Housing and Human Services Advisory Special Meeting January – 13, 2022

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Housing and Human Services Advisory Special Meeting January – 13, 2022

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Okay, recording. Great well, I’d like to call to order. Today Thursday, January 13, Longmont housing and Human Service Advisory Board meeting. And is there any public invited to be heard? None. Okay. Thank you, Erica. Then welcome to new members Roberts and Stacy, do you want to each introduce yourselves and maybe tell us a little bit about you?

Unknown Speaker 0:32
My last name is pronounced Putnam. It’s since a tool Doom and all kinds of thing Putnam. I was a three time member of the long city, Longmont Parks and Recreation advisory board. And I ended that this year. I’m also a volunteer for the last three years once a week for Meals on Wheels, which I understand you’re going to visit at some point in May. And I’ll probably recuse myself from that because I’m involved with it right. To keep my kind of impartiality in place. I’m an editorial cartoonist, and I still do editorial cartoons for a bunch of newspapers in the West. And I’d become very acquainted with problems of housing and human relations, especially among the low wage earners. Retired Senior Citizens, I’ve watched other cities tried to come to grasp to come to terms with some of these major problems, including the homeless. So that’s one reason why I thought I’d get involved because I quite frankly, I didn’t know what Longmont was really doing. And one way to learn it, of course, is to be on the board. I’m also a volunteer for wildlands restoration volunteers have done over 250 projects. And they’re located here in long one. I’m also a backcountry ranger with Indian Peaks James peak wilderness wilderness areas. Audience I’m also on the board for my homeowners group, that kind of stuff. I have a college education course in biochemistry, and currently make my a good part of my living is a cartoon just shows your scientists can do a lot of things can be confusing.

Unknown Speaker 2:55
But we’re glad to have you. And Stacy, welcome to you as well. I

Unknown Speaker 2:59
knew Spangler Park off of Mountain View Avenue was part of long run.

Unknown Speaker 3:10
Well, hi, my name is Stacy Dante and I’m extremely pleased to be here I’m was so excited to learn that I was accepted to the board. I have lived in Longmont since 2001, which is stunning because I don’t think I ever lived anyplace before this for longer than three years at a time. So. So that’s pretty neat. Probably as a function of raising kids and families and things like that we have we have three children and we are all in the area and our youngest is 18 and graduating from nyuad High School right now we live in northeast long lot. And I have been for the past gosh probably 12 years working extensive extensively and for long periods of time as a full time volunteer with the single moms community in Longmont. So I’ve gotten to know a lot of no more than maybe I care too even about a lot of social issues here in Longmont i i have a real passion for for making things work, not just having programs to have programs so so I think that I’m excited to to use some of those experiences here on the board. I’m trying to think what else I’ve just recently ended this but up until now had been doing one weekend a month on a domestic violence call line which is Gosh, that population is they need help, you know so many volunteers and it’s It’s so touching. So I’m ended that recently. Also because I’m back to work on a part time basis. i My Robert my undergrad is in microbiology too. So funny. You should all have picked two scientists this time around. But um I haven’t actually worked in microbiology in quite some time. But um, you know, auxilary industries and things like that right now I do marketing part time for an instrumentation company in Boulder. And so my ability to volunteer full time is not there. So this kind of came at a perfect time, and just really excited to be here.

Unknown Speaker 5:23
We’re glad to have you, Stacy. And Caitlin, you made it sweet. I’m gonna hand it back off to you or our chair. All right. We made it through item three on the agenda. Welcome to the new.

Unknown Speaker 5:38
Thank you. It has been one of those days. So on top of one of those weeks, so hi, welcome, everyone. Let’s see. Oh, I just had the agenda up. Hey, go. I’m so the next item is approving the minutes from our December 1 and December 9 meetings? Yes, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 6:09
Maybe the new members would like to hear about us to?

Unknown Speaker 6:11
Yes, I would.

