2022-01-26 Board of Education Regular Meeting

2022-01-26 Board of Education Regular Meeting

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Unknown Speaker 0:02
Good evening. Welcome to St. Green Valley Schools Board of Education Meeting. Please join us in standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. I pledge allegiance of the United States of America. Nation indivisible. Jim, can you please call the roll this evening?

Unknown Speaker 0:38
Surely. Thank you. Mr. Berthold present. This is Brooke. Present. Mr. Garcia here. This is her ironic. Dr. Martyr present. This is Ryan here. The secret

Unknown Speaker 0:56
here. Thank you, Jim. And were there any changes or addendums to the agenda this evening?

Unknown Speaker 1:03
Not that I’m aware of. But yes, actually do some.

Unknown Speaker 1:07
Sorry, there was a one change to the agenda. We’ve cut out. Agenda Item 8.5.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
Okay. Okay, agenda 8.5 has been removed item has been removed. Great. Thank you, Karen and Jim. All right. So before we we move any further, I do want to thank all of you for attending the meeting this evening. I do also want to emphasize that the district’s mission statement is this board and Dr. Hat adds Northstar, we make all decisions with within the context of educating each student in a safe learning environment so that they may develop to their highest potential and become contributing citizens. We do not take that mission lightly. Our focus is on each and every student having access to the very best opportunities and an environment that is inclusive of every child. couple of housekeeping items, just a reminder that this meeting is televised. It is streaming currently. And you can also access the recording of it on the website, beginning tomorrow morning. And if you have your cell phone with you just make sure that it’s quiet please. Our next agenda item this evening is agenda item three, and specifically are wait. I knew Oh, and I want to take a minute to introduce you. I’m so sorry. We do have a representative from our student advisory committee here this evening. Oh, and Clemmensen and the Oh, and I believe you’re from Frederick High School. Is that correct? Yes, ma’am. Great. Well, welcome. We’re super happy to have you here this evening. And I apologize, almost moved on without introducing you. We rely on the your committee and we rely on your input very much. And absolutely your input influences decisions that are made and programs that are implemented in the district. So thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
Thank you so much, man.

Unknown Speaker 3:06
Thank you. And one, just a reminder, if you have any questions at dinnertime, get somebody’s attention, please. Okay, great. Thanks. Righty I find that does actually then bring us down to agenda item 3.1, which is the superintendence Excellence in Education Awards.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
Got a whole host of them here. So Michelle, would you please come on up. And I will turn it over to you to share some things and then I would like to say a few words, and then I will present these plaques.

Unknown Speaker 3:54
Madam President, board and cabinet. Thank you for having part of our DTS team here with us tonight. I’m proud to be here representing a portion of our team who has a very big job behind the scenes. This is our team who works on iPad inventory, service and support. So anytime a student needs a new iPad, and we just take for granted, it’s magically there. There’s a team of six folks who make sure that that iPad gets to the right place at the right time. When 26,000 iPads needed to be refreshed. This team of again six took the time to make sure all of those iPads got refreshed, updated, and the used ones returned so that we could sell those back and bring that revenue back into our district. When an iPad shows up in of all places, New Zealand. They don’t get to fly to New Zealand and get it back but they do work hard to make sure that that iPad gets returned so that we can bring it back to our students and the learning we do here. I’d like to introduce to you this team and they’re led by peers. Well, I’m sure you guys all know and love if you guys want up. So you guys know Eric Pearce, Eric Pierce’s, our Senior Manager of service and support, he actually probably has helped many of you many times as he does me and everyone else in the district. With all things technology, Eric leads our service and support team under the lead of Carl Hutchinson. There’s Carl, Dan Brock, Joel Pascal, and Nathan Lyon, we have two of our members who weren’t able to make it tonight. They are Patrick Mel pezzi, and Thomas Isler. But this team, I want you to think about that 26,000, iPads, a team of six who are fully responsible for making sure those go in and out, as well as all of the other inventory and resources that we bring to schools. So they are a small and mighty contribute contributor to our district. And I’m awfully proud that they’re here and being recognized tonight.

Unknown Speaker 5:59
And I appreciate it the couple things. Michelle, is very supportive of her team. And I know that her team is also very supportive of Michelle’s leadership. Michelle was identified as a finalist this year for the apex award for the top CIO, Chief Technology Officer in the in the state by the Colorado Technology Association, which is the representative group, the largest group and the most representative group of this type of work in Colorado. And so we’re looking forward to, to attending that event and recognizing your leadership. And then I also know that whenever we talk about your leadership, you are always first to say it’s all about your team. The team here has been responsible for putting together what’s been identified as really one of the top one to one initiatives in the entire country. And actually even beyond the International Society for Technology and Education, which is the largest organization in the world. When you talk about technology and education, and they have 1000s and 1000s of schools and organizations that they look at identified st rain is one of the top three, it was in a group of just incredible competition for that. And you remember that recognition. And in my conversations with Apple, which we have regularly around the iPads, they will always say to me things like saying brains technology team is the finest team in the country to work with the way in which they approach their professional development, the way in which they approach their work. And so this is a small token of our appreciation. And you know, it’s almost like one of those things, nobody pays attention to the technology because it runs so smoothly in this district. But there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes. And so appreciate that. And if any of you would like to share anything, please feel free to do so.

Unknown Speaker 8:10
I just want to say I am humbled and privileged to be a part of this team. And it’s just such a unique and powerful experience to just just be a part of something that touches every student’s learning and education and being able to support that and work with these fine individuals is just just a privilege.

Unknown Speaker 8:29
And, you know, just to remind you guys, we have an agenda item A little bit later, where I’m going to share with you some of the financial impact that this team has had on our district. So I can’t wait to share those numbers with you in a bit. But when we talk about those numbers, I want you to know that this is the powerful team who made that happen.

Unknown Speaker 8:45
And those are significant numbers. Michelle? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 8:48
Well, and you know, there’s a reality that we all face. And that’s how fast our world is advancing. And you look at data and statistics around Moore’s Law and talk about how the power and the speed of microchips doubling every couple of years. That’s an incredible amount of information. And you start when I was reading most recently, the supercomputers that are developing and the future of the workforce. And really, our students as part of a world class education, need to be very, very capable in the use of the navigation of technology, because their world is going to be inundated with technology unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetime. And the pace of change will become so overwhelmingly fast, that if they don’t have this type of exposure and this type of learning, coupled with the rigor of the curriculum, they will be left with a handicap when it comes to marketability for jobs and capacity to keep up with the pace that’s happening in our world today. So All the work you are doing is front and center and it’s really important and I want to present you all with a superintendents Excellence in Education Award and say thank you

Unknown Speaker 10:24
shirt promises sorry about that I couldn’t read through you guys we got a picture of you pull your award data and then I’ll send it to you Michelle and Eric want to join in I know that these folks were also graduates of Sacred Valley Schools one

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Okay Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 12:03
Agenda Item 3.2. This evening is a student advisory council CASB. Colorado Association of School Board. Students strand reports. I Jackie.

Unknown Speaker 12:19
Well, good evening board president Sechrist Dr. Had add members of our board. Each year our Board of Education and Superintendent attend the CASB Colorado Association of School Boards conference in Colorado Springs, to meet with other school board members from across the state to attend sessions that highlight the important work of public education boards, and to meet with students from their own districts to gain their insights about the ways in which public education is preparing them for their future aspirations. Last December, six St. Brain high school students attended the CASB conference, and will provide a report to you this evening outlining their experiences from participating in the Student Leadership strand. At this time, I’d like to introduce these students who will introduce themselves a little bit more and tell you more about themselves. And they’ll walk you through their presentation this evening. I also would like to acknowledge Dr. perfetti Dini, who prepped all of the slides from the QSB conference for the presentation this evening. So with us we have Glenda Tiras and Nika. No, nag Paul, Jackson pace and Timothy Stafford. You’re going to start Okay. All right. Well, good

Unknown Speaker 13:38
evening, everyone. Thank you for so much for the opportunity for letting us come and talk a little bit about Caspi today. So let’s begin. Okay, so we started, we got to the Broadmoor at about, I’d say 4:30pm. And I remember feeling quite anxious, but also excited at the same time, because I wasn’t really sure how this weekend would go. Little did I know it would be turned into such a blast super fast. So we got to our hotel, we got to settle down, unpack our things, and then get ready to head to the Broadmoor. And in all honesty, when I got to this amazing hotel, I literally felt like I was in home alone to a beautiful, beautiful hotel. And then as soon as we got inside and got to register, and we looked at all the beautiful decorations for the holidays. It really just gave us a really uplifting and exciting energy for this weekend. We got to see some really awesome things in the hotel lobby. Like for example, this really cool, homemade edible gingerbread house that was literally life size. And I felt like a kid in a candy store. We also got to explore all around the Broadmoor which was really, really exciting. We got to kind of get a feel for everything. We went over the bridge a couple times. We got to talk to some really cool members that work there. And it was just a really great way to spend that first evening

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Hello, my name is Glen guitars. I’m a senior at Longmont high school. And my future plans are becoming a filmmaker. I’m currently undecided on which college I’m going to go to. But I’m very excited to find out soon. And anyway, I’m going to talk about our dinner with the Board of Education. And that was a really special experience because we got to know all of these wonderful board members a lot more. They told us about their stories we told them about ours, it was really cool to get to know people who used to go to our schools, I met a lot of people who said like, oh, yeah, we went to Longmont. nyuad, it was, it was really neat. And so anyway, they asked about our future plans. And it was really cool to tell them about what colleges we are applying to what scholarships we hope to get. And they just really wanted to know a lot about us, which was really nice, just because they just really wanted to know who we are, what our plans were, just get to know us for the evening, and also great dinner. Amazing. And we also got to give feedback about what they actually have been doing for our schools. It’s amazing to see just in a normal school day, what they have actually done for our schools. And so we got to give them feedback. Just tell them. Thank you, and just have a nice evening. Nice dinner together. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
All right, awesome. So my personal favorite part of the CASB experience was the student leadership strand. So we all gathered in this massive conference room, sat down at our assigned tables, and they’re like, Okay, icebreaker time. And part of that was to design our own flag for our teams. But everyone sort of forgets how important icebreakers can be because you sit down at this table with like, hundreds of people in the room around you. And you’re like, oh, no, you like, who are you. And so you have to work together to try and learn about each other, understand each other and cooperate as a team. And I think that’s the first part of that process is an icebreaker, which ours was designing our own flag. And thinking about this, this sort of reminded me of the purpose of the student strand. This was to be able to network with our fellow students from across Colorado, be able to learn from their experiences, and talk with them, learn what they’re doing in their own districts, and then bring it back to our district to see what we can improve here. After that, we went on a scavenger hunt around the Broadmoor. And this made me think that everyone thinks that networking is purely business related. And you’re just like sitting around business tables, business meetings, doing whatnot. But it can also be socializing and having fun, right. That’s how you gain trust with other people is laughing and joking with them. And so we wanted to be able to achieve that through the scavenger hunt by joking and having fun with all of our fellow members from around the state. After that, we broke back into our CASB groups, and then wrote a reflection video. This continues the theme of learning from others and bringing back to our own district, because we have to meditate on what we were currently doing. We can see how we can improve things that we can bring back, and it just continues with that theme. And after that, we got to have panels with our guest speakers, as there were many keynotes throughout the entire conference. This first one was by Dr. Ivory Tolson. And his keynote was on his book, no bad stats, the theme of which is do not judge a book by its cover or believe everything you hear, he starts off by describing a high school student, about 2.0 GPA had around a 900 LSAT score. And only later did you find out that was actually Dr. Tolson himself. And you wouldn’t think that a student like that could actually get a Master’s, bachelor’s and PhD. And he was also the best in his school, one of the best in the school. And so it’s really important to highlight that difference how statistics don’t always show the truth. You need to look at the student as an individual. And help them progress that way. And some of the ways teachers can do this is through anti bias training. And just thinking about students as individuals, you want to be able to help them succeed as much as possible with their own circumstances.

