2022-04-27 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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The United States of America for which it stands one nation under God. Jim, can you please call the roll? Certainly. Mr. Berthold President, Mrs. Brooks, President, Mr. Garcia, here. This is her ironic here. Dr. Martyr present. This is Raglan here. Miss Seacrest here. And Jim. Were there any agenda items or changes to the agenda this evening? that I’m aware of. Great, thank you. I do want to mention that board member miasha. Brooks will be participating in the meeting electronically this evening. Me OSHA did notify us on Monday that she would be doing so due to a personal reason. And me OSHA if you could just please, please, per board policy, state your location and if there’s anyone in the room with you in their name.

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I’m at my home at 238. McAfee circle and Erie, Colorado and I’m alone in the room.

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Thank you, Misha. Thank you. All right. Before we move on in the agenda, I do want to take a moment to recognize we do have a special guests this evening. A Nikka nog Paul is a student from Norwalk High School, and a Nika serves on student advisory and Emika. Welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us. I wonder if you might introduce yourself and share a little bit about you.

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Yeah, hi, thank you so much for having me. Good evening board. Good evening, everyone. It’s a real pleasure to be here. As you said, I was able to receive this awesome opportunity from the Student Advisory Council. And you know, I guess I’ve just always been interested in knowing how these sort of big decisions are made by the the top dogs, if you will, of our district and our community to make decisions and facilitate these sorts of events. So as soon as I figured out that this was an opportunity for students to be able to attend these meetings, I instantly signed up. So I am beyond excited to be here tonight. And I cannot wait to address to see and address everything on this agenda. So thank you so much for having me.

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Thank you and Nika, please know that you’re welcome to contribute. Ask questions, share your thoughts at any point in the meeting. And I will ask you periodically during the meeting as well, if you have any comments or thoughts. Great welcome.

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As the board convenes this evening, I’d like to emphasize that the district’s mission statement is this board and Dr. Hat adds Northstar, we make all decisions within the context of educating each student in a safe learning environment so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities in an environment that is inclusive of every child, a couple of housekeeping items this evening, you can all probably anticipate where this is going. Double check your cell phones real quick. Just make sure that they’re they’re not going to ring and a reminder that this meeting is televised. And you may access a recording of the meeting beginning tomorrow morning on the district website. Agenda Item three brings us pretty quickly to our visitors and Don specifically 3.1 Is the superintendents Excellence in Education Awards.

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Thank you. I appreciate that. And Eric Grace calm. Are you here? And would you like to come on up? And we also have the teacher coach of the mock trial? Team. Erica, are you here? Yep. Oh, good. Oh, well come on up. That’d be great. We we have the pleasure of recognizing a group of students who’ve done some pretty incredible work. And we’re really proud of it. And as I was reading about it, I thought, wow, that is amazing group of young people. And we’re very proud of you. And so if you could share a little bit about the mock trial process. Yeah. And then the students and then we’d like to present them with some recognition. Well, thank

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you very much, Don and the Board of Education for welcoming us here this evening. Before we get to Mokhtar, do you want to just say thank you to Nika for being here we’re super proud of her and fun fact and Nico’s older sister, Mohit gazelle. Also now a high school graduate and her older sister has been our forensics coach and is now going to med school so Nikka and her sister are great members of our community. So we are here tonight to celebrate our mock trial team which has had the best season in our school’s history. They had a very solid regular season. And then competing at regionals. And Eric, anything I say that’s incorrect, you’d be sure to follow up. But my understanding is they are the first team in this regionals history to ever go undefeated. So

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not to go undefeated. I’m sorry to interrupt. Yeah, we went undefeated, but we also won every single Jersey ballot, which no team has done.

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Come on up here next week. So every juror, we want every juror, and we we showed very strongly at state, we had three students win individual awards, Peyton Burnett, Kayla Coniglio, and Chloe ELLs. And Payton actually won her portion as basically a state champion in her portion of the event. So we’re very proud of all of our students. And I’d like to ask our students to come up with us here so they can be recognized. And hopefully we’ll take a picture here in a minute. But you know, I really want to give a lot of credit to our coach, Erica grant. her teammate is Becky Ferran, who’s one of our teachers who is a great supporter of Erica. But Erica has been the rock of our program since the very beginning. She’s a local attorney, she’s extremely hard working, you know, she does a wonderful job of supporting our kids, and pushing them past where they thought they could go, which is, you know, one of the hallmarks of nyuad High School is really getting the most out of our students and to say that they put hundreds and hundreds of hours in both preparing and coaching, that may even be an understatement. So, Erika has had three wonderful sons graduated from nyuad High School, and she’s a wonderful member of our community. And, and we’re eternally grateful for her leadership, and also the commitment from our students. So thank you all for being here. And Erica, I’m gonna let you say a few words.

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Thank you. Thank you for having us, Dr. Hood on the school board. We appreciate you having us here. We’re very proud of what our team does. This is our eighth season, we were the first mock trial program in St. Vrain. Valley, there have been other schools who have started Mock Trial programs. But we have been so successful over are eight years. By year three, we made it to state we are coming out of the most competitive region in the state of Colorado. So to make it to stay in your three, being a for a school from St. Vrain Valley is a very big deal. In fact, when we got to state, what we heard was what is a Nightwatch? Now not Where is nyuad? What is in Eilat and we had to very patiently explained that it was a school from outside Boulder, and then we got all your Boulder Valley. No, we’re saying rain Valley, you must be five, eight No, we’re for a. So it was there was a lot of explaining to do because at state there’s this history of Big Five a schools it’s mostly the private schools from Denver. Most schools are 434 teams deep. Our school is one team, sometimes too deep. So we are in a very elite group, which is something that I hope that this school board is very proud of I hope that our district is very proud of. I know that our principal and nyuad high school are very proud of us. But the students are really the linchpin of what we do. And these are some of our students from this year’s team. So if you could give them a hand please.

