Airport Advisory Board Meeting – January 13, 2022

Video Description: Airport Advisory Board Meeting – January 13, 2022

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So, I did not have a chance to check the settings.

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Um, you know, you know what I bet happened? You hit it right after I hit it. So it’s now says we’re live. That was the problem. Okay, so we both had at the same time,

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I did not have a chance to

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quickly confirm that we are live. And we are good.

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Let’s see. Let’s do again, selling a T is fine. I mean, I’m not picky. I’m not one of those people who make you roll your r’s or something.

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I’ll do my best here. All right, well, good evening, everyone. Once again, now that we’re live officially, welcome to our January 13 2022. Airport Advisory Board meeting. Happy New Year, Happy 2022. I want to welcome Tallis salamati, in to our board as one of our new members. Tell us we’ll give you the chance to introduce yourself if you’d like to everybody.

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Thank you. Most of you must, may remember me for my city council run. Very pleased to meet you all, and looking forward to participating on this board. Thank you.

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We’re we’re excited to have you join us. I had a chance to talk with House earlier today. And I think we’re gonna have some really good input to the discussion and really, really glad he’s with us. And then also want to welcome back councilmember Martin as our council liaison. We missed you for a bit and we’re we’re glad to see you back with us.

Unknown Speaker 1:35
Yes, it’s good to be back. So Marsha Martin City Council is

Unknown Speaker 1:40
wonderful. Well, then let’s, let’s call the roll. And let’s get going with the first meeting of the year. Susan, would you mind please calling the roll?

Unknown Speaker 1:50
Most certainly. Chair. Harrison Earl. I’m here. Vice Chair Melinda Jordan. I’m here. Member Russell Robinson, your member Steve bliss. Your member Malcolm Dean. Here and member talus element. And yeah, you have a quorum.

Unknown Speaker 2:14
We have a quorum. And thank you everyone. Nice to see you all today. Since this is our first meeting of the year, that is our annual meeting. So it’s our chance to elect officers set our meeting time and date, all that kind of official business to kick off the year. So first on the agenda. That is the election of officers. We have two officers in our bylaw, both Chair and Vice Chair. I would open the floor for any nominations. Let’s start with chair winder.

Unknown Speaker 2:47
I’d like to nominate Harrison Earl to continuous chair if he will accept. Thank you. I will second that.

Unknown Speaker 2:56
Thank you Malcolm moved in seconded and very kind of both of you have really pleased to continue doing this for another year and think it’s a year of transformation. So excited about that. Any other motions from the board? Any other nominations? All right, hearing none vote on the motion on the floor. All those in favor? If you can, please raise your hand. Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye. So that is six and no one a host. Thank you all very much. We then would move on to Vice Chair any nominations for our vice chair.

Unknown Speaker 3:35
I’ll name nominate myself.

Unknown Speaker 3:38
Alright, motion tallus nominate you for Vice Chair. Do I have a second?

Unknown Speaker 3:45
I’ll second that.

Unknown Speaker 3:47
Malcolm, thank you second. Any other nominations for vice chair? Yes. I’ll nominate Melinda Jordan. Melinda Russell seconds. Okay. Any other nominations? Alright, so I don’t have an I don’t think we’ve had going to anyone who would like to vote for Tallis for Vice Chair. If you can please raise your hand and say aye. Aye. Anyone who would like to vote for so that was two votes there. Anyone like to vote for Melinda as vice chair please raise your hand and say hi. Hi. Melinda. Are you voting for yourself or fatalis?

Unknown Speaker 4:35
I am not sure if I’m supposed to abstain. So that’s a tough call. I’d love to do it one more year. I enjoy doing it one more year with the FDA. This is my last year.

Unknown Speaker 4:45
Alright, so we had four votes for Melinda two votes for Dallas Melinda, you are elected as the vice chair. Congratulations again. Thank you. Those are only two officer positions. So then next on our agenda is Select the meeting date in time for 2022. I haven’t heard any communication from the city on a request to change it. So unless I am missing something, my suggestion, would we we maintain the same time and date, which is the second Thursday of the month at 6pm. I know it says in the civic center, city council chambers, which would be our ideal otherwise, we see you all here on the computer screen. Anyone have a Susan, please? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 5:33
So just a note to Joanie and yourself chair. If you did want to remain having these meetings live streamed in the future, we would just want to make sure that there’s no conflict within with another meeting. And just a reminder for the board. If you could mute yourselves when you’re not speaking, that would be helpful. So if you know if you wanted to keep this live stream, I off the top of my head can’t recall. I believe there’s another meeting tonight. But it’s not normally live streamed. So I believe this is available to be in that position.

Unknown Speaker 6:14
Okay. I know at least in prior years that this was the time the city light because it was when the city council chambers were open for it, which is why we’ve kept it in place. Melinda, I saw you had a comment.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
I just would move that we continue to meet on Thursdays at 6pm either at council or online, provided that still suits the city.

Unknown Speaker 6:37
Second, second. Minute, could you just clarify second Thursday of the month? Oh, I’m

Unknown Speaker 6:42
sorry. Yes. Second Thursday. Yes. Second Thursday. 6pm. City council for online. Move by seconded

Unknown Speaker 6:48
by Steve. Thank you. Any discussion, debate on the motion? All those in favor of adopting that the motion is our meeting date and time for 2022? I guess if you’re all muted, the raising hand is fine. That is six, six hands raised if I counted correctly, no one to post. The meeting notice posting location is the other one we have to adopt. I believe as of last year we adopted these cities agenda management portal in the city’s website is our official posting location. Joni or anyone from the city? Does that need to be changed?

Unknown Speaker 7:32
No, I don’t think so. That’s all I was able to find as well. So I think that if we continue with what you’ve been doing, that would be satisfactory.

Unknown Speaker 7:40
Perfect. And I know there’s there was in the past at least a request for an informal posting location at the airport, though the website is the formal location for the for the notice. Rossville I saw you had your yet.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
Thank you, Mr. Chair. Since we’re talking about meeting in general, I was thinking about are we required to live streaming? Assuming we are having the meeting in person? Is that a new city thing for all the advisory meetings? Or is that just because we’re zooming in?

Unknown Speaker 8:14
And Chairman neurol account and member Robinson. So it is not a requirement. However, because this was posted this way, it is a requirement. If we go back to in person meetings at some point. We don’t have to livestream those the only meetings that are typically live streamed are the Planning Commission and city council.

Unknown Speaker 8:35
Okay. And what about recordings? Are they required to be recorded now?

Unknown Speaker 8:41
You know, I believe we’ve been recording all of our meetings when we can. So I’ll have to double check and make sure if that’s a requirement or not. It’s certainly a good service to the public to be able to follow up and see what’s been going on at the meetings. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 8:57
Because well, I remember before the pandemic, we were supposed we were just about to start the video recording of all the meetings and there started because we went to the computer. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 9:08
remember that. So I wasn’t sure if that was just a feature that the city was trying to develop or if that was some sort of ordinance requirement for the for the meetings. And the reason I bring it up is I was thinking during good weather summer months, it would be maybe beneficial to have a couple meetings at the airport, we could either use the city building there or the manager typically operates or now I have a hangar there but a lot of these questions we have about the airport condition and things like that, you know, might be helpful sometimes to be out there on the site. So that would be depending on whether we have to record it might make that difficult obviously.

Unknown Speaker 9:45
Um, for that as well. Just you know, being at the airport to good idea I think

Unknown Speaker 9:53
I’m also I’m good with that, assuming we meet the statutory requirements of the city. I think the only thing that we need to actually motion and decide is the posting location at this moment. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 10:09
I’m just wanting to bring it up. So I’m sensing like it would fit in there.

Unknown Speaker 10:12
I appreciate you bringing it up. Would you like to make a motion on the posting location, buddy like to,

Unknown Speaker 10:19
since I’m talking here

Unknown Speaker 10:21
on the on the idea,

Unknown Speaker 10:22
I move that we continue to keep the official posting location on the city website with a potential to also post it at the airport whenever that is available.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
And I will second that. So moved and seconded. Thank you, gentlemen. Any further discussion from anyone?

Unknown Speaker 10:44
All those in favor if we can raise a hand? That is all six. Thank you. We then are moving right along to city attorney. So if introductions and a presentation to the board, Johnny, please.

Unknown Speaker 11:01
So Chairman Earle and board members, I’d like to introduce both the Tasi Bob SAR and Chris, Robbie, and Atlassian and Chris really are here we I typically start all of my annual board meetings with an opportunity for the city attorney’s office, not only to be introduced to the board that they do work for with staff behind the scenes, but also to just give an overview, particularly for new members of what the charter says, kind of what your purview is, and answer any questions that you might have. A Tassie has been active in doing leases for some time at the airport and is very familiar with the structure of things at the airport and helped has helped me immensely in the past few months. And Chris is new to the city. And he will be working with us at the airport. He comes to us with a lot of experience most recently at CDOT. So Chris is working with me right now on one of the grants that we’re getting. And with that, I’m going to turn it over to Tasi. And Chris to give you a brief presentation. Dallas, do you mind bringing up? Thank you. Good evening board members. And As Jenny mentioned, my name is as previously advising the airport advisory board.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
See, sorry to cut you off on my end. You’re cutting out is that the same for anyone else?

Unknown Speaker 12:34
Yes, I have it.

Unknown Speaker 12:37
Okay. Yeah. Is there a possibility that you have a headset or something along those lines? It wasn’t doing this at the beginning, but it’s sorry.

Unknown Speaker 12:48
I don’t have a headset. I’m sorry. Got one from the city. Gotcha.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Dallas, let me offer another option. Sure. Tasi if you were to check your mute options, click that that arrow and go to the menu you see you will see an option to switch to phone audio. Do you see that? We’ll give you a minute and see if you can switch to a phone.

Unknown Speaker 13:20
Okay, sounds good. Let me just

Unknown Speaker 13:23
thank you Dallas you may need to unlock to let her in to load a phone in I’m not sure.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
Meetings unlock.

Unknown Speaker 13:46
Bala Tasi is joining Joanie. I appreciate the introduction for the presentation to me. We haven’t had city attorneys join us on these board meetings before this is I think since at least my board orientation was last time I got to speak with them. So I appreciate the opportunity tonight thank you for for setting us up.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
Yeah, absolutely. They really are an integral part of things we do and you know always an option to if members of the board have questions that they can call the attorney’s office and ask questions with regard to their to the board duties conflict of interest.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Dallas Susan, I was able to log in on my phone I can hear through the phone but I’m not sure that you guys can hear me.