Unknown Speaker 19:08
So our next keynote speaker for the day was Dr. Chavez. And she started out her keynote speak keynote speech, with a really interesting image. It was an image of some rocks that she had found when she had gone on a hike. And she had asked all of us in the audience, what does this look like to you? This could like a bunch, this could look like a bunch of random rocks or just the ground. But then on the next slide that she flipped to, she was able to trace a heart from the rocks. So basically, she drew a conclusion from that point that you have to be able to see things from a different perspective in order to be able to gain sort of a creative lens on everything in life. And I feel like once you’re able to gain that perspective, your world opens up even more and that comes really in handy for collaboration. Working together people with different perspectives and ideas and beliefs. If you come together and collaborate as one, you can create an incredibly beautiful product. And I think that was her main point. And it really stuck out to me for sure. And, you know, it creates a beautiful impact in our community. And that really brings up the concept of leadership and collaboration. And at our student advisory advisory council meeting, Dr. Haddad actually mentioned that you had the pleasure of working with her husband. And you had said that that’s exactly what she would say. And those were her kind of her life morals that she wanted to teach us. And I think this keynote really stood out to me because her lessons kind of taught me to see things from a different point of view, and instantly, things will change. So I think that’s something really important to take away in all aspects of life, whether that’s your career, your relationships, outside life, whatever it may be. So this keynote was incredible.

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Good evening, Dr. Haddad, board members, my name is Jackson pace. I’m a senior at your high school. And it’s good to see all of you again, as my fellow CASB members from St. Reign, talked about, we did have a great, great time at the Congress. But it wasn’t all just work. We had some play too. I like to point out that all of those photos that you see up there on the slideshow, were taken within about four hours of us embarking on this journey. And that includes the two hours it took to drive down to Colorado Springs. I also like to add that we were all complete strangers heading into this CASB conference, none of us knew each other. But somehow, someway, through the spirit of CASB and leadership that we experienced while down at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. We were all able to really gel together and create a really cohesive group that transcended all of the various high schools that we represent within the St. Vrain Valley School District, and all coming into one group that was there, and did a really great job representing our district, Donna CASB. As others have mentioned, it was an incredibly rewarding and insightful experience to be able to meet and network with our fellow peers from across the public education system here in Colorado. To that end, it was also an immense privilege to be able to meet with you, the board of education throughout the course of the CASB conference. You all were incredibly receptive to the feedback my fellow Academy delegates provided on both the successes and potential room for improvement in our respective schools, continually asking good questions, offering your own experience, and genuinely showing an interest in all of our schools. Whether speaking with seasoned board members, or newly elected members, like board member Brooks from my own area, I enjoy getting to know all of you and interacting with the decision makers at the highest levels of our district, striving to ensure that St. Vrain Valley remains a state and nationwide leader in K through 12 education. I know all of us up here share in the acknowledgement of the incredible success of the student leadership strand. And I’d like to thank you all, again for extending the opportunity for the six of us to attend the conference.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
So this guy was our last speaker, his name was Manley Feinberg. And anyway, this guy was crazy. I mean, he was a really fun presenter. He brought a guitar up a fake guitar, he pretended to play like the Star Spangled Banner was awesome. We actually thought he was like, totally like, riffing on that thing. It turns out, it was just like audio. But I mean, hey, I was still really cool. But like, under that fun presentation, he actually had a really good message. So he told us about this great trip, he took to another country to climb this like huge mountain. He’s a climber. You know, climbers, they do really dangerous things for fun. So anyway, he was telling us about how he went to another country, to fulfill his dream, fulfill his goal of climbing this huge mountain. And so anyway, when he gets to this new country, he found he found out that his partner bailed on him. So now he doesn’t have anyone to climb with. He’s running out of time to find new people to climb with. So he says, Okay, I think I’m just gonna give up, go back home, and just maybe try again later. But instead of doing that he pursues on just because this is his goal. This is his dream. And he finds this Russian family who volunteer to go with him. So anyway, he just makes a great connection with those two, and they eventually scale up the mountain. It took a few days, it was probably agonizing. They’re probably very hungry when they got to the top. But it was just so amazing to hear his story about all of the hardships that he had to go through to pursue his goal to pursue his dream. And that is just really inspirational for people who have their own goals, and how goal setting is very important and how you just have to push through when things seem their toughest.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Overall, as you can tell, we had such a blast at this conference and on behalf of us Cassidy, conferees, we would like to relay a huge, huge, huge thank you to all of the board members, for providing us with this opportunity to attend a really worthy worth of our time and leadership experience. Thank you very much for providing such opportunities for all of our students in this district. Everyone I feel has gotten impacted in several ways through this conference, whether it has been meeting people from other districts, you know, networking, learning new things from the keynotes. Overall, this was a very worthwhile and incredible experience. So thank you so, so much for providing us with this opportunity.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
Thank you very much. Did you have a comments

Unknown Speaker 25:54
either gonna tell him not to leave?

Unknown Speaker 25:56
Because Oh, yeah, don’t leave now. Don’t leave. Don’t leave. Glen, I have a question for you. At the very, very end, though. Karen, I think you mentioned that you had a question or comment. And then if any other board members do as well,

Unknown Speaker 26:09
well, thank you so much for sharing your insightful recap of the event. And I just want you to know, I’ll keep it short. But the privilege is absolutely ours, for spending time with you. It’s just one of the best parts of the entire conference for us to, to hear from you and to get to know you all. And thank you so much for your leadership in your schools. And in the district. And I, I was really touched by the fact that you all, unanimously, were so interested in trying to get more students, from schools and our schools, to the conference, so that you have these opportunities, and it just speaks so much to who you are as a group. And, and it’s really, it’s humbling, and we’re so proud of you. You’re such wonderful examples of, of what great education, what can happen with with great education. So thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
Any other comments? All right, done.

Unknown Speaker 27:13
Yeah, I was just gonna say, you know, you guys, I will tell you, you may or may not realize this, but you come up, and you thank us. And we appreciate that a lot. But I got to tell you, you know, people have oftentimes will ask the question, you know, how do you like your job? And how do you like working and, you know, as a superintendent, I want to thank you guys, and I’m not I’m really telling you this, you guys are like the highlight for for the night. And when I hear you guys talk, I get really excited about what you’re doing and about the future. And it feels just like it’s just so uplifting. And so energizing. And I just could not be more proud of you. And I just want you to know that. So while you’re thanking us, I want to thank you, because you’re what you’re the group that brings us the energy to come to work and really put our all into it every day. And to watch you guys take advantage of it and the fly high the way you are. I’m really proud of you. So thank you for that. And the reason I was asking if you didn’t leave is if we could get your picture up here so that we can blast you out to the to the world as the excellent students and people that you are. So thanks.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
Thanks, Don, you know, I’m going to thank you also. And I just want to highlight again, thank you for being honest with us, and providing positive as well as not going to say negative feedback for airy, but providing us with information on how we can improve. I don’t want to overlook that that’s a significant part of our conversation that we had down there. Thank you very much for that. And you know, Don, you took the words right out of my mouth. The whole time, big smile on my face, and you all fill me with a tremendous amount of hope for the future. Thank you for that. And Glen, Are you certain he was not really playing the guitar?

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Yes, ma’am. I’m certain he was not playing the guitar.

Unknown Speaker 29:03
Okay, well, I want you to know that I believed up until this very moment. It was very,

Unknown Speaker 29:08
it was very interesting. At first I was like, Oh, look at this duty. He plays guitar. But no, I later sadly found out that it was fake.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
And it wasn’t just for a few seconds. So it’s like a couple of minutes. No, it was the whole song. It was the whole song. Alright, well, thanks for bringing a little reality there. Glenn. Alright, did you want a picture down? I think I heard you say, Okay, great.

Unknown Speaker 29:39
When do you want to introduce your parents?

Unknown Speaker 29:41
Yeah, yeah. So my mom came to this meeting. She’s right there. Please stand up mom. So this is fleece guitars. She’s my mom. And I just want to thank her so much for coming to this meeting and supporting me when I went to Colorado Springs supporting me with all the education Bored stuff that I’ve been doing and I’m just really happy. So thank you for coming

Unknown Speaker 30:33
I think we see everybody Yep, go on your tiptoes in the back 123.

Unknown Speaker 31:06
All right, we have several students here for agenda item 6.1, which is the Frederick High School Student Advisory Council Report. And if it is acceptable to the board, I would like to move agenda item 6.1. Up and Go ahead and let those students present now so that they can get home to homework and activities. Good. All right. Then, Jackie, I believe that’s you

Unknown Speaker 31:36
again, this is me again. Right. Thank you. I would like to have our Frederick feeder principals please stand up. And this evening, it is my pleasure to introduce some of our outstanding leaders in St. Brain from the Frederick feeder. I’ve had the honor of working with most of these principals for the past six years and have enjoyed watching their school and feeder improvement efforts over that time. supporting their work is some of my most favorite work. At this time, I’d like to introduce Paige Gordon from Spark if you’ll just raise your hands everybody miss you. There you go. Liza Nybo from Coleridge Middle School, Miss Katrina Estrada from Thunder Valley, Carol olifant from Prairie Ridge, Dr. Shirley Juric. From centennial, Dr. Sean Corey from legacy and Dr. Russell Fox from Frederick High School. And at this time Dr. Fox will introduce his student advisory council representative who will help this evening with their presentation the Frederick theatre presentation.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Thanks Jackie. Welcome principal Fox.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
Thank you Madam President, Dr. Dad in the board a i to like you don get asked frequently. One of the questions I get asked a lot and my my nervous about the future of our country of our town. And I tell you, I look at the 1300 kids at Frederick and the 1000s of others in the Frederick feeder and I’m I’m not I’m so optimistic about what’s coming and the challenges that they’re gonna overcome. So, we have three of our high school students you’ve already met open today, but I want to introduce to you, Gabby, and Quinn come on up. And they’re going to share a little bit about their experience in the Frederick theatre and at Frederick high school with you and then after that, we have a video. Hello,

Unknown Speaker 33:22
I’m Gabriela Lyles. I’m a junior at Frederick high school and I had been a part of St. Brain Valley school my entire life. I went to legacy Elementary and throughout those years, I was a part of an advanced reading group that inspired a love for reading within me. I went to covert middle school and I was a part of National Junior Honor Society, which helped me gain experience and community service and I’m able to apply that experience to future college application applications and resumes. Now I’m a part of Frederick High School’s P TECH program. So the P TECH program at my school focuses on biochemistry. And after my four years of high school I’m hoping to gain an associate’s degree in Applied Science and I’m going to get a bachelor’s degree in biology and further that into a master’s in marine biology. And this is my friend Quinn.

Unknown Speaker 34:12
Good evening Board of Education. My name is Chris McNeil and I’m a senior here at Frederick High School. At Frederick High School. I’m currently our National Honor Society chapter president. I’m a student council admin member as well as a member of the National Technical honor society through the career elevation Technology Center. The course catalog at Frederick High School is unmatched in the teachers who are instructing this classwork speak for themselves. Over the past four years I’ve had the honor to take AP courses six honors classes for see you succeed courses in three concurrent enrollment classes through Metro State and for Front Range Community College earning a total of 31 college credits preparing me for my future journey as a student. In the fall I plan on attending Oregon State University to study pre law and organizationally worship. This afternoon I was granted with the Dean’s leadership and courage scholarship which is awarded to 10 students in each up and coming class. I’m beyond thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given in the skills that I’ve learned in the past 12 years through this feeder. I’ve been given opportunities to lead not only in my school but through the Frederick Community, doing things like tutoring with National Honor Society and legacy Elementary, as well as our free Frederick theater 5k fundraiser this spring, I can only think I can only give thanks to my success in my future to the teachers, administrators and staff members through this feeder who have guided me to where I am teaching me for courage and drive for academic excellence. And here’s a little video about our feeder why

Unknown Speaker 36:13
What is your name? How

Unknown Speaker 36:14
old are you? Um, my name is very similar for and where do you go to school? I’m here. Do you know the name of the school? You can learn stuff about here and you can play here and you can and you can pay the toys.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
Can you tell me what did you guys do this morning

Unknown Speaker 36:47
outside? Were fine. For us to to be our pet DRock head rocks. Are you going to name your pet rock? And yeah, what are you gonna name your Ellie?

