Golf Advisory Board – April 25, 2022

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Golf Advisory Board – April 25, 2022

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I’m here to entertain a motion to approve this agenda. All in favor? Aye. Any opposed? Approval of the previous month’s attendance entertain a motion to approve the correction. Yes.

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Yeah, it indicates that our secondary emotion and he was number three

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on family seven minutes April’s airing number we’ll move on. Public invited me to herb to my knowledge. Do we have anyone here?

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I’m planning for it because I’m just here to listen to you guys find out what the golf course advisory board is all about. I’ve been playing golf for about five years.

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I’m pretty happy that Brian will attest that probably three to four, maybe five times a week. So maybe. I apologize.

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I’m comfortable with water through

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the chair. No, no, no. That’s the hot seat. Right. I’m ready for the Thank you. You’re welcome. Anyone else? Business? entertain any discussion on this?

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So Brian? communications from the golf club? Number five.

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Sorry, I apologize. My crib sheet was in error. Communications, if you want to. Watch. Trying? Sure. I’ll

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I’ll go ahead and go down the line, I guess. So for sunset, march 22. Were objected to $32,000 in revenue actuals came in at 38,507. Rounds projected to do 1493. We actually came in at 1476. A little bit low. So far this month, I’d say we are ahead of the projections versus 25th. We’ve done $49,000 in revenue so far. And then round wise, we’re just under the Boston of the projected tree a little while but the weather has been better. Finally, but still so lacking moisture. said after sunset how the other team so I think we need some rain. Well, sadly didn’t rain this weekend or I’d say glad it didn’t rain on you for the invitation. Sorry.

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I did not contain

Unknown Speaker 3:39
any questions for sunset.

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So I’m trying to get at what accounts for the increase in revenues over the budget when the rounds are cheaper.

Unknown Speaker 3:51
So when the rounds usually? Well, there’s a lot of annual passes a lot of memberships that are running within the year. I can tell you this much. I asked Danny, about a week ago, if you had any of the players parts that are left in your desk, correct. picks them up a couple of days after I asked him and I sold every single one of them the day after I got on the show. I have none left, we’re gonna lose a lot. I have a very small stack in your desk. You said not to take one with a sticky note. So I have lots of sticky notes. Yeah, I didn’t see any others in your office. I didn’t really scavenge too much. It’s not my place. But we sold well, you might have come down. But I can tell you that it was over five.

Unknown Speaker 4:37
It was about $3,800 in revenue,

Unknown Speaker 4:41
just for those alone. So the top of the year largely Yes. And most of Rick is one of the players. He has a membership. He’s got a 660 elite membership and depending on when they purchase it, it comes around at that same point on here. yours is may Yeah, so it’ll come up for renewal here in the next month and a half or so. And a lot when I came started to come up in April that’s that’s where we’re

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at. Sam, you’re mentioned

Unknown Speaker 5:22
to you, there’s everybody in person or not on my computer sorry about this. Okay. Registry free for the month of March 141,649, which is about the year end of our prior years, and still a lot for kids get as contact or close to it after being shut down for the first two months of the year. And then on the grounds for the month of March, and our is our political year as well to 62, which is once a day candidate. And 709 rounds ahead March and our network of the year. But I do want to report for April through today. And we’re actually about 5000 ahead for the entire month of April. So by the end of April. It was great. We’re busy. When the weather’s bad. He said it will turn around and say busy anyway. This past weekend, and very well. The weather is back low time. But I gotta tell you, the people that play in our head, we got people from Cheyenne, Wyoming, in California, all over the state, they got an unbelievable amount of comments or conditions of the greens are particular. So good job, Dan. Great. Yeah.

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All right. And I agree with Sam nice to see everybody

Unknown Speaker 7:24
you know, not just see your screen. So this is nice.

Unknown Speaker 7:27
I didn’t set up a lesson tonight. That

Unknown Speaker 7:28
worked out good.

Unknown Speaker 7:31
No phone call.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
Yeah, whatever what the fellows have said.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
And I don’t have COVID. But I am going to cough is going

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to happen today.

