Airport Advisory Board Meeting – March 10, 2022

Note: The following is the output of transcribing from a video recording. Although the transcription, which was done with software, is largely accurate, in some cases it is incomplete or inaccurate due to inaudible passages or [software] transcription errors. It is posted as an aid to understanding the proceedings at the meeting, but should not be treated as an authoritative record.

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Alright, we’re ready. Do you need to let the one publican?

Unknown Speaker 0:06
Yep. Let me let him in. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 0:16
okay. All right. Well, good evening, everyone. Thanks for being patient with technical issues. We’re gonna kick off the march 10 2022. Airport Advisory Board, hopefully last virtual meeting for a while. Michelle, do you mind starting off and calling the roll?

Unknown Speaker 0:32
I don’t. Chairman Earl, your board members, Jordan, here, Dean, here, Robeson here, talus. I’m not gonna attempt your last name, and bliss. Here. Councilmember Martin. Okay, you have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 0:53
Thank you very much. First item on our agenda. As always, as our first public invited to be heard. I know we have one member of the public with us, I don’t know, if you would like to speak, make a comment now at the end or just listen in.

Unknown Speaker 1:16
It doesn’t look like he has a microphone.

Unknown Speaker 1:19
Okay. I’m all move on then. And if I am wrong, and I’ve missed something I see connecting to audio there. Are Well, I’m gonna move on. And if we need to come back to that, or we’ll have the other comment at the end, I just don’t want to not have some of the opportunity. Our next agenda item is Approval of the minutes, which we’re deferring. Since we don’t have minutes available. So we will go right on to old business, which is our financial update. And I don’t know who I’m throwing it to the city staff. To kick that off.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
I’m happy to do that. So Chairman, members of the airport board, Joanie Marsh, assistant city manager. So I have been working with our accounting staff here the last couple of days to kind of get some information into Vir starting a new year. But one thing you did ask, I believe last meeting was to have a recap on the revenues for 2021. And where we had projected and where we ended up. And they were able to get that to me today. So in 2021, we had a projected revenue of $950,922 400,000 of that. So a pretty good chunk of that is the state grant for the South Side utility project. And where we ended up was a little over a million dollars. So 1,007,500 $7,540. And I think a lot of that about $59,000 of that was the grant that we received a federal grant that was not in the original projections. And we also have a little bit of an uptick. Not much, but a slight uptick in Hangar lease revenue. And then we also had a public use permit fee, which I think predominantly would be from skydiving that was higher than anticipated. So that’s kind of where we’ve ended up there might be some additional adjustments. I was told today by finance, I think what I will try to do is have the finance put this in a format for everyone that I could bring back for you to see in the in April meeting. And then for 2022, just so you know, the projections that were in the budget system, we’re at about $617,000 is our projected revenue for 2022. And obviously, that doesn’t take into account some of the additional funding that we’ve come to learn in the last month that we’ll be getting an allocation annually for the next five years plus any additional grants that we’ve applied for.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
Johnny, if I may, I believe that this year’s budget does include the $54,000 grant from CDOT for the pavement marking project.

Unknown Speaker 4:34
Do you see that Jeff, thank you. So that just hopefully gives you a little update of where we are looking to and I think it’s important to update those revenue projections, knowing that we’ll see some additional funding that to the airport in 2022. So I will work with the finance team to see if they can assist and perhaps put this in a format that’s a little more digestible than some of our reporting. And then also month to date through Monday for expenditures, our annual 22 operating budget is about $577,085. And we’ve expended about 46,900 of that budget. So pretty lean so far this year, we do have some outstanding invoices, of course, for Snell snowplowing, that haven’t come through. And then remember, we have a pretty large salary savings because we currently are not, don’t have any staff for the two FTE that are in our budget. So that number will change once we get folks on board. I’m happy to answer any questions, if you have any.

Unknown Speaker 5:50
Thank you, Joanie and Jeff, for that. I’ll just note for the record, it looks like Steve bliss joined us, Steve. Good evening. What questions Does anyone have? For Johnny or Jeff on the budget?

Unknown Speaker 6:06
Yeah, for Jeff, how much is this current snowstorm end up costing us? I’m just curious, and how much should we use for snow removal so far?