Unknown Speaker 14:45
Yes, yes, we can and that that certainly sounds better. Yeah, yes. You just muted at least on my screen, so I’m guessing Yeah. unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 15:02
There we go. Okay, great. All right. Sorry about that. Alright, so, As Jenny mentioned, tonight, we also have Chris Robbie, and he’s coming from CDOT. And he’s going to move in for the advice, import Advisory Board, in conjunction with me as well. Next slide, please. So on tonight’s agenda, we’re going to briefly discuss the airport advisory boards, powers and duties, the Robert’s Rules of Order, and what are essentially the transparency laws in the state of Colorado. Some of this information may be new to you other information base, maybe a refresher. And I don’t expect you to remember all of this quite a bit. But the goal of this presentation is to get these issues on your radar. And in case they pop up later on. And if you do have any questions after tonight, you know, feel free to go ahead and contact myself or go ahead and contact Chris. Next slide, please. So the Longmont Municipal Code, and chapter 2.94, outlines the powers and duties of the airport advisory board, and you can see them on the screen in front of you. And I promise I’ll read through all of them right now. And the board acts in an advisory capacity, and essentially what that means that they can, you guys can study existing policy and make recommendations to city council for changes related to any of the items that are listed on the screen. Unfortunately, the board cannot enforce policy or create any rules. However, the analysis recommendations set forth by the board and the council play an important role. Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 16:41
So I’d like to talk a little bit about Robert’s Rules of Order. And I believe that it is on the agenda for tonight. It is a manual of parliamentary procedure that is used by our city council that is used by all of our boards commissions within the city. And the purpose of the rules is to provide a structure to the meeting. So it provides guidelines for a fair and efficient and orderly meeting. It allows for all participants to be heard whether they’re in the majority view or the minority view. And it tends to prevent confusion, because it limits time sometimes, but it also has an order as to who can speak and when. And so apparently, the airport advisory board requires the meetings to be conducted by Robert’s Rules supporters of order. Next slide, please. With regard to the state transparency laws, first up is the Colorado Open Meeting Law. The Open Meeting Law declares that formation of public policy is public business. So we should not be conducting any of these meetings in secret. There’s a very broad definition of meeting, any gathering, whether it’s by phone by zoom by tap, really any means of communication to discuss public, public business could be construed as a meeting. And just as a cautionary note, group emails, this is an area where commissioners board members tend to get in trouble and step their toes. Using the reply all function on email may lead to a discussion of public business. And with this, there’s a potential of falling falling under the Open Meeting Law, which requires that we have a meeting out in public forum. Next slide please. There are some important exceptions, limitations to the Open Meeting Law. The law only applies to gatherings where there’s a demonstrative link between the meeting and the policymaking powers of the government. And so most of the time, the issues don’t arise when they within the actual board meeting. It’s really the gathering of board members outside of these meetings in which you should, you should tend to be cautious chance meetings, social gatherings and such as a holiday party where discussion of public business is not the central purpose. Those are one of the those weren’t the exception. Those he discussed us into the issues and then it potentially turned into a meeting. And these meetings require what we’ll talk about later evenings with proper procedural notice process as well. Next slide, please. So there’s a number limitation a trigger, which makes it easy to determine whether the Open Meeting Law comes into play, essentially three or more members, if there is more than three and a substantive discussion is being passed, then chances are that you know, open meet an open meeting is required. Proper notice and posting of an agenda of an agenda must occur at least 24 hours in advance so that the public has a chance to come and participate in the meeting if they so choose. And this is really promote transparency of governmental functions. A few years ago the law changed and I think we talked about it a little bit already. Most municipalities started to show preference and posting on the website rather than in physical locations. With that, you know with action The Internet at your fingertips is the preferred manner. However, if someone doesn’t have access to the internet, then usually physical postings still occur. And lastly, each for each meeting minutes must be taken properly reported, and the public can see what transpired what transpired within the meeting if they were not able to attend. And one note on the trigger number, and something we’ll speak about a little bit later in this presentation, two members could potentially discuss an issue and not trigger the Open Meeting Law. However, other concerns do come up, namely due process. There’s a prejudgment that potentially occur. If you know two members of a board or commission come up with the position before hearing the evidence they could potentially show bias. And we want everyone to be on the same level, same level playing field when you get to hearing. And as I mentioned, we’ll discuss due process in a few slides. Next slide, please. There are exceptions to an open meeting. They’re called executive sessions, where these are circumstances where a closed door meeting is permissible. So there are seven permitted topics and for the purposes of the airport advisory board, I suspect real property transactions and legal advice, meaning consultation with an attorney may require an executive session where you can go behind closed doors. Now these executive sessions are very rare with boards and commissions, they usually have on the city council. But if one is required, I recommend that you contact the city attorney’s office and your staff liaison, the procedural requirements that must be met before convening and an executive session. And we have to have proper notice that’s given.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
Next slide, please. So next up, on our discussion for transparency laws is the Colorado open meat open records act. And we usually just refer to it as Cora. And so core has been around for a while. And this law is a bedrock of transparency within government. We need to have the trust of our community and this is taken very seriously. Next slide please. This law applies to all municipalities, city being polluted and the laws very broad. The default is that the public gets a chance to see what was created, what was created in the context of the airport Advisory Board, whatever that could be. Next slide please. So what is a record? Under Quora, a record is defined very, very broadly, it’s all writing made maintained or kept by the city of Longmont. Now, there are exceptions under Quora, and but you know, generally speaking, anything that falls within these falls within this definition is considered a record that could be disclosed. Next slide, please. So examples in the modern world, we have email, obviously, Outlook calendars, text messages, your notes. And these items are all subject to disclosure. And when the public makes a request, we only have a few days to turn it around. And emails generally make up a large portion of records nowadays, and one of the tests that the city attorney’s office likes to put forth. And, you know, we want you to remember above all, is the front page time times call test. Before you press them on an email before you send something out, think to yourself what I want this email what I want this record be printed on the front page of the time call. If not, don’t hit send. And, and you know, we’re not trying to get around open records. But if it’s it’s a sensitive topic, the better route, pick up the phone. Next slide, please. But so as I mentioned, you know, do you want it on the front page of time call. And if you ever do receive a request for documents, and you know, sometimes they come in weird manners that can just be on the phone, but you know, usually it’s a written request via email or formal request to our website, or to the clerk’s office. And one thing that the city attorney’s office does request that you do is contact the office and the clerk’s office can assist you and they will work with pinhole who’s an assistant city attorney within our office and he primarily handles advises on court requests. Next slide, please. So I’ll stop right here just to see if there are, um, you know, just to let you know if there are any questions, please feel free to jump in or ask questions and we’ll have time at the end of the presentation as well. So in 2006, there was an amendment a voter initiated constitutional amendment that passed and this was a gift and governmental officials to not accept the gift valued in excess of $50 And so this is adjusted for the CPI and currently it is $65.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 25:11
So what is it good. And you know, a lot of items can fall into what a gift is it can be cash, payment for travel entertainment, such as tickets to sporting events, or even a special discount. There are exceptions. For example, if you’re ever asked to attend and speak at a conference, you know, the sponsoring entity may pay for your admission, they may pay for your food and any other expenses that may be associated with the conference. And there also may be unsolicited tokens of appreciation. For example, the city of Longmont has participating sister cities. And you know, some of these Sister Cities will exchange different gifts, according to their culture. For example, in our sister city in Japan, kimonos are changed. And this was all within a section. Another exception would be plaque recognitions, for, you know, some type of appreciation award. So if you receive something, and you believe that it may be in violation of this gift ban, you know, if there’s any type of question or doubt in your mind, please contact the city attorney’s office. You know, one of the things that you want to keep in mind is, are these guests attempting to curry favor with you in some way? Use your influence on this board? Next slide, please.

Unknown Speaker 26:26
Don’t question the last one. Okay. We love questions or not? Yes. So my question was travel, let’s say you wanted to go to Denver, or some other airport, to check it out and to learn. And let’s say one of the pilots offered to fly me or another member of the board or commission to that airport? How would that be categorized?

Unknown Speaker 27:01
What was that hypothetical, I think we’d have to look closely at the situation, you know, we’d have to look at who the pilot was, if they’re associated with some type of business entity that already has a hangar, or has some type of business with the city of Longmont. They’re really trying to look at whether or not that pilot is, you know, whether they’re acting on them on behalf of themselves on behalf of their entity that they possibly represent. Are they tied to curry favor using you on this board? And so it’s going to be very situational, situationally specific. And you know, with a plane ticket, that value is obviously more than $65. I mean, I would love it if a plane ticket was 65 bucks, but unfortunately, nowadays not. So that would be very, very specific. And we have to take a look at that.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
Were there any other questions on the advance? Okay, um, so our next slide is on conflicts of interest. So the state has an independent ethics commission that deals with gifts and other issues such as conflicts of interest. And the conflict of interest is, it means a situation in which an individual’s personal or financial interests cause conflict with the individual’s official responsibilities? So here does your personal financial special circumstances impact your interests due to your proximity, your title on the airport advisory board, and we are concerned with both actual conflict versus the appearance of conflict and the parents of impropriety impropriety, we want to make sure that all of your actions are above board. And with that, we don’t want to erode the public side. So if you suspect that there is a conflict of interest, and one question that comes up is whether or not you should stay in for making a decision, or voting on an item that comes before you in the airport, you know, in one of your board meetings. So if this does occur, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is disclose your interest, disclose your interest to your staff liaison, disclose your interest to the airport advisory board members and also disclose your interest of the city attorney’s office. And from there you know, and staff liaison city attorney’s office to work with you and discuss whether or not you need to change. And you know, there are situations where you do have a conflict and you may be you may be able to vote, but like I said, I recommend that you reach out to our office. Next slide, please. The Lastly, and this is kind of our last topic for this presentation is quasi judicial proceeding. So some of the cities boards and commissions fit in a quasi judicial capacity where they act like a judge in a court of law. Planning and Zoning comes to mind. Board of adjustment comes to mind as well. The airport advisory board may not have as many quasi judicial sessions, maybe a few land development applications sometimes easements as well, but that being that being said, it’s important to have this background. So as I mentioned, these boards and commissions fit and act like a judge, they apply existing criteria, existing ordinances to a specific set of facts that tied to a specific property. These are usually presented in a hearing with advance notice. And these hearings allow interested parties to present their evidence either for or against position. Next slide, please. So I mentioned this a little bit earlier, due process and due process becomes extremely important because the judicial meeting along with transparency, we want to ensure a fair hearing for any applicant that may become that may come before the board and protect their legal rights. So a few things to remember, the board must face any decision only on the record of the proceedings. So anything that you have before you, that comes on your agenda, we don’t want to consider output information information that’s not presented at the hearing, we just want to consider what is said within that actual hearing. Another thing is that board members must not engage in ex parte communication. And the rationale behind all of this is that we want to be fair and impartial. We want interested parties to be able to come in and comment and we want everyone to be on the same level playing field. And so just a quick comment on this, you know, we obviously live in a world where the internet is literally at our fingertips. And so doing research beyond what is provided in our agenda packets is a bit of a gray area. There are great benefits to having citizen board, you know, each board member brings board their own experiences to the sport. But engaging in independent research doesn’t necessarily create that level playing field that I’ve been talking about, we want everyone in the decision to hear the same information. So if we start researching substantively into an issue, into an issue that comes before you on the agenda, we’re waiting, it’s murky territory, there’s going to be an imbalance created where your decision may or may not be made on evidence presented solely at that hearing.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
Next slide, please. So, if you are ever contacted by a member of the public regarding an agenda item, first and foremost, you know, direct that person to submit a written comments to the board or to attend to attend the hearing, attend the meeting, and present their evidence, you know, best thing to do would be to cut off communication as soon as you recognize what’s going on. And the communication unit doesn’t always need to be verbal. It doesn’t need to be face to face it can be in most of the time is via email. And so ex parte communications are very serious, the courts generally hold that these FRC communications are improper. If the communication is limited, you can disclose them on the record regarding your communication that may still allow you to participate in the agenda item and vote make a decision. If you can remain a fair and impartial decision maker. Sometimes the communication is a little bit more asbestos extensive, and the board’s decision potentially be overturned. So you know, in those, in those instances, you may want to recuse yourself from that discussion. You know, I mean, above all, if there’s ever a question, you know, just please reach out to our office. Next slide, please. So, this is the end of the presentation and a few takeaways. The color to Open Meetings Act and records act very broad in the definitions that it uses. You know, as far as when a meeting is very broad as far as what a record is very broad. If you ever have a question something in the back of your mind your spidey senses going off you know, please contact our office and we’re more than happy to help you one of the tests that we want you to remember that front page times call test think about it twice three times maybe more you know, do you want this to be on the front page with your name attached and watch out forget you know, the public trying to curry favor with you by giving you that plane ride by giving you free Broncos tickets. And lastly, you want to make sure to avoid ex parte communications. If there’s a topic of conversation, which is an agenda item that’s coming up you know direct the individual submit a written comments to the board in person and cut off that discussion you know and disclose your communication to the board. Let everyone know that hey, this person contacted me this is this is exactly what we discussed. And from there you know we can we can move forward as to whether or not you’ve seen or whether or not you know, you can be fair and impartial and still continue on with that discussion. Are there any questions or comments?

Unknown Speaker 34:49
Anyone have any questions? Wonder

Unknown Speaker 34:54
in order to contact you could we be provided with your email and contact information either he or separately?

Unknown Speaker 35:02
Absolutely, we will get that out. Thank you. Well, thank you very much. And like I mentioned, if you guys have any questions tonight, please feel to reach out to myself or press and we’ll be able to help you.

Unknown Speaker 35:15
Great. Tasi. Thank you very much for the presentation. Chris. Welcome to the city. Thanks for joining us as well. Last call for any questions from the board members. All right, well, then we’ll move on the agenda to our first public invited to be heard of the night. Dallas, Susan, I know we’re live streaming and it’s been a while can you guys do a refresh of the instructions for joining? Sure. Dallas,

Unknown Speaker 35:42
do you want to run with that? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:44
So we’re going to take a three minute break here. So as you’re saying, this is public comment, with the public invited to be heard, which should now be on the screen. The public will call in to this number here. They’ll enter in the meeting ID 82993377392. Once they are in the meeting, they will be they will be muted. And when I call on their last three digits of their phone number, I will tell they can unmute themselves by hitting star six.

Unknown Speaker 36:20
All right, thank you very much for the instructions. Did I cut you off? I’m

Unknown Speaker 36:23
sorry. No, that’s okay. Yeah. If you’re good with that, then we can start our three minute timer.

Unknown Speaker 36:29
I’m starting a three minute timer. We’ll take a quick break.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Perfect. Thanks,

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Dallas, we need to give folks five minutes sorry chair.