Unknown Speaker 6:15
Okay, um, do you want to go first, then, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 6:20
I’ve been on the board for two years. And let me see I’m a board member for our HOA and I have a disabled son where I take care of i years ago, probably about 10 years ago, I went through the process of trying to get affordable housing, but we ended up doing not doing that, but it’s a background to what people have to go through to to do that. I also volunteer for CASA court appointed special advocate and I volunteered hope once a week and I joined the board just because I’m interested in you know, especially middle middle income people trying to get affordable housing not just people that need affordable housing, but you know, regular people that have jobs and everything to get you know, so it’s it’s involves a lot more than just that too. So that’s, that’s my and I’ve been in Longmont. Let’s see I was in Longmont from 1981 to the 93. And then I moved then I left and then moved back in 2012 and been here since so seeing a lot of changes in Longmont for sure. And welcome, Stacy and Robert

Unknown Speaker 7:43
boulder. I’ve been in Colorado since 1964. And mostly in Boulder. I just came to Longmont in 2006 sometimes like that bought a house here because I couldn’t afford to be bold.

Unknown Speaker 8:03
Nate RAM

Unknown Speaker 8:06
or Albuquerque Balloon Festival behind you.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
Yes, I actually I’m not sure if it’s Albuquerque. I think it’s somewhere in Europe. But oh, isn’t it 100%? Sure. So

Unknown Speaker 8:23
well, I’m Graham. It’s my fourth year, fourth year on on the board. I got a degree in philosophy. So I’m not a scientist

Unknown Speaker 8:34
at all. I haven’t agreed philosophy from see you

Unknown Speaker 8:37
go. And I’m a contractor. And yeah, I love serving on this board. There’s a lot of great people in the community doing a lot of good stuff. And I feel, you know, honored to be able to support that in some small way. Kimberly,

Unknown Speaker 8:57
do you want to go?

Unknown Speaker 8:58
Sure. Welcome Stacy and Robert. My name is Kim Strega. I’m also a scientist at least I majored in biology but now I’m a public health nurse and have been for almost 20 years which led me to be a part of this group and just seeing the impact of in stable housing on communities, especially vulnerable communities, and I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this group.

Unknown Speaker 9:25
So welcome. I’ve been I’ve worked at as in the laboratory and bolted Community Hospital and also Longmont United Hospital for many 18 years.

Unknown Speaker 9:41
And I am Caitlin This is my third year on the board. I’ve lived in Longmont for about five years. Stacy, I can relate to your comment about this being longer than I’ve really lived anywhere. As a kid I remember I changed schools every year until like ninth or 10th grade I think and, and three years was about the longest that we ever, ever really lived anywhere. So, five years in, in one city and getting connected to the board has been one of the better ways to be connected to the community. So I, I was a political science major, not a not philosophy, maybe a little science in there. But I worked as an attorney for a few years, I no longer practice and I now work in tech, at least for another week or so. I don’t know what I’m doing after that. I, I, I resigned last week. So we’ll see what’s next. Um, but anyway, so that’s, that’s me. Um, I think that’s it for introductions. Well, you know, former board member

Unknown Speaker 11:06
and Erica and Elbert Ella Berto to

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Yeah, so, um, thank you, Stacey. And, Robert, I will say that this board did not choose you, I chose you to be on this. This board and your interview was with city council and I was on city council. So I’m, it’s my fault that you’re on this board. The rest of the board members can blame me or reward me and say yeah, oh, either or, but, um, I will say this, these, they are wonderful people on this board. That’s why I chose to be the liaison. It’s just so much to learn. And that each of you bring different perspectives that you will come that will come up in the processes of what we do. I will say that our meetings sometimes can be very long, it’s a lot of inflammation. So when we get into it, you know, we have to like Chop, chop, chop, get on it, because we could be here to 1011 o’clock at night. And none of us want that. Especially not me, especially my city council meeting was to midnight on Tuesday night. So I’m just saying. And I work full time I work for a nonprofit called YWCA. I’m director of community engagement and equity. So I do have a full time job. I also have a consulting business as well. Caitlin, you who I mean, great job, I guess I can say congratulations for quitting. I think great things are coming for you. And you know, so just look at it as wonderful opportunities. Yeah, so anyway, you can always email me if you have any other questions about the board or, or anything else. Please do. Email me if you have any questions. So, so happy to see you here and welcome.