Unknown Speaker 6:17
So I believe we have the the budget expenses for third party contractor and excavating, I believe we’ve used about half of the budget this year on that what the city has been trying to do and managing those expenses is on these storms that only put down an inch or two of snow is to do all of the snow removal utilizing city staff so that we aren’t having to tap into the third party excavating for that service.

Unknown Speaker 6:55
Okay, cool. Thank you. Any other questions from anywhere?

Unknown Speaker 7:04
IE, the budget? If it’s if I understood correctly, that we were at 950,000. Last year, is it? Did I understand Correct. 577,000 for this year, so considerably lower?

Unknown Speaker 7:19
That was because $400,000 state grant last year because

Unknown Speaker 7:22
of the grant. And that was anticipated that was already accounted for in that Gotcha. Okay. And then I think the long fall that just never ended, helped with skydiving. Now they haven’t been able to much since then. So cool that I would guess that though. The increase on the permits was all that good weather extended their season. So that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 7:51
Joanie, Jeff, on the on the skydiving question. Last year, and this was last summer, we voted to recommend a change in the rate for some of those permit fees. I don’t believe that ever moved forward to council. And I don’t know it was delayed for a while. And I honestly don’t know, the whole backstory is that going to be revisited at some point, given that there was a, you know, at least a recommendation from this group for council to consider the adjustment?

Unknown Speaker 8:23
Chairman Earl, so yeah, I do. I guess I do recall that that went forward. The city attorney’s office and the city manager had some significant questions about some of the options for council in terms of fee and rate changes. So they asked that that item not be forwarded. And then unfortunately, we were able to wrap that up in a timely manner. And so that will need to be revisited once we get a new airport manager hired. And we’ll bring that back to you that that did not go beyond the city attorney’s office.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
Yeah, I definitely like to make sure we’re just on top of that kind of annual rate increase in general. Other questions from anybody right now? Okay, hearing none, then next item is listed here as board consideration of Robert’s Rules of Order, which is really an amendments to our bylaws. You all have received a copy of these bylaws. I believe it was on Thursday or Friday of last week. I’m going to pull them up if that’s okay with everyone and just walk through them. If that works for the city staff is a good approach here and then we can address questions as needed. I will note here tallis and I both had review on this. Russell gave phenomenal, really detailed view and caught a lot of my typos as well as significant help from the city attorney He’s office in putting this together. So you know, just want to kind of recognize that upfront. And I’m going to try to do a screen share, which is always a little bit dangerous. But hopefully folks can see a Word doc here, with, with everything. Okay. So really, I’m just gonna walk through these quickly, and then we can open it up for questions and discussions on any specific thing anyone has. First section here, all we really did was add the ability to have remote attendance in our meetings. Clearly, it’s something we were doing so made it reflect that, we also cleaned up a little bit of wording where we were missing words in the prior version. Under voting, first sentence here, I think was a grammatical mess. And Russell was kind enough to suggest more effective cleaner wording. Similarly, I made the adjustments in here, this was the only place we had gender terms. So make them a little bit more generic around the member shall disclose their interest, and that any conflict of interest is subject to all applicable city and state laws, an addition from the city attorney’s office, we did talk through both proceedings and rules and procedures. When we got together, this must have been our January or February meeting, probably January meeting. We in in consultation with the city attorney’s office, adjusted old business and new business to reflect informational items and action items. And the idea here is really to separate out some of those items like, say a financial update, or we’re actually not making a load. But it is a discussion item where we can talk through it with city staff amongst ourselves ask questions, and kind of inform the broader group versus these action items, which is what we’re doing right this moment where we will eventually be taking a vote on approving these bylaws. It also makes it really clear what we’re expected to be doing as a board in each section. So we know pretty clearly what our expectations are. Rules of Procedure, we talked through this in depth that we kept the Robert’s Rules of Order as we decided as a group, we did add a sentence in here that if they’re not strictly followed, and we rarely strictly follow them, because that’s just not as necessary for us that that doesn’t actually invalidate anything we do if we mess it up a little bit along the way. We did put in for the first time the public invited to be heard, which has been practice, but has not been actually part of our bylaws. And so this was not only put in but also the five minutes that we voted on back in January up from the current practice of three minutes. Duties of officers, we originally had suggested that the chairperson would have the duty of setting the agenda for all meetings of the board. In discussions with the city, we actually can’t direct the city staff on how to do that. So we collaborate with them and set the agenda together. And the airport manager is still responsible for preparing the agenda and packet all the materials for for our meetings. Last change here we change the annual report from the first meeting of February that we deliver it since I at least in the four years I’ve been doing this, we’ve never met that timeline to the first half of the year, in accordance with what we’re required to do in Longmont municipal code. So both gives us a little bit of time but also recognizes that we’re unlikely to always hit an ideal meeting with City Council schedule.