Unknown Speaker 37:05
And how do your teachers treat you?

Unknown Speaker 37:09
Help me with stuff that I can do. And they they sometimes sell me open stuff that’s sad time.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Hi, my name is burnin, and I’m the fifth grade at Centennial Elementary. My favorite part about being a student at Centennial Elementary is just how great of a school it is. And I love how all the teachers are strong and supportive and kind. So currently we we will reading chapter seven and doing vocab. Then we do the reading and while we’re doing the reading, we like draw doodles from Mega cognition. Are we just write like what we’re wondering about? Or thinking about? After that she has us answer some questions or time to climb video. We play that to check our answers. I feel excited to learn and excited to see what we do. And I’m excited to see my friends and my teachers. I think it’s what makes this school such an amazing school is the people that have worked hard to build it and make sure it’s a safe and fun environment.

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Okay, my name is Allie. and I’m in fifth grade and I go to legacy Elementary. In letter C, we were doing this assignment of poetry where we had to read poetry on this kind of nuts stereotype, but I’m doing on ADHD that you want to change the person’s perspective of it. Walking in that door. Feels great. Like your runway shot, like you’re in the room. You’re like, I’m like clouds are a bunch of candy because I’m a kid that loves school. My name is Gunnar, and I’m in third grade. I like being a student at hers because I get to learn a lot of stuff, new stuff. We do a lot of projects and science and stuff. And in this clouds group, the Gifted and Talented class, I get to learn stuff that’s harder, working on Sci Fi think and wander so seeing, like thinking about what you’re thinking. And I like art Because I’m pretty good at drawing and drawings peaceful. I’ve my teachers because all I’ve had all year is good teachers and they have been very nice

Unknown Speaker 40:20
My name is Dawson. I go to school at Thunder Valley and I’m in fourth grade. The reason why I like being MR. at Thunder Valley is because all the teachers are so nice to me. They care about me, and most importantly, they give me challenges. I feel awesome. I feel safe when I walk into the school.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
My name is Ricky Rubio, Pence and I’m in seventh grade and I go to Thunder Valley. My favorite part of being a student undervalues just coming to school and having a good energy. I’m going to see my friends and my teachers. My favorite subject that has to be math, and physics, math, because it’s just super fun. And I like working with numbers. Right now we’re doing that is why intercept and slope of how I feel when I enter school, it’s a really good feeling. I feel really good when I get to see all my friends. And like all the staff around

Unknown Speaker 41:36
my name is Reno, I’m an eighth grade and I go to Korea Middle School. My favorite part about being a student at Coleridge is knowing that I have my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents all grew up in this town and Hall have very successful lives and very successful education and knowing that we’re following their footsteps. Moses, Julius Cebo. See my friends because I have a couple of friends that I’ve grown up with since elementary and boys been there for me. Right now in history. We’re learning about the Constitution, the amendments, the Bill of Rights, etc. We’re prepping for a debate for whole class. They teach you life lessons here, that can help you later in life. They joke around, especially as you’re getting older, all the teachers are pretty chill and they have fun.

Unknown Speaker 42:32
I’m Crystal, I’m a junior at Frederick High School. My experience at Frederick High School has been very positive. I really like the environment that has been like placed for all the students. And it feels very involved. And I feel like every student has a voice. So P TECH is a pre collegiate program. And you go through courses throughout high school to earn an associate’s degree once you graduate. So you graduate with both a diploma and an Associate’s degree. And it takes you through courses through aims. So if you’re very like united, and then the teachers really, really are there to support you, so it doesn’t feel like you’re there trying to get the associate’s degree on your own.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
Alright, I am Levi, I’m a senior. And I go to Frederick High School. With orchestra, I would say it’s a really, it’s been a huge deal for me over these four years. Over that I’ve like grown a grand new appreciation for music. And it’s really helped foster my love for music, and not only playing music and the violin and everything. But I’ve started working on composition. And that’s led me to now start pursuing composition further in higher in college and everything. I think I think my favorite thing about it is the the whole interaction of it. You know, it sounds kind of cliche when everybody you know, talks about like community and a family. Every time we come in here, everyone is so comfortable. And we’re all chatting and laughing and making jokes. And really, Mr. List fosters that a lot. So it’s a really fun community where we can all play and make music together. And that’s, that’s just been wonderful. I think primarily, the thing that I have, or I feel that I have the most authority on is our kind of scientific community. I’ve been environment for all four years. So I mean, really the cooperation between you know, Mr. Allen and the professors at CSU, and not only that class being together for so long, there’s really just this big appreciation for learning and, you know, a hands on approach, and really delving deep into things that you find interesting.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
I’m Gabriela, and I’m a junior at Frederick High School. One of my favorite things about Frederick chi is the increasing number of diverse students. So recently, our numbers have shot up to 40% of diversity at the school and it really makes me feel at home. The community is great and because like because there are so many different branches of people like LGBT EQ or race or ethnicity, gender, there’s a lot of different branches and everyone has a place to fit in here. I would have to say in general any sporting event like the football games every time we score a touchdown, it’s a great feeling like the crowd goes wild the rowdy crowd does the chance and like the school really feels like a community at that moment.

Unknown Speaker 45:48
So I want to quit thank Jamie Steele who’s one of our counselors who did a lot of work on creating that video with us and and just say and I’ll let if you guys have any questions for any of the students as you guys can tell the talent of the students in the Frederick feeder is immense and and we have worked really hard to build academic opportunities for every one of those kids that matches that level of talent and pushes them to their great potential and I think you know the the students are here today are evidence of of that success. So if you guys have any questions were here I know there’s some students out here who also were part of the video so if you have any questions for anybody we could answer them and if not, thank you so much for having us.

Unknown Speaker 46:29
Thanks principal Fox did the other students that were part of the video want to want to come up so we can recognize them as well and then we’ll open it up for questions Hi, Eloise Hello to all of you and welcome Would you mind coming up? If if you are comfortable and just maybe saying your name again one time in the in the microphone for us?

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Hi, I’m always my favorite cars are pink and purple.

Unknown Speaker 47:25
Welcome as always

Unknown Speaker 47:37
Hi, my name is Reno desus Waldo and I play football.

Unknown Speaker 47:42
Hi, Rena. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
Hi met. My name is Brennan. And I’m from Centennial Elementary. And I love animals.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
I Brennan. I love animals too. That was an I’m going to turn it over to Chico. But that was an incredible video. And I think you guys did a remarkable, remarkable job of representing the Frederick feeder system, chico?

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Sure. Thank you all for putting that together. That was awesome. mentioned that the talent dream, the talent of the students, Dr. Fox meant a ton of the students. And I also want to say to the principals that are here, just blown away every time I go into the schools, I’m just what’s actually happening in the schools is, you know, I feel like I’m fairly familiar with what’s happening. And every time I go in there it’s it’s just mind blowing to see the really cool things that are that are going on. And so thank you all if you put time into creating the videos and, and whatnot, I want to say him any parents that are here would you mind standing up

Unknown Speaker 48:55
also wanted just to say real quick. Reno’s parents are what his mom is one of my sister’s best friends with growing up and his dad is one of my very best friends from growing up. So it’s cool to see you here. We know. And with your awesome parents, I want to know what your favorite colors are. Awesome. Blue and Gold, I’m sure. So one thing I wanted to ask Quinn, something you didn’t mention about what you’re doing. I get to see you at least twice a week running the rowdy crowd. Frederick High School and I think it’s so important. Gabby talked about community and what that means. And if you could speak a little bit about what you’re doing there, it’s just so people know, it’s the best rowdy crowd we’ve had in years. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening. You know, basketball teams are doing great and Quinn’s a big part of that and and more and more students are coming out and the crowd is getting bigger and and more involved in and what if you could speak to that a little bit because I think it’s actually a big deal.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
Yeah. This year we kind of decided we’re like why just you’re on some of like our main sport We have an opportunity to cheer on some of the best academic athletic programs ever. And this year, we’ve had crowds. Well, our unified basketball game got canceled last week for the weather. But we we had almost 100 People planned to go to that one. Every single, every single one of our games, we have a theme, we’re like constantly cheering everybody on, we have cheers we just, we have a really fun time because it’s more than just what happens in the classroom. It’s seeing your classmates out on the basketball, court, wrestling or swimming or whatever, it’s really fun to just see them in a different sense and be able to cheer them on without all the pressure of academics over your shoulders.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
So I’ve been able to witness Dan just want to say the chance to say this but it’s a big deal when they’re out there and it’s making a difference in the community and to a lot of people so thank you because I know you put a lot of energy into a lot organization happens and and your energy is contagious. And it’s a it’s a big deal. So thank you. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 50:56
Chico, I’ll share with you that we are going to practice our little just order after school today and Quinn Quinn came down said a dog barks I really gotta go to unified because Unified is over at Skyline and so that’s just kind of character he is and and all these kids are so thanks for recognizing that.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Chico Thank you appreciate it. Yeah. Oh one anything you’d like to add as a fellow representative of Frederick High School.

Unknown Speaker 51:29
Just kind of going off what Mr. Garcia said just the rowdy crowd. I know being a part of the football team myself. Of course, it’s always fun winning games and stuff, creating those plays with your memories. But some of my best memories was having the rowdy crowd rush the field afterwards. So just kind of what they bring to just the school spirit. But also the teams is very important. It’s just those are the memories you end up knowing it’s not actually the score at the end of the game that you’ll end up kind of realizing in your future. So just want to say thank you for that again.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
That’s something about all in real quick also. Owens, Owens brother was I think valedictorian maybe last year, right? Or two years ago, two years ago, he’s got lost 20 grand because he had to deploy early and couldn’t give his speech. Oh, and actually gave the graduation speech. Is it just finishing a sophomore year it is I want us the best one I’ve ever heard in my life. And so I just wanted to recognize that it was awesome and he did he did him proud and he did the whole community proud with that so Owens a class character all the way around and and his whole family is so just appreciate you for sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
Thank you so much Mr. Garcia.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
All right. Did you you want a picture and before everybody comes up for a picture though back to what you were saying earlier like this Oh, very cliche but you all filled my bucket tonight thank you so much. Guys make sure you can see me 123 All right.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
All right. Agenda Item four is audience participation. The Board of Education values community perspectives and feedback from our parents, teachers, staff and community. During board of education meetings, the board will hear up to 30 minutes of public comment on non agenda items and 30 minutes of public comment on agenda specific items. To allow for the greatest number of community members to participate. Each person will be limited to three minutes of public comment at the end of three minutes. I will thank you for speaking and invite the next speaker to the podium. Move on to the next agenda item. If you’re speaking to a non agenda item this evening, please limit your comments to matters of public concern about the district. If you have a concern about a specific individual or personnel matter, please reach out directly to a board member Dr. Haddad, or the HR department, and we will assist you with next steps. It has been the long standing practice of the board to not address or respond during the public comment section of the agenda. But please know that we’re listening, excuse me listening, and greatly appreciate and value the perspectives of our community. I just want to make sure before we start, is there anybody here this evening to speak on an agenda item? No. All right. And did everybody who wishes to speak have an opportunity to sign up on a non agenda item this evening? I see handshakes? All right. Great. Then we’re going to go ahead and begin the public comments. We did have one person who was signed up and they did notify the board secretary that they will not be attending this evening. So our first speaker this evening, sorry. Finally my clipboard here is going to be Sean Patrick Ironside. Hi, Sean. I’m Joey. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome. If you could please state your name and address for the record. And then after that, we’ll begin timing your comments. Yeah. All right. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
655 Six copper drive. I prepared some stuff to make sure I meet your three minutes here.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Great. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
So good evening. My name is Sean Patrick Ironside. Since relocating to Colorado from Berlin, Germany in 2019. My son Vincent has been a student at Grandview Elementary in Frederick. So kudos to all the people from Frederick today. Vincent loves the school speaks fondly of his friends, teachers and learning experience. So good job, St. Brain. Unfortunately, a large chunk of his school experience has been spent wearing a face covering over the past two years as part of the measures implemented by St. Fran to keep schools open. Masking was a measure we understood and supported initially, but we have grown increasingly skeptical as our knowledge about COVID. The subsequent variants and risk profile for young children has increased. One of the things that has frustrated us as parents is that even as the science on COVID has evolved the approach by Boulder County Health and you guys as a school district has not. Here’s a quote by Tom Frieden, former CDC director from earlier this month. He said 18 months ago it was irresponsible to say COVID is similar to the flu. Many people hospitalized or dying just have post positive tests. They’re not sick from COVID It’s most important to protect the vulnerable Omicron is different now. That’s basically Correct. COVID is adapting to us. We need to adapt and quote. Some of the things we learned this past year COVID poses a very little threat of serious disease for students in highly vaccinated communities like our own COVID is a flu like risk for unvaccinated children. extraordinary measures in schools are not justified. Vaccinated children have almost no risk of severe disease Omicron does not change this. Protecting the mental social and emotional health of students is paramount children are experiencing alarming levels of anxiety, depression, eating disorders and increased suicide attempts. To protect our children we urgently need to return to fully normal schooling and deescalate fear over COVID. This includes making masks optional and restoring the freedom of parents to make their own choices for their children based on personal risk tolerance, tolerance, and the individual risk of their children. Reclaiming normal life for our kids is the best way to support and protect them at this stage. So my questions to you. The school district is still governed by a July public health order from Boulder County Public Health from 2020. What is the guidance going to be updated to reflect the realities of the new prevalent variants? Currently, the order doesn’t even mention Omicron only delta and when is it going to be balanced with with the other emotional needs of children, not just the safety measures? Question two, what are the school district and this board specifically doing to advocate for the rights of parents like myself to make decisions for our children, instead of enforcing compliance with a prevention only approached forced on us by public health bureaucrats? And three, what is the off ramp strategy for the school district to shift from an emergency mode to an approach that aims to support us in learning to live with COVID? I’ll close with a quote by our governor Jared Polis. In an interview with CPR news, the emergency is over, you know, public health doesn’t get to tell people what to wear. That’s just not their job. Public health should always I would always say to wear a mask because it decreases flu and decreases other airborne illnesses. But that’s not something you require. You don’t tell people what to wear. Thank you for your time. Time to