Unknown Speaker 13:03
Eric, why don’t you go there? No, no, do not go.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Alright, so my name is Erica Morris, like Stacey knows, earlier from our board meeting, but I am the administrative coordinator for community services. So you will be getting packets for me for the board meetings as well as links any sort of communication that you need to rely over to Le Barito or Karen or anybody from staff go through me and I can definitely get you there.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
Thank you. So Stacy, I already told Stacy, this robber but so I am Ellie Bentham. And also, I’ve been here since 2007, actually. And I am the project coordinator for really services department. I work with Karen on a lot of the initiatives that this board has insight or provide does their work around advising on. A lot of times, I will be the main presenter to this board, because I do a lot of the work for this board. For example, as we get closer to the funding process, I do a lot of the creating the content for our conversations. For example, I set up all of the allocation formulas and things like that. So you’ll be seeing seeing a lot of me in these board meetings, of course, along with Karen, who is not near to either Community Services Director. But yeah, my role is to support this board and do the work of community service department in the city. And I really, really value your time and your work here. So I am very primitive at this point does so so with that. I think we’ve done. I think everybody’s been introduced to turn it back to Caitlin to lead us forward.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Fantastic. The next item on our agenda is approving the minutes from December 1 and ninth. Do I have a motion to approve those minutes as presented in the packet?

Unknown Speaker 15:11
Motion to approve. Second? I can Second.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
Okay, Karen. seconded. All those in favor of approving those minutes. Please raise your hand. All right. So move so approved. The next item is official posting location for this boards agendas. Alberto.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
I think that’s Erica

Unknown Speaker 15:43
might be Erica might be a Liberto. I

Unknown Speaker 15:45
know I don’t I don’t know where this where this is posted. This is Erica’s room. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
Um, so the official posting for the housing and Human Services Advisory Board is outside of the Civic Center. The agendas are always posted right there, as well as on the city of Longmont website. They’re posted on there virtually as well for access. So either of the template says.

Unknown Speaker 16:13
So I think I think, Caitlin, that we do need a motion for this. Okay, so select generic associated. So I think we need a more specific so is it on the west side, north side, where where are they posted? On the west doors on the west,

Unknown Speaker 16:29
on the west doors?

Unknown Speaker 16:30
Okay, so I think Yeah, cuz I think when you have specific motion of where the designation is,

Unknown Speaker 16:36
do we have a motion to maintain doing them on the west doors of the civic center? As well as online? Or does anyone have any questions before we do that? So that is where we have been posting them. I think when Civic Center was under construction, we did it on the north doors. But since it is now complete, we can do it on the west doors again.

Unknown Speaker 17:02
Motion to keep the posting on the western doors.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
And a second, please. All right. Robert has seconded all those in favor, please raise your hand. All right, so

Unknown Speaker 17:17

Unknown Speaker 17:19

Unknown Speaker 17:21
draft work plan for 2022.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
So now this is me and I’m going to I’m going to share my screen just so for Robert and Stacy every year this this board adopts a work plan for the year. It is a guideline of what the things that we want to accomplish. Of course, throughout the year, there are things that come up. And so that this is not set in stone it but it does help us keep on task because there is a lot of work for this board to do. So I’m going to share my screen. Can everyone see the Longmont housing? There was the other one what housing advisory work plan? Yeah, good. Ah, so what we’re going to try and accomplish tonight, of course, we’ve done we’ve done a new member orientation, we’re going to select officers for the upcoming year. And we’re going to discuss our site visit schedule, when we’re going to talk about that, in February, here are some of the things originally was the thing to really think about is there was funding that was not allocated. But we were there was one project that board was very interested in funding, but it was dependent on state funding, and we have not yet heard because I’m assuming because of the pandemic and staff out over there as well. We have not been given final word. So we’re going to bring that back in February to hopefully finish that out because we need to bring it back before the council. We’re also going to discuss we’re going to continue working on our 20.3 funding process. I sent something to the board. I didn’t get a December meeting a model from Michael Hayden way that we want to explore and if there’s other ideas, then we can do that as well. And then I always put this I think is important. I was talking to Stacy earlier how valuable the human services needs assessment is. So I think it’s important that we you know, we take this a little bit of time and go back and look at it and think about whether things have changed, we want to do an update, etc. And then, you know, we’re really good CBG in March, we started doing our site visits, get them all reported out on hopefully this is what we started having for those that are interested in housing. I think this is Kathy and Molly put these on the work plan for March to bring back the application for the form housing, just so you’ll be aware, there have been times where they needed to do the applications, you know, a little more timely. So we’ve had we’ve, we’ve added them kind of less niche to agenda, we make sure we get you the information, but just be aware that that may happen. So I’m not going to go into everything. But I, unless someone has a question, I just want to make sure that we review it. Our I think we have it to finalize it on 2022. And on February, I just want to provide provided to the board and answer questions or take ideas. I don’t know, if we have a lot of we do training. So there might be some training that the Board may want, this would be a great time to offer ideas for training that the board would appreciate that I could look into and bring back. So I guess I’ll open it up for stop sharing. It’ll both in discussion and for taking ideas.

