Callahan House Board Meeting – April 13, 2022

Video Description: Callahan House Board Meeting – April 13, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
trouble finding house manager pictures and found a bunch which was fantastic I was like this opportunity oh okay well videos tiff

Unknown Speaker 0:27
meetings video second voted

Unknown Speaker 0:56
I don’t even know if you’re ready

Unknown Speaker 1:03
at the time I did

Unknown Speaker 1:14
morning Good morning Connie’s officially changed the screen she’s got an ad on all your details trouble and I have no white because I can’t not lean on things and I just end up dirty

Unknown Speaker 1:43
Oh yeah, yes, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:47
My dogs are like color but they’re here to stick Oh, unless you’ve got like a sweater

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right? suede or

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you know, they’re doing really well but they’re getting there. I mean they’re going to be at 13 in August and I can see you know I can see the you know the slide so he’s getting very nervous to arthritis seems to be an advanced but it’s not getting better. And then there’s two to she the whole life of the party Yeah, and I just have a carpet clean again to do you know get up to her old tricks while the weather’s bad

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carpet looks like grass she only does it at night. But I’m not very functional in the morning. So I like I can’t see anything until 10 o’clock you know so it’s like I get home and it’s like you did last night you don’t do that

Unknown Speaker 3:04
a meeting

Unknown Speaker 3:14
Okay, so approval from the previous meetings that we’re going to get a chance to read all of those documents

Unknown Speaker 3:26
three small corrections for the minutes so may want to just listen to simple things in old business and just want to put a period there. It’s simple things you can say were recap the meeting after that. Yeah. All right. The ordinance isn’t zero. That’s kind of important because when you plug in zero All right. That’s

Unknown Speaker 4:08
I thought that wasn’t Oh.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
And then the last one in the morning. Ie construction that corner now is the Northwest quarter. In Ed where it says Stuart

Unknown Speaker 4:32
less it’s it is the Northwest You’re right. I’m sitting here thinking

Unknown Speaker 4:38
I’ll make those corrections.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
And I would just add that it doesn’t need apostrophe s business alright businesses speaking good happy with

Unknown Speaker 5:00
that. Are there any more corrections to the minutes? And if it’s for both meetings, so did everybody get a chance to look at the retreat as well?

Unknown Speaker 5:14
We’re about ready to take that to another time.

Unknown Speaker 5:22
Okay. Okay. Did you continue to read the retreat? minutes? Yes. Okay. Well, not everybody did. And so we aren’t waiting, wasting time. Well, we’ll prove the retreat minutes at the next meeting. Great. So I need to have a vote on this month. I knew last month, we need a motion. So I motion that we approve

Unknown Speaker 5:47
this month’s board minutes with corrections.

Unknown Speaker 5:52
Can I get a second? Second? All in favor? The minutes? Did anybody get a chance to read the house managers report?

Unknown Speaker 6:07
Any questions or

Unknown Speaker 6:07
corrections or questions or questions?

Unknown Speaker 6:13
Just ask Kathy.

Unknown Speaker 6:16
I just like to add a couple things. We’re booking like crazy. It’s not as evident from this report, because I didn’t have money and contracts from people. But we are filling up really fast. And the phone is ringing off the hook for memorials and small parties. So it’s, it’s going nuts. I anticipate a very, very busy summer into the fall. And right now we are booked. Starting on the 23rd. We’re booked eight out of 10 weekends, and we might be booked nine out of 10 weekends. Wow. So it’s and I’m just getting calls now for May events. So I don’t think the calls for the June events, July events, August events, the special event kinds of things on weddings that the smaller things have even started. Okay. So wonderful. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:08
All right. So, so

Unknown Speaker 7:12
thank you for sharing that. This is very helpful. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 7:19
thought I just heard.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
That’s very helpful. But this is much more up

Unknown Speaker 7:25
to date, right? Yeah. But I love seeing that our calendar balance was 53,000.

Unknown Speaker 7:35
Never official until they close the books for 20. So it won’t be official until they close the books for 2021. Because there may still be some things coming in and going out as accounting and finance, adjust, make adjustments

Unknown Speaker 7:50
for that declining those that aren’t aware that that’s useful.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Well, but that also means that we put almost $18,000 in the fund last year. That’s so and so that’s that that is a very good measure of how hard we worked from June to September last year. Absolutely. Not all year long. Just tune into. So we did as much business in four months last year as we normally do an entire year. So and I’m afraid I’m afraid too little, little color. I’m afraid we’re gonna do it this year, too. So they are

Unknown Speaker 8:32
we have a full agenda today guys. So starting out small business. We’re going to look at the status of the SH F print. I guess I’m going to shift to both Cathy and Karen.

Unknown Speaker 8:51
So the paperwork has been signed. It’s been both electronically and FedEx to the State Historical Fund, although the only one they wanted hardcopy on was the covenant and the contract is in process. I have not heard back from them that it is ready. They it’s in process. And they’ve had it for

Unknown Speaker 9:15
almost two weeks. And they gave us

Unknown Speaker 9:20
no indication Nope. Nope. It’s a process.

Unknown Speaker 9:26
Anything more that needs to be set up Okay, moving on. The meeting the dates and times. We tabled at the last board meeting there I think it’s important that we discuss this are the dates and times could

Unknown Speaker 9:53
be working for us today.

Unknown Speaker 9:58
It is right Am I concerned that I’m hoping that we’re here enough time to be here

Unknown Speaker 10:13
because of your your commitment commitments. And so construction, if we if we need to, we can shift it up. So as to

Unknown Speaker 10:29
what has changed without

Unknown Speaker 10:31
us being in and out without our on house. I’m hoping that we can get it to work for class. Ideally, I just, there’s just a lot of stuff on the plate. And I just don’t want to I want to make sure that we’re meeting needing time allows for everybody so

Unknown Speaker 11:01
pastures. Altogether, to be able to work two hours together two hours, try not two hours. I think one thing that was very beginning to dominate the board what is your best as far as this obligation that I do Wednesday, the our Congress. And so I can’t be a party. But it gave everyone the opportunity to to share the schedules that they were dealing with and come to something that would

Unknown Speaker 12:27
honestly say, I do not recall ever.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
When there was a conflict, somebody sat down at the table and said, this board meeting isn’t working for me that we didn’t do

Unknown Speaker 12:39
it at the beginning of each year, I knew four and a half years. The only time I remember doing it is when the mayor’s wife at that time wife. She had some classes and she said she couldn’t attend the meetings. Unless we could shift when we voted not to

Unknown Speaker 12:53
write when we hit we have done it when there’s a conflict when somebody new comes in, they say this date and time doesn’t work for me, then we had a discussion.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
Okay, well, maybe it’s my suggestion that we do move it to the first year, and then everybody can look at their schedules. That means I’m making a mistake, we’re just power up timing wise. For the rest of this

Unknown Speaker 13:15
year, of course, for me, just staying committed to a second Wednesday at nine o’clock to

Unknown Speaker 13:23
915, or

Unknown Speaker 13:25
I think two hours is basically what it states, even in describing it to the board members.

Unknown Speaker 13:33
So it seems to me from an outside perspective that if the desire to is to have a two hour

Unknown Speaker 13:40
window of freedom, then you would be obligated at this time

Unknown Speaker 13:43
to find a new date and time to put into that’s my perspective house, I personally

Unknown Speaker 13:54
tend to leave it going on. Probably the

Unknown Speaker 13:56
easiest solution if we want to do that would be to move the meetings temporarily

Unknown Speaker 14:00
back to 830. Which is gonna suggest

Unknown Speaker 14:04
here and here’s the thing though, I don’t really want to leave them at 830. And here’s the reason we have snow days and stuff that doesn’t give me enough time to get here and make sure were cleaned up and say, you know, I just I it might take me an hour to shovel it out. I don’t want to have to be here at seven o’clock in the morning for an 830 meeting. So I think that that’s fine for the rest of this year with the intent of trying to get back to nine o’clock meeting of the year

Unknown Speaker 14:31
think that’s reasonable. Would that work for you? Today 3853. Really just been relocated. And thank you. I’m just trying to keep track Alright. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:06
And I will put I think we need to put under future agenda items, meeting dates and times and put that on for January.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
Yes, that’s that’s exactly

Unknown Speaker 15:16
the appropriate thing to make sure we’re doing. Maybe an in reading would be the January meeting, the first movie of the year, which we’ve been like our plans for the rest of the year.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I think that’s okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
Thank you. Appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Alright, moving on to Item C, the Berkshire update.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
Again, I’m going to hand this off because I, I and I apologize. For all for what I said. I was corrected that that can be worked on the brochure as well. I’m calling. My mistake that I slipped my mind I scrambled you work on flowerbeds to work?

Unknown Speaker 16:06
I think it’s safe to say somebody on the board is working on it. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
But I said thank you. And thanks. For all you’re doing basically guys, this what I’m saying. Faux PA, so history of it.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
The example of the old brochure, of course, we’ve updated it with courage information, based on what we’ve learned the grant writing process, and even thereafter. And so what you have is something that was just all and then you have something that’s called new. A new one is what my husband you know how to

Unknown Speaker 16:49
do this. The accurate, which one’s

Unknown Speaker 16:52
the one that’s nice and clean is the new one. And I apologize for the tumble duplex when I arranged it in the Adobe. Yeah, that’s what that’s called tumble duplex. Yeah, it should be this way. But when I was doing it in Adobe, I flipped on the runway, and rather than wastepaper I

Unknown Speaker 17:11
appreciate it and that’s exactly it. So

Unknown Speaker 17:16
I flushing your notebooks this works.

Unknown Speaker 17:19
Honestly, there’s I really appreciate the work on the new one. It looks really well put together and all the corrections and women into it. It’s just really well done.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
I did make one change from the last final I changed itinerate to itinerant. Yes, because that’s the proper words that I googled it looked at the definitions. So that’s under who were the Callaghan? Yeah, I fix that word.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
Is there any other corrections that anybody else caught?

Unknown Speaker 17:58
I think it looks great.