Unknown Speaker 59:42
Thank you, Sean. Well done. Next on the public speaker list is Charlie Cropley. Is Charlie here this evening? No, Charlie, all right. And then just confirming that Max is not here, correct. Alright, is there anyone here this evening who wishes to make a comment during the public comment portion of the agenda? Alright, with that, Sean, thank you for being here and participating in public comment. We appreciate it. You may submit them during bite via email, please, to the board, and that’d be fine. Our emails are on the district website. Okay, I’ll look for it. Thank you. Alright. That brings us, Dawn. I know that we have a two new staff members and consent. We have an assistant principal at Skyline two assistant principals at Skyline actually, would you mind if we go ahead and introduce them before you Superintendents report? Hi, Todd. We’re close to seven. We are we’re super close.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
Thank you. We’re just trying to get them to their events and stuff like that. Good evening, President Seacrest, Superintendent ADAD and members of Board of Education. It’s always my pleasure to introduce our new administrators to the board. And I have if you would please join me you both come at the same time since you’re both from the same school and do work together. So I’m gonna start by my pleasure to introduce Miss Susanna wit rock as assistant principal at Skyline High School, misfit rock graduated from California State University in San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. In 2006, she received a master’s degree in School Psychology from the National University in California. She continued her education and obtained a principal certificate focusing on educational leadership in 2016 from Colorado Mesa University from 2013 to 2018. Mr. wet rock served as an executive director student engagement and support for Mesa Mesa County Valley School District located in Grand Junction Colorado from 2018 to 19. She served as an assistant principal for Mesa County Valley School District and in 2019 transition to here to St. Vrain Valley Schools and has been serving as the assistant principal of Thunder Valley until recently so I’d like to introduce is Amrit Susanna rock and let her speak to the board. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
Good evening, Madam President, Dr. Hat, dad, and board members as well as cabinet. Thank you for the opportunity to for allowing me to stand before you this evening. I am grateful and Dr. Haddad from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for hiring me as an assistant principal at Skyline. I’m so grateful to be part of a district that has such innovative pathways for students to reach their full potential. And I’m excited and ready to jump right in at Skyline High School. Not only supporting our staff and students, but also also our families. And I’m excited to work with students either who are doing the P TECH program, the STEM program are the Visual and Performing Arts Academy. I’m just elated. I’ve been there three days, and I love it. Trying to get to know all the students today at lunch they quizzed me. Do you remember my name? And I did. Okay. So I’m ready to hit the ground running, and really proud to be part of this district and humbled so much. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
And I’m also proud to introduce and it’s my pleasure to introduce Miss Jennifer Pickett as the assistant principal at Skyline High School. She’s going to help me learn all those names because I’ll read the background Miss Pickett has graduated with a bachelor’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Texas a&m. In 2008. She received a master’s degree in administrative, administrative leadership and policy studies from the University of Colorado Denver. She currently is pursuing an doctorate focusing on educational leadership equity from the University of Colorado Denver with an expected conferred date of 2023. So good luck on that. From 2014 to 2017, Miss Pickett served as a technology teacher at Erie Middle School from 2017 to 18. She taught computer science science at Skyline High School and the 2019 she transitioned to the dean of students at Skyline High School and now she has moved away to the assistant principals gallery in her school. So congratulations, and I’ll let you speak to the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
Thank you. Thank you, Madam President and the board. Thank you so much. Dr. Hat add thank you for the confidence in me to transition into the assistant principal position and continue the work at Skyline High School where I’m absolutely it’s a privilege to work with the staff. I want to thank Principal Heidi ringer. Tonight was exactly what we wanted to see like this student This is why it’s all about the students and the thing, thank you to the board for the opportunities, the resources, the systems that you have in place and providing academic excellence. Because that’s, that’s what we get. That’s the product of all of that. So thank you so much. I appreciate it. And thank you so much for getting Susana on our team. I’m super excited. She has only been there three days, but she’s moved right in. And she’s already known other names already. She doesn’t even need me to do that. So thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
Congratulations. Thank you. Thanks, Tom, Todd, and good luck at your wrestling match.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
Yes. All right, Don. Agenda Item five is the superintendence report.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
All right, thank you. Little bit of the conversation, I was gonna start out with just an update with COVID. We continue to meet with the County Health Department on a regular basis, we have a number of conversations with them. They do have their guidance posted on their website. And they continue to update that. We have had many conversations with them regarding Omicron, and what it what it’s doing, not only here in Boulder County, but across the state. And then also across the United States. We are hearing some positive news that it may be peaking and then plateauing and flatlining. And then hopefully coming down, we’ve seen that on the eastern part of our country. And the what we’ve heard is that when it does start to drop in terms of the positivity rate, it drops pretty fast. And we’ve seen that out in New York and other places. So we’re hopeful there. The CDC is still recommending that all students in terms of schools continue to wear masks. And the county health department is continuing to order that all masks be worn inside by staff and students. So we will continue to adhere to those orders. And I do want to reiterate to the board and to the community. They are not suggestions that are being made by the county health department. They are orders and they are supported by statute, they have been authorized that legal authority to make that order. And we do have conversations with them about all of the issues related to COVID not only the physical ailments that come with it, but also the mental health aspects of it with our students in isolation. One thing that has changed over time, which has been in my estimation, favorable, is they’ve moved from 14 days of quarantining down to 10. And now it’s at a five day period of time for isolation. So we’re hopeful that we can, at some point, move to the next level in terms of masking and all of the things that are required. But until the County Health Department and the experts in this field, give us that direction, we’re going to continue to comply with their expertise and also the state law. As far as our students who saw them today, the opportunity I had the other day to go down to Buell theatre and watch our students participate in the Allstate choir. It was an incredible, incredible performance and they received numerous standing ovations by a full packed house. And then we had from st brain. Two of our teachers are on the board for the all state choir, board of directors, and have shown real leadership there. And it’s, you know, it happened to be the choir. But we see the same thing with orchestra and band and all of our music programs, not only at the high school level, but all the way down through our entire system. So very, very proud of our folks there.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
The SR, or the Silver Creek Leadership Academy students, I had an opportunity to be on a little panel at Silver Creek High School with Leona Stacker, who was a former mayor of Longmont and two other community leaders. And it’s one of those, you know, uplifting times where you just get to sit and talk to a group of incredible students. And then after the panel, we broke out into small groups where we could respond to questions and just talk back and forth about some of the things that they’re doing. And so that was a highlight for me today to be over there at Silver Creek. We also were asked as a school district to do a webinar for the United States Department of Education. And so, Jackie Capetian will be leading some breakout sessions with individuals across the country. We’re one of three school districts that are selected to do this webinar. So it’ll start with a five to seven minute ignite TED Talk virtually and then we’ll break out into different rooms and talk with people across the country. This will include members of the United States Department of Education. And right now the plan is for the Secretary of Education to participate as well. So we’re looking forward to that. And then this innovation center, we’re continuing to move forward with plans to create a national training center there. And we’ve got a lot of support from our corporate partners, and some local and some national. And that will be another opportunity for St. Brain to influence education around the country before COVID, we were hosting about one to 200 150 to 200 tours from different school districts across Colorado and across the United States. And we’re gonna continue to do that. And that’s part of our overall plan to expand the size to double the size, eventually of the the Innovation Center, I continue to get to visit with all of the teachers and staff and then also to make site visits. And my last two were at Central and Burlington, and both schools are doing very, very well had an opportunity to walk around visit with teachers and staff and the principal, and see some of the students doing some pretty incredible work, actually, and they’re starting to see some pretty good gains. So that’s always a highlight, again, to get into the schools and see the work that’s happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
We were also invited to present at the Osiris World Conference, which is a worldwide conference that involves about 40,000 people that will view and we will present the work we’re doing in st reign around how to create a pre K through 14 system, and how to integrate systems around technology, and how to prepare students for the competitive the highly competitive levels that they’re going to experience in this rapidly changing global environment. So again, we’ll see Jackie Capetian, will be participating in that Carrie McDermott will be participating that we had Michelle Bourgeois. So we’ll we’ll check with her to see if she is interested in sharing some of her expertise. But again, you see, members of our team being highly sought after for their expertise and their leadership. The final interviews will be taking place for the principalship at launched ed, and then the assistant principal at Thunder Valley to replace Susana, who you saw here today. And we will be then moving on to the final hiring process for Erie High School. And then from there, we’ll see what other openings we have that may come by surprise. But that should round us out for for administrative hiring. We’re going to be attending Colorado business roundtable meeting with case and CASB leadership. And then also I and Jackie Kaboosh. And we’ll be attending that. And we will be working with the Colorado Business Roundtable to build connections between the education community and the corporate in the business sector. And we’re gonna have that meeting, and then we will attend their event. And we’ll hear kind of a state of the state from a business and economic standpoint. And it’s just our belief that if we connect our schools, not just st rain, because we have a pretty solid connection right now with the business community, but we felt like it would be important to extend that connection throughout other school districts, and really have the business and the corporate sector come together. Not just whenever it might happen, but to create that environment where it happens by design regularly, and that we craft together, the way in which our children should be educated to make sure that they are really in the best position possible to succeed. And again, you’re gonna hear me say this many many times and you know me, OSHA, you through your work, you are very well aware of how fast the world is changing with technology and advancement and space, and research and everything. You know, we just saw recently, the James Webb Telescope go up from Ball Aerospace and, you know, looking for additional life. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of I think what we’re gonna see in terms of this explosion of information and advancements so our students need to be closely connected to the to the business world and understand these things and how they’re happening. Had a chance to have lunch with some leadership from otter cares, they work with us closely. And we’re going to continue our partnership, they continue to donate lots of money to our schools, but also lots of expertise, and they will be part of the work continuing forward with our Innovation Center, and others. Also, I andina perfetti, Denney, and also