Unknown Speaker 21:01
Are there any questions or ideas that folks have that you want to bring up for the work plan? Um,

Unknown Speaker 21:16
excuse me, Alberto. It looks like and correct me if I’m wrong, that we’re we’re trying to move up the submission date, maybe a little bit into August so that we can maybe spread out some of those those long meetings? Because I see reviewing funding applications, and then hearings and operations in September and October. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 21:42
Yeah, like I told the board before. The only the only the only consideration to that is we do we do this as a collaborative partnership with Boulder County in the city of Boulder. And you know, it’ll be it, we just want to make sure that they they are, you know, aligned with our timing. So, I think that is the plan, Katelyn, to start earlier so that we can spread out? Because that is really the bulk of the work of this, of this housing and Human Services Advisory Board is reviewing and having those hearings.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
Either question, just on the site visits are they doing on the second Thursday of the month? Or is it

Unknown Speaker 22:35
great question, not the site visits. So we’ll we’ll talk about those that’s in the agenda. But we’ll talk about that. But typically they are done in we we try Erica usually handles the coordination of the site visit they can be done in person, they can be done virtually, depending on the comfort level of everybody involved. And they happen whenever people I think we did wedding, we did one on us. I think I did one with with Karen on Saturday morning. So it’s really it’s much more it’s more flexible than that. It’s not I didn’t happen, like our meetings.

Unknown Speaker 23:11
Okay. I just thought there may be one scheduled day of the month, you know, that you could write down in your little calendar Oh,

Unknown Speaker 23:20
you know, Eric go coordinate those because he has to coordinate with board members and force the agency leaders that are unwell.

Unknown Speaker 23:28
And, and typically, one or two board members do an individual site visit we have enough of those happening that it doesn’t make sense for every member of the board to do those site visits. So we break them up. Usually based on availability as well as what agencies folks may be interested in or haven’t don’t know much about it’s a really great opportunity to learn more about the agencies that we are funding and see how they’re doing and the impact they’re making in the community

Unknown Speaker 24:03
so again, we’re not going to finalize the work plan till next month if there’s no ideas now but if if all if somebody gets an idea between here and there please in particular around trainings if there’s something we it’s been allows us we do an evaluation training that to gather data and training we can bring that philosophy through best practice training so that you know, so every has anything they want to know more about the process or than just yet just you can email me or email Erica any ideas and we will finalize this plan in February.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
Awesome. Thanks, Ellie Berto. Oh, Karen Phillips. Sorry. I apologize. I didn’t see your hand.

Unknown Speaker 24:49
I just think that it’s always good to have training on on the evaluation process, you know, even even to review, but I still think it’s really important. that we get trained how to how to do the best we can when we have to evaluate these different agencies. Okay. Like to see training,

Unknown Speaker 25:09
I’ll find time thing. Okay. Yeah. I,

Unknown Speaker 25:15
I would echo that. And I also think that one of the things that we, that sort of came through some of our conversations last year, some of it comes out in conversations. But, you know, we ended up waiting some things in the evaluation process is talking through those earlier than later. So that we, so that we know what those some of those priorities are. I was also thinking for new and existing board members, it could be helpful to see that needs assessment earlier. It’s, it is a big, it is a big chunk of information, and can be a little difficult to wade through. And I think the sooner we do it in the year to have like, some review of what those needs are giving access to folks, particularly if they have not seen it before could be really helpful. Councilwoman Yarborough,

Unknown Speaker 26:12
I think that is wonderful. I know, Alberto, that’s gonna be like, a lot. But if we can coordinate that, in enough time, you know, I think it is important. I think when I came on, I don’t think I had a training. So because we do update these evaluations, as we go look and see what worked, what didn’t work. And I think it is important for our new members to to see what we’ve done in the past and how we evaluated those organizations and their needs and everything like that, and then moving forward, because then they can give their perspectives or have a clearer understanding when those needs assessment comes and come around. And they can look and say, Oh, they’re not looking. This is not in that bucket or that bucket. Right. And so I think it will be more beneficial if we could do that. And maybe just have like, one training, and everybody would come to that training. I think that would be beneficial. And if you need anything from me, just let me know. Yeah. So So nine training, let’s get this straight. I’m not doing the training. Oh, no, that’s fine. Bring the coffee or whatever. But

Unknown Speaker 27:29
yeah, for just for my own clarity sake. So what I’m hearing is a couple of things. One is a training, looking at how we evaluate these application applicants from our but then also a review of our human services needs assessment taking another look at that, is that, is that what I’m hearing? Are we talking about those two things combined? Or? Or do they each merit their own their own session?

