of noise. Right? Which is why I’m asking you a question do you balance investment? If we’re talking about there’s gonna be a lot of rhetoric between

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
that would be the downside, in my opinion, that we deal with it and move on. The other side of that is maybe people in this room or the community

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
would prefer that and we’d like to, you know, we’d like to weigh in, and I’d like to hear

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
both sides.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
Have to afford it as we make that decision. I’d love to hear from those who care about this city, do your job and pass an ordinance or absolutely give the community choose. And I

Unknown Speaker 1:14:12
want to bring it back as we talk to counsel about bringing it back as a zero reading or yes, we can bring it back as a zeroing in then we can work with the public information to about some kind of surveyor

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
who wanted to ask that question and maybe have that information.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31
We can do it that way if you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:14:34
on a survey

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
right now

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
business Yeah, so we so

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
we talked about zero ratings and counselors are complicated issues.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
have words and things like affordable housing ordinances it was bringing it back. We’re we have an introduction where you can ask for us to change. Or I was suggesting that so the emails give it a platform where people can derive their responses, we aggregate those

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
that’s Council’s direction

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
remark about survey versus ballot.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
There is a

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
need to varies depending on what happened in last week’s news, there is a passion differential in terms of who’s gonna respond to a survey.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
And so I’m not sure how frustrating that would be. The other thing is about putting it on the ballot is that I think it might increase the legitimacy of the statute once it off, you know, that I think that you know, if there was a 6040 bow that says, Yeah, we really don’t want open carry in this community, then we

Unknown Speaker 1:16:28
would have our answer and and

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
then we could have a conversation about you know, why you feel that way because I don’t feel that way. I can legally get down to brass tacks. But in the meantime, there would be more

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
private choice works on my part that public input or to get the information

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
and get those specialized

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
public engagement

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06

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