Callahan House Board Meeting – February 9, 2022

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Callahan House Board Meeting – February 9, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
It’s 901. And we’re going to go ahead and call the meeting to order. Um, so has everybody had a chance to review? The, the minutes from the previous meeting? To read over and look at any corrections or anything that needs to be made at this point? Has anybody seen any corrections that need to be made?

Unknown Speaker 0:31
To? Correct? Okay. Just

Unknown Speaker 0:37
say section, business. Paragraph B, Grant update. The last sentence. I think the word it is meant to be is once the contract is complete. So if we just make that little correction Karen, do you see that? Okay, okay. And then just another little quick thing is just put a period after in paragraph C. First, number underseat. Put a period after lessons. Got it? Okay, it’ll work.

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Nicely done. Okay, so um, I just need an approval of the corrected minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:45
We approve the minutes as corrected.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Can I get a second place?

Unknown Speaker 1:50
I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:52
All in favor? Can you show your hands so we can see him? Okay, that’s been moved and seconded. And we’ve got our boat and we’re going to move on. All right. I’m on to the house manager’s report. Kathy All right.

Unknown Speaker 2:12
Give me just a minute to move this over and share my screen and of course I always have to try and figure out how to do that

Unknown Speaker 2:26

Unknown Speaker 2:32
I clicked on it or I need to be able to share my screen disabled Hello, Aurora

Unknown Speaker 3:02
can read, but I have here you know if you can’t share it, I can read along I think you know with it.

Unknown Speaker 3:08
Yeah. Everybody have a printout? Yes, I do have a printout. So we could just follow along at this point.

Unknown Speaker 3:15
All right. So January was pretty quiet. We had a lot of weather cancellations. We had three city events, three clubs, paranormal investigation, which was our revenue generating events, and two tours. But inquiries have been the bomb. We have 45 increase in January. And they’re still chugging right along. Devin by phone 38 electronic 10 from the city alignment website 10 from WeddingWire 18 from the not. Since we had so many cancellations, we only had 51 guests with no catered events, where we booked three new revenue generating events for January or for the year. And the total number at this point is 10. As I mentioned last month, we’ve replaced all of the CFL light bulbs in the house. And most of the ones in the auto house. I still have a few places to check. Every time I think I got them all I find another one that has lots of light bulbs. And we’re replacing those for safety reasons. Facilities is very leery of them and think they’re starting fires. So we’re trying to get rid of all of the safety issues related to the lightbulbs. All of our candelabra lights or

Unknown Speaker 4:43
your screen or excuse me, you need to Kathy you should be able to share your screen.

Unknown Speaker 4:47
All right, let me hear Alright, did that work? Yes. Yes. If I can’t see the screen All right, well, that’s fine. You guys got really little and it’s alright. So anyways, moving on, we still have incandescent light bulbs in all the candelabra lights for two reasons one, because I can’t find an LED that that sheds the right proper kind of light. And because that’s going to be a very expensive venture to replace them all, but once I find something that I think works well, we will replace those as well. We have all the Christmas trees down and packed up, and we’re slowly putting away the rest of the stuff. A couple things at a time. We should be completely done with it by the end of the month. Just kind of an awareness thing. We’re in flux with custodial health. And the six senators been sending Maria to clean she’s been doing a great job. We’ve polished the floors last week and we’re getting to little something extra every week. I and I just wanted to say kudos to parks. They’ve been doing an amazing job of snow removal. We’re usually second or we are second or third tier in terms of getting the snow removed. But they they were there last week very early to clear the walks for an early meeting and came back later that day and did the driveway so we’re getting great service. February’s pretty quiet you can see it’s all clubs. We did book yesterday, baby shower for the end of the month. We had again, we had a lot of club cancellations in January because of weather. And February is starting off to be very similar. The clubs just aren’t willing to come out when the weather’s bad. Sure. We’re almost done with club renewals. I’m expecting to get the rest of the renewals and dues by the end of the month. The grants gonna go before Council on the 22nd of February again, they are going to sign the acknowledgement of a word conditions or we’re going to propose to them that they sign the acknowledgement of work conditions and the property protection covenant. Once those are signed, they will create the contract for the project. And then that will also need to be signed once it’s done and that may take up to a month to be created. We roll back the mask exemption for the club’s due to the COVID increase in COVID cases. And Ben may be able to give us an update on that but we’re hoping to allow fully vaccinated plebs to stop wearing their mass. Again, very soon under the boulder exemption, Boulder County exemption, I had another wedding cancel. Again, the reason given was was COVID. We booked the ghost paranormal investigation for January and a baby shower for March. And I have booked since booked another baby shower and another wedding. I’m finishing up the pricing and I’m going to review it with recreation management prior to publishing the new rates expect to get that done in the next three or four weeks. And both the work on both the history of Russia and the red virus self guided Russia are ongoing although I think the history of Russia is almost complete. And the second is coming along very nicely thanks to Karen and Connie. And we’re receiving lots of revenue increase for revenue generating events for both this year. And next so that’s really good news because that’s what drives our business. And I guess it doesn’t do any good to share your screen if you don’t change pages. We all have them

Unknown Speaker 9:01
in front of us.

Unknown Speaker 9:02
So um the expenses revenue and expense actuals we are already almost in the black which is good news. That number for revenue. It’s a little suspect because I don’t know yet what the transfer from the general fund is going to be for salary. So once I get that number I will adjust it accordingly. That usually is available to me sometime in February early March. You can see the events pretty quiet month of January I do not know hang on a second trying to get to the right page in the There we go. Expensive is, again a pretty quiet month. lightbulbs were fairly expensive, a couple $100. We did some cleaning supplies done a little bit of staffing in our normal advertising. And we also renewed our food license with Boulder County. Any questions? Is that food

Unknown Speaker 10:28
license? Is that for the year, then?

Unknown Speaker 10:31
Yes, it is for 2022. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 10:41
So I noticed that we don’t have the Callahan house fund report. Did that just erroneously get?

Unknown Speaker 10:53
So you mean the the financial report? It’s the then units, the news report, I did not do that this month because the general fund transfer hasn’t happened. So it’s glaringly glaringly in air. And the other thing I wanted to bring up was I, I think that perhaps we ought to start doing that quarterly instead of monthly.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Well, I think it’s important to keep it as monthly because all reports are monthly. So be being consistent and transparent. I think it’s important to keep it as monthly. It does show what happens in a specific month so that we wouldn’t have to question in a quarter Wait, what what month did that happen?

Unknown Speaker 11:34
The spreadsheet shows what’s happening each month. The Munis is just the financial accounting system, keeping up with what’s already happening. And all of that information is in the spreadsheet.

Unknown Speaker 11:47
Again, is a one page report, I think it’s important that it remained consistent with the other reports just monthly.

Unknown Speaker 12:04
Better anybody else have any thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 12:10
Ladies, what do you think?

Unknown Speaker 12:14
Can I can hear what Karen is saying as far as having them. It’s it’s a nice one page up and down, or vertical? Summary and comparing numbers and things to but there’s not much change a lot of times. So it to me, it doesn’t matter to me, whether it’s quarterly or I guess if you did it quarterly. Kathy, would you just make more columns? As far as comparing the months then across the board? Or?