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Just very briefly, what the students do is we’re given an actual case at the beginning of the year. It has, we have witnesses, we have attorneys, we have evidence to give, we compete in an actual courtroom in front of the actual judge and an actual jury. And they are judged on the individual parts that they have. We have six attorneys and six witnesses. After that, you hope to advance from regionals you go to state and you can win individual awards at state which we have done every single year we’ve been at state. In addition, every single year we’ve been at state we placed in the top 10 Our first two years, we were the sixth team in the state of Colorado. So again, from a for a public school and St. Vrain Valley. So that makes me very proud as a coach of having three sons that went through and I what also makes me proud of our school. We’ve had incredible support from our school students. So our students, if you know anything about Norway, which I know you know so much about it, their IB AP, they’re involved in robotics, they’re musicians, they’re actors. They’re involved in band and forensics and all these different things. They’re not doing just one thing, as no student pilot seems to do. And then they’re putting in these hundreds of hours 20 plus a week, I would guess, when we go into our the thickness of our season, which is really exceptional. When you think about the age we have students starting at 14 These are 14 year olds young men and women starting to do something that is so elevated, that as an attorney, we didn’t learn oftentimes until law school or sometimes until we started practicing. So we have a whole range here from a 14 year old freshman, to a senior who has been with us for four years. So the other thing that makes me very proud, and I hope that the district will appreciate this as well is three years ago, we were recognized by the Colorado Bar Association as the most culturally diverse team in the state of Colorado. So that brings me a lot of pride. I’m thankful tonight thankful to my students, but these these students are really what make it work. And if you could see what they do, it would it would blow you away. I’m so proud of them. They make me cry. They’re you probably surprised I’m not crying yet. But I’m not. And I wanted to say some of the schools where students from our team have ended up we have students at Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, brown, Chicago, Penn, Bachelor scholars at C U D. U, CSU, University of California, San Diego, University of California, Davis, University of California, Santa Barbara, we have Cal Tech, we have MIT, we have George Washington University, we have American University, we have Georgetown Law School, we have American University master’s degree, we have kids in medical school. So everybody’s pursued a different thing, which is really amazing. As well, we don’t have lawyers to be on our team. We have people in applied math, we have people in robotics, we have engineers, we have, oh, I forgot I forgot a very important one we have, we have a student at Georgia Tech in computer engineering, my son. So, you know, our students go into a variety of fields to which which really goes to say what we prepare the students to do through mock trial is we prepare them to have confidence in themselves and the way they present in a way that is different than almost any other team or club can do. And in a way that prepares them in multiple for multiple fields and in multiple ways to do things that are really far surpassing what other students their age, are doing or can or do in the future. So I’m so proud of you. And I just hope that community really just cheers. Cheers to these these kids that are the students. They’re phenomenal.

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Eric, Oh, could you explain the you said the jurors all selected them. That’s incredible. Can you just elaborate on that? Yeah,

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so we have four rounds. And each round has a panel of three jurors. And you can win the round two to one or two ballots to one. Usually, that’s how it split or you lose around two ballots to one or all three, which we did not do. We came in this year against the toughest competition we’ve come in against yet. It’s Fairview Boulder, monarch, big, big teams. And we beat everyone. So not only did we win every single round, but when we got our scores, we run we won every single round three zero with our ballots, which has not happened in the most difficult region in the state of Colorado.

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And dawn, I have to say that it’s no surprise that Erika was ready for your cross examination. So good job to both of you there. I wanted to introduce the students who are with us tonight. We have Jana, and we have Jamie and Lily and Mina, and Taryn and Olga, Kayla, Mark and Remus. So thank you guys for being here tonight. We’re very proud of your achievement.

Unknown Speaker 13:49
Thank you for having us.

Unknown Speaker 13:51
Yeah. And we would love to have you guys come up and take a picture. Do you? Do you have parents in the audience? Joey, I know that you always talk about that if you want to invite the parents to.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Sure if parents want to come up for pictures.

Unknown Speaker 14:13
If we have any parents of these students that want to come up and join the picture, that’d be great. Erricka we’d like to also present, you and the students with us Excellence in Education Award from the superintendent. So it’s a small token, but we are extremely proud of you guys. I don’t even know what to say. That’s just just really proud of you.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
I have some words down. This is a group you should never argue with. We’re so proud of you. And there are so many reasons for that. So well done incredible work. Erica, it wouldn’t happen without your professional expertise and brilliance and support and mentorship of these students. So that’s incredible dedication. Thank you. And Eric, of course, your support, and he does know every student at our high schools name by the way. Students, you are critical thinkers, you’re going far in this world, keep doing what you’re doing, no matter where it takes you maybe legal because that’s good information to have, hopefully, positive experiences in the legal system in the future. And we have one senior who’s the Senior. Okay. Do you have plans for next year? Great. Congratulations. And parents wave stand anything. Thank you. It takes a lot of supportive people. Great job. Congratulations.

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Thank you, Karen. Agenda Item 3.2 is something we look forward to every year and that is Todd, the 25 year, employees are being honored this evening.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Thank you another special celebration. Thank you, Board of Education President secrets. Doctor Hi, Dad. Today we’re honoring district employees who’ve achieved a huge milestone 25 years of service within the St. Vrain Valley schools. I was just talking to some colleagues and even some board members and talking about 25 years in the same play. I haven’t been, I don’t think 25 years in the same house or in the same job. But to achieve that in the same district and a few of these within the actual same school all 25 years, but an amazing feat and and it’s amazing to, to spend that time in St. Ryan and the things that they have seen in the growth of our district and the change of our district and have been a part of that. And it was just thinking back to some of your first years of teaching your students may be your colleagues now and and actually they might be sending some of their kids through your your classes and making contacts. So again, an amazing feat. Wanted to make sure that we recognize all of them. There are 28 total. There are 16 here today, and I’m going to read a little bit about you about them, but I wanted to those folks that couldn’t make it. We will make sure to read their names and honor them and then part of our tradition in st reign is to present them with a bell. And so we do have bells for everyone. We will present those that couldn’t make it doctor had Dad and I will go out and present these to the folks in their jobs. But to name them that couldn’t make it today Theresa white, Amy tumbler William closer. Linda Thiele, Keith Kennison and a young Dean hockenson, Angela Graham, Suzanne, Don Kohler, John Glasser, CeCe Bowman and Stacy Lawrence, were the ones that couldn’t attend. And like I said, we will get those to them shortly. But I want to make sure to honor the 16 that are here and we have bills to present and I think we’ve let them know as I call your name, you’d stand up and my assistant Jenna over there, we’ll hand you your belt. And, and we’re going to gather up at the front here and then make sure to take a picture and you get to ring those bells. So it’s an exciting time for all of our folks. So I want to start by Julie Benjamin Watson. She is currently a math teacher at WestView Middle School. She actually has been a district substitute and at Long’s peak Middle School in her 25 year career with us so if you want to head over to Jenna

Unknown Speaker 19:57
Casey Brooks, as currently in the MTA says teacher and literacy teacher at Grandview Elementary. In her 25 years she has spent time at Frederick elementary Lyons Elementary and Black Rock Elementary. So congratulations Rosa Katarina. She is currently a community liaison for student services before she was a health clerk at Heritage Middle School, which is now known as Timberline PK, PK eight RK eight sorry, and attendance clerk at Heritage middle school, so congratulations Tara Chesler currently a language arts teacher at sunset Middle School. She was formerly at hygiene and also taught Summer School for the district. So congratulations to you.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Carla Cooper, currently a teacher at Eagle Crest Elementary also taught at Indian Peaks. Elementary and Black Rock Elementary. Congratulations. Tim Dolan, currently a fleet manager in the transportation department was a bus driver and also mechanic and lead mechanic for the district. So congratulations. Akari sorry, it’s currently not Carla, my site sometime Carrie Lin hem Stettler. Currently a literacy teacher at Indian Peaks Elementary was formerly also at Northridge and legacy elementary so congratulations Lin.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
John kazik teat currently a math teacher at Trail Ridge was at Heritage Middle School, which is now known as timberland. Kate also coached boys basketball and boys and girls track so congratulations to Deborah McClintock currently a special ed para educator Indian Peaks was at also kindergarten parent meet Elementary and a special ed para Fall River. So congratulations to Cynthia Martinez currently a teacher at Rocky Mountain volunteered and permanent submit Rocky Mountain and Columbine elementary she was formerly at so congratulations Dale Peterson was a real short one all 25 years at nyuad Elementary School

Unknown Speaker 22:41
John because currently a foreign language teacher at Skyline High School was formed at Rocky Mountain and heritage Middle School now known as Timberline pKa. So congratulations, Jose Heidi Rengar currently the principal at Skyline High School as a math teacher at Skyline High School and an assistant principal at Skyline so congratulation. Lisette Rivera, currently a kitchen manager at Legacy elementary also was a cooking cashier at Frederick Elementary, so congratulations. And loi Rob Writebol currently a dramatic arts teacher at Cherry Ridge Middle School and formerly at Long’s peak Middle School.

