2022-04-13 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Unknown Speaker 0:04
indivisible Christy, can you please call the roll this evening? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Mr. Berthold President, Mrs. Brooks, President, Mr. Garcia, here, Mrs. Quranic here, your martyr President, Mrs. Ragland here, Miss Siegrist. Here.

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Thank you. And Christy, have there been any agenda items or changes to the agenda this evening?

Unknown Speaker 0:34
Yes, we will be removing item 3.1 superintendents Excellence in Education Award says they were presented at a meeting last week.

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Great. Thank you. We’ll make those necessary updates, want to take an opportunity to welcome everyone again to the meeting. It’s great to see all of you here. And as we convene this evening, I’d like to emphasize that the district’s mission statement, and is this board and Dr. Hat adds Northstar, we make all decisions within the context of educating each student in a safe learning environment, so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities, and an environment that is inclusive of every single child. A couple of housekeeping items, if you’re here and you have your cell phone, and you forgot to maybe just just put that on quiet a friendly reminder to do so. And also a reminder that this meeting is streamed live. And if you would like to go back and watch the meeting or any parts of the meeting, you may do so on the district website beginning tomorrow morning. Agenda Item three has been removed from the agenda. And I would like to ask the board if they are in support of moving agenda item 6.1. The Fall athletics and Fine Arts report up as our next order of business. Great, thank you. We know that we have students who are here this evening, and we want to go ahead and allow them to go first so that they can so importantly, Chase go home and work on homework.

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Well, thank you, board Dr. Dead for having us tonight. This is a little bit overdue, but it’s it’s never too late. Certainly. We’re here tonight to talk a little bit about our some of our fall accomplishments from our department via fine arts, performing arts and athletics. And before before we get too far too ahead of ourselves seen I’d like to certainly thank the board for your guys’s role in helping us get through the last year and a half with with our with our department, it certainly has been challenging, to say the least. But we did it. And at the high school level, there was not one event via theater, musicals, concerts or sports that we removed from our programming, we continued with every one of them and, and kids got opportunities in our district. So thank you for for that. Next thing, you know, want to make sure to thank Melissa Lehman and Janae Byrd from our office for for their support. Jackie, certainly. And Brian, you and your team, specifically just here yesterday and helping set up the art show and taking care of our facilities. And I know we leaned heavily on you. So thank you. And lastly, Dr. Had Dad, just you know, the late night calls, the early morning calls before the sun comes up after it goes down. You’re always there for for me specifically but for for our department. And so thank you for for your support and guidance as well. Just a few things, talking about our fine arts and performing arts. Right now. Currently, we are in the middle of our district art show. And it’s good to be back. We it’s been three years since we’ve had an in person art show. We have 59 schools that are present with little over 100 pieces at each school. So we are we are just shy of about 10,000 pieces of art at the fairgrounds. And it is it is a really, really cool event. So I encourage you to get over there and see it tomorrow night will be our open house from five to 630 at the again at the fairgrounds. And please stop by if you have it. It’s it’s a great it’s a great experience. Another thing that we did this year was our first ever theater day that we held at Frederick High School. And it’s an event to attempt to grow our theater programs. We surveyed our theater groups at the high schools last year and some of the middle schools have you know what is what is the anxiety and shut So in signing up for our theater programs, and it’s well, I’m not an actor, I’m not an actress. I said, Hey, we got something for you. So we put together a theater day at Frederick High School, and we blessed kids from every one of our middle schools, about 100 kids over there. And we had our high school theater teachers run eight different workshops. So there’s somebody that ran lights and tech, and then there was somebody that showed how, where the stage is built. And then there’s somebody that did design and then there was somebody did costumes, and then there certainly was the acting class. So with the hopes that we continue to do that every year, it’ll help grow our theater programs as well. So it was it was a great experience. And thanks to Frederick High School for for hosting that for us. We we took over their building for for half a day. So that was a it was a it was a great event. We look forward to that. Next and and our last piece of fine arts for the evening is two days ago, same brain was awarded the NAMM 2022 Best communities for Music Education Award. This is a national award it from a from a music standpoint is the most prestigious award that a high school and excuse me a school district can obtain. It’s an it’s a nationwide presence. This is our second year winning it. contributing factors to it are funding from from the district graduation requirements, music class participation, instructional time facilities performances, just to name a few. And then the research institution of Kansas music is the one that verifies all the requirements to it. And for the second year in a row. second year in a row we were awarded this award and we were the one of two districts in the state of Colorado that received it so it’s it’s pretty prestigious thing for fine arts groups. Next, we would like to invite up a few of our fall athletes that either had been a Player of the Year in their sport or state champion in their sport and or teams that have been state champions, and in this case tonight, national champions so first, I’d like to call up the athletic director from meet high school Chad Eisenerz jogger and his guest

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thank you all very much for having us out. Today. I’m Chad Eisen tracker. This is my sixth year as the athletic director and assistant principal at meet high school and standing next to me is senior outside hitter from youth volleyball, Miss Quincy Coyle. Hi, guys, thank you for having me. Normally, I come up here and kind of freelance what I’m doing. But I was telling Quincy before we came in, she’s accomplished so much in four years that I actually took down notes because I don’t want to miss anything that Quincy has accomplished in her four years in high school. And it comes back to five years ago, I remember at our open house, a woman came up to me and talked to me about hey, my daughter is coming to play volleyball here and meet high school and she’s very good, which every volleyball soccer every parent comes and tells us their daughters very special and very talented athlete. And I said that’s great. We can’t wait to have her. And I thought nothing of it until our very first game Quincy freshman year at Longmont. There’s about 1000 degrees in the gym at Longmont High School and the game ramped up at about 1045. But I can still remember the first time Quincy hit a ball and our entire student section just kind of all turned and looked at each other like oh, that was different. And that was her as a 14 year old. And from that moment on, Quincy revolutionized what need volleyball was about. During that time period, our team finished 76 and 17 during her tenure as a volleyball player in high school. And I want to think about what she is and her relentless determination on the court and how it translated to our team. In close games, I think back to the semi final last year against Windsor High School. And it became a time where all of a sudden at the end of the game, we had our strategies, we had our plans and then at the end of the game, it’s like alright, we’re just gonna hit the ball, the Quincy and we’re gonna see what happens. And that led us to our first ever state championship appearance last year. Down in the world arena in Colorado Springs that Mr. MacBride and Dr. Confusion were able to come and witness us play with the limited crowds they had. And I think about all this and she did all these things the last two years while wearing a mask. I forgot they had to wear masks until Chase just mentioned this and we started going back over that. For last two years volleyball was the only sport indoors. Both seasons, they had to wear masks the entire time. And that at no point ever got in the way of who she was on the court. So during her time Quincy was a four time all conference winner. We went to four straight regional championships and when those we qualified for the state championships four years in a row. We were the state runners up last year. She was Allstate three years. She holds every hitting record and this year said almost every defensive record and meet high school’s history. And this past year she was the first ever female for a state Player of the Year and meet high school’s history for female athletes. So that’s her All like all accomplishments, we’ll give her a round of applause for those things. What makes cue awesome though, is the volleyball part is special. She’ll be I’ll let her you guys can ask your questions about where she’s attending because she can brag about herself for a little bit. But she has so much more to that in the meet community. She supports a GPA of 4.1 with honors and AP classes across her whole transcript. She’s our student body president this year as a senior leading our student council and organizer events. And beyond that she’s also on the academic leader or the athletic Leadership Council that we’ve established as one of our senior leaders for that group. And beyond that, she’s one of the world’s nicest human beings. And she’s everything that meat High School, our community and the st. Rand community would want out of our student athletes as they move on and make our communities and wherever volleyball takes her a much better place. So in three minutes, that is one of the coolest kids that will ever walk the halls and meet high school, the best volleyball player we’ve ever seen locker halls, and like I said, an amazing student and representative of the St. Green Valley community. That is Quincy coil to what we we have her at meet high school. So I hope that was enough. So anyway, any questions for Miss coil?

Unknown Speaker 11:13
How can see Quincy? I believe that we were promised some bragging from you on what your future plans are?

Unknown Speaker 11:21
Um, well, I am going to attend West Virginia University to play the one volleyball.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
I’ll be reporting there June 24.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
So pretty early,

Unknown Speaker 11:31
I’ll leave in about two months. I was fortunate enough to get a full ride there and get into their biology program. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:43
It’s wonderful. Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication. Thank you. Now we wish you nothing but the best in the future. Thank you for being here tonight and letting us celebrate your accomplishments. Do you have any guests with you here this evening, Quincy or maybe somebody watching at home? I have my mom here with me, Laura. Hi, Laura. I’m certain you’re very proud. Yes, that’s wonderful. Moms are the best aren’t that always important to plug mom’s? Quincy. Thank you very much, Chad. Thank you. Also, I can’t believe it’s been six years that you’ve been made high school already. Time is squishy?

Unknown Speaker 12:21
No, I have a five year old daughter now. And I didn’t have that when I started this job. And I just got I just ran from a first grade choir concert at meat elementary school. So I it’s been an amazing six years and because of athletes and students like Quincy that it makes it fly by and somehow now I’m a 42 year old athletic director. I mean, high school. I can’t thank you guys for that opportunity every day I wake up. So thank you all very much. Well,

Unknown Speaker 12:42
thank you, Quincy. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 12:52
Next, I’d like to call up calling for the athletic director at lions high school with her state champion.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
All right, thank you for having us tonight. I’m calling forward. I’m the athletic director, assistant principal at lions middle Senior High School. So it’s great to be here. Thank you for having us on the board and Dr. Hat ad. We have some amazing things happening at Lyons all the time. And I’m really excited to introduce Tyler. He’s a new student with us coming from a ways away and I’ll I’ll pass it over to him to talk a little bit about his journey and his state championship experience. And so I just wanted to kind of give you a brief overview of what we’re doing at lions with our athletic programs. We’ve had some really great things happening. Our softball and volleyball teams qualified for regionals this year, our cross country boys team got third place and our girls were fifth into a with our state champion Tyler. And we’ve had some excellence in across the board. We have athletes competing in different teams in our district, we have the opportunity to if we don’t have a program, our kids are able to swim for Longmont and we had a steak comp competitor there. As well as some excellent achievements in wrestling as well. We had a third place wrestler, and a fifth place female wrestler, for me in high school. So we’ve had a lot of great things going on. And we’re looking forward to the spring. So without further ado, I want to introduce Tyler so he can talk to you a little bit about his experience with running and his state championship experiences. So here’s Tyler Coleen. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Hello, thank you for having me. Yeah, like Mrs. Ford said, I came from long ways away. I just moved from New York about five six months ago. And it was a really good transition though. I was really happy with the school and I was able to meet all my teammates. They’re very welcoming and coach Roberts over here and coach Henson. and really helped me a lot. And stay. It was a great experience. You know, I feel like I could have done better, but I was still happy with it. And yeah, I’m very excited to see what the future holds been improving a lot lately. And so, track has been fun. And I’m excited to see what we can do

Unknown Speaker 15:25
does anyone have any questions for Tyler?

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I do. Tyler That’s quite a splash all the way from New York and to have such a successful season. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Thank you very much. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:35
yeah. I’m cute. Why lions? If you don’t mind my asking.

Unknown Speaker 15:42
We saw that they had a pretty good running program. And we wanted we didn’t really want to be in like a city. And it’s kind of you know, it’s kind of hidden in the mountains kind of gives us some privacy. And obviously, like the best roads you could ever have to run on. And so

Unknown Speaker 15:59
that is so true. Those backroads Right, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Met a lot of pro runners already. So it’s been fun. That’s

Unknown Speaker 16:05
wonderful. Well, welcome to Colorado. Welcome to Lions. Congratulations. And do you have any anyone special that you would like to introduce this evening?