Unknown Speaker 12:51
No, it would just be a quarterly total. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Yeah, it were possible to do it, like what Connie

Unknown Speaker 13:00
wouldn’t fit on one page. So yeah, I tend would be very hard to fit on one page, it would be very hard to read. So um,

Unknown Speaker 13:09
so then putting it as

Unknown Speaker 13:12
if I’m sorry, if I did it quarterly, it would just be a quarterly total and then a year to date total. And then you would have all the detail of everything in the monthly reports.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
I just think it is its own separate report. And it deserves to be a standalone monthly report as well.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
I have to agree with with Karen that the more transparent that we can be the better off we’re going to be and even if even if the numbers aren’t quite accurate, like you were saying this month, because the transfer hasn’t occurred, we can state that within the minutes themselves. So anybody looking from the outside, public looking in and viewing would know if there are any discrepancies, because it would be stated at that time. And again, if the more transparent that we can be that we’re being diligent, having due diligence, and we’re reviewing those numbers, the better off we’re going to be it is just a one page report and I understand one more piece of paper, but

Unknown Speaker 14:33
it’s not just a piece of paper so

Unknown Speaker 14:36
okay, I don’t I mean, I don’t mean to belittle running reports I understand that it is it but but if that if that is what we need to do to be transparent. What’s everybody else’s viewpoints.

Unknown Speaker 14:53
I would like to know what the advantages to doing it quarterly Kathy.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
It just would cut down The amount of work you know, it’s, it’s it’s a, and honestly, especially in the first two quarters of the year, there’s really not a lot of information. Right. This month there was almost none, which is why I elected not to do it.

Unknown Speaker 15:20
But I think potential change one month, another is important enough to have a monthly report. Given it takes time to do is still worthy of having monthly report.

Unknown Speaker 15:35
What’s everybody else’s thought?

Unknown Speaker 15:37
I just had wondered, what does the city require? Kathy? Have you as far as doing that kind of report? Is that required of all the committees or all the boards?

Unknown Speaker 15:50
No, honestly, all the reports that we do, mostly we’re my conception. On it used to be there was just a manager’s report and just the one page Munis report, and that was it. So most of the reports that that you get are things that I conceived of and thought were important. And there is no requirement per se, required to have an agenda are required to have minutes of the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Okay. But the Callaghan’s house fund is separate in its own right.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
So other

Unknown Speaker 16:27
special than I think it warrants having a monthly report.

Unknown Speaker 16:37
My my little bit of input that would be allowed, allow Kathy and so on, and I had to look into what has been standard, what is standard within the boards, and we can talk about this again next month. Okay, the numbers the actual or the numbers that you’re getting the real numbers. And I can tell you from personal experience that the Munis numbers are much better in bulk over time. They do not reflect what is currently happening very often within recreation. They don’t get updated on a regular basis like they should we hope that’s changing, honestly. But there’s some things happening with finance. So allow us to look into this and we can talk about it again next month. If that sounds okay to everybody. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Spreadsheets, just an FYI, the spreadsheet is much more up to date. What Ben’s alluding to is that the rec track any money that comes in through rec track, which means any money that comes in through credit cards, or through a check that gets registered in REC track or entered in REC track, the amount of time it takes to flow to Munis is lengthy. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 17:54
That’s not the amount of time it takes us to flow it to Munis like that, the amount of time that it takes in another portion of our show is is quite lengthy. So this wreck track is wreck track are real numbers real up to date 100% To the moment numbers. So, one thing reflects one thing, one thing reflects

Unknown Speaker 18:18
another. Yeah, the delay is in the processing, in getting it into Munis and in the right buckets. So

Unknown Speaker 18:26
to look at that, and we’ll we’ll discuss it again.

Unknown Speaker 18:30
One last little piece, I would just note, which is the reason I’m driving is that the fund, the Callaghan house fund is different from any other board, any other city appointed board. The Callahan house fund is its own separate fund for the calendar and houses. And so showing a a status of that fund, and a balance of that fund monthly, I believe is important so that I’ll just leave it at that.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Okay, so let’s be sure that we’re tabling this and then putting it on for for next.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
I’ve got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 19:12
Okay, is there anything else that we need to discuss at the house manager’s report? Okay, all right. Thank you, Kathy. Moving on to old business status of the SH F grant. Aid. Yes. Well, I was just using the abbreviation sorry.

Unknown Speaker 19:35
That’s fine. Everybody would know what that was. And I’m in there. So. Okay. As I mentioned in the manager’s report, the work to take it back to council is done. It’s on the agenda for February 20 seconds, or it’s been submitted for February 22. Ben, do you know if it’s been confirmed

Unknown Speaker 20:03
I believe so. But I’m not.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Yeah. And once that’s done all of that paperwork goes back to the State Historical fund managers and they draft the contract.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
Great. Oh, Kathy, if you’re done Maria, can I have a moment to speak to this? Absolutely. Okay. I think that, for purposes of capturing details now, for history that we’re living now, I think we need to include some information that’s going to be memorialized about this. After conclusion, and I wrote this down so that I can also then just share it with Karen read later, the Secretary so it makes less for her recording. So Karen, don’t worry about

Unknown Speaker 20:53
writing this down.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
But after conclusion of the November 2021, board meeting, there was discussion about the December 3 board meeting and the luncheon that would immediately follow that meeting. And then they were scheduled to occur the same day as the Christmas open house. And that was December 3. And it was discussed that because it would take too long of a day, and this was after the meeting would take too long one day, for the board members that for Kathy, it would be better to reschedule for the following week. And on the on a day that was available for the caterer. Kathy was going to check with the caterer and email the board a new date. Somehow the board meeting was canceled. But the luncheon occurred on December 8, this as rescheduled. But because there was no board member for December, wasn’t a board meeting for December. The fact that the grant application was approval was not addressed in a board meeting. And we’re not documented in any important meeting minutes. And though grant update was an item in our January board meeting agenda, the details of the grant approval were not included. And so this is an important piece of history for the house is the most extensive amount of work and the largest value grant that has ever been sought for the house. And it’s necessary to properly record the details. So I’d like to take the time now to state what occurred so the details can be properly memorialized in the minutes of this meeting. First to begin this the State Historical Fund grant application for the benefits Callahan house was submitted to historic History Colorado on August 1 2021. And that was after over a year long process of preparing documentation and writing the application. This was a general competitive grant. They have two different types of grants. This one was a general competitive grant which the maximum grant request is in the range of $50,001 to up to $250,000 with a required 25% cash match. For a nonprofit or government owner there would be 50 for a private owner 25% for us. The application deadline was noon on August first, the award or announcement was December 1. The application included the following projects for restoration preservation, restore curb leaded beveled glass window, installation of protective glazing for all leaded and stained glass windows, exterior paint analysis how house exterior wood restoration and paint and preservation of the decorative historic concrete driveway. The total cost for all of these projects combined was calculated to be $240,000. The 25% Match totaling $60,000 was from the funds allocated from the city of Longmont from the capital improvement Improvement Program in 2021. For the use for the Callahan house, the total grant request was $180,000. The grant application included 203 pages of written information and documentation. Upon my submitting that application on August 1, I forwarded the email received from History Colorado, which confirmed receipt of the application to Kathy and Connie and N who were involved in working on the application with me, along with Carolyn Darvill. That communication included the entire grant application which included all attachments and exhibits. Thereafter I forwarded that along to all the rest of the board members and communication on August 4, just sharing that with them and including updates for the the board meeting that was scheduled to then be held August 11, which that meeting was subsequently cancelled.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
On December 1, History Colorado posted on its website, the list of approved applications, and sent email messages to all those on the list. Kathy received the email and promptly forwarded it to the board members. Carolyn Tarbell and our city officials. The email message confirmed that from the from the History Colorado, the email message confirmed the award of $180,000 and the project number of 2022 Dash 01 Dash 072. It also included five PDF attachments regarding the first steps to an executed grant award. Noteworthy is the fact that due to COVID-19, and its economic effects on funding, the State Historical Fund, the grant round was highly competitive. There were 80 applications, eight zero, requesting a total of approximately $14.3 million. The result was 41 applications were approved, for a total of approximately $7.2 million. I have a list of everyone involved in the grant writing process and all of the supporters of the grant application and it will be important to write thank you notes to all of them as soon as City Council will allow that. So that is what I wanted to ensure is captured. Now, for purposes of history.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
Thank you, Karen, that is very vital. I’m glad that you caught us on that because it is very important that it’s always

Unknown Speaker 26:56
when somebody’s looking later. That’s going to be great information. Precisely.