Unknown Speaker 36:37
I will change the timer to five minutes. So we’ll take a quick break. We’ll admire councilmember Americans craft on the screen and we will see everyone unmuted in five minutes.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
It’s not allowed to do this anymore on council meetings.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
Would you cast name gimbal Kimble

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Kimble with the DJI like gyre and gimble gimbal nice yeah

Unknown Speaker 37:22
good to see you Marcia.

Unknown Speaker 38:49
Chair I just want to clarify I think I misunderstood what Dallas was trying to explain. So we leave this slide up for five minutes to allow the public to call in. So again if you’re watching the live stream folks, now is the time to call in. If you would like to speak to the board, and then during the public invited to be heard they do have three minutes per person.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
Thank you very much for the clarification and certainly invite anyone to to call in now. We’ve got about two minutes left and until we’ll go into the public invited to be heard

Unknown Speaker 40:41
chair, it appears we are around the five minute mark. Right now I’m not seeing any callers in the chat.

Unknown Speaker 40:52
Well, if we have no one who has joined, we’ll move on then to the next agenda items, we do have another opportunity for Republican voted to be heard towards the end of the meeting. So if anyone is watching in missed out there, just we hit five minutes, please take advantage of the next opportunity. We’ll move on, then we do have approval of the minutes on the agenda. You notice there were no minutes in your packet this month with Michelle’s absence. So we will skip that for this month. And we will come back. We’ll approve double minutes next month. So be extra fun. All business. We’re going to start with a financial update. Joanie, Jeff, I don’t know which of you is going to kick us off here.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
I can I can kick off. So I, I suspect in the past, you’ve got some different sort of report. But I did ask our finance staff to at least run, what is the budget starting for 2022. So you all can see the whole budget, including the CIP numbers, which Sandra was kind enough to include on the bottom of the spreadsheet. So this is the entire airport budget for 2022. Obviously, we haven’t spent much money yet in 2022. Because we’re just getting started. And then also the CIP projects are noted below. And then Sandra did make a note about on the CIP specifically at the bottom, they have not carried over the funds from 2021 year that usually takes a couple months till they do that, but you will see that $729,870 balance carried over and that is for the South Side utility project. So that project that those funds will be coming over once finance gets through their reconciliation of 2021. And I’m happy to answer any questions that I can. And if Jeff has any supplements, happy to open the floor.

Unknown Speaker 42:54
Mr. Robeson, let’s let you kick us off.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
Thank you, Mr. Johnny, I just want to double check. You said the CIP balance of 721,000.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
It is $729,870 is the amount that was in the 2021 budget. That will be rolling over Yes. Okay. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
Mr. Dean. Welcome you’re, you’re on mute. That better? Yes, sir. Okay, hello. Should

Unknown Speaker 43:31
the snowstorm end up costing for removal? I’m just curious. They’re already numbers crunched on that.

Unknown Speaker 43:37
We have not gotten an eight numbers on that. The nice thing is that City Public Works is doing the heavy lifting. They are clearing the runways and the taxiways and the main roadway areas. We have a private contractor that is doing the taxi lanes in between the hangars. But we have not gotten invoices for those yet. Okay, thank you. Mr. Bliss.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Stevie, you need to unmute as well. Sir, thank you very much. And I this may be for Joni, I’m not sure. But can you explain to me what the exact process is? For the South Side utilities? What’s going to be done? I mean, utilities is a big, big open. Sure, anyway,

Unknown Speaker 44:44
sure. So actually, Jeff and I met with our public works. water sewer engineering team that is doing the final design to put back out to bid. They’re anticipating getting that project back out to bid Hopefully I asked them if they could try to get that back out by the end of this month with the anticipation that we could get that under contract and someone could actually begin work in April on that project. So that is our current trajectory.

Unknown Speaker 45:17
What does that mean? The utility sorted, you’re gonna bring utilities into the south side, for what reason? Water to the hangars bathroom.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
The utilities project that has been designed right now is sewer is the primary aspect bringing sewer along the south end. For the new area, there will be a couple stubs. Two of the developments on existing developments on the south side, were designed for sewer. And so there’ll be stubs off of this sewer line that they can tap into. There’s also existing water out there within the existing developments that will be tapped into to extend water to the new area for development. So those are the two utilities that this project addresses.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
Is there anything on the books to make a bathroom over there in the sound sight? That’s not

Unknown Speaker 46:16
part of the design of the of the sewer project? Certainly a bathroom could be tapped into a sewer project, but that’s not part of this project.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
Is that in the works for long term? You know?

Unknown Speaker 46:34
I’m not aware of of that. I know that there was one built over here on the north side. But I am not aware of anyone that is planned into the south side at this time. Doesn’t mean it can’t be but

Unknown Speaker 46:48
wherever one. Well, that’s interesting, because I always thought that’s what the whole deal was to going back to Dave Slater. My conversations with him. Based on my comments that I received from the south side, hangar owners, they want to a bathroom over there not a porta potty and Dave promised it for last year COVID Hit couldn’t do it. And then they got pretty excited when we heard that there was going to be sewer and water brought in. And that’s what everybody thought. Now you’re saying that that’s not even in the in the plans?

Unknown Speaker 47:24
I’m not saying it’s not in the plan. I’m saying I’m not aware of it. Okay, we’re still doing a lot of catch up on what is being planned for and, and figuring out budgets. So don’t miss read my two month presence here and knowing everything that’s in the works. Oh, yeah, I apologize for that. I didn’t mean to step step, whatever you like out of Rolla.

Unknown Speaker 47:48
Okay, well, I just want to say that it’s been seven years I’ve been I’ve been query in the south side for a bathroom and the South Side. David said there was one coming and we talked about that for years. And now I’ll take it back to my buddies over on the south side. Let him know that it’s not happening anytime soon. Councilmember Wagner?

Unknown Speaker 48:16
Yeah, I would say, Steve, just in this is just from economic development conversations. And also from conversations from a couple of years ago. This horizontal infrastructure is there to enable vertical projects, to have bathrooms, right to have run at we’re adding water to have kitchens. So just because there’s not a you know, a freestanding bathroom. That is going to be part of the of the horizontal infrastructure. It doesn’t it’s, it’s this horizontal infrastructure, just like in housing development. The bathrooms are part of the horizontal infrastructure. They’re part of each house. And I think that’s the distinction that needs to be made.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
Yes. Okay. That’s very good. Thank you very much for that. It just seems to me that to bring the water and the sewer available for hangars, that would like to have a bathroom in their hangar does not help the other hangars that are wanting bathroom instead of the Porta Potti which has overflowed a couple of times. And it’s unusable when when that happens. So anyway, we’ll keep on pounding the table on a bathroom for the South Side. And and that’s all that’s the only thing I wanted to bring out. Thank you, Mr. salamati. And then wrestle, I saw your hand as well. I’ll call on you a second.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
Yeah, I just had a question about other utilities like little Extra coal or gas. I mean, Councilman Councilperson, Marcia Martin was talking about kitchen. I don’t know of any kitchen that doesn’t run on either electricity or gas. So why are we not talking about that?

Unknown Speaker 50:14
There is electricity on the south side already. So that doesn’t require the substantial. And this time, I don’t believe there will be there’s any plans on extending gas on the south side?

Unknown Speaker 50:32
So I have another question. So I, I see see that whole side of the airport as potential for r&d, we were gonna need a robust facilities out there, if we have, you know, one of my aerospace buddies who come out there want to do some manufacturing, for example, would the amount of infrastructure that you’re building be able to accommodate a large development project on that side of the airport?

Unknown Speaker 51:00
I don’t know the answer off the top of my head of what the capacity is of the sewer line. I recall, it’s a fairly decent size to accommodate multiple hangars being planned for that side. So even if it’s a large r&d development, I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t, but happy to circle back to verify what the capacity is. But

Unknown Speaker 51:26
I certainly know it was discussed to enable, you know, kind of besides for that future development, but I don’t remember a discussion of technical and if it was, it would have gone in one ear and out the other, at least for me, so I can’t give you a specific there. But we have to talk through that.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Because some r&d would might require gas, you know, as a fuel source, or me I use for other use cases, right? I mean, really depends on what like, for example, if I’m doing chemical vapor deposition, and I’m creating graphene, like a gas source would be very useful because you can turn methane into graphene, relatively easily using the chemical vapor deposition process. So like, just something to think about.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
I know, we’ve had discussions around enhanced electrical capacity, particularly for electric aircraft charging, and kind of oversizing that when we do future development, but that that has been kind of early stage discussions, you know, pending future development.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
I will note there is gas on the south side. So

Unknown Speaker 52:42
cars are where you on this topic, because otherwise, I was a better wrestler than you.

Unknown Speaker 52:50
Yeah, on this on this topic, um, there’s, there’s gas to the industry that is on the other side of the fence as it were, which is where, you know, something like the manufacturing that you described would be cited, it wouldn’t be cited on the airport. The Climate Action Task Force has recommended that natural gas be contra indicated for new new development. So I am not sure that extending a natural gas service on to the airport might not be opposed by the council, I would oppose it.

Unknown Speaker 53:39
So the European regulators just indicated natural gas as a green fuel source. No, I’m serious, though.

Unknown Speaker 53:48
I mean, you can send me that link. Tell us

Unknown Speaker 53:50
we’ll be happy to it’s from the Economist.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
Yeah, that doesn’t mean anything to me.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Mr. Robeson, please.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Thank you, Miss chair. I was just gonna say to member bliss. Perhaps you’d like to make a motion that we advise counsel to dig into the CIP and put Southside bathroom in there as a project.

Unknown Speaker 54:17
I second. Would anyone like to discuss the motion? wrestle? I think you admirably proposed there. If you’re comfortable officially proposing that since we have a second right.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
I wanted to give Steve credit, but I would be happy to take charge. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
I think my only comment would be you know, we’ve talked about some of the future development one of the requirements potentially having a public restroom for all rather than building a standalone facility. So I might request we make a we make it broad enough that we can kind of support multiple people Free mechanisms with the goal of still having a public restroom on the south side in the very near future.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
Mr. Bliss, yeah, I think this is what we’ve always talked about is public bathroom. Yes, I don’t, I don’t see why we’re bringing in water and sewer and then waiting for hangars to be built. And guys are either going to use the water and sewer to build a bathroom or they’re not. Let’s bring that water and sewer in and do something concrete like a bathroom public, for all those hangers that are in the south side.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
Any further discussion here? We so the motion on the floor is if I’m not mistaken, recommend to council to include this development. I might ask that we maybe give city staff until our next meeting to look at the feasibility and a proposal before we send that recommendation to council vote. I’m happy to vote on the motion to recommend to council. All those in I’m sorry, Russell. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 56:14
I was just going to add that I said council but I guess you know, I really mean recommend to the airport manager or whoever would make the decision on what goes into the CIP. Is that you, Jeff? Are you are you in charge of CIP decisions at this time are is that

Unknown Speaker 56:32
I am not in charge of CIP. Because I’m in a room I have no authority.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Chairman Earl Would you mind if I just give a brief description of how the CIP works in the city and the timing of them? So the city budget office requests all CIPS be entered by departments. And that budget process begins in April. And once all of the CIPS are entered, they are then forwarded to the city manager for recommendation to council of what council should fund. And so that’s really the trajectory of how all of the CIP work. So I’m certainly taking notes. And we’ll be looking at the CIP and what the airport needs to put in for 2023. But just know that we don’t really get to any actual budget entry till April at the earliest. And hopefully, we’ll have a new airport manager on board by then. So they can work on some of these issues.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
So typically, it would be the airport manager, who is the department that makes the CIP recommendations to the city manager. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
So, Ross, what’s your motion? would? Would you like to amend it to make a recommendation to city staff to the city manager’s office that we,

Unknown Speaker 57:56
it sounds like it is pointless to make such a motion? So I withdraw my motion.

Unknown Speaker 58:03
Emotion is withdrawn? Would anyone any further comment on that? I do have a couple. I’m sorry, Melinda. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Oh, I was just gonna say could we put it on a future agenda next month, and pick it back up, because I’m on the side of the airport that has restrooms. And so I can’t imagine what you guys do when you come in from a long flight. So it’s a valid request and public over a few private in somebody’s saying or that you can’t get to anyway, seems like a reasonable request. So if we can bring it put it for next month’s agenda to bring it up again, with hopefully an airport manager. We’d still have time, if we’ve got if it’s got to be in by April.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
I think that’s fair, Melinda, and I’d like part of that discussion to be what is the delivery, whether it’s the city funding of building it directly, or it’s a requirement for a developer, to put it in themselves, as you know, in as part of the lease. Jeff, please go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 59:07
And also and Russell, I just want to clarify is that well, I individually, don’t have the authority to do that. That doesn’t mean that the the responsibilities of airport management is not happening. So just because we don’t have a full time airport manager in here doesn’t mean that your request and the action of this body can’t continue moving forward, to move forward towards that April deadline. I would hate for you to wait until there’s a full time airport manager and then miss that April, trajectory as well. So, Joanie and I and others are working as a team to fulfill all airport management roles and responsibilities. So don’t let a lack of an airport man fulldive airport manager hinder this board’s initiatives.