Unknown Speaker 18:01
To hear a funny truth about the 30 foot strip of mines that everybody and everyone for the longest time I guess, believed it was purchased blenders. I can’t find any documentation on that. And I kept digging and found the word TV where it was purchased by Tom from the GE challenges and for the cost 1300. From Jones Jones on the status Dr. Jones, okay. His widow, Mary Jones, Mary’s the one who sold it to address eg Jones was the jeweler

Unknown Speaker 18:47
probably working? I don’t know about that.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
Store and he was too busy. So jonesville investing history.

Unknown Speaker 18:57
They were very intentional about property transactions, but it’s

Unknown Speaker 19:01
recorded. No, it’s this is all it took you forever to find.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Forever find it. That instead of having it out, there’s Thomas on it TM Callaghan. And so it complicates things, details. So that’s where it’s like, how many ways can we really try and how the detail of it was not compelling. To me. DT is best. So, so it’s pretty cool history, but now.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
Alright, so I will add that while we’re working on this, digging around, we have examples of

Unknown Speaker 19:51
I think the first

Unknown Speaker 19:54
brochure that was put out by the Women’s Club. We can spend a while The first was the loved ones. And it was a little

Unknown Speaker 20:04
wonderful fold.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
I think the 1960s. And then next earlier one was like 2010 that I got

Unknown Speaker 20:16
I have a bunch of copies of this one. Now that’s fine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Anyway, it was just interesting working through these, and the one from the Federation. Picture had lots of pictures, which was really helpful to just the history, you know, at that time period. But anyway, it was, it was interesting to

Unknown Speaker 20:40
me. Maybe we can have those closing scrapped. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
I think this will be done.

Unknown Speaker 20:48
But I think it’d be nice to say, we updated this year, and this is where we, yeah, that would be really cool.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
That’s gonna be like continuation and scrapbook. Material and incorporating.

Unknown Speaker 21:02
And I think it’d be neat

Unknown Speaker 21:03
to add that to that. As well. Yeah. So um, basically, we need approval of the board of the brochure with the correction. I second. All right.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
All right. It’s been moved and seconded and voted on and I’m so excited about this. So moving on to the remembering self credit tour.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
I have a little piece of history on that. Connie read the original brochure. I got it. I was looking for something. You wrote the original brochure. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, that’s true.

Unknown Speaker 21:56
Look, I got the work done. She was really into

Unknown Speaker 22:05
it. Yeah, so yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Detailed? Well, it was, it was. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
So basically,

Unknown Speaker 22:21
I think all we need to do is is selected time, that will work from less to go through the house, because it’s going to have to be posted things since we’re all going to be together. So we just need to select a time that we can all be here and do a walkthrough of the house with a tour. And you know, each of us individually can be one one at a time, don’t go through any question or concern that comes to your mind capture in right there so that we can work on a condition so that it’s going to be a one and done and then our tour guide so really, it’s a question I would suggest allowing up to an hour for that wants to be thorough from one room to the next and to the collect, everyone’s to back that information right on the spot. So to do this next month, whenever it’s gonna be good for everybody really, it’s, it’s, we would like to ideally have it done. Of course, before we’re gonna have more

Unknown Speaker 23:26
so but let’s pull out calendars and see what works.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
And maybe it’s our first week of December.

Unknown Speaker 23:37
So other than that talk of potentially having such during the summer, which is unset I was anticipating getting it done for summer and the summer that it was going

Unknown Speaker 23:50
to if you don’t want to have a special meeting I’d be happy to let you add one by one and let you go through it at your leisure. I mean it’s just a thought in case the schedules don’t coordinate

Unknown Speaker 24:02
best if we can all be together only because we can’t show it

Unknown Speaker 24:07
is gonna say often in July we don’t have anything

Unknown Speaker 24:11
but I’m hoping to not have a meeting in July and December but I was gonna bring that up.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Since we since I’ve been here we have not usually had a meeting July but that substitute that

Unknown Speaker 24:28
I don’t want to I don’t want to I suggested we can I know. I keep just shaking my head because it’s horrible. busy month of May. But can we work every day and see if we can even fit it in there a weekday afternoon or possibly just sometime in May. Just so we can do it before everybody goes on break. Patients is doing all the things that they do. Some are busy. They’re the gate, that would work better for others.

Unknown Speaker 25:12
The last weekend, the first week in May is not very busy. But that’s right after the tea, or the last week of May. Those are those are weeks when we don’t have much in the way of sorry. I don’t want to do April because right now we have two events that we two paid events plus clubs, but the first week of May and the last week of May, we don’t have a lot of activity in the house. And during that time would be good to do the first week in Texas, okay. Are we done last week? We could probably do some other week. It just I’m only going to be available certain days. About the fourth of May. counties in Texas, in Texas.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
So in use of the last weekend in April, it’s completely out.

Unknown Speaker 26:08
But the last week of April, we have to pay in advance. So we’re going to be staging the house and doing clubs. So that’s it’s a hard week. I mean, I’ve already got a memorial on Wednesday, memorial on Saturday. And sometimes they’re probably gonna take a day off because I’m working weekend so that that’s a hard week

Unknown Speaker 26:29
isn’t next Wednesday. I can’t do it.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
Next Wednesday’s our busiest club day of the month. So Wednesdays are not good. Unfortunately, next week, I’ve got everything on there. But we could do it we could do it early in the week, the last week of April, like Monday, the 25th I could do the 25th

Unknown Speaker 27:02
it works for me.

Unknown Speaker 27:04
I haven’t gotten the confirmation yet because we were supposed to start in Pioneer day sabot park that week, and I had not gotten a confirmation on that. So I don’t know it’s hard

Unknown Speaker 27:17
is that

Unknown Speaker 27:20
it’s nine to one. And are you doing it this year? You know, I didn’t get a lot of notification. Yeah, I was going to do it but I know I signed up for it but in the loop because I was gonna do that.

Unknown Speaker 27:31
How about the ninth or 10th? I will Oh wait, I will not manifest on Monday the 10th it’s a Tuesday Yeah. I can make that

Unknown Speaker 27:47
work. Oh, that works. Can we do Monday night? Or? I can do either day?

Unknown Speaker 27:53
Let’s do Tuesday to circle what time so like went out right? Yeah. We’re gonna drop dead at one hour, right? Yeah. Okay. Don’t put it on calendar and send out invitations. Right. Thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:29
We’ll call this

Unknown Speaker 28:33
tour, walkthrough, walkthrough.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
tests run. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
I will drop a simple agenda and post it.

Unknown Speaker 28:45
Thank you appreciate it. Then we’re, we’re following what we need to do. Okay, so the board needs to vote on that meeting duty.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
Scheduled soon just just for scheduling.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
So restoration and preservation for sure.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
One minute around there. We are talking about began it. It needs to continue work. We’ve been busy with other work. I’ve been busy with a lot of other work but definitely something that will continue in Michael is that I can we can get this finalized by the next month. But definitely by June who’s

Unknown Speaker 29:34
working on

Unknown Speaker 29:36
well, that wouldn’t be you.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Everyone else is interested. Please. I’m not interested in being a one man show on stuff. Really. I think we do better when we work together in so

Unknown Speaker 29:53
I think more eyes

Unknown Speaker 29:55
if more people are interested in

Unknown Speaker 29:56
and the thing about that is that Everybody has different perspectives on things, different strings, everybody pitches in and works on things, they bring back strength. So

Unknown Speaker 30:13
this is just a suggestion, I just like to see it’s finished the first two, and then move on to the third, instead of trying to take it all on at once. And I just think you’d get more participation, if I weren’t trying to do so many different things at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
I think this is just a, we’re just get getting our big toe in there and just trying to keep because

Unknown Speaker 30:36
I’d like to make sure that we have that restriction. And the reason is, because it’s part of what we promised application, that we would incorporate historic preservation and restoration in Tours. So we’re going to follow through

Unknown Speaker 30:57
which is another good point, caring about we have to fulfill whatever we said in the grant, you’re more aware of that, then probably the rest of us are because you’ve been said thoroughly in depth. So that’s, that’s important. So if if we continue to work on our books, great, if other been

Unknown Speaker 31:17
interested in helping us, and we’ll continue to work, probably be working with history, to make sure that that actually is appropriate, because it isn’t as important to incorporate their feedback and their advice. And

Unknown Speaker 31:33
I would be more than glad to help with that simply because I think it’s important that not just one person’s work and so on one thing you

Unknown Speaker 31:44
might want to remember

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Yeah, maybe it’s gonna be very easy. Yeah. I got

Unknown Speaker 31:54
I got the board recruitment listed here that we’re going to talk about so.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
Okay, um, moving on to Item D pastor, President board member annual tea. To make menu,

Unknown Speaker 32:14
we have a tentative menu. We’re going to no I just, I just tied I checked that I just put it together this week, we’re going to do cheap work with fruits, crackers, both gluten free and regular. We’re going to do some fancy chocolates, we’re going to do macaroons, a little French macaroons. And then we’re going to do two or three Petit pastries per person with at least one gluten free option. And then hot tea and water.

Unknown Speaker 32:45
Oh, that sounds lovely. Sounds lovely.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
And I think that’s plenty because we had lots of leftover food last time. And I don’t I don’t want to go there again. So that’s the plan.

Unknown Speaker 32:59
That’s great. It takes him into account anybody that’s diabetic, and you process every everything big so much on that sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 33:06
And then we’ll use real China tea cups, we’ll get down some of our fancy tea cup. And depending on what the count looks like, we’ll adjust accordingly up the table to four on downstairs. And we’ll just adjust accordingly based on what the count looks like,

Unknown Speaker 33:23
Can we can we instead of doing triples of four, because it was just can we either have the tables together so that we can have nice long table that is one room to the next longer. It can be up here to here so that we can just basically be so it was together

Unknown Speaker 33:48
a long table, dinner party on people. Here’s something I think about doing it up here. First of all, I don’t have linens for these tables. And we would have to rent them which would increase the cost, then I’m happy to do that. But I also don’t think this room really reflects the historic nature of the house. So think about downstairs is the beautiful part of the house and that we would be you know, depriving our guests of really experiencing what I feel is like the heart of the house.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Could it be possible? I don’t know. Well, RSVP so well, we don’t have it yet. Whoever I mean, if you have somebody who might be older now and not be able to go upstairs

Unknown Speaker 34:29
that there’s that too.