Unknown Speaker 16:13
Just my mom and coach Roberts here. Yeah, that’s all it’s here today. So

Unknown Speaker 16:17
hi, mom. Welcome. Congratulations. We’ll say hi to dad too, then. Yeah. That’s wonderful. So thank you, coach Roberts. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:38
All right. Next, I’m gonna call up Joe Brown from nyuad High School. He’s has a few guests with him. So I I wouldn’t even venture to figure out what’s groups he’s got with him tonight.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Dr. Dad, members of the board, Madam President, thank you guys, again, for allowing us the opportunity to come here and, and highlight the great things that our kids do. It’s just, they continue to amaze me every day. So thank you guys for allowing us the opportunity to come back here. First off, I’d like to thank Chase. He does a great job in helping and supporting us and everything that we do. Also Christopher Chu, our area assistant superintendent, Eric Rostov, our principal who’s here tonight, and Brian lamer, who does a lot of behind the scenes work to keep me in line. But also keep our facilities up to date and does such a great job with that as well. So thank you guys for all the stuff that you do. Our first group couldn’t be here tonight. It’s girls tennis season. And our girls tennis coach is also our boys tennis coach, so she couldn’t be here tonight. But Li Chen Liao was our number two single state champion this year as a sophomore. So we’re incredibly excited about the opportunities that he’s going to bring in the next couple of years. Our team finished third at the state championship this year. So we’re greatly looking forward to him coming back and a couple other key parts, so we can continue to build on that in the next couple of years. Next, I’d like to call up, Marissa Purcell, and Mia curry for gymnastics. So Mia, was the individual state champion in the beam this year, she was the state runner up on a member of the State runner up team this year as well. And we’ve heard a couple of times already of the impacts of the pandemic, but one of the toughest ones was gymnastics. It was a really tough thing for them with some of the stuff they went through. But I couldn’t ask for a better leader to be a part of that in our in our gym and helping her teammates as part of that. And she’s just an incredible, incredible young lady. So I’ll turn this over to coach and we’ll go from there.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Thank you, doctor, Dad, thanks for having us the board. I always want to show my appreciation to chase and Joe. This last year and a half, like Joe said, what your masks has been a little rough trying to can’t really do gymnastics with a mask on. It’s not the safest thing in the world. But I’m able to fight that and kind of, you know, perform and then put it back on and keep going and Joe’s and you know, the phone calls that we’ve had had to call him and be there and ask him to do all these things for me. I couldn’t ask for a better athletic director. So thank you. So we’ve been here for years with me. Mia has been a part of a state winning team her freshman year, and then her sophomore junior year, she was the foray all around. gymnast and then this year she won one beam it was definitely the competition was was tough and coming from we finished our season at the end of April and then started right back up again in August, so there wasn’t a lot of off time or recovery. So she did phenomenal. She led our team to help lead our team to being the runner up. And so she even kind of want to go into some other things that she did. She chose to try diving for the first time this year, and made it to state, I believe 13 Plays 13th and diving, and is doing track and field right now. So she really kind of just decided to just keep going, and we talk and text every week, if not every day, and just trying to support her. And so the things that she’s been able to accomplish these last four years, I will miss her, we’re gonna miss her, I will miss her, we’ve been able to create the bond that we’ve been able to share in her and help her grow and to find out what she wants to do. You know, after high school has been fun and, and the team will miss her. We’ll miss her and, but I’m excited for what she’s going to be able to do and her future. So I’ll kind of turn it over to her and you guys can ask her questions and let her say a few things.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Hi, thank you guys for having me for the past four years. It’s always felt like such a privilege to be able to come here and talk to all of you. I did want to say thank you to nyuad high school as a whole but especially Marisa and Mr. Brown because it’s a weird thing to have to go from one school that you actually go learn at to a different school where you actually have to go play sports. And I’d also like to thank Mr. Ross club, because I don’t think I’ve had such support and a group of people with sports, even at my school. And I think that’s an amazing thing. Mr. Ross club has sent me a letter congratulating me and making me feel supported. He sent me a letter every year after state and I think it’s a really special thing to be able to have that.

Unknown Speaker 21:55
Any questions for her? Yeah, Mia.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Congratulations. That’s an amazing accomplishment. Thank you. Um, do you have anybody here who’s celebrating with you?

Unknown Speaker 22:07
My dad is here.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Hi, dad. Dads are awesome. Congratulations, Risa coach, Marissa, you know, it’s partly your success, too. So thank you for the incredible dedication to gymnastics. It’s just so encouraging to hear about your success, and then to hear that it’s expanded to other activities. And I’m sure future success for you. Can you tell us your plans for next year?

Unknown Speaker 22:35
So next year, I’m going to be attending Oregon State University and majoring in bio Health Sciences on a pre med track. As of right now, I’m not planning on doing any sports with the school. I’m sure I’ll do something recreational, but

Unknown Speaker 22:48
they might find you.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
But right now, I think I’m satisfied being able to think about my academics even after doing both athletics and academics over all of my years of school, I think it’ll be nice to be able to focus on academics and social life and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 23:13
I’m sure it will. Well, best of luck to you. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you, Joe. Thank you, Eric. Eric’s notes really are the most thoughtful notes you’ll ever get. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 23:24
they and I didn’t even get the chance. I was like, Oh, yeah. But he Oh, he writes those notes. And he puts forth all that effort, because we don’t always get to see him and the support we have with all the girls and making them feel home at home at nyuad is such is great because they are it is a tough situation to walk into the leave a school and then have to come and and juggle that and feel like they’re a part of nyuad. But not you know, so it’s good. And so we have a great support system. And thank

Unknown Speaker 23:53
you so great to hear. Thank you so much. Thank you guys.

Unknown Speaker 24:03
We’re gonna do this next group in waves, because we’ve got our cross country program. And first off, we’re gonna honor our individual boy state champion, Zane, Bergen, Zayn and coach Kelly, you want to come up? Zane is a two time cross country state champion. He’s setting all kinds of records not just for our school, but for our state. And even on a national stage this year. I can’t say enough good things about Zane. He’s a historian. His leadership is just incredible. And how he empowers everybody on the team. And he doesn’t care if you’re the slowest kid on the team, or the second fastest because he’s the fastest, but he’s gonna take care of you the same and encourage you the same. Zane has gone to Stanford, and they’ve got a real winner there. So I’ll turn it over to coach Christiansen to talk about Zane in our team.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
Hello. Thanks for having us here. So we definitely put Vitiate everyone in this room’s time service and energy put into making these opportunities happen for us, and just going to call Joe out quick here, we don’t use the word slow. At nyuad. We have fast, faster and fastest. So just some of those little things matter in terms of vocabulary. But I do appreciate your Joe, he spent three hours in the emergency room last weekend with one of our athletes, who will be up here later, you’ll see her and I guess so above and beyond out of our admin team. And obviously, we appreciate everyone in here that puts in their time away from their families and do things like you’re doing tonight. So that being said, we’ll talk about Zayn, which I think Zayn sick of being talked about. He’s he’s honored quite frequently. We were at the Colorado running Hall of Fame last night, where they recognized him as the the Colorado boy runner of the year. And same was Gatorade boy runner of the year. Some recent things xanes down is a month ago, we were in New York, and it was his first race in three months, and he ran a 402 mile. So we’re not talking about it as a goal. But don’t be surprised if we have a sub four minute miler, here representing our district and nyuad high school soon. So in California last weekend to Iran and 844 3200. So he’s pretty fast. I think some of the more special things about Zayn is just his character and his leadership. And a lot of the times and maybe people don’t understand it, he’ll, he’ll cross the line with his hand on his chest, but he just wants everyone to know, he runs for nyuad. And that’s just his way of honoring the school and the coaches and his team. And like Joe said, it doesn’t matter who it is, he’s going to reach out, connect with them and make sure they feel wanted, and it’s just a great leader. So I’m gonna stop talking and let Zane talk a little bit. But before I do one reason, our gymnastic team feels so welcome at nyuad is because we coin the school at destination school. So we’re used to open the door for about 60% of our students, they’re all coming in open enrollment at nyuad, which we love, which is what Zane did, from Boulder Country Day. Back when his ears were bigger than his head, so, but I’ll let you talk to Zane. And I’ll let you guys and ask any questions you want. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 27:33
Yeah, well, thank you guys for having us. It’s always an honor to come represent our all our hard work. And I mean, I wish I had the boys here with me to take our take our recognition but um, we ended up getting second place this year to the number two nationally ranked team at the state meet this year. And so I just want to recognize I mean, beyond me the the boys hard work this year that they’ve put in and I mean, they they deserve all of it. So give it I give it up to the boys and all of the the hard work that they’ve put in but thank you for giving us the opportunities throughout COVID And all of these challenging times to to have a family and a group to run with because I mean it’s it’s beyond just running fast. It’s about having a group in a family to run with. So thank you guys

Unknown Speaker 28:32
I’m saying congratulations. And I understand it’s probably a demanding and exhausting thing to be in the spotlight so much, but you may as well get used to it. Those are pretty amazing times and going to Stanford next year is a pretty amazing accomplishment. So, way to go. And I would consider almost these nyuad runners like a royal family. Seriously, what’s coming out of there? I don’t know there’s something in the waters.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
That man right there.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
But don’t forget Mark Roberts graduated from high school.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
I didn’t know that. Wow, secret. So I just wanted to talk about your name. Zane Bergen is such a cool name. We can just focus on that great name. Anyway, I don’t want to keep you do you have a parent or somebody from your fans out here today. Hi, dad. Another awesome dad. preference for that’s great. I’m so proud. We’re also proud way to go. Thank you have a great night. Thank you. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
I just want to say something very quickly. I am. I am so amazed by your leadership. The first thing I noticed you never spoke of yourself. You spoke of the team and that is a servant leader to me. So thank you so much for being so so humble and In a leader for your team, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Thank you. All right, next up, we’ll have Eva. Come on. So next is our girls cross country, individual state champion, Eva Klingbeil. Eva won the state championship this year. And Eric and I were standing there together in the stadium there, Colorado Springs and, and we’re waiting, we’re waiting for somebody to come through for somebody to come through. And, and we see it’s an Iowa uniform. And it was Eva. And I think the only person in the area that was more surprised than we were was Eva. And if I correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s the first varsity race she ever won, was in the state championship. And it just shows the tremendous grit that she has, and the determination that she has, and has gone through some injuries throughout the years and, and has really put it together and just continues to excel in so many levels. And it’s just such a another humble, good character kid that we’re so happy to, to have a part of us and we’ll be going to the University of North Carolina, to run there as well. So I’ll introduce coach Christiansen again to talk about Eva, and then we’ll come back up with the whole team.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
Hi, again, Eva’s story is definitely special. She She battled injuries, freshman, sophomore and junior year, figured out all the little things she had to do. We never talked about her winning any race. And the first time we got to see her was in eighth grade and one of our winter club track meats and Coach Mo actually had to watch her run because I wasn’t available. So he definitely gave the impression that Eva would probably never help us. Because she she definitely was not at that time, athletically developed. And sure enough, four years of hard work, dedication and grit. The girl just loves to hurt. And we witnessed that last weekend, she ran 10 flat point two, five and the two mile in California and be the girl that was third in the nation during cross country. And it was the second school record, she took down Elise crannies, who was Olympian. So to say that Eva figured things out at the right time is an understatement. And to be going to Chapel Hill next year, when we were probably thinking of something much different. Last summer is pretty special. So I wish I was as tough as her and had her grit and just dedication and hard work. So I’m gonna let her talk a little bit and let you guys ask questions that you want. But super proud of EVA, Eva went to sunset Middle School.

Unknown Speaker 32:53
I think I definitely really appreciate the program at nyuad. Like, I definitely appreciate having the team that I have and the support I have for my teammates and my coaches. And I feel like that’s what has really allowed me to like develop as an athlete and get better. Because it’s like everybody on the team just wants to see each other get better and they want to push each other to be better. And it’s like we’re all after the same goal. And it’s like we’re all a part of something larger than ourselves. And I feel like running for something more than just yourself is like what makes us so good. And I just really appreciate having that

Unknown Speaker 33:36
great perspective. Eva, thank you so much for sharing that. I’m so are you. I’m sorry if I missed it. Are you going to be running at UNC next year? That’s awesome. Congratulations. Do you have somebody here with you from your fan club?