Unknown Speaker 28:01
I was thinking of those as separate, but just because they they impact each other, but they don’t act like they don’t have to be done together. So like, I would say, like if we did something on the human service needs assessment, you know, even February March, like early enough so that when we are talking about what the process is, and how to do the evaluations, we’re all sort of a little fresher back on that needs assessment. Okay. And the new folks have seen it and are not like, trying to figure out what we mean by buckets and how this fit in with all of that, because I think that that can be that’s a it’s a lot.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
That that’s great. That’s great clarity, I was just wondering. Okay, awesome. Well, we’ll take a look at these minutes and we’ll see if we can add that to it. And I can work with Karen on developing something for the February meeting. Yeah. For example, March at the latest.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
Alright, any other questions or comments on the work plan? Okay, we will come back to it next month to do the approval and site visit visit schedule. Erica is that you?

Unknown Speaker 29:17
So Erica, put it together but like either one of us to do this. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:21
So essentially there are 16 agencies that need to have a site visit this year. So what I was thinking is just the easiest thing to do is start them next month and do two per month so that we could get through the 16 and be done by September.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Okay, questions or comments? I think this is the last page in our packet if anyone wants to see the schedule that was that was put together

Unknown Speaker 29:57
and I can share it if need be to

Unknown Speaker 30:00
because it’s based on a three year cycle through site visits. Yeah, that’s correct.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
Cool. Well, well, the three year cycle, and we have a tradition of doing a site visit with any newly funded agency that we’ve not funded in the past. So when I’m looking at this list, we haven’t funded focus re entry, and sintomi stod. Medicine horse, we have one in motherhouse. But it’s been quite some times they applied. We’ve not funded that we’re Asterix and St. Benedict’s or the reinsurance. So there’s quite a bit of new agencies actually, that we funded this year that we’ve not funded or either not funded in the past or has been for quite some time, and we funded. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
And an Erica is the is your thought that folks would let you know which site visits they’d like to, to attend? And then you’ll coordinate with them as the dates get closer for that?

Unknown Speaker 31:06
That’s correct. So I was kind of hoping that you guys would decide what which agencies you would like to visit. And then that way, I can coordinate with the site contacts and yourselves to see what what your schedules availability is, and then I can set them up for you guys.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
for your purposes is do you want? I know, let’s see. I think we’ve got six of us here. Deanna is not here. I think we’re missing one. I’m

Unknown Speaker 31:35
Katherine is our friend, Katherine.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
So I’m

Unknown Speaker 31:39
sure others say Brian is out too. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Um, so I don’t know if we need to, if it’s easier, because I think last time we had everyone on the first call of the year, and so we kind of went through and raised our hands. But given that we’re missing several folks, do we want? Do you want to do something? Have folks email you with their preferences? Or do you want to get preferences from folks on the call, and then have the folks who aren’t here send you information? What’s the what is the easiest way to do this?

Unknown Speaker 32:12
So what I would suggest is because you guys are here, the folks that are here tonight, it basically, first come you get to pick the ones that you’re very interested in. And then yes, the rest, you know, they get to choose what’s left.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
Okay, Kim, um, Alberto, do you mind just bringing it up so we can

Unknown Speaker 32:35
see it? Yes, I will share it right now. All right. Can everybody see it right there? That’s? Well, they don’t see anything. I forgot to share button.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
And then Graham, did you want to add something or have a question?

Unknown Speaker 32:55
I was just gonna indicate which ones I’m open to visiting. We’re ready for that. Medicine horse program. We’re asterick and motherhouse.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
Let’s shoot. Let’s do it. Maybe from the top. Eric, what’s easiest for you in terms of going to this? Do you want to go through the top and have people raise their hands if they want to go to one do you want individual people to go through?