Unknown Speaker 23:34
And then, Laura wanna cut all 25 years teaching art along with us Longmont estates Elementary School, congratulations. So these are our 25 year honorees, there’s 16 of them here at the board meeting today. I didn’t know if before they ring their bells and stuff. I thought if our superintendent Dr. Dad wants to say anything or members of the board, anybody

Unknown Speaker 24:04
that would you go ahead done. I couldn’t see you there. But you go ahead. And then we can make our comments after

Unknown Speaker 24:13
children out there that are now that want to thank you for shaping their lives and giving them a great start and a great future. You know, I look at some of you, I’ve can remember visiting with you visiting the schools, seeing the great things that you’re doing with our students, and it’s just pretty incredible. So thank you for everything that you’ve done. Very grateful.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
Thank you, Don. Laura, I can’t believe 25 years we just graduated from high school like five years ago. I mean, how was that possible? So and Don, you mentioned that there were there were children out there that one would want to say thank you. And you know, I’m I know that I have children at home. That would want to To thank Tara, Mrs. Chesler. And Miss Benjamin, Mrs. B. Also for everything that you did to the rest of you, thank you so much for 25 years of service. It’s amazing what you do to contribute to the education of all of the children in St. Vrain. And your you’ve touched 1000s of students over 25 years. So thank you. Any other comments from I see Karen, and then yeah, you can go after Karen Chico,

Unknown Speaker 25:28
just quickly, Dale Peterson, 25 years at an Iowa elementary school and not just touching nyuad students and our community here and same brain, but mobile as a foundation. I mean, it’s just the work that you’ve done in education is just astounding. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
I just want to thank the entire group as well, for for 25 years, I think that’s amazing. And I love the all the different positions that are represented, and just all the different aspects of what makes the district special and, and makes this work special. And so for each and every one of the different roles that you played, I just want to personally say thank you as well.

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Yeah, me as well, the thing about 25 years is the consistency that those students and their siblings, who probably knew coming in that there was going to be a teacher there that was going to care for them, or whatever position, you’re all held, the coaching, transportation is all important. And it just to be able to persevere like that. Not many people do that anymore. So thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 26:41
And for me, as well, teaching is, I believe one of our society’s highest callings, and you have excelled at that for longer than most people hold any job at all. And I would like to say that also that 25 years is the amount of time where you have a tremendous impact on a whole generation of children. In addition to that, you have an impact on the institution itself, and our institution, St. Vrain Valley Schools has been transformed through to large extent through your work and your dedication to our students setting the standard for those that will fall behind. So thank you from the depths of my heart, for your love of our students and making st Fran a place that has no equal, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:37
I know some of you have colleagues, family, friends and administrators and stuff like that, that have joined you that are here supporting you. So I’d like to acknowledge all those folks that are here honoring you, also. Thank you for coming for them. Today. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 27:54
That’s okay. I’m on the other end. I will tell you that I have watched this from home before and this is the first time on this side. So I actually get to tell you how incredibly proud I am and honored to be in a district where so many levels of service are represented up here today. And truly, there’s nothing greater to show the dedication that you all have in our students. And that is just amazing. So thank you all. And I can’t wait to hear your bells on this side of things.

Unknown Speaker 28:31
I just want to say thank you all from the bottom of my heart 25 years, a quarter century is a long time. And to be able to dedicate that time to our students, our community is is beyond beyond what anybody can think of. So thank you so much for your dedication and your service to our community and our students.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
Well, so as we start to get ready for your pictures and stuff like that, we’re going to ask you to take out your belts out of the box so that we can actually bring those while you’re at it if you want to go another 25 We’ll get you another belt. So you can have two bells. Here’s another 25 years so Yep, that sounds good. If we can actually make to tears and if we want to take a picture with the board at the same time. So everybody squeezed in now I do understand if you ring those bells at home, that that you get served by fair family. So yes, you’re welcome to just ring those bells at home and get whatever you need. All right, hold up your bells everyone. Everyone’s got their cameras ready. Ready. You’re gonna ring them on 3123

Unknown Speaker 30:13
Do I do it again? Just one more photo hold on Good job. Congratulations to all of our honorees today so we’re proud

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Todd thank you for later gratulations all right that brings us to Agenda Item for this evening which is audience participation. The Board of Education values community perspectives and feedback from our parents, teachers, staff and community. During board of education meetings, the board will hear up to 30 minutes of public comment on non agenda items and 30 minutes of public comment on agenda specific items. To allow for the greatest number of community members to participate. Each person will be limited to three minutes of public comment. At the end of three minutes. I will thank you for speaking and invite the next speaker to the podium or move to the next agenda item. If you’re speaking to a non agenda item this evening. Please limit your comments to matters of public concern about the district. If you have a concern about a specific individual or personnel matter, please reach out directly to a board member Dr. Had ad or the HR department and we will assist you with next steps. It has been a long standing practice of the board to not address or respond during the public comments section of the agenda. But please know that we are listening and greatly appreciate and value the perspective of our community. I do want to see I showed that there are two individuals speaking on non agenda items this evening. Is there anyone else in the audience who wishes to comment? All right, then we will go to our first speaker this evening, Maria Valdez. And Maria, if you could please state your name and address and then we’ll begin timing after that. And I want to thank you for being here to participate this evening. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 33:31
thank you. Witness that this man ombre is MaryAlice gracias por la mala oportunidad de la and to stay this tengo la si hosts on our sister network High School, your trusty stay centered Middle School. So part of El grupo El Paso was the LogMeIn there’s a Pikachu Miko Alessandra yado Bon Appetit the poor comma L comma the todo en escuela noise diferente Talos ESL comatose a local opponent and so Chateau la esto Naga Malecon toe YOLO we kind of we voluntarily skwala meta COVID como el and triggers to plateau limpia mientras otro Ninos Tiravanija your path so Camila I see a news Alexa lesson check your physical and one in Los estudios Italia mal in alto colesterol el possibly Cerritos. So Can these two condition either in for MP random and so Shekelle mercy and 10 nos informaton case was truly 30 Those yogasana quatro Santos milligrams per deciliter. la cual para el nino the Catoosa annual represent on riesco the owner of Fermilab cardiaca. In El Paso was Lachman discovery most kala Maria de los Manos Cassia for s&s as well as El distrito de some brain state component. They are alimentos processor Los Altos in Kanata needle they sell their Sucre Kimiko, Sequent, Cervantes, kickout, and pharma daddy’s Kamala, we see that the Avetis Alta Procyon, enterovirus informado pyramidalis Miko for $30 spittle that brownfield er pluck al platica Leila Yatra de Souza Salomon Theseus the cdmos Enko junto con Dr. K Camira for us Are you now has a casa que Guevara launch lol Morso preparato en casa con la finale that take a Sunni well as a cholesteryl it really sorry those these minion in Casa Emma’s cambiado NYSTRS RV to Solomon Theseus e nos a masa gustado financiera ambiente I used to scam us, mi familia es parte del programa the elementals gratis ma peristomal Yahoo stock a la comida que se de la scuola country Wuya Okay, los ninos tengan Mala Sallows el Paso’s Lokman sollecito el distrito de sunray que cambia los alimentos processor those for alimentos frescoes isa luda Atlas is is tighter than yesterday today. But preparato says the Missoula annual Yes, landowner request