Unknown Speaker 59:52
Well, I appreciate you saying that and I guess Steve and I and all the south side, people would ask you and join you to seriously consider that four APR. And hopefully

Unknown Speaker 1:00:03
the consideration, you guys can look into some of those plans and see kind of what may have already been programmed in. And we can talk through that next month. Other financial update questions. I’ve got to Joanie, I guess really just a comment. One of the financial updates we received in the past was a revenue update. So I think for future months, it would be really helpful to see that and be able to see how that’s tracking, in addition to the expenses, and I recognize were 13 days past the end of the year. But when we have a full year 2021 summary that would be really good to see to see where we ended up. Since that had been a few months since we did the full update. That’s really not a question that was just a comment. My question is the two lines that caught my eye. We’re on fleet lease in vehicles, which we’ve not historically had or anywhere near that dollar amount in the budget. And Jeff, I see you nodding. So I think you were ready for this question. Either one of you guys. I’d appreciate some some clarification.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
I’m ready for the question, because I had the exact same questions. And so when, when I saw this myself, I sent an email to fleet to gain some better insight to what those two line items represent. I don’t have exact clarity on those. My understanding is that they’re tied to a snow removal vehicle that was purchased through an auction at DIA, which they do quite regularly for smaller airports, which is a great initiative that they take on. My understanding is that what was purchased was not in the greatest shape, and that there was a lot of money spent to try to get it into shape. Eventually, that was abandoned, and it was auctioned out as well. These numbers from the email I got today, tie back to expenses that were done in 2020. I don’t understand that. I have not had a chance to talk with Joanie on this yet or not. I don’t know she has clarity on on that email that we both received. But I am going to dig a little bit more into that to gain some more insight. I do know that the city has approved a new vehicle for the airport that has not been ordered that will come online that will replace the existing vehicle that I’m currently using, and has the potential of doing light snow removal as well. Fortunately, with the renewed connections and efforts through public works, they are utilizing their full fleet of snow removal equipment capabilities. Obviously, the entire fleets not coming over. But we are we’re tapping into a lot of snow removal capabilities here. And I think these I’ll be reporting on our snow removal efforts here in more detail.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
Question. I appreciate diving in because it is a substantial expense and a big chunk of a big chunk of the budget we haven’t seen before. So I appreciate already flagging it. Mr. Dean.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
Yeah. You said you purchased a vehicle and then sold it. Is there a way that in the future they can do like an inspection before they spend a bunch of money? I’m just kind of curious. That seemed kind of interesting. So

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
yeah, I don’t know the exact process that the the my understanding of the Denver auction process is that they here’s the vehicles and you and you bid on them along with other people. I don’t know if there’s an inspection process as part of that or not. So I’m happy to learn more about that auction process and and report back.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
Yeah, that would be great because actually, I used to sell cars and I used to have to deal with some of that. So that would be a good thing to cut understands. We don’t maybe go through the snafu again. Absolutely. Cool. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Joanie, please. See you next. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
I would note that my understanding was is that that purchase of at auction was not actually run through our fleet, which would have done the inspection and would have determined whether we should have purchased that snowplow for the airport and that did not happen. And so in the future, the airport won’t be purchasing vehicles unless they’re either purchased through our fleet department or with our fleet department really looking at those ahead of time. Okay, perfect. Mr. Solomon,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
Add another question about the budget. It looks like the maintenance is $15,000 less this year than it was last year. Why is that?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
I believe that and correct me if I’m wrong, Joanie is that you’ll see down below that 15,000 was moved to prairie dog maintenance. That’s that very lat low line item down at the bottom. And so it used to the prairie dog maintenance used to be in the regular maintenance line item that was moved down because it’s being done through another city department.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
So total amount doesn’t change, just lines change. Correct. Any other questions for anyone on our financial update? We’ve teased a little bit of the CIP update, but do we have a more kind of official formal update for this month.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
The CIP that’s on there, the 60,000 is related to a grant that will be approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation Aeronautics Board here on February 1. It’s a $54,000 grant, which is basically 90% of the CIP. Obviously, the city covering the other six, it has been earmarked for repainting airfield markings. So we are once we get that approval, then our engineering, Dibble engineering will put together the specs so that we can go out to bid for that pavement markings. And once winter has passed, then we can get that project moving forward.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
Wonderful. Love spending other people’s money. Mr. Robeson

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
Amis chair Jeff, in the last CIP update, we may have gotten from David that move that to 2023. But you think and they get a concept this year?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
Yes, my my. My expectation, and what I’ll transfer over to the new manager is the ball is rolling to have the pavement markings done this year. Right. Mr.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
Helmet. On the topic of the pavement, are we planning on extending the runway anytime soon to without the 1000 feet that I heard was already approved.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
So the what has been approved is the airport master plan, the actual runway extension has not been approved. So that’s all conceptual based upon availability of monies, monies, both at the state level and the federal level and the city level. So I don’t have a report of where that is in in planning and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
but in an analysis to look at what the potential increase in cash flows would be due to the increase in fuel taxes that we’ll be able to collect versus the cost. And what that break even point would be over a long term period of time.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
I am not aware of any I have not seen any. I’ve not touched all the paperwork in this office, but not seeing any of that kind of analysis.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
Mr. Robeson

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I was actually just looking at this today. I ran a bunch of numbers on takeoff distance for various kinds of airplanes, how much room we have to defense. And if we are going to be doing any kind of runway extension that’s going to be valuable and provide a return like TELUS is talking about, we’re going to need to get some property out to the west there. So Joanie, have any steps been taken to talk to the owners of that property or think about when that property could be available, potentially in future years?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
Chairman Earl and Commissioner represent I’m not aware of any of those conversations. I think those conversations would also, frankly be directed by counsel if we wanted to be looking at making those types of determinations of buying property, but I’m not aware of any conversations that have been had with Boulder County or the few other properties that are out there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
For your insurance. I was told by Howard Morgan that it could fit it within the current footprint of the airport.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
That’s not correct. And as I’m happy if you’d like to come by my office, happy to show you the ALP and The runway extension and where our property balls happy to show that to you. And I am here tomorrow, next Monday and Tuesday and happy to share my schedule going forward with people. I’m here just two days a week.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
Thanks, thank you, if anyone else on CIP

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
tell us I was just looking at it on Google Maps, the distance from the end of the runway to the Western fence is 600 feet. And that would take us to 5400 total, which is not going to cut it for the next tier of airplanes coming in, we need about 1000 or 1200 to really make it worthwhile,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
I don’t think is the tear of their plane that we’re talking about. I think it’s mainly the tax loss of tax revenues, because planes aren’t fully fueling up. You know, I this this one, I’m being told by the airport Owners Association, Howard worgen, I guess I’m not an expert. But you know, I, this is what I’ve been explained to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:03
And also just for clarification, to have what may fit within our bounds, our existing fence boundaries. And not is that the FAA is very focused on safety areas. And they now require airports to have those safety areas on property, you can’t have them off property. So to do a runway extension, you not only need to fit the pavement, but you also need to fit the safety area beyond that pavement as

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
well. So Marsha, have you? Are council members had any conversations about the property to the west of the airport?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
That’s my remark, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
Sorry, my spacebar doesn’t always want to unmute me. So what Mr. Coleman has said about the airport needing to own the safety space, is a new requirement since I was on the board. Since there’s no funding for the runway extension, this time, the council hasn’t taken any any steps to do that. talus is correct. And what he was saying is that we’re not intended to go up a grade at all, but rather the and I’m Forgive me, because I don’t remember the classification. Melinda probably does, the biggest jet that Oskar Blues, kept at the airport two years ago, has to take off half empty in the summertime. And the main goal of the bat runway extension, because because you know, that’s kind of the biggest. The kind of jet that that is used by, by business travelers as private jets, we want to be able to fully accommodate those. And that was as far as we want to go. And I think that’s as far as that runway extension could go. But I certainly accept Mr. Coleman’s new information that we now would need to acquire some of the land around there in order to do the runway extension, which is a shame, because it would probably be grandfathered. If we done that runway extensions earlier. So I’m, I’m sad to hear that but it hasn’t come before Council. This board could make a recommendation that because of these new conditions, it should be considered by counsel. So just for clarity, pardon me,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
my apologies. Good.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
Oh, well, that was all I mean, I think I don’t think that just the bare naked recommendation should come but but a sufficient report that the council would be able to understand what the new requirements would be for a run re if extension could come before council at some point and the council is unlikely to discuss it without that.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
And just for clarity on my comment is that it’s not a new requirement. It’s fairly old, quote, unquote, the Airport layout plan that was part of the master plan includes that area, it’s called the runway protection protection zone. And so it is shown on the existing plan as future property to accommodate that runway extension. So it’s not something that in the last few years has come to place.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
Okay, because it was not discussed when we talked about the runway extension before to my recollection, and again, I haven’t thought about it for two years. But I could be wrong. Nevertheless. I think Don’t think it’s on Council’s radar that we would need to acquire that land in order to do the runway extension.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:09
Well, at least based on that discussion, the holdup at least my understanding for making the recommendation to council was the funding was so many years out when we thought we could actually make this happen. I will remind us we have a bipartisan infrastructure bill that may have some funding opportunities that are still being worked through. And would suggest we keep this as an agenda item for the next couple months, certainly, as there’s a new airport manager, have it be a high priority discussion to, you know, kind of put together that more formal thought process around it and a recommendation for council, Councilmember