Unknown Speaker 33:52
No, I don’t just my team

Unknown Speaker 33:55
amazing work are so proud because coach Christian sin Joe again. Amazing work coming out and I what runners Thank you

Unknown Speaker 34:10
forgot to mention last night Eva was also recognized at the Colorado running Hall of Fame. So back over to you Joe.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
The amazing things within our cross country program just continues to shine that we’re going to recognize now our girls cross country team. So ladies, go ahead and come on in. Our girls cross country team this year, did something that’s pretty special. And a lot of it comes from the leadership of coach Christiansen and our whole program. Um, Coach Christiansen was also honored this year as the Coach of the Year by many organizations and it’s it’s truly well deserved. And he will try and run away from any opportunity for us to recognize him for his great accomplishments because he cares so much about these guys behind me. So our girls this year, did the fourth one the fourth state championship in a row For our program, and there’s a lot more of that to come. And the amazing thing that we were able to accomplish this year was they went to running LN and won the National Championship, which is the first time in Colorado history that a team in cross country has ever went down there and won one. And it was just I was able to go down and make the trip with them. And what an incredible experience to see our kids compete on such a high level, and not back down from anybody. So I’ll turn it back over to coach Kristiansund. To honor these fine people behind me.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
I’m not gonna talk as much, I’m gonna let them talk a little bit more than me this time. One thing that’s special about this group is the one one belief we have is there’s no pecking order, meaning that we don’t have a true number one, we don’t have a true number two, and they’re all inners, they can all exchange different places at different times. And they really feed off each other. And I think that was more relevant at the National meet than anything. So at state we had all seven runners finished in the top 14. Six finishing in the top 11 is pretty, pretty special in itself. This is the lowest team average in state history. And then they went on to Alabama to do big things and win the national title pretty handily. So it wasn’t even close. And it wasn’t even, I would say it was probably a mediocre day for them. There were some girls that stepped up and some other girls that didn’t run as well as they had all season. So again, just going back to no pecking order mindset. So I’m going to have them all come up, say if they’re seniors, they can say where they’re going to college. But I’d also like them to say their name, where they went to middle school and where they’re gonna go to college if that’s where they’re at, so and what grade you’re in.

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Hi, my name is Tessa. I went to sunset for middle school. I’m a senior, and next year, I’ll be going to MIT and I’ll be running there. So Hi,

Unknown Speaker 37:06
I’m Sarah. I went to Kc middle school, and I am a sophomore. Hi, I’m Bella.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
I went to block Middle School and I’m a freshman. I’m Madison, I went to peak to peak and I’m a junior. I’m still I went to Centennial. And I’m a senior. And I’ll be going to Princeton next year. I’m Mia. I’m a sophomore. And I went to Platt Middle School.

Unknown Speaker 37:45
I’m Eva, I’m a senior and I went to sunset and I’m going to UNC Chapel Hill.

Unknown Speaker 37:55
So that’s our girls team. Again, just going back to Norwalk being a destination High School. That’s why I wanted them to share where they went to middle school. It’s pretty cool. And that speaks volumes for what our districts doing because we’re still I don’t know if you heard there’s at least half of them that were Boulder Valley School District students in middle school. So St. Vrain definitely is doing some things in the right direction. And if you have questions, we’ll let you ask them. And if they’re directed at anyone, just let us know who

Unknown Speaker 38:27
just it’s just so impressive and to hear all the schools that you’re going to UNC Princeton, MIT, Stanford, this. It’s just amazing. And I know the team, as you spoke about earlier, the team approach the togetherness is so so apparent, and it’s such a huge part of your success. Congratulations. Do you all have family here with you tonight? fan clubs. We’re all family. Yeah. I love that. That’s great.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
We’re just recognize two at that dinner. Colorado. So the Colorado sports women Association, right? Recognized recognized these ladies as the Colorado Team of the Year. So regardless of sport, they were recognized as the Team of the Year in Colorado. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:24
What do you won’t say as Kelly was the coach of the year regardless of team

Unknown Speaker 39:31
coach Christiansen seriously, you’re doing something right. Amazing work. Congratulations. Thanks for being here.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
And that’s I like to joke with Dr. Hidin. A little bit that when I heard Kelly We’ve I put him on my resume now that that we hired him. And I, I’m not joking, though that I actually put him on there. So thank you all for for, again for your support and what you’ve done for us. And I look forward to being back next month with with our winter accomplishments.

Unknown Speaker 40:16
Chase. Thank you. And thank you for all the that you do. And just one more plug for the district art show. I spent some time there last night. Absolutely amazing. St. Vrain is full of so many talented students. It was really cool. Thank you. Thank you. All right. That brings us to Agenda Item four, which is audience participation. Before we begin this evening, I do want to state that the Board of Education values community perspectives and feedback from our parents, teachers, staff and community. During board of education meetings, the board will hear up to 30 minutes of public comment on non agenda items, and 30 minutes of public comment on agenda specific items. To allow for the greatest number of community members to participate. Each person will be limited to three minutes of public comments. At the end of three minutes. I will thank you for speaking and invite the next speaker to the podium or move on to the next agenda item. If you’re speaking to a non agenda item this evening, please limit your comments to matters of public concern about the district. If you have a concern about a specific individual or personnel matter, please reach out directly to a board member Dr. Haddad, or the HR department. And we will assist you with next steps. It has been a long standing practice of the board to not address or respond during the public comment section of the agenda. But please know that we are listening and greatly appreciate and value the perspectives of our community. I do want to ask I have two individuals signed up to speak this evening. Is there anyone else in the audience who would like to speak this evening? All right, Martha, I believe you’ll be translating. And I just want to say thank you to you for being available during our meetings. I appreciate it. Let us get set up and then we’ll call the first speaker. Oh, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 42:25
Yes, thank you, if I may. In this occasion, I have been interpreting in Spanish. But my new addition to my interpreting for you guys tonight.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
Oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for being here. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
Her name is Pierre de la Martinez.

Unknown Speaker 42:41
Thank you. Nice to meet you. All right, we’ll get set up and then I’ll go ahead and call the first speaker

Unknown Speaker 43:02
All right, first on the lip the list this evening I have Maria Castro Hello Maria and welcome. If you could please state your name and address and then we’ll begin the timer and you can begin speaking

Unknown Speaker 43:27
when I started this process product Mila oportunidad the participant in Estonia Minami Brazil, Maria Castro tengo. Nika CASAS del distrito is a part of El Paso of La primera maintec Animals reconocer La La what are the distrito or proportionality mentals era maintain a mosaic in similar Lunas as eco destroyed own upon posting when they know me Jonas they hardly they commit us and lo que viva la escuela image images or smear referee Harriers and pillows programmers extracurriculars. Damion Balarama says read the same mosque as a cobra necesita this yet Atticus, Camilla specialist include us reference URL he also has a lead he has Elliot as a specialist service Sirene actividades para promover la San with physical de los ninos se cuentan con esta SI units that are scattered elementos and diverse as well as is La Ramos la sub Xian they also means that the cientos de la departamento de Luca Xian the Colorado para continuar con associates in the hotel Ross agricultores con las colinas escuelas de distrito que moderate Tamara algunos puntos que mas vinilo and Yun viendo they are same as a woman you rollin your mentor nutritionalist departamento de la agricoltura de los Estados Unidos, so en la voz sake it all of these treatises coladas, they’ve been completed pero nos significa que garantie Sanaz la standard nutritional nutritionalist Optimus consideramos que para el concertfix Selling excellency to katiba is Dima the Lallemand doesn’t know they’re very not a very complete solamente CONUS expectativas minimis era Messiah or India in total pious Cara wasn’t mozzie steatosis colada system of tanto tanto el estilo the preparazione alimentos conocido como cocinar others and Sarah is a serious stomach Bandipora cocinar Comenius frescas interlaminar oteil Sandow ingredientes European, local, YALI handleset the los caminos processes Kamala Pixa el paso por la Lachman felicito, Menteng communal sistema that kisi Sione preparazione elementals and illustrator consideramos que se cambio as monasterio Cananga in particular, only three Takuya matricula is to the until a Stein on momento ya que se Devi Segura la sostenibilidad alimentaria a Iran Tsar que todo el nino Stengel low protein either the prospera el cancer, so wherever the little petencies Gracias

Unknown Speaker 46:05
Thank you very much. Our next speaker this evening is Carla Alvarez Hello Carla and welcome you could please state your name and address and then we’ll start timing.

Unknown Speaker 46:32
When I started gracias por escuchando says utterly meaningless Carlisle Buddist Mi nombre es Carla Alvarez is a we work in long when I started grad school as co chair knows is that our minimum britcar marvelous thing although Seco cosca cysteine. At least three three soy party El Paso was Lachman a parte de la parte del the testimonio de la comunidad sabemos que muchos to the antes NOC no prep estudiantes but if you didn’t know coma or yo vs proper Solomon sobre square one to some party el programa de limiters gratis or reducir in place, me and throw throws me interessato server in Atlanta cholesteryl So repairs in theaters everywhere that is the VS is to do is Jonas coincidentally skwala Puli Cassone Lang La La ulimate assume communitary this opinion papilla since y’all Paragon T Sarika Lawson Ninos thing I’m gonna say we’ll do that nutricional consideramos que se they were gonna say la Roma yo yo le Metro Stan of Regina la escuela de teatro some processors it gets to know it’s gonna question their opinion. repasser was LogMeIn investiga colossal limiters. Processor silos affecting our lessons in western use your mental problem there are plenty sacking conductor de la scuola exothermal soccer revision definition de limiters processor all the parameter we could do another law sisters New Year’s ECNL Lisa Los Alamitos del distrito que Stan at Gideon, ILA frequenza Lucas, que se WUSA consideramos que la comunidad de parte de familia is de todo cuenta con informasi on Sophie Cntr. Cerca de Los Alamitos que as of recently Seto for radio CEREC Thomas Catherine informed me a la comida cerca de que significa commercial lovely, concave reacquaints Yasay seasonally mental locales in la scuola que por syntactically mental seccombe compound local medica ano cuantos. Agricultural local is trabajar distrito when I was Kolak Munising for ma Sierra Leone equestre para Saavedra aspectos como por que no common Los Alamos en la scuola Kelly Mentos area mantienen Manu isa union Marceau Kelly Mendoza de Vidya removeable Manu E por que la video set remove Ido la la comida scholars when are you closing your service or are your avatar Salim? Alameen Theseus saludar less aquarium preparados para una vida de ma la salud own come your loud Allah’s normas alimentaria still a squirrel, weighing fluid positive Amenti la comida gracias.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Thank you, Carla. Thank you again to our speakers this evening. We appreciate you being here and providing feedback. That concludes our public comment portion of the agenda. And Don, that brings us to Agenda Item five, which is the superintendence report.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
All right, thank you. And that really was a pleasure to listen to all of those success stories from the students and their coaches and they’ve got bright futures ahead of them. So I was exciting. I’ve got I want to just reiterate what Jay said because sometimes it can get lost in the amount of recognitions but that music award is Really something pretty incredible, the highest music recognition, a school district can receive a community in the nation. And to receive that two years in a row. It’s just a testimony to all of the outstanding music teachers that we have in this school system and the outstanding students and parents. The state testing has been underway this week with SI mas, and the PSAT and the LSAT. The LSAT we had about close to 93% participation in the first on the first day. And there’s another day for makeup. So we hope to get the majority of the remaining individuals and look forward to seeing some of the results. Our spring sports are well underway. And looking forward to watching some of the the games and the competitions, it should be a lot of fun. If we can get past this winter cold weather and get outside and the wind stopped blowing, we can get outside and start enjoying some of these events. But just really, really proud of our students. Our hiring process is going well. You’ll hear from Mr. Todd Fukai, our assistant superintendent of human resources, but we continue to have some pretty robust pools for teaching and for administration. And for our classified support staff as well. I had an opportunity to attend my first board meeting for the Colorado Business Roundtable today. And it’s really a wonderful experience. There’s ultimately going to be they’ve got a couple more to fill. But there’s also going to be about 32. Board members and they are all CEOs in the state of Colorado. And just looking forward to some really robust meetings about the connections between the business community the corporate sector and and public schools. The robotics teams continue to prepare, they’ll be they’ve got the World Championships coming up and so I know that’s in may write Axl in Denton, Texas. Yeah. So I was looking to Axel, you talk about an inspirational coach and teacher. He’s done an amazing job 160 robotics teams, with the number one ranked team in the world and state championships every year. So pretty incredible. Also want to recognize better scholarship winner Davia Bhaskara was named as a better scholar he is going to attend CU Boulder and major engineering and he’s accepting that award. We also heard from Heidi ringer that Adrian Mendez was awarded the Amazon future engineer scholarship for $40,000. He’s one of 250 students in the nation to win that. And this incredible, incredible recognition for these young men and women just very, very, very proud of them. Our AP exams we last year, we had given 4033. This year, we are administering 40 381. So those numbers continue to climb. And we’re really excited to see how well our students will do this year during the spring. The I want to just give you an update on some of the plans that we have for 2024. And we won’t be official until the board of education makes a final determination if you choose to do so. But our planning team is looking to