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Thank you. Next this evening for audience participation is Teddy Garcia. Hello, Teddy, welcome. If you could state your name and address please send them we’ll begin timing after that.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yeah, my name is Teresa Garcia. And I live in Erie. And I’m the executive director of El Paso engaged Latino parents advancing students outcomes. And this is an organization that works all Boulder County. Well, again, here I am. And I want to address this important issue that you are very, very very very knowledgeable about as a an executive director of engaged Latino parents advancing students outcomes. I have been supporting El Paso vos long man group of leaders. We have here some of them since the beginning of this campaign. Our leaders began by informing the same brain Valley School District Department of Nutrition Services Director that the food service served to the students is not healthy science, it is processed foods. This information was obtained from this says same brain school district website. The director of the nutrition department after listening to the leaders negated these facts. However, the information that the parents obtained from the website was gone based later. In his parents, the fact that that’s where the parents got the information on what was inside all the food that was in the food that was served to the kiddos. From there, El Paso verse, leaders decided to bring the issue to the superintendent who up to this point, insist that the school district provides nutritious meals to the students when in reality, the facts demonstrate that the lunches are just processed food for some weeks already. In Passover halls leaders have come to the board to explain and demonstrate facts about the great need for the district to begin changing the items in the menu for the sake of all this same brain students. There are foundations whose sole purpose is to find school districts in the nation to begin serving authentic healthy lunches for all their students. Since one of those foundations is right here in Boulder County, Jeff and foundation saying brain has demonstrated to be an innovative and progressive district. Why then the resistance to serve real healthy food to the students, and that can come from the amazing farms surrounding this incredible District. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:39
Thank you, Teddy. That brings us to the end of public comment this evening. Thank you to our participants. Dawn agenda item five is the superintendents report.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
All right. Well, thank you. I appreciate that. You know, just to reiterate the the outstanding students that were here earlier, as I listened to, to the accomplishments through that mock trial program, just could not be more proud of our children. They’re just doing incredible work across the board. I also want to share another example with Skyline High School’s jazz band. And we received this email from their principal that they had a wonderful and successful day at the UNC Jazz Festival. Not only did they perform spectacularly and earn straight superiors, they represented Skyline professionally in every way. David Payne and Tegan hunt earned best soloist medals, and Victor garros won a solo prize. They ended their day with just a lot of success. So you can you can just imagine how much time and energy they put into those things. And to earn those types of recognitions. I also want to highlight the robotics team from up a creek robotics. We had the large team and the small team, which encompasses about 100 students from St. Rain valley schools. And up a creek has been working really closely with them for years, but they they want the large team with with about 80 of our students and this small team recognition with about 15 to 20 students. And they both won both teams won the world championships, which is the first time that that has ever happened. So not only did they win one first time in Colorado, but also both first time ever and you’re talking about a lot of people were in attendance. I think it was like 35,000 people they’re so organized. You’ve seen those students come up and support and demonstrate. And we will definitely have invited in my talk with Terry olken. Terry and Kathy and several other parents have been really instrumental in mentoring our students and coaching them. So they will bring our students here and and highlight the incredible work that they are. Now the VEX robotics teams, we have 24 teams that are going to be going to Dallas, this last competition was in Houston. We have the VEX Robotics going to Dallas in a couple of weeks. And I think Director Brooks, you’re going to be going there too, as well, aren’t you to Dallas to watch?

Unknown Speaker 43:24
Yes, I’ll be in Dallas next weekend, not this weekend, next weekend, as well with my son who made it to worlds with the one of the soaring heights teams.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Yep, so that’ll be exciting. We’ll look forward to seeing how they do and I’m sure they will do really well. I’ve been following their Twitter feeds and seeing the kids are all practicing and competing and getting ready and so pretty exciting time for them. I also want to recognize Dr. Jackie Capetian, who was recognized by the Erie Community out there rotary Gala, and we had a chance to attend with you as a community star. And Jackie has been a resident in Erie for many years. And she has been an educator, a phenomenal educator and leader for many years. And it was really, really heartwarming to hear the recognition from that group. And she has done a tremendous job. Her leadership in large part is responsible for responsible for a lot of the success that not only we’ve experienced, but other school districts and other students around the state. So congratulations, Jackie for excellent recognition. Also, we have the tribute to teachers coming up this Saturday, which we’re very excited about. We’ll get to see we’re going to have some special activities for our teachers and it’ll be a wonderful evening. So the Education Foundation for the same brain Valley Schools does an incredible job putting that together. I know that Carrie McDermott who is also an incredible educator, she and her team have worked very hard to put together a video that I think you’re gonna just I mean, it’s just over the top outstanding in recognition of our teachers. And so, and then Dr. Capetian, and a couple of the board members will also be leading an activity at the event. So the connections Colorado student grant, I think that’s coming up, where you guys will have an opportunity to see the connectivity of the internet and access for our students. And that’s tomorrow. And I don’t know if you know how many are attending that. But that’ll be just another demonstration of how Michelle bourgeois and our Learning Services team have reached out to our community to make sure that every single family has internet access. You know, one of the things that I was really proud of, is not only during the pandemic, but now that we’re providing Internet access to every family who doesn’t have it, and then also devices, the iPads at no cost to our students. And, and I think that that’s really an important step that the district is really reaching out to make sure that every one of our 33,000 students has that opportunity to be connected to our system. So Michelle, and your team, thank you for that. And I’m looking forward to that activity tomorrow. Michelle is going to be recognized by the Colorado Association of School executives, as the the top tech not technology leader in the state. And this is one of many recognitions that she and her team have received. She was also just recognized as one of the top 35 ad leaders in the country. And when you see the kinds of work, the kind of work that she’s done, ensuring that all of our students, our teachers, and our staff have this type of access. It’s just, you know, it’s it’s really sometimes you, sometimes you can have something and just assume that it’s there, and just assume that you’re entitled to it. But that’s not the way it is everywhere. It really isn’t. And when you have people that are going this far above and beyond to make sure that every single child is given an opportunity to learn, you know, whether it’s free preschool, whether it’s free, full day kindergarten, whether it’s a free associate degree, whether it’s free technology, whether it’s free transportation, whether it’s free meals, whether whatever it is, these things don’t just happen. And I hope we never get to a place where we just expect it. Because a lot of people are working very hard behind the scenes to make it happen. And this is an excellent example of that.