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
Martin. Thank you, I would just like to inform the the board that there’s some reorganization going on in the city about grant writing, and consolidating the grant writing stack, and being more aggressive about pursuing federal funding in particular. So this, again, would be a good time to put the requirements for such a grant into the queue. Because one of one of the potential ideas is instead of looking for grants in a reactive mode, have a queue of requirements that need to be funded by grants so that we are already putting together the boilerplate and the research and stuff for the grant before the funding opportunity arrives so that we can be early and in respond early responders when opportunities arrive. So that that really is a good activity for this board.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
I think that’s really helpful context, understand what the city is doing broadly. I think we’ve, we’ve seen the opportunity for increased grants without kind of knowing the details. And so I think that absolutely is a future agenda topic. And hopefully to get some of that staff engaged with us and help us understand that process a little bit, so that we can push for it. Other CIP comments from anybody right now? Well, then I’m gonna move along to our board consideration of Robert’s Rules of Order. For those of you who may not have been on last month, or I know people dropped off early, the the discussion was around kind of this persistent question of how can we make these meetings productive? How can we make sure we’re being responsive to public comments, and not just being talked at and ignoring them? And how can we still do so in an orderly fashion? And anyone who wishes to correct my characterization, please do so. We talked about last month about having board members provide any sort of red line on the current bylaws, which date back, I think, to 2017. I don’t know if anyone has done so or would like to share some of their thoughts. I’ll kind of open the floor to anyone who wants to start with that wrestling. I’m, I’m hoping you have some good thoughts. Melinda. I think you you may have had a couple too. But anyone want to kick us off? Mr. Robeson, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
Thank you, Mr. Lot, my extensive list of notes here. I’m just kidding. I recognize that, you know, Robert’s Rules are generally a good thing. As far as keeping the meeting going. I just had a few changes that I would personally like to see, for talking about bylaws specifically, the first thing I noticed is number four is board reports. I’m not aware that we’ve ever done that. I’m just going to say that if I were the chairperson, you guys wouldn’t be doing more work. I would be a signing. I know we’re all busy. But I’d be asking you to come each month with some kind of information. You know, whether it’s from our airport or someone you talk to on the phone. So I would invite new or continuing president I guess, our Harrison to maybe think about doing that if we have some item that we’re trying to gather information on to ask for volunteers or another way, get on these items that we’re you know, sometimes we bring stuff up or we’re like, Well, you know, I’m not really sure what the data is here. We need the data at hand at that time. So that’d be one. The other one is, I noticed just the way they word under officers, the last line says, you know, the chairperson is going to conduct the proceedings of the board based on material submitted by city staff. And then if you look at the under airport manager duties, they are the preparer of the agenda for the meetings of the board. I don’t know if this is the same for all the advisory boards around the city, I guess Joanie or Marsha can comment on that. But to me, we should be coming up with our own agenda. And we should be going out and asking for information from the airport manager and city staff to support that agenda. So those would be changes I would make. Yeah, those are the main ones. What do you guys think?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
I’ll open up to anyone. Russell, I had the same comment on board reports on the agenda. And I also, you know, was hoping we could use that section maybe to tee off any questions or kind of solicit feedback from the public invited to be heard, broadly, so that we don’t have I’m really struggling with how we avoid having just a back and forth that devolves into argument without, you know, still giving us the ability to to prompt that. So I appreciate that, that question. But I don’t need to be the only one talking here. Melinda.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31
You’re good. So we’ve talked about how to handle public? And it seems prudent to keep Robert’s Rules of Order intact for that. But are we do we have the liberty to extend so somebody speaking, three minutes have elapsed, they haven’t finished their thought we’d like to keep hearing from them. So that we have that safeguard of three minutes if it’s not productive. But if it is a productive discussion our way, and I’m asking as a question, are we able to extend their time? And do it case by case? So that would be one question. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:22:14
I stopped doing when I went to library, I got my Robert could chew. There’s nothing in here about a three minute limit that we can adopt. We actually don’t have that codified in our bylaws whatsoever right now. So I would encourage us to do so and potentially provide a, you know, board is able to vote to extend it should the Board want to but the default is the three minutes would be my suggestion, at least.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
So that’s probably based on council being three minutes, that we’re just following their lead. So we could adopt five minutes, yeah, we could move it to five. And that should be enough time for anybody to say what they’ve got to say. And so that would be one and then to the board reports in. In previous years, that was happening and different board members took on different topics, issues. Areas of Interest. So in my case, the air show came to me. And so I usually reported on the air show and and kept us apprised on where we were with that. And then we had the noise issues we had the skydiving we had a lot of hot topics that were going on. And different people were having discussions meetings. So we were getting that we’ve been you know for a year in a strange spot at two years now for in a strange spot where we it isn’t as easy to have those discussions. So that’s a good the what we’re talking about with Marcia with grants. The we were we were always talking about a 1000 foot air extension of the runway when I came on the board that was going to happen in I think it was 2025 it was slated and then they moved it up and it was going to happen by 2023. And now it’s we’re not even talking about the same thing. So that’s discouraging that we’ve you know, the the Mark has moved around so much, and that we’re not even on track with the discussions when I joined 100 years ago. Then the it makes me think the likelihood of getting a bathroom maybe is better than getting a runway extension. So again, Steve championing that cause I can see that this is that the the board members Everybody’s got something of interest to them that they can certainly pursue and be able to report on as a start. And then as we adopt or get assigned to other duties. That’s completely reasonable. So that would be I think we can all walk away from this with whatever our project is, and report on that. It’s getting it on the agenda, leaving that board reports, we usually do a round robin, maybe that satisfied in the past where we just went around. And and then if we can either just stick with the three minutes that counsel uses and extend on a case by case that might answer our question about having a little bit more dialogue, and not just restricting our speakers to speaking only and us not being able to respond.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:38
Malcolm, I saw you had your hand raised a second ago. You’re muted, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:49
Oh, there we go. There we go. Earlier, we had talked about how many people showed up. I know back in October last year, I think November we had I think five or six people show up. And so we kind of extended it if they had questions. Versus it one or two people show up. Maybe you could go that route with if a lot of people show up. We don’t really have a lot of time, but you know, one person shows up in my house more time to speak.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:14
Tasi has your hand raised as well. Yeah, yeah, now we can.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:25
Great. Um, so with regard to board member Melinda’s comment regarding the public invited speaker portion. So three minutes. You know, that’s what being mirrored as far as counsel goes. If you choose to vote and extend that amount, one thing is that we need, that amount has to be applied to everyone, you can’t be selective as to who gets, you know, one person gets three minutes, another person gets four minutes, and others can get five minutes, it has to be the same across the board. Additionally, with regard to public invited speakers, by definition, this is the time to listen. So there isn’t any debate, there isn’t any back and forth. Now, as far as the bylaws go, should you want to change the bylaws and add a portion where you know, you do have, like you’re still following Robert’s Rules, we do want to have a portion where there is a dialogue that’s, you know, completely your discretion that can occur with a bylaw, revision bylaws revision. However, with regards to public invited to be heard, you know, currently three minutes you’d like for it to be five minutes, and it has to be five minutes for every single person that calls in, or every person that, you know, whenever we have meetings in person that shows up, we can’t be selective and you can’t. You can’t be selective as to who you work with, you can’t change the amount of time a person has to be all the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
So can I ask a clarifying question on that, if we say had public invited to be heard agenda line, agenda line underneath that, that his board responds to public comments? That would be acceptable, as long as we’re still giving everyone the same amount of time to speak from the public. Is that Is that a fair characterization?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
Correct? Well, you’d have to have, it has to be fair and impartial. So it has to be every single individual bar sponsor. So that’s something that our office can take a look into and get back to you as far as what is allowed. With regards to bylaws that we’re going to add this into the bylaws revision, if that’s like another section that you want to add to meeting that believe currently in the bylaws. And in the procedure, I don’t know what section it is. It is actually eating. Yeah, we can we can discuss revisions to that section.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:56
Steve, I saw you had your hand up a second ago? Oh, yes, I did. Thank you, Chairman Earl. I am in favor of extending it to five minutes, that every board that I’ve been on, it always comes up, somebody’s got a good case that they’re bringing, and they are locked into this three minute time limit. And we cut them off. But we gotta have some kind of a time limit, because that will force the speaker to put their thoughts together and present there. But I would like to see it extended five minutes for

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
I’d like to see that as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:36
Mr. Solomon, do

Unknown Speaker 1:29:37
you know there is something to do with brevity. You know, when you’re doing startup pitches, there’s a reason why I say elevator pitch because if you have your stuff together, you should be able to convey it in a thoughtful manner in a very precise way. I like the way I’m doing this right now. But yeah, I’m not sure whether five minutes is almost double what we were doing before. So, but on a side note, I do want to commend Russell Roberts, I completely agree, I think we still have more homework to do. I when I was when I’m running CEO stuff I have everyone talk about what they’ve done since the last meeting, what they plan on doing in the immediate future and what their plans are after they’ve accomplished that. So I think I would love to incorporate those three things in in our meeting. So we all talk about what we’ve done since our last meeting, what we plan to achieve in the short term and what our next step is after that. If there’s any blockers

Unknown Speaker 1:30:44
anyone else have any comments on our three minute five minute on? I’m at least hearing everyone supportive of board reports in some form or fashion. Other comments there? Would anyone like to passionately defend three minutes versus five minutes I come down to the three minutes either three minutes seems incredibly long when we have many of them back to back. Particularly when we have to public invited to be heard. So every individual has six minutes in a meeting if they would choose to use it. But I certainly open it to it’s not my call. Steve Yeah, I’ll make a motion that we extend to five minutes, a speaker’s amount of time to present a case. Would anyone like to second that? Second, moved and seconded Any further debate? All those in favor of the motion. And Steve I’m gonna word this as to direct us when we amend our bylaws to change it to five minutes. All those in favor? Raise your hand please. All those opposed? Motion carries four to two. So we that should be a part of the new bylaws. Anyone else have thoughts at this point? On the bylaws Anything else we need to discuss?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:31
Are we waiting for direction from the city attorney before we think about adding a section after public provided behind for responses?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
I would I think in general and please at icier Chris correct me. We’ll we’ll need to run these through the city attorney’s office for the actual wording of it. But I would at least like to discuss it as a possibility tonight, unless that seems out of order. Councilmember Martin

Unknown Speaker 1:33:06
um, I might suggest that on the city council agendas, there is a point for mayor and council comments. And so there could be a section for share and member comments. And that time could be used to address something that was brought up in public invited to be heard without in making it into just a straight debate. The council uses that pretty effectively from time to time.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:38
I appreciate that perspective. I think we’re my or my head is on that because we have a comment period after the second public invited to be heard. But the first one often feels like we have no ability to it just feels a little. I don’t know it a little bit off putting to some of the public at least the feedback we’ve gotten.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:06
Wonder, as I understand from a Tasi, then we would be required to respond to each speaker though. And it to be fair, and so everybody who spoke would have to get a response is what I thought I understood. So it might be best to leave it to comments because some things don’t necessarily require a response. So that’s I think that’s where we get gray on how to handle that on the first public invited to be heard. And looking for correction, I think atoss Caesar that was that was what I understood on the fairness. So if three people speak for five minutes each we need in we’re going to address we have to address each person that spoke.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:57
So you’re correct if we if we were right As the bylaws and we add a back and forth dialogue, then you need to be consistent and allow each of the individual, you know, people, that folks, the responses, but the board members are allowed to have a section at the very end of the meeting, the comment section, which you’re just referring to, they can have the opportunity to speak to anything that they want speak to, and they don’t need to necessarily respond to every single public invited speaker at that point.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:29
Thank you. So the, the issue would be if we have made it to centimeter something like when we had 50 people show up to speak about skydiving or against Scott, you know, then we would be required to address every single one of those. So maybe we leave that side of it as the final comments. And then that was always a round robin, so everybody would get an opportunity to speak and could speak to the subjects that they’re knowledgeable about, and perhaps the topics that they’re working on as an individual to the board reports.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:09
Correct. And currently, in the bylaws, you have a section in the in the in the proceedings, where board members, council representatives, staff are allowed comments.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:23
Any other discussion on that? On that part of it? So then, Russell, the last comment you had was related to agenda development. And your suggestion to move those duties from the airport manager to the chairperson, if I understood you correctly, is that is that right?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
Well, as little as I want to keep our work upon you. That is correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:48
I think that makes sense to me. Any discussion? Melinda, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:01
That seems like it’s got to be a joint effort between you in the airport manager. And so are the the chair person and the manager so we can have our items. But a lot of times the report manager has things that are time sensitive presentations, things that we have to take a look at. That would trump I wanted to have us have a big discussion about their show. So that I think that’s got to be I get where we’re going with it. But I it seems like it’s got to be balanced, and maybe handled on a month by month basis, or a couple of months out.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:41
I mean, I I completely get that point, Melinda, I actually don’t mind, having that duty reside with the board member with the chair. Knowing that, practically speaking, it has to be coordinated with city staff, because city staff has to make the posting, city staff still has to prepare the materials for it, kind of just practically speaking, and that that responsibility, still rely with the airport manager. So maybe we can just be very clear on the wording of you know, setting the agenda versus preparing the agenda and materials.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:16
So my question would be how, then would we need to set aside time in the board meeting, to discuss the next agenda, as a group ticket are items that we’ve got to figure out how we would the mechanics of how we’d get that done?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
I would suggest two ways One, one, as we do today, either as we go through the business or in our comments in to the other preceding item, that is item number two, there is I’m sorry, item number three is adjustments to the agenda, which we’ve also, at least in my memory not used. And so that would give the board the ability to override the chair in setting the agenda, okay. That I’ve been ignoring a topic in setting the agenda, you all could vote to, to add it.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:08
Okay. And I know we have used that in the past when we had a large, large public there to speak. And if they were speaking, we wanted to have that first public invited to be heard. For we wanted to push the item until after the second. So we have moved things around based on or we’ve moved something up while everybody was there. So we could get it out of the way. And then they could leave if they didn’t want to stay for the rest of the rest of the meeting. So that I think we’ve used that in the past. So that’s effective. And then just Yeah, we do tend to ask to put it on the following month’s agenda. So it seems like we’ve got pretty good structure for getting it done.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:48
And it’s in Frankly, I’d prefer that residing with the board to actually make that decision rather than with the city staff just given you know our advisory role. I think that’s appropriate for us to set our own agenda for the discussion. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:05
not great. Do we need a motion on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:09
I don’t. I mean, I’m open to emotion. My understanding. And since we have city attorneys all open it up to them. We can’t amend the bylaws tonight. Right? We can only discuss them and discuss how we would like the the official amendment to look, which we will then I would suggest, maybe we motion one or two people to work with the city attorney’s office to write it up, send it out to everyone, because we need those notices sent five days prior to our next meeting. Okay. And I hear no correction. So I’m hoping that sounds accurate to everybody and everyone sounds seems okay with that plan. Have I missed any comments from anybody else? Well, then I’m just gonna recap really quickly. No actual changes to the proceedings section. But actually following what is in the bylaws for the proceeding, which includes the adjustment to the agenda and includes board reports. There is not really an adjustment. So it’s not defined today. But defining public invited to be heard as up to five minutes per speaker and changing the duties to move agenda development to the chair from the airport manager. Did I miss something? Sorry, I’m trying to remember Russell, what you said, I’m looking at my notes and trying to make sure I’m reconciling everything. Um, Mr. Coleman,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:56
on behalf of my predecessor, may I request that the change proposed change for the agenda? Be the board chair in collaboration with the airport manager?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:09
Yes, you may. Absolutely. Yeah, I think that’s the intent. So we will make sure the wording reflects, you know, that that is the the chair has the responsibility, but they also have the responsibility to coordinate with your manager. Thank you. I’m going to make my notes here really quickly. And if anyone has anything else, please let me know.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:42
Did we make a decision on whether we’re going to have individual homeworks or not?