Unknown Speaker 34:32
Well, we can always encourage that people get up in and visiting and mingle

Unknown Speaker 34:37
and maybe have some cold cuts

Unknown Speaker 34:42
because it’s a mid afternoon tea. And then we can add some meat but I don’t think anybody’s I don’t think they’re gonna eat it. Cheese salami.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
savory. Yeah, all right. All sweets

Unknown Speaker 34:59
will have something but TC. It’s okay to not do it with bread or crackers enough. I mean, you don’t want sandwiches? No, no, no. Cheese, got it done. Can we have one conversation? Last year? I

Unknown Speaker 35:16
think you said something about when we sit down and try to sit down with some of the other people rather than. Yeah, so we’d visit. So that always takes. Well,

Unknown Speaker 35:25
last time there were it was split. Half of the audience. Were current board members, only half of the audience were past board members. So, you know, I don’t it depends on what the counselor click. Yeah, well, no more is 20 seconds. As soon as you get that number, you need to let me know. Because we were gonna buy some pastries, and the order has to be done by that day.

Unknown Speaker 35:52
Of course. I do want to share one sweet rsap with you all is Fulton waters, says good morning, Karen. honored to have such a kind invitation to for me one has to be a bit soft spoken. Let me let me speak up. So it says good morning, Karen. I am honored to accept your invitation to the mate 120 22, past board member team at the Covenant House. I am already looking forward to the opportunity to date women who have given so much of themselves the city at this time Sasa with gratitude.

Unknown Speaker 36:32

Unknown Speaker 36:35
it’s always my neighbors.

Unknown Speaker 36:40
My services are available for dishwashing. Thank you for using the

Unknown Speaker 36:43
China I appreciate that. Oh, the dishes are fine. But there’s not going to be that much you should see you should see us do dishes work.

Unknown Speaker 36:54
Willing to help in any way. So I’m very excited about that. So moving on to Item D letter, thanks to the community supporters of the grant application. Care. Karen has been working on that. And has anybody had a chance to review that letter that was sent out?

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Yep. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Is there any corrections or issues with that?

Unknown Speaker 37:20
I have two things. In the first paragraph. I like it, I think that line where it says we’ll provide the total cost of 24,200 $40,000. I just I would just say provide $240,000 for the following restoration. Because we don’t know if that’s going to be the total costs or not. I just

Unknown Speaker 37:42
maybe we can restate it some other way. But so that people understand what, what the two that they understand what the total is. Right. And so while we know, that potentially may vary slightly.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
I just say provide $240,000 for the following restoration and preservation projects, and sensing the total cost of the total costs of recommending to remove those words.

Unknown Speaker 38:11
I guess

Unknown Speaker 38:14
you could say the total funds,

Unknown Speaker 38:16
because that’s a good idea. Can we do we do have that much fun. It’s important that we just identify what our total

Unknown Speaker 38:23
lifetime are. No, I’m just saying you take the number of funds the total. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Can we can you can I change?

Unknown Speaker 38:31
That’s fine. And then the other thing I don’t like is I don’t like the word effectuate is that to me is I had to go look it up where I thought I knew what it meant. But I think that’s an awfully where does that work? Second paragraph at the bottom effectuated constantly to come about? Oh, yeah. Nobody should have to look. Yeah, I didn’t have to especially thank you. I guess it wasn’t sorry. Yeah, I just How about facilitating? Is the same as the cost? The cost is much more.

Unknown Speaker 39:21
I don’t know. I just I think accessible, refined and refined. And actuated is how many times

Unknown Speaker 39:28
I’ve ever seen that word. I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 39:33
I I I didn’t have an issue with that. But

Unknown Speaker 39:37
how about collectively our small group worked for the change

Unknown Speaker 39:43
caused the change

Unknown Speaker 39:49
three brought about the change. I like so much Alright. So

Unknown Speaker 40:03
well about probably about, I mean, just just kind of as a level setter, we’re trying citywide to make the language that we use in our written communications more accessible. And the goal on the website is a sixth grade reading level. I mean, just to give you an idea. So that’s, it’s just one of the things I’m kind of in tune with at the moment we share because we’re trying to do it as a city.

Unknown Speaker 40:31
So if put it down to a sixth grade,

Unknown Speaker 40:33
I totally get it. And we’re and we’re not doing owner pages. I mean, that’s what we’re measured against right now. Is, you know, it is often not successful. Yeah. It’s hard to say it’s hard

Unknown Speaker 40:48
like that. And it’s hard. It’s tough.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
But that a word like that is nowhere near that goal.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Okay. A lot logic, as I understand it, as a community is well over. Almost 30% Maybe not native English speakers. Yes. And so you are learning English. And you’re, you’re very fluent in it a little bit of a level that you get, you know, brought about,

Unknown Speaker 41:13
I think it could be understood, just like my parents thing was like, if you can’t understand what you’re talking about, you are in the wrong. Well, and if somebody with a master’s degree had to look it up to make sure. I thought I knew what I meant, from the constitutionally. I literally looked it up and when I’ve never seen that word before, and I Googled it. So that’s okay. I knew where I knew. I knew where it came from the paralegal. And that’s that’s kind of a legal word. Right? effectuated change.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
What is it like it better? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
Okay. Anyway, so one, one thing that I thought of myself was after the fact I went, I need to move the quote above, in between the name, address, city, state zip, and the deer. What do you all think about that? I think it looks a little better. Oh, I think I like that. Under so tiny. I like it there. Or

Unknown Speaker 42:14
put across the bottom. Okay, got you.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
I really do. It really is a lovely quote. And that’s fine. It’s a lovely quote to changes. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 42:25
what’s the corrections in the changes that we’ve just made to the thank you letters? Can we get a motion of approving the thank you letter? Can I get a second?

Unknown Speaker 42:40
Second? All in favor? Aye. Right,

Unknown Speaker 42:44
thank you. So I’m

Unknown Speaker 42:45
gonna go ahead and make those changes. personalize each letter. And then I’ll get together. I will call each one of you say I’m coming by when and I’ll bring up a letter.

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Unless you want do you all not want.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
What do you want? I think I want to bring a meeting and we’ll just pass

Unknown Speaker 43:12
these out soon. It’s been long overdue, please thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
It doesn’t sit up those just don’t mind a couple of minutes. I think it’s personal. I like to get letters with names that people are recognizing, but

Unknown Speaker 43:29
it’s more so what’s the intent for everybody to sign them that was what we were you gonna sign

Unknown Speaker 43:35
them? Anyone can sign in whatever whatever y’all want to do.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Why don’t we did it the meeting forever environment tour guide

Unknown Speaker 43:47
Well, I don’t think people don’t know they’re coming so we’re

Unknown Speaker 43:52
just not sitting on we said Can we please please? I’d like to go ahead and get the standard get the signatures on a letter that looks really nice.

Unknown Speaker 44:09
So do you think he’s gonna want letter simple signature?

Unknown Speaker 44:13
We should sign it man worried Do you want to find out if the chair that’s our Karen, Karen de la silence on the ground so much. How about if I

Unknown Speaker 44:31
sign characters in? I mean, I just don’t I don’t want to exclude anyone I see

Unknown Speaker 44:48
if this is what’s going to sell things and make you feel better that these get out sooner. I’m perfectly fine with you just saying personal report. That’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
If you feel that there’s So I don’t have a problem signing, if you want me to sign or anybody else, if anybody feels to supply what they have to sign, that’s perfectly fine as well. It seems

Unknown Speaker 45:08
like you are going to be signed to me as title. Yeah, I think so.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
How many letters are we talking about?

Unknown Speaker 45:19
Can you do one signature? And? Sam,

Unknown Speaker 45:28
I’m asking you. If that’s not a problem, I

Unknown Speaker 45:33
really have to be signed, but I can see.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
You know, I don’t

Unknown Speaker 45:41
Yeah, it’s just it’s more personal, but it’s in the works.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
It makes no difference. Yes, go ahead, Carrie.

Unknown Speaker 45:52
We have addresses for everybody.

Unknown Speaker 45:55
Do you have help my dressing things? My sweet daughter helped me stay jet. Okay. She’s waving.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
I think it’s fine. I agree. Can we go down? And we already have read the letter. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:18
I’d be happy to sign that this is the house manager.

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Okay, well, I mean, we can put two spots do you want to do

Unknown Speaker 46:29
this the chair? I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. You. You look at it and put it on the letter?

Unknown Speaker 46:39
Are you ready? Yes. I’m sad. I’m just glad that we’re getting the letters out. Just

Unknown Speaker 46:44
I would say if you’re gonna just put it Chairman, the county and the county board or something like that instead, the ladies?

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Could you print on everybody’s name and type everybody’s name under where it says account? There’s seven numbers just take off seven. So that’s one person. Yeah. And one person. Just print all type all 786?

Unknown Speaker 47:16
Well. Kathy status for those suggestions. All right. Any other comments that we need to make on a letter of support?

Unknown Speaker 47:39
To the community? Thank you for tuning in here, Karen. Okay. I do have some nice paper.

Unknown Speaker 47:51
Okay. Okay. For recruitment

Unknown Speaker 47:54
and interview.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
So, did everybody get a chance to read or what Kathy had set out about that? I know, in the past, when you’ve spoken, and you’ve made a comment that you refer to the full board, I personally would like it to be the full board. Without looking at it would be just right. I just don’t want to overwhelm anybody. But on the other hand, everybody has different views and insights. And, and I think we’re pretty friendly.

Unknown Speaker 48:33
But I don’t I so again, it’s about scheduling and get upset with Paul for they suggested to, but then it comes down to this again. So those are my comments on it.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
But um, you know, two people were like, given the job of asking the questions, but I would like to see that a regular meeting be talked about because all of us could listen, we don’t have to ask the questions that we can just listen to that responses that they give. So if you want to pick two people to actually ask questions, you know, so the whole board, is that peppering you with questions? That’s fine. But I would like to be able to at least, if I’m not asking a question, please hear their answers so that I could circle three, four or five, based on their, you know, answers. I don’t need to be the asking.