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
and Reid had an opportunity to visit Rocky Mountain and thank their staff for the great work that they’ve done. They improve their scores and moved up on the accreditation rating with the Colorado Department of Education. And the staff was really upbeat and does very, very proud of them. Well, so had a chance to attend the Martin Luther King Day Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Day at Silver Creek High School. It was sponsored in partnership dip with NAACP and Silver Creek High in the st. Brain valley schools and their leadership academy, the st. Silver Creek Leadership Academy with Carey Adams, who’s an incredible leader out there doing amazing work. And it, it was really, I thought, an outstanding presentation, and just focuses on our history and the things that we’re doing here. And it was really uplifting and had a chance to communicate, invite a number of people to our schools to tour the buildings with me. So I’m looking forward to that. And appreciate Eric Finisterra leadership and carries leadership and the NAACP s leadership in bringing that to, to st brain. We also continue to meet with our leadership, St. Brain programs and our last meeting, we have a lot of parents that engage with us. And I’m very grateful for their feedback. And then we break out into two other committees. We have a parent diversity task force representative of a number of parents in our community. And that’s a subcommittee of our larger leadership, st rank committee. And then our community cultural Committee continues to meet. And both of those all three of those meetings are meetings that I enjoy attending and hearing from our community. Their suggestions or questions, their compliments their concerns. We view our parents as partners in this work. And so I appreciate their continued attendance. And then I did mention Michelle bourgeoise incredible recognition as the top, you know, one of the top leaders that she’s a finalist and I’m looking forward to going to the, to the evening and whatever happens there. In my estimation, she’s number one. So that’s that’s the long and short of that. So anyways, that’s, that’s the report. And thank you for for the work you’re doing. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
Thank you done. It was, again, just really so wonderful to have students here this evening. All right. We’re going to jump now down now to agenda items. 6.2. We’ve already already covered agenda item 6.1. And 6.2 is a safety and security report. Richard, welcome. It’s nice to see you.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
Good to see you as well. Good evening. Person Sager, soccer dad members on the board. It seems like last year when I was up here, I went after a student group as well and decided that was a tough act to follow. And tonight you make me go after two groups. Not making it easy on me. They actually teed it up pretty nice. I say listen to the presentation from the Frederick feeder. They use words like safe, home comfortable fun. That’s how they described school. And that really drives what I do. You know, that’s, that’s kind of my my North Star, if you will, that I look at when we talk about student safety and across the district. Safe Schools Act requires that I make this annual report to the board each year. And it’s it’s more than a requirement. It’s really a pleasure to get to share a few of the things that we’re we’re doing across the district. You know, it’s I don’t do it alone, for sure. You know, Bob’s there are amazing principals at all our schools, they’re really that that frontline, the operations team, they’re always there. There’s a lot that they do throughout the year. So it’s it’s fun to get to brag about the work that they do as well. My Reports broken down into a couple of different pieces. There’s the introduction piece talks as the kind of our mission, a executive summary, the tail end of the report, some of our sustaining sustained initiatives that we work on like safe to towel, standard response protocol, and a few other items. Surely the middle of the report that I want to take just a couple of minutes and highlight a few of those things that have been accomplished. And again, this is the 2020 2021 school year. So really the the height of the COVID pandemic for us. So one of the things we wrapped up was the a component of the informer cast fusion upgrade. Informer cast fusion is a single wire product software solution that we use for Bell scheduling intercoms display messages on screen, so it does a number of different things. And one of those items in there’s a 911 call aware feature captures at the same time a 911 calls being made from one of our IP phones and office space or classroom. It captures the location of that phone call. Currently, if a 911 call is made from say classroom in the school, unless someone answers unless someone stays on that phone to respond to the dispatcher. Only thing they get is a generic phone number, the main phone number for the school and the address for the school. That’s awful. No unless somebody is there to talk to him. But with this It captures that extension. So we have an extension number in a name or department assigned to that extension. So we know right away where a phone call was made. So if help is needed, we can find that out or force an accident, which many of them are simply just an accident. Since we have to dial nine to get an outside line, it’s not uncommon that something like that happens. So that’s something that that we wrapped up last year AEDs, our ad contract was up for a for renewal. So we went back out to RFP rebid that process, and as a result, we ended up changing vendors. But we saved about 43% per unit on our on our ad so drastically reduced our our per unit cost, but allowed us to do a few things. We implemented an in the Life program for ATS. So we had some that had been on the shelf for 12 years plus, and they were beyond warranty and beyond their service life. So we’re able to start replacing some of those and we’ve identified 21 That’ll be replaced this year. Fortunately, this vendor provides us with a factory refurbished unit, so we save additional money. And again, working within that same budget, we’ve been able to now add AEDs to our athletic stadiums. We’re working on high schools, adding them upstairs and increasing some of our elementary schools as well. Some of the physical security upgrades we’ve added added a few cameras to some schools, we added cameras to the Lashley Street building, upgraded a few of our cameras. We upgraded intrusion alarms 20 of our buildings this year, or this last year, there was a yes radio upgrade a $250,000 upgrade. And that’s a system that talks to our fire alarms and our intrusion alarms. So we’re able to upgrade that $300,000 upgrade to our fire and emergency exit doors. That’s as part of a lock upgrade that we had started the previous year in 2019. We’re replacing push button locks and classroom doors. Some security renovations that the operations team completed centennial, Centennial Elementary and Columbine Elementary, they upgraded this secure entry.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
areas of the school, if you’re not familiar with what that is, basically, we’ve taken some of the older entryways, we’ve now created a waiting space inside of there. So once somebody comes a visitor comes to the school, they push the phone, identify themselves, they get let in, but they don’t have access to the full school, they’re now in a waiting room area. So they can conduct most of the business they need to do right there without ever actually coming into our school. So those are two upgrades that were completed. And probably the thing I’m the most proud about, and that I spend a lot of my time on is our community partnerships and community relationships. And that is one of the I think when the single biggest things we can do for our students safety. Dr. Had, as you’ve mentioned before, that our safety is comprehensive, it’s not any one thing. It’s not. It’s not me. And it’s not our principals, our teachers. Our SROs are it’s all of those pieces. And it’s that’s what it takes to keep our students safe in our facility say it takes everybody working together, our families, the students themselves in the leadership at the school, the teachers and everyone. So we’ve spent a lot of time with, with Dr. Dez leadership, we’ve met with community groups. We’ve met with our SROs, our SRO, supervisors, shared philosophies, we’ve discussed the expectations, and kind of how we want to see things run and at the same time we’ve listened to them and the things that they have to do. So we’ve really come to some some good ground. And you can see that in our numbers of the each of our law enforcement partners same are required to report numbers to the state every year, they call them an incident, but what they’re referring to as an incident is either a ticket or an arrest. And although we don’t have numbers yet published for this, the 2021 school year, the previous years, we although we’re one of the largest districts in the state, we’ve routinely had some of the lowest numbers, I think, a total of 14 for the two years prior. So with that, that’s just some of the highlights I had and I will entertain any questions you all may have.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:27
Thank you, Richard. Appreciate it. Dan, do you want to make a comment?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:29
Want to add something? You know, what, what Richard said about our partnerships are really important. Because it’s a it’s a value of ours and a priority that our students when they make a bad choice, unless it’s something extremely extreme. We have a working relationship with our law enforcement partners that we counsel and we coach and we teach. And we go through all of those steps multiple times and really The last, the last thing we would do is ticket or anything worse than that. And, and that’s something that in all of our meetings, they, all of the agencies with whom we work, have agreed to that approach. And it seems to be working very, very well for us. And, and that’s what we want. We want strong relationships between the adults, and then the children in our buildings. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
thanks, Dan. any board member questions, comments? No, Richard, I just wanted to point out and really just recognizing your hard work, and you and I think the same because I was listening to the students presentation, and I made several notes actually, specifically, to point out with you, you mentioned, you know, a comprehensive approach you and Dawn talks about those important community partnerships, counseling, coaching, teaching, my observation, you can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that safety and security is woven throughout the fabric of the district, that it’s not just a box, you check, but it’s, you know, it’s a it’s a way of behaving, it’s a culture, it’s truly woven into the fabric of the district. And I believe that because of that, you’re able to, to be safe, as safe as possible, and maintain, you know, foster and maintain school environments. And these are the quotes from the kids and they and they all pertain to when I go to school, I, you know, safe and fun, is what one one students said, I feel awesome and safe. Energy at school is really good. And I like the feeling when I walk into the door, it’s like a runway, I love that. Wouldn’t we all be so lucky if we went to our jobs and felt like it was a runway and school? But what this tells me is that, that it is woven into the fabric and that it’s successful, and that the students are feeling this and they’re safe. So they’re able to focus on their education, which is really important.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:08
Absolutely. You know, there was the previous year, there was an incident with a student off campus, and they didn’t feel safe at home, and where did they go, they ran back to their school. That’s where they went to. That’s where they went to seek help, because that was their safe place. So I hope it stays that way. That’s That’s my goal.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:27
Thank you. That’s my hope, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:29
We also finished our wellness survey with our high school students. And the responses are consistent that we’ve seen a high level of comfort in terms of the safety, the arena around safety. So that’s a good thing. There are areas that we’ll continue to work on. But overall, we’ve saw some positive data that’s going to bring that with you. I’m not sure the exact date, but it’s coming up here really quick.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
I think it’s in February. And and of course, you know, you’re always striving, always striving, you know, because that’s what that’s what you do. But if there is anyone who doesn’t feel safe, then they need to reach out and let somebody know anybody in a school. Absolutely. So, Richard, thank you. Thank you. Oh, Dick has a question.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15
Just to follow up on the cover the comments that have been made. It’s a very encouraging report and seeing this report and the one you had last time and your predecessors, there’s a real it’s very apparent the progress, we’re making progress to progressively ensure that every school and every student has a safe learning environment. And so as we are going through the progression, is there a sense of where are we in the overall implementation of, for example, the safe entryways for each and every, each of our schools?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:03
A number of completed Brian, do you know the exact number of the ones that we’ve completed and how many we have left? Three but I can get back with you.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:20
But what I was really interested in highlighting is the progress we’ve made from when we had it at, you know, 20% of our well, you can go back to zero, but certainly, we’ve made very rapid progress in the last five years. And I think that’s worth noting with regard to the physical changes that are then supported by the behavioral safety features that we’ve added, including the updates to the emergency plans, and the well, the specific are responses to various threats in schools. That document has also been updated as well. So it’s not just the physical piece, but it’s also that comprehensive part that you Joey alluded to. And I, I thought it was worth, it is worth noting that we’re very close to the end of the physical updates, and our future schools will take advantage of every lesson that we’re learning along the way.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:25
I think on those secure entries, one of the great things about it, it’s it’s kind of a goal of mine is I don’t ever want a school to feel like we’re walking through that TSA checkpoint when we go to dia shouldn’t feel like that it should be welcoming place they want to be so they can continue to say the things they say we heard tonight. And if you look at those secure enjoys that operations has done so far that it’s it’s an improvement. It’s inviting. It’s good along my high school and walk it there and you see it. It’s a great addition.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:54
It sure is it’s a very different feeling than some of the secure entryways that you walk into. In our businesses.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03