Unknown Speaker 27:03
You could almost be an addendum or attachment, I guess to the minutes because it’s very much a bad timeline. Really.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
Right. I would I would definitely recommend that. Because yes, Karen doesn’t need to go through the process of retyping. All that. It is yes, it is a capture of the timeline of events.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
And a very historically important one. So it is

Unknown Speaker 27:33
this is big. I mean, the last three grants that were applied for were in, let’s see, 9390 93 for $2,300 in 1995 for $30,250. And in 1998 450 $8,672 of those three, they total half of what we just work granted, this is huge work and huge fans. So

Unknown Speaker 28:07
yes, very much. So. Moving forward, we cannot thank you ladies enough for the hours that were required. And thought that you put into to working on this project. It’s it’s it will be very much appreciated for years to come. definitely worthwhile work.

Unknown Speaker 28:32
And I shall Shall we have a motion to attach those two next? To the minister I write for this meeting? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
As an addendum. So move. Okay. Okay. Well, it’s been seconded. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
All in favor hands. So

Unknown Speaker 28:50
we have our boats. And all right, it is been put forth in a motion that this is added as an addendum to the minutes of this meeting. It’s been moved and seconded it and voted on. And thank you very much. So moving on to the historic brochure. Under old business

Unknown Speaker 29:15
history brochure is complete. And the final revision is ready for for Kathy to make sure we have it in. Kathy, remind me the program you use to upload this information. Its publisher, publisher. So yeah, it’s a matter of just I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to get that into publisher yet. But

Unknown Speaker 29:42
yeah, but I will the next week.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
And I’m happy to help if I can in any way. So

Unknown Speaker 29:47
thank you.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Okay. All right. And, um, so that’s complete. That’s wonderful. Um,

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Sorry, morning, I should make a quick statement about the timing of that. When Connie, and Kathy and I met to be going through the room by room tour, that’s when we took some time to further tweak the, the history brush or so it’s slightly different from the version that was emailed to you. I’ll tell you, I’ll go ahead and email it to you all. Right after this.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Once I have it formatted, I’ll send it to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
Okay, even better. Thank you. Um, so, at that time, you guys were working on the room by room, self guided tour, as well. So,

Unknown Speaker 30:42
yes, which leads us to that, which is wonderful. Yes, Cathy, Connie. And I met on January 18, to begin to work through revising, and again on Tuesday, the 25th. And we are getting close to the end. Working through it, Connie and I will be meeting at my house tomorrow at 10. If to continue to and hopefully finish the revisions. If anyone else is interested in joining us to of course, welcome, we’d love to have you.

Unknown Speaker 31:27
I’ll just I’ll just add to that. Some of the things that we were adding to the list word, details like the parquet flooring that is underneath the carpet in the in the large meeting room. And Kathy, bless her heart dug out these pictures that were taken that she took when the car that new carpet was replaced, I think was that 2014 14 or 15. I forget. But anyway, she had these pictures. And so we suddenly discovered all of this parquet flooring that’s hiding underneath there. Plus, you can see where the wall was taken out, you know, to enlarge the room, and all that. So it was it was just a really interesting piece of history there again to add to the discussion of the room. And so we just tried to make each one of the rooms flow the same way with the the walls, the flooring, the ceilings, light fixtures, furniture, whatever it is, you know, kind of be consistent through each room. And hopefully that’ll help when people are moving around and say, Oh, this is how the foreign leaves this room. Wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
And once this is complete, it would be wonderful to have kind of a test run with all of you ladies individually, using our revised tour guide, and going through the rooms one at a time on your own it to make sure everything is included. And any question that you may have is answered on that tour. And if not, then we can further revise and finalize the tour guide. But I think it’s going to be amazing tour guide going forward.

Unknown Speaker 33:23
Thank you ladies as as again, more work, dedication that you put into this any other questions by any other board members?

Unknown Speaker 33:32
Oh, I do. I’m sorry. I have one quick question that may be for Ben, because I’m not sure who we could inquire with in the city. Is there someone in? I don’t know, who does kind of floor planning. Design? Is there someone in another department or in the recreation department who can help us with creating the drawing of the first floor plan and the second sport?

Unknown Speaker 34:03
I don’t know. But I can absolutely look into what I will.

Unknown Speaker 34:08
Thank you that is

Unknown Speaker 34:10
we certainly have folks within the city that have that talent. I just I do not know certainly not within recreation. We don’t you don’t have a technical side.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
But we know people are connected with people who do that. That’s help with Ben. So thank you, if you will,

Unknown Speaker 34:28
I will look into that. Yeah, I know they’ve

Unknown Speaker 34:30
been through planning or something like that planning department.

Unknown Speaker 34:33
Somebody somebody smarter than me.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
Wouldn’t know now.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
Everybody has their own. It’s

Unknown Speaker 34:45
okay, I’m on to the house manager pictures.

Unknown Speaker 34:55
So am Janet. Cathy and I met on Thursday February 3 at 11 Then at the house and we reviewed the Kalyan house manager list that’s on page 3073 of scam Hornbook and identified two House managers who of whom we have pictures on the wall. And so the rest of them we will need to obtain and, and had a wonderful idea of saying, Hey, how about we look through the scrapbooks, see if we can’t find some pictures of old house managers in there. So So we each took some scrapbooks to take them home with us so that we can look through them individually and make good progress, good progress, and our own timing. And we will be kattiline cataloguing what we find any of the books and bringing them back to our next meeting, which will be Thursday, February 17, at 130 at the house, and that’s where we’ll shine to share our findings and share examples of ideas for frames and methods of display such as how and where pics can be hung and, and then just continue to work toward the content regarding the house managers. Um, Kathy,

Unknown Speaker 36:11
can you shoot a reminder out to board members about that meeting? Place in time, please, sir, which meeting?

Unknown Speaker 36:20
Thursday, February 3 at 11am? Is the house manager photo project next meeting?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
February 3 2017.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
To write alright,

Unknown Speaker 36:33
I’m sorry. Yes. That’s for Thursday, February 3 was the first meeting sorry. Okay. February 17. will be the next meeting at 130 or 1/3. Thursday, February 17. At 130. At the house, yes. Okay, great. All are welcome.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
I’m working at I worked in it, I really want to be there. And I wouldn’t be here tomorrow. I am right at another meeting at the Callahan house at that time. So unfortunately, won’t be able to make the meeting for the other one. But all right, so we’ve got a meeting set up for the 17th and on to the books.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Yay. Oh, took a inventory of the count books 101 small books, which are these little bound books laid like this. And then we have eight of the large books which are looked like this. And the content is the same. One is just larger than the other. So that is where we’re at with our inventory of the books, I do need to reach out to Rosalyn and ask if she’s willing to grant us authority to print more. So I’ll be reaching out to her soon. But in the meantime, I know that Kathy had previously mentioned the pricing of the books was like 11, for the small and 13 for the large. And I might suggest that we increase that amount if we’re going to go forward with selling them. And I would even suggest $20 per book. And I don’t know how the rest of you feel. But if we charged $20 per book, that would bring in $2,180. If we sold them, I’m not saying we’re gonna pull off and sell them all, quickly. But But I think that the value of them is greater than what it previously was set.