Unknown Speaker 14:04
I believe that’s the only other change you’ll see there’s a addition of a number in addition to the word five there but I’m pretty sure that’s all we have. What questions anything anyone want to kind of discuss and go through this before you know the ultimate action here will be a motion to adopt these new bylaws. Any discussion? City staff is there anything I missed calling out that is worth pointing out here?

Unknown Speaker 14:40
Chairman Earl, I don’t see anything. I have a Tasi is also here this evening. So following along, so I’ll defer to her if she sees anything. And I believe that you addressed all of the changes. Thank you

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Really no questions, guys. It looks good. Okay, I’m gonna take that as a positive, I guess. Looks good. Yep. Absent any questions? Would anyone like to make a motion to adopt these bylaws?

Unknown Speaker 15:17
I’ll make a motion on that.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
I’ll second. Okay. Malcolm, do you mind making saying what the motion is? motion to adopt the new amended bylaws. So obviously we motion to adopt the new amended bylaws. Steve, you’re still second that?

Unknown Speaker 15:39
I still second that emotion.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
Thank you. No other comments?

Unknown Speaker 15:49
Did I say a motion by the way? He meant motion.

Unknown Speaker 15:54
I think you’re both it was okay. Okay, thank you. We’ve now got a provision about this strictly following Robert’s Rules. So I figured we were okay. At that point. All those in favor? Can you please raise your hand? Malcolm, you’re not on video. So I’ll ask you to either say aye. Aye or nay? Aye. Thank you. Nobody opposed no one didn’t raise their hand there. So motion carries. We will. I will go ahead and sign. And we’ll adopt these as our new bylaws going forward for next meeting forward. So I guess work.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
Very nice work, you guys. Yeah. Well done.

Unknown Speaker 16:36
Thank you. All for the comments. The feedback on this, especially again, though, Tallis for working with me on the initial draft, Russell for a very thorough editing. And city staff, of course, Tasi. And Chris, for actually making it legal. So thank you all. We’ll move on move along to Sorry, Steve. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:00
Can I ask one question? I’m looking at my schedule for the rest of the year I’ll be in. I’ll be in Europe, and maybe for two meetings. So with that in mind, I can I can still enter the meeting on Zoom. In Europe. Is that correct? According to your

Unknown Speaker 17:20
if we’re having a virtual meeting? I believe that would be correct.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
How about a phone? representation?

Unknown Speaker 17:33
So I would defer to city staff? Because I don’t remember what the city’s electronic participation policy is exactly. Which would I think govern that. But the other question, Steve, would be, are we meeting virtually or in person? And I think there’s a reasonable chance we’ll be back in person meetings.

Unknown Speaker 17:52
The reason I asked that is because I was on another board and I was out of town. And I did enter the meeting by phone. And they had a speaker out so that I could hear everyone speaking at the meeting. Would that be possible?

Unknown Speaker 18:13
We’ve at least not done hybrid meetings. But Joanie and Michelle, I defer to you guys.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
So council has decided to have done away with hybrid meetings and their in person meetings. So they don’t have anybody calling in. It’s it was really a difficult when they did that, for staff to try and get that all hooked up. So I’d say no. It wouldn’t be you wouldn’t be able to attend those meetings virtually. If the if we are in person.

Unknown Speaker 18:42
Oh, I see. Okay. I understand. Yeah. That’s it. Thanks, Steve.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
So I’m gonna move us on to prior last time, we have new business on the agenda and Joanie for a hiring update.