Unknown Speaker 1:31:05
Richard, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, Michelle, agenda item 6.3. Is that update on the sale of surplus technology products that you referred to? earlier?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
Yeah, thank you guys. I want to remind you that back in May of 2021, we joined the board and shared with you some information about our iPad resale, as we were refreshing our iPads to our new versions that we have now. And when we did that, we brought to you an estimate of what we thought we’d bring in because we hadn’t actually collected anything yet. And our estimate was around 22,000 iPads we thought we’d collect in, and our estimate was around 4,066,000 that we’d bring back into the district. So I’m here tonight to share with you along with Tim Wellman from purchasing an Eric pierce the results of that sale. So drumroll. But before I do that, and you know, this is kind of the the lead up to it, I want to share with you three things that made this whole process completely successful. One was we are fortunate to have in our purchasing department, someone who thinks outside of the box. So Tim Wellman put together a competitive and innovative process for doing buybacks. One that so much so that other districts are starting to reach out to us and ask us, we’re bringing in more value than other districts that’s around us. So Tim’s work has been a big part of that. Secondly, we knew that our collection was going to go a little long, we knew that while we had hoped to get all of the iPads out in May, we actually had a shipping delay. You’ve heard about splice chain fund that we’ve had. And so some of them didn’t come in until the fall. So we were delayed. We knew that that meant that there was a possibility, we wouldn’t have our warranty repair coverage for the iPads as they returned. Eric peers, somewhere over there, there is Eric Pierce actually advocated on our behalf to Apple and had them agree to extend our warranty coverage. So all of the iPads that were coming in, even if some of them were damaged, we get the full value of these iPads to resell, which was a big benefit to us. And thirdly, we had a great partner in this. So in the audience tonight is actually the partner that we selected. Second Life Mac was the company that came forward as our vendor out of an RFP selection. And Craig Massara and his team, were our partners in crime as we grabbed all of these iPads, box them up and ship them off for resale. So we had a really strong team that came together to make this a success. So with that, let me share with you where we ended up, we actually collected less iPads than we expected. And that was partly because of COVID. We’re still actually pulling some of those iPads back in because we didn’t want any teacher, any staff or any student to be without a device. So some of those iPads came in late. We’re collecting those now. And we’ll put those in a future sale. We had three collection waves. So from May to November, we did schools in waves and brought those back in. We thought we’d have a seven and a half percent damage rate. But because of that work that Eric Pierce did, we ended up with only 1.75% of our iPads being sold as damaged. That’s huge in terms of the benefit. And then the net that we brought in was $4,444,333. So about $375,000 More than we estimated. But you want to add to that, Tim

Unknown Speaker 1:34:52
Well, I was here to answer any questions that the board might have and super We’re happy to be here because I got to see the Frederick theater report. That was great, right? It’s a, it’s a great. It’s not a refresher, but it only enhances what we’re here for every day because I don’t get out to the schools much. So that was a great reminder and going into this project, which is typical for St. Vrain. We’re usually leaders, and there’s not a lot of public agencies in Colorado that have done buybacks of this nature and of this size. So it was completely new to us. And we really did strategize as a as a team in in procurement. And with DTS on how do we do this, and we didn’t have all the answers. And so we wrote RFP in a manner whereby we really had to rely on our vendors, and we had a lot of proposals, and they were all very innovative. But that also helped us be able to facilitate a process that was successful.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:00
Any questions? Questions or comments? Chica? Yeah, I just want to say thank you both for for the report and for the work that’s done there. And so I was gonna ask it, the the estimate was over 20,000, we got a little less than that. But we brought in more about how many did we did that? Did that 4.4. Cuz that was

Unknown Speaker 1:36:26
20, it can give you exactly it was 21,074 iPads that actually came in as part of this sale.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:33
Awesome, thank you. And then I just wanted to thank our vendor. Also, I think a lot of the successes we we’ve heard tonight, aren’t just, you know, our own community, sometimes not just our own staff, not just the folks that are here. But you play a role in that as well. And just want to say thank you for, for being a partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:53
Pleasure is mine, your district believes in partnership. It isn’t just one sided.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:58
And it’s been a pleasure to work with you.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:10
Me I wanted to, to also express, you know, my appreciation for the way that our innovation continues to be a theme throughout our in every level throughout the district. And in fact, through this program, I was just over the last five days in a national conference in Washington, DC, where we met with school district leaders from across the country. And many of them engaged me, a number of them engaged me, I would say in talking about the kinds of related opportunities we have to work with the business community. And in particular, they are looking now at refreshing their own IT devices, some of our neighboring districts are. So that might be a business opportunity, as well. And I think that the path that we are charting is one that benefits not only our district and our students, but our communities, including our business communities and the surrounding school districts throughout the state. So again, a special expression of appreciation for Michelle, you and your team and Tim, and everyone that helps keep us moving forward faster than the those who follow. Thank you. Thank you,

Unknown Speaker 1:38:53
Michelle and Tim, thank you so much. Yes. And Craig, thank you also to Second Life Mac appreciate it. Greg, agenda item 6.4 is our fiscal year second quarter financials.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:10
Yes. So we met in a study session earlier this evening to go through second quarter financials, which would be through December 31 of 2021. We will post those financials out to our website for people to look at there’s an executive summary slash dashboard at the beginning of it. That kind of highlights where we are. One thing to consider is that when we when we’re comparing financials right now, from a Budget to Actual point of view, is that we’re still using our adopted budget from last May. Tonight you’re gonna hear from Tony Whiteley amended budget, update and approval, hopefully, and then we will update those but right now if you’re compared comparing some of those things. We were using some strong forecasting techniques back in May versus actual, especially in student growth, student attendance, enrollment, assessed valuation, those types of areas. So I think the other thing that we highlighted was a couple of the funds, the Nutrition Service and the community education funds that we were concerned about last spring, and just did an evaluation of where they are. And I think as we pointed out earlier, they are doing fine. We just need more to keep to monitor and update you on them.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:37
Thank you, Greg. That brings us to our consent items this evening, which is agenda item seven. I want to confirm that board members do not wish to pull any of the consent items, is that correct? This evening? All right. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of agenda item 7.1. recommendation to hire assistant principal at Skyline High School 7.2 approval of recommendation to hire assistant principal at Skyline High School 7.3 approval of purchase network video recorders. 7.4. Approval of amendment number one to construction manager general contractor J H L constructors Inc. for the Frederick High School rebranding Project 7.5. Approval of change order to construction manager general contractor for district district. Wide H fac upgrades best grand project 7.6 approval of change order to construction manager general contractor contract for central elementary school renovation. So moved by Karen and a Second. Second by Sarah. Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:53
Mr. Birth Oh, yes. Mrs. Brooks. Hey. Mr. Garcia. Yes. Mr. Mrs. uronic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. This is raglan. I miss Siegrist. I.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:13
Agenda Item eight is our action items. And Tony, I believe you’ll be kicking us off this evening with origina 8.1, which is the approval of the fiscal year 2022 20. Yes, 2022. Amended budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:28
Thank you. Good evening, members of the board. I’ve got some slides here for you just want to make sure that they are visible good. Looks like it. Great. So this recommendation is for the adoption of the superintendence amended budget for St. Vrain Valley Schools for the current 2021 22 fiscal year. As you know this budget is the comprehensive spending plan tracking all funds and resources and expenditures used to educate our students and support the vision and mission of the district for the dates spanning July 1 2021 until June 30 2022. This action amends the original budget adopted last June and contains updated amounts related to student growth assessed valuation total program compensation estimates additional staff capital needs and other local state and federal funding revenue sources and changes. I’d like to provide a brief recap of the general fund budget changes compared to the initially adopted budget from last June and make myself available to the board to answer questions today. So for the current fiscal year, the district’s general fund budget is amended to contain a spin down a fund balance with planned expenditures in excess of anticipated revenues in the amount of $21.4 million. This is compared to the originally adopted budget that was prepared last June, which contained a planned spend down of $22.2 million. Compared to the adopted budget. This amended budget represents approximately two and a half million dollars we’ve identified in additional revenue and an increase in expenditures of $1.7 million. I will first walk through some of the changes to general fund revenues compared to the initially adopted budget and then we’ll follow up a little later with changes to expenditures. So as mentioned previously, general fund revenues increased overall by 200. And excuse me 2.5 million as follows. First, a total program funding increased as a result of increased enrollment compared to the adopted budget. When we conservatively budgeted as usual for zero growth enrollment. Recall. That’s the standard practice we do every adopted budget cycle. Our funded pupil count went up by about 516, which is less than our actual enrollment due to the declining enrollment averaging effect that we’ve discussed previously. This represents approximately four and a half million dollars in additional revenue. However, we also saw a small decrease of about $50 in per pupil revenue, which is now at about 8742 per student. This is a result of our at risk funding. allocation being just a little smaller than CDE had initially anticipated at risk funding is based largely on our free reduced student count. And due to the universal free lunch program in place over the last few years fewer families are completing that application, which is thus artificially reducing that metric. This is actually happening statewide to such an extent that the governor has recently proposed some additional supplemental funding to help districts offset that effect. It’s going to probably go to the legislature there’s nothing passed at this time, so it’s an unknown. As I mentioned at our board meeting in December, assessed valuation increased overall by about point 5%. While this doesn’t affect our total program funding due to how state equalisation is balanced as a result of local share, this does proportionately increase our mill levy overhead funding. This translates to an increase of about $1.2 million compared to the initial adopted budget estimate for that number. We expect to see about $985,000 More in other tax revenue, which is mostly from increases in our specific ownership taxes offset by a small decrease in our Bateman Levy. As you may know, the general fund allocates dollars to three other funds, the risk management fund, the cap reserve fund and the Colorado preschool program fund. This appears as a decrease in revenue to the general fund but it still represents resources available to the district. This allocation fluctuates with changes in per pupil revenue as well as funded pupil count, and also includes any specially funded one time capital projects. In total, this amounts to a revenue this amounted to a revenue decrease, decrease in quotes I guess, to approximately $4.2 million. The state’s English language proficiency act categorical funding contained a specific subcategory of funding called the professional development and student support program, or pdss, which was added to ELPA in 2014. This year, the school finance act total program formula was actually adjusted to include a specific new ELL factor, which was funded in large part by the removal of this pdss portion from the ALPA funding. This reduction in the EPA categorical represents approximately $776,000. But it was offset by a more than more of an increase in total program which we reckon recognized in the adopted budget.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:21
Other categoricals saw an increase of about 328,000. That was mostly due to special education as well as some minor changes in those other categories. We anticipate an increase of approximately a million dollars in charges for services, which is comprised of first a bounce back and preschool tuition as preschoolers return to the classroom this year, a small increase in revenue for rentals and leases, as well as services they provide to the charter schools that they they reimburse us for. We’re also adjusting our anticipated inflows for certain grants that we track in the general fund. This $319,000 adjustment is due to the counselor corps and rise grants, which we track in the general fund. Even though many of the other community community grants are tracked and other funds. When we budget grants with there was budgeted at a net zero, so you will see an offsetting increase in budgeted expenditures later on when we talk about those for these. So, for this item, as you know, the district has received some considerable COVID Relief grants in the form of federal eser funding. Those grants contain a component to reimburse the district for the cost of administering them. This indirect cost of revenue is expected to amount to approximately $2 million this year, and is considered one time revenue and will be adjusted downward in next year’s budget in proportion with those s or s fund activities. Other miscellaneous adjustments to revenue amounted to a decrease of about $560,000. This is mostly due to lower interest earnings, and an adjustment to our anticipated equipment sale revenue. Our investment returns for our fund balance are about 1/100 of what they were a few years ago. These index with a risk free rate rate of return on US Treasuries, and so we hope to see them come up a little this year. The last item is our budget for anticipated COVID Relief activity, which we expected to be approximately 700,000 lower than what we initially put in the adopted budget. It’s kind of a placeholder. This doesn’t represent a decrease in our allocation or anything. It’s just rather a timing matter. So we expect this portion of semester activity to actually occur in the following year. Similar to our other grant budgeting we budget these at a net zero so you will see a corresponding decrease in expenditures when we get to those later on. Alright, so now on to express expenditure changes compared to the initial adopted budget from last June, we are budgeting an additional 1.7 million in expenditures as follows. The first item is due to new positions, changes to positions and other increases in compensation. The HR department and the area assistant superintendents do a great job at work Come together with school principals at addressing staffing needs in the fall when school starts up. This, along with other compensation related changes amounted to approximately $4 million in additional expenditures. Offsetting This is a savings of approximately $5.9 million compared to the adopted budget. When we initially adopted four vacant positions at the beginning of the year, we use conservative assumptions including budgeting FTE at average costs, and we presume positions will be filled for the entire year. In this amended budget, we reviewed actual activity district wide and are able to recognize the savings as a result. We’ve also budgeted $146,000 this year as a one time expense to temporarily boost compensation for teacher fill in where there’s class coverage provided by another teacher. In the event of that a substitute is unavailable or impractical. With the return to school comes an increase in utilities usage when combined with increases in service rates. We are adjusting our utilities budget upward by approximately a million dollars. We are also adding approximately $1.1 million in discretionary budget adjustments which includes among other things, student base school budget increases DTS needs for cybersecurity as well as our SWAT program withholding payment. We budget budgeted a million dollars as a placeholder for one time expenses related to the Frederick High School mascot rebranding taking place this year. Also included is an increase in grant related expenditures of 351,000, which offsets the previously mentioned adjustment in grant revenue. Finally, we have a reduction of 695,000 in our federal COVID Relief expenditure budget again offsetting the corresponding revenue adjustment I spoke about previously. Now these changes to revenues and expenditures amends the previous budgeted fund balance spend down of 22 point 2 million to 21 point 4 million in the current fy 22. year, we started the current year with $154.6 million reserve and with these changes are anticipated to end the year at 133 Point 2 million. This estimate does not include any potential outperformance or one time COVID Relief offsets. However,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:08
the total appropriation for the general fund tonight is $520.2 million, which is represented by 365.6 in overall revenue. Again, previously, I was talking about just the changes. This is sort of now the macro picture. So $365.6 million overall revenues plus our beginning fund balance of 154.6. That equals at 520. For the general fund appropriation, if we execute our budget and planned expenditures at $387.0 million, that will leave that aforementioned ending fund balance of 133 Point to the reminder that the overall district budget is actually comprised of 12 separate funds. And though we spend the majority of our attention on the general fund, we do also track and publish our budgeted revenues, expenditures and fund balances for each of these in the accompanying budget document. The FY 22 amended budget appropriation is seen here. This appropriation resolution includes all funds available, including reserves and current year revenue, and represents total district resources of more than $830 million. That is, though, of course, not the spending plan. In addition to the summary tonight, we will be also publishing this budget document on our website at SU v st.org. And make a printed copy available for public inspection here at the district offices. I would be my pleasure to address any questions at this time.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:33
Thank you, Tony. These are many things that we discussed at previous board of education meetings. And I know that Karen and DEC have always also had conversations at Finance and Audit Committee meetings as well. Karen deck any, any comments?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:51
Just a quick comment. So we went through all this detailed at the Finance and Audit Committee meeting on Monday and I had to really wear my thinking cap because Dr. Martyr wasn’t there. So thank you. And it’s always great to hear again, you know, the increased pupil count and the property values staying stable and going up and the grant money and support and partnerships keep coming in. And preschoolers are going back to school, this is all great news. I mean, even with the expenditures, just having increasing the positions and, and compensating teachers for going above and beyond to fill in is is great. The eser and COVID funds can just go away with the pandemic. So, you know, I think this just all is so clear and thank you so much for being so responsible and allowing us to retain our staff through the pandemic and build a pool through the pandemic and this responsibility and diligence just allows us to do so much for our students. And then finally, that Sankey chart is just beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:59
I love it. Return I was saying in our Finance and Audit Committee,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:02
it really is. It’s a work of art. So thank you for presenting that also.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:09
Yeah, it’s something to piggyback on what Karen said about the extra dollars. You know, one thing that is really important, I think, to remember, and we coach ourselves around this, is that when you get an injection of additional dollars, that, you know, is one time, there is a temptation there a knee jerk temptation to say, Well, let’s start doing this. And this and this with all this one time money. And we saw a number of districts do a, you know, because we’d have some people contact us and say, I heard such and such district did a stipend, you know, for salaries and things like that. And what we really believe is that you don’t good fiscal management does not include making long term ongoing commitments with soft money that expires in a year or two. And so now we’re hitting that phase where it’s like a credit card. Those that did it that way now have to pay the bill. And people don’t have they have short memories, you know, they think well, how come my pay is now going down from last year. Because last year, you got a one time stipend. And what we work with on with our teachers association is that we want those when we give those salary increases, which we plan on doing again this year, we want them to be ongoing, and not a one time bump that then is gone the next year. And so I think that’s really just an important thing that we really talk a lot about, that you have to have this discipline around money that you receive. And you can’t just say, hey, it’s like credit card wild spend it, and then not have any plan to sustain it. And I think that’s where Tony and Greg and the Finance and Audit Committee have been very disciplined in that regard. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:02
They’ve certainly been disciplined and really helped the ball the board and I am a broken record on this but fulfill our responsibility of fiscal, our fiscal responsibility and commitment to our taxpayers, and done something that you and I talked about recently, and we know that our strategic priorities, strong district district finances are at the base of that, but that those strong district finances allowed the district to be incredibly flexible during the pandemic, which was was so important in a response. You know, I think Michelle, and technology is such a great example of that, you know, when that technology needed to be purchased those dollars, were there. assistance with nutrition services from the general fund was possible. They we could go on and on, but it was very important. So thank you for making sure that was possible to Tony. My pleasure. Great. Any other comments or questions by board members before we vote? Alright. Then I would entertain a motion for approval of action item 8.1. Please. So moved. by everyone. You can you can take your pick. I’m not Chico. Okay. And a second. Second by Dick.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:17
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks. A. Mr. Garcia? Yes. Mrs. ranek? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Raglan, I miss Seacrest