Unknown Speaker 38:39
I’m in agreement when I gone and looked at other historic homes, I purchased works for about that much books or maps or anything along those lines. So $20 is really most people don’t look at that as a great deal. And I think they’ve been undervalued, personally, but it’s really up to the board members on what they feel if I could get a motion or somebody that or discussion on what other thoughts if you feel that we should increase pricing, I

Unknown Speaker 39:16
think we can easily increase the pricing. Like you say you go someplace else and look at documents or items to purchase and $20 is just not that big or it’s not a big hurdle. And

Unknown Speaker 39:31
I’m wondering what is the demand for them right now? I mean, they’re at what $13? Now are people you know asking for them? Are they reneging? When you say beam? Do they go Oh, that’s too much or what what is the response we’re getting at the current? We really

Unknown Speaker 39:47
haven’t had them available in in sight for guests to see that they are available. So I think there’s a lack of awareness that these books are available. And in part, our hope would be to include them more in our open house events so that they are visually there in the front room to see. And I would hope that that would increase interest in demand. We have to sort

Unknown Speaker 40:22
of say before I agree that yes, we should raise the price. I’d like to try that once. Let’s at the next, let’s see how, what kind of response we get first, because if, you know, we don’t want to shoot ourselves in the foot here. Well, if we

Unknown Speaker 40:36
are you saying you would want to try and go ahead and go forward with just selling them at 11 and 13?

Unknown Speaker 40:43
But kind of, if people are ignoring them in $11, or whatever they’re at? What will they do at 20?

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Okay, it was discussed that, that we needed to have previous meetings that we had needed to put it out at our walk, or our open houses, because it was people were unaware of it, as well as the pictures of the the home the artist pitchers. We talked about putting those out as as that point, I think we should. My suggestion is that I think not only do we advertise them there and put them out, but I think we could list that we have books available on the website. For people that are interested. Again, I think it’s lack of awareness in people that are coming in that haven’t been to the home before, just to know about them.

Unknown Speaker 41:45
That they’re not out there. So people don’t know we have them. My point is, will they be interested in it? You know, if you have mother now and $11 people buy some if you opt to 20? Are they just going to say I’m sorry, that’s too much. You know, that’s the thing, I think we should see what kind of put them out there and see what kind of interest we have in them first, before we raise the price. Point fast.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Well, given the limited quantity, at this time, until we have any authorization to make more. It’s not unreasonable to raise the price and go ahead and see what the reaction is. I think, like me, and anyone else who goes to historic facilities or sites, it’s very easy on anyone’s mind to say, Yeah, I will buy that book for $20. That’s a good value. But if you you may be right in and that there may be some people who will say, that’s pretty steep for a book. If we receive that kind of feedback, then perhaps for the next we can consider that. And then for the next open house, alter or change our price, we

Unknown Speaker 43:06
are people going to get angry then if they paid 20. And they come back to the next one and said,

Unknown Speaker 43:11
Yeah, well, I don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 43:14
I think you don’t 20 For the small ones would be online, I think. I think you go like to 15 and 20. But we do have 101 books, small books. That’s a pretty decent inventory. I mean, it’s not they’re not going to fly off the shelves, I don’t think at either price. available and getting that feedback is important.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
Yeah. But if if Rosalyn is not willing to allow us to.

Unknown Speaker 43:46
Connie, that’s the one thing that I keep always coming back to is that the little book, the smaller book falls apart within the first reading. Ooh, the binding? I mean, it falls apart. Wait, we all of us that use these books, we’ve had them, you know, ring bound? And things so

Unknown Speaker 44:09
they have been ring bound? Connie, they’re all read out now. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 44:12
that’s that was my biggest donation. Thank you. Well, that would be that would be worth I would say going up to $15 You know, for the small one and 20 for the for the large one and just call it good like that. But I think $20 is is a little bit steep. For a bit that’s that’s just my opinion. And I’m one that buys books all the time. But

Unknown Speaker 44:41
so here’s a couple thoughts. First of all, I think $20 is probably fine for both of them. The information is what they’re buying. And the same information is in both books. There is not a great deal of interest in them. I have if anybody asks expresses a great interest in the history, then I speak to them about the books and about the DVD. And that’s kind of been the procedure. As such, I really don’t want to over advertise them and put them on the website unless we have the ability to create more supply. Because these are the these are also the books that we give to the board members in order for them to understand the history of the house. So if we can’t create more of them, then I want to be at least cautious about how much we promote them. If we can’t create more,

Unknown Speaker 45:34
write it point.

Unknown Speaker 45:38
I also have the DVDs for sale as it relates to selling the pictures of the house. That’s a lot of work to get them printed and framed. And I’d really like to have that conversation at a later date. Whether that whether or not that makes sense of whether or not people have real interest. Because we need to figure out based on what it costs us to print them and frame them. What are reasonable prices. Yeah. Because Absolutely. If we’re not going to make money, it’s just work.

Unknown Speaker 46:09
Let’s not go there yet.

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Yeah, the whole purpose, the whole purpose is to make money for the home in on when people are purchasing, I know when I’m purchasing, I want money to go back into what the project is. Other. That’s why I’d be willing to spend the $20 because oh, that’s going to help support the house. Right? That’s my whole mindset. So again, with if the pictures are not on, it’s not feasible, and we’re not having a profit from them. Forget it, I agree with you. We’re not just doing this for, for the sake to have a picture of a beautiful home and to sell that we’re doing this with a profit margin in mind. I’m kind of with Carolyn, that I do think Karen read in the sense that $20 for the large book, to me seems very reasonable and 15 for the smaller book, again, same information, but you’re it’s a smaller rendition of it. That seems like a reasonable thing. And I like you said they’re not flying off the shelf. So fine. Well, we won’t consider putting it on the website at this point until we have permission that we can print more. I think that’s that’s final in the meantime, we can put the stock that we do have 100 new one out in the fall of the eight I’m sorry, of the large in I don’t I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue in the sense of if we raise the price, but I think we should go ahead and vote on that. And people will just go from there, I will need emotion in a very clear and precise amounts on what we feel we should be going with anybody

Unknown Speaker 48:10
I can make a motion, okay. Either way, I can make a motion that we raise the price to 15 for the smaller and 20 to the larger from this time going forward and to make them make even a sign or availability out there in our

Unknown Speaker 48:37
or your

Unknown Speaker 48:38
or whatever but make sure that it’s there on display and available when we have our public events. The second that

Unknown Speaker 48:46
Okay, now we’re going to take a vote. So all in favor that we raised the prices stated in the motion on a show hands. Okay, so I’m not seeing any, and it’s perfectly fine. If if like and if you didn’t agree with that we can dissent you can certainly dissent on that and make it known. That’s that’s why we’re here doing this. If you didn’t agree with that, please just let us know and it will I see the raise your hand but I’ll take it but but if you don’t agree then that’s perfectly fine to stand up and say now, I think that’s a bad idea. But all right, motion carries at this point, unless anybody a strict mind. Alright, moving on to new business. The recreation brochure, dates and deadlines.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
sharing my screen again. Okay. So Karen cruise app To be brought up to date on the deadlines for the recreation brochure, as an awareness thing, this is where we have the ability to put a limited amount of information about our special events, like our open houses and our Santa open house. These are prepared up to six months prepared and printed up to six months in advance. So if if we have something and we have the details, we do our best to get it in there and get the details. 100%. Right. If on the other hand, we make changes to the details after the brochure has gone to print, then we disseminate that information through the website and constant contact and other means of communication. So we are working right now on the summer brochure, which covers May through August. And those deadlines are coming right up. This gives you an idea the fall brochure goes to print in June, which would cover our Santa open house. And then in October, actually in an ELA I’m looking at the content dates, not the printing dates, and then the December through May brochure, deadlines are starting in October.