Unknown Speaker 47:36
We had a great visit yesterday to Otterbox up in Loveland we went to they provide a lot of support for our students throughout the district. And we went up there, we took a team of students, paddock, you notice, and Hillary Sontag and some others and had an opportunity to have lunch with the owners of OtterBox. And they showed our our students their private jet, and they had a helicopter come in. And, you know, we were able to look at it because we’re planning to expand our innovation center to include space for an aircraft. And so this is just one of those things where our students are getting exposed to unbelievable opportunities. So big thank you to OtterBox. for that. I’m also really enjoying all the staff meetings. Today I was at Central elementary school, or no yesterday I was at Central elementary school today had a chance to visit Lyons Elementary and their staff, they were really excited about a lot of the work. They’re doing not only the new auditorium up in at the high school, but they’re looking at planning a STEM lab. And Dr. Capetian allocated some additional resources, so that the students who have been excelling in science and innovation, they’ll have that opportunity to go to that next level. We also are looking forward to the women’s work luncheon this Friday, and a number of us will be going there a woman’s work is an incredible organization. And saying brain Valley Schools provide support both, you know, moral support and financial support for the work that they provide for some of our families that are struggling. And so we’re looking forward to that wonderful lunch in there. You’ll also hear from Todd, I was going to talk about the Burlington principle, but I’ll hold off until you do that. So I won’t steal your thunder there. But I’m very excited about the individual that will be assuming that role. We also had an opportunity to have a senior farewell breakfast for our student advisory board. And we had a chance to listen to some of the things. One of the things that really was was profound and you know, sometimes I wish our our entire world could listen to our students, because they talked about being grateful. And they talked about being kind and they talked about treating other people with respect. And I thought that that was just really a powerful message. And then they talked about the teachers that they that they wanted to thank just for helping them in life and setting them off on the right pathway. So it was very heartwarming. Our athletics and our activities teams are off and running. We’re seeing a lot of success there, both in the activities arena and the athletics arena. So we’re getting down to the wire where pretty soon we’ll be heading into those state championships again, and I know we have a number of teams that are ranked very high at the state level. So we’re looking forward to that as well. We completed our PSAT and our LSAT exams today was last day for makeups. And we had just an incredible participation rate. It was outstanding, and Anne Reid and her team, they do really phenomenal work. They just every school that I visit, they say you know, it just went off seamlessly. And again, I remind them, that does didn’t happen. There’s a whole team working behind the scenes, and Reid and her team to make sure that that’s the way that it takes place. So thank you and your team. Friday, we’re going to be meeting with the town of Erie again, then I think Director Brooks is going to join us as well. And I think the mayor of Erie will join us as well, Mayor Brooks and we will be joined by the town manager and some members of his team and Brian lamer, just to continue to look at next steps with our upcoming bond and land for potential new high school. So I’m excited about that meeting coming up on Friday, and I’ll update you. And then the last thing is project launch, we have about 3000 students K through eight now signed up and that number will continue to grow. Where we provide our students with an entire month of june of extra learning focused on math and reading and writing and science. And with that comes again, free transportation and free meals. And we are not obligated, but we do it because we really want to do it. We love our children. And so providing them with the transportation with the outstanding instruction with the free meals throughout the entire month of June is something that we are looking forward to and we see great gains from our from our children with that. So there’s a lot more I could share. But I know there’s other things to talk about. But I

Unknown Speaker 52:30
just could not be more proud of our teachers, our staff, our students, our parent community, and look forward to a strong finish of this school year. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 52:39
Such a strong finish. Thank you, Dan. That brings us to our reports this evening. Agenda Item 6.1. Is district financial statements for March 2022. And Greg, the Board of Education convened for a study session with you and Dr. Hat ad at 515. Today to go over those district financial statements in detail. And they’ve also been reviewed at the Finance and Audit Committee meeting as well.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Yes, absolutely. And just letting people know that we do have at the very front of the financials that we’ll be posting out to the website is an executive summary dashboard that kind of summarizes the highlights. Can you not hear me?

Unknown Speaker 53:24
Here, that’s better. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Okay. So sorry. So we were, we were looking through that we’ll post it out to the website, people can look at it, it gives a very high summary. And then if they want to dig into details, they can do that. But we do color coded green for everything’s good yellow is we want to monitor and red is we need to really look into it. Everything is green, we’re running smoothly. Some of the the two areas, two funds that we were looking at last year are doing significantly better this year Community Schools and nutrition services. So both of those have seen a significant increase in participation, which which helps keep the program solid.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
Thank you, Greg. And both of those funds, those, the monitoring of those funds was related to impacts from the pandemic. But both are solidly on on green footing right now.

Unknown Speaker 54:25
Correct? Correct. We saw a decrease in participation when we were in remote. And that participation has come back. And that’s made a significant improvement in those areas.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
Right, which is what we anticipated, but always nice to actually see it. Yes, right. I don’t anticipate any questions or comments from the board. Since we were able to ask those at a study session and the study session itself. The recording of that will be available on the district website. And just to reiterate again that the public can look at those financial statements on the district website as well and reach out via phone or email Well, if they have questions, perfect, great. Thank you very much. You also have the next agenda item, which is 6.2, which is third quarter gifts to schools.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
Yes, board policy Kcd, which is public gifts to schools, is is requires us and asks us to kind of collect the data on any type of gift that comes into our schools or departments. And so this report kind of highlights those. This year, in the third quarter, we received about $120,000 in donations, which brings the total to 341,000. For the year, I always kind of like to look to see where we are compared to previous years. And last year, we got a really large donation from otter cares in the third quarter that that push those numbers up. But I also like to highlight a couple of areas. We had Occidental Petroleum, donate $10,000 for the mead High School Energy Academy, and we had numerous donations from the Education Foundation for various grants and programs and schools in the third quarter. So I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
We’re just quick. Just a question with regard to the gifts and our budgeted amounts. Where do we stand compared to budget,

Unknown Speaker 56:30
we do not budget gifts, because they we can’t guarantee that we’re going to get them. And so we don’t really budget them. And it can go to any school in any any type of timeframe. And so, from a budget point of view, we do not budget, how much we think we’re gonna receive in a given year.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
Yeah. Thank you. That makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 56:56
All right, Greg. I think that’s it. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. And Nika. Before we go any further, I just want to give you an opportunity to ask questions or make comments. You don’t have to do either, but certainly want to extend the offer.