Unknown Speaker 53:57
request permission to put a bond initiative on the ballot in 2024. It’ll be a presidential election. And this will represent the entire district. So we don’t we’re not able to do bonds for individual communities or for a single project. So we do them for the entirety of the the 33,000 students in the 60 schools. I wanted to provide some insight because I’ve been asked a couple of questions. We have meat areas growing very fast. The tri town carbon valley areas growing fast southwest Longmont, our fastest growing community is Erie. And so I wanted to share with you some of the information out there. I’ve been asked a few questions and I figured if I presented it tonight, it could be captured on video and then people could have a chance to check into it. Take a look. We currently have eight schools that we have built in Erie and that’s Erie Elementary, BlackRock, Red Hawk, our newest one Highland So we have Aspen Ridge, which is a charter than Erie Middle School, soaring heights pre K eight. And then every high school, Erie High School has approximately 1700 students in it little more, but it’s approximately in that range. The school’s core facilities were built for 2000. So when I talk about core facilities, talking about the lunchroom, the gymnasium and the auditorium, we also have currently 13% of the students are open enrolled. And which is pretty typical practice, when a school begins to get close to capacity, we close down open enrollment. So open enrollment now will be closed, and each graduating class will exit students that have been open enrolled. So the enrollment will declined by at that 13% of students will be halfway there by the time 2024 comes and then we’ll be probably full there by the time the school is built. But, but that’s one of the ways in which we address it. And this is consistent with what do we do with all of our schools, because you have to, you don’t want to open up a school and leave it half empty. Because you’ll be fiscally strained and you’re you can’t manage those kinds of resources, financial aid will put the district under severe distress, if you build a brand new high school and have it half full, or a third of the way full, or a middle school or an elementary school. So that’s why we allow for that open enrollment to fill it up. And then when it gets to capacity, then we’ll shut open enrollment. The other thing is, if you if you don’t allow for that open enrollment to fill it up, you won’t be able to host you know, the bands and the orchestra programs and the choir programs and the athletic programs and a whole plethora, you can offer 20 Plus advanced placement classes in a school with 300 kids, you know, you’re just not that’s not financially possible. So there are a lot of reasons why we do what we do. And our practice is pretty consistent. It’s very consistent. And it’s consistent with what people do all across the state and country when you look at building schools. So nothing unusual in that particular area. One thing that has been asked is what kind of upgrades or renovations have been made to some of the schools and one in particular was Erie high school. So I want to share with you a little bit about that when airy High School was built. We built it in such a way that you could add on classrooms. And so recently, we added 16 additional classrooms in a wing to build out more capacity. We also added a large Lyceum that could be collapsed into classrooms if you needed to, but it’s a large space. And I think you all at least most of you have all been in their age vac system upgrades, the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, new and large science and chemistry labs renovated and that was something that was done in all the high schools.

Unknown Speaker 58:18
A track upgrade new expanded bleachers, because the football games would becomes so crowded when we have teams that consistently are going deep into the state playoffs as Erie does, you tend to get a lot of people at the games. And there’s a lot of people at the Games who aren’t families that have kids at the school. It’s just it’s a huge turnout, which is a wonderful thing. And then we recently expanded the parking for an additional 60 spaces. So we’ve put a lot of extra money and resources into Erie High School. But that was the plan all along. We did the same thing at meet high school when we built that high school. We knew we were going to need the wing and it was the school was built in that capacity. So we added classrooms there. And Frederick High School, you’ll see that we just finished that additional wing and other things. So the practices that we’re using at Erie are the same practices that we’ve used for years in the district. And it’s worked out extremely well. The one question that continues to remain for us right now is specifically where the school will be built. And we’re working with the town. We’ve identified some potential sites, but we’re working in Bryan Lamers, working with the town manager to identify which one we determined will be the best facility because high schools you need more land, obviously than elementary schools and middle schools. And so we’re looking to to finalize that. The other thing that I would say about Erie High School, which is not my opinion, it’s one of the best high schools in the country. You know, US News and World Report has identified them as one of the top high schools The Advanced Placement College Board has identified him as one of the top school districts or schools in the in the country for advanced placement, they’re going to be hosting the Advanced Placement, State Conference at Area High School and two students back to back years received their most prestigious prize of a full scholarship and they’re recognized on Good Morning Show. And so at a national level, they also have athletic teams and music programs. The choirs, the orchestra that bands when you go down to the Allstate choir, you’ll see you know, Miss Martinez with the majority of kids are there from you know, a large majority or they’re from st brain at every level. And from an Erie, she does a great job and her leadership there. So you see their excellence in the academics, the performing arts, the visual arts, the athletics and their graduation rate is extremely high, as are their scores on advanced tests and things along those lines. So what you’ve got there is an incredible high school that has been resourced, fully and beyond. And what I would encourage people to do is let the process unfold the way it’s unfolded for years. And we will build another school when it’s appropriate to do so not before, not after. And we’ll be asking our community for support when that kind of time comes in 2024. So hopefully, that will answer some of the questions and we can refer people. And I’m always glad to talk to people, but we can refer them to that if they hadn’t didn’t have a chance to hear it tonight. So other than that, I don’t have anything else for my superintendents report. But I’d be glad to answer any questions that you might have about any of the things that I’ve shared.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
Any questions, comments,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
or questions, but I do have comments. Thank you, doctor, her dad for your resilience, and all of your work you’re putting in towards what’s going on in here. I know it’s growing so much. I know just around where I am there. I think I counted. And there’s like 10 communities at one point that was being built all at the same time, which is a little crazy. But the growth is great. It means that Colorado is thriving means that the businesses that are here are thriving. And that means people want to be here. So I appreciate that. And the schools as you as you’re saying they’re great. They my son is an engineering program. The oldest is and then my one of my younger sons is going to robot the robotics in morals in May. So I see the work that’s being done there. So thank you so much. I think the board

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
You bet. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
All right. I don’t think there are any other questions son, we understand the process and a prince appreciate your, your and your team’s care and attention to growth and needs across the district. So we are going to

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
get we just had, I apologize, I forgot. We have a couple of Excellence in Education Awards, we had one group that we were going to give, but we gave them at a different location. And then we have two that I’d like to give tonight. And I can do that whatever fits within your schedule on this thing. But I go for at least for making that though.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Go ahead. All right. Those are fun. Yeah, no problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
Okay, so Mike Greene, are you out there? Yep. If you could come on up.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Mike is currently our athletic director at Skyline High School. And Mike was recently named as the athletic director of the year for the state of Colorado. And, Mike, I price Look, you’ve got the tie on and everything. That is loyalty and dedication. So but you know, one thing I will say about being an athletic and activities director is really a full time plus job. I don’t know that there’s ever a time when you don’t have kids that are, whether it’s in the music programs, or the athletic programs, or the drama programs, the theater program. It’s just one of those 24/7 jobs. And I’m really grateful to you for how much of your time that you give to this and like to ask if you have any words you’d like to say, Chase, I know that you’re here if you’d like to share a couple of words to you should be very, very proud. And we are very, very proud of you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
Well, thank you, Donna. Fortunately, you were the person that was here when when I first came on board and I remember having a conversation in your office that day. So I’m honored. I’m humbled to be a part of St. Fraynd. And all the things that we do it. It takes a village and I’ll give my coaches and everybody else the credit. I talked about the energy bus if you’ve if anybody has read that and it talks about getting the right people on the bus who used to talk all the time about the bus goes round and round and round and didn’t realize that there was a book out there that really talked about doing those same very things. So we do have the right people on the bus and I know we were challenged the other day a little bit. Well, if you have the right people on the bus who’s driving it, well, obviously, I’m trying to drive that bus and get the people to do the things that we need them to do. And I’m very proud of what they’re able to accomplish. And I think we have those people in place. And it’s not always about, you know, we want to win state championships, we want to win league titles, but it’s about giving these kids that greatest experience of their lives. As they move forward. I talked to him the other day and just told our coaches, you know, how many of these kids are actually ever going to play for a state championship, let alone win one, most of them aren’t. So we want to give them the best opportunity and lifelong skills that they can live with because they’re gonna get knocked down, and they’re gonna have to get right back up. So I talked a lot about Damon Weston and the coffee bean, and the experiences and the environment that we are involved in each and every day, in the last two years as a prime example. We’ve had a lot of things going on. And we want those kids and we want our teachers I want our coaches to be transformational at every step along the way to where they’re going to benefit those kids and they leave a lifelong experience and a memory for them as they move themselves forward. So I’m again I’m honored I’m humbled and thank you very much for giving me the opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
Yeah, well thank you. Chase would you like to share

Unknown Speaker 1:06:10
Yeah, so Mike is when I first started my administration career nine years ago Mike was was at at Skyline so I’ve I’ve certainly turned to Mike at a time or two to see how things were and how things are and the transition we’ve made but I can’t ever question his dedication to this to school and to the kids of skyline and if you ever need him just go to Skyline he’s always always there he’s he’s he’s supporting his kids and his team and his his coaches and happy to work with him

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
me get a picture to you Mike. Absolutely. It is okay to say no by the way. Coleen, are you? I see you out there. Can you come on up

Unknown Speaker 1:07:56
this is a an award for athletic director as well. But in your early years as an athletic director, I also know you were a student at nyuad High School. And so that must be catching on here with nylon High School. Yeah. But