Unknown Speaker 51:20
Is there any way that we could share have that that specific page shared with with the board so we can print that and add that to our binders? Because even if these dates change, it would be nice to have that information where we have a a just, you know, an idea, a guesstimate I hate to say that you use the word but a guesstimate on when we’re working with those timelines. I agree with Karen, it’s it’s having these dates are important for us to to be able to make prudent decisions on what we’re going to. And this is this is one of those things that would be nice that we could print and add to our binders that we can have access to.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
Yeah, I will. I’ll send it to you.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
Thank you. It’s it’s no problem for you guys to have that obviously, just recognize this is this is strictly internal staff working document. Absolutely. This isn’t anything formal, nothing set in place. This is a guideline so that Suellen doesn’t lose her sanity,

Unknown Speaker 52:31
which which is exactly the point that it’s a guideline, this is not a set in stone concrete type of information. But this gives us a better idea moving forward. So we’re not falling behind and adding to Suellen pulling your hair out we like it is so

Unknown Speaker 52:51
well. And, and I’m actively inputting information for the Callahan house, to this document. So this is just an awareness thing for you guys. You know, if we plan a ice cream, social or whatever, if we want to hit the deadlines for getting it in the brochure, this gives us an idea how far in advance.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
That’s exactly it.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Thank you so much. And, and we’re following that you’re doing a lot of getting our our stuff together, Kathy, I appreciate that. But again, we’re not adding or piling on to to you, or in any way shape or form if we have an idea of it’s. So is there any other comments that we need to be said about the recreation deadlines, dates and

Unknown Speaker 53:45
deadlines? Thank you for sharing that with us.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Yes, thank you. Moving on to the restoration and preservation from Sure.

Unknown Speaker 53:57
So as we’ve decided that the restoration preservation projects are not going to be part of the house tour, as that they will be a separate brochure, I would like to ask anyone who’s interested in helping with creating that to, to let me know because I obviously I have all of the information and I think it’s just a matter of ever everyone who’s interested in participating, also reviewing it, and and together we can create what will be a beautiful example of not just the work that’s been done, the work that is going to be done, and the reason why it’s important. So anyone is interested

Unknown Speaker 54:49
through reading need to set up a committee for that in a timeline. That would be

Unknown Speaker 54:53
helpful so we can just keep a pulse on it and make some progress. I I think ideally It would be wonderful to have this brochure done before, like our tour guide, before any open house so that it’s readily available. And I believe that our next open house would be after the point of the city council blessing, the grant and all of that. So I think timing of that information is going to be acceptable.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Is our is our next open house going to be an Artwalk? In May? Or do we know yet?

Unknown Speaker 55:35
There isn’t. Artwalk scheduled in May. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:39
They’re not doing they’re doing the regular walk in September in May. They’re doing they’re trying to do some sort of dinner meal on Fourth Avenue. They’re working on it. So

Unknown Speaker 55:54
it’s vague at the moment. They’re going to do that summer summers downtown thing is I think every Friday night from I’ve got the dates give me a second

Unknown Speaker 56:05
of June. Yeah, June.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
But can we say that having an Art Walk in May? I was I had that on my list of questions I was going to ask.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
So at the moment, there is no downtown Artwalk scheduled in May.

Unknown Speaker 56:23
Okay. So there includes us.

Unknown Speaker 56:26
They’re doing what they call Summer, summer on the streets.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
So given that we know that there’s no Artwalk. In May, is there another city event for the public? Aside from the regular Fridays? Or maybe even just one of the regular Fridays that we would like to say, let’s make the house available for touring one that day, in lieu of art? Is the house available to the public open to the public? For touring? Two to three times a year?

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Yeah, I agree. Um,

Unknown Speaker 57:07
what the moment we have two, which would be Artwalk in September and the December, open house.

Unknown Speaker 57:14
Yeah. But you know, we have beautiful gardens, and they’re going to be there. And I think that we either I agree with Karen that we either take on too, one of the Fridays is going to be open or we find out when that dinner is going to be going taking place downtown. And we then kind of fry up to those curtails in in an open the house. And in addition, I like the idea of doing something in the early summer, um, May is a really hard month because he’s doing lots of stuff. Maybe we do something in the early part of June where we take on to one of those Fridays, and we open up

Unknown Speaker 57:58
and that’s when the gardens will be better to mean early May, they’re really not in full bloom. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 58:05
so perhaps that could be something we could include in next month’s agenda as far as the opportunities we could consider to connect an open house with

Unknown Speaker 58:23
the will add that on to new business of one we’re going to do an open house and I say in June, either not necessarily the first Friday, but maybe the second Friday in June.

Unknown Speaker 58:37
I would like to weigh in on the dates as we get closer. And the reason for that is we really need to concentrate on revenue events. And June could be very busy and weddings and other events like that need to take precedence over free events open to the public and I also don’t want to work every weekend day in June so let’s let’s wait till next month but I what I challenge you to do is look for meaningful events happening downtown that would draw a crowd and trying to tag onto one of those because otherwise we just don’t get the traffic.

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Yeah, I agree with you Kathy. I’m looking at an evening or Friday evening a open house we’ll have taking one or two that at least that’s my opinion that we would take on to one of those Fridays and just do it once and and hopefully we could we would I understand that you don’t want to work every weekend I got that um you know from

Unknown Speaker 59:40
from the from a business busyness perspective, that’s why May was good for us because Mays pretty quiet in terms of what’s going on in the house. July is also fairly quiet. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:54
well, good.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
That’s something to Then consider

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
talking about it next month.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
Yeah, I’ll put it on the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
Thank you. Okay, um, on that note, if we wouldn’t, if we could go ahead and take a step back to, can we gather anyone who is interested in preparing? So that’s preservation,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
exactly what I was going to go back to. We’ve been all around and circled in therefore we’re back a bit to be the restoration and preservation for sure. We need to get a set date on when we’re going to be working on that. And is there any particular program in which we’re going to be utilizing for that?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
Let’s get the text together, and then worry about formatting. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
And anyone interested in helping with that? I would like

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
to work on it. My big thing is like, I have to work in between doctor’s appointments and everything so so that that is where I, I fail, because you kind of get the appointments when you can with Kaiser, they’re not exactly the most great about everything. So um, yeah, I would I’d like to work on that when when would you like to start?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
It can be flexible. That’s, that’s the the point of getting going right now with that gives us plenty of time and flexibility to get it done in the next open house.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
Do we want to work on it next week? I mean, we’ve already got a meeting on the 17th. But, um, what would be a good time?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
Tell you what, I can be pretty flexible given you’ve, you’ve got appointments, you need to work around, why don’t you maybe offline after, after our meeting, we can connect and and choose the day that in time that’ll work for

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
your calendar as well. Okay, that’d be good. Anybody else that would like to be interested in working on this?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
Nope. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
No, okay. So so so Karen, you and I are we’re gonna we’re gonna get this done. Alright, moving on to scrapbook. And in. Connie, do you have anything to say about scrapbook?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
I do not. We were supposed to have met on February 18. And ended up with because of the snow and all that we did not end up meeting that we also kind of overlapped a little bit with the history brochure that we were working on to in the tour guide. So no, I have not done a thing in between here and then and going to Texas and back and forth. So but I was glad to hear that y’all had taken the scrapbooks home, to find out about the house managers that was good, I thought, well, good. They’re useful for something. But anyway, I was gonna, I was gonna suggest that any time and I’m such a scrap scrap keeper. I’m not necessarily a scrapbooker. But I do keep newspaper articles or anything that I see, you know, that’s about the Callahan house, in the newspaper or wherever you see it. Keep a copy of it, you know, shoot me a copy, we’ll start a file, you know, to keep collecting things. And and we were talking about, oh, the say Brian historical society when they have their