Unknown Speaker 1:42:50
I don’t know that we necessarily need to have that. As an as a change in the bylaws. I think we were generally supportive of we have from time to time kind of given an assignment to a board member, I think we were supportive of resurrecting board reports and using that as a time to update everybody on those. And if I’ve misspoken, anyone, please chime in. That was my that was my take at least,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:21
Melinda. That’s, I think we just need board reports back on the agenda and start to place it under. I don’t know if that’s new or old business, but we just put it up on the agenda so that it’s the time is allocated. And then going forward. If we have specific topics that we’re working on. We’ve got the transportation plan we’ve got there’s a lot of a lot of things going on in the city that some of us are involved in, that we can report on. So either be by member or by topic. I’m not sure how that would be handled that we just get it on the agenda to start. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:59
yeah. If we’re on the agenda, we can work through the the mechanics of that and figure out what works best for us. Speaking of homework, then Would anyone like to volunteer to be the one or two people who work with the city attorney’s and draft these Palace I see. Volunteer anyone else? Russell, I know this has been near and dear to you. But I also have a vested interest in this I’m if you’d like to. Otherwise, I’m glad to.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:36
To be honest, I’m disappointed by what I’ve heard from the city attorney as far as what kind of changes we can make. I feel like it’s foolish that advisory boards are subject to Colorado open meeting laws when we’re not policymaking boards. I see that it is in the legislative language. So I think that’s a correct interpretation but it it would be better in my opinion. If We have to invite the public to come because we’re subject to these laws, that if we were able to engage in a dialogue with them, like real humans, that would be more beneficial. But it sounds like that’s not going to be the case. So I would say it’d be better if you work with the city attorney,

Unknown Speaker 1:45:16
then I would certainly suggest that Attalus you and I work on drafting the revisions, and then we will coordinate with both city staff and the city attorney’s office. I hear no objections to that. So if there are none, I’m going to move on then. And our new business is airport manager hiring update. Jody?

Unknown Speaker 1:45:46
Yeah, thanks, Commissioner, Earl. So I have received a number of applications, HR has done some initial screening and provided those to me, I have started going through those to determine who I will be selecting for initial interviews have not gotten that completed yet. And my hope is that I can do that during the month in the next week or two, and get that list of folks that will be looking to interview and then move forward with interviews. So I’d really like to get someone on my staff by March 1, if possible. So that’s where I’m working towards right now. That’d be happy to keep you all posted.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:33
And during that the the intent is still once you do your interviews, and that then there is an opportunity for the board to provide input on a shortlist of candidates Correct.

Unknown Speaker 1:46:46
Um, you know, there would likely be an opportunity for the board to meet the candidates. And, you know, depending on COVID and the course of action that Council continues to take, we’ll see about meeting in person, I wouldn’t be inclined to do that at this juncture. But hoping that in the next month or so we can maybe provide a different opportunity for the board to meet the finalists. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:12
as long as the the intent is to still let us meet and then provide that feedback whether virtual or not i

Unknown Speaker 1:47:19
Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Because it’s very certainly could be virtual. And I’ll just have a I’ll certainly, you know, if we do it virtually, that’s a little bit more constraining, I would agree. I would guess you all think that too. And certainly makes it less informal, and I think less opportunity to really chat and get to know people, but I will keep you posted and see where things had.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:45
Thank you. Since we have reviewed the bylaws, you know, certainly we can call that as a special meeting, you know, on any timeline, we need to

Unknown Speaker 1:47:53
Yeah, I thought about that, too, that maybe that we could just do it at its own separate meeting. So

Unknown Speaker 1:48:04
I see both Malcolm and Tallis, you guys have questions? Tell us how you first of all, let you go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:10
Yeah, I’m so moved this misunderstanding. But with all due respect, Jr. He tried to not allow us to have feedback on hiring. It sounded like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:20
Oh, no, I’m just trying to figure out what the best route is to receive feedback. And I think ultimately, the staff selection will be to the reporting manager, TELUS, which is me. But certainly I do want to take input from the board. So I do just want to be clear about that as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:41
Mr. Dean, yeah, how

Unknown Speaker 1:48:43
many? How many people have actually applied for this position?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:48
We had about 19 applications submitted.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:53
Perfect. And do you have a list, you have a set number you want to interview or depend on the person

Unknown Speaker 1:48:59
or, you know, so, so we’ll look at the job requirements that were outlined. And we have a very specific selection process that our HR department requires for folks who meet the qualifications. And so I’ll be following those rules and kind of going through them to see who all is in that final slate. Typically, I don’t do just one set of interviews. I typically do a larger set of interviews and from that, typically get it down to a smaller group of candidates. That’s a standard practice, but haven’t quite got there yet just yet. Okay, cool. Thank you. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:45
Anyone else have comments or questions? Training Were you really pleased with the quality of the candidates we’ve received to this point? Do we feel like there’s at least potential in there?

Unknown Speaker 1:49:58
Yeah, yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. I feel positive about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:07
Oh, sorry, tell us please,

Unknown Speaker 1:50:09
I just want to make this comment that I feel as though aerospace and aviation are merging. And I feel like the next airport manager, if they’re going to be there for the long term, should have aerospace experience because Colorado has a ton of massive aerospace companies. And I see a lot of potential for the airport for use in aerospace. So I would really recommend that you look at people with aerospace experience, not just management of a municipal airport experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:53
Not sir Johnny. Sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:55
I was just gonna say Harrison. I will plan on following up with you directly as the Chair probably in the next couple of weeks.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:01
Wonderful. Thank you. I’m not seeing any other comments on that. So Mr. Coleman, would you like to give us your updates?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:13
Thank you, Jerry, Earl, and board members a lot been going on over the last month since we last met. Very shortly after our meeting, we had our wind event at the airport. It was I was here that day. And it was an experience. Not only was I here but my airplane was here too. So I was not only watching out for other people’s airplanes, but I was watching out for mine. We were very fortunate as an airport we had very little damage. The only real damage we had to airport city property was the beacon light on top of the wind sock it broke off. It was repaired a couple days later. The only other damage to non airport city property. were our two porta potties, which portable became the key word in those bodies. I pushed them off of I pushed one of them off of the taxiway twice with the truck just to keep the airfield open. Nothing really there was anyone using the air airfield that day. But we had a few water drains on hanger. spigots come off but it was really fortunately very low event for our airport. We’ve had two snow events which we talked briefly about. I’m glad that we’ve waited so long as a Colorado and obviously we need snow whenever we can get it and and moisture but these snow events. Fortunately, we’re not so large that they weren’t easily dealt with, you know anywhere from three to five inches. For each of those. As I mentioned, we have a two pronged force going after the snow. We have the City Public Works staff that comes over and focuses on the main thoroughfares, both vehicle and the runways and the taxiways, we have excavating excavation, I always get their name wrong. They’re a contractor that works on behalf of the city. And not only here at the airport, but other cities snow removal projects. They came out both with a blade, a pickup truck with a snow plow. And they also had the ability to bring over a loader to move snow. There was some learning curve for both that company and some of the city staff about uniqueness of plowing snow on an airport, where to place know how high the piles can be how close they can be to where airplanes operate. So we had a good debrief after the first snow event, did some cleanup. And I would say the second snow event went much cleaner. I would say you know I was expecting a lot of phone calls from tenants. Out of two snow events. I got three emails and all issues addressed pretty quickly. So plod, everyone that worked on those snow removal events, it went pretty well. Talking about grants and funding. I talked I believe I talked a little bit about some of the grants that were potentially coming available. One was through the airport rescue plan Act. The airport has applied through the FAA, for 59,000. This is all related to Coronavirus and the FAA Trying to help with the operational budgets of airports. Because loss of revenues we just received this week approval of those. I’m still learning about, okay, what does that mean, when? When will the money actually be received and in what form? There was also another airport Coronavirus, response grant program for 23,000. That was also approved this week as well. So I’ll keep track of those already talked about the state grant of the 54,000. About three weeks ago, we got word, I believe it was mentioned about the infrastructure bill that was already passed by Congress. It then those monies that

Unknown Speaker 1:55:51
are going to be going to airport then went to the FAA, so that they could do their magic and figure out how are they going to allocate these millions and billions of dollars. Keeping in mind that these monies allocated by Congress is over a five year period. The Longmont airport demands for a municipal airport recently, was told that we will be receiving in our next round of monies $295,000 It can be reasonably anticipated that that same amount of money will be received over the next five years. So some decent monies that we can potentially identify for some future projects. We also did some spill kits along the north side of the airport here between these hangars that are just west of where my office is where I’m sitting right now. Working with the environmental services of the city, identified, you know, better methods. If you’ve been over here in the past, we’ve had these blue socks around the drains, which really aren’t that effective. So we have purchased spill kits, they’ve been attached to the fence lines, so that any type of release of liquid hazardous material, people can deploy the equipment in those mill kits to protect those drains because those do drain directly to the what’s the ditch over here the brain ditch or the st brain ditch I probably got the wrong word nyuad Ditch I think is what is right out here to the north of me. So we are have implemented that. This Saturday, I spent the day in the night dealing with a inadvertent ELT that went off in a hangar. And so I was down at my home in Centennial. All throughout the day, I was called by the FAA and the Air Force rescue. Airport rescue response center was pretty third name that I drove up, took my radio and I figured out at least one of two hangars that could have been in and was one owner, which I called he told me where he hid hid his key so I got into his hangar wasn’t his aircraft. Unfortunately, not until the next morning was I able to finally get the contact information for the other hangar he came out. It was his aircraft, he must have been certainly hit the ELT on switch on his panel when he was getting out of his airplane. For those that sent out a stakeholder communication today, for those that don’t know, all DLTs go on a frequency of 120 1.51 21.5 has its problems. One is that the Air Force no longer monitors that frequency by satellite, because they were getting too many false signals. In 2017, alone, there was 1956 False 120 1.5 signals. It’s not monitoring it. And so if you were to crash, the only way you would be found is if an airplane was flying over you and was listening to 120 1.5. As a pilot, I regularly listen to 120 1.5 as I fly, but it’s not the best tool for being found, especially in remote areas. There’s a new ELT available for 60 megahertz. That actually as a aircraft owner, you have to register your ELT with your name, your phone number, your address. So when that for 60 megahertz, lt goes off. They knows who they know who it is being monitored by satellites on a regular basis, you’re going to be found or if it’s a false thing, you can be called and said hey, your ELT is Going off, please go to your hangar and turn it off. Instead of the airport manager driving up all night, we figured it out. So that was my excitement this weekend that smartboard happy to answer any questions.

Unknown Speaker 2:00:13
Sounds like a very exciting weekend. One clarification, quick clarification, if you said 295,000 was anticipated infrastructure bill, and that that’s times five years, so you’re just shy of 1.5 million is the expectation. Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:00:31
Yeah, so we only have been told how much we’re going to get this year, the FAA obviously can adjust how much different airports are going to get based upon different needs. So plus minus 295. Over five years, I don’t want make any promises of what year two, three and 234 and five are going to be, but it’s a, I would say a fair rule of thumb, because the amount of money that general aviation airports are going to get each of those five years is the same. So it’s just how does the FAA allocate them across the airports each of those years?

Unknown Speaker 2:01:09
Understood? So we, I wrote down grants for a future topic on a future agenda. So I’m looking forward to talking through that a little bit more and how we apply it to CIP. Mr. Rosen. I’m sorry, Jeff.