Unknown Speaker 1:08:17
you know how it’s done. Yeah. You’re my first year of my first principles. Yeah, there’s that too.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22
Yeah, that’s right. Well, that’s uh, you made it through despite me and you have been a superstar so I you know, we’d like I said, with Mike, being an athletic director is just not an easy task. And you have an incredible program at lions, when you look at the the kinds of successes they’ve had in sports across the board. And one of the unique things about lions, which is part and parcel good to be part of a larger system, is because you’re able to do all the things and have the programs and really excel in the arts performing and visual and the drama, The theater is got that brand new auditorium where kids will be performing there and lots of memories will be made. And then just state national championships, both individual and team and I know that you’ve done just incredible work and I see you’ve got your principal out there. Andre, if you’d like to come up and you and chase could share a couple of words but very, very proud of you and also very, very appreciative of your excellent work. Thank you. So thank you and you’re like to have you share some words to Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
So we hired Colleen at nyuad When I was there and she was such a such a great deal for our for our staff, and she she taught the highest level science classes and she coached multiple sports and she was just great for our kids and we had an opening at Lyons for for a dean and at the time A BK and I had Brian Krause and I, we kind of put our heads together and say, Hey, we have an idea. Let’s, let’s see if we can talk Coleen into doing this. And she’s she’s been great ever since. And what she’ll what she won’t tell you is in the midst of this last few years, she became a new mom. And she’s managed this job with with with a newborn and having been there myself not on that end. But it, it’s virtually impossible. And she she does it at the highest level. So we’re happy to have her and she deserves her her recognition.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
Hi there. My favorite moment. After we hired Colleen at nyuad, when I was an assistant principal there was she came to me and she said, we’ve got pre IB chemistry for 10th graders. And we save traditional chemistry for 11th graders, I think we should do it in 10th grade. And I was like, she’s like, given to me, I can do it. And that next year, she had three sections of traditional chemistry at the 10th grade level. And she brought that class to life. And it was amazing. And I got the opportunity to be her evaluator. And then the next year, I got the opportunity to help her transition into admin. And to, you know, when I watched that she was so excited to take on the role at Lyons and also so incredibly sad to be leaving students. And I watched how she kept in touch with students at nyuad High School that she had taught in the classroom. And that I think just speaks to the relationships that she values. And, and it’s been amazing to work with her and I’m just really, really proud of the work she’s done.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Okay. Well, thank you, everyone. And thank you, Dr. Haddad, for this honor, I think, you know, as we talked about the opportunities, and you really spoke to it, the opportunities that are our small school has being a part of a system. And every time I hear that word system, and we talk about it, I think of like offensive systems and defensive systems, and how they all tie to athletics. And I think that the word that I always use is team, because it encompasses all of it. And when I think of all the kids that I get to serve every day and support and all the Coach’s Eye, you know, for me, it’s like, I feel so just honored to be able to serve them and to work with the wonderful coaches that I have. And the kids and the parents are amazing at lions, you know, and then not only at lions, as an athletic director, you have the opportunity to have so many connections with people outside of your building. So, so many administrative roles, you’re really inside the building. And I feel like I have the best of both worlds where I get to work with a wonderful full admin team and teachers and coaches. And I get to be inspired by all of these athletic directors in our leagues, as well and outside of our building that have so much passion for kids and for athletics and build relationships outside of the building as well. To support sports and and Fine Arts is fine arts too. And so I think as I sort of look at this, and I feel the feel, the honor, definitely, I just think of all the different opportunities that all of our kids have and how I can make it even better for them. And I just kind of leave you with a couple of stories because I like examples. Just to give you an example of our community, you know, we had a medical emergency and I had three parents out there helping me one that’s a firefighter one that’s a nurse and that’s the the great things that we do at Lyons is we’re just there for one another and I get to be there for the kids and so so thank you for this opportunity. Two Three. Thank you for doing that. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:39
Thank you, Don. No, it’s so fun to celebrate all of these individuals. That brings us to Agenda Item seven, which is our consent items. And Todd, I believe we have three people to recognize this evening. So I will turn the floor over to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
Thank you. Thank you and Good evening, President Siegrist members, the board Dr. Dad. We do we have three administrative announcements today with three familiar faces to the district. So, first of all, I’m gonna ask Dr. Smith to come up. And as she comes up, she is supported by her area Assistant Superintendent Brian Krause. But I’d like to introduce to you Dr. Andrea Smith as the principal at Erie Middle School. Dr. Smith graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science education from Iowa State University. She received a master’s degree in education administration from the University of Missouri, and also received a Doctorate of Education from the University of Northern Colorado. From 2009 to 2014. Dr. Smith taught eighth grade honors, and science at peak to peak charter school, from 2014 and 50. And she served as the Assistant Principal at peak to peak Charter School. And then from 2015 to 2018. She served as an assistant principal at nyuad High School. Dr. Smith currently serves as the principal at Lyons middle Senior High School. She also teaches at the University of Northern Colorado, as an adjunct professor focusing on instructional supervision and evaluation in their principal licensure program. So Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:20
Well, good evening, when we posted the position for Erie middle school, I got a phone call from Dr. Smith. And I was surprised, and also overjoyed that she was interested in this position. We had the opportunity to interview we had candidates from across the nation across the state, and most importantly, some great candidates from within this school district. And the thing that came across in the interviews was her enthusiasm, her strive for excellence. And the fact that she builds into people, like we’ve seen tonight with Colleen. And I am so excited to have her join us in a new role. And I know she’s going to do great things. And even though I know the lions, community is sad. I know that the Erie Community is going to get a great, great leader, and Dr. Smith, so thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:15
Hello, Dr. Hat out and the members of the board, thank you so much. I always enjoy coming and speaking with you and celebrating all the great things going on. I’m honored to be a principal in St. Rain, I wake up every day, and I do not take the responsibility and the and the joy lightly. I love my job. And I love everything I do. And I am so excited to be the principal at URI middle school, I first want to stop and thank Brian and Sarah James and Todd Fukai. They put together a fantastic interview process, to have parents and staff and teachers and district leaders at the table as a part of that process. It really, it really made me feel honored to be a part of our system, and to be a part of that conversation and learn about the community in new ways through the interview process. But you know, over the last four days, I think since it was announced, it’s been a quick turnaround. I’ve had just an outpouring of community and parent and teacher support. I’ve gotten tons of emails and text messages from within the feeder, you know, from from parents that have heard, and it’s just it’s so nice to have that warm welcome. And I am so excited. I may have said the words in the interview, Middle School is my jam. I think that’s so true. And I’ve so very much enjoyed the opportunity at Lyons to bring that middle school and high school together. And I’m just also really excited to focus my leadership on middle school. So I would like to open up the floor. Are there any questions or comments from the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
Yes, well, we are very excited to have you. It’s a great bunch of students at that school. And I recently was there for a panel with some of the leadership team, the leadership, the students on that leadership team, and they are phenomenal, bright, bright students by kids, and going very far. So we look forward to having you and we look forward to seeing you in the community.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
Thank you. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
I know. Hi, Joe.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
I am so incredibly excited for you and so incredibly excited for Erie, and you’re creating opportunity for a new person to lead at lions. It’s a win win. Congratulations. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
you. Thank you. Great. My kids are watching from home. So I told them that I would say hello.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
I was going to ask if you had anybody here I didn’t see when you call her name.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
They’re watching at home. And I also want to take a moment. Mr. Glover, David Glover, our dean of students who’s a Lions middle senior grab 2004 and calling for it. I just want to say thank you. It’s been so wonderful to work with you and we are a tight knit leadership team and and I think we can still tell all of our jokes via text even when I’m in Erie. Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:46
Thank you. Thank you Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:55
Next, I’d like to introduce Axel retic as the executive director of the innovation programs at the Innovation Center and joining Axel is incoming super Assistant Superintendent of innovation. Joe Macbrayne. And I understand that axles wife and his online watching axle so hello, oh yonder daughters. So we’ve read a little bit. Mr. retic received a Bachelor of Arts degree in German International Studies from the University of Denver. He received a master’s degree in comparative literature and obtained a teaching license from the University of Colorado Boulder. He received a master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Northern Colorado. From 2005 to 2013. Mr breadsticks served as a librarian, educator, and stem technology teacher at Trail Ridge Middle School, from 2013 14, he served as the stem coordinator at Alpine Elementary. In 2014, he transitioned to the innovation center as program manager. And in 2018, he moved into the role of inner innovation center coordinator, and is currently the Director of Innovation Program. So Axel, give

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11
you an opportunity. Doctor had dad Board of Education. Madam President, thank you very much for having me here tonight. And, Todd, thanks so much for your introduction, and the great process as well for the interview process. As you heard, I’ve kind of been on an interesting journey on my way through education, my own educational background, and also as a as an educator. And when I landed at the Innovation Center, I just kind of found a home. And it’s, you know, for me, it’s the it’s the kind of fit I was looking for. And I’m just so grateful that that opportunity was was there for me. And I’ve had the last, I guess, it’s been eight years now, which is amazing to me, it just has flown by. And I didn’t think things could get much better than they have been the last few years, just wonderful opportunities, great team to work with wonderful support from all of you and across the district. But now I you know, I have this opportunity to join Joe, and kind of that next phase of leading our innovation center program into whatever this next phase will be for us to continue being part of that greater same frame team, and whatever’s coming next for our community and our district, which are amazing things, I mean, amazing things already happening, it’s hard to believe that we can achieve him better things. But knowing knowing what we have here, the district and the people who are here, in the district and our leadership, no doubt, things are gonna even get better. And, you know, the the theme of team obviously came across pretty, pretty strong tonight. And any successes I have are not my own successes. And so first and foremost, to my wife and children. And Stephanie, and Elizabeth, thank you so much for all the support over the years, you’ve put up with a lot with me. And my successes are definitely your successes, I want to acknowledge all the students that I’ve had the chance to work with, over the course of my career. Not only that, but specifically at the Innovation Center. They’re way smarter than I am. And I learned just so much from them. But mostly I get to embrace and support them in their passions. I think many of you who have been at the Innovation Center, see that airplane hanging on the wall. And then we have that there just remind ourselves that, that really our work is about helping students find that passion, and have the opportunity to pursue that passion, and just make that their life work. So I’m really grateful to all those students. I really want to acknowledge Patti can Jonas, you know, this was her vision. And she’s just an amazing leader, an amazing friend, I have learned so much from her grown so much because of her that that I would be very different person without having had that opportunity to work with her these past eight years. All my colleagues here at the innovation center, but also across the district. I am kind of surprised that people still answer the phone when I call. Because with robotics, particularly, there’s all kinds of challenges that come up, but people still answer the phone. And then finally, I want to acknowledge Joe, who is giving me and supporting me in this opportunity. You know, Joe, he’s just in his previous role. Already, I was learning so much from him that I’ve incorporated into my work at the at the Innovation Center, and to now have this additional chance and for him to come out of retirement to lead our team is just an amazing statement to you know, his enthusiasm and his leadership and say, oh, boy, I thought it couldn’t get better than Patti. And he’s just going to build on what Pat has done. So thank you, Joe, for for kind of being that person for us. So thank you again and I look forward to enacting and and really bringing your district vision don your vision really into to making that a reality.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:02
Congratulations, Axel.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:04
Thank you. I get to say something. You know, anyone who ever interacts with Hexcel immediately understands. Not only is this man amazingly intelligent, but his heart matches his intellect, his passion for kids. The hours he puts in, he literally is the perfect person for this position at this time. And as you look around the district, you see his fingerprints everywhere. But mark my words, you haven’t seen anything yet this this gentleman is just getting started. So thank you very much, and thank you, Axl.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:45
Thanks. Congratulation.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:50
Very quickly, I hope to continue seeing you at robotics because I’m so used to always seeing him there at the competitions. And he is so supportive of the students. So I hope that you continue to come to our robotics competition.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:04
Oh, yes, yes. broadhall community has grown up around robotics. That’s why we say robotics is the gift that keeps on giving out data is alluding to thank you very much. Thanks. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:28
family. I’m gonna have Lindsey Laporte during this up here. Lindsey is going to be the new assistant principal at Meade High School. And Joining her is her principal Brian Young, and I do know her husband Matthew is online wave Lindsey yet and I think your son your kids, but the kids are home so the support group sorry. Missile port graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California San Diego. She received a master’s degree in digital teaching and technology from Azusa Pacific University and obtained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. With the personable licensure from the University of Colorado Denver, from 2009 to 2017. Miss support taught math at Richard Henry Dana Middle School, and our Arcadia High School and located in Arcadia, California. In 2017, she moved to Colorado and taught math at deltona Middle School. And then from 2019 to 2020. The support graduate, sorry, supported the Office of Professional Development as a Learning and Technology coach for the St. Vrain Valley schools from 2020 to 2021. She served as an instructional coordinator and currently serves as the dean of students at meet high school. So congratulations, Lindsay.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
Thank you, can you hear me? Thank you to Dr. edad. And the Board of Education. I am so excited for this opportunity to be the assistant principal at Meade High School. I have loved last year as serving as the Dean of Students. And As Todd mentioned, I was an instructional coordinator and a learning technology coach where I was supporting a lot of schools. So being back in one building and building those relationships with students again. And really meat has just felt like home. I was talking to somebody the other day. And it’s like when you walk in, it feels like a nice warm hug. And so it’s just been it’s been an incredible year. And I look forward to continuing to serve the main community for years to come. And I also want to thank Jackie for all your support. And Brian, I would not be standing here as an administrator, if it was not for Ryan, and then to my husband and to my two kids. They were going to come but one threw up yesterday. So we’re gonna keep them home. So I appreciate all of the support. And I’m just so excited to be part of this system and part of the meat community.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:08
Congratulations, Lindsay.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:12
Do you have any questions? Any questions?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:17
Hi. Hi, sir. I know we briefly introduced ourselves. But welcome. Thanks to me. I know you’re there currently. I look forward to seeing you meant we’re at many events and I look forward to seeing your face and I’m happy I have a name with one more face at the school. So welcome. And I’m I agree it does feel like a family out there. So thank you. Welcome and congratulations. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:29:41
you. All right. Thank you, Lindsay. It’s nice to see you Brian. Did you have any words that you want to add?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
I am happy to talk about Lindsey. I met Lindsay three years ago when I was at Frederick high school and she was supporting our teachers as an instructional coach. We heard a lot tonight. About team and I when I first met her, I said, you’re going to be an amazing school administrator someday. And I am glad that she has had the opportunity. So thank you, doctor, her dad thank you school board for allowing her to come and be a dean with us this year. And instantly in the first year, she has exceeded every one of my expectations. I’m excited to continue that work and strengthen our team, our admin team at meet high school. Her work with teachers and supporting their instructional practices is second to none. But the best thing that Lindsay Laporte does is her relationships with students and she has come into this brand new community and has built strong lasting relationships with our students and their parents. They continue to come up to her every minute of the day seeking her support checking in or sometimes just for a smile and and a high five. And so Lindsey Laporte helps make mead a great place to be and thank you for giving us this opportunity and allowing her to continue to work with with our team.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:02
Thank you Todd, thank you and we will now make it official. Our consent items this evening, our agenda item seven, as mentioned previously, Dr. Martyr I believe you want to pull consent items seven point 14 Correct? Yes. Right. All right, then we’ll vote on the remainder and and revisit that and allow you and ask you to make a motion for that place. Great. Then I would entertain a motion please for agenda item 7.1. Staff termination leaves. This is the approval 7.1 staff termination and leaves 7.2 staff appointments 7.3 approval of minutes for the March 920 22 regular meeting and march 16 2022 study session 7.4 approval of recommendation to hire principal at Erie Middle School 7.5. Approval of recommendation to hire assistant principal at meet high school 7.6 approval of recommendation to hire Executive Director of Innovation 7.7 approval of purchase of Apple technology products 7.8. Approval of amendment to CMGC contract for Timberline PK eight bond renovation project 7.9 approval of amendment to CMGC contract for Erie Middle School sewer line replacement project seven point 10 approval of amendment to CMGC contract for the Thunder Valley K eight project seven point 11 approval of change order one two CMGC for nyuad High School football field turf conversion project seven point 12 approval of change order one CMGC contract for the global acceleration campus branding project Sanda seven point 13 approval of amendment to the CMGC contract for the Red Hawk elementary school site improvements project show moved by Jim in a second please second by Sara.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:03
Mr. Berthold. Yes, Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Quranic? Yes. Dr. martyr. Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I, Miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:15
I thank you, Christy. Tech. I’ll turn the floor to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
Thank you, Madam President. I when reading 7.1 for the alternative transportation contract, which is significant in our budget, and I would appreciate just learning more about the purpose of that program and the, at the extent to which it now exists, and in whether we anticipate funding it at the current levels or more as we move forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:54
You bet. Yeah, actually, Dr. Meyer, thank you for the question. And so when people hear transportation, you know, they they register in their mind, the typical, you know, take the school bus from here to school and schools back home. What people don’t realize is that our transportation department transports hundreds of students in different directions. And typically they are their individual rides, if you will. And so we transport students into Brighton and Fort Lupton, down into Denver. It really is very broad. And so this particular contract does those individual rides for us, not all of them, we do some of them and then they do some of them as well. And so those long distance types of rides we hire them to, to transport those students.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:54
Well, thank you and the purpose of the transportation then is