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In the last three weeks, so bear with me. We have great are up 31,000 For 32,900 over the prior year for April. And that did go a long way in catching us up. And then we’re about 5000. With this. We’re way ahead of this month again, we’re about 5000 Short been caught up in the year. So compared to last year, not necessarily projection, but compared to last year. And we’re just 150 rounds up over last year for April. And yeah, April in April did have a great month in March obviously was good, too. So I was on Samsung, we went a long way to get caught up. And I really after starting in the hole as deep as we did, I thought to myself, it’s gonna be that year where we blame it on the weather and we never get caught up and it was all because of that. Archie, were catching up. So I think yeah, that April of last year for a while and you had a lot of snow. And so this year even though we’ve had when the warm temperatures still brings people up. And so it’s been it’s been great. And I would echo what Sam was saying about an invitational it might take a while I have 139 players which to the Twin Peaks Invitational could be only once a year as far as the Colorado Golf Association turns. That is the busiest fullest minute tables ever been. And it’s nice because you know these golfers are really good players. A lot of them you know we have over 50 players in the championship life. And those guys are all three and less handicaps. And so you know I’m spending the weekend with 50 guys that are three of us handicaps in April coming out of the winter wherever you had nothing to dry conditions we played all the way into the end of December. And it just literally between the yeast and the golfers we just took the grass off the golf course. And to be able to put a product out where these guys no one complained. They all know they’re good golfers they know the difference and they know what time of year it is. So they know that whatever other maintenance crews did Ryan to make the golf courses as good as they were. It was really the one guy who complained he was mad at me because he buys had a fire because he played down on the aluminum cans. But he was upset with me because he thought I said, Of course apart and I actually didn’t set it apart. I Brian and I talk about it every year we tried to set it up. We don’t want to set it apart. Because we actually want people to shoot low scores, when shoot low scores, you’re happier you smile, or, you know, joy or, and because with us with our brains, it could be we spiked you to set it apart. It’s brutal. It’s not even fair, because there’s just so much movement and degrades. So I just can’t say enough about what Ryan has done. The staff was down in shorthand for the last couple of years, trying to get through all these tough times and putting out products. It’s really good. And I’m super thankful. And it’s shown and also the haystack effect is definitely on your mind. haystack effect is definitely continue. And you’ve come out on Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon and you got you got so many kids from CDU that drive in the extra 15 minutes to play our golf course. I’ve never seen anything like it. So we are getting a lot of players from ASAP. So really, it’s been really kind of just found business for so nice. But these are the questions for permits.

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So I just wanted to mention that, to be that close to last year is amazing where we were coming off of probably two of our best years in, in golf and if not ever a very long time. And we talked a little bit later about worse conditions. We’ll we’ll talk more on on what’s happening out there with the numbers. But you know, last year we had 111,000 rounds, which is just unheard of in Longmont were three boys at least since I’ve been involved. It’s always been right around the 90,000 mark for the three courses total. So people are coming out and just doesn’t appear yet that that there can be any decline. So the golf golf courses are doing great thanks to the pros and staff that are working to make this happen. But it’s been pretty incredible to have the number of golfers that we’re seeing

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any other comments next item on the agenda is old business. Old business we’re not a new business as well.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
So I ran out when I send you guys are sending around right now I just finished printing software earlier. So date still same. We haven’t had any changes no discussions recently that I’m aware of we didn’t really have time yet. So a few things that you’re gonna see on the page there I kind of changed not changed the logo, I just modified a few things were a few options to do on a few things that would be beneficial showing us 100 years still showing our logo and our established at the poker chips there. I think at one point Jeff and I have discussed doing giveaways and whatnot. So I already ordered about 700 poker chips, and that’s going to be something that we’re probably ended up one of the options on the table. Right? So the event each side has the city logo on one side and then as off course, sunset, of course aren’t yours on the other. Still playing on music, I still don’t have any information on who it is. I don’t know. I’m not have that conversation.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
Really food still, you