Unknown Speaker 19:03
Sure, thank you, Harrison. So so we have not made an offer yet. I’ve done some additional, had some additional conversations this week, and anticipate finishing up next week. Our hiring process does require a background check and a drug screen prior to actually onboarding anyone. And before we would make a public announcement, so those are also things that in a perfect world are quick, but most often take up to two weeks. So mine and Jeff’s goal is to have that figured out and by your April meeting, have someone on board so I think Melinda gave a very good analogy and in some conversation around how the hiring processes go in this this these days. So even if you find a qualified candidate, or maybe three, you gotta land one Have them. So that’s also on my mind, because I’ve had that happen in a few other departments where we have offered the job and on and we’re on, try three now to hire someone for a position. So it’s definitely become difficult, but I’m actually optimistic. So as soon as I’m able to release it, I will email you all as a board. So you know, cool

Unknown Speaker 20:23
journey would would you mind before I open up for comments, just given a brief recap of the, you know, we had three candidates that had public meetings. Was it last week, week before, and I know, a lot of board members weren’t able to attend, I think it would be helpful just to kind of recap at least what those were about how they were attended. Yeah, just some basic,

Unknown Speaker 20:48
happy to do that. And thank you to yourself, Harrison, to Steve and to Russell for attending all of the meet and greets, it was much, it was very good to see you all there. And Marcia was able to attend a couple of them. So we did invite all the candidates back, we had a series of interview panels with additional city staff, the city manager also had an interview, which with each candidate, and then we came over to the FBO and gave each candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves, and to answer questions and kind of get up before the group and hear what people were curious about at the airport about what they might do in that position. I would say they were all kind of equally attended. And I wouldn’t say we had roughly sometimes i over count in my head. But I would say we had at least 15 people. One, but I would say yeah, yeah. So I it was great to see some folks from not just the airport board, but other airport users come out to ask some tough questions and see who we were putting up before for the ultimate airport manager position. And I’ve been following up with Harold this week, as I said, you know, he did his own interview with each candidate. So just trying to get some feedback from him as well. But I actually I think it went really well. And I was glad to see that there was some attendants who knew it would be standing room only, but I forgot how small the FBO was to so.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Anyone a board members questions, comments on the update? Russell?

Unknown Speaker 22:38
Thank you, Chairman. Since I was at all of them, I figured I’d just give you guys a short synopsis of each candidate joining might, but since she didn’t, here’s what I wrote down. The first one is former Leadville, Colorado airport manager and currently the chief pilot for an operation at Centennial. The second guy is more of a big city guy, let’s say Yeah, his last job was in Renton, Washington, working in the operations department there. And the third candidate. Let’s see what I wrote. He is the youngest, I believe. But despite that youth, he has more experience than I expected with aviation management, corporate real estate. And he was the airport manager in central Illinois for several years before applying to this job.

Unknown Speaker 23:35
Thank you. Thanks, Russell. And I appreciate the recap. And it was helpful to get some of your thoughts too since I missed out on the last candidate when we talked earlier this week.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
And I can go further with you know what I heard from around the room if if anybody’s interested in that, I don’t know how much we want to get into it.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
I think everyone got pepper pretty good with questions from the community. At least an hour said. Steve, please.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
Yes. I’m really disappointed. I missed that. But I was out of town. It was my birthday. And you know, sometimes you can’t you can’t sidetrack that when somebody is making other arrangements. But my question is, are one of them is is a pilot or the other two pilots as well?

Unknown Speaker 24:25
It’s my understanding that they’re not no, no.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
third candidate said he had a strong desire to become a pilot, but not yet, but only the first guy from Leadville is the is the current pilot

Unknown Speaker 24:39
can correct me if I’m wrong. The second was an air a military air traffic controller. Is that correct? Correct. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:45
Tower Control.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
Thank you. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
Was the public way I guess what was the takeaway from the questions the public has asked, and I thought I saw that look, I had a meeting afterwards and maybe reviewed it as well. But I haven’t seen anything come back from that. Do you feel like the committee showed up with good questions? And do you think it helped clarify things? Do you feel it? Took it in the right direction?