Unknown Speaker 49:20
So we can we have to ask everybody the same questions. And we also have to not go off the rubric. So there’s things we want to ask. If we decide as our URL to decide is a board that you want to add to the questions. Everybody has to approve the questions. And then we have to ask everybody the same question.

Unknown Speaker 49:43
I think we’re all hope we’re all about understanding. Are there any pertinent questions that weren’t written down that you felt that we should add to our work to do at this time Yes.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
Because the others are the ones that standards plus the board question.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
So as our four Are there anything particular that you feel would have been helpful to you as a candidate coming on board, to be honest?

Unknown Speaker 50:31
And report meetings and additional time as needed for special projects. I don’t know that we need to get so specific about holiday decorating.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Well, it’s just an idea. I mean, it was to give people an idea of the kinds of things that we that we do. And that’s one of the things that we do every year. So do

Unknown Speaker 50:55
do we keep that in a little list? Here some

Unknown Speaker 51:01
suggest some ideas, what

Unknown Speaker 51:03
are some examples? Or do we do need to leave? I mean, in other words, we ask the question, are you willing to spend some time outside of the regular two hour word meeting up to two board meetings? And for additional projects or special projects? That may include, for example? Or open? Question? Yeah. So it should be should be changed question just slightly so that we can

Unknown Speaker 51:32
that’s fine working holiday decorating,

Unknown Speaker 51:34
open houses. Such as so so therefore, we’re being example. And we’re doing

Unknown Speaker 51:42
saving save one of the questions really, Chris, but we can add that? Yes. Okay. How about we had fundraisers? Yes, that would be. So meetings for holiday decorating, open houses, fundraisers and other special projects? Sounds good. All right. I’ll make that change.

Unknown Speaker 52:03
Is there any other questions that you guys can think of that you would like to add?

Unknown Speaker 52:10
They can’t be longer than 30 minutes. Can?

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Can we add just one simple question. Of all the questions that we’ve asked

Unknown Speaker 52:19
you. Is there anything else that you feel that we should? Or is there anything you’d like to add? Yeah, that’s Yeah. I think that’s always a good one that women interviewing people always come back and say, Oh, actually, in the Batman there, it allows them to really felt.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
So I’ve just completed Is there anything you would like to add to the board? Or ask us? Like two separate things, though,

Unknown Speaker 53:00
because we’re doing it on the record? Because if Is there anything more that you’d like to share? And then the second question, is there anything that you’d like to ask the board? Good. Questions. Therefore,

Unknown Speaker 53:15
what was? What was the set point? Is there anything

Unknown Speaker 53:18
you’d like to ask for the word? Any questions that you have to look for?

Unknown Speaker 53:23
Are there any questions

Unknown Speaker 53:25
about that? Is there anything you’d like to ask us? Okay. All right. So I’ll, I’ll add those, and I’ll send the rubric back to the city clerk’s office. Wonderful. Yeah, the other the other thing is, I don’t know if we have any applicants yet. I will check with Michelle, they don’t really spread that information until we’re closer. The other thing is we these have to be scheduled. And they have to be recorded. So and and the other thing is, every other board in town is going to be doing the same thing. So there’s only a certain number of resources to do that. And so do you want to do this after a regular board meetings when they when they’re already here to record? Or do you have some other idea about I think it

Unknown Speaker 54:07
would be pertinent that we could do it after the board meeting and we aren’t

Unknown Speaker 54:14
get more resources and get resources and that people question is Janice, secondly, an issue? Are you going to mind missing, missing where this

Unknown Speaker 54:24
would be after the main board meeting? We have to do it today. We have to do to make Yeah, yes. And that’s assuming we had anybody to interview. I mean, there’s a very real possibility there may not be any applicants.

Unknown Speaker 54:37
Is there possibly doing half our before making the eight o’clock? Yeah, I mean, for that one meeting will come early. Instead of late.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
That’s really mean.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
We’ll all be early to test somebody to be here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:52
I didn’t mind it. Last Saturday. And that wasn’t a thing. I was in person while they were

Unknown Speaker 55:01
still. The other thing we have to remember is there if we record if the board recommends them, they’re also going to be potentially interviewed by counsel.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Well, bottom line is, is we’re just doing a recommendation. And we counsel may change their minds. I choose to do so. So I’m good with doing eight.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Yeah, I mean, I don’t like a once easier to start. Yeah, easier to schedule in. The thing is that we don’t. We don’t.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
You’re all you’re sitting.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Maybe, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
That’s another point. So interviews first, whatever times,

Unknown Speaker 55:46
how many interviews you have, you

Unknown Speaker 55:50
could have said,

Unknown Speaker 55:52
well, we’re going to be hopeful about we do. And if you happen to do you will well, we’ll just work that agenda as we as we have to, we don’t have that if we don’t have to table items for the next meeting. I think that’s so let’s go for eight o’clock. And then sorry, I know that but that way, it allows everybody, thanks easier to schedule. It’s just interests.

Unknown Speaker 56:15
Sheila, that that’s probably you. She got the powers. Thank you. Once made sure they can do it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:29
And then if we don’t have anybody, we’ll we’ll just meet at 830. We’ll meet at 830.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
All right, on to the house manager pitchers. So I think at this point, we’ll have

Unknown Speaker 56:49
to set up a special meeting committee because we’re at the point where we’re like, Okay, now we’ve got to do some. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:59
Well, I just came across these. I just wanted to show these to everybody. And get talked about doing a collage type picture in my church recently redecorated, and it took on all the collages. Since I grew up to my feelings aren’t hurt if nobody likes these, but they’re nice wood frames. You’re not the cardboard for putting the pictures in. Nice. So you got 14 Worth here, right. So if anybody’s interested, I’ve got these. We don’t buy this naturally. Yeah, this is I think that’s big enough. I mean, I don’t know. And those are for the manager. Yeah, just to hang out well, this way you get a bunch of a few you know, 14 managers but they’re quite well made. I spots doing either I’m afraid. We got an old pictures.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
We got to make sure. We do have and then we still need. So we now we have me. We have Mr. Allen March. I got Joan from the museum and Leslie from John Hall. So got those eight. We still need Nora I can go. Sir Marie. Christine Jorgensen, Dr. Phillips Sophia, and that’s all Kathy you already given we don’t have to track you down

Unknown Speaker 58:46
what was actually my Patrick’s trip Leslie to I have it I have some from the dedication of

Unknown Speaker 58:57
from the from the scrapbook to but once we call a really nice, professional, ultra cool.

Unknown Speaker 59:08
We actually found that one negative one thing

Unknown Speaker 59:11
you found at one that wasn’t listed Christine Jorgensen. So that was interesting in the searching is the library or two people.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
And that turned out to be a couple.

Unknown Speaker 59:28
Yeah. Roland read. They did a very short steps starting October 1, and then they finished up the following summer.

Unknown Speaker 59:39
So I’m trying to find they also ran. We haven’t been able to find the pitcher. But they ran a bed and breakfast a paper that I’ve been asked to so I’m going to be researching as to since we’re doing the best we can on some of these names are just hitting a wall. We’re hoping

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
that we could possibly

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
find out when they graduated or something. And then I’d look for family members we’re doing we’re going that route. And we’re also looking for possible graduation nurses, maybe a picture. And people are is a lot like that. But But particularly, particularly because the yearbooks are not sorted, you have to do that. If you can have a guesstimate, where what year they were in, we can at least know that we’re trying to investigate pictures, it’s really difficult on someone probably posted a wall next it can’t find a picture.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
With John anyway, it’s just asking you to continue to just search for Gail, Sylvia Ortega and pencil, because that would still be within the timeframe, they would likely have photographs in their archives. It was easy to find

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
really recent to do a

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
specific date of publication to put into and it’s like I get that. But they do expect a credit to be listed

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
Bobo by

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
Joshua black and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
courtesy of St. Louis museum they expected Thursday.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
I think that’s absolutely. I have no problem with that. So we didn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
get a chance to meet again to be able to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
come on. Right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
And to make progress on potentially putting together

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
we’ve got a lot of stuff going on. What are you thinking?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
Janet, you still you still in or after last time?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
That library?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
She was good. You did research?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
hours and you roll over your chair? Oh, I already did that. I have all the information. Like oh, I’m sorry. I did that. I’m like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
yeah, I didn’t know you’re looking at the same one. And I apologize. Yeah. So what can it calendar dates, guys? Could we possibly work on something like that? And if we could work on something maybe the end of April. I can do the 2026. Good morning night. It’s open. breakers out.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
When we just decided not to do that make for them. Depends on everybody here. Just a few. That’s a really bad week for

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
everybody. It’s just

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
because it’s three or more. That’s why it’s different. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
It has to be someplace with access to the public. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:30
we can meet a vibration. And I know that’s about for you. So we can meet. Presently, I have to be present. So it doesn’t have to be ideal that have you. But if

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
it needs to be fair, I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
sorry. I misspoke. It needs to be I hear that that’s a rough. It’s a rough.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
Simple set. It just has to be.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:07
So I think that’s going to be That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
it perhaps if it’s Eric Mason, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
We’ll see if we can work with you because they’re working with us on futures. Would that be

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
doable, actually, because being my colleague, again, because it’s that’s likely behind anything more because he has access to unfortunately, the libraries remodel. He has access to the microphone. He has it in New Zealand, but they also have a library which we don’t have access to the library right now, of course, remodeled. So it doesn’t make sense to go to museums and archives. Never we checked. I didn’t ask him and typically I think the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
appropriate person to involve in the meetings into dedicated staff days is that as a person city has funded to provide this group support. And that should be the person that that is the person who at least did it very well. Not able to commit other departments, staff members, for their busy schedules, and what they’re doing. It’s there’s a lot of staff shortages going on around the city, and people are flexing a lot of time. So the person with the most availability and accessibility

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
can say something that you can be available for the first week of May would be better The only issue