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Yeah, that would probably be the easiest. Just go down the list. And if you want to volunteer for that, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
Okay. Let’s start with attention homes. Okay, so we’ve got Robert and Karen. All right. Um, anyone else for that one? Okay, great. Boulder County AIDS Project. I’ll do, Robert and I will go on that one.

Unknown Speaker 34:02
Yeah, it’s okay. Then just, you know, just to be safe. We should have no more than two of you at any one place at any one time.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
Yes. And it’s okay. If we don’t fill in two people because we’ve got three. We’re not here. And so yeah, make sure

Unknown Speaker 34:17
we don’t have to have every place visited tonight is just I would I would, I’ve done I’ve been on your side before and I would say choose the ones that you are most interested in visiting.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
And, and if we get closer to it, and something happens, where folks can’t make it because of schedules and so forth. I know that the staff will come back and ask if there’s other availability so community FoodShare so we’ve got Stacey and Karen l Clemente, Kim and Stacy El Centro AMI Stan Kim and gram focus re entry that’s me I had What’s that? What is that

Unknown Speaker 35:24
one? Would you I want to

Unknown Speaker 35:26
know what that one is. That’s I have a dream a dream.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Oh, hi. I Have a Dream Foundation. Apologies like I should have known that Robert.

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Okay. Longmont Meals on Wheels Stacey Madison horse program. Gram and Caitlin Mile High United Way. Okay, we’ve got no one for tonight. motherhouse gram, Caitlin and Robert. That doesn’t necessarily mean all three of us will go but as we get closer in scheduling, we can figure out who will be there.

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Um, St. Benedict’s health ministry okay. You can put me down for that one. Erica. Queer asterisk. Gram safe shelter. Robert, Karen and Stacey. The re entry initiative. Karen? And via mobility. Okay, no one for that one. So we’ve got a few that are open. We I think we’ve got plenty of options for folks who are not here. And then if if we have any that are still that don’t get sort of first round. Folks going Erica, obviously we can bring those back and make sure we get board members. All right. Any other anything else you need for that Erica right now?

Unknown Speaker 37:27
No, really. I was just more worried about the February site visits just because you know, to schedule. But that works perfect for me. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 37:37
Okay. And let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
The next item is officers for this year. 20 we so we typically elect a chair and a vice chair Liberto. Do you want to speak to that at all? Or?

Unknown Speaker 37:55
Yeah, so basically, the the chair position is the person who facilitates and leads the meetings and begins the meetings and ask for motion to end the meeting. We Karen and I tried to send this person and I emphasize the word try because it doesn’t always happen. We try and send this person the agenda ahead of time to get their perspective on it. If they have other ideas or think they have other priorities and of course the Vice Chair stands in if that person is unavailable and the best basically the duties of the chair

Unknown Speaker 38:40
and and then the chair usually attends the council meeting when we present funding recommendations. However, you know, I attended the last one and Le Barito and Karen stole the show and did amazing presenting the recommendations and so I there were no questions or anything from counsel so I was there. Just a wave so do we have any nominations? Or let’s start with Do we have any questions about what these roles are? Before we we dive in

Unknown Speaker 39:24
Okay, in that case, do we have any nominations including self nominations for chair

Unknown Speaker 39:35
will nominate Caitlyn for chair

Unknown Speaker 39:38
Liberto Can Can someone serve as chair two years in a row? I remember there being some something but I don’t remember

Unknown Speaker 39:49
I am looking at the Bibles right now give us I think so but I’m I am looking at the Bibles I believe you can But

Unknown Speaker 40:14
I thought Brian was for two years.

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Yeah, I believe so. I only did.

Unknown Speaker 40:19
Maybe there’s like a. I can’t remember for some reason I thought there was a reason Brian couldn’t do it again. But I don’t remember. Like, maybe I might just be making something up completely.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
Oh, okay. Okay, here it is. The term for Office of the chair and right chair will be filled for one year officer to be reelected but may not serve more than two consecutive full terms. is done one. Got it. So yes, you are you you have one more that you can serve as chair. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
Well, thank you, Graham. Any other nominations for chair? Okay, I think I think then we have to, we actually have to vote on that even if it’s one. So all those in favor of Caitlyn being here. Okay. All opposed.

Unknown Speaker 41:23
It’s near as I can tell, reading the bylaws, which I have in front of me here. There’s nothing says you can’t do six a cheer camp do successive terms. That’s correct.