Unknown Speaker 1:34:58
typically it’s special needs St. Kitts, there are some individuals that don’t quite fit that, but most of the time, it is special needs special programs. And, you know, truthfully, one of the things that I that I love about St. Brain is, we’re going to make sure that everyone is successful. And, and this program does a part of that. And so that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:22
Thank you. And then just the final piece of it, is the program staying about the same levels from year to year, or do we see change? Or do you foresee changes in that going forward?

Unknown Speaker 1:35:32
You know, actually, our plan is to take this program over. And when I say take the program over is to hire individuals inside of our system to run these routes. However, you know, it’s another 40 Roughly hires, if you will, or FTAs. And we can’t even fill our president bus service. So we plan to take it over someday.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:02
Thank you very much. I appreciate your providing that additional information for us as we approach this. And Madam President, I would then move adoption of 7.1 for approval of the change ordered to the alternative transportation contract.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:25
Alright, thanks, stick and a second second. My Chico.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:28
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. tyrannic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I, Miss Siegrist. I,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:41
our consent items are next. Specifically, agenda item 8.1. is a recommendation for the adoption of Resolution proclaiming tribute to Teachers Day, which is April April 30 2022. And Chico, I believe you’re going to pardon me. I got mixed up. Sarah, you’re going to read this resolution for us.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:04
Pardon me, madam president. I just want to make sure you do mean action items.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:08
Did I say consent again? Thank you. I need to it takes a village may OSHA so let me for the that can be the record. 8.1 is an action item I can read.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:21
I’m still happy to read it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:22
Thank you. Thanks manager.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:25
Resolution tribute to Teachers Day April 30 2022. Whereas the st. Green Valley Schools education foundation support St. Green Valley School District’s strategic plan and provide supplemental funding to enhance teaching and learning in our classrooms. And whereas since 1984, the National PTA Parent Teacher Association has designated the first full week of May May 2 through sixth 2022 as Teacher Appreciation Week. And whereas the st. Green Valley Schools Education Foundation is presenting the 15th annual tribute to teachers event on April 30 2022 That pays tribute to the st. Green Valley School District’s teachers for this week of recognition. And whereas communities and schools will unite to celebrate the educational profession of teaching and show appreciation to teachers for inspiring a thirst for learning in our youth that will last a lifetime. And whereas the foundation’s 15th tribute to Teachers program, which includes recognizing a Teacher of the Year from every school, and a Teacher of the Year for the district provides the opportunity for students, parents, community members and business partners to show appreciation to teachers who exemplify excellence in teaching. And whereas schools, businesses and communities play a vital role to ensure the success of the tribute to Teachers program. Now, therefore be it resolved that the st Vrain Valley School District Board of Education proclaims April 30 2022 as tribute to teachers day in our school district. And we urge all staff, students, parents and community members to support this event or take some time to show appreciation to a teacher for providing our youth with the gift of learning, adopted and approved on April 13 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:32
Thank you, Sara. Appreciate that. And the board looks forward to attending that events and to celebrating teachers and to all the teachers out there. Please know that we appreciate you and recognize you every day, not just on April 30. With that I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.1. Please. Karen second and a second from Yasha.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:56
Mr. Berthold Yes, Mrs. Brooks Yes, Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes, Mrs. Raglin I miss Siegrist

Unknown Speaker 1:40:07
I, action item 8.2 is the recommendation for adoption of a resolution proclaiming teacher Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week, which is made two through 620 22. Todd,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:21
thank you. This is a great timing in the spring, to be honoring our teachers and substitutes and the hard work they do in the classroom. Each and every day we get to help support our teachers and our substitutes and see the great work that they’re doing for our students. It’s It’s amazing as students come up to here, especially as we talked about our student athletes going to North Carolina and Princeton and Stanford and all those things and knowing that there’s teachers behind the the great accomplishments that are happening it’s uh, you know, as you hear teachers making strides to move, you know, chemistry down into 10th grade and and really pushing students to do the very best. So this is a great time to honor teachers and this is a national proclamation week, nationally for our teachers and substitute Appreciation Week, and I believe that our board member Chico Garcia is going to read the Proclamations for the two. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:25
Thank you, Todd, Teacher Appreciation Week proclamation. Whereas today’s teachers multimeter citizens through their guidance and education, and whereas today’s teachers encounter students have wildly differing backgrounds and abilities. And whereas society expects public education to provide quality service to all children, no matter what their background or abilities, and whereas the country’s future depends in large measure upon the education youth receive today. And whereas, teachers are charged with the daunting task of ensuring that no child is left behind by public schools. And whereas teachers spend countless hours outside of their classrooms, preparing lessons, evaluating progress, counseling and coaching students and performing community service. And whereas the st revised school district recognizes that as teachers are providing quality education services to our children, now therefore it will be proclaimed the week of May 2 through sixth 2022 is Teacher Appreciation Week in our communities. The same room by school district urges all citizens to join in recognizing the dedication and hard work of our teachers by Express expressing appreciation for a job well done. Proclaimed Wednesday, April 30 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:47
Thank you, chico. And then I’ll be reading The Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week proclamation unless another board member would like to do so. Musa Absolutely. That’d be great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:02
Okay Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week proclamation. Whereas the same brain Valley School District joins the nation in recognizing substitute teachers as an essential essential part of the district’s education system. And whereas substitute teachers are dedicated to providing quality education instruction for the students of this district and demonstrate their commitment to giving time, energy, effort and talents in the best interest of all students. And whereas the substitute teachers of the district provide an invaluable service of teaching students in the absence of their regular teacher in a most professional manner, and play a vital role to ensure the quality of students education. Now, therefore be it proclaim the week of May 2 through sixth 2022 is substitute teacher appreciation week in our communities. The same frame Valley School District urges all citizens to join us in saluting these dedicated men and women proclaimed Wednesday April 13 2022.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:04
Thank you, Musa. And with that, I would entertain a motion for approval, please. So moved by Dr. Murder. A former teacher. Very appropriate and a second second. Sara?

Unknown Speaker 1:44:18
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Her ranek? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I miss secrets.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:28
I kale agenda item A point three is a recommendation to adopt a new middle school math program. Curriculum.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:40
Yeah, thanks. But thank you getting that see Chris. Yeah, instructional materials. Thank you. Members of the Board of Education, Dr. Dad, Dr. compulsion. What you’re going to see tonight is a culmination of two years of work. We take a year to review the Colorado Academic standards to look at current pedagogy within the content areas, to build an evaluation instrument to review all the programs that are out there, and pick one for a pilot. And that takes a full year. That was last year. And what was very unique about this, and I want to congratulate our district math coordinator, Greg, George, and the teachers, as that was done during some very unusual times, as we know. And this was on top of everything that they were asked to do and did very well, by the way. And so this year, they piloted these new materials. And I can see we, in st frame we value all of our programs, but particularly math that have a strong foundation in building those those skills that are needed so that our students can access higher level mathematics. Not only the mathematics, but the application of mathematics. And so you’re going to hear from Greg George, and we have invited a couple of teat pilot teachers here to share their experiences real quick. So I will turn this over to our district math coordinator, Greg George.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:09
Craig, welcome and thank you for your patience.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:11
Oh, thank you. Thank you. Good evening, everybody. I am Greg George K. 12 Mathematics coordinator. And I am here this evening presenting on behalf of the middle school math adoption committee, bringing forth a recommendation to the board to adopt envision mathematics six, eight as our new instructional resource for middle school math. Envision math is a highly rated instructional resource by edreports.org, which is a third party entity that reviews instruction materials and math based on content focus, coherence, rigor, the incorporation of the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and usability. out of 70 points possible in their rating system envision mathematics scored 69 points in grade six, grade seven and grade eight. edreports. Specifically, comm is done the development of foundational skills in mathematics as a strength of the program and the materials from their analysis. The instruction materials provide opportunities to independently demonstrate procedural skill and fluency throughout the grade levels. Practice and problem solving exercises found in the studio materials provide opportunities for students to independently demonstrate procedural skill and fluency. Additionally, at the end of each topic is a fluency practice page that engages students in fluency activities. The instructional materials include opportunities to access student mathematical understandings and knowledge of procedural skills using technology. Examples include digital activities that enhance fluency and provide opportunities for students to use procedural skills to solve problems online. Video Tutorials on a variety of math cop topics with procedural skill are emphasized. And online readiness assessments for each topic include a remediation link that focuses on tutorials and opportunities for students to practice those remedial skills using technology. In addition to the strong focus on foundational skills and procedural fluency envision math gives students ample opportunities to apply mathematics and relevant settings to extended problem solving tasks and exercises throughout each topic and each lesson. With a solid foundation of skills in place. Students are well equipped to persevere and persevere and attack such problem based tasks performing a balanced approach to teaching and learning mathematics as required in the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards. Envision math also leverages robust technology in support of student learning. This includes digital health features, with online practice assignments, which include worked examples, step by step explanations in video tutorials when needed. These features along with visual animations and demonstrations in the lessons provide dynamic and on demand tools for students beyond any print static textbook. In addition to envision solid lesson structure, the program offers a wide variety of differentiation for all learners. This includes specific strategies for English language learners, reteaching enrichment strategies for each lesson, additional practice sets, and vocabulary supports to help big build academic vocabulary and language skills. A unique aspect of this adoption process was the incorporation and curation of quality math tasks from outside resources that are highly regarded within the math education community. The adoption committee spent considerable time thoughtfully building a suite of supplemental tasks and activities aligned with appropriate lessons in envision math. They represent the very best in digital materials available to all mathematics educators on the internet. These tasks further strengthen the foundational skills at each grade level, and offer additional extension and or enrichment activities. This time, I’d like to introduce two of our pilot teachers who have used envision mathematics exclusively in their classrooms this year with students, Samantha Fenster at Erie Middle School, and Marilyn frayed from Mead Middle School. Hello,