Unknown Speaker 25:21
I guess I could weigh in on that. Jeff, if you want to as well. Um, the public was least kind to the youngest candidate. I’ll say that. As soon as you walked in the room, you can hear the old guy start monitoring, as I told her earlier today, but like I mentioned, he has a surprising amount of experience for his apparent youth. And I thought he was by far the best communicator, clearest spoken and asked calm responses to Ron peppering him with his unhappiness basic. Okay. And I stayed for the local meeting to I believe that they voted to say, We don’t want any of these guys to start over. Oh, Mitch. You know, I was just kind of listening at that point. But they, if they had to, they told their head local guy that they like the first candidate because he was a local Colorado person.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Yeah, Leadville handles a lot of military stuff like we do. And that is interesting. Is he the same guy that signs our certificates? I don’t have mine where I can see it. When we land up there, the that’s interesting. I’m sorry that they didn’t feel like any of the candidates were there. That’s, that’s tough. You got to work with what we’ve got. And it’s just a starting starting point. When you bring somebody in, that’s the beginning of the journey, not the end. So

Unknown Speaker 26:45
is that is that what they ended up sending to you, Jeff, was that they wanted to start over?

Unknown Speaker 26:50
I don’t remember specifically, Lopez, I can tell you that the comments that I solicited to those people that RSVP that the input was quite varied to what you had mentioned, several people saying, you know, none of them, and some was all different ones. So there was not, I just got a lot of different input. So as as I have conveyed to Joanie in the city, I think all three of them are qualified in different ways, and would bring different strengths to the table. I don’t think the city would go wrong with hiring any one of the three and they’ll get different values out of one or the other. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
If you? What were some of the big objections. Are there any? The people that said that people weren’t qualified just said they were qualified? No, nothing specific. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 28:04
Steve, I honestly didn’t see the comments that were sent to Jeff, so I can’t comment on that. But a lot of the questions were what you would expect? I think in some of the meetings, they were leading questions, and frankly, I was actually, some of my comments back to Jeff, were focused on how people answered the questions and dealt with, I’d say, a little bit of combative, you know, lines of attack from from the community, because I think that actually showed a lot of what their character was like. So I found it illuminating, to see how they would reply to that, because we know, you know, even in these meetings, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of commentary from us and from the public in all directions. And certainly in the day to day, they’re going to get that. So I actually found, I found the exercise really valuable to see how they were going to reply to respond to some of that.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
I do appreciate that opportunity. I was also unable to attend at any of them. I thought maybe I could catch Thursday, but I wasn’t able to. But that was really a welcome process from the city. And I took a bit put that together. I know. And I just appreciate that, that some of you were able to exercise that, that chance to go participate like that. That’s, that feels very new and unique in the hiring process. So that was a step a step forward. For sure. So appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
All after that. I really hope we don’t have to do this again for a very long time. Yeah, yeah. If we do, and I’m sure we would all have a little feedback on that. But I really appreciate that we were brought into it and could provide that input.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
And the public even, you know, just created, hopefully not a distraction, but at least at least they got they saw. We do want to attract a candidate, but at least they heard what was going on and what was on people’s mind. So It’s a fair fight.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
Anything else there before we, before we move on? Tallis got a question.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
Do you think that the group that you spoke with would ever be satisfied with anyone? Sorry,

Unknown Speaker 30:17
I belong. I’m the dues paying member? I don’t know. I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 30:21
I apologize for laughing I really shouldn’t have. But I will just say that all three of these candidates are past airport managers. They are used to airport crowds, and every airport tenant crowd have the cantankerous ones that can never be happy. And some that just like to stir the pot. I did feel like that there were some good, good questions asked by several people and fair questions in the audience and some that just want to complain. So

Unknown Speaker 31:01
I got hopefully the question for you, Jeff. It seemed like the week of the interviews, you know, the the email said, we’re interviewing these two guys, Monday and Thursday, we’re gonna decide Friday, so you got to get your comments. And And now, you know, it’s going to be another three, four weeks before we decide what what changed there.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Oh, generous.