Unknown Speaker 41:38
Okay, and I’m abstaining from the vote. So, I think so that was a four to zero. To Robert, were you abstaining from the vote,

Unknown Speaker 41:50
or did you

Unknown Speaker 41:51
want to vote?

Unknown Speaker 41:55
Okay, um, Karen, did

Unknown Speaker 41:59
you have something you want to add? Okay. Thank you all. So we will also need a vice chair. Do we have any nominations for vice chair Karen?

Unknown Speaker 42:11
I nominate Graham, for vice chair again. He did a great job. And he’s been here long too. So that’s why nominate?

Unknown Speaker 42:24
Okay. Any other nominations? Okay. All those in favor of Graham as our vice chair for 2022.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
All right, we’ve got five opposed. And abstaining. You’re abstaining from your own vote Graham. All right. Well, we will do this again, Graham. And then we will hand over the reins because we will not be able to do it again. Okay, thank you, everyone. The last item we have is announcements or other business.

Unknown Speaker 43:15
Do we have Karen?

Unknown Speaker 43:18
Yeah. Is there anything we can do with the marshal fire thing? In on the board? I mean, I don’t know. Is there any

Unknown Speaker 43:27
way I can let Chiquita speak to this but I think City Council is addressing it they’ve asked for I was at the City Council meeting on Tuesday and city council member Susie overbearing, brought this up. And so I think City Council is addressing how they can support the marshal fire with their contingency. So I know that that are legal. And our city manager is looking into that Karen. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
You said it le Bertha. That’s right. So um, Councilwoman Suzie Hidalgo, fairing she brought it up, because there are a lot of teachers who were also affected by those fires and she’s also a teacher herself. And we have a contingency fund and so she made a motion to for us to give 20,000 out of our contingency fund to those victims. So we have to get that approved. And so we have our city attorney who’s working through that to make sure that we can do that. So yes, it has been brought up

Unknown Speaker 44:37
and just so you’re aware we you know, I used to be on the board of the Community Foundation Board County and so I get I get a lot of communication from from the foundation muscle right now serving with Madeline on the board of the Longmont Community Foundation. And Boulder County cave has done a really good job of, of gathering Support. Last I heard they had over 50,000 donors in over $19.5 million for victims of the marshal fire. So there is a lot of community support going to these folks.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
Liberto I had one question and I don’t know if you’re the right person to ask or if it’s something that can take back. I know that there have been a few organizations that specifically provide low provide rentals for low income folks in our communities. And a few of them have announced waivers of the income requirements. And I’m curious about whether and how that impacts their, you know, sort of like, you know, whether Longmont Housing Authority is going to be doing that or not. And for those other organizations that are that are waiving those requirements, I think my concern is that, obviously, there’s a huge amount of support for folks who have been affected by the fire. And I’m concerned that like some of the most affordable options for the lowest income in our community, may, you know, sort of be shifted in a way that means that those are not not accessible to the folks who can least afford it. And so I don’t know whether anyone else in the city or at the county level even is looking at that, and sort of the responses and equity around that. So I’m kind of wondering, I’m just wondering more about that from the perspective of like, affordable housing grants and those types of things that some of these organizations may have? Um,

Unknown Speaker 46:43
that’s a great question that I can’t answer at this point. I have heard of that as well. I thought I heard that it was the counties that was doing it to their Boulder County Housing Authority. I have not heard anything, but Karen would probably be the person to ask about FHA. I don’t think we’re doing that in it.

Unknown Speaker 47:08
Oh, so yeah, long my housing authority is also I believe, it’s like three or four units are different of the different properties that are also leasing those. And I know that they’re only leasing it for one year. So doesn’t matter what the if the qualified don’t qualify, but they will be able to lease it for

Unknown Speaker 47:29
one. Okay. Erica knows more about what’s going to change than I do.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
Okay. But I will say that Botha County also, yeah, there, they are doing a month to month lease in throughout Boulder County. So it’s not a year lease, but it is month to month. On