Unknown Speaker 2:01:26
Thank you, Mr. Jeff, was the reason that it took longer to get the second hangar tenant contact info that it was a sub lease or something

Unknown Speaker 2:01:34
like that. Yes, thank you for that question. Yes, it was a sub lease. And up until that night, I didn’t have contact information for all of the sub lessees, I now have all of the sub lessees for that row of hangers in the row next to it. I’ve worked with a lot of the other associations to get contact information for those parties, I’ll tell you that I don’t have in when I talk about contact information, having an address more or less see doesn’t do me any good in these situations. So I’ve been working really diligently to get email addresses and phone numbers of as many people as as we can. So I can meet or the future manager can reach out in these kinds of scenarios. Because timely contact is important. The other reason I’m working hard on just to give you guys some advanced notice, I’m working really hard on on trying to figure out all the contact information for people is that we really need to change our gate codes out here at the airport. It’s my understanding that it’s been the same gate code for a number of years, that there’s a lot of different people that have it. In fact, I was called today by a tenant that his ex wife is likely going to try to break into his hangar. And she unfortunately has the gate code. She’s not on the lease. He was hoping to change the gate code tonight. But it’s like, I’m not going to go change the gate code and get you know, a lot of phone calls and emails, angry phone calls and emails. I want to try to provide as much advance notice before that is done.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:22
Okay, yeah, that’s a that’s a new thing. I want to go back to the contact info, though if I can. Is it not in the airport rules that Hoa is or whoever asked to get that info and forward it? It’s not. I would parison whatever mechanism that we want to use at this point, I would say that that should be added to the airport rules that Hoa is have to give all their tenant contact info and any subletting that is done. That contact info needs to be given to the airport manager as part of the sublease.

Unknown Speaker 2:03:55
I wouldn’t suggest russula that is an emotion and direct that to city staff that that that chain. We don’t approve rules and regs. So I would suggest that is a recommendation to city staff to make that change.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:11
That would be city council would amend the airport ordinances that would happen. I actually don’t know the official process.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:22
Definitely the rules are an ordinance of the city and would require city council approval modification. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 2:04:29
I move that we recommend a city council that a requirement of any lease or sublease on the airport, his contact information, including phone number be given to the airport manager.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:42
Second, I will reflect for seconds but I sent him a link. So I’m giving her a second there. I’m open for any discussion on the motion.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:53
Just think it’s got a lot of it’s the right time because that’s not the first time you’ve had to play Chase at the airport. Jeff, that’s the second time, the first being the radio being stuck. So that’s where I’m sorry that that’ll be your legacy. But so this is good. It will make us change. That’s, that’s pretty uncomfortable. So that’s good.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:18
Okay. Any other comments? Vote all, all in favor of the motion, raise your hand.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:27
No one opposed. So we have a motion to recommend the city council to amend the airport rules to obtain contact information from the lessee. sublessee is included phone number. Thank you, everybody. I know there were some other hands on the airport update broadly. And I’m sorry, I forgot who it was in the, in our kind of discussion there. Mr. Dean. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:05:52
Yeah, quick question. Um, you guys make a round robin, like every quarterly, you could update the code, I think there’s probably a way to do that if people are concerned with having old gate codes.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:04
Yeah, so updating the codes is not that complicated, you know, just go around to the Six Gates. And it’s pretty easy process. The biggest challenge obviously, will be the best way to communicate. And make sure that that communication is is not broadly communicated, but to those that that need it. But, you know, the other the other issue that we have here, too, is that, besides tenants, we have UPS and FedEx that deliver to hangers on on the airfield that don’t have land side access. There’s a lot of other parties that have legitimate reasons to have access. So have to think through all those dynamics, but it can’t be done. And it shouldn’t be done. Because we want a safe and a secure Airport.

Unknown Speaker 2:06:58
The only reason I suggested that a lot of colleges are going to this now with you know, college shooting and stuff. And a lot of students are getting emails and text directly to their phones. I don’t know if that would be something you’d be thought about maybe, because the people come and go, if they had, if you had their info, you could you know, send a text out and say, you know, next, let’s change this number.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:17
Yep. Thank you. Panelists. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 2:07:23
Yeah, when I first came to the airport, I was shocked how easy it was to get on through the gate thing. And I’m not sure whether that’s a universal thing for all missplay airports, but I was pretty surprised we didn’t have more advanced security, um, you know, with key cards and RFID. And that type of stuff. Is that something worth thinking about? Is this really not that expensive technology?

Unknown Speaker 2:07:49
Yeah, it’s so smaller general aviation airports, it’s more of a budget issue. And then, the second part is, while you may be able to implement a reasonably low cost at the gate, you then create a administrative burden to right now a one person shop of administering badges administering the RFIDs, you know, tracking them, collecting them, turning them off, when tenants no longer are here, it certainly can be done, it just, you know, needs to be figured out the most economical, the most low manpower related way, but still maintains a proper level of safety and security, it does need to be addressed. Really, one of the key things that need to be addressed is the completion of the fence. We currently in the northwest corner, have a portion of the airport where you can literally drive off of a road down off of a public road down a dirt road onto a taxiway. That’s, that’s not good. So I think with some of these monies that are going to be coming our way that is my personal priority that I’m going to recommend to the city that we need to get that benefit completed. Linda,

Unknown Speaker 2:09:21
to the discussion of access to we’ve got to remember, it’s not just the people on the airport who have hangers that you have contact for. You have transient traffic, you’ve got transient, people who stay a day to a couple of weeks will leave their plane there that need access. So it is it seems like it should be tighter, but I’ve never been to another airport that was tighter than ours. And as transients you have to be able to land Get out, get back in and not have to go check in with somebody to get access in and out or get a code and then the codes typically, as all you know Where the, either they’re ours this happened? Well, ours is VFR, but it’ll be their airport identifier. They’re a wass or something like that. And then that needs to be someplace where somebody can pull up, see it, and then let themselves out. So it’s not our airport doesn’t exist just for us. So that’s, I think the thing that bigger picture is, and that we are trying to invite other traffic there. So it needs to be they need to be able to move about, yeah, then they come into the airport.

Unknown Speaker 2:10:30
Yeah. Vice Chair, Jordan nastic. Good, important reminder. And I would say that our airport separate and apart from the lack of the one fence is, is relatively secure, other than probably more people having the code that doesn’t, but there are other people that use the airport, and we need to always keep them in mind. And whatever plan we put in place, there was one night I received a call at two in the morning from an ambulance company saying, Hey, we’re at this gate, we can’t get out of the airplane with a patient. How do we get there, and so you know, assuming that it was an ambulance at the gate, I gave him a code, you know, we I have no other choice, I wasn’t going to risk a person’s life not limited into the airport. But you know, we have to figure out all of those nuances of the different people in for us our airport.

Unknown Speaker 2:11:22
Plus the security issue, the example of a upset ex wife, or soon to be ex wife sounds like would be your own security your you can put in a ring or a you know, you can put in any kind of device you want to put in within your hangar, lock the door, not hide the key someplace there, keep it with you. So you know that I feel like the responsibility of the property inside the fence is totally on us with airplanes there. Keep the door locked, keep the you know, have lights on or but you could also install cameras and do the things you need to one guy’s issue doesn’t demand that we change everything at the airport. So the code Yeah, the codes probably due for an update. But again, it is a logistics, I feel the logistics on that. So that’s an isolated incident in the ambulance, same thing you’ve got me so you let somebody on that wasn’t who they said they were, you know, they can’t get into my hangar, the door’s locked. And so and the windows are so high, you can’t break them out. So I don’t know how they would get to my property. And then if I were that worried about it, if I have that much value, I’d be putting some cameras on. Lights, things like that. So it’s kind of an individual issue, I think, especially if you’ve got somebody going rogue in your own situation. But otherwise, the the security fencing also keeps animals out, hopefully, doesn’t keep the prairie dogs out, but serves other purposes and just that the public can’t wander on and it does serve that purpose, although they can come to the FBO and wander on and walk midfield. So it’s it’s a it’s an ongoing issue. And it’s up to us to be paying attention and to report things if you see things or are aware of something to let their manager know. Or call the police. You know, there’s other other ways to handle it. It seems like too.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:19
I saw so I’m handspring Mr. Dean and Mr. Robeson Malcolm once you go ahead first,

Unknown Speaker 2:13:25
you know make it too difficult to get on and make it look like Alcatraz people won’t come either. I think that’s that’s an issue on my personal my dad and I part of the reason we learned about the airport, would we talk to people before they kind of had all the fencing so if you make it too difficult that it might keep people away as well.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:43
Mr. Robeson.

Unknown Speaker 2:13:46
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I was basically going to say the same thing I wholeheartedly second everything Belinda said, and the same thing that Mr. Dean said, when I was flying in California, there are a couple airports that instituted pretty draconian safety measures and their airports just dwindled away to nothing. I mean, people stopped going there. And I feel like that’s the opposite of what city is trying to achieve with this airport.

Unknown Speaker 2:14:09
I appreciate those comments very much. And, you know, being a pilot, and as a transient pilot at a lot of small, general aviation airports, I’m always impacted or pleased about the methods that I can always gain access, late night hours, early morning hours, you know, whether it is the Unicom frequency as the code for the gate, but it is important and one of the things I loved when I first came up here to the longmorn airport, two things. One was when I came up here during the summer and had lunch at the, the truck, I forget what the actual actual name of it was, but the food truck there by the FBO. That was a nice community setting. But then when I came up here as the interim airport manager and seeing the place where people can come and just watch it and see what is happening on the airport. When I’m doing my fence line inspections and picking up trash I will regularly stop and talk to people there. So it’s it is important that we maintain that sense of community here.

Unknown Speaker 2:15:17
Any other comments or questions for Jeff well then I’m going to move us along this is a long meeting already and we still have a few things to go so we have final public invited to be heard. Since this is the live stream Dallas, I’ll ask you to put the instructions back up. And we will then start a five minute timer here to let people join in anyone who is watching who would like to comment please dial the number on the screen 888-788-0099 enter the meeting ID 82993377392 and we will come back here in about five minutes see if we have any comments so everyone has. Alright, I’m just gonna call out that we’ve got about two minutes left here. So if anyone would like to call in, please make sure to do so. Make sure to do so now. 105 minutes here. Yes, thank you

Unknown Speaker 2:20:37
queue. That’s what it’s just about to say yes, we have no one in the queue. And I’m also at the five minute mark here.

Unknown Speaker 2:20:44
All right. Well, hopefully, we’ll have some public invited to be heard some comments at our at our next meeting. It’s always nice to get those. I’m going to move us on then to board Council and staff comments, starting with board members. Would anyone like to comment on anything else tonight that we haven’t talked about? Melinda.

Unknown Speaker 2:21:07
This is actually what we did talk about. To the point of reports, member reports, I have written a list already of 2468 1011 items. If it’s appropriate, I could just shoot it out in an email, nobody replied to it, it doesn’t require reply. The topics that are that come to mind immediately are the advanced long mutt 2.0. And I don’t know if they met, I had it on my calendar for a meeting in December, but I didn’t see anything come through. And I missed the inaugural meetings back in the fall. And other board members have been attending that. The Air Show, of course, the Climate Action Task Force that Marcia mentioned sounds interesting. electric charging stations, we’ve talked about that. The logistics of doing that is far bigger than just saying that the runway extension, public restrooms, on the south side noise complaints or how we’re handling public input about the report is not just not not necessarily just noise, we there was a quite a discussion on next door a couple of months ago about airplanes flying low over the airport, suggested they were on approach grants to just somebody to help with the grant process with the city to be that liaison to that process, probably the contact information, some of the things we can be doing to help the airport manager as well as help with enforcement or gathering data. Airport security, then that leads into that. And then rules and regs a lot of things we were talking about would go probably come back around to rules and regs. Again, the contact me on some of those standards of operation that we are working to uphold and maintain and what our part can be in that. So those were, I usually report on the show, but we haven’t things have been way too uncertain. So I think we’ve got to start back at zero on a date for that. And I’ll I’ll bring that up. Next meeting. So those are the things that come to mind immediately. For topics that all of us have some very vested interest in that we can take and report on.

Unknown Speaker 2:23:36
I might suggest that at least for tonight in the interest of it already being a 30 Everyone at least hates that list thinks through the handful that you’d like to be involved in remember, we can have two people for each one of those. And no we’re at least for the you know outside of the meeting discussion. And maybe we can do some assignments next month. Perfect. Councilmember Martin I did see your hand come up in the middle of that

Unknown Speaker 2:24:07
um yeah, so I was just getting in the queue since I’m invisible my my battery ran out and I had to go plug in in a place that I really don’t want to be visible one yeah, my messy office. But anyway, um let’s let the board go first. If there’s if there’s anybody else but I have some liaison remarks at the end.

Unknown Speaker 2:24:33
I will make sure we call on you. assistant city manager Marsh was this in relation to Linda’s comments or alleged you have comments as well then?