Unknown Speaker 31:24
Thanks, Commissioner Robeson. So, you know, it’s not an easy decision. So, as Jeff said, I thought we had three good candidates. There were some, there were lots of feedback from not just city staff, but also the city manager on where we’re headed with this hire. And also, I, you know, part of this is up to me, and I’ve had a number of other items that have really needed my attention in the past week. So part of that is simply my own workload interfering with getting things completed. So I will take the blame for them.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Not that there’s any blame. I just, you know, I understand that you have to land and like you said earlier, but just surprised by the change in the timeline itself. Thanks for that.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
CPM. Question for Jeff, are you still on board down until a decision is made?

Unknown Speaker 32:20
My contract is through the end of March, indicated to the city that I will remain to support them, but I’m not going to be able to at the same level after April one. So if it’s coming up every other week, or doing more remote type work, happy to continue supporting. But also, I’m going to be out of the state for a month and a half, starting early May. So need to have someone in the seat.

Unknown Speaker 32:57
You have a question for Johnny, about your idea. Um, if the person that gets hired, decides to back out or they’re not a good fit, do we have a way to put somebody in quickly to fix this or that we start all over again? Not that that happened? But just curious.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Yeah, that’s a great question. I’ll come. So we do have a six month probationary period at the city for all new hires, which allows for both, I think, the staff member and supervisor to determine if that’s a good fit within those first six months. And I think certainly, I would not want to start this process over again, within that six months. So that’s why I’m maybe being careful and cautious in my final in the final selection of the airport manager. I also would not be opposed to looking at professional management services of the airport. Again, if that happened, I think this has actually been very helpful to have Jeff here at the airport and certainly know that there are resources that we could turn to if that happened again. Cool. That’s a good question.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Okay, cool. Not seeing other comments. Jeff. I’m going to turn it to you then and let you do some of your updates. And undoubtedly, I have questions for you.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
Thank you, Chairman Earl. I actually don’t have a lot on my list since our last meeting has been a little bit quiet. For those that are around the airport, the bathroom in my building, the sewer line broke due to age. The FBO consistent with their agreement attempted to fix it had challenges with their contractor. So we were able to call the city staff and and they were able to fix it in a couple days. So I think last Friday Maybe Maybe over the weekend that got fixed. We did have our triennial maintenance done on the A was about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago. And the same day, like hours after they left, the wind sensor broke, Shane with Aero sphere contacted me and says, the winds blow in one direction, but the A was saying it’s blowing the other. So fortunately, before that company left town because they’re they’re not just right here locally, they were able to get back out and fix that. I did learn through the process that our A was is the oldest a was in the state of Colorado. So in some discussions, when we’re going to be looking at how to spend the FAA infrastructure monies of 295 that a wasp need maybe to move up because there are some parts on our a wasp that may not be available. If they should break. Certainly we don’t want that to happen. Can you just define a wasp for non pilots, I’m sorry, automated weather observation system. And that’s what reports the the when the temperatures, the sky conditions, the wet types of weather at the airport, and you can go online and see it digitally, you can listen to it as you’re flying in on a radio. And so it’s really created a lot of eliminated a lot of safety issues at airports of unreported weather conditions. It’s very helpful for pilots. The other strange issue that I’ve been dealing with, people seem to not be able to find the dog park on the north side of the airport, and has been using our South field as a dog park. Each time I’ve got over there, they seem to say, Well, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, everyone and no one has said anything or, or that or they told me you know, I was told I could do this like Well, no, you can’t. It’s not a dog park. We’ve got enough small furry animals running around in the airport, and we don’t need more without a leash. So that’s that’s really the not a lot has happened this month. Happy to answer any questions. Anyone has

Unknown Speaker 37:35
questions for Jeff.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Your update was so good.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
I was gonna say thank you about the animals I was taxing. And there was a dog running alongside me when he was supposed to be fetching a stick. And that’s a bit unnerving because the owner was right there. So if anything had happened, yeah, it would have been all kinds of bad. And then if anybody’s interested, I call the a wasp on my phone, a lot of times, listen to it. And it’s 303-684-7545. So for those who want that it’s on my favorites on my phone, before I head over to the airport to hear what’s going on. That’s pretty interesting that ours is the oldest in the state. So it must have come from when the airport was in Roosevelt Park, they must have moved it out. That’s pretty. That’s pretty interesting. Thank you for everything you’re doing. As always, we just really appreciate your attention to detail and getting us through this period. And really grateful for everything you’re doing to get us get our new hire in it, get everything positioned. So the new hire can come in and start, you know, right at the threshold instead of having to go back and clean up things since David’s absence. And so just really grateful for everything you’re doing. really do appreciate it. Thank you appreciate it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:01
Jeff, I’ll second that in. Since I’m not sure if you’ll be with us at our April meeting or not given your your other priorities. But we really appreciate you coming in and setting us up for a successful path forward with someone permanent. And a lot of those I wouldn’t call them unpopular actions you’ve had to take to to write the ship and get us on the right path and really appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
My pleasure. And I hope to be here at April, at least come to one last one with the new airport managers a good