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
would it be okay, if we met without you to work on the pictures?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
I didn’t know I was. But, yeah, for us, for something like that, I can usually find time. I couldn’t bring up something just slightly, because we brought it up three times. Now. It’s like we have to have the, you know, the I guess it’s the Open Meetings. Are has the app, has our board been granted? Regulatory rights. We have delegated. We’ve been delegated to make decisions by the city. For everything we do is just advice. Okay. I don’t think we’re covered by that one. And because I was reading this real quick, I might take this quick. So I don’t make this go on. But then it says any local body, it may be covered in the here’s the definition of a local body that’s covered. Any board commission or other advisory decision make decision making body of a political subdivision of the state or any entity that has been delegated the government decision making function. Have we been given a function for you are an advisory board? Right. Right. But it’s not it doesn’t say all Advisory Board says with the with that has been delegated? We have not been I mean, if we pick a vendor to do the driveway out there, and they bid $8,000, we can’t just write them a check. It has. We’re not we don’t have we can’t commit funds, decision making. Yeah, so we don’t so really, we’re not covered by the you have to find the legal counsel for the city or

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
any city employee.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
Yeah, but I don’t know if they read it the right way. I mean, I was reading it right off this last summary that has been delegated the governmental decision making function. That’s what it says. Unfortunately, we took it to the city to get attorney and fish does he know, though this attorney know that

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
none of the advisory boards make decisions. We’re bound to follow the sunshine boss.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13
That makes no sense to me. I thought you name it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
I thought the same thing. I didn’t get to I don’t know he did say it can be any city employee. Okay, fine. We’re not making decisions. We’re not you’re running, again, is a win for the court that indicates that we should be able to.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
So I’m going to interject, I’m going to ask that. You allow us to get additional clarification. Because our clarification, your clarification we did person come back at the next meeting and report on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
So it’s right.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
On this particular one, and again, there’s a lot been taken on and there’s a lot coming up. So unless for some reason, and I don’t there’s a need to have this done. In the next couple of weeks that we’ll get back to this one. With the answer you’re looking for the next week, which hopefully will be the next week. And well, it kind of hope. But then we get back to it at that point. That would be my recommendation so we can have clarification and not just debated here.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
Yeah, I wrote I wrote about clarity on meanings for committee projects for special projects. My understanding was that if we were meeting to do a project and we weren’t doing business as a board that that was okay. So we’re We’re going to go back and get clarification.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
When you spoke with him, he said, the likelihood that you’ll get together and work on a project not discussing anything in regards to that is that way. So our stance is, you will, our stance is and he said, This is not supposed to be this, my job to be working with our stance is that we will have to follow the same rules and regulations of everybody else in the city. And that is that you cannot if you meet with more than a quorum of eight point, you have to post the meeting. And a small, it’s not that big of a deal to state that you’re working on pictures, that’s and then you have to have a staff person present. But Kathy’s very busy house, that kind of work. And he said, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have to be as long as it is a sin.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
But the point is, there is another body. So I’m the body. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
I’m not I’m not arguing this.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
This is my point. I don’t want to let’s, let’s not get into an argument, because we don’t we don’t get our understanding is slightly different. I haven’t had a personal conversation with our attorneys, our advisors, unfortunately, become the boss of us in a lot of cases, but they are their advisors. And I would like to go back and get some good clarification that maybe can add us some flexibility. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
I appreciate that. But I really do. I’m just, I’m just reiterating what

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
I’m a firm believer in the printed word. And I’m just going by their definition of a local body decision making, we are not going to hear that very clearly in print.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:51
I hear that I hear the word advisory in the front of it. And then that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
that’s like a definition of that advisory

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01
advisory board, you’re not commission is written decision.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
Says that has been missing that phrase. So as your board that has been granted.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:14
I’m not already all your material in the past, they’re going down a different path and the one that you guys discussed. So we really just, we’ll get let’s go get some more.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28
That just made it so much

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
easier. So we’re table features set a special meeting for committee till next month. Is that right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
Yes. So I’ve got I need to have a motion put in place about this discussion and until next

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
time, this for next month

Unknown Speaker 1:13:01
later. All right. Moving on to scrapbooks.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:15
I’m just putting together things that there was an article that JCPenney in the guidepost Magazine this month, and didn’t mention the count. But it was a speech in his hometown of Hamilton, Missouri. And also, I was just going through like JC infection, her photo. Whose wife she was here.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
Well, you’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. About Callahan. Yeah, sorry. That’s not enough coffee. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
Anyway, big filthy misery. But anyway, just been going through some of my files. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
also, I brought in you know, even the brochure or the recreation brochure that has advertised I’m just trying to gather some of those things to add to the scrapbook. When I

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
shut it anteus Did anybody get you any the pictures only put the sign up?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
Because that would be great. Yeah, we’d go back to do some years to catch up.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
I think. I also have pictures from when the DeVito was put out.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
Except through 13 I think

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
last year was signed was essential. Yeah, I think We came on board. I think they have the beautiful little clipping from the recreation brochure, with your picture and your background and you’ve been coming on board and your introduction.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
Anyway, those kind of things are throwing together still and I needed to find out. First of all, if I need to buy another new scrap or you know, the official scrap of materials do you need to tell me what they purchased? Personally I can promise that we are friends. In one of the

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
old minutes, I was reading from meetings, it looks like Ron’s print shop.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:59
They did. They did

Unknown Speaker 1:16:03
the little sign there. The plaques that are on the front of the

Unknown Speaker 1:16:07
print shop is now Minuteman. Oh, it’s all bronze, but it’s measured now. I don’t think we should make those plaques until we know what that particular

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
Yeah, that’s definitely should it but it’s good to know where they came. I thank you for that, though, when they were doing that before. And then just you know, I’ve got a ton of

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36
scrapbook. You know, insert papers and doodads and stuff already that I’m ready to get rid of for sure. So I’ll supply some of those things. The last thing I was gonna add was hearing growing, I have that article. Yeah, that article. Did you say I have the actual newspaper?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
Yeah, it actually

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
copies too. I thought it would be just the agenda I would like to have make posts that are of things from the board to Karen from her peers because she was our first years literally and was always made sure that Intel support was part of the city council for different things and I just really appreciate over the years so

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38
so let’s let’s make a motion that we do a special thank you to the team

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
I move that we send a special thank you to Karen Rooney growing for all her efforts over the years and we have as liaison

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07
all the finger I also think that we should maybe presented with some flowers or something she coming? Well, the bottom line is, since we know she’s coming out of your

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
cover letter, then she comes out wise, just

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
be following other people

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
at the table

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
like that, if she’s dying,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:49
then we’ll do the letter and that we’re in a holding pattern.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:58
So do you want me to write

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
that’s that should be a draft to draft or draft or you can share it and if you would prefer to do that or as as secretary who normally falls on Karen, that you say

Unknown Speaker 1:19:22
is that you work with that?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
So I prefer to do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:28
I’m glad to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
Okay. I’ll get ready to digitize, so, part of my time in the archives. I also was making good use of the time and asked him about how can you properly digitize scrapbooks and do something online auction site like what you’ve done for the city of books, because I brought in former for myself, at least while mine is like living in San Jose, why would cut yourself but he said there’s a book scanner in Denver Public Library and arrange to

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
get your use of fat.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
Also, let me check in with some archivers groups that I stayed connection. And then he got back to me is that a suggestion from one of our favorite groups was that we use a digital stand to photograph each age scrapbook and our app. And then we can consolidate them. I said, Okay, that’s that’s a wonderful idea. He said, You can organize the coloring pages, because these pages aren’t numbered. How am I supposed to make an index for that scrapbook that doesn’t have page numbers? Well, he says, you can, as a group, decide where you’re going to want to put your patient number on my corner of center, he sent us a letter and be consistent with the page numbers stay within the book. So that the book is numbered, one through whatever the next book begins one through whatever. And then I said, Okay, that’s what do we do about dark colored pages? Because we’ve dark background pages, led me not show us the white? So I’d shared that with Connie, to make sure that everyone to hear about that business. Excellent. advice.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:47
Thank you, Karen,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
I find that it helps eliminate the issue of

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
having to go to the Deborah

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
work, that would be essential. So that’s, that’s a great, great thing is that we can just get a digital camera to do that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
I have a house. And the issue is having a copy stamp. I used to do this with students years ago, but we did the above. It’s a stand up to the cities in place at the print shop. Personal cringe shopping

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
that shows and it didn’t.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:31
I wonder if Makerspace something like that. It’s such an old technology, but it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
well, you’re good lighting. Good. So that you don’t get shadows and stuff or layers

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
call I was 12 and see if they still here

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
I would I would bet there’s a modern digital camera options for such people take care to be attached to official pictures of food all the time. Imagine you just have to find the right sort of person

Unknown Speaker 1:23:15
themselves that option or?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
Well, that’s what I was thinking to talk to our department you certainly have a ton of feet. We used to have that with our hands.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:30
So so that’s a thought for the committee to contact. It’s a great and safe

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
option is there anything that we need to discuss more on that scrapbooks? Open Houses

Unknown Speaker 1:23:52
so Artwalk

Unknown Speaker 1:23:55
we have

Unknown Speaker 1:23:59
worked out for 1620 30.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:08
years but that was that morning? Yes. All right. Everything we have going on staffing models. much pressure on booking facilities is my recommendation for go stick with the September the actual art market. So that’s my recommendation based on what we know about staffing levels. It’s our intensive training academy. Extra temporary help over time. That was our intent before COVID We had some success with it COVID happen how we’re in a different world we are incredibly we have heard of raising the minimum wage. I wish we had that. Okay, well we can A couple of sites that so that’s actually happened in Sydney on May 2 For champs, which is wonderful, we will start opening things. But we don’t have any avenues to help her out with almost anything beyond are in Jackson. So trying to take on another firewall. My recommendation that we do not this year was

Unknown Speaker 1:25:28
staffed by

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
Yeah. But I have to be here too. Yeah, it looks like we’re going to work every weekend during the sun. So that’s that’s what I’m talking about, and waves through the last time of the evening.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
We also but it’s my understanding, we’ve also always done ice cream social in that climb for about every three years.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:53
Yeah. Always is.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:55
And I’m not talking about I’m talking about this year, I hope we are much better next year. And then added that we’re trying to get our RFP going. Again, I’m not talking about any stage, I’m talking about this year, there was a lot of pressure overriding concerns, division C, multiple people, just pressure on down the line. It is my request. skip this one.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:36
Well, I’m hoping after this year that all of the pent up demand for events will start to to ease so that we’re not booked every weekend. Mike, it looks like we’re going to be for the summer.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
And we don’t want to give up a revenue