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
the festivals, the strawberry, strawberry, pie dates, strawberry, pumpkin pie days and strawberry because with antique dealers, the the postcard antique dealers come in. And that’s the first thing that I know that St. Brian does is go in and look through all of their local postcards, you know, to find out what they’ve got. And it’s a great thing because you’ve got these historical postcards of the Callahan house at different time periods so they pop up. So just things like that just keeping an eye open for things that would be good for scrap. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
good to know.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Good to know. I’m thank you for pointing that out. I had just gone to that huge sale that they had the at the fairgrounds that had a lot of antique dealers and whatnot. I didn’t even think to look for postcards. I will from now

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
on. It’s one of those things that you know, they’re very collectible, of course, but it’s a lot of things that are overlooked, but it is literally the history of whatever you’re looking for. So

Unknown Speaker 1:04:59
Can I just say one thing on the scrapbooks? It was really interesting to go through the old ones and a some kudos to the ladies in the past who have put those together. Because honestly, I have never looked through those books before they’ve been sitting under that table for years. Very organized very well. So it’s been, I took one home, I think jammed up on home, Karen took some home. I spent hours going through it, it was just like you say, so it has been done well in the payoffs. And I think we can think we did last year is I think the one I have is like the 70s through the late 80s. And then jam has even farther out, you know, into, but I don’t know what year it stopped. But I think yeah, we really should because I was it was fun. It was just a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
Yeah. Yeah. Well, it makes me want to check one out in take the time to look at them, rather than just sitting underneath the table somewhere. I didn’t know that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
One really interesting picture in there. Oh, well, I used to work here and I didn’t know they had my picture.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
Gardens. I was

Unknown Speaker 1:06:20
Oh, my God. No idea. You were working with

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
the gardens, weren’t you? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
was in the gardens. This was like, I mean, I remember that was a newspaper article that was 40 years ago, I did not know it mate wasn’t a scrapbook here. So. But besides just fun reading the articles was just go through.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:44
Nice. That’s the value of them.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
So in and I think that’s the thing is looking at them and sitting down and review them, they really do have value, because it’s a snapshot into right now. And you don’t get that time back. That’s that’s one of the things that’s that’s just unique about them. So I’m, again, Connie, thanks for taking this on for us to share with with the scrapbooking. Okay, if there’s nothing else further that we can discuss at this point, I think we move on to the past and present board members annual team.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
So we have had scheduled on the calendar for May 1 at 2pm. I have the list from the last time that we had this event. And it’s a fairly simple process of putting together an invitation to be sent. But I wanted to ask anyone if they were interested in being part of this process of preparing invitation and deciding the little details of what will be at the tea. It’s a 2pm event. So it’s not a heavy sit down. But just who might be interested in being part of preparing for for this and planning for it

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
will help with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
That’s fun to me. I’d love to do that. So um, I mean, it’s just around the corner. Guys. I want I’m one of those. Let’s get on it. is I don’t want it creeping up on us. I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
calling it a day stripe. Do you want to set a date now that will work on your calendar and Karen that will work with you as well. So we can

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
I would like to work on it on Monday if we could. That I’m available Monday of this next week to do that. Um, what time works better for you morning or afternoon?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
I can do either.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
I can do me there. It’ll be fine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
Doing it the house it has to be in the afternoon. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
Okay, afternoon it is then what time? Let’s go with 131 30 RK 130. On Monday.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
We make it two o’clock, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
Yes, certainly. Monday is Valentine’s Day, right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
I’m sorry. Just checking.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
That’s wonderful to be with all you loves.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36
So I’ll start just send it to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
Thank you. Appreciate it. So that’s me, the doctors don’t want to see me on relatives.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
Just one note as it relates to food. Last time Chaplin did the food she did a lovely job. And we could certainly have her just do it again and not worry about what Let her figure it out. I agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
I like that’s a great plan. I love it. She really likes doing this thing. Yeah, she does. She gets really excited about it. And so that’s cool. More power to her. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
All right. So we’re meeting on Valentine’s Day on at 2pm ethic house, moving on to the historic along, guided walking

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29
tours. So I reached out to Eric mucin. him,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
I’d have to leave our center. Time for our set.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
Well, thanks for your good deeds at the Art Center, Janet, and thanks for being here. Appreciate it. Okay, bye bye. Okay, okay, so,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
so it’s a it’s a quarter after 10. Okay, so I reached out to Eric Mason. And he did say, Yes, they’ve chosen dates for the Third Avenue tour, for June. June, they are all let’s see Thursday, June 2, at 5:30pm. Thursday, June 9, at 10am. And Tuesday, June 14, at 5:30pm. And so I told him, we would make the house available for his tours. For those times, it don’t think we’d have anything that would conflict with the with those. And I asked him about any other 2022 historic tours for the rest of this year. He said that they will have fall dates, but they’ll be looking to select those in the spring. So as soon as he’s got those selected them, then we’ll, we’ll receive that information as well and then can put that on our calendar.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
Okay, and because we’re opening those up, do you need this is a great opportunity for us to use those guides that we were supposed to because we as board members, you need us there to help.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:28
No, there is a 15 minute thing. They’re in and out so fast it there’s no need and the groups are small. One comment though, I would prefer that you pass those dates on to me before you commit to him. Because we do have clubs on Thursday mornings on occasion. And we also on the 15th have a club coming in at 545 to six o’clock. So we’ll do our best to accommodate them, provided they come in first. And but I’d appreciate it if you pass the dates before we commit.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:04
Sure you said you haven’t you know you have an event on June 15.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
We have twisted we have club we have a club that comes in.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
No, what I’m saying is you just said you have an evening event on June 15. This is this is not June 15. June 14. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
I got the date wrong then. At 530. June 14. All right, then that’s fine. Tuesday, June 14. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
I got the date wrong. I wrote down the 15th. But I have 3910 o’clock. And June 14 at 530. Yes. All right, on Thursday, Thursday, Tuesday, but they

Unknown Speaker 1:13:41
do need to be cleared with you. Thank you. That makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:54
Hey, very exciting. I do think it’s great that again, anything that we can help to support other people that are interested in what’s going on in the community. I think it’s great, um, long as we’re not conflicting to prior obligations, I get that. So moving on to board recruitment and interviews. And we discussed in that and actually just touched over it a little bit that we might actually be pulling from the board itself to to help on the interviews for any new board members, or that had been done as a process in the past. So anybody that can speak to

Unknown Speaker 1:14:45
them, I have some updates. And I apologize for my coffee today. I have this tickle in my throat that just won’t quit. They have decided to involve the boards in the interview. process, the mid year, recruitment for boards will open on March 14, and will close on April 22. So it will be open for six weeks. And then board interviews will at that point, the clerk’s office will vet the applicants to make sure that they qualify for the boards. And if they do, they will pass the information on to the Board Liaison, which means they’ll pass it on to me. Board interviews are going to be conducted during the month of May. And the recommendations back to the clerk from the boards need to be back to them by the first of June. And then Council will conduct interviews, if necessary. They were they’re a little vague on whether they’re going to do it or not. They may or may not conduct interviews based on what the recommendations are. And then they will do appointments, either on the 21st of June or the 28th of June we have two different options for doing the interviews themselves. One is to do them as a full board. And the other is to do them as a Board Liaison and up to two members of the board. The difference is if we do them as a full board, then they have to be posted and recorded. If we do them as a partial board, without with two or fewer members present, then they do not have to be posted they will still need to be recorded. And they gave me a list of the questions that they have been asking which I can pass on to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
Think like take the city council because when most of us interviewed we interviewed with city council, so we would just kind of be taking that over. That’s