Unknown Speaker 39:34
one, you’re always welcome to come as a member of the public to and, you know, give us some feedback and tell us how we’re doing so you can come

Unknown Speaker 39:43
thank you. Anyone else.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
Little last we’ll move on. We’ve got a final public invited to be heard. We’ve still got the one member on and I don’t know if they I don’t know if the audio is connected or not honestly so I’ll just put and see if anyone wants to make a comment from the public.

Unknown Speaker 40:13
I’m going to take that

Unknown Speaker 40:14
as a no and move on. But if I did miss again, please interrupt me here and will absolutely have the comment. We’re on the Board counsel and staff comments and I’ll start with board members. Anyone have any comments you’d like to make this evening? Mr. Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
thank Miss chairman. One of my duties for Melinda’s list from the last meeting is the squawks about the airport. And one thing I heard when I was at the local meeting is several people said that the pattern at the airport, the traffic pattern for the airplane seems to be getting wider and wider and wider. And they think that may be well, this is conjecture on their part. But flight schools from Brumfield come up here to do their touch and goes are flying huge patterns. And so they wanted me to bring that to you guys, and figure out how to solve that problem.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Yeah, so Robinson, I had a meeting yesterday with one of the airport tenants that had the same concern issue. And it’s not just Broomfield instruction, but also Longmont instruction. And, you know, I don’t listen all the time to Unicom. But I do listen to it. And I have not heard people getting mad at one another. But he said it happens quite regularly. And so what I’m going to be doing is identifying contact people at all of the Flying schools in the Denver area, and send to them the pattern information and noise abatement information that we have on the airport’s website, and make sure that that is, you know, provided to them and encourage them to, you know, disseminate to their instructors, and to their students to try to get a handle of that. As I know, you well know. And I’m sure many of the other board members may or may not know that the city does not control the airspace, above our airport, we can’t tell people how to fly or where to fly. That is all under the jurisdiction of the FAA. But we can encourage them to be good neighbors, we’d encourage them to operate safely give them recommendations. But we don’t have really any enforcement mechanism other than education.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
I personally just fly 20 miles straight and every time so I don’t have to worry about it. But they one suggestion they did have was they thought there was a diagram or picture of the pattern that you see on the website, and they can’t find it now. So is that something Johnny that we could reinstitute? Or maybe you know, Jeff,

Unknown Speaker 42:59
though it is there. It’s just sort of buried. And so in the meeting yesterday, I had with the gentleman he recommended trying to, you know, bring it up a little higher level on the front. And so I have that on my notes to

Unknown Speaker 43:12
do. Okay, great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
On that topic, Jeff, can I when you have that change and appreciate what you’re doing? Maybe that’s one to highlight in a stakeholder communication, as well. But also make it very visible that you’re that we’re addressing it. Other board member questions, comments? Count councilmember workman anything for me this evening? Not tonight. All right. Countless? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:45
I forgot to say I’m Harrison, you’re so kind to say that. I participated in the bylaw thing I did very little compared to how much you did. So thank you for all the work that you did and leading that. So I am not worthy of praise on that effort. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 44:03
Well, no, you are you were you were involved in it. But thank you as well for the kind words, I appreciate it. City staff members, anything that we haven’t covered that you’d like to bring up. Johnny, please.