Unknown Speaker 2:24:44
I just wanted to let you know that even though we close the public have a right to be heard someone did come in afterwards. So there is someone here and I Susan just wanted to let me know. If you wanted to go back and let them speak there is someone here

Unknown Speaker 2:25:00
I would certainly be inclined to reverse slightly. Yeah, let

Unknown Speaker 2:25:04
them in. Alright, so

Unknown Speaker 2:25:06
if we can do that place, sure

Unknown Speaker 2:25:09
thing, so I will admit them. Okay. Caller with the last three digits 066, would you please unmute yourself, and please mute your live stream in the background as well. Colors 066 We see you. Can you speak please?

Unknown Speaker 2:25:31
Yes. Don Dorsey hangar 15.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:37
Got three minutes and address your comments to the board place. Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:25:44
My comment one was, was good to hear from Jeff that the there was a meeting after the snow plowing to talk about what went right and probably what went wrong the debriefing meeting. And I noticed that after the second snowfall, we were flying one of those days and several days after the snowfall, and it seemed like the run up areas could have used a little more touch up maybe getting the blade a little closer to the ground and for the concrete to get the ice off because we were unable to actually do a full power run up as appropriate, due to the ice of the plane was dislodged there. That’s why it’s just about to say yes, we have no

Unknown Speaker 2:26:30
one in the queue. And do you mind turning off the stream in the background please? Colors 066 You just muted yourself.

Unknown Speaker 2:26:41
I muted him so he could hear us

Unknown Speaker 2:26:45
with a little bit more counsel as opposed to 669 mind muting your live stream. Hello,

Unknown Speaker 2:26:56
Don, you’re gonna have to mute the live stream or you’re not gonna you’re gonna hear a repeat. There’s about a 22nd report. You’ve got about a 22nd delay.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:09
Oh, I see I hadn’t actually finished.

Unknown Speaker 2:27:20
That done, you muted the telephone and not the live stream. So I’m going to ask you to unmute your telephone. You need to listen in your ear for our instructions. Not the live stream the live streams about 20 to 30 seconds delayed. Don, are you there? I’m asking you to unmute, can you hit star six. I’m here. Okay, make sure you mute the live stream because you’re going to hear yourself in about 20 to 30 seconds. Okay. He’s not getting it. I’m not sure how to proceed because we’re going to be in a loop of an echo. So Don, hopefully you’re listening to the live stream. Wherever you’re listening to this live stream. You need to turn that off. Or and you need to listen through your telephone where you just called in. So Don, I’m going to ask you to unmute your telephone again. hit star six. unmuted. Okay, and have you stopped watching the live stream on YouTube?

Unknown Speaker 2:28:37
I haven’t stopped watching. I just turned the volume down.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:40
Perfect. Okay, so hopefully we won’t get that echo. You may begin again or continue where you left off.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:46
Yet, if you want to continue, I had just shy of one minute in and I’ll restart a clock for you. So we don’t cheat you on your time.

Unknown Speaker 2:28:55
Okay, thanks very much. Yeah, I didn’t realize it was a 32nd delay. I wanted to say thanks to Jeff for letting us know there was a an update. Or I guess a post snow cloud meeting relative to what things probably went right or went where went wrong plowing the airport. I know in the past the City Public Works has removed snow from the field and there were several times where some extra touch up was needed. And I would say during some flights a couple days after the second snowfall. The run up areas were still really icy. And as a matter of fact, we couldn’t even do a full power run up because we were sliding forward to the to the live due to the amount of ice that was in those areas finally did melt off and we were able to find some clear spots a few days later, but maybe coming back out and putting the blade a little closer to the concrete did work in those areas. Another another question I had was That’s later David Slater’s last meeting, which would have been back in, I don’t know, August or September. He said that the council had decided to put on the backburner any development proposals at the airport so this may be more appropriate to ask Joanie about Dan Dunn came to the board meeting four or five meetings ago, concerning a lack of movement on his on his proposal to the city to develop the south side of the airport. And I’m wondering if there was any progress being made to get his proposal considered or are they going to turn it down? I can’t hear Joanie right now speaking because I’ve been asked to mute my phone. And I’ll have to put it back on here pretty soon to catch up with if she’s trying to address me. And lastly, I know Marshall mentioned natural gas. And I, I think all the hangers on the north side of the airport, certainly use natural gas for heating, besides whatever else Tallis was thinking about using it for on the south side. But I have a feeling natural gas is probably still going to be around to be used for at least another 4000 years. So I will add that Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 2:31:21
Thank you, Mr. d’Orsay. Appreciate it. I would return us then to board comments. We’ll let councilmember Martin speak. We’ll let staff speak. And as we discussed, anyone is welcome to address any of the comments in their own comments. Would anyone else like to like to speak in Linda, I don’t know if you finish or you had more that. You wanted to go back to? Your good. Okay. Would anyone else? Any other board members? Then I’ll move us on to council member Martin, please.

Unknown Speaker 2:32:05
Thank you, Mr. Chair. I just wanted to say that I am now a member of the advanced lung month 2.0. Steering Committee, and one of the things that we’re doing is working to reconstitute a collective impact committee for Vance brand. And so that was on the list is Melinda’s list, I believe. And so I want to say, we could we could have two members of the airport advisory board, I would like to request that one of one of those two members be the chair or the Vice Chair, just by you know, by virtue of long experience and so on. But if if I could get an email that would express interest in in somebody sitting on on that committee, then I would be happy to put you on the invitation list is probably going to be a few weeks because the steering committee just canceled January meeting based on too few people being available between you know, being sick and being, you know, working on other things because of all the disasters that we’re having. But I’m hoping there will be a meeting in February so we could look at it in in that time frame and and Jeff or Joanie also would be welcome to to participate in that if there’s if you have the cycles for it. So that was really all I wanted to say was, Oh, I’d like to hear, you know, interest expressed in in doing that.

Unknown Speaker 2:34:10
Thank you. I think that would be great to have us involved in that would kind of the timeline of board members expressing interest in some of those various topics and who kind of what wants to work on what issues at our next meeting on February 10? Would that be good timeline that would line up with a potential February meeting, or is that too late? Do we need to have that discussion? sooner?

Unknown Speaker 2:34:41
Um, well is because you’re not exactly Mmm hmm. I’m not sure that it needs to be a collective decision of the board at all. You know, the collective impact committees are just they’re there Just a stakeholder committee. So I think it’s probably a personal decision of the board or a decision of the board, whether you want to nominate someone who officially represents the board, or whether this is just an open invitation, because it’s an open invitation to any member of the any resident of Longmont can can be a participant in the collective action group. So the direct answer to your question, Harrison is that I don’t know, because I’m not I’m a member of the steering committee, but I’m not the person who schedules the meetings.

Unknown Speaker 2:35:44
Understood, and I think fair on the expression of interest from anybody, Melinda, dicey, you’re on there for a second?

Unknown Speaker 2:35:52
Yeah, the so that was I had been contacted about the the advanced slot 2.0. And then I, if my memory serves me, correct, I recruited you and Russ. So we could toggle tech team through those meetings because of when they occur. And I think you both I’ve never was able to attend a meeting. But I think you guys were, and you got started with it. So I would certainly value that if you guys would continue to carry the torch if you have time. And that’s really I think of all the topics. That’s probably that. And grants probably would be the only things that were require outside meetings. You know, bigger time commitment is the thing to think about with this. I’d asked about rolling the members through it, but there’s not you lose the continuity on the discussions each month. And we definitely do as the report want to be very visible, putting forward ideas and hearing what’s going on as we move toward electric and more green initiatives at the report as well. So it’s it’s good to be involved in I’m I think we share that interest in concern about the topics that are going to be discussed. So if if you and Russ are still able to carry that. That’d be that’d be what I would recommend if you guys have the time.

Unknown Speaker 2:37:27
Actually never made it to one of those. No, it was on the list. Customer. I didn’t mean to cut you off, though. And then Russell ice over to

Unknown Speaker 2:37:36
Yeah, it was going to say I was on what, what happened is that they decided that the vertical, you know, conductivity organization of the collective impact groups wasn’t working. And they re constituted the concept as as a horizontal meeting. And I was gonna say, I think, Russell, you came with Count liaison PAC to one meeting. And I think that’s all because I was at all of them. So I don’t think we have a big history at this point. I’m from the board. Wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 2:38:23
Thank you, Mr. Yes, Marsha. I attended a meeting in August. I think you still had the vertical flowchart at that point. And my opinion was, it wasn’t a good fit for our board member to attend the connectivity meetings. If it’s if you’re telling me now it’s more of a horizontal idea of the steering committee, then maybe it would be worth revisiting. But what I wrote down is the steering committee takes recommendations from their subgroups, which were at the time, that connectivity and other groups in Longmont area, and then reports to city council advisory board. So I was thinking that the steering committee would be present at some of our meetings and give us any updates on what they’re thinking about the airport, which Marsha now that you’re our liaison again, I think would be easier to facilitate. So is that correct?

Unknown Speaker 2:39:15
I’m not really, um, the collective action committees are not controlled by the council. They can request like, like any other interest group to report to the council, but they are under the auspices of the Longmont economic development partners who are an independent agency. And essentially, this is a group of people who care about economic development for Calle Mo. And, you know, I think at the message the meeting that you came to Russell John was trying to get the get the collective impact group for the airport to disband. I’m not sure why, but I think she was. That’s not the way I feel about it. And I think that an independent collective impact group collective impact group just means citizens doing stuff. And it’s, it’s a very powerful concept that’s backed again by the EDP as well as the city. And I would be very welcome. I would very much welcome you know, a strong group like that. And, and I think there’s going to be one, I wouldn’t, I would, I would think that the airport advisory board would like to have someone on that group.

Unknown Speaker 2:40:59
That’s great to hear. As you said, the results of the meeting I went to were pretty negative toward the airport. So that’s why I figured what I did. But if you’re saying that it’s worth another shot, and I’d be happy to attend the next meeting, okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:15
Well, we’ll put you on the list. I really still like to have a chair or vice chair there. But it’s totally up to you guys.

Unknown Speaker 2:41:24
You know, me too. So that’s,

Unknown Speaker 2:41:30
that’s, that’s all I’ve got in the steering committee really is just like the manager of all of the collective impact groups. So I will be a member of the airport. Collective impact group as but the the steering committee is something else the steering committee is, is just facilitating collective impact groups. And, and getting their eyes helping them figure out how to implement their ideas.

Unknown Speaker 2:42:03
We we at least have a threshold of interest from a board member Robeson board member. So I’m gonna mispronounce it. I’m really sorry, Tallis salivation, which is wrong. But my brain is not working anymore at 848 in the evening, and I apologize. Councilmember Martin, I am certainly more than willing to play a role in there, too. Although I know we’re at three members. And frankly, I’m not looking for more meetings on my calendar either. So I am happy to happy to support I am very supportive of the idea, but I’m not sure I can commit too much at this point.

Unknown Speaker 2:42:38
Okay. Well, the, you know, the collective impact group can report to the board, the committee itself, not the steering committee. But yeah, we can, you know, we can do that. I want you to it’s a sustainability, collective impact group. So we’re, you know, we’re looking for people who will care about airport sustainability.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:09
Is John Grunsfeld on it?

Unknown Speaker 2:43:11
Pardon? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:12
Yes, yeah. I was gonna say you shouldn’t be if he’s no, no,

Unknown Speaker 2:43:16
of course he is. Um, but anyway, that’s, that’s, that’s where it goes. So send me an email, or, or is the board going to officially designate I mean, I think either way works, it’s just a question of what we want to do. But if we only have two people that are interested in doing it, then you know, that’s fine with me.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:43
I would encourage those two and anyone else who’d like to do an expression of interest to council member Martin directly? I don’t think there’s any we don’t need to do that officially. But I think the disconnect, least kind of Sure sure. Where that’s gonna go.

Unknown Speaker 2:43:58
All right. Very good. Yeah. send me emails because I don’t you know, I don’t have personal emails for everybody. I have Telesis. But

Unknown Speaker 2:44:10
did you have anything? Counselor Martin?

Unknown Speaker 2:44:13
No, that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:15
Then I’m going to move us to city staff. Joanie or Jenny wants you to kick us off in the Jeff, if you have anything. I’ll let you go. Go next. I do not. Thank you, Jeff, anything else? You’re muted, Jeff.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:35
Nothing more than my earlier report.

Unknown Speaker 2:44:37
Thank you. Well, we’ve made our way through the agenda. Thank you, everyone, for sticking with us at 851. This is definitely one of the longer meetings we’ve had in quite a while. But I think it was incredibly productive and I’m really excited for bro. We’re setting ourselves up for 2022. I’m going to go ahead and adjourn the meeting. Hope everyone has a great evening and we’ll be in touch soon. Thanks everyone have a good night thank you everyone