Unknown Speaker 1:17:17
I think that’s the intense they feel like the boards know better what what type of people and what kinds of skills they’re looking for, and that they are a better judge of, of how a person will work on the board. And they I think they’re also trying to cut cut back a little bit on the workload for counsel.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
So are you saying then that there would they’re proposing that they would not have any representative from the city besides yourself as the liaison?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:53
That’s it at our interviews? It is unclear at this point. If councils going to actually conduct interviews after our interviews are not at that was like thrown around? So it’s it’s unclear what they’ve decided? I don’t think they have decided yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:11
Yeah. Okay, um, what is it that the the other members feel we should be doing? If we should put it down to a caffeine to other members, or if we should put it to a full board?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
I’m all for calcium, two members.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
I second.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:42
Thursday, it’s okay, that’s sufficient overview.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
So we create a I think it’s an important enough decision that we appoint who’s going to be the, the the members that are going to be interviewing them, because they’re on the board for several years, and we want them to be able to contribute, and do so in a productive manner. Um, I know that we don’t necessarily have a tremendous amount of community members jumping forth to be on our board. But again, it’s it’s it’s important decision. So I will. It’s my opinion that we have two other board members, but I think that board members that are appointed by the full board itself, I don’t think it should just be on a volunteer basis. That’s just I don’t know. So what we could do is we could put a motion motion forward. On that we have Kathy and two other approved board members. That’s just a thought. Any other opinions?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
We could also do as a part of the board meeting? Good. That’s just an idea. If we’re gonna do it, it’s a full board, then I think that’s what we should do it?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:17
Well, it would it would lessen? Well, first of all the board meetings already posted. So that would help in the fact that then we would just be sorry, it’s not a puppy that wants to be that it that it’s being recorded. It’s already documented. So that was less than that in that factor again. Then it’s it’s, it would have to be listed that we’d be doing a board member board meeting that would be longer than then trying to do it under 45 minutes, we’d have to choose one of those meetings that we’re able to split one of those meetings that Greg has

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
to be the main board meeting. Okay, that would that would be our option.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
What our is anybody others viewpoint? I

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11
think having that in the mood board meeting, it streamlines the process, and allows all current board members the opportunity to see applicants. And, and just even if you have two words to say, then you have the opportunity

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
to say yeah, and questions. Yes. I mean, so. So I need somebody to put forth what what we’re doing, guys? Are we going to do it just as the small a smaller offshoot? Or are we going to do it part, I’m getting the the feel, and I could be wrong, that we should just include it in the May meeting, but I need to have a motion put forth, that that’s what we’re doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:58
Are we going to discuss

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
for emotion?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
You can discuss it more? What’s your opinion?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
My opinion is the board meeting? I think everybody should have a say in this not just a few people. And I think looking at the applicants feeling it’s a little intimidating. So as a whole board, you know, it’s it’s I think it’s more friendly. I’m not that you anybody is unfriendly, but you know, getting grilled by just two people, you know, you might, it might be intimidating. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:32
more intimidating, be grilled by a whole group. But this also makes Cathy not have to have an extra meeting, rolling into this. Make sense?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Okay, so can we have a motion? Probably, what’s your thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:49
I could go either way. But I see the value in in attaching it to a board meeting. I guess it would be an extra time passed the board meeting? Is that what you’re envisioning, Kathy? Or any?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
I think in order to be respectful of the applicants time, that it would probably have to be at the beginning of the meeting, as opposed to the end, so that we could set a fixed time? Yes. Or we could just set it at 10 o’clock and say, you know, we’re going to stop board business, do the interviews. The interviews are supposed to be a maximum of 30 minutes, they don’t have to be that long. I’m thinking more along the lines of 15 would be very appropriate. And we have to ask the same questions of everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:41
Get right, right. And that way, we have documentation of it. So I I’m game.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:50
So I move that we include the interviewing process in May board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:59
Can I get a second?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
I’ll second that.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:03
Exam. All in favor? Okay, we got hands. All right. It’s been moved, seconded and approved. And we will set that for the May board meeting.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:16
And I will put on the I’ll send you the questions. And either next month or in April, we’ll add it to the agenda to have a short discussion about the questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
That would be great. And then so we can all be in agreement with what questions will be asked. Um, all right. The

Unknown Speaker 1:24:39
other thing I would tell you right now is the real push right now is to find people that are qualified and get them to apply. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:48
Any suggestions on I know, you know, just in talking to people that I know in my circles right there but any other suggestions on on recruiting? Going out and bell ringing? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:03
we’re recruiting just say everybody’s on the same page, we would be recruiting for a shortened term because they would fill the term that started in January. So this would be a two and a half year stent. So just so you know, that’s the way they, that’s the way they work it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:26
So if we know anybody skilled, wonderful, that we think would be fabulous, make a suggestion that they do apply.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:34
And I’m happy to talk to anybody just show them the house. A lot of times, they come to me and ask a bunch of questions, and I’m perfectly happy to do that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:46
good. Okay. Um, so, moving on to GE on the new business, or meeting dates and times.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:56
So I asked this to be placed on the agenda. So we could talk about our dates and times of our board meetings. Usually, at the beginning of the year, we would touch base on that to make sure that the date and time is acceptable for all board members. Art is for planning for each each individual member to ensure that you’ve allocated the proper amount of time on a specific day, regularly to to volunteer your time for the for the benefit of that house. So what we currently are right now, obviously, is this Wednesday, at 9am. But and Janet leaving it quarter after 10 is an example of is this a good time or not? I think that it’s a it’s acceptable to allow or allocate up to two hours of time for the board meeting. Now, I’m not saying we’re going to take that entire amount of time. But in times when we have more business to be getting done, we need to have properly placed that on our calendars so that we’re not just gonna go now and leaving the meeting. So I think it’s something that it perhaps maybe we need to table this for next month. So that Janet can be included in the conversation. And we should probably include that in the in the beginning of the meeting so that she she has the opportunity to speak. But is does anyone else have any other concern about days or times?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:31
That I personally think that the time the day’s work, maybe we consider moving up earlier to an eight o’clock meeting? I don’t know, if she’s gonna leave by 10 o’clock. Maybe that’s something possible that we can move it up to an eight o’clock meeting. Because I agree, two hours is not too much of your time to consider for a board meeting. They tend to run over, it depends on what you’re talking and discussing about. And it’s really hard if we don’t have all the board members present. I would like to keep it at the same. The same time it it’s very convenient, in the sense that I know it’s Wednesday, the second Wednesday of the month, and it it works out. Well for me. I I don’t know. I don’t know where the other board members are at. And maybe eight o’clock is. I know that’s a stretch for some people getting there at eight is like, oh, Lord, I don’t know. But, but um, coffee. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:28:37
eating it is tough, because we rely on our support staff for the Zoom portion. And also because if we have bad weather, we may or may not be shoveled out for in person meetings. And so there’s some safety issues with very early