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
event in lieu of free events. So we definitely want to stick with revenue generating events. One thing I think I talked about last month that wasn’t overseen, but there is a possibility of middle of having an open house. And I know people I cannot go downtown on a Wednesday, and that’s a possibility.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:20
And we did that so yours was on board before we did one each month, some an open house at different times, they weren’t just connected to art. So that people who don’t like this morning, when was definitely when was the code thing, and it wasn’t attached to eat thing. And it was strictly a walk through kind of open house type thing. It was good. It was good because it we advertised it you know, but it was one of those things that gave something to do with

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
and we have such a much bigger Facebook presence now, you know, we could put some advertising out there and probably get through our Wednesday night or

Unknown Speaker 1:28:06
I on the same lines, I contacted all my friends

Unknown Speaker 1:28:13
from the

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
from the lawn mowed down turf development, and they he has sent us a list of conferences or events that are going to be going on that I got from Okay, right. And I spoke with him in the sense that

Unknown Speaker 1:28:35
if we did have an open house, they wanted to be able to support us in that case they listed in their events, what was going on as well. And I said well you know the bottom line is we’re talking to board and looking at dates and making sure that you know things are going on at relatively the same time so we’ve got different events that are going downtown that can maybe we could piggyback our our events on that and so he printed up tend to the states here in the US also had on the email

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
Yeah, it’s been like this for two weeks. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:23
Cool. Now,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:25
I really love the idea. house other than just the Artwalk inception and extending and more over one more time do something other than our watch such as

Unknown Speaker 1:29:45
okay, this is one of the ones like the second second Saturday in June is going to be Longmont Pride festival. And then we’ve got also the fair that’ll be going on in it It’s generally the last Saturday in July or the first Saturday of August. needs to be in the community. This is the fourth Friday and August. So maybe we look, I understand things are very busy. I understand that they would look at having a open house. Yeah, either.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:24
I won’t support the gym, and we’re working every weekend in June. So we’re not working that Saturday. That’s the only Saturday of June that we’re not working. Okay. So if you want to bill see my family when they’re off once a while. I understand.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
When we and I’m shooting off with a fourth Friday, the fourth Friday in August unity in the community, we could do

Unknown Speaker 1:30:55
something example close to the other than I tried to tell that week my niece is getting married on the 25th.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:07
Yeah, I It’s I like the idea because it’s an opportunity for us to have some outreach to the community. And in more than just the regular standard, or the standard Artwalk. And the love the idea of having different tunings update, which is for different individuals in the community who have different schedules to

Unknown Speaker 1:31:36
work go to that.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:38
Nice, I think it’s a nice thing that we should try to offer. And it is it is staffed by camping, and the rest of the rest of the board is what’s really stopped that event. So it’s doable. And I think that it’s a good thing because it provides that extra community outreach, and involvement, and forming, informing them of the exciting things that are about to happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:14
Do you want to, we can go back and look legit, we’ve done it possible. To spend some time, look at that we can get back to it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:32:31
well, and we’re the best vehicle for advertising, something like that. It’s Facebook and constant contact. And those we only really need a little bit of notice. We don’t need weeks or months of notice. Or spontaneous.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:45
Yes. That’s which is great. I just thought it was great that it anytime that we can work together as a community, I think we’re willing to invest and listening to, too. They’re not trying to sell anything. It’s all about just sharing information. And so the bottom line is I thought it was a very nice outreach. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:33:17
I do care to shut up the day, I really, really do. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:33:21
all we have to enter the events ourselves. So there, they don’t enter them, we have to go in on their site and submit the events.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:29
While I’m not sure if we’re able to do this summer, I do this

Unknown Speaker 1:33:33
week. It helps us in scheduling for the future. And this is one of the things that we’re looking at for the full year agenda in July.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:46
The other point I would make, though, is making commitments for the summer before we know what the event schedule looks like is premature. So we can talk about it in January and we get set tentative dates. But the agreement has always been that for these open houses and free events that if we get an opportunity to do a revenue event on that day, that that Trump’s set

Unknown Speaker 1:34:08
to free events. I understand that Kathy, I

Unknown Speaker 1:34:10
just don’t think it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:34:11
about this. It’s still useful to do tentative. That’s all. So, um, so basically so if you get back to that, yes. about setting a possible open, not necessarily Artwalk but open house in July or August would be great. During the week. We will look at schedules, but not to

Unknown Speaker 1:34:48
not in August. I have this we have the schedule. September 10. Right. It was too early.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
It would have to be the first step we’ve gone into

Unknown Speaker 1:35:08
Okay, moving on to future house restoration and preservation projects

Unknown Speaker 1:35:12
certainly aren’t walks up to retail. In the past, I was coordinated with all the artists, so I’m just throwing this out there for everybody here. If you have a favorite artists, anybody, you know, let me know, don’t promise notice that we do for for turns out to be really nice number artists so we don’t you know, and we don’t want to have four photographers, we only have four watercolors. So if you know somebody who maybe might be interested, could you just ask them like, Would you be interested but don’t promise some spots. If we’re kind of trolling, it’s not trolling. That’s really what we’re doing. I do have artists that I’ve, you know, we’ve had in the past, and I, I’d love to call some of them too. But it’s always nice to get somebody new. I was a pleasure to bring a new person in who hasn’t display their art before. So I’m just throwing it out there to everybody. If you have a relative friend, somebody at your church or anybody, just ask them if they’re interested, that’s as much as you have to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:15
I’ve got Okay. All right. Moving on to future costs, restoration and preservation projects. Again, I think we’re gonna have

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32
I don’t want that table this, but that until you know, me, this continued to be an issue. Any comments? I’m sorry. So basically, immediate for the,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:51
for the house to be able to identify future, house restoration and preservation projects. Obviously, we’ve talked a little bit about something that we’ve noticed outside, like the wrought iron fences have been on the north, and then there’s a tree growing into the foundation. It did talk to Tory about that. And he said he’s willing to do whatever needs to happen if the treatments to be removed. He’s on board. I think his expectation would be that the city would take care of that. So there’s going to be details that would have to be worked out. But at least that the nice thing is is that these agreements? Sure, no problem. Clearly it is growing into damaging foundation. So what needs to be done?

Unknown Speaker 1:37:43
Now I think there’s walkthroughs. And creating our to do list is a good idea to have. But we’ve got a lot on our plate right now with the current brands. Getting that going first. So before we actually start future house restoration projects, I think we should work on it. Okay. Honey, do list is fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:07
I think this is one of those things, it’s about forgotten by walking around the projects, or I noticed that we’ve got electrical cords that run this way in that way, and then come out to the busy going one

Unknown Speaker 1:38:20
that was just for the Christmas, like

Unknown Speaker 1:38:22
I understand. But now they’re down. Okay, but let me finish that. The point is, while we’re working on the grant project, we’re doing certain aspects of doing the driveway, if one of our projects and I think it would be a wise idea would be lighting, we should consider putting an avenue underneath the concrete now before the concrete is poured, or fixed or anything, so we couldn’t have run electrical couplers

Unknown Speaker 1:39:00
he was just a matter of writing conduit there does that all the time when we stick we have pipes under concrete everywhere in case he ever wants to run a light somewhere. That’s really not huge.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:10
But but it’s a forethought project. But because we don’t think about it, we don’t do it. And then then we’ll undo any of the work that just got done. It’s an afterthought, as an afterthought, oh, we shouldn’t have done that.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:23
If this is that type of thing. We want to disrupt any work. That’s, that’s already done once so we’d want to get in get that done beforehand.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:32
So it’s, it’s all about just the forethought aspect. I don’t know that we don’t. Since we can’t have a special walkthrough. I think maybe as board members, maybe this might be the one safe once the item or ones or twos let’s walk through and then make list of actions. That work.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
That’s possible. We’re five years out I’m planning for, for some budgets. And we’re one year out. I’m planning for other budgets we did put in an item in the CIP for repainting the house as a placeholder, because at the moment, that’s probably all it’s going to be, but we at least, with least stab at it. And some of the other stuff, we don’t need to like, go get money for it, because it’s smaller, like fixing that. This is you had a breath? Give me that person. I’ll make a call.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:32
Well, that so those those are like, yes. So those are like the little things that and the repaired dominant that I’m working on that that would be something that’d be like, okay, perhaps this isn’t a CIP item. But something that needs to be taken out

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
early, take care of stuff like that. We don’t I don’t really need the board to tell me what needs to be done on some of that stuff. I’m working on it. Right. You know, and we have the funds to do it. Yeah. So I think this is something we should probably table till the fall, and have a discussion and just make a wish list. And here’s, here’s some things we think we need to address coming up in the next however

Unknown Speaker 1:41:13
long that honey? Yeah, well, so I tell

Unknown Speaker 1:41:17
you do and supplements which, because we can’t

Unknown Speaker 1:41:27
we just the budget for the city for the house gets moved to the city for 2020.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:35
It’s gonna get submitted in May. But it doesn’t really include things like that. We have a very small repair and maintenance budget, to take care of things like that. But we do not have any operational budget budget at all. The only way we have budget to do things like that is if we have events, the only thing that really gets submitted to the city for approval is my salary and benefits. That’s the only funding that we get regularly out of the general fund budget. No, Jacqueline’s not funded, Jacqueline is every everything else, paper clips, toner, repairs, paper plates, Jacqueline, all of that comes out of the event.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:21
So she’s an employee of the city is not included. We have mental

Unknown Speaker 1:42:26
operational budget, I submit, basically, the only two line items in our budget, that are fixed, are my salary and my benefits. I submit a budget that says here’s how much I think we’re going to make. And here’s how much I think we’re gonna spend. But none of that is guaranteed unless we do events. So so it’s all going like this, and not based on what we did over over three years. And I’m not including 2020 in that number, based on the trajectory of our events, here’s how much I think we’re gonna make. And then I say, Okay, if we make that much than here’s how much we can spend. And that and that’s all it is, if none of those numbers are fixed, do not get another dime from the general fund for funding for the house, except for my salary and benefits.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:17
Okay, so no line item at all, for maintenance,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:22
repairs, we put in a number, but it’s based on the assumption that we’re going to make money on events. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:29
which I understand that you put it in a number. The issue is asking for it. And I, I, I’m going to, in my head clarify this again, just speaking out here. We can always ask doesn’t mean we’re going to get no reason why we’re going to ask is because we want to ask for it. So we can then create on a grant proposal that we asked the city for such repairs over a certain period of time we’re not getting they don’t have it in their budget. And that’s not a negative, they just don’t have it in their budget. We’re not going to get funding for that. Can we please would you please consider us for this. It’s just the taste for a time