Unknown Speaker 47:46
it. I and this is just some of some of the concerns I’ve heard elsewhere, too. And I don’t know if passing them along to Karen, is that, you know, that waving, for example, some of the documentation because people may have lost all of their paperwork, waving, you know, lease ending fees. And that sort of thing makes a lot of sense. The the income requirement I had heard, I’ve heard some concerns from community members that, you know, in some areas of Boulder County, people have been waiting years sometimes to get into affordable housing. And, you know, obviously, losing your home is not something that like I don’t want, I don’t want it to feel like people are pitted against each other, we have a massive tragedy in our community, with the fire, and we also have a massive concern around affordable housing more broadly. And so wanting to make sure that folks who, because I, I’ve seen like comments and people talking about like, Hey, I’ve been waiting for four years to get into affordable housing, haven’t gotten there. And now like, I’m going to get pushed down the list. I don’t know that that’s what’s happening. But you know, you know, some of our most vulnerable communities then are being pitted against each other for this affordable housing. And that that’s really concerning to me, because obviously, they’re not none of those folks are at fault for for where we are in in housing prices right now. So

Unknown Speaker 49:11
I appreciate those concerns, and I will be carried as the one who’s really more involved on the affordable, the regional housing collaborative. She’s a part of that that group, so I will definitely remain that to her. And of course, Nikita can, as a council person can have her her influence as well. You know, bcpa drew the Boulder County Housing Authorities is he led by that ultimately is led by the commissioners. So yeah, I hear that and I will definitely let Karen know, the concerns your hearing and your concerns about this issue.

Unknown Speaker 49:48
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Thanks for bringing that up. That’s a really good point. And I mean, I know there’s been talk of rebuilding those, you know, people from the from the marshal fires may come and you know, may not want to live there anymore and want to live in long line and what happens in you know, we have such a sort of shortage of inventory as it is. So, yeah, it’s a lot of talks going on, but I didn’t really what you brought up? It’s a really good point. And definitely, I will address that for sure.

Unknown Speaker 50:19
Thank you appreciate it. Yeah, it’s, it’s hard. I mean, we, we’ve also heard people who are like, my insurance company never, like, encouraged me to increase my coverage. And so like, my coverage is what my house was worth 10 years ago, and there’s no way I can rebuild with what the they’re gonna give, you know, and so it’s very, there’s no, there’s no good outcomes there. And so whatever we can do to try to make things more equitable along the way. Shahida, I, I got some information from a community member who I guess like there’s someone at CU has, who has studied responses to try, like fires and floods and so forth, particularly like, there was a lot of research post Katrina, in a lot of the communities affected there, and how some of the immediate responses actually increased inequity, but that something’s helped improve it. And so I’d be happy to send that your way is something that might the council might be interested in taking a look at?

Unknown Speaker 51:21
That would be awesome. Absolutely. Course. Thank you. And then thinking about these within these assessment to moving forward, you know, last time, we were just talking about people who didn’t who need Internet access, right, during the pandemic, stay at home all day. You know, here we are with some other issues that we really have to take into effect. Think about that when you’re doing these evaluations and these assessments, so think about that too.

Unknown Speaker 51:51
All right. Other announcements or business that we need to go over. I would be remiss if I did not say that I am certain that boulder County’s MLK Day. Events are coming up on Monday and I am fairly certain that Madeline would love and appreciate seeing the faces of board members and staff members there. I don’t know the specifics of that event. I do know that they they were doing something and have events. So check out the the city and the county web pages for what those official sponsored events are for for MLK

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Day. Well, I know Lafayette is doing a car drive event for MLK because usually they walk and have a speaker and things so they’re doing like the youth usually put that on on Lafayette. Sunday they NAACP kick off at the dairy center, they have someone from weathers are the one who took all the pitches of the civil rights movement, the marches and everything. So his daughter created a foundation. And so that will be kicked off at the dairy Center on Sunday at one o’clock. 131 30. There you go early bird so no, so I just looked it up. And then Monday is at Silver Creek High School and long line where they do all of their MLK events. And of course they are, you know, having COVID precautions and everything. Everyone has to have a mask and I think when you walk in you do have to show that you’ve been vaccinated. My understanding, I believe that that’s the case. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
It looks like they’re going to offer those options through zoom as well for folks who either can’t or are uncomfortable attending in person. Okay, if there are no other announcements or other business, I will entertain a motion to adjourn.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
I’ll make a motion to adjourn. Alright. Board Meeting y’all.

Unknown Speaker 54:07

Unknown Speaker 54:11
They will be longer. Yes. dices. Yep. shorter ones. All right. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Welcome everyone. See you all next month.

Unknown Speaker 54:21
Thank you all have a good evening. Bye bye.