Unknown Speaker 57:12
Of course, yeah, I was actually just taking some notes for some things I had wanted to address. So I found the 25 year employees celebration, really heartwarming, because speaking from the perspective of a student, teachers and staff members are honestly the rock that we lean back on, because if we ever have a question, you know, they’re not only our, you know, our educators, our the people that push us to go our hardest in our educational pathways, but they’re also people that want to make sure that we’re doing okay, like as humans, we’re not just students to them, we’re people to them as well, kids that are just trying to navigate through life. So I feel like 25 years is an incredibly long time. And I’m so grateful that to have staff members that really show and really care. And I’ve noticed in St. Vrain Valley School District that teachers care about the students more than just a students. But beyond that past to the level of caring about us, as people, you know, they check in on us, they’re like, they remember conversations we have like, for example, I was talking to another teacher the other day, and a long time ago, I told them that I was going to vacation in Miami. They asked me like, oh, how was Miami? And I was very happy that they were actually remembered because, you know, it shows you that they care. And also, Dr. Had you had mentioned product launch, which I think is an exceptional idea. And I was wondering, would there be you know, electives provided as well? Or would it just be like the primary subjects like you had mentioned?

Unknown Speaker 58:38
Yeah, no, great question. You know, we do robotics. And we do have sports programs. And we do have music programs and things along those lines that are separate from project launch, but still available to students throughout the summer. project launch is a specific thing around a few core subject areas that we’re trying to provide for students. But I love your question, because those other areas are equally important. And they are students are learning leadership and communication and teamwork and resilience and all of those things. So and as you’re in your role, you know, any suggestions that you have for activities that we’re not offering? That’s what we want to hear from you guys. So thanks.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Thank you so much. So I also have another question, what exactly happens in these study sessions that you guys mentioned that, you know, precede these board meetings? Because I’ve always been interested to know what they are, what they’re all about.

Unknown Speaker 59:35
Well, you’re welcome to attend to any study session. Anytime the board meets. All of us together, or actually more than two of us it is considered a public meeting. So you are always welcome to attend. And this evening, what we talked about were the financials. And so, Greg was able to go over the different funds in greater detail with us and also gives us an opportunity to ask questions study sessions are a time and Nico where the board can come together with Don and key members of his team. And really deep dive deeper into specific issues. They’re less formal and more of a conversational meeting as well. We’d never take action at study sessions. They’re just an opportunity for the board to learn and ask questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Thank you. That’s a great question. And if you want to attend a study session, happy to save a seat for you. All right, Todd, I’m going to give you an opportunity consent items are next and you have a new, a new position to acknowledge and celebrate

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
do and I brought my glasses this time. So thank you, members of the board president secrets doctor had Dad, it is my pleasure to introduce to Miss Erica Bowman as the principal of Burlington Elementary, and she is joined by her husband Sherman, and her daughter Olivia, as well as Christopher Chu, her area assistant superintendent. So just a little bit about Miss Bowman. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and a master’s degree in teaching special education from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. She obtained a principals license from the University of Colorado Denver, and Miss Bowman is expected to receive her Doctorate in Educational Leadership and equity from the University of Colorado at Denver in the spring of 2024. Miss Bowman has been serving in the st. Grande Valley schools since 1998. You’re close to the bell on your way. No, I was just Yeah, good. From 1998 to 2002, she served as a special education teacher from 2002 to 2000. He served as principal at Mountain View Elementary, though 2008 to 2010, respondents served as Director of Special Education, and then from 2010 to 2012, as an IEP specialist, and currently Miss Bowman serves as a special education area coordinator. So I’d like to introduce Miss Bowman to you and she can say a few words.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
Hi, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be embarking on this new chapter of my career in St. Vrain. It’s been as Todd said, 24 years which seems ridiculous to be perfectly honest. And I just am so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had over the past 24 years to serve this community. And I’m beyond excited to start my next chapter of serving the Burlington community. So thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
Thank you, Erica. Agenda Item Seven is our consent items. Do board members wish to pull any of those items this evening? All right. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 7.1. recommendation to hire principal at Burlington Burlington Elementary. 7.2. Contract approval contract award for lighting upgrades at Lyons elementary 7.3. Approval contract award for switchgear replacement at hygene. Elementary 7.4. Approval contract award for switchgear replacement at Northridge Elementary and 7.5. Approval of the contract award for switchgear replacement at Education Services Center maintenance. So moved by Karen and a second by Sarah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
Oh, Mr. Berthold Yes. Mr. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mr. Honor. Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. This is Reigle. Hi, Miss Siegrist. Aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
Agenda Item eight is our action items 8.1 as a recommendation for approval of second reading and adoption of board policy update AC non discrimination equal opportunity. Hello, Brandon. We saw this at our last regular meeting this policy Correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
That’s right. Good evening, Madam President. Members of the Board Dr. Dad. Board Policy AC is being seen on second reading is a carryover from last week. Second reading and final adoption of the recommended changes is what we’re requesting. As we discussed last week has been discovered an error in policy AC in the section entitled reporting unlawful discrimination and harassment. The original text contains language saying that a person who believes they are a victim of harassment is required to report it. That is is not in line with state law and policy is being updated to say that a person who believes they are a victim of press is encouraged to report it. Action Item eight. I’ll just stop right there. So that’s a see we’re asking for your consideration on second reading and final adoption.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
All right, thank you. Any other additional comments? Second time we’ve seen it all right. Then I would entertain a motion please. For Approval of action item 8.1. So moved by Chico moved by Moshe with a second by Chico please.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
Mr. Berthold Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. This is her ironic. Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes. Mrs. Ragland. Hi, Miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
I am Brandon, you have a run of items here. Brandon 8.2 is the recommendation for approval of first reading and adoption of board resolution resolution J Q dash E, which is a schedule of student fees and board regulation, J. Q dash, our student fees, fines and charges? And my understanding is these require one reading given that their exhibits and regulations correct?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
That’s correct. And Madam President, we actually have three items under action item 8.2. Because board policy, JQ also requires an annual resolution of the board approving the student fees. So action item 8.2 contains the board’s annual resolution concerning student fees. And we made a few minor updates to the fee schedule exhibit JQ II and the fee schedule regulation. JQ are of note, the regulation now contains a sentence reminding students and parents that they may purchase insurance to cover repair costs for electronic devices issued by the district. Since this is a resolution exhibit and regulation. They only require a single vote of the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
Thank you, Dick, I think you mentioned that you need you had a comment or a question?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
Yes. Thank you, Madam President. I, each year when this comes before us, we have a discussion about the fees that are on this list. And the amounts of those fees and the conditions under which students are called are expected to pay them. And I just wanted to, on one hand to acknowledge that for any student that is on currently on the free and reduced lunch list, that those fees are waived if they request that they be waived. And that in addition to that, that the principles of each building has an has an option. Each principal has an opportunity to waive those fees on a case by case basis based on requests from students that are are there. So in no case, do these fees prohibit or encumber students provide a barrier is what I want to say provide a barrier for students to participate in any of the activities that our district offers. And that range in my understanding is that that applies to the full range of extracurricular, and academic programs offered by the district. So that’s just I’m concerned about that. We’ve talked about the levels of fees. And I’ve been reassured by the application of this policy year by year and the changes we’ve made to ensure that no student is hindered from participating in the full range of things that activities, academic and extracurricular. So with that, with that proviso I would be well, we’re not finished with that proviso. I was gonna say, I’m just gonna move the approval, but there may be others who would speak.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
You know, I just wanted to say thank you for pointing that out. Because that is something that our board has been very, very supportive of and clear about. So and it’s important for everybody to understand that if there is any kind of a financial barrier, that we will provide the student with the opportunity to participate. So thank you for