Unknown Speaker 1:44:15
to identify this issue. The city may or may not have found and we may or may not do fundraising within the community to

Unknown Speaker 1:44:24

Unknown Speaker 1:44:27
those survivors. But it is people living in the house. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:36
Which which is exactly what we’re talking about. So So then if we would just which is great, which pregnant but when we you will walk through and you will get certain things. Okay, that’s the point. We’re also got certain aspects on maybe certain things on the carriage house that you’d like to put on getting a temperature listed Gather, see that we can get that to you and say, Look, these are the things that we’d like to budget for is our suggestion and advice that we budget for those doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be added on that would be great. If you don’t even aware of it, how in the world or we didn’t even have the discussion.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:21
And that’s fine. It’s fine. We can have a list of things to every year while I tried to add something, and we That’s why I already agreed, if you see something, say something, right. That’s it. That’s a given. But bigger, overriding things. That can, to me that can wait till fall. And you guys do a dual monitor, and find that out. We’re putting in a CFP now. So you don’t, you don’t, the general idea is you don’t want to put in the time. We want to try to put into things and try to do that. Send in a bunch of stuff, it’s just gonna get kicked back out. That’s one that needs to be done. It needs to be

Unknown Speaker 1:46:13
completely get. So if we table this until August, because it brings us to

Unknown Speaker 1:46:21
the fall logic cycle doesn’t start until

Unknown Speaker 1:46:24
no scheduling a special meeting so that we can do I make a little list

Unknown Speaker 1:46:33
for the August agenda. But in the meantime, if you have things so to me, I’ll start adding to my list.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:44
Right, so we know the tree Foundation, we know the wrought iron fence. We know that the ceiling in the dining we know, these are those damaged nado house. You know that, you know, when we took the guys from white up to that we had, there’s there’s that that’s there. The floor has damaged too. So there’s there’s all kinds of things that we just do need to understand it would be appropriate, not that we’re expecting anything to come out of the city. But if we don’t identify the things where we need to pay attention. How can we

Unknown Speaker 1:47:35
or should we? What can we use as a vehicle for this? I mean, just send you an email.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:42
How would you mind you sent me an email? Okay, I’ll start me. I mean, I have a list. Yes. Okay. So one way at it. I mean, there’s been lots of repairs and lots of things taking care of them. And we and we just we do it as we have plenty to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:57
Just it’s just great. I just think that that we need to be aware of what, what needs to be worked on. And that’s Hoback in the list together and been working on it as a group, just so we have it just happened. So I need to have a motion that this item gets tabled until August. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48:26
I knew we tabled the talk about future house restorations and preservation projects until our August 2.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:35
Go ahead. All in favor, aye.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:41
All right, moving on to new business retreat.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:51
We do need to finish up getting our procedures are figuring out at least if we could just get through the agenda passed. That would be amazing. So we can get to our procedures or or

Unknown Speaker 1:49:14
Oh my apologize.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:19
But I would like to set up a special meeting to get through it. I do not believe we have time. Or given time during our working we’ve just got too much. And that was just Russians. So that’s like anybody else.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:38
I actually would rather see us set aside 1015 minutes and I think we’ve got through the bylaws except for one or two small items, I think and as far as the actual second part about the procedures, you know the actual job procedures. I had a brainstorm I like it, but I was thinking out We all kind of know have a specialty of what we do. here and right here. So great secretary, you’re

Unknown Speaker 1:50:06
a great chairman, you’re a great DOER

Unknown Speaker 1:50:10
of things, getting bids and stuff Artwalk you’re good historic, why don’t all of us individually at our own time at home some time, right to write a procedure for what we do write a procedure, first thing

Unknown Speaker 1:50:24
is our chair, and you can write a procedure for being

Unknown Speaker 1:50:25
chairman. Right? You know, you actually kind of had something in the last one that all those steps for getting better. And then they’ll have all those already written, a springing to board meeting, and we can just, you know, breeze through one or two at a time. There’s no we’re not under the gun. We’re not under the gun in any way, we can get them into that three ring binder. At a time before the first of the year, I would say people come in. And that would be don’t have to have a special meeting to you know, everybody knows their thing, they can get it written down easier. And then all we have to do is critique.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:02
I appreciate the approach, I think we should allow just a little bit more time because 10 to 15 minutes isn’t going to cut it at all, and that we’re not even per person. But I think we’re on the same path.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:16
But I just I never really, really been asked to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:20
What I would suggest, though, for today and for timeliness of things is that we go ahead and put this into the agenda for me, because obviously without Janet present, she couldn’t be here to voice what she might say about that. Or if we’ve said, Okay, let’s, let’s go ahead and meet separately in a special meeting, she wouldn’t be here to tell us which. So can we just put this into the next two months, but I do appreciate it. I like your idea and your thought

Unknown Speaker 1:51:56
about it a little bit. But everybody knows what they do when you put it into words pretty easily.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:03
So let’s let’s go to this family with this.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:06
My suggestion I’ve been on that too, is that we only formalize things that we really need to formalize we we’ve been very successful running these meetings fairly informally. And I think we have

Unknown Speaker 1:52:20
I’m laughing because we’re so restricted now that it’s really challenging.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:25
I understand that. My point is, we we don’t need to make a rule for everything. You know, I think we need to have guidelines, right? Just bullet points. Yeah, just guidelines and bullet points. And, and I just think and the other thing is every board, and every set of members takes a different approach to things. And I don’t think for the reader, the rules of procedure. And the Rodgers rules of orders are for boards that have lots of contention, and boards and groups that have lots of contention, and they need to have a set of rules to run the meeting by because things get out of hand. Right? I don’t think that’s the case here. So I, you know, every every chair person takes a different approach to leading every secretary takes a different approach to taking notes, every historian is going to put their own flavor on keeping track of the history that each person is right. Yeah, he points

Unknown Speaker 1:53:22
to, to an extent of what you’re saying. But I think it’s important that we have a set of guidelines that is there that we have reviewed and looked at the bottom line is this is a task that technically just need to go through it. It’s a little bit of housecleaning, nobility necessarily. It’s not exactly fun work. But the bottom line is, don’t think it’s a bad idea. And it’s been there, and still will house claim on it. And looking at looking at at how threatens, I understand that each board will choose to do things the way they choose. Point is just to clarify. So we’re going to do this in January. So we have a bit more of a pipeline.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:15
That’s highly what it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:16
So it’s about setting agendas and

Unknown Speaker 1:54:22
agendas and getting to the sub word agreement about the same point. And one of the things we didn’t get to is the setting of the agendas and how I would like to have committee meetings just set up the agenda a little bit different slightly different. So we can get the meeting down to a more reasonable that’s so if we’ve got committees out there that can talk then they get bored or they don’t have to get back to that

Unknown Speaker 1:54:51
thing. So that’s

Unknown Speaker 1:54:54
just a simple thing that I would like to discuss. So

Unknown Speaker 1:54:58
the time it All right, we’re gonna have to push this to

Unknown Speaker 1:55:04
old business and put it on the agenda for next month, if I can capture the motion table, the retreat, this agenda item on the agenda? Can I get a second? All in favor? say aye. Moving on to

Unknown Speaker 1:55:39
the flower, the sign in the flower bed.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:44
Obviously, this is the old 2018 design. And since then we have talked about potential plantings and suggestions. And some great suggestions. What I might suggest at this point is that would you like to leave this project? I mean, be in the green thumb that you are and the experience that you have? Would you like to take on helping to select what might be nice?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:20
I have a suggestion to I think, I’ve thought about this a lot. And perennials tend to have a short bloom period. That’s not true for all of them. But in general, they have a surplus period. And I think the fine ought to look nice from the first of June until we get the first hard freeze. So I’m not sure we shouldn’t just put annuals in that bed. And continue the theme out there that we have of the pinks and purples and whites, and maybe do King Coleus and begonia that’s just something that’s going to look nice, all summer long, as opposed to something that’s just going to be seasonally pretty

Unknown Speaker 1:57:02
would that affect the budget now another how many square feet of

Unknown Speaker 1:57:08
I don’t think it’s a big deal. Okay. And it’s perks budget I don’t disagree that we do. The more annual flowers but I

Unknown Speaker 1:57:34
can do a border printing inside. I love that miracle. Miracles are great. They’ve moved

Unknown Speaker 1:57:39
to a three Yeah, I don’t want to do America, or orange, or orange. County yellow mouse

Unknown Speaker 1:57:46
plans that to the lovely and beautiful green dots here. They’re mainly for the Grand Prairie.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:55
And I liked the fact of adding some some greenery in there for the depths of the flower. So the colors do pop. And I like that idea of miracles. And we can do them in yellow. We don’t have to do worry, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:11
You know, but we’ve had really good luck with begonias. petunias have to be deadheaded. And they’re in their heads hard to get them to sustain for the whole season. Yeah, so I wouldn’t plant petunias unless she isn’t on the west side, whenever you and I need to figure it out. And I’m working on the flower order right now. So why don’t we just chat and I’ll add some stuff for the bed. And then if we want to do the perennials, we can

Unknown Speaker 1:58:40
we get those quarter panels is nice, especially get them at once, but then fill in an insight of color.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:46
Okay. And I will take it on

Unknown Speaker 1:58:48
because you’d be able to bring back a

Unknown Speaker 1:58:54

Unknown Speaker 1:58:56
Yeah. Well, because it’s good to know we’ve got such a good green thumb here. Yeah, actually.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:03
My past has been discovered.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:06
She used to work here.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:09
I I suggest we let Kathy and Anne come up with plan. C, I just tell you what it is. Yeah, I got a planting diary and they’re gonna plant the garden trust.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:24
Can you just bring back to show us what the decision? Yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:28
Absolutely. Okay, I think we’ve got a we’ve got