Unknown Speaker 1:28:58
were zoom meetings, eight o’clock, you know, would work but I like the nine o’clock course I like to sleep late. So I shouldn’t throw that in there. But yeah, eight o’clock, to me is a little bit early, because we depend on a lot of other things, too, you know, like, for zoom is a little while even for zoom, we need a support staff. So I changing the meeting time because one or two people have, you know, there’s always going to be conflicts. I mean, you when you’ve got seven, eight people together, it’s going to be really hard to find a perfect time that works all the time. So I think he resisted the temptation. And we’ve had this discussion in other years and we’ve resisted the temptation to change the times. It was for that reason, because it’s just no unless, I mean, sometimes you could but it just we didn’t do it before because we decided we can’t just keep shifting the times off, you know for different people.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
And wondering if in this particular case, if we could just move it to 830, do a little compromise on that. And that would give that an hour and a half. If Janet still does have, Janet has that commitment with her work right there. So that would not force her to rush quite as much and miss. As much of the meeting, right there. I also understood that the Zoom meetings were supposed to be only an hour long. So that’s my other question about that. But I would just suggest that we compromise and move it to a 30. If that’s doable?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:43
Let’s let’s table the discussion for next month. And have the discussion with Janet’s present and go from there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:53
yeah. Okay. Um, I, I’m all for 830 I think it’s a good idea. And we can go ahead and table it and move it on to what can we can discuss early in the agenda of next week, so she can be part of it. Um, thank you for bringing it up. Karen, it is an important thing that we need to keep on top. So we’ll go from there. Is there any other business that we need to be discussing? Okay. I’m sorry, Ben.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:27
Yeah, I was just gonna update you guys on a couple things. Give you a heads up of things that I know or don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:36
The masking, which is my own personal opinions lead through my apologies, I try not to but masking. We have no word of massive discontinuing. However, the vaccine verified program that we have two pieces of for the clubs at Callahan house and the weight room here, I do have a request and now for a week to go ahead and take masks off again in those situations. And that has gone to the city manager’s level and so I’m hoping for our response. I believe he wants to talk to some other city administrators. So that’s where that one sits. So we hope that will adjust pretty quickly. We have had no issues with it here when it was running. We chose to put masks on based on boulder County’s recommendation not requirement and the current and the situation as it was a month ago. So that’s where that one sets, board meetings. I haven’t heard anything, we’ll certainly just take our cue from city council. So hopefully we’ll see some adjustment. I hear rumors of Boulder County, making adjustments but keep breathing. Don’t hold your breath.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
I was gonna say rumors are facts.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:11
First, and we will likely be the last you heard my opinion there but

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
I can share with you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:23
One thing I want to just my thing is going on my opinion of things. Kathy is going to be asked to do a awful lot this year with these with the grant money. These are large projects, I will be helping. I have some experience with project management. So I will be helping. So I’ll be helping. We’re going to start meeting I think next week Cathy meeting schedule, right? start mapping out our plan. And I just this will be a year. And it’s wonderful. I’m super excited. I love projects. I love them. I think they’re great. But they do take time they take a lot of effort they tend to drag on they tend to postpone things. So I just want everybody to really recognize as we go forward this year, the amount of Chrome’s this is going to cause so there may be some times we have to make some adjustments we don’t want to make but just want to give everybody that heads up so we are we are working on because we are excited. It’s it’s an amazing opportunity. I said it before I’ll say it again. It’s an amazing opportunity. Super excited to get these things done. I’m building a cover over in the playground this year I hope and so there’s a lot that’s going to happen. And we’re just excited to get those things done. But you just said it does mean that some other things. You know, I look at you know, give me example I look at the scrapbook thing and that’s awesome. My wife’s a scrapbooker. It’s amazing what she does. But that, you know, if we’re looking at doing a new scrapbook, I would say let’s wait till next year, because that’s, to me as a project probably needs a fair amount of time and effort. And you know, it’s not time sensitive. So there you go. I will. I will leave it at that. Does anybody have any questions for me concerning the masking or anything like that? I hope we’re back together soon, because I don’t like

Unknown Speaker 1:35:31
I agree. But I also think it’s great that with this, doing things that we document all of the things, the projects that we’re working on, so I understand the need and the ability to be flexible, but I think we’re all very excited that we have the funds to do this. Yeah. So thank you, Ben. Appreciate it. Um, so moving on to the to future agenda items. The sign for the flowerbed, April, fundraising April, on future house restoration and preservation projects. I’m also listed as future agenda items. We’ve stated other future agenda items that we table. And is there any other things that listed in your that I didn’t list that we believe should be added to the agenda for next

Unknown Speaker 1:36:30
meeting? Not for this meeting. But can I speak briefly about the future house restoration preservation project salutely fundraising, I do think on the note of what Ben said, and Kathy is well aware of it to the amount of work that is going to be done at the house. That’s the focus, however, as the board, we can continue to gather information for future needs, as Kathy has mentioned to us, hey, you know, that is looking a bit worn. And that thing that might be the next project. That’s something that that we as a board can begin to look at, it won’t require much action. But it’s something that we have a responsibility to begin to pay attention for future. And I think that hand in hand, it goes with fundraising, I think we can take fundraising kind of out of April and put in future house restoration preservation projects in April. And and and the discussion will be more of a well, what’s coming up next with the house. Okay, so we know about the meeting room? All right. Is there any other sensitive restoration or preservation project that we need to pay attention to it two parts, one for urgency, and two, for purposes of submitting for the CIP funding? I don’t know. And perhaps Kathy or Ben, you can share with us with deadline is to submit the request for funding for from the CIP. Because I think that is the beauty of our cashmatch came from the funds we requested in the CIP, and so forth for future planning for board members in grant application consideration. We need to be kind of aware of all right, when do we have to submit for CIP funding? And and then it goes hand in hand with how are we going to figure out how much we’re going to submit for and it will be based on what we’re identifying as those future future projects.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:52
I think that’s important. Again, knowing those dates and deadlines are key to us getting funding, and that’s a crucial thing to discuss. So definitely that. That is a high on the discussion points. And then we have a lot to discuss next.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:19
Ben, can you answer the question about the timing of the deadline? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 1:39:23
so the the general timing for CIP projects is the the window opens up the end of March really needs to be around end of April. I can’t give you the exact dates right now. But that’s the that’s the timeline. So next month, discussing those things would be completely appropriate. Okay, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:39:42
you. So perhaps we put the future house restoration and preservation project on next month’s new business just so that we can begin to get a pulse on what’s on our radar. What do we need to be paying attention to?

Unknown Speaker 1:39:58
Absolutely, and Now, that being said, Cathy’s got a really good pulse on, on what needs to be worked on. And having those ideas put forth on on where we need to start. And what is, you know, she sees it every day, we’re not in there every day. And, again, for the board members that do have ideas on what they see, because sometimes an outside view, sees things that the person’s not there every day sees. So I think we’re working together, coming up with a really good list to move forward. Thank you, Karen. And thank you for the awareness. Awareness is key, having those dates on when we need to have that in is crucial,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47
is important.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:51
All right. I’m seeing no further agenda items. I think we can go ahead and adjourn and I hear you, Connie, that we’re going to try to keep the meetings down to an hour. But I you know, we’ve just got so much on our plate, I just think it’s important that we discuss these things and that we’re not. So we’re not having additional board meetings, we’d like we might just have to keep it down to that two hour period. And, again, I would love to keep it under 45 minutes to an hour if we can, but it’s an all it’s worth. So, can I have a motion for adjournment? Or Karen, did you have something else further to say?

Unknown Speaker 1:41:33
Just one last note on that in in prior years, we did allocate about two hours for our board meetings and so it’s warranted. But on that note, that’s That’s it. That’s it. I’m so I move that we adjourn. It’s now 1043.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:51
Okay, and a second. Second to adjourn. Okay. Karen can read Second it all right. And I assume we’re all in favor. So there we go. Hands. All right. We are adjourned. I look forward to seeing all of you. Hopefully in person next meeting, but maybe not. We’ll see how this all works, and plays in the meantime, thank you ladies for all your work and I will see you on

Unknown Speaker 1:42:18