Unknown Speaker 1:58:29
I action. You know, actually before before we we vote it’s it’s coming up on 8pm. So we’re going to need to extend the meeting. So why don’t we go ahead and vote to extend the meeting by 15 minutes. And I would ask for a motion please. So moved by Karen in a second. Second. Second by Sarah. Jim.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:57
Mr. Birth? Oh, yes. Mrs. Brooks a. Mr. Garcia? Yes. It’s chronic. Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. Mrs. Raglan I miss Seacrest I.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:10
Agenda Item 8.2 is a recommendation for the adoption of resolution for approval slash denial of charter application renewal for St. Vrain. Community Montessori School. Hello, and Hi, Katie. Hi, Jennifer. Hi, Kate. It’s nice to meet you.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:27
Hi, hello, presidency Chris Board of Education. Dr. Haddad. It’s a pleasure to be here this evening. And it’s I’d like to bring forward a recommendation for approval of the renewal of St. Brain community Montessori School and here to answer questions and is the principal Katie Torres and also members of the board that she may enter this.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:52
Always have to move that down. Hi, everyone, Katie spent a long time

Unknown Speaker 1:59:59
it has has been a long time. Welcome. It’s nice to see you. Thank you for being here. Yes. So did you have anything you wanted to say before we open it up to questions or,

Unknown Speaker 2:00:10
it’s, it’s kind of hard to believe that here I am, after 13 years, on the third round of renewals, and it’s also exciting. It’s been a, for sure, very challenging past couple of years. And yet, you know, one has to also in these times, pull the lens back and look at the, the totality of the experience that we’ve had. And I just really want to first of all, thank and, and the DAC for reviewing our lengthy application. And having some good conversations I always appreciate and partnership, she’s an extraordinary collaborator, and just, you know, awesome to work with. And then also all of you for, for reviewing everything that was included tonight, we are really, really, really happy to be back in school in person. One of the things we shared in our document was a timeline of the pandemic, which actually, as we as we develop, that seems sort of really helpful to have, actually. So I think, mostly, I just want to share that it’s amazing to have kids back in the, in the school buildings where they belong, and it feels really good. And and although it has been very, very challenging, certainly to do Montessori, a hands on curriculum, over zoom was presented its challenges. But it also presented an opportunity to kind of think about those values that we hold that are so enduring. And so one of the things kind of just to share was how how really, our experience in the pandemic allowed us to focus on our community, and really hunker down and care for one another. And in addition to, you know, the the children, we really enjoy the opportunity, and I guess the silver lining of really, really connecting with our community in a meaningful way to sort of navigate what was difficult for everyone involved. So I’m hopeful that we’re turning the corner and some of that, and really looking forward to getting back to basics and another 15 years of delivering a really high fidelity Montessori program to the families of the St. Green Valley School District. So thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:02:37
Thank you, Katie. And before I open it up to a board comments, just want to make sure that I confirm that the that you are recommending approval of this, and then it does meet all the board policies and Colorado statute that is required. Yes, that is correct. Great. Thank you. Any board members, questions or comments on this? Deck.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:03
Thank you. And thank you, Katie, I particularly enjoyed I enjoyed is exactly the right word reading the substantive report that you provided in support of SAP application. And it is encouraging to see the level of student performance in the key areas, the reading literacy, math, and I’m forgetting, oh, science, How can I forget?

Unknown Speaker 2:03:32
Dr. Murder? Right.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:36
And the the progress that is being made at Montessori is is tremendously encouraging and a great value, in my view to our students. And I think that the opportunity we have to consider both the application and considered in terms of renewal for 15 years, constitutes a real vote of confidence in what we perceive the future and continue the progress that you’ve made, as we move toward a permanent facility for the Montessori school. So it is, I think, both encouraging and humbling to think that these your programs have been as successful as they have been in the as limited or restrained by the physical settings that you have. And I believe that as we consider this application that in the context of what we can envision the next decade or two that it holds up. Great Hope. So thank you for the work you do and your dedicated Board of Directors who’ve been here. Some, some of you from from the very beginning, Jennifer and I just I felt that the student achievement piece of the application is, in fact compelling. And a model that we hope will characterize the student performance of students everywhere, particularly St. Frank.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:20
Thank you, Doctor.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:22
Thanks to me, OSHA.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:24
Well, thank you all for being here. I truly appreciate it and appreciate your time, while looking through your application and the documentation that you provided. I like the fact that it does look at the whole child, which I believe is really important to our students and children today. And especially as a new board member, looking at this, and then also having children who were formerly in charter schools, it’s in some capacity, it’s really important to see how you’ve improved from the beginning stages, your financial position, which is really important, because it doesn’t always happen for a lot of charter school. So I really appreciate that. So I commend you on your application. And we look forward to discussing this further to approve your application. So thank you. Done.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:14
Yeah, no, I just wanted to also give my strongest recommendation to approve this is a school that has added a considerable amount of value to not only the savory Valley School District, but to the entire community. And there’s just a high level of credibility and trust and respect for the work that’s being done there. And I support it wholeheartedly.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:36
Thank you. Anyone else? All right. So Katie, everything I had on my list to comment about has been mentioned by either Dr. Martyr miasha. Or or Don. So I will end with you. You said I can’t believe I think you said it’s been 13 years. I can’t believe that this won’t renew until 2037. I know. Right?

Unknown Speaker 2:06:57
There’s a decent chance I might not be here for that.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:00
There is a I certainly will not be here. But with that, I’ll certainly ask ask for a motion for approval. Katie, and thank you for being here. Jennifer. Thank you, Kate. Thank you. And and we appreciate you reviewing everything. Greg, I’m guessing you had a piece in that as well. Thank you very much to all of you. So with that. Thank you moved by Dr. martyr. Fantastic. Second, and second by Karen.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:31
Mr. Berthold? Yes. Mrs. Brooks. Hey, Mr. Garcia. Yes. This is her onic? Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. This is Raglin. I miss Siegrist. Hi. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:46
Thank you so much. We invite you to visit as soon as the turn the corner on this, this business. So nice to see you.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:52
Thank you. Agenda Item 8.3 is a recommendation for approval of a resolution regarding acceptance and recognition of donation by the Morgridge Family Foundation. Hi, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 2:08:04
Good evening. So I’m not I guess because it is financial related. I’m up here to introduce this. But I would tell you that it’s been a lot of hard work and, and collaboration between Dr. Dad and Hillary Sontag and the Morgridge family. And so I’d kind of just let you talk a little bit about that whole process and recognize them for a significant gift of $1.4 million. For the benefit of the Innovation Center expansion and programming. Hillary was unable to attend tonight, I know she would have loved to have been here to

Unknown Speaker 2:08:43
carry mortgage in the mortgage Foundation. They are really outstanding, and champions for education. And we’ve worked with them for a while. And really, I have nothing but tremendous respect for them. And, and their level of commitment is unprecedented. And we are working with them. They are supporting our campaign to expand the Innovation Center. And they have supported us in the past and will continue to support we hope in the future. So they have graciously and generously provided a $1.4 million gift towards our capital campaign that we’re trying to achieve a total of $8 million, so that we can build out the innovation center with the first phase and then complete the second and the third phase with the with the bond coming up. But I also would want to say thank you to Hillary Sontag for the work that she has done with the mortgage foundation and with others as well. So exciting time and we’re very, very grateful to the mortgage foundation and to Hillary for their excellent work.