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
Thanks. Anyone else? All right. And yes, stick Thank you. All students have an opportunity to participate in whatever they choose to participate in.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
May I move adoption?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
Absolutely move. I do. Sure. miasha

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Pardon me, I do have it’s more of a comment than it is a question on the revision date at the end. The date says April 27 2002, rather than 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
Thank you, Madam President. And thank you Board Member Brooks. That’s correct. We have a typo in there. And we’ll fix that when we revise these, update those and put them on the website.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
Great, thank you, Dick.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
I move adoption of 8.2. Second,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
second. Mr. Bernthal? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. This is her honor. Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes. This is raglan. Hi, Miss Siegrist i

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
8.3 is the recommendation and this is the first reading of updates to board policies, J. L. C. D, administering medications to students, and JLC II first aid and emergency care.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
Thank you, Madam President. Finally, we have action item 8.3, which contains updates to board policies JLC D, administering medications to students and JLC II first aid and emergency medical care. We reached recently discussed the opioid epidemic, and in particular the availability of Narcan, Narcan, which is an opiate antagonist. For schools, we just decided that we would like to have the opiate antagonist available for use in our schools, if necessary. However, upon researching it further, we learned that we are required to authorize its use in board policy. Thus, we are bringing forward updates to board policies, J LCD and JLC E to accommodate the availability and use of opiate opiate antagonists like Narcan in our schools. This change is not driven by new law and therefore requires both a first and a second reading for final adoption.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
Thank you, Madam President. I just have a comment on JL C. E. And the omission of that paragraph that apparently required prior prior approval from parents or guardians for any employee to administer emergency care. And that, it seems when I had read that earlier, it seems strange that you would know in advance that someone would have required emergency care, and then how could you get prior approval to administer that care when you had no idea that it was going to happen? So I, I am pleased to see that paragraph has been deleted. I’m good. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
Anyone else done.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:16
I just wanted to say, you know, we’ve talked NIC Richard back there as well. Richard Peebles, but one of the questions that we asked about this was in the event that it was mis administered, would it create harm to the student? And the response to that question was No. And so given the lethal nature of this issue, from the, you know, not the Narcan, but the, you know, the the thing that would cause, you know, fentanyl that would cause this, we felt like it would be important to have it on hand in the event that, that we needed to administer it. But it was really important to us to make sure that there would be no issue, physical issue or damage done to a student, if they had it administered, and somehow it was mis administered or not needed to be administered and was just that way. And Brandon, could you kind of reiterate that a little bit and speak to that. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
I would be happy to speak to this. The kind of two points there, one there is. Part of the reason that we’re doing this now is that the state is providing Narcan, specifically to to schools and other entities if they pass a board policy that allows them to administrate because of the federal crisis that we’re seeing. So that could be we’re in the process of applying for that to be provided to the district free of cost. The other point I want to mention with regard to Dr. Martin’s point is that we still have a board policy that that speaks directly to the administration and medications to students. So in certain in most instances, we’re going to need to Have any kind of parental approvals that would be required to administer those medications. But obviously, the conflict between these two policies is remedied by deleting that paragraph. The other thing is that the Narcan is not only for students, but anyone who happens to be on board. Property who may have come across, you know, fentanyl, and the concern is really the the innocent exposure to fentanyl, which might cause severe health reaction and would require the use of Narcan in those instances. But we’ve been working together with the with Richard peoples and trying to come up with that application to get the Narcan in all of our locations and the policy, this board policy enables us to do that through the recent law changes the law, and Colorado.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
Thank you, Tom. And that was actually going to be my yesterday. So that was actually going to be my question. And then it to my next question was going to be if it was limited to students, but it sounds like it is not limited to students. Or I guess I should clarify, not limited to students.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
That’s correct. And in that in the change policy, the language in there is is not just limited to students. Um, obviously, our primary focus is the health and welfare of our students. But you know, this could be the case of anyone who happens to be on campus teachers, parents even. And to liability question there is a shield for liability for anybody who’s administering Narcan consistent with the policies around

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
I had asked you the question, specifically, if the student wasn’t impacted by fentanyl, but there was a concern that they were and they were in distress and that was administered? Correct. It would not have a negative impact on their health. That’s correct. And that’s what I wanted to the board to be clear about that, because that was my major concern, because sometimes you wouldn’t know 100%, for sure that that is the issue at hand. Right. But better to be safe than sorry,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
absolutely, in part and part of the training. And part of that protocol is if you’re going to administer Narcan, you’re also going to call 911. So you’re gonna get more advanced medical care on the wave for that case.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
Thanks, Richard. Does the state provide training when they provide that Narcan? Or is that the district’s responsibility?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
We’ve already been working with Johnny Terrell and Sophia Jaeger. So we’re going to provide that training in house, the training for the actual end user is very short, very sweet. It is a very simple product to administer. So we will do that training in House following the state guidelines.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
Great. Thank you, me, OSHA. Did you have a question or comment?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:06
I did, with that line being stricken for the emergency care which we know a parent can’t give permission when there’s an emergency because we don’t know when those will happen. Who particularly if specifically I should say, would be one who would administer this particular drug? Would it be a nurse certified? The most available adult? That part? I know it’s not necessarily meant to be in this particular piece of literature. But what what is the process there? Right, so

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
each school has, they’ve identified a safety team, but they also have a first aid team. So anybody that’s part of that safety team will be trained in this and more specifically, those people on their first day team be trained in the use of Narcan. To help health clerk to nurses in those others identified with CPR and all those other things.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
Okay, thank you. And then I did see another one of those and please check the not only this one, but it was also since I have the floor. Madam President 8.1. The revised date. Again, it’s inaccurate it states 2002 And then 8.1 did not have a date on it. So it was missing the date on action item 8.1.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
Thank you for making those updates. Brandon. Any other questions or comments? All right. At the end of the day, thank you for doing everything we can to keep students in particular but anyone on district property safe. With that I would entertain a motion please for agenda item 8.3 for approval. So moved Karen second and A second Chico?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:04
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. This is her ironic. Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes. This is raglan. Miss Siegrist I