Unknown Speaker 1:49:47
I’m Sam Fenster, and I teach seventh grade math at Erie Middle School. In my experience, the Envision curriculum provides a very balanced approach to teaching mathematics as a pilot teacher This year, I’ve really appreciated that the blend of print and digital resources. There are absolutely advantages to both print and digital math activities. And this year, I was able to transition my students seamlessly back and forth, which provided a really well rounded math experience for them. I also appreciated the ample opportunities for collaboration, discussion and exploration within the materials provided. There’s a good balance of skill practice to develop procedural fluency, as well as those deeper, more meaningful math tasks that let students work on their math reasoning. For my struggling learners, there are vocabulary supports and reteaching activities built into every topic to help students practice and build on their math literacy. There is also a visual learning video in every lesson that students can watch to review the main concept and ideas in the lesson. This proved to be a great resource when students weren’t in class and were missing the direct instruction. The videos provide clear examples that students and parents could watch at home to help them access through math and stay caught up. Finally, I really appreciated the variety of projects that were included. Every single topic has a menu of projects that students can select from to apply their learning in a larger context. There’s also a STEM Integrated Project in every topic that I’m excited to explore further. Overall, in my experience, the materials helped to create a rich and well balanced learning experience for my students this year.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:46
Good evening, I’m Marilyn fried. I teach sixth grade math and science at Meade Middle School. And the Envision six eight math program this year has helped my students become more proficient problem solvers and mathematical thinkers. Because of that blend of examples and practice that developed their their fluency with math skills, while also incorporating rich math tasks so students can work on their reasoning skills. In particular feature called solving discuss has allowed my students to showcase and discuss multiple strategies for solving problems. My students are engaged because the problems are interesting. They connect to their background knowledge and offer multiple starting points. They’re gaining more confidence in their mathematical abilities as they discuss strategies and also defend their reasoning in small groups and with the class. Another feature in of envision that has helped my students grow this year as mathematicians, is something called Three ACT Math tasks. These tasks unfold like stories, they have a beginning, a middle and an end, called Act One, act two and act three. Act One begins with a hook. It’s usually some type of multimedia presentation. It’s a situation the price just enough information to engage students. Students then use that information. They brainstorm questions that generate a list of questions they can answer about that situation. Once the students have that list, they choose one to focus on, and they begin making predictions about a solution. But my favorite part is act two, they’re actively involved in finding that solution with the information provided, but they discover they need just a little more in order to continue. Of course that is provided. The story continues and concludes with act three as students share their problem solving models. And the solution is finally revealed. The learning continues as students compare their own answer to the one that was actually shown and they decide what changes they would make to their model, if any. The envision six eight program has provided my students this year with very rich problem solving tasks and opportunities that have helped them to develop their understanding of new math concepts, while also gaining proficiency as problem solvers and mathematical thinkers. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:50
And I just want to say that being both in Sam and Maryland’s classrooms this year, throughout the pilot, what they do to inspire mathematical thinkers and build mathematicians is fantastic work. So thank you, both of you, to what you do on a daily basis. At this time, we will entertain any questions from the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:06
Thank you. I love that. Creating mathematicians. That’s wonderful, rigorous process to as as you introduce kale takes a few years, actually to go through a curriculum adoption. So I just want to thank you all for going through that process involving the community involving teachers, doing the research, and most importantly to the teachers for piloting, piloting this program in the classroom. I don’t have any any questions. I trust the process and trust your expertise. I will open it for any other board members though. Dick

Unknown Speaker 1:54:43
Okay, thank you. I just wanted to know a little bit more about the algebra aspect of the program. I know that is a huge part of the foundation, especially as students go into the ninth grade they that having that algebra foundation these days is really important. And then it’s a big part of The SATs. So what? What aspects of the curriculum really encompasses algebra one, at least? Well, the

Unknown Speaker 1:55:09
good news with the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards, there’s a very strong algebraic reasoning strand. And when we looked at these materials, especially for those algebra components, this program is not afraid of algebra in its truest sense with rational numbers, fractions, decimals, the real algebra that students need to do in high school. In fact, looking at the eighth grade materials, what our eighth graders are doing in this series rivals what they do in algebra one class. In fact, many of our pilot teachers and students initially were a little shocked at that level of rigor in terms of many middle school math prerequisite skills coming together in one topic, but they rose to the occasion. And we’re very pleased that that level of rigor is there, because now our high schools can take that hand off and go even higher, which really meet those benchmarks for PSAT and SAP.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:58
Thank you very much. Thank you, Madam President. Thank you for the presentation. I read carefully and with great interest about the pilot program. And I guess my my comment is or question, maybe, comment, it’s more germane is really related, more generally, at the level of math achievement of our students in st reign, but also throughout Colorado, being relatively low, with regard to the numbers of students that are advanced or proficient, at least low? In total? And my my question is whether this adoption is viewed by our district and the teachers as a systems improvement. Because I believe that the way you change the way you change the output of a system like ours, is to focus on the system, and to change it in a way that delivers a different result than the results we’ve experienced here heretofore. So I’m just curious about the approach that you and your team have taken with regard to strengthening st brain system to produce Mac optimum, mathematic competencies, and to shift to substantially increase the achievement letter levels of each and every student.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:48
Definitely, with these materials, we are raising the bar, and we’re raising the bar in a very productive way. When I was standing in front of this board, seven years ago, we were learning what Park was for the very first time, we were actually taking the PARCC Assessment. Now we know what CMS is, we know what those expectations are. And with Envision mathematics, six, eight, the tasks that students are doing at the lesson level and at the topic level, CMS will not be the hardest assessment students take all year. These are very much in alignment, and are there times where we need to scaffold some prerequisite skills and make sure students get a running start to that lesson that’s going to do the fractions and the decimals, and put all those skills together in one place. Sure, we mean it’d be to back off, but the standard is there and these materials are there. And it’s a great problem to have, if the materials are a little too rigorous at times, as opposed to needing to push that ceiling upward, and find another extension opportunity. So we do believe this is a Systems Improvement,

Unknown Speaker 1:58:41
system improvement that we also believe will progressively elevate the performance of our students with regard to their proficiency, or advanced proficiency in math,

Unknown Speaker 1:58:53
I would say with the comprehensive suite of materials for students and teachers, this is a systems approach to better with the teaching and learning on the student and both print and digital. One thing

Unknown Speaker 1:59:03
I’d like to add to just for some context is until the state administers these tests at the end of the year, you’re going to continue to see you’re gonna continue to hear that they’re not at grade level, or proficiency at the end of the year, but they’re taking the test two and a half months before the end of the year. So it’s not a it’s not a reliable test, to do what you’re asking. The other thing is, is if you’re going to opt out a lot of students, then you’re still not going to get a reliable measure. And that’s why you see the state doing that. The third thing is there’s got to be some level of consistency in the assessments. They continue to move the target a little bit. So I think what you find is a better recognition of our students achievement by the fact that so many of them are taking algebra in middle school and geometry. And then you’ll also see the PSATs or the SATs and the advanced placed and scores that are showing those those types of gains and things like that. And then obviously, the graduation rate when kids are expected to take three math classes at algebra one or higher, those are much better indicators. Because, you know, you’ve always said, which is true that every system is set up in a way, that’s to get the results. And the state has set up a system that sets up school districts for what you’re talking about. So we talked about this at length, I think we were at Apex. And we talked about balancing it out with more computation and tradition. So that’s one of the things that, you know, we’re going to we’re doing which will help. But I just want to be clear that I don’t want there to be this sense that two thirds of the way through the school year, our students are going to demonstrate proficiency as they would at the end of the school year. So thank you, you’re aware, because we’ve had many conversations about this. We have, and it would be like a teacher, it would be like a teacher giving the final exam one quarter of the way through the school year and expecting the students to do well.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:12
Yes, thank thank you. And I do believe that the approaches that we’re taking at the district level, are focused on improving our system. And frankly, from my perspective, the time at which the state chooses to examine our students as in material, what I’m primarily focused, interested in is the achievement of our students and equipping them to be successful at the end of their high school career, and be equipped to achieve at the highest levels, regardless of what path they choose to follow.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:49
Well, that’s, that’s exactly my point is when you look at those metrics when they’re leaving high school, you see them there. And that’s, that’s the important part. But But I do appreciate because that was something that we had talked about was creating that, that greater level of balance, and I think that you guys have done that very well. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:09
Madam President, if I may ask one other question. This is to the teachers, it just occurred to me as we were going through that conversation. I know this, this pilot was over the last this last school year 2122. So I’d like to see maybe some data as it relates to how the students have progressed when it comes to next fall. So if there’s a little bit of a gap there is there a lot of reteaching that occurred those first, I guess, like usually like two months. So that would be interesting data to see as you look at the students that participated in this program, and where they go the following school year. So that’s something I just just like to see, I just thought about that.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:49
So while we obviously don’t have any of your data to share with you yet, I will say we give iReady, three times a year to progress monitor our students, and Erie middle school, my seventh graders who are participating in the pilot are a little bit lower this year, which was to be expected with everything going on. But the amount of growth they had made by December exceeded what it has in the past. And they are absolutely making significant gains this year. And I think part of that is the curriculum and the sheer quantity of resources, we have not only did it raise the bar, but it provides the resources to reteach and to extend the learning to students. So I was very pleased with their results in December, and I expect them to be very well. Very good, and may as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:39
Thank you. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:41
Now, just to piggyback on that a little bit, too. We’ve been doing staff meetings with all of the different teachers and staff. And that’s one thing that consistently the schools are showing those high ready gains. And I would imagine, because we’ve added math into the triple A into into the project launch, that you’re going to continue to see because I know you take the assessment or you take some data at the beginning of project launch, because and then see where the kids ended up and what you’ve been seeing some pretty good gains there as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:08
If I might piggyback on what Samantha said to and then share some anecdotal evidence if that’s not quite data, but still. So the iReady again, the gains that my students made in December just they gained about three quarters of a year is growth in just that half a year, which again, you know, they were already starting from a kind of behind point. Some students going over 300% So like, just huge. I was completely like, Wow, just sort of the anecdotal evidence as someone who’s been in this district long enough to have gone through three different adoptions been I’ve seen a lot of it. My students, I You guys mentioned the rational numbers, the algebra piece, topic, one in sixth grade hits the ground running with decimals, fractions, the operations within the fluency and it dawned on me this year that that was such the foundation for everything we do topic today. and became putting those using those numbers with integers and topic three, introduce the algebra piece. And I have a teaching partner, I teach a group of 63 students in one room with a partner, a teaching partner in one class. And he said to me, we were working with fractions. And he’s seen me teach for eight years. And he’s like, those kids don’t even flinch now, when they see fractions and decimals and things, and I thought that was just something fascinating, because that’s, those are scary numbers for kids, and for sixth graders. And so for him to say that versus someone who’s evidenced me teaching for eight years, I felt, I felt that way too. They’re comfortable with numbers and working through those difficult things. So I think that speaks hopefully to the algebra and the will we’re trying to progress kids as they get to the end of high school and beyond.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:43
And I’m always about the math as an engineer, it’s, I know how important it can be. But I definitely would like to see or hear when I say see, you mentioned earlier in your report about you know, aspects of this curriculum helping those struggling students, because I think we know the students who get it will get it more so those students who struggle with math, and then as they go on they it becomes even more of a struggle. So you know, really pointing out I’d like to see or hear some evidence of those students that have struggled in where they are, where they started and where they are, whether it’s the pilot program, or as we we vote, I guess, on on this particular program to come into the district, I’d love to see some of that data, because I think it’s that is what we want to see, that’s the part of the system that I think Dr. Martyr is really talking about there.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:36
So I will just clarify for my students that are showing such growth, I am not using the pilot with my honors students, because they’re in a different level of math, it is just with my struggling learners. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:53
Yeah, you know, there’s just been such a theme of teamwork and systems interacting, and just toward the end of success in everything. So, to that, thank you so much for the amazing time that you put into embracing this pilot, and the time spent thinking about it, and whether it’s going to work and knowing that you we have upcoming, you know, testing and measures and everything that you need to meet algebra, everything, just weighing it all in and being the experts. So we can be here and trust you and make this decision to follow you. Thank you. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 2:07:32
Karen. One thing I’d like to add to, you know, talking about the data, I remember when we required two years of math, which is what most many school districts do, and our graduation rate at that point was 75%. And for some of our struggling students, it was at 55%. And then we raised the graduation rates up to three years. And we ended up with, you know, you end up with Yeah, that’s how you end up with, you know, exceeding 90%. And then you see a 400% growth in concurrent enrollment. And so when you ask about data to show that it’s working, that’s really the most powerful data and you see the SATs going up, and you see the Advanced Placement tests going up, because those those tests will demonstrate. And what I really want to emphasize is, the only thing worse than looking at no data is looking at flawed data. That’s misleading. And so I just want to make sure that until the state moves away from their current system, you aren’t going to see the data that you’re looking for, because it’s not measuring achievement, at the time that it needs to measure it. I really think paying attention to the SATs, the PSATs, the AP, the graduation rates, and you’ll see some growth. I think that it’s it’s beneficial to look at growth, but it’s really, the data is there that speaks to the math achievements, when it counts the most.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:10
Thanks for clarifying that, Don. With that I would entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 8.3, which is the middle school math adoption. So moved. Christie, take your pick. Jim and