Unknown Speaker 14:17
know, not much has changed in the last few times. We’ve kind of discussed it. There’s a lot of stuff that I’m ordering that it’s just taking very long to get in. hats on the back side, I get a second round of those hats. So I already have those hats inside the pro shop minus the authenticity logo which have flags on I have the city logo version coming. Jeff is going to do that his staff leave was one of those discussions so I have a lot of those hats that are gonna go to him and whatever remaining I will probably like us to get away as well for some of this stuff. I’m working with some vendors trying to get other products to kind of do ideas about it. We’ve had discussed between a bunch of us brainstorming 100 days of sunset. It’s kind of a, an email kind of campaign, I believe the way Eric just said it. And it’s going to start to figure out when we’re going to start doing things, what will have actually minimize down this list, whether it’s history tips, kind of shared moments, you know, all kinds of things. So that’s that’s a work in progress. So, but I do have the printout along listed. Obviously, said, as far as I know, golf now has been sending a lot of emails with you guys. I think it’s off right now. So if you guys are all on our email today, and a lot of kind of emails from between Beachview Creek and sunset, they may do this, but the sunset ones will start to change soon. Once we, once we come down to the moon, unfortunately, we want to set out on how to make sure that we’re gonna make sure for the problem. Any any anybody have any suggestions for me? For for the 100 years, something you’d like to see for us to do? Potentially, if it sounds within the realm of our means? So that ended up saying companion reform? I can do it for free. flags. Flags are all with you. That’s a That’s a good question. I have not actually explored that. I do have. I think I think all three of us every year, we usually get a book from I forget what company it is, but they haven’t power. Everything in anything for if nearby for tournaments, flags are in there. So it’s on my art page for me. So I may download a couple of those. If you want you want them you? Oh, absolutely. I usually have fun in my basement. So that’s one of the cognitive things. poker chips are my big thing. I literally have 234 stacks.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
Yeah, of course, you have any help.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Little bit myself. But so the ordering side of it is I handle that side of the foot. We’re sitting down and lose Jeff myself. Eric is not part of it anymore. Correct? She is She is Sam Calhoun. Animal, Danny and as Ryan is going to be there as part of it, too. So we’re still we just haven’t had an in person meeting. And every we’ve had a couple of we’ve had one or two zoom meetings. And you know, it’s still discussing and finalizing a lot of things. You know, a lot of it’s not just the day to day five. It’s just a matter of finalizing the music. And then the next time we meet is going to be actually the person at sunset and finalizing where do we want the true place for the stage to go? Are we going to close the golf course early, that kind of questions are still up in the air based on traffic and whatnot, it’s going to come down in those situations.

Unknown Speaker 18:28
So Sam Calhoun is is our event person in recreation. And she does events like wear them on the river. So she has a bonding experience with that. And it’s a great day off golf

Unknown Speaker 18:44
with the city providing the lessons they learned from Walmart birthday last year.

Unknown Speaker 18:51
So that’s part of the

Unknown Speaker 18:54
the list that we have going and Erica was part of when we created the brochure. So we’ve got like email lists that we’re going to be using, and it’s just a matter of developing a campaign that’s not going to drown people with emails, it’s matter of, you know, showing excitement showing the history, you know, or for instance $100 for a horse drawn lawnmower and actually have that input we gave Danny, all the stuff I had that I have come across and that other people have given to me that photocopies newspaper article for my team coming to the centers August August 22. Walmart is to have of course, that’s our sample shape to anything after that, either Meeting Minutes from 22 all the way up to I believe it was 56 handwritten and cursive. Sometimes you can read it sometimes you don’t. But there’s a lot of highlighted sections. Howard Macklin is the one that David’s meetings place on site quite a bit and Twin Peaks. He gave me the book GQ about seven years ago, just as behind my counter, and then I came across a book that I gave Annie. And it was just this. I had no idea what it was, it was on top of my skull box. And I just said walk on call for help, which was unsettles name. And I opened it up, there is bank deposits. There’s checks from 20s 30s 40s 50s on I mean, it’s one of those things that you look at it. And it’s like, well, I don’t I’m not a history buff by any means. But what are others? Yes, absolutely. Because it’s you don’t see this stuff anymore. And you’re not alone to be able to hold that stuff and say, Oh, here’s a handwritten little three by five sheet from the superintendent that paid with a list of everything

Unknown Speaker 21:00
that was done.

Unknown Speaker 21:03
At that decision, weird. It’s really cool. But you don’t have any pictures. Is that that’s that’s the unfortunate side. We’re trying to do that. That would be fine. For right. Now, let’s move on to the second item on staffing challenge.