Unknown Speaker 2:09:50
Absolutely, like gracious and generous is a great way to to say that. If there are any no comments or questions and I would entertain pardon me Comment Oh, yes, Karen.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:01
I just googled them. And when I was looking through the packet and I just wanted to reiterate that the Morgridge Family Foundation invests in leaders and organizations that are reimagining solutions to some of today’s biggest challenges. So that just speaks to this work. And thank you for, for being that leader.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:22
Thanks for pointing that out.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:23
I have to say I was really impressed specifically from the science side with the the space that they’re looking at for robotics competitions. My children are very active in that. And that’s something that I really am impressed with with within our district. So I’m really excited about that part. So thank you all so much.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:45
All right. With that I would entertain a motion for approval. Please have action item 8.3. So move. And Karen.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:01
Mr. Birth Oh, yes. Mrs. Brooks. Hey, Mr. Garcia. Yes. This is Raonic. Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. This is raglan. I miss Seacrest i

Unknown Speaker 2:11:14
8.4 is a recommendation for adoption of Resolution concerning representation on the town of Meade, urban renewal Authority Board. Hi, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:24
Good evening again. So two weeks ago, you approved board member Brooks being appointed to the town of Erie ura urban renewal authority as a representative, and this is it’s, we’re allowed to be part of these urban renewal authorities in order to provide input into them. And two weeks ago, it was member Brooks replacing John Aaron’s and this, we’re now following up and asking Miss board member Puranic to represent the town of meat because of Paul appears is being off the board,

Unknown Speaker 2:12:07
Katie? Great. Thank you, Sarah, thank you for serving in that capacity. Appreciate it. Yes. Any questions? Talk to Greg or feel free to reach out to any of the other board members who serve on your race. Great. All right. I would entertain a motion for approval then of action item 8.4. so move. Second.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:33
Mr. Berthold. Yes. This is Brooks a. Mr. Garcia? Yes. This is ironic. Yes. Dr. martyr? Yes. This is Raglin I miss Seacrest.

Unknown Speaker 2:12:46
I thank you, Jim. All right. Our final agenda item this evening is a discussion item. A 9.1 actually has specifically to do with charter school contract extensions. And Greg, I think you and Tim are going to be talking is that correct? Yes, it is. Okay, we’re gonna go ahead and vote to extend the meeting just so I don’t have to interrupt you. That doesn’t mean we have to take the full 15 minutes, of course, but we’ll at least get that that formality out there. And with that, I’m just going to go ahead and make a motion to extend the meeting, please. And I’ll second. Great. And, Jim, I think we can just ask if everyone’s in favor and all vote all at once.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:27
Yeah, all board members in favor say aye. Aye. All those against? No nays.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:33
All right. Efficient. All right. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:37
All right. So we have charter contract. You’ve heard the charter authorization for savoring community Montessori tonight. The authorization actually allows them to do certain things. It goes for 15 years, but we also have charter contracts that we have set up for three year terms. And then they can be extended a year or a year at a time for up to five years. And so we’ve historically done them every three years. But we started this process in December, and we had a couple meetings with the charters and and then we had some meetings just internally with the district in terms of what we might want to to add in terms of language or clarify in terms of language. And as we work through it, there was an indication from the charter schools that you know, they were fine with how the contract was working for this year and maybe not go into these contract dealings, but extend it for one year. And as the District started proceeding down that same line, we believe that we can do that we could do a one year charter extension with them. What we will ask the charters to do was to be open to us not waiting until next December to start on next year. contract, but to start it in the summertime, so that we can make some some really good progress when we go to implement a new contract for the 2024 year, FY 18, the fiscal year, school year 2024. And so that’s what we just want to let you know, we wanted to get some input, if anybody had strong feelings in the opposite direction, Tim can talk a little bit about some of the areas that we might want to work on. That may take a little bit more time. But from our perspective, we would move forward with extending that contract for one additional year.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:41
Internally, we just want to make sure that every department had an opportunity to kind of weigh in on on whether this contract was functioning properly as is. And when I say this contract, we have multiple charters, but they are basically the same terms of their contract. And what we wanted to, there were a couple of items that came up. And they all had to do with services that the district providing the charters and, and how those responsibilities are allocated in the contract language. While it’s adequate, and the department’s didn’t have any objection to extension, we did in the interest of maintaining the good relationships that the district has with the charters have an opportunity for them to, to sit down with us and tell them what these areas where they were, they were specifically data security issues, special education issues, transportation issues, those are the three main areas that the department’s had at least raise some issue about how we could maybe strengthen the language going further going forward. But the department’s didn’t have an objection to us continuing the contracts right away and moving forward for another year extension. But again, in order to kind of keep this good relationship that we have with the charters, we wanted to make them aware of it and enable them to sit down with us earlier. So we can hash through them in a longer period of time.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:09
Instead of clarify, I want to make sure that I’m understanding this correctly, the current contracts would would be extended for one year. And then they would be at that point, the renewal would be three years from that date.

Unknown Speaker 2:17:22
So we would extend it next year, and work this summer and into the fall and spring to put a new three year contract in place with the revisions that we’re talking

Unknown Speaker 2:17:36
about. Okay, perfect. So I did understand, then then two questions, right out of the gate for me, and I believe that’s all I have any concerns from a financial standpoint, Greg, in doing that, I anticipate you’ll say no, but no, I

Unknown Speaker 2:17:51
don’t see anything from a financial impact. We continue to monitor charters with the financial, one of the things that we potentially would be doing, we did a two year authorization for carbon Valley, because of some of those types of concerns. And so they’ll be coming back for their charter authorization. From a charter contract point of view, I don’t believe there’s any any financial impact. One of the things that we will do is is update exhibit J, exhibit J is the list of services and how much we charge those charters, those charters. So we will work to update that. So that it’s a it’s a reasonable and up to date exhibit within the contract. But that’s what we do every year. And so we’re not extending that we will, we will continue to update that exhibit.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:43
Okay, per typical practice. Okay. Thank you. And, Tim, from a legal standpoint, you support the recommendation as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:18:52
Yes, I think what the departments that have responded, all of them had responded that it was that renewing for a year would make sense. But they just wanted to make the church aware of the issues that might be coming in and negotiations and and, again, in order to keep all of them informed, and be able to have enough time to have these negotiations with all the different charters and hopefully maintain the same unified contract structure that we have with all of them. Giving them this heads up is been helpful.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:23
Great, and we wouldn’t explore another extension after this correct. This will be a one time extension. And then

Unknown Speaker 2:19:30
yes, I don’t foresee that. I think that the goal is to give us some time and work through some of these these three areas.

Unknown Speaker 2:19:39
Okay. Great. Thank you. Any, any board members have anything else stick?

Unknown Speaker 2:19:45
Just to further clarification, I might be a little slow on this but after this next year, and I think it is really helpful, both to have all of our charters working under a very similar if not identical, relationship with us. But after this year, which will give us an opportunity to bring everybody on board, ourselves included, will have a three year authorization. i Sorry, contract.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:13
I think that’s I think that’s what the board has historically requested, if if we go back from a historical point of view was that we didn’t want contracts to go four years or more. Because at that point, you could have a complete turnover of the board and board and not have any of that knowledge. In this case, we’re not seeing that. So that’s why I have the years probably not a huge issue. But I would think that we, you know, according to the board preference, we would probably go back to a three year contract. That would be my preference.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:49
Yeah, mine as well. So we’d have a new three year, there might be an option of renewing it for a year at that time, but that’d be a future board.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:01
Alright. Well, it might be the some of the same board.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:06
It will Yeah, exactly. And be you.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:10
Every time someone comes or leaves, it’s a different port.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:14
Misha, did you have a question or comment?

Unknown Speaker 2:21:16
I do. I just want to make sure I’m understanding. So are you are you saying those three areas special education, transportation and security, you’re going to work on those areas within that one year contract that you’re trying to extend? I just want to make sure I understand that.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:32
Yes, that’s the goal. I’m each of the departments. That kind of raises issues was okay, with the one year extension. We just wanted to put it on the charters, radar that those were the areas we had some issues with. And we’re gonna work through them this year, so that we can get under contract the next time.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:50
And then are they expected to come with an action plan and ways to mitigate those?

Unknown Speaker 2:21:56
Yes, we’ve already started working on our end on that, and we will work with the charter schools going forward.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:02
Okay, thank you. Sorry, just to clarify, there will be no language added to the current contract in those areas. This coming year. It’s working towards getting that implemented for the next three year contract. Or after

Unknown Speaker 2:22:19
and that language will be in the three year contracts. That’s the that’s the goal. Yes. But But in that within that one year extension, you’re working towards the mitigation and action plan of that.

Unknown Speaker 2:22:30
Thank you. Anyone else? All right. What do you need from us this evening? It sounds like the board is is comfortable with that extension? Obviously, we can’t vote. It’s a discussion item. Do we need to do anything?

Unknown Speaker 2:22:46
No. All we want to do is give you an update and and make sure that there weren’t major concerns that we needed to consider from a board member. So no vote is required. What we’ll start doing is working through with the charters to get them and their boards we sign one year contract extension, and then we would bring it back to you at a later date to agree to the one year extension to

Unknown Speaker 2:23:09
approve those. Okay, great. Everybody good with that? All right. Thank you so much. Oh, when it’s late, sorry about that. It’s late for me. I may not be late for you. Any questions, comments? Do you have the Board of Education Dr. Haddad, and, and many members of Dr. Haddad’s team here at your disposal. If you have any questions, comments, we’re here to listen.

Unknown Speaker 2:23:33
Oh, don’t have any questions at the time. But I would just like to thank everybody here on the board and everything. This has been a great experience just to sit and watch it. Watch everybody I know from my last student advisory council meeting that I was with with Dr. Don ADAD. He said something that you just want to embrace the challenge. And then just kind of understand the why about everything. And it’s just been really great being able to be in the same frame Valley School District since I was in preschool at Prairie ridge. It’s just been amazing. And of course, there’s things that sometimes you don’t agree on, or things you don’t understand. And going off what he said just embrace the challenge and everything. Given the opportunity to sit in listen to all you just and understand the process. That’s one of the most important things. And it’s been a great opportunity for me tonight. So I would just like to thank all of you.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:22
Well, thank you and when you are why so? Appreciate it. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 2:24:27
I don’t know. We heard. Oh, it’s plans for the future. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 2:24:31
that would be cool. Yeah, Alan.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:33
Yes, ma’am. So currently, I’m in the application process to the United States military academies of West Point, Annapolis Merchant Marine Academy and Coast Guard. As well as I was just accepted to the Citadel, which is the Military College of South Carolina. So end goal is just become a military officer. pursue a career path throughout the military and then explore my options after that, but That’s the end goal right now is to pursue that path.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:03
Okay, oh, when stuck on my glasses, I have to say I have a big smile on my face. That’s really cool. And you mentioned that your brother had to play or Chico mentioned your brother had deployed? Is it your brother in the military as well?

Unknown Speaker 2:25:16
Yes, ma’am. He’s currently attending the United States Military Academy of West Point. So got a bit of family there. So we’d like to follow in his footsteps. But just, again, after what Don had had said, going through this process has been really stressful, but kind of embracing the challenge and realizing that there’s different paths for everywhere. No matter which way you go, you’re gonna find a way to get the same path. And yours might be more difficult than someone others, but that just builds upon character. So hopefully, I get my end goal, but I know that just got to keep working and we’ll find the right path.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:53
Very inspiring. Oh, and congratulations on getting into the Citadel and keep us posted on the other academies. Please, we’d love to hear what happens. Yes, thank you. And with that, I’ll go ahead and just mention that the Board of Education will actually be meeting every Wednesday in February we’ll return to altre will be at Altona Middle School on February 2 at 6pm for a study session, and then we’ll be back here in the board room for our regular meeting on February 9. appreciate everyone being here. Oh, and thanks again for participating. And with that, I would entertain a motion for adjournment. Please. So move by Jim and a second by me OSHA. All in favor, aye. Good night. Thank you very much.

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