Unknown Speaker 1:20:19
agenda item 8.4 is a recommendation for approval of requests to grant an exception to board policy GB e a staff ethics conflict of interest for Guzman. Hi, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
Good evening again. So board policy GB a state states that no school district employee or firm owned by a school district employee shall be allowed to sell to the school district or its schools or staff goods or services of any kind without the express written consent of the Board of Education. We are asking for the board to allow an exception to that policy for Ricky Guzman, who who owns an apparel store. He has recently been hired as head custodian at the Global acceleration campus. But he has provided apparel to various schools within the district in the past. And so he’s asking to continue to do that, based off of our normal guidelines is we would approve him up to $5,000 for the rest of the year. If he thinks he’s gonna go over $5,000, he needs to come back to the board for an additional approval. And also he is not allowed to sell his products to the students and staff at the Global acceleration campus that he works at.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
Thank you, Greg. And we know that you’ve gone through your normal vetting process with all of this before bringing it to the board, and then you wouldn’t recommend it for approval if you hadn’t fully done that. Any comments or questions on this? All right, then I would entertain a motion for approval. Please. Please have action item 8.4. So moved by Dr. Martyr in a second. Second. By me OSHA.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:12
Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. moronic? Yes. Dr. Mortar? Yes, Mrs. raglan. Hi, Miss jagras.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
Aye. Action Item 8.5 is a recommendation for approval of request to grant an exception to board policy GB e a staff ethics conflict of interest, Buck.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
Yes. So this is similar to the last one. Again, we’re asking for an exception. And Lulu buck is the equity and Family Engagement Coordinator in the district. She has written a book that’s called Sue sky. And so there’s been some interest within the district of students and staff to buy that book from her. And so, you know, we’re asking for her permission to be able to sell it if people request to to have it purchased, she won’t solicit it, she will just make it available and be able to do that. Again, nothing over $5,000 Or she comes back to the board. Great, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:21
Thank you, Madam President, I just want to express appreciation for the care with which you that each of these requests for. Very a variation away from conflicts of interest. I think the terms that and conditions that you’ve established are exactly the kind of care that are important for us as a district to make. And I I deeply appreciate you the care that you and your staff take in considering each and every request for a variance from this. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker 1:23:56
it’s not just my staff, because we’re reaching out to the different departments and schools to kind of gather information. And, and I will say this was this, I think we’ve had a some different employee a number of years back, who also wrote a book. And so, you know, there’s some guidelines there, but there’s also just collecting information and making sure that we’re informed when we do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
Yeah, I think the precautions you’ve established here are exactly those that we should have. And it gives me great confidence in the process. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:28
Thanks. All right. With that I would entertain a motion please. For Approval of action item 8.5. So moved by Jim. And a second by Chico.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. moronic? Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes, Mrs. raglan. Miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:55
i Thank you, Greg. Appreciate it. A Nika That brings us to just about to the end of our meeting this evening. And I do want to give you another opportunity to make comments or ask questions, if you’d like.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:10
Yeah, I found this part of the meeting very interesting with the consent items. And Mr. Chu was explained to me the way that this process works. And I think it was really interesting to see how this process is gets facilitated. So I do have a quick question, if you don’t mind about. So the policy that was mentioned earlier about, if there was something relating to $5,000. And then coming back for approval, I was just a little confused on like, you know, in regards to why that policy is there, and you know, what, you know, made this policy and put in place,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:45
right, I believe she’s talking about the conflict of interest policy. Greg, maybe you could explain your process a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:52
Yes, absolutely. So we have purchasing policy that establishes 5000 as our capital asset. So we identify whether we need to track a purchase, if it’s more than $5,000. That policy also talks about kind of fair purchasing practices, which means that if you hit $5,000, we ask that we require that we go out and get multiple quotes, or a sole source form. So part of the reason we set that limit at 5000, is because if somebody were to go over 5000, we probably should have gotten multiple quotes to verify that they are the low bidder, they have the high quality, those types of things. So that’s why we set that at 5000.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:36
Greg, can you explain why we have a conflict of interest policy?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:39
Yeah, we have a conflict of interest policy primarily to prevent, prevent a variety of things. It can be, it can be nepotism, where you have somebody who’s you don’t want somebody who’s overseeing one of their relatives, that’s a conflict of interest, you have conflict of interest, when you have somebody who is working for the district, maybe in a position where they can, they can send some, some buy some product from themselves. And so then there that’s really almost theft, or embezzlement, or fraud. And so that’s why we put those policies in places to, to make sure that the district is is supporting the taxpayer dollars as much as possible and making sure they’re spent properly.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:28
Okay, thank you just makes a lot more sense.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:30
Actually, I have a follow on from a philosophical perspective, I don’t know about philosophy, but as a, as a public institution, we have an obligation to be, and I would say squeaky clean, with regard to the way in which we invest the funds on behalf of our students and our purpose. And so we not only have an obligation, in my view to to avoid conflicts of interest that Greg has described, but also to carry out business in in such a way that there’s not even the perception that there might be a conflict of interest in our district has been consistently and remarkably diligent in that regard. So it’s not only about the the actual risk that we might allow public resources to nurture the benefit to private benefit. But it is the relationship we have with our communities to be recognized as the best possible steward of every last cent of money that our communities provide for us. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55
Anyone other questions in ICA? All right. I do want to pass along on behalf of the board and Dr. Had. Thank you so much for being here tonight for participating for asking fantastic questions. We hope that you’ll we’ll see you again before the end of the school year and also wish you all the best and Nika remind me what your you are in at nyuad Are you a junior or a senior?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
I’m a junior but almost a senior. Okay, you

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
are you are days away from being a senior. So that is fantastic. Please know that we’re available to at any time for questions, comments, feedback, anything that we can assist with, and please don’t be a stranger next year. We would love to hear how the school year goes and where you land after your your senior of high school. And with that said, Please don’t rush it away. Slow down. Enjoy wonderful times here.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:52
Yeah, I just want to give a big thank you. Thank you so much for having me. And I cannot wait to you know, stay connected. And thank you so much this Meeting I’ve learned a lot from it. And I was able to answer, you know, my query about what board meetings are like. So thank you so much for having me.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09
There riveting. Do you have anybody at home? That you might want to say hi, that would be watching this evening. And it’s okay. If you say no.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:18
You know, I told my family that when the broadcast gets uploaded, we always get together and watch it, but I’ll give him a quick shout out my mom, my dad, and I says, How are you guys doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:28
Perfect. Well, I’ll say hi, mom, dad and sister as well. Perfect. Perfect. Done.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:32
Yeah. Just very quickly. Really, your questions are insightful. And you’re, you’re clearly a leader, and very, very proud of you. You’ve got a bright, bright future. So thank you very proud of you.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:46
Makes me think, Don, when you were, you know, you were talking about the student advisory breakfast. And of course we were, we were there. And it was so surprising or so inspiring. But it really fills me with so much hope for the future. So Nika, thank you for filling me with hope for the future. Yes. All right. Quick note that we will reconvene here in the boardroom on Wednesday, May 11, from six to 8pm for a regular meeting, and we will also all be gathering on Saturday Saturday evening for tribute to teachers as well. With that I would entertain a motion for adjournment by Sarah and a sec. Oh, pardon me. We don’t need us. I do need a second. Oh my goodness. Somebody second. Karen. All in favor? Aye. Good night. Thank you. Thank you all. Good night me OSHA. Thanks for joining. Thank you The Pale