Unknown Speaker 21:23
Yep, that’s me. Challenge. So it was sort of the first time and Twin Peaks in a year and a half or fully staffed with regular employees. And it’s been long, hard core. For us to get to that point. We still are short three, four people, 10 people for hearing at sunset. One of the things that council did in late March was allowed us to raise minimum wage within the city to 1550, which we’re we’re starting to see some results of that, that that allows us to pay anywhere between 1515 and 1750 for our employees. And we’re hoping that that’ll make a difference that we can get fully staffed and actually stay staff, one of the challenges that we were having is that people would sign on to come to work for us. And then before they were given permission to actually work, they were finding other work and not even coming for one day. So it has been a real challenge. And, again, my thank you to city council, the city manager for helping us be able to get some additional resources to pay people a little bit more money. And if you don’t mind, I’ll lead right into course conditions. With that. I think, in particular, at Twin Peaks in that sunset, that you can kind of see some of those things where we just haven’t had staff to do everything we’ve needed to do over the last two years. And then you add on top of that we’re having our busiest seasons ever. And it’s really starting to show some wear on the golf course. And I think that over the coming couple of months, you’ll start seeing some results. So being fully staffed and female to spend some attention to some of those things that aren’t getting done. Ryan, his golf course here at Twin Peaks, and at sunset, just did some seeding and fertilizing. And if the weather ever stays warm enough, during night, we might actually be able to grow a little bit of grass, but it’s out there and just waiting for mother nature that help us out. And then the other thing that I think will ultimately really impact this golf course, is being able to hit our new irrigation system in the current setup, the heads are 100 feet apart, the new system will be 75 feet apart. So the watering will be much more accurate. We won’t have as much waste. And we’re hoping that we’ll be able to start that work right after Labor Day and be done by mid June next year, I think with new pump stations that we’re using the original pump stations from 7677 that I think the future looks very bright for Twin Peaks and in the condition of this golf course. We’re still a couple of years out for what We’ll get to sunset City is doing a large water tank replacement there as at the golf course, they’ve asked us to wait till 24.4 Before we do any work on the irrigation system there once they’re completed that project. But again, I’m really pleased with Dan and Brian and the work they’ve done, that they’re working very hard to try to bet to put the best product out there. And we’ve got some work to do. But I think we’re headed in the right direction. Any questions or comments? Just great conceptual analysis. I’ll speak on that.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
So we’ve gotten together in the last month or so since this has really kind of taken a hold. And we’ve came up with a design with the help of our architects. So if you look at the picture, this here is the existing part of the clubhouse that we have here where the pro shop is, and then all the cards are parked under their underground and they go out to right about here. So what we’re planning on doing with the help of the architects is adding about 6000. So we’re going to add about 6000 square feet of upstairs seated area. So you’ll see this area here will appeal to see they’ll be the main dining room, and it won’t be open all the time. But it’ll be open for you know, maybe like Friday through Sunday or Thursday through Sunday, you know, for for dinner or breakfast lunch, whatever Sam wants to do could be you know, and that will see about 120 people,

Unknown Speaker 27:03
you’ll see back here,

Unknown Speaker 27:04
in this area, there’s the, they say the meeting rooms, so there’ll be some small meeting rooms that’ll be available in that area. And those will also be used for, we’re gonna try to get more weddings and events like that out there. And they’ll be used like a bride or a bride’s room grooms room, and then there’ll be areas in between, for storage, you know, keep them separate and given big enough rooms to to be able to change and do whatever you do for those days. And stuff. And then if you look here, there’s a there’s a bar area right here that will look out to the west, to be able to look out over the mountains and look over the 18th green and the lake, you know, 10 to deciding green, all that area. And then you will actually have a full kitchen or a full Yeah, kitchen, you know, a stove, a grill, everything you need to put out full meals and stuff like that. And then there’ll be restrooms back on this side. The reason we’ve won, we added another drawing too. But the reason we went with this one is because you can see that here you can see that it says keep the pavilion, there was another drawing where it went out about 50 feet where we would lose the pavilion, but he really likes to do his tournaments out there. And you know, we have other events where we go out to the pavilion and keep that and plus, you know, it was donated by the Kiwanis back when, of course was built in 9596. So it might not what we run into if we tried to get rid of it. So so this will keep the pavilion which will give us you know, extra seating, be able to do a couple of different events, maybe you know, during during the days or whatever, but then you’ll see I have some grip written up here, this will be the deck it’ll kind of wrap around the side and back into here. But this will be the main seating area of the deck up here and it’ll see about 50 people kind of the same amount we have up there same tables and set up like that, but that will go out into this area. And then we decided to add a door here so people can go in and out of the bar area and servers can go in and out easily there. And then over here on this which would be the South Side. There’ll be some stairs added here so the staff can get down to the pavilion and people can come up and use the restrooms and all that so but then if we do get to this and we add it we will probably turn this all into pro shop area for Sam so he’ll be able to you know have way more room to spread out his merchandise, his clothing, everything that and it’ll take away the snack bar inside and you’ll kind of work out of the kitchen and the bar if this all gets built and hopefully We’re on our way it’s moving very, very rapidly. And it’s exciting. You know, you Creek has never had anything like that. So be really fun to be able to, you know, have dinners there have huge outings. Not sure about weddings, but