Unknown Speaker 2:09:25
me OSHA. I’ll second.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:28
Great. Thank you. Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Puranic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:41
I, Reg, Maryland, Samantha kale. Thank you. Appreciate it. Please pass along our appreciation to the rest of the committee as well. Thank you. Yeah. And go mathematicians.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:53
Thank you, madam president, if I may move to extend our meeting.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:59
Really need at least 15 minutes, a few minutes.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:02
Once you go to why don’t we go to 830? And if we finish before that it’s fine. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:08
That’s fine till 830. Is there a second? Second? And all in favor? Aye. All right, Greg, agenda item 8.4. Is the approval of a request to grant an exception to board policy gve? A.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:25
Yes. Hi, evening. All right. So the administration is requesting that the Board of Education allow an exception to the board policy related to staff ethics and conflict of interest, the board policies GB EA, and it states that no school district employee or firm owned by a school district employee shall be allowed to sell to the district or at school or staff goods or services of any kind without the express written consent of the Board of Education. In this case, you know, we have some requirements that we we go through before we even bring it to the board. And this matches that in this case. Miss Carter is a classified coach who’s helping with a musical at Lyons, middle senior. And she’s she’s not employed by the district in any other way other than as a coach, helping with this musical. She is being asked to take the graduation photos for launch Ed. And so it’s not in the same school. It’s the only thing that the district has has asked her to do at this point for the year. So we would put in the requirement that she wouldn’t make more than $5,000 that she didn’t take pictures for students at long, Lyons, middle senior. And, and so we feel comfortable with the board approving this exception.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:50
Great. Thank you, Greg. I don’t anticipate any comments or questions.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:56
Well, just an expression of appreciation for the care with which the district approaches these potential conflicts of interests. I really do appreciate that coming before the board to be viewed individually. And thank you for providing that information. Therefore, I would move.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:14
I’m sorry, I just have one question. Would this be specifically for photos for the launch Ed, launch a program for one school year, one moment? What’s the timeline, the conflict

Unknown Speaker 2:12:26
of interest that we do is for a school year, and so it would be through the remainder of this year, if she was going to be contracted with a different employee, then she or a different school or something along those lines, and it was going to take her over $5,000 we would bring it back to the board. The other thing that we do is typically in June, we will ask you to approve known conflict of interests. We’ll provide them as a list because they were there. We use them every year. And so she may come on this list if if we believe that we would use her again next year for launch Ed.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:02
And if for some reason she becomes a district employee, then that would be brought back. She is

Unknown Speaker 2:13:07
a district employee. Right? Oh, perfect when I was Yes, exactly. So we would bring it back year over year if they continue to be an employee of the district for multiple years. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:21
Thank you, Madam Chairman. I move item a point for recommendation for the approval of requests to grant an exception to board policy gve a staff conflicts of interest. In this case for Carter.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:39
Thank you. Second.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:43
Mr. Berthold. Yes, Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Hernandez? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland, I miss Seacrest. I,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:56
Greg agenda item 8.5 is a recommendation for something that we we see routinely update to approval of vendors providing purchase services over $100,000.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:07
Yes, and this is again, something that we typically provide at the beginning of the year, so that so that we can use those services before we have our board meeting in August. But these are a couple that we felt that the Board should know about. There’s not a budget impacted to these increases, it’s more of a again, I’ll go back it’s similar to what Brian was talking about, with the special ed transportation and those things is these are four custodial services and ground mowing services. So with the difficulty in terms of hiring people, we are contracting these services out but we are moving that we’re using the budget that was established for positions to pay for the contracted services. And so this is not a like a budget request or anything else. It’s just really letting you guys know that we are are going to use these two companies substantially more between now and the end of the year.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:09
Okay, thanks, Greg. I would entertain a motion for approval then of action item 8.5. So moved. Karen and Moshe.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:19
I’ll do second.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:21
Mr. Berthold. Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Her ranek? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I miss secrets.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:33
I. Thank you, Greg. Hi, Brandon. Action Item 8.6 is a recommendation. This is a first reading for approval of board policy AC, which is the non discrimination equal opportunity. So we will see this again at our next board meeting for approval.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:51
That’s correct. Thank you, Madam President and members of the board. I do have another round of board policy updates that I’ll be bringing before you this evening, we have two we have 8.6 and 8.7. The first one 8.6 Is board policy, a change or proposed change to board policy AC, non discrimination and equal opportunity. CASB. Colorado association of school boards, as you know, goes through all of the policies each year and makes recommended changes. In under policy AC, they discovered an error in the section entitled reporting unlawful discrimination and harassment. The original text contains language saying that a person who believes they are a victim of harassment is required to report it. That’s not exactly in line with state law. So they’ve recommended an update to that section that says that a person who believes they’re a victim of harassment is encouraged to report it. Since this change is not required to a change in the laws just bringing the policy in alignment with existing law. This does require two votes first and a second reading.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:05
Okay, thank you have any questions or comments? Very straightforward. All right. I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.6. So moved.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:19
Second. Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Harami? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland, I, Miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:34
I and Brendon final item on the agenda this evening is our action item 8.7, which is another recommendation again first reading. So we will see this policy again. And it is the adoption of board policy, J f be a J F, Bb dash r, which has to do with open enrollment.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:54
That’s right. Madam President. Madam President, I hate to correct you. But a board regulation since this is dash r as a regulation, it actually only requires a single vote. So this is a final adoption if you vote on this. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:10
I appreciate you pointing that out. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 2:18:11
no problem. So the change this board regulation was suggested by Dr. Dina perfetti, Dini and Dr. Bryan Young. After discussing the open enrollment process with the other area superintendents and high school principals. They looked at the timeline. So you know, it doesn’t match up with the way we do our mask master schedule. As you have new students coming and going through the open enrollment process. We wanted to align the dates and the timelines in the policy with the timelines for setting the master schedule so that the changes to the dates reflect those conversations as they went for it. And as I’ve already explained, since this is a board resolution dash r, it requires only a single vote of the board for adoption.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:58
Thanks, Brandon. Doctor murder.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:02
Thank you, Madam President. Brennan, I appreciate that your presentation of this resolution. When we on the board have an opportunity to do these policy updates, we also have an opportunity to read the entire policy in addition to just the changes that are are suggested. And when I did that, I came across a something that raised a question in my mind. And that’s in section. The section entitled grounds for denial of open enrollment application, paragraph seven on page three that states open enrollment application may be denied by the receiving principal for any of the following reason. And then seven, paragraph seven under that term states a student who Is the child of an inbound active duty service member and who is accepted under the open enrollment plan is guaranteed automatic matriculation, including automatic matriculation to the next grade level, even if the next grade is in a different school level or building. I believe that this is an additional consideration and should be moved to that category, but it’s not grounds for denial of open enrollment. So I guess I would like to offer an amendment of the board regulation J FBA slash J F BB dash r, which moves paragraph seven from its current location to the additional consideration section in the policy. As you and I have discussed this proposed amendment, and I’ve also consulted with Assistant Superintendent Professor dini. And it’s my understanding that you both agree that this would be an appropriate change. I guess at this point, I would formally move amendment. I moved that paragraph seven under the section entitled grounds for denial of open enrollment application, be moved within the policy and be added to the new paragraph six under the section entitled additional considerations. That motion would need a second. Second.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:40
Okay. And Tim, just confirming that we can approve this still on first reading if we make an amendment so it with the understanding that we’re voting on that change being made?

Unknown Speaker 2:21:51
Yes, that’s correct, especially given the fact that this is not a change to the substantive language that of the draft, but just relocating that paragraph seven into the additional consideration section.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:03
Perfect. Thank you, Brandon. Any other comments before we vote? No, ma’am. All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:12
I think that was a motion. We’re

Unknown Speaker 2:22:13
voting on the amendment.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:15
So you moved on the amendment amendment. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:22:21
Okay, Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. Her ranek? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:32
I thank you, Christy. Now we need to we need to vote again. We do on the policy. Correct. So are you comfortable just rolling forward with continuing,

Unknown Speaker 2:22:45
Madam president I would move then the amended motion 8.7 approval of on first reading and application adoption of board policy J FBA slash JF BB dash our open enrollment.

Unknown Speaker 2:23:04
Perfect. Thanks and a second. miasha. Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks? Yes. Mr. Garcia? Yes, Mrs. Haryana? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Ragland. I miss Siegrist.

Unknown Speaker 2:23:21
Aye. All right. Takes A Village this evening. Thank you, Brandon. Appreciate it. We don’t have any discussion items. So that does bring us to adjournment. We’ll be back as a board convening again next Wednesday, the 20th at 6pm at Norwalk high school for a study session. I would entertain a motion for adjournment please. And a second Oh, it’s Oh, it’s just me ocean it. We’re gonna go Karen and Moshe this time. All in favor. Aye. Good night, everyone. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 2:24:02
don’t forget to hit the buzzer first.