Unknown Speaker 1:59:33

Unknown Speaker 1:59:34
Sorry. Yeah. Are you?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:47
Are you okay with this because I can feel it was just

Unknown Speaker 1:59:51
like, okay, because you can object you don’t have to. Okay, okay, but I’ve given you an out here. All right. That’s So moving forward with it with Katherine and Anne, on the process of

Unknown Speaker 2:00:06
moving on to fundraising.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:09
I think that at this point, we don’t have much to speak to fundraising because we don’t know what items would need to fundraise for. You know, I think it starts with the first step of, we need a list. What kind of generally, historic repairs need to happen. This is not this is not technically generally, because it’s a story story, your restorative, historic maintenance, which doesn’t fall under the city’s budget of regular maintenance, like an H back system. So what I think we can’t really say, All right, we’re going to begin to fundraise. Because this is what we need. However, on this note, I do think that using the QR code would be wonderful to open the door for donations for the general purpose, historic preservation administration for the house. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:06
Is it set up that way? The QR code,

Unknown Speaker 2:01:10
the QR code just takes on the website. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 2:01:13
is there any way that with a QR code that we could add in a dose? Donate? Yeah, you can go up to anything right now and check the QR code, and then it brings you information, but it’s like, donate is always button pops right up immediately. It’s like, Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:36
So if somebody comes to you, and they think there’s a QR code, and they say, Would would you like to donate

Unknown Speaker 2:01:42
to the calendar and house Historic Preservation restoration projects,

Unknown Speaker 2:01:47
we did some work in gardens that we need to

Unknown Speaker 2:01:50
circle back and look at and and gardens is coming in and looking at and walking through. And, you know, if I’m going to come in to use the garden, go take pictures, do the $25 donation, or whatever, just, I’m utilizing space. And I feel like I need to do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:10
Question. Would you be interested in helping with redesigning email how the QR code came from? Does it also hang on the porch over on the side?

Unknown Speaker 2:02:21
It was I can put it back up now that we don’t have masking requirements. Let’s see. Oh, yeah, we use some for mask requirements signs for a while.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:30
I mean, it’s nice, because it’s very clear, there’s a QR code but um, you want to do something a little bit with that and make it so that it’s not just a QR code that you get, you can send some

Unknown Speaker 2:02:44
great information sign and still have the QR code.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:47
Like can be smaller.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:49
Right? They can be spotted, but

Unknown Speaker 2:02:53
but can you could you put together information

Unknown Speaker 2:02:59
all right. Wonderful idea of yours. And I don’t want to I want to take you. I was doing cyber, because it was a great idea. But I love I love that idea. It will definitely incorporate QR code in it just be a little more welcoming, inviting, but then when people can. So seeing that,

Unknown Speaker 2:03:20
and then maybe one for information about the house second,

Unknown Speaker 2:03:27
because it brings you right to what’s cool about your posts. Right? Yeah, one click on that QR code. And then there’s a little donate button.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:40
The original thought processes give people more information.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:45
But the donate button is easily accessible and readily available for that page of beautiful information about the grounds.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:53
So now how does that donate, but it doesn’t show her

Unknown Speaker 2:03:57
good points. Well, there was somebody when a

Unknown Speaker 2:04:04
we have an app for donations we have a budget line item that literally says donations there’s nothing

Unknown Speaker 2:04:10
so they could a credit card in

Unknown Speaker 2:04:12
Yeah, you can put a credit card number in and donate and it could go straight on with the donations and we can

Unknown Speaker 2:04:19
Why don’t we Why don’t you love it and I have worked on that we already did part of the work we just dropped it went crazy.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:25
That would be wonderful because having the opportunity to have that beautiful information page when they click on a QR code, but right up nice and easy. When is the donate? Now

Unknown Speaker 2:04:38
we have about the layout of the webpages so let us just

Unknown Speaker 2:04:46
put the dollar signs in the corners

Unknown Speaker 2:04:59
yeah, there’s There’s no There’s rule for that flashing things on the website. I’m cheating. I’m just telling you with epilepsy or you know,

Unknown Speaker 2:05:11
that was just so what is it Karen Khan is going to do to the QR code, she suggests to make a sci

Unknown Speaker 2:05:22
fi beautify the Sci Fi the signs that are on the page,

Unknown Speaker 2:05:30
which I thought it was a beautiful idea. So I was like, Yeah, we should definitely do that.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:35
You need a QR code.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:37
Okay, QR code guy.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:40
So that’s it. We’re moving on to other business and like I wanted, oh, I’m sorry,

Unknown Speaker 2:05:46
another business, I have something fun to share another business when

Unknown Speaker 2:05:49
I have something to add to other business quickly. My question is, I’m on to the prestigious group, and my customers group has

Unknown Speaker 2:05:57
been busy collecting and looking at all the documents that they have. And for the next meeting, I would like to formally put into our archives, they have a list of all the stuff questors has donated to the council. And also for two years, they went through all their documents and and have a listing of all the items that they have donated to for preservation in combat house and they would like to have that the other things that they’re busy helping us do, because they are also going through their scrapbooks and looking for house miniature pictures, because they missed out 45 years. So they are looking at at that. And I that was just an assignment. So it pops know, to have on a future agenda agenda as a business is to just have the acknowledgement. The customers are reporting to the board. I am studying.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:04
If I do that, we should include that in the next month agenda, because it’s always at the thing to acknowledge donation,

Unknown Speaker 2:07:13
period. When When will that be ready? Because that’s when it should go on he

Unknown Speaker 2:07:18
just randomly pick the reports ready? Okay, I’m gonna ask that they cleaned it up a little bit more. So then said, then we can just submit it to the board. So you don’t want the next agenda. here so I

Unknown Speaker 2:07:43
have one little fun tidbit, I’d like to share with you all and a wonderful question about what happened to the Dr. Jones. House, in this just this historic search, which has been finally enjoyable. Well, here’s here’s what I can confirm. Because it belongs on ledger Jr. at night to eat. Friday, here’s a little snippet from Friday and Saturday, the old Dr. Jones house at the corner of Terry Street and Third Avenue was moved to the northwest part of this house was an old landmark having been built in 1872. What’s notable about that is that rather than the pelicans just demolishing the home, they removed it. So no question was really spot on to a sparkle of history, that they acknowledged Historic Landmarks themselves. And so again, rather than demolishing it, they had it moved to the northwest part. I’ve spent some time with Eric. Not yet. But I have to check. I checked with the assessor’s office who normally would know when a property is moved from real property land to another piece of real property. Because the value of the structure has to be assessed, and they did not have records that are back, Eric, water records that go that far back. And so the good news is, and we even have a map of the lots of land, and the little structures on the lines where there was infrastructure. And so we’re gonna go and take a peek at the old water records to see the change in the water used for the light. And so anyone who’s interested in enjoying that little history, let me know. Join me at the museum, and we can certainly do he’s even excited about it because he laid that out let me know what you got wouldn’t make it feel the oldest. So if it’s still on that’s cool. So it’s kind of a cool piece of history. I’m

Unknown Speaker 2:10:01
gonna share my brother Callahan. Right? So we don’t need it.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:04
It’s it’s not that is. That is. That is that is what other records property that it

Unknown Speaker 2:10:16
is related to

Unknown Speaker 2:10:17
it’s related board visits to other work business. That’s

Unknown Speaker 2:10:23
why it’s under. So that’s why it’s not require specialty posting. I would like to propose that we decide at the next meeting whether or not we have I’d like to cancel the July and the December board meetings. I don’t know

Unknown Speaker 2:10:41
about that. Can we call that on that? Here’s why. For last year, when that happened in July was canceled. We were it was August, excuse me. July or August,

Unknown Speaker 2:10:56
it obviously canceled, but it was literally a month before we had our water tender, which I don’t know that that was a good choice. And then December was cancelled. I don’t know why.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:07
Because of the pressing business, and we had both the open house and

Unknown Speaker 2:11:14
the luncheon. Yeah. So I don’t know who made the decision to cancel it. But

Unknown Speaker 2:11:20
I don’t remember that. I remember as voting to set that day. And then we ended up it was on the same day as standard on the house. We knew that we said, yeah, it’s gonna be a long day. And then after we consider it to be a long day. Let’s not do that. And then it was a question of Alright, well, Kathy had to check the caterer to find out what to

Unknown Speaker 2:11:43
do. But we voted and sometimes like, I don’t I remember. We did.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:49
No, I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 2:11:50
so. But But and the reason is, is because I wouldn’t have said something at that time, I would have said nobody would have something to talk about. I felt the fact that the grid spin for it. They didn’t want to thank you. And we would have some

Unknown Speaker 2:12:05
I remember specifically, we decided it was it was too long a day to do it the same day as the open house. And then we discussed whether or not we were going to go back to our regular board day. And the answer was no, we were just going to have the luncheon and we vote. So that’s that’s what happened after the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:25
If there so there wasn’t. But anyway, the bottom line is I would like to just keep some stuff because

Unknown Speaker 2:12:35
I don’t think it wasn’t voted on. It was

Unknown Speaker 2:12:37
discussed. I don’t think

Unknown Speaker 2:12:38
that it’s I don’t think it’s appropriate to just cancel things in the future. Likewise, we can’t up and schedule things in the future. You know. So I think we really need to

Unknown Speaker 2:12:50
Well, I would say you need to be more diligent about.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:53

Unknown Speaker 2:12:55
I still think Kathy brought up something for the next meeting to discuss. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:59
that’s exactly going back. So we’ll discuss it at the next board meeting about cancellations of meetings. And we’ll put it on the agenda. Okay. At this point, that was under a future. Okay. So, this point, I think you’re gone through the whole agenda.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:26
There’s no further discussion at

Unknown Speaker 2:13:29
this point.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:31
I’d say it’s 1130.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:36
And we need a motion and oh, did you?

Unknown Speaker 2:13:39
I said it’s 1113 I

Unknown Speaker 2:13:41
move. we adjourn. Oh, I’m sorry to hear

Unknown Speaker 2:13:43
and you’ve got all your job

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