Unknown Speaker 44:16
Yeah, Chairman Rahl just two things. And you both of these you received your email one for me and one for Michelle. So one is a survey that the clerk’s office is asking all of the boards and commissions to give some feedback on going back in person. You know, we do still have potentially auto immune compromised folks on boards and commissions who may need to look at other options. So we’d like to know so that we’re making the best decision for everyone. And as Michelle noted, counsel is going back in person with masks optional. Based on your comfort on our March 29 meeting, I would anticipate based on what I’ve heard from you all the past Few months as you would like to return in person at your April meeting. So that’s kind of what I have in my mind. But if you would be able to take the survey, it’s only about five or six questions, that would be appreciated. And then also today, I know last month, I wasn’t here. But I know Michelle talked a little bit about the new board and commission interview process. And I think she emailed you all kind of the guidelines today. So if you want to take a look at those, I know that we will be one of the boards who has an open seat that would be doing these interviews, I believe in May. Michelle, is that correct? Yeah. So just wanted to make sure you saw both of those items, if you didn’t see them or have questions. If you have questions on the border commission interview, please. Email Michelle, and she can kind of help walk you through some of those, since she will be our all everyone’s partner in that process. And then the link, if you could do the survey, that would be great. And as I said, I’ll anticipate seeing you all in person in April.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
I didn’t question. Sorry. I had a question on the interview. Because I did read that my status is up. It’s my last year. And having gone through that process, and then having interviewed with the city as well, I could definitely picture the process myself. So for the as an outgoing board member? Is somebody like me going to be in the May interview? Or just the November interview? Or how who decides that? And how do we know? If we’re part of that process? Who Who makes that decision? And how do we hear about it? That’s, you know, just knowing that at some point, I probably will be a part of that process, because my term is coming up.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Any answer that? Okay. So it’s, it’s up to the board. So as we as we put in here that we would recommend doing a subcommittee, maybe two members, and it could be the chair and the vice chair, it could be the chair and another board member, or it could be the whole board. So that’s up to you guys. If you want to discuss that at the at the board meeting and vote on that. And then you could just have that subcommittee interview in May those applicants that have applied.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
Michelle, we’re a applicant is solely for our vacancy. Correct, Belinda, Steve and I are all our terms all expire December 31. So we was November December timeframe.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
Right. So then you’d have another committee, you could appoint another subcommittee for the end of year so that you guys wouldn’t interview yourselves. And then, obviously, we go from there. So.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
So that interesting. So you, the goal would be to have board members interviewing for board? I am. I’m done. I’ve termed out so I’m in the final days. I think Steve in Harrison, you got Harrison, you must have another term, I’m guessing. Yeah. I think so. I hope so. Okay, good. So I’m the only one I’m terming out. And so I’m not up for consideration. So I can certainly interview without bias, but also if you want the current board to be a part of that. So that’s interesting, the subcommittee, and we can decide about that and decide within the group perfectly. Yeah. Wonderful. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 48:36
I would certainly suggest that’s a action item on our next month to actually decide as a group how we’d like that. Jeff, did I see your hand up and he’s not gonna go? No,

Unknown Speaker 48:49
I was just gonna ask if a hotel address will count for residency.

Unknown Speaker 48:57
In your case, yes. You’ve got squatters rights. That’s what we’re talking about. Any

Unknown Speaker 49:08
anyone else there? Well, I I’m through our agenda. We’ve gotten through all our comments. Thank you everyone for for a productive meeting and getting some new bylaws. And we will look forward Joanie to an update on hiring. Hopefully, when we reconvene next month, we’ll we’ll at least have some news and hopefully someone joining us.

Unknown Speaker 49:31
I guess that would be a question is, when the decision is made and the offer accepted and all the contract signed? Could we be notified by email about the decision prior to the meeting? Okay, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
I will. As soon as it’s all far enough along that I can do that in HR gives me the green light. I’ll connect your the, the airport board gets the first email. Wonderful, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
Sure. And then I will follow that up fairly shortly in the stakeholder communications.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Okay, fantastic.

Unknown Speaker 50:03
Thank you both for that. And Jeffrey, I appreciate it the stakeholder communications you’re doing broadly. So thank you for that. Joni bill for you guys supporting that and kind of making that a priority for all of us. Thank you. All right, well, seeing no one else here. We’ll go ahead and adjourn for the evening. Thank you all for for joining and we will see you next month.

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Thank you. Thank you. Good night.

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