Unknown Speaker 30:18
yeah. Again, sending them off. No, but that’s kind of the plan that they’ve come up this, this, this would just be a little storage closet down here they had kind of drawn as an entrance, but we decided that it would just be better for this one entrance. And because Sam right now doesn’t have any storage up at the clubhouse. So the more kind of storage we can build up here, the better off you’ll be able to keep, you know, all this stuff, heights and stuff, he has a lot of racks and stuff that he has to take down to our maintenance shop. And then you know, it’s a guy coordinate to get everything up there. And you know, some weekends, we’re not in all the time. So it turns into a little bit of a challenge. But we make work with this. And with all this, he’ll be able to keep everything up there. So and then this attorney, he would get a bigger office over here, the restrooms would still stay in this building that but just a lot more space to prepare to dice and all that. So so it’s exciting. Anybody have any questions about it? Ideas? Just in

Unknown Speaker 31:21
terms of the space? There’s a paved driveway

Unknown Speaker 31:28
to the south. Yeah, yeah, that would go all the way up to there. Yes, it would it go. You know, when you come in, you could recreate there’s that sign that says you created those called universe, that’s about where the edge of it is. So we would lose weight. If you can kind of see these faded lines right here. That’s that dark that that you’re talking about. So that would end right here. And then it would turn here this this is actually the deck is it hangs over so you can still drive under there. So our idea is to have a car to be able to park here, come up, use a snack bar, hopefully it’ll speed it up, you know, so everybody at the turn isn’t slowing down the plane heading to the back. And then we would probably put like a kind of almost like a Circle Drive there get another carpet that would go around the pavilion on the north side there, then you’d be able to make a nice loop right back out to number 10. T. So So yeah, we would lose that. But it would benefit us more and in the long run. Range of costs are low. We haven’t got anything yet. We’re we’re waiting like

Unknown Speaker 32:40
they indicated this week. So table Yeah. Well, there’s no money for it. Yeah. So we have a capital improvement project that is unfunded. But one of the things that that Tim is advocating is that we get this done and so we have someone in council that is going to help push this to possibly get done.

Unknown Speaker 33:10
We would that we typically start both discussions the first council meeting I don’t know if that’ll be on May 3 agenda. But if the budget may not make vertical in a tent but it’ll be early in the conversation I had with Jeff was I paid to get this to do what we’re doing here can get into the budget discussions and not know not a number that the on the table for the 2020 invasion in the way the city budgets for capital projects like this I’m guessing we’re talking about $3 million so there’s been a project code for 27 years on the books for this never any money so having a capitalism Republican budget so it’s not a problem it’s been there but it won’t the city will accrue we will get this won’t get budgeted in one year, you will probably take two to three years so we do this crazy battle all the time that way. But we won’t even get started with this. And so if there’s put the number I have to make it really high but there’ll be some discussion about what the numbers should be starting to accrue what it’s been required to do this capital project in this budget is no guarantees when it comes out. But here we’re gonna talk about elevation very

Unknown Speaker 34:45
soon as we get down we’ll bring it back to the next

Unknown Speaker 34:49
so this far that you also talked about return on investment or something like that. Oh sure. Feed to him she was wanting to get off horses too similar to animals in

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Yeah. Yeah, there’ll be certain we’ll have discussions about

Unknown Speaker 35:05
certain before I live in that neighborhood will be nice.

Unknown Speaker 35:08
Because we don’t have

Unknown Speaker 35:11
well for your forward, whatever it’s worth, let your neighbors know because I’ve heard this. What do you think about traffic and traffic mitigation that was when this advanced, that was part of the proposal? If this if this is let’s just go to the neighbor’s novel? Yeah, we got to do something new pre drive to make certain as we if we attract more traffic, which I hope we do, we’ve done what we need to to mitigate traffic speed and stuff 17 up front and wishing to get good, you know, set of teeth as well, we move forward. And comment on your next line item from staff.

Unknown Speaker 35:52
I have two things out, we talked a little bit last month about the bylaws, I had sent those to legal for their review, and they didn’t get back in time to be on this agenda. So we will have those on June meeting agenda. And then Paul and I have been emailing back and forth and considering the concerning the interview committee, he is asking to be removed for that. From that he thinks there may be a possible conflict with some of the folks that have applied so we need somebody else to join and and I on that committee. You’ll do a chapter. Okay. Great. Thank you. That’s all I have.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
Next, I know I can suffer more. I have one I thought we might leave on a high note is the way it is for just attention. The other day there were four of us at Samsung who have suffered around six it’s almost seven sprinklers my wife was so unhappy. Emotional. Called the clubhouse aren’t what to say goodbye and like the Nautilus wrapper brand’s personality and maintain did a great job of apologizing later down for a little bit later. So long story short, we were so we finalized the seven but everyone was happy. Some of the staff did a great job just pacifying all four of us.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
I’m sorry that happened. And

Unknown Speaker 37:57
I mean we I know even the minority haven’t shown any any syllable London apologize, he’s the assignment nice gesture signs about sad he doesn’t want to hear my wife and I apologize for her. Anyway, the

Unknown Speaker 38:34
question is who is responsible for the roll on Commonwealth horse and somebody a golfer? So the answer is that as a city employees if there’s somebody contract

Unknown Speaker 38:45
that is there in Chicago

Unknown Speaker 38:51
Review of them and try them out with permission. I’ll send me on that.

Unknown Speaker 39:00
It’s more of a comment. No. I’ve actually had a few points and I enjoyed working with Jennifer. Jennifer last time. Last name so these are called members representative. So golf now is the one that handles those calls. Because we’re partnering with them for our three times and our T shirts and everything. I’m working with her on that because I’ve had multiple people come in and say they had a tee time at set time that I’ve had blocked for three weeks because I have an event for Aboriginal people making the turn. So that tea time is non existent to begin with. And they say that they have to take

Unknown Speaker 39:45
multiple golf courses. November professionalism, they really aren’t they also not I don’t know I never heard you those.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
I get a lot I just read a few They’re there, but I get I get a majority of them because they confuse sunset off the worst and Longmont, Colorado with sunset golf course. And Pennsylvania sunset off course in Texas sunset golf course. And

Unknown Speaker 40:14
sure see,

Unknown Speaker 40:16
there’s Yeah, it’s quite it’s also it’s interesting sometimes when I get those phone calls, they’re trying to get transferred to the restaurant, you

Unknown Speaker 40:27
have a restaurant and have a snack bar or restaurant, it’s outside of the brochure. And I see the phone number where they’re calling from Texas. Like yes, why call the office? Of course. We get the whole show.

Unknown Speaker 40:47

Unknown Speaker 40:49
So as these things happen out and members of the board and anyone, honestly, that you hear from, let us know, even just a little email to describe what happened in depth in terms of what day what time what we were frustrated about. So we can track it back. Because we will take it to Michael Hill and Jennifer and because it’s it’s really a that are these people are all upside numbers. They have no idea. And I agree. It’s It’s a frustrating thing sometimes. And we’ve had full debate this lately starting to cancel repaints Yeah, I had that conversation today without that vote. So we’re just fine as long as they do it. Right. Right. So anyway, the bid booklet I got from the golf now, folks today was please give us more detailed information. Can you give me an example

Unknown Speaker 41:40
so that we can go back and then look at those conversations, those

Unknown Speaker 41:49
confirmation, which is problematic to call the Gulf for someone to actually have this deep time and then on the same vein does golf and is responsible for the back end for the T traps from all three? Golf? Correct? Because it seems to be it’s hanging for lack of a better term. I give an example today, I want to book a tee time. But when you have courses for Sunday wrapping up, there’s no tee times. And then I walked in Sunday. And then I’ve tried it again on my phone and work. So I don’t know if it’s structured for these

Unknown Speaker 42:24
two different two different platforms that they use their mobile app for mobile, or desktop. So sometimes if your desktop is not working, try your mobile.

Unknown Speaker 42:35
Your another option. And I tell customers is whenever they have issues. Gotcha. I had to do is be hit online. So in Chicago to say, please just go back to the golf course. And they’ll come right back.

Unknown Speaker 42:52
And when it does come back, it doesn’t it doesn’t quit right. And it brings it brings it so so we’re talking

Unknown Speaker 43:03
about a floor transfer over?

Unknown Speaker 43:05
What would you know, I’m just letting you know that when I’m trying to as a customer, I’m sure how many rounds last year. And I’m sure in my experience, and I’ve worked on a deal from time when they outsource stuff when he starts to get back on his horse. And that’s maybe it’s a word of caution, right?

Unknown Speaker 43:25
No, we appreciate we appreciate the feedback because what happened was they actually moved in house because they moved away from there was a separate organization called golf, no answers. And now it’s not top down answers anymore. That guy is gone. It is not possible. There’s been transition. And then your iPad has gotten worse since the transition job. So the more feedback that we can give them so thank you for feedback.

Unknown Speaker 43:54